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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Connector assembly
Human Necessities
Garment hanger
Method and apparatus for double sling chair
Remote viewing apparatus
Surgical retractor and related methods
Device for left atrial appendage occlusion
Apparatus and method for preserving a tissue margin
Surgical stapler having haptic feedback
Device for fastening tissue layers
Implantable restriction system with load monitor
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Instruments and methods for minimally invasive carpal tunnel release
Bipolar or ultrasonic surgical device
Stiffened balloon apparatus with increased flexibility
Posterior stabilization systems with shared, dual dampener systems
Devices and methods for facilitating controlled bone growth or repair
Circuit for controlling arc energy from an electrosurgical generator
Corneal surgery apparatus
Fundus camera
Cardiovascular pressure annotations and logbook
Iron oxide nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents and their preparing method
Systems and methods for flushing air from a catheter of an intravascular ultrasound imaging system
Dental implant bar system
Variable stretch composites and methods of making the composite
Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Tubular support prosthesis with laterally overlapping arcs of curvature
Expandable slide and lock stent
Method and apparatus for affixing a fusion member to vertebral bodies
Interbody fusion system with intervertebral implant retention assembly
Arm sling with backpack straps
Method and apparatus for treating lymphedema
Stent and delivery system with reduced chemical degradation including a Chitooligosaccharide
Non-invasive diagnostic imaging technology for mitochondria using radiolabeled lipophilic salts
Method for radiation sterilization of medical devices
Injector auto purge
Catheter with associated extension lumen
Catheter with spiral slit terminating in slit termination portion oriented to suppress crack occurrence
Airless mixing with a by-pass syringe
Indwelling device
Rescue harness
Progressive resistance exercise device
Stretching machine with dual cable drum
Method and apparatus for providing communications with haptic cues
Exercise methods and apparatus
Golf ball lifter
Free-standing post
Leg gloves with downward diagonal facing pocket openings
Golf swing analysis method using attachable acceleration sensors
Swing skateboard
Measure your shot
Method of establishing ownership of a lottery ticket
Controlling access to and use of video game consoles
Machine having a card processing assembly
Trajectory-based 3-D games of chance for video gaming machines
System and method for streaming a lottery game
3-D reels and 3-D wheels in a gaming machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for separating components of a fluid sample
Assembling structure for a filtration set
Atmospheric air filtration unit, air pre-filtration unit, and associated air filtration system for removeable attachment thereof
Gas scrubber and use of the gas scrubber
Thermal oxidisers, using concentrated sunlight
Mechanical axial vibration in membrane separation treatment of effluents
System for producing high quality gasoline by catalytic hydrocarbon recombination
Fluid cartridge, pump and fluid valve arrangement
Glue pellet separator
Substrate treating method
Optical irradiation equipment and optical irradiation method
Method and device for cleaning substrates on a carrier
Arrangement and method for unloading raw material
Bentonite clay mixture for disposing of pharmaceuticals
Two stroke crimping device
Fastener driving apparatus
Method and apparatus for continuous casting
Magnetocaloric structure
Working device
Forming an array of metal balls or shapes on a substrate
Inorganic nanowires
Automated flowback and information system
Machine tool including a Z-table and processing spindle rotatably supported on a rotation arm
Clamping mechanism automatically adaptable to change of thickness of printed circuit board
Toggle type with one axial positioning machine
Self cleaning and adjustable slurry delivery arm
Impact device with interchangeable tool
Method for producing a fuel cell separator
Powder press for the manufacture of a metal powder compact
Unvulcanized rubber extruder and process for producing unvulcanized rubber
Device for controlling fuel in a fuel tank
Blow needle for extrusion blow molding PET
Biodegradable disposable tableware and methods for making same
Method and apparatus for producing green tires
Coated wood composite and production method thereof
Hydrogen peroxide complexes and their use in the cure system of anaerobic adhesives
Support for carriage guide in printer
Recording apparatus
Sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus
Flow-through liquid ejection using compliant membrane transducer
Liquid ejection head and ink jet printing apparatus
Liquid discharge head substrate and head unit
Recording device with a storage section including an absorption member to store a waste liquid collected from a recording head according to the operation of a pump which receives information from a processing unit which retains information about waste liquid retention and pump operation times
Pneumatic hole cleaner for vacuum belt
Ink cartridge
Ink supply apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Liquid supply device and printing apparatus including the same
Printing system
Printing apparatus and printing method
Material jet system
Light-emitting medium and method of confirming light-emitting medium
Writing instrument with lip balm applicator
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device, and storage medium
Pneumatic tire
Vehicle frame for trailer coupler system
Gaseous constituent supply device
Vehicle with composite structural bed
Sliding roof device, in particular for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for executing a shift in a hybrid transmission
Vehicle seat
Seat frame
Vehicle seat
Panel assembly for a vehicle and a method of supporting the panel assembly
Multipurpose transport system having a roof assembly and method for transporting forest biomass and wood residuals
Method of interchanging a truck body with a dump body
Low-profile tank trailer for transporting flowable material
Transport wagon particularly for agricultural cargo
Vehicle door handle apparatus
Vehicular lamp
Vehicular headlamp
Tool mounting assembly for motor vehicles
Collapsible roof for a passenger vehicle
Airbag module and seat related thereto, and also manufacturing apparatus and assembly method therefor
Device for fastening a roof rack system
Hydraulic brake apparatus
Vehicular brake system operable in dual modes
Multi-stroke variable displacement engine
Folding transport cart
Snow sled
Stroller with articulating structure
Sulky force equalizer and analyzer
Steering column support apparatus
Vehicle including a transverse understructure member and a technical front panel pivotably supported by the transverse understructure member during mounting
Automobile provided with wheel well deflectors
Fifth wheel slide rail
Combination buddy bicycle
Orthopedic mobility device
Bicycle rim brake assembly
Collapsible flotation device
Floating transom
Method of stiffening a rib
Device for holding an insulating blanket and for fastening systems adapted to be mounted in an aircraft
Short take-off aircraft
Method and a rotary wing aircraft that are optimized so as to minimize the consequences for the occupants of said aircraft of an off-specification emergency landing
Aircraft fuel tank system
Soft drink container supporting additive containment and selective release
Method and apparatus for recycling RFID tags for disposable cups
Container closure with deformable region in skirt to allow pivoting
Cap and spout combo
Packaging bag for nappies, for example, and production machine and method
Resealable bag for filling with food product (s) and method
Package of flexible material, particularly for sterilisable food products
Dispensing container
Packaging/displaying device made from foldable blanks
Beverage carrying assembly
Syringe assembly and package for distribution of same
System and method for dispensing a predetermined amount of a fluid
Moving walkway
Spiral belt conveyor
Vacuum processing apparatus
Method and device for winding metal strip material
Device for feeding a printing-material web to an electrographic printing device
Media rotation and translation mechanism
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Device for directing sheets in arrival from lines angularly arranged towards an output line
Inserter and a single-copy gripper with deep reach
Robot hand with connection unit that undergoes stretching deformation according to object shape and method for controlling robot hand
Jack assembly with integrated pressure relief assembly
Hydrogen supplies and related methods
Diesel exhaust fluid system having a reservoir spacer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for purifying metallurgical silicon for solar cells
Doped aluminum oxides
Rare earth recovery from phosphor
Process for preparing high-purity aluminum oxide by purification of alumina
Aluminum hydroxide gel particle and production method thereof
Combined sedimentation and pressure floatation wastewater treatment tank
Ink composition, inkjet recording ink composition, ink set, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method and recorded matter
Ink composition, ink composition for inkjet recording, ink set, ink cartridge, inkjet recording method, and recorded product
Magenta recording ink composition, inkjet recording method, and ink recorded matter
Process for adsorption of sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon streams
Method for processing hydrocarbon pyrolysis effluent
Stable alkoxylated fatty acid alkyl esters from transesterification-alkoxylation of vegetable oils
Method for manufacturing briquetted solid fuel using porous coal as starting material
Apparatus for heat treatment of particulate materials
Aluminum alloy products having improved property combinations and method for artificially aging same
Compositions of corrosion-resistant Fe-based amorphous metals suitable for producing thermal spray coatings
Coated article with oxidation graded layer proximate IR reflecting layer(s) and corresponding method
Method for forming metallic nitride film
Cooling shower plate for disk manufacture
Textiles; Paper
Process of making nanofibers
Bleaching process of chemical pulp
Papermaking mould for producing two-stage watermarks and method for producing the same
Fixed Constructions
Soil compaction device having a disconnectable fuel line
Temporary platform for attachment to an offshore structure
Foldable work platform
Magnetic panels and locking clips
Reversible latch bolt
High toughness thermally stable polycrystalline diamond
Propellant fracturing system for wells
Thermal hydrate preventer
Apparatus and method for pumping well fluids and debris
Well flow control systems and methods
Weak organic acid as gelation retarder for crosslinkable polymer compositions
Guidance system for a mining machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cross-sectional profile for the struts or the fairing of struts and service lines of a turbofan engine
Cooled blade for a gas turbine
Vertical axis wind turbine rotating design elements
Axial piston pump, and power transmission device with axial piston pump
Piezoelectric pump
Rotary degassers and components therefor
High-pressure pump for supplying fuel to an internal-combustion engine
Constant horsepower regenerative assist for a hydraulic rod pumping unit
Pumping assembly
Cable staple
Multiple-row large roller bearing, especially axial radial bearing for the main arrangement of bearings of the rotor shaft of a wind power installation
Ring for a hydrostatic or hydrodynamic bearing, a hydraulic machine equipped with such a ring, and a method of mounting such a ring on a shaft
Rolling bearing
Ball bearing and hybrid vehicle transmission
Bearing structure and manufacturing method thereof
Wheel bearing arrangement having gasket
Systems and methods for selectively disengaging a clutch to protect engines from damage
Electromagnetic clutch and water pump
Shock absorber for sliding sleeve in well
Torque fluctuation absorber
Multi-speed transmission
Vehicle driveline differential with improved efficiency during vehicle cold starts
Hydraulic control device
Centered floating seal
Valve with elastically deformable component
Selector valve operating mechanism for working vehicle
Water control valve assembly
Vacuum processing apparatus
Connection-structure of a flexible tube
Header for a high-pressure apparatus of steam power plants
Isolation device for oil circuit
Apparatus for bursting and replacing conduits
Microphere-containing insulation
Insulated double-walled exhaust system component and method of making the same
Embedded reinforcement sleeve for a pressure vessel
Method and apparatus for recovering, transporting, and using methane gas
Illuminated screen or window attachment
Illuminating assembly
Light-emitting diode streetlight structure
Socket device
LED lighting assembly with detachable power module and lighting fixtures with same
Fairy lights
Device housing
Backlight units and display devices including the same
Thin hollow backlights with beneficial design characteristics
Reinforced illuminable safety rope and deployment system
Light emitting device
Dispersion of zirconium oxide and process for producing the same
Heat retaining hood assemblies, air curtain destructors with heat retaining hood assemblies, and methods for using the same
Clean water reclamation from humid air
Kilns for processing ceramics and methods for using such kilns
Fastening and joining element for heat exchangers, and heat exchanger assembly in a motor vehicle
Target shooting system and method of use
Arrow vane airfoil
Hunting arrow having a hole boring head
Thermally isolated temperature sensor
Ultra thin temperature sensor device
Virus and particulate separation from solution
Three dimensional microelectrode system for dielectrophoresis
Method and system for selecting parameters of a seismic source array
Fiber optic interface device with bent optical path
Optical signal measurement devices
Optical-fiber connector with accurate measuring reference
Media communication device
Projector having projection condition control unit that performs projection condition control based on projected test image
Conversion operations of non-negotiable credits to funds between an entity and a commerce partner
Graphical user interface for the conversion of loyalty points for services
Information input help sheet, information processing system using the information input help sheet, print-associated output system using the information input help sheet, and calibration method
Apparatus and method for automatically providing information to a new computer
Debris diverter for coin counting machine and associated method of manufacture and operation
Camera control for third-person console video game
System and method for providing a face chart
Touch language
Cell phone sound amplifying extend cup
Method of producing ITO particles
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Hydrogen storage material, production method of the hydrogen storage material, hydrogen supply system, fuel cell, internal combustion engine and vehicle
High frequency adapter
Compression connector configured with two housing liminted contacts therebetween
Terminating and connecting device
Power plug locking device having a control unit for moving a lock member between different positions
Releasably engaging high definition multimedia interface plug
Cable with connector and manufacturing method thereof
Connector for coupling an electric motor to a power source
Fastening arrangement
Line system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Versatile magnetic holder
Moisture indicator for wet pick-up suction cleaner
System for excitation of a leadless miniature marker
Systems and methods for tuning an RF pulse by changing a pulse width of the RF pulse
Foot controlled rolling ball signal generator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Power reduction circuit for engine acceleration
Automatic lathe, and method for controlling the same and device for controlling the same
In-process relative robot workcell calibration
Vehicle surroundings monitoring apparatus
Sequenced pulse width modulation method and apparatus for controlling and powering a plurality of direct current motors
Child safety seat with alarm
Turn signal assembly with tactile feedback
Mirror mounted emergency vehicle alert system
Integrated semi-truck air conditioning system with auxiliary power source
Unlock operation system of a vehicle door
Vehicle seating system capable of receiving and transmitting radio frequency signals
Remote start system for a vehicle having a data communications bus and related methods
Anti-hijack system and method in a mode of forestalling the enemy
Induction actuated container
Loading dock traffic automation
Bridges for microelectromechanical structures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Germicidal lamp with end of life arc quenching device
Inductively powered lamp assembly
Discharge lamp and outer bulb therefor
Joined body and a high-pressure discharge lamp
Textiles; Paper
Graphite nanofibers, electron-emitting source and method for preparing the same, display element equipped with the electron-emitting source as well as lithium ion secondary battery
Motor control for two motors
Fixed Constructions
Water leak mitigation system
Emergency operating device for an interior compartment of a vehicle
Automatic door sensor and automatic door system equipped with this sensor
Photoelectric power supply system for motorized window coverings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Continuous power supply with back-up generation
Fuel cutoff system for engine-driven generator
Linear motor controller
Electroactive polymers
Wave energy converter
Drive unit
Method and device for the automated actuation of a clutch
Superconductor rotor cooling system
Measuring apparatus
System and method of providing information to an onboard information device in a vehicle
Integrated display for aircrafts
Inductive displacement sensor with volume occupying winding
Rotary multi-position magnetic detent device
Magnetic sensor adjusting method, magnetic sensor adjusting device and magnetic sensor
Method for automatically generating several electrical pulses using numeric default values, in particular for stimulating an incremental encoder
On-chip temperature detection device
Internal fault indicator for power electrical devices
Sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of a fluid medium
Humidity sensor
Combustible-gas measuring instrument
Gas probe
Molded eddy current array probe
Reference sample for generating smoky atmosphere
Device for detecting angular displacement and instrumented roller bearing
Electronic probe with a tip that is securable to an electronic device
Inspection terminal for inspecting electronic chip component, and inspection method and inspection apparatus using the same
Auto-selecting, auto-ranging contact/noncontact voltage and continuity tester
Signal acquisition method and apparatus using integrated phase locked loop
Method and device for offset-voltage free voltage measurement and adjustment of a reference voltage source of an integrated semiconductor circuit
Method of forming an RF detector and structure therefor
Embedded voltage level detector
Apparatus for collecting signal measurement data at signal ports of an RF and microwave device-under-test, under different impedance load conditions
Circuit and method for detecting load impedance
Method and apparatus for testing an electrical component
Wire test method and apparatus
Method for independent measurement of mosfet source and drain resistances
Semiconductor processing apparatus and wafer sensor module
Massively parallel interface for electronic circuits
Modularized probe card with coaxial transmitters
PC mainboard test fixture background of the invention
Entering test mode and accessing of a packaged semiconductor device
Test method of internal connections in a semiconductor package
Method and system for graphical evaluation of IDDQ measurements
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and testing method thereof
Integrated circuit with power supply test interface
Compensation for test signal degradation due to DUT fault
Use of a coefficient of a power curve to evaluate a semiconductor wafer
System and method for characterizing the quality of the interface between a silicon and a gate insulator in a MOS device
Apparatus and method for testing battery condition
Battery control device
Apparatus and methods using mechanical resonators to enhance sensitivity in lorentz force magnetometers
Axially-sealed NMR sample tube assemblies
Phased array magnetic resonance imaging coil with improved spin localization
Radio frequency NMR resonator with split axial shields
Coolant cooled RF body coil
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Correction of local field inhomogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Imaging with spin excitation while keeping within a specific absorption ratio limit
Method and apparatus for saving power in a global positioning system receiver
Process for mapping multiple-bounce ghosting artifacts from radar imaging data
Stationary on-road object detection method for use with radar
In-vehicle radar system
Method and apparatus combining a tracking system and a wireless communication system
Transceiver system and method utilizing nanosecond pulses
Voice recognition landing fee billing system
Methods and apparatus for determining a direction of arrival in a wireless communication system
Radio altimeter test method and apparatus
Use of rotating magnetic field to enhance communication with RF burst-transmitting tags of object location system
Device for evaluating the density of protons present in a given body using nmr
Resonant scanning mirror driver circuit
Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating same
Cholesteric color filter
Method for fabricating transflective color LCD device and the transflective color LCD device with thick and thin regions of color filter layer
Segmented electronic display
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal element
Active matrix type display
Active matrix display device with storage capacitor for each pixel
Active semiconductor backplanes
Method of image sticking prevention and recovery treatment for ferroelectric liquid crystal device
Color-separating apparatus for liquid crystal projector of single panel type
Atomic oscillator
Extension unit for PLC system and I/O controller thereof
Current sense IC with circuitry for eliminating ripple current error from motor current measurement
System and method for selecting a subset of autonomous and independent slave entities
Electric drive system including a stepper motor
Combined audio/video monitor and light box assembly
Voltage independent class A output stage speedup circuit
Power supply circuit
Compensating capacitive multiplier
Biasing scheme for supply headroom applications
Supply voltage comparator
Bandgap reference circuit and method for adjusting
Integrated circuit beta compensator for external interface circuitry
Regulation of the drain-source voltage of the current-source in a thermal voltage (VPTAT) generator
Divided clock generation
System and method for skew compensating a clock signal and for capturing a digital signal using the skew compensated clock signal
Bidirectional signal transmission circuit and bus system
Transparent compatibility and adaptation to differing format implementations in a computer system
Low-voltage drive circuit and method for the same
Digital monitor
Switched charge multiplier-divider
Method and system for efficiently transferring data objects within a graphics display system
Digitally-controlled, variable-gain mixer and amplifier structures
Key control system using separate ID and location detection mechanisms
Passive RFID tag that retains state after temporary loss of power
System and method for avoiding depth clears using a stencil buffer
Displaying data containing outlying data items
Rendering process
Map simplification system
Apparatus and method for obtaining shape data of analytic surface approximate expression
Video scramble/descramble apparatus
Data compression
Parking meter control dispatch and information system and method
Timed alert device for vehicles
Tilt screen module for self-serving money machines
Alarm system armed and disarmed by a door contact
Spill detector based on machine-imaging
Object area network
Body-mounted electronic device system and body-mounted electronic device
Auto-phasing synchronization for pulsed electronic article surveillance systems
System for remote communication with an addressable target using a generalized pointing device
Telemetering system
Driver information system
Vehicle communication system with integrated pre-impact sensing
Road traffic weather observation system and self-emission road sign system
Apparatuses for displaying information on vehicles
Lighted traffic sign attached to portable restroom
Detector for detecting pseudo-contour noise and display apparatus using the detector
Spontaneous light emitting display device
Organic EL display device
Power-saving circuit and method for light sources of a display device
Liquid crystal display driving method and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Driving method for liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Display device
System and method for prefetching data from a frame buffer
Performance texture mapping by combining requests for image data
Motor for use with thin type inner rotor and disk apparatus
Run length limited code generation method, run length limited code recording/reproducing apparatus, and run length limited code recording/reproduction method
Data coding for data storage systems
Method and apparatus for amplifying a regulated differential signal to a higher voltage
Inductive element of an integrated circuit
Microsystem with element deformable by the action of heat-actuated device
Keyboard for an electronic device
Safety switching device module arrangement
Microelectromechanical (MEMS) switching apparatus
Remotely controllable circuit breaker including bypass magnet circuit
Cathode for field emission device
OLED display with auxiliary electrode
Plasma display device
Plasma display panel
Method of cleaning ion source, and corresponding apparatus/system
Cathode-ray tube
Cathode ray tube having mask assembly for displaying clearer images
Light-emitting device having light-emissive particles partially coated with light-reflective or/and getter material
Bracket for mounting a shadow mask frame
Field emission type electron source element, electron gun, cathode ray tube apparatus, and method for manufacturing cathode ray tube
Panel for use in a cathode ray tube
Glass funnel for a cathode ray tube and a cathode ray tube
Glass bulb for a cathode ray tube and cathode ray tube
Method and device for attenuating harmonics in semiconductor plasma processing systems
Reduced mercury ceramic metal halide lamp
Light source with matrix of microfilaments
Plasma generator useful for ion beam generation
Fluorescent luminous tube
Shadow mask frame assembly for flat CRT with slot groups
Semiconductor device
Chip size package with stress relieving internal terminal
Semiconductor contact structure having wide lower portion embedded in conductive material
Semiconductor storage device and method of fabricating the same
Probe pin for a probe card
Semiconductor device bonding pad resistant to stress and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor package having optimized wire bond positioning
Semiconductor device
Fanned out interconnect via structure for electronic package substrates
Semiconductor current detector of improved noise immunity
Organic semiconductor diode
High power switchable power combiner
Broadband polarization filter
Method for adjusting frequency of attenuation pole of dual-mode band pass filter
Aperture coupled output network for ceramic and waveguide combiner network
Method of tuning a summing network
Differential transmission line for high bandwidth signals
Electronic device
Antenna arrangement for a vehicle
Reconfigurable electromagnetic plasma waveguide used as a phase shifter and a horn antenna
Antenna/push-button assembly and portable radiotelephone including the same
Dual mode antenna system for radio transceiver
Integrated active antenna for multi-carrier applications
Broadband quardifilar helix with high peak gain on the horizon
Dielectric chip antenna
Antenna arrangement
Tri-band multi-mode antenna
Tracking feed for multi-band operation
Horizontally polarized endfire array
Low profile two-antenna assembly having a ring antenna and a concentrically-located monopole antenna
Rolling radar array
Radio frequency aperture
Selectively coupled two-piece antenna
Detection element for objects and detection device using the same
Dual band antenna
Power discriminating systems
Voltage fluctuation compensating apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling current draw while charging a battery array
Charge/discharge protection apparatus having a charge-state overcurrent detector, and battery pack including the same, and mobile electronic system
Electric charge control device and load driving device using the same
Power control device with electric double layer capacitor unit cells
Low-profile stepping motor with two coils arranged flush with each other horizontally
Electrical generator with ferrofluid bearings
Multiple magnet transducer with differential magnetic strengths
Protection circuit for reducing noise received at a circuit operating on a voltage reference supply
High efficiency AC-DC converter with power factor corrector
Control circuit for current converter valves
Semiconductor device having substrate potential detection circuit less influenced by change in manufacturing conditions
Multiple output charge pump
Method and apparatus for generating a high voltage
Boosting voltage control circuit
Charge pump circuit reliability without degrading performance
Switching power supply unit and semiconductor device for switching power supply
DC/DC converter having offset voltage added to the feedback voltage
Digital dynamic trace adjustment pulse width modulate controller
DC-DC converter and controller for DC-DC converter
Switch mode converter that allows 100% duty cycle on gate driver
Thermally compensated current sensing of intrinsic power converter elements
Multiphase motor having winding connections specific to respective operating speed ranges
Apparatus, method and program for controlling an electric motor
Apparatus for controlling brushless motor
Apparatus for controlling brushless motor
Motor driver
Distributed power system
A.C. generator control apparatus and method having abnormality information output function
LC quadrature oscillator having coupling circuits
Method and apparatus for controlling a voltage controlled oscillator
Crystal oscillator circuit having capacitors for governing the resonant circuit
Amplifying circuit
Inter-stage coupling in multistage amplifiers
Method and system for linearizing an amplified signal
Precorrection of a nonlinear amplifier
Zero-bias bypass switching circuit using mismatched 90 degrees hybrid
Amplifier common-mode feedback systems for use with switched-capacitor structures
Transimpedance amplifier with feedback resistive network
Multistage amplifier
Digital power amplifier and digital/analog converter
Output circuit device for clock signal distribution in high-speed signal transmission
Reference voltage generating circuit and voltage amplifier using the same
Differential amplifier, semiconductor device, power supply circuit and electronic equipment using the same
Phase lock loop apparatus
Power supply rejection circuit for an audio amplifier
Mixer with exponentially variable gain
RF power amplifier digital gain flattening over multiband frequencies
Filter circuit and detection circuit having filter circuit
Automatic wideband quadrature frequency generator
Longitudinally coupled surface acoustic wave resonator filter
Multiple value self-calibrated termination resistors
Method for driving a power semiconductor
Low standby current power-on reset circuit
Per-element resampling for a digital-to-analog converter
Junction device with logic
Self-powered trainable switching network
Input/output circuit of semiconductor integrated circuit
Quintuple modular redundancy for high reliability circuits implemented in programmable logic devices
Input buffer of differential amplification type in semiconductor device
Noise reduction techniques for programmable input/output circuits
Method of transparently reducing power consumption of a high-speed communication link
Method and apparatus for selectably providing single-ended and differential signaling with controllable impedance and transition time
Input circuit, display device and information display apparatus
Resonant logic and the implementation of low power digital integrated circuits
Programmable logic circuit device having look up table enabling to reduce implementation area
Vector routing in a programmable logic device
High-efficiency mixed voltage/current mode output driver
Timing control circuit for use of a semiconductor device
Pulsed signal transition delay adjusting circuit
DLL circuit capable of preventing locking in an antiphase state
Fast mono-cycle generating circuit using full rail swing logic circuits
Selectively combining signals to produce desired output signal
Synchronous mirror delay (SMD) circuit and method including a ring oscillator for timing coarse and fine delay intervals
Variation reduction technique for charge pump transistor aging
Negative bias temperature instability correction technique for delay locked loop and phase locked loop bias generators
Phase-locked loop with loop select signal based switching between frequency detection and phase detection
System and method for comparison and compensation of delay variations between fine delay and coarse delay circuits
Clock synchronizer with offset prevention function against variation of output potential of loop filter
PLL/DLL circuitry programmable for high bandwidth and low bandwidth applications
Method and apparatus for processing analog signal
Analog-to-digital converter and method for converting an analog signal into a digital signal
D/A converter for converting plurality of digital signals simultaneously
Apparatus for converting a digital value into an analog signal
Method for decoding data coded with an entropic code, corresponding decoding device and transmission system
System and method for spectral shaping of dither signals
Analog/digital converter and method for controlling the same
Enhanced 8b/10b encoding/decoding and applications thereof
Data decompressor utilizing sequentially coupled logic elements
Decoder, decoding method, look-up table, and decoding program
Degenerative inductor-based gain equalization
High speed source synchronous signaling for interfacing VLSI CMOS circuits to transmission lines
Circuit for activating a CAN (car area network) bus control unit
System and method for testing and maintaining a predetermined physical bit rate on a line connection
Programmable parallel on-chip parallel termination impedance and impedance matching
Programmable termination with DC voltage level control
Discritized phase constellation continuous phase modulation demodulator
Two tire irrigation valve controller
Display device with power interruption delay function
Signal read circuit
Intruding object monitoring method and intruding object monitoring system
Method and apparatus for controlling images with image projection lighting devices
Constant current regulator for airport lighting
Driving circuit for LCD backlight
Device and method for controlling LCD backlight
High voltage transformer
Passive transmission line equalization using circuit-board thru-holes
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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