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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Closing device for milking device
Dual retractable pet leash with ability to stop pets individually
Disposable folding type sanitary toilet for pets
Simulated fowl swimming apparatus
Cigarette filter
Sole for footwear having a turnable antislip device and footwear comprising such sole
Buckle, and an assembly comprising a belt and a buckle
Display table and conveying device for a cremation urn
Combination treatment device and an anterior support device
Height adjustable table
Strap with rigid barbs
Slotless safety infant crib
Compact sleep enhancement kit
Sanitary product
Blanket backpack
Treatment of cellulite and adipose tissue with mid-infrared radiation
Methods for treating hyperopia and presbyopia via laser tunneling
Hydraulic system for driving a membrane brushhead which includes bristles mounted thereon
Fertility regulator incorporating vas deferens implanted open/close bypass in combination with a hand held controller for wireless power transfer
Patient interface with forehead and chin support
Endotracheal tube holder
Piezoelectrically stimulated article
Identifying heart failure patients suitable for resynchronization therapy using QRS complex width from an intracardiac electrogram
Centrifugally-operated apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for cleaning exhaust aftertreatment devices and methods
Method for the production and control of plates for electronics and related apparatus
Aggregate for a washing machine with a plastic sudsing container
Method and apparatus for bending a metal member
Method of making through-passages in sheet metal parts
Method of making a fluid coupling
Stator manufacturing apparatus
Bearing remover
Multi-part pin remover for removing a pin or stud from a hole of a component
System and method for manufacturing a medical instrument
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Motor vehicle operator identification and maximum speed limiter
Coaxial two-wheel vehicle and method of controlling the same
Agricultural vehicle cooling assembly fan shroud with seals for pass-through cooling and exhaust tubes
Method and device for referencing an incremental travel sensor in an electronically controlled actuation device of a clutch
Driving force transmitting device for four-wheel drive vehicle
Powertrain having multi-stage damper
Anti-slip control method for a drive system in a motor vehicle
Device comprising a guide, rail system and transport mechanism for use in such a device
Side dump and bottom dump railroad cars
Fuel efficient hydraulic power steering
Canister mounting structure for a saddle-type vehicle, and vehicle incorporating same
Three-wheeled motorcycle
Bicycle rear wheel propelled by trailer mounted power supply and drive train
Reinforcement of kiss-off in rotationally molded watercraft
System for disabling small water craft
Method of refilling a container and an auxiliary device for refilling a container from a reservoir
System and method for providing a regulated atmosphere for packaging perishable goods
Landing door proximity warning system
Elevator car brake
Methods and devices for surveying elevator hoistways
Textiles; Paper
High-security cable
Automatic dryer and method for controlling the same
Fixed Constructions
Boom of a laying mechanism and method of moving the boom into a vehicle transport position
Collapsible construction barrier
Water-conserving urinal block and holder
Safety feature for a roof
Building element and method
Internal structural mullion for standing seam panel system
Single ply roofing system
Collapsible privacy shelter
Mortise deadbolt lock cam engagement device
Refrigerator and/or freezer with hinge
Collapsible light-weight perforated partition
System and method for providing a downhole mechanical energy absorber
Tapered surface bearing assembly and well drilling equipment comprising same
Containment system for oil field riser pipes
Control screen assembly
Distance holder with helical slot
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas bypass valve control for thermoelectric generator
Switchable cup tappet
Valve control system with malfunction detection
Engine cover having a retainer to secure an engine accessory
Frequency-modifying muffler
Explosion protection system with integrated emission control device
Exhaust system with a NO.sub.x sensor
High bypass turbofan
Automatic management and control system for controlling accessories and engine controls of a transport motored vehicle
Cylinder block
Piston pump
Fuel supply apparatus and fuel supply method of an internal combustion engine
Split arm clip
Hydraulic shock absorber
Aircraft door actuator mounting assembly
Motion conversion device
Transmission and method of shift control for transmission
Dynamic flapper and method
Microfluidic valve structure
Butterfly valves with undulating sealing surface
High temperature butterfly valves
Operating system of liquefied natural gas ship for subcooling and liquefying boil-off gas
Electronic apparatus including removable dust catcher
Concentric tube support assembly
Parabolic trough collector
Systems, devices, and methods for making or administering frozen particles
Cooler with multiple compartments
Method of reducing a risk of fire in a laundry appliance and an appliance incorporating said method
Dryer exhaust duct alarm
Method for removing or treating harmful biological and chemical substances within structures and enclosures
Article comprising a missile canister cover
Method and apparatus for collimating and coaligning optical components
Laser gunsight system for a firearm trigger guard
Weapon and weapon station system and method for loading, testing, targeting, and launching a weapon
Tool holder for adapting a tool for its measurement and measuring arrangement and method for its calibration
Method of operating a shiplift
Precise pressure measurement by vibrating an oval conduit along different cross-sectional axes
Apparatus and method for properly pre-measuring turkey frying oil
Method of monitoring line faults in a medium voltage network
Systems and methods for measuring turbine blade vibratory response
Capacitive electro-mechanical transducer
Device for detecting a combustion chamber pressure of an internal combustion engine
UV adhesive viscosity adjustment apparatus and method
Sensing device
System and method for detecting and measuring ethyl alcohol in the blood of a motorized vehicle driver transdermally and non-invasively in the presence of interferents
Sensor device
Acceleration sensor with surface protection
Abnormality detection device for detecting an abnormality in a communication bus
Utilizing multiple test bitstreams to avoid localized defects in partially defective programmable integrated circuits
Method and device for testing an integrated circuit, integrated circuit to be tested, and wafer with a large number of integrated circuits to be tested
Method and apparatus for testing integrated circuits
Automated system for modeling faulted multi-valued horizons
Variable attenuation signal acquisition probing and voltage measurement systems using an electro-optical cavity
Frequency conversion with nonlinear optical polymers and high index contrast waveguides
Fiber tip fluid output device
Optical module and mounting deviation compensation method for optical waveguide part
Wavelength selection switch
Mid-span breakout with potted closure
Fiber optic cable for use in harsh environments
Camera flash diffuser for macro photography
Camera system, image capturing apparatus, and a method of an image capturing apparatus
Push-pull type camera module for portable wireless terminal
Image forming apparatus with confirmation output function and controlling method thereof
Device and method for belt speed control, and image forming apparatus
Methods and devices for removing latent image ghosts photoreceptors
Toner metering device
Paper guide device and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus for forming images with at least two process speeds
Transfer device and image forming device that include a transfer assisting blade having a slant portion for abutting a recording medium
Structure for installing developing unit and electrophotographic image forming apparatus with the same
Image forming apparatus with filtering function
System for implementing intelligent and accurate updates to state-based advanced process control (APC) models
Check ball valve assembly with check ball guide
Denoising mechanism for speech signals using embedded thresholds and an analysis dictionary
Maximizing mutual information between observations and hidden states to minimize classification errors
Apparatus for and method of pattern recognition and image analysis
Laptop computer recharging using Ethernet connection
Terminal device having power saving mode and folding mechanism enabling open/close motion of the same
Multipath processor with dedicated buses
Control system and method for validating operation of the control system
Device, system and method for power loss recovery procedure for solid state non-volatile memory
Dynamic security events and event channels in a network security system
Method and system for recovering data from a hung application
Memory controller for processor having multiple multithreaded programmable units
Replication-based propagation mechanism for pipelines
Storage control apparatus and method thereof
Database management system
Key-controlled object-based memory protection
Increasing the memory performance of flash memory devices by writing sectors simultaneously to multiple flash memory devices
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
Universal serial bus hub with wireless communication to remote peripheral devices
Intelligent PCI bridging consisting of prefetching data based upon descriptor data
Method and arrangement for signal processing comprising first and second pulse compression filters
Utility diagnosing equipment, operational program therefor, and utility diagnosing method
System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program
System and method for printing from a web application
Method and apparatus for restructuring of personalized data for transmission from a data network to connected and portable network appliances
Switch/network adapter port incorporating shared memory resources selectively accessible by a direct execution logic element and one or more dense logic devices
Method using database for facilitating computer based access to a location on a network after scanning a barcode disposed on a product
Port reservation application programming interface
Peer-to-peer method and system for performing and managing backups in a network of nodes
Information-presenting apparatus, information-presenting method, information-processing apparatus, information-processing method and program-storing medium
Methods and systems for Web-based incremental searches
System and method for measuring the capacity of a streaming media server
Computer system and bandwidth control method for the same
Managing headless computer systems
Method for transferring data and a destination database
Weighted processor selection apparatus and method for use in multiprocessor systems
Efficient complex multiplication and fast fourier transform (FFT) implementation on the ManArray architecture
Location information recommending apparatus, method, and storage medium
Pre-formulated spreadsheet cell groups
Selection of search phrases to suggest to users in view of actions performed by prior users
System and method of specifying image document layout definition
Document distribution control system and method based on content
System and method for improved electronic mail processing with introductory text
Annotating documents in a collaborative application with data in disparate information systems
Data mining for managing marketing resources
Data structure and method for sorting using heap-supernodes
Lazy timestamping in transaction time database
Designing and fabrication of a semiconductor device
Gated clock conversion
Integrated circuit layout device, method thereof and program thereof
Power mesh for multiple frequency operation of semiconductor products
Allocation of combined or separate data and control planes
Method and device for communication with a plant
Transport system
Method for adjusting the play of a disc brake
Enhanced testing for compliance with universal plug and play protocols
Nucleic acid analysis
Set top box object security system
Patient data information system
Method for tracking an event through multiple module-specific files
System and method for blending the results of a classifier and a search engine
System for searching network accessible data sets
System and method for monitoring serially-connected devices
Arithmetic processor for accomodating different field sizes
System for document management and information processing
Method and apparatus for generating user interfaces based upon automation with full flexibility
Search query dominant location detection
Emergency access interception according to black list
Method and system for activating a computer system
Method and system for detecting pirated content
Method and apparatus for performing multiply-add operations on packed data
Self-timed carry look-ahead adder and summation method thereof
System and method for controlling co-scheduling of processes of parallel program
RF firewall for a wireless network
On-machine communication verification
Method for automatic updating of software
Use of multiple overlays to import programs from external memory
Method and apparatus to store initialization and configuration information
Dynamic management of compiled code
Methods to find worst-case setup and hold relationship for static timing analysis
Method of determining nuclear reactor core design with reduced control blade density
Method and system for providing a virtual universal serial port interface and a virtual storage interface
Architecture and system for host management
System for combining driving simulators and data acquisition systems and methods of use thereof
Virtual cosmetic and reconstructive systems, methods, and apparatuses
Two-dimensional code recognition processing method, two-dimensional code recognition processing apparatus, and storage medium
Method and system for image border color selection
Security check provision
Systems and methods for media summarization
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Apparatus and method for processing image data
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Image predictive coding method
Enhancing the quality of decoded quantized images
Automated statistical self-calibrating detection and removal of blemishes in digital images based on determining probabilities based on image analysis of single images
Automated document formatting tool
Mailing system having flexible printing of messages
Virtual bundles
Electronic commerce transaction method, program, recording medium and server
Service provision support system, bundle management terminal, terminal program, bundle data structure, service provision support method, and bundle generation method
Managing an electronic seal of certification
System providing methods for dynamic customization and personalization of user interface
System and method of applying parity bits to protect transmitting and receiving data
Lighted signage structure
Protective sleeve having an external sound-amplifying member
Noise adaptation system of speech model, noise adaptation method, and noise adaptation program for speech recognition
Method and apparatus for formant tracking using a residual model
Communication system noise cancellation power signal calculation techniques
Method for manufacturing a magneto-resistance effect element
Double-sided recording/reproducing disk drive
Lowering voltage for cache memory operation
Coil forming method, coil forming die assembly and coil manufactured thereby
Method of forming long strips of dielectric coated metalized film
Modular X-ray tube and method of production thereof
Method of manufacturing high density printed circuit board
Finger sensing with enhanced mounting and associated methods
Apparatus for automatically punching and bonding MEA materials for fuel cell
Method of manufacturing an electrically driven LED lamp assembly
Method and apparatus for volume control
Duplicate detection circuit for receiver
Transmitter and wireless communication apparatus using the transmitter
Image-rejection mixers having high linearity and high gain and RF circuits using the same
Public land mobile network/private wireless network-integrated service network and system for the same
Mobile phone charger with sterilization function and method for sterilizing mobile phone using the same
Optical repeater converting wavelength and bit rate between networks
Methods and apparatus for Raman crosstalk reduction via idle data pattern control
Optical transmission system with two-mode ring protection mechanism for prioritized client signals
Systems and methods for placing line terminating equipment of optical communication systems in customer points of presence
Ciphertext switching for syntax compliant encryption
Method of constructing domain based on public key and implementing the domain through universal plug and play (UPnP)
Method and system for generating characterizing information descriptive of printed material such as address blocks and generating postal indicia or the like incorporating such characterizing information
Remote provisioning of secure systems for mandatory control
System and method for authenticating an operating system
Mutually authenticated secure key exchange (MASKE)
Rapid training echo cancellor for telecommunications system
Prepaid telephony system and method of activating a prepaid telephony account
Methods and systems for making telephone calls
Optimal dynamic agent state assignment
System and method for real-time data archival
Method for field-programming a solid-state memory device with a digital media file
Multimedia presentation latency minimization
Home digital audiovisual information recording and playback system
Method and system for switching a mobile device in a mobile network
Handover control apparatus, base station, edge router, relay router, radio terminal unit, mobile communication system, and handover control method
Method of making an ultrasonic transducer
Headrest surround channel electroacoustical transducing
Means for influencing the temperature of flowable media, especially of lubricants found in a lubricant system
Method of manufacturing electronic-parts package
Bonding method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Intermediate transfer drum for electro-photographic process and image forming apparatus using the same
Integrated radiotelephone holster and audio appliance
Directional intraoperative probe
System for providing computer guided ablation of tissue
Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system
Wireless electromyography sensor and system
Combination fingerprint and oximetry device
Electrocardiogram system for synthesizing leads and providing an accuracy measure
Voltage sensing system with input impedance balancing for electrocardiogram (ECG) sensing applications
Floating electrode
Health condition judging/displaying device
Body water amount condition judging apparatus by multi-frequency bioelectric impedance measurement
System and method for synchronization of the acquisition of images with the cardiac cycle for dual energy imaging
Radiation tomography device
Radiographic apparatus
Programmable injector control
Implantable devices having a liquid crystal polymer substrate
Multi-polar connector
Iontophoresis device
Multi-electrode apparatus and method for treatment of congestive heart failure
Implantable cardiac stimulation device for monitoring heart sounds to detect progression and regression of heart disease and method thereof
Cardiac stimulation device and method for storing diagnostic data in an automatic capture system
Method and device for sensing atrial depolarizations during ventricular tachycardia
Method and apparatus for delivering an optimum shock duration in treating cardiac arrhythmias
Automatic thermal therapeutic apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Parametric programming of laser cutting system
Trajectory planning and motion control strategies for a planar three-degree-of-freedom robotic arm
Vehicle drive override system
Geometric based path prediction method using moving and stop objects
Seat load measuring system that automatically makes a self diagnosis and zero point adjustment in response to a vehicle crash
Controller for automobile
Method for automatically adjusting reference models in vehicle stability enhancement (VSE) systems
Fiber optic spools and methods of making the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical waveguides and devices including same
Temperature range adjusted coated optical fibers
Use of computational and experimental data to model organic compound reactivity in cytochrome P450 mediated reactions and to optimize the design of pharmaceuticals
Fixed Constructions
Operator control station and method for a work machine having more than one function
Rapid adjustment of trajectories for land vehicles
Work management method, management system and management apparatus suited to work sites
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Service system for air conditioner and server system for monitoring center
Bath temperature maintenance heater
Position determining apparatus for coordinate machine
Shape detection device and manufacturing method thereof
Acquisition of 3-D scenes with a single hand held camera
System and method for aircraft and watercraft control and collision prevention
Flight plan intent alert system and method
Navigation system for transmitting real-time information allowing instant judgement of next action
Navigation system and method for tracking the position of an object
Map information processing apparatus and map information transmission center
Road name displaying method and navigation device
Apparatus for measuring absolute rotation angle and method thereof
Apparatus and method for testing snow removal equipment
Identifying fibers of fiber optic cables
Chromatic dispersion distribution measurement apparatus and method for the same
Defect information processing apparatus and method
Visual inspection apparatus and method
System and method for fault diagnosis
Calibration and alignment of X-ray reflectometric systems
Method and device for determining the enthalpy of wet steam
Method, device and computer-readable memory containing a computer program for determining at least one property of a test emulsion and/or test suspension
Apparatus for computer-assisted isolation and characterization of proteins
Automated machine and method for fruit testing
Method and apparatus for adhesion testing of thin film materials
Fault portion locating method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Calibrating a test system using unknown standards
Electromagnetic wave source probing device and probing method with the probing device
System and method to test internal PCI agents
Manipulation of hardware control status registers via boundary scan
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device testing method
Integrated circuits carrying intellectual property cores and test ports
Waveform generating circuit
Optimal imaging of the peripheral vasculature with test bolus tracking
System and method to determine fibre channel device locations using GPS
Method for computing finite-frequency seismic migration traveltimes from monochromatic wavefields
Simultaneous determination of formation angles and anisotropic resistivity using multi-component induction logging data
Simple focusable lens combination of a camera
Mechanically assisted release for MEMS optical switch
Silicon oxynitride optical waveguide switch with wavelength locked feedback control
Optical waveguide device and optical waveguide method
Photonic crystal waveguide
Optoelectronic device having a direct patch mask formed thereon and a method of manufacture therefor
Optical fiber stripping tool
Optical fiber with compensation of chromatic dispersion
Polarization-combining fused-fiber optical coupler and method of producing the same
Optical fiber collimator and method for fabricating the same
Waveguide-arrayed optical wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer and fabrication method of the same
Temperature control system for a grating
Wavelength-slicing architecture for wavelength demultiplexing using micro-ring resonators
Dispersion compensation apparatus and method utilising sampled Bragg gratings
Ultra-high speed, active polymer-silica hybrid, single control voltage MMI-based 1-by-N packet switch and WG-based WDM packet router/TDM converter and methods of making same
Optical switch having switch mirror arrays controlled by scanning beams
System and method for bridge and roll in a photonic switch
Optical fiber spool assembly
Fiber optic terminator apparatus and method
Hermetic fiber ferrule and feedthrough
Optical subassembly
Integrated optics beam deflectors
Passive alignment using slanted wall pedestal
Cable storage cartridge
All-dielectric self-supporting optical cable and manufacturing method thereof
Optical device and control method thereof
Variable viewfinder for wide angle shots
Environmental shroud
Photoflash projection device and a method of using the device
Object imaging system
Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling same
Camera and focal point detection apparatus
System and method for controlling critical dimension in a semiconductor manufacturing process
Integrated device structure prediction based on model curvature
Abnormality displaying apparatus for use in image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with demountable sheet conveyor unit in main body for receiving sheets from optional sheet stack connectable thereto
Developing device for an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including image bearing member rotatable at different peripheral velocities
Electrophotographic apparatus
Image forming apparatus using intermediate transfer body
Fuser sensor system
System for providing variable fusing energy to print media
Fixing apparatus for fixing toner images on recording media and image forming apparatus comprising the fixing apparatus
Image forming apparatus with accurate temperature control for various media having different thickness
Heating device and image forming apparatus using the same
Fixing device and temperature control method in fixing device
Heating mechanism for use in image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus and method
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Air duct, cooling mechanism, and image forming device incorporating cooling mechanism
Method and apparatus for adaptive control of marginally stable systems
Method and apparatus for generating an application for an automation control system
Process transmitter with orthogonal-polynomial fitting
Method and system for assessing adjustment factors in testing or monitoring process
Data generating device, data generating method and data generating program
Method and system for estimating time of occurrence of machine-disabling failures
System for automatically controlling lift-augmentation devices of an aircraft during take-off
Energy consumption estimation using real time pricing information
Multi-level secure computer with token-based access control
Secure, limited-access database system and method
Method and apparatus for providing secure communication with a relay in a network
Clock distribution scheme in a signaling server
Integrated circuit device having clock frequency changing function, computer system using the integrated circuit device and clock frequency changing method
Mechanism and protocol for per connection based service level agreement measurement
System for power delivery over data communication cabling infrastructure
Computer battery event managing method with option to compulsorily execute a low battery capacity operation even when a program of the computer does not respond
Interruption control circuit for use in an apparatus having a microcomputer
Data compression over communications links which are exposed to occasional errors
Coordinated multinode dump collection in response to a fault
Emulation suspend mode with instruction jamming
Self-test electronic assembly and test system
Semiconductor storage unit
Method and apparatus for providing cooperative fault recovery between a processor and a service processor
Control device and control method for a disk array
Single I/O session to commit a single transaction
Storage apparatus system and method of data backup
System and method for synchronizing a data copy using an accumulation remote copy trio consistency group
System and method for replicating data
Controller-based bi-directional remote copy system with storage site failover capability
System and method for diagnosing and validating a machine using waveform data
Maintenance management system for monitoring a plurality of computers interconnected by a network
Performance measurement for embedded systems
System and method for monitoring performance metrics
Method and apparatus for tracking client interaction with a network resource and creating client profiles and resource database
System and method for enabling selective execution of computer code
Integrated RAID system with the capability of selecting between software and hardware RAID
Processing requests to efficiently access a limited bandwidth storage area
System and method for representing named data streams within an on-disk structure of a file system
Low cost memory management that resists power interruption
System and method for dynamically allocating computer memory
Method and apparatus for pre-fetching audio data
Methods and systems for managing heap creation and allocation
Signal processing system which can reduce burden applied to a CPU or a signal processor
Architecture to relax memory performance requirements
CPU controlled memory controlling device for accessing operational information
Memory card having a buffer memory for storing testing instruction
Flash memory capable of changing bank configuration
Speculative pre-fetching additional line on cache miss if no request pending in out-of-order processor
Stream-down prefetching cache
Data processor utilizing set-associative cache memory for stream and non-stream memory addresses
Method and apparatus for efficient cache management and avoiding unnecessary cache traffic
Scratch pad memories
Prioritized content addressable memory
Method and apparatus for prefetching data into cache
Cache way prediction based on instruction base register
System and method for accessing video data using a translation client
Method and system for efficient cache memory updating with a least recently used (LRU) protocol
Random replacement generator for a cache circuit
Cache lock device and method therefor
System and method for limited access to system memory
Mechanism to extend computer memory protection schemes
Modification and use of configuration memory used during operation of a serial bus
Data storage system having director boards with plural processors
Flow control
Optimal multi-channel memory controller system
Method and apparatus for interrupt routing of PCI adapters via device address mapping
Method and apparatus for processing serial data using a single receive fifo
Method and apparatus for converting IEEE 1284 signals to or from IEEE 1394 signals
Method of manufacture and apparatus of an integrated computing system
Programmatic masking of storage units
Transceiver with latency alignment circuitry
Traffic scheduler for a first tier switch of a two tier switch
Bus system optimization
Apparatus for transferring and holding data based on a selected clock rate
Programmable processor with group floating point operations
Branch misprediction recovery using a side memory
Systems, methods and computer program products for chaining Java servlets across networks
System and method for integrating a proxy server, an e-mail server, and a DHCP server, with a graphic interface
Interface for multi-processor
Method and apparatus for performing linear filtering in wavelet based domain
System and method for collecting and analyzing shipment parameter data affecting predicted statistical variables of shipped articles
Computerized information retrieval system
System for setting image intent using markup language structures
Network communication system provides users capabilities to perform initial registration simplied connection procedures and access multiple host systems without repeation a full registration
Method and apparatus for retrieving accumulating and sorting table formatted data
Apparatus and method for accessing a coin image compilation
Method for identifying outliers in large data sets
Method and apparatus for managing data exchange among systems in a network
Optimizing a query using a non-covering join index
Method and apparatus for implementing search and channel features in an enterprise-wide computer system
Method for optimization of synchronization between a client's database and a server database
Analysis of massive data accumulations using patient rule induction method and on-line analytical processing
Efficient replication of an expanded partial database
System and method for storing and computing data and functions
System and method for digital data communication
Customer self service subsystem for adaptive indexing of resource solutions and resource lookup
Data conversions solving time limitations of object-oriented software programs
Method and apparatus for asynchronous file writes in a distributed file system
Data processing system and computer-readable recording medium recorded with a program for causing a computer to process data
Method for performing a data query
Utility for cross platform database query
Web search engine with graphic snapshots
Hierarchical mapped database system for identifying searchable terms associated with data nodes
Common data model including field interdependencies
Method of searching or browsing multimedia data and data structure
Method, system, and program for using a fetch request to make data available to an application program
Storing fragmented XML data into a relational database by decomposing XML documents with application specific mappings
Apparatus and method for context-based indexing and retrieval of image sequences
Graphical viewer for biomolecular sequence data
Methods and apparatus for referencing and processing audio information
Method and apparatus for identifying a data sequence related to a given data sequence
Hierarchical data network address resolution
Method and device for semantic reconciling of complex data models
Method and system for extraction of parasitic interconnect impedance including inductance
Semiconductor circuit connection data base and method of designing semiconductor circuit using the data base
Symbolic model checking with dynamic model pruning
Method for controlling critical circuits in the design of integrated circuits
Reducing clock skew in clock gating circuits
Interactive client-server environment for performing collaborative timing analysis of circuit designs
Data security method and device for computer modules
Use of code obfuscation to inhibit generation of non-use-restricted versions of copy protected software applications
Method for providing single step log-on access to a differentiated computer network
Mixed enclave operation in a computer network
Method and apparatus for alphanumeric data entry
Input device-adaptive human-computer interface
Touch screen region assist for hypertext links
Logical storage of UDF descriptors by mapping a plurality of descriptors into a physical layer
Method and apparatus for arithmetic shifting
Retrofitting recommender system for achieving predetermined performance requirements
Method and system for detecting a failure or performance degradation in a dynamic system such as a flight vehicle
Digital arithmetic integrated circuit
Correction of code drift in a non-coherent memory
Split bi-directional stack in a linear memory array
Method and apparatus for rendering stolen computing devices inoperable
Method and apparatus for controlling order dependency of items in a multiple FIFO queue structure
Method and apparatus for testing microarchitectural features by using tests written in microcode
Address generation unit and digital signal processor (DSP) including a digital addressing unit for performing selected addressing operations
Cyclically sequential memory prefetch
Processing system and method utilizing a scoreboard to detect data hazards between instructions of computer programs
Instruction scheduling system of a processor
Apparatus has a microprocessor including DSP and a CPU integrated with each other as a single bus master
Register pipe for multi-processing engine environment
Dyadic DSP instruction processor with main and sub-operation functional blocks selected from each set of multiplier and adder
Method and apparatus for dispatch table construction
Validating the creation of and routing of messages to file objects
Methods, systems, and computer program products for applying styles to host screens based on host screen content
Method for initializing and shutting down a computer system
Universal boot code for a computer network
Wireless software upgrades with version control
Computer system
Mechanism and apparatus for using messages to look up documents stored in spaces in a distributed computing environment
Publish/subscribe data processing with subscription points for customized message processing
WebTx gateway preprocessing hook
Compact fingerprint identification device
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image processing system and memory medium
Image correction device, image correction method and computer program product in memory for image correction
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and data storage media
Image processing apparatus and method for recognizing specific pattern and recording medium having image processing program recorded thereon
Apparatus and method for recognizing character
Word string collating apparatus, word string collating method and address recognition apparatus
Cellular automata neural network method for process modeling of film-substrate interactions and other dynamic processes
Dynamic synapse for signal processing in neural networks
Apparatus and method for annotating an intermediate representation of an application source code
Method and system for modeling financial markets and assets using fractal activity time
Aircraft engine reliability business model
Technique for specifying the parameters of complex technical studies by using a decision tree
Enterprise management system and method which indicates chaotic behavior in system resource usage for more accurate modeling and prediction
Email system delivers email message to a proxy email address that corresponds to a sender and recipient pairing
Method and system for operating a content management system
Method for optimizing a supply-consumption operation
Navigation of object lists
Methods for dynamically accessing, processing, and presenting data acquired from disparate data sources
Product design process with included producibility information
System and method for counteracting message filtering
Method and system for integrating transaction mechanisms over multiple internet sites
Method for controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of video tape media
Method of transacting an electronic mail, an electronic commerce, and an electronic business transaction by an electronic commerce terminal using a gas pump
System and method for auditing loan portfolios and loan servicing portfolios
Method and apparatus for high speed convolution
Method and apparatus for adding watermarks to images and/or video data streams
Method for hiding binary data in a digital image
Process for reconstructing a tridimensional image of a moving object
System and method for weight-loss goal visualization and planning and business method for use therefor
Manifold mosaic hopping for image-based rendering
Method for determining necessary resolution for zoom and crop images
Method and apparatus for rotating image data
Method and apparatus for displaying images of tubular structures
Image coding and decoding apparatus, method of image coding and decoding, and recording medium for recording program for image coding and decoding
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for noise reduction image processing
Method of determining the extent of blocking artifacts in a digital image
Moving-picture coding and/or decoding system resistant to transmission error
Moving-picture signal coding and/or decoding system resistant to transmission error
Method of compressing multi-spectral image
Apparatus and method for calibrating a timing circuit in a remote keyless entry system using programmable commands
Narrow array capacitive fingerprint imager
Sales point business method and apparatus
System and method for communication between vehicles and a supervisor station
Method for displaying a road map in an automotive vehicle
Apparatus and method for registering students and evaluating their performance
Apparatus and method for music production by at least two remotely located music sources
Data retrieval assistance system and method utilizing a speech recognition system and a live operator
Method to generate telephone comfort noise during silence in a packetized voice communication system
Speech decoding unit and speech decoding method
Method for reducing interference in acoustic signals using an adaptive filtering method involving spectral subtraction
Self aligning robotic arm calibration apparatus
Computer system with greater than fifteen drive fault tolerance
Signal processing circuit with timing recovery PLL
Maximum transition run encoding and decoding systems
Voice and image signal transmission method using code output
Motion picture recording/reproduction apparatus
Recorded medium, reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus, and reproducing method and recording method
Digital versatile disc playback system with program chain object searching capabilities
Data processing apparatus and data recording apparatus
Voice activated controller for recording and retrieving audio/video programs
Laser drive device, optical head, and optical information processor
Delayed read/write scheme for SRAM interface compatible DRAM
Stability test for silicon on insulator SRAM memory cells utilizing bitline precharge stress operations to stress memory cells under test
Memory circuit being capable of compression test
Array-built-in-self-test (ABIST) for efficient, fast, bitmapping of large embedded arrays in manufacturing test
Data transfer control method, and peripheral circuit, data processor and data processing system for the method
Fuel assembly
Method of removing a large-sized apparatus from a reactor building of a nuclear plant
Steam turbine control device of nuclear power plant
Protective layer for multilayers exposed to x-rays
System for uniformly heating photoresist
Installation for processing wafers
Method of determining retreat permission position of carrier arm and teaching device thereof
Method and apparatus for using scatterometry to perform feedback and feed-forward control
Method for monitoring a semiconductor fabrication process for processing a substrate
Electric or opto-electric component with a packaging of plastic and a method for varying the impedance of a terminal lead of the component by attaching a dielectric plate to at least one terminal lead
Apparatus and method of obtaining a radiation image of an object
APD bias circuit
Transparent substrate light emitting diode
Method and arrangement for radiocommunications
Cooling device and surface emitting device comprising same
Optical pumping injection cavity for optically pumped devices
Semiconductor laser device
Control device for laser diodes
Semiconductor laser device and method for suppressing injection current
Semiconductor laser device in which compressive strain active layer is sandwiched between tensile strain optical waveguide layers and average strain is limited
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser apparatus, laser coupler, data reproduction apparatus, data recording apparatus and production method of semiconductor laser apparatus
All optical image reject down-converter
Filtering method and filter
Initialization /prewindowing removal postprocessing for fast RLS filter adaptation
Portable telephone compensable for change of antenna impedance
Method and apparatus for synchronizing telecommunications devices via a transmission network
Frequency detection circuit for clock recovery
Clock signal generation apparatus
Synchronous control apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for controlling a phase-locked loop circuit
Transmission system with adaptive channel encoder and decoder
Method and device for computing incremental checksums
Transmitting apparatus and error handling method in transmitting apparatus
Hybrid root-finding technique
Power switching unit of a portable telephone capable of monitoring and controlling a battery supply voltage thereof
Flexible ferrite gasket for receiver second image protection
Portable radio device
Method and apparatus providing simultaneous dual mode operations for radios in the shared spectrum
Tracking method and configuration for carrying out the method
Constrained optical mesh protection for transmission systems
Method and apparatus for controlling received power levels within a free space optical communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling signal power level in free space communication
FM signal converter, FM signal optical transmitter and FM signal optical receiver
Increased transmission capacity for a fiber-optic link
Optical communication system, optical transmitting apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, optical communication method, and storage medium
Method for checking a ring optical network line for data transmission between a plurality of network subscribers in a motor vehicle
Wireless receiver, wireless receiving method, and recording medium
Transmitter power control method and apparatus
Device and method for controlling initial transmission power of forward link channel in mobile communications system
Method and apparatus for directional radio communication
Civil aviation communication system
Mobile platform real time availability and content scheduling system and method
Method and apparatus for registering a communication terminal with a satellite communication system
Active system and method for detecting harmonics of RF broadcast station survey signals
Dynamic and scheduled computer telephony resource allocation
Isolation of I/O bus errors to a single partition in an LPAR environment
Storing and using the history of data transmission errors to assure data integrity
Method for improved wireless optical communication and frames for use in a wireless optical communication system
Method and apparatus for reliable and efficient data communications
System and method for detecting a device requiring power
Automatic testing of redundant switching element and automatic switchover
Monitoring system and method implementing automatic testing with a smart scanning algorithm
System, method, and apparatus for adjusting packet transmission rates based on dynamic evaluation of network characteristics
Method and apparatus for controlling data transmission between two modules in a motor vehicle
Process and components for controlling the connections of a transmission system
Multiprocessor system utilizing multiple links to improve point to point bandwidth
Scaleable route redistribution mechanism
Computerized method for computing the overall splitting cost of a data structure using blocking island contour map of a network-level graph
Distributed redirect server
Packet routing to a mobile station
Method and apparatus for bouncing electronic messages
Routing of electronic messages using a routing map and a stateful script engine
Check for pending e-mail using caller ID and selective answer ring
Automated parallel and redundant subscriber contact and event notification system
Timing recovery for DMT-based DSL modems
Equalizing FIFO buffer with adaptive watermark
Security system with embedded HTTP server
System and method for dynamic macro placement of IP connection filters
Password generation method and system
Option request protocol
Architecture to fragment transmitted TCP packets to a requested window size
Data network load management
Apparatus and method for determining a program neighborhood for a client node in a client-server network
Network system using a firewall dynamic control method
Authentication method to enable servers using public key authentication to obtain user-delegated tickets
Apparatus and method for authenticating messages in a multicast
Modems that block data transfers during safe mode of operation and related methods
System for constructing network community
Assembly of a graphical program for accessing data from a data source/target
Device and method for transporting and converting protocol messages from one protocol into another
Sender- specified delivery customization
Method and apparatus for defining, managing and distributing broadcast names
Method of creating unique user aliases for users in a communications network
Method and system for managing I/O transmissions in a fibre channel network after a break in communication
Method and apparatus for releasing bus control by a device connected to the bus
Unique word detection circuit
Duty cycle corrector for a random number generator
Speaker volume indicator for telephone handsets
Custom telephone
Communication terminal
Mobile communication system
Telephone answering apparatus and method for confirming an acoustic command signal
Method for operating a telecommunications network with a personalized database
Alternative routing system for mobile telephone calls
Data-only telephone service
Call-processing system and method
Telephone number relocation guidance system
System and method for storing and transferring information tokens in a communication network
Providing telephony services
Image forming system
Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Electronic camera
Multi-standard reception
Method and apparatus for implementing multiple V-chip settings for a display device wherein the settings are stored on removable memory
Image data alteration preventing apparatus and alteration preventing method
Image processing apparatus and method and computer-readable storage medium
Image compression device allowing rapid and highly precise encoding while suppressing code amount of image data after compression
Coded image recording medium
Recording/reproducing apparatus, video data recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing method
Optical switch changeover controlling method, optical node device and optical switch system
Optical wavelength division multiplexing transmission network system using transmitting/receiving apparatuses having 2-input and 2-output optical path switching elements
Method and apparatus for automatic routing of circuit switched data connections based upon stored behavioral information
Method of sharing and transferring information between ISDN telephones
Communication system and device for use with both a broadband distribution network and a telephone network
Distributed control exchange
System for providing calling party selection of destination when multiple telephones share the same telephone number
Control of access to the call completion on busy link service in a private telecommunication network
Base station serial connection communication system in a mobile communication system
Telephone system and method with background location response capability
Call distribution for a radio exchange station in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for providing immediate ciphering after an inter-system UTRAN-GSM handover
Method of predicting the received power level at a base station of a CDMA network and base station implementing the method
Method of using location information for interference protection
Administration of regional subscription restriction in a network that includes a gateway location register
Method and apparatus for spanning operation of a cellular telephone
Wireless centrex automatic callback
Automatic wireless service activation in a private local wireless system
Shielded microphone module and preamplifier
Bone conduction hearing aid
Method and apparatus for individual control of audio to loudspeakers located from a central control
Acoustical transducer for recreating a spatial sound stage and improved localization of original sounds sources
Sound quality improving mechanism for loudspeaker
Digital filtering method and device and sound image localizing device
Wireless speaker for radio communication device
Method of processing a plural channel audio signal
Audio output system and method therefor
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