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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal collar
Fishing lures having elastomeric portions
Footbed plug
Exercise sole
Combination napkin clip and utensil rest
High-capacity card holder and ejector
Electric toothbrush
Three in one paintbrush cleaner and conditioner
Training device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Additive for increasing the density of an oil-based fluid and fluid comprising such additive
Device and process for liquid treatment of wafer-shaped articles
Rack assembly in dishwasher
Dust removal from solar cells
Hydroforming device and method
Method for increasing the torque of a pre-tensioned spring that is wound around a rotating body comprising a longitudinal axis
Method for metallically connecting rods by oscillating friction welding
Apparatus for holding a fiber array
Machine tool
Web tracking adjustment device and method through use of a biased gimbal
Tray for donor film
Device for a portable tool such as a brush cutter
Circular sawing machine with a multi-directional adjustable laser indication device
Shredding machines
Oxide sputtering target and protective film for optical recording medium
Measurement of adherence between a vehicle wheel and the roadway
Parking space finder based on parking meter data
Fabric-strip curtain for car wash installations
Crawler track
Frame structure in motorcycle
Apparatuses and methods useful for centering watercraft
Boat lift
Sailing vessel with lateen sail rigging
Integrated axially varying engine muffler, and associated methods and systems
Method and system for providing cruciform steered, bent biconic and plasma suppression for maximum accuracy
Reclosable bag production
Bottle-shaped container including an annular projection
Nest stackable and interlocking container
Aerosol dispenser for mixing and dispensing multiple fluid products
Device for locking a media disc to a retaining hub
Derailleur drive chain structure for downhill event
Elevator dispatching with guaranteed time performance using real-time service allocation
Elevator with compact rope suspension
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ferrite composition for high frequency bead and chip bead comprising the same
Textiles; Paper
Adjustable pile height mechanism and method for adjusting the pile height of a tufted floor covering
Double-sided ironing board
Fixed Constructions
Blower-vacuum devices
Construction block
Sheet material handling device
Rotary type hinge device for portable wireless terminal
Blinds for adjusting illumination
Rock drilling rig and rock breaking machine
Braze alloy and method of use for drilling applications
Bit retainer system
Method for rapid installation of a smaller diameter pressure control device usable on blow out preventers
Methods for forming a permeable and stable mass in a subterranean formation
Self-degrading fibers and associated methods of use and manufacture
Cemented open hole selective fracing system
Apparatus and methods for forming a lateral wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve-driving system of internal combustion engine
Diagnostic device and method of engine exhaust purifying system
Method and device for controlling the exhaust gas recirculation in an internal-combustion engine based on the measurement of the oxygen concentration in the gaseous mixture taken in by the engine
Systems and methods for power generation with carbon dioxide isolation
Controller of internal combustion engine
Apparatus including a preformed one-piece seal
Fuel injection device for an internal combustion engine
Fuel system pressure relief valve with integral accumulator
Dynamic effortless pull starting
Bicycle control device
Electromagnetic frictionally engaged clutch and method for operating the same
Retention spring for brake pressure pads
Miter gear transmission
Valve device
Method and device for installing refrigerator
Battery supplemented refrigerator and method for using same
Air conditioner for automotive vehicle
Cold climate air-source heat pump
Method and device for separating gases and/or liquids
Air cooling device
Air cooling device
Heat exchanger
Counterflow heat exchanger
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Apparatus for the linear dimension checking of mechanical pieces
Solar power generation method with non-equidirectional solar tracking stages and apparatus thereof
Electromagnetic flowmeter including electrodes and magnetic pole placed in proximity on one side of the outer wall
Liquid consumption status detecting method, liquid container, and ink cartridge
Apparatus for securely mounting and continuously monitoring the weight of a liquified gas tank
Apparatus and method for detecting tampering with an infra-red motion sensor
Steering lock system inspection device
Measuring particulate in liquid storage tanks
Percolation testing apparatus and method
Method for nonintrusive scanning of cargo containers in a buffer operation
Flexural plate wave sensor and array
Sensor system for high-precision measurements of temperature, composition, and/or pressure of a fluid
Acceleration sensor unit
Sensor device and method for grip and proximity detection
Supported, self-optimizing wireless networks, optimized with respect to energy, mobility, and capacity
Seamless tileable display with peripheral magnification
Portable terminal with stylus pen
Catalog-based software license reconciliation
Image processing apparatus, and function executed method and function executed program in the apparatus
Guided video feed selection in a vehicle-to-vehicle network
Portable device for simultaneously providing text or image data to a plurality of different social media sites based on a topic associated with a downloaded media file
Aggregating social location information
Detecting exceptions for collaborative object addressing
Dynamic screen sharing for optimal performance
Transmission control protocol (TCP) based video streaming
System and method for optimizing communication
Delayed display of electronic messages
System and method for identifying optimal cloud configuration in black-box environments to achieve target throughput with best price based on performance capability benchmarking
Sound processing device
Server including components for accessing and displaying internet content and for providing same to a client
Generating and displaying customer commitment framework data
System and method for temporary obfuscation during collaborative communications
Modeling, monitoring, and managing system dimensions for a service assurance system
Blood glucose monitoring system
Directing audited data traffic to specific repositories
Network device and method available for use under non-security mode
Dynamic array presentation and multiple selection of digitally stored objects and corresponding link tokens for simultaneous presentation
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and surveillance system
Techniques for parallel business intelligence evaluation and management
Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
Device and method for destination prediction
Communication of commands in a home automation network and between home automation networks
Information encoding on surfaces by varying spectral emissivity
Code based access systems
Method and apparatus for optically reading target while folding reflected light
Real time processing of video frames
Method and apparatus for moving object detection based on cerebellar model articulation controller network
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Multi-mode video event indexing
Image processing device and method with hierarchical data structure
Distributed network architecture for introducing dynamic content into a synthetic environment
Apparatus and methods for temporally proximate object recognition
Method for predicting future travel time using geospatial inference
Techniques for utilizing and adapting a prediction model
Automatic generation of calendarization curves
Systems and methods for encoded alias based transactions
Systems and methods for conducting transactions and communications using a trusted third party
Buildable part pairs in an unconfigured product structure
Method and system for verifying the authenticity of goods over an internet
X-ray CT apparatus and image reconstruction method
Representing characteristics of an animated object moving through a three-dimensional coordinate system
Output ordering of domain coordinates for tessellation
Image processing method and associated apparatus
Remote control of associated vehicle devices
Polyhedral physical and athletic training module, methods of making and using the same, and coaching and training systems including the same
Rail surge voltage protector with fail disconnect
Vehicle control device
Receiver operating characteristic-based training
Method and system for managing surveys
Computing method and system with detached sensor in a window environment
Image/advertising apparatus and method
System for displaying message on a cord
Display memory, driver circuit, display, and portable information device
Backlight unit including first and second driving currents and display apparatus using the same
Tuning mechanisms
Systems and methods for transcoding music notation
Object based musical composition performance apparatus and program
Active vibration noise control device
Endoscopic device for generating acoustic waves with variable focus
Devices and systems for remote control
Method, and a device for converting speech by replacing inarticulate portions of the speech before the conversion
Apparatus and method for audio frame loss recovery
Library apparatus and control method thereof
Disk drive including a noise reduction unit and method of reducing noise by using the disk drive
Data storage system and a method for measuring a change in a spacing between a head and a storage medium of a data storage system
Resistance change nonvolatile memory device, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing resistance change nonvolatile memory device
Non-volatile phase-change resistive memory
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a circuit arrangement
Method of testing coherency of data storage in multi-processor shared memory system
Adaptive data-retention-voltage regulating system for SRAM
Memory device, method of refreshing the same, and system including the same
Selectable resonant frequency transcutaneous energy transfer system
Wireless power transfer system, power transfer apparatus, and power reception apparatus
Methods for the production of a pressure pipe of an electric hoisting magnet and pressure pipe of a hoisting magnet
Ultracapacitors employing phase change materials
Arc suppression circuit
Intelligent LED drive power
Phosphor materials, fluorescent lamps provided therewith, and methods therefor
Device for correcting diffraction aberration of electron beam
Ion guide with different order multipolar field order distributions across like segments
Ceramic bushing for a high-pressure discharge lamp
Manufacturing method of electron multiplier substrate, manufacturing method of electron multiplier and manufacturing method of radiation detector
Plasma confinement rings including RF absorbing material for reducing polymer deposition
Method for reprocessing semiconductor substrate, method for manufacturing reprocessed semiconductor substrate, and method for manufacturing SOI substrate
FinFET fabrication method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including forming trench pattern in a mask film
Formation of package pins in semiconductor packaging
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Solar battery, manufacturing method thereof, and solar battery module
Photoreceptor with improved blocking layer
Method for transferring InP film
Trilayer SIT process with transfer layer for FINFET patterning
Method to etch Cu/Ta/TaN selectively using dilute aqueous HF/HCI solution
Methods for forming a hydrogen free silicon containing dielectric film
Semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device by bonding a layer to a support with curvature
Through-silicon via unit cell with keep out zones and center point aligned probe pad, and method of forming
Methods for fabricating FinFET integrated circuits using laser interference lithography techniques
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits with fully silicided gate electrode structures
Method to form group III-V and Si/Ge FINFET on insulator
Conductive ink for filling vias
Semiconductor device
Three-dimensional inter-chip contact through vertical displacement MEMS
Methods of forming secured metal gate antifuse structures
Dicing die bond film
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Process for production of functional device, process for production of ferroelectric material layer, process for production of field effect transistor, thin film transistor, field effect transistor, and piezoelectric ink jet head
Methods of forming alternative material fins with reduced defect density for a FinFET semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Nanowire photo-detector grown on a back-side illuminated image sensor
Photovoltaic device
Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the same
Semiconductor grain and oxide layer for photovoltaic cells
Electrode for oxide semiconductor, method of forming the same, and oxide semiconductor device provided with the electrode
Defect-controlling structure for epitaxial growth, light emitting device containing defect-controlling structure, and method of forming the same
Ionic liquid electrolytes comprising an anionic surfactant and electrochemical devices such as accumulators comprising them
Secondary battery with terminal plate
Rechargeable battery pack
Directional coupler integrated by CMOS process
Antenna apparatus and radio terminal apparatus
Low profile conforming radar reflector
Micro-miniature base station antenna having dipole antenna
PCB connector having a conductive base body having a spring body and a put-through body
Mounting component, electronic device, and mounting method
Terminal fitting
Pluggable self locking connector
Heat and corrosive dust deflecting cover plate assembly
Electrical connector having grounding mechanism
Card edge connector, card type module, and connector
Electrical connector with magnet
Electrical connector with improved grounding member for cross-talk prevention
Micro ethernet connector
Self grounding electrical outlet
Electric plug system
Cordage restraint and management system
Method of making a nerve cuff
Tooling for manufacturing large-section rigid harnesses
Membrane probing system
Projection RGB-laser light source with stabilized color balance
Superluminescent diode and optical coherence tomography apparatus including the superluminescent diode
Power cable termination for aerial connection and process for producing power cable termination for aerial connection
Wire accommodation protector
Surge protector for a transmission line connector
Polarity correcting device
Electrical storage apparatus
Storage battery system
Wireless power transmission and charging system, and impedance control method thereof
Arrangement for an uninterruptible power supply
Coil unit, power transmission device, external power feeding apparatus, and vehicle charging system
Axial gap electrical machine
Device for fixing magnets
Motor having pulse mode and brushless mode, and control method and apparatus of the motor
Portable generator cover
Repulsive force conversion drives and centrifugal force conversion
Switch wear leveling
Varying switching frequency and period of a power supply controller
High efficiency rectifier, wireless power receiver including the rectifier
Methods and systems for a full-bridge voltage converting device
Apparatus for generating motor driving control signal
Two stage source-follower based filter
Tunable resonator
Link equalization mechanism
Increasing switching speed of logic circuits
Semiconductor device and driving system
Highly-spectrally-efficient reception using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Clock and data recovery for NFC transceivers
A/D converter circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Efficiently responding to mobile-device requests in a wireless environment
Apparatus and method for iterative interference cancellation in a wireless communication network
Wideband receiver robust to radio frequency harmonics
If process engine and receiver having the same and method for removing if carriers used therein
Wideband transceiver device for transmitting and receiving signals from a channel selected in dynamically spread bandwidth
Case for mobile device
Data communication terminal apparatus
Wireless power transmission system with foreign-substance detection
Carrier frequency variation for device detection in near-field communications
Methods and apparatus for reducing overhead for NFC data exchange protocol messages
Distributed power control for D2D communications
Power level adjustment of radio signals in wireless devices
Wideband detection of narrowband trigger signals
Smart antenna array configuration for multiple-input multiple-output communications
Method and system for link adaptation at a mobile station
Time synchronizaton of network subscribers
Apparatus and method for internetworking interface in multimode wireless communication
Broadcast based discovery of Wi-Fi networks, devices and services
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
COFDM digital television receivers for iterative-diversity reception
Method for automatic wavelength allocation in a wavelength division multiplexed fiber optic communications network
Pilot reference transmission for a wireless communication system
Media access control for ultra-wide band communication
System, device, and method for securing voice authentication and end-to-end speech interaction
Frequency interleave within communication systems
Trapping-set database for a low-density parity-check decoder
Puncturing scheme based decoder optimizations
Server device, network device, and method of providing data providing location
Methods and apparatus for assessing the quality of a data path including both layer-2 and layer-3 devices
Method and apparatus for simplifying the computation of alternate network paths
Method, apparatus, and system for controlling network traffic switching
Apparatus for identifying interconnections and determining the physical state of cable lines in a network
Method for establishing multi segment pseudowire across domains having different pseudowire signaling protocol
Method and system for a hotel based meeting and conference communications network
Sliced routing table management
VPN composing method, interwork router, packet communication method, data communication apparatus, and packet relaying apparatus
Method and apparatus for sharing content in home network environment
Apparatus and method of handoff selection
Methods and systems for playing media
Switch system, and data forwarding method
Location of unprotected access points through protected access points
System detection method and apparatus and flow control method and device
Method and apparatus for adaptively determining settings of a transmit equalizer
Rules for multiplexing data of different access categories in multi user MIMO wireless systems
Digital transmitter and method for calibrating digital transmitter
Frequency correction circuit, radio receiving apparatus, and frequency correction method
Reception signal processing device and method for processing reception signal
Loop-through for multi-chip communication systems
Frequency domain equalization for wireless communication
Method and apparatus for spectrum sensing
Methods and devices for converting routing data from one protocol to another in a virtual private network
System and method to initiate a presence driven peer to peer communications session on non-IMS and IMS networks
Remote authentication and transaction signatures
Host device and authentication method for host device
Computation of garbled tables in garbled circuit
Iterative data secret-sharing transformation
Method for assembling authorization certificate chains
Method and/or apparatus for location privacy via uniform resource identifier (URI) provisioning
Driving cannot text noncontrolling cell phone app system and method
Devices, systems and methods for managing custom alpha tags
Method and system for providing to a second party, computer-network related information about a first party
User-controllable telephone call processing
Telephony services optimization through calling plan analysis
Key code for a conference operation
Conference multiplexing
Copying apparatus, copying system, control method thereof, and control program thereof
Device management system, peripheral device, and method therefor for managing device information of a peripheral device
Image output device, method, and recording medium therefor
Depth estimation based on global motion and optical flow
Method and apparatus for stereoscopic image display
Encoding of three-dimensional conversion information with two-dimensional video sequence
Image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the same, reproduction apparatus, and method of controlling the same
Portable hand-held device for displaying oriented images
Portable device with image sensor and quad-core processor for multi-point focus image capture
Systems and methods for contextually linking television program information
Reproduction apparatus
Digital 3D/360 degree camera system
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Method and device for transmitting video data
Video conference apparatus, method, and storage medium
System and method for conditional access in an in-home network based on multi-network communication
Apparatus and method for broadcasting video surveillance data over a global communication network
Server device and network system
Systems and methods for illuminating an iris with visible light for biometric acquisition
Semiconductor inspection device and semiconductor inspection method using the same
Hearing aid sleeve
Audio signal processing circuit for reducing zero crossing distortion and method thereof
Apparatus and method for reproducing a sound field with a loudspeaker array controlled via a control volume
Password-free, token-based wireless access
Tracking of physical locations
Access point, communication system and method for estimating a path loss value therefor
Inter radio access technology (IRAT) measurement
Programmable communicator
Telephone with automatic switching between cellular and VoIP networks
Mobile communication device and associated control method
Method and apparatus for enhancement of synchronization for TD-SCDMA baton handover
Channel scanning method and apparatus
Systems and methods for header compression
Staggered channelization code allocation for multi-carrier networks
Base station, communication system, and wireless resource allocation method
Method for receiving multicast data in wireless communication system and M2M device therefor
Communication device and communication method
Infrastructure for location discovery
Method and apparatus of measuring and reselecting cells
Methods for performing an efficient network search and communications apparatuses utilizing the same
Smart phone system for dialing through local call and methods thereof
Compromise resource allocation field size when aggregating component carriers of differing size
Mobile communication system, base station, and mobile communication method
Method for selecting communication channel in communication device of wideband wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
Methods providing buffer estimation and related network nodes and wireless terminals
Device and method for access probe enhancements
Systems and methods for compressing headers
Illumination device
Organic electroluminescent device, luminaire device, and method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent device
Load driving apparatus relating to light-emitting-diodes
Power line communication system and method for control of lamp dimming
Method for actuating a discharge lamp and circuit arrangement for operating such a lamp
Method for controlling a voltage transformer for overvoltage protection, voltage transformer and operating device having a voltage transformer
Apparatus and method for sputtering hard coatings
Conductive film and method for its production
Method of manufacturing passive component module
Cover for electronic equipment comprising contacting device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sport pants
Shoe sole
Cleat for a golf shoe
Shoe upper
Thumb protection device
Clothes cord quick fastening lock
Compact disc player case with integral belt
Golf club holder
Woven wooden briefcase
Toothbrush handle
Paint brush
Embossed tissue sheet
Surface pattern for embossed paper product
Apertured nonwoven fabric
Cradle frame
Broken olla chair
Director's chair
Flag container
Personal mobile office
Compact disk storage unit
Entertainment center
Display box
Display stand for watches
Stem for a bracket
Mattress protector
End frame for a futon
Chair arm
Backrest cover
Robe hook
Soft-sided cooler
Beverage dispenser
Electric coffee maker
Electric water kettle
Plastic camp mug
Portable cooler
Pressure cooker
Lid for cooking vessel
Kitchen tool
Container cover
Lid for a roaster
Combined barbecue grill and cart with front panel
Barbecue grill
Apple peeler
Crease remover for cloth
Condiment mill
Pneumatic tool
Reciprocating saw blade
Wall bracket
Heart-shaped grommet
Paint roller with paint guard
Crimping tool
Combination of handle and housing for latches and locks
Rotary control knob with flip-up section
Picture support
Stain remover
Flat panel structure having curved elements
Bottle with pump
Dumbbell shaped beverage bottle
Plastic container
Fragrance bottle with cap
Tubular packaging for deadbolt
Dual nail polish bottle
Carton blank
Bag carrier
Refuse container
Rubbish bin
Watch crown
CD desktop clock
Casing for a watch
Laser alignment device
Multiple RPM indicating tachometer display
Antenna assembly
Traffic delineator portable base
Switch plate
Novelty golf flag pole
Luggage cart
Railroad boxcar lading anchor
Set of mirrors for a personal watercraft
Front cowling for a personal watercraft
Combined seat and sun deck unit for a personal watercraft
Wakeboard tower
Cargo box surface
Bracket for mounting an accessory
High performance multi-purpose frigate
Combined seat and sun deck unit of a personal watercraft
Bus front portion
Wheeled work machine with cab
Seat mountable to a standing structure
Four propeller helicopter
Brake rotor
Rear wing for an automobile
Automotive wheel
Vehicle exhaust tip having a perforated front exhaust port
Surface configuration of a front end of a vehicle
Automotive wheel
Automotive wheel
Automotive wheel
Pistol grip transducer
Power adapter
Power supply
Programmable power strip
Interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment mountable in a table top
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electronics housing elements
Leadframe matrix for a surface mount package
Communications headset
Earloop for a headset
Indoor/outdoor audio speaker
User interface for a television display screen
Computer display device
Compact or mini disk
Personal communication device
Personal digital assistant
LCD monitor
Video game controller
Video game connector reel
Display screen with a user interface icon
Modular stackable component
Optical communications device housing portion
Frontal configuration of a remote control
Hand-held radio transmitter
GPS receiver
Indoor communications cabinet
Impeller washing machine
Automatic washer
Cutting head for machine tools
Auger system control unit
Cutting wheel
Cylinder operated by fluid pressure
Facsimile transmitter-receiver
Sound muffling sleep mask
Acoustic shield for musicians
Tape dispenser
Pen with cap and barrel
Writing instrument with glitter covered barrel
Liquid-filled writing instrument barrel including items therewithin
Guiding plate
Tissue box cover with slanted faces
Game machine
Video game holder
Front panel of a video game
Apparatus to determine the distance between a golf ball and golf ball hole
Toy building element
Toy building element
Toy robot
Novelty with movable wings
Golf club head
Back portion of a golf club head
Back cavity of a golf club head
Handlebar and grip for exercise device
Device for attachment to a fishing rod for securing a fishing line with attached sinker
Fish hook remover
Beetle trap
Hand held showerhead
Deck-mount spout
Manifold body
Water sprinkler
Electronic faucet
Shower head
Faucet handle assembly
Biofilm carrier element
Spout for a faucet
Filter element
Water closet
Window air-conditioner
Electric control for air outflow in air conditioning systems
Air cleaner
Poke-through for air conditioner line set
Combination ceiling fan housing and light fixture
Ophthalmologic surgical instrument
Electrosurgical instrument icon
Endoscopic medical instrument
Chromatography vial
Adhesive pattern for a sanitary napkin
Extrusion for a fence system
Post and rail fence system
Conical shaped bird discourager
Connection element for sheet piles
Hollow molded interlocking personnel protector, sand over culvert form
Step stool
Luminaire with a candelabra base socket assembly
Lighting fixture
Party lamp
Light body
Rope light
Vehicular tail-light
Landscape light with support
Integrated vehicle rear light
Lamp housing
Glass shade
Gusset luminaire
Detergent tablet
Hair trimmer stand
Cosmetic container with lid
Human Necessities
Animal waste management system and method thereof
Mower deck rear draft quick hitch
Rear discharge rotary cutting deck for mower
Mowing blade with star
Multiple blade cutting apparatus for rotary lawn mower
Agricultural implement, in particular a mowing machine
Force-saving pruner with a guiding roller arrangement
Seedling raising device for aerial seed collection of farm products
Floribunda rose plant named `HARbadge`
Geranium plant named `Fisroyal`
Diascia plant named `Codiap`
Peach tree named `Supechfifteen`
Geranium plant named `Fisdapi`
Geranium plant named `Fisrolisa`
Miniature rose variety `POULra007`
Zoysiagrass plant named `JaMur`
Geranium plant named `Fistablanc`
Campanula plant named `Bowl of Cherries`
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumyell`
Plum tree named `Suplumtwentytwo`
Variety of angelonia plant named `Anwhit`
Geranium plant named `Fisdidin`
Geranium plant named `Fisblufort`
Grapevine cv. `Sugratwentythree`
Miniature rose plant named `JAClamar`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebsafo`
Geranium plant named `Fistaneon`
Rose plant named `Yohopi`
Dogwood tree named `Karen's Appalachian Blush`
Ficus plant named `000-G1`
Sutera plant named `Bacoble`
Gaura lindheimeri plant named `Crimson Butterflies`
Helianthus plant named `Low Down`
Zoysiagrass plant named `Zeon`
Poinsettia plant named `Fismarble Silver`
Dahlia plant named `HGD-161-7`
Geranium plant named `Fistwi`
Plum tree named `Suplumtwentythree`
Peach tree named `AgriPeachOne`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACideso`
Geranium plant named `Fisrocoral`
Euonymus alatus Plant Named `Odom`
Diascia plant named `Codiared`
End seal for a manufactured seed and a method of manufacturing and attaching the same
Collapsible window enclosure for pets
Animal confinement device
Animal boots
Pet toy
Lariat, lariat rope body, method and apparatus
Electronic livestock breeding and management system
Nest pads
Poultry feeder
Rodenticide dispensing system
Scent dispensing device
Folding waterfowl decoy
Molded duck decoy
Picture window
Martial arts shoe
Climbing shoe with concave sole
Watch-containing shoe
Footwear closure fastener replacement system
Device and method for tassels
Releasable touch fastening system
Mechanical fastener and method for making the same
Method of making a fasteners arrangement with notches at spaced preseals
Fabric anchor
Procedure to obtain the diamond effect in a precious metal product, particularly as in a chain with hollow links and a chain obtained according to said method
Threadless jewelry connector assembly
Method for producing a decorated adjuster for a necklace or choker
Adjustable bracelet and method of adjustment
Retractable handle assembly
Head cradle
Hammock assembly
Camming belt clip
Universally rotating pivotal luggage handle
Piece of furniture
Foldable bed for vehicle
Foldable frame for play pen and cot
Portable double level cradle rocking bassinet
Ticket scraper and coin display device
Method of covering a potted plant
Wheeled coffee maker device
Curved insert for a barbecue grill
Automatic incinerator of human body's excrement applicable to toilet
Automatically raised toilet seat apparatus
Foot operated device for lifting a seat of a toilet
Optimized shower arrangement for high volume use
Shower screens
Medical table brake
Method for fabricating a cosmetic cover for a prosthetic limb
Disposable ice pack
Bed section attachment mechanism
Foldaway ramp for disabled people in wheelchairs and children's pushchairs for low floor vehicles
Easy rise hygienic toilet lift
Spa jet incorporating a rotating nozzle having a water lubricated bearing
Air check valve system for a spa
Portable and self-operable perineal device
Swimming goggles having pads with annular grooves and sponges
Curved and/or spherical element for a skating ring
Performing Operations; Transporting
Compressed air refrigeration system
System and apparatus for condensing boil-off vapor from a liquified natural gas container
Control of a NOX reductant delivery system
Low emission, diesel-cycle engine
Method for producing a compact catalytic reactor
Vibration detecting apparatus and method thereof
Drain cleaning apparatus having remote power feed
Apparatus for manufacturing internal grooved tube
Method for manufacturing an extruded article changing in cross-section and an apparatus for extruding said extruded article
Method for making a tube for a heat exchanger having a fin insert with transverse convolutions
Repair tool
Spacer and spacer frame for an insulating glazing unit and method of making same
Process and apparatus for producing a linkage of an air/fuel ratio detector holder to an exhaust pipe
Bending and squeezing blade for sheet metal bending and squeezing machine and machine utilizing the aforesaid blade
Water jacket assembly
Method of continuously and controlledly varying the initial stress of springs during their production and a machine for carrying out such a method
Automatic screening machine for continuously applying spline to a window screen frame
Cold forging method and apparatus
Tool for producing a gear part having external toothing
Methods of making tooling to be used in high temperature casting and molding
Crankshaft machining + hardening + machining + finishing
Lifter bore groover tool
Card cutting apparatus
Battery powered circular saw
Dust collector for a power tool
Method for the manufacturing of a saw blade
Method for repairing a gas turbine component
Method of changing the surface of a glass substrate containing silver, by using a laser beam
Method for facing a substrate
Method for removably connecting two members and connection systems for realizing the same
Push rod for a brake booster
Coolable nozzle and method for producing such a nozzle for a rocket engine
Hot Peeling device for a blade leading edge cap
Press machine
Angle measuring system and use of this angle measuring system in a spindle arrangement
Machining center with an integral continuous pressure hydraulic clamping system
Adjustable wrench of eliminating the clearance of adjusting jaw
Power installation tool for helical coil inserts
Structure pliers for inner and outer diameter C-shaped snap
Method and device for accurate mounting of a macpherson strut suspension control rod
Tool for mounting a clip to a socket
Clamping device and method of operation for a CNC machine
Combination tool with asymmetric folding structure
Can opener/organizer
Marking device with integral self-hinged contact pad
Low profile side punch for internal drum imagesetter
Panel turning device
Sheet-like material guide apparatus of perfecting press
Safety sensor for screen printing flash cure unit
Computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing method and computer-to-cylinder type lithographic printing apparatus
Liquid detecting piezoelectric device, liquid container and mounting module member
Apparatus for pad printing a conductive picture on an irregular surface
Networking card
Clip board with improved retention means
Dual chalk line marking device
Devices and methods for sensing condensation conditions and for removing condensation from surfaces
Air return bulkhead with filter
Air-conditioning system for vehicles
Freezer/refrigerator car
Four wheel drive working vehicle
Method and device for determining a parameter for an instantaneously maximal frictional force coefficient
Adjustable holding device on board computers in motor vehicles, especially for a laptop or a notebook computer
Method and device for automatic detection of the equipment status of an automobile
Configuration for triggering a restraining device in a motor vehicle
Apparatus for moving an operating element
Acceleration sensor
Steering wheel lock
Environmentally friendly windshield wiper and cleaning assembly
Wheel cleaning device
Master cylinder
Center beam car with increased load capacity
Turntable and drive system
Method of blow molding vehicle body panels
Hydraulic operating arrangement
Procedure for the construction, making and remaking of extended road vehicles
Modular automotive roof installation method
Bicycle riding position measuring device
Cable connecting apparatus for bicycle component
Apparatus for externally mounting a premium package to a cereal box
Film delivery system for prestretched film
Method and device for feeding groups of cigarettes to a continuous wrapping line of a packing machine
Methods and apparatus for vacuum/gas flush treatment of fresh produce
Packaging line for periodicals, magazines and similar printed products
Device for packaging materials in a vacuum chamber
Packaging sealer printer
Process and device for manufacturing forms of packaging
Portable film wrapping system
Method and apparatus for packaging objects
Resin pallet having a spring structure and method of producing the resin pallet
Pallet and load packaging method
Device for metering flowable products
Method and apparatus for monitoring run/stop conditions of a yarn
Method of and apparatus for removing yarn residue from tubes carrying same
Adjustable elevator cable cleaning apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Furnace for heat treatments of glass sheets
Scribe device
Method for melting glass
Method and apparatus for recovering energy from wastes by combustion in industrial furnaces
Process and device for continuously drying protein-containing sludge
Brominated polystyrene having improved thermal stability and color and process for the preparation thereof
Method for making steel in a liquid melt-fed electric furnace
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Textiles; Paper
Manufacturing method for carded woolen yarn
Embroidery sewing machine
Dyeing apparatus for carrying out laboratory tests
Washing machine
Washing machine with a suppressed discharge-pump noise
Process and apparatus for removing water from materials using oscillatory flow-reversing gaseous media
Fixed Constructions
Composite bridge superstructure with precast deck elements
Gate release mechanism with detent and plunger, and gate incorporating same
Snowthrower having impeller assist propulsion
Snowplow attachment for pushing and pulling snow up close to buildings or other permanent structures
Excavating method for constructing underground walls
Vehicle having apparatus for monitoring forward portion of blade and method of monitoring forward portion of blade
Pullout hand-held shower
Drain valve
Splash preventing urinal
Water efficient toilet
Amusement facility, container for amusement facility and installation method of amusement equipment
Moisture management system
Assembly device without visible screws for wooden slats
Roof bracket
Modified A-frame building and truss for same
Plastic lattice
Reinforced shrinkage compensating concrete slab structure
Self-sealing roof shingle mounting system and attachment apparatus, and method of using same
Diversion system and method
Mounting system and adaptor clip
Wall board adjustment structure
Detensioning apparatus for releasing a chuck on a prestressed strand
Roof scaffolding system
Circular subdivisions
Method for making and erecting a wind tower
Strength reinforcing structure of a lock outer handle
Dials of a combination padlock
Dirt-free handle for the opening of trunk lids of motor vehicles
Cable lock
Cam hinge with controlled friction for improved cam operation
Guiding structure for moving member
Adjustable hinge
Externally mounted window spring balance replacement device assembly
Corner protector
Freezer door bumper guard
Exterior window shutters
Earth reduction tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and systems for preventing gas turbine engine lube oil leakage
Ventilation for an enclosure of a gas turbine and related method
Blade group with pinned root
Apparatus for the rapid startup and rapid increase in output of a gas turbine plant
System for chilling inlet air for gas turbines
Lever-type cam follower
Rocker arm adjustment screw assembly
Simple driveline condition sensing system
System and method for supplying auxiliary power to a large diesel engine
Broach tool and method of repair
Valve operating system for internal combustion engines
Deterioration detecting apparatus and method for engine exhaust gas purifying device
Method for the catalytic conversion of nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Real-time exhaust gas modular flowmeter and emissions reporting system for mobile apparatus
Device for regulating the cooling of a motor-vehicle internal-combustion engine in a hot-starting state
Manifold alternator generator
Controlled direct drive engine system
Free piston engine system with direct drive hydraulic output
System and method controlling engine based on predicated engine operating conditions
Engine block having improved cooling system
Cylinder head structure
Apparatus and method for transferring entropy with the aid of a thermodynamic cycle
Minimally intrusive and nonintrusive supersonic injectors for LANTR and RBCC/Scramjet propulsion systems
Liquid fuel rocket engine with a closed flow cycle
Hybrid injection thrust vector control
Supercharged or turbocharged engine having ambient air intake port and charged air intake port
Radial piston hydraulic engine
Methods and apparatus for water injection in a turbine engine
Methods and apparatus for water injection in a turbine engine
Dual stroke cylinder
Stroke adjustable fluid pressure cylinder
Connecting assembly for joining two panels and mounting the joined panels on a support
Method for making a shaft coupling with tapered spines for a pull-type forage harvester
Walk behind self-propelled crawler snowplow
Connecting link between the rotor and the CAM plate of a variable displacement swash plate compressor
Sliding gear drive
Power transmission system for working machine
Power system for vehicle
Transmission system
Shift control device for automatic transmission
Synchronous mesh-type automatic transmission control device
Electric drive device for transmission
Combined compression and oil scraper piston ring
Clamp ring
Coupling assembly with intumescent material
Method and apparatus for supplying vaporized gas on consumer demand
Method and device for exploiting heat in combustion gases
Method and apparatus in a fluidized bed reactor
Gas turbine engine combustion system
Method of using segmented gas burner with gas turbines
Absorption water heater/chiller and high temperature regenerator therefor
Method for servicing and maintaining heat supply equipment
Combustion apparatus
Ceiling cassette type air conditioner
Reduced noise grill
Receiver-integrated condenser for a vehicle
Refrigerant gauge manifold with built-in charging calculator
Ice maker and method of making ice
Process for obtaining gaseous nitrogen
Deckel edge profiler
Method and apparatus for freeze-drying of foods, medicaments, etc.
Ejector device for vacuum drying
Fluid transport
Plate-type heat exchanger for exhaust gas heat recovery
Subcooling-type condenser
Visible firearm safety and dry-fire device
Combination barrel adjustment and magazine cutoff for a takedown firearm
Cartridge follower for shotgun magazine
Cartridge shell casing collector and method therefor
Folding stock
Defense system for an anti-intrusion area
Fire retardant bio-friendly practice munition
Multilayer chip slapper
Installation for dismantling chemical bombs
Device for forwarding large-caliber shells to a heavy weapon, especially in an armored howitzer
Cartridge format delay igniter
Blasting machine and detonator apparatus
Pick-up power return tape
Brake device for a tape rule
Lawn mower reel assembly measuring system
Method and system for part measurement and verification
Pipe fitters lay out tool
Locating arm for a probe on a coordinate positioning machine
Method and apparatus for indicating a pattern of intersection using a light column
Apparatus and method of drawing a line perpendicular to a reference line
Position and angle indicating tool
Dynamical quantity sensor
Feedback mechanism for rate gyroscopes
Tilt sensor
Float-type flowmeter
Ultrasonic flow velocity measuring method
Heat-sensitive flow rate sensor
Hot wire anemometer gas flow sensor having improved operation and compensation
Method and arrangement for measuring fluid
Dispensers for powdered baby milk
Vibration measuring apparatus and method
Ultrasonic detection method and apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Load cell with reduced sensitivity to thermal shock
Noise reducing differential pressure measurement probe
Sealed capacitive pressure sensors
Sensor mounting structure and semiconductor pressure sensor for motor vehicles
Automatic testing of package content and integrity
Low speed wind tunnel with adjustable moving boundary
Dry transfer method for the preparation of explosives test samples
Method and apparatus for automatically analyzing trace substance
Apparatus and method for capillary viscometry of fluids
Tomographic method of x-ray imaging
Method and apparatus for pulsed ultrasonic doppler measurement of wall deposition
System and method for measuring residual stress
Flow sensor
Examination of insulation displacement connection
Prefabricated retroreflective sign
Reticle having discriminative pattern narrower in pitch than the minimum pattern width but wider than minimum width in the pattern recognition
Accelerator with attachment of pedal arm
Circuit for I/O clock generation
Bytecode program interpreter apparatus and method with pre-verification of data type restrictions and object initialization
Method for manufacturing and designing a wiring of a channel of an electronic device and electronic apparatus
In-place repeater insertion methodology for over-the-block routed integrated circuits
Electronic circuit designs adaptable for applications having different binary data formats
Methods and arrangements for automatic synthesis of systems-on-chip
Method and apparatus for channel-routing of an electronic device
Encapsulation of HDL process descriptions to provide granularity at the process level
Methods for designing standard cell transistor structures
Routing definition to optimize layout design of standard cells
Method for designing a power supply decoupling circuit
Version-adaptive serialization and deserialization of program objects in an object-oriented environment
Software patch selection tool
Two-position vertically adjustable sign
Method and apparatus for promoting the sale of a product
Label holder for shelf channels
Apparatus and method for making a shaped-spring assembly for use in a magnetic head-to-media backer device
Method of manufacturing slider of thin-film magnetic head
ESD protection during GMR head fabrication
Rotating probe microscope
Method of manufacturing aluminum-stabilized superconducting wire
Highly moisture-sensitive electronic device element and method for fabrication utilizing vent holes or gaps
Method of making an embedded green multi-layer ceramic chip capacitor in a low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrate
Leak resistant battery cover
Method for covering a wire connection part
Spark plug for internal combustion engine
Method of manufacture for a stator core
Self-oscillating switching power supply with output voltage regulated from the primary side
Method and system for broadcast transmission of media objects
Method and apparatus for transmitting, storing, and processing electronic program guide data for on-screen display
Bidirectional communication system, client terminal, client management server, and broadcast server
Method of gathering and utilizing demographic information from request-based media delivery system
Cable television system using transcoding method
Method of mounting a motherboard to chassis
Method removably mounting a planar component to a chassis
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