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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compact collapsible shovel
Maize hybrid X05C037
Maize hybrid X13C736
Maize hybrid X90C557
Maize hybrid X13C711
Maize hybrid X13C764
Hoof mounting for farrier training system
Pesticidal carboxamides
Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs
Stabilized acidified milk products
Brassiere with customizable vertical lift
Foldable artist bench
Device and method for imparting a rocking motion to an infant car seat
Supporting frame of folding chair and folding chair with adjustable backrest
Method and apparatus for decocting ingredients in a solvent
Fertility status diagnosis system
Intragastric implant devices
Augmentation delivery device
Femoral cutting block
Spine distraction implant and method
Ligament screw attachment device
Removable ink for surgical instrument
Real-time measurement/display/record/playback of wavefront data for use in vision correction procedures
Aqueous method of making magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Capsule medical apparatus guidance system
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, doppler measurement apparatus, and Doppler measurement method
Nano bubble generating nozzle and oral cleaning device including the same
Directionless (orientation independent) needle injection port
Cross-linked gelatin composition comprising a wetting agent
Two-piece wearable absorbent article with advantageous fastener performance configurations
Using bucky paper as a therapeutic aid in medical applications
Marker arrangement for bifurcation catheter
Alloy for medical use and medical device
Artificial lens for cataract surgery practice
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Method and apparatus for maxillo-mandibular fixation
Method for anchoring prosthetic and orthotic devices
Joints for prosthetic, orthotic and/or robotic devices
Flexible interface external micro vacuum chamber tissue expander
Reservoir device with integrated mounting means
Compounds with activity at estrogen receptors
Bis[thiohydrazide amide] compounds for treating leukemia
Substituted bicyclic HCV inhibitors
Arylosulfonamides for the treatment of CNS diseases
Heterocyclic compound and use thereof
Multi-cyclic compounds and methods of use
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Compound containing basic group and use thereof
Glucocorticoid receptor agonists
Preparation of conjugates comprising adenine derivatives and allergenic proteins and their use for specific immunotherapy of allengenic diseases
Truncated activin type II receptor and methods of use
Nucleic acid compositions and the encoding proteins
Cancer therapies and pharmaceutical compositions used therein
Tumor activated prodrugs
Bifunctional hormone having alpha-MSH activity and natriuretic peptide activity and uses thereof
Methods and articles for the delivery of therapeutic agents
Recombinant antigen
Vaccine preparation for neospora caninum infection
Yeast-based therapeutic for chronic hepatitis C infection
miRNA expression vector
Solid pharmaceutical formulation
Porous drug matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Methods of treating cardiovascular disorders associated with atherosclerosis
Pullulan-containing powder, process for producing the same and use thereof
Micro-particles containing a 3-D polymeric structure
Rhein or diacerein compositions
Alternative micromachined structures
Catheter with variable stiffness
Device and a system for delivery of biological material
Apparatus for sealing, securing and adjusting the length of a flexible tube
Brachytherapy seed with fast dissolving matrix for optimal delivery of radionuclides to cancer tissue
Copolymers for cosmetic applications
Method and apparatus for computer controlled scent delivery
Fitness bar
Abdominal muscle and cycle workout machine
Routine-based management of exercise equipment access
Adjustable skipping rope
Golf club
Swing trainer for exercise
Club-swing alignment apparatus and a frame thereof
Ski, snowboard, or monoboard with depth indicator
Collapsible ski
Image integration, mapping and linking system and methodology
Colour barcodes and cellphone
Detection of an orientation of a game player relative to a screen
Method of reimbursing players for slot machines
Adapter apparatus for a handheld controller
Method for providing games over a wide area network
Gaming machine with multiple selection groups
Table game system
Double occupancy infant swing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for purifying oil and apparatus therefor
Systems and methods for regenerating liquid solvents used in the removal of organic contaminants from gaseous mixtures
Sour gas treatment process
Arrangement for connection of a medical device to a water line
Process for producing geometric shaped catalyst bodies
Systems and methods for providing supplemental aqueous thermal energy
Roller press, particularly for interparticle comminution
Aromatic shower head device
Composition and method for imparting increased water repellency to substrates and substrates treated with same
Use of polyolefins having atactic structural elements in floor coverings
Method for manufacture of semiconductor bearing thin film material
Process for making layer-structured catalysts at the electrode/electrolyte interface of a fuel cell
Cosmetic removal apparatus
Cord tightening tool
Machine tool including a plurality of tool spindles and a frame shaped rack
Tool for repairing cross-threading and other damage in threaded blind holes
Scribing sapphire substrates with a solid state UV laser with edge detection
Systems and methods for forming a time-averaged line image
Method and device for controlling the power transmitted by a laser to a reference point, soldering device and method
Injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on substrates
Method and apparatus providing fine alignment of a structure relative to a support
Metal bonded grinding stone, and method of manufacturing the same
Sintered abrasive grain agglomerates
Assembly device for assemblying camera module
Mold for manufacturing an I/O port of a computer front panel
Fluorescent compounds for detecting use of proper plastic molding temperatures
Sheet forming apparatus for use with doctor blade
Elastic composite having dual elasticized regions, and a system and method for making the elastic composite
Method of producing a self-healing membrane
Component having an overlapping laser track; method for producing such a component
Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, relief printing plate, and method of manufacturing relief printing plate
Method of manufacturing advanced grid structure, advanced grid structure, and space telescope using advanced grid structure
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Determining end of print job in a handheld image translation device
Image forming apparatus with sinusoid-like adjustment of light incident on a rotating polygon mirror
Systems and methods for laser spacing compensation in laser printing devices
Printing apparatus and method
Multi-functional label slide
Security devices
Nanowire manufacturing method
Wheel axle suspension
Vent member
Self-energizing voltage regulator with improved transient recovery
Head restraint assembly
Lift attachable to a vehicle
Vehicle presence notification apparatus
High lock warning system for fifth wheel hitches
Vehicle end section structure
Arrangement for sensing weight of an occupying item in vehicular seat
Vehicle seat
Hydraulic braking device having security provisions, for a farm tractor or a similar vehicle
Method for operating a drive train
Construction cart
Collapsible valet cart
Carrier for transporting bulky, relatively heavy objects
Tricycle with variable position footboards
Device of human conveyance
Shock mitigating universal launch and recovery system
Environmental sampling with an unmanned aerial vehicle
Paperboard container for application to a bed rail
Hermetic container and manufacturing method of the same
Accordion susceptor for microwave preparation of cookies
Thermostable enzyme technology for algal bioconversion
Robot hand and robot
Winch mount for all-terrain vehicle
Microscopic flow passage structure, microscopic liquid droplet generating method, microscopic liquid droplet generating system, particles, and microcapsules
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for producing a raw synthesis gas
Flame spray pyrolysis method for forming nanoscale lithium metal phosphate powders
Coal-to-liquid systems and methods
Process for the preparation of an olefinic product
Method for producing hydrocarbon-producing catalyst, hydrocarbon-producing catalyst, and method for producing hydrocarbon
Processes for the preparation of intermediates related to the 5-HT.sub.2C agonist (R)-8-chloro-1-methyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-3-benzazepine
Method for producing carboxylic acid amide
Process for preparing isocyanates by thermally cleaving carbamates
Nucleophile assisting leaving groups
Intermediates for the preparation of beta-santalol
Diterpenoid derivatives endowed of biological properties
Nitrogen-containing compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of atrial fibrillation
Process for preparing an epoxide from an oxygenate
Process for preparing an epoxide from an oxygenate
Azaindoles useful as inhibitors of janus kinases
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Isoxazole derivatives
Inhibitors of bruton's tyrosine kinase
Spiropiperidine compounds
Aminoacid derivatives, their process of preparation and their therapeutical uses as inhibitors of oncogenic signals by the Met family
Hexahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-2-amine compounds
Fused aminodihydrothiazine derivatives
Method for the organocatalytic activation of carboxylic acids for chemical, reactions using orthosubstituted arylboronic acids
More advanced preparation method of organic-transition metal hydride complexes containing aryl group or alkyl group as hydrogen storage materials
Process to prepare a phosphorous containing vegetable oil based lubricant additive
Recovery of lignin and water soluble sugars from plant materials
Method of synthesizing cDNA and method of synthesizing RNA chains, and nucleotide-immobilized carrier
GL9 transcriptional control sequences
Crystal form of 4-isopropylphenyl glucitol compound and process for production thereof
Human rhinovirus (HRV) antibodies
Transferrin fusion protein libraries
Peptides for activation and inhibition of .delta.PKC
Rubber composition for golf ball
Alkylaminoalkyl oligomers as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent
PH sensitive graft copolymer
Process for the preparation of a solid metallocene catalyst system and its use in polymerisation of olefins
Crosslinkable liquid crystalline polymer
Method for producing (hydroxymethyl)polysiloxanes
Curable composition and process for producing cured film
Polyamide particles and process for producing same
Frost-resistant rubber based on propyleneoxide rubber and natural bentonites
High permeability superabsorbent polymer compositions
Resinous material for covering electric wire, electric wire manufactured by using the resinous material for covering electric wire, and flame-retardant cable
Two-component polyurethane coating compositions
Oligosiloxane modified liquid crystal formulations and devices using same
Scale inhibitor
Refractory oven doors and refractory oven door framing walls of a coke oven battery
Coal reforming system
Catalyst based on a material with a hierarchical porosity comprising silicon, and a process for hydrocracking/hydroconversion and hydrotreatment of hydrocarbon feeds
Nitrogen-free deposit control fuel additives and one step process for the making thereof
Polyol oxidases
Preparations for all-purpose cleaning compositions
Dosage of oligonucleotides suitable for the treatment of tumors
DNA regulatory element for the expression of transgenes in neurons of a subject and uses thereof
Method for cultivating tendon cells from pluripotent cells of mesenchymal origin
Device for amplifying target nucleic acid
Sweetener preparations and methods of use
Use of enzymes having silicase activity
Silver selenide sputtered films and method and apparatus for controlling defect formation in silver selenide sputtered films
Apparatus for manufacturing flat-panel display
Graphene composite electrodes for energy storage devices
Method for elaborating carbon nanotubes on a substrate
Temperature controlled lid assembly for tungsten nitride deposition
Activated silicon precursors for low temperature deposition
High temperature furnace insulation
Textiles; Paper
Method and equipment for treatment of black liquor at pulp mill
Fixed Constructions
Oil recovery boom
Conical piled monopod
Barrier fencing system
Multiple sealing element assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine sealing structure
Turbine with variable number of nozzles
Rotor coupling guard
Integrally bladed rotor disk for a turbine
Gerotor apparatus for a quasi-isothermal Brayton cycle engine
Wind energy conversion system
Modular alternative energy unit
Air compressor
Gear pump
Double roller cage for a double-row cylinder roller bearing with mass compensation
Planetary gear mechanism
System and method for controlling endload force of a variator
Power transmission device
High efficiency transfer case
Speed/torque enhancing power transmission
Lubricant sealing structure for gear coupling
Sealing system for a turbomachine
Pushbutton mechanism for multi-measure controlling a feeder valve
Interfacial seal with a groove
LED light bulb
Lighting system having a window including a photoluminescent material
Light-emitting-diode (LED) light bulb
LED lighting device and streetlight device having same
Liquid displacer in LED bulbs
Lampshade having adjustable distance between two grasp portions
Computer bezel with light-guide structure
Light source device and display
Light guide plate having dual micro structures
Hybrid source lighting system
Light emitting device and illumination apparatus
System for measuring the image quality of an optical imaging system
Measurement apparatus
Shape measurement apparatus, and shape measurement method
Non-contacting sensor assembly
Thermal sensors having flexible substrates and use thereof
Thermocouples with two tabs spaced apart along a transverse axis and methods
Products and methods for identifying rock samples
Detection device
Biological information detector, biological information measuring device, and method for designing reflecting part in biological information detector
Multi directional electromagnetic yoke for inspection of bores
Ultra-sensitive chemiluminescent substrates for enzymes and their conjugates
Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry substrates having low volume matrix array elements
Electrical current sensor device
Supply voltage auto-sensing
Electronic textile and method for determining a functional area of an electronic textile
Antenna characteristic measuring system and antenna characteristic measuring method
Load circuit for testing USB ports
System and method for evaluating organic material for organic solar cell
Dual-resonance structure and method for examining samples using a plurality of conductive strips
Detector for detecting particle radiation of an energy in the range of 150 eV to 300 keV, and a materials mapping apparatus with such a detector
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Apparatus for displaying information
Enhancing low light usability of electrophoretic displays
Wavelength conversion element, laser light source device, image display device, and method of manufacturing wavelength conversion element
Anisotropic dye layer, coordination polymer for anisotropic dye layer and polarization element, and polarization control film, polarization control element, multi-layer polarization control element, ellipse polarization plate, light emission element, and method for controlling polarization properties employing the anisotropic dye layer
Optical mode couplers for multi-mode optical fibers
Accessory, imaging apparatus, and detection method
Projection optical system and projection display apparatus
Projection screen with digitally printed overscan border
Stage device
Programmable illuminator for a photolithography system
Printing system, image forming apparatus, data generation apparatus, storage apparatus, and control method
Method for preparing a composite printing form
Erasable electrophotographic toner containing organic white pigment and method of producing the same
Toner, development agent, and image forming apparatus
Touch screen watch
Programmable remote control unit and method
Apparatus and methods relevant to electronic devices
Bypass valve for a water circulation system
Water control fixture having bypass valve
Power amplifying circuit, DC-DC converter, peak holding circuit, and output voltage control circuit including the peak holding circuit
Buck coverter with overcurrent protection function
Time-based apparatus and method to mitigate semiconductor aging effects
Control circuit and method for a buck-boost switching converter
Mounting apparatus for expansion cards
Mounting device
SOC with integrated bistable display controller
Printing method, printing apparatus, and medium
Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus that forms an image using an electrophotographic process
Image forming apparatus and method for setting license information
Image formation processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method for operating a competitive sports market based on ranking
Display reconfiguration and expansion across multiple devices
Computing device and method for adjusting display parameters of monitor
Display control apparatus and method of controlling the display control device
Information processing apparatus, and signal transmission method
Method for screen control on touch screen
Bimanual gesture based input and device control system
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and information output method
Low power, low voltage phase interpolator
Precious metal authentication system and method
Processing a transaction by a terminal
Getting snapshots in immersible 3D scene recording in virtual world
Stereoscopic image display apparatus and method
Information processing apparatus
System and method for automating and verifying product value, usage, and suitability for use or sale
Device and method for biological monitoring
Sensor with remote communications capability
RFID tracking of chose in action
Early detection of environmental conditions that will lead to creep corrosion on printed circuit boards in data centers
Electronic device and method for optimizing order of testing points of circuit boards
Bezel illumination for digital devices
Decorative canister
Portable frame-less reversible luminous suction cup display
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal television
Including environmental information in a manual expression
Teleport preview provisioning in virtual environments
Background replacement for videoconferencing
Rotated rendering and locking support for tablet computers and portrait displays
Touch sensor panel
Optical computer input controller device
Display apparatus
Methods, systems, and data structures for generating a rasterizer
Image processing system
Techniques for aligning frame data
Finger operable percussive device
Tape cartridge and tape device
Hard disk drive
Templated granular magnetic recording media
Data recording and reading device and method
Optical pickup and optical system using the same
Optical disk device
Methods of forming phase-change memory devices and devices so formed
Semiconductor memory apparatus with clock and data strobe phase detection
Semiconductor memory devices
Power source circuit and semiconductor memory circuit using the same
Memory access control device and manufacturing method
Vapor forming apparatus, system and method for producing vapor from radioactive decay material
Steel core for an electric transmission cable and method of fabricating it
Anthra[2,3-b]benzo[d]thiophene derivatives and their use as organic semiconductors
Bonding method and bonding material using metal particle
Epoxy resin composition for printed circuit board, insulating film, prepreg, and multilayer printed circuit board
Magnetic material and motor using the same
Method for manufacturing optical laminated body
Method for positioning a suspension body and magnetic suspension device using the method
Shielded magnetic attachment apparatus
DC breaker
Multi-level rotary switch
Entertainment button device and game machine
Gas-insulated high-voltage power circuit breaker
Relay and method for controlling relay
Irradiation device and irradiation method
Helical slow-wave structure including a helix of rectagular cross-section having grooves therein adapted to receive supporting rods therein
Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and article manufacturing method using same
Apparatus and method for predetermined component placement to a target platform
Magnetic integration double-ended converter
Micro electro mechanical system, semiconductor device, and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus for manufacturing chip package
Electrodeposition method for forming Ge on semiconductor substrates
Method and apparatus for self-aligned layer removal
Composition for thermosetting silcone resin
Semiconductor device with air gap and method for fabricating the same
Load port
Two-sided semiconductor structure
Semiconductor chip, semiconductor package, and method for manufacturing semiconductor chip for reducing open failures
Encapsulation architectures for utilizing flexible barrier films
Semiconductor device and package wiring substrate with matrix pattern external terminals for transmitting a differential signal
Bump for semiconductor package, semiconductor package having bump, and stacked semiconductor package
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor apparatus and method of testing and manufacturing the same
Self-aligned fine pitch permanent on-chip interconnect structures and method of fabrication
Semiconductor packages
Integrated circuit including sensor structure, related method and design structure
Solid-state imaging element
Protection device with a thin-film resistance connected to plural drain regions
Asymmetric FET formed through use of variable pitch gate for use as logic device and test structure
Asymmetric FET formed through use of variable pitch gate for use as logic device and test structure
Nonvolatile memory device
Light emitting devices having light coupling layers with recessed electrodes
Arrangement comprising a support and super-conductive film, vortex diode comprising said type of arrangement and use of vortex diodes for filters
Diode and process for making an organic light-emitting diode with a substrate planarisation layer
Second Schottky contact metal layer to improve GaN schottky diode performance
Semiconductor wafer, method of producing semiconductor wafer, electronic device, and method of producing electronic device
Semiconductor device including a plurality of first flat plates containing a material that absorbs an electromagnetic wave at a high frequency
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having saddle fin transistor and manufacturing method of the same
Structures for power transistor and methods of manufacture
High-voltage transistor structure with reduced gate capacitance
SOI substrate, method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
Low extension dose implants in SRAM fabrication
Microphone unit and voice input device using same
Collector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules
Solid-state image sensor
Asymmetric surface texturing for use in a photovoltaic cell and method of making
Niobium thin film stress relieving layer for thin-film solar cells
Back protective sheet for solar cell module, production method of same and solar cell module
Methods of making photovoltaic devices
Light emitting diode
Light emitting device
Solid state light sources based on thermally conductive luminescent elements containing interconnects
Method for producing a thermoelectric component and thermoelectric component
Flexural vibration element and electronic component
Piezoelectric vibrating devices including respective packages in which castellations include respective connecting electrodes
Multi-terminal phase change devices
Portable self-contained photovoltaic solar device
Paste composition and printed circuit board
Negative electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery and manufacturing process for the same
Battery module with plurality of batteries having bent terminal portions connected with fixing plate
Power-supply device with terminal clipping pieces
Battery with secure short-circuiting mechanism
Positive active material for lithium secondary battery, electrode for lithium secondary battery, and lithium secondary battery
Composite anode active material for lithium rechargeable battery, method of preparing the same and lithium rechargeable battery using the material
Lithium secondary battery and electrode for lithium secondary battery
Proton-conducting membrane and use thereof
Manifold device for tube type solid oxide fuel cell
Antenna device for electromagnetic measurement
Antenna arrangement
Reflector and a multi band antenna
Fuse terminal
Universal serial bus connector
Connector assembly
Card connector
Surface mounted electrical contact
Electronic appliance
Electric power selling system
Thermal effluent to electric energy harvesting system
Rotating electrical machine
Sealed electric generator
Apparatus and method for a switch mode power supply configured to reduce standby power consumption
Parallel power converter topology
Optimized galfenol-type magnetostrictive actuator
Electric motor control device
Permanent magnet generator
Output driving circuit and transistor output circuit
Extremely high frequency dual-mode class AB power amplifier
System and method of reducing magnitudes of kick-back voltages in a circuit that alternates a direction of current flow through a load
Low power data recovery
Successive approximation type A/D converter, method of controlling successive approximation type A/D converter, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus
Disparity reduction for high speed serial links
Shift-invariant digital sampling rate conversion system
Parallel-to-serial converter circuit
Method and system for a reference signal (RS) timing loop for OFDM symbol synchronization and tracking
Method and apparatus for configuring a multi-carrier data communication path
Network-friendly transmission control protocol (TCP) methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture
Communications techniques for bursty noise environments
Implementing redundancy on infiniband (IB) networks
Epitaxial growth method of a zinc oxide based semiconductor layer, epitaxial crystal structure, epitaxial crystal growth apparatus, and semiconductor device
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Paper detector with inducted module and printer using the same
Color calibration method and image processing device using the same
Body surface imaging
Imaging device and imaging method
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for television band pilot sensing
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof
Image apparatus
Device, imaging apparatus, imaging system, method for controlling device, and program
Apparatus for measuring position and shape of pattern formed on sheet
Methods and apparatus for enhanced reality messaging
Image processing device, image processing method, and solid-state imaging device
Reducing optical crosstalk and radial fall-off in imaging sensors
Camera management device and network camera system
Digital X-ray capture device
Television and control device and control method
Image processing device, image capturing device, image processing method, and program for compensating for a defective pixel in an imaging device
Image capture with adjustment of imaging properties at transitions between regions
Secure data card with passive RFID chip and biometric sensor
Mechanism for proximity detection based on Wi-Fi signals
Temperature control system
Combined metal PTC rapid electric heater
Intelligent user interface including a touch sensor device
Light source apparatus
Dimming device and lighting system
DC power source unit and LED lamp system
Package substrate and fabricating method thereof
Electronic devices with moisture guiding structures
Server enclosure
Casing, electronic apparatus, and method and machine for forming casing
Function expanding apparatus and electronic apparatus system
Fixing mechanism and electronic device using the Same
Power supply unit with latch
Three dimensional structure memory
Heat dissipation system with DIMM baffle
Expired Patents Due To Time
Fire escape mask
Inflatable baseball glove
Fastener for bandage
Disposable bib
Convertible costume construction
Extrication harness apparatus having suspender assembly
Headgear having airflow characteristics
Blister protection mohair sock
Trouser suspenders
Trunks type wearing article
Underpants with an inside pocket
Temperature and compression treatment underpant
Kind of man''s briefs and lining of the briefs
Full-face type helmet
Waterproof/breatheable garment construction
Headrest for workers, belayers or physically impaired persons
Hygienic toilet seat
Toilet seat lifting system
Continuous water level controller
Sanitary tub
Drain trap filter assembly
Electromatic pop up drain
Foldable base for a playpen
Method and apparatus for positioning a patient
Upholstery pad with steel reinforced support
Multipurpose emergency tool
Substantially environmental-pollution-free cleaning method and device employing electric energy and surface physical properties
Toothbrush comprising a brush member having a bristle field and an interdental bristle field
Brush section for an electric toothbrush
Rotating disc-type floor polishing machine
Cleaning apparatus
Milling device for pipe cleaning and sanitation technology
Modular multisize bidirection scraping device
Denture toothbrush
Toothbrush for false teeth
Dry mop detailer
Cleaning pad
Wafer cleaning system
Adhesive spreader
Silicone paint brush artist''s tool
Mounting structure of wiper apparatus
Wiper blade for motor vehicle windshields
Air filtering self-propelled upright vacuum cleaner
Organic debris collection device with curved blower conduit
Hinge with a safety shield plate unit
Hinged electronic device
Frictional gripping arrangement for a power tool handle
Ergo-dynamic bucket
Pen clip mounting arrangement
Adjustable belt buckles
Locking assembly for a metal watchband
Apparatus and system for securing cargo
U-clamp with adapter
Jewelry clasp
Fastener clip and method of making the same
Anti-friction device for the sliding of cloth rings of curtains, pelmets and similar
Texturing jet
Ultrasonic transducer and manufacturing method therefor
Door hinge pin removal tool
Method producing V-shaped grooves
Brittle wire manufacturing method and apparatus
Method of fabricating a terminal mechanism
Method of mounting a motherboard to a chassis
Swivel insert remote control assembly and method of making same
Automated banking machine enclosure manufacturing method
Method for manufacturing friction plate
Method of manufacturing a wafer fabricated electroacoustic transducer
High-TC superconducting ceramic oxide products and macroscopic and microscopic methods of making the same
Method for achieving anti-parallel exchange coupling with one biased layer having low coercivity
Transformer coil and method
Apparatus for manufacturing self-sealing reinforcement tie rods for HVAC ducts
Head assembly for part mounting apparatus and part mounting apparatus adopting the same
Apparatus and method for lifting two axles onto a vehicle chassis
Process for preparing an electrode substrate
Method for forming an electrical conductive circuit on a substrate
Method of manufacturing a plurality of steam turbines for use in various applications
Fabrication process for combustion chamber/nozzle assembly
Recuperator cell assembly system
Method for fixing transverse partitions in the tubular fluid box of a heat exchanger
Truck cab sidewall and method for making the same
Joint between cross member and side rail in a vehicle frame assembly
System and appliance for personal body care
Dry shaving apparatus
Hair-cutting apparatus having a toothed cutting device, and toothed cutting device for a hair-cutting apparatus
Surface conforming shaving razor and handle therefor
Tool for separating and removing cable jackets and insulation from cables
Utility knife
Sleeve for the blade of a knife
Folding knife with spring and cam
Multi-use scissors
Method and tool for repairing seams in sheet materials
Cutting tool with an improved guide repositioning structure
Circular saw
Tool clamping mechanism for a power tool
Horizontal sundial adjustable for accurate reading at multiple latitudes
Laser alignment system
Portable seal gap gage system
Examination of insulation displacement connection
Air chuck with measuring function
Twist lock mechanism for a tape measure
Micrometer that holds displayed displacement when retraction amount is less than a set amount
Spray drying method
Process and facility for processing municipal waste combustion ash
Process for removing water from fibrous web using oscillatory flow-reversing air or gas
Humidor with environmental control unit
Slipper sock moccasin and method of making same
Shoe sole structures
Excavation attachment for powered loader
Working machine attachment attaching and detaching device
Replaceable and easily assembling water-ball decoration
Light illuminated display board and lampshade using light refraction and reflection effect of transparent acrylic plastic plates
Reusable window message medium
Sign system
Site marker
Angled interlocked firing mechanism
Permanent safety device for preventing the accidental firing of a firearm
Locking device
Loader for revolver
Fish bite indicator
Safety lure
Pesticide dispensing device
Method and machine for changing agricultural mulch
Method for improving the forming of flowers of a garlic plant
Solution and method of treatment for golden pine syndrome
Herbicide-tolerant plants and methods of controlling the growth of undesired vegetation
Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods
Accordion-type plant cover with attached skirt and methods
Method and system for detecting an object in the path of an automotive window utilizing a piezoelectric sensor
Child safety barrier
Hinge assembly and method of attachment for composite panel doors
Reelable downspout for a rain gutter
Systems and utility modules for buildings
Tornado protective enclosure
Wall positioning and bracing apparatus and method
Earth anchor for supporting a pole
Shear wall panel
Water seepage controlling device
Underground below building bunker
Adjustable roof ridge vent
Roof louver filter system
Door and doorway shield
Sill for supporting wall panel
Adjustable frame
Telecommunications cabinet isolation, allocation and mounting system
Device for connecting reinforced concrete sections
Rain water diverter system for deck structures
Ceiling tile dust guard
Cosmetic enhancement of overpass structure
Reinforced roof underlayment and method of making the same
Roofing fastener assembly
Insulated concrete forming system
Panel and method for mounting the same
Surface cladding system
Plastic lattice
Trim assembly for vehicle
Rolled fabric dispensing apparatus
Method of constructing curved structures as part of a habitable building
Structural insulated panel
Process and apparatus for producing packs
Film wrapping machine control system and method
Drug filling packaging and labeling machine
Case sealer base leveler
Computer manufacturing system
Apparatus for driving the folders in machines for packaging or wrapping products in a sheet of flexible material-
Transverse direction zipper tape
Method for manufacturing/handling fluid component packaged goods, manufacture/handling instructing data code for use in this method and fluid component packaged goods affixed by this manufacture/handling instructing data code
Sealing tool and process for sealing packages
Packaging apparatus
Barrel cam loader arm assembly
Convertible width lawn mower
Device for treating cut fodder and mower employing such a treatment device
Riding lawn mower leaf rake
Production of color blended yarn for denim construction
Method of and apparatus for producing a textile yarn
Steel cord for reinforcement of a radial tire and a radial tire employing the same
Fibrous structures containing nanofibrils and other textile fibers
Method and device for cooling guide vanes in a gas turbine plant
Supercharging system for gas turbines
Turbine and gas turbine
Rocket engine nozzle
Method and apparatus for accessing ability of lean NOx trap to store exhaust gas constituent
Control device for hydraulically-operated equipment
Automatic charging pressure control and automatic exhaust gas recirculation control system in an internal-combustion engine, particularly a diesel engine
Thermal barrier enclosure system
Thermoelectric cooling system
Multi-type pulse-tube refrigerating system
Universal power generator utilizing wind flow of liquid for the manufacturing of water from humid air
Method for manufacturing a vending machine for serving extremely cold frozen product and method for distributing same
Simplified subcooling or superheated indicator and method for air conditioning and other refrigeration systems
Cooler for electronic devices
Dehumidification apparatus
Air handling apparatus
Refrigerant evaporator with condensed water drain structure
Fluid delivery apparatus and method
Poultry chiller with open auger
Ice-filled cold storage means for repeated freezing and melting
Hybrid cycle for the production of liquefied natural gas
System and process for the recovery of propylene and ethylene from refinery offgases
Process and apparatus for the low-temperature fractionation of air
Vacuum degassing apparatus for molten glass
Method for the manufacture of designed knitwear on circular stocking knitting and knitting machines
Shaping/augmenting/diminishing knitted fabrics
Nozzle for knitting machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing individual wipers having finished edges
Article identification and surveillance tag
Cable-type fastening device for pistol trigger lock
Zipper locking device for a luggage case
Key assemblies and methods of making same
Key plate and method for manufacturing the same
Vehicle body component with a tin/zinc coating
Method and apparatus for forming blanks
Swaging machine
Shaft straightening and hardening machine and workpiece holder therefor
Deburring apparatus
Apparatus and method for forming spirally wound stator core or rotary electric machine
Modular mobile automotive design branch
Apparatus for bending cutting blade
Forging machine
Self-normalizing flow sensor and method for the same
Electronic device having an acceleration-sensitive sensor
Rotational shock tester apparatus
Method and apparatus of nondestructive testing a sealed product for leaks
Device scanning in a raster mode, with compensation of disturbing effects of mechanical vibrations on the scanning process
Method for checking the effect of swirl ducts in multi-cylinder internal combustion engines, in particular direct injection engine
Two stage monitoring of evaporative purge system
Method and device for determining adhesive performance of flat adhesive products on the skin of humans or mammals
Well logging apparatus
Technique for signal detection using adaptive filtering in mud pulse telemetry
Vadose zone isobaric well
Method and apparatus for determining the quantity and quality of a fluid
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Apparatus for measuring uniformity and/or dynamic-balance of tire
Angular velocity sensor
Angular velocity sensor
Micro-mechanical inertial sensors
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic characterization through the thickness direction of a moving web
Method for determining crook potential in wood
Gas concentration sensor
3-Dimensional comb structure and actuator and inertia detection sensor both using the comb structure
Measuring device to measure the pressure of an atmosphere
Manufacturing method for the miniaturization of silicon bulk-machined pressure sensors
Method for determining stress effect on a film during scrubber clean
Circuit and method of compensating for membrane stress in a sensor
Forge protection device and method
Apparatus and methods for forming a bond strength adherend
Coriolis flowmeter having a reduced flag dimension
Differential pressure flow sensor
Measuring device for measuring the flow rate and temperature of a flowable medium
Axle force and moment transducer
Process, cartridge and device for introducing a particulate material into a liquid
Method and a device for attaching ultrasonic transducers
Gear transmission with stepless adjustable translation
Actuator for vehicle-door locking mechanism
Angle drive having an integrated coupling with rotational play
Locking device for vehicle seats, in particular motor vehicle seats
Handlebar device
Control rod
Apparatus for adjusting tie rod
Ratchet wrench structure
Ratcheting spring wrench
Hand wrench torque enhancing device
Locking device for a hand tool
Modular torque-limiting driver system for medical applications
Multi-angle adjustable screwdriver assembly
Method of orienting and positioning vegetables on a pocketed conveyor
Apparatus and method for slitting a sheet of web material
Apparatus for bite cutting made to order garments
Method and apparatus for bucksawing logs
Apparatus for splitting articles
Crosscutter for web materials
Saw chain for a motor-driven chain saw
Neutralizing munition
Dust suppression
Liquid cannon having trunnion assembly
Variable stroke motor and valve
Hydraulic leveling control system for a loader type vehicle
Fluid pressure cylinder having lock mechanism
Actuator device
Barbecue grill assembly having a work surface with slide mechanism
Device for binding roasts, sausages and the like by means of elastic rings
Method of compacting with shearing compactor pump
Web-fed rotary printing press with apparatus for diverting a wet printed web
Printing press having a multiply-positioned and multi-functioned sheet guiding cylinder
Roller bearing lubrication system and method
Rotary printing machine
Meterable screen roller in a rotary printing machine
Method of producing a compressible layer for a printing blanket
Hopper gripper drum
Convertible media dryer for a large format ink jet print engine
Method for removing and inserting a cleaning device, respectively, into and out of a printing machine, and a printing machine for performing the method
Intermediate transfer recording medium, method of forming print, and print
Mems vertical to horizontal motion translation device
Deployable folded propeller assembly for aerial projectiles
Precursor-follow through explosively formed penetrator assembly
Rail heating module and assembly
In-vehicle switch mechanism
Pivotal pusher dog for overhead I-beam conveyor system
Wheel stop for an overhead vehicle
Hybrid battery/gas turbine locomotive
Transportation vehicle steering apparatus
Stowable reading tray
Pallet assembly
Portable universally adaptable workstation extension
Fail-safe access control chamber security system
Seeding machine with bulk seed supply container and independent, opener-mounted metering devices
Tuning orifice for pneumatic metering manifold
Interlock stitch sewing machine for blindstitch hemming with slippage preventing device
Method of making lined fabric products with an open hem
Sailboat and crew performance optimization system
Hatch cover structure for personal watercraft
Autopilot-based steering and maneuvering system for boats
Boat ramp assembly
Self adjusting boat cover support pole
Inductively coupled parallel-plate plasma reactor with a conical dome
Device and method for milking animals
Modular teat cup assembly
Drinking valve
Animal litter having the property of detecting urinary infection in felines
Mobile aquarium
Bio-containment animal cage system
Pet carrier for travelers
Animal leash
Animal walking and training collar
Process and arrangement for controlling the temperature of a medium
Vehicle hydraulic component support and cooling system
Internal combustion engine having means for recirculating exhaust and turbo boost gases
Actuator for engine valve with tooth and socket armature and core for providing position output and/or improved force profile
Method for starting an electromechanical regulating device especially designed for controlling the charge cycle in an internal combustion engine
Phase change coupling
System and method for valve timing
Method of increasing torque and/or reducing emissions by varying the timing of intake and/or exhaust valves
Front-mounting cam phaser module
Enclosure chamber for a camshaft driving endless flexible member of an internal combustion engine
Cranking device for internal combustion engines
Gas exchange valve with a hollow space
Cooling system for rotary valve engine
Overhead rotary valve for engines
Vibration damper for the crankshaft of a piston engine
Separator structure of chain case
Engine block crankshaft bearings
Valve-arrangement for controlling gas in a piston-type internal-combustion engine
Gasoline internal combustion engine
Cylinder air charge estimation assembly
Fuel injection valve having a plurality of injection holes
Method and device for the transient operation of an internal combustion engine, in particular for a motor vehicle
Intake manifold with internal fuel rail and injectors
Control apparatus for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Start-assist circuit
Injection valve for an internal combustion engine
Hydraulically controllable camless valve system adapted for an internal combustion engine
Fuel supply aggregate with a rotary pump
Fuel vapor recovery apparatus
Supercharger for automobile
Flow measurement and control
Outboard motor engine layout
Ignition apparatus for use in internal combustion engine
Method for improved air-fuel ratio control in engines
Method and apparatus for controlling fuel injection in diesel engine
Paving brick template
Process and manufacturing of a rotary diamond dresser for trueing and dressing of industrial grinding wheels
Combustion system
Compact high-efficiency air heater
Ventilator device
Process and apparatus for mixing cohesive powders
Integrated lung therapy method
Device and process for monitoring the respiration parameters of an artificial respiration system
Vacuum equipment for medical tables
Condom with spiral crisscross ribbing
Erection-facilitating condom
Scrotal drape and support
Dental protective eye device
Immobilizing apparatus having a sterile insert
Heel protection device
Ultrasound enhanced chemotherapy
Ultrasonic detection of restenosis in stents
Core for an adhesive device for attaching a false eyelash
Hair brush with movable bristles
Cocktail pick and canopy
Pre-clean deluge system
Method for precision-cleaning propellant tanks
Cartridge holder for a dialyser
Umbrella mountable on a backpack
Piezo-resistive position indicator
Low capacity chlorine gas feed system
Apparatus for controlling hydraulic fluid pressure
Valve insertion method and cutting tool
Fuel dispensing swivel breakaway assembly
Spill containment system and method
Filling valve for a pressurized fluid container
Gas stream monitor
Vent valve
Connector and method of sealing electrical wire against fluid leakage
Fuel supplying apparatus
Dry running coolant union
Weldable fuel tank valve apparatus
Tube-to-vessel connection using a fastening valve
Method and apparatus for selectively reversing flow between a dialyzer and a patient access
Drafting apparatus
Flexible rotor valve seal and ganged rotor valve incorporating same
Method and system of pulsed or unsteady ejector
Scuff cover for starter hose or cable
Apparatus and method for the preparation of a leno thread for a weaving machine
Device for weft cancellation on a weaving machine
Method and apparatus for placing wire coils with varied lengths on dynamo electric motor stators
Manually-operated sealing tool for joining end portions of plastic strapping, seal member, and sealed joint formed thereby
Motorcycle cuff
Needleless method and apparatus for transferring liquid from a container to an injecting device without ambient air contamination
Sealable recovery vessel system and method for accessing valved containers
Process and device for transfer of sterile products between a container and an isolator
Microarrayer apparatus
Liquid dispensing apparatus
System for loading and unloading fluid tanks containing hazardous fluids
Thickness-indicating device for a wood-planing machine
Wood planing machine
Dual alternating transverse feeding mechanism for lumber edgers
Method and apparatus for increasing traction of a wheel
Elastomeric tire having magnetized sidewall and method of manufacturing same
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tires with particular belt rubber configuration
Strapping apparatus
Hand tool aiding mounting of grip on golf club shaft
Apparatus and method for improving the ride quality of lift trucks
Mobile dividing wall
Modulating mechanism of venetian blind
Method of making tools having a core die and a cavity die
Process for die-casting light-weight metals
Liquid metal bath furnace and casting method
Apparatus and method for semi-solid material production
Continuous casting plant for casting slabs with a continuous casting mold and a strand guiding unit composed of rollers
Air conditioning apparatus
High performance fan tail heat exchanger
Heat sink
Heat sink and fan arrangement
Method for the cleaning of heat exchange tubes and collecting device for the collection of deposits from heat exchange tubes
Heat exchanger tube
Temperature control apparatus with recirculated coolant
Cementing wells with crack and shatter resistant cement
Compositions and methods of catalyzing the rate of iron reduction during acid treatment of wells
Hydraulically driven fishing jars
Method for regaining mud circulation in operating well and device for its embodiment
Apparatus for retrieving metal objects from a wellbore
Method and apparatus for one-trip insertion and retrieval of a tool and auxiliary device
Wellbore flow control device
Flush sprinkler
Adjustable grader-spreader bar
Pneumatic powered winch actuating device
Real-time control system and method for controlling an underground boring machine
Conductive medium for openhole logging and logging while drilling
Drill bit for directional drilling
Drag bits with predictable inclination tendencies and behavior
Steerable vertical to horizontal energy transducer for mobile robots
Electrical switch for a wagon
Proportional load transfer valve for suspension control with 6.times.2 automatic traction control
Parallel hybrid drive for a motor vehicle having a clutch which is integrated in the electrical machine, and an associated electric motor unit
Radiator mounting arrangement for a work machine
Method for determining an initiation threshold value for an automatic braking process
Motorcycle transmission shifter mechanism
Lightweight stethoscope with variable diaphragm and bell components
Integrated muffler-bumper system
Adaptable tree stand for hunting with bow and arrows and with rifle
Tree climbing apparatus
Mobile elevator assembly
Brake-disk with visual wear control means
Quick connect wheelchair brake lock
Stroller having a brake device
Brake assembly for a cycle
Disk brake
Brake disk for disk brakes
Crash attenuation system
Dynamic damper with balancing means and method of manufacturing the same
Method of side transmission through unidirectional clutch and the clutch for such purpose
Clutch control valve
Fluid controlled interlock mechanism and method
Parking lock mechanism for gate type automatic transmission shift control device
Rotatable pallet changing apparatus, system and method
Rotary orienter indexing system
Method and unit for forming a group of products on a cartoning machine
Transport system with integrated transport carrier and directors
Advancing tailpiece
Assembly for conveying stacked documents
Linear working apparatus
Conveying apparatuses, indication assemblies, methods of indicating operation of a conveying apparatus, and methods of operating a conveying apparatus
Padded chain for a conveyor
Tube conveyor
Plastic chain and pin retainer
Bulk packaging system and method for retarding caking of organic and inorganic chemical compounds
Labeling system for vial container
Package kit and method
Photographic device set
Device for protecting large-volume receptacle and method for the production thereof
Container and kit for protection and display of collectible items
Product display package
Food packaging system
Flotation tank impeller
Continuous self-cleaning sluice
Filter and filter cartridge with peripheral stop for filtering liquids circulating in an engine or in a hydraulic equipment
Rack for holding pillows
Footwear storage rack
Media storage rack
Golf club and umbrella holding device
Holder for taper''s knives
Retail display system for a desk chairmat with handles and hang tabs
Foldable clothes-lines
Method for handling an equipment inside a building by a crane installed outside
Model train coupler
Double-walled bottle
Medical containers
Plastic screw cap with tamper-evident ring
Cap for containers used on drinking water dispensers
Liner for container
Use-evidencing smoke filter container system
Tank cap and fuel tank with the same
Lid material
Underground rake storage device
Methods of securing liners within containers
Liquid stabilizing baffle system
Vacuum chamber
Storage container
Communion cup
Apparatus for dispensing tablets and food products
Chip component feeding apparatus and attracting plate for use in same
Dispenser package for dual viscous products
Dual chamber package for pressurized products
Modular adhesive bead dispenser
Container-mounted pump means with external restoring spring
Foam forming liquid dispensing device
Media dispenser
High pressure cartridge feed system
Pressure tube
Hanger with multiple means for supporting other hangers
Motor vehicle storage apparatus
Transporting belt for transporting a fiber strand to be condensed and method of making same
Compressed-air nail firing tool
Quality control method
Method for joining ductile iron and steel
Heat insulating paper cups
Device and method for suspending a flag display from a mailbox
Heated coin box
Arrangement for and method of expediting commercial product transactions at a point-of-sale site
Smart card reader with electrostatic discharge protection
Universal credit card apparatus and method
Jewelry identification
Detachable battery pack for electro-optical scanners
Methods for using a bar code reader for facilitating transactions and collecting a toll based on use
IC module, method of manufacturing the same and IC card provided with IC module
Gas-flow control valve for a heating appliance
Drip irrigation hose with emitters having different discharge rates
Method of winding a continuously advancing yarn
Method for winding up a thread
Machine for coiling a flat continuous element to form rolls
Web rewinder chop-off and transfer assembly
Paper dispensing apparatus
Method and apparatus for rapidly turning a vehicle in a fluid medium
Method for reducing wave resistance in airplane
Apparatus for the suppression of infra red emissions from an engine
Detachable integral aircraft tailcone and power assembly
Dual mode positioner for an aircraft landing gear axle beam
Ejection seat
Window release system
Spacecraft having a dual reflector holddown for deploying multiple reflectors in a single release event
Switch actuator
Two-pipe clamp
Support assembly
Suction support assembly
Pump stand for sump pump container
Box easel
Ground embedding post holder with adjustable bracket
Breakaway sign post connector
Anti theft device for laptop computer
Mold insert
Pry bar with built in hammer and nail remover
Staple removing tool
Guardrail block
Railing system
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Humidifier with wick change indicator
Rotary and longitudinal shock absorber for drilling
Liquid sealed cylindrical-type vibration preventing apparatus
Two-chamber support bearing
Device for clamping workpiece to a surface
Assembly jig including a fixture for a perforated panel
Apparatus for placing folded signatures on a transport device
Image forming machine with foreign material removal apparatus
Sheet feeding apparatus
Stapling apparatus
Material-feeding device having direction-correcting function
Paper processing device with a tape replacement apparatus and method of replacing a tape of the paper processing device
Device for detecting a sheet stack height in a tray
Mathematical boardgame
Ball and ladder game
Brush seal
Arrangement and method for radially positioning a turbine brush seal
Elastic sealing element in the form of bellows
V-lock segmented speaker gasket
Gasket for hard disk drive unit use
Axle pivot angle detecting apparatus for industrial vehicle and industrial vehicle
Ski vehicle brake and steering system
Dual hand truck
Collapsible hunting cart apparatus
Panel device
Apparatus for coupling a ball joint to a motor vehicle suspension
Rigid axle mounting for a vehicle
Human Necessities
Surgical instrument storage pack
Wheel assembly for a roller skate
Game call carrying system
In-line skate structure
Integrated crossword and circle-a-word puzzle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Size reducing machine with serrated top wear plate
Delay drive-hanging device of a paper shredder
Multi-mode fluid injection system
Device for positioning nails in a tube of a nailer
Centrifugal tire rubber and steel separation
Imaging method of a printing member having magnetic particles
Manipulation of printing blankets
Levelling valve actuating apparatus
Roof rack assembly
Apparatus for covering a container
Paper sheet discharge apparatus
Keg and keg fitting for dispensing liquids under pressure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for forming triangular glass knives
Fixed Constructions
Lateral and vertical rail brace assembly
Vehicle mounted sand spreader
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and methods for active flow control of a nozzle exhaust plume
Fuel injector with a cone shaped bent spray
Isolation valves
Regulating valve having an essentially horizontal stem and process for manufacturing the same
Heat generator and design method thereof
Flow control valve for cooling tower
Terminal for issuing and processing data-bearing documents
Multi-transactional architecture
Gaming machine
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