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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lawn mower
Environmentally-friendly animal litter
Small animal exercise devices
Leash handle
Lift support garment system
Sock structure and method of use
Button assembly
Method and system for imparting strand effect to hair
Inlaid table top table
Hospital bed foot section with caster cutouts
Infant-care furniture
Electrically adjustable piece of furniture
Under bed skirt support with fully separated corners and with layers that do not have to be equally lofted
Bed side sleeper for infants
Headwall with integral wall panel interface
Systems and methods for on demand iced tea
Culinary steamer
Self-wringing mop
Surface treating appliance
Water fat separated magnetic resonance imaging method and system using steady-state free-precession
Method of using magnetic fields to uniformly induce electric fields for therapeutic purposes
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, magnetic resonance data processing apparatus, magnetic resonance data processing program and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus control method
Optical spectroscopy for the detection of ischemic tissue injury
Brain cooling apparatus and fluid injection apparatus used therefor
Combined neural stimulation and cardiac resynchronization therapy
Coordinated use of respiratory and cardiac therapies for sleep disordered breathing
Cardiac pacemaker system, lead and method for rejecting far-field signals
System and method for verifying capture and/or event sensing during manual threshold evaluations of an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Atrial capture verification
Spring contact element
Airway devices, tube securing devices, and methods of making and using the same
Safety collar with clamping closure mechanism
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for cleaning a semiconductor substrate
Machine of variable linear structure for the formation of tubes
Forming apparatus for forming extruded hollow section
Methods of maintaining and using a high concentration of dissolved copper on the surface of a useful article
Method for mounting fins onto annular seat
Vibration damper
Method of manufacturing a piston for a hydraulic motor having radial pistons
Method for tolerance compensation between two fibre composite components
Angle nut runner
Device and method for fluidic coupling of fluidic conduits to a microfluidic chip, and uncoupling thereof
Multi-tasking utility tool
Cable control set for extended reach garden shears
Logic control for fast-acting safety system
Automatic machine for punching and cutting wheel rims
Slide-type cutting machine
Press with a transfer device for the stepwise displacement of the workpieces and with a gripper rail coupling
Apparatus for forming embossed and printed images
Collision object determination device
Water sports towing vessel and method
Floating vessel for servicing air diffusers
Structural supporting pallet construction with improved perimeter impact absorbing capabilities
Extraction tool lifting system
Textiles; Paper
Yarn and a process for manufacture thereof
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Piezoelectric pump for household electric appliance
Fixed Constructions
Snowplow discharge control system
Lift and grade control apparatus for tractor trencher
Submergible densification cell, sediment separator and sediment densification method
Flashing support cant for a wall assembly and associated method
Structural insulated panel system
Precast surround assembly for a utility pole foundation
Illuminated pool fountain system
High-security rotating bolt lock
Hinge apparatus for portable communication device
Hinge apparatus for folder-type portable communication device
Ready to assemble shutter
Rotary lock comprising a locking arm that can be pivoted parallel to the main rotary axis
Glass run mounting assembly for a vehicle door
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Radial compressor, particularly for an exhaust gas turbocharger of an internal combustion engine
Roller seating device
Valve timing control device
Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Lubricating structure for an internal combustion engine
Vehicle engine
Reducing agent injection valve abnormality detection device and abnormality detection method
Method for diagnosing the integrity of a swirl generating system for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for determining an abnormality of a control valve of an internal combustion engine
Interstage exhaust gas recirculation system for a dual turbocharged engine having a turbogenerator system
Minimizing alcohol use in high efficiency alcohol boosted gasoline engines
Cooling channel for cooling a hot gas guiding component
Heat shield element, method and mold for the production thereof, hot-gas lining and combustion chamber
Two-shaft engine for aircraft with high electric power demand
Fuel alcohol content detection via an exhaust gas sensor
Propulsion unit for aircraft with heat exchanger having front inlet faces for cooling air flow and hot air flow
Fuel pressure regulator for a motor vehicle
Holding element for holding an assembly in a holder, and fastening arrangement
Gas pressure actuator
Swiveling locking mechanism of a telescopic rod of a mop
Rectilinear motion device
Shift fork
Pump liner retention device
Contoured flat stud and stud arrangement for cyclone slag taps
Combustible energy recycling system and method thereof
Multi-premixer fuel nozzle support system
Protective tapered member
Tracking system for lightweight solar collector assembly and array
Refrigerator with removable cooling unit
Apparatus and method for magnetically processing a specimen
Utilization of data center waste heat for heat driven engine
Mega ice bin
Hand-held safety apparatus
Variable capacity ice storage assembly
Air conditioner and method for controlling the same
Rail mount
Low-force rolling trigger
Controlled-unaided surge and purge suppressors for firearm muzzles
Bowstring vibration and noise eliminator
Rear rifle stabilizer
Firearms and firearm components comprising bonded multi-metallic materials; methods of manufacture
Multilayered ballistic protection
Multiple size fragment warhead
Location specific information on wireless service coverage
Level assembly
High water cut well measurements using heuristic salinity determination
System and method for pressure balancing a flow meter
Ultrasonic flowmeter having pressure balancing system for high pressure operation
In-line inspection methods and closed loop processes for the manufacture of prepregs and/or laminates comprising the same
Calibration of a pressure sensor in a hydrogen storage system
Pressure sensor
Method and device for checking the adjustment of a plurality of actuators driven by a common drive in different mass flow channels
Method for determining the oxygen storage capacity of a catalytic converter
Apparatus and method of managing vehicle maintenance information in a mobile terminal
Sequential groundwater sampler and sampling method thereof
System for detecting a liquid sample
Method and system for transferring analyte test data
Growth and baseline identification determination for amplification data
Low dead-volume core-degassing apparatus
Method and apparatus for supporting accelerometer based controls in a mobile environment
Scan testing using response pattern as stimulus pattern after reset
Integrated functionality in optical backplane
Method for ultrafast optical deflection enabling optical recording via serrated or graded light illumination
Optical device with cantilevered fiber array and planar lightwave circuit
Plasmon switch
Auto-focus optical lens module
Powder transport device and image forming system
Image forming apparatus
Feeder for feeding and re-feeding an image forming apparatus
System for managing paper supplies in a population of printers and copiers
Image formation apparatus, an image formation method, an image formation program, and a recording medium
Image forming method and apparatus including a relationship between secondary roller diameter and recording medium ingress position
Toner repelling stripper finger assembly
Fixer and image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus with temperature control
Cleaning device, image carrier unit and image-forming apparatus
Cleaning blade edge stiffener to improve blade tucking robustness
Cooling device and image forming apparatus having the same installed therein
Developing unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Image acquisition system
Electronic appliance
Gear shift lever with damping device of a vehicle
Lightweight cantilever control system
Power management of components having clock processing circuits
Method and apparatus for partitioning memory in a telecommunication device
Power reduction techniques for components in integrated circuits by assigning inputs to a plurality of ports based on power consumption ratings
System and method for testing human interactive applications including computer games
RAID controller, RAID system and control method for RAID controller
Network fault diagnostic device, network fault diagnostic method, and computer product
Method of debugging "active" unit using "non-intrusive source-level debugger" on "standby" unit of high availability system
System and methods for preventing denial of service attacks
Clock jitter detector
Fault detection using redundant virtual machines
Anomaly diagnosis apparatus and method of machine installation
Unit test generalization
Storage control system
Communicating with a memory registration enabled adapter using cached address translations
Method for controlling memory in mobile communication system
Ground-based travel portal
Shared memory device
System and method for dynamic bandwidth provisioning
Transmission bandwidth and memory requirements reduction in a portable image capture device
Method, program, and system for setting up communication data for devices and supported applications
Realtime memory management via locking realtime threads and related data structures
Device adapted to send information in accordance with a communication protocol
Method and system for profiling users based on their relationships with content topics
System and method of assigning and reclaiming static addresses through the dynamic host configuration protocol
Audio instructions for appliances
Methods and apparatus for mobile IP dynamic home agent allocation
Content reproduction apparatus, and content reproduction method
Multiple source receiver-driven streaming of content between peers
Methods, systems, and products for network conferencing
Operation system and method of workflow integrated with a mail platform and web applications
Data sharing apparatus and processor for sharing data between processors of different endianness
Enabling rent/buy redirection in invitation to an online service
Click stream analysis
Automatic configuration of controller computers in a network
Device automation using networked device control having a web services for devices stack
Bandwidth monitoring method and its device
Managed peer-to-peer applications, systems and methods for distributed data access and storage
Remote management interface
Method and system for tracking client software use
Local network address management
Network support for reconfiguration of subscriber mobile configuration data
System and method for virtualizing network storages into a single file system view
Enhanced dynamic decision support processing using fused multiple disparate data sources
System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
Method and computer-readable medium for providing spreadsheet-driven key performance indicators
Using existing content to generate active content wizard executables for execution of tasks
System and method for question answering document retrieval
User-directed timing-driven synthesis
Distributed transaction processing control
Maintaining a relationship between two different items of data
Method for data maintenance in a network of partially replicated database systems
Transparent file replication using namespace replication
System and method for virtualizing a distributed network storage as a single-view file system
Efficient navigation of search results
Hierarchical storage system, and control method and program therefor
System and method of mapping memory blocks in a configurable integrated circuit
Automated system for designing and developing field programmable gate arrays
Layout determination method, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, and computer readable program
Semiconductor CP (circuit probe) test management system and method
Merged laser and photogrammetry measurement using precise camera placement
In-circuit security system and methods for controlling access to and use of sensitive data
Network map
Workflow management apparatus and method
Kernel validation layer
Data transfer control device including endian conversion circuit with data realignment
Multiple logical input/output subsystem facility
Methods and systems for predicting events associated with renderable media content samples
Data exploration system
Display method, portable terminal device, and display program
Information displaying apparatus, information displaying program and storage medium
Buffer management method and system with access grant based on queue score
Method of determining the derivative of an input signal
Information processing apparatus and information processing method, recording medium, and program
DSP processor architecture with write datapath word conditioning and analysis
Digital signal processor with efficient multi-modal multiplier
Data transmission system
Mechanism to exploit synchronization overhead to improve multithreaded performance
Power efficient instruction prefetch mechanism
Multiple-thread processor with in-pipeline, thread selectable storage
Predicate abstraction via symbolic decision procedures
Adaptive instrumentation runtime monitoring and analysis
Information storage and retrieval system for storing and retrieving the visual form of information from an application in a database
Asymmetric subspace watermarking
Method for detecting fraud in a value document such as a check
Check printing auditing systems and methods
Active learning system for object fingerprinting
Masking tool
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Pixel data generating method
De-interlacing using decoder parameters
Residential delivery system and method
Electronic bartering system
Method and system for processing supplementary product sales at a point-of-sale terminal
Method for requesting and receiving an online payment through a payment enabler system
Methods for selecting, ordering and purchasing glass products
Systems, methods, and computer readable medium for providing a site for selling a product in response to a request from a terminal
Method and system for harvesting feedback and comments regarding multiple items from users of a network-based transaction facility
Methods and apparatus for electronic reporting of mortgage delinquency
Controlling expenditures by applying rules specified for categories of purchased items
Automated market system with selectable match-off of order flow
Method, system, and computer program product for card selector tool
Directed autoload of contactless stored value card within a transportation system
System and method for displaying profit related information in an electronic trading environment
Auction system and method for pricing and allocation during capital formation
System and method for developing tailored content
Dynamic pricing of items based on category with which the item is associated
Sound processor architecture using single port memory unit
Method, apparatus, and system for building context dependent models for a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) system
Correlating video images of lip movements with audio signals to improve speech recognition
Noise canceller
Method and apparatus for monitoring and compensating for skew on a high speed parallel bus
Computerized system for targeted horticultural advertising
Process for manufacturing enhanced thermal conductivity oxide nuclear fuel and the nuclear fuel
Method of manufacturing wiring board
External-cavity laser light source apparatus and laser light emission module
Method and device for carrier-frequency synchronization of a vestigial-sideband-modulated signal
Finite-length equalization over multi-input multi-output (MIMO) channels
Systems and methods for offset cancellation in integrated transceivers
Quantum key distribution method and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for iterative error-erasure decoding
Efficient front end memory arrangement to support parallel bit node and check node processing in LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) decoders
Decoding method for detecting PLSC from frames of satellite broadcasting system
Code division multiple access enhanced capacity system
Code tracking apparatus and method under a multi-path environment in a DS-CDMA communication system
Reducing interference in a wireless communications signal in the frequency domain
Beam and power allocation method for MIMO communication system
Decoding error correcting codes transmitted through multiple wire twisted pair cables with uneven noise on the wires
Balanced mixer with calibration of load impedances
Radio frequency unit analog level detector and feedback control system
Electronically configurable transmit and receive paths for FDD wireless communication devices
Apparatus and method for modulating data message by employing orthogonal variable spreading factor (OVSF) codes in mobile communication system
Optical receiver with electric ternary coding
Optical channel power control in WDM networks
Multi-frequency antenna assemblies with DC switching
Methods and apparatuses for communicating with wireless peripheral devices
User interface for cellular telephone group calls
Method and communications unit for selective receipt of group calls
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Integrated digital radio module
System and method for seamless integration of CWDM and DWDM technologies on a fiber optics infrastructure
Optical time-division demultiplexing apparatus
Communication system
Interface circuit and semiconductor device
Method for reserving isochronous resources in a wireless network
Method and system to provide feedback data within a distributed e-commerce system
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, communication system, and multiplex timing compensation method
Method and system for allocating subcarriers to subscriber devices
Differential power analysis method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for channel estimation and cyclic prefix reconstruction in an OFDM-STBC mobile communication system
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for implementing issue notification and resolution activities
Forwarding packets in a gateway performing network address translation (NAT)
Peak windowing for crest factor reduction
Method and system for maximum transmit diversity
Method and receiver for scanning broadcast channels
Radio receiver utilizing a single analog to digital converter
Method for decoding data using windows of data
Distribution method, distribution system, and terminal device
Dynamic out-of-process software components isolation for trustworthiness execution
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
MIMO timing recovery
Method and apparatus for providing software-based security coprocessors
System and method for securing information, including a system and method for setting up a correspondent pairing
Digital watermarking methods and apparatus for use with audio and video content
Data repository and method for promoting network storage of data
Encryption algorithm optimized for FPGAs
Encrypted communication apparatus
Reconfigurable topology for receiver front ends
Sliding-folding type portable communication apparatus
Directional wireless communication systems
Antenna device for portable terminal
Seals for communication devices and method for assembling communication device
Method and apparatus for generating and playing diagnostic messages indicative of MTA provisioning status
Methods and systems for rendering voice mail messages amenable to electronic processing by mailbox owners
System and method for providing centralized emergency management
System and method for analysing communications streams
Enhanced call return in a wireless telephone network
Network conferencing using method for distributed computing and/or distributed objects for presentation to a mobile communications device
Audio clocking in video applications
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a broadcast signal
Fast start-up for digital video streams
Open cable set-top diagnosing system and method thereof
Open cable set-top diagnosing system and method thereof
Open cable set-top box diagnosing system and method thereof
Open cable set-top box diagnosing system and method thereof
Methods and apparatus for enabling and disabling cable modem receiver circuitry
Aircraft in-flight entertainment system providing weather information and associated methods
Hearing aid and method for adjusting a hearing aid
Sound collection system
Specification of a communication system for mobile telecommunications
Method of SMS message transfer after GPRS attach
Method and apparatus for determining and displaying x-ray radiation by a radiographic device
Assembly techniques for electronic devices having compact housing
Clustered stacked vias for reliable electronic substrates
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Portable laser device
Optical interference tomographic image observing apparatus
Tomosynthesis in a limited angular range
Methods and apparatus for detecting structural, perfusion, and functional abnormalities
Lenses capable of post-fabrication modulus change
High definition conformal arc radiation therapy with a multi-leaf collimator
Removable electron multileaf collimator
Streamlined methods and systems for scheduling and handling digital cinema content in a multi-theatre environment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making sol gel spacers for flat panel displays
Polymer solder hybrid
Wavefront aberrator and method of manufacturing
Preventing crease formation in donor web in dye transfer printer that can cause line artifact on print
Printing apparatus having a media defect detection system
System for reducing the effect of aerodynamic induced errors in a drop-on-demand printing system
Tape printing apparatus
Thermal head
Image recording method and apparatus with density control
Imaging apparatus and method for exposing a photosensitive material
Camera module for compact printer system
Process for blending of ink used in counterfeit detection systems
Context-responsive in-vehicle display system
Method and system for accessing the internet
Apparatus and method for controlled cantilever motion through torsional beams and a counterweight
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chalcogenide glass constant current device, and its method of fabrication and operation
Memory structure with an annealed film
Crud-resistant nuclear fuel cladding
Etalon and method for producing etalon
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Structure of reflux fan for excimer laser apparatus
Nuclear reactor submerged high temperature spool pump
Surface formed complex polymer lenses diffuse reflector
Modular scope
Interferometer system
Method of determining material using intensity of light
Analysis of isolated and aperiodic structures with simultaneous multiple angle of incidence measurements
Optical method of reading the shape of a profile and application thereof to reading the inside edge of a spectacle frame rim
Method for determining three-dimensional surface coordinates
Automatic optical inter-alignment of two linear arrangements
Adjusting device with an optical regulating device having a reflector
Interferometric measuring device for form measurement
Pressure-isolated bragg grating temperature sensor
Hyperspectral imager
Method and apparatus for spectrochemical analysis
Method and apparatus for monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) using polarization-nulling method
Time difference synchronization for determination of a property of an optical device
Microdissection optical system
Device for determining the values of at least one parameter of particles, especially of water droplets
Apparatus and method employing incoherent light emitting semiconductor devices as particle detection light sources in a flow cytometer
Laser oscillator and light scattering particle detector using the same
Purge system for optical metrology tool
Method for designing and tuning and system for measuring a refractive index of a magnetic fluid
Rotary mirror array for fast optical tomography
Detection of metabolic dysfunctions using fluorescence emission from serum
Non-focusing optics spectrophotometer, and methods of use
Method and apparatus for enhanced embedded substrate inspection through process data collection and substrate imaging techniques
Co-planarity and top-down examination method and optical module for electronic leaded components
Method for measuring powder x-ray diffraction data using one-or-two-dimensional detector
Apparatus for generating data for determining a property of a gemstone and methods and computer programs for determining a property of a gemstone
Calibration methodology and system for optical network analyzer
Stand-alone speedometer directly measuring the translational speed based on the difference between dispersive dragging effects of different media
Network architecture and method of providing link protection in a bidirectional data traffic network
Control system for an electromagnetic switching device and electromagnetic switching device corresponding thereto
Acoustic fence
Buoyant device for bi-directional acousto-optic signal transfer across the air-water interface
Three-dimensional image capturing device
Optical member for vacuum ultraviolet, and aligner and device manufacture method using same
Optical lens and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus equipped therewith
Miniature image-capturing lens, image-capturing unit and mobile terminal provided therewith
Image pickup lens, image pickup unit and portable terminal
Optical image pick-up lens
Imaging lens
Extender optical system
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens system and photographing apparatus having the same
Variable numerical aperture large-field unit-magnification projection system
Inverted microscope
Light source for illumination in scanning microscopy, and scanning microscope
Method for adjusting a microscope and microscope with a device for adjusting a light beam
Optical multiplexer and cross-switch using etched liquid crystal fabry-perot etalons having enhanced spectral resolution and transmission characteristic
Electrical latching of microelectromechanical devices
Tunable fabry-perot filter and tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Electrostatic machine element, light diffraction modulation element and image display device
Reduced formation of asperities in contact micro-structures
Optical beam steering device
Micro-electro-mechanical device having improved torsional members and a method of manufacturing therefor
Torsional rocking structural component
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus using the same
Head-up display adaptable to given type of equipment
Virtual reality display device
Stereo slide viewer
Device for reproducing three-dimensional image with background
Fabricating optical waveguide gratings
Metal-free gratings for wavelength-multiplexed optical communications
Process of producing a polarizer, polarizer, polarizing plate, and visual display
Electro-actively tunable photonic bandgap materials
Method for fabricating an integrated optical isolator and a novel wire grid structure
Configurations for an optical crossconnect switch
Optical measuring or testing device with connection element
Optical semiconductor device provided with high-NA lens
Alignment of an on chip modulator
Multi-mode color filter
Linear motor driven mechanism using flexure bearings for opto-mechanical devices
Lens barrel
Zoom lens apparatus
Digital camera
Projection optical system and projection exposure device which uses same
High amplitude fast optical modulator
Faraday rotator, optical isolator, polarizer, and diamond-like carbon thin film
Optical compensatory sheet producing method and apparatus, thermal treating method and apparatus, and dust removing method and apparatus
Liquid crystal display having movable reflector surfaces providing sub-displays viewable from different viewing directions
Image display system
Liquid crystal display device and mobile phone
Photo ablation to resolve "bright on" pixel defects in a normally white LCD
Liquid crystal display device and mobile telecommunication terminal using the same
Electrooptical displays with polymer localized in vicinities of substrate spacers
IPS-LCD with a compensation structure for reducing transmittance difference
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus with address marks connected to connections
Liquid crystal device and electronic equipment
Pulse output circuit, shift register and electronic equipment
Exciton polariton optical switch
Controllable low proton source
Curved-screen immersive rear projection display
Image forming device
Exposure method and apparatus
Device and method of correcting exposure defects in photolithography
Contaminant removal system in a thermal processor
Method and system for shipping of photofinishing orders
Defective pixel compensation method
Advanced illumination system for use in microlithography
Exposure method, exposure apparatus and making method of the apparatus, and device and manufacturing method of the device
Storage containers for lithography mask and method of use
Exposure method and apparatus
Exposure method and apparatus, method of making exposure apparatus, device and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for personalization of semiconductor
Method for rendering algebraically defined two-dimensional shapes by computing pixel intensity using an edge model and signed distance to the nearest boundary
High voltage bias feedback for diagnostic purposes
Computer-generated hologram fabrication process, and hologram-recorded medium
Watch with relative reading
Portable object such as, in particular, a timepiece, including a piezoelectric transducer for entering data manually
Process transmitter having a step-up converter for powering analog components
Portable information terminal
Mobile device featuring 90 degree rotatable front cover for covering or revealing a keyboard
Electronic device with PC-card protection structure
Multistage undocking assembly and system and method incorporating same
Computer enclosure and method for manufacture
Drive bracket assembly
Computer system and a combining structure for a power supplying unit for a computer system
Board-locking fastener for fastening a motherboard on a housing of a computer
Computer system
Cache memory
Method and apparatus for preventing underflow and overflow across an asynchronous channel
Split Transaction protocol for a bus system
Apparatus and method for reading the default value of a peripheral component
Manipulation of energy conservation in image forming devices in a network system
Method and apparatus for an event based, selectable use of color in a user interface display
Method and system for high-level structure analysis and event detection in domain specific videos
User interface management through view depth
Supplying enhanced computer user's context data
Method and apparatus for reading and/or writing a data disk
Apparatus for controlling image processing and a method for controlling image processing
Method and system for controlling the order of departure of temporarily stored information or objects
Personal identification system
Digital camera and document processing system using the digital camera
Voice activated/voice responsive item locator
Image processor, image combining method, image pickup apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium storing image combination program
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for performing local color correction
Data storage and reduction method for digital images, and a surveillance system using said method
Home control system with an interface assembly
High-speed hardware implementation of red congestion control algorithm
Traffic reporting system and method over wireless communication systems
Method of and unit for displaying an image in sub-fields
Scaling images for display
Image processing method at the time of character display in an image apparatus
Apparatus where media having different configurations are installed
Data cartridge import/export drawer having three-element, two-configuration slide
Combined electronics channels in optical disc drive for data detection during reading and for wobble detection during writing
Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit, method and circuit for detecting wobble address, and recording medium therefor
Method for accurate positioning of data marks and spaces on an optical disc
Servo data detection in presence of radial incoherence using multiple data detectors
Shutter mechanism for a portable data storage cartridge
Method, apparatus and software for tape drive mechanical fault detection
Control apparatus for magnetic write
Encased E-block
Magnetic recording medium having a disk drive and cartridge
Portable disk player
Rotary magnetic head apparatus for performing reproduction operations using a plurality of reproduction heads without depending on the arrangement of the recording tracks
Disk drive writer with capacitive boost
Perpendicular magnetic recording head with improved write field gradient
Magnetic heads for perpendicular recording and magnetic recording disk apparatus using the same
Magnetic transducer with multilayer conductive leads including a tantalum layer, a chromium layer and a rhodium layer
Mems-based ESD protection of magnetic recording heads
Disc drive suspension whose extending portion and flexure can be regulated
Implementation method of digital phase-locked loop
Transducing head having improved studs and bond pads to reduce thermal deformation
Premagnetization process for printing longitudinal media
Magnetic transfer apparatus for transferring data to perpendicular magnetic recording medium and method of magnetic transfer
Tracking and focus servo system with direction sensor
Calibration of a focus sum threshold in a focus servo system
Optical information recording/reproducing method and device therefor
Optical recording medium having a plurality of meandering groove tracks, optical recording medium producing apparatus and optical recording medium producing method
Mechanism for moving an optical head in an optical disk apparatus
Apparatus and method to compensate for disturbance using learning control in an optical recording/reproducing apparatus and optical recording medium drive servo system
Apparatus and method for detecting an optimal writing power
Optical pickup apparatus an optical axis correcting element
Optical pickup device and method of adjusting the same
Optical disc readout method and apparatus with focusing
Pipe latch circuit for outputting data with high speed
System and method for sensing data stored in a resistive memory element using one bit of a digital count
Circuit configuration for a current switch of a bit/word line of a MRAM device
Semiconductor memory device requiring refresh operation
Semiconductor memory device and refresh control circuit
Semiconductor memory device and method for testing semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of shortening period required for performing data retention test
DLL driving circuit for use in semiconductor memory device
High speed interface type semiconductor memory device
Fully hidden refresh dynamic random access memory
Method for discharging word line and semiconductor memory device using the same
Memory device and method of outputting data from a memory device
System for using a dynamic reference in a double-bit cell memory
Bias distribution network for digital multilevel nonvolatile flash memory
Method of retaining memory state in a programmable conductor RAM
Content addressable memory having dynamic match resolution
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Externally triggered leakage detection and repair in a flash memory device
NAND flash memory and method of erasing, programming, and copy-back programming thereof
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor disk device
Method and system to store information
Microcomputer with nonvolatile memory protected against false erasing or writing
Bit line setup and discharge circuit for programming non-volatile memory
Bi-directional shift-register circuit
Semiconductor memory device with improved saving rate for defective chips
Semiconductor memory device and method of repairing the same
Automatic generation and validation of memory test models
Mother board and computer system capable of flexibly using synchronous dynamic random access memory and double data rate dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Interconnection layout of a semiconductor memory device
Circuit configuration for reading out a programmable link
Methods of sensing a programmed state of a floating-gate memory cell
Memory having multiple write ports and method of operation
Pre-charge and sense-out circuit for differential type ROM
Single ended sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device comprising circuit for precharging data line
Integrated memory having an accelerated write cycle
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having a memory cell which stably retains information
Core support for an F-lattice core of a boiling water nuclear reactor
High density storage of excited positronium using photonic bandgap traps
Chip shaped electronic device and a method of producing the same
Variable capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Solid state capacitors and methods of manufacturing them
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Blade tip for puncturing cupro-nickel seal cup
Switch, integrated circuit device, and method of manufacturing switch
Circuit interrupting device with reverse wiring protection
Display device equipped with plasma display panel
Electrostatic chucking device and manufacturing method thereof
Reversible heat sink packaging assembly for an integrated circuit
Heat sink clip with interchangeable operating body
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including protection circuit for preventing circuit breakdown by static electricity
Diode-and-fuse memory elements for a write-once memory comprising an anisotropic semiconductor sheet
Producing method of image pickup device
Photoelectric transducer and solid-state image pickup device
Discrimination procedure of a wanted signal from a plurality of cochannel interfering signals and receiver using this procedure
Low height USB interface connecting device and a memory storage apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for providing a broadband raman amplifier with improved noise performance
Gain control in nonlinear fiber amplifier stages
Q-switched microlaser
Solid-state laser device
High energy DF chemical laser gain generator and related method for its fabrication
Eyesafe Q-switched Er-doped solid-state laser
Optical resonators with discontinuous phase elements
Method and apparatus for controlling a fiber optic phased array utilizing frequency shifting
Wavelength control device for laser device
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Long wavelength VCSEL with tunnel junction, and implant
Asymmetric InGaAsN vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Optical module with a monitor photo diode
Semiconductor laser device and optical disk reproducing and recording apparatus
Current blocking structure to improve semiconductor laser performance
Material systems for long wavelength lasers grown on GaSb or InAs substrates
GaSb-clad mid-infrared semiconductor laser
Tunable optical signal oscillator
Semiconductor optical amplifier and semiconductor laser
Locking member for electrical load center interiors with different current rating and interior incorporating same
Circuit breaker, trip assembly, bimetal compensation circuit and method including compensation for bimetal temperature coefficient
Method for protecting a DC generator against overvoltage
Transformer over-current protection with RMS sensing and voltage fold-back
Multiple output power supply having soft start protection for load over-current or short circuit conditions
Inverter device capable of reducing through current
Method and apparatus for providing input EMI filtering in power supplies
DC-to-DC converter with improved transient response
Power supply circuit for video display device
Dissipative clamping of an electrical circuit with a clamp voltage varied in response to an input voltage
Synchronous rectifyier controlled by a current transformer
Multiplex connection inverter apparatus
Wireless telecommunications multi-carrier receiver architecture
System and method for transmitting digital information using interleaved delta modulation
Current integrating sense amplifier for memory modules in RFID
Decoding method and communication terminal apparatus
Receiver and IC thereof capable of receiving analog broadcast and digital broadcast
CDMA receiving method and circuit
CDMA receiver with parallel interference suppression and optimized synchronization
Synchronization tracking device and method in code division multiple access receiver
Dual transmission spread processing circuit system for CDMA communication apparatus
Apparatus and methods for controlling short code timing offsets in a CDMA system
Module channel for acquiring and tracking in a radio communication system
Raman amplifier and optical communication system
Method and apparatus for optical wavelength conversion
Decision feedback equalization pre-processor with turbo equalizer
Synchronized communication system
Non-linear echo cancellation for wireless modems and the like
Method of mobile communication and apparatus therefor
Detection method and device
Method and system for interleaving of full rate channels suitable for half duplex operation and statistical multiplexing
Methods and apparatus for wireless communication using code division duplex time-slotted CDMA
Method and apparatus for allocating data streams given transmission time interval (TTI) constraints
Method to assign upstream timeslots and codes to a network terminal and medium access controller to perform such a method
System and method to reduce transmit wander in a digital subscriber line
Process for submitting and handling a service request in a local service management system
Ethernet to ATM converter
Soft output value biasing
Network switch and method for data switching using a crossbar switch fabric with output port groups operating concurrently and independently
Method of identifying low quality links in a telecommunications network
Distributed internet user experience monitoring system
Cable modem and cable modem system
QoS-based routing method
Pipelined access to address table in a network switch
Extended messaging scheme for point-to-point communications
Systems and methods for prioritized access in a contention based network
Satellite communications system and method of supporting ATM cell transmissions in a DVB environment
ATM communication system with congestion state detecting function and congestion state detecting method in ATM communication network
System and method for prefetching data
Method and apparatus for determining existence of an address in an address look-up table
Tunable broadcast/point-to-point packet arbitration
Available bandwidth measurement with variable speed probing and zoom-in/zoom-out technique
Shared spanning tree protocol
Isochronous packet transfer method, computer readable recording media recorded with control program for executing isochronous packet transfer, and bridge and packet transfer control LSI
Digital demodulator
Method and apparatus enabling multiple access on a broadband communication network
Method and system for providing status indication and control to a computer network user
Stacked network switch configuration
System and method for routing voice over IP calls
Method and apparatus for minimizing delay variance via time divided transmissions
Data transmission system, data transmission communication station, and data transmission method
Mobile communications
Data input
Telecommunications line test extension apparatus
Implicit area code determination during voice activated dialing
System and method for transmitting image information to a plurality of predetermined destinations
Method and apparatus for filtering asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) signals
Ringing SLIC fault handling
System and apparatus for automatically forwarding digital images to a service provider
Digital image processing system for the manufacture of photographic prints
Internet facsimile machine
Platen finger assembly for an internal drum scanner
Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Exposure apparatus having image display functions, and electronic camera, data terminal, and portable communication apparatus having exposure function
System and camera for automatically forwarding digital images to a service provider
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
Image processing device, image forming device incorporating the same, and storage medium for storing program used thereby
Narrow band, anisotropic stochastic halftone patterns and methods of creating and using the same
Digital prepress trapping tools
Image sensing module outputting color signals or monochrome signals depending on mode of operation
Method and system for generating and providing delayed media unit sequences to end-users
Storable digital camera associated with a computer system
Camera with optoelectric transducer arrangement rotatable about axis perpendicular to image plane
Electronic apparatus, stand and electronic apparatus stand system
Imaging apparatus with detectors for judging the operating condition of the apparatus
Camera with configurable focus area
Digital camera having multiple displays
Method and apparatus for exposure control for a sparsely sampled extended dynamic range image sensing device
Method and apparatus for selection of signals in a teleconference
Multicast meeting unit and multicast meeting program
Video camera utilizing power line modulation
Focus and exposure measurement in digital camera using charge binning
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
Method of assigning audio channel identification, method for selecting audio channel using the same, and optical recording and reproducing apparatus suitable therefor
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header with active header detection, deletion, and re-insertion via a circulating optical path
Method of and apparatus for fast alternate-path rerouting of labeled data packets normally routed over a predetermined primary label switched path upon failure or congestion in the primary path
Routing calls with overflows in a private network
Method for connection establishment in a radio system relaying packet-switched traffic
Base station apparatus
Signaling data link for a GSM-CDMA air interface
Secondary ground fault protected luminous tube transformer
Converter device
Embedded microelectronic capacitor equipped with geometrically-centered electrodes and method of fabrication
Method and apparatus for supporting circuit component having solder column array interconnects using interposed support shims
Self-diagnostic solid state relay for detection of open load circuit
Movable standoff for mounting a circuit board
Signal-carrying conductor grooming circuit board ejector handle
High capacity air-cooling systems for electronic apparatus and associated methods
Method for improving airflow in subrack mechanics by using a hybrid serial/parallel fan configuration
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