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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Animal models for demyelination disorders
Herbicidal compositions for tolerant or resistant sugar beet crops
Derivatives of mithramycin and methods of making and uses thereof
Porous freeze-dried hydrocolloid beads containing viable microorganisms for biological control
Heating element for oven
Strap fastener
External fixation system
Kit comprising a medical fixing element and a device for placing said fixing element
Implant for osteosynthesis device and tool for setting such implant
Cryo-surgical apparatus and method of use
Tissue surface treatment apparatus and method
Ophthalmoscopic stereomicroscope with correction component
Image reconstruction method using Hilbert transform
Method for inducing hypothermia
Method and apparatus for patient temperature control employing administration of anti-shivering agents
Calcium salts with cytotoxic activity
Therapeutic use of methionine-derivitives to reduce the toxicity of noise
1-amino-phthalazine derivatives, the preparation and the therapeutic use thereof
Tricyclic heteroaryl piperazines, pyrrolidines and azetidines as serotonin receptor modulators
Therapeutic pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridines and indazoles
(4-phenylpiperazin-1-yl)acylpiperidine derivatives, preparation thereof and application of same in therapeutics
Stable crystalline form of bifeprunox mesylate, dosage forms thereof and methods for using same
Nucleic acids for inhibiting hairless protein expression and methods of use thereof
Purine Derivatives as adenosine A.sub.1 receptor agonists and methods of use thereof
Enhancement of immune response using targeting molecules
Acid controlled induced viscosity fiber system and uses thereof
Plant-based medicament for the treatment of Hepatitis C
Method for treating cartilage disorders
Treatment of mood disorders by administration of SMR1
Immune response targeting molecules
Insulin conjugates for treating diabetes mellitus
Transgenic plant-based vaccines
Vaccine composition of surfactants as adjuvant of immunity
Mutant forms of EtxB and CtxB and their use as carriers
Combined cancer treatment methods using antibodies to aminophospholipids
Antimultiorganism glycoconjugate vaccine
Emboli protection devices and related methods of use
Method of treating a patient with hydrocephalus and apparatus therefor
Metal wood club with improved hitting face
Killer applications of golh, golfishing, golfrisbee, golfball, basedisc, golfrisbee basket
Cartwheeling character
Toy helicopter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Volatile hydrocarbon adsorber unit
Catalyst and method for contact decomposition of nitrogen oxides
Substrate treating apparatus
Process for the preparation of a supported catalyst
Partial oxidation reactor
Method and apparatus for creating an enhanced electrical field to improve paint transfer efficiencies
Film forming method, film forming apparatus, method of manufacturing device, and apparatus for manufacturing device
Organizing a plurality of items into a delivery point sequence
Method and apparatus for surface treatment of a long piece of material
Wide belt sander
Multi-insert cap blow-molding method and spoiler for vehicle manufactured using the same
Method of injecting potting compound into panel cells
Two-sided cloth like tissue webs
Plating layer for sliding portion
Document laminate formed from different polyester materials
Collation shrink
Submerged hooks
Masking material
Thermal/acoustic insulation product based on mineral wool
Laminate material web having elastic and non-elastic regions
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium, reversible thermosensitive recording label, reversible thermosensitive recording member, image-processing apparatus and image-processing method
Visual ability improvement supporting device
Haptic notification system for a marine vessel
Plastics film composed of rigid polyvinyl chloride (RPVC) and process for its production
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process to prepare a hydrogen and carbon monoxide containing gas
Synthesis of amines using molecular sieve SSZ-74
Process for the microbiological decontamination of water by means of photosensitive agents
Biotreatment of As-containing hydroxide sludge
Bicyclic aromatic sulfinyl derivatives
Method of making carbonyl compounds
Method for producing alpha-hydroxycarboxylic acids and the esters thereof
Boron complexation strategy for use in manipulating 1-acyldipyrromethanes
Compounds comprising a thiocarbonyl-sulfanyl group, which can be used for the radical synthesis of-.alpha.-perfluoroalkylamines
N-sulfonyldicarboximide containing tethering compounds
3-hydroxy-6-phenylphenanthridines as pde-4 inhibitors
Process for the preparation of (4-hydroxy-6-oxo-tetrahydropyran-2-yl) acetonitrile and derivatives
Small molecule PI 3-kinase inhibitors and methods of their use
Substituted benzimidazoles and their use for inducing apoptosis
Compounds for treating fundic disaccomodation
Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
Method for the production of highly pure tris-ortho-metalated organo-iridium compounds
Stabilized cyclosiloxanes for use as CVD precursors for low-dielectric constant thin films
Oligonucleotides and analogs labeled with energy transfer dyes
Nucleic acid labeling compounds
IAPS associated cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Interleukin-9 antagonist muteins and their pharmacological methods of use
Molting hormone receptor and method for screening ligand to the receptor
Antibody that reacts with 6-sulfated sialyl Lewis X
Sago-based gelling starches
Hyperbranched copolymer comprising monomers of choice, a composition, and a cosmetic method
Catalyst composition and use thereof
Polyethylene process
Reacting alkylene oxide with active hydrogen initiators to produce polyoxyalkylenes
Polyether polyols containing pendant amine groups and a process for their preparation
Polysulfone compositions exhibiting very low color and high light transmittance properties and articles made therefrom
Flame-retardant synthetic textile articles and methods of making the same
Microencapsulated pigment, preparation process therefor, aqueous dispersion and ink jet recording ink
Base paints containing fatty acid-modified epoxy esters, methods for the production thereof and their use
Underfill of resin and sulfonic acid-releasing thermally cleavable compound
Weather resistant, ink jettable, radiation curable, fluid compositions particularly suitable for outdoor applications
Light emitting device
Light emitting device
Non-phosphorous, non-metallic anti-wear compound and friction modifier
Aqueous cleaning compositions comprising cationic copolymers
Enzyme-based device for environmental monitoring
Therapeutic and prophylactic agents and methods of using the same
Compositions for DNA mediated gene silencing
Methods of using non-plant lipase encoding nucleic acids
DNAs coding for flavone synthases, methods of using flavone synthase DNAs, and plants, flowers, and vectors containing flavone synthase DNAs
Method for determining modulation of P110.DELTA. activity
Method for determining expression of a PI3 kinase gene
Method for diagnosing infectious diseases
Methods of identifying compounds that modulate IL-4 receptor mediated IgE synthesis utilizing a CLLD8 protein
Detection of nucleic acid using linear beacons
Thin parts made of .beta. or quasi-.beta. titanium alloys; manufacture by forging
Method for preparing chemical adsorption film and solution for preparing chemical adsorption film used in the method
Photovoltaically powered cathodic protection system for automotive vehicle
Membrane electrode assemblies and electropaint systems incorporating same
Fabrication method of semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Technique for incorporating a liquid additive into a nonwoven web
Method and device for dyeing lenses
Method of producing a nonwoven material
Fixed Constructions
Double-sided adhesive tape and method for fixing a sealing element in place
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-speed transmission
Method and apparatus for cooling and lubricating a bearing device
Continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for transmitting energy via a laser beam
Scanning unit for a position measuring system for the optical scanning of a scale and position measuring system utilizing such a scanning unit
Light source apparatus and optical tomography imaging apparatus
Combined video camera and toolholder with triangulation sensing
Object examination by delayed neutrons
Encoded photometric infrared spectroscopy analyzer with orthogonal-encoded components
Electronic detection device and detector comprising such a device
Infrared sensor and method for driving the same
Manifold designs, and flow control in multichannel microchannel devices
Evaluation of the corrosion inhibiting activity of a coating
Modulated reflectance measurement system with multiple wavelengths
Gloss sensor for a paper machine
Web planarity gauge and method
Process for measuring mercury concentration within hydrocarbons
Method for measuring oxidized LDL-CRP complex and measurement kit
Magnetic field-sensitive sensor
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including embodiments for amplifier class transitioning
Capacitive level measurement and detection device using high frequency voltage
Methods and systems for detecting a capacitance using sigma-delta measurement techniques
Module part
Terminal device, method of controlling terminal device, and recording medium
System and method for radar tracking using communications packets
Method for visualization of echoes received by an active sonar using a line spectrum emission
Method and apparatus for improving ADS-B security
Method for localising at least one emitter
Navigation signal group delay calibration
Apparatus and associated method that integrate the modalities of diagnosis and therapy to treat, in principle, pathologies generically identified as Cancer and HIV/AIDS
Variable focus optical devices
Fixed-focus lens
Ultra-broadband UV microscope imaging system with wide range zoom capability
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Reduced loss high efficiency diffractive and associated methods
Liquid crystal device and electronic equipment
Transflective liquid crystal display device having alignment film covering plural isolated stacks of resin and diffusive reflective plate layers
Color correction of LCD lighting for ambient illumination
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method for forming polarizer by depositing, drying and curing lyotropic liquid crystal on color filter pattern
Color filter substrate, manufacturing method of color filter substrate, active matrix type liquid crystal display, and manufacturing method of active matrix type liquid crystal display
Transflective type liquid crystal display fabrication method with first half-tone mask for selectively removing insulating interlayer/transparent conductive layer and second half-tone mask for selectively removing insulating layer for uneven surface
Liquid crystal display comprising protrusion structure having same material, same layer but lower height than pillar-shaped spacer
Rear projection screen with spatial varying diffusing angle
Lithographic apparatus
Lithographic method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing placement of a patterning device at a pupil plane
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and exposure method with polarized switching device
Optical proximity correction (OPC) technique to compensate for flare
Mask CD measurement monitor outside of the pellicle area
Dissolution rate modifiers for photoresist compositions
Transverse electric-field type liquid crystal display device, process of manufacturing the same, and scan-exposing device
Electronic device with scheduled occurrence indicators
Vehicular power line communication system
DC-DC converter and its control method, and switching regulator and its control method
Communication system
Image-forming-device management system capable of operating in energy-saving mode
Image output method, image output device, and recording medium for recording program used for image output device
Smart shape insert
Method of representing and animating two-dimensional humanoid character in three-dimensional space
Method and system for tesselating a polygon
System for softening images in screen space
Radio frequency identification (RFID) network system and method
Determination of wheel sensor position using a single radio frequency detector in an automotive remote tire monitor system
Device, system and method for monitoring a household electric appliance
Multifunctional relay module for use with CO and smoke alarms
Digital control circuit for serial UART transmissions
Vehicular visual assistance system
Multi-dimensional transformation systems and display communication architecture for compositions and derivations thereof
Image display device
Method for eliminating flickers of liquid crystal display
Image display apparatus, image display program, image display method, and recording medium for recording the image display program
Method and system for utilizing void regions in computer-generated areas of text
Low-cost haptic mouse implementations
Image processing apparatus, display apparatus with touch panel, image processing method and computer program
Apparatus for controlling the position of a screen pointer with low sensitivity to fixed pattern noise
Fixture for a guitar stand
System and method for the creation and playback of animated, interpretive, musical notation and audio synchronized with the recorded performance of an original artist
Low power support pads for moment loading and associated methods
Off-track write error recovery
Readback system providing a combined sample output including multiple samples per bit
Apparatus for forming an image on an optical disk
Optical disc, method and apparatus for recording signal thereon
Systems and methods for accessing data from a variable polarity head assembly
Magneto-resistive element and device being provided with magneto-resistive element having magnetic nano-contact
Settling judgment method for position control device and position control device
Micro actuator gain calibration based on a sinusoidal input signal
Multi-layered information recording medium, reproduction apparatus, and recording apparatus, with defect list storing areas
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
SRAM device having forward body bias control
Storage device and semiconductor apparatus
Semiconductor memory device
Irradiation system with ion beam/charged particle beam
Zinc oxide particles
Composite sintered magnetic material, its manufacturing method, and magnetic element using composite sintered magnetic material
Control of eddy currents in magnetic vias for inductors and transformers in integrated circuits
Light guiding plate and a keystroke module for use therewith
Erosion mitigation for collector optics using electric and magnetic fields
Organic electroluminescence element and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Cold cathode for discharge lamp having diamond film
Ion beam monitoring in an ion implanter using an imaging device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
CMOS image sensor devices
Method of fabricating a light emitting device
Process for fabricating a micro-electro-mechanical system with movable components
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of singulating electronic devices
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Method for modifying circuit within substrate
Method of fabricating self-aligned bipolar transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Independently accessed double-gate and tri-gate transistors in same process flow
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Facilitating removal of sacrificial layers via implantation to form replacement metal gates
Wafer-level packaging of optoelectronic devices
Method of forming a semiconductor device having a diffusion barrier stack and structure thereof
Semiconductor device and method of making semiconductor device comprising multiple stacked hybrid orientation layers
Method of forming isolation regions for integrated circuits
Cell based integrated circuit and unit cell architecture therefor
Method of fabricating isolated semiconductor devices in epi-less substrate
Layer arrangement
High performance system-on-chip using post passivation process
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device having an insulation film with reduced water content
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device and electronic device
Cerdip type of solid-state image sensing device, structure and method for gripping cerdip type of solid-state image sensing device
Semiconductor package free of substrate and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device
Double-gate MOS transistor, double-gate CMOS transistor, and method for manufacturing the same
Charge-trapping memory cell and charge-trapping memory device
Spin transistor based on the spin-filter effect and a non-volatile memory using spin transistors
Light emitting device
Light emitting device, method for making the same, and nitride semiconductor substrate
Lateral field-effect-controllable semiconductor component for RF applications
Ferroelectric capacitor
LDPMOS structure with enhanced breakdown voltage
NAND-type semiconductor storage device and method for manufacturing same
Slow tail compensation
Technique for passivation of germanium
Light emitting device and element substrate
Cordless power tool system having slidably-engaging power source connection
Battery polarity management
On the uniformity of fluid flow rate for interconnecting plate for planar solid oxide fuel cell
High-frequency switching apparatus
Antenna apparatus
Nose cover
Switching power amplifier and DAC for an electronically-scanned array
Connector, connector assembling system and method of assembling a connector
Mechanism for delatching small size plug connectors
Decorative light
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device
Apparatus for providing holdover power
Stator structure and manufacturing method thereof
Fluid-dispensing reservoir for large-diameter slip rings
Car control method and car control apparatus
Power generating device and tire provided therewith
Speed control for an electric linear actuator such as a trailer jack and the like
Elevator arrangement
Sensorless vector control method for alternating-current motor and control apparatus therefor
Sine wave shaper with very low total harmonic distortion
Clock signal switching device, clock signal switching method, data bus switching device, and data bus switching method
Power switching circuit
Techniques for providing calibrated on-chip termination impedance
Efficient integrated circuit layout scheme to implement a scalable switching network used in interconnection fabric
PLL noise smoothing using dual-modulus interleaving
Selectable pole bias line filter
DA converter, AD converter, and semiconductor device
Digital-to-analog converter
Method and device for key input in mobile terminal
Key input device combined with key display unit and digital appliance having the same
Effective decoding method of H.264/AVC context-based adaptive variable length coding
Serial data transfer in a numerically controlled control system to update an output value of the control system
Spread spectrum clock signal generation system and method
Acquisition method and apparatus for carrying out the method
Optimizing detector target polynomials in read/write channels to achieve best error rate performance in disk drives
Digital subscriber line transmission method, apparatus and system
Method of, and receiver for, estimating the bit rate of data
Multi-parameter scheduling in communication systems
Network address translation router for voice internet protocol system
Method for routing information over a network
Method and apparatus for transceiving multiple services data simultaneously over SONET/SDH
Efficient virtual concatenation datapath for SONET/SDH
Systems and methods for networking passive information devices
Apparatus and method for controlling packet data transmission between BSC and BTS
Delivery of streaming media
Disabling mutually recursive routes
Distributing a stream of packets across available output paths within a network
Head of line blockage avoidance system and method of operation thereof
Prioritized communication bandwidth-sharing management for plural-station wireless communication system
Data transfer method and system
Methods and apparatus for synchronization of training sequences
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network
Pseudorandom data pattern verifier with automatic synchronization
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Contaminant particle identification and compensation with multichannel information during scanner calibration
Optical scanner with inclined platen
Color image scanning and printing device with efficient conversion of scanned image data into print image data
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and contact-type image sensor
Self-calibrating timing circuits for use in a sync separator
Amplifier for amplifying input signal such as video signal and outputting amplified signal
Monitoring system and setting method for the same
Image-taking apparatus with first control method in which focus lens is driven based upon signal from image-pickup device and second control method in which focus lens is driven based on signal representing object distance
Area image sensor
Fully integrated tuner architecture
Image pickup system employing a three-dimensional reference object
Concurrent luminance-saturation adjustment of digital images
Electronic camera having color adjustment function and program therefor
Dynamically adjusting data rate of wireless communications
Method and apparatus for managing internet protocol using network address translation in mobile network
Fixed lamp frequency synchronization with the resonant tank for discharge lamps
Lamp voltage feedback system and method for open lamp protection and shorted lamp protection
Heating device for a planar heater with induction heating elements
Method and apparatus for heating a workpiece in an inert atmosphere or in vacuum
Flex-rigid wiring board
Multiple disc array carrier
Secure device capable of engaging with a heat sink firmly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Ankle length stars and stripes sports pants
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Sole for footwear
Seat belt cover
Female member of snap button for wear
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Wheeled tote
Automated teller machine media cassette
Case for a medical device
Luggage case
Pencil case
Shoulder bag with transparent pocket for personal digital assistant
Removable hip pocket
Carrying container
Tool pouch
Hanger for wrenches
Business card holder
Umbrella handle
Portable chair
Seating unit
Display stand
Hutch unit
Article suspension stand
Hosiery package display arrangement
Container component for a toilet brush holder
Bowl brush base
Reeded bed post
Base for an outdoor furniture piece
Music stand base
Table base
Table base
Table base
Support for a table top
Strut for a shoe storage rack
Wardrobe surface ornamentation
Frame structure for art work
Garment hanger
Slat for venetian blinds
Carpet tile
Carpet tile
Cleated carpet-engaging surface
Unit for securing bed sheets which is to be placed between mattress and boxspring
Plate having condiment wells
Multi-tier shrimp tray
Lid for baby bowl
Baby bowl
Automatic coffee maker
Double wall travel mug
Double wall travel mug
Cookware cover
Barbeque tool utensil handle
Combination food preparation and self-serve delivery system
Modular grate arrangement for a five burner gas cooking appliance
Countertop oven
Baking crock
Cooking indentation for cooking tray
Food cutter
Bottle opener
Desktop corkscrew
Vegetation trimmer guard
Handle for a hand tool
Cutting device
Cutting tool
Cable stripping tool
Tool handle
Bracket for parallel lengths of wiring
Hook hanging device
Reinforcement binding machine
Handle assembly
Clip with hanger
Multi angle tile saw miter guide
Tool rest for a lathe
Cabinet door clamping frame
Double-ended wrench handle
Gas torch
Adjustable clamp
Furniture slide
Toe kick plate connector
Cord coupling device
Nail strap
Nail strap
Hose clamp
Crankshaft damper
Container body portion
Bottle with cap
Sock package
Package for computer cable
Package for computer cable
Container and cover
Helmet with light
Cap assembly for a roller bottle
Lid for a beverage container
Garbage can
Watch dial
Oscillating weight for a watch
Watch dial
Jewelry chain
Article of jewelry
Gem stone cut
Double container vase
Pumpkin hands
Wreath holder wall protector
Vehicular jack
Conveyor belt ceramic tile segment
Saucer sled
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Motorcycle exhaust pipe system
Motorcycle exhaust pipe system
Wheel rim
Vehicle wheel
Decorative rear bumper
Wheel for outdoor cooking device
Control handle for a material handling vehicle
Spring clip for a disc brake
Spider license frame
Battery pack
Battery charger
Travel charger
Charging cradle
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Remote control unit
Dual eye infrared audio adaptor
Remote control unit
Connector with an overmolded end cap
Push button switch
Optical connector
Heat sink
Electrical connector
Semiconductor device
Electrical connector
Cable connector assembly
Optical small form factor transceiver
Bonding tab
Loudspeaker cabinet
Dual compartment auto stereo mounting device with lighter cut-out
Mounted compact disk storage unit
Microphone with microphone housing
Digital audio player
Liquid crystal display
Recorded programming interface for a screen
Computer enclosure
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Input device memory card reader
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Space-saving computer keyboard layout
Liquid crystal display
Hand held keyboard
Hand-held device with buttons
Liquid crystal display
Support base for an electric device such as a computer, TV controller, video game machine, or audio or video disc player
Tablet personal computer
Liquid crystal display
Computer keyboard
Personal digital assistant
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Amplifier for a car
Key matrix for a handset
Communication device
Function key buttons for a handset
Key buttons for a handset
Key button arrangement for a handset
Telephone with display
Battery cover for a mobile phone
Key arrangement for a handset
Radio receiver for cars
Function key buttons for a handset
Audio system keypad
Diaphragm pump with engine
Handheld vacuum cleaner
Hand held extraction cleaner
Filter canister for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner nozzle assembly
High-pressure cleaning apparatus with slotted cover
Part of a back pack blower
Portable handheld battery-operated dust blower
Sewing machine
Sewing machine
Blood-refrigerating bank
Mini size solid state refrigerator
Refrigerated shelving
Gear case for an electro-hydraulic apparatus
Digital video camera
Electronic still camera
Eye shade
Makeup eyeglasses
Add-on headstock mass device for a stringed instrument
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Printer with copying, scanning and facsimile functions with ink cartridge storage compartment
Printer with copying, scanning, and facsimile functions
Ink cartridge for printer
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
Vertical file
Binding apparatus
Novelty license plate
Kid phone
Toy bear
Doll head
Two-dimensional versatile kite
Toy glider
Arm toy
Cavity back for a golf club head
Golf club head cleaning tool
Inflatable float
Inflatable float
Hoop toss game
Gavel bat
Fairway wood type golf club head
Golf club head
Bi-plane play structure
Water fountain
Lighted fountain
Hollow fiber module for filtration
Bathroom accessory
Football-shaped bathroom organizer
Cup holder
Toothbrush holder
Warm-or-cool electric fan
Personal airspace cleaner
Ion conditioner
Air purifier
Evaporator of active substances
Oscillating fan with decorative grill
Ceiling fan blade iron
Combination fan blade cage and motor housing
Nasal cleansing neti pot
Dental model base having two rows of stationary pins for random location of teeth
Test device
Hygienic napkin
Night foot splint
Trim for siding and siding accessories
Outdoor shelter
Interior window frame
Rechargeable flashlight
Rechargeable flashlight
Rechargeable lantern with jump starter cables
Spotlight with swivel handle
Spotlight with stand
Light fixture
Decorative headlamp
Decorative headlamp
Decorative headlamp
Garland light set section
Solar powered outdoor light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Luminaire bracket
Luminaire cap
Trim and frame portion of a light fixture
Vitamin tablet
Vitamin tablet
Hand dryer
Pedicure shoe
Container cover
Stretch mark reduction tool
Dispensing instrument
Welding mask
Animal rain coat
Pet shelter
Shedding blade
Pet accessory kit
Human Necessities
Walk around grass cutter parts
Hand tool having a flexible handle member
Inertial system for detecting foreign objects between contra-rotating rolls
Plant container
Extendable flower pot
Nemesia plant named `Pengoon`
Argyrantheum plant named `Balargluite`
Petunia plant named `Reflec Pur`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Mogul Time`
Climbing shrub rose plant named `Radramblin`
Petunia plant named `Whip Rose`
Azalea plant named `Miss Lulu`
Mahaleb rootstock named `UCMH 56`
Petunia plant named `Jam Laver`
Poinsettia plant named `Dueternity`
Petunia plant named `Jam Cherose`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Exotic Fire`
Petunia plant named `Jam White`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Osiris`
Miniature rose plant named `Meiskaille`
Crape Myrtle plant named `Violet Filli`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meiwiling`
Nemesia plant named `Penval`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Pjhavan`
Petunia plant named `Whip Darsal`
Circle hook with baitholder
Hook spinning fishing bait
Hook baiting device
Fishing rod holder
Portable animal treat dispenser
Bee and wasp trap
Below ground non-edible foraging matrix configurations for arthropod control
Spray shield assembly
Protective pants
Weight distributing knee pad
Ready safety helmet
Method for making titanium wire face guard
Adjustable height hat fasteners for eye glasses
Sandal strapping system
Sporting footwear
Shoe with a seam spacer for drainage enhancement
Waterproof shoe
Lanyard high load two piece buckle
Multi-layer female component for refastenable fastening device and method of making the same
Slider for slide fastener with locking device
Neck and ear protection device
Allergen-avoidance beds
Castored base for an office chair
Chair frame portion
Method of assembling a display case door
Product merchandising unit with variable selectable product capacity
Hingedly articulated image display panel device
Method of covering a potted plant
Protective comforter cover bag
Ventilated commode device, kit and method of using
Waterfall-simulated wall structure for a shower stall/tub
Method for making comfortable bathing scrubber
Quick release mop head jaws retainer
Float rod seal for vacuum cleaner
Low-profile and highly maneuverable vacuum cleaner having a belt storage compartment
Lifting apparatus and method for patient table
Head immobilizer
Inflatable pillow for use with a halo restraint
Sport goggle with improved ventilation
Surgical prone pillow structure
Personal care module
Yoga inversion bed with leg attachment
Umbilical cord blood collection bag
In-ground sand receptacle with distance indicating indicia for use on a golf course
Kettle bell
Method for manufacturing a horse race starting gate
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for the periodically desulfating a nitrogen oxide or sulfur oxide accumulator of an exhaust gas cleaning system
Method for operating an emission control system having nitrogen oxide storage
Exhaust emission control for engine
Method for controlling a rich/lean combustion mixture in a defined manner
Exhaust emission control device and exhaust emission control method for natural gas engine
Contaminated sediment removal vessel
Drain cleaning apparatus with remotely adjustable feed control
Waste fluorescent lamp dismantling apparatus
Device for manufacturing metal objects
Device for manufacturing a metal profile
Method and apparatus for winding a helical pipe from its inside
Method for machining protuberance of special-shaped tube
Tubular part locator for hydroforming apparatus
Manufacturing device, in particular a folding press
Air manifold
Riveting apparatus
Method of manufacturing disk for variator
Pipe cutter
Calibrating tool for manufacturing parts with an outer profile
Method for manufacturing cylinder block for internal combustion engine
Method for manufacturing a heat sink
Internal weld profile gauge
System and method for processing elongate workpieces
Combination tool assembly for bicycles and method of using same
Compression sleeve puller with double thread engagement
Blade of electric shaver, method for shaving by using the same, and electric shaver having the same
Shaving apparatus with an upper cutter with characteristics for information purposes
Decorative fruit cutting apparatus
Box cutter with deflectable safety shield
Process for producing an industrial member having throughholes of high aspect ratio
Chain saw
Chain saw
Vehicular resinous window and vehicular door panel
Heating apparatus for a transversely stretched nonwoven fabric
Joining assembly for mounting a fastening element to an external surface of a structural member
Information card producing device
Internal drum scophony raster recording device
Integrated caster and leveler
Adjustable strap
Lightweight windshield wiper installation system
Master cylinder
Water bottle holder with bicycle lock
Pontoon bumper
Turbocharger control system and propeller control system by stepper motor
Beacon docking system for automatically aligning a passenger loading bridge to a doorway of an aircraft
Aircraft engine run-up hangar
Apparatus and methods for producing sealed flexible containers including a product
Bagger method and apparatus
Device for inserting objects, especially blister strips, into folded boxes
Method and machine for wrapping infusion bags in outer envelopes
Tooling to form pairs of dispenser pouches
Plastic clip construction
Container and closure package and a method of filling
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus/process for producing liquid fertilizer
Nitrogen rejection method and apparatus
Refrigerating device
Textiles; Paper
Elastane threads and method for the production thereof
Process for recycling articles containing high-performance fiber
Fabric take-up apparatus
Abraded high fill strength fabrics substantially free from discoloration streaks
Method for operating a front-loading washing machine
Dryer airflow sensor
Fixed Constructions
Ballast cleaning machine
Blower having fan oriented perpendicular to discharge nozzle
Snow track preparation machine with mill mounted in a revolving manner
Backhoe unit detachably attached to a tractor
Method for making a boom of an excavator
Sanitary fitting
Overflow assembly for bathtubs and the like
Overflow and drain control for a bathtub
Toilet tank discharge device
Toilet valve assembly
Replaceable flush valve seat assembly
Statement regarding federally sponsored research/development
Modular wall construction
Apparatus and methods of forming a curved structure
Telescopic enclosure
Clip for attachment to flanges of structural steel
Apparatus and method for reinforcing concrete using rebar isolators
External wall construction, sealing fixture, external wall panel, and external wall constructing method
Floor system
Sleeper assembly for resilient hardwood floor system
Modular precast spa system
Heat retaining swimming pool cover
Portable poolside chair apparatus
Process for forming striker for glove box
Methods of making key assemblies
Internal component lock
Handcuff restraint strap
Hinge cover
Vehicle liftgate power operating system
Leak resistant entryway assembly with anti-wicking weather strips
Method and arrangement for automatic bow adjustment
Surveying of boreholes
Load-bearing pressurized liquid column
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fan case liner
Engine core rotor shaft structure for gas turbine engine
Method and apparatus for combined steam boiler/combuster and gasifier
Method and system for diagnosing a secondary air supply for an internal combustion engine
Device and method for denoxing exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine
Device and method for the heating of a catalytic converter for a supercharged internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for regulating crankshaft rotational speed
Semi-closed brayton cycle gas turbine power systems
Gas-storage power plant
Gas turbine installation
Gas turbine in-line front frame strut
Flow control system for liquid fuel engine having stage-specific control of fuel flow to several groups of nozzles in the engine
Pressure switching valve for multiple redundant electrohydraulic servo valve systems
Electric assist and variable geometry turbocharger
Cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for engine exhaust purification
Method for desulphurating a nox-storage catalyst that is arranged in an exhaust channel of a combustion engine
Thermoelectric transient cooling and heating systems
Rotary inlet flow controller for pulse detonation combustion engines
Rocket engine combustion chamber with enhanced heat transfer to cooling jacket
Field replaceable packaged refrigeration heat sink module for cooling electronic components
Membrane-activated hydraulic actuator
Quick holder
Detachable ring
Pipe joining method using shape memory alloy
Fabricated steel lug pipe repair clamp
Unit ventilator
Method of air conditioning interiors and air conditioning unit for said method
Compression apparatus for gaseous refrigerant
Olefin plant refrigeration system
Nitrogen generation process
Firearm assembly
Apparatus and method for servicing a bow
Gun stock
Quick loading muzzleloader system
Sight clearing weapon mount
Dual based tape measure
Tape measure end hook for eliminating error in plane surfaces measuring
Adhesive measuring tape
Apparatus and method for measuring a contoured surface
Extendable level
Rotary encoder
Hydrogen collection and detection
Damped paddle wheel for plasma chamber shock tube
Sensor element having a protective device
Duty cycle correction circuit with frequency-dependent bias generator
Byte code instrumentation
Method of and apparatus for designing layout of analog cells, and computer product
System and method of placing components for minimizing wire congestion and wire length in performing a function
Determining an optimum wiring pattern and component placement scheme for a printed wiring board
Designing method of semiconductor integrated circuit using library storing mask pattern of macro circuit and designing apparatus executing the same
Method of localized placement manipulation without extra latency
Tape-out system of mask tooling network for multiple supply chain
Displaying information relating to a logic design
Virtual tree-based netlist model and method of delay estimation for an integrated circuit design
Computer-aided design supporting system in which cells can be arranged independently
Computer system having memory device with adjustable data clocking using pass gates
Methods and apparatus for optical communication update of program memory in embedded systems
Gestation calendar
Reversible flex holder for flexible face sign
Shape-shifting game can
Hub lock releasing structure for a tape recorder and related method of fabrication
Wiring device with ground clamping plate
Semiconductor memory device with recessed array region
Method of tape bonding
Connector for armored electrical cable
Integrated communications and connection system for truck tractors
Method for manufacturing linkage terminal
Pliers for compression connecting a connector for a telephone line
Method for mounting external heat dissipater to light emitting diode
Double-core active fiber optical amplifier having a wide-band signal wavelength
Coaxial cable preparation tool
Cable management system for electronic devices such as flat panel monitors
Raised floor system and support apparatus
Method of producing edge reflection type surface acoustic wave device
Method for detecting a number of consecutive valid data frames and advancing into a lock mode to monitor synchronization patterns within a synchronization window
System and method for automatically designing communications circuits
Method of manufacturing a multilayer printed wiring board
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