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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and materials for conferring resistance to pests and pathogens of corn
Chitosan films treated with organic polyhydroxyalkyl compounds and laminates made therefrom
Canine excrement collector
DNA sequence and preparation of grass pollen allergen Phl p 4 by recombinant methods
Apparatus carrier with pivot arm and suction foot
Multi-functional clamp
Condensed heterocyclic compound
Inhibitors of HCV NS5A
Crystalline form of a .beta.-lactamase inhibitor
Neutral zwitterionic displacer molecules for hydrophobic displacement chromatography
T cell epitopes of the Cyn d 1 allergen from bermuda grass pollen
Method for treating cancer or cancer metastasis
Plasminogen and plasmin variants
Biologic compounds directed against death receptor 5
Metal complexes of poly(carboxyl)amine-containing ligands having an affinity for carbonic anhydrase IX
System and method of interactive advertising using a game of chance
Touchscreen game allowing simultaneous movement of multiple rows and/or columns
Toy projectile
Device for adapting toy roadway track and bricks
Building elements for building three-dimensional structures, and methods for assembling the building elements
Performing Operations; Transporting
Extraction of neutral lipids by a two solvent method
Polyolefin-composite hollow-fiber membrane and manufacturing method for same, and hollow-fiber membrane module
Ammonia detoxification device
UV assisted polymer modification and in situ exhaust cleaning
Phosphide catalyst for syngas conversion and the production method and use thereof
Molecular sieve membranes and thermal treatment methods of making the same
Hybrid anion exchanger impregnated with hydrated zirconium oxide for selective removal of contaminating ligand and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Surface treatments for alignment of block copolymers
Vibrating screen modules
Pallet washing apparatus
Spring-capture assembly for a spring-biased mechanism and pressure relief valve including same
Methods of shifting and bending rolls in a rolling mill
Strip casting apparatus for rapid set and change of casting rolls
Positive feed drill
Internal milling cutter
Cutting insert having chip control surface with outwardly facing arcuate corner protrusions
Welding robot
Method of and a device for forming a projection on a metal member and a metal part processed by the method of forming a projection
Singulation of layered materials using selectively variable laser output
Apparatus and method for placing and mounting solder balls on an integrated circuit substrate
Automatic tin-adding machine
Dual-spindle machining apparatus
Buffing apparatus for production of retreaded tire
Apparatus and method for polishing an edge of an article using magnetorheological (MR) fluid
Scraper and sandblaster assembly and methods of use
Cam-activated bench vise
Handled ratcheting tool with a flip out handle
Fruit and vegetable decorative cutting device
Reducing indentation in a label included on the exterior surface of an injection-molded product
Method for coating a core of an arbitrary shape by thermoforming, automatic machine for the implementation thereof and finished product obtained by such a method
Reliability centred maintenance
Non-contact etching of moving glass sheets
Fencing ornament
Method for producing a textile semi-finished product and textile semi-finished product for a textile fiber composite structure
Bridge sleeves with diametrically expandable stabilizers
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Pattern printing apparatus, pattern printing method, and test apparatus
Variable force wiper for maintenance station of imaging device
Liquid discharge head and image forming apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and control method, configured to detect remaining ink
Method for providing a spine label pocket on a binding cover
Tape dispenser
Quick-release device for use on a bicycle
Switching mechanism
System and method for operating a large single engine sweeper
Apparatus for actuating shift lever for vehicle
PTU cantilever ring gear disconnect
Self-supported cushion assembly for an interior vehicle part
Self-supported cushion assembly for an interior vehicle part
Motor vehicle cup holder
Cargo partitioning system
After market driving assistance system
Side airbag, curtain airbag and back window airbag
Front passenger seat airbag apparatus
Swiveling tailgate support system
Flat wiper blade and flat wiper blade assembly
Automotive vehicle braking management system and method
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Grocery cart beverage holder
Systems and methods for causing a rotational force to be applied to a vehicle
Circumferential movement device
Seat post for a bicycle
Flexible joint for solid carbon rigging
Apparatus for mounting accessories to a personal watercraft
Apparatus for dousing a sail
Wake enhancing method and apparatus
Boat hoist apparatus and method of use
Inflatable watercraft with motorized cassette
Active dihedral control system for a torisionally flexible wing
Electrical power transmitting telescopic strut
Apparatus and method for baling paper and cardboard
Oil replacement apparatus
Method for preserving the firmness and internal pressure of a resin cartridge and improving the shelf-life of a resin cartridge
Procedure and apparatus for the treating containers such as plastic bottles in a bottle filling plant or containers in a container filling plant
Method and apparatus for the cleaning of containers such as plastic bottles in a bottle filling plant or containers in a container filling plant
Device for sliding lid on a drilling mud container
Hexagonal combination storage box
Dispensing device for edible goods and/or novelties
Low profile material handling system
Collapsible wire carrier
Forklift and control method of forklift
Power hand truck
Multiple-way bottle cap opener and method
Metered liquid dispensing bottle
Manufacture of an article having an edge wrapped decorative covering overlying a substrate
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and reactor system for the preparation of an olefinic product
Method and apparatus for generating mercury (II) sulfide from elemental mercury
Polymer inclusion membranes for use in processes for treating thiocyanate containing aqueous solutions
Selective hydrogen adding equipment for living organism applicable fluid
Isopipe sag control using improved end support conditions
Use of a glass composition for making a solar collector with a glass-metal joint
Use of cellular concrete aggregates and manufacturing process
Process for the preparation of an olefinic product, oxygenate conversion catalyst particles, and process for the manufacutre thereof
Distillation method for the purification of sevoflurane and the maintenance of certain equipment that may be used in the distillation process
Method for producing unsaturated compounds
Process and intermediates for preparing macrolactams
Uracil derivatives as AXL and c-MET kinase inhibitors
Processes for the preparation of sodium 5,14-dihydrotetraazapentacene polysulfonate, and intermediates thereof
Arylosulfonamides for the treatment of CNS diseases
Azaindoles useful as inhibitors of Janus kinases
Viral polymerase inhibitors
Disubstituted 3,4-diamino-3-cyclobutene-1,2-dione compounds for use in the treatment of chemokine-mediated diseases
B-lactamase inhibitor picoline salt
Process for preparing alditol acetals
Polymerizable organoboron alkyd resin anti fouling coatings
N-substituted acrylamides, preparation method and use thereof
Transition metal catalysts for hydrogenation and hydrosilylation
Phosphoric acid ester derivatives
Biosensor for detection and visualisation of single-stranded DNA
Functional enhancement of antimicrobials
Agent derived from tortoise spleen stimulating mammalian hemopoiesis
Preparation of thioether polymers
Preparation of functional polysulfones
High performance positively charged composite membranes and their use in nanofiltration processes
Tunable segmented polyacetal
Method and related arrangement for devulcanization of vulcanized rubber
Method for producing water-absorbent polymer foams
Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and alcohols
Energy cured coating composition and process of applying same to substrate
Curable compositions
Method for preparing white carbon black modified by silane coupling agent
Copper particulate dispersion, conductive film forming method and circuit board
Hydrosilylation reaction inhibitors, and use thereof for preparing stable curable silicone compositions
Ultra-violet curable adhesive
Transition metal catalysts for hydrodesulfurization
Formulations of random polymers for improving crude petroleum flow
Process of reactive trituration directly on an oil cake
Method and apparatus for esterifying fatty acid
Cleaning compositions comprising low HLB 2-propyl heptyl alcohol alkoxylates and alkyl polyglucosides
Staged inoculation of multiple cyanobacterial photobioreactors
Cell culture unit and cell culture device including the same
Cell culture instrument and cell culture method using the same
Device for monitoring cell culture development
Process for preparing FGF21 with low degree of O-glycosylation
Yeast strain and screening method for identifying inhibitors of the expression of the hexose transporter genes by a positive phenotype
Method of detecting single nucleotide polymorphisms
Cartridge and device for analyzing biological samples using temperature-controlled biological reactions
Magneto-plasma separator and method for separation
Method for manufacturing composite metal alloy and method for manufacturing article from composite metal
Bis-ketoiminate copper precursors for deposition of copper-containing films and methods thereof
Plating apparatus
Stamping apparatus for biochips and method for operation thereof
Textiles; Paper
Wool, fleece and/or fiber picker apparatus and methods
Washing machine and control method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Method for waterproofing substrate
Dock kit
Manhole riser extension assembly
System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Framework for structural use
Wall panel fastening structure
System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes
Prefabricated staircase and finishing arrangement and installation method therefor
Foldable sound attenuator
Shade shelter with solar panels
Sports stadium with removable turf field
Pool cleaners
Unclimbable child barrier
Storage, handling and positioning device for drill rods and methods thereof
Method and conduit for transmitting signals
Multifunction well plug dual locking elements
Inline retrievable system
Downhole system and apparatus incorporating valve assembly with resilient deformable engaging element
Flow control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Trochoidal rotary device
Tailpipe diffuser
Integrated piston and bridge
Combustor with brief quench zone with slots
Bleed outlet structure for a bleed valve
Turbine for an exhaust turbocharger of an internal combustion engine
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Induced flow intake for an internal combustion engine
Tower for a wind power plant and method for erecting a tower for a wind power plant
Vertical-axis wind turbine
Method for assembling a bent-axis pump/motor
Float-operated pump switch
Finned seal assembly for gas turbine engines
Energy storage system and method for energy storage
Linear bushing and bushing housing assemblies and methods
Cage nut
Threaded fastener positive anti-rotation locking device
Fold formation of a component connection
Bearing assembly for a support roller
Polymeric bearing articles for use in ultra-high pressure and velocity environments
Angular ball bearing
Installation and removal tool for use with rolling element bearings
Torsional couplers
Springs and methods of forming same
Seal assembly
Fluid circulation valve having an axial return spring
Pressure independent control valve
Pipe coupling and coupling member thereof
Oil pipe connection device for a hydraulic brake
Water outflow device
Portable device support and organizer system and method
LED lamp and lens unit therefor
Lampshade and frame assembly
Lighting apparatus and lighting apparatus assembly using the same
Partially recessed luminaire
LED replacement of directional incandescent lamps having a heat spreader and circuit board with light sources and driver disposed on opposite sides thereof
Structure of outdoor illuminating device
Display device
Light-emitting device for emitting diffuse light
Method and apparatus for introducing diluent flow into a combustor
Combustor dynamic attenuation and cooling arrangement
Room ventilation system and apparatus
Retrofittable thermal storage for air conditioning systems
Method of making pieces of ice and an ice dispensing device
Apparatus, systems and methods for loading moonclips
High shooting speed dual-power gear structure of toy gun
Arrowhead with adjustable barb for bowfishing
Systems and methods for a limb strike detector
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Surveying and leveling device
Method for assessing condition of fibers
Measuring device of air flow rate for air conditioning system
Non-powered impact recorder
Spectrometer apparatus using continuous wave laser and photomultiplier tube
Method for measuring fiber content of polyethyleneterephthalate and polytrimethyleneterephthalate fibers
Portable biochemical testing apparatus operating method
Crystallinity evaluation method, crystallinity evaluation device, and computer software thereof
Multi-linear X-ray scanning systems and methods for X-ray scanning
Method for estimating state-of-charge of lithium ion battery
Methods and apparatuses for MEMs based recovery of sequence verified DNA
Method and device for environmental monitoring
Copper, starch and iodide moisture indicator
System for obfuscating identity
Protein involved in ovarian cancer
Photonic Doppler velocimetry lens array probe incorporating stereo imaging
Method and device for measuring the rotational speed of a turbocompressor, and motor vehicle
Probes with offset arm and suspension structure
Test apparatus and pallet for parallel RF testing of printed circuit boards
Parallel scan path distributor/collector controller having serial and control inputs
Tap linking module test access port controller with enable input
Radar system and detection method
Optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry using doped lithium fluoride crystals
Scintillators and applications thereof
Parameterizing a geological subsurface feature
Procedure for the determination of effective and total porosity of carbonated sedimentary rocks, and morphology characterization of their micro and nanopores
Preventing glass particle injection during the oil fill process
Illumination devices and methods of fabrication thereof
Dynamically variable graphic material using electrostatically attracted particles
Display device and method of manufacturing the display device
Active matrix lighting units for a display
Scanning image projector and method of driving scanning image projector
Display device using coherent light beam and vehicle based thereon
Stray light suppression for head worn computing
2D/3D polarized display method and device
Lens module including voice coil motor and image sensor module
Optical element with infrared absorbing layer and lens module including same
Cable slack storage for wall outlet
Optical connector package and optical connector
High-precision passive alignment of optical components with optical waveguides using a common adapter
Connector assembly having a slidable connector
Optical connector
Focusing lens assembly and camera having the same
Eyewear frame ornamentation
Sealing system for use in variable focus lenses
Reduced profile glasses
Optical film and display device having the same
Drive transmission apparatus and image forming apparatus
Motor, holder and image capture device using same
Interactive control system, methods of making the same, and devices incorporating the same
Display apparatus for an operating room
Optical module used in projection device
Actuator and camera module having same
Developing device, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Detection device, developing device and image forming apparatus
Charge control agent and toner for electrostatic image development containing same
Encoder, servomotor, and motor unit
Method to control the temperature of a high powered computing component through a liquid cooled heatsink responsive to an increase in the thermal value
Calculating a thermal value to control the flow of liquid through the liquid cooled heatsink which is in thermal communication with the high powered computing component
Evaluating service degradation risk for a service provided by data processing resources
Identifying a storage location for a storage address requested during debugging
Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
Error correcting code encoder supporting multiple code rates and throughput speeds for data storage systems
Method and apparatus for transitive program verification
Recreating timing issues during program debug
Migrating virtual machines across sites
Physical-to-logical address map to speed up a recycle operation in a solid state drive
Restoring virtualized GCU state information
Apparatus, system, and method for a storage layer
Method and system for distributing tiered cache processing across multiple processors
Generalized storage allocation for multiple architectures
Increasing efficiency of block-level processes using data relocation awareness
Solid state memory with reduced number of partially filled pages
Data versioning in solid state memory
Buffer management strategies for flash-based storage systems
File system for maintaining data versions in solid state memory
File system for maintaining data version in solid state memory
Pseudo cache memory in a multi-core processor (MCP)
System and method for efficient buffer management for banked shared memory designs
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and medium storing program
Administering message acknowledgements in a parallel computer
Handling of data transfer in a LAN-free environment
Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
Consistent web application presentation
Peer-to-peer redundant file server system and methods
Method and apparatus for executing code in a distributed storage platform
Real time examination of conditions of physical machines using augmented reality in smarter data center
Operating cloud computing and cloud computing information system
Layout processing method for document editing by reducing blank areas in a document
Method, system and computer program product for providing digital content
Method for automatically creating transforms
System and method of retrieving and presenting partial (skipped) document content
Clipboard for processing received data content
Webpage display system leveraging OSGI
Webpage display system leveraging OSGi
Pre-translation testing of bi-directional language display
Bulk traversal of large data structures
System and method for remote file search integrated with network installable file system
Detecting changes in end-user transaction performance and availability caused by changes in transaction server configuration
Tuple routing in a streaming application
Classifying objects
License reconciliation with multiple license types and restrictions
Method and apparatus for mashing up web applications
Extensible dependency management framework and method
Generation of electronic pedigree
Stacked multiple-input delay gates
Mask layout patterns for closely spaced primitives in phase shift photolithography masks
Method for collision-free transfer of a plant from an substantially off mode to an operating mode
Test system for determining a frequency response of a virtual power plant
Mobile device peripherals management system and multi-data stream technology (MdS)
Displaying an icon based upon user input
Techniques for presenting password feedback to a computer system user
Case secure computer architecture
Configuring identity federation configuration
Managing access to class objects in a system utilizing a role-based access control framework
Method and apparatus for providing function of portable terminal using color sensor
Frequency determination across an interface of a data processing system
FIFO buffer clean-up
Bridge device with an error tolerant DMA transfer function
Apparatus and method for writing data to recording medium
Method and system for interworking plurality of applications
Electronic device and screen display method
Method for syncing different touching systems
Facilitating operation of controls displayed in a display surface independently of the size of the display surface
Detecting and handling unintentional touching of a touch screen
Detecting and handling unintentional touching of a touch screen
Kind of multi-touch input device
Image sensor panel and method for capturing graphical information using same
Touch panel for determining real coordinates of the multiple touch points and method thereof
Method and apparatus for parallel scanning and data processing for touch sense arrays
Application quick launch extension
Object visualization
Updating assets rendered in a virtual world environment based on detected user interactions in another world
Method of capturing system input by relative finger positioning
Enhanced detachable sensory-interface device for a wireless personal communication device and method
Managing data set volume table of contents
Adaptive reference tuning for endurance enhancement of non-volatile memories
Implementing hardware auto device operations initiator
Method and arrangement for detecting printers, a corresponding computer program, and a corresponding computer-readable storage medium
Click-to-print system, apparatus and method
System and method for prioritizing print jobs in a batch
Device management apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method for replacement device
Printing device capable of canceling print job, printing method, and storage medium
Data transmission apparatus, method for controlling data transmission apparatus, and storage medium
Method for operating at least one sensor of a vehicle and vehicle having at least one sensor
Hybrid data backup in a networked computing environment
Utilizing reference/ID linking in XML wrapper code generation
Enhanced search query modification
Internet based system and method for wagering on an artist
Temperature key and method for protecting security of computing device using the temperature key
System and method to establish and use credentials for a common lightweight identity through digital certificates
Accessing information during a teleconferencing event
Method for preconfiguring an appliance, and method for starting up the appliance
Apparatus and method for reducing overhead caused by communication between clusters
Representing models in systems development lifecycle (SDLC) tools using a network of internet resources
Program integration that accommodates restrictions on merge-locations
Integrated help system using linked data for distributed systems
Validating translations of externalized content for inclusion in an application
Advancing and rewinding a replayed program execution
Collaborative software defect detection
Recording and replaying computer program execution with log amplification logic
Test planning with order coverage requirements
Weighted code coverage tool
Resilient mock object creation for unit testing
Step over operation for machine code function calls
Distributed debugging of an application in a distributed computing environment
Method and device for program installation
Transformation of computer programs and eliminating errors
Co-location of virtual machines with nested virtualization
Monitoring resource usage by a virtual machine
Deterministic remote interface unit emulator
Using preprovisioned mutated templates
Real time measurement of I/O interrupt delay times by hypervisor for hot spot analysis
Apparatus and computer program product for adaptively determining response time distribution of transactional workloads
Virtualization apparatus and method for controlling access to hardware device by I/O request
Method and apparatus for efficient execution of concurrent processes on a multithreaded message passing system
Information processing system, image forming apparatus, control method, and recording medium for management of a job consisting of multiple tasks
System and method for thread protected testing
Environment based node selection for work scheduling in a parallel computing system
Governor for elimination of repetitive requests
Secure application partitioning enablement
Resource allocation for migration within a multi-tiered system
Card reader, electronic apparatus and protection method for memory card
Tamper-resistant housing assembly
Method for the detection and classification of microcalcification clusters in digital mammograms
Systems and methods for capturing artifact free images
Determining images having unidentifiable license plates
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional tracking of infra-red beacons
Systems and methods for processing documents of unknown or unspecified format
Generating an image tour based on a set of images
Method for logging a user in to a mobile device
Method and system of classifying medical images
Graph similarity calculation system, method and program
Object recognition or detection based on verification tests
Generating deportment and comportment cohorts
Liquid crystal display
Linearly related threshold voltage offsets
Opportunistic decoding in memory systems
Polymer-graphite nanocomposites
Liquid composite compositions using non-volatile liquids and nanoparticles and uses thereof
Planar metrology pad adjacent a set of fins of a fin field effect transistor device
Semiconductor device with vias on a bridge connecting two buses
Tribology combined with corrosion resistance: a new family of PVD- and PACVD coatings
Method for powering a liftgate with solar energy
Method and device using a ceramic bond material for bonding metallic interconnect to ceramic electrode
Electrical connector
LED Christmas light with four connection pins
Electric vehicle charger
External settings that reconfigure the error handling behavior of a distributed PCIe switch
Interfacing a multimedia application being executed on a handset with an independent, connected computing device
Bidirectional optical transmitting and receiving device
Method and apparatus for generating vibrations in portable terminals
Document verification with distributed calendar infrastructure
Authentication of user interface elements in a web 2.0 environment
Trusted platform module switching
Methods and apparatus for validating communications in an open architecture system
Automatic garage door automatic monitoring and controlling system based on the internet of things concept and near field communication (NFC) technology
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Stereoscopic flat panel display with scrolling backlight and synchronized liquid crystal display update
Social and retail hotspots
Network interface to a video device
Electronic incense assembly
Multi-frequency heat treatment of a workpiece by induction heating
Method for manufacturing integrally formed multi-layer light-emitting device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Forearm-mounted trowel assembly
Gardening tool
Spreader apparatus
Elevator for bulk material and related apparatuses
Collapsible frame for ensnaring animal waste
Carrying and/or storing device
Method of calling game using a diaphragm game call having an integral resonance chamber
Support system
Animal stunning system
Precision micro cutting system
Smoke cooker with a chimney
Transporting device for food products
Glutathione, green tea, grape seed extract to neutralize tobacco free radicals
Method of an apparatus for inverting filter cigarettes and the like
Combination key ring, pill box and light
Flexible key chain having adhesively attached connector halves
Collapsible umbrella with reinforced rib structure
Package and a case for contact lenses and method for applying a contact lens in an eye
Portable electronic device protective cover
Travel case with deployable table
Multistack pizza bag
Mascara brush for making up eyelashes
Hair band having straps and flexible rod
Soft-sided sports bag for carrying outdoor sports and activities accessories
Shoulder carrier with inflatable lumbar support
Toothbrush and manufacturing method thereof
Brush roll and its brush device
Joint structure for strengthening steel pipe stability
Modular table leg assembly
Keyboard holder
Computer mouse and arm rest
Detachable storage device for a desk
Cabinet with downward extendable/retractable shelves
Floating partition for filing equipment
Frameless stackable cabinet system for rack mounted electronic equipment
Apparatus for lifting or supporting modular furniture
Graphic arts station
Slide folding structure for folding chairs and chairs
Continuously adjustable lawn furniture with flexible seat
Adjustable headrest
Stackable chair with flexible back support
Adjustable lumbar support
Pivotal and retractable armrest assembly
Chair umbrella
Article dispenser
Candy holder with spring-ups
Adjustable bookend
Display device for novelty item
Revolving rack for holding or displaying pistol nozzles
Multi peg adapter device
Storage unit
Display and storage device
Neckform for displaying jewelry
Multiple object support means for walls and method of use
Tool for hanging a frame
Temperature cup
Bra support
Break-away bracket for mounting window covering components
Refill cartridge for a drink dispensing device and device designed for such a cartridge
Heater and heat exchanger retaining clips
Apparatus for pneumatically stirring a beverage
Drink stirring device
Grinding device for a drain pump
Mechanical heartburn and reflux treatment
Device for holding an abutment
Pedicure tool
Fixing device for at least one operating element suitable for application in sterile areas in surgical operations, such as a surgical instrument
Surgical theater system having light, monitors, and cameras
Surgical microscope and stand assembly
Surgical tray support system
Wireless biopotential sensing device and method with capability of short-range radio frequency transmission and reception
Remote patient monitoring system with garment and automated medication dispenser
X-ray examination device and method for producing undistorted X-ray images
Adaptive CT monitor correction system and method
Ergonomic grip for hand instruments
Means for inserting filling material during dental treatment
Method and apparatus for determining and monitoring orthodontic treatment
Defining tooth-moving appliances computationally
Dental model base assembly
Apparatus for making an absorbent pad for use in absorbent articles
Bone substitute for training and testing and method for making
Nasal epidermal lifting mechanism
Device and a method for mechanical installation and removal of inflatable vaginal pessary
Device for provisionally connecting a fastening strap to an anchor point
Crutch platform attachment
Emergency pill dispenser
Tablet feeder
Method for controlling a drug dispensing system
Medicine supply apparatus
Medicine supply apparatus
Pernasal application of aerosol medication
System for in vivo sterilization of a respiratory circuit
Automated odor modifier
Capsule opening arrangement for use in a powder inhaler
Method and apparatus for providing and controlling oxygen supply
Continuous positive airway pressure headgear
Elastomeric connector coupling motor to cam actuator of infusion pump
Method for injecting a contrast medium to generate prolonged uniform vascular enhancement
Safety harness and ladder assembly
Protective breathing equipment with fast positioning
Light-in-weight golf club holder
Splattle paddle
System and method for establishing pitch parameters in a ball-throwing machine
Adjustable fit in-line skate
Apparatus for affixing climbing skins to skis
Binding mounting system and method of rapidly mounting front and heel jaws of a ski binding
Method of playing a casino card game with bonus based on positioning
Game system and information storage medium
Simulation game machine
Ball-game-type game program, computer-readable recording medium on which such a program is recorded, and ball-game-type game processing apparatus and method
Racing car board game
System and method for playing a game of knowledge and wagering
Children's ride-on vehicle with mechanical speed control
Doll case
Interactive toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid extracting apparatus
Universal grommet seal for spin-on type filters
Filter with pump retaining feature
Ecological fuel filter cartridge and element
Zero gravity liquid-vapor separation system
Methods for reducing NOx in combustion flue gas using metal-containing additives
Parallel stirring apparatus
Mixer apparatus and method with improved shaft stub end seal structure
Mist fan
Gap mill
Methods and apparatus for materials processing
Device for separating components of a fluid sample
Method and apparatus for crushing glass
Control device of a pistol nozzle of a lawn sprinkler
Laminar nozzle
Dosing and delivering system
Hand-operated pump with a free floating sleeve piston
Structure water sprayer head assembly
Structure of spray gun air guide nozzle with dual pressure reduction
Hose sprayer assembly
Apparatus for distributing a release agent for use in the manufacture of ligno-cellulosic composite materials
Apparatus and method of delivering a focused beam of a thermodynamically stable/metastable mixture of a functional material in a dense fluid onto a receiver
Structure of adhesive dispenser
Two-stage cure coating compositions
Workstation for containing organic and inorganic vapor contaminants
Self-excited drill bit sub
Method and apparatus for injecting steam into landfills
Vibration control apparatus for steel processing line
Multi-stage metal-forming machine tool
Molding method and system with a molding apparatus
Method of spray forming readily weldable and machinable metal deposits
Method of Producing a cooling plate for iron and steel-making furnaces
Control of heat flux in continuous metal casters
Process for casting a continuous metal strand
Wheel for a motor vehicle and method of making same
Method and apparatus for semi-molten metal injection molding
Semi-solid casting apparatus and method
Casting using pyrometer apparatus and method
Side-bolt bearing caps
Balancing assembly for a rotating member
Countersink cage
Machine for perforating and binding sheets
High production, riding, concrete saw
Process for manufacturing electronic circuit devices
Method and apparatus for soldering and soldering land of a printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for acoustic pressure assisted wave soldering
Wire bonding spool system
Friction stir welding method
Transfer fluxing method and apparatus for component placement on substrate
Method and apparatus for mounting semiconductor chips
Multiple flame torch tip and method
Companion duct flanges
Cutting tool having liquid-spraying nozzles for controlling chip formation
Tool holder and dust port combination
Adapter for supplying lubricating fluid to a workpiece-engaging tool
Veneer lathe knife assembly
Throw-away tip with abrasion sensor
Method of machining rare earth alloy and method of fabricating rare earth magnet using the same
End surface polishing machine
Eccentric-swinging device for a sanding machine
Dust protection cover for a rotary grinding tool
Rotary mower blade grinder
Sacrificial retaining ring CMP system and methods for implementing the same
Substrate supporting carrier pad
Tire resurfacing device
Pneumatic clamping apparatus and method thereof
Electric clamp apparatus
System for guiding the jaws in grippers operated by a fluid
Device for displacing a pipe etc
Apparatus and method for restricting the discharge of fasteners from a tool
Nail gun with washer feeding device
Ergonomic handle pry bar
Audio and video effect stapler
Cart and stand for supporting and transporting metal working apparatus
Robot with externally positioned protective hose
Robot for production machine
Automatic centering system for finishing machine
Mold for fabricating semiconductor devices
Molded insert netted map pocket
Handling system for a plastic material injection molding machine
Rotary disc valve assembly for use with an injection mold cooling system
Regular division of molten extrusion flow
Container conveying apparatus
Spirally corrugated pipe elbow and method for manufacturing same
Led decorative light bulb and its manufacturing method
Trash bag patch
Tire containing at least part of an electrical current generator intended for the supply of sensors and/or other electrical devices present within the tire, and method for manufacture the said tire
Embossing and laminating device for web material
Laminated film, method for production thereof, bag and package using the laminated film, and method for separation thereof
Method to prepare a printing plate and printing plate
Ink jet recording apparatus and recording method therefor
Printer suitable for printing on a surface other than a printed surface
Nozzle arrangement that incorporates a reversible actuating mechanism
Feeding apparatus, printing apparatus and feeding control method
Inks-and-printing-media-integral-type pack, printing liquid and sheets container, sheet supplying device, and printing apparatus comprising the same
Preloaded stabilizer mechanism in a dot matrix printer
Method for synchronizing print start positions for an inkjet printer carriage
Printhead carrier with rotatable bearings
Ink-jet printer in which high speed printing is possible
Color filter producing method and apparatus
Data bandwidth reduction to printhead with redundant nozzles
Ink jet recording head, driving condition setting method thereof, and ink jet recording device
Printhead with malfunction prevention function and printing apparatus using it
Ink-jet printing apparatus, ejection recovery method for ink-jet printing apparatus, and fabrication method of ink-jet printing head
Recording apparatus and a recording method
Inkjet printhead assembly
Microinjector head having driver circuitry thereon and method for making the same
Ink-jet head and ink-jet printing apparatus
Ink-jet head
Ink jet head allowing highly dense arrangement of nozzles
Method of protecting heater surface of ink-jet printer, ink-jet recording apparatus, recording unit and method of prolonging service life of ink-jet recording head
Method for mutual spatial registration of inkjet cartridges
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording head
Ink-jet recording method and ink-jet recording apparatus
Liquid jetting apparatus
Maintenance cap forming a sealed condition around nozzle rows of an ink jet print head
Fluid head cleaning system
Inkjet printhead capping method and apparatus
Capping mechanism for a print engine
Ink printing method and ink printing apparatus
Liquid container for ink jet head
Method and apparatus for keying ink supply containers
Ink supply system and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink supply device and ink filling method
Printing control method, printing device, printing control device and storage medium storing printing control program
Image printing system and printing method of the same
Substrate for thermal recording head, ink jet recording head using the substrate, recording apparatus with the recording head, and method of driving recording head
Ink jet printing method and apparatus
Ink printing method and ink printer
Method of propelling an inkjet printer carriage
Method and apparatus for horizontally loading and unloading an ink-jet print cartridge from a carriage
Installation for producing sheet-shaped printed articles
Sheet processing apparatus for discharging sheets in a bundle
Banknotes incorporating security devices
Banknotes incorporating security devices
Method of making a foil faced financial transaction card having graphics printed thereon and card made thereby
Data card
Marker pen
Pen having a 3-dimensional pattern thereon
Pencil sharpener
Paint tray
Metering device for water or solvent paint vessel covers
Dual wheel assembly differential
Wheel with rim having seats inclined toward the outside
Runflat system for a motor vehicle
Hub cap with picture
Run flat pneumatic tire and anticlastic band element therefor
Inflation of tires with deoxygenated air
Tire having inside walls
Pneumatic tire having layer of rubber disposed between the body and belt package
Radial tire with crown reinforcement including radial ply
Auxiliary lift axle suspension
Vehicle suspensions
Method for controlling the level of a vehicle body of a motor vehicle
Kingpin independent front suspension
Swing arm
Tractor with front suspension
Actuator for car air duct damper
Externally accessible climate control system for passenger coaches
Air-conditioning system for a commercial vehicle
Method and apparatus for ventilating at least one window in a vehicle
Glass release button assembly of automotive tailgate
Lighted vehicle body opening weather strip
Window mount for motor-vehicle soft top
Rear end closure assembly for an automotive vehicle
Motor vehicle tailgate mounted to pivot about a horizontal axis in the vicinity of its bottom edge
Reliable retractable protective cover assembly
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Golf cart canopy and bag support bracket
Vehicle canopy system
Condenser, radiator and fan assembly module
Vapor bypass tube for a tank
Check valve and fuel tank with check valve attached thereto
Hybrid vehicle drive apparatus
Generator control device for an electrical automobile
Hybrid vehicle
Electrical current generating/distribution system for electric vehicles
Child safety seat
Headrest arrangement for a vehicle seat
Frame for a vehicle seat
Mooring device for maintaining a dump body in a raised position
Electronic slide-out room synchronization system
Hold-down device for pick-up truck cargo beds
Light guiding headlight for a vehicle
Secondary alert light for motor vehicles
Illuminated exhaust tail pipe assembly
Waveguide illumination assembly for an automobile license plate
Orientation illumination in a motor vehicle
Mirror with improved button construction
Rotary connector
Rotary connection device
Inflatable side curtain
Airbag and airbag arrangement
Air bag device
Inflation mechanism for inflatable seat belt
Air-bag device and a method for folding an air-bag
Steering wheel air bag protective device
Inflatable knee airbag
Mounting structure of automobile headlamp
Folding foot step with anti-skid surface
Vehicle bed storage box
Cargo bed storage trunk for a vehicle
Demountable wheeled container for carrier of a sports utility vehicle
Mobile containment pad
Stabilizer pad configurations
Electric brake system for manual wheelchairs
Electronic aircraft braking system with brake wear measurement, running clearance adjustment and plural electric motor-actuator RAM assemblies
Brake value signal transmitter for an electrically controlled and activated brake system
Method for determining an initiation threshold value for an automatic braking process
Traction control apparatus and method for four-wheel drive vehicle
Isolation valve armature configured to reduce bernoulli force during normal braking operation
Piston pump for a vehicle brake system
Vibration damper for a hydraulic brake system of a vehicle
Railroad maintenance-of-way personnel warning system apparatus and method therefor
Ergonomic hand throw arm for railroad switch mechanism
Wheeled container cart
Multimode collapsible cart
Power-assisted hand carrier
Adjustable seat back arrangement for stroller
Extruded vehicle chassis and method of making a chassis
Offset mounting bracket
Hydroform structural reinforcement system
Electric power steering apparatus
Ballast weight arrangement
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Auxiliary solenoid controlled variable displacement power steering pump
Method for securing slider to trailer
Method of converting a refuse collection body to a semi-trailer and a refuse collection semi-trailer
Crawler belt type traveling system
Locking device for a detachable bicycle top tube assembly
Anatomically correct bicycle seat
Bicycle steering dampening apparatus and an apparatus for installing the same
Bicycle suspension apparatus and related method
Sand buggy
Motorcycle ski
Device for storing fenders on a boat
Interlocking system, apparatus and method for connecting modules
Automatic inflating watercraft flotation device
Spar construction method
Depth-compensated underwater light
Watercraft lift assembly
Hub assembly for marine propeller
Free standing storage stand for an outdrive
Small waterplane area multihull (SWAMH) vessel
Switchable electrochromic devices with uniform switching and preferential area shading
Jet actuators for aerodynamic surfaces
Device and method for reducing aircraft noise
Vertical take-off and landing vehicle configured as a compound autogyro
Method for deploying a parachute on a drone
Escape slide
Satellite attitude control system
Airship shaped space craft
Rotary flow control device for bag filling machines
Method and device for welding strips of a thermoplastic material
Air blowing tool for heat-shrinkable packing material
Label holding and dispensing device
Valve bag
Formed stacking element integral with plastic storage bags
Article with improved tamper evidence
Fusible pressure relieving drum closure
Induction-sealed composite container end closure
Food scoop with condiment holder
Packaging box and method packaging
Easy opening handled carton
Stackable tray with divider
Container with integral spacer
Folding carton with pressure-activated closure mechanism
Paperboard can with an integrated paperboard lid having a slide closure
Unitized package for insulation products
Cardboard container obtained by folding a strip for objects of a variable height
Food delivery tray with ribbed upper surface
Method and apparatus for cushioning an article
Product saver
Beverage container in a housing
Replaceable cooler tops with sport logo
Adjustable pipe rack
Method and apparatus for magnetically mediated controlled powder discharge
Trash can system
Adjustable position slide for transporting articles
Self cleaning cushion box for spouting, which transfers products by gravity from one position to a second position
Roller conveyor
Roller and belt conveyor system
Woven endless and needlepunched corrugator single facer belt
Conveyor chain for use in crossed delivery conveyor
Conveyor mat built up from plastic modules, and module for such conveyor mat
Conveyor belt system
Reduced drag side flexing conveyor system
Roller chain attachment member
Connection element for two components, one of which is tubular
Board conveying apparatus and operation performing system
Vibratory feeder embodying self-contained control
Hold and release singulator
Conveyor system and a method for operating same
Rotary air lock feeder with improved material intake and discharge
Mobile conveyor system
Method and apparatus for distributing particles such as grain
Apparatus for feeding sheetlike material
Dancer roll mechanism and web feeding apparatus incorporating such dancer roll mechanism
Automatic roll tensioner and material dispensing system using the same
Device for braking sample and defective sheets of a sheet-processing machine
Image recording apparatus
Paper separating device of the automatic document feeder
Adjustable tray and method for receiving and storing sheets of web material
Yarn processing system
Sheet feeding apparatus and image processing apparatus
Apparatus for controlling charging and discharging of supplemental power supply of an elevator system
Elevator communication controller and communication control method
Pulley system for a traction sheave elevator
Guide device for escalator step or moving walkway plate
Lubricating device for an escalator or a moving walkway
Elevator installation with a device for operating in a special mode
Lifting magnet with roller cam release mechanism
Gripper of a liftable and lowerable load-carrying apparatus for grabbing containers from above
Apparatus and a method for use in handling a load
Reel assembly
Cable guide arrangement having a cable guide channel arranged in a detachable insert
Ergonomic insert for aerial bucket
Self locking basket assembly
Universal saddle for lift
Forklift blade cover
Spout and its assembly with a receptacle
Bottling plant for bottling carbonated beverages
Tap with incorporated air passageway
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing erythropoietin containing no animal proteins
Photochromatic tattoo
Strip guiding device comprising a rotatable construction for changing supporting rolls having cooling means
Apparatus and method for forming a deposited film by a means of plasma CVD
Method of forming a coating on machine components
Textiles; Paper
Motive drive for warp selection
Method for manufacturing solid structural material and foundation fabric therefor
Tack-in apparatus
Blind stitch sewing mechanism
Structure high speed zigzag stitch industrial-use sewing machine
Paper stock cleaning apparatus
Method in the hydraulic roll control system of a papermaking machine or the like and a multipressure hydraulic roll control system
Fixed Constructions
Rail anchoring spike
Electrically insulating rail system
Rail arrangement
Shear-load chuck holder
Slip form paver
Paving stone
Reduced skin friction bore casing
Rotary displacement piling equipment
Valve having safety structure for cutting off hot water
Vacuum system
Variably mountable profiled bar for use as a column, bracket, tie-bar, strut or the like for devices
Tool for cleaning rain gutters
Rail-to-post mounting bracket
Insulation installing tool
Utility scaffolding having safety features
Staff holder
Erectable canopy with reinforced roof structure
Door security striker fastening plate and method
Electric door lock
Device for locking a moveable part that is fitted onto a motor vehicle
Electrically operated lock for doors of motor vehicles or the like
Door latch cover for automotive vehicle
Door security apparatus
Latching mechanism of an anti-finger catching system
Rotary latches with enhanced service longevity
Latching apparatus
Bi-folding door
Binder bin including dampening mechanism for door
Hidden window screen for sash window
Safety gate
Structure of a blind adjustment
Rolled screen drawer
Steerable underreaming bottom hole assembly and method
Arrangement on a floating device for overhauling offshore hydrocarbon wells
Slips for drill pipes or other tubular members
Internal riser rotating control head
Apparatus for forming wellbore casing
Method and apparatus for gripping objects
Independently retrievable subsea tree and tubing hanger system
Device for introducing a high pressure fluid into well head components
Tubing head control and pressure monitor device
Side element of a drilling template
Multiplier digital-hydraulic well control system and method
Sampling device
Excavation system and method employing adjustable down-hole steering and above-ground tracking
Three-dimensional steering tool for controlled downhole extended-reach directional drilling
Sonde housing structure
Fluid drilling system with drill string and retro jets
Method and arrangement for preventing the passage of a mining vehicle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotating seal
Seal structure for gas turbine
Axial seal system for a gas turbine steam-cooled rotor
Methods and apparatus for sealing gas turbine engine variable nozzles
Turbomachine shroud fibrous tip seal
Methods and apparatus for adjusting gas turbine engine variable vanes
Vane adjustment mechanism for variable capacity turbine, and assembling method for the same
Frequency-mistuned light-weight turbomachinery blade rows for increased flutter stability
Rotor with integrated blading
Turbine disc
Method and apparatus for reducing rotor assembly circumferential rim stress
Methods and apparatus for damping rotor assembly vibrations
Turbine airfoil with single aft flowing three pass serpentine cooling circuit
Thin walled cooled hollow tip shroud
Method for operating an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Method and apparatus of controlling the actuation of a compression brake
Balance shaft housing
Oil change system for road vehicles
Oil filter and oil cooler mounting arrangement for a four-cycle motorcycle engine
Modular muffler with end plate adaptors and spark arresters
Combination radiator and thermostat assembly
Thermostatic device having two regulating conditions and two thermostatic elements
Turbocharged engine with exhaust gas recirculation
Fuel tank-mounting structure for portable power working machine
Multi cylinder internal combustion engine comprising a cylinder head internally defining exhaust passages
Diesel engine exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and method
Engine control system
Air-fuel ratio control with improved fuel supply operation immediately after complete combustion of mixture
Internal combustion engine
Direct injection variable valve timing engine control system and method
Engine self-diagnosis apparatus and control apparatus
Separate injector main timing maps for use with and without pilot
Engine cylinder head
Evaporated fuel processing system
Fluid flow through an integrated pressure management apparatus
Common rail injector
High-pressure fuel reservoir for a fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Method for machining a high pressure fuel accumulator, high pressure fuel accumulator and connector branches for using said method
Fuel delivery rail assembly
Flow amount control device
Fuel injector
Internal combustion engine having combustion heater
Depression container
Piston type compressor having suction structure with arcuately shaped suction valve
Compressor with enhanced oil changing cover
Normally closed in-channel micro check valve
Compressor system and method and control for same
High pressure fuel pump
Scroll compressor with lubrication directed to drive flat surfaces
Gas supplying device for vacuum pump
Oil free screw compressor
Fluid machinery having stepped spirals with axial pushing means for the moving spiral
Vacuum pumping apparatus
Miniature well and irrigation pump apparatus
Marine in bilge blower
Assembly structure for a turbo compressor
Tandem axial face seal for pumps for cryogenic media
Feed pump
Integrated duct diffuser
Centrifugal trash pump
Supersonic 4-way self-compensating fluid entrainment device
Dual-spool hydraulic directional valve
Balanced rotary servovalve
Screw retention device having a hook
Corner cover mounting structure for heat-insulated housing for use in refrigerator
Rolling bearing unit for supporting wheel
Bearing with cooperating inner and outer shells
Solid lubricating rolling bearing
Self-containing full-complement roller bearing cage
Coated rolling element bearing
Seal assembly
Vehicle bearing device
Assembled flange-bearing shell
Multiple-clutch device
Actuating device for the actuation, in particular pneumatic actuation, of a friction clutch
One-way clutch
Magnetic brake and electromechanical braking device with a magnetic brake
Mechanical module with variable characteristic set by the act of installation
Torque limiting mechanism
Spring device for shock absorber with adjuster
Isolation mount
Vibration isolator
Device for adjusting the length of a support and method for producing same
Magneto-rheological fluid device
Hydrodynamic coupling device
Differential assembly with synchronizing preload
Method and device for actuating a motor vehicle clutch device
Parking brake, notably for automatic transmission systems of motor vehicles
Brush seal
Labyrinth sealing device having a grease purgeable system
Enhanced and remote meter reading with vibration actuated valve
Pressure operable device for an integrated pressure management apparatus
Ball valve
Multifunctional urgent shutoff safety valves
Spring assisted electric/electronic globe control valve
Control valves for heating and cooling systems
Hydraulic system
Suspension of a valve plate of a vacuum valve
Hollow body in the form of a flexible bar
Anti-rotation arrangement for a detection device assembly
Adjustable pipe connector
Insert coupling
Releasable plug-in connector for high pressure lines
Junction plate assembly for undersea hydraulic couplings
Sealing assembly
Existing pipe cut-off method, existing pipe slitting method, piping structure, and valve insertion method for inserting a valve in a line without stopping passage of water or fluid
Foldable frame support device for supporting a top plate used for furniture
Oil mist lubricator
Chemiluminescent lollypop
Torch for scuba diving
Display lamp
Vehicle headlamp
Accent light adjustable assembly
Sidemarker light
Blink lamp for vehicles
Flood lamp with improved light energy utilization
Headlamp for vehicle
Increased life reflector lamps
Illuminated display for a gaming device
Illumination apparatus for edge lit signs and display
Color effect light
Lighting system observable by humans but not turtles to protect turtle nesting environment
Catalytic heater assembly
WSL gas igniter
Adjustment and control unit for gas burner valves with bimetal rod-and-tube thermostat
Burner for non-symmetrical combustion and method
Ventilator by force of nature with pressurization conduit hood
Switch device for gas burner
Heating apparatus
Range hood
Cooking apparatus with a gas burner and a device for holding a cooking vessel support over the gas burner
Adapter for coupling air duct to fan-driven vent
Furnace heat exchanger
Biosensors for monitoring air conditioning and refrigeration processes
Closing system for refrigerating chambers
Temperature management apparatus for foodstuff in storage cabinet
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger tube
Small bullet loading device removably fitted to an air gun
Semi-automatic firing compressed-gas gun
Synchronous compound bow with non-coplanar actuators and interchangeable leveraging components
Indicating device with a pointer
Heat transfer monitoring/measuring device
Method and apparatus for the evaluation of vacuum insulation panels
Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a moulding in an open blister package based on sensed temperature differences
Contact structure and production method thereof and probe contact assembly using same
Apparatus and method for eliminating electrical noise in the fire detect timing signal of an air gun
Wireline acoustic probe and associated methods
Projection lens of projection display apparatus
Portable image projection system having reduced weight and profile
Apparatus for creating visual power of a blind person
Assembly and device for optical beam transformation
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Optical connector
Fiber optic connector receptacle
Spring clip assembly for fiber optic adapter
Fiber connector and adapter
High power optical adapter
Fiber optic assembly
Method and apparatus for protecting fiber optic connectors
Image control system
Dynamic delay curve generator for ultrasonic imaging system
Developing unit and developing method
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method
Flexural joint
Method of correcting thermal displacement of machine tool
Thermostatic mixing device with arrangement to increase mixing
Fluid delivery system
Circuit board retaining assembly
Method and apparatus for accessing an object, and storage medium storing a program for controlling access to an object
Print control apparatus and print control method
Method of fabricating a remote intelligent communications device
Memory card and card socket
Method and apparatus for reading invisible symbol
Method of tracking produce selection data
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Coin sensing apparatus and method
Method of playing a game, apparatus for playing a game and game with multiplier bonus feature
Emergency strobe light system
Reading teaching aid
Teaching device for indicating structure of various organs in a body
Model of complex structure and method of making the same
System for implementing collaborative training and online learning over a computer network and related techniques
Mobile percussion instrument field rack system
Voice selection apparatus voice response apparatus, and game apparatus using word tables from which selected words are output as voice selections
Reel support for rotating reels in tape recorder
Threading mechanism for magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Reel spring for use of a magnetic tape cassette and a magnetic tape cassette
Multiconductor interconnect
Information storage apparatus and information processing apparatus using the same
Apparatus for processing a microelectronic workpiece including a workpiece cassette inventory assembly
Wafer demount gas distribution tool
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Foup opener
Substrate transfer shuttle having a magnetic drive
Material delivery system for clean room-like environments
Wafer positioning device
Carrier handling apparatus of an IC module handler
Retaining tool of heat radiator
Retention module for securing heat sink
Humidifier for use with a fuel cell
Electroluminescent jumper cables
Shielded carrier for land grid array connectors and a process for fabricating same
Electrical connector for flat cables
Plug-and-socket connection for water-cooled, current-bearing lines for tools
Power adapter carrying strap
Electrical power connector
Zero Insertion Force socket having mechanical fastening device
Electrical contact for ZIF socket connector
Electrical socket
IC socket
Evacuated high voltage connector
Electrical connector for high density signal interconnections and method of making the same
Lever-type connector with engagement markers
Electrical connector couple having mating indication device
Coaxial connector for coaxial cable having a corrugated outer conductor
Electrical connector
Fixing structure for connecting a connector and a printed circuit board
Electrical connectors
Electrical adapter
Flat cable connector with lead fixing detents
Socket for electric part
2-piece ladder rack bracket
Wire winding method and wire winding apparatus for stator core
Process and apparatus for balancing rotating bodies, in particular rotors of electric motors
Multiple marker inkjet printing for increased print speed
Projection display device comprising means for cooling an optical unit and air quantity controlling means
Lighting device and projector
Electronic component feeding apparatus
Electrical connector with strain relief feature
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