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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rotary weeding device
Landscape rake
Method for seed devitalization
Preservation of plant material
Oxygen transport reactor-based oven
Apparatus and method for sensing and controlling the concentration of pulp in a concentrated pulp stream
Hands free hookah mouth tip
Protective ear shades
Methods, apparatuses and systems for conditioning skin
Sandal with removable straps
Level device for a shoe
Attachable ornament with functional features
Flexible umbrella holder
Apparatus and kit for containing sports equipment
Device and method for mixing hair coloring chemicals
Golf club cleaning device
Position lock for product display rack
Front loading frame on rail display system
Food preparation system
Electrostatic dust collector
Pharmaceutical marketing device and method
Mechanical ventricular pacing non-capture detection for a refractory period stimulation (RPS) pacing therapy using at least one lead-based accelerometer
System and method for correcting motion artifacts in imaging
Methods, device and system for in vivo detection
Intravascular imaging detector
Fiber optic device for sensing analytes and method of making same
Image radiographing system
Sunglasses with flip-up visor
Walker for improved stairway mobility
Bymixer apparatus and method for fast-response, adjustable measurement of mixed gas fractions in ventilation circuits
Water filled unitary flexible pouch for use with heating element
Mechanism and method of attaching a stimulation and/or sensing electrode to a nerve
Lead anchoring assembly
Device for insertion of electrode lines or other medical instruments into a body
Energy efficient therapeutic pulse generator system
Patient monitoring, diagnosis, and/or therapy systems and methods
Pressure assisted aerial retardant delivery system
Fire fighting nozzle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Paint roller
Paint roller
Classifier with variable entry ports
Axially compact power tool
Method and facility for producing separator for use in polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Method of manufacturing a split bearing ring
Bulk amorphous alloy sheet forming processes
Torsion eliminating compression device for cable
Positioning tool for fan
Method and apparatus for jet pump restrainer assembly repair
Safety block
Hand tool with replacement handle
Spring back safety and film cutter
Safety scalpel
Modular die system
Apparatus and method for tin-tie application
Production spring striper
Method for printing on spherical object and pad to be used therefor
Print head and image forming device using the same
Digital writing apparatus
Line head and image forming apparatus using the same
Magnetic organizing and attachment device
Line marking assembly
Caster for an image forming apparatus
Self-inflating tire
Diaphragm pump for self-inflating tire
Electric vehicle having exchangeable battery modules and method of resupply therefor
Vehicle-mounted electronic apparatus
Auxiliary and motive electric power pick-up structure for land vehicles
Removable water bar for vehicles
Method and apparatus for bridge collision alert monitoring and impact analysis
Vehicle mounted equipment carrier
Wiper apparatus
Charge/discharge control device and charge/discharge control method for power storage device, and electric-powered vehicle
Center mount handguard
Positive control for watercraft platform
Amphiphilic fouling release coatings
Method for detonating an unexploded munition
Fuel container, fuel residual amount measurement device, and fuel residual amount measurement method
Talking trash receptacle
Liquid dispensing apparatus
Trash can assembly
Autonomous mobile conveyor system
Workpiece supplying apparatus and workpiece supplying method
Cosmetics container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pull-rolls for use in glass manufacturing processes and methods for making the same
Ladle shroud transport/storage device for transferring liquid metal
Textiles; Paper
Efficient energy usage for a laundry appliance
Fixed Constructions
Machine attachment based speed control system
Adapter stabilization structure for bucket lip
Plumbing pipe and garbage disposal sanitizer and deodorizer
Mineral composite panel and its production process
Pneumatic support
Hub and strut connection for constructing a geodesic dome
Block deck using concrete
Steel and wood composite structure with metal jacket wood studs and rods
Pre-assembled hip, ridge or rake shingle
Frames and hinges
Handle structure
Cylinder lock assembly with non-rotating elements
Padlock assembly
Sliding door module for a motor vehicle door
Roller shutter for an opening in a building
Control device for cordless blind with willful stop
Down hole tool with adjustable fluid viscosity
Downhole shock absorber with guided crushable nose
Flow diverter ring for reducing wear in mud saver valves
Electrodes for electrical current flow heating of subsurface formations with conductive material in wellbore
Apparatus for monitoring a positional relationship between a boring tool and an inground line
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Linear multi-cylinder stirling cycle machine
Mobile diesel power system with separated engine and exhaust
Method for controlling the flow of a cooling liquid
Torque multiplier engines
Water injection system using water reclaimed from combustion exhaust
Method and system for operating a compression ignition engine on alcohol containing primary fuels
External cooling fluid injection system in a gas turbine engine
Injector-igniter with thermochemical regeneration
Self-actuating drainage device and method of operation
Pivot ring for a manual clutch
Shock energy absorber
Driving force distribution device
Multi-functional concealed shower valve
Check valve
Band clamp installation markers
Furnace chute
Transportable kitchen
Solar heat collecting apparatus and solar power generation system
Convection enhanced closed loop geothermal heat pump well
Apparatus, method, and system for automatically turning off an actuator in a refrigeration device upon detection of an unwanted condition
Flexible cooling system integration for multiple platforms
Machine for producing water for wind energy
Portable air heating system
End of cycle detection for a laundry treating appliance
Security system
Firearm charging handle
Systems, methods, and apparatus for securing a recording device to a hunting apparatus
Multifunction security device
Bullet projectile and case feeding device
Integrated electric match initiator module with isolated lift and burst function for a pyrotechnic device
Activation unit for munitions-free decoy target
Hot hole charge system
Retroreflector for ultrasonic inspection
Coated metallic sample peel test
Tape measure assembly
Miniature rotary encoder
Human-readable, bi-state environmental sensors based on micro-mechanical membranes
Sensitivity modulated imaging systems with shearing interferometry and related methods
Navigation system
Routing assistance system
Test apparatus and methods thereof
Flow measurement unit
Apparatus and method for fluid monitoring
Sensor for two-phase flow measurements
Utilizing gross vehicle weight to determine passenger numbers
Apparatus and method for obtaining spectral information
Method to monitor safe operation of an ultracapacitor
System and method for detecting cylinder misfire
Measuring device for measuring consistency of cement slurry for a consistometer
Imaging apparatus
Radiographic apparatus and radiation detection signal processing method
Systems and method for homeostatic blood states
Probe tile for probing semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus, measurement result management system, and management server
Method and a system for flow control in a communication network
Technique for adaptively load balancing connections in multi-link trunks
Automated tray transfer device for prevention of mixing post and pre-test dies, and method of using same
Generation of test sequences during memory built-in self testing of multiple memories
Test stage for a carrier having printhead integrated circuitry thereon
Baseboard testing interface and testing method thereof
Modeling and calibrating a three-port time-domain reflectometry system
Radar system for motor vehicles
Radar, radio frequency sensor, and radar detection method
Monostatic planar multi-beam radar sensor
Systems and methods for determining turbulence and turbulent mixing in the free atmosphere
Optical element and imaging device
Objective lens system
Optical arrangement for the production of a light-sheet
High-NA projection objective with aspheric lens surfaces
Human-readable, bi-state environmental sensors based on micro-mechanical membranes
Laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Fiber optic dust cap assembly and method
Bare fiber adapter
Fiber optic microphone and a communication system utilizing same
Single mode propagation in fibers and rods with large leakage channels
TE-TM mode converter
Suspension board with circuit
Mirror, mirror unit, and optical switch
Method for coordinating an uplink TDMA access shared by several sub-networks of a passive optical network (PON)
Optical network transmission channel failover switching device
Optical element and optical pickup
Liquid crystal display device having a wire securing member
Liquid crystal display
Optical sheet, backlight unit, and liquid crystal display
Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
Optical modulators
Continuous intermediate image carrier for an electrophotographic printer or copier
Transfer Di-chorotron (Dicor) cover with constant paper current density
Edge wear reducing pressure roller and an electrostatographic reproduction machine having same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including fixing device
Image forming device
Single line control for HVAC actuator
Construction equipment machine with hydraulic pressure controlled selecting system
Passive overpressure and underpressure protection for a cryogen vessel
Circuits, architectures, apparatuses, systems, and methods for low noise reference voltage generators with offset compensation
Auxiliary turn-on mechanisms for reducing conduction loss in body-diode of low side MOSFET of coupled-inductor DC-DC converter
Electric power flow control
Active eco pedal apparatus
Method, system, and apparatus for improving multi-core processor performance
Method and apparatus for generating random number
Peaking control circuit
Multiphase clock for superconducting electronics
Administering a system dump on a redundant node controller in a computer system
Storage system and storage system management method
Method for safely interrupting blocked work in a server
Storage controller, and control method of the same
Restarting an errored object of a first class
Method for monitoring and managing a client device in a distributed autonomic computing environment
Broadcast receiving device
Fault detection method, test circuit and semiconductor device
Cluster system and method of controlling power-supply to blade servers included in cluster system
Sequencer cache and method for operating the same
Handling digital documents in a networked system using an e-mail server
Interactive display of a data storage infrastructure for a communication network
Defragmenting objects in a storage medium
Method and apparatus for efficiently accessing both aligned and unaligned data from a memory
Method and system for probing FCode in problem state memory
Network system and information processing method
Transparent multi-hit correction in associative memories
Multi-hit detection in associative memories
Windows radio toolbar
Method and apparatus for tracking cached addresses for maintaining cache coherency in a computer system having multiple caches
Multiplex mobile high-definition link (MHL) and USB 3.0
Interrupt redirection with coalescing
Dual printhead controller architecture having hidden slave
System and method for achieving interoperability in home network with IEEE 1394 and UPnP devices
Media player plug-in installation techniques
Infrastructure for management and communication of information
Efficient server handling of multiple requests from a web browser
Location-based method and system for dynamically managing network physical objects
Printing management system and electronic file printing method
Email address identifier software, method, and system
Method and apparatus for configuring a network node using multiple peer-to-peer layers
Device, program and method for assisting in preparing email
Multiple node remote messaging
System and method for network discovery and connection management
Computer product, request grouping apparatus, and request grouping method
Method for automatic configuration of prefixes at maps in HMIPv6
Multicast content usage data collection and accounting
Information processing system and method
Ordered data compression system and methods using principle component analysis
Processing system including a reconfigurable channel infrastructure comprising a control chain with combination elements for each processing element and a programmable switch between each pair of neighboring processing elements for efficient clustering of processing elements
System and method for a tool pane within a markup language document
Preference setting in a computer system
Method for visualisation of status data in an electronic system
On demand data proxy
Packet transfer apparatus
Displaying information on a mobile device
Method and apparatus for distributing assignments
Using stochastic models to diagnose and predict complex system problems
Collision possibility determining device
Method and apparatus for processing sentiment-bearing text
Information processing apparatus and information processing method for determining character layout
System for processing sentiment-bearing text
Natural language interaction with large databases
Method and system for interfacing clients with relationship management (RM) accounts and for permissioning marketing
Image metadata action tagging
Integration of predefined multi-dimensional and flexibly-ordered dynamic search interfaces
User interface for faceted exploration
System and method for automatically generating a result set
Easy-to-use data report specification
Electronic file conversion program, electronic file conversion apparatus, electronic file conversion system, computer data signal, and electronic conversion method
Storage apparatus, data restoration method and computer system
Method and mobile terminal for efficient file list creation
System and method for piggybacking on interface license
Probabilistic retrospective event detection
Online agent ordering server and system for ordering items including booking activities from an in-room TV
Method for determining a sky view of an antenna
Method and apparatus for performing analytic placement techniques on logic devices with restrictive areas
System of three-dimensional multipurpose elements and the method for creating three-dimensional multipurpose elements
Methods and systems for forming semiconductor structures
Quantitation of nucleic acids using growth curves
System for reliable collaborative assembly and maintenance of complex systems
Method and system for handling commands requesting movement of a data storage medium between physical media libraries
Method and system for mapping virtual coordinates
Display control device for touch panel-type setting-operation unit, electronic apparatus and image forming apparatus
Circular touch sensor
Image distribution system and client terminal and control method thereof
Scheduling system
On-demand numerical conversion
System and method for storing and accessing data in an interlocking trees datastore
Method and system for creating context based summary
Method for accessing a data entity and its versions
Recursive file backup
Method and apparatus for multi-contact scheduling
Schema signing and just-in-time installation
Automatic file conversion to a target format
File formatting on a non-tape media operable with a streaming protocol
Architecture and design for central authentication and authorization in an on-demand utility environment using a secured global hashtable
Protection against unintentional file changing
Systems and methods for delegating information technology authorization to at least one other person
Booting utilizing electronic mail
Detectable null memory for airflow baffling
Data processor and methods thereof
System and method for deriving stochastic performance evaluation model from annotated UML design model
Operating system process identification
Process automation system
Urgent replication facility
Bank note processing machine and method for operating bank note processing machine
Behavior prediction apparatus and method therefor
Method for construction of a linear-sized validation-plan of W3C XML schema grammars
Method of converting computer program with loops to one without loops
Representing type information in a compiler and programming tools framework
System and method for the localization of released computer program
Performance-based workload scheduling in multi-core architectures
Extensible scheduling of tasks in time-triggered distributed embedded systems
System for controlling assignment of a plurality of modules of a program to available execution units based on speculative executing and granularity adjusting
Migrating a virtual machine that owns a resource such as a hardware device
Method and apparatus for creating, sending, and using self-descriptive objects as messages over a message queuing network
Apparatus and method for reducing errors in analog circuits while processing signals
Storage medium storing image processing program, image processing apparatus and image processing method
Copy detection system using correlations of copy detection patterns
Systems and methods for robotic transport
Extracting ordinary and extraordinary optical characteristics for critical dimension measurement of anisotropic materials
Pattern shape evaluation apparatus, pattern shape evaluation method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and program
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, shape diagnostic apparatus, shape diagnostic method and program
Recomposing photographs from multiple frames
Spot-based finger biometric processing method and associated sensor
Method and apparatus for airway detection and segmentation using 3D morphological operators
Sensing data input
Method for integration of vectorial and/or tensorial measurement data into a representation of an anatomical image exposure
Devices, systems, and methods for processing images
Sign coding and decoding
Signal processing method, signal processing apparatus, computer-readable medium and a data recording medium
Enhancing the quality of decoded quantized images
Creating a depth map
State machine compression using multi-character state transition instructions
Method, system, and program product for dispatching an event to a rule using key-value pair
Electronic payment system, a recording medium recording an electronic payment program and an electronic payment apparatus
Method and product for offering advertising services
Advertising keyword cross-selling
System and method for provision of information services
Method and computer program for the acquisition of capital equipment using web-based purchase pooling
Financial advisory system
Method and apparatus for context-sensitive event correlation with external control in situation-based management
System and method for object oriented hardware including cross-point switch interconnecting modules with I/O
Determination of unicode points from glyph elements
Printing system using a portable terminal and printing charge collecting method
Radio frequency identification devices with separated antennas
Remote communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, wireless communication systems, wireless communication methods, radio frequency identification device communication methods, and methods of forming a remote communication device
Radio communication system
Self-powered rechargeable smoke/carbon monoxide detector
Alarm equipped door safety device
Event localization within a distributed sensor array
Open and covert detection mechanisms for materials at locations of interest
Audio-activated soothing device
Atmosphere device with user interface for light and fragrance control
Methods and arrangements for adaptively changing snoozing intervals of wireless devices
Method for interpretation of a radio-electrical command
Mobile system and method for traffic detector simulations
Modular solar powered illuminated alphanumeric identification system
Plasma display device
Driving a bi-stable matrix display device
Display apparatus and display control method therefor
Method for driving liquid crystal panel, and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same
Shift register and organic light emitting display using the same
Apparatus displaying three-dimensional image
Combined audio coding minimizing perceptual distortion
Method and apparatus for detecting bad data packets received by a mobile telephone using decoded speech parameters
Information processing terminal for notification of emotion
Recording and reproducing device
Error correction mapping
Head control method, control device, and storage device
Disk-device correcting system, information managing device, master-disk producing device, and master-disk producing method
Optical storage medium, optical read/write apparatus, and optical read/write method
Hologram recording method and device, hologram reproduction method and device, and optical recording medium
Optical pickup lens and optical pickup apparatus
Optical information recording-reproducing apparatus
Optical disk device and method for determining disk type
Optical head apparatus and optical information recording or reproducing apparatus
Recording medium with segment information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Data storage cartridge and system including non-tape storage medium
Integrated circuit having a resistive memory
SRAM memory with reference bias cell
Semiconductor device
Carbon nanotube fuse element
Flash memory device using double patterning technology and method of manufacturing the same
Common-mode insensitive sampler
Apparatus and method for defect replacement
Using fractional sectors for mapping defects in disk drives
Method for performing a defective-area management in an optical media
Semiconductor memory device having read operation testing function
Semiconductor device and method for detecting abnormal operation
Dynamic real-time delay characterization and configuration
Row decode driver gradient design in a memory device
Juvenile product inductive power transfer
Transforming apparatus for automatically adjusting three-phase power supply voltage
Passive electrical components with inorganic dielectric coating layer
Multi-segment capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Flat panel display having a control frame pedestal and method of making same
Plasma display with a novel green-silicate phosphor
Bezel packaging of frit-sealed OLED devices
Organic electroluminescent device having a diffraction grating for enhancing light extraction efficiency
Window BGA semiconductor package
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
System in package (SIP) structure
Substrate for electrical device and methods for making the same
Semiconductor chip and semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Composite interconnect structure using injection molded solder technique
Overlay correction by reducing wafer slipping after alignment
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Temperature compensation circuit
Compact rake piezoelectric assembly and method of manufacturing same
Battery pack charged by external power generator and supplying discharge power to external load in parallel to external power generator
Modular electric power generation system and method of use
Method of forming a non-linear path of an electrically conducting wire
Mobile terminal equipment and antenna thereof
Antenna, component and methods
Antenna device and radio communication system
Manufacturing method for a dual interface card
High frequency communication device on multilayered substrate
Loop antenna and loop antenna manufacturing method
Methods and apparatuses of using metal needle arrays for specimen lift-out and circuit edit
Method for forming a current distribution structure
Method to secure a circuit board
Injector laser
Cable management arrangement for a telecommunications cabinet
Over-voltage protection for voltage regulator modules of a parallel power system
CPU power control circuit
Spark gap protection device
Semiconductor device of power compensation
Charging a secondary battery
Battery conditioner and charger
Battery supplementing super capacitor energy storage charge and discharge converter
Electronic device, battery pack, and electronic device system
Battery-powered apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Electrical machine, in particular a synchronous motor, with redundant stator windings
Magnetic force rotation device
Magnetic member, rotor and motor
Linear motor
Electromechanical flight control system and method for rotorcraft
Electric motor with a retractable shaft
Electric machine having a hybrid bearing
Apparatus and method for control of an active front steering (AFS) system
Method for braking a running metal strip and unit for carrying out the method
Method and apparatus for deriving an integrated circuit (IC) clock with a frequency offset from an IC system clock
Phase controlled oscillator circuit with input signal coupler
Amplifier circuit
Audio amplifier
Trimming technique for high voltage amplifiers using floating low voltage structures
Sound reproducing system for use with multiple rooms
Apparatus with acoustically coupled BAW resonators and a method for matching impedances
Surface acoustic wave device, transmitter, and transceiver
Integrated circuits with hybrid planer hierarchical architecture and methods for interconnecting their resources
Methods and apparatus for compensating for skew in a differential signal using non-complementary inverters
Differential signaling system and method of controlling skew between signal lines thereof
Reducing power consumption by disabling power-on reset circuits after power up
Reducing errors in data by dynamically calibrating trigger point thresholds
Accessing multiple user states concurrently in a configurable IC
Output voltage slew rate control in hard disk motor drive
Method for calculating filter coefficients for an equaliser in a communication receiver using hermitian optimisation
Appliance control system with a zero crossing detecting circuit
Electronic component comprising a modulator
On die signal detector without die power
Phase lock loop (PLL) with gain control
Phase synchronization apparatus
A/D conversion circuit and electronic instrument
Systems and/or devices for providing an isolated analog output or analog input
Data processing method, data processing apparatus, semiconductor device, and electronic apparatus
Autonomic parity exchange
Error correcting processing device and error correcting processing method
Time-interleaved delta-sigma modulator
Combinatorial coding/decoding with specified occurrences for electrical computers and digital data processing systems
Combinatorial coding/decoding with specified occurrences for electrical computers and digital data processing systems
Multiple radios communication device and a method thereof
Front end and high frequency receiver having quadrature low noise amplifier
Multi-input multi-output transceiver with power consumption management based on receiver parameter and method for use therewith
Circuit arrangement with radio-frequency mixer, and receiver arrangement with the circuit arrangement
Radio broadcast receiver, automatic tuning device for radio broadcast and method for receiving radio broadcast
Information processing unit, information processing method, program for the same, recording medium for recording the program therein, and reproducing unit
Radio receiver and radio transmitter
High-frequency switch
System and method for protecting optical light-trails
Optical packet network system
Photonic time-domain electromagnetic signal generator and system using the same
Pulse pattern generator and communication device evaluation system utilizing the same
Communication device, communication system, communication method, communication program, and communication circuit
Methods and apparatus for transitioning between states
Receiving module and receiving device using the same
Circuit arrangement and method for reducing electromagnetic interference
System and method for establishing a connection between wireless devices
Information terminal device, radio communication system and radio communication method
Power consumption management based on receiver parameter and method for use therewith
Radio-over-fiber (RoF) optical fiber cable system with transponder diversity and RoF wireless picocellular system using same
Reception terminal apparatus
Communication within a wireless network using multiple signal transmission powers
Packet receiving method and device
Uplink scheduling
Method for providing heterogeneous services in terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting system using picture-in-picture function
Combined simulcasting and dedicated services in a wireless communication system
Method and device for recovering a shared mesh network
Optical cross-connector containing multi-stage Clos network in which a single-stage matrix comprises one stage of the Clos network
Extendable loop-back type passive optical network and scheduling method and apparatus for the same
Optical signal transmission device and optical communication network
Method and system for polling mobile stations in a wireless network
Resource allocation management
Traffic control method, apparatus, and system
Method of scheduling regular signal transmission in a cellular wireless system
Transcoding apparatus, method and medium
Method for loaning digital works
Multi-channel wavelet codec
Impulsive noise suppressor and method thereof
In-network per packet cashes
Derivative packet delay variation as a metric for packet timing recovery stress testing
Minimizing mutual interference for multi-radio co-existence platforms
Method and apparatus for deep packet processing
Layer 2 switch network system
Method and system for transparent transport of optical channel transmission unit signals via an optical transport network
Network interface controller with receive side scaling and quality of service
Method and system for reducing look-up time in packet forwarding on computer networks
System and method for provisioning a quality of service within a switch fabric
Method and apparatus for mapping 3GPP service primitives to media independent handover event services
Systems and methods for contention control in wireless networks
System and method of optimizing the static segment schedule and cycle length of a time triggered communication protocol
Integrated information communication system
Enhancement of dual transfer mode when circuit switched resources are released
Method and apparatus for assigning and allocating network resources to packet-based virtual private networks
Method for the higher-order blind demodulation of a linear waveform transmitter
Using hierarchical identity based cryptography for authenticating outbound mail
Fine grained access control for wireless networks
Secure bytecode instrumentation facility
Double phase encoding quantum key distribution
Methods for controlling rendering of images and video
Key generating apparatus, program, and method
Apparatus, system and method of ensuring that only randomly-generated numbers that have passed a test are used for cryptographic purposes
Link key injection mechanism for personal area networks
System and method for receiving a signal on a mobile terminal
Mobile communication terminal having opening mechanism
Cellular phone
Cellular phone
Dipole antenna for a portable communication device
Portable electronic device with double acting hinge arrangement
System and method for using speech recognition with a vehicle control system
Automated tools for testing echo cancellers using natural speech excitations
Sealing current terminator for inhibiting oxidation and methods therefor
Serialized prevention of duplicate charging data records
Portable electronic device, recording medium and communication function changeover method
Method for transmitting message in mobile network and mobile terminal
Method and system for protocol embedded automated test control
Conference bridge which decodes and responds to control information embedded in audio information
Communication terminal and reception blocking method thereof
Device, method, and computer program product for providing enhanced blogging features on a mobile phone
Method and apparatus for double-talk detection in a hands-free communication system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, data processing method, image processing method, and programs for implementing the methods
Three-dimensional image display device
Apparatus and method for restoring DC spectrum for analog television reception using direct conversion tuners
Image-pickup apparatus for dust prevention
Voice coil motor
Lens module with ramped lens and camera module with same
Aperture value calculation for a digital camera capable of displaying and/or recording a movie image
Apparatus and method for reducing image blur in a digital camera
Digital camera and method for identification of objects
Video signal processing apparatus
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
Receiving apparatus
Video apparatus and method of controlling the same
Portable electronic apparatus, image processing method, photographing apparatus, and computer readable recording medium
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Playback apparatus, Playback method, recording medium, and program
Recording and reproducing apparatus, content reproducing apparatus, magnetic disk device, and control method thereof
Compact optical permanent read-only recording discs with read-write sections enabling users to write data to personalize the discs to the users' needs
Recording apparatus, recording method, program, recording medium, and image pickup apparatus
Terrestrial digital TV broadcast signal receiver
Method and system for preparing video communication image for wide screen display
Digital broadcast receiver apparatus, digital broadcast receiving method and program
Imaging apparatus configured to correct noise
Imaging method that continuously outputs a signal based on electric charges generated by a selected pixel unit without performing an operation of deselecting the selected pixel unit
Method and apparatus for wireless communication of identification information between radio frequency devices
Condenser microphone
Mobile station localization apparatus, systems, and methods
Method and apparatus for controlling wireless medium congestion by adjusting contention window size and disassociating selected mobile stations
Access points with selective communication rate and scheduling control and related methods for wireless local area networks (WLANs)
Apparatus and method to support VoIP calls for mobile subscriber stations
Method and system to facilitate interaction between and content delivery to users of a wireless communications network
Apparatus for network communication system allowing for persistent request slots for network nodes as well as separate identification to be sent from nodes
Walsh code expansion in wireless communications systems
High efficiency and low cost cold cathode fluorescent lamp driving apparatus for LCD backlight
Circuit arrangement and method for operating at least one electric lamp and at least one LED
Computer device and cluster server device
Printed wiring board unit
Display system in article of clothing
Data center rack mount loading system
Grounding apparatus of portable electronic devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Semiconductor isolation process to minimize weak oxide problems
Methods for making silicon-on-insulator structures
Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon
Process for forming high voltage junction termination extension oxide
Process for producing a semiconductor device with a roughened semiconductor surface
Methods of forming flip chip bumps and related flip chip bump constructions
Method for using a CVD organic barc as a hard mask during via etch
Fabricating low K dielectric interconnect systems by using dummy structures to enhance process
Method of low-K/copper dual damascene
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Formation of self-aligned passivation for interconnect to minimize electromigration
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of forming damascene wiring in a semiconductor device
Film stack and etching sequence for dual damascene
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming a copper damascene structure over tungsten plugs with improved adhesion, oxidation resistance, and diffusion barrier properties using nitridation of the tungsten plug
Method of producing a semiconductor body with metallization on the back side that includes a titanium nitride layer to reduce warping
Apparatus and method of a low pressure, two-step nucleation tungsten deposition
Method of forming a contact
Method to improve intrinsic refresh time and dichlorosilane formed gate oxide reliability
Copper metallization structure and method of construction
Method of forming multi-level copper interconnect with formation of copper oxide on exposed copper surface
Hot metallization process
Method of enhancing protection of dielectrics from plasma induced damages and equipment
Semiconductor processing methods of forming a conductive projection and methods of increasing alignment tolerances
Assembled storage battery unit of the collective type
Explosion-resistant large capacitive lithium ion secondary battery
Electroactive high storage capacity polyacetylene-co-polysulfur materials and electrolytic cells containing same
Hydrogen storage alloy electrode and method for manufacturing the same
Attenuated phase shift mask and a method for making the mask
Photomask provided with an ESD-precluding envelope
Color filter and method for manufacturing the same
Color filter and method of manufacturing the same
Charge transport layers and/or charge generation layers comprising unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons and photoconductors including the same
Imaging members
Release layer for contact transferring liquid immersion developed images
Aggregation processes
Process for producing toner
Composition for reflection reducing coating
Organic anti-reflective coating material and its preparation
Polyimide precursor, polyimide and their use
IR-sensitive composition and use thereof for the preparation of printing plate precursors
Production of acetal derivatized hydroxyl aromatic polymers and their use in radiation sensitive formulations
Optical recording media comprising a resin film
Resist composition
High molecular weight silicone compounds resist compositions, and patterning method
Selectively colorable polymerizable compositions
Lithographical process for production of nanostructures on surfaces
Process for producing a printing form
Process for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device, and exposing system and mask inspecting method to be used in the process
Method of manufacturing an electronic device comprising two layers of organic-containing material
Disk medium
On-substrate cleaving of sol-gel waveguide
Reducing contamination induced scumming, for semiconductor device, by acid treatment
Method for securing and processing thin film materials
Method of providing microscopic features
Disazo dye for thermal transfer recording and thermal transfer sheet and ink for thermal transfer recording, employing it
Heat mode recording element
Multi-layer integrated imaging/image recording process with improved image tolerances
Photochemical delivery article and method of use
Color photographic element containing nitrogen heterocycle derivative and inhibitor releasing coupler
Emulsified dispersion of photographic hydrophobic compound and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Reduced fog in photographic coatings containing a monosubstituted quinone
Heat developable photosensitive material
Composition and method for preparation, storage and activation of large populations of immotile sperm
Methods for diagnosing cancer by measuring creatine kinase
Identification of virulence determinants activators in prokaryotic pathogens
Scratch wound assay device
Diagnostic and therapeutic system for Crohn''s disease and Colitia ulcerosa
Polypeptides having a functional domain of interest and methods of identifying and using same
DNA encoding a PAC10 human homolog
Method for comparing copy number of nucleic acid sequences
Arrays of nucleic acid probes for analyzing biotransformation genes and methods of using the same
Methods for analyzing a target nucleic acid using immobilized heterogeneous mixtures of oligonucleotide probes
Analytical and therapeutic agents
88kDa tumorigenic growth factor and antagonists
Simultaneous collection of DNA and non-nucleic analytes
Method and apparatus for fabricating replicate arrays of nucleic acid molecules
Length determination of nucleic acid repeat sequences by discontinuous primer extension
Human suppressor tRNA oligonucleotides and methods of use for same
Method of manufacturing biological chips
Method to detect IgE
Multiplex amplification and separation of nucleic acid sequences on a bioelectronic microchip using asymmetric structures
Method for simultaneous identification of differentially expressed mRNAs and measurement of relative concentrations
Methods for quantitating the efficacy of oral care products
Compounds for protecting hydroxyls and methods for their use
PCR-based method for identifying a fusarium wilt-resistant genotype in plants
Method for detecting qualitative and quantitative alterations in DNA and ligands of said alteration ligands
Screening methods for compounds that inhibit or stimulate helicase enzyme activity
Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism test for the authentication of herbal Chinese medicines
Expression augmenting sequence elements (ease) for eukaryotic expression systems
Use of modified tethers in screening compound libraries
Glycoprotein for use in determining endometrial receptivity
Anti-apo-B-48 monoclonal antibody, hybridoma producing the same, and method for measuring apo-B-48 using the same
Method of establishing the origin of useful animals and products produced therefrom
Diagnosis and monitoring of colon cancer patients by measurement of NCA 50/90 in blood
Method for detecting or monitoring the effectiveness of treatment of T cell mediated diseases
Human xenografts for microbicide testing and anatomical modeling
Nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase and phosphatase homologues and uses therefor
Method of detecting procarboxypeptidase A and carboxypeptidase A levels in biological fluids
Method for producing a recombinant protein
Method and reagent for quantitative determination of 1,5-anhydroglucitol
Modulators of body weight, corresponding nucleic acids and proteins, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding ligands of the neuropeptide receptor HFGAN72
Family of mammalian potassium channels, their cloning and their use, especially for the screening of drugs
Human MAD proteins and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences encoding mammalian calcium activated chloride channel-adhesion molecules
T-type calcium channel variants; compositions thereof; and uses
Method for removing N-terminal methionine
Cloning and uses of BCL-8
Process for the production of naturally folded and secreted proteins
Methionine containing animal cell culture medium and its use
Methods for generating phosphorylation site-specific immunological reagents
Process for producing foreign proteins
6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase
Cloning of the prolyl-dipeptidyl-peptidase from Aspergillus oryzae
Polypeptides having acid phosphatase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Phytase and gene encoding said phytase
Polypeptides having alkaline .alpha.-amylase activity
Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Streptokinase mutants
Selection marker
Apparatus for biomolecular array hybridization facilitated by agitation during centrifuging
Neuron promoter and uses
Polynucleotides encoding motoneuronotrophic factors
Glucose-inducible recombinant viral vector
Human patched genes and proteins, and uses related thereto
Antibodies specific for CD4-binding domain of HIV-1
Antibody catalysis of enantio- and diastereo-selective aldol reactions
Antisense inhibition of replication protein a p70 subunit
Methods and compositions for cellular and metabolic engineering
Individual calibration of blood glucose for supporting noninvasive self-monitoring blood glucose
Preparation of blood samples for detecting homocysteine and/or folate
High throughput analysis of samples in flowing liquid
Filter paper treatment for improved diagnostic assays
Detection and determination of the stages of coronary artery disease
Nano-grid micro reactor and methods
Locking structure for securing a fluid transfer tube
Universal biocompatible coating platform for medical devices
Solid polysaccharide materials for use as wound dressings
Use of anti-inflammatory drugs for treatment of dermatological conditions
Triglyceride-free compositions and methods for enhanced absorption of hydrophilic therapeutic agents
Methods, uses and compositions of fluid petrolatum
Composition with sustained release of active principle, capable of forming a microemulsion
Pharmaceutical preparation in form of coated capsule releasable at lower part of digestive tract
Abuse resistant tablets
Therapeutic treatment and prevention of infections with a bioactive materials encapsulated within a biodegradable-biocompatible polymeric matrix
Collagen-polysaccharide matrix for treatment of bone tumors
Stable glassy state powder formulations
Anti-cancer therapy agent of arsenic hexoxide (As4O6) of a natural chemical substance and its pharmaceutical composition
Bicarbonate-based solution in two parts for peritoneal dialysis or substitution in continuous renal replacement therapy
Therapeutic agents for respiratory diseases
Therapeutic composition including plantain and aloe vera for treatment of arthritis and other afflictions
Pet breath ameliorator
Multi-carotenoid product
Process for isolation of hepatoprotective agent silymarin from the seeds of the plant Silybum marianum
Method of improving processes using pectinase enzymes with noble gases
Pelletization process
Multi-component marinades
Dry lamellar-structure pet food product
Novelty candy holding device
Microwave steaming tray
Procedure and instrument for the quick pickling of mainly meat
Multi-colored aerated confectionery products and processes for making
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Dietetic maize tortilla
Method to process chocolate precursor particles into solid blocks
System for retrospective identification and method of marking articles for retrospective identification
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus
Method of and apparatus for coating a substrate with a coating material having an even thickness
Method and apparatus for application of coatings to articles
Method for manufacturing a conductive polymer film
Process for the preparation of a thick film resistor useful for making strain gauge
Sublimation thermal transfer image recording material
Composition for temporarily protecting metal components from corrosion, its processes of preparation and of application, and metal components obtained from this composition
Manufacturing process for a lead-frame forming material
Method of producing a metallic part exhibiting excellent oxidation resistance
Method of making long life electroluminescent phosphor
Fluorescent nanocrystal-labeled microspheres for fluorescence analyses
Process for the production of improved boron coatings
Carbon and ceramic matrix composites fabricated by a rapid low-cost process incorporating in-situ polymerization of wetting monomers
Method for direct or indirect application of liquid or viscous coating medium onto a moving material web
Process for fabricating high reflectance-low stress Mo--Si multilayer reflective coatings
Coating material for golf ball and golf ball coated with the same
Coating composition comprising at least 3 components, process for its preparation, and its use
Stain-proofing agent for preventing adherence of stain and composition for paints
Transparent media for phase change ink printing
Aqueous lacquer containing a multicomponent aqueous dispersion
Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional object
Method for curing a photocurable coating provided on a fiber
Deposition of tungsten nitride by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Decorative submersible fish tank sculpture
Decorative materials encased in a polymer with fragrance releasing characteristics
Tessellation set
Composite paperboard containers of optimized axial strength construction
Large polyester containers and method for making same
Amorphous copolyester resin composition
Polyester laminate film, metal plate laminated with this film and film-laminated metal container
Flexible protective sleeve
Biomaterials with hydrophilic surfaces
Laser labels and their use
Segmented roll product for enhanced cohesive
Optical recording medium
Coating for optical discs
Method for producing optical information-recording medium and optical information-recording medium
Optical memory device and a method for manufacturing thereof
Releasing film
Wiping sheet
Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite structural panel system
Glass panel
Image transfer sheet and image forming method using the image transfer sheet
Subject plate for recording holograms, hologram-making method, and hologram-recorded article
Low gauge films and film/nonwoven laminates
Circuit substrate
Hard multilayer coated tool having increased toughness
Methacrylic acid ester resin composition and film made thereof
High temperature heat transfer barrier and vapor barrier and methods
Shopping cart shelf/seat pad shopping cart front basket pad and shopping basket pad
EMI/RFI shielding gasket
Partially composite lightweight metal product and preform for producing the same
Adhesive foil for windscreen protection
Adhesive tape and method for producing it
Halogen-free fire-retarding composition, yarn fire-retarded with the latter and fire-resistant textile structure comprising such yarns
Liquid curable resin composition for optical fibers
Ferromagnetic powder for low core loss parts
Ceramic milling media containing tetragonal zirconia
Adherent plastic note
Substrate coated with powdered non-crystalline and crystalline epoxy resins
Substrate having high initial water repellency and a laundry durable water repellency
Coated ultraviolet absorbing glass
Fusing members having copper oxide-filled, addition-cured siloxane layers
Process and panel for providing fixed glazing for an automotive vehicle
Polymeric films
Gas barrier coating of polyamine, polyepoxide and hydroxyaromatic compound
Promoted porous catalyst
Sliding bearing and its production method
Bearing material
Process of aluminizing steel to obtain and interfacial alloy layer and product therefrom
Replaceable wear resistant surfaces
Fluorene-containing polymers and electroluminescent devices therefrom
Elastomeric EL lamp on apparel
Magnetic recording medium and process for its production
Polycrystalline silicon carbide ceramic wafer and substrate
Superconductor structure with glass substrate and high-temperature superconductor deposited thereon, current limiter device having the superconductor structure and process for producing the structure
Process for regenerating a carbon monoxide oxidation reactor
Carbon monoxide filter layer
Solid electrolyte fuel cell power generating system
Metal-air fuel cell battery system employing substantially planar metal-fuel cards of rigid construction insertable into a power generation bay of the system
Membrane-electrode unit for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and processes for their preparation
Serially-linked serpentine flow channels for PEM fuel cell
Liquid-cooled fuel cell battery
Prismatic electrochemical cell
Micro and ultrafilters with controlled pore sizes and pore size distribution and methods for making
Anaerobic treatment process with removal of nonbiodegradable organic material
Method for controlling and managing the biomass store of biological installations treating waste water
Polynucleotide separations on polymeric separation
Mass transfer method and apparatus
Solution treatment agent supply apparatus
Slack filter tube having an internal resilient support extending there through
Phase separator having multiple separation units, upflow reactor apparatus, and methods for phase separation
Method for producing needle diamond-type structure
Method for determining thickness of material layer and chemical mechanical polishing endpoint
Method of manufacturing enhanced finish sputtering targets
Magnetic garnet material and faraday rotator using the same
Process of fabricating a manganese-zinc-ferrite core, and manganese zinc-base ferrite core
Silicate-, borate-and phosphate-free cooling fluids based on glycols and having improved corrosion behavior
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper substrates
Liquid crystal compounds having a chiral fluorinated terminal portion
Artificial stone
Conductive silicone rubber composition and low-resistance connector
Optical filter comprising transparent support and filter layer containing dye and binder polymer
Formaldehyde-free flame retardant treatment for cellulose-containing materials
Method and mold for producing an electrooptical module, and electrooptical module
Collectively coating die device for manufacturing separable optical fiber ribbon and manufacturing method thereof
Process method optical thermoplastic urethane resin lens and the lens
Encapsulation of bioactive agents
Vacuum extrusion system for production of cement-based articles
Method and apparatus for the control of injection molding
Process for the preparation of powder coating composition
Low pressure injection molding of flat tableware from metal feedstocks
Extrusion of high molecular weight polymers
Transfer molding method for forming integrated circuit package
Method for setup and molding of formed articles from thin coated fabrics
Process for casting and waterproofing of elements cast in concrete, mortar, cement, by using a silicone resin
Method of producing waterproof connector housing having elongated slip-off preventing pieces
Method for forming a casting which includes an insert
Release surfaces, particularly for use in nanoimprint lithography
Method of making a three dimensional object
Method for making insignias with raised designs including two pressing steps
Composite coatings for thermal properties
Method for producing profiled sections coated with lubricating lacquer for use in the building industry, and profiled section coated with the lubricating lacquer
Curable casting compositions having a high refractive index and high impact resistance
Use of co-injection molding to produce composite parts including a molded snowboard with metal edges
Composite molding tools and parts and processes of forming molding tools
Process and apparatus for bending thin-wall plastic tubing
Method for producing a pin heater
Production process of a hexagonal honeycomb structure
Apparatus for bonding a particle material to near theoretical density
Method for manufacturing roller carrier of vibration balance device
Refractory metal silicide target, method of manufacturing the target, refractory metal silicide thin film, and semiconductor device
Metal consolidation process employing microwave heated pressure transmitting particulate
Titanium crystal and titanium
Treatment of contact lenses with aqueous solution comprising a biguanide disinfectant stabilized by a poloxamine
Method for reducing hydrogen sulfide level in water containing sulfate-reducing bacteria and hydrogen sulfide-metabolizing bacteria
Electrochemical heater and method for sterilizing
Apparatus for determining the content of a predetermined substance in a fluid
Apparatus for droplet microchemistry
Scanning optical detection system
Stacked, reconfigurable system for electrophoretic transport of charged materials
Microcentrifuge tube cap opening and closing apparatus and method
Apparatus combining spectrophotometry and flame ionisation detection for analysing a gas composition
Well(s) containing filtration devices
Device and method for the separation of human or animal cells of different densities from cellular dispersions which contain them
Slide staining system
Method and apparatus for organic synthesis
Apparatus for treating a gas containing hydrogen sulphide and sulphur dioxide, comprising a step for depleting the recycled solvent in sulphur
Non-thermal plasma apparatus utilizing dielectrically-coated electrodes for treating effluent gas
Apparatus for low flux photocatalytic pollution control
Ceramic membrane reactor with two reactant gases at different pressures
Crystallizing machine
Method for isolating and purifying 90Y From 90strontium in multi-curie quantities
Process for removing reactive silica from a bayer process feedstock
Method for adsorbing and removing ethylene and method for purifying an exhaust gas
Solid for storing/releasing nitrogen oxides as well as nitrogen oxide storage catalyst
Method for treating exhaust gas containing fluorine-containing interhalogen compound, and treating agent and treating apparatus
Solid state synthesis of poly(dichlorophosphazene)
Carbonyl iron silicide powder
Process for producing high test hypochlorite and calcium chloride aqueous solution
Antimicrobial denture cleansing compositions
Stabilized preparations for use in metered dose inhalers
Particulate medicament in an aerosol formulation with a propellant and co-propellant
One-part dental compositions and methods for bleaching and desensitizing teeth
Sunscreen composition
Cosmetic compositions with agglomerated substrates
Pearlescent cosmetic preparations containing dialkyl ethers, silicone compounds and emulsifier
Wear resistant cosmetic compositions
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ophthalmic suspensions
Barrier cream
Methods for treating HIV-infected patients by administering GM-CSF
Amphiphilic drug-oligomer conjugates with hydroyzable lipophile components and methods for making and using the same
Methods of treating Parkinson''s disease using recombinant adeno-associated vector (rAAV)
Seeding parenchymal cells into compression resistant porous scaffold after vascularizing in vivo
Recombinant peptides derived from the Mc3 anti-BA46 antibody, methods of use thereof, and methods of humanizing antibody peptides
Human microfibril-associated glycoprotein 4 splice variant
Method for inhibiting an inflammatory response using antibodies to P-selectin glycoprotein ligand
Lipoprotein lipase suppression by endotoxin-induced mediator (shock assay)
Antibodies to cloned Leptospira outer membrane protein and uses therefore
Peptides which mimic candida carbohydrate epitopes and their use in a vaccine
IBD-associated microbial antigens and methods of using same
Parasitic nematode transglutaminase proteins and uses thereof
MHC molecules and uses thereof
Protein-polysaccharide conjugate vaccines and other immunological reagents prepared using homobifunctional and heterobifunctional vinylsulfones, and processes for preparing the conjugates
Poxvirus--canine dispemper virus (CDV) or measles virus recombinants and compositions and methods employing the recombinants
Protective epitopes of adenyl cyclase-haemolysin (AC-Hly), their application to the treatment or to the prevention of bordetella infections
Subunit respiratory syncytial virus vaccine preparation
Attenuated Japanese encephalitis virus adapted to Vero cell and a Japanese encephalitis vaccine
Method of and compositions for immunization with the pseudomonas V antigen
Extraction of olives for obtaining antioxidant compositions
Cholesterol ester clathrate, water-holding composition, hydrous compositions, cosmetics containing the same, and process for the preparation thereof
Activated oxygen containing compounds for improving the microcirculation of the skin
Self-indicating cosmetic composition
Cosmetic and skin protective compositions
Cosmetic compositions
Treatment of contact lenses with aqueous solution comprising a carbonate salt for enhanced cleaning
Reverse phase connective tissue repair composition
Compound semiconductor element and its manufacturing method
Hazardous containment for MBE maintenance
Crystal growth and annealing method and apparatus
Device for direct or indirect application of liquid or viscous coating medium onto a moving material web
Plant for feeding paint to a spray application apparatus
CVD reactor
Vapor deposition apparatus
Method for producing a semiconductor material
Working method and cleaning device for cleaning a swimming pool
Debris access door
Composition and method for cleaning surfaces
Rapid removal of iodine stains
Method of and apparatus for cleaning strip line rolls
Method of making grain-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss
Process for producing maraging steel
Rolling element and producing method
Composition and method for metal coloring process
Non-chromium pretreatment chemicals
Aqueous gel compositions and use thereof
Spindle-shaped goethite particles, spindle-shaped hematite particles and magnetic spindle-shaped metal particles containing iron as main component
Cylinder liner comprising a supereutectic aluminum/silicon alloy for sealing into a crankcase of a reciprocating piston engine
Aluminum casting alloy
Steckel mill/on-line controlled cooling combination
Method and device for eliminating strip vibration in zones into which gas is blown, particularly cooling zones
Polychromatic organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
Disposable garments and method and apparatus for making
Manufacturing method for high precision mold
Adjustable strap fastener for brassieres and the like and method of making same
Air actuated ultrasonic tool
Method of making decorative pottery
Polymer fill coating for laminate or composite wood products and method of making same
Method for filling cracks in a concrete structure with foamable polyurethane prepolymer
Method of attaching sensitive electronic equipment to the inner surface of a tire
Method of making a sealable web or sheet product
Method and apparatus for making dual layer DVD discs
Method for making a protected reflection image
Self-contained thermal transfer label
Process and a aparatus for production of multilayer trim elements for vehicles
Method for manufacturing contoured and laminated materials
Method for making a beveled laminate corner on a laminate countertop edge piece
Conductive epoxy resin compositions, anisotropically conductive adhesive films and electrical connecting methods
Flat skinned door that simulates a three dimensional molded skin door and corresponding method
Method of labeling blow molded articles with linear labels
Substrate processing apparatus and method
Method and device for joining preferably flexible surface structures
Polyisocyanate curing agent for laminate adhesive laminate adhesive comprising the same and its use
Spinning disk evaporator
Composition and paper comprising cellulose ester, alkylpolyglycosides, and cellulose
Method for making a wet-layed, non-woven metal fiber sheet
Dewatering instrument for a paper machine twin-wire former
Device for impulse-pressing a web
Desalination of seawater by evaporation in a multi-stack array of vertical tube bundles, with waste heat
Process for breaking chemical bonds
Sputtering apparatus for sputtering high melting point metal and method for manufacturing semiconductor device having high melting point metal
Method and apparatus for metal allot sputtering
Apparatus for inline plating
Surface-treatment plant
Reactor for treating liquids using variable flow paths
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Electrolytic cell
Electrode and electrolytic cell containing same
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Sputtering apparatus capable of changing distance between substrate and deposition preventing plate used for film formation
Thermosetting resinous binder compositions, their preparation and use as coating materials
Sequential electrodeposition of metals using modulated electric fields for manufacture of circuit boards having features of different sizes
Method for producing sputtering target material
Concentration of chlor-alkali membrane cell depleted brine
Process for extracting copper or iron
Method and apparatus for capacitive deionization and electrochemical purification and regeneration of electrodes
Removal of oxygen from water
Apparatus and method for measuring the composition of gases using ionically conducting electrolytes
Electrodes and their use in assays
Method and apparatus for detecting a functional condition on an NOx occlusion catalyst
Hydrotreating hydrocarbon feeds in an ebullating bed reactor
Spa chemistry monitoring and chemical dispensing unit
Filtration and subsurface distribution system
Apparatus for separating solids from a liquid
Apparatus and method for multiple channel high throughput purification
Waste water treating device
Dialyzer coupling device
Methods for making dynamic filter assemblies
Permeable composite material, method for producing said composite material, and use of the same
Minimally invasive surgery device
Creeping colonoscope
Air and water supply system for endoscopes
Endomicroscope system
Surgical retractor and stabilizing device and method for use
Pressure/temperature/monitor device for heart implantation
Methods for monitoring a physiological analyte
Real time optoacoustic monitoring of changes in tissue properties
Methods and apparatus for tumor diagnosis
Non-Invasive in vivo pressure measurement
Method and assembly for performing ultrasound surgery using cavitation
Method and apparatus for forming medical ultrasound images
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method for improved flow or movement detection with multiple clutter filters
Tube unit system including an adapter interposed between a connector and a connecting part
Method and apparatus for noninvasive determination of peripheral arterial lumenal area
Respiratory calorimeter
Method for improving memory by identifying and using QEEG parameters correlated to specific cognitive functioning
Method and apparatus for automatically separating particulate matter from a fluid
Device and method for characterization of the skin by tribometry
Massage and skin suction apparatus
Head massaging device
Foot therapy device
Aneurysm shield
Knee-joint orthesis
Surgical binder and methods of use
Intracardiac drug delivery
Injection-assisting probe for medical injector assembly
Integrated mixing and dispensing apparatus
Apparatus for altering the characteristics of a fluid
Injection apparatus and method of using same
Drug delivery module
Safety device for intravenous infusion needles
Non-woven fabric and an absorbent article using thereof
Sanitary napkin
Sheath for selective delivery of multiple intravascular devices and methods of use thereof
Drug delivery via conformal film
Use of human growth hormone to treat acute myocardial infarction
Method and apparatus for minimizing the risk of air embolism when performing a procedure in a patient''s thoracic cavity
Stent crimper apparatus with radiation shied
Method and apparatus for tubal occlusion
Electrode having composition-matched, common-lead thermocouple wire for providing multiple temperature-sensitive junctions
Linear power control with PSK regulation
Systems and methods for electrosurgical skin resurfacing
Symmetric conization electrocautery device
Ring for an angulation osteosynthesis device and osteosynthesis device incorporating same
Device for backbone osteosynthesis with offset intervertebral fixing rod
Multidirectional pivoting bone screw and fixation system
System for intramedullary fixation of long bone fractures
Bone plate
Bone cutting and breaking apparatus, and miniaturized cutting head
Bone graft delivery surgical instruments
Tool for inserting an intramedullary guide wire
Accessories for minimally invasive robotic surgery and methods
Horny skin remover
Atherectomy device having trapping and excising means for removal of plaque from the aorta and other arteries
Curved ultrasonic blade having a trapezoidal cross section
Apparatus and method for percutaneous implant of a paddle style lead
Stent delivery and deployment method
Dexterous articulated linkage for surgical applications
Flexible biopsy jaw assembly
Suture anchor
Apparatus and method for inducing epileptic seizures in test animals for anticonvulsant drug screening
Pan self unit portable alternator nerve stimulator
Inlet port plug
Inflatable thermal blanket with provision for being secured during use
Cochlear electrode with drug delivery channel and method of making same
Method and apparatus to prevent stent migration
Expandable stents and method for making same
Expandable supportive endoluminal grafts
Angioplasty stents
Medical anastomosis apparatus
Heart valve and apparatus for replacement thereof
Reduced profile eyelid weighting system
Tympanic membrane prosthesis with mechanical fixation
Enhanced visibility materials for implantation in hard tissue
Rotating, locking intervertebral disk stabilizer and applicator
Bone grafting material
Self-cohering, continuous filament non-woven webs
Content independent data compression method and system
Cleaning composition and method for using the same
Hair coloring compositions
Method of coloring aluminum oxide layers
Method for producing electrochemical capacitor
Lead acid storage battery and method of bonding battery cell terminal posts and bushings
Alternative fuel
Winterized paraffin crystal modifiers
Synthetic jet fuel and process for its production
Polishing pad conditioner for semiconductor substrate
Polishing composition and method for producing a memory hard disks
Bag dump apparatus
Device for separating liquid particles from a gas stream
Computer box filter cover
Filter unit and dust-proof mask therewith
Coated fertilizer granules
Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants
Reduction-melting process to form rare earth-transition metal alloys and the alloys
Refractory material sensor for determining level of molten metal and slag and method of using
Simple ladle refining method
Post-blending valve degasser
Removal of carbon dioxide from gas streams
Activated carbon for adsorptive storage of gaseous compound
Apparatus and method for improved pulse-jet cleaning of industrial filters
Vapor movement controlling device
Gas accumulator
Flow-through adsorbent unit assembly for receiver dryer
Air filtering device for an automobile
Wet rub resistant ink compositions
Colorless compounds, solid inks, and printing methods
Freeze-dried composite materials and processes for the production thereof
Stable suspension of hydrocolloids and superplasticizer
Multi-color asphalt emulsion coating
Cement-Based Self-Leveling Composition
Method for fabricating silicon thin film
Metal terminal with elastic locking portions
Solder-in-place connector
Laminated wedge connector
Bifurcated contact with a connecting member at the tip of the contact that provides redundant contact points
Bicycle-type marine vessel
Cylinder assembly for marine propulsion unit
Power tilt and trim system for outboard drive
Ship propulsion and steering systems
Protective covering system for outboard motor
Marine outboard electrical generator and assembly method
Variable buoyancy buoy for mooring mobile offshore drilling units
Swim gear
Method for fabricating a field emission device
Method of making an image forming apparatus
Hula hoop
Magnetic drive and clutch assembly
Interactive talking dolls
Endpoint monitoring with polishing rate change
System and method for achieving a desired semiconductor wafer surface profile via selective polishing pad conditioning
Method and apparatus for polishing optical connector end faces
Arrangements for wafer polishing
Method of grinding semiconductor articles
Variable abrasive polishing pad for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization
Apparatus and method for reducing disc surface asperities to sub-microinch height
Mass production polisher
Magnetic wiper
Grinding machine and method of grinding
Cam micro-finishing tool
Chemical mechanical polishing head having floating wafer retaining ring and wafer carrier with multi-zone polishing pressure control
Brush cutter
Rotary tool for surface treatment
Method and vacuum filler for filling a pasty filling material
Lab-hood vent system
Electronic equipment shelf with blank for unequipped position
Ventilated housing
Register assembly for covering an air duct opening
Method, apparatus and gaming set for use in a progressive game
Gaming device and method for individual, head to head and tournament play
Gaming bonus apparatus and method with player interaction
Game communication with synchronization of soundtrack system
Slip clutch for a tube cleaner
Internal torque limiter for a parallel indexer
Intelligent copy and paste operations for application handling units, preferably handsets
Interactive entertainment attraction using telepresence vehicles
Casino/lottery/sports styled wagers and games for parimutuel racing operations
Golf club holder
Oversized iron-type golf club
Wood-type golf club heads provided with vertical grooves on hitting surface
Golf club head with weighted force absorbing attachment
Golf ball comprising a metal mantle having a hollow interior
Low cost, resilient, shear resistant polyurethane elastomers for golf ball covers
Golf ball with very thick cover
Golf tee marking system and method of use
Football tee with onside kick ball support
Centrifugal clutch shifter
Connecting element for profiled belt ends
Reconfigurable power spindle
Direct housing mount of electromagnet
Fully-locking torque-proportioning differential
Power train of automatic transmission
Engine output torque control for powertrain with engageable positive clutches
Automatic transmission control system
Method and apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanical transmission
Exercise machine with means to twirl the waist of a user
Reaction and technique development sled
Exercise device
Abdominal exercise device and method
Inverted AB cruncher
Abdominal exerciser device
Touch counter for an exercise device
System and method for controlling vibration of a dynamic surface
Divider for cardboard boxes
Vertically displaced hopper for bliss machines
Apparatus for folding a portion of a textile length
Method of forming an insoluble phosphate mineral species
Method and plant for the treatment and stabilization of materials containing environmentally noxious constituents
Intravascular radiation delivery device
Magnet type medical instrument and electromagnet and coil used in it
Method for constructing an organ of an animal by employing bands with electromagnetic actuators
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images biometric analyzer
Method for making an ePTFE graft-stent composite device
Male erection enhancer and sustainer
Portable machine tool for conditioning header tube openings for butt-welding tubes
Fixture for drilling long holes in doors
Underwater remote drilling tool and methods
Column positioning device for a drill press
Twist drill for dry drilling
Chuck actuator
Device and method for controlling the machining depth of a machine for machining multilayer printed circuit boards
Tool unit with cutter head
Intermodal transfer trailer
Torque-limiting assembly
Expanding sleeve anchor used in a concrete wall and structure for enhancing the anchoring capability thereof
Mounting unit and method of making same
Screw with sleeve
Adjustable length captive panel fastener
Self drilling roof bolt
Offshore personnel transfer system
Load lock with vertically movable support
Data storage system with redundant media handling assemblies
Wafer positioning device with storage capability
Method and apparatus for collecting recyclable materials
Leg restraint for a parked swap body container
Wafer transfer device
Trash container trailer assembly
Lift for a hand truck
Pump deployment system
Vehicle wheelchair lift with mutually perpendicular pivot axes and parallelogram transport
Mobile loading machine with front-end loading equipment
Wind turbine with low vertical axis
Delivery pump
Thrust bearing for multistage centrifugal pumps
Platform cooling in turbomachines
Noise attenuating sound resonator for automotive cooling module shroud
Concentricity ring
Downstream guiding device for fan-radiator cooling system
Hydro turbine
Molded through-flow motor assembly
Fluid flow machine wheel and uses thereof
Helicopter rotor droop stop mechanism
Blade arm
Capillary printing systems
Antibodies to components of dense microspheres and methods of using the same
Assay method with improved release of soluble reagents
Semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating capacitor containing amorphous and polycrystalline ferroelectric films and method for forming amorphous ferroelectric film
Method of manufacturing a ferroelectric film
Method and apparatus providing a circuit edit structure through the back side of an integrated circuit die
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device capable of improving manufacturing yield
Method and system for removing a die from a semiconductor package
Test structures for testing planarization systems and methods for using same
Use of glass laminate as a substrate in semiconductor devices
Method for coating semiconductor element with resin, coating resin, and liquid crystal display device
Method for manufacturing fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display device
Method of fabricating an optical integrated circuit
Stripe photodiode element with high quantum efficiency for an image sensor cell
Photovoltaic cell and method of producing that cell
Method of fabricating transistor with silicon oxycarbide gate
Package for an electronic component and a method of making it
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Microelectronic components with frangible lead sections
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of interconnecting an embedded integrated circuit
Technique for attaching die to leads
Method for making a semiconductor package
Semiconductor chip package with expander ring and method of making same
Method of molding plastic semiconductor packages
Thin film transistor manufacturing method and thin film transistor
Manufacturable GaAs VFET process
Method for fabricating a trench-gated vertical CMOS device
Bipolar transistor which can be controlled by field effect and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for fabrication of on-chip inductors and related structure
Method of forming the capacitor in DRAM
Method of forming self-limiting polysilicon LOCOS for DRAM cell
Method for manufacturing capacitor
Thin resist with nitride hard mask for gate etch application
Method of forming high K tantalum pentoxide Ta2O5 instead of ONO stacked films to increase coupling ratio and improve reliability for flash memory devices
Split-gate flash cell
Method of forming trench MOS device and termination structure
SRAM cell arrangement and method for manufacturing same
Method of making a semiconductor device with sidewall insulating layers in the capacitor contact hole
Process for forming a plasma nitride film suitable for gate dielectric application in sub-0.25 .mu.m technologies
Method of fabricating T-shaped recessed polysilicon gate transistors
Fully self-aligned high speed low power MOSFET fabrication
Methods of forming field effect transistors
Integrated formation of LDD and non-LDD semiconductor devices
Method of making shallow junction semiconductor devices
Deuterated bipolar transistor and method of manufacture thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Latch-up resistant CMOS structure
Methods of forming capacitors
STI punch-through defects and stress reduction by high temperature oxide reflow process
Precision marking and singulation method
Overlay matching method which eliminates alignment induced errors and optimizes lens matching
Process for producing semiconductor substrate of SOI structure
Reduced RC delay between adjacent substrate wiring lines
Performing Operations; Transporting
Air flotation and locking material handling apparatus and method of use
Retarding mechanism for a grinding machine
Method and apparatus for manufacture of laminated optical disc
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Propellent charge powder for barrel-type weapons
Method for fabrication of a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with improved isolation region to active region topography
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