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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Growing marine fish in fresh water
Jig fish lure
Spring pin lock for animal trap
Packaging cases for a cosmetic product with improved ergonomics
Support stand
Retainer for fixing terminals of springs
Leaning post seat with a removable soft-sided storage compartment
Magnetic knife stand
Folding panel assembly
Leaves and seeds hand grinder
Cooking device having priority managing unit for first and second heating units
Pump valve mechanism
Upright vacuum cleaner with swing brush
Vacuum system
Packaged tampon and applicator assembly
Sterile hand held slit lamp cover and method
Method of installing and removing a component of medical device
Anterior support device
Walker device with arm and hand support
Method and apparatus for heating volumes of media in a closed receptacle by means of an electromagnetic radiation
Arrangement and method for detecting spontaneous respiratory effort of a patient
Ski binding for cross country or telemark ski
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid impingement mixing device
Fluid mixing apparatus
Fluid delivery system with integrated light source
Quantum dot optoelectronic device and methods therfor
Dishdrawer-camming arrangement
Aluminum incorporation in porous dielectric for improved mechanical properties of patterned dielectric
Low tension flush cut-off cable tie installation tool
Marking machine for metallurgical products
Interface of a tool
Bevel gear cutting machine for chamfering and/or deburring edges on the teeth of a bevel gear
Method and apparatus for centering a log
Rotary tool
Manipulator for positioning a test head, particularly at a tester
Debris collection container for a planer
Sealing unit for applying a plastic foil to a substrate material
Recording medium conveying device with nipping force control
Paper discharger and ink jet recording apparatus incorporating the same
Droplet forming method for mixed liquid and droplet forming device, and ink jet printing method and device, and ink jet printing electrode-carrying nozzle
Liquid transport head and liquid transport apparatus provided with the same
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus comprising same
Droplet discharging head
Liquid ejection apparatus
Ink-jet recording device and ink supply unit suitable for it
Method and apparatus using pixel spot size control for reducing intercolor bleed
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus incorporating the same
Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method for complement recording
Identification document with document specific reduced scale printing
Pneumatic tire with tread having circumferential sub-grooves including at least three raised portions
Cabriolet vehicle with cover support strap
Transmission mechanism for vehicles having HST and pressure oil supply system therefor
Vehicle seat adjusting apparatus
Multi-compartmental winch device
Trailer apparatus and assembly for transportation of wheeled vehicles
Filler pipe arranging structure for vehicle
Upper cover support structure for an automobile rear loading platform
Bumper for a motor vehicle
Vehicle occupant protection system
Vehicle impact sensor using both accelerometer and pressure sensing for side impact detection
Apparatus and method for providing a horn contact mechanism
Air-bag occupant protection device
Air-bag assembly for a motor vehicle
Center console having a stowable map pocket cover
Reinforcing support incorporated into a glove box retaining structure located proximate a pivot actuating handle mechanism
Rubber blade for wiper
Coupling device and wiper blade
Vehicle brake system and vehicle control method
Hazardous material transportation railcar and cask craddle
Support for a vehicle body
Power operated retractable tailgate assembly
Multi-insert cap blow-molding method and spoiler for vehicle manufactured using the same
Structure of fuel pump installation area for two-wheeled vehicle
Caliper brake assembly
Fastener for securing a cargo container
Tendon for tension leg platform
Storage bag with fluid separator
Bathroom accessory with integrated toothpaste dispenser, toothbrush hanger, and soap holder
Needlecraft organizers and methods of construction
Package with a re-sealable closure for opening and closing
Apparatus for holding a compact disk
Methods of magnetic conveyor support
Saw toothed merging conveyor and method
Transfer wheel
Returner incorporated in automatic feeder, and recording apparatus or liquid or liquid ejecting apparatus provided with the same
Apparatus for producing final printed products
Drive unit for an elevator
Lifting sling with excessive elongation warning indicator
Lift attachment for use with a three-point hitch of a tractor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical transmission substrate, method for manufacturing optical transmission substrate and optoelectronic integrated circuit
Rapid deflagrating cord (RDC) ordnance transfer lines
Layer forming method, product comprising the layer, optical film, dielectric-coated electrode and plasma discharge apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Drum for forming relief patterns on a textile web
Washing machine with drying function and method of controlling the same
Washing machine with temperature sensor arrangement
Fixed Constructions
Track/right of way maintenance and repair system
Drywall installation tool and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Shroud tip clearance control ring
Airfoil with a porous fiber metal layer
Air/fuel ratio validation for lean burn
Modulated combined lubrication and control pressure system for two-stroke/four-stroke switching
Air-staged reheat power generation system
Turbine spring clip seal
Catalytic combustor having fuel flow control responsive to measured combustion parameters
Deep pocket seat assembly in modular fuel injector having axial contact terminals and methods
System and method for operating a piezoelectric fuel injector
Flat gasket and process for the production of a flat gasket
Method and apparatus for controlling a fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine in a vehicle
Assembly operating in a variable regime
Refrigerant compressor, and refrigerating machine using the same
Methods and apparatus for an on-off controller
Bicycle control device with combined operation of multiple output elements
Hydraulic compensation for magnetically biased fluid dynamic bearing motor
Active hybrid FDB motor
Magneto-rheological coupling
Clutch mechanism for power device
Plastic ring bearing, particularly for use in MacPherson strut
Cable assembly curvature limiter
Device for linearly moving a useful mass
Parallel axes type automatic transmission
Double clutch transmission
Drive apparatus
Marine fuel tank vent valve
Solenoid valve, e.g. a tank-vent valve for tank ventilation in motor vehicles
Collets for tube couplings
Branch tee fitting
Remote pipe coupling system
Dishwasher manifold assembly and associated method
Vehicle seat and a power seat adjuster assembly for a vehicle seat
Backlight module
Candlestick and method of making same
Method for the combustion of a fuel-oxidizer mixture
Fireplace front panel assembly for reducing temperature
Gas "true" convection bake oven
Cooking stove
Automated hose clearing after refrigerant charging method
Appliance for disinfection of HVAC systems
Device and method for cooling an electric component for a vehicle
Scale reading apparatus
Electronic device, image display method, and image display program
Caliper apparatus
Three-dimensional imaging through multi-image processing
Electromagnetic flow sensing apparatus and method
Tire HIL simulator
Breath-based sensors for non-invasive molecular detection
Nondestructive inspection apparatus
Method of determining cetane number of fuel in internal combustion engine
Torsional nonresonant z-axis micromachined gyroscope with non-resonant actuation to measure the angular rotation of an object
Solution testing equipment
Systems and methods for handling a type-2 carrier
Optimization of airtime among Wi-Fi clients connected to an access point
Method and apparatus for determining locations of access points
Vehicle side mirror
Fiber optic cable breakout configuration with excess fiber length
Optical printed circuit board blank, a kit and a method of making an optical printed circuit board
Self-contained fiber optic connector module
Optical receiver method and apparatus
Stand for a camera device
Camera module
Camera door opening/shutting apparatus for portable terminal
Image processing system, projector, and image processing method
Projection type display apparatus
Wall structure
Image forming apparatus and method of starting up modules in the image forming apparatus
Reflective optical sensor, image forming apparatus, and surface information detecting method
Switch actuation device
Zero-resetting device for a timepiece
Thermostat valve unit
Dynamic operating frequency control of a buck power converter having a variable voltage output
Allocation of storage resources in a networked computing environment based on energy utilization
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Re-using asynchronous server-side results generated for a request context of one client to satisfy a request context of a different client
Question server to facilitate communication between participants
Method and system for determining and sharing a user's web presence
Dynamic telemetry client message routing
Automated server controlled client-side logging
Virtual machine sequence system and method
Display of social content
Management device, information processing device and control method that use updated flags to configure network switches
System and method for modeling interdependencies in a network datacenter
Electronic sticky note system, information processing terminal, method for processing electronic sticky note, medium storing program, and data structure of electronic sticky note
System and method for the automated notification of compatibility between real-time network participants
Application spam detector
Apparatus, method and process of influencing information gathered by a tethered item and computer-readable medium thereof
Discovering and automatically sizing a place of relevance
Network control security
One step security system in a network storage system
Construction machine and method of controlling turning electric motor
Instantiating resources of an IT-service
Image forming apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
Portable handheld device with multi-core microcoded image processor
Rule clean layer marker
Fluorescent hidden indicium
Orientation-based 3D image display
Task-oriented book with functional features for facilitating experiential learning
Flag retaining device
Multi-core cable
Power transmission
Circuit breaker
Charged-particle beam drawing apparatus and vibration damping mechanism
Plasma lighting system with a metallic material in the bulb
Fold over emitter and collector field emission transistor
Semiconductor wafer evaluation method, semiconductor wafer evaluation device, and probe for semiconductor evaluation device
Contact liners for integrated circuits and fabrication methods thereof
Production method for organic electroluminescent element
Deep well implant using blocking mask
Formation of finFET junction
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods of forming integrated circuits and multiple critical dimension self-aligned double patterning processes
Semiconductor device processing tools and methods for patterning substrates
Lithographic stack excluding SiARC and method of using same
Method for forming merged contact for semiconductor device
Stress memorization technique for strain coupling enhancement in bulk finFET device
Local thinning of semiconductor fins
Graphene-metal E-fuse
Alternate dual damascene method for forming interconnects
Three dimensional device integration method and integrated device
Method and structure to reduce FET threshold voltage shift due to oxygen diffusion
Single diffusion break with improved isolation and process window and reduced cost
Interconnect structure including a modified photoresist as a permanent interconnect dielectric and method of fabricating same
MOL architecture enabling ultra-regular cross couple
Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
Laser annealing technique for metal oxide TFT
Selective area heating for 3D chip stack
Substrate for mounting multiple power transistors thereon and power semiconductor module
Chip with shelf life
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and semiconductor integrated circuit wafer
Wiring board and high frequency module using same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Circuit arrangement and method of forming a circuit arrangement
Method for creating metal gate resistor in FDSOL and resulting device
Dual mode tilted-charge devices and methods
Enhancement mode high electron mobility transistor
Simplified gate-first HKMG manufacturing flow
Asymmetric field effect transistor cap layer
Thin-film semiconductor device for display apparatus and method of manufacturing same
Metallization paste for solar cells
Protective cover for a copper containing conductor
Polyvinyl acetal resin film and multilayer structure articles using the same
Optoelectronic device containing at least one active device layer having a wurtzite crystal structure, and methods of making same
Wavelength specific silicon light emitting structure
Light converting and emitting device with suppressed dark-line defects
Organic resistive random access memory and a preparation method thereof
Method for photodepositing a particle on a graphene-semiconductor hybrid panel and a semiconductor structure
Methods for tailoring electrode work function using interfacial modifiers for use in organic electronics
Metal-air cell provided with gel-form solid electrolyte
Power generation system and operation method thereof
System and method of operating an electrical energy storage device or an electrochemical energy generation device, during charge or discharge using microchannels and high thermal conductivity materials
Method for the direct oxidation and/or internal reforming of ethanol, solid oxide fuel cell for direct oxidation and/or internal reforming of ethanol, catalyst and multifunctional electrocatalytic anode for direct oxidation and/or internal
RF apparatus and accelerator having such an RF apparatus
Wideband dual-arm antenna with parasitic element
Vehicle-mounted replacement antenna
Printed wide band monopole antenna module
Artificial magnetic conductor antennas with shielded feedlines
Electric connection box
Connector having a pin guide for use with a printed circuit board
Receptacle connector connected to a printed circuit board
Microphone connector
Flash drive and protective cover mounting structure
Discharge of connectors
Adjustable connection mechanism for use in uninterruptible power supply apparatus
Fast coupling structure of waterproof cable connector
Plug connector, receptacle connector and electrical connector assembly
Coaxial connector
Thin card plug
Bicycle wiring connector apparatus
Slide module having dual movement and mobile terminal having the same
Portable adapter
Electrical connector with an improved shell having a vertical blade to perform a shielding function
Contact, connector and method for manufacturing connector
Intracavity pumped OPO system
Semiconductor laser device
Electrical connector
Multi-source, multi-load systems with a power extractor
Apparatus and method for wireless power transmission
Updating firmware for charging device
Communication device, communication method, battery device, and electronic apparatus
Power supply device
Charger and driving method thereof
Generator rotor and method of assembling
Apparatus to support superconducting windings in a rotor of an electromotive machine
Multiphase buck converter and multiphase buck conversion method
Grounding scheme for modular embedded multilevel converter
Asynchronous fluidic impulse strain-based energy harvesting system
Control device of AC motor
Induction motor speed estimation
Methods and apparatus for relatively invariant input-output spectral relationship amplifiers
Method and apparatus for emulating sound
Sound processing apparatus and sound processing method
Resonator element, resonator, resonator device, oscillator, electronic device, and mobile object
PLL-VCO based integrated circuit aging monitor
Sample-rate conversion in a multi-clock system sharing a common reference
Footwear seismic communication system
System and method of communication using at least two modulation methods
Frequency hopped frequency modulation spread spectrum (FHFMSS) multiple accessing communication systems and methods
Optical transmission device
Light receiving circuit, optical transceiver, and received output waveform cross point controlling method
Digital pre-distortion filter system and method
System and method for automated loss testing
Secure near field communication (NFC) handshake
Apparatus and methods of receive diversity (RXD) full cell search
Methods for codebook sub-sampling
Method and apparatus for link sharing among multiple EPONs
Pre-emption in passive optical networks
APN-AMBR authorization in GPRS mobile network
Multi-cast optimized medium access method for wireless network
Communication apparatus and reception method
ANDSF policy controlled access network discovery information
Skip feature for a broadcast or multicast media station
Apparatus and method for a communication network
Differentiation of traffic flows for uplink transmission
System and method for controlling the access to a networked control system
IP forwarding across a link state protocol controlled ethernet network
Establishing an automatic communications delay based on social or business network factors
Jitter-based transmission control method
Transmission device control system
Method of widely linear turbo-equalization in a multi-user context and for a multi-channel multi-antenna receiver
Communication system, non-transitory computer-readable medium storing communication program and communication device
Internet of things security
Serialized authentication and authorization services
Encrypted data exchange between computer systems
Method and system of an accelerated application-oriented middlewarelayer
Detecting network attacks
Secure time functionality for a wireless device
Securing data in a dispersed storage network
Selective data compression by a distributed traffic management system to reduce mobile data traffic and signaling traffic
Protocol for controlling access to encryption keys
Method and apparatus for time stretching to hide data packet pre-buffering delays
Embeddable media upload object
Magnetic induction network device
Data scrambling initialization
Public key encryption system based on the quadratic residuosity assumption
Provisioning of secure storage for both static and dynamic rules for cryptographic key information
Computational systems and methods for double-encrypting data for subsequent anonymous storage
System and method for providing a service to end terminal that uses authentication information of another mobile communication terminal, service server, mobile communication terminal, end terminal, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for detecting missing micro-filter
Methods and systems for creating a dynamic call log and contact records
System and method for interactive voice response unit table-based programming
System, method, and computer program for rerating customer events in parallel with executing one or more open sessions in a consumer telecommunication network
Enhanced communication platform and related communication method using the platform
Operations method for providing wireless communication services
Methods and systems for top-up
Mobile point-of-presence for on demand network client services and security
Providing and using a media control profile
System and method for communicating streaming audio to a telephone device
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Signal shaping techniques for video data that is susceptible to banding artifacts
Localized audio source extraction from video recordings
Image capturing device including lens array and processing
DCT based flicker detection
User recognition apparatus and method
Communication terminal, display control method, and recording medium
System and method to prevent manipulation of transmitted video data
Terminal device, server device, information processing method, program, and linked application supplying system
System and method for automated bottom feature navigator
Method of encoding video content
System and method for AV sync correction by remote sensing
Adjustable speaker rigging system
Condenser microphone
Methods and apparatus for porting loudspeakers to an earpiece
Traffic encryption key management for machine to machine multicast group
Bearer signalling management
Tracking area list handling
Recovery techniques in mobile networks
Interference avoidance between overlapping wireless networks
Method and network monitoring probe for tracking identifiers corresponding to a user device in wireless communication network
System and method for deploying an RTT-based indoor positioning system
Method for securing handover data integrity in mobile communication system and system thereof
Attempting to access network based on a service provider identification
Opt-in and time limited bi-directional real-time location sharing
Communication device and communication system
Method for semi-statically adapting uplink multiple-input multiple-output transmission
Methods and apparatus for channel selection in a wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for network based positioning (NBP)
Communication method of terminal and communication method of base station for direct communication link between terminals
System and method for bypassing an access point in a local area network for P2P data transfers
Wireless communication system and method for controlling wireless communication
Technique for HLR address allocation in a UDC network
Ad-hoc communication radio module, ad-hoc communication device and method for controlling an ad-hoc communication radio module
Heating assemblies and systems for rechargeable batteries
Stability control of a power factor correction circuit using adaptive mulitplier voltage feedback
Light string having at least one protecting circuit
Intelligent illumination control method, apparatus, and system
Power supply for a plurality of light emitting diodes
Dielectric barrier discharge plasma generator
Propagation velocity tuning with functionalized carbon nanomaterial in printed wiring boards (PWBs) and other substrates, and design structures for same
Customizing connections of conductors of a printed circuit board
Electronic substrate and structure for connector connection thereof
Method of manufacturing a combined circuit board
Multilayer board manufacturing method
Method of forming a module component having a plurality of penetration holes
Method of fabricating printed circuit boards
Display apparatus
Implementing simultaneously connecting of multiple devices in a multi-tiered, multi-directional, enhanced tolerance system with mechanical support structures
Positive pressure-applying latch mechanism
Service shelf for electronic cabinet
Recirculating dielectric fluid cooling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device for filling and leveling divots
Granular material spreader attachment for mower or other apparatus
Sulky for self propelled lawn mower
Shearbar for a forage harvester
Wood harvesting method and a harvester head needed for its implementation
Covered livestock feeder for field use
Control for evaporative cooling apparatus
Device for heating an enclosed space for animals
Animal restraint system for vehicles
Cow indexing and positioning method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for easy transport of an animal bed, of particular use for dogs
Intensity variation method and apparatus
Nesting box
Device for monitoring the normal operation of an apparatus for detecting a physical characteristic of chicken eggs
Indexed feed dispensing mechanism
Methods for raising pre-adult anadromous fish
Nematode biopesticide
Valve device for automatic sluicing of domestic animals
Spinning reel for fishing
Articulated aiming support
Sterilizing method by substituting the dissolved oxygen in milk or the like with nitrogen gas, a product thereof and an apparatus for nitrogen gas substitution
Frozen custard machine
Bottle cap for vacuum preservation
Automotive and aerospace materials in a continuous, pressurized mold filling and casting machine
Method for assay and removal of harmful toxins during processing of tobacco products
Tobacco smoking mixture for smoking articles such as cigarettes
Safety hunting harness and garment
Snowboard binding system
Rotation locker stand for outdoor umbrellas
Luggage with integrated cover
Handbag or the like with covered, transparent wall
Golf bag
Mobile technology organizer handbag
Clear plastic case for moving through an airport
Expandable backpack
Dual function portable computer bag
Hair wrapper
Knapsack fitted with an angular damper between the back of the bag and the strap and/or belt assembly
Device for applying product to hair and method of using same
Apparatus for supporting reading material
Portable, compact computer and projector stand
Table with pivotable table-top
Motorized picnic table
Portable storage apparatus
Rack for supporting circularly symmetrical containers
Fully pulled-out type mobile apparatus
Gaming cabinet footrests
Methods and apparatus for electrically adjusting a height of a chair
Reclining mechanism and furniture item having pusher mechanism
Collapsible beach chair with tensioned seat
Mobile observation platform assembly
Uniform pressure type three-dimensional pressure bearing surface measuring instrument structure
Folding ready-to-assemble upholstered furniture
Arrangement for securing support springs in vehicle seat frame
Chair with removable cushion and back sections and method for practice same
Apparatus and method for thin profile ratchet actuator
Unitary adjustable seat basket
Boat seat cover
Collection apparatus
Child activity center, entertainment system, and components thereof
Dispensing tray with drop product rotation
Removable holder
Freestanding frame for supporting shelves
Display rack for storing and displaying articles
Over-door shoe racks
Method and apparatus for sampling and advertising perfume
Clasp for hanging material
Child's plate
Beverage dispensing urn with surface-covering member and method
Covering device for a container
Adjustable clothing hanger
Juice extractor
Apparatus for maintaining cooked food in a ready-to-serve condition using a freestanding cover for food trays
Modular device for the preservation and reheating of tray meals
Hand operated food grinding apparatus
Safety system to prevent the functioning of a blender or food processor if the top of its cup is not in place
Barbeque grill arrangement for vehicles
Carpet cleaning machine
Method for self-detection of pupillary response
Aberrometer calibration
Gaze tracking system and method
Eyecup shield with finger ports
Eye viewing device for retinal viewing through undilated pupil
Apparatus and methods for testing pain sensitivity
Measuring system for determining the surface line of a body
Bolus tracking x-ray positioner
Oral appliance suitable for use as a sports guard
Pediatric abdominal support
Eyewear for ballistic and light protection
Disposable surgical and diagnostic fluid control island
Portable lift seat apparatus
Personal transporter
Press-through pack, sealing sheet for press-through pack, and preparation method of tablet
Transferring device
Hand-held tablet (pill) crusher
Pill crusher
Cell-culture and polymer constructs
Respiratory delivery system with power/medicament recharge assembly
Inhalation device employing blister packs with cavities and alignment slits
Inhalation actuated device
Gas forwarding apparatus for respiration and narcosis devices
Nasal gas delivery system and method for use thereof
Percutaneous dilational device
Disposal unit for medical sharps
Record and verification method, apparatus and system
Fire extinguishing apparatus
System and method for extinguishing a fire
Beverage cooler
Kit for converting conventional, spring-actuated pitching machine into a video pitching machine
Grip for a sports pole, and a sports pole having such grip
Generation of in-line skates and skate-boards wtih safety "edging friction control.TM."
Support device for the front of a ski boot
Alpine ski
Card dispenser apparatus and protective guard therefor
Method and apparatus for playing a wagering game
Method of and apparatus for playing a card game
Casino card game
Pyramid puzzle system
Safety device for a fairground attraction
Transformable riding toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Accelerated water evaporation system
Fluted static stack agitator
Precision dispensing
Diffuser for use in a carbonic acid control system
Multi-channel microfluidic system design with balanced fluid flow distribution
Bulk chemical delivery system
Automated storage and retrieval device and method
Horizontal shaft impact rock crusher with breaker plate tension bar locking device
Mechanical crusher
Liquid atomizer
Flow volume adjustment device for irrigation sprinkler heads
Pump dispenser having one-piece plastic spring and gasket
Illuminated showerhead
Lawn irrigation system
System for transmitting ultrasonic waves
Variable vibratory mechanism
Foreign substance eliminating apparatus
Waste plastics separator
Volume efficient cleaning methods
Semiconductor wafer cleaning apparatus and method
Cores for use in precision investment casting
Modularized permanent molding machine with multiple molds
Rotary casting system for pressurized casting machines
Method and apparatus for molding wind chimes with glass inserts
Immersion nozzle
Method for machining a workpiece and chuck with a center pin for implementing it
Elliptical vibration cutting method and elliptical vibration cutting apparatus
Power drill chuck
Portable apparatus for machining pipe ends
Cutting apparatus and methods of operation
Laced electrode coil and method of making
Reflow apparatus
Wire processing apparatus, flux applying device, and solder depositing device
Systems and methods for manufacturing a circuit board
Apparatus of clamping semiconductor devices using sliding finger supports
Method of solid state welding and welded parts
Method of applying a bond coating and a thermal barrier coating on a metal substrate, and related articles
End-sided closure of a pipe
Pipe welding tool
Piston for a hydraulic pressure chamber
Workpiece micro-positioning apparatus
Housing oscillating type cam apparatus, and work shifter using such apparatus
Enhanced computer control of in-situ drilling system
Lathe assembly and method of operating the lathe assembly
Machining system and method of machining a workpiece using the machining system
Vise mountable tool holder bracket
Socket for a socket wrench
Reversible adjustable wrench
Eccentric drive socket
Wrench with rotating heads
Chuck device for miniature tool bits
Component mounting method and apparatus for a percussion tool
Wrench socket storage rail
Tool case
Rack for wrenches
Cable tie wrap holder system
Template tracing cutter
Clinching mechanism for staplers
Method and apparatus for profiling a log
Cutting device with changeable cutting depth
Apparatus for machining composite material test specimens
Plastic stop valve and method for the production thereof
Cooling of extruded and compression molded materials
Anvil for ultrasonic cutting apparatus
Sealing head for lidding machine
Wafer for use in the selective connecting and disconnecting of plastic tubes
Apparatus for conveying and folding flexible packaging material
Preformed bag-in-a-box container
Fuel hose
Process and apparatus for imaging surfaces in printing machines
Image exposure control apparatus in multicolor printing press
Method for producing printing plate, reusing method for printing plate, and printing machine
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Method for controlling the temperature of printing form surfaces during printing
Method and apparatus for controlling pushing pressure applied to printing material
Method for preparing varying degrees of gloss on printed matter in printing machines
Printing blanket having reinforcing band sheets on opposite end portions
Doctor blade system
Imaging system
Method for media handling in an imaging device
High throughput inkjet printer with provision for spot color printing
Ink-jet printer, ink cartridge for the same
Droplet generator for a continuous stream ink jet print head
Liquid discharge head, head cartridge provided with such head, liquid discharge apparatus and method for discharging liquid
Energy efficient heater stack using DLC island
Liquid discharge head, driving method therefor, and cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Ink jet type printer head
Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
Ink jet head, method of manufacturing ink jet head, and printer
Maintenance module for fluid jet device
Liquid ejecting head, suction recovering method, head cartridge and image forming apparatus
Printing mechanism hinged printbar assembly
Inkjet head and inkjet printer
Ink jet recording apparatus and cleaning control method for wiping device in the apparatus
Liquid discharge apparatus and discharge recovery method therefor
Faulty nozzle detection in an ink jet printer by printing test patterns and scanning with a fixed optical sensor
Ink jet mist control system
Ink supply system for an ink jet printer
Ink tank, ink jet recording head, ink jet cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Printing system, method of recording images, and ink cartridge attachable to printing system
Print cartridge latching system
Method and apparatus for aligning staggered pens using macro-pens
Cartridge for a sticker printing digital camera device
Stamp unit
Rewritable-program computer interface for stencil printer, and method of rewriting program for the interface
Loader of signatures or sheets for bookbindery feeder
Apparatus for sharpening a writing instrument
Variable-diameter wheel apparatus for motor vehicles
Wheel construction, in particular for automobiles
Rim with emergency grooved internal support and tire for said rim
Tire wheel bearing apparatus
Hub assembly for automotive vehicles
Plastic wheel assembly and mounting sleeve with stabilizing recess
Decorative jeweled wheel cover
Wheel and cladding
Guiding and fixed structure for a wheel cover of a heavy-duty vehicle
Spinable wheel cover
Wheel cover for automobiles
Pneumatic tire
Towing safety device
Isolated axle mounting
Motor vehicle air spring system having an ultrasonic measurement arrangement
Vehicle suspension system
Pneumatic connections for vehicle suspensions
Apparatus and method for coupling a disconnectable stabilizer bar system
Level-adjustable main spring and actively biased emergency spring with fail-safe behavior
Camber control suspension
Axle suspension for rigid axles of vehicles
Heater core preheater
Automotive air-conditioner having sub-compressor driven by electric motor
Cooling device with a controlled coolant phase upstream of the compressor
Cooling fan control method for minimizing the power consumption of a vehicle air conditioning system
Hood trim strip
Modular sun visor and method of assembling same
Motor vehicle rear transverse part and equipment module for same
Drive device for motor vehicle sliding sunroofs
Convertible top and driving device for a convertible top
Tarp cover hold down system
Frame for a battery-operated industrial truck
Dual stack exhaust system
Low permeation cam lock for plastic fuel tank vapor vent valve
Fuel tank cradle device for forklift trucks
Filler neck for the fuel tank of a motor vehicle
Driving apparatus for vehicles
Hydrostatic Transmission
Transmission for vehicle
Selection device for adjusting vehicle speed
All terrain vehicle motor with cooling channels
Hybrid vehicle control apparatus wherein battery is charged based on required charging amount and/or energy conversion efficiency of electric generator
System and method for controlling flow of vehicles
Fold flat seat assembly
Seating system for a vehicle having a deceleration sensor
Automotive seat track lock mechanism with positive engagement
Seat reclining device for vehicle
Car seat having looped adjustable shoulder harnesses
Self-adjustable cup holders
Card holding structure and vehicle console box having the same
Garnish arrangement in annular headrest for vehicle seat
Inflatable vehicle cup holder
Dump vehicle body
Recreational vehicle with walk through slide out
In-floor flush floors retractable room support
Vehicular exterior break-away mirror assembly
Manually foldable door mirror
Deformable vehicle bumper guard
Multiple stage system for absorbing force and energy associated with collisions of a land vehicle
Gas bag module with multi-function conductor film
Inflatable curtain with anchor device
Safety bumper comprising an energy-absorbing element controlled by an impact sensor
Front hood assembly
Safety belt-reversing device on a motor vehicle seat
Method and device for a safety belt
Combination of a vehicle door and a storage box
Pickup truck rack with elevated platform within canopy
Pneumatic booster
Vacuum booster air intake via engine compartment breather passage
Brake servo unit control device
Method for automatic braking of a vehicle
Valve, especially for slip-controlled hydraulic brake systems installed in motor vehicles
Pilot operated microvalve device
Conveyor carrier
Anti-spin/anti-drift module for railway car door
Railroad hopper car gate assembly and method of operating same
Running gear for a rail vehicle
Rail brake element
Yard tracking system
Hand truck table mover
Inflatable vehicle braking system
Steering wheel with decorative element
Apparatus that mounts a steering shaft to a vehicle
Magnetorheological steering damper
Position depend tilt and telescoping steering column
Electric tilt adjustable steering apparatus for a vehicle
Steering column tilt system multiplier
Steering control system for tracklaying vehicle
Vehicle with novel frame rails
Front body structure of vehicle
Vehicle hood support and latch system
Vehicle tailgate hinge and counterbalance assembly
Method in working machine
Rear spoiler structure for a vehicle
Apparatus and method for increasing downward force exerted on a spinning vehicle
Steerable drive axle with electrically-powered steering apparatus
Relating to electrical power assisted steering systems
Steering system having an interlocking mechanism
Power steering system with noise reduction
Track support element for tire engaging track
Oversteer control for a motor vehicle
Enclosed motorcycle
Motorcycle engine cover bumper device
Shock absorber for a two-wheeled vehicle
Compact folding handle bar apparatus for bicycle
Bearing assembly for supporting components to permit limited rotational movement
Foldable bicycle pedal crank
Triangulated bicycle pedal support structure
Flexible cover support frame tensioning apparatus
Adjustable boat windshield support brace
Connecting device for a push-barge system
System for offshore transfer of liquefield natural gas
Apparatus and method for cleaning hopper barges
Convertible marine fender
Sectional boat
System and method for internally fitting a new inner hull to an existing outer hull to form a rebuilt double hull vessel
Aircraft ground support air conditioning unit with heat exchanger bypass
Gimbaled ion thruster arrangement for high efficiency stationkeeping
Nested beam deployable solar array
Spacecraft protected by a coating including pyroelectric/ferroelectric particles, and the coating material
Variable volume height adjustable buffer for transferring items from an elevated supply stream to a lower container and method
Wide aperture wire tracking for baling machine
Device for banding groups of sheets
Seal for clean-in-place enclosure for a packaging machine
Fill station for a liquid dispensing system
Support frame for a processing solution container package
Container with improved bottom recess
Snap-on, screw-off cap and container neck
Two-ply label for pharmaceutical products
Bottle having flattened cross sectional shape
Packaging bag having closure strips controlled by a cursor
Vented bag for microwave cooking
Nozzle for beverage can
Liquid container with closure
Convertible bread packaging product for loaf bread
Pop up brochure display/product dispensing unit
Bag-in-a-box shipping container
Screwdriver holder
Curved tear guide on tubular packagings
Container for flowable materials or fluids with adapters to avoid clogging of the container
Shipping pallet with retractable rails
Rotomolded hydraulic reservoir with inserted baffle
Waste transportation unit
Board transmitting device for an upright PC board etching machine
Accumulating pallet conveyor and storage system
Vertical log singulator with profiled surface
Component carrying device
Object assembly device for assembling rolling objects
Apparatus for levitating and transporting object
Double roll rolling device and method
Methods for calibration and automatic alignment in friction drive apparatus
Multi-function media eject system in an ink jet printer
Hinged-arm pick mechanism
Sheet processing unit
Wire roll dispenser apparatus
Device for positioning sheets in a machine station
Yarn feeding device and yarn braking body
Brake structure of band reel in packing machine
Method of winding a traveling yarn at a work station of a spinning bobbin winding machine or of a bobbin winding machine
Thread restraining device for bobbins
Modular security safe with offset security bolt box and method of manufacturing same
Swivel connector for a fluid handling system
Hose guiding device of a hose winder
Telescoping escalator seismic restraint
Method and device for reducing the polygon effect in the reversing area of pedestrian coveyor systems
Projector lift
Cork remover for champagne bottles or the like
Universal quick-disconnect coupling and valve
Closed-loop filling system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas sensor and manufacturing method for the same
Aqueous recording liquid, recording method and apparatus using same
Compositions containing aqueous viscosifying surfactants and methods for applying such compositions in subterranean formations
Reduced risk dispensing of petroleum distillate based household products
Textiles; Paper
Yarn feed device having a weight-relieving stop element
Method of sewing supplementary parts on a workpiece
Overlock sewing machine
Needle module for a tufting machine
Apparatus to aid in fixing dye to fabric
Laundry apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Rail puller including a clamping beam and two clamping members and a method thereof
Rail pulling system
Portable levee system
Sensory feedback system for an electro-hydraulically controlled system
Hydrostatic test cap
Fixture suspension bracket assembly
Mud pan support device
Personal stand and method of using a personal stand
Plastic privacy fence
Handle device
Switchgear cabinet
One-touch-actuated multipoint latch system for doors and windows
Opening and closing device of vehicle lock apparatus
Modular housing
Lockable box
Bezel release latch
Trunk lid support device for an automobile
Motor-drive/manual folding door
Motor vehicle door drive mechanism, with corresponding door, carriage and vehicle
Method of manufacturing heat insulating structural and/or light elements and installation for carrying out the method
Device and method for holding window covering pull cords
Drive mechanism and head rail for a blind
Bit apparatus
Cutting structure for roller cone drill bits
Riser pipe construction and module therefor
Earth borer
Borehole casing centralizer
Ground drilling machine and rod exchanger utilized therefor
Offset elevator for a pipe running tool and a method of using a pipe running tool
Jaw assembly for gripping pipes
High torque and high capacity rotatable center core and floatable sealed body assemblies with universal RAM applications and method
Soap stick launcher and method for launching soap sticks
Wellhead stuffing box support assembly
Wellbore mechanism for liquid and gas discharge
Recovery of production fluids from an oil or gas well
Multi-shot tubing perforator
Apparatus for continuously perforating in oil wells
Method and apparatus for reducing plunger seal wear on automatic casing swab lift systems
Drilling process monitor
Non-rotating sensor assembly for measurement-while-drilling applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Assembly and mounting of an engine drive mechanism
Welded hydraulic cylinder for work vehicles
Pivoting piston rotary power device
Rotary pump
Supplemental seal for the chordal hinge seals in a gas turbine
Supplemental seal for the chordal hinge seals in a gas turbine
Supplemental seal for the chordal hinge seal in a gas turbine
Valve drive mechanism for outboard motor
Variable valve actuating mechanism with magnetorheological fluid lost motion device
Variable valve timing apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring cam phaser locking pin position
Valve timing adjusting device
Control apparatus of variable valve timing system for internal combustion engine
Electrically driven device for angular adjustment of a shaft relative to its drive
Adhesive tape and its use
Internal combustion engine with exhaust gas control device
Gas heat pump-type air conditioner
Lubrication structure in OHC engine
Pressure sensible valve for exhaust muffler and method of assembling same
Coolant transfer machine for automotive vehicle & method
High speed engine coolant flush and filtration system and method
Piston having combustion chamber defined in the crown
Supplemental control valve device for supplemental flow control of an internal combustion engine intake channel
Fuel injection control method for a direct-injection internal-combustion engine
Intake manifold for an engine
Rigid crankshaft cradle and actuator
Engine for motorcycles
Air induction system for multi-cylinder engine
Turbocharger system for diesel engine
Method for controlling the operation of an internal combustion engine
Engine starting and warm-up fuel control method having low volatility fuel detection and compensation
Method and arrangement for operating an internal combustion engine
System and method for vehicle engine cranking
Method for controlling a glow plug for diesel engine
HCCI engine combustion control apparatus and method
Control system for internal combustion engine
Diagnosis apparatus for detecting abnormal state of evaporation gas purge system
System and method for determining leakage in fuel vapor emission controls
Evaporative fuel leakage preventing device for internal combustion engine
Common rail
Fluid manifold connector and fluid manifold assembly
Oxygenated fuel plus water injection for emissions control in compression ignition engines
Common rail fuel supply system with high pressure accumulator
Fuel injection device for an internal combustion engine having a pressure-holding valve
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
High pressure fuel supply apparatus
Fuel supply device having slip-out preventing member
Fuel injector
Rate shaping fuel injector with limited throttling
In-cylinder injection engine with supercharger
Carburettor for an internal combustion engine
Kick starter assist system
Control apparatus for variable displacement compressor
Control valve of variable displacement compressor
Compressor with internal accumulator for use in split compressor
Variable pressure control device
Electrically operated hydraulic actuator with force feedback position sensing
Pressure fluid cylinder with optional anti-rotation feature
Sensor assembly
Method and apparatus for identifying and eliminating vibration symptoms in hydraulic clutch actuators
Component for holding down measuring leads
Easy mount connector
Internal combustion engine connecting rod
Vehicle suspension and bearing therefor
Linear rolling bearing
Slip joint of a synchronization unit for transmissions
Transmission/casing assembly with torque distributing device
Electromagnetic clutch structure in driving force distribution system
Ball ramp actuator with indexing plates
Free run clutch apparatus
Input engaging clutch
Mounting stud retention system for use in a vehicle drum-in-hat disc brake assembly
Clutch-brake assembly
Double triad elastomer mount
Hydraulic vibration-damping support
Bearing assembly and method
Air spring with vibration isolation
Pneumatic suspension system
Magnetorheological strut piston with compression bypass
Magneto-rheological damper with grooved fluid passages
Vehicle damper assembly and method of modulating fluid flow
Over-running clutch pulley with composite sealing member
Check ball filter for transmissions
Method for controlling a damper clutch of an automatic transmission
Lock-up control device for torque converter of automatic transmission
Hydraulic actuation systems
Shift-assisting device for a transmission
Control apparatus for a continuously variable transmission
Wheel bearing and sealing device therefor
Valve core
Safety valve
Floating plug valve apparatus for storing and dispensing high purity liquid
Contamination-free pyrovalve
Diagnostic system and method, especially for a valve
Valve with self-cleaning trim
Fluid valve
Alternative metallic seals
Undersea hydraulic coupling member with external port guard
Flexible cable support apparatus and method
Low-profile conduit elbow
Quick-action connector assembly including a latching indicator member
Fluid quick connector with grooved endform
Dual function service coupling
Stand with a parallelogram carrier and balancing mechanism
Displacement type fluid machine
Pressure valve device for a gas pressure cartridge
Product delivery system for stationary or portable bulk containers
Method and apparatus for the delivery of liquefied gases having constant impurity levels
Device for supplying preferably liquid or gaseous fuels to a combustion chamber
Coal combustion products recovery process
Thermostatic gas valve with a pressure regulator
Device for supporting and locating a gas burner in a cooker
Log supporting apparatus
Adjustable hinge for oven appliance
Direct heating device
Method and apparatus for energy recovery in an environmental control system
System for controlling starting of air conditioner and control method thereof
Radiant energy absorbers
Collapsible light concentration device
Dilution cycle for absorption chiller
Dual setpoint control for an absorption chiller
Circulating heat exchangers for oscillating wave engines and refrigerators
Quiet ice making apparatus
Ice tray
Ice maker for refrigerator and control method thereof
Constant-temperature liquid circulating apparatus
Concentrated cooling apparatus and refrigerator having the same
Thermal insulation box
Lower cyclone heat exchanger
Heat shield with adjustable discharge opening for use in a casting furnace
Installation for recovering debris stopped by a filter at the inlet of a heat exchanger
Multi-material heat spreader
Launch tube and a method for making a launch tube
Rotatable breech gun
Closed bolt assembly for a paintball marker gun
Pneumatically operated projectile launching device
Ball launching apparatus
Capsule adapted for use with an archery arrow rest
Method and apparatus for controlling a trajectory of a projectile
Method for exchanging data between a device for programming and triggering electronic detonators and said detonators
Rotary sensor having elastic members for pressing rotor in axial and non-axial directions
Flow divider
Mass flowmeter
Continuous positive displacement metering valve
Flow meter strut
Apparatus for measuring physical properties of matter
Structure of a clinical thermometer
Tire sensor and method
Electrical wear sensor for disc brake
Manometer with direct passage
Leak detector apparatus and method
Fluid sampling device
Micromachined fluid analysis device and method
Methods and apparatus for measuring stress of membrane regions of segmented microlithographic mask blanks
Optical reading apparatus and optical reading method
Portable grain moisture meter
Vibration displacement sensing system
Non-destructive inspection, testing and evaluation systems for intact aircraft and components and method therefore
Robotically manipulable sample handling tool
Current detector with two mounting positions
Optical element and optical system having the same
Projection apparatus
Optical system of liquid crystal projector
Spectacle lens and manufacturing method therefor
Eyewear frame with auxiliary frame having distantly arranged magnets
Detachable shelter frame for magnetic spectacle set
Projection display device
Image display apparatus
Compact projection system and associated device
High contrast projection
Small reflective type liquid crystal projection device
Presentation imaging system
Multi-display device
Full color rear screen projection system using a single monochrome TFT LCD panel
Method for improving registration of images on opposing sides of a printing medium
Production method of thin plate and thin plate support for chucking employed in the method
Pneumatic pressure regulator assembly
Thermostatic control valve with fluid mixing
Operator handle with overtorque protection
Exit apparatus for computer modules
Carrier for disk drive hot swapping
IC card handling device
Data code image reading apparatus
Coding scheme for encoded sheet material
Composite IC card
Automatic range adjustment techniques for stand-mountable bar code scanners
Compact scan module with magnetically centered scan mirror
Optical reader having partial frame operating mode
Bar code reader
Automatically-activated hand-supportable omni-directional laser scanning bar code symbol reading system with data transmission activation switch
Interactive transporting system for moving people around in an environment
Numbered garment national/international matching game
Credit/debit card for regulated transactions
Bill deposit/withdrawal machine
Currency processing machine with multiple internal coin receptacles
Banknote scope
Coin processing device
Machine for reliably vending products one at a time
Wireless point-of-sale terminal
Combination flagstaff holder and ball hitch
Car locating device with interchangeable indicia
Printable shelf label having a liquid crystal display
Latching mechanism for tape drive
Compact disk storage device
Folded paper board CD carrier and method of making the same
Method of measuring coercive force of a magnetic card
Tape-sheathing device for an electric wire
Integrated substrate processing system
Substrate processing unit
System for fabricating solder bumps on semiconductor components
Heat sink with converging device
Heat dissipation device
Carrier element for an antenna
Securing device for transparent documents in a flatbed scanning system
Scan device with elastic reserve type and its scan method
Scanning apparatus with the appearance of pen
Color halftoning for printing with multiple inks
Reduction of dependence of color appearance on light source
Systems and methods for HUE control
Telecommunications chassis and card with flame spread containment
Apparatus for cooling a box with heat generating elements received therein and a method for cooling same
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