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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rail-mounted automated grass cutter
Soil replacement method and system for seed germination and agricultural growing
Subsurface irrigation
Handle system for fishing rod
Caged rodent trap assembly
Drive system for a mobile sprayer and/or for a mobile blower
Oyster liquor-collecting and oyster beak-opening device
Head cooling aid device
Helmet for reducing concussive forces during collision
Reconfigurable shoe
Versatile hook-and-loop fastener system
Snap pin
Modular luggage transport systems
Folding component compact
Variable suspension system for backpacks
Backpack frame extender
Oral cleaning implement having a plastic staple comprising a cavity
Drawer with front door provided with locking-regulating apparatus of said front door
Height adjustable multi-position bench and massage platform
Adjustable-firmness body support and method
Integral child training toilet
Cup holder with more and less flexible portions and recessed movable handle
Clip on shot glasses and clip on pockets
Culinary extruding and mincing tool
Orbitual surface cleaning apparatus
Dishwasher sump member
Dishwasher sump member
Hand-held ear vacuum with camera and video display
Integral foam port
Thoracic access port including foldable anchor
Access port with integrated flexible sleeve
Temperature based fertility monitoring system and related method
Tool member cover and cover deployment device
Steerable laser probe
Measurement and placement techniques in hip resurfacing and the like
Fixation assembly for spinal vertebrae
Optimizing vision correction procedures
Ophthalmic device
Eyewear for patient prompting
Patient-specific coronary territory mapping
Biomagnetic field measurement apparatus having a plurality of magnetic pick-up coils
Detecting system of position and posture of capsule medical device
Three-dimensional impedance imaging device
Detecting system of position and posture of capsule medical device
Medical tracking system using a gamma camera
X-ray CT apparatus
X-ray CT system to generate tomographic phase contrast or dark field exposures
Absorbent article and method of producing absorbent article
Intrastomal segment
Shape memory polymer prosthetic medical device
Porous composite with graded bioabsorbability, artificial bone using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Expandable implant of a minimally invasive surgery
Sex toy
Oral orthosis handle
Adjustable wheelchair elevating leg rest
Mattress overlay system with positionally adjustable, lateral ramp-wedge bolster structure
Dry type half bath apparatus with feet massage function
Treating neurodegenerative diseases with GGA or a derivative thereof
Omega 3 fatty acid for use as a prescription medical food and omega 3 fatty acid diagniostic assay for the dietary management of cardiovascular patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) who are deficient in blood EPA and DHA levels
Oral liquid compositions of rhein or diacerein
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing anthracycline induced cardiotoxicity
Methods for treating cancer using combination therapy
Volatile distillate by-product of mint oil that promotes absorption and/or bioavailability of compounds of bio-medical and nutritional interest
Wild-type apolipoprotein L-I for use in the prevention of kidney diseases
Immunoconjugates for the treatment of tumours
Influenza hemagglutinin and neuraminidase variants
Cell-penetrating markers of apoptosis
Cosmetic basic composition and its use
Methods and compositions for administration of oxybutynin
Method of treating patients with a mucinous glycoprotein (MUC-1) vaccine
Microparticles for the treatment of disease
Compact system for sterilization by bombardment of electrons
Process for textile cleaning and disinfection by means of plasma and plasma lock
Method and apparatus for controlling pressurized infusion and temperature of infused liquids
Infusion pump system
Safety device for use with a vial
Nerve blocking for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Electric device for producing successive positive and negative electric charges
Devices to dilate nasal airways for various applications involving: activities using goggles with a helmet or goggles alone; swimming with goggles, without or with a swim cap; sleep; sleep with a CPAP mask; and for physical activities
Oxygen breathing device with mass flow control
Quick exchange handle
Polymer coating to cross-link underlying cover
Tennis racket having an optimized striking area
Catching apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for producing an absorbent disposable incontinence diaper and apparatus for conducting the method
Trailer oscillation detection and compensation method for a vehicle and trailer combination
Vehicle statistical measurement game
Movable display device
System for recommending maintenance for fuel economy improvement
Automobile communication system
Child restraint system
Motor controller and electric power steering apparatus
Adherent cover and dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for transforming pharmaceutical crystal forms
Culturing circular ssDNA viruses for the production of vaccines
Process and equipment for the treatment of loads or residues of non-ferrous metals and their alloys
Amorphous platinum-rich alloys
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cluster-type fluid-conducting pipe connecting device
Dichroic beamsplitter for high energy laser diagnostics
Attachment angle measuring device and attachment angle measuring method
Optical image measuring apparatus
Chemical sensing system and method
Chemical sensing with noise pre-compensation
Sensor for measuring living body information and keypad assembly using the same
Single polarizer focused-beam ellipsometer
Modulation cancellation method in laser spectroscopy
Patient support pads for use in detecting lymphedema through x-ray scans
Tray for use in assessing the threat status of an article at a security check point
Tray for assessing the threat status of an article at a security check point
System and method for selectively classifying a population
Hand held pointing device with roll compensation
SPM probe with shortened cantilever
Waveform observing apparatus
Delay line calibration circuit comprising asynchronous arbiter element
Component with a detection structure for mechanical damage
Probe card actuator
Congestion control in stateless domains
Burn-in system for electronic devices
Component test apparatus and component transport method
Input/output boundary cells and output data summing scan cell
Method and system for testing P2 stiffness of a magnetoresistance transducer at the wafer level
Weather radar and weather observation method
System and method for dynamic voltage scaling in a GPS receiver
System and method for geo-locating a receiver with reduced power consumption
Positioning system and method thereof
Localized seismic imaging using diplets
Processing measurement data that involves computing a derivative of the measurement data that represents a subterranean structure
Low field SQUID MRI devices, components and methods
Magnetic resonance apparatus having an asymmetrical cylindrical gradient coil and at least one asymmetrical shim-coil
Method and apparatus for detecting and processing lightning
Machine-readable displays
MEMS display
Optical scanning device, image forming apparatus, and controlling method
Lens array and line head
Fiber optic splice tray
Cable management system
Optical interconnection methods for high-speed data-rate optical transport systems
Optical waveguide and optical touch panel
Programmable light beam shape altering device using programmable micromirrors
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, device, and light modulation element
Liquid crystal display device comprising reflecting portions for reflecting light beams and focusing them on circumferences of electrode portions of linear light sources
Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
Liquid crystal display device, method for fabricating the same, and portable telephone using the same
LCD driving device having plural TFT channels connected in parallel with either increasing channel widths or decreasing channel distances from central part to edges of the device
Light blocking plate, camera module having same, and method for making same
Portable electronic device
Imaging lens device and imaging apparatus
Fresnel lens and projection display device using one such lens
Optimal rasterization for maskless lithography
Uniform background radiation in maskless lithography
Method and device for image measurement, exposure apparatus, substrate for image measurement, and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Immersion optical lithography system having protective optical coating
In-die focus monitoring with binary mask
Movable stage apparatus
Image signal processing method and image signal processing device
Specular diffuse balance correction method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Developing device and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Removably mountable frame for an image processsing apparatus, a removably mountable adaptor for an image processing apparatus and cartridges for use with a removably frame and removably mountable adaptor
Holographic information recording and reproducing apparatus for the same
Electronically keyed dispensing systems and related methods of installation and use
Automatic cutting device and production method for beveled product
Torque control device for power system
Partial discharge counter for diagnosis of gas insulated switchgear
Variable input voltage charge pump
Method and apparatus for regulating a diode conduction duty cycle
Four-gate transistor analog multiplier circuit
Systems and methods for wake on event in a network
Power supply with integrated uninterruptible power control
Random number generator
Jitter reduction circuit
Electronic equipment and shelf member
Computer housing and computer including the same
Computational device power-savings
Intelligent mobile device management client
Failover method, program, failover apparatus and failover system
Hardware recovery responsive to concurrent maintenance
Generation of problem tickets for a computer system
Diagnosis apparatus, diagnosis method, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus and method, information recording medium, and computer program
Pre-boot firmware based virus scanner
Secure and scalable solid state disk system
Virtualization method and storage apparatus for a storage system having external connectivity
States encoding in multi-bit flash cells for optimizing error rate
Storage system performing virtual volume backup and method thereof
Method of managing copy protection information of a recording medium, recording medium with copy protection information for contents recorded thereon, and reproducing method for the recording medium
Multi-data rate security architecture for network security
Performing initialization for non access-selected memory device supporting multimediacard (MMC) interface
Synchronous flash memory with status burst output
Multi-function docking assembly for portable digital media storage and playback device
Storage system provided with a plurality of storage modules
Access right managing method for accessing multiple programs
Communicating between an application process and a server process to manage peer-to-peer identities
Method of and system for enabling offline applications
Network monitoring system and method
Componentized site engine services
Method, apparatus and computer program product for enabling dual mode communication
Adaptive integrated circuitry with heterogeneous and reconfigurable matrices of diverse and adaptive computational units having fixed, application specific computational elements
Arrangement for connectivity within an advanced multimedia content framework
Management of queues in contact centres
Method and system for providing image, video and audio data to remote users
Method and system for deploying a network monitoring service within a communication network
Accelerating network communications
Method and apparatus for providing feeds to users
Methods and systems for processing multi-media editing projects
Method for executing discovery and status update polling procedures of networked devices
Method, apparatus, and program product for efficiently defining relationships in a comprehension state of a collection of information
Method of and apparatus for automated behavior prediction
Devices, systems, and methods for providing increased security when multiplexing one or more services at a customer premises
Method and system for harmonization of variants of a sequential file
Devices, systems, and methods for enabling reconfiguration of services supported by a network of devices
System for creating and rendering client-side user interfaces via custom tags
Method and device for assisting in the piloting of an aircraft flying along a path with rectilinear segments
Memory optimizing for re-ordering user edits
Method and apparatus for presenting electronic literary macrames on handheld computer systems
Process of specifying print time fold method, location, and orientation
Control device for a hybrid electric vehicle
Use of server instances and processing elements to define a server
System and method for evaluating information
Online fault detection and avoidance framework for distributed factory control systems
Dynamic modification of a messaging language
Word usage analyzer
Kstore scenario simulator processor and XML file
Method of monitoring electronic media
Log recording apparatus
Information browser, method of controlling same, and program
Apparatus and method for building conjoined computer systems
Transactional file system
Method and system for mitigating impact of user errors in data stores
System and method for statistical timing analysis of digital circuits
Automated method for buffering in a VLSI design
Method and system for placement of electric circuit components in integrated circuit design
Extracting consistent compact model parameters for related devices
Method and apparatus for evaluating integrated circuit design performance using basic block vectors, cycles per instruction (CPI) information and microarchitecture dependent information
Grid-based fragmentation for optical proximity correction in photolithography mask applications
Test yield estimate for semiconductor products created from a library
Method and system for testing bit failures in array elements of an electronic circuit
Latch based optimization during implementation of circuit designs for programmable logic devices
Structure for a stacked power clamp having a BigFET gate pull-up circuit
Synchronous and optimum line delivery utilizing tact information
Aircraft systems and methods for displaying a touchdown point
Method and system of monitoring manufacturing equipment
Electronic apparatus and recording medium storing password input program
Access controller and access control method
Cryptographic device having session memory bus
Serial port initialization in storage system controllers
Storage system, storage apparatus, and method for hot swapping of firmware
Virtual machine system
Mechanism for monitoring instruction set based thread execution on a plurality of instruction sequencers
Method and system for dynamic configuration of interceptors in a client-server environment
Method and system for dynamic configuration of interceptors in a client-server environment
Haptic sense rendering apparatus and haptic sense rendering method
Method and system for identifying print jobs associated with an image formation device
Image forming apparatus with sheet-handling device preparatory operation control
Image processing apparatus image processing method, and a computer-readable non-transitory storage medium for causing a recording apparatus to record an image
System, method and program product for detecting SQL queries injected into data fields of requests made to applications
Apparatus, method and system for tabulation processing, and recording medium
Virtually infinite reliable storage across multiple storage devices and storage services
System and method for a distributed object store
Relational database method for technology program management
Adding and subtracting KStores
Combination of collaborative filtering and cliprank for personalized media content recommendation
Content sharing system and content importance level judging method
Retrieving method for fixed length data
Logical structure analyzing apparatus, method, and computer product
Viewing time of search result content for relevancy
Method and apparatus for processing data
Hardware constrained software execution
Structure for automated transistor tuning in an integrated circuit design
System and method for using psychological significance pattern information for matching with target information
Automatic task performance as scheduled using embedded secondary processor
Composite assets for use in multiple simulation environments
Methods and apparatus for efficient sheetside bitmap processing using meta-data information
Method and system for detecting and recognizing text in images
Spectral gamut mapping based on a colorimetric gamut mapping
Multi-scale variable domain decomposition method and system for iris identification
Recognition of mathematical expressions
Method and apparatus for diagnosing conditions using tissue color
Method and systems for selecting test stimuli for use in evaluating performance of video watermarking methods
Image display apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus
Method and system for fingerprinting digital video object based on multiresolution, multirate spatial and temporal signatures
Security document carrying machine readable pattern
Image filling methods
Method and apparatus for providing identification
Personal identification device and method
Apparatus, method, and medium for tracking gesture
Digitization of a papillary structure
Automatic alignment of video frames for image processing
Fast method of super-resolution processing
Image processing apparatus and method for detecting a background color based on data chrominance distribution
Method and apparatus for recording image data
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and medium storing program
Method and system for detecting and analyzing clinical pictures and the causes thereof and for determining proposals for appropriate therapy
System for interactive participation by remote bidders in live auctions
System and process for local acquisition of products priced online
System and method for changing the view of a trading screen
Method and a system for effecting transfer of a patient from a hospital via a computer network
Operational risk control apparatus and method for data processing
Method, computer program product, and system for risk management
Communication routing apparatus
On-line balance transfers
Medical billing auditing method and system
Method of detection of radioactive material
Movable robot
Real-time rendering of light-scattering media
Automatic internet account authentication system and authentication card printer
Method for determining sensor coverage, a design tool and a border protection system using the method
Electronic tag and system with conditional response corresponding to at least one plant attribute
Method for alerting physical approach
Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring of munition assets
Dish washer sign systems
Movement monitor for medical patients
Audio system and navigation device
Display device and driving method thereof
Display and source driver thereof
Image display apparatus and method of controlling over-current therefor
Method of interacting with software using printed form identity
Narrowcast media content distribution and display system with content biasing engine
Tablet PC and method for keyboard containing the same
Content browsing system, content browsing method, and computer program product
Commercial detection apparatus and video playback apparatus
Speech recognition system, speech recognition method and storage medium
Method and system for automatically detecting morphemes in a task classification system using lattices
Providing speech recognition data to a speech enabled device when providing a new entry that is selectable via a speech recognition interface of the device
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Adaptive encoding and decoding with forward linear prediction
Audio coding apparatus and audio decoding apparatus
Storage device and information processing apparatus
High density array system with active movable media drawers
Methods for overwite cycle improvement of optical storage medium and related machine readable media
Disk inspection apparatus
Disk drive and method for controlling clearance in the disk drive
Method and system for manufacturing a hard-disk drive
Method, apparatus and program storage device for dynamically adjusting the write current in each head to compensate for variation in disk drive and environmental parameters
Disk drive device and method for determining data track format of the disk drive device
Magnetic tape head with magnetic head layer formed on base substrate
Head gimbal assembly with recessed portion and manufacturing method thereof
Air bearing with low crown sensitivity through side channels
Optical disc signal processing device, optical disc signal processing method, optical disc reproduction and recording device, and optical disc reproduction and recording method
Method of recording data in multilayered recordable optical recording medium, recording and reproducing apparatus for recording the data in the recording medium and the recording medium
Optical disc write control method and optical disc recording apparatus therefor
Hologram optical device, compatible optical pickup including the hologram optical device, and optical information storage medium system including the compatible optical pickup
Objective lens, optical pickup device having the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus for optical recording medium, equipped with the optical pickup device
SRAM device, and SRAM device design structure, with adaptable access transistors
SRAM architecture
Circuit for high speed dynamic memory
Integrated circuit and method of forming an integrated circuit
Multiple level cell memory device with single bit per cell, re-mappable memory block
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory system
Device selection circuit and method
Electronic controller
Testing module, testing apparatus and testing method
Semiconductor storage device and memory test circuit
Storage apparatus and power saving method thereof
Read circuit and read method
Memory architecture having multiple partial wordline drivers and contacted and feed-through bitlines
Monitoring method and monitoring program for boiling water reactor, and acoustic damping method for boiling water reactor
Electrically adjustable resistor
Reactor apparatus for a railway vehicle
Coil module
Open pattern inductor
Apparatus for application of a magnetic field to a sample
Electrochemical capacitor
Field emitting device and display apparatus having the same
Flat panel display incorporating control frame
Drive unit
Light emitting devices with agent to increase the fraction of excitons formed as a singlet
Waveguide multiplexer and waveguide phase shifter connected by a polarization adjustment assembly
Low-pass filter
Stripline filter and manufacturing method thereof
Waveguide comprised of two waveguide members assembled by using a positioning pin and a positioning hole in the two members
Apparatuses and methods for coupling a signal to and/or from a cable
Internal antenna having surface-mounted receptacle
Multilevel antennae
Multiband antenna
Reinforcement fabrics with electronic transmission capabilities
Single layer adaptive plane array antenna and variable reactance circuit
Transmit power management for a communication device and method for use therewith
System and method for focusing antenna signal transmission
Laser driver circuit, method for controlling a laser driver circuit, and use
Dual mode single cavity pulse compressor
Optical amplification module and laser light source apparatus
Laser diode and semiconductor light-emitting device producing visible-wavelength radiation
Isolating faulty decoupling capacitors
Surge arrester with a cage design, and a production method for it
Battery analysis system
Universal power adapter/converter
Multiple driver power supply
Stator and piezo ultrasonic motor including the same
Hybrid electric vehicle
Oscillator circuit and memory system
Multiple frequency antenna array for use with an RF transmitter or receiver
System and method for broadband pulse detection among multiple interferers using a picket fence receiver
Method for agile region and band conscious frequency planning for wireless transceivers
Field-plated transistor including feedback resistor
Amplifier for amplifying a high-frequency signal
Analog switch
Data input device for portable terminal
Level-shift circuit
Semiconductor device
Gain circuit
Method and apparatus for processing radio signals to identify an active system in a coexisting radio network
Method and apparatus for synchronizing multiple multimedia streams
System and method for encoding and decoding in wireless communication systems
Error correction code decoding device
System and method for encoding and decoding serial signals formed by a plurality of color lights
Method and apparatus for coding and decoding using bit-precision
Method and apparatus for coding and decoding using bit-precision
Multi-pass parameter estimation for G-Rake receiver
Method and apparatus for interference limitation in uplink communication in a cellular communication system
Wireless transmitter and receiver for use in an ultra-wideband direct spread pulse communication system
Combining multimedia signaling and wireless network signaling on a common communication medium
Charge pump current compensation for phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer systems
Battery cover latch mechanism and portable electronic device using same
Mixer circuits for second order intercept point calibration
Method and system for correcting receiver mixer IQ mismatch
Transmission and receiver system operating on different frequency bands
System and method for adjusting power amplifier output power in linear dB steps
DC offset calibration in a direct conversion receiver
High order harmonics generator
Synchronization of mobile terminals
System for combining output signals of two base stations
System and method for using meteor burst communications in a container tracking system
RF integrated circuit with on-chip transmit/receive switch and methods for use therewith
Method and apparatus for automatic power saving mode insertion when an unknown or an offensive receiver detected in a wireless access system
Data holding apparatus
Integrated electro-optic hybrid communication system
Method and apparatus for photonic digital-to-analog conversion
Sub-band notification method and terminal apparatus
Method and system for adaptive multi rate (AMR) and measurements downlink adaptation
Peak suppressing and restoring method, transmitter, receiver, and peak suppressing and restoring system
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Method and apparatus for implicit floor control in push-to-talk over cellular systems
Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus, and data communication system
Eyeglasses with electronic components
Wireless communication method, radio receiving apparatus, radio transmitting apparatus, and wireless communication system
Radio terminal, relay station, radio base station and communication method
Transmission-compensated radio channel quality
Method for reduced access delay in multiple access attempt exchanges
Method and apparatus for performing an access procedure
Radio communication system, radio communication device, and radio communication method
Method and device for transmitting complementary data in an analog radio transmission system
Queue depth extended headers for DOCSIS based broadband communication systems
Global flow tracking system
Efficient encoding of out of order data packets in a network
Method for sharing bandwidth using reduced duty cycle signals and media access control
Method and arrangement for local sychronization in master-slave distributed communication systems
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
Method and apparatus for transparent communication between a fibre channel network and an Infiniband network
System and method for dynamically swapping master and slave PHYs to allow asymmetry in energy efficient ethernet
Unified modulator for continuous phase modulation and phase-shift keying
Uplink signal receiving method and apparatus using successive interference cancellation in wireless transmission system based on OFDMA
Communication apparatus, communication control method, and computer product
Quantized channel state information prediction in multiple antenna systems
Multimedia content delivery using pre-stored multiple description coded video with restart
Method and apparatus for performance monitoring in a communications network
System and a method for maintaining quality of service through a congested network
Method and a system for providing a certain quality of service to a mobile station in a mobile communication system
Method and system for topology discovery in an SIP network
Methods and system for fast session establishment between equipment using H.324 and related telecommunications protocols
Method for exchanging media description information between user agents using session initiation protocol
Method and apparatus for improving PAPR in OFDM or OFDMA communication system
Programmable transmitter
Digital demodulating apparatus, digital receiver, controlling method of the apparatus, computer program product for the apparatus, and recording medium recording thereon the product
Method and a device for decoding slice codes
Methods and apparatus for providing integrity protection for management and control traffic of wireless communication networks
Method and system for implementing a PLL using high-voltage switches and regulators
Method and system for deploying advanced cryptographic algorithms
Encryption processing method and encryption processing device
Cable installation support and management system
Communication device
System and method for low-power echo and NEXT cancellers
Line driver with active termination
Retractable rotatable camera module for mobile communication device and method of operation thereof
Message distribution system
System for geographic agent routing
System and method for using a mobile phone as a wireless microphone
Communication network unit and method for exchanging capability information
Image-reading processing apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image-reading processing method
Apparatus and methods for two point tone reproduction curve calibration
Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
Pixel sensor cell with frame storage capability
Detection and removal of blemishes in digital images utilizing original images of defocused scenes
Digital camera with improved portability and ease of use
Camera and direction indicating switch
Camera with an interrupting unit, and camera with an inhibiting unit
Sensitivity-settable image capture apparatus
Imaging apparatus having automatic exposure control unit
Image sensing apparatus and image capturing system
Method and system for creating television programming guide
Broadcasting and communication receiver apparatus
EPG data
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Imaging device and control method of imaging device
Method and device for transmitting and receiving image sequences between a server and client
Unusual event detection via collaborative video mining
Method and/or apparatus for reducing the complexity of H.264 B-frame encoding using selective reconstruction
Method and system for setting channel in DVB-H service
Broadcast receiving apparatus and pay program providing system
System and method for sensing geometric and photometric attributes of a scene with multiplexed illumination and solid states optical devices
Methods and apparatus for detecting defects in imaging arrays by image analysis
Image processing circuit, imaging apparatus, method and program
Adaptive filtering to enhance video bit-rate control performance
Contactless type communication tag, portable tag reader for verifying a genuine article, and method for providing information of whether an article is genuine or not
RF transactions using a wireless reader grid
Ultrasonic speaker and projector
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing location determination information to an assisted location service
Navigation system
Method for reducing uplink traffic load on transport network at basestation during soft handover
Method and system for user-requested vertical handoff
Mobile communication system, maintenance terminal, adjacent cell information optimizing method, program, and recording medium
Mobile communications system and communication branch establishing method
Call routing determination based on a class of service associated with the call
Private mobility management enhancements
Signaling and training for antenna selection in OFDMA networks
Communication method for transmitting multiple packet signals, and radio apparatus and communication system using the same
Methods and apparatus for overlapping MIMO antenna physical sectors
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Handsfree apparatus for vehicle
Method and system for providing interworking with portable internet network and other kinds of networks
Radio communication system, method and base station with controlled transmission rate
Passive and active scanning in wireless network
Method and system of radio resource allocation for mobile MIMO-OFDMA
Communication handover method and communication message processing method
Communication terminal, communication method and communication program
Technique for negotiating on behalf of a mobile ambient network within a multi-operator wireless communication system
Call system
Real-time transmission of a video between mobile stations
Variable header types for persistent resource allocation in a wireless network
Modular keyfob with pivoting armatures
Electronic component cover and arrangement
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Microspheres as a delivery vehicle for bio-active agents useful in agricultural applications
Use of tracers to monitor application of treatment products to cut flowers
Sanitizing hand cleanser comprising an organic alcohol and silicone based materials
Sterically hindered tetraamines and method for their production
Copper complex bactericide/fungicide and method of making same
Fungicidal compositions
Fungicidal compositions
Utilization of 3-phenyl-pyrones for pest control
1-H-3-aryl-pyrrolidine-2, 4-dione derivatives as pest-control agents
Pyridine-2,3-dicarboxylic acid diamides
Pyridone derivatives and herbicides
Synergistic pesticidal composition of pyrethroid and N-phenyl-pyrazole
Stabilized antimicrobial compositions containing halopropynyl compounds and benzylidene camphors
N-chlorosulfamate compositions having enhanced antimicrobial efficacy
Photocatalytic nuisance organism inhibitor agents
Curative systemic fungicidal formulation containing copper ion in an extremely low concentrations
Monoclonal antibodies for infectious bursal disease, vaccines and assays for use therewith
Powdered human milk fortifier
Oven-stable edible moisture barrier
L-carnitine agent
Milk-based powder for pets
Gelling system comprising carrageenan and coconut endosperm
Stain removing chewing gum and confectionery compositions, and methods of making and using the same
System for continuously forming center filled gum
Method of controlling release of bitterness inhibitors in chewing gum and gum produced thereby
Diet food formula for overweight people and diabetics
Modified oat and corn grit products and method
Savory snack product
Liquid soy nutritional products
Method for supercritical treatment of liquids and slurries
Method for administering and providing on-line correction of a batch sterilization process
Process and device for producing granulated products
Liquid transfer material of a transversely extensible and retractable necked laminate of non-elastic sheet layers
Body applique and method therefor
Dermabrasion and skin care apparatus
Method for manufacturing an intracutaneous microneedle array
Method for applying print to an elastomeric cushion
Open top swing
Exchangeable decorative frame cover
Non-permanent adhesive-backed magnetized securing device
Ergonomic pillow
Rigid endoscope optical system
Endoscope optics with device counteracting lens-element shifting
Joint construction for connecting an angle section to a flexible body section of endoscopic insertion instrument
Image orientation for endoscopic video displays
Expandable ring percutaneous tissue removal device
Fibrin sealant applicator system
Endoscopic stabilization device and method of use
System for deploying an anastomosis device and method of performing anastomosis
Drug releasing elastic band and method
Thrombectomy and tissue removal method
Acoustic therapy apparatus
Methods and instruments for interbody fusion
Apparatus and method for accessing biopsy site
Surgical apparatus
Device for guiding puncture needle
Apparatus and method for manuary access to sufflated body cavity
Resorbable bone distractor and method
Bone screw having bioresorbable proximal shaft portion
Spinal rod transverse connectors
Bone screw
Variable angle connection assembly for a spinal implant system
Control system for cryosurgery
Catheter and system for monitoring tissue contact
Minimally invasive intact recovery of tissue
Microwave ablation instrument with a directional radiation pattern
High-frequency resectoscope implement
Endoscopic high-frequency knife
Connecting part in endoscopic treating instrument
Tissue ablation device and method
Apparatus and method for shielding tissue during tumor ablation
Multiple electrode ablation apparatus
Suture tightening device for closing wounds and method for its use
Ophthalmic treatment apparatus
Method of operating tonometer
Fluorescence diagnosis endoscope system
Arterial line emulator
User releasable and adjustable blood pressure cuff and method
Method and system for pressure based measurements of CFR and additional clinical hemodynamic parameters
Systems and methods for forming elongated lesion patterns in body tissue using straight or curvilinear electrode elements
Respiratory profile parameter determination method and apparatus
Tool for measuring the curve of the cervical spine and associated methods
Method of using cassette of lancet cartridges for sampling blood
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system with a rotatable user interface element having a non-rotatable indicator
Low power portable ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Method and apparatus for storing image information in an ultrasound device
Method and apparatus for the noninvasive determination of arterial blood pressure
Ultrasonic endoscope
Transesophageal ultrasound probe with motor in the tip for scan-plane rotation
Straw with two-part plug
Device for protection against the sun and application of substance to the skin
Corn, callus and wart removing pads
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Anal incontinence disease treatment with controlled wireless energy supply
Method and device for loading a stent
Polymer scaffold having microporous polymer struts defining interconnected macropores
Double-sheet stent
Stent configurations
Appliance to be implanted and a device for handling the appliance to be implanted
Vascular stent having increased radiopacity and method for making same
Intravascular delivery of mycophenolic acid
Intraocular lens and additive packaging system
Porous intervertebral distraction spacers
Knee joint and method
Postural dynamic spinal extension brace and method
Urine bag and self-retracting drain tube therefor
Selective organ cooling apparatus and method
Injectable glaucoma device
Infant care apparatus with bidirectional sliding drawer
Chest compression vest with connecting belt
Dyeing composition containing a laccase and keratinous fiber dyeing methods using same
Methods for treating, preventing, and reducing the risk of the onset of alzheimer's disease using an HMG CoA reductase inhibitor
Anticonvulsant derivatives useful in treating post traumatic stress disorder
Formulation and method for treating neoplasms by inhalation
Advanced gylcation end-product intermediaries and post-Amadori inhibition
Methods for protecting cells from amyloid toxicity and for inhibiting amyloid protein production
Androgen receptor suppressors in the therapy and diagnosis of prostate cancer, alopecia and other hyper-androgenic syndromes
Method for treatment of inflammation with R-NSAIDS
Use of therapeutic dosages for nitric oxide donors which do not significantly lower blood pressure or pulmonary artery pressure
Method and composition for modulating amyloidosis
Enantiomers of 4-[[(cyanoimino) [(1,2,2-trimethylpropyl)amino]methyl]amino]benzonitrile
Pharmaceutical composition
Pharmaceutical formulations
Methods for the treatment of vascular disorders
Aralkyl and aralkylidene heterocyclic lactams and imides
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Methods for detection of promoter polymorphism in a UGT gene promoter
Chromium picolinate compositions
Advanced glycation end-product intermediaries and post-amadori inhibition
Apparatus and method for delivering compounds to a living organism
Compositions and methods for treatment of mitochondrial diseases
Glucosamine sulfate calcium chloride composition and processes for the preparation of glucosamine sulfate metal chlorides
Angiogenesis inhibition
Localized use of nitric oxide-adducts to prevent internal tissue damage
Method for treating a patient with neoplasia by treatment with a paclitaxel derivative
Composition and method for allogeneic mononuclear cell immunotherapy
Vaccine containing whole killed herpes viruses to prevent development of atherosclerotic plaque
Anticancer compounds and methods
Endometrial function
Interleukin antagonists for the treatment of neurological, retinal and muscular disorders
Hepatocyte growth factor for treatment of diabetes
Combination therapy for eradicating detectable HCV-RNA in antiviral treatment naive patients having chronic hepatitis C infection
Aqueous prolonged release formulation
Suppression of malignancy utilizing ribonucleotide reductase R1
Method for preparing thrombin for use in a biological glue
Three-dimensional polymer matrices
Methods for the prevention or treatment of alzheimer's disease
Purified antigenic material and its use in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
Immunity against Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae's RTX toxins APX
Recombinant intracellular pathogen vaccines and methods for use
Use of an amphipathic compound for providing an adjuvant to a subunit vaccine
Two-phase preparation
Compositions and methods to enhance cancer chemotherapy in p53 defective tumors
.alpha.V integrin receptor antagonists
Microbiologically sound and stable solutions of gamma-hydroxybutyrate salt for the treatment of narcolepsy
Use of pharmaceutical compositions capable of being gelled in periodontology
Cellulose-ether-stabilized oil-in-water emulsions as a vehicle for homeopathic and herbal active ingredients
Ph-selective delivery system using crosslinked polymeric resins as vehicles
Multifunctional nanodevice platform
Pharmaceuticals and assays using enzyme subunits
Polynucleotide encoding chimeric protein and related vector, cell, and method of expression thereof
Methods for identification on internalizing ligands and identification of known and putative ligands
Gene-containing compositions
Method and apparatus for measuring factors in mammary fluids
Imaging and treatment method for body
Oral composition
Method of treating psoriasis
Treatment of rosacea using lipoic acid
Method for the production and use of a cream containing vitamin-A
Oral composition
Nail enamel composition having fluorosilane coated particulars
Iridaceae extract and compositions containing it
Toothpaste compositions containing cetylpyridinium chloride
Ob polypeptides, modified forms and compositions thereto
Permanent-waving process comprising the preliminary application of a composition comprising at least one anionic polymer
Active topical skin protectants
Eyebrow pencil with agglomerated pigments
Skin application agents
Cosmetic treatment method for fighting against skin ageing effects
Implantable containment apparatus for a therapeutical device
Soft chewable tablets having convexed shaped face surfaces
Method for minimizing excess collagen deposition
Dosage form exhibiting rapid disperse properties, methods of use and process for the manufacture of same
Aerosol powder with improved skin adhesion
DNA vaccine and methods for its use
Apparatus and method for preparing microparticles using liquid-liquid extraction
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Pharmaceutical excipient having improved compressibility
Medical dressing assembly and associated method of using the same
Cataplasm and tape-aid containing a plasticizer
Use of RTV silicone compositions for wound dressing
Wound dressing
Method and system for continuously monitoring and controlling a process stream
Non-contracting tissue equivalent
Hybrid matrix implants and explants
Biocompatible prosthetic tissue
Implantable drug delivery catheter system with capillary interface
Medical suctioning methods
Portable nasal mucus removing device
Surgical/medical irrigator with adjustable nozzle
Mechanical auxillary ventricle blood pump with reduced waist portion
Hemofiltration system and method based on monitored patient parameters
Device and method for performing a biological modification of a fluid
Cassette with integral separation device
Method and apparatus for delivering and recovering gasses
Catheter with multilayer tube
Catheter and feeding tube retention device and method of use
Ureteral access sheath
Endoscopic catheter sheath position control
Selective high pressure dilation balloon
Preloaded gas inflation device for balloon catheter
Fluid delivery systems, injector systems and methods of fluid delivery
Drug delivery device
Passive flow control devices for implantable pumps
Osmotic pump drug delivery systems and methods
Disposable needle-free injection apparatus and method
Fluid collection device with protective shield
Communications system for an implantable device and a drug dispenser
System and method for manipulating movement of an energy emitting device within a body cavity
Low level light therapy method and apparatus with improved wavelength, temperature and voltage control
Radioactive therapeutic seeds
Implantable radiation therapy device having controllable radiation emission
Transmutable radiotherapy device
Compositions comprising at least one UV screening agent and at least one flavylium salt which is unsubstituted in position 3, for coloring the skin, and uses thereof
Cosmetic composition including at least one silicone-grafted polymer and at least one combination of an anionic polymer and a cationic polymer
Method for determining a bench pivot axle location on a support frame of an exercise machine
Low-profile folding, motorized treadmill
Method of treatment of groups of muscles in an orofacial region by using an inflatable rubber balloon as logopedic aid
Push-up exercise holder
Golf ball with pyramidal protrusions
Shock absorbing handle for a sport racket
Multiple material golf head
Putter head
Golf club sole configuration
Golf club and head therefor
Contoured golf club face
Hockey stick blade with control fascia and replaceable control fascia for use therewith
Breakage-resistant baseball bat and production thereof
Device for creating ball spins
Golf swing training device
Golf club for teaching ball alignment and lie angle
Game method and device therefor
External operation device and entertainment system
Cashless method for a gaming system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Use of pressure and temperature measurements to infer process variables and to monitor equipment conditions and infer process efficiency in a multi-effect evaporator system
Intermittent moving layer type chromatographic separation device
Method intended to optimize the operation of a system for separating the constituents of a mixture
Prognostic health monitoring of fluidic systems using MEMS technology
Bubble-removing apparatus
Filter apparatus with sand filter bed
Pre-filter for a hot tub skimmer basket
Filter device for polycarbonate and production method for polycarbonate
Solvent exchange column and a method of use therefor
Filter media with germicidal properties
Method of preparing glass fiber filter
Filtering device
Polycyclonic vacuum collectors for virtually non-stop environmental remediation
Air filter
Gas conducting system with filter for moisture removal
Filter, regeneration and soot-removing systems and applications
Access apparatus for an air treatment appliance
Ceiling-mounted air filtration device
Underbooth powder paint collector
Gas cabinet assembly comprising back migration scrubber unit
Multilayer adsorbent beds for PSA gas separation
Vacuum-pressure swing absorption fractionator and method of using the same
Gas purification method
Apparatus for removing impurities from effluent waste gas streams
Effluent treating method, an effluent treating apparatus, and a cleaning apparatus using the same
Process for adsorbing and desording oxides of nitrogen
Method for treating an effluent gas during semiconductor processing
Device and method for processing crude oil
Process for the isolation of aromatic hydroxycarboxylic acids
Nanoporous carbon catalytic membranes and method for making the same
Slide aqueous volume controlling apparatus
Rotor for the treatment of a fluid such as a metal melt
Device and method of delaying water deoxidation
Method of using aerogel honeycomb catalyst monoliths for selective catalytic reaction of gas phase chemical species
High throughput screening method and apparatus
Process for converting urea into ammonia
Silicon oxide particles
Hot gas reactor and process for using same
Moisture control construction material
Method of reversibly storing H2 and H2 storage system based on metal-doper carbon-based materials
Absorption media for irreversibly gettering thionyl chloride
Shaped activated carbon
Method and apparatus for NOx abatement in lean gaseous streams
Catalyst of a metal heteropoly acid salt that is insoluble in a polar solvent on a non-metallic porous support and method of making
Enhanced boro-aluminosilicate EU-1 (law 962)
Vacuum coating installation and coupling device
Photocatalyst, manufacturing method therefor, and gas decomposition method
Membrane comprising a porous carrier and a layer of a molecular sieve and its preparation
Catalytic reforming catalyst activation
Process for performing polynucleotide separations
Electro-regenerating type apparatus for producing deionized water
Sorption vessel with improved grid piping
Methods and systems for enhanced fluid transport
System and method for single or multiple bead distribution with an adjustable capillary
Systems and methods for rapidly identifying useful chemicals in liquid samples
Magnetic micro separation column and method of using it
Electrofiltration process
Purification system for tobacco-generated secondhand smoke
Device for collecting dust using highly charged hyperfine liquid droplets
Ionizing structure for ambient air treatment
Electrostatic coating system with coating material chiller and method therefor
Apparatus for applying abrasive substances to continuous paper webs
Method for producing a coating of solvent-free pressure-sensitive adhesive systems on especially release-coated substrates in conjunction with crosslinking of the pressure-sensitive adhesive system
Doctor blade assembly
Holder for electroless plating and method of electroless plating
Automated priming station
Method for avoiding re-circulation defects in curtain coating
Water- and oil-repellent treatment of textile
Method of making coated article including diamond-like carbon (DLC) and FAS
Method for multi-layered coating of substrates
Process for multilayer coating film and automotive bodies
Reliable particle removal following a process chamber wet clean
Apparatus and method for treatment of electrically conductive continuous material
Slow release substrates for driving microbial transformations of environmental contaminants
Method and apparatus for continuous casting of aluminum bearing alloy
Amorphous metal alloy strip
Method for producing an improved charging stock for use in metallurgical processes
Method and device for sealing a tap hole in metallurgical containers
Method for preparing nanocomposite magnet powder and method for producing nanocomposite magnet
Zinc-based electrode particle form
Thread tapping machine
Fabrication of laminate structures using direct metal deposition
Method and apparatus for laser ablation of a target material
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head manufactured by such method of manufacture
Liquid contaminant separating system
Method and apparatuses for monitoring and controlling mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrate assemblies
Polishing wheel
Method for the fabrication of concrete blocks or concrete slabs
Method and device for producing gypsum boards
Multi-point compression molding process
Method for making a retroreflective plate and a pin unit for making said retroreflective plate
Method for fabricating a connector for an electronic circuit by terminal insert molding
Methods for ball grid array (BGA) encapsulation mold
Method for electrically operated plastics injection
Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet
Method for the fabrication of synthetic-material component assemblies
Shuttle-type blow molding method and apparatus
Blown plastic containers with threads
Tear-resistant low set elastic film and method of making
Method of manufacturing a steering wheel
Method and device for coating a surface with a plastic film
Rotary hot air welder and stitchless seaming
Layer-additive method and apparatus for freeform fabrication of 3-D objects
Method for automatic manufacture of and printing on astigmatic contact lenses and apparatus therefor
Tooling for forming packaging from unitary blanks
Damping system for corrugated cardboard fabrication rollers
Composite and manufacturing method therefor
Metal surfaced high pressure laminate
Glass rupture disk
Non-flammable polymer composite panels
Semi-transparent high barrier film
Monolithic surfacing system and method for making same
Block-resistant film
Biaxially oriented polyester film to be laminated onto metal plate and molded
Method and device for fixing pieces of material on a continuous web
Process for producing head slider
Method for making a non-sticking diamond-like nanocomposite
Unsaturated polyester resin compositions comprising metallic monomers
Radiation-cured laminate label
Sintered silicon nitride member and ceramic ball
Composite relief image printing elements
Heat mode sensitive imaging element for making positive working printing plates
Method of preparing a printing plate and printing plate
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head using thermohardening filler
Fluorine-containing epoxy resin composition, and surface modification process, ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus making use of the same
Digital camera print roll with periodic anisotropic stiffness
Ink, ink container, ink set, ink jet printing apparatus, and ink jet printing method
Method of producing protected thermal head
Printing medium, production process thereof, textile printing process using the medium and ink-jet printing apparatus
Method for processing cloth
Image transfer method
Ink jet recording sheet
Recording ink jet paper with improved dimensional stability
Ink color proofing
Method of producing a high gloss coating on a printed surface
Method for disacidifying paper products with printings or inscriptions
Multipart laserlicensing sheet with decals and/or patches
Pressure seal form production
Battery device for loading on a mobile system
Fuel cell system and method for supplying electric power in a motor vehicle
Airbag cushion exhibiting low seam usage and simultaneously high available inflation volume
Method of removing snow from wiper blades
Front derailleur for a bicycle
Oil skimming apparatus
Surf leash and method of making surf leash
Tilting mechanism for outboard motor
Engine compartment for personal watercraft
Ventilation system for watercraft
Procedure to fix a closed zipper-stripe inside a flexible container during its packaging
Labeling and manufacturing method utilizing temporary adhesive patches
Labeling apparatus and method
Package and method of formation utilizing photographic images
Consumables container with multi-functional cap
Tab for fixing paper web end portion of paper roll
Manufacturing method and integrated microstructures of semiconductor material and integrated piezoresistive pressure sensor having a diaphragm of polycrystalline semiconductor material
Isolation in micromachined single crystal silicon using deep trench insulation
Apparatus and method for preparing backside-ground wafers for testing
High etch rate method for plasma etching silicon nitride
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel-reforming apparatus comprising a plate-shaped reforming catalyst
Process for recycling spent pot liner
Preparation of zeolite
Synthetic porous crystalline material ITQ-12, its synthesis and use
Synthetic porous crystalline material ITQ-13, its synthesis and use
Production method of electronic parts and water treatment apparatus
Hydrogen storage materials and method of making by dry homogenation
Disproportionation of sulfuryl chloride fluoride
Process for the plasma-catalytic production of ammonia
Mixed ionic and electronic conducting ceramic membranes for hydrocarbon processing
Conductive pigment powder and transparent conductive film formed by using the same
Precursors for zirconium and hafnium oxide thin film deposition
Electrolytic process and apparatus for purifying contaminated aqueous solutions and method for using same to remediate soil
Method for the removal of silicon and heavy metals from aqueous streams
Water treatment dispensers
Method for reducing moisture content
Adsorbent biocatalyst porous beads
Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 crystallized glass and crystallizable glass therefor
Process for chemical roughening of glass comprising rinsing with salt solution and article obtained thereby
Antireflection film, process for forming the antireflection film, and antireflection glass
Glazing panel
Hydrophobic thin films on magnesium fluoride surfaces
Double-glazing unit
Process for recycling gypsum-based waste material into readily crushable members for use in the manufacture of cement and crushable members formed thereby
Dielectric ceramic composition
Barium titanate semiconductive ceramic
Low stress, water-clear zinc sulfide
Combination continuous woven-fiber and discontinuous ceramic-fiber structure
Fiber-composite material and method for producing the same
Process of coating a mineral molding with an aqueous preparation comprising, as film-forming constituent, at least one polymer P
Ceramic and process for the continuous sintering thereof
Liquid soil enrichment microbial compositions
Catalytic halogenation of activated methylene and methine compounds
Analogs of cocaine
Compounds as PDE IV and TNF inhibitors
Anti-tumor agents
Glycoprotein IIB/IIIA antagonists
Aqueous formaldehyde solutions with a low tetroxane content
.alpha. and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Conformationally restricted aromatic inhibitors of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein and method
Process for manufacturing sulphurized olefins
Composition and methods for synthesis of novel tracers for detecting amphetamine and methamphetamine in samples
Amino thioxomethyl amino oxyacetic acid derivatives
N-cyclopentyl modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Heteroarylacryloylaminoalkyl-substituted benzenesulfonamide derivatives, their preparation, their use and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them
Heteroaryl aminoguanidines and alkoxyguanidines and their use as protease inhibitors
Polymerization catalysts
Dimeric compounds
Methods of using compounds as neuro-protective agents
Flavonoide esters and their use notably in cosmetics
Non-peptide NK1 receptors antagonists
Cyclic diamine compound with 5-membered ring groups
Methods for treating female sexual dysfunctions
HIV protease inhibitors
Aminoalkyl substituted 5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-9H-Pyridino [2,3-B]indole derivatives
Pyrrolo[1,2-b] pyridazine derivatives having sPLA2 inhibitory effect
Barbiturate assay, tracers, immunogens, antibodies and kit
Sulfonylphenylpyrazole compounds useful as COX-2 inhibitors
Cytosolic forms for .beta.-lactamase and uses thereof
Asymmetric silver salt dimers and imaging compositions, materials and methods using same
Deposition of organosilsesquioxane films
Sulfonamidomethyl phosphonate inhibitors of beta-lactamase
Ustilipides, method for the production and the use thereof
6-O-Carbamoyl ketolide antibacterials
Hybridization-triggered fluorescent detection of nucleic acids
4-halogenated steroids, their preparation process and intermediates, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Using polyamide nucleic acid oligomers to engender a biological response
Methods and compositions for genetically modifying primate bone marrow cells
HCV NS3 protein fragments having helicase activity and improved solubility
Type 1 and type p fimbriae-adhesins isolated from novel e. coli strains, process for their preparation and uses thereof
Use of YNES, essential bacterial genes and polypeptides
Method of increasing transcription with nucleic acids encoding PABF
BCL-XY, a novel BCL-X isoform, and uses related thereto
Methods and means for inducing apoptosis by interfering with Bip-like proteins
Method of screening for compounds that modulate the activity of a molecular target
Method of producing human IFN-.alpha. using sendai virus-infected hematopoietic stem cells
Compounds and methods for modulating OB-cadherin mediated cell adhesion
Chemokine receptor obtained from a cDNA library of fetal liver-spleen
Receptor based antagonists and methods of making and using
Expression of procollagen in yeast
DNA encoding cytokine designated LERK-6
Method for producing nucleic acid polymers
DNA encoding a novel human inhibitor-of-apoptosis protein
GRB2 associating polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding therefor
Nucleic acids encoding a modified ciliary neurotrophic factor and method of making thereof
Canine IL-4 immunoregulatory proteins and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of thromboplastin from animal tissue
Complex of human kallikrein 2 (hK2) and protease inhibitor-6 (PI-6) in prostate tumor tissue and methods of using the complex and its constituents
.alpha.-2- macroglobulin therapies and drug screening methods for Alzheimer's disease.
DNA encoding structural protein-1 of infectious Salmon Anaemia virus and uses thereof
Sifter screening to identify biologically active molecules
Spiropiperidine derivatives as melanocortin receptor agonists
Compounds and methods for modulating adhesion molecule function
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Leather coating composition
Dispersant-viscosity improvers for lubricating oil compositions
Modified thermoplastic norbornene polymer and process for the production thereof
Internal release agents for producing polyurethane moulded bodies
Burnish resistant powder coating composition
Thermosetting compositions containing epoxy functional polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Polymeric compound, polymer for polyelectrolyte, and composition for ionically conductive polyelectrolyte
Thin copper film directly bonded polyimide film and method of manufacturing the same
Stretched polyester foamed sheets and containers obtained therefrom
Fire-resistant coating material
Nonionic surface active oligomers as coating aids for the manufacture of photographic products
Highly filled thermoplastic compositions
Light stable fluorescent vinyl suitable for use as a highway retroreflective roll-up sign
Liquid addition-curable silicone rubber composition for fixing roller purpose, and fixing roller
Composite article and method of making same
Anthrapyridone compounds, water-based magenta ink composition, and method of ink-jet recording
Pigment dispersants and pigment compositions containing the same
Bonded metal-hydroxide-organic composite polymer films on lamellar pigments
Treatment of high performance pigments with etheramine dispersing salts
Dispersant compositions improving the heat stability of transparent pigments
Ozone-oxidized carbon black composition with low conductivity and improved color
Oxidatively aftertreated carbon black
Ink composition for a meltable ink and a method of printing a substrate with such an ink composition
Water based ink composition for writing instrument
Prototyping of patterned functional nanostructures
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Cathodic electrocoat having a carbamate functional resin and a carbamate functional reactive additive
Method for removing an ultraviolet light cured floor finish, removable ultraviolet light curable floor finish and strippable finished floor
Method for polishing a memory or rigid disk with an amino acid-containing composition
Bonding agent for cells and cell using the same
Method and apparatus for assembling parts
Cross-linked polyolefin tape
Clear adhesive sheet
Neodymium, ytterbium and/or erbium containing organic fluorescent compositions
Compositions for use in a chemical-mechanical planarization process
Moisture-curable silicone composition
Phase-transfer catalyzed destruction of fouling agents in petroleum streams
Water-in-oil type emulsion fuel oil
Aqueous lubricant and process for cold forming metal, with improved formed surface quality
Polymeric candle compositions and candles made therefrom
Method of molding a candle
Detergent compositions or components
Detergent compositions in tablet form
High foaming, grease cutting light duty liquid composition containing at least one natural extract
Electronic parts cleaning solution
Method of cleaning dairy pipelines using enzyme pretreatment
Multiple component hard surface cleaning compositions
Cleansing compositions
Removal of blood stains
Liquid cleaning composition comprising a salt of polycarboxylic acid
Laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines and xyloglucanase
Acid sanitizing and cleaning compositions containing protonated carboxylic acids
Process for reducing alcohol levels in alcoholic beverages
Combination air sampling cassette and nutrient media dish
Loading station assembly and method for tissue engineering
Methods for display of heterodimeric proteins on filamentous phage using pVII and pIX, compositions, vectors and combinatorial libraries
Expression vector with dual control of replication and transcription
Human transferase
Methods for retroviral mediated gene transfer employing molecules, or mixtures thereof, containing retroviral binding domains and target cell binding domains
Cyclodextrin glycosyl transferases for producing .gamma.-cyclodextrin
Human kallikrein
Shuttle vectors for the introduction of DNA into mycobacteria and utilization of such bacteria as vaccines
Amino acid sequence of L-phenylalanine ammonia-lyase
Biocatalytic synthesis of shikimic acid
Antimicrobial compounds
Sialylation of N-linked glycoproteins in the baculovirus expression vector system
Esterase gene and its use
Biocatalytic synthesis of galloid organics
Method for producing hydroxycarboxylic acids by auto-degradation of polyhydroxyalkanoates
Method and composition for detecting bacterial contamination in food products
Solid phase enzyme kinetics screening in microcolonies
Comparative phenotype analysis
Process for producing transglutaminase by microorganism
Method for determining the effects of a growth-altering agent on a microbial colony
Recombinant lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase
Method for producing tagged genes, transcripts, and proteins
Method for evaluating the ability of a compound to inhibit the protoporphyrinogen oxidase activity
High speed process and apparatus for amplifying DNA
Method for amplification of RNA
Use of selective DNA fragment amplification products for hybridization-based genetic fingerprinting, marker assisted selection, and high-throughput screening
Species specific identification of spore-producing microbes using the gene sequence of small acid-soluble spore coat proteins for amplification based diagnostics
Polymorphic repeats in human genes
Method for detecting live microbiological contaminants in a food product sample
Homogeneous multiplex hybridization analysis by color and Tm
Diagnostic systems and method for determining the presence of a genotoxic and/or toxic compound in a sample
Kinase assays using polycations
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Process for the production of oriented-grain electrical steel sheet with high magnetic characteristics
Method and apparatus for heat treating steel
Methods for leaching of ores
Process for the recovery of zinc from a zinc sulphide ore or concentrate
Actinide removal from spent salts
Bearing material
Coating containing NiAl-.beta. phase
Refined aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors
Fin material for brazing
Method of producing hydrogen storage alloys
Quasicrystalline phase-reinforced Mg-based metallic alloy with high warm and hot formability and method of making the same
Stress relaxation resistant brass
Hydridable alloy
Uniform surface texturing for PVD/CVD hardware
Preparation of laser deposited oriented films and membranes
Inductively-coupled-plasma ionized physical-vapor deposition apparatus, method and system
Apparatus and method for improving film uniformity in a physical vapor deposition system
Method for forming thin film, spheroid coated with thin film, light bulb using the spheroid and equipment for film formation
High coercivity magnetic recording medium comprising a sputter textured layer
Precursor deposition using ultrasonic nebulizer
Method of producing rough polysilicon by the use of pulsed plasma chemical vapor deposition and products produced by the same
Coated body with nanocrystalline CVD coating for enhanced edge toughness and reduced friction
Method of depositing titanium nitride thin film and CVD deposition apparatus
Method of depositing tungsten nitride using a source gas comprising silicon
Film forming method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for treating a substrate with hydrogen radicals at a temperature of less than 40 K
Gas feed ceramic structure for semiconductor-producing apparatus
Process for fabricating films of uniform properties on semiconductor devices
Seed layer of copper interconnection via displacement
Ferrate conversion coatings for metal substrates
Thermal barrier coating method
Electrodeposition method of forming an oxide film
Process for strengthening the grain boundaries of a component made from a Ni based superalloy
Method and apparatus for measuring and dispensing a wafer etchant
Cathodic protection system
Etching aluminum over refractory metal with successive plasmas
Photo-assisted electrolysis apparatus
Clamping device for electrochemical cell
Low gravity electrochemical cell
Methods of depositing phosphor molecules and forming field emission display devices
Electric feeding method and apparatus for a continuous plating apparatus
Method of controlling chemical bath composition in a manufacturing environment
Semi-pure and pure monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers
Method of and apparatus for growing ribbon of crystal
Radical cell device and method for manufacturing groups II-VI compound semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a nitride series III-V group compound semiconductor
Method for growing p-n homojunction-based structures utilizing HVPE techniques
Using silicate layers for composite semiconductor
In-situ post epitaxial treatment process
Textiles; Paper
Ultra low-tension relax process and tension gate-apparatus
Nonwoven fabrics formed from ribbon-shaped fibers and method and apparatus for making the same
Method of and device for continuous treatment of a textile product web with steam for fixing reactive dye on natural fibers
Carboxylated cellulosic fibers
Low shrinkage, uncrimped short-cut fibers for use in wet laid non-woven products and method for making same
Methods to control organic contaminants in fibers
Lyocell fibers, and compositions for making the same
Variable frequency fourdrinier gravity foil box
Resilient roll for smoothing webs
Method and device for measurement of the retention profile and for control of the retention in a paper/board machine
Method for deflocculating and chemically loading fibers in a fiber suspension with calcium carbonate
Slit nozzle for coating trips of material, especially paper or board strips, with a pigment coating
Fixed Constructions
Reducing humping of roofing shingles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermal barrier coating having improved durability and method of providing the coating
Outboard motor cooling and exhaust system
Heat-shrinkable UHMV polymer film, tubing, and roll covers
Rotary joint
Flexible all-steel shaft coupling
Process for producing dry clutch facing
Device for absorbing oscillations, especially an oscillation damper
Shock absorber
Torque biasing device, speed matching device and control methods
Infinitely variable toroidal drive
Gear drive, especially planetary gear drive, with pressure equalization
Transmission with variable line pressure
Automatic transmission for vehicle
Control method for automatic transmission
Transmission control method
Power transmission with friction launch torque transmitting mechanism in forward and reverse
Closed hydraulic tensioner
Dehumidifier housing
Probe position sensing system and method of employment of same
Method of manufacturing a vibrating structure gyroscope
Methods of semiconductor processing
Dual neutron flux/temperature measurement sensor
Aqueous tissue clearing solution
Process for counting sperms and reagent therefor
Method of analyzing nucleated red blood cells in a blood sample
Apparatus and method for calibration of a microarray scanning system
Lifetime-based sensing of sodium and potassium
Measuring device and process for its manufacture
Composite sensor
Freeze monitoring device
Method of estimating rate of nicotine metabolism in individuals
In situ growth, freezing and testing of cultured cells
Biosensor with modified precious metal surface and process for the preparation thereof
Assay using porosity-reduction to inhibit migration
Immunoassay device and immunoassay method using the same
Modulatory binding site in potassium channels for screening and finding new active ingredients
Method of evaluating blood clot lysis condition
Failure analysis method for chip of ball grid array type semiconductor device
Method for forming a radio frequency responsive target and apparatus for verifying the authenticity of same
Three dimensional ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with high density hexagonal acquisition
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system transducer array with multiline patches
Antireflection film, optical element with antireflection film, and production method of the antireflection film
Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method
Method of manufacturing plano lens
Photonic device having an integral guide and method of manufacturing
Method of producing tape type optical fiber core wire
Process for manufacturing liquid crystal display element
Method of dispersing water insoluble photographically useful compounds
Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material and processing method thereof
Light-sensitive silver halide photographic film material and radiographic intensifying screen-film combination
Black and white photothermographic material and method for fabricating thereof
Silver halide element with improved high temperature storage
Silver halide element with improved high temperature storage and raw stock keeping
Silver halide element with improved high temperature storage and sensitivity
Color photothermographic element containing a mixture of blocked developers for balancing imaging layers
Disposable hard mask for photomask plasma etching
Multiple pass write method and reticle
Optical proximity correction method
Photosensitive polymer and chemically amplified photoresist composition containing the same
Antihalation compositions
Solution of tetramethylammonium hydroxide in water and a process for preparing the solution
Method of forming a photoresist pattern
Method for measuring reticle leveling in stepper
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Developing roller with porous surface
Coating fluid for electric charge generating layer, organic electrophotographic receptor, and method to manufacturing the same
Electrophotoreceptor, image forming apparatus and processing cartridge
Toner for developing electrostatic image and image forming method
Dry toner, and its production process
Carrier for developer for electrophotography
Smart card connector for two smart cards
Method for producing a chip module
Electrostatic discharge protection for integrated circuit sensor passivation
Game machine having individual difference in same machine kind
Non-banked gaming system
Game machine and method that adjusts stop instructions of reels with random numbers
Magnetic recording medium and process for producing the same
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording disk
Negative resistance memory cell and method
Re-settable tristate programmable device
Read-only memory and method for fabricating the same
Planarization process to achieve improved uniformity across semiconductor wafers
Process for producing a strip-shaped, multi-core superconductor with high-Tc superconducting material and superconductor produced by this process
Method for fabricating high-Q inductance device in monolithic technology
Titanium silicide nitride emitters and method
Plasma reactor and method
Sputtering apparatus
Buffer layer in flat panel display
Method and apparatus for processing a microelectronic workpiece including an apparatus and method for executing a processing step at an elevated temperature
Method for forming an electrical contact with a semiconductor substrate
Method of adhering a wafer to wafer tape
Microcrystalline series photovoltaic element and process for fabrication of same
Method for forming capacitor
Surface micromachined structure fabrication methods for a fluid ejection device
Method for forming an interlayer insulating film, and semiconductor device
Semiconductive material stencil mask, methods of manufacturing stencil masks from semiconductive material, and methods for maintaining dimensions of openings in semiconductive materials stencil masks
Methods of adhesion promoter between low-K layer and underlying insulating layer
Method for manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor memory device by two-step thermal treatment
Methods for improved encapsulation of thick metal features in integrated circuit fabrication
Manufacturing method of semiconductor with a cleansing agent
Method for fabricating a bipolar transistor of the self-aligned double-polysilicon type with a heterojunction base and corresponding transistor
Self-amorphized regions for transistors
Self-aligned metal-insulator-metal capacitor for integrated circuits
Device and method for protecting against oxidation of a conductive layer in said device
Method of manufacturing a flash memory device
Method of producing TFT array substrate for liquid crystal display device
Dielectrically separated wafer and method of manufacturing the same
Fabrication of photovoltaic cell by plasma process
Method for fabricating semiconductor device using a CVD insulator film
Method and system for etching tunnel oxide to reduce undercutting during memory array fabrication
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods of forming an electrical contact to semiconductive material
Method for manufacturing embedded dynamic random access memory
Integration method for raised contact formation for sub-150 nm devices
Method of forming a contact plug for a semiconductor device
In situ plasma pre-deposition wafer treatment in chemical vapor deposition technology for semiconductor integrated circuit applications
Chemical vapor deposition process
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having trench interconnection
Tin palladium activation with maximized nuclei density and uniformity on barrier material in interconnect structure
Forming an encapsulating layer after deposition of a dielectric comprised of corrosive material
MOS transistor processing utilizing UV-nitride removable spacer and HF etch
Method and apparatus for creating a voltage threshold in a FET
Method for forming a spacer for semiconductor manufacture
Methods of forming field effect transistors and related field effect transistor constructions
Method for fabricating a MOSFET having a thick and thin pad oxide at the gate sides
Double gate trench transistor
Methods for inhibiting microelectronic damascene processing induced low dielectric constant dielectric layer physical degradation
Method of manufacturing bonded structure of film substrate and semiconductor chip
Method for integrated circuit packaging
Semiconductor device having sealing film formed on the surface having columnar electrode formed thereon and method of manufacturing the same
Evaluation of etching processes in semiconductors
Method and system for determining a thickness of a layer
Determination of effective oxide thickness of a plurality of dielectric materials in a MOS stack
Method for fabricating semiconductor components
Semiconductor processing method for processing discrete pieces of substrate to form electronic devices
Device formation method for preventing pattern shift caused by glass layer reflow
Planarization method of memory unit of flash memory
Method of forming a metal to polysilicon contact in oxygen environment
Method of forming a dual damascene opening using CVD Low-K material and spin-on-polymer
Method of via patterning utilizing hard mask and stripping patterning material at low temperature
Diamond barrier layer
Dielectric layer with treated top surface forming an etch stop layer and method of making the same
Photolithography overlay control
Method of fabricating bipolar transistors with independent impurity profile on the same chip
Method for forming storage node contact
DRAM cell having storage capacitor contact self-aligned to bit lines and word lines
Method to reduce bit line capacitance in cub drams
Programmable semiconductor device structures and methods for making the same
Method for manufacturing a ferroelectric capacitor having improved polarization characteristics and a method for manufacturing a ferroelectric memory device incorporating such capacitor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Elimination of voids at the oxide/silicon interface in trench-based structures
Process of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and structure for shallow trench isolation
Method of manufacturing trench type element isolation structure
Method of manufacturing a channel stop implant in a semiconductor device
MOSFET with self-aligned channel edge implant and method
Silicon carbide cap layers for low dielectric constant silicon oxide layers
Method for manufacturing an interconnect structure for stacked semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging device and method of production of the same
Method of applying insulation for coating implantable components and other microminiature devices
Method of forming an integrated circuit contact structure having gate electrode protection for self-aligned contacts with zero enclosure
Wire bonding to copper
Borderless vias on bottom metal
Dual damascene arrangement for metal interconnection with low k dielectric constant materials in dielectric layers
Semiconductor temperature monitor
MOSFET test structure for capacitance-voltage measurements
High quality factor, integrated inductor and production method thereof
Bipolar ESD protection structure
Castled active area mask
Method of forming an integrated CMOS capacitive pressure sensor
Method of manufacturing a thin-film transistor with a short-circuiting pattern
Integrated photovoltaic switch with integrated power device including etching backside of substrate
Image sensor forming method capable of defining connection window structure by etching field oxide
Solid-state imaging device and method of its production
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device with an improved short channel effect
Layered group III-V compound semiconductor, method of manufacturing the same and light emitting element
Method of solar battery output section fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Nonaqueous-electrolyte battery
Secondary battery
Bottom cover design for battery with reverse protection
Rechargeable battery using pressure-crush type protective device and portable electronic device using the rechargeable battery
Nickel-hydrogen storage battery
Method for producing a positive electrode active material for an alkaline storage battery
Cathode indentations in alkaline cell
Solid hybrid polymer electrolytes
Hybrid fuel cell reactant flow fields
Separator for fuel cell and manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for operating an electrochemical fuel cell with periodic reactant starvation
Shielded header
Shielded plug-in connector
Multi-way electrical connection device having a compliant connector
Female electrical connector element
Connector assembly with side-by-side terminal arrays
Electrical connection box containing bus bars
Spring for securing a terminal block or the like to a rail
Method of fabricating Q-switched microlasers
Magnetically enhanced inductively coupled plasma reactor with magnetically confined plasma
Method of forming metal contact pads on a metal support substrate
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