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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Auger trough clean-out door
Feed channel wall for an agricultural harvester
Process and rotary milking parlor for the identification of a milking stall and an animal, in particular a cow, in a rotary milking parlor
Hidden-type convertible shoe
Power distribution panel with modular inserts
Ergonomic closeout
Vehicle seat system, especially for aircraft
Case holding mechanism
Drinking straw with multi-apertured end
Hot water dispensing attachment
Safety switch of a paper shredder
Image processing system, X-ray diagnostic apparatus, and image processing method
Multiple sleeve method and apparatus for treating edema and other swelling disorders
Disposable eye patch and method of manufacturing a disposable eye patch
Systems and methods of detecting and demonstrating heat damage to hair via evaluation of peptides
Four card poker and associated games
Pai gow game with supplemental bet
Card shuffler with jam recovery and display
Pre-shuffler for a playing card shuffling machine
Sound generating puzzle
Gaming machine with superimposed display image
Game device
System and method for providing loyalty-based virtual objects across various media including gaming devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wear plate assembly for vertical rotor of a pulverizer
Floating sheet article thickness detecting device
Device and method for calibrating a planishing roller device by means of an instrumented bar
Method and device for the production of a can body, and can body
Forging machine having rollers between a support and a slide body of a die assembly
Power supply switching circuit and semiconductor device
Electropolishing of inkjet printer components
Remote inspection device
Electric positioning and clamping apparatus
Bowling ball surface treatment machine and bowling ball surface treatment method
Throwing wheel assembly
Method for producing an adhesive closure element
System for monitoring temperature and pressure during a molding process
Electroconductive material superior in resistance to fretting corrosion for connection component
Liquid-jet head unit and liquid-jet apparatus
Liquid discharge head
Inkjet printhead with integrated circuit mounted on polymer sealing film
Filter device and liquid drop ejecting device
Apparatus to remove bubbles in an inkjet printer
Marking device and method for golf ball
Liquid jet apparatus and printing apparatus
Printing up to edge of printing paper without platen soiling
Telescoping and swiveling hitch assembly
Glass fixing grommet
Integrated hinge and temporary door checker
Side curtain air bag deployment pillar bracket and garnish
Pre-crash seat positioning mechanism
Liquid chemical applicator tank
Oncoming vehicle alarm technology
Radio device
Housing structure of an airbag
Airbag apparatus
Airbelt apparatus
Gas bag module having deployment aid
Airbag device
Seatbelt lock
Pivotable-lever lock
Assembly for aligning and interlocking an electro-monorail system and vertical lift station
Construction machine having top door for improved ingress/egress
Electric power steering apparatus for automobile
Power steering apparatus
Foldable bicycle and method of folding
Cooling jets
Propulsion and steering unit for a waterborne vessel
Rotorcraft blade provided with a flap that is tiltable with the help of at least one main ball joint having a first shaft that is secured to said flap
Upper rotor control system for a counter-rotating rotor system
Monolithic container holder
All plastic paint container
Container and method for tie-less storage and transport of secured contents
Replaceable cooler tops with sport logo
Storage device of media units
Stocker apparatus
Tape feeder
Step spring auto-compensator mechanism
Document stack leveling method, and a document finisher including the same
Media stacker, liquid ejecting apparatus, and recording device
Battery assembly having a heat-dissipating and heat-emitting functions
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of increasing the effectiveness of a fining agent in a glass melt
Polymers based on naphthodiones
Coaxial microwave applicator for plasma production
Method and system for improving coupling between a surface wave plasma source and a plasma space
Fixed Constructions
Rail system for suspension crane and profile for such rail system
Method and device for creating marking lines
Method for adding foaming agents to pavement aggregate
Method and equipment for making an impermeable diaphragm of secant piles
Water use monitoring apparatus
Rain and storm water filtration systems
Communicating ladder between an upper level and a lower level of an aircraft, and an aircraft provided with such a ladder
Locking mechanism for securing bezels
Driving apparatus for vehicle door
Drilling rig
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High speed vertical take-off and land aircraft with active fan balancing system
Valve train device for engine
Permanent magnet electromagnetic actuator for an electronic valve actuation system of an engine
Internal combustion engine with exhaust-gas purification system, and method for purifying the exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine
Power transmission mechanism for conversion between linear movement and rotary motion
Method for operating a gas turbine and a gas turbine for implementing the method
Method for operating a gas turbine as well as a gas turbine for implementing the method
Monitoring health of a combustion dynamics sensing system
Method for the operation of a gas turbo group
Exhaust gas recirculation system for an internal combustion engine
Arrangement for recirculation of exhaust gases of a charged internal combustion engine in a vehicle
Engine system for multi-fluid operation
Backflow preventing apparatus for compressor
Rotor blade for a wind power station
Axial flow fan
Fan variable immersion system
Compressor bearing and compressor component
Torsionally damped rotary shafts
Vehicle parking brake device
Manual transmission
Composite piston for an internal combustion engine
Light engine
Illumination obscurement device
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
Animal and vegetable oils combustor
Heat dissipation device
Bow for a crossbow
Target illuminating assembly having integrated magazine tube and barrel clamp with laser sight
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using cross reference to related application
Transparent ceramic composite armor
Tape measure
Computing a similarity measure over moving object trajectories
Magnetic flow sensor
Probe cover for ear thermometer and manufacturing method thereof
Corrected DTS measurements based on Raman-Stokes signals
Magnetostrictive torque sensor
On-line measurement for a pressure profile
Combustion transducer apparatus employing pressure restriction means
Methods for manufacturing unleaky closed containers and leak testing apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring friction forces
Sensor with microelectro-mechanical oscillators
Floatless rain gauge
Spring-biased multi-axis articulating lens cover
Video system for piloting a drone in immersive mode
Fiber optic cable connector and adaptor for optical laser transmitter system
Baby and toddler sunglasses
Illumination system capable of eliminating laser speckle and projection system employing the same
Cooling unit manufacturing method, cooling unit, optical device and projector
Optical apparatus and projector
Controller system user interface
Man-powered braking apparatus
Electronic device and method for making same
Plug arrangements for alleviating peak loads
System and method for wireless docking utilizing a wireless docking profile
Providing controlled levels of collaborative exchange of data for registered participating subscribers and publishers
Media asset streaming over network to devices
Calibration system, calibration method, and recording medium for coordinating color value of output color of one image forming apparatus with color value of output color of another image forming apparatus
Color conversion apparatus, recording medium, and color conversion method for accurately representing print color using display color
Security with respect to managing a shared pool of configurable computing resources
Computational systems and methods for linking users of devices
Methods and devices for processing incomplete data packets
System and method for video distribution over internet protocol networks
Optimizing bandwidth usage and improving performance for web page caching
Optimizing bandwidth usage and improving performance for web page caching
Predictive data replication and acceleration
Storing low retention priority data in a dispersed storage network
Detecting network-application service failures
Problem determination in a hybrid environment
Method and system for monitoring locator/identifier separation network
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts for one or more additional pay lines formed by the appearance of special symbols in a symbol matrix
Beat detection and enhancement
Optimizing timed text generation for live closed captions and subtitles
Automated hazard handling routine activation
Display of graphical representations of legends in virtualized data formats
Method and system for wireless local area network user to access fixed broadband network
Digital TV and method for controlling same
Method and apparatus for multiple agent commitment tracking and notification
Driver measurement and incentive system for improving fuel-efficiency
Methods for the covert transmission of data for identification
Project assessment tool
Envelope printer
Method for a user to answer questions or queries using electrical contacts
Information providing system and information providing method
Printed sheet products with integral, removable, radio frequency identification elements
Method and system for skin care consultation
Method and apparatus for acquiring a high-resolution magnetic resonance image dataset of at least one limited body region having at least one anatomical structure of a patient
Customs inspection and release system and method
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
System and method of tracking an object
Disparity correcting device in stereo vision and method thereof
Object identification
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Self-timed, event-driven neurosynaptic core controller
Guiding metaheuristic to search for best of worst
Using cohorts to infer attributes for an input case in a question answering system
Method and system for using and inspecting e-tickets on a user terminal
Method and apparatus for determining presence
Generating apparatus, generation method, information processing method and program
Automated agent for social media systems
Method and system for managing queues
Online stock payment system
Consumer due diligence for money transfer systems and methods
System and method for a multiple merchant stored value card
Reserved instance marketplace
Services for enabling users to share information regarding E-commerce transactions via user created communities
Method of registering advertisements on an electronic map
System for accurately and precisely locating and marking a position in space using wireless communications and robotics
Data point on a display
Object customization and accessorization in video content
Method for measuring the deflection of a fuel element can for a fuel element of a boiling water reactor
Transaction-history driven counterfeit fraud risk management solution
Simultaneous button press secure keypad code entry
Pattern analytics and physical access control system method of operation
Team gaming system and method therefor
Check cashing automated banking machine
Secure and portable payment system
Safety equipment criteria verification
Modular assistance system
Recoiler for a merchandise security system
Merchandise sensor and method for protecting an item of merchandise
Guidance system
Child tracking device
Suggesting adjustments to a helmet based on analysis of play
Devices, systems, and methods for promoting hygiene compliance
Emergency service provision with destination-specific information
Transmitter for vehicle subsystems
Method, device, and computer-readable medium for correcting at least one error in readings of electricity meters
Transportation vehicle traffic management
Adaptive layout of sheet music in coordination with detected audio
Display device
Backlight for display device
Systems and methods for displaying illuminated images
Flag device for hunter flagpole
Sign holder system
Method of operating display device to adjust luminance based on panel refresh command
Dynamically updating an electronic paper display by computational modeling
Image display panel, image display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Accordion and electronic accordion
Musical instrument support device
System, method and computer program product for generating musical notes via a user interface touch pad
Name pronunciation recommendation
Interpretation of ambiguous vehicle instructions
Generating call context metadata from speech, contacts, and common names in a geographic area
Adaptive codebook gain control for speech coding
System and method for multifaceted singing analysis
Sound verification
Tunnel magnetoresistive sensor having stabilized magnetic shield and dielectric gap sensor
Member for supporting magnetic disc substrates, process of producing the same, and magnetic disc device using the same
Memory systems
Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device
Efficient coding for memory redundancy
Scintillator panel and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic control device for controlling actuators
Winding method, winding apparatus, and stator
Methods for forming chip-scale electrical components
Connector arranged between two cylindrical energy storage assemblies
Lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) detector and isolation device
Overvoltage protection element
Visible disconnect switch interlock assembly
Analysis method using electron microscope, and electron microscope
Short arc flash lamp and light source device
Flat luminescent lamp and method for manufacturing the same
Laser irradiation method and laser irradiation device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for controlled dopant incorporation and activation in a chemical vapor deposition system
Controlled confined lateral III-V epitaxy
Substrate including selectively formed barrier layer
Semiconductor device, its manufacturing method and electronic apparatus thereof
Semiconductor device
Hybrid interconnects and method of forming the same
Techniques for tiling arrays of pixel elements and fabricating hybridized tiles
Electrostatic discharge protection device and manufacturing method thereof
Six-transistor SRAM semiconductor structures and methods of fabrication
Semiconductor device
Tantalum-containing film forming compositions and vapor deposition of tantalum-containing films
Fuse programmable logic circuitry with multiple transistor pillars
Display device
Integrated gate driver
Deep trench sidewall etch stop
Radiation detectors, and methods of manufacture of radiation detectors
Process for making and using a semiconductor wafer containing first and second does of standard cell compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, with the first DOE including side-to-side short configured fill cells, and the second DOE including tip-to-side short configure
Graphene field effect transistor
III-V MOSFET with strained channel and semi-insulating bottom barrier
Method of making a gallium nitride device
Process for integrated circuit fabrication including a uniform depth tungsten recess technique
Tunnel field-effect transistor (TFET) with supersteep sub-threshold swing
Semiconductor device and display device including the semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Solar module with simplified humidity level regulation
Solar cell and preparing method of the same
Self-activated front surface bias for a solar cell
Oxide semiconductor device including photodiode
Solid-state imaging device and control system
Method for recovering efficacy of solar cell module and portable device thereof
Floating heat sink support with conductive sheets and LED package assembly for LED flip chip package
Light emitting diode (LED) die module, LED element with the LED die module and method of manufacturing the LED die module
Illumination system comprising beam shaping element
Vehicle apparatus
Multilayer actuator and display device comprising the same
Method for producing an optical module
Regeneration of cathode material of lithium-ion batteries
Single layer secondary battery having a folded structure
Battery temperature regulating device
Integrated cell separator/high voltage bus bar carrier assembly
Negative electrode material for secondary battery, and secondary battery
Electrode material, electrode plate, lithium ion battery, manufacturing method for electrode material, and manufacturing method for electrode plate
Second battery comprising a phosphate ester compound and a fluorinated carbonate compound
Fuel cell assembly
Curved filter high density microwave feed network
Antenna systems with proximity coupled annular rectangular patches
Multilayer chip antenna
Antenna with multiple feed points
Antenna structure and wireless communication device using same
Antenna module and electronic apparatus including the same
Low-profile loop antenna
Antenna for achieving effects of MIMO antenna
Method and apparatus for connecting a cable
Contact structure
Connector position assurance with identification feature
Electrical connector with male blade stabilizer
Signal transmission cable
Intuitive labeling schemes for structured cabling solutions
Reinforced USB socket
Elongated electrical conductor that is adapted for electrically connecting with an electrical contact
Battery connector and circuit module
Method of fabricating connector terminals
Optical parametric oscillation laser based on I-type quasi-phase matching
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser and atomic oscillator
Cable pulling roller guide
Disposable optical fiber coating removal tool
Device comprising a space charge trapping layer
Arrangement for connecting a power cable to an equipment element
Method of operating a controller for a power converter, and a corresponding controller
Serially connected micro-inverter system having concertina output voltage control
Voltage converters and methods for use therewith
Wireless power transmission system, and method of controlling power in wireless power transmission system based on detection parameter
Method for providing control power using an energy store having variable deadband width when providing the control power
Multi-port energy storage system and control method thereof
Connection of rotor core assembly and rotor shaft at an electrical machine
Motor with oil flowing spaces
Digital power factor correction
Time delayed converter reshuffling
Alternating current (AC)-direct current (DC) conversion circuit and control method thereof
Method and system for a gas tube-based current source high voltage direct current transmission system
Method and device for operating an electrical power converter
Output control circuit
Peaking inductor array for peaking control unit of transceiver
Calculation device and calculation method
Dynamic high voltage driver with adjustable clamped output level
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Fixed-point conjugate gradient digital pre-distortion (DPD) adaptation
Method and apparatus for encoding video with dynamic quality improvement
Light fixture commissioning using encoded light signals
Portable connection diagnostic device
Channel validation in optical networks using multi-channel impairment evaluation
Central office device, remote site device, and communication method thoseof
Method and apparatus for detecting power
Synchronized slotted power line communication
Control of initial uplink grant based on random access request indicating planned initiation of packet-based real-time media session
Data recovery with inverse transformation
Wavelength/bandwidth tunable optical filter and driving method thereof
Method and apparatus for reconfiguring wavelength of optical network unit
Method and apparatus for providing broadcast channel encryption to enhance cellular network security
Systems and methods for radio frequency hopping communications jamming utilizing software defined radio platforms
Physical layer security for wireless implantable medical devices
Apparatus and methods for enhanced maximum power in multicarrier wireless communications
Load balancing traffic in a MPLS network
Packet analysis apparatus and packet analysis method
Short packet communication in a powerline communication network
Flow state aware management of QoS through dynamic aggregate bandwidth adjustments
Broadband radio frequency data communication system using twisted pair wiring
Method and system for monitoring network communications
Coalescing messages using a network interface controller
Apparatus for causing processors to execute a process in a parallel manner
Control of quality of service in overlapping basic service sets in wireless local area networks
Access control list-based port mirroring techniques
Multi-destination packet handling at overlay virtual network tunneling endpoints
Hierarchical scheduler for deterministic networking
Receiving device and method of mobile communication system
Asynchronous digital communication
Dynamic security code push
System and method for proving physical presence
Mobile device and communication control method
Splitting of processing logics associated with commands of pages in a distributed application
Peer-to-peer data storage
Cooperative loading of webpages based on shared meta information
Controlling mobile device access with a paired device
Managing content distribution in a wireless communications environment
Apparatus and method for receiving video service in hybrid network
Method and device for internet protocol multimedia subsystem terminal to access network
Device ownership security on a network
Work environment for information sharing and collaboration
Systems and methods for consensus protocol selection based on delay analysis
Data processing method
Transmit power scaling method and system to detect occurrences using geographically distributed sensors
Multiband Ethernet over Coax system
Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
Encrypting device, encrypting method, and recording medium
Wireless configuration using passive near field communication
Cryptographic web service
Shared access appliance, device and process
Communication module
Electronic device, control method, and program for suppressing notification of incoming communications during connection to an external device
Model name determination
Transmission system, transmission terminal, and transmission method
Privacy for inter-user equipment transfer (IUT) subscribers and for remote parties involved in sessions with IUT subscribers
Area code and call duration-aware call screening
Image forming system adjusting setting of image forming apparatus to setting of mobile terminal
Document reading device that detects orientation of image read from spread document
Image processing apparatus capable of transmitting image data, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
Beam adjustment method for optical scanning device and optical scanning device
Imaging device, image display method, and storage medium for displaying reconstruction image
3D TV glasses with TV mode control
Method and apparatus for displaying and recording images using multiple image capturing devices integrated into a single mobile device
Method and device for distributing multimedia licences within a distribution system of a secured multimedia service
Automated account crediting after interruption or failure of paid content delivery
Audio and video synchronization method and terminal device using the same
Information processing apparatus, program, and video output system
Lens barrel and camera system
Decoder and monitor system
Imaging apparatus capable of interval photographing
Solid-state image sensor, image pickup apparatus, and correcting method
Method and apparatus for collecting and providing viewer feedback to a broadcast
System and method for a communication exchange with an avatar in a media communication system
Projection apparatus
Zeotrope animation disc assembly
Video analysis system
Transcoder for conversion by obtaining a period conversion factor from a bit rate ratio
Integration of home entertainment devices with a software client for telephony
Handheld video visitation
System and method for selectively receiving required satellite television channels
Precise target positioning in geographical imaging
Security system and method thereof
Projector light source unit having intensity controller
Earphone assembly and assistant guiding system for tourists
Binaural hearing system and method
Cross-cancellation of audio signals in a stereo flat panel speaker
Multi-band management of wireless relaying networks
Method and apparatus for interacting with potential purchasers of art
Onboard apparatus, cloud server, intervehicle communication system and intervehicle communication method
Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to test home networks
Admission control and load balancing
Cellular identifier optimizations
Handover procedure for directly connecting a mobile terminal to a base station previously connected to the base station via a relay terminal
Wi-Fi power saving based on coarse motion classification information
Mobility and connection management of low power wireless communications apparatuses
Very long frame in a machine to machine communication network
Base station apparatus and method for delivering multicast signal
Consumer registration via mobile device
Mobile communication method and radio base station
Communication system and method for making telephone calls over the internet
Method for selecting access network in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for improved reselection during mode transitions
System and method for closed loop multimode radio system sleep clock frequency compensation
Locating computer-controlled entities
Method for sharing frequency spectrum between networks
Radio communication method, radio communication system, radio base station and user terminal
Duty-cycle control in wireless network
Base station device, wireless communication system, and base station device control method
Channel access systems and methods for cognitive relaying for cellular systems
Communication system, terminal, and base station
Configurable wireless switched network
Configurable wireless switched network
Feedback signal management for low latency wireless communications
Using communication devices for providing network access
Contention control mechanism
Systems and methods for wireless communication test automation
Electrical heating device with printed circuit board and PTC heating elements connected by conductor strands
Light emitting diode (LED) torchiere lamp with overheat and overvoltage protection functions
Switch current control to shape input current
System for capacitively driving a load
Lighting system, lighting device, and method of communication in lighting system
Light modulation controller, lighting system, and equipment instrument
Light emitting device with low voltage-endurance components
Apparatus and method for ambient light measurement by a solid state light bulb
X-ray examination apparatus
Wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing multi-layer wiring board
Anti-tamper mechanism and electronic device using the same
Thermal dissipation system for server
Electronic device with combination heat sink/blower or fan assembly having air duct
Expired Patents Due To Time
Belt adjuster
Slider body for slide fastener
Slider body for slide fastener
Tubular container
Chef's knives carrying case and working platform
Golf bag with integral V-block
Expandable broom
Replaceable brush applicator portion for a liquid and lotion applicator
Self-cleaning brush
Nonwoven fabric
Sectional sofa
Infant swing seat
Porch swing
Student chair
Sectional sofa
Display tray for a shelf mounted product display device
Audio-video storage unit
Audio-video storage unit
Jewelry chest
Furniture for storing items
Towel ring
Holder for compact discs
Media console
Holder for objects
Module for storage rack for compact discs, cassettes, and the like
Adjustable shelving rack
CD/DVD rack
Sneeze guard with shelf
Head rail for venetian blind type covering
Cooler for bottled water
Stem-type drinking glass
Ergonomic disposable plate
Combined wine cooler and ice bucket
Insulated food container
Sleeve for beverage container
Barbeque grill cooking apparatus
Saute cooking pan
Mug warmer
Pan handle
Spoon rest
Tuna fish drainer
Handle for kitchen implement
Cup holder
Straw with angled output
Lunchbox with cooler/warmer
Expandable tableware storage rack
Chimney starter
Hammer head
Handle for a multipurpose hand tool
Folding multipurpose hand tool
Hose holder
Large loop hook
Ratchet wrench
Impact wrench
Air impact wrench
Tool holder
Keyless locking device
Perfume bottle
Bottle portion
Dispenser for an aerosol can
Lotion applicator and packaging combination
Wrapping box
Display package for an archery bow
Support for holding watches
Tablet dispenser
Tablet dispenser
Display package for a tool bit
Dispensing container
Tablet dispenser
Watch chronograph
Parking terminal
Portable coordinate measurement machine portion
Protractor attachment for a level
Automobile diagnostic tool
Hollow highway barricade with friction fit connection
Watch face
Bracelet for holding graphical displays
Wrist watch strap
Double-sided jewelry setting
Kinetic sculpture
Christmas ornament
Christmas tree stand wrap
Christmas tree stand with wheels and pull handle
Railcar beam
Railroad car brake beam wear plate having one or more tapered walls
Car including toy-car, motor-car, replica-car and scale-model car
Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof
Tire tread
Tire tread
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front bumper for an automobile
Five spoke alloy wheel
Engine hood for automobiles
Wheel cover
Vehicle wheel
Spider web grille insert
Tribal fire pedal cover set for vehicles
Vehicle wheel
Spider web grille insert
Dragon pedal cover set for vehicles
Vehicle wheel
Vehicle canopy
Radiator grille for an automobile
Steering wheel
Vehicle wheel
Bicycle rack unit
Vehicle bumper
Straight-shaped chain link cycle handlebars
Vehicle-wheel front face
Purse caddy
Vehicle rear bumper
Instrument display
Vehicle-wheel front face
Rear fascia bumper
Surface configuration of an air vent for a vehicle
Collapsible walker
Baby trailer
Light emitting diode
Jack plate
Repeater circuit box
Infrared sensor
Universal manual control
Dimmer-universal remote control illuminating system
Remote control
Light emitting diode module
Two-way speaker
Speaker stand
Disc player
Audio component front face
Audio system
Speaker system for integrating into sofa structure
Speaker box
Dual voice speaker
Liquid crystal display
Reader for a payment device
Ink-jet printer
Image scanner
Keyboard for use with a handheld electronic device
Personal computer enclosure and stand
Liquid crystal display
Printer for registering telephone calls
Cellular phone
Communication device
Portable audio video entertainment device
Combined cellular phone and camcorder
Wireless internet gateway
Housing for a radio transceiver
Receiver housing for displaying messages
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Portable electronic device
Cellular phone
Grout pump
Compressor shroud
Lawn mower
Harrow lift
Off highway mobile equipment cab
Power scrubbing device
Scrubber head
Upright vacuum cleaner nozzle with pivoting agitator
Modular refrigerator
Machining center
Cutting insert
Tooling to form pairs of dispenser pouches
Digital still camera
Camera mount and enclosure
Surveillance camera
Video conferencing terminal
Adjustable support for digital camera
Eyeglass frame
Adjustable trigger
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge
Type font
Type font
Binding machine
Loose leaf binder
Ballpoint pen
Writing instrument
Clip and shroud for a writing instrument
Desk pad organizer system
Collapsible pencil holder
Decorative stencil for marking golf balls
Sign support frame
Child's steerable riding toy with brakes and pivoting, spring-biased, hand-operated propelling device
Puzzle tray
Target game
Cambering vehicle
Golf ball floatation device
Arm wrestling machine
Exercise apparatus
Combination basketball goal and support apparatus
Golf club head
Golf club head
Shark fin swimming harness
Firecracker assemblage
Electric teaser fishing reel
Fishing reel
Hand shower
Water pistol for use in motor cleaning
Shut-off valve accessory for water hose
Sealing ring membrane
Fuel handler
Bottle for under-the-rim dispenser for a toilet bowl
Filter element
Spike for lawn sprinkler
Toilet lever
Portable urinal for a female
Air freshener device
Motor housing for a ceiling fan
Outdoor unit of air conditioner
Air purifier
Air purifier
Handle for dental x-ray machine
Medical device casing
Implant inserter
Testing device
Ultrasonic surgical aspiration tip
Bioabsorbable structural interbody vertebral implant
Cold compress for relieving pain of breast engorgement
Disposable diaper pant
Block for a flowerbed
Edging extrusion
Arched filler member for doorway casing head
Louvre endcap
Portion of a combined lighting fixture and hanger
Didgeridoo light fixture
Motorcycle taillight
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Light bulb
Night light
Surface configuration of a headlight for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Compact fluorescent reflector lamp
Compact fluorescent reflector lamp
Diffuser for lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Tanning booth
Liquid and lotion applicator with finger actuated bellows-type pressure pump
Pear-shaped bath sponge massager
Refillable elongated offset dispenser with sponge head for applying tanning lotion to a user's back
Shaver handle
Pressed powder package
Actuator body for an inhalation device
Cartridge for generating gas-enriched fluids
Animal eyewear
Dog litter box
Novelty creature coin dispenser bank
Human Necessities
Sugarcane harvester and harvesting system
Low pressure aeroponic growing apparatus
Strawberry transplant conditioning for flowering induction
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 3`
Euphorbia plant named `First Blush`
Angelonia plant named `Cart Pur`
Gaillardia plant named `Summers Kiss`
Anthurium andreanum plant named `Anthbneq`
Calla lily plant named `Hot Chocolate`
Shrub rose plant named `CHEwpeachdell`
Peach tree named Weiser
Floribunda rose plant named `POULcs005`
Variety of Osteospermum plant named `Sumost 01`
Ageratum plant named `Agsantis`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Swing Time Mandarin`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 2`
Nectarine tree named `Honey Diva`
Adjustable band to be worn by a person or animal
Insulated electrode probe for an animal receiver collar
Small animal trap with infrared trigger
Bait station with screw-off child-resistant lid
Bird scaring device
Waterproof, breathable articles of apparel
Garment with crotch part
Protective garment having reflective strip spaced from outer shell except where sewn to outer shell
Kneepad assembly
Mechanism for securing eye protector to helmet
Shoe with tunable cushioning system
Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
Sole design and structure for athletic shoe
Jewelry rope chain
Jewelry learning system and method
Brush flatter and drawing instrument equipped with brush flatter
Ready-to-assemble articles of furniture
Building outfitting system with common accessory-mounting feature
Postural pillow
Multi-angle hook
Bedding arrangement and method of making a pillow and mattress
Bed having low body pressure and alignment
Device for adjusting the position of a cushion relative to a mattress or sitting surface
Combination partition screen and hanging structure for use in a combination partition screen
Easily removable and replaceable toilet seat and lid
Toilet seat and cover system
Whirlpool conversion pool
Assisted lift shower seat
Polishing pad and system
Cleaning system and apparatus
Upright vacuum cleaner with dual hoses and hose ports
Air exhaust structure for an upright-type vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner locking system
Vacuum cleaner cooling system
Automatic surgical needle and suture loading machine
Protective guards for finger and thumbs
Testing or setting device for a PDD or PDT system, or for training on such a system and tissue phantom
Shoe based force sensor and equipment for use with the same
Electronic programmable fishing lure
Maternity patient support
Prefilled ampoules and manufacture thereof
Hyperpolarized gas containers, solenoids, transport and storage devices and associated transport and storage methods
Bowling ball angulator and methods of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Collecting apparatus of floating dusts in atmosphere
Apparatus for producing a honeycomb body
Method of cleaning abrasive plates of abrasive machine and cleaning device
Method and apparatus for producing variable wall thickness tubes and hollow shafts
Press die
High velocity forming of local features using a projectile
Bending method and bending system
Cold folding method for a hollow tube of magnesium
Methods for modifying inner-layer circuit features of printed circuit boards
Electric actuator
Multiple-spindle bar machine
Method of applying a surface finish on a metal substrate and method of preparing work rolls for applying the surface finish
Ratchet wrench having switch locking device
Wrench with a simplified structure
Combination screwdriver and heavy duty staple remover method
Fastener removal and installation tool
Torque tool handle for releasable shank
Torque limiting wrench for an ultrasonic medical device
Mechanical nut and stud removal tool
Crimp for a jack
Crimping pliers with adjustable crimping gauge
Color-coded attachment comb key for hair clipper
Shaving device
Ergonomic opener for intravenous bag packaging
Blade gripping mechanism in a heavy duty artistic knife
Knife indexing apparatus
Recording material cutting device
Truss assembly apparatus
Methods of making a gusset style pouch in a reclosable bag
Method of covering a pot or floral grouping with a sleeve having a curvilinear lower end
Method of manufacturing metal foil
Moire ceiling panels
Method and apparatus for making heat-sensitive stencil and heat-sensitive stencil material
Zoned ultraviolet curing system for printing press
Fountain or dampening duct for a dampening unit of an offset printing machine
Heat storage system for vehicle, with adsorbent
Compressor system and vehicle air conditioning system having the same
System and method for generating electric power from a rotating tire's mechanical energy using piezoelectric fiber composites
Method and apparatus for depositing railroad plates along a railroad track bed
Method for determining parameters
Greaseless fulcrum for a railcar door
Method of fabricating a motorhome
Variable buoyancy profiling device
Method of banding
Apparatus for preparing and feeding the materials used to make a filter bag for infusion products
Perforated flap with dual seals
Spout singulator for closure feed system
Pallet with stress resistant structure
Pallet assembly
Retaining strap
Cable tie having stepped down strap body teeth
Chemistry; Metallurgy
I.S. glass forming machine
Method for manufacturing a glass panel for a cathode ray tube
Fluorine-containing glass
I.S. glass forming machine
Glass container forming machine
Glass container forming machine
Glass container forming machine
Glass etching composition and method for frosting using the same
Hypergolic fuel system
Cable assemblies and methods of producing same
Method of carbonization of organic waste and apparatus therefor
System and method for decongesting a waste converting apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Needle with transfer spring
Acoustical laundry tub blanket
Laundry drier
Pulsed steam iron
Iron comprising a water filling slide valve
Iron with an open rear cavity
Blowing-type and/or suction-type ironing board
Fixed Constructions
Steel-concrete composite beam using asymmetric section steel beam
Plumbing valve cover for avoiding interference with faucet hose
Water lock tap
Facade and/or roof and sealing strip
Reinforcement plate for a structural member
Double-rail profile
Baluster kit
Back blocking device
Door spacer block
Ring beam/lintel system
Beam alignment and bracing apparatus and method for making sure
Exterior wall restoration system and construction method
Pool cover support
Unlocking device for a lever handle door lock
Electric door lock with a coupling mechanism for selective engagement between a deadbolt operating spindle and a door handle
Auxiliary unit of a suitcase lock
Hinge for mounting a door on a frame of an article of furniture
Hinge having engagement surface to restrain rotational movement and electronic device containing such a hinge
Elastic hinge for a notebook computer
Door with adjustable guide rail and corresponding method of assembly
Power sliding vehicle door
Fenestration frame assemblies, e.g. retrofit window frame assemblies, and methods of installing same
Window frame molding system
Rotating/sliding shade assembly
Method of determining the thermal profile of a drilling fluid in a well
Downhole equipment, tools and assembly procedures for the drilling, tie-in and completion of vertical cased oil wells connected to liner-equipped multiple drainholes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Single rotor turbine
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus and exhaust gas purifying method for an internal combustion engine
Rapid shutdown and ecology system
Diagnostic equipment for an exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Method for determining the torque on the crankshaft of an internal combustion engine
Gas turbine exhaust diffuser
Hybrid rocket motor having a precombustion chamber
Leak detection method for an evaporative emission system including a flexible fuel tank
Leak-check apparatus of fuel-vapor-processing system, fuel-temperature estimation apparatus and fuel-temperature-sensor diagnosis apparatus
Methods for testing fluid compressors
Compressor with internal accumulator for use in split compressor
Self-compensating position sensor
System for joining foam components
Linear guide apparatus
Method for attaching a vibration absorber to a mountain support
Device to provide continuously variable gear reduction
Torque converter
Motion stop control for vehicle
Integrated pyrolysis systems and methods
Shutoff device for burners of a pulverized coal furnace
Air conditioner with heat pipe
Air conditioning system and method for operating the same
Method for operating compressors of air conditioner
Air conditioning system with two compressors and method for operating the same
Refrigeration defrost system
Vapor compression refrigerant cycle
Apparatus for detecting an amount of stored ice
Drying carbon black pellets
Apparatus for and method of controlling seed cotton drying in a cotton gin
Centrifugal pellet dryer
Stun gun
Cartridge magazine follower grip
Close combat butt stock for assault weapons
Reflex sight with multiple power sources for reticle
Non-penetrating projectile
Measurement apparatus and process for determining the position of an object relative to a reference surface
Structure tape rule housing
Square level
Rotary shaft axial elongation measuring method and device
Laser alignment tool
Fluidtight level device
Vibrating structure comprising two coupled oscillators, in particular for a gyro
Method of manufacturing a composite vibrator
Magnetoinductive flowmeter and magnetoinductive flow-measuring process
Transducer of the vibration type, such as an electromechanical transducer of the coriollis type
Coriolis mass flow meter
Force transducer having a central portion of reduced thickness
Vibration pickup comprising a pressure sleeve
Torque detector
Pressure sensor with water repellent filter
Pressure sensor with a radially tensioned metal diaphragm
Test bench for testing a power transmission device and a test system comprising such a test bench provided with a power transmission device
Mobile pneumatic apparatus and method for testing a container seal
Gas sensor
Dry material sampler and method
Dust sampling device
Molecular recognition sensor system
Instrument for noncontact measurement of physical property
Device and method for determining and detecting the onset of structural collapse
Detecting method of a drop test and the device thereof
Foam generator and viscometer apparatus and process
Method and apparatus for determining density of a flowing fluid
Multiple alloy rotor transition zone measurement system and method
Acceleration sensor
Microelectronic contact structures, and methods of making same
Pulse tube cryocooler system for magnetic resonance superconducting magnets
Apparatus for displaying images to viewers in motion
Printing system for carrying out energy conservation operation
Method for viewing a full color animation
Personalized picture postcard for holding inserted photograph
Method for forming a disc stack assembly
Thin-film magnetic head material and method of manufacturing same and method of manufacturing thin-film magnetic head
Optical disk having specified track pitch, and optical disk apparatus
Method and device for foamed in place electrical systems
Automatic variable shear for bridged and unbridged terminal insertion
Motor assembling apparatus
Portable hybrid communication system and methods
Electric-component mounting system
System for mounting of electric components
Manufacturing and carrier system with feeder/programming/buffer system
Pad structure of semiconductor package
Method for forming an electronic assembly
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