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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Coupling device for a ride lawnmower engine and a rotary pump
Difluoromethyl-nicotinic- tetrahydronaphtyl carboxamides
Flower handling apparatus and method
Inflatable snowshoe and rucksack for its storage
Mounting bracket
Food processor
Pill assembly for pill packaging and delivery systems
Fatty acid esters of glucocorticoids as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents
Antiviral compounds
Substituted pyridoxine-lactam carboxylate-salts
Method of treating rash in patients undergoing anti-EGFR therapy
Platelet-derived growth factor B specific antibodies and compositions and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for identifying and targeting cancer cells of alimentary canal origin
Heparanase splice variant
System, device, and method for detection of projectile target impact
Multi-core online patching method and apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter device and pressure regulator
Method for high efficiency reverse osmosis operation
Derivatives of tris(2-hydroxyphenyl)methanes, preparation thereof and use thereof for mineral oil production
Method and apparatus for the making of a fuel
Apparatus, methods, and fluid compositions for electrostatically-driven solvent ejection or particle formation
Process for producing charge retention medium
Ultraviolet-C photochemistry for customizing an appearance of a wood product
Composite cast tool
Alloy casting apparatus
Boring bar fastening device for single or double blade
Increasing solder hole-fill in a printed circuit board assembly
Hand-guided marking system
Apparatus and method for laser cutting with a laser implementing gas pulses, the frequency or pressure of which is controlled
Processing method and bearing
Measuring apparatus and method
Adjustable workpiece repair and buildup stand
Inflatable robots, robotic components and assemblies and methods including same
Composite component comprising a polymer phase and a foamed phase, and processes for producing the same
Method and machine for producing packaging cushioning
Hydrophilic self-cleaning coating compositions
Transparent conductive film, method for production thereof and touch panel therewith
Simplex and duplex printer
Printer with cutter protection mechanism
Liquid discharge head and image forming apparatus
Media-tracking system using deformed reference marks
Method and apparatus for forming an image in stone
Convertible caster assembly
Assembly to adjust the height of an axle of a vehicle
Damper control device
Vehicle-use pivotally-supporting portion structure and vehicle
Vehicle HVAC noise control system
Drive arrangement
Motor vehicle provided with a protective tarpaulin system
Impedance based battery parameter estimation
Swivel mechanism for vehicle seat
Hay strapping hook
Automated distraction measurement of machine operator
Temperature-sensitive vehicle occupancy detection and alert system
Electroplating light-transmissive decoration panel for rear license plate
Gas generator
Seat with upwardly projecting harness straps
Webbing take-up device
Upgradeable windshield assembly
Brake control initiation using tire runway friction map data
Coiled tubing servicing tool
Articulating closure mechanism for non-aligned closure panels
Steering apparatus
Motorcycle with adjustable geometry
Pannier mounting system
Lean-compensating motorcycle with channel wheels
Body frame structure for saddle type vehicle
Vehicle body frame for a saddle-ride type vehicle, and motorcycle including same
Manually powered vehicle
Bicycle generator and/or shifting device
Mooring line extension system
Ship alternatively running fuel gas main drive engine and fuel gas generator engine
Draining apparatus for draining liquids from a vehicle, aircraft having a draining apparatus and method for draining liquids from a vehicle
Methods of fabricating test sample containers by applying barrier coatings after sealed container sterilization
Fluid injection system and method for supporting container walls
Envelope seal strip
Cover for open top food containers
Luminous syringe
Adjustable container holder
Package assembly for monetary payment cards and related method
Fastener storage and organizer tray
Interlocking container
Conveyor belt system
Support assembly
Feeding device, feeding cassette, and image forming apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for conveying flexible glass substrates
Flaky medium processing system and method for detecting real-time position of flaky medium
Highly oxidized graphene oxide and methods for production thereof
Method of patterning self-organizing material, patterned substrate of self-organizing material and method of producing the same, and photomask using patterned substrate of self-organizing material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process of making pan-based carbon fiber
Method for preparing anti-hardening granulous ceramic iron-carbon micro-electrolysis filler by using industrial waste
Glass and manufacturing method of glass plate
Method for producing a refractory material based on magnesia or magnesia spinel, and refractory material based on magnesia or magnesia spinel
Method of manufacturing electrically conductive mayenite compound with high electron density
Method for producing lithium titanate precursor, method for producing lithium titanate, lithium titanate, electrode active material, and electricity storage device
Method for producing difluoromethane
Process for nitrile removal from hydrocarbon feeds
Selective oxygenation of alkanes using oxygen
Control of the viscosity of reaction solutions in hydroformylation processes
Method for dehydrating alpha-substituted carboxylic acids
Process for refining glyceride oil and purifying triglyceride oil obtained by such process
Process for the preparation of a benzazepine derivative
4-[-2-[[5-methyl-1-(2-naphthalenyl)-1H-pyrazol-3-yl]oxy]ethyl]morpholine hydrochloride amorphous solid forms
Process for the preparation of erlotinib
Heterocyclic compound
Polyfunctional epoxy compound
Process for the preparation of 2 substituted tetrahydropyranols
Efficient process for the preparation of Esomeprazole (S)-Binol complex
Heteroaromatic amides and thioamides as pesticides
Precursor compounds for the radiosynthesis of [.sup.18F] norchloro-fluorohomoepibatidine
Alpha-carbolines for the treatment of cancer
Perylenemonoimide and naphthalenemonoimide derivatives and their use in dye-sensitized solar cells
2,4-diamino-6,7-dihydro-5H-pyrrolo[2,3]pyrimidine derivatives as FAK/Pyk2 inhibitors
Phenicol antibacterials
2-amino-6-methyl-4,4a,5,6-tetrahydropyrano[3,4-d][1,3]thiazin-8a(8H)-yl-1,- 3-thiazol-4-yl amides
Tunable electrical conductivity in metal-organic framework thin film devices
Cyclic nickel-based complexes and their use in a process for the transformation of olefins
Methods for making biocompatible polymerizable acrylate products
Nucleic acid-based authentication and identification codes
Method for purifying protein
Bio-hybrid material, production method therefor, and stent
Stem cell mobilization and tissue repair and regeneration
Hydrophilic polymer composition and method of forming a hydrophilic polycaprolactone
Two-part polyurethanes based on hyperbranched polymers
Manufacture of dihydroxy aromatic compounds by alcoholysis of flame retardant-containing polycarbonate compositions
Polymeric dispersion of thiophene copolymers and a process for preparation thereof
Method for producing halogenated oligomers and/or halogenated polymers of elements of the third to fifth main group
PVC membrane with reduced plasticizer migration
Cavity filling
Rubber composition, and pneumatic tire
Efficient polymer composites based on natural wool
Adhesive composition and use thereof
Aqueous ink composition, inkjet recording method, and colored material
Light-emitting device and organic-inorganic hybrid pre-polymer composition comprising phosphor
Process for the treatment of crude oil and petroleum products
Liquid mixture to clean dielectric barrier discharge surfaces
Mini-keg growler
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Overexpression of starch synthase in plants
Coatings and culture media for promoting neurogenesis in adipose tissue derived stem cells
Compositions and methods for differentiating pluripotent stem cells into primitive blood cells and uses thereof
Polypeptides having endoglucanase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Methods for increasing the production of phenolic compounds from Theobroma cacao
Expression of granular starch hydrolyzing enzymes in trichoderma and process for producing glucose from granular starch sustrates
Rapid whole genome amplification
Kit comprising primers for amplifying ALK kinase domain nucleic acids
DNA encoding dipeptide-synthesizing enzyme (variants), bacterium belonging to the genus Escherichia, and methods for producing dipeptides using thereof
Method for the oxidation of organic compounds
Transformation of algae for increasing lipid production
Plant tissue sampling method and plant gene analysis method
Detection of a target in a preservative solution
DNA sequencing using a suspended carbon nanotube
HIV-1 reverse transcriptase codon deletion and its use in the management and treatment of HIV infections
Method and device for producing pig iron
Method for producing and assembling superheater tubes of steam generators
Apparatuses, systems and methods that allow for selective removal of a specific metal from a multi-metal plating solution
Crucible for solidifying a silicon ingot
Textiles; Paper
Module feeder with panels
Method for preparing fibrous polymeric adsorption material
Process for preparing a polymer/biological entities alloy
Wire rope and method of constructing wire rope
Device for manufacturing a material web
Fixed Constructions
Original caution tape retainer
Pneumatic fender
Method for producing a vanity unit assembly and vanity unit assembly obtained by this method
Heated roof drainage raceway with self adjusting heating cable cavity
Gutter cleaning device
Pre-fabricated module for multi-dwelling housing units
Automatic skimmer cleaning system
Locking/unlocking system for superimposable elements
Lock for a motor vehicle lock system
Ladder tray
Subsurface drilling tool
Excavating tool
Rock drilling unit and method of changing drill rods
Subsea test adaptor for calibration of subsea multi-phase flow meter during initial clean-up and test and methods of using same
Hydrocarbon well and technique for perforating casing toe
Multi-channel conduit and method for heating a fluid
Device and method usable in well drilling and other well operations
Testing water contamination around oil or gas wells
Method for recovering methane gas from natural gas hydrate by injecting CO2 and air mixed gas
In situ retorting and refining of hygrocarbons
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine including seal air valve system
Axial turbine with sector-divided turbine housing
Method for operating a gas and steam turbine plant and monitoring a liquid level in a plurality of downpipes
Support element for a valve train of an internal combustion engine, and method for production of support element
Camshaft phaser
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine comprising an exhaust gas cleaning unit
Internal combustion engine
Open brayton bottoming cycle and method of using the same
Turboprop-powered aircraft with thermal system
Method and apparatus for detecting combustion conditions in combustors of a sequential combustion gas turbine engine
Method for operating a fuel injection system
Cylinder liner and method for producing same
Combustion chamber comprising a condensation-proof barrier on a regenerative circuit
Intake manifold
Injection valve with direct and servo drive
System having a fuel distributor and a holder
Starter system and method
Engine control device and cogeneration apparatus employing the engine control device
Wind turbine system, an assembling method of a wind turbine system, an inspecting method of a wind turbine system, and an operation method of a wind turbine system
Electricity-generating system using solar heat energy
Pressure intensifier
Variable displacement swash plate compressor
Synchronized pump down control for a dual well unit with regenerative assist
Polyetherimide pump
Wall fastening, or wall or ceiling hook, or eyelet for a hollow wall, and method for fastening same
Rolling bearing apparatus and lubrication unit
Bearing seal with active air purge
All-wheel drive disconnect clutch
Drive train of a vehicle
Hydrostatic power unit to start an internal combustion engine
Disc brake rotor
Rack bush
Continuously variable drive mechanism
Brake clutch for an automatic transmission
Chain guide and chain tensioner device
Metal bead gasket
Method for manufacturing a solenoid valve
Energized packing retainer
Pneumatic coupling system and method
Float device
System and method of securing an apparatus to an opening
Pipe systems
Vacuum heat insulating material and refrigerator including the same
Adjustable solar charged lamp
DC LED module having bridge rectifying and filtering function
Lighting device on a laundry appliance
Display device
Evaporative chiller
Air flow adjustment
Air panel technology and method of use thereof
Shipping box system with multiple insulation layers
Heat exchanger tube sheet, a heat exchanger and a method of manufacturing a heat exchanger tube sheet
Firearm mounting bracket assembly
Apparatus for mounting accessory to archery bow
Rifle scope handwheel kit
Less lethal ammunition
Collapsible container for fluid-jet generation
Movable body drive method and movable body drive system, pattern formation method and apparatus, exposure method and apparatus, device manufacturing method, and calibration method
Method and apparatus for nondestructive measuring of a coating thickness on a curved surface
Ranging apparatus
Electronic device and method for analyzing adjoining parts of a product
Illuminated keyboard
Sensor having multiple magnetic blocks of unevenly distributed magnetic fluxes in housing
Method and apparatus for continuous online monitoring of a pulsating pump
System and method for measuring a mass of fuel within a variable geometry container
Correcting noncontact infrared thermometer data by removing contamination of the intervening atmosphere
Optical fibre distributed LHD with SMA element for discrete alarm
Seat occupancy sensor unit for seat with spring suspension or seat pan
System for measuring the image quality of an optical imaging system
Manifold assembly for a portable leak tester
Spray measuring method and spray test apparatus used in the method
Thermoelectric sensor for analytes in a gas and related method
Corrosion sensor for internal structure of machine
Inspection instrument
Automatic optical inspection method of periodic patterns
Method for making test specimen and test equipment to evaluate the safety of piping
Assay for inhibitors of CIP/KIP protein degradation
Multi-function testing apparatus for cement and methods of using the same
Stimuli-responsive polymer diagnostic assay comprising magnetic nanoparticles and capture conjugates
Accelerometer autocalibration in a mobile device
Partial information generating device, power usage amount calculation system, and partial information generating method
Methods and apparatuses for generating real-environment noise using statistical approach
System for locating a fault in a power distribution system comprising at least one cogeneration distributed resource
Implementing enhanced scan chain diagnostics via bypass multiplexing structure
Implementing enhanced scan chain diagnostics via bypass multiplexing structure
Radar detection for adjacent segments in wireless communications
Method and system for a dual mode global navigation satellite system
Plural-depth buried seismic sensors acquisition system and method
Dust-free lens driving apparatus
Imaging optical system
Light conversion element containing ionic liquid, a process for making same, and an apparatus comprising the light conversion element
Wavelength tunable interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, and electronic apparatus
Optical waveguides in image sensors
Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
Optical device, optical connector assembly, and optical connecting method
Single-mode polymer waveguide connector
Mirror systems securing optical fibers to ferrules by thermally securing bonding agents within fiber optic connector housings, and related methods and assemblies
Making fiber axicon tapers for fusion splicers
Optical module
Optical fiber cable assembly comprising optical tracer fiber
Display apparatus including temperature compensation unit, display module applied therein, and method for controlling temperature of display module
Liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display panel thereof
Light emitting diode assembly and liquid crystal display device including the same
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electrochromic device
Microlens exposure system
Camera and accessory mounting adapter
Modular projector cage and stacked frame using same
Projection and camera system with repositionable support structure
Image projection apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Electrostatic clamp, lithographic apparatus and method
Toner supply container and applications of same
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Fixing device, image forming apparatus and fixing method
Image forming apparatus
Vehicle monitoring system
Control apparatus of vehicle
Flight control for an airborne wind turbine
Auto-configuring time-of day for building control unit
Multiple chip voltage feedback technique for driving LED's
Information processing apparatus capable of switching patterns to be compared with data received by network interface control method for information processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
Method and system for setting power supply mode of a multiple-core processor system based on condition of a time bin during a number of time intervals within the time bin is equal to or larger than a second threshold
Circuit and method for producing USB host working clock
Synchronization and order detection in a memory system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
Server system
Localized dispersed storage memory system
Generation of debugging log list in a blade server environment
Optimizing the number and type of database backups to achieve a given recovery time objective (RTO)
Information processing apparatus, computer product, and information processing method
Predictive approach to environment provisioning
Interaction of transactional storage accesses with other atomic semantics
Garbage collection and other management of memory heaps
Systems and methods for supporting a plurality of load accesses of a cache in a single cycle
Grouping and dispatching scans in cache
Scheduler, multi-core processor system, and scheduling method
Instructions and logic to provide advanced paging capabilities for secure enclave page caches
Supporting large pages in hardware prefetchers
Decoupling data and metadata in hierarchical cache system
Adjunct component to provide full virtualization using paravirtualized hypervisors
Implementing paging optimization to avoid populate on page fault during an IO read
Thinly provisioned flash cache with shared storage pool
Metadata-based bypassing in a controller
Universal serial bus (USB) device access from one or more virtual machines
Bus independent platform for sensor hub peripherals to provide coalescing of multiple reports
Command interface for communication test framework
Environment construction apparatus and method, environment registration apparatus and method, environment switching apparatus and method
Method for exchanging information by using smart grid in UPnP
Triggering window conditions using exception handling
Method and process for collaboratively built content filtering
Instance monitor
Distributed topology enabler for identity manager
Spiritual research system and method
Methods and systems for recursively generating pivot tables
System for entering data into a data processing system
Customized E-books
Variable-depth audio presentation of textual information
Presenting media content based on parsed text
Mobile based lexicon and forecasting
Document retrieval using internal dictionary-hierarchies to adjust per-subject match results
Access plan for a database query
Reusing database statistics for user aggregate queries
Identifying unvisited portions of visited information
User initiated replication in a synchronized object replication system
Efficient method of using XML value indexes without exact path information to filter XML documents for more specific XPath queries
Data table performance optimization
System locale name management
Method and apparatus for extracting entity names and their relations
Systems and methods for determining information and knowledge relevancy, relevant knowledge discovery and interactions, and knowledge creation
Earned media generation
Automatic data interpretation and answering analytical questions with tables and charts
System and method for securing the life-cycle of user domain rights objects
System, method and apparatus for a scalable parallel processor
Electronic system for the protection and control of license transactions associated with the alteration of replicated read only media and its bound licensed content
License management system, license management method, and client device
Method and apparatus for privacy protected clustering of user interest profiles
Method for providing information to a user of a motor vehicle
Spatially-oriented traversal animations for network address transitions
Implementing synchronization for remote disk mirroring
Device and method for touch detection on a display panel
Dynamic tactile interface
Printed force sensor within a touch screen
Touch positioning method, touch screen, touch system, and display
Frequency sensing and magnification of portable device output
Touch interface using patterned bulk amorphous alloy
Coordinated stylus haptic action
Capacitive finger puppet for use on touchscreen devices
Storyline presentation of content
Event media presentation
System and method improving memory usage in virtual machines by releasing additional memory at the cost of increased CPU overhead
Remote control of projection and camera system
Controlling power generators and chillers
System, apparatus, and method of handling, storing and managing garments
Application representation for application editions
Media object query submission and response
Computer, data storage method, and information processing system
Dispersed storage network with metadata generation and methods for use therewith
Fused multiply add pipeline
Method and system for generating random numbers
Pre-computation slice merging for prefetching in a computer processor
Run-time code parallelization using out-of-order renaming with pre-allocation of physical registers
Software update service method and apparatus for mobile terminal
Automatic comment creation for computer files
GUI-driven symbol management and code generator
Program information generation system, method of generating program information, computer-readable program product, and program information display system
Automatic repairs of scripts
Verification of backward compatibility of software components
Creating expected test results using previous test results
System upgrade under high availability constraints
System and method for automatically determining relationships between software artifacts using multiple evidence sources
Live operating system update mechanisms
Controlling execution of binary code
Verifying historical artifacts in disparate source control systems
Terminal, terminal system, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for updating a terminal using multiple management devices
Detecting uninitialized memory references
Debugging using program state definitions
Compiler method for generating instructions for vector operations in a multi-endian instruction set
Feedback analysis for virtual machines manager scheduling
Multi-site disaster recovery consistency group for heterogeneous systems
Data communication on a virtual machine
Activating a subphysical driver on failure of hypervisor for operating an I/O device shared by hypervisor and guest OS and virtual computer system
Suppressing aborting a transaction beyond a threshold execution duration based on the predicted duration
Data processing system and scheduling method
System, method and product for task allocation
System partitioning to present software as platform level functionality via inter-partition bridge including reversible mode logic to switch between initialization, configuration, and execution mode
Extracting clinical care pathways correlated with outcomes
TCDA/zinc oxide nanocomposites and film sensors
Fingerprint minutia display input device, fingerprint minutia display input method, and fingerprint minutia display input program
Apparatus and method for performing at least one geometric dimension of an object
Monochromatic image determination
Method for stereo visual odometry using points, lines and planes
Method of constructing at least one three-dimensional image
Image processing apparatus, control method, and computer readable storage medium for analyzing retina layers of an eye
Fingerprint reading system
System and method for optimizing teams
Determining comprehensiveness of question paper given syllabus
Deciding an optimal action in consideration of risk
Pre-executing workflow preparation activities based on activity probabilities and system load and capacity threshold requirements
Mixed banking transactions
Dynamic cartography mapping system
Real-time dynamic non-planar projection apparatus and method
Visual perception matching cost on binocular stereo images
Method of utilizing image based on location information of the image in electronic device and the electronic device thereof
Metal fatigue analytics and alert systems
Driving diagnosis device, driving diagnosis system and driving diagnosis method
Lottery system and methods thereof
Fee management system, transmission system, and fee management method
In-vehicle communication system, mobile device, communication system, and communication method
Method and system for optimizing road traffic control in the presence of incidents
Automatic data interpretation and answering analytical questions with tables and charts
Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
Driving circuit and touch display capable of enabling a display structure to provide a touch function
Display panel
Display apparatus
Presenting a data in a graphical overlay
Color signal processing device
Guitar neck joint
Harmonica automatic positioner and method
Imbuing artificial intelligence systems with idiomatic traits
Electronic device and method for managing voice entered text using gesturing
System and method for pronunciation modeling
Device control method, device management system, and voice input apparatus
Systems and methods for multiple sensor noise predictive filtering
Corrosion resistance in air bearing surfaces
Corrosion resistance in air bearing surfaces
Data storage device, apparatus and method for using same
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) with low variation transistor peripheral circuits
Device and method for storing or switching
Low power memory device
Nuclear reactor fluence reduction systems and methods
Light emitting device
Systems and methods for efficiently charging power recovery controller
Methods and systems for managing power generation and temperature control of an aerial vehicle operating in crosswind-flight mode
Coding for non functional keys of a keyboard or keypad
Signal enhancement
Driver's license detector
Distributed system for downloading internet information and a method thereof
Delayed authentication debug policy
Protection of user data in hosted application environments
Estimation of object properties in 3D world
Determining camera sensor isolation
Electronic identification system with improved sensitivity
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling remote devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Harvesting machine having a rotatable ejection elbow
Grapevine leafroll virus proteins and their uses
Permeable membranes having high temperature capabilities
Processes for making cryopreserved composite living constructs and products resulting therefrom
Method of treating ulcers
Apparatus for forming composite pellets for the controlled release of the active ingredient in the treatment of humans or animals
Coated particles, methods of making and using
Sexual desire and performance enhancement with protein-bound tryptophan
Process for the preparation of hydroxylated lecithin from crude soybean lecithin
Apparatus for and a method of separating an organ from a set of organs from a carcass
Thrust collar for encasing natural casings, and method of use thereof
Secondary halving apparatus for poultry
Prepared foods containing triglyceride-recrystallized non-esterified phytosterols
Dry, edible oil and starch composition
Methods and compositions for purifying edible oil
Method for coating solid confectionery centers
Process of making a frozen whipped topping
Calcium phosphate from hatchery by-product
Trace elements
Microbial arachidonic acid (ARA) for use in marine feed
Process for extracting and desolventizing natural oil-containing food products with minimum structural damage
Activation method of a starch decomposition enzyme in food material
Continuous production of an instant corn flour for arepa and tortilla, using an enzymatic precooking
System and method for monolayer alignment snack chip transfer
Masa flavored cereal germ and a process for making same
Method of preparing storage stable, citrus-flavored compositions comprising plant extracts
Plant extracts for the treatment of increased bone resorption
Reducing appetite in mammals by administering procyanidin and hydroxycitric acid
Food complement and method for cosmetic treatment based on a grape extract rich in polyphenols
Method for inhibiting pathogenic and spoilage activity in products
Therapeutically enhanced saliva-activatable cellulosic product
Intermittently bonded nonwoven disposable surgical laminates
Folded corrugated decorative grass formed of paper and metallized film
Shoe with inflatable bladder and secure deflation valve
Pacifier clip and cover
Lipstick case made of paper
Adaptable electric accessory system for containers, receptacles, and the like
Sealable toiletry article
Multi-purpose pen-shaped container
Method and apparatus for making bristle subassemblies
LED illumination for a restaurant menu
Grave marker and lighting apparatus
Hand held electrical mixing beater
Variable view arthroscope
Video endoscope system
Endoscope system having storage part of endoscope-related-data provided in endoscope
Observation window washing device of endoscope
Apparatus and methods for material capture and removal
Biopsy apparatus
Sentinel node location and biopsy
Adhesive applicator tips with improved flow properties
Needle herniorrhaphy devices
System with a surgical needle and a handle
Surgical suture passer
Surgical staple
Biological tissue strip and system and method to seal tissue
Methods and apparatus for blocking flow through blood vessels
Intravascular flow restrictor
Three dimensional, low friction vasoocclusive coil, and method of manufacture
Umbilical cord cutting and clamping device
Clamp having bendable shaft
Connector assembly for a surgical tool
Method of positioning body tissue relative to a bone
Gravity dependent pedicle screw tap hole guide
Eccentric drive shaft for atherectomy device and method for manufacture
Doppler directed suture ligation device and method
Rongeur with drainage
Liposuction cannula device and method
Elongated endoscopic cutting accessories
Thoracentesis device with hyper-sensitive detection mechanism
Laparoscopy cannula adapter and assembly
Method of using body tissue
High-frequency coagulation apparatus
RF ablation and ultrasound catheter for crossing chronic total occlusions
Intracardiac grasp catheter
Tumor ablation needle with independently activated and independently traversing tines
Expandable catheter having improved electrode design, and method for applying energy
Intervertebral disc device employing prebent sheath
Bipolar ablation apparatus and method
Cooling delivery guide attachment for a laser scanner apparatus
Elastomeric article having silicone-based composite coating
System and method for delivering medical examination, diagnosis, and treatment over a network
Implantable telemetric medical sensor and method
Operator interface for a medical diagnostic imaging device
Ultrasonically actuated needle pump system
Contrast-agent enhanced color-flow imaging
Method of mapping internal 3-D structure of dental formations
Apparatus and method of frequency compounding to perform contrast imaging
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus, and image processing method
Echo image forming apparatus and method
Image producing apparatus
Dental vacuum system
Medical handpiece having a rod-shaped grip part
Optical apparatus and resin curing apparatus
Shaping cap for dental pin structures
Self-sealed irrigation system
Device and method using dry mixtures for whitening teeth
Flexible endodontic syringe
Flocked endodontic files and other flocked devices
Quad cutter tool for removing syringe divider
Disposable wearing article
Disposable diaper
Disposable pull-on diaper
Intraurethral continent prothesis
Method for treating urinary incontinence in women and implantable device intended to correct urinary incontinence
Surgical apparatus and methods for delivery of a sling in the treatment of female urinary incontinence
Knitted surgical mesh
Self furling umbrella frame for carotid filter
Radially expandable non-contracting surgical stent
Left ventricular conduits and methods for delivery
Medical device with radiopacity
Stent for angioplasty and associated production process
Reinforced small intestinal submucosa (SIS)
Bioabsorbable breast implant
Vision prosthesis
Monofocal intraocular lens convertible to multifocal intraocular lens
Accommodating intraocular lens having t-shaped haptics
Methods of surface treatment for enhancing the performance of a floating phakic refractive lens design
Heart valve prosthesis
Intervertebral spacer and implant insertion instrumentation
Prosthesis bearing component
Apparatus and method for treating glaucoma
Multiple beam laser sculpting system and method
Chiropractic treatment table and method for spinal distraction
Pressure application device and method for ameliorating migraine headache
Delivery system for multi-component pharmaceuticals
Apparatus for taking out PTP tablet sheets
Cosmetics, foods and beverages supplemented with purified strictinin
Use of natural EGFR inhibitors to prevent side effects due to retinoid therapy, soaps, and other stimuli that activate the epidermal growth factor receptor
Bioactivity of methyl palmitate obtained from a mangrove plant Salvadora persica L
Tetracycline--doxycycline antibiotic composition
Hemostasis pad and method
Molecularly imprinted polymers for the treatment and diagnosis of medical conditions
Method for inhibiting inflammatory responses
Method of blocking cytotoxic activity in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using protein V
Adenovirus-mediated intratumoral delivery of an angiogenesis antagonist for the treatment of tumors
Recombinant plasmid and a method of controlling the effects of Yersinia pestis
Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B Glycoconjugates
Oral liquid mucoadhesive compositions
Polyol-IFN-.beta.conjugates modified at Cys-17 and composition containing same
Toxin conjugates
Modified avidin-type molecules as targeting agents for the liver and cells of the reticuloendothelial system
Terminally-branched polymeric linkers and polymeric conjugates containing the same
Perfusion apparatus and methods for pharmaceutical delivery
Radioactive seed with multiple markers and method for using same
Radioactive medical device for radiation therapy
Substantially dry cleansing product of improved latherability and wet flexibility
Polypeptides conjugated to copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to reduce allergenicity
Reversible thermochromic composition having improved light-fastness and product comprising same
Composition for topical application comprising a sugar and its cosmetic uses
Microemulsion and micelle systems for solubilizing drugs
Amide-based cationic lipids
Modified release formulations containing a hypnotic agent
Stabilized preparation for use in metered dose inhalers
Pulse dosage formulations of methylphenidate and method to prepare same
Stable shaped particles of crystalline organic compounds
Microemulsion concentrate composition of cyclosporin
Preparation capable of releasing drug at target site in intestine
Super-paramagnetic particles with increased R1 relaxivity, process for producing said particles and use thereof
Compositions and methods to effect the release profile in the transdermal administration of active agents
Medical dressing assembly and associated method of using the same
Screen printed coating on water-sensitive film for water protection
System to clean and disinfect carpets, fabrics, and hard surfaces using electrolyzed alkaline water produced from a solution of NaCl
Formulation and method for treating wetted surface elements in climate control systems
Apparatus and method for coating substrates with vacuum depositable materials
Method for applying renewable polymeric lens coating
Structures and methods for promoting vascularization
Hyaluronic acid gel composition, process for producing the same, and medical material containing the same
Biocompatible medical devices
Superelastic guiding member
Surgical suction instrument
Rotary pump with exclusively hydrodynamically suspended impeller
Variable packing density in hollow fiber device
Fluid replacement systems and methods for use in hemofiltration
Synchronized volumetric fluid balancing systems and methods
Balloon catheter with delivery side holes
Guidewire with an intermediate variable stiffness section
Guidewire with hypotube and internal insert
Multi-lumen catheter with attachable hub
Catheter to cannulate the coronary sinus
Balloon catheter
Catheter movement control device and method
Indwelling needle assembly
Cantilever push tab for an intravenous medical device
Medical device for delivery of a biologically active material to a lumen
Method and apparatus for chest drainage
Method and apparatus for treating vascular occlusions
Automatic manifold for vascular catheter
Indwelling venous cannula
Regulation of drug delivery through flow diversion
Injection device
Retractable syringe
Lockable safety shield assembly for a prefillable syringe
Apparatus for treating bruxism
Methods and apparatus for loading radioactive seeds into brachytherapy needles
Method and apparatus for removing organic hazardous substances using selected solvents
Method of disposal of waste containing heavy metal
Jogging machine
Cam action exercise apparatus with asymmetric energy management
Exercise system
Three piece golf ball with a metal center
Multi-layer golf ball
Inflatable game ball and method of making same
Golf-ball catching device as attached on putter
Racket frame without the need of drilling holes
Collapsible structure device for practicing elastics-assisted trampoline, an activity called "acro-bungy"
Method of manufacturing golf club head
Golf club
Golf club
Golf club
Golf club
Golf putter head
Golf club head with coated striking plate
Putting improvement devices and methods
Diagnostic golf club system
Practice hockey puck
Sports stance and follow-through training apparatus
Hockey skill improvement system having physiological memory training
Apparatus and method for putting practice
Card game
Method, apparatus and article for verifying card games, such as playing card distribution
Story generating game system using partial programs with different endings
Electronic system and method for operating an auxiliary incentive game
Stud poker games
Vertical boarding toy having a thin flat-faced track jumping spinner
Sound elimination game and apparatus
Animated display
Rubber band driving device for two-propeller model plane
Toy figure with articulating joints
Lady's hair accessory doll
Non-spill container
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stormwater treatment apparatus
Multi-directional flow gravity separator
Liquid filtration apparatus and method embodying filtration particles having specific gravity less than liquid being filtered
Method for draining a barge or other like container
Multiple stage fuel strainer assembly
Water purifying apparatus
Method for cleaning filters
Method and apparatus for assembling an expandable media filter with spacing ribbons
Plenum pulsed filter vent
Device for filtering the intake air of internal combustion engines
Filter with multi-purpose end cap
Filter having a folded dust filter element and a cleaning device for the folded dust filter element
Simplified automated distillation system for recovering a solvent from a liquid mixture
Metal hydride tank apparatus
Electrochemical oxygen concentrator
Single dielectric barrier non-thermal plasma reactor and method-planar and swept shapes
Process for treating exhaust gas and exhaust gas treating equipment
Method of treating waste liquid
Cleaning process and cleaning agent for harmful gas
Air filter assembly for low temperature catalytic processes
Exhaust gas treating device
Method for controlling NOx removal system in boiler
Biological filter system and a housing for a biological filter system
Method for the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds
Method of preventing formation of bubbles during filtration operations
Method for agitating a fluid suspension
Fluid mixing device and fluid injection valve for use therewith
Method and apparatus for magnetically stirring a thixotropic metal slurry
Emulsion fuel oil additive
Static mixer
Method for producing hydrogen
Multiwell scanner and scanning method
Method for producing a granulate from a melt
Composite adsorbents for air purification
Carbon-based adsorption powder containing cupric chloride
Adsorbent for reducing the concentration of fibrinogen and/or fibrin, method of producing an adsorber from the adsorbent, and an adsorber with the adsorbent
Method for rapid activation or preconditioning of porous gas purification substrates
Catalyst for purification of exhaust gases, production process therefor, and process for purification of exhaust gases
Metal oxide layer having oxygen deficit tilting structure
Reconfigurable detection and analysis apparatus and method
System and method for controlling water-only cyclones
Sand and stone screw heater
Magnetic separator and process for removing ferromagnetic particles from a liquid
Magnetic filter
Centrifuge rotor shaft vertical displacement restriction device with angular deflection capability
Coating method and apparatus utilizing controlled electrostatic charge
Apparatus and method of coating a web
Water and oil repellent porous materials and processes for making the same
Method of making coated article including layer(s) of diamond-like carbon which may be hydrophobic
Ceramic substrate for nonstick coating
Automated spray cleaning apparatus for semiconductor wafers
Method for preparing ultra-fine grain titanium and titanium-alloy articles and articles prepared thereby
Heat resistant material for molds and other articles
Highly compressible iron powder
Silicate coating compositions
Machining tool for machining workpieces
Adjustable pocket drilling fixture
Center locating feature in drill bit formed without a pointed tip
Drill bit
Capstan for handling slitting tools
Removing investment casting gates
Workpiece holder for a machining apparatus and a corresponding cross-cut machine
Diamond blade having segment type cutting tip for use in cutting, grinding or drilling apparatus
Electrode design for electrochemical machining of grooves
Hollow solder structure having improved reliability and method of manufacturing same
Method of cleaning solder paste
Turbine components comprising thin skins bonded to superalloy substrates
Friction welding with conoids
Battery and producing method thereof
Copper foil excellent in laser beam drilling performance and production method therefor
Mask frame welding jig and method of using same
Compact cartridge hot runner nozzle
Drilling apparatus and method
Heat absorbing throw-away tip and heat absorbing throw-away tool using the throw-away tip
Multi-spindle end effector
Polishing instrument
Disc repair system
Apparatus for sharpening blades
Retention plate for polishing semiconductor substrate
Method for applying an insert or tape to chucks or wafer carriers used for grinding, polishing, or planarizing wafers
Method and apparatus for chemical-mechanical polishing
Methods and apparatuses for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies on planarizing pads
Polishing method for removing corner material from a semi-conductor wafer
Wafer carrier assembly for a chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and a polishing method using the same
Constant pH polish and scrub
Method and apparatus for polishing
Coated abrasive having laminate backing material and method of making the same
Method of cleaning glass
Ion exchange materials for chemical mechanical polishing
Diamond saw blade equipped with undercut preventing tip
Wood preservation
Process of making lignocellulosic articles
Manufacturing method for hollow panel
Extrusion molding machine for producing ceramic molding
Injection molding machine for making a worm wheel
Internal cooling with liquid gas
Method for preparing a thermal cooled vacuum form
Compact molding apparatus and method
Plastic casting molds
Methods of manufacturing separable structures
Methods for separating material from a mold surface
Molding machine
Apparatus and method for proportionally controlling fluid delivery to readily replaceable mold inserts
Molding ejector plate structure and method of ejecting molded articles from mold cavity therewith
Plastic glass
Apparatus for momentarily heating the surface of a mold
Injector for injection moulding of plastic materials
Hybrid disk-cone extrusion die module
Hybrid disk-cone extrusion die assembly
Hybrid disk-cone extrusion die module having a spillover surface surrounded by a planar seal surface
Hybrid disk-cone extrusion die module having a spillover surface surrounding a planar seal surface
Die holder exchanging method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for using recycled plastic material, and a plastic product made by an extruder
Thermoplastic composite wood material
Die for manufacturing resin pellets
Method of reducing the wall thickness of a PTFE tube
Dual curing process for producing a seam
Gear production process
Method and apparatus for laminating stacks of polycarbonate films
Method for manufacturing an injection molded thermoplastic ophthalmic lens having an encapsulated light polarizing element
Embossed-in-register manufacturing process
Multi-layered metal plate with excellent damping capacity
Apparatus for manufacture of improved structural panel
Laminar structure
Process of manufacturing evoh/polyester bistretched film and the film thus obtained
Breathable multilayer films with breakable skin layers
Oriented multilayer polyolefin films
Method and structure for producing Z-axis interconnection assembly of printed wiring board elements
Laminating film and laminating method using it
Multipurpose cosmetic wipes
IC-mounted card substrate and IC-mounted personal-data certification card
Membrane permeable to aromatic products
Method for electrostatic force bonding and a system thereof
Thermal transfer film comprising a reactive polymer composition for laser-induced coating
Vacuum holddown device for hardcopy apparatus
Printing device with means for conveying paper
Printing system with adjustable carriage rail support
Encoder control system for printers and related methods
Ink-jet recording head and its manufacturing method
Method and installation for surface marking of a substrate
Printing apparatus and method
Printer with ribbon fold out mechanism and plastic ribbon clutch
Hand application to fabric of heat transfers imaged with color copiers/printers
Structure of a balloon suitable for ink jet printing
Coated media for improved output tray stacking performance
Ink jet transfer systems, process for producing the same and their use in a printing process
Bookbinding apparatus, adhesive cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Three-ring binder with actuating crank
Ergonomic writing instrument
Writing instrument having a reservoir between a tip and a capillary storage
Method for making holographic foil
Automotive air distribution apparatus
Heating system for motor vehicles including multi-function pump with axially displaceable impeller
Electrical connection to windshield/backglass
Drive power transmission apparatus
Hybrid vehicle system
Hybrid vehicle control device
Electric marine propulsion employing switched reluctance motor drive
Fuel cell control apparatus
Game lifting apparatus
Cargo net
Reflector movable type headlamp for automobile
Vehicle headlamp
Side flashing lamp
Vehicular lamp with LED light source having uniform brightness
Lighting or indicator device for a motor vehicle
Lamp for vehicles
Wireless quick release lighting system with supports, mounting brackets, lights, and accessories
Mirror angle adjustment mechanism
Mirror assembly and method for assembling the same
Multi-part drive housing for an actuator for motor vehicle mirrors
Bag turning device
Bicycle lift for a vehicle roof rack
Underground storage vault
Pumping set for an ABS/ASR/VSC brake system
Retractable snap ring structure
Coil car with internal walkway
Ecological carriage for drums
Compact hydraulically-operated derailleur shifting system for bicycles
Apparatus for sewage treatment
Navigation light system and method
Telescoping truss platform
Watercraft ramp
Personal floatation device
Tow-behind watersports device
Constant rotational speed propeller for model aircrafts
Method and article of manufacture to effect an oxygen deficient fuel cell
Method and apparatus for feeding sheets to be applied to a wiring harness, sheet cutting apparatus and tape adhering apparatus
Packaging material sterilizing unit for a pourable food product packaging machine
System for storage and delivery of powdered nutritional supplements
Compressed gas storage tank utilizing rock-bed cavity
Gas transportation method for grain
Gas transportation method for grain
Pallet pin sheet fanner
Automatic cooling mechanism for electrical device
Jack handle with a handle tube
Linear nanopositioning translational motion stage based on novel composite materials
Mirror assembly with elevator lifter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lower reactivity blends of calcium hypochlorite and magnesium sulfate
Polycrystalline ferromagnetic metal oxide and method of manufacturing the same
Method of producing silicon metal particulates of reduced average particle size
Process and facility for removing metal contaminants from fertilizer streams
Methods for the evaporation of an aqueous solution containing ammonia
Preparation method of rare earth activated alkaline earth metal fluorohalide stimulable phosphor and radiographic image conversion panel
Water treatment control system using fluorescence analyzer
Waste water treatment method being able to treat surface active agent, nitrogen, hydrogen peroxide and phosphor with high efficiency
Method for automatically controlling the level of dissolved oxygen in water based on a pressure tank system equipped with sterilizer
Method for processing a watery substance with zeolites
Method for production of storage-stable pellets from clarified sludge
Partial oxidation of hydrogen sulphide
Composition and method for a coating providing anti-reflective and anti-static properties
pH adjustment of a strengthening melt for use in strengthening glass substrates
Radiation-curable compositions comprising oligomers having an alkyd backbone
Precipitated silicas, silica gels with and free of deposited carbon from caustic biomass ash solutions and processes
Synthetic aggregate and method of producing the same
Gypsum-based building material
Method for curing cracks in ceramic shaped bodies and shaped bodies treated in such a manner
Method of manufacturing quat-containing compositions with improved transportation efficiency and/or processing properties
Photoacid generator containing two kinds of sulfonium salt compound, chemically amplified resist containing the same and pattern transfer method
Benzamide formulation with histone deacetylase inhibitor activity
Squarylium dye and filter for display device
Optical molecular sensors for cytochrome P450 activity
Cationic oxidation bases, their use for oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres, dyeing compositions and dyeing methods
Fractionation of soybean 7S globulin and 11S globulin and process for producing the same
Glutenin genes and their uses
Method of blocking cytotoxic activity in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using antibodies to Fc.gamma.RIII
Leishmania antigens for use in the therapy and diagnosis of leishmaniasis
Methods for treating cancer
Antimicrobial peptides
Method for treating subjects by using BAGE tumor rejection antigen precursors or tumor rejection antigens
Antibodies to aglyco products and methods of use
Hardcoat film
Oil additives and compositions
Method of making a degradable composite article
Hardenable composition with a particular combination of characteristics
Substituted poly(arylenevinylenes), process for their preparation, and their use in electroluminescent elements
Electroluminescent devices having diarylanthracene polymers
Method of manufacturing an electroconductive antireflection film and a glass faceplate with the antireflection film formed thereon
Toner processes
Carbon-fibers and a method of producing them
Membrane electrode assemblies using ionic composite membranes
Electrically conductive thermoplastic elastomer and product made thereof
Pigment preparation
Thermal stable low elastic modulus material and device using the same
Thermal stable low elastic modulus material and device using the same
Black composite iron oxide pigment, and paint and resin composition using the same
Ink jet ink composition
Surface treatments for pigments providing improved dispersibility and exhibiting biocidal activity
Thermosetting compositions containing carboxylic acid functional polymers prepared by atom transfer radical polymerization
Compositions for chemical mechanical planarization of tantalum and tantalum nitride
Method for repairing and lustering defects on hydrophilic coat surface
Adhesive wrapping film
Liquid-crystal medium, and electro-optical display containing the medium
Bimodal slurry system
Heat absorbing temperature control devices and method
Method for obtaining oil products with low sulphur content by desulfurization of extracts
Dual recycle hydrocracking process
Method and apparatus for processing a waste product
Organic cetane improver
Traction drive fluid
Perfluorinated polyethers with metal carboxylate end groups as anti-wetting and corrosion-protective agents
Method for obtaining clean silicon surfaces for semiconductor manufacturing
Method of laundering fabrics
Use of multipotent neural stem cell progeny to augment non-neural tissues
Multivalent dengue virus vaccine
Mammalian proteases; related reagents
Rapid amperometric verification of PCR amplification of DNA
Antioxidant sensor
Mycobacterium polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding them for diagnosis and control of tuberculosis
Microarray-based subtractive hybridzation
Human lysosomal protein and methods of its use
Methods and compositions for extended and super-extended DNA and hybridization mapping
Genotyping biallelic markers
Methods of screening for compounds active on staphylococcus aureus target genes
Oligonucleotide primers for efficient detection of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and methods of use thereof
Cooling device for blast furnace bottom wall bricks
Method of introducing additives in steelmaking
Water cooled vessel for vacuum processing liquid steel
Cold-rolled steel sheet having ultrafine grain structure and method for manufacturing the same
Solvent-resistant electrical steel sheet capable of stress relief annealing and process
Method and device for hardening bearing surfaces of crankshafts
Method for making a cold rolled steel strip for deep-drawing
Manufacture of cost-effective titanium powder from magnesium reduced sponge
Two step aging treatment for Ni-Cr-Mo alloys
Aluminum alloy piping material having an excellent corrosion resistance and workability
Aluminum alloy piping material for automotive piping excelling in corrosion resistance and workability
Aluminum bearing alloy
method of making cemented carbide tool
Coated inserts for rough milling
Sliding contact material comprising Ag-Ni based alloy having Ni metal particles dispersed and clad composite material, and Dc compact motor using the same
Non-oriented electrical steel sheet and method for producing the same
Laminates having a buffer layer and cover layer
Plasma processing apparatus with real-time particle filter
Ring-type sputtering target
Apparatus and a method for forming an alloy layer over a substrate using an ion beam
Spectacles frame surface treatment method
Deposited film forming apparatus and deposited film forming method
Method of electroless plating and electroless plating apparatus
Method and arrangement for regenerating a contaminated metal bath
Phosphate conversion coating process and composition
Non-chromate conversion coatings
Coated cemented carbide cutting tool member and process for producing the same
Plasma sprayed oxygen transport membrane coatings
Method for pitch reduction
Methods and apparatus for electrolysis of water
High discharge capacity electrolytic manganese dioxide and methods of producing the same
Fluid cooled bipolar plate
Prevention of dissolution of metal-based aluminium production anodes
Stable plating performance in copper electrochemical plating
Method and apparatus for plating substrate with copper
Device produced by a process of controlling grain growth in metal films
Method for revealing agglomerated intrinsic point defects in semiconductor crystals
Textiles; Paper
Flash-spinning process and solution
Process of producing synthetic threads from a polyester-based polymer mixture
Apparent space-dyed yarns and method for producing same
Polymer for printed cotton
Process of making paper machine substrates resistant to contamination by adhesive materials
Method and apparatus for discharge of whitewater
Paper machine and process
Fixed Constructions
Arrangement of grinding modules with grinding tools in track grinders
Inertial barrier module
Reusable high molecular weight/high density polyethylene guardrail
Automobile road indicating device by using optical transfer
Retaining wall block system and method with varying block face sizes
Method and a working machine for the laying cable, pipes or the like
Connector for prefabricated structures
Roller wall guard for floor finishing machines
Method and apparatus for re-tensioning a roof bolt in an underground mine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Platform arrangement in an axial-throughflow gas turbine with improved cooling of the wall segments and a method for reducing the gap losses
Gas turbine engine blade containment assembly
Thermally isolated housing in gas turbine engine
Turbine blade locking device
Turbine blade airfoil, turbine blade and turbine blade cascade for axial-flow turbine
Cooling system for small watercraft engine
Arrangement in a marine exhaust system
Water pump apparatus
Valve arrangement for a power plant
Intake arrangement for the combustion air of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling a fluid actuated system
Coaxial wind turbine apparatus having a closeable air inlet opening
Control valve for variable displacement compressor
Hybrid compressor with bearing clutch assembly
Resonant assembly for a reciprocating compressor with a linear motor
Device for removing water from a pipe
Dry vacuum pump
Asymmetric porting for multi-rotor screw compressor
Diffuser for high-speed screw compressor
Oil free screw compressor
Water based hydraulic fluid and hydraulic pressure device
Method and system for adjusting operating parameters of computer controlled pumps
Gas friction pump
Magnetic-levitated cooling circulatory mechanism
Ceiling fan
Air mover assembly and method for enclosing an air mover
Pressure ratio modulation for a two stage oil free compressor assembly
Stovetop blower apparatus for preventing boil over
Impeller of liquid pump
Spiral fluted wheel for a water pump
Turbomachine with radial-flow compressor impeller
Mounting bracket for fan motor
Method of manufacturing ventilating device and the ventilating device
Hydraulic air compressor system--employing a body of fluid to provide compression
Acoustic vacuum pump
Super-elastic rivet assembly
Square-headed rivet fastener
Floating nut
Method of manufacturing waved disk for friction engaging apparatus
Twin clutch transmission with gear hit noise suppression system
Transmission system for automotive vehicle
Shift control apparatus of automatic transmissions
Length adjustable belt tensioning arm
Portable light source apparatus
Replaceable LED bulb with interchangeable lens optic
Vehicular lamp having improved luminance of tinted light
Luminaire lens
Strip lighting apparatus and method
Method and system for providing backlighting utilizing a luminescent impregnated material
Brightness enhanced head lamp apparatus
Burner-type apparatus and fuel combustion method
Tubular burner for industrial furnaces
Everlasting candle
Piezoelectric lighter with safety arrangement
Device for burning a gaseous fuel/oxidant mixture
Low NOx combustion method and apparatus
Furnace roller
Method for collecting reversely subliming substance and apparatus therefor
Self defense weapon covering
Laser frequency modulation tactical training system
Probe for use in an infrared thermometer
Constant offset buffer for reducing sampling time in a semiconductor temperature sensor
Engine thrust bearing condition monitoring method
Method for calculating the temperature rise profile of a power MOSFET
Plug flow cytometry for high throughput screening and drug discovery
Electrochemical gas sensor with gas communication means
Ion selective electrode
Gas sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Hydrocarbon sensor and method for producing the same
Hydrogen sensing process
Method and device for separation of charged molecules by solution isoelectric focusing
Vaporization injector
High sensitivity test system for the colorimetric determination of specific gravity or total dissolved solids in aqueous samples
Strain selection of pneumococcal surface proteins
Methods for identifying an agent that inhibits oxygen-dependent hydrogen peroxide formation activity but does not inhibit superoxide-dependent hydrogen peroxide formation
Integrated ball grid array-pin grid array-flex laminate test assembly
Ultrasonic imaging method and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Ultrasound imaging system
Ultrasound imaging method and apparatus using orthogonal Golay codes
Apparatus for measuring outdoor temperature and humidity
Fabricating optical elements using a photoresist formed using of a gray level mask
Method for making monolithic patterned dichroic filter detector arrays for spectroscopic imaging
Protective plate for a plasma display and a method for producing the same
Method for manufacturing a broadband cholesteric polarizer
Adapter for an optical fiber plug
Receptacle module
Optical coupling configuration
Method and apparatus for multi-directional fiber optic connection
Hybrid optical coupling component
Phase difference film, phase difference film composite and liquid crystal display device using the same
Lens-barrier device for a camera
Notched camera case with swivel base
Lens device
Shutter mechanism for cameras
Shutter device
Silver (carboxylate-n-alkyl thiolate) particles for photothermographic of thermographic imaging
Method and system for calculating the fractional exposure of photographic material
Phase-shifting mask and semiconductor device
Optical mask correction method
Substrate for a transfer mask, transfer mask, and method of manufacturing the transfer mask
Photosensitive compositions having mixtures of alkoxy and non-alkoxy diazonium salt containing compounds
Positive photoresist composition
Photosensitive laminate, process for forming resist pattern using same and positive resist composition
Material and method for making an electroconductive pattern
Combined layer-to-layer and within-layer overlay control system
Exposure apparatus, coating/developing apparatus, method of transferring a substrate, method of producing a device, semiconductor production factory, and method of maintaining an exposure apparatus
X-ray printing personalization technique
Method for improving sensitometric response of photosensitive imaging media employing microcapsules
Exposure mask and exposure method using the same
Full color image forming method, and toner and intermediate transfer material for the method
Rubber composition for elastic member and elastic member using same
Black magnetic toner
Magnetic toner
System and method for detecting and locating heart disease
Method of web crawling utilizing crawl numbers
Document stream operating system
Apparatus and method for generating digest according to hierarchical structure of topic
Method for preserving the state of a java applet during the lifetime of its container
URL-based facility enablement
Switch structure of card connector
Method and device for coding sequences of data, and associated decoding method and device
Five coin bank
Gaming device network
Extendable bet button
Gaming machines with directed sound
Gaming device having multiple award enhancing levels
Virtual image/real image superimposing and displaying apparatus, and slot machine
Phrase-composing device featuring interlocking collars
Training device for teaching emergency help techniques for a person in an emergency situation
Landing gear simulator and trainer
Surface discharge type plasma display panel with intersecting barrier ribs
Game system allowing calibration of timing evaluation of a player operation and storage medium to be used for the same
Apparatus and methods for detecting emotions
Magneto-optical recording medium
Thin film magnetic head using soft magnetic film having soft magnetic characteristics of high resistivity, low coercive force, and high saturation magnetic flux density
Vertical recording medium with thin soft magnetic film
Magnetic recording medium
Protection overcoat for recording media
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Rewritable optical information recording medium
Copy-protected optical media and method of manufacture thereof
Production of high specific activity copper-67
Dual layer insulation system
Optimized synthetic base liquid for magnetorheological fluid formulations
Method of producing highly weather-resistant magnet powder, and product produced by the same method
Process for producing an electrode assembly for an electronic double layer capacitor
Deposition of smooth aluminum films
Apparatus and method for manufacturing electron source, and method of manufacturing image-forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for designing EB mask
Plasma process apparatus
Master cathode ray tube jig with LEDs simulating stray emissions for calibration of a stray emissions detection system and methods of making and using same
Silicon dioxide etch process which protects metals
Method and apparatus for reduced flash encapsulation of microelectronic devices
Method and system for processing a semiconductor device
Self evacuating micro environment system
Article holders and article positioning methods
Apparatus and method for electrolytically depositing copper on a semiconductor workpiece
Ceramic/metal substrate, especially composite substrate
Semiconductor temperature monitor
Shielded carrier with components for land grid array connectors
Film for organic EL device and an organic EL device using the film
Seismic rated battery racking system
Configurable battery connector
Lithium secondary battery having oxide particles embedded in particles of carbonaceous material as a negative electrode-active material
Rechargeable lithium battery having an improved cathode and process for the production thereof
PEM fuel cell and process for its production
Fuel cell separator plate providing interconnection of reactant gas flowpaths in undulate layer fuel cell stacks
Method and apparatus for detecting transfer leaks in fuel cells and fuel cell stacks
Humidifying system for fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system
MEMS-based thin-film fuel cells
Probe structure
Quick grip cables
Electrical connector
Zero insertion force socket with actuation protection device
Board mounted electrical connector with improved ground terminals
ZIF socket having actuation member for reduced stress
High density electrical connector
Electrical connector
Multi-port electrical connector having improved board locks
Male plug protector for trailer wiring harness
Pin-grid-array electrical connector
Connector terminal having tab with tapered portion
Contacts on an integrated circuit chip
Medium voltage motor control center springless finger cluster
Connector suitable for connecting a pair of circuit boards arranged in parallel
Mounting fixture for electrical light fixture or fan
Connector with plural housings accommodated in a casing
Connector with a side retainer
Connector with cover member
Sectional connector substituting for PC104 and PC104 PLUS industrial computer connectors
Waterproof connector used for a flexible flat cable
Connector scheme for use with handheld computers and accessory devices
Plug/socket assembly
Electrical connector having improved latching mechanism
Electrical connector with dual rack mate assist
Connector supporting mechanism
Connection detecting connector
Customizable electrical connector
Stacked connector with LEDs and method of producing the same
Self-retaining board lock for electrical connector
Pin configuration adapter for AC-adapter
Lighting circuit, lighting system method and apparatus, socket assembly, lamp insulator assembly and components thereof
Electrical socket with rotating receptacle
Snap electrical terminal
Cable coupling device
Distribution wiring harness assembly
Electrically conductive metal tape and plug connector made of it
Ribbon cable connector with ground bus
Methods for the separation of isomers
Earpiece light
Electroluminescent flexible film for product packaging
Modular jack having subassembly of PCBs and magnetic box
Passive electrical article, circuit articles thereof, and circuit articles comprising a passive electrical article
Drilling apparatus for flexible sheet made of thick thermoplastic material
Printed circuit board micro hole processing method
Device arrangement with a structural component mounted in a housing
Socket for electrical parts
Reinforced connector on an integrated circuit chip
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