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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Generation of transgenic human soluble amyloid precursor protein alpha expressing mice
Death receptor sensitizing compounds and methods of use therefor
Extreme environment surfactant compositions comprising hydrolysis resistant organomodified disiloxane surfactants
Nucleic acid constructs and cells, and methods utilizing same for modifying the electrophysiological function of excitable tissues
Method for preparing a dairy product
Method for making a powder containing crystalline particles of glucopyranosyl-alditols
Biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders
Mechanical barrier in wound healing
Chemotherapeutic agents for inhibition of protein translation
Azabicyclo[3.2.0] hept-3-yl compounds, a process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
3-(indolyl)-4-arylmaleimide derivatives and their use as angiogenesis inhibitors
Treatment of colorectal polyps with imidazoquinoline derivatives
Pyrrolopyrazine kinase inhibitors
Urotensin II receptor antagonists
Histamine H3 receptor agents, preparation and therapeutic uses
Histamine H3 receptor agents, preparation and therapeutic uses
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
P1-(2'-deoxycytidine 5'-)P4-(uridine 5'-)tetraphosphate, tetra-(alkali metal) salt, for treating sinusitis
Polymers containing poly(hydroxyalkanoates) and agents for use with medical articles and methods of fabricating the same
Method for treating colon cancer with tumour-reactive T-lymphocytes
Conjugated dienamides, methods of production thereof, compositions containing same and uses thereof
Conjugated dienamides, methods of production thereof, compositions containing same and uses thereof
Conjugated dienamides, methods of production thereof, compositions containing same and uses thereof
Neuregulins for prevention and treatment of damage from acute assault on vascular and neuronal tissue and as regulators of neuronal stem cell migration
Methods and compositions for enhanced transmucosal delivery of peptides and proteins
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Organic compounds and their uses
Methods of protecting against apoptosis using lipopeptides
Method for controlling average pore diameter of porous body comprising apatite/collagen composite fibers
Vaccine composition comprising interleukin-15 (IL-15)
Combination meningitidis B/C vaccines
Antibodies directed against hepatitis C virus E1E2 complex, compositions of HCV particles, and pharmaceutical compositions
Junctional adhesion molecule-C (JAM-C) binding compounds and methods of their use
Treatment of complement-associated disorders
Use of calcium binding proteins to improve cardiac contractile function
Purified linear polypeptide epitopes from walnuts and associated methods
Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles
Composite material and use of a composite material
Ceramic coating and method of preparation thereof
Methods for controlling the release rate and improving the mechanical properties of a stent coating
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multilayered catalyst compositions
Organic antimony compound, process for producing the same, living radical polymerization initiator, process for producing polymer using the same, and polymer
Anti-clogging device and method for in-gel digestion applications
Protein crystallization screening and optimization droplet actuators, systems and methods
Mounting assembly for a stent and a method of using the same to coat a stent
Electrospray deposition: devices and methods thereof
Method for coating implantable medical devices
Arrangement for generating extreme ultraviolet radiation by means of an electrically operated gas discharge
Laser processing method, laser processing apparatus and spring arm manufacturing method
Fiber laser apparatus
Ruthenium CMP compositions and methods
Light-emitting diode assembly housing comprising poly(cyclohexanedimethanol terephthalate) compositions
Irrigation, erosion control, root growth control and clean-up techniques
Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Process and equipment for manufacture of advanced composite structures
Coating of organic and inorganic pigments with aldehyde or ketone resins
Glass-containing molding composition and process for production of the same
Plasticizers for improved elevated temperature properties in cellulose esters
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon dioxide emission reduction method
Carbon film
Process for preparing aluminium species
Process for producing polymers having amide and ester groups in the solid state
N-substituted monomers and polymers
Method of operating a fluid bed reactor
Processes and methods for extraction and purification of lutein from marigold esters
Receptor function regulating agent
Synthesis reaction catalyst and method of synthesizing compound using the same
Simulated moving bed adsorptive separation process for handling multiple feedstocks
Quinoline compounds
Anabaseine derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use thereof
Thiazoline acid derivatives
Catalyst for partial oxidation of olefin, preparation method thereof, and process for preparing alkylene oxide
sEH inhibitors and their use
Pyrimidin-2-one compounds and their use as dopamine D.sub.3 receptor ligands
.alpha.-aminocyclolactam ligands for G-protein coupled receptors
Indazole or 4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-indazole derivatives
Substituted thieno[2,3-D]pyrimidines as fungicides
Process for the preparation of cefixime
Fatty acid phenolic conjugates
Polynucleotide fragments of an infectious human endogenous retrovirus
RNAi expression constructs with liver-specific enhancer/promoter
Integrase cofactor
SSX-4 peptides presented by HLA class II molecules
Promoter for introducing a gene into a lymphocyte or blood cell and application thereof
Fusion protein having the enhanced in vivo activity of erythropoietin
Allosteric control of proteins by manipulating mechanical tension
ANF fusion proteins
Auto-antibodies against the melanocortin-4 receptor
Antibodies to TNF (tumor necrosis factor) receptor family members
Curable composition and process for producing cured coating
Curable alkoxycarbonylamino compositions, coatings, and methods
Polyoxymethylene molding compositions, their use, and moldings produced therefrom
Soluble phenanthrenyl imidazole for photo-electrical conversion of solar cell
Thiophene compound having sulfonyl group and process for producing the same
Organohydrogenpolysiloxane resin and silicone composition
Nanoporous polymer foams of polycondensation reactive resins
Polyamide resin composition
Laser-weldable resin composition and molded product
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device
Aromatic polyimide composition and articles manufactured therefrom
Modified asphalt binders and asphalt paving compositions
Method and composition comprising at least three different average particle volume particulates for low damage gravel packing
Ortho ester breakers for viscoelastic surfactant gels and associated methods
Process for treating a hard surface using an EO/PO trisiloxane
Fabric care compositions and systems comprising organosilicone microemulsions and methods employing same
Apparatus and method for machining microchamber for cell culture
Using coulomb forces to study charateristics of fluids and biological samples
Nonhemolytic optical sensor with enhanced reflectance
Quality of life for hepatitis C patients with a formulation for administration to the oral mucosa including Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and N-acetyl D-glucosamine
Method for growing Cordyceps sinensis on a substrate
Transgenic non-human animal for use in research models for studying Parkinson's disease
Photochemical internalization for delivery of molecules into the cytosol
Compositions and methods for detecting intracellular glucose and analogs thereof
Compositions and methods of modulating cholesterol metabolism
Thermostable nucleic acid polymerase from Thermococcus gorgonarius
Variant Hypocrea jecorina CBH2 cellulases
DNA coding for polypeptide participating in biosynthesis of pladienolide
Process for production of 5-ene-3-one or 3,6-dione derivatives of sterols, processes for production of lipid metabolism improvers, foods, drinks, and animal feeds, and analytical method
Production of (R)- and (S)-4-(1-aminoethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester sulfate by lipase acylation of racemic 4-(1-aminoethyl) benzoic acid methyl ester and sulfuric acid precipitation
Butynol I esterase
Methods and compositions for inhibiting the growth of hematopoietic malignant cells
Method for the synthesis of DNA sequences
Compositions and methods for detecting the presence of cryptosporidium organisms in a test sample
Predicting and diagnosing patients with autoimmune disease
Nucleic acid sequencing
Textiles; Paper
Roofing material with directionally dependent properties
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind turbine drivetrain system
Device for detecting emission light of micro-object having means for suppressing reflected and scattered excitation light
Vapochromic coordination polymers for use in analyte detection
Computed radiography system for mammography
Method and system for checking measurement result
Microarray bioprobe device integrated with an amplifier having bottom-gate thin film transistors
Methods and kit for detecting breast cancer
Radiation imaging element
Neutron detector with gamma ray isolation
Immersion lithography fluids
Multiple technology node mask
Low friction electrostatographic imaging member
Aqueous dispersions for use as toners
Full-color toner kit, process cartridge, and image forming method
Data processing system for providing an efficient market for specialty chemicals
Method for sample preparation
Image processing apparatus, musical score editing method executed thereon, and storage medium storing program
Electronic circuit driven, inter-active, plural sensory stimuli apparatus and comprehensive method to teach, with no instructor present, beginners as young as two years old to play a piano/keyboard type musical instrument and to read and correctly respond to standard music notation for said instruments
Information processing device and method, and recording medium
Multilayered information recording medium and process for producing said multilayered information recording medium, and apparatus for producing multilayered information recording medium and screen constituting said production apparatus for producing multilayered information recording medium
Resistive organic memory device and fabrication method thereof
Synthetic method and automation device for fluorine-18-ACETATE
Multilayer insulated electric wire
Vacuum insulated switchgear
Etched surface mount islands in a leadframe package
Semiconductor structure made using improved simultaneous multiple ion implantation process
Chip package with channel stiffener frame
Methods for fabricating contacts to pillar structures in integrated circuits
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device including hat-shaped electrode
Semiconductor wafer pre-process annealing and gettering method and system for solar cell formation
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Technique and apparatus for depositing layers of semiconductors for solar cell and module fabrication
Extremely thin semiconductor on insulator semiconductor device with suppressed dopant segregation
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit having a multi-layer structure with a seal ring
Flat display active plate
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of cleaning and forming a negatively charged passivation layer over a doped region
Substrate, method of polishing the same, and polishing apparatus
Use of ion implantation in chemical etching
Aqueous cerium oxide dispersion
Integration of buried oxide layers with crystalline layers
Self-assembly process for memory array
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Double patterning strategy for contact hole and trench in photolithography
Thermal gradient control of high aspect ratio etching and deposition processes
Incorporating gate control over a resonant tunneling structure in CMOS to reduce off-state current leakage, supply voltage and power consumption
Self-aligned Schottky diode
Pattern forming method, semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and storage medium
Method for reducing dielectric overetch using a dielectric etch stop at a planar surface
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and storage medium
Method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Optical semiconductor apparatus
Microelectronic assembly with joined bond elements having lowered inductance
Dynamic pad size to reduce solder fatigue
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit with a contact structure including a portion arranged in a cavity of a semiconductor structure
Structure and method to enhance both nFET and pFET performance using different kinds of stressed layers
Semiconductor device with circuit for reduced parasitic inductance
Semiconductor device having a power cutoff transistor
Vertical SOI trench SONOS cell
Light emitting device and LCD backlighting device
Semiconductor device including a plurality of diffusion layers and diffusion resistance layer
Band gap modulated optical sensor
Semiconductor thin film and method of manufacturing the same and semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
IGFET device having a RF capability
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with twin-well
Semiconductor storage device and method of manufacturing same
Micromachine device with a spatial portion formed within
Analog interferometric modulator device
Microelectromechanical apparatus and method for producing the same
Integrated package structure having solar cell and thermoelectric element and method of fabricating the same
Light-emitting element and light-emitting device
Coated conductor with simplified layer architecture
Nitride compound semiconductor device including organic semiconductor layer under gate electrode
Cell electrode plate and process for producing the same
Bipolar plate for fuel cell with deformed metal distribution sheet
Electrode for fuel cell, fuel cell system comprising the same, and method for preparing the same
Paper shredder control system responsive to touch-sensitive element
Bi-level switching with power packs
Electromagnetic steel plate forming member, electromagnetic steel plate laminator, permanent magnet type synchronous rotating electric machine rotor provided with the same, permanent magnet type synchronous rotating electric machine, and vehicle, elevator, fluid machine, and processing machine using the rotating electric machine
Flat vibration motor
Photo cell with spaced anti-oxidation member on fluid loop
Composite heating element with an integrated switch
Mechanically energized mechanical power communication coupling system
Microwave autoclave
Method of forming a carbon nano-tube
Printed circuit board providing heat dissipation
Power supply circuit for motherboard
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Transgenic cotton plants with altered fiber characteristics transformed with a sucrose phosphate synthase nucleic acid
Agent for use in transplantation
Thermally sensitive controls
Grill device with a safety unit for ensuring electrical disconnection when two grill units are separated
Oven with a spraying device
Body fat scale with hand grips
MCH antagonists and their use in the treatment of obesity
Carrier based drug delivery system
Polyamides for binding in the minor groove of double stranded DNA
Stimulation of an immune response with antibodies labeled with the .alpha.-galactosyl epitope
Endodontic dental compositions
Compositions for making an artificial prosthesis
Process for the preparation of thiazine-indigo compounds and of new intermediates therefor
Active topical skin protectants containing S-330
Absorbable copolylactides and their use
Medicinal plant dry extracts
Silicone sheet and surgical bandage manufactured using the same
Process for crosslinking hydrogels with bis- and poly-2- oxazolidinones
Methods for treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste
Performing Operations; Transporting
Defoaming compositions
Reaction and distillation device and etherification process
Method for measuring ionic currents, and a catching device therefor
Method and apparatus for direct electrothermal-physical conversion of ceramic into nanopowder
Process for the production of organic compounds in a membrane reactor
Porous polymer media
Promoted multi-metal oxide catalyst
Catalyst and use thereof in the production of vinyl acetate
Process for preparing 2,6-dimethylnaphthalene
Stable highly active supported copper based catalysts
Methods for optimizing Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons in the distillate fuel and/or lube base oil ranges
Silicoaluminophosphate material, a method of making such improved material and the use thereof in the conversion of oxygenated hydrocarbons to an olefin and/or an ether
Method for producing aldehydes
Propylene impact copolymers
Sulfonated bead polymers prepared from styrene, vinylpyridines, and crosslinkers
Method for preparing non-photosensitive fatty acid silver salt grains and an apparatus for preparing the same
Gas-phase polymerization with direct cooling
Dry product discharge from a gas phase polymerization reactor operating in the condensing mode
Powder coating compositions and method
Coating composition
Fabrication of metallic microstructures by micromolding nanoparticles
Electrical discharge power supply modular device for electrical discharge machine
Strain relief mechanism for a plasma arc torch
Method and system for welding with paralleled power supplies
Electric arc welding system
Fuel tank filler assembly for engine driven welder
Apparatus and method for producing bags and foam-in-bag cushions
Compressed, rigid polyurethane foams
Grasping parts
Lamp reflector and method of manufacturing the same
Polymer composite material and process for preparing the same
Bus bar arrangement for heatable vehicle window
Styrene-butadiene copolymer and rubber composition comprising the copolymer
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire
Steering column switch
Turn signal cancel device
Car control device assembly
Electrically-conductive, thermally-insulating structure and method
Preheat system for convection cooking appliance
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for the preparation of formaldehyde from methanol
Method for solidification of radioactive and other hazardous waste
Radiation-curable optical fiber coating composition
Fiberglass binders
Process for the production of styrene compound, and styrene compound free from biphenyl
Production of 1,2-dihydro and 2,2-dihydro hexafluoropropanes and azeotropes thereof with HF
Process for producing 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Process for the preparation of toluylene diisocyanate, specific mixtures of toluylene diamine and water, and the use of toluylene diamine and water mixtures to prepare toluylene diisocyanate
Process for preparing a complex of a ligand, metal and base
Formoterol tartrate process and polymorph
Synthesis of substituted pyrazolopyrimidines
Method for producing 1-substituted 5-hydroxypyrazoles
Multifunctional imine-esters as novel crosslinkers for surface coatings
Process for the preparation of optically active 2-[6-hydroxymethyl)-1,3-dioxan-4yl]acetic acid derivatives
Synthesis of new polynitriles from cycloalphatic vicinal primary diamines
Process for preparing hydrazodicarbonamide via ketimines
Method for the asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins, using osmium catalysts
Integrated process for synthesizing alcohols and ethers from alkanes
Serine protease inhibitors
Process for increasing the yield and selectivity of a dehydrogenation process using side-by-side reaction zones
Process for producing adamantane
Process for recycling polyesters
Process for the production of acetic acid
Process for the production of esters from alcohols using acetic acid as acetylating and clays as catalysts
Continuous preparation of alkyl esters of (meth) acrylic acid
Process for the production of diaryl carbonates
Diaryl carbonate product and production of polycarbonate
Isomerization with adsorptive separation and dividing wall fractional distillation
Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors
Flame retardant compositions
N-guanidinoalkylamides, their preparation, their use, and pharmaceutical preparations comprising them
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Oxidative hydrolysis of heteroaromatic thiones
Methods for the preparation of intermediates in the synthesis of HIV-protease inhibitors
Processes for the manufacturing of 3-hydroxy-n,1,6-trialkyl-4-OXO-1,4-dihydropyridine-2-carboxamide
Process for producing .epsilon.-caprolactone
Lactone compounds having alicyclic structure and their manufacturing method
Synthesis of 3-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzoyl]-2-aryl-6-hydroxybenzo[b]thiophenes
(Thio) (meth) acrylate monomers, intermediate compounds for the synthesis of these monomers, polymerizable compositions and polymers obtained, and their optical and ophthalmic uses
Barbituric acid derivatives, processes for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing these compounds
2-(substituted-phenyl)amino-imidazoline derivatives
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds having antiplatelet aggregation effect and medicinal use thereof
Imidazole derivatives having an inhibitory activity for farnesyl transferase and process for preparation thereof
Triazole compounds and the use thereof as dopamine-D3 -ligands
Hexaazaisowurtzitane derivative and method for producing the same
Phthalocyanine compositions
Benzo-fused dithiepino[6,5-b]pyridines, and related compositions and methods
Process for the production of propyl silanes functionalized in 3-position
Method for alkylating the alpha carbon of the 2-methylbutyrate secondary chain of lovastatin
Ligands for chiral catalysis
Production process of diphosphine oxide and diphosphonate
Process for producing bismuth tertiary amyloxide
Protecting groups with increased photosensitivities
Purification of oligomers using dual-end selection
Oligonucleotides for the inhibition of human eg5 expression
Inhibitors of collagen assembly
Invasion associated genes from Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B
Peptide parathyroid hormone analogs
Plasmodium falciparum antigens inducing protective antibodies
Nucleic acids encoding human CIDE-B protein and polymorphic markers thereof
Cardiotrophin-1 defective mouse
Human tumor suppressor
Rat PEG-3 promoter
Feline cytokine protein
Keratinocyte derived interferon
CD40 receptor ligands
Production of membrane proteins in the milk of transgenic mammals
Response element
Polymerization process for the preparation of a resin
Process for preparing ethylene interpolymers and ethylene interpolymers
Ethylene-aromatic vinyl compound copolymer and method for its production
Oil- and water-repellent finishes for textiles
Graft copolymer pigment dispersant
Processes for producing polyolefin composition
Modified vinyl polymers containing amphiphilic hydrocarbon moieties
Controlled stable free radical emulsion polymerization processes
Vinyl alcohol polymer and its composition
Polyolefin composition with improved impact properties
Stabilized, finely disperse low-viscosity polymer polyols with a high content of polystyrene or polystyrene copolymers
Clear coating composition having improved early hardness and water resistance
Spandex with high heat-set efficiency
Composition for producing resin
Crystalline polyester resins and processes for their preparation
Process for production of aromatic polycarbonate resin and molded article of aromatic polycarbonate resin
Preparation of high intrinsic viscosity poly(arylene ether) resins
Process for making nylon 6,6
Fluorinated polysiloxane, making method, and fiber or fabric treating agent composition
Process for the manufacture of multifunctional polyorganosiloxanes (POSs) by dehydrocondensation and hydrosilylation, and device for carrying out this process
Sulfur-functional polyorganosiloxanes
Polypropylene base porous film and production process for the same
Phase stable polyol composition containing hydrocarbon as the blowing agent
Closed cell phenolic foam
Halogen-free, flame-retardant rigid polyurethane foam and a process for its production
Process for the preparation of low chloride stabilizers
Polymeric products containing modified carbon products and methods of making and using the same
Pregellable adhesives
Nonformaldehyde, nonfuming resorcinolic resins and methods of making and using the same
Polypropylene resin composition
UV curable elastomer composition
Thermoplastic starch utilizing a biodegradable polymer as melting aid
Phthalocyanine compounds, process for production thereof and electrophotographic photosensitive member using the compounds
Ink composition comprising first and second optically variable pigments
Coating composition
Inorganic/organic compositions
Radiation curable adhesive for digital versatile disc
Plasmid-based mutation detection system in transgenic fish
Nuclear-encoded transcription system in plastids of higher plants
Progestin-regulated gene
Human gene RecQ4 encoding helicase
Lactic acid production, separation and/or recovery process
Method of forming titanium silicide and titanium by chemical vapor deposition and resulting apparatus
Heat treatment method and heat treatment apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Prebinding of fiber materials
Fixed Constructions
Imaging sensor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Core plug block heater and method
Hydrokinetic generator
Lamp unit for light radiation type heating and processing device
Silicon carbide photodiode based flame scanner
Microwave irradiation continuous flow heating apparatus
Support structure for electronic component
Distance measuring apparatus
Photoelectric position measuring system that optimizes modulation of a scanning device and the intensity of a reference mark signal
Bulk flow measurement system
Method and arrangement for controlling a dynamic scale
Electronic weighing scale using general purpose block member
Laser synchronized high-speed shutter for spectroscopic application
Printed circuit board with embedded thermocouple junctions
Device for measuring torque of rotating body and method for measuring torque
Quantified fluorescence microscopy
Electron microscope
Photomultiplier tube tightly arranged with substantially no space between adjacent tubes
Automated method for determining several critical dimension properties from scanning electron microscope by using several tilted beam or sample scans
Method for drying electrophoresis gels
Radiation image detector and radiation image forming system
Two-dimensional image detector and fabrication method of the same
Data reduction architecture for nuclear medicine imagers
High voltage distribution system for CZT arrays
Optical information storage device having phase compensating mechanism and polarization plane rotating mechanism
Optical modulator, semiconductor laser device equipped with an optical modulator, and optical communication system
Step mask
Lithographic method for producing an exposure pattern on a substrate
Electron transport compounds
Micropositioning system
Keyboard overlay
Method for verifying the state of a device used to examine sheet items
Arm sheath for use with a stringed instrument
Method and apparatus for sensing, controlling and recording key motion in a keyboard musical instrument
Apparatus for and method of adding sound signal in system having limited number of sound generators
Molecular memory & logic
Container for storing and shipping needle cartridges
Devices and methods for transmuting materials
Weak current wire
Seal construction of polymer insulator
Electric fence line and method of weaving
Dynamic umbilicals with internal steel rods
Vacuum circuit breaker
Puffer switch having a two-volume break chamber
Circuit-breaker including a moving assembly contained inside a casing filled with a dielectric gas under pressure
In-line flow switch
Piezo ceramic operated mechanism
Start-motor assembly
Control lock for a toggle switch
Electron beam exposure system and method of manufacturing devices using the same
Electron beam exposure apparatus and its control method
Mass spectroscope for liquid chromatograph
Substrate thermal management system
Microprocessor structure having a compound semiconductor layer
H2 diffusion barrier formation by nitrogen incorporation in oxide layer
Silicon carbide (SIC) gate turn-off (GTO) thyristor apparatus and method for high power control
Trench MOSFET with double-diffused body profile
Trench MOSFET with structure having low gate charge
Trench DMOS transistor structure having a low resistance path to a drain contact located on an upper surface
Semiconductor device with isolation insulator, interlayer insulation film, and a sidewall coating film
Dual damascene interconnect structures that include radio frequency capacitors and inductors
Process for realizing an intermediate dielectric layer for enhancing the planarity in semiconductor electronic devices
Semiconductor device and method of fabrication thereof, semiconductor module, circuit board, and electronic equipment
System and method for providing MMIC seal
Condition sensitive adhesive tape for singulated die transport devices
Reduced soft error rate (SER) construction for integrated circuit structures
Method for fabricating reduced contacts using retardation layers
Memory cell configuration and corresponding production process
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
BICMOS semiconductor integrated circuit device and fabrication process thereof
Method of manufacturing air gap in multilevel interconnection
Conductor reservoir volume for integrated circuit interconnects
Nanomachining of integrated circuits
Semiconductor device in which memory cells and peripheral circuits are provided on the same circuit
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor substrate and production method thereof
Semiconductor device having contact hole and method of manufacturing the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and its manufacturing method
Ball grid array type semiconductor device
Electromagnetic interference shield device with conductive encapsulant and dam
Semiconductor device having a shortened wiring length to reduce the size of a chip
Semiconductor package with heat dissipating structure
Mixed analog and digital integrated circuits
Enhanced laminate flipchip package using a high CTE heatspreader
Technique for attaching die to leads
Semiconductor device
Printed-wiring substrate and method for fabricating the printed-wiring substrate
Semiconductor device with bumps for pads
Semiconductor device with improved arrangements to avoid breakage of tungsten interconnector
Semiconductor device having bonding wires serving as external connection terminals
Method and apparatus for implementing selected functionality on an integrated circuit device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device comprising copper interconnects with reduced in-line copper diffusion
Assorted aluminum wiring design to enhance chip-level performance for deep sub-micron application
Electronic device structure capable of preventing malfunction caused by electromagnetic wave coming from outside
Substrate contacts and shielding devices in a semiconductor component
Semiconductor package including stacked semiconductor dies and bond wires
Semiconductor light emitting device and display device using the same
Flash memory device
Deep trench DRAM with SOI and STI
Semiconductor device with a well wherein a scaling down of the layout is achieved
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Static random access memory (SRAM)
Semiconductor device with reduced transistor leakage current
Solid state image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Photoelectric transducer and manufacturing method of the same
Method and apparatus to extend dynamic range of time delay and integrate charge coupled devices
Termination structure for high voltage devices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile memory and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having vertical bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Quantum computer
Field MOS transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit including the same
Semiconductor quantum oscillation device
Photovoltaic element and method for producing the same
Increased lateral oxidation rate of aluminum indium arsenide
Hybrid roof covering element
Plastic encapsulated semiconductor light emitting device with a cover of fluorescent particles
Light emitting diode with high luminance and method therefor
Semiconductor structures using a group III-nitride quaternary material system with reduced phase separation and method of fabrication
Light emitting device
Gallium nitride group compound semiconductor
Semiconductor structures using a group III-nitride quaternary material system with reduced phase separation
Semiconductor module including a plurality of semiconductor devices detachably
Arrangement for supplying power from a buss bar to a circuit board
Electrical connection box
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser device
Frangible work cover for breaker box
Fuse panel spacer
Locking arrangement for circuit breaker draw-out mechanism
Connecting cord junction
Coupling mechanism for an electrical fitting including energy absorbing self-returning snaps
Remote amplifier for an optical transmission system and method of evaluating a faulty point
Portable communication terminal apparatus with music composition capability
Air heating device
Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
Food amount detector of a microwave oven, a microwave oven employing a food amount detector and a control method thereof
Microwave oven with radiant and convectional heating apparatus
Low-inductance connector for printed-circuit board
Electronic circuit board with known flow soldering warp direction
Solid-state image pickup apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Conductive pedestal on pad for leadless chip carrier (LCC) standoff
Compact flash card
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
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