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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Central multi directional transmission system
Fertilization grate and trough system
Contoured specimen holder for imaging machines
Device for keeping pets' ears clean or substantially clean
Methods and compositions for improved light traps
Mascot storage type shorts
Holder for a removable golf ball marker
Belt buckle
Electric toothbrush head replacement system and method
Shelving system
Adjustable shelving and storage system for vehicles
Device for reducing noise and heat emissions
Electronic device with support legs
System and method to occlude patient entrapment zones
System and method to occlude patient entrapment zones
Alternating pressure mattresses
Motion support apparatus
Holding device for automobiles
Insulated single beverage container cooler/holder
Storage article organizer
Bicycle rack
Hydraulic sealing assembly for a beverage machine brewing head
Swing away mailbox post
Cosmetic applicator device
Ligament protection instruments
Method for operating a medical robotic system by stopping movement of a surgical instrument about a pivot point or issuing a warning if the pivot point moves beyond a threshold value
Surgical procedures and instruments
System and method for a lithotripter
Eye viewing device comprising video capture optics
Visual acuity testing apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of teeth
Sponge prophy
Implant delivery technologies
Endovascular apparatus
Skewed nodal-fibril ePTFE structure
Shoulder stabilizer system
Therapeutic cooling devices
Hospital bed
Access to components of whirlpool bath and air bubbler tub systems
Lower body sauna device
Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same
Coated endoluminal filter
Perfusion guidewire in combination with a distal filter
Apparatus for trapping emboli
Lacrimal punctum plug
Injection device with rotatable dose setting
Energy absorbing seat anchor restraint system for child safety seats
Magnetically adjustable dumbbells
Golf ball containing photoluminescent material and a light source
Golf club head
Foldable toss game assembly
Wrist protection device for bowling game
Roping apparatus
Billiard rack
Casino game and method of play
Wagering game having selectable array for creating multiple hands
Gaming apparatus using integrated rollers for game pieces
Computing a target speed in a virtual racing environment
Water amusement system with elevated structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dust collecting apparatus with combined compacting and filter cleaning for a vacuum cleaner
Highly microporous thermoplastic/bismaleimide semi-interpenetrating polymer network
Air purifier
Fuel injecting device and method for controlling said device
Electrostatic paint sprayer
Cartridge and admixing apparatus for a manually operable apparatus for spraying water mixed with an additive
Droplet ejecting apparatus, electro-optic device, electronic apparatus, and droplet ejecting method
Doorjamb clad machine
Safety system for a bending press and a slatted tool
Economical methods and injection apparatus for high pressure die casting process
Molybdenum metal powder and production thereof
Rotating tool magazine having an end-mounted rotationally driven tool
Coupling device
Blade clamping device
Apparatus and method for friction stir welding using a consumable pin tool
Method and process for reducing undercooling in a lead-free tin-rich solder alloy
Fill head for injection molding of solder
Involute foil regenerator method
Superfinishing machine and method
Combinatorial processing including rotation and movement within a region
Jewelry aid
Aggregate mixing apparatus having spherical batch mixing vessel with jet pump to help load material and single pneumatic source to pressurize mixing vessel and drive jet pump
Low-adhesion material, mold for molding resin using the same and contaminant adhesion preventing material
High capacity extrusion die assembly
Mold, method for producing the same and magnetic recording medium
Reaction field independent jig and reaction chip processing apparatus using the jig
Droplet ejecting apparatus, a droplet adherence preventing method and a cleaning method for cleaning a recording medium carrier roller
Inkjet printer with reversible transport mechanism
Printhead arrangement having nozzle assemblies with gutter formations
Micro-fluid ejection heads with multiple glass layers
Ink jetting structure having protected connections
Flexible film wiring board and liquid discharge head
Printhead integrated circuit with more than 10000 nozzles
Liquid jet head
Printhead assembly with sheltered ink distribution arrangement
Ink jet recording apparatus and control method
Liquid container, liquid supplying system equipped with liquid container
Ink container and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge, and ink-jet recording apparatus using the same
Printhead ink delivery system with two pairs of locating formations
Point of sale printer including an automated cover opening apparatus
Electronic pens with dynamic features
Apparatus and method for lubricating railroad tracks
Heavy duty tire having cap and base rubber layers, belt cushion rubber and sidewall rubber
Pneumatic tire
Tire pressure maintenance device
Tyre fitting machine
Height adjustment on a wheel suspension for motor vehicles
Wheel suspension for motor vehicles
Drive unit for an industrial truck
Sunroof system for a motor vehicle
Convertible vehicle with a roof comprising several roof sections
Selective closing of at least one vehicle opening at a front portion of a vehicle
Drive switching lever structure for vehicle
Fuel supply system component protective construction
Recliner mechanism
Apparatus and method for securing a vehicle on a carrier bed
Interior trim member of work vehicle and method of manufacturing the same
Inflatable airbag
Airbag system
Variable output using piezo valve technology
Carrier rack system
Method and circuit system for calibrating voltage and temperature deviations of the effective current of hydraulic valves in a PWM drive
Vehicular brake hydraulic pressure controller
Power control for hybrid motorcycle
Method and apparatus for supporting stop-and-go engine functionality
Brake unit for a baby stroller
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Motorcycle having a front wheel suspension
Motorcycle wheel assembly and method for protecting bearings and for providing security for mounting bolts
Rear-pedaling standing type bicycle structure
Boat booty system
Boat docking apparatus
Sailboat with a canting ballast system
Methods and systems for supplying air to a vehicle
Boundary-layer-ingesting inlet flow control system
Electronics rack cover systems
Viscous material metering system and method
Method in hot filling of foods in a packaging container, as well as an apparatus therefor
Grapple attachment for handling wrapped round modules and including a wrap cutter
Crown-like twist-off closure
Open-top and open-front display carton
Foam throttle
Multi-piece seal
Packaging insert for products
Dispenser for progestin used for acute maintenance treatment of DUB
Supporting device, substrate transportation equipment and a related method thereof
Transport apparatus with changeable angle between input and output streams
Conveying system
Apparatus for controlling or regulating the distribution of particles in dust or granule form in one or a plurality of carrier gas streams
Method and apparatus for transferring printed products conveyed in an shingled flow to a transporter with circulating clamps
Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Layered tape guide spool and alignment device and method
Cable reel mechanism
Cordless hoist
Can opener
Screw-type metered dispenser with feed-containing piston drive mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Agglomeration for the treatment of acid mine drainage
Material deposition
Fischer-tropsch derived turbine fuel and process for making same
Agricultural fibre fuel pellets
Method for the recovery of gold from sulphide concentrate
Textiles; Paper
Rope-like structure
Shaft connecting device for a heald shaft
Automatic batch article washing machine
Method for binding compounds to textiles
Fixed Constructions
Wall panel system
I-beam with curved flanges
Modular track system for exterior decorative trim
Mixed-use pedestrian-oriented parking structure
Door opening and closing mechanism
Door module assembly with integrated actuator holder
Locator and shutter slat
Bearing arrangement
Tension lift frame used as a jacking frame
Smart compressed chamber well optimization system
Downhole combustion unit and process for TECF injection into carbonaceous permeable zones
Bit balling treatment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-cylinder engine fuel control method, engine fuel injection amount control method and engine operation state discrimination method using the same, propulsion apparatus for multiple engines, and fuel injection control method during crash astern in marine engine with reduction and reversal device
Method and system to facilitate cooling turbine engines
Refractory component with ceramic matrix composite skeleton
Compact system for adding hydrocarbons to the exhaust of an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purifier and method of control therefor
Two-cycle, opposed-piston internal combustion engine
Turbocharged engine cylinder head internal cooling
Exhaust-gas recirculation device for an internal combustion engine
Shaft coupling
Detonation engine and flying object provided therewith
Partial superheat cycle for operating a pump in a rocket system
System and method for cooling rocket engines
Fuel flow anti-interruption
Actuating drive for actuating a fuel injection valve
Thread forming screw
Slide guiding device
Cross groove constant velocity universal joint
Variable K-factor torque converter
Bicycle disk brake pad with a titanium backing plate
Brake pad assembly for a bicycle disc brake
Spring system
Drive mechanism for massaging device
Valve monitoring and controlling system
Flexible pipeline with multiple pipes protected against corrosion
Monolithic enclosed cable carrier
Line holder in an aircraft
Railroad car door pivot assembly
Devices and methods for providing adjustable light intensity
Surface light source device and LCD unit
Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
Polarization sensitive light homogenizer
Cooling system for cooling heat-generating installations and for maintaining the temperature of closed-off areas at below cabin temperature in an aircraft
Refrigerator unit for container
Non-slip ice bag device and method for using same to treat patients
Nanoengineered thermal materials based on carbon nanotube array composites
Heat exchanger
Air-compressed bullet gun assembly
Airlessly sealed vial
Speed-indicating instrument for motor vehicle provided with an adaptive cruise-control system
Two dimensional load distribution center position detection sensor and two dimensional load distribution center position detection device
Downhole transducer with adjacent heater
Short stroke magnetic position sensor, in particular for measuring a steering column twist
Sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge adapter
Apparatus for measuring pressure by using diaphragm and method of pressure measurement by using diaphragm
Brake system test device and brake system test method of two-wheeled motor vehicle
Inspection device for headrest return prevention mechanism
Powdery/granular material flowability evaluation apparatus and method
Method of gas resistance test for image and ink set
Camber angle optimization for a biaxial wheel test machine
Micromachines acoustic sensor for monitoring electrochemical deposition
Chuck for friction test apparatus
Strain-relief assemblies and methods for a field-installable fiber optic connector
Ophthalmic solution dispensing device
Eyewear with removable audio system
Method for viewing two-dimensional images in 3-D
Methods for start-up lens
Analytical strip reading apparatus with a removable firmware device
Electronic product price display system for installation in a retail environment and employing a plurality of electronic-ink display labels associated with a plurality of consumer products, for displaying price and/or promotional information remotely programmed using one or more activator modules installed within said retail environment
Facility operating method and apparatus, facility operating system, managing method and apparatus, and facility
Non-blocking buffered inter-machine data transfer with acknowledgement
Method and apparatus for establishing a profile table for host bus adapters
Split model driver using a push-push messaging protocol over a channel based network
Family code determination using brand and sub-brand
System for tracking elements using tags
Security functionality for magnetic card readers and point of sales devices
Vending machine messaging system
Calendar hanger device and assembly incorporating the same
Method for producing inner shell for a disc cartridge
Disc cartridge with crank-shaped dust intrusion prohibiting unit
Method for forming a resist pattern of magnetic device by etching with a gas cluster ion beam
Higher performance barrier materials for containers of environmentally sensitive semiconductor fabrication devices
Apparatus and method for reorienting a tire and core assembly in a tire manufacturing line
Phono and video plug engageable at multiple angles
Contact terminal for conductors
Terminal fitting
Female terminal and chain terminal thereof
Wireless access point installation on an outlet box
Reinforced backplate for use with electrical connector assembly having insulative coating thereon
Cable end connector having improved latch
Conductive contact holder and conductive contact unit
Electrical outlet having grounds-out receptacles and method
Battery connector
High density connector having two-leveled contact interface
Power connector with sealed inner base member
Apparatus for a solar window nightlight
Method of correcting terminal alignment
Switchgear cabinet with a rack and/or panel elements
Magnet protection mechanism for magnet body in rotor and magnet protection method
User controlled multi-device media-on-demand system
Producing layered structures using printing
Method of manufacturing ink jet print head
Expired Patents Due To Time
Surface treatment process used in growing a carbon film
Inner shield for a cathode ray tube and method for manufacturing the same
Picture display device having an improved bandwidth
Cathode ray tube with getter assembly
Cold cathode fluorescent lamp and display
Fluorescent lamp extension tube amalgam holder
Electron tube device mounted with a cold cathode and a method of impressing voltages on electrodes of the electron tube device
Distributed parallel semiconductor device spaced for improved thermal distribution and having reduced power dissipation
System for individual and remote control of spaced lighting fixtures
Display and method for producing the same
Discharge lamp with dielectrically impeded electrodes
Jacketed lamp bulb envelope
Multiple lamp LCD backlight driver with coupled magnetic components
Led indicator disable circuit and led indicator incorporating the led indicator disable circuit
Method for adjusting at least one operating parameter of an operating unit for electric lamps
Method for operating at least one fluorescent lamp, and electronic ballast therefor
CRT display device having discharge current limiting resistors in high-voltage supply lines
Device having a variable-speed motor
Drive system of a brushless motor equipped with hall sensors self-discriminating the actual phasing of the installed sensors
Movable barrier operator having force and position learning capability
Single cycle positioning system utilizing a DC motor
Drive circuit for a speed adjustable fan
Apparatus and control method for feeder system for flowable material
Positioning and actuating drive
Control system and method
Servomotor controller
Blended velocity estimation
DC motor control device and control method
Apparatus and method for changing bus line address for a detachable battery unit
Mobile telephone comprising an improved battery charger circuit
Residual capacity measurement system for battery
Secondary battery cell protection circuit
Electric car battery charging device and method
Battery charging device
Synchronous CMOS rectifying circuit for step-up devices
LDO regulator with thermal shutdown system and method
Circuit arrangement for a timed power supply
System and method to detect synchronous switching regulator light load
Method and device for measuring the difference in magnetic field strength with magnetoresistive sensors
Card with magnetic stripe and method for testing magnetic inspection particle fluid
Multiple hall effect sensor of magnetic core displacement
Magnetic rotational position sensor
Method and apparatus for detecting the direction of crankshaft rotation during a single tooth/slot transition
Magnetic sensor having magnetic detectors arranged in a direction orthogonal to a relative moving direction
Eddy current flaw detector
MR imaging of lesions and detection of malignant tumors
Magnetic reasonance tomography apparatus and method in the form of a pulse sequence for operating same
Magnetic resonance projection imaging of dynamic subjects
Flow-through probe for NMR spectrometers
Electronic battery tester
Capacitance gauge tracking apparatus used for exposure system for manufacturing semiconductor device, method for the tracking surface of semiconductor device using the same, leveling apparatus including tracking apparatus, and leveling method
Longitudinal type high frequency probe for narrow pitched electrodes
Semiconductor test interconnect with variable flexure contacts
Integrated circuit device having a burn-in mode for which entry into and exit from can be controlled
Integrated test cell
Semiconductor integrated circuit and testing method thereof
Superconductive single flux quantum logic circuit
Method to reduce wire-or glitch in high performance bus design to improve bus performance
CMOS small signal switchable, impedence and voltage adjustable terminator network and receiver integration
Sequential logic circuit with active and sleep modes
CMOS semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Bus driver
Clock wave noise reducer
Signal transition accelerating driver circuit for promptly driving bus line and bus driving system using the same
Power supply loss detector method and apparatus
Digital phase selection circuitry and method for reducing jitter
Methods and apparatus for adjusting the deadtime between non-overlapping clock signals
Race removal or reduction in latches and loops using phase skew
Latch circuit for latching data at an edge of a clock signal
Broadband phase shifting circuit having two phase shifter branches connected in parallel
Delay circuit having a constant delay time
Data transmission circuit for compensating difference of speed
Semiconductor integrated circuit, delay-locked loop having the same circuit, self-synchronizing pipeline type system, voltage-controlled oscillator, and phase-locked loop
Programmable setup/hold time delay network
Timing generation circuit for electro-optic sampling oscilloscope
High frequency switch
Differential multiplexer with high bandwidth and reduced crosstalk
Electronic circuit for producing a reference current independent of temperature and supply voltage
Generator scheme and circuit for overcoming resistive voltage drop on power supply circuits on chips
Integrated self-adjustable continuous time band pass filter based upon Gm cell with bipolar transistors
Demodulator and demodulation method for demodulating quadrature modulation signals
Amplifier that indicates its degree of calibration
CMOS track and hold amplifier
Attenuation compensation in amplification for a distribution network
Microwave amplifier
Programmable gain preamplifier
Method and apparatus for amplifier output biasing for improved overall temperature stability
High slew-rate operational amplifier architecture
Reference-free clock generation and data recovery PLL
Multiple-push oscillator
Wide-range and low-power consumption voltage-controlled oscillator
Edge reflection type longitudinally coupled saw resonator filter
Dielectric laminated device and its manufacturing method
Double-throw miniature electromagnetic microwave (MEM) switches
Multi-layer circuit board including reactance element and a method of trimming a reactance element in a circuit board
Overcurrent-tripping device for circuit breaker
Bi-stable battery switch
Device for emergency hand operation with switching magnets
Multipurpose magnetizer/demagnetizer
Water-resistant encapsulation of solenoid
Radio interference suppression choke
Rotary electric part superior in click feeling
Termination resistor in printed circuit board
System with optical or radio remote control for closing motor vehicles
Process of access restriction to a telecommunications network, telecommunications system and unit for such a system
Panic button security alarm system
Multiple signal audible oscillation generator
Motor vehicle recorder system
Cognitive system for a vehicle and its occupants
Emergency call system
Self-contained add-on accessory for an analog metering device such as a speedometer or tachometer
Brake monitoring system and method
Stereo type vehicle monitoring apparatus with a fail-safe function
Laser beam guide
System for cutting glass tube into tube sections
Dual operator phase control engine driven welder
Engine driven inverter welding power supply
Heated roller and heated roller assembly
Water cooled support for lamps and rapid thermal processing chamber
Tube heating apparatus
Steamer oven with controlled condensing of steam
Oven with a water injection mechanism
Rapid thermal processing apparatus for processing semiconductor wafers
Rapid thermal processing chamber for processing multiple wafers
Heatable container assembly
HVAC heater power and control circuit
Circuit configuration for driving an ignition coil
Heating blankets and the like
Induction heating method for manifold in hot runner mold
Surface current heating apparatus having spaced-apart hollow heat generating members with conductor extending therethrough
Translational braking device for a projectile during its trajectory
Architecture for processing wide field-of view sun sensor signals for satellite applications
Method of preselecting flashlamp voltages for assays
Solar altitude detector
Optically controlled MEM switches
Arrangement for connecting a low-pressure inlet of a gas analyzer
Projecting type charged particle microscope and projecting type substrate inspection system
Optical microscope stage for scanning probe microscope
Electron impact elastic recoil hydrogen atom analyzer
Wire type corona charger for electrophotographical manufacturing of CRTs
Polarization-resolving infrared imager
Wavelength-tunable coupled antenna uncooled infrared (IR) sensor
Spectrometer with planar reflective slit to minimize thermal background at focal plane
Spectroscopic accessory for examining films and coatings on solid surfaces
Method and apparatus to prevent signal pile-up
Multiplexed microcalorimeter array
X-ray imaging system
Radiation detection device
Shielded lens
Method and a device for monitoring nucleic acid amplification reactions
Lightweight radiation shield system
Fluid fine particle measuring system for processing semiconductors
Device for reading out a storage luminophore plate
X-ray imaging system
Structures containing quantum conductive barrier layers
Intersystem crossing agents for efficient utilization of excitons in organic light emitting devices
Electrical test structure on a semiconductor substrate and test method
Electro-optical device
Thin-film transistor and semiconductor device using thin-film transistors with N and P impurities in the source and drain regions
Light-emitting apparatus
Surface voltage sustaining structure for semiconductor devices having floating voltage terminal
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
MOS transistor having a tensile-strained SI layer and a compressive-strained SI-GE layer
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
Charge-to-voltage converter with adjustable conversion factor
Solid state image sensing device and method of manufacturing the same
Fingerprint sensor chip
Substrate for electro-optical apparatus, electro-optical apparatus, method for driving electro-optical apparatus, electronic device and projection display device
Metal insulator semiconductor structure with polarization-compatible buffer layer
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having extracting electrode
Trench capacitor with isolation collar and corresponding manufacturing method
Semiconductor storage device capable of improving controllability of density and size of floating gate
Semiconductor device having an SOI structure
High voltage thin film transistor with improved on-state characteristics and method for making same
NMOS triggered NMOS ESD protection circuit using low voltage NMOS transistors
Electrostatic discharge protection transistor structure with a trench extending through the source or drain silicide layers
Photoelectric conversion element and method for manufacturing the same
Multicolor sensor
Thermoelectric element and method for manufacturing the same
Low stress semiconductor devices with thermal oxide isolation
High band gap layer to isolate wells in high voltage power integrated circuits
High performance chip/package inductor integration
Integrated circuit inductor with high self-resonance frequency
Semiconductor die assembly having leadframe decoupling characters
Semiconductor package
BGA package and method of fabrication
Mounted structure of circuit board and multi-layer circuit board therefor
Stacked micro ball grid array packages
Electric circuit and package for semiconductor
Reduced parasitic capacitance semiconductor devices
Electronic component with anodically bonded contact
Semiconductor circuit apparatus and method for fabricating the semiconductor circuit apparatus
Butted contact resistance of an SRAM by double VCC implantation
Routable high-density interfaces for integrated circuit devices
Semiconductor memory configuration with a bit-line twist
Apparatus for capacitively coupling electronic devices
Substrate for high-voltage modules
Semiconductor die having input/output cells and contact pads in the periphery of a substrate
Method of manufacturing components and component thereof
Generator system with vertically shafted engine
Non-directional frequency generator spark prevention apparatus
Magneto hydro dynamical tidal and ocean current converter
Passenger detecting system and air bag system using the same
System for transmitting data in a motor vehicle
Optically programmable arbitrary temporal profile electric generator
Method and apparatus for reducing source voltage deviation in hot plug applications
Lock assembly for a personal computer enclosure
Three-phase AC distribution system and method for printed circuit boards
Steering magnets to reduce magnetic leakage flux in a disk drive
Shaft bearing system
Bearing structures for a motor rotor
Resisting and pulling mechanism
Hybrid-secondary uncluttered induction machine
Reduction of sparking in large rotating electrical machines
Resistor array devices including switch contacts operated by microelectromechanical actuators and methods for fabricating the same
Electronic component in particular an saw component operating with surface acoustic waves and a method for its production
Surface acoustic wave device and method for fabricating the same
Surface acoustic wave filter
Alarm system with programmable device control
Method and system for door alert
Wireless security system
Security system
Alpine rescue alert assembly
Integrated firefighter safety monitoring and alarm system
Positioning means
Severe weather detection apparatus and method of detecting and warning of severe weather conditions
Water leak detector
Apparatus and method for detecting a low-battery power condition and generating a user perceptible warning
Circuit and device to detect grounding problems in electrical soldering irons
Selective calling system and selective calling receiver
Monitoring performance of downhole equipment
Communication device and process
Transmission system and coding communication method for a transmission system
Method of indicating time remaining until traffic lights change
Method and apparatus for enhanced decompressor parsing
Method and apparatus for compressively coding/decoding digital data to reduce the use of band-width or storage space
Sampling switch having an independent "on" impedance
Digital data sample rate conversion system with delayed interpolation
Programmable configuration, level and output voltage range circuits and methods for signal processors
Digital-to-analog conversion circuit
Skewless differential switching scheme for current-mode digital-to-analog converters
System with adjustable ADC clock phase
Multiplexed multi-channel bit serial analog-to-digital converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit having plural input control circuits
Velocity calculation
Level transmitter
Method for the detection especially of small sea targets
Method of identifying location using a master clock to synchronize time of arrival signals
Plasma processing system with a new inductive antenna and hybrid coupling of electronagnetic power
Multiple band telescope type antenna for mobile phone
Method and apparatus for calibrating antenna apparatus and testing an antenna connected thereto
Antenna structure for vehicle
Passage control device for non-contacting data carriers
Antenna system
Steerable offset reflector antenna
Low profile high polarization purity dual-polarized antennas
Isolation improvement mechanism for dual polarization scanning antennas
Wideband antenna mountable in vehicle cabin
Antenna for high frequency radio signal transmission
Image display apparatus and image evaluation apparatus
Driving circuit for organic thin film EL elements
Method for continuously controlling color of display device
Spatial-temporal multiplexing for high bit-depth resolution displays
Liquid crystal display having a dual bank data structure and a driving method thereof
Liquid crystal driving circuit
Driving method and circuit for pixel multiplexing circuits
Liquid crystal display element and driving method thereof
Serial access memory
Display apparatus with color video control signal function
Matrix type liquid-crystal display unit
Method and apparatus for providing LCD panel protection in an LCD display controller
Active matrix type device using forcible rewriting
Resizing images to improve network throughput
Liquid crystal display system capable of reducing and enlarging resolution of input display data
Overscan user interface
Virtual reality and telereality system
Force feedback interface with selective disturbance filter
Multi-plane sheet connected sensors
Mouse device
System and method of keyboard configuration for disabled user access
User interface with guide lights
Intelligent touch display
Differential touch sensor and control circuit therefor
Display unit integral with touch panel bonded through an adhesive composition or an adhesive film and production method thereof
Method and apparatus for changing numeric values on a display device
Touch-panel input device
Dual mode eraser
Voltage generating circuit, and common electrode drive circuit signal line drive circuit and gray-scale voltage generating circuit for display device
Display method, method of storing image information, display apparatus, navigation apparatus and automobile
Clock generation for sampling analong video
Virtual reality, tissue-specific body model having user-variable tissue-specific attributes and a system and method for implementing the same
Method and apparatus for volume rendering with multiple depth buffers
Extended support for numerical controls
Automatic graphical pattern placement and adjustment
Method for manual editing of a closed contour
Method and apparatus for generating character pattern
Clip display method and display device therefor
System for modeling a color imaging device
Method and system for generating a stereoscopic image of a garment
Image display drive apparatus
System and method for advanced interfaces for virtual environments
Integrated nozzle plate for an inkjet print head formed using a photolithographic method
Reduced area imaging devices incorporated within surgical instruments
Method of detecting adhesive material on a blank from which to form a container for tobacco articles
Camera theodolite system
Method and apparatus for measuring characteristics of a communication signal modulated with a composite video signal without synchronizing to the signal
Method and apparatus for measuring a radio frequency signal having program information and control information
Image pickup apparatus in which storage control is separately carried out for each focus detection area group
Method and apparatus for calibrating a tiled display
Data processing method and device for use in display apparatus
Fine-grained synchronization of a decompressed audio stream by skipping or repeating a variable number of samples from a frame
Phase comparison and phase adjustment for synchronization to a reference signal that is asynchronous with respect to a digital sampling clock
Decoder device and receiver using the same
Method and device for displaying widescreen images on conventional aspect ratio display monitors
Television apparatus, display method of television apparatus and picture plane control apparatus, and method
Real time window address calculation for on-screen display
Video signal mixing apparatus and method thereof
System and method for a graphical user interface including buddy dialogs
Method and system for organizing document information
User interface methodology supporting light data entry for microprocessor device having limited user input
Performing Operations; Transporting
Carriage bearing preloader and antirotation restoring force for reducing carriage vibration
Method of printing test pattern and printing apparatus for the same
Printer printhead
Device for determining a quantity of consumable product present in a reservoir and corresponding device for printing documents
Ink jet recording method and apparatus for driving recording head based on head temperature
Banding reduction in multipass printmodes
Data processing system and method for internet browser history generation
User interface control for creating split panes in a single window
Graphics processing device and method with graphics versus video color space conversion discrimination
Image format for storing digital images and including multiple application segments
Video signal dropout detector
User interface for electronic image viewing apparatus
Method of broadcasting controlling data streams and apparatus for receiving the same
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