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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mower attachable user cooling device
Hybrid crop stripper band for a crop pick-up
Systems and apparatus for extracting and delivering nutrients from biomass for plant growth
Production of Deschampsia antartica in bioreactors
Magnetic line and lure restraint for enhanced casting
Apparatus for capturing game or pests
Raccoon trap cap
Critical point drying systems and methods for in situ tissue preservation
Fungicidal and parasiticidal fire-retardant powder
Compositions and methods to modulate the rate of EBIS production from dithiocarbamate fungicides
Anti-viral pyrimidine nucleoside derivatives
Compositions and methods for controlling nematodes
Thickening glyphosate formulations
Use of hulled rapeseed
Palate cleansing beverage and method of making and using the same
Method for making a cubed nut cluster
Fruit and vegetable preservative
Caffeinated coffee-flavored cereal
Equipment for tobacco treatment or another bulk material sensitive to mechanical stress
Electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette device
Electronic cigarette
Electronic vaporizing device and methods for use
Electronic cigarette casing and electronic cigarette device
Hand sack system and method
Headgear support device having front-back adjustment
Shoelace tie assembly
Reciprocating rotating vibrating bidirectional electric cosmetic applicator
Stand for wigs
Backpack hunting blind
Apparatus and method for supporting and operating an electronic device upon a user's clothing or belt
Split-tip applicator
Interchangeable modular toothbrush
Applicator for combing the eyelashes or the eyebrows or for applying a composition thereto
Anti-tip guide for product merchandiser
System and method for rotatably mounting a picture frame
Window treatment rod bracket
Undermount cabinet storage system
Sink dish drainer set
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Surgical cutting device and method for its use
Endoscope apparatus and control method for adjusting light beam based on geometry of body
Minimally invasive system for delivering and securing an annular implant
Surgical stapling device
Hydration prevention coating
Method and apparatus for circulatory valve repair
Thrombus removal and intravascular distal embolic protection device
Blades with functional balance asymmetries for use with ultrasonic surgical instruments
Locking screws and plates
Bone cement mixing and delivery system and methods of use thereof
Preformed lens systems and methods
Methods and systems for detecting ophthalmic disease
Oxygen-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging technique and compartmental model algorithm
Tissue penetration device
Human movement measurement system
Spacer attachment for a dermatoscope
Touch-sensitive device and method
Wireless ECG system
Methods and systems for analyzing T-wave alternans
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Systems, methods, and media for finding and matching tremor signals
Lyotropic liquid crystal coated analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Digital integration with detector correction
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Active agent delivery device
Methods for providing protection during procedures in the vasculature
Intraocular lens (IOL)
Systems and methods for providing a femoral component
Intervertebral fusion device and method of use
Intervertebral disc spacer
Stent with protruding branch portion for bifurcated vessels
Compact athletic brace
Orthotic system and method utilizing hydrostatic compression of soft tissue to unload the knee and/or heel up to 100%
Catheter system with on-board temperature probe
Corneal cover and method of use thereof
Adjustable eyelid cover device and method
Presbyopic vision correction with controlled 3-D patterned mechanical weakening of scleral tissue
Head strap and buckle device for swimming/diving goggles
Method and composition for enhancing milk production
Estrogen receptor ligands and methods of use thereof
Benzimidazole-imidazole derivatives
Cancer diagnosis and imaging
Inhibitors of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Narcotic emulsion formulations for treatment of cancer pain
Use of the pat nanopeptide in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Tubulysin derivatives
Hygienic body wipe for adult males
Sustained-release formulation
Multi-phased, biodegradable and oesteointegrative composite scaffold for biological fixation of musculoskeletal soft tissue to bone
Stent made of a cobalt alloy
Attachable fabric scent diffuser
Cardiotomy suction tube system with multiple tips
Trigger mechanism for a drug delivery device
Medicated module for an inhaler
Detecting blood path disruption in extracorpreal blood processing
Auto-injector with active agent container latching
Drug delivery device with integrated extendable/retractable information display element
MRI shielding in electrodes using AC pacing
Left chamber pressure sensor lead delivery system
Deployable electrode lead anchor
Pharmacokinetics of iontophoretic sumatriptan administration
System and methods to facilitate providing therapy to a patient
Cardiac pacing system with improved physiological event classification and heart monitoring based on DSP
Method and device for providing anti-tachyarrhythmia therapy
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic treatment of head, cerebral and neural injury in animals and humans
Kinetic chain training system
Jump rope handle with multiple bearings
Multi-functional barbell
Physical therapy system with interchangeable heads
Horizontal bar hook
Swimming device with retractable fins
Golf club configured for multiple adjustability
Hockey goal trainer
Dynamic training apparatus
Putter alignment guide bar
Polygon-shaped game system
Ice skate blade guard with safety feature
Performing Operations; Transporting
Portable pre-filtering fuel filler device
Liquid filter, in particular an oil filter
Uniflow centrifugal gas-liquid separator
Hollow fiber module of a device for separating fluids and method for producing same
Drink mixer bottle and agitator
Process for manufacturing polysiloxane microcapsules that are functionalized and are not very porous
Sponge-like polymeric adsorption material
Use of manganese oxide and activated carbon fibers for removing a particle, volatile organic compound or ozone from a gas
Rapid thermal cycling for PCR reactions using enclosed reaction vessels and linear motion
Vertical top-fed grain mill
Centrifuge system and method that determines fill status through vibration sensing
Modular wall painting and printing systems and devices
Tank system for producing bubbles and illuminating the bubbles as they fall from the tank onto a passing vehicle
Mixer drum apparatus having blades and inlet seal
Semiconductor laser drive apparatus, optical write apparatus, imaging apparatus, and semiconductor laser drive method
Line head and image forming apparatus
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Vehicle drive control system
Adjustable limb support for personal mobility vehicles
Enhanced seat belt/accelerator behavioral system
Steering apparatus, automotive vehicle with the same, and steering control method
Multiple level container
System and method for creating currency rain
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Use of miR-494 to modulate TRAIL-induced apoptosis through BIM down-regulation
Organic peroxide compounds for microorganism inactivation
Method for culturing lactic acid bacterium and method for producing fermented milk
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for optimizing the flight of an aircraft
Thermal-protection based engine performance enhancement
Retractable leash for a swing car
Method for controlling external control type fan coupling device
Multi-stage non-sequential downshift control for an automatic transmission
Shift timing indicator system for vehicular manual transmission
Device for controlling an arc furnace installation
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Transit payment and handset navigation integration
System and method of auto-calibration of inertial sensors
Fall detection methods and devices
Automated security gate attendant
Dynamic file system creation for scan tools
Gravity sensor circuit system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for inspecting a pattern formed on a substrate
Optical gas detector
Laser and corner cube refractive-index structure parameter system
Wireless sensor based quantitative falls risk assessment
Method for operating an electric appliance and electric appliance
Method for providing network information
Method and system for implementing redundancy for streaming data in audio video bridging networks
Communication apparatus and method for controlling use of service
TAP linking module TDI multiplexer circuitry to plural TAPs
Integrated mobile terminal navigation
System and method for seismic data acquisition
Objective-coupled selective plane illumination microscopy
Optical tomography system with high-speed scanner
Oscillator and optical deflector having oscillator
Oscillator device and optical deflector using the same
Diffraction grating structure and method for manufacturing same
Surface relief volume reflective diffractive structure
Optical device, optical integrated device, and method of manufacturing the same
Virtual electronic switch system
System and tapered waveguide for improving light coupling efficiency between optical fibers and integrated planar waveguides and method of manufacturing same
Prism array
Driving apparatus, lens driving apparatus, and mechanical apparatus
Attachment frame for a display module and portable electronic device using the same
Method and apparatus for fabricating liquid crystal display device and substrate base material for liquid crystal display device
Backlight assembly comprising a mold frame integrally connected to a light guide plate and liquid crystal display having the same
Transflective liquid crystal display device having a color filter and method for fabricating thereof
Liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display device, and television device
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device and substrate for liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device having source-drain parasitic capacitances of a delta arrangement
Display element
Phase modulator and optical modulation device
Imaging apparatus, imaging apparatus control method, and computer program product, with eye blink detection features
Lens apparatus
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge having inclined partitioning unit
Exposure method, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and device fabricating method
Autofocus method
Grounding assembly for a drum in an image forming apparatus
Multicolor imaging system
Image recording device including moving mechanism for feed unit rotating member
Image forming apparatus, sheet supply supporting method and control program
Image forming apparatus for controlling movement of a moving member
Driving unit for photo conductor drum cartridge
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Supply control unit and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including a control section to control the application of a current
Remote CNC machine control switch
Method of configuring a control algorithm being executable by a controller
Apparatus and method for positioning a movable component of a motor actuated device
Method for dispensing a viscous material
Power management unit and systems LSI having the power management unit
Self-stabilizing byzantine-fault-tolerant clock synchronization system and method
Fixing mechanism and electronic device having the same
Sliding mechanism and electronic device having the same
Protection mechanism and electronic device employing the same
Hinge unit and portable computer having the same
Electronic device with a covered expansion card bay
System and method for establishing a direct link on the high throughput channel of a multi-rate channel wireless communications network
Power budgeting for a group of computer systems using utilization feedback for manageable components
Electronic device and power management method for audio control system thereof
Power saving system and method employed in computer
Seamless frequency sequestering
Management of link states using plateform and device latencies
Apparatus and method for error correction in mobile wireless applications incorporating erasure table data
Consistent and fault tolerant distributed hash table (DHT) overlay network
Method and apparatus for managing digital rights of secure removable media
Hardware-error tolerant computing
Relay connection unit and vehicle-mounted communication system
Efficient replaying of autograded coverage regressions and performance verification with directed testcases
Remote monitoring diagnostic system
Digital broadcasting contents move function
Information processing device that accesses memory, processor and memory management method
System and method for processing read request
Multiprocessor system and portable terminal using the same
Secondary cache for write accumulation and coalescing
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding
Two-hop source snoop based messaging protocol
Claiming coherency ownership of a partial cache line of data
Maintaining data integrity in a data storage device
Method and server for providing content to a handset
System and method for high performance enterprise data protection
Method and application for generating interleaver or de-interleaver
Scalable distributed memory and I/O multiprocessor system
Aggregation of reduced-sized images
Method and system for managing cache injection in a multiprocessor system
Method and system for interlocking data integrity for network adapters
System and method for permitting a software routine having restricted local access to utilize remote resources to generate locally usable data structure
Portable electronic printer
Public BOT management in private networks
Systems and methods for conducting internet content usage experiments
Web services-based computing resource lifecycle management
Pervasive, distributed provision of services such as product brokerage
Systems and methods for communicating in a lighting network
System and method for providing multi-media services to communication devices over a communications network
System for locating computing devices
Method and apparatus for locating communities over an ad-hoc mesh network
Online network and associated methods
Information processing system and information processing apparatus
System and method for providing a web-based operating system
Server side disambiguation of ambiguous statistics
Bandwidth and latency controller
Method and apparatus for communicating text-based commands through a network
Performance-data based server consolidation
Condition dependent data processing device
Predictive publishing of RSS articles
Wireless communication system, communication terminal, management terminal, communication method, and integrated circuit
Event detection from attributes read by entities
Establishing an IP session between a host using SIP and a device without an IP address
Method and system for classifying documents
XML based form modification with import/export capability
Image processing device, image processing method, and storage medium
Development of personalized plans based on acquisition of relevant reported aspects
Methods and apparatus for creating markup language documents
Method and device for filtering a multidemensional digital signal and associated methods and devices for encoding and decoding
Automated information technology management
Multi-threaded processes for opening and saving documents
Term extraction from service description documents
Network based directory service for terrestrial broadcasts
System and method for ontology-based location of expertise
Multimedia data recording method and apparatus for automatically generating/updating metadata
Distributed storage
System and method for SOA-based wire harness development
Circuit protection and control device simulator
Architecture and method for compensating for disparate signal rise and fall times by using polarity selection to improve timing and power in an integrated circuit
Analytical map models
Downhole drilling vibration analysis
CAM system and method
Computerized learning landscaping apparatus and methods
Lockstep mechanism to ensure security in hardware at power-up
Utilization and distribution of stochastic data
System and method for providing identity theft security
Method of generating license, and method and apparatus for providing contents using the same
Multipath-based migration of data across storage controllers
Item customization and website customization
Device control apparatus and device control method in video image display system including a plurality of connected devices
Packets transfer device having data absorbing buffers with elastic buffer capacities
Systems and methods for managing I/O throughput for large scale computing systems
Method and apparatus that enables a web-based client-server application to be used offline
Hover-over gesturing on mobile devices
Electronic paper display device event tracking
Incorporated handwriting input experience for textboxes
Content aware adaptive display
Web based video enhancement apparatus, method, and article of manufacture
Modifying a magnified field model
Image forming apparatus, computer readable storage medium and image formation processing method
Method for the operation of a data bus, and data bus system
Image forming apparatus with reduced start-up time
Vehicle control device
Electronic profile development, storage, use, and systems therefor
System and method for categorizing long documents
Adaptive crawl rates based on publication frequency
Boosting algorithm for ranking model adaptation
Compression of sorted value indexes using common prefixes
Highly reliable and scalable architecture for data centers
Matching of data center resource capabilities and resource needs by match-overlapping
Method and apparatus for a community-based trust
Implied storage operation decode using redundant target address detection
Method and apparatus for thread priority control in a multi-threaded processor based upon branch issue information including branch confidence information
Virtual computer server apparatus, and update image detection method
Computer implemented system and method for the generation of data access applications
Transaction tracking, managing, assessment, and auditing data processing system and network
Distributing and synchronizing objects
System and method for providing a one-step testing architecture
Event processor
Software management process, software management apparatus, and computer-readable medium storing software management program
Selecting formats for multi-format instructions in binary translation of code from a hybrid source instruction set architecture to a unitary target instruction set architecture
Methods and apparatus for analyzing SIMD code
Computer-implemented method and system for improved data flow analysis and optimization
Flash memory programming
Method of debugging an executable computer program having instructions for different computer architectures
Logic design verification techniques for liveness checking with retiming
Time management control method for computer system, and computer system
Managing tasks in a distributed system
Synchronizing access to resources in a hybrid computing environment
Method and system for recovering stranded outbound messages
Data processing device, ink jet printing system and data processing method
Image forming apparatus
Recording material moving device to position a record material within a movable range of a predetermined width and image forming device
Image forming apparatus, image processing apparatus, and control method therefor
Personal authentication method and personal authentication device
Image processing method and device for object recognition
Image recognition and analysis system and software
Method and device for inspecting a traveling wire cable
System and method for illuminating and imaging the iris of a person
System for monitoring foreign particles, process processing apparatus and method of electronic commerce
Method and apparatus for processing three-dimensional images
Methods and systems for designing electromagnetic wave filters and electromagnetic wave filters designed using same
Gaming scheme using general mood information
Method for temporally registering image series datasets
Automatic media edit inspector
Image segmentation
Image compression apparatus and image compression method
Multi-channel edge-aware chrominance noise reduction
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image managing apparatus, image managing method, computer program product, and image order sheet
Method for adaptive image enhancement
Input compensating for imaging distortion
Method and apparatus of detecting image objects
Imaging system and imaging method
Variable length encoding device of image compression system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
Data processing apparatus, computer program product, and data processing method for predicting an optimum function based on a case database and image feature values calculated by a feature-value calculating unit
Source user based provision of one or more templates
Methods and systems for assessing security risks
Bayesian product recommendation engine
Method and apparatus for managing transactions
Dynamic destination map display for navigation system
Method and system for providing local information over a network
Method and apparatus for mapping sources and uses of consumer funds
Target price sale apparatus and method
High demand sale processing
System and method for in-store sales of customized jewelry items
System, method, and computer readable medium for settling micropayment transactions to a pre-paid instrument
Integrated business decision-making system and method
Method and apparatus for permitting stage-door access to on-line vendor information
System and method for facilitating strategic contract audit, resolution and recovery
Incentivized adoption of time-dependent insurance benefits
Test method for detecting deviations of geoobjects
Apparatus and method of generating document
System and method for enhancing prayer and healing rituals
Active noise suppressor
Speech separating apparatus, speech synthesizing apparatus, and voice quality conversion apparatus
Device, method, and medium for establishing language model for expanding finite state grammar using a general grammar database
Method and apparatus for locating speech keyword and speech recognition system
Enhancing perceptual performance of SBR and related HFR coding methods by adaptive noise-floor addition and noise substitution limiting
Voice mixing method and multipoint conference server and program using the same method
Near-field light generating device and optically-assisted magnetic recording device with absorbing waveguide
Cartridge carrying apparatus and cartridge carrying method using notch-engagement projection
Spindle motor having a clamping device
Dual gain control for magnetic data storage system
Flat profile tape head
Disk drive and method for measuring clearance between a head and a disk in a disk drive
System and method for transfer of data stored in holographic storage medium
Optical information reproducing apparatus
Circuit for generating tracking error signal
Servoing system for master with parallel tracks in a holographic replication system
Disk drive tuning dual stage actuator servo loop gains from open loop response at target frequency
Device that can be rendered useless and method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and write method for the same
Eeprom device
Resistance change memory
Data transfer apparatus, and method, and semiconductor circuit
Semiconductor memory device and self refresh test method
Irradiation device for irradiating plants
Capacitor material, production method of the same, and capacitor, wiring board and electronic device containing that material
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Chip type electric double layer capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Stacked electric double layer capacitor
Thermionic electron emitter and X-ray source including same
Resistive superconducting current-limiter device with bifilar coil winding composed of HTS ribbon conductors and turn separator
Method for finding and tracking single-mode operation point of external cavity diode lasers
Semiconductor device and circuit protection method
Adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation apparatus for full duplex communication
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and communication system
Digital broadcast transmission and reception apparatuses and methods thereof
Wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) for carrier offset recovery
Method and apparatus for equalization in clustered channels
Mobile communication method and mobile communication apparatus
Apparatus and method for 4-beamforming using radio units having two paths in wireless communication system
System and method for providing improved intra-prediction in video coding
Passive optical network system and fault determination method
Method and system for monitoring and servicing devices based on one-wire infrared communication
Optical transmitting apparatus and optical communication system
Fast low frequency jitter rejection methodology
RFID system with RF bus
Auto configuration for a dial-up networking system
Communication system, radio communication apparatus, and communication method
Method and apparatus for data communication between a base station and a transponder
Method and apparatus for transmitting data between radio equipment and radio equipment controls
Timed fingerprint locating for idle-state user equipment in wireless networks
Group-header based method to organize local peer group of vehicles for inter-vehicle communication
Code division multiplex communication system
Method of multicasting
Method for determining a path distance value and network nodes
Method and apparatus for transmitting signal in a wireless communication system
Point-to-multipoint optical communication system
Reference sequence construction for fast cell search
Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric having a flow governor
Wireless MAC layer throughput improvements
Adaptive communications methods for multiple user packet radio wireless networks
Provable data integrity verifying method, apparatuses and system
Simultaneous use of multiple radio frequency channels
Method and apparatus for managing packet congestion
Extensible traffic generator for synthesis of network data traffic
Determining optimum delivery conditions associated with a restoration plan in a communication network
Train car-to-car communication device
Ethernet device and lane operating method
Device for shared management of a resource among several users
Fast convergence on child link failures and weighted load balancing of aggregate ethernet/SONET bundles
Managing messages transmitted in an interconnect network
Computer-implemented method, system, and program product for tracking a location of a user of a wireless device in a private network environment
Packet transmission system, packet transmission method, packet update method, host apparatus, and computer program product thereof for the packet transmission system
Management device to investigate path states of network and network system
Technique for providing constant bit rate (CBR) service over a time-slotted access channel
Storage function method and apparatus in a passive optical network
Routing packets in an ad hoc wireless network
Method of dirty paper coding using nested lattice codes
Digital transmitter
Post decoding soft interference cancellation
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, reception method, and transmission method
E-mail firewall with policy-based cryptosecurity
Prevention of a bidding-down attack in a communication system
Verified personal information database
Method and apparatus for enabling a user to select an authentication method
Dual usage smart card of CPU and logical encryption and its data synchronization method
Methods and apparatus for generating mobile internet pages for viewing by mobile communication devices
Method, apparatus, and system for outputting information and forming image via network, and computer product
Layer-independent security for communication channels
Apparatus and method for group session key and establishment using a certified migration key
Media package, system comprising a media package and method of executing program code
Inter-device adaptable interfacing clock skewing
Key distribution in a hierarchy of nodes
System and method using information based indicia for securing and authenticating transactions
Rotatable cell phone
Communication device with millimeter wave intra-device communication and methods for use therewith
Seamless multistage handoff algorithm to facilitate handoffs between hetergeneous wireless networks
Mobile terminal having a light source
Slidable portable electronic device
Method and apparatus for emergency services number alerting in an internet protocol network
Method and apparatus for providing end-to-end call completion status
System and method for remotely operating a wireless device using a server and client architecture
Communication terminal device and computer program product
Sensor event controller
Data message management system
Facsimile machine, facsimile notification system, and communication terminal device
Reading method, image forming method, computer program product
Image reader and image forming apparatus including the image reader
Image reading device
Controlling share of processing by each processor based on tendency of compositing pixel information in an image area
Information input/output method using dot pattern
Formation of a color image by using a plurality of color component materials
Correction information creation device, image formation device, correction information creation program storage medium and correction information creation method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
3D display system using a lenticular lens array variably spaced apart from a display screen
Image data processing method by reducing image noise, and camera integrating means for implementing said method
Image capturing apparatus, method of controlling same and program therefor
Electronic device including an operation member to operate a switch part or the like
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
Lens assembly and camera module having same
Image sharing system, image managing server, and control method and program thereof
Image capturing device with shake compensation
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Remote control and method of using same for controlling entertainment equipment
Panoramic camera with a plurality of camera modules
System and method for monitoring video data
Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
Moving picture stream generation apparatus, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture multiplexing apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
Moving picture display apparatus
Cylinder stroke system with laser proximity detector
Latency rate distortion optimisation
System and method for phase adaptive occlusion detection based on motion vector field in digital video
Method and device for texture based coding
Residential video communication system
Audio/video entertainment system and method
Upgrading software of set-top box
Method and system for providing VOD services in a digital cable TV network
URL access method and mobile terminal thereof
Magnifying attachment for a camera
Content suspension and resumption method and apparatus
Monitoring device
Method and apparatus for synchronizing local and remote audio and video program sources
Solid state image device having multiple PN junctions in a depth direction, each of which provides an output signal
Microscopic image capturing apparatus, microscopic image capturing method, and storage medium having a microscope image capturing program stored thereon
Image capture device including edge direction determination unit, and image processing method for the same
Multi-spectral imaging
Method and apparatus for displaying 3D multi-viewpoint camera video over a network
Method and system for replaying a movie from a wanted point by searching specific person included in the movie
Input-output circuit, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus for digital video signal
Loudspeaker with acoustic speaker lens
Array speaker system and method of implementing the same
Method of handling mobility in multimedia broadcast multicast service single frequency network in a wireless communication system and related communication device
Transitioning to previous coverage area to expedite call setup
Communication control apparatus and method
Method, computer program and base station for prediction based allocation of processing resources in a non-serving base station
Wireless communication apparatus, load dispersing method thereof, load dispersing program thereof, and wireless communication system
Device and method for handling messages
Methods, systems and computer program products for suspending packet-switched sessions to a wireless terminal
QOS-based multi-protocol uplink access
Scheduling method for multi-user MIMO in which resource blocks are allocated based on priorities
System and method for determining an SMS message retransmission schedule
Audience response system and method with multiple base unit capability
Method and network controller for switching between network sharing architectures
Methods and apparatus for flexible spectrum allocation in communication systems
Method and arrangement relating to location based services for a communication device
Acquisition of projection images for tomosynthesis
Dynamic image capturing control apparatus and dynamic image capturing system
Carriage chassis with a tri-lobed torsion stop
Tilting portable electronic device
Tilting portable electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Procedure for specific replacement of a copy of a gene present in the recipient genome by the integration of a gene different from that where the integration is made
Aminoguanidines and alkoxyguanidines as protease inhibitors
Compositions and methods for controlling plant pests
Tetrahydropyridines as pesticides
Salicylaldehyde-containing composition having antimicrobial and fragrancing properties and process for using same
Antimicrobial preservative compositions and methods
Imidamide derivatives
Phytase from bacillus subtilis, gene encoding said phytase, method for its production and use
Compressible wood pulp product
Method for preventing tissue injury from hypoxia
Carbocyclic and heterocyclic substituted semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones and the use thereof
Method of treating neurodegenerative disorders of the retina and optic nerve head
Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and fibric acid derivatives for cardiovascular indications
Ascorbyl esters for the treatment of cancer
Use of melatonin analogues for induction of general anesthesia
Use of prodigiosin for treating diabetes mellitus
Amorphous paroxetine composition
Quinoline derivatives as inhibitors of MEK enzymes
Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and nonulcer dyspepsia with substituted 2,3-benzodiazepines
Methods for identifying treating or monitoring asymptomatic patients for risk reduction or therapeutic treatment of breast cancer
Compositions and methods of preventing or reducing the risk or incidence of skeletal injuries in horses
Pharmaceutical administration of adenosine agonists
Anti-viral composition
Use of sulfated oligosaccharides as inhibitors of cardiovascular disease
Chimeric cell-targeting pathogenic organism and method of therapeutic use
Methods of inhibiting phagocytosis
Prevention of adhesions and excessive scar formation using angiogenesis inhibitors
Wound healing compositions containing alpha-1-antitrypsin
Method and composition for an early vaccine to protect against both common infectious diseases and chronic immune mediated disorders or their sequelae
Metallotexaphyrin derivatives
Thiophene of furan pyrrolidine compounds
Topical compositions and methods for treating pain
Chitosan compositions
Amphiphilic polymers and polypeptide conjugates comprising same
Reducing adhesion
Methods for delivering compounds into a cell
2,4-disubstituted triazine derivatives
Cocoa extract compounds and methods for making and using the same
Material for ocular lens
Peptide compositions mimicking TGF-.beta. activity
Performing Operations; Transporting
Porous film, separator for cell, and cell
Method of preparing a fumed metal oxide dispersion
Microcellular foams, their method of production, and uses and products thereof
Cleaning deposit devices that generate microarrays
Mesoporous alumina gel and process for its preparation
Modified carrier, complex oxide catalyst and process for preparation of acrylic acid
Molybdenum and vanadium based catalysts for the oxidation of alkanes to carboxylic acids and olefins
Syngas conversion and catalyst system employed therefor
Process for producing hydrocarbons from a synthesis gas, and catalysts therefor
Thermal cycling device with mechanism for ejecting sample well trays
Method for removing resist material
Laser processing apparatus and laser processing process
Method of forming lead-free bump interconnections
Method for preventing or reducing anodic Cu corrosion during CMP
Uniform small cell foams and a continuous process for making same
Structure and method for preventing barrier failure
Process for making media for high quality ink jet printing
Dental adhesive device and method of producing same
Flame-laminable polyurethane foams
Thermal dye transfer receiver element with microvoided support
Planographic printing plate
Hermetic chip scale packaging means and method including self test
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fiber glass binder compositions and process therefor
Plasma fluorine resistant alumina ceramic material and method of making
Devices and systems based on novel superconducting material
Lyotropic liquid crystalline L3 phase silicated nanoporous monolithic composites and their production
Method for fabricating high aspect ratio structures in perovskite material
Biological digestion of animal carcasses
Substituted alkylene diamine compounds
4-dedimethylaminotetracycline derivatives
Treatment of breast cancer
Plasminogen activator inhibitor antagonists
Substituted indolinones, preparation thereof and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Substituted pyridine or piperidine compounds
Heteroary1 derivatives and their use as medicaments
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Tricyclic protein kinase inhibitors
Conformationallly constrained peptidomimetics as .beta.-turn templates and modulators of SH3 domains
6,7-dimethoxyquinazolines and therapeutic use thereof
Morpholine and thiomorpholine tachykinin receptor antagonists
Chroman and benzofuran derivatives as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Piperidine amides as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Biphenyl sulfonamides as dual angiotensin endothelin receptor antagonists
Benzofurylpiperazine serotonin agonists
Taxane formulations
Benzazepine derivatives, medicaments containing the same and their use to prepare medicaments
Spiro-indolines as Y5 receptor antagonists
Substituted pyrazinoquinoxaline derivatives as serotonin receptor agonist and antagonists ligands
Bicyclic imidazo-3-yl-amine derivatives
Yohimbine dimers exhibiting binding selectivities for .alpha.2 adrenergic receptors
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Monocyclopentadienyl metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-copolymer production catalysts
Pyridoxal-5-phosphate derivatives as HIV integrase inhibitors
Antiviral purine derivatives
Estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraene derivatives
Carbon dioxide soluble surfactant having two fluoroether CO2-philic tail groups and a head group
Promoter of the sugarcane UBI4 gene
Nucleic acid encoding proteins involved in protein degradation, products and methods related thereto
Crystals of the large ribosomal subunit
Plasmid for gene expression in pichia ciferrii and transformation method using the same
Composition and method for diagnosing auto-immune hepatitis
Cloning and recombinant production of CFR receptor(s)
G-protein coupled receptors amplified in breast cancer
Process of high purity albumin production
Laminin 8 and methods for its use
Mutants of Green Fluorescent Protein
Differentiation-suppressive polypeptide serrate-2
BLNK proteins
Human sel-10 polypeptides and polynucleotides that encode them
Compounds and methods for modulating desmosomal cadherin-mediated functions
Preparation of in situ-reticulated flexible polyurethane foams
Demulsification of water-in-oil emulsions
Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoroethane, pentafluoropropane and water
Method of preparing polyurethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam
Glow-in-the dark display element
Fluids and techniques for hydrocarbon well completion
Process of preparing multi-functional amino di(alkylcyclohexyl) phosphordithioate additive for lubricant composition from saturated cashew nut shell liquid
Lubricant oil composition for internal combustion engines (law859)
Stable solid enzyme compositions and methods employing them
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Non-staining red colorants and liquid fabric softener formulations comprising such non-staining colorants
Ternary foaming cleaner
Method for measuring a state variable
Human K+ ion EAG channels
Peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerases
Tissue-vectors specific replication and gene expression
Concentrated injection and infusion solution for intravenous administration
Platform for the differentiation of cells
Isolated mammalian neural stem cells, methods of making such cells
Human protein kinases and uses therefor
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Isolated human lipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human lipase proteins, and uses thereof
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins, and uses thereof
Gene encoding alkaline liquifying alpha-amylase
Methionine aminopeptidase type 3
Isolated human zinc protease proteins
Canine cox-2 nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences which code for the cma gene
Methods for obtaining taxanes
Process for the enzymatic resolution of lactams
Process for preparation of optically active 1,2-diols by cultivating microorganisms
Electrochemical test device
Simple culture medium and method for preparation thereof
Composition for qualitative screening of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms and a qualitative method for screening microorganisms
Biodetectors targeted to specific ligands
Use of YLQF, YQEG, YYBQ, and YSXC, essential bacterial genes and polypeptides
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Method and apparatus for flow-through hybridization
Method for rapid amplification of DNA
E-beam deposition method and apparatus for providing high purity oxide films
Apparatus and method to achieve continuous interface and ultrathin film during atomic layer deposition
Tantalum nitride CVD deposition by tantalum oxide densification
Hot-filament chemical vapor deposition chamber and process with multiple gas inlets
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for processing substrates and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of eliminating voids in W plugs
Electrode for electroplating planar structures
Electropolishing metal layers on wafers having trenches or vias with dummy structures
Selective electroplating method employing annular edge ring cathode electrode contact
Method of growing p-type ZnO based oxide semiconductor layer and method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Textiles; Paper
Carbon-matrix composites, compositions and methods related thereto
Analysis method and cuvette therefor
Screening methods for compounds useful in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease
Coated surfaces with high capacity for capturing target molecules
Method for assaying receptor binding property and reagent for the assay
Method for diagnosing autoimmune diseases
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device and testing method
Image sensor having large micro-lenses at the peripheral regions
Ambient condition sensor for a photosensitive media cartridge
Method for forming a diffusive-type light reflector
Process for manufacturing reflective TFT-LCD with rough diffuser
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for preparing silver halide photographic tabular grains emulsions
Silver halide photographic emulsion and light-sensitive material containing the same
Silver halide emulsion
Silver halide emulsion and chemical sensitization method thereof
Photothermographic recording material
Photothermographic material
Method for fabricating plate type magnetic resistance sensor chip element
Method and material for photographic processing
Photographic element containing a red dye-forming pyrazolotriazole coupler
Method of processing silver halide color photographic materials
Method for processing a color reversal photographic film
Photoresist compositions and flexible printed wiring boards with protective layer
Method for preparing lithographic printing plate
Oxygen free plasma stripping process
Photoresist stripping solution and a method of stripping photoresists with the same
Resist stripping agent and process of producing semiconductor devices using the same
Process for manufacturing a group comprising at least two elements, one whereof includes an encapsulated micro-integrated structure, and thereby obtained group
Replicated regions on optical disks
Method of making resistive memory elements with reduced roughness
Method of forming chalcogenide comprising devices, method of precluding diffusion of a metal into adjacent chalcogenide material, and chalcogenide comprising devices
Apparatus for and method of etching
Manufacturing method for two-dimensional image detectors and two-dimensional image detectors
Method of fabricating a dynamic random access memory with increased capacitance
Ultra-thin SiO2using N2O as the oxidant
Method of forming dielectric films
Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) process for shallow trench isolation
Semiconductor device producing method
Method for forming nitride spacer by using atomic layer deposition
Forming strained source drain junction field effect transistors
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with high and low breakdown transistors
Method for fabricating a high voltage device
Hole metal-filling method
Thermal characterization compensation
Method for forming a top interconnection level and bonding pads on an integrated circuit chip
Integrated circuit device with MIM capacitance circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Process for the fabrication of integrated devices with reduction of damage from plasma
Semiconductor structure including a partially annealed layer and method of forming the same
Manufacturing method of semiconductor chip with adhesive agent
Semiconductor structure having a metal gate electrode and elevated salicided source/drain regions and a method for manufacture
Method for forming a silicide gate stack for use in a self-aligned contact etch
Methods used in fabricating gates in integrated circuit device structures
Radical-assisted sequential CVD
Method of etching insulating film and method of forming interconnection layer
Method of depositing metal onto a substrate
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device
Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
Film planarization for low-k polymers used in semiconductor structures
Method for fabricating interfacial oxide in a transistor and related structure
Technique for gated lateral bipolar transistors
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming a novel top-metal fuse structure
Method for determining, tracking and/or controlling processing based upon silicon characteristics
Method for protecting the front side of semiconductor wafers
Adsorbing device, sucker and mounting device for conductive member, adsorbing method and mounting method for conductive member, and semiconductor device and method of making
Techniques for maintaining alignment of cut dies during substrate dicing
Method of fabricating a DRAM semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device having a capacitor
Method for reducing gate length bias
Formation of self-aligned vertical connector
Method of forming a composite spacer to eliminate polysilicon stringers between elements in a pseudo SRAM cell
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device of high-voltage CMOS structure
Methods of fabricating integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing it
Method for bonding and debonding films using a high-temperature polymer
Elimination of narrow device width effects in complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) devices
Method of reducing substrate coupling/noise for radio frequency CMOS (RFCMOS) components in semiconductor technology by backside trench and fill
Method of filling contact hole of semiconductor device
Methods of forming semiconductor circuit constructions and capacitor constructions
Method for forming openings in low dielectric constant material layer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor devices having copper interconnect and low-K dielectric layer
Method for avoiding photoresist resist residue on semioconductor feature sidewalls
Dual hardmask single damascene integration scheme in an organic low k ILD
Method for forming the self-aligned buried N+ type to diffusion process in ETOX flash cell
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Leadframe and method for manufacturing resin-molded semiconductor device
Method for fabricating BOC semiconductor package
Methodology to pack standard staggered bond input-output buffer into linear input-output buffer
Method of manufacturing gate driver with level shift circuit
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for fabricating an anti-fuse in programmable interconnections
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for fabricating a high-density capacitor
Forming a structure on a wafer
Use of a reference fiducial on a semiconductor package to monitor and control a singulation method
Micromachine stacked wirebonded package fabrication method
Method for fabricating dram cell array not requiring a device isolation layer between cells
Method for producing a memory cell for a semiconductor memory
Method for producing an insulation
Flash EEPROM with function of single bit erasing by an application of negative control gate selection
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a silicon on insulator substrate
High-frame-rate CCD imaging devices made in low-production runs from otherwise ordinary and inexpensive CCD devices
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Metal gate double diffusion MOSFET with improved switching speed and reduced gate tunnel leakage
High performance poly-SiGe thin film transistor and a method of fabricating such a thin film transistor
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a trench-gate structure
Power MOS device with buried gate
Integration of monocrystalline oxide devices with fully depleted CMOS on non-silicon substrates
Ultra small size vertical MOSFET device and method for the manufacture thereof
Solar cell and method of manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode devices
Method for fabricating single-mode DBR laser with improved yield
Method for producing multi-layer circuits
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