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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Spool shaft support structure for dual-bearing reel
System and method for making lab card by embossing
Water feeding device of hot drink maker
Bust support
Pneumatic hairbrush for pets and people that releases active ingredients in powder form
Pet nail filing device
Rotating dial sifter
Transportable support system for dive equipment
Bird feeder
Furniture piece with a support member and recessed fastener
Headrest for a vehicle seat
Lifting means
Skew adjustment device for coverings for architectural openings
Hot drink maker
Cleaning device having drive means with multiple driving modes
Multiple coil staple and staple applier
Method and device for full thickness resectioning of an organ
Methods and devices for treatment of bone fractures
Apparatus for bracing vertebrae
Variable geometry occipital fixation plate
Lens for intraocular observation and contact lens for vitreous surgery
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling image processing apparatus
Fundus camera
Biological information monitoring system
Vessel occlusive device and method of occluding a vessel
Stent with dual support structure
Medicated porous metal prosthesis
Metal-on-metal modular hybrid liner
Interbody fusion ring and method of using the same
Extractable filler for inserting medicine into animal tissue
System for and method of processing bone material using supercritical fluids
Aerosol therapy device
Method and apparatus for curving a catheter
Cardiac ventricular geometry restoration device and treatment for heart failure
Portable type hygiene washer
Method of treating a joint using an articular injection system
Articulated catheter
Sterile drug-mixing syringe
Device for vein stabilization
Medical instrument with laterally displaceable seal
Access assembly with multi-flapper design
Method and set for transferring a fluid between two containers
Implantable medical device with reversible attachment mechanism and method
Pop-open respiratory etiquette device
Methods, compositions, and burner systems for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere
Trunk rotation
Exerciser with length-adjustable inelastic straps
Portable resistance training device
Exercise treadmill for simulating a pushing action and exercise method therefor
Wheelchair accessible treadmill
Treadmill speed control system
Bicycling exercise apparatus
Device and method for regaining balance
Removable device allowing stationary swimming in an above-ground swimming pool or self-supporting swimming pool
Tennis racket with adjustable balance and method for using the same
Golf green repair tool
Bat used for baseball or softball
Beer pong table with cooling system
Electronic roulette-type betting device having different odds at different points in time
Gaming machine
Method and system for fixed odds exotic and straight betting with pari-mutuel rules
Method for conducting a lottery
Universal flying hawk
Virtual character video toy with movable display
Construction system and applications thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Block for filtering particles contained in exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine
Filter element, air cleaner, and methods
Filter with multiple sections of different media
Apparatus and method for the purification of air entering animal transport vehicles
Method for removing hydrogen sulphide and other acidic gas components from pressurized technical gases
Systems, methods, and apparatus for capturing CO.sub.2 using a solvent
Control method for superfine powder grinding industrial waste slag in an energy-saving and environmental-friendly type of closed cycle with high yield and the apparatus for the same
Refiner plate assembly and method with evacuation of refining zone
Smooth bore nozzle with adjustable bore
Caulking gun
Substrate treatment apparatus
Adjustable water feed device for feeding water to a moistener in a mail handling machine
Molding material mixture, molded part for foundry purposes and process of producing a molded part
Casting roll
Process for producing thermoelectric semiconductor alloy, thermoelectric conversion module, thermoelectric power generating device, rare earth alloy, producing process thereof, thermoelectric conversion material, and thermoelectric conversion system using filled skutterudite based alloy
System and method for breaking chips formed by a drilling operation
Apparatus for making aligned inclined holes in work pieces
Friction stir processing apparatus with a vibrator
Glass support pin
Portable belt sander
Electric hand-held power tool for performing sanding work, in particular a finishing sander
Cradle assembly for a pressure decay leak tester
Gas combustion type driving tool
Magazines in fastener driving tools
Handheld power tool
Wood composites bonded with phenol-formaldehyde by steam injection pressing
Press molding tool and method for production of a component by press molding
Method for the production of a molded part
Shooting pot for feeding multiple nozzles
Process to prepare a shaped solid detergent
Process and device for gluing dried fibres designated for the production of fibreboards
Parallel plate arrangement and method of formation
Micro-fluidic interconnector
Elastomeric nonwoven laminates and process for producing same
Method and device for position-compensated and angle-compensated welding
Printer with release agent metering on drum
Inkjet printer and printing method
Ink jet recording head
Actuator device, method of manufacturing the same and liquid-jet head
Ink jet head and production process thereof
Inkjet head
Device for controlling fluid velocity
Liquid discharge recording head
Inkjet printer having an ink cartridge unit configured to facilitate flow of ink therefrom
Apparatus for reading markings on a solid ink stick
Air tight ink cartridge with unobstructed ink outlet
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and recording medium storing program that causes the apparatus to execute the method
Ink jet print head, ink jet printing apparatus, and method for manufacturing ink jet print head
Arrangement for the backlining or the headbanding of a book block spine
Rim for a spoked bicycle wheel, wheel and manufacturing method
Centrifugal wheel
Self-leveling air spring suspension system
Cast trailing arm assembly for trailer suspension
Protective sunshade for a vehicle windowpane
Electric vehicle with switched reluctance motor power plant
Vehicle cowl for deflecting road debris
Personal vehicle
Side collision detecting apparatus for vehicle
Kinetic energy storage device
Lightweight three-link cycle seat clamp
Sweep tarp
Lighting device for vehicle
Electric vehicle battery system
Inflatable airbag assemblies with modular components and related methods of manufacture
Exterior airbag panel
Air bag with fill hose and method of assembly
Air bag module with T-diffuser for inflator
Method and system for controlling the creep behavior of a vehicle equipped with an automated clutch
Vehicle lifting apparatus
Quick-release device of a bicycle brake cable
Float and a floatable structure
Over-wing traveling-wave axial flow plasma accelerator
Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil
Holder for disposable paper container
Holder, system and/or method for insulating and/or for supporting a cup
Discharger for a flowable medium
Transferring device for repositioning articles
Paper feeding module and multi-function peripheral having the same
Articulated jib
Dispenser cap for pressurised fluids
Child resistant closure for a tap
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for decontaminating syngas
Organo-mineral soil amendment
Combustible structural composites and methods of forming combustible structural composites
Liquid composition suitable for use as a corrosion inhibitor and a method for its preparation
Artificial firelog using non-petroleum waxes
Deodorant compositions
Manufacture method of briquette for use as metal stock and manufacturing apparatus thereof
Welding additive material
Spring element made from a ferritic chromium steel
Apparatus and method for compounding carbon nanotubes
Installation for depositing, by means of a microwave plasma, an internal barrier coating in thermoplastic containers
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Hydrophilic treatment method and wiring pattern forming method
Vapor-phase epitaxial growth method and vapor-phase epitaxy apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Temporary pants hemming/cuffing devices
Method of increasing depth shade
Fixed Constructions
Modular axle guard for compactor wheel
Protective marine barrier system
Coupler device to connect bucket or tool to boom arm
Acoustic structure and acoustic room
Downspout flow diverter
Striker plate, a door jamb assembly and a method of securing a striker plate to a door surround structure
Lift cord anchor for coverings for architectural openings
Ladder system, especially for vehicles
Wellbore fluid comprising a base fluid and a particulate bridging agent
Flow control system having a downhole rotatable valve
Multi-cycle isolation valve and mechanical barrier
Gas assisted downhole pump
Helical drilling apparatus, systems, and methods
Method of attachment of a towing anchor to an iceberg
Sonic drill head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fan frame
Variable valve actuation apparatus of internal combustion engine
Mode-switching cam follower
Heat storage system for vehicle
Split-cycle four-stroke engine
High efficiency eight stroke internal combustion engine
Device for supplying air to a multiple-cylinder engine head
Post-start controller for diesel engine
Scroll fluid machine having a coupling mechanism to allow relative orbiting movement of scrolls
Mechanical emergency brake for wind turbines and method for operating same
Electromagnetic reciprocating fluid device
Wave powered pumping apparatus
Engine speed dependent oil pump pressure regulation
Portable air pump
Centrifugal fan and impeller thereof
Axial fan unit having coaxially arranged axial fans
Fastening mechanism
Plastic threaded insert
Wheel bearing arrangement comprising a radial-flange-side encoder
Radial rolling bearing
Double-row angular contact anti-friction bearing comprising a split outer bearing ring and a one-piece inner bearing ring
Power strut assembly
Automatic transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Planetary transmission having common carrier for generating six forward and two reverse drive ratios
Differential apparatus for vehicle
Inverted tooth chain sprocket with frequency modulated meshing
Low power actuator and valve-actuator combination
Injection valve of high pressure homogenizer and injection valve unit of the same
Pipeline for conducting air for air conditioning in aircrafts
Sealed flange joint for high pressure and high purity gas channels
Apparatus for transferring a cryogenic fluid
Worklight with a hands-free mounting system
Support structure for an LED display system
Optical illumination module
Sports lighting fixture having die-cast frame in high-reflectance material
Light pipe and light guiding device with same
Premixing burner for generating an ignitable fuel/air mixture
Protector for detonator, and method of use
Firing structure of paintball marker
Method of providing a defense against a shaped charge
Moving target system for defensive training
Expandable arrow broadhead with two-piece folding cutting blades
Water-based ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet recording apparatus, and image forming method
Calibration of imaging geometry parameters
Method for standardizing the derivation of the temperature in the mesopause region from hydroxyl (OH*) airglow
Method for optimizing direct wafer bond line width for reduction of parasitic capacitance in MEMS accelerometers
Method of constructing a normal joint structure of a superconducting cable
Single lens reflex camera with electro-optical reflex apparatus
Image display apparatus having a plurality of light-shielding members
Small-sized projector with high heat dissipating efficiency
Price guarantee tracking service
Entrance ticket with lighting effect
Card reader with locking device
Apparatus for the payout of coins from a pair of neighbouring coin tubes
Blacklight with power supply clips and liquid crystal display device including such backlight
Radioactive waste reprocessing method and device
Fine particle of perovskite oxide, particle having deposited perovskite oxide, catalyst material, catalyst material for oxygen reduction, catalyst material for fuel cell, and electrode for fuel cell
Conductive paste and wiring board using it
Electrolytic solution
Method of forming field emission light emitting device including the formation of an emitter within a nanochannel in a dielectric matrix
Fabrication of a semiconductor nanoparticle embedded insulating film electroluminescence device
Mounting device for a connector
Connector capable of suppressing board--induced contact damage
Device with interface port protection cover
Card edge connector with an improved retainer
Contact strip having pre-break recess with gradient width and deep
Cable connector assembly with an improved shell
Electrical connector
Complex electrical connector
Electrical connector having positioning posts defined on insulative base
3-dimensional high performance heat sinks
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus constructed by one-chip integrated circuit
Multichannel communication protocol configured to extend the battery life of an implantable device
System for monitoring wearers of protective respiratory equipment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drive spindle with two-stage static deflector
Robot controller and control method
Robot, servo circuit, actuator, robot control method, and actuator control method
Image forming apparatus
Ribbon cartridge structure for printing head of large color printer
Heat printing device
Image forming apparatus
Scanning optical apparatus
Fluorescent luminous device including cathodes that receive independently controlled voltages
LED head, image forming apparatus, and method of measuring amount of light from LED array
Rod lens array and printer head and optical printer using the same
Microencapsulated electrophoretic electrostatically-addressed media for drawing device applications
Receiver of a remote control system and a method for operating a remote control system
Tire inflation assistance monitoring system
Method for the displaying information in a motor vehicle
Motor/generator device
Methods and apparatus for increasing power of permanent magnet motors
Cooling control system of linear motor
Motor vehicle having a vehicle electronics system, interface for the vehicle electronics system and a method for operating the vehicle electronics system
Traffic system to prevent from accidents
Led warning signal light and light support
Vehicle surrounding viewing system
Electronic lateral viewers for a vehicle
Memory mirror system for vehicles
Electric power distributor for use in motor vehicle
Intelligent current distribution system and method for manufacturing the same
Mechanical and remote control key
Monitoring location and tracking system
Bilge pump monitor and alert system for boats and other vessels
Device for monitoring the anchor or anchor chain
Marine signaling device
Encapsulated microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
PTC composite material
Coating for a luminescent material
Target for use in magnetron sputtering of nickel for forming metallization films having consistent uniformity through life
Fixed Constructions
Child protection bracelet
Opening and closing motion control device for closing member
Security entrance system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for controlling a capacitive actuator
Stator for an electric motor/generator with a half-integer winding
System specific fluid flow control with induction motor drive
Fan Motor
Linear motion unit
Bearing protection assembly for motors
Controller of magnetic bearing
Vibration cancellation apparatus and exposure apparatus
Automatic on/off device for a lamp
LED tubular lighting device and control device
Pool safety lighting system
Landmine locating system
Munition article with antenna for satellite navigation
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Magnetic rotational position sensor having dual magnetic flux sensor capabilities
Photogrammetic camera
Motion and tilt angle sensor
Magnetic permeability position detector
Adapter circuit system for a measuring device
Capacitive sensor for sensing the amount of material in a container
Detection of surface anomalies in elongate conductive members by pulse propagation analysis
Method and apparatus for measuring and characterizing the frequency dependent electrical properties of dielectric materials
Configuration for testing chips using a printed circuit board
Method for in-line testing of flip-chip semiconductor assemblies
Efficient device debug system
Apparatus for testing bumped die
Test socket and methods
Method for producing a contact structure
Programmable voltage divider and method for testing the impedance of a programmable element
Current measuring element with a hall sensor
Peak detector
Compensated RF power detector
Method of calculating parasitic capacitance between electrodes of integrated circuits
Capacitively coupled electrical ground detection circuit
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor packages without damage
Method and system for adapting burn-in boards to multiple burn-in systems
Semiconductor device
Method for determining a load line based variable voltage input for an integrated circuit product
Apparatus and method for producing an ion channel microprobe
Method and system for testing a semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for measuring the opening time of a medium voltage air circuit breaker
Fail-safe electronic circuit breaker
Accurate voltage measurement system using relay isolated circuits
Method for detecting a motor vehicle battery failure
Method for diagnosing a battery of a vehicle and a system thereof
Magnetic impedance element having at least two thin film-magnetic cores
Diode laser-pumped magnetometer
Real-time shimming of polarizing field in magnetic resonance system
Radiofrequency irradiation schemes and methods of design and display for use in performing nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with a variable repetition time in conjunction with a variable data acquisition time
Method and apparatus for capturing magnetic resonance signals, recording medium and system for magnetic resonance imaging using the same
EPR imaging device using microwave bridge translator
Method and system for anti-jamming simulation
Selectable range ring for an ADS-B CDTI cockpit display
Infrastructure-aiding for satellite navigation receiver and method
Method and apparatus for location estimation
False reflected target elimination and automatic reflector mapping in secondary surveillance radar
Technique for estimating rainfall from a meteorological radar with polarization diversity
System and method for pointing the bore-sight of a terminal antenna towards the center of a satellite station-keeping box in the geo-stationary orbit
Directional antenna apparatus and mobile communication system using the same
Position privacy in an electronic device
Integrated pseudolite/satellite base station transmitter
System for recognizing signal of interest within noise
Helmet mount for night vision device
Image pickup apparatus with optical element movable among a plurality of inclination positions
Multiple viewer system for displaying a plurality of images
Filter substrate and display device
Focusing information detecting device, focus detecting device and camera utilizing the same
Liquid crystal device and electronic equipment technical field
Electrode for use in electro-optical devices
Capacitive sensor calibration method and apparatus for opposing electro-magnetic actuators
Oscillating circuit and method for calibrating same
Very low quiescent current regulator and method of using
Method and apparatus for determining voltage regulator tap position
Hybrid tap-changing transformer with full range of control and high resolution
Apparatus and method for limiting leakage to ground current while optimizing output of a power supply adaptable for use with a motion sensor switch
Voltage regulator circuit with transient generator to respond to load current changes and method therefor
Low voltage, fast settling precision current mirrors
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Reduced noise band gap reference with current feedback and method of using
PWM power amplifier
Clock routing circuit with fast glitchless switching
System and method for flexibly distributing timing signals
Double data rate input and output in a programmable logic device
Apparatus and method for controlling the power of a handheld computing device using a stylus
Battery operable device with battery state-of-charge indicator
Reducing battery discharge current by throttling CPU power
Method and device for power consumption management of an integrated display unit
Method and system for concurrent processing of slices of a bitstream in a multiprocessor (MP) system
Statistical comparator interface
Device and method for generating scenario suitable for use as presentation materials
Initialization method for one-way communications and apparatus for use therewith
Method and apparatus for zoomed display of characters entered from a telephone keypad
Monitor control device and control method thereof
Coordinate data input device
Adaptive frequency touchscreen controller employing digital signal processing
Digitizer system with on-screen cue indicative of stylus position
Apparatus and method for tactile feedback from input device
Wireless tracking system
Integrated semiconductor circuit having analog and logic circuits
Image recording apparatus simultaneously recording a plurality of line images with a plurality of light beams
Detection of the distance between an electromagnetic transponder and a terminal
Electronic identification system with improved sensitivity
Electronic circuit support comprising tear resistant means
User interface changeable information processing apparatus and method therefor
Prediction input
System for dynamically adjusting image quality for interactive graphics applications
Method and apparatus for graphics processing using parallel graphics processors
MIP mapping based on material properties
System and method for implementing a two-layer z-range buffer
Method and apparatus for a video graphics circuit having parallel pixel processing
Image processing apparatus and method
Computer graphics data generating apparatus, computer graphics animation editing apparatus, and animation path generating apparatus
Depicting hierarchically related graphical components
Processing of graphical objects with distinct stretch and compression properties
Method and system for organizing DMA transfers to support image rotation
Histogram method for characterizing video content
Information collector and disseminator for a realty lock box
Security control system
Singular housing window or door intrusion detector using earth magnetic field sensor
Wireless monitoring and identification using spatially inhomogeneous structures
Contactless identification system, method of contactless identification, and antenna coil
Device for signalling spatial separation or closeness beyond or within a predetermined limit
Device with built-in signal discrimination and output synchronization circuits
Touch pad, led motion detector head
Selective call system
Emergency guidance system
Apparatus and method for remote convenience message reception with signal strength determination
Low cost redundant resolver system
Remote control device for electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for measuring and recording vehicle speed and for storing related data
Split-phase PED head signal
Vehicular communication apparatus, communication method and computer-readable storage medium therefor
Laser cathode ray tube
Method of driving plasma display panel and a plasma display device using the method
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Plasma display panel drive method and apparatus
Methods of improving display uniformity of organic light emitting displays by calibrating individual pixel
Light emitting display device and driving method therefor
Modulation circuit and image display using the same
Display apparatus
Driving method for liquid crystal device
Information display device and display control method
Display apparatus in which noise is not displayed as regular pattern since averaging operation can be perfectly performed when interlaced scanning is performed
Display driver IC and electronic device using same
Automatically upgrading software over a satellite link
Apparatus and method for color illumination in display devices
System for displaying multiple images and display method therefor
Method and system for editing digital information using a comparison buffer
Head stack assembly (HSA) with shunt testing access port
Internal voltage generation circuit
Circuit and method for trimming integrated circuits
System for sampling a data signal
High speed latch circuit
Accelerator and medical system and operating method of the same
Wire-wound common-mode choke coil
Apparatus for attaching an electric coil to a printed circuit board
Envelope for slip-ring contacting members in high-power rotary current collector system
Alternating current contactor
Multipolar electromagnetic switching module
Molded case circuit breaker accessory system
Circuit breaker
Magnetic trip
Electron emission light-emitting device and display apparatus using the same
Electron source, image-forming apparatus comprising the same and method of driving such an image-forming apparatus
Nonevaporable getter system for plasma flat panel display
AC plane discharge type plasma display panel
Liquid metal ion source and method for measuring flow impedance of liquid metal ion source
Tensioned shadow mask for cathode ray tube including tie bars having dummy bridges
Braun tube frame having long and short sides of a specified height
Color cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube having electrostatic quadrupole lenses
Deflection yoke with inflexible holding part
Light source device, exposure apparatus and cathode ray tube panel
Image forming apparatus for forming image by electron irradiation from electron-emitting device
Triode-type field emission device having field emitter composed of emitter tips with diameter of nanometers and method for fabricating the same
Pulsed RF power delivery for plasma processing
Plasma display panel
Fluorescent colortone lamp with reduced mercury
Electron-emitting device provided with pores that have carbon deposited therein
Light bulb
Self-supporting air bridge interconnect structure for integrated circuits
BGA package and method for fabricating the same
Stacked structure for memory chips
Thermally-enhanced stacked-die ball grid array semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Thermal gap control
Solder clad lead frame for assembly of semiconductor devices and method
Lead frame decoupling capacitor, semiconductor device packages including the same and methods
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Compound semiconductor device
Stacked semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Three-dimensional memory stacking using anisotropic epoxy interconnections
Parasitically compensated resistor for integrated circuits
Superconducting heavy-current disconnector
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive device and method of manufacturing same
Organic light emitting device incorporating a waveguide
Inductor-capacitor resonant RF switch
Microwave multiplexer with manifold spacing adjustment
High-power precision 1 dB step attenuator
Complex circuit board with an electrode and air gap between dielectric and magnetic substrates
Sloppy coax interconnect for low cost RF and phased array applications
Non-radiative dielectric line including convex or concave portion, and integrated circuit comprising the non-radiative dielectric line
Broadband coupled-line power combiner/divider
Dielectric resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication device
Antenna assembly
Antenna for an electronic device
Antenna device
Device having an extendable antenna
Integrated antenna for mobile telephones
Multiband antenna
Method and apparatus for adapting antenna array to reduce adaptation time while increasing array performance
Coaxial connector assembly and antenna assembly having a switching function
Elliptic to circular polarization converter and test apparatus incorporating the same for accommodating large axial ratio
Device for the accurate positioning of an antenna
Dual frequency single polarization feed network
Low profile scanning antenna
Electromagnetic wave absorber
Frequency selective microwave devices using narrowband metal materials
Motor-drive device for sensors in a receiver and/or transmitter with spherical electromagnetic lens and receiver and/or transmitter comprising such a device
Patch antenna array with isolated elements
Array antennas with notched radiation patterns
Phased array antenna system having prioritized beam command and data transfer and related methods
Spark plug with a corrosion impeding layer
Method and arrangement for electrically controlling and regulating the movement of an electrically operated aggregate of a motor vehicle
Device for distributing energy between a plurality of electronic modules with possibility of shedding
Reverse blocking function integrated into charging circuit
Power source
Stator with teeth formed from a soft magnetic powder material
Rotating electrical machine
Motor/generator having two rotors
Electric rotary machine with novel rotor excitation arrangement by permanent magnets
Alternator for vehicles
Actuator using a magnetic circuit to produce a counterforce
Brushless, electronic commuted motor
Iron core and electromagnetic driving mechanism employing the same
Modular converter
Method and system for eliminating certain harmonics in a distributed power system
Resonant buck-type voltage converter using swinging inductance
Bounded power supply voltage positioning
Battery operated power circuit and driving method thereof
Single-phased powered drive system
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Self-tuning control of switched-reluctance motor drive system
Operational amplifier oscillator
Mixer circuit with negative feedback filtering
Triple class E Doherty amplifier topology for high efficiency signal transmitters
Bias enhancement circuit for linear amplifiers
Distributed amplifier with terminating circuit capable of improving gain flatness at low frequencies
Low-noise gain switching circuit using tapped inductor
Broadcast transmission system with correction for distortion caused by amplifying and signal conditioning components at a different rate
Semiconductor device
Switching amplifier incorporating return-to-zero quaternary power switch
Differential output driver circuit and method for same
Low power supply CMOS differential amplifier topology
Combining networks for switchable path power amplifiers
Method and apparatus for implementing automatic gain control in a system
Automatic level controlling circuit
Gigabit ethernet transceiver with analog front end
Transconductor and filter circuit
Circuit having increased noise immunity and capable of generating a reference voltage or terminating a transmission line
Sampling device having an intrinsic filter
Input circuit of satellite tuner
Low power switchable filter tuner
Signal attenuators
Controlled effective coupling coefficients for film bulk acoustic resonators
Longitudinally coupled double mode resonator filters using shallow bulk acoustic waves
Band switching filter using a surface acoustic wave resonator and an antenna duplexer using the same
Tunable input trap circuit and image trap circuit
Output buffer circuit of semiconductor integrated circuit
Open drain driver having enhanced immunity to I/O ground noise
Method and apparatus that models neural transmission to amplify a capacitively-coupled input signal
Device for power supply detection and power on reset
Electrical load driving device
Voltage level translator
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and microcomputer
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having compensation for wiring distance delays
Programmable logic device input/output architecture with power bus segmentation for multiple I/O standards
Low voltage latch with uniform stack height
Voltage controlled oscillator with delay circuits
Parallel-resonant inverter-type fluorescent lamp ballast
Self-referencing slicer method and apparatus for high-accuracy clock duty cycle generation
Delivering a fine delay stage for a delay locked loop
Input buffer of a semiconductor device that gives only a small scattering in delay time
Method for charge pump tri-state and power down/up sequence without disturbing the output filter
Process independent ultralow charge pump
Serial D/A converter compensating for capacitor mismatch errors
D/A conversion apparatus with divided voltage selecting unit
A/D converter background calibration
Current-steering D/A conversion with current source mismatch compensation
Parallel processing analog and digital converter
System and method for sampling an analog signal level
Analog to digital conversion circuits, systems and methods with gain scaling switched-capacitor array
Method and apparatus for determining error correction code failure rate for iterative decoding algorithms
Low capacitance, low kickback noise input stage of a multi-level quantizer with dithering and multi-threshold generation for a multi-bit sigma-delta modulator
One-bit second order sigma-delta modulator including a polynomial vector quantizer
Delta sigma analog-to-digital converter
Antenna duplexer circuit with a phase shifter on the receive side
Machine tool probe with wireless signal transmission
Multiple signal path antenna circuit having differential attenuation between signal paths
Network of non-cooperative integrated pseudolite/satellite base station transmitters
Alarm filter circuit
Method and apparatus for providing a mobile switching center intranet function
Method and apparatus for data sampling
Intelligent light source
Method and apparatus to capture high resolution images using low resolution sensors and optical spatial image sampling
Solid-state imaging device with shutter operation in sync with signal charge reset and method of driving same
Image pickup apparatus for applying predetermined signal processing in conjunction with an image shifting mechanism
Method for parsing event information table
Television receiver that detects electric field information from a received television signal and stabilizes a detected synchronizing signal according to the electric field information
RAM line storage for fixed pattern noise correction
Image pickup apparatus
Signal input selector for television set and method of implementing same
Method and apparatus for displaying sub-pictures
Television signal processing device for automatically selecting and indicating the beginning of television program of interest to the user
Method and system for indicating change of speaker in a videoconference application
Imaging systems
Apparatus and method for image display
Electronic endoscope
Single clock reference for compressed domain processing systems with interspersed transport packets
Method and apparatus for effecting video transitions
Piezoelectric electro-acoustic transducer
Piezoelectric acoustic components
Electroluminescent module with flexible, insulating resin layer and connecting electrodes in facing opposite sides
I.L. timer
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Sensing and balancing currents in a ballast dimming circuit
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Control for projector lamp heat dissipation
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