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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and apparatus for discriminating polymorphic tachyarrhythmias from monomorphic tachyarrhythmias facilitating detection of fibrillation
Method of correcting for phase error induced by a down sampling routine
Body fat monitoring system and method employing mobile terminal
Colonic polyp discrimination by tissue fluorescence and fiberoptic probe
Active fluid delivery catheter
Combined programming wand and PSA for pacemaker and ICD programmer system
Adaptive place-pitch ranking procedure for optimizing performance of a multi-channel neural stimulator
Methods and apparatus for preventing atrial arrhythmias by overdrive pacing multiple heart tissue sites using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Implantable cardiac stimulation system and method for monitoring diastolic function
Performing Operations; Transporting
Positional correction for apparatus having a plurality of drawing systems
Data sequence conversion circuit and printer using the same
Position detecting device and position detecting method
Inspection system and apparatus
Optical displacement sensor and optical encoder
Scanning interferometry
Navigation device
Use of microwaves for sensors in the spinning industry
Method and apparatus for inspecting optical modules
Method and system for determining surface feature characteristics using slit detectors
Semiconductor wafer inspection apparatus
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total internal reflection
Systems to view and analyze the results from diffraction-based diagnostics
Process and assembly for non-destructive surface inspections
Radiation scanning of objects for contraband
Non-contact methods for measuring electrical thickness and determining nitrogen content of insulating films
Network planning tool
Method and system for reducing test data volume in the testing of logic products
Electronic imaging system
Lens barrel, photographic apparatus, and optical apparatus
Microscope having a system for reflecting in illumination
Scanner having scan angle multiplier
Optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method of using a thermal design for wavelength division multiplexed holographic filters
Optical connector end face grinding apparatus
Optical fiber coating removing device
Optical module and manufacturing method of the same, optical-communication apparatus, and electronic apparatus
Optical interconnection device, photoelectric mixedly mounted device and electronic equipment using the same
Optical member with handling portion and method for manufacturing optical member and method for mounting optical member and optical module
One-way rotational transfer mechanism, and a lens barrel incorporating the same
Cross-connect apparatus
High-speed electro-absorption modulator with low drive voltage
Liquid crystal panel carrier with plurality of cannelures inside a box and a plurality of separate attaching elements
Active-matrix liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device comprising pixel electrodes having protruding portions formed of island-like multi-layered material layers
Dual display liquid crystal display device, method of operating the same, and mobile communication terminal including the same
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display and a fabricating method thereof
System for fabricating liquid crystal display and method of fabricating liquid crystal display using the same
Liquid crystal display device with particular TFT structure and method of manufacturing the same
Method for extra-high speed transformation of time signal into two-dimensional space signal
Optical system for use in exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Printing paper loading device, printer having the same and method of setting IDs of plural paper loading devices
Robust apparatus and method of grounding a drum photoreceptor assembly
Image forming apparatus
Electrically conductive member, unit for cleaning image holding member, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus for image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus supplying toner efficiently to cleaning means cleaning surface of image bearing member
Toner scatter suppressing developing device, image formation apparatus and process cartridge
Timepiece equipped with calendar mechanism including first and second date indicators
System and method for monitoring medication delivery to a patient
System and method of control factor management
Interleaved delay line for phase locked and delay locked loops
Method, system, and product for indicating power status of field replaceable units
Anomaly notification control in disk array
Bi-directional process-to-process byte stream protocol
System for performing context-sensitive decisions about ideal communication modalities considering information about channel reliability
Apparatus for reporting and isolating errors below a host bridge
Testing platform integration methodology
Method and apparatus for representation of an address in canonical form
Group types for administration of networks
Disk array device and data processing method thereof
System and method for managing a cache memory
Method and apparatus to generate cache data
Storage system for multi-site remote copy
Method, system, and program for moving data among storage units
Methods and apparatus to process cache allocation requests based on priority
System for repair of ROM programming errors or defects
Method and apparatus for providing hardware aware logical volume mirrors
Method, system, and apparatus for reducing power consumption of a memory
System and method for identifying empty locations in a scrambled memory
Method of sparing memory devices containing pinned memory
Disk controller configured to perform out of order execution of write operations
Methods and apparatus for speculative probing with early completion and delayed request
Methods and apparatus for managing probe requests
RAID 6 disk array with prime number minus one disks
Semiconductor integrated circuit having improving program recovery capabilities
Storage system, device and method using copy-on-write for synchronous remote copy
Burst/pipelined edo memory device
Method and apparatus for device discovery
Data logging by storage area network devices to a reserved storage area on the network
Back to back connection of PCI host bridges on a single PCI bus
Method and apparatus for an I/O controller to alert an external system management controller
Circuit and method for hiding peer devices in a computer bus
Method, apparatus, system, and article of manufacture for processing control data by an offload adapter
Methods and apparatus for speculative probing of a remote cluster
Apparatus and method for distance measurement with controlled modulation of emitted pulses
Backplane system having high-density electrical connectors
Profile producing method and profile producing apparatus
Digital copying machine including photo features function
Method and apparatus for distributing computer platform firmware across a network
Apparatus and method of reducing dataflow distruption when detecting path maximum transmission unit (PMTU)
Method and system for transmitting the capabilities of a facsimile machine over the internet
System for managing information in nodes provided for network, and nodes
Method and system for centralized network usage tracking
Method of managing a resource storage data, program for managing the resource storage data, storage media having the resource managing program, and resource manager for managing the resource storage data
Methods and systems for efficiently processing compressed and uncompressed media content
System and method for improved session management in a data cellular network
Distributed control system and information processing system
Adaptive mixture learning in a dynamic system
Scheme for constructing database for user system from structured documents using tags
IEEE 1394 link layer chip with "5C" authentication and key exchange accelerator
Connecting a virtual token to a physical token
Hydraulic clutch state diagnostic and control
Scroll bar for computer display
Left-corner chart parsing
Method and apparatus for improving statistical word alignment models using smoothing
Business vocabulary data retrieval using alternative forms
System and method for automatic audit data archiving within a remote database backup system
Displayable presentation page and SQL searchable relational data source implementation of a system, method and software for creating or maintaining distributed transparent persistence of complex data objects and their data relationships
System and method for information retrieval employing a preloading procedure
System and method for retrieving information from disparate information sources in a decentralized manner and integrating the information in accordance with a distributed domain model/ontology
Parsing of nested internet electronic mail documents
Methods for estimating the body voltage of digital partially depleted silicon-on-insulator circuits
Test structure for automatic dynamic negative-bias temperature instability testing
Method to design and verify an integrated circuit device with multiple power domains
Method of verifying IC mask sets
Test system and control method
Method for processing raw magnetic resonance data, magnetic resonance tomography unit and magnetic resonance spectroscopy unit
Vehicular control object determination system
Vehicle manual brake auxiliary system
Directed gas injection apparatus for semiconductor processing
Method and system for targeting and monitoring the energy performance of manufacturing facilities
Work data collection method
Auto-configuration of hardware on a portable computing device
Fluid analyzing apparatus, fluid analyzing method, and fluid analyzing program
Portal/portlet application data synchronization
Apparatus and methods for transmitting data to a device having distributed configuration storage
System and method for dynamically presenting actions appropriate to a selected document in a view
Dynamic resizing of clickable areas of touch screen applications
Method and system for searching, accessing and updating databases
Processor efficient transformation and lighting implementation for three dimensional graphics utilizing scaled conversion instructions
Apparatus and method for realizing effective parallel execution of instructions in an information processor
Method for rapid application life cycle change requests
System and method for analyzing executing computer applications in real-time
Method and device for partitioning a computer program
Virtual machine to provide compiled code to processing elements embodied on a processor device
System and method for characterizing program behavior by sampling at selected program points
Emulated atomic instruction sequences in a multiprocessor system
Method for providing system integrity and legacy environment emulation
Method and system for mapping traffic predictions with respect to telematics and route guidance applications
Spectral assessment of fruit
Position detection apparatus and exposure apparatus
Population mixture modeling with an indeterminate number of sub-populations
Storing and processing partial images obtained from a panoramic image
Method for blind cross-spectral image registration
Image processing apparatus, method and program, and storage medium
Image simplification using a robust reconstruction filter
Initial product offering system
Online product exchange system
Enforcement architecture and method for digital rights management
Enabling use of smart cards by consumer devices for internet commerce
System and method for weather adapted, business performance forecasting
Interactive horizon mapping
Hierarchical 2-D color compositing with blending mode and opacity controls at all levels
Method and apparatus for predicting word error rates from text
Method of pattern recognition using noise reduction uncertainty
Method for improving speech recognition performance using speaker and channel information
Microphone array signal enhancement using mixture models
Modular robotics system for a data cartridge library
Modular data cartridge library
Effect adding device, effect adding method, effect adding program, storage medium where effect adding program is stored
Magnetic recording channel utilizing control fields for timing recovery, equalization, amplitude and amplitude asymmetry
Microelectronic device with closely spaced contact studs
Transducing head with reduced side writing
Yoke structure with a step
Negative thermal expansion dielectrics for thermal pole tip protrusion compensation
Thin-film electrode layer including .beta.-ta and thin-film magnetic head using the same
Identification of laterally positioned servo bands employing differentiating characteristics of servo patterns
Servo methods and systems using existing data structures and medium edge position
Method and apparatus for tracking error detection in optical disk driver
Optical disk read/write apparatus and writing method
Storage apparatus and method utilizing a charge storage layer having discrete conductive charge-storing elements
Apparatus and method for generating write pulse for optical storage medium using ring oscillator
Optical recording medium having unreadable restricted block(s), and systems incorporating same
Method for improving the read signal in a memory having passive memory elements
Integrated semiconductor memory device and method for operating an integrated semiconductor memory device
Methods and devices for determining writing current for memory cells
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of conducting stable data read and write operations
High output nonvolatile magnetic memory
Reliable ferro fuse cell
Memory devices and programming methods that simultaneously store erase status indications for memory blocks
OTP antifuse cell and cell array
Semiconductor memory device and portable electronic apparatus
Stacked memory, memory module and memory system
Logic and memory device integration
Method and apparatus for increasing data read speed in a semiconductor memory device
Internal voltage generating circuit for periphery, semiconductor memory device having the circuit and method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having logic circuit and dynamic random access memory on the same chip
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and memory system
Solution to DQS postamble ringing problem in memory chips
Circuit arrangement for latency regulation
Semiconductor memory device
Reduction of fusible links and associated circuitry on memory dies
Reduction of fusible links and associated circuitry on memory dies
Reduction of fusible links and associated circuitry on memory dies
Capacitor element and method for trimming a capacitor element
Continuous wave pumped parallel fiber optical parametric amplifier
Electrostatic chuck assembly having disassembling device
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Electronic circuit control element with tap element
Dimmer circuit for LED
Adaptive transmit diversity with quadrant phase constraining feedback
Detection of a false detection of a communication packet
Coding for informed decoders
Wireless communication system within a system on a chip
Receiver used in spread spectrum communication system
PLL circuit having a multi-band oscillator and compensating oscillation frequency
Harmonic circuit for improving linearity
Receiver, in particular for mobile radio
System and method for receiving and transmitting information in a multipath environment
Wireless intercom system
Sound output system and method of a mobile communication terminal
Wireless communications system with secondary synchronization code based on values in primary synchronization code
Multiple access communication system and data transceiver
Power amplifier bypass in a half-duplex IC
Channel estimation for time division duplex communication systems
Timing estimation of direct sequence spread spectrum communications systems over frequency-selective, slowly fading channels
Architecture for wireless transmission of high rate optical signals
Communications network
All optical clock recovery
Optical transmission system for reducing nonlinear optical phenomena using modulation depth control system
Method and system for optimizing the pulse form of an amplitude modulated optical signal
Optical band scanning monitor system and method
Optical transmission system
Method for receiving multipath signals in a radio communications system with a code division multiple access and device for carrying out said method
Automatic frequency correction method and receiver for time division duplex modes of 3G wireless communications
Microphone accessory
Adaptive antenna reception apparatus
Transmitter gain stabilizing apparatus
Method and system for efficient utilization of transmission resources in a wireless network
Fiber-to-the-premise architectures
Virtual concatenation of optical channels in WDM networks
Method of transmitting/receiving broadcast message in mobile communication system
Communication protocol for the broadcast of first/last event detection over a single communication channel
Mechanism for translating between two different voice-over-IP protocols
Arrangement for embedding subliminal data in imaging
Method of restricting the use of a radio terminal and an associated restriction device
Method and system for dynamically controlling frame retransmissions in a wireless network
Call optimization in ad-hoc conference calls
Scaleable congestion control method for multicast communications over a data network
Method for coordinating network components
Autosensing LMI protocols in frame relay networks
Method and apparatus for modifying the rate of MPEG transport streams
Systems and methods for converting a P packet/cycle datapath to a Q packet/cycle datapath
Optimization of number of transceivers used in a switch
Scalable 2-stage interconnections
Cross-bar switch with explicit multicast support
Robust vocoder rate control in a packet network
Digital signal processor transceiver
Efficient spreader for spread spectrum communication systems
Data synchronization circuit and communication interface circuit
Method and circuit for adjusting the timing of output data based on the current and future states of the output data
Method and system for providing data security in a file system monitor with stack positioning
Secure memory and processing system having laser-scribed encryption key
Antenna steering and hidden node recognition for an access point
Portable telephone apparatus and control method thereof
Apparatus to mount a mobile device in a vehicle
Motorcycle audio system control device and method
Apparatus and method for forming a forward link transmission beam of a smart antenna in a mobile communication system
Exempting certain incoming callers from screening by a privacy system
Automatic transmission of voice-to-text converted voice message
Scheduler with fairness control and quality of service support
Satellite and cellular usage characteristics determination
Telephone line use enablement of lottery participation
Methods and apparatus for transmitting accurate emergency location identification numbers (ELINs) after an emergency caller disconnects
Speech amplifier-resident mechanism for controllably supplying power to a line circuit
System and method for providing a call back option for callers to a call center
Optical transport concentrator audit system and method
Splitter card with integral test access
Systems and methods for call screening
Methods and systems for implementing personal dialing plans
Network support for mobile handset screen customization
Image reading device and image forming apparatus including the image reading device
Method for electronic image rectification in laser scanner devices
Systems and methods for modifying image data for background printing
Simplified tone scale correction
Method of selective edge softening and rendering for the suppression of halo
Mask producing method, image outputting device and computer readable recording medium
Color chart and color conversion definition creating method
Managing caller profiles across multiple hold queues according to authenticated caller identifiers
Image pickup device capable of adjusting the overflow level of the sensor based on the read out mode
Integrated CMOS imaging array dark current monitor
Single lens 3D camera
Video camera with low battery warning
Camera which records positional data of GPS unit
Digital camera with changeable operation sequence
Focus detecting apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device, focus detection device, method of controlling these devices, and storage medium
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system, and method for manufacturing image pick-up apparatus
Contrast enhancement of digital images
Apparatus and method for eliminating afterimage state
Laser projection system
System of multiple players generating outputs of different formats from identical discs
Selective compression
Segmenting encoding system encoding video data using segment-by-segment kinetic data including change information in addition to translation information
System and method for sign mask encryption and decryption
Defective pixel specifying method, defective pixel specifying system, image correcting method, and image correcting system
Hardware load balancing through multiple fabrics
Error correction using redundant packet streams in wireless communications systems
PLMN radio interface with upper layer supervision of layer one transport channels
System and method for radio transmitter acquisition
System and method for locating an alternate communication mechanism in case of a failure of a wireless communication device
Radio communication system, and gateways, radio intelligent terminals and radio communication methods applied thereto
Modular integrated circuit chip carrier
Electronically integrated vehicle structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Image processing system with image cropping and skew correction
Measuring angular rotation of an object
Image rotation assist circuitry and method
Image processor
Methods and apparatus for camera pen
Fiber optical circulator
Tunable optical structure featuring feedback control
Integrated optical circuit
Method and apparatus for interconnecting multiple modular devices in a communication system
Method and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation and dispersion slope compensation in wavelength division multiplexed systems utilizing a channel separator and virtually imaged phased arrays
Add/drop multiplexer routing signals according to wavelength
Resonantly coupled waveguides using a taper
Writing Bragg gratings in optical waveguides
Ferrule assembly and optical module having the same
Fabrication of refractive index patterns in optical fibers having protective optical coatings
Directional coupler and method using polymer material
Optical cable and an apparatus for manufacturing the optical cable
Microchannel plate having microchannels with funneled openings and method for manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for reducing nonlinear penalties by proper arrangement of the dispersion map in an optical communication system
Techniques for forming optical electronic integrated circuits having interconnects in the form of semiconductor waveguides
Photonic devices comprising thermo-optic polymer
Sensor device for determining the degree of wetting and/or soiling on window panes
Apparatus for storing surplus ADSS cable
Fiber-optic cable tray having adjustable components
Optical fiber storage apparatus
Variable optical attenuator with locking mechanism
Device for recording video signals and device for displaying electronic program guide
Apparatus and method for reproducing multiple camera-angle signals from a disc
Signal reproducing apparatus and signal reproducing method
Unified audio/video interface for a digital video disk system
Cable coiling device for electric heaters
Substrate temperature measuring apparatus, substrate temperature measuring method, substrate heating method and heat treatment apparatus
Waterproof housing for a device adapted to receive a removable sub-assembly
Method of making respective prints of recorded images within successive film frames or alternatively of selected portions of the images
Automatic focus adjusting system capable of adjusting focus of moving subject
Camera having autofocusing function and self timer function
Multi-candela alarm unit
Film-back exchangeable camera
Camera having a light-shieldable member for protecting a semiconductor element flip-chip-bonded on a flexible printed board
System for detecting the status of an image forming apparatus
Interchangeable part recognizing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus including means for detecting mounting of the process cartridge to main body of image forming apparatus, and process cartridge and developer cartridge including positioning portion
Image-forming apparatus which forms images by using a developer
Fixing apparatus with controlled heaters
Image forming apparatus having sheet feeding unit for insert sheets with a job data and insert sheet identification control feature
Charging device in which charging member is contactable with and separable from charged member
Transferring device and image forming apparatus equipped with mult-mode cleaning arrangement
Alignment device and method for aligning input/output devices with printers
Electrophotographic exposure and development arrangement
Wet type electrophotography apparatus to evenly apply developing solution on a developing roller
Reprographic system operable for direct transfer of a developed image from an imaging member to a copy substrate
Electrophotographic marking machine having an imageable seam intermediate transfer belt
Image-bearing member cleaning method and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Cleaning apparatus having multiple wiper blades
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
System and method for scoring test answer sheets having open-ended questions
Multi-media network-based communication system and method for training sports officials
Apparatus and methods for imaging written information with a mobile telephone set
Method and measurement configuration for measuring the characteristics of radio channels
Method and apparatus for determining failure modes of a transceiver
Apparatus for signal isolation in a radio transmitter-receiver
Linear amplification systems and methods using more than two constant length vectors
Gain control method and circuit
Intelligent control of receiver linearity based on interference
Receiving signal strength indicator uses feed forward level detecting signal
Single integrated circuit phase locked loop for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications and method for operating same
Mobile communication system with offset compensation circuitry
PTT radio system
Calling party paid wireless telecommunication system
Method to determine charging information in a mobile telecommunications system and a mobile station
System and method for providing restrictions on mobile-originated calls
Method and apparatus for smoothing and multiplexing video data flows
Frame relay system
Packet communications network
Method for traffic monitoring port of the network switch
Method for measuring ATM cell rates
Real-time multimedia conferencing over an ATM network using an intelligent ATM cable modem and hybrid fiber-coax access
Dual-band data communication device
Voice echo cancellation for SVD modems
High-speed wireless access device
Medium access control protocol with automatic frequency assignment
Portable radio telephone and methods of operation
Signal transmission method, mobile station device, and base station device for CDMA mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for reducing amplitude variations and interference in communication signals, such as in wireless communication signals employing inserted pilot symbols
Method for transmitting high data rate information in code division multiple access systems
Methods for grouping and ungrouping sectors of a cell in a cellular communication system
Packet switching in a cellular radio communication system
Internet telephony directory server
Learn pending frame throttle
Method and apparatus for port memory multicast common memory switches
Method and apparatus for managing bin chains in a memory
Method of connectionless message transfer in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Large packet switch router
Method and apparatus for multicast of ATM cells where connections can be dynamically added or dropped
Content addressable memory cells and systems and devices using the same
Method and apparatus for network control
High speed switch architecture using separate transmit and receive channels with independent forwarding tables
Traffic route finder in communications network
Data transfer method and apparatus that allocate storage based upon a received relative offset
Network system
Method and apparatus implementing a multimedia digital network
Transmission speed predicting apparatus and transmission speed predicting method
System and method for communicating data
Method of servicing data access requests from users
System for processing, converting and distributing a message in a fixed subscriber unit in a broad band code division multiple access wireless local loop
Method of scheduling time division multiplex (TDM) cells in a synchronous optical network (SONET) frame
Reliable connectionless network protocol
Method and system for connectionless communication in a cell relay satellite network
Method and apparatus for service multiplexing over telephone networks which employ bridged tap construction
Clock selector system
System and method for data sequence correlation in the time domain
Information transmitting method, encoder/decoder of information transmitting system using the method, and encoding multiplexer/decoding inverse multiplexer
Compressed video and audio transport stream multiplexer
Cascaded raman resonator system and apparatus
Laser diode package with heat sink
Automated AC filament universal laser power controller in a gas ion laser system and method
Modulator for analog applications
Gas laser device and integrated gas purifying means
Measurement method to facilitate production of self-aligning laser gyroscope block
Mirror for an ultraviolet laser and method
Chaotic carrier pulse position modulation communication system and method
Spread spectrum diversity transceiver
Digital to analogue converter implementation
DSL rate adaptation
High speed parallel burst modem
Method of detecting signal degradation fault conditions within SONET and SDH signals
System for increasing the definition in converting a digital datum in a PWM signal for driving a full-bridge output stage
Circuit and method for modulating pulse width
Power saving infrared keyboard transmission method
Video transcoder with bitstream look ahead for rate control and statistical multiplexing
Method and apparatus for encoding a video signal
Picture coding method
System and method for motion vector extraction and computation meeting 2-frame store and letterboxing requirements
Method and apparatus for adaptively scaling motion vector information in an information stream decoder
Moving picture encoding apparatus
Media processing apparatus which operates at high efficiency
Method and apparatus for generating variable rate synchronization signals
Device and method for data encoding and frequency diversity in mobile communications system
Digital demodulator
Phase angle detector and frequency discriminator employing the same
Adjustment of the sampling frequency in a multicarrier receiver
First order tuning circuit for a phase-locked loop
PLL circuit
In-core fixed nuclear instrumentation system and power distribution monitoring system
Methods for guiding a fuel bundle into a channel
Device and method for locking rods in a bottom tie plate of a fuel assembly
Fretting resistant spring design
Charge transferring device and charge transferring method which can reduce floating diffusion capacitance
X-ray projection exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Fluorescent x-ray analyzer
Thin layer nuclear density guage
X-ray diffraction apparatus with an x-ray optical reference channel
Methods and apparatus for calibrating CT x-ray beam tracking loop
Method and apparatus for screening a call as the call is transmitted to voice mail
Personal computer interactive phone system
Method and apparatus for facilitating tiered collaboration
Fax routing system and method of using standard fax machine and personal computer
Method and apparatus for forwarding a caller identification for a credit card or calling card call to an automatic number identification system of a telephone network
Method for adding context to communications
Three tier client/server model for legacy switches
Method for interrupting a telephone call after receiving a busy signal
One number LAN based calendar
Method and apparatus for analyzing international long distance dialing errors and automatically completing a call
Intelligent communications networks
Method, exchange and telecommunications network for controlling the establishment of connections to a subscriber who is the destination of mass calling
Reassignment of agents
Telephone access to overly popular services
Subscriber circuit
Ringer circuit
Methods and apparatus for enabling portable telephone handset to automatically go off-hook
Copy protection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for interdicting cable television channels
Sound-producing arrangement for a motor vehicle
Tuned order crossover network for electro-acoustic loudspeakers
Rechargeable hearing aid system
Disposable sleeve assembly for sound control device and container therefor
MPEG2 moving picture encoding/decoding system
Method and apparatus for detecting an EAS (electronic article surveillance) marker using wavelet transform signal processing
Produce size recognition system
Manuscript document detecting system and method
Biometric certificates
Normal and abnormal tissue identification system and method for medical images such as digital mammograms
Source-assisted attenuation correction for emission computed tomography
Color coordinate space structure and color quantizing and variable gray area designating method therein
Defining surfaces in border string sequences representing a raster image
Electronic apparatus with ultrasonic motor as driving source
Metal case part with knobs made in synthetic material
Magnetic recording medium
Record carrier and apparatus for scanning the record carrier
Multimedia search and indexing for automatic selection of scenes in a media by analyzing frequency ranges
Optical scanning device comprising a main lens and an auxiliary lens
Optical pickup for narrow track optical discs
Recording apparatus and recording method
Clock signal generating system
Erasable digital video disk with reference clock track
Optical disk device
Method for controlling the recording conditions for a second mark using previously determined reproducing conditions for a first mark for optical memory device
Optical disc, and reading system and manufacturing method of the disc
Power saving system for optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Method and apparatus for optical data storage and/or retrieval by selective alteration of a holographic storage medium
Frequency demodulating circuit, optical disk apparatus thereof and preformating device
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Recording medium loading apparatus and recording medium recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical disk having areas of different recording densities or functions
Cartridge for accomodating optical discs of different sizes
CDMA communications system having a searcher receiver and method therefor
Variable voltage protection structures and method for making same
Low impedance magnetic latch tripping scheme
Control accuracy of a pulse-operated electromechanical device
Electrostatic chuck having gas cavity and method
Electronic component having external electrodes and method for the manufacture thereof
Lead terminal and electronic component including lead terminal
Ceramic capacitor
Adhesive, elastomeric gel impregnating composition
Electrolytic capacitor with a high oscillation load factor
Electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Latching apparatus for a portable computer
Shield for a display unit
Portable computer with detachable display
Mounting bracket assembly for system components in a computer
Dustproof structure of communication device, using air filter having distributed dust collecting efficiency and pressure loss
CPU heat sink
Enclosure for telecommunications equipment
Heat sink system
Heat sink clip
Power module substrate
Transverse mountable heat sink for use in an electronic device
Electronic apparatus
IC board module for producing an IC board and process for producing an IC board
System for attaching cartridge-type CPU to a board
Surface mount assembly for electronic components
Connection pin layout for connecting integrated magnetics modules to a printed circuit board
Apparatus for maximizing memory density within existing computer system form factors
Modular method and apparatus for building an uninterruptible power system (UPS)
Densely arranged electrically shielded communication panels
Zero voltage switching DC-DC converter
Switching power-supply circuit
Multiway power converter
Three-way, three phase power divider and combiner
Dynamically-controlled, intrinsically regulated charge pump power converter
High frequency DC-DC down converter with power feedback for improved power factor
Power rectifier
Shared package for VRM and processor unit
Segmented word line architecture for dividing up a word line into a plurality of banks for cell arrays having long bit lines
Upgradable storage system
Semiconductor memory device with data retention characteristic of improved stability
Dynamic random access memory device and .mu.BGA package using multiple reference voltage pads
Drive method for FeRAM memory cell and drive device for the memory cell
Semiconductor memory and method for manufacture thereof
Negative resistance device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method for driving the same
Method and device for fast addressing redundant columns in a nonvolatile memory
Method and apparatus for reducing bleed currents within a DRAM array having row-to-column shorts
Semiconductor having mechanism capable of operating at high speed
Device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Architecture for a dual-bank page mode memory with redundancy
Semiconductor memory device with redundant circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including tester circuit for defective memory cell replacement
Semiconductor memory device having structure for high-speed data processing
Adjustable pre-charge in a memory
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells
Methods and apparatus for bypassing refreshing of selected portions of DRAM devices
Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) apparatus and method for performing refresh operations
Multi-bank semiconductor memory device suitable for integration with logic
Method and system for accessing rows in multiple memory banks within an integrated circuit
Multi-bank memory with word-line banking, bit-line banking and I/O multiplexing utilizing tilable interconnects
Semiconductor memory device and method of changing output data of the same
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of an integrated circuit responsive to out-of-synchronism control signals
Relaxed write timing for a memory device
Clock-synchronous semiconductor memory device and access method thereof
Delay locking high speed clock synchronization method and circuit
Circuit for generating internal column strobe signal in synchronous semiconductor memory device
Integrated memory with two burst operation types
Data writing method for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device having a test circuit
Electronic memory and electronic device provided with such a memory
Method and device for sensing ultrasound images
Method and apparatus for improved communication in a wellbore utilizing acoustic signals
Environmentally adaptive sonar system
Information processing method and apparatus, and storage medium storing medium storing program for practicing this method
Shape adaptive technique for image and video compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Encoding apparatus and method and storage medium
Decoding apparatus using tool information for constructing a decoding algorithm
Polarization insensitive semiconductor optical amplifier
Night vision monocular
Lenticular lens sheet and projection screen using the same
Polarization luminaire and projection display
Image display apparatus
Optical switching device
Image projecting device
Anastigmatic anamorphic lens
Simple power-variable finder
Optical elements and methods for their manufacture
Imaging lens and image readout apparatus using the same
Releasable and stress-free securing assembly for optical elements
Image-forming optical system and viewing optical system
Reflector with a resistant surface
Consolidated exterior sideview mirror assembly incorporating an in-mold film process
Method and system for detection recording media defacts
Disk drive including N-current preamplifier for generating N-independently controlled write currents
Magnetic disk apparatus with data track reassigning function
Repeatable runout cancellation in sectored servo disk drive positioning system
Seek acoustics reduction with minimized performance degradation
Magnetic tape apparatus
Method and apparatus for a digital linear tape lockout system
Piezoelectric vibration damping for disk drives
Method for reducing external signal interference with signals in a computer disk storage system
Magnetic thin film magnetic recording medium
Voice coil motor actuator vibration isolator
Disk drive actuator arm with microactuated read/write head positioning
Anti-parallel longitudinal patterned exchange biased dual stripe magnetoresistive (DSMR) sensor element and method for fabrication thereof
Method and apparatus for image forming
System and method for laser range finder
Apparatus for reading fingerprint
Method of measuring spherical aberration in projection system
Apparatus and method for holding a green sheet and system and method for inspecting a green sheet
Raman probe with spatial filter and semi-confocal lens
Light detection device with means for tracking sample sites
Method for measuring the parameter of a rough film
Pattern reading apparatus
Dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing an asymmetric pass band interferometer
Technique for scanning documents using a spiral path locus
Dynamic, preventive, centralized printer resource management system and method
Printing control apparatus and method, and printing system for reducing processing overhead
Mail transmission system with cancel mail sending function
Image registration method
Color gamut displaying method, an image processing method, and apparatus utilizing these methods
Text enhancement system
Velocity matching electrode structure for electro-optic modulators
Method and apparatus for ablating high-density array of vias or indentation in surface of object
Testing device for multistage multi-branch optical network
Method and apparatus for optical performance monitoring in wavelength division multiplexed fiber optical systems
Communication apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals over a fiber-optic waveguide using different frequency bands of light
Duplex outdoor base station transceiver subsystem utilizing a hybrid system of a high power amplifier and an optic antenna
Transmitting/receiving facility and method for transmitting broadband signals as well as transmitting/receiving facility for receiving broadband signals
Optical wireless data communication system, and transmitter and receiver used therefor
Supervisory signal transmitter and method
Synchronous polarization and phase modulation using a periodic waveform with complex harmonics for improved performance of optical transmission systems
High-resolution reading and writing using beams and lenses rotating at equal or double speed
Optical defection device, stop control method thereof, and image forming apparatus therewith
Discrete element light modulating microstructure devices
Optical system for miniature personal displays using reflective light valves
Color-stabilized electrochromic devices
Crystal stack for coherent optical beam combination
Amplifier system with a discrete Raman fiber amplifier module
TFT substrate having connecting line connect to bus lines through different contact holes
Thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) devices having field-induced LDD regions
Polarization sensitive scattering element
Color display device having filterless areas
Transmissive optical polarizing filters designed to maximize a desired portion of a spectral output
Method of making a display device with electrode characteristics
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal device and liquid crystal display apparatus having a chevron structure in monostable alignment
Liquid crystal display apparatus and optical addressing device
Information processing apparatus having portable shape
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric ceramic composition and monolithic ceramic capacitor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical system with asymmetric optical corrector
Optical amplifying apparatus for detecting break point in optical transmission lines
Interpolated beamforming tracker
Image viewing apparatus
Beam homogenizer, laser illumination apparatus, and semiconductor device
Dichroic mirror
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display preventing RF discharge damage
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
LCD wherein opening in source electrode overlaps gate electrode to compensate variations in parasitic capacitance
Continuously viewable, DC field-balanced, reflective, ferroelectric liquid crystal image generator
Interactive voice recognition digital clock
Efficient search for a gray-level pattern in an image using ranges of sums
Method and system for aperture adjustment in steered phased array transducer systems
High-speed sense amplifier
Memory with high speed reading operation using a switchable reference matrix ensuring charging speed
Carbon material for electric double layer capacitor, method of producing same, electric double layer capacitor and method of fabricating same
Electric double layer capacitor
Optical amplifier and fiber module for optical amplification
Semi conductor optical amplifier
Facsimile device
Process for calibrating electronic imaging devices
Method and apparatus for reducing motion artifacts and noise in video image processing
Display method and apparatus having distortion correction
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