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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Integrated string and blade trimmer system
Bale stacker and method of using same
Mounting arrangement for a straw chopper and chaff spreader in a combine harvester residue management system
Flower arrangement support
Portable deer and livestock feeder
Animal watering apparatus
Fishing spinning reel
Grain pest control apparatus and method
Antimicrobial composition
Pelargonic acid formulation
Substituted benzene fungicides
Method for producing highly palatable dry cat food
Method and a system for production of rod-shaped articles
Cover and method for covering part of an undergarment
Protective glove
Wearable device
Helmet with visor
Sports boot
Reel based closure system
Shoelace fastening device
Locking slider assembly and a method for its manufacture
Musical zipper
Coupling assembly for coupling a wristworn device to a strap
Clasps having a release button and jewelry articles employing same
Safety eyeglass case and mounting brackets
Suitcase travel organizer
Illuminated handbag assembly
Foldable cosmetic implement
Arm band portable electronic device case
Sewing machine table
Piece of furniture having a convertible work surface
Traveling tablet
Laundry transfer apparatus
Kitchen tray assembly
Tool-free quick install rail-kit for rack systems
Adjustable seating and furniture
Mattress lifting system
Multi-functional homecare device
Display unit
Container can and holding device
Device for preparing infused drinks, comprising an injection tube leading into the infusion chamber
Shower curtain assembly
Toothbrush having integral replaceable toothpaste cartridge
Minimally invasive networked surgical system and method
Advanced biopsy needle
Wire knot delivery device
Stitch lock for attaching two or more structures
Flexible tamping member
Triple balloon catheter
Method and system for assisting a wire guide to cross occluded ducts
Cardiac cryolipolysis for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia
Agents that stimulate therapeutic angiogenesis and techniques and devices that enable their delivery
Photoacoustic catheter for functional-imaging-based ablation monitoring
Quantitative EEG method to identify individuals at risk for adverse antidepressant effects
Methods and apparatus for localization, diagnosis, contact or activity detection of bio-electric tissue
Fiber-optic probe
Device for taking a sample of a body fluid and method for implementing same
Mammography apparatus
Mammography apparatus
X-ray imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
Image distortion correction and robust phantom detection
Trending user feedback based on toilet noise detection
Power toothbrush with a modulated drive signal
Disposable mouth articulation system
Oral engagement assemblies
Fungicidal 3-{phenyl[heterocyclylmethoxy)imino]methyl}-oxadiazolone derivatives
Use of significant point methodology to prevent inappropriate therapy
Smart delay for intermittent stress therapy
Apparatus and method for temporary treatment of acute heart failure decompensation
Dual therapy electrical stimulation system for treating metabolic and eating disorders
Electrical stimulation method and apparatus to stimulate nerve fibers
Estimation of dedicated bipolar pacing vector threshold
System and method for dynamically configurable deep brain stimulation
Trending of conduction time for optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy in cardiac rhythm management system
Remote monitoring and control of implantable devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Retail upright shelf extender
Toaster accessory device and method
Thermal printer and overcoat printing method
Floor relief for dot improvement
Vehicle stabilizer control devices, methods, and programs
Method and apparatus for selectively activated powered actuation of a hydraulic drive system
Spring brake valve
Antilock brake system for a land craft
Vehicle running control apparatus and vehicle running control method
System provided with an assistance-controller for assisting an operator of the system, control-operation assisting device, control-operation assisting method, driving-operation assisting device, and driving-operation assisting method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Modification of nitrogen-fixing rhizobacteria to enhance nodulated plant resistance
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and control device for adapting a minimum valve stroke
Method for controlling the air supply in a cylinder of a four-stroke internal combustion engine with controlled ignition
Method and control unit for electric control of an actuator of an injection valve
Methods and apparatus for investigation of volume change dynamics of physiologically active samples
Talbot interferometer, its adjustment method, and measurement method
Form measuring device and method of aligning form data
Wet paint coating thickness measurement and instrument
Method to extract parameters from in-situ monitored signals for prognostics
En-route navigation display method and apparatus using head-up display
Location stamping and logging of electronic events and habitat generation
GPS navigator
Device and method of automated construction of emergency flight path for aircraft
Method and apparatus for measuring oil viscosity
Goniophotometer for measuring 3D light intensity distribution of light source
Separation of cenospheres from fly ash
Optical signal inspection device
Measuring method of refractive index and measuring apparatus of refractive index
Method of using a calibration system to generate a latency value
Diagnostic method for use with a vehicle dynamic control system (VDCS)
System and method for estimating corona power loss in a dust-loaded electrostatic precipitator
Measurement of thickness of dielectric films on surfaces
Wireless performance improvement via client-free forward error correction
Communication device and communication method
Test access and scan test ports with lockout signal terminal
Moveout correction of seismic data
Spatial interpolation of irregularly spaced seismic data
System and method for determining an orientation of a device
Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same
Zoom lens
Stand for a microscope, in particular a surgical microscope
Electrophoretic display and process for its manufacture
Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Micro movable device and interferometer
Optical integrator for an illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Image display device, head-mounted display and head-up display
Reducing micro-defects in Fresnel lenses
Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
Raceway with media retaining offset slots
Tightly coiled amplifying optical fiber with reduced mode distortion
Single-mode optical fiber
Optical fiber cable ready for mid-span access and method of mid-span access thereof
Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
Photographic lens optical system
Methods for manufacturing cold seal fluid-filled display apparatus
Reflective color display device
Display substrate, liquid crystal display including the display substrate, and method of manufacturing the display substrate
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having the same
Zoom lens array and switchable two and three dimensional display
Method for manufacturing display device with electrode having frame shape
Wiring structure of liquid crystal display panel having gate, source and drain electrodes horizontally staggered
Parallax barrier device and fabricating method thereof
Auto focus module capable of in-pixel monitoring of amount of received light photographing apparatus using the same
Built-in flash pop-out mechanism
Evaluation method, control method, exposure apparatus, and memory medium
Apparatus and method for providing fluid for immersion lithography
Immersion exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method with measuring device
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with controller controlling an image forming operation
Image forming apparatus with an opening and closing unit
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Developer bearing member, developing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using liquid developer
Fuser for image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus, printing apparatus control method, and storage medium
Heater controller, image forming apparatus, method for controlling heater
Control apparatus and image forming system for applying a transparent toner in an area where an image is to be formed
Automatic document transportation device and document scanning device equipped with the same
Electronic device and satellite signal reception method for an electronic device
Method to compute wait time
Method for operating a rail vehicle
Neural associative memories based on optimal bayesian learning
Method and apparatus of power management of a node in home entertainment network by shifting from a normal state into either a first low power state based on the traffic at the node or a second low power state upon receipt of a message granting a request for the second low power state at the node
Audio visual enhancement apparatus
Computer system, method for controlling the same, and program
Coordinated disaster recovery production takeover operations
Memory address remapping architecture and repairing method thereof
Intentionally introduced storage deviations in a dispersed storage network
Storage system having storage devices for storing data and control devices for controlling the storage devices
Generation of simulated errors for high-level system validation
Matching with a large vulnerability signature ruleset for high performance network defense
Multi-functional system, security method, security program, and storage medium
Apparatus and method for directing micro architectural memory region accesses
Performing memory accesses using memory context information
Load request scheduling in a cache hierarchy
Management computer and volume configuration management method
Computer system and control method therefor
Simultaneous read and write data transfer
Storage apparatus and method for controlling storage apparatus
Portable data storage using SLC and MLC flash memory
Reducing interprocessor communications pursuant to updating of a storage key
Data deleting method and apparatus
Allocating storage memory based on future file size or use estimates
Hardware acceleration for a software transactional memory system
Content delivery system
Data transmission system and method of reading data
Round robin arbiter with mask and reset mask
Aligned data storage for network attached media streaming systems
Serial input output (SIO) port expansion apparatus and method
Method of context aware data-centric storage for wireless sensor networks
Injection of I/O messages
Multi-root sharing of single-root input/output virtualization
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Method for automatically determining remote printer characteristics
Capacitor's remaining lifetime diagnosing device, and electric power compensating device having the remaining lifetime diagnosing device
Display control apparatus, display control method, and computer-readable recording medium storing display control program
System for accessing a large number of menu items using a zoned menu bar
Apparatus and method for recognizing a context of an object
Method and system for controlling movement of user setting information registered in server
Network system and replay apparatus
Method for configuring access rights, control point, device and communication system
Data collection system, data collection method and data collection program to reduce the communication time
System and method employing an agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names
Apparatus, system and method for executing discovery in network
Electronic message monitoring
Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multi-cast-supporting LAN
Themes indicative of participants in persistent communication
Management of application to application communication requests between data processing systems
Method for structuring a bitstream for binary multimedia descriptions and a method for parsing this bitstream
Multi-out media distribution system and method
Method for transmitting mini-messages and associated device
System and method for accessing and displaying internet content via an integrated application media package
Method of setting bidirectional path, and communication system and node device for providing the same
Information processing apparatus and computer readable medium
Communication system, communication device and communication method
Embedding global barrier and collective in torus network with each node combining input from receivers according to class map for output to senders
System and method for providing conditional access to server-based applications from remote access devices
Data processing apparatus, data input control method thereof, information processing device, and program for implementing the method
Centralized server-directed power management in a distributed computing system
Wireless channel allocation in a base station processor
Method and system for reporting defects within a network
System and method for merging monitoring data streams from a server and a client of the server
Migrating device management between object managers
Computer-based comparison of human individuals
Devices, systems, and/or methods for determining internet topology
System and methods for finding hidden topics of documents and preference ranking documents
Storage system and method for controlling storage system
System and method for supporting selection of subject for restriction countermeasure
Database data recovery system and method
Methods and apparatus for in-line editing of web page content with reduced disruption of logical and presentational structure of content
Generating a transformation description document for transforming messages
Learning control system and learning control method
Identifying a primary version of a document
Tax refund system
Bootstrapping text classifiers by language adaptation
Word association method and apparatus
Peer to peer search routing algorithm
Apparatus and method for authoring data in communication system
Apparatus and method for selective file erasure using metadata modifications
Efficient delivery of cross-linked reports with or without live access to a source data repository
File management system and computer readable record medium for the same
Increasing efficiency of data storage in a file system
Rebuilding data in multiple dispersed storage networks
Query rewriting with entity detection
Systems and methods for query expansion in sponsored search
Creation of inferred queries for use as query suggestions
System and method for developing and processing building system control solutions
System and method for performing authority based content searching
System and method for aligning data frames in time
Artificial intelligence system
Re-modeling a memory array for accurate timing analysis
Static timing analysis adjustments for aging effects
Method and device for measuring integrated circuit power supply noise and calibration of power supply noise analysis models
Functional fabric based test access mechanism for SoCs
Computer system for managing part order placement
Semiconductor circuit design supporting apparatus and method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
Power transfer device and control method thereof, and lock-up clutch device
Continuous driving mileage calculation control system and calculation control method
Systems and methods for managing at-home medical prevention, recovery, and maintenance
Application-independent and component-isolated system and system of systems framework
Systems for genome selection
Computer-implemented cellular modeling having parallel pathways
System and method for ensuring a person reaches a destination on time
Computer readable medium storing program, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Mechanism to handle events in a machine with isolated execution
Automatic authentication method and system in print process
Reproducing apparatus, system LSI, and initialization method
Method and service for providing access to premium content and dispersing payment therefore
Auxiliary writes over address channel
Integration of runtime environments
System and method for a multimedia timeline
Input/output (I/O) path selection based on workload types
Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
System and methods for voicing text in an interactive programming guide
Information processing apparatus and associated method of content exchange
System and method to visually present assets and access platforms for the assets
Method and system for editing content in server
Portable information terminal, hold status switch method and recording medium
Mobile terminal
Portable terminal and method for displaying touch keypad thereof
User interface device and user interface method
Operating and display device for a vehicle
Multi-touch detection panel with disambiguation of touch coordinates
Capacitor for use in a communication device and methods for use therewith
Rendering content around obscuring objects
Method and apparatus for determining contact areas within a touch sensing region
Capacitive touch sensor having correlation with a receiver
Terminal, controlling method thereof and recordable medium thereof
Portable terminal and display method and medium therefor
Systems and methods for radial display of time based information
System and method for storing image and image processing apparatus, wherein each of a plurality of the image processing apparatuses engaged in the collaborative image processing terminates its own respective portion of the collaborative image processing, and wherein a master one of the information processing apparatus controls which of the image processing apparatuses transmits the collaborative result data of the collaborative image processing to the storage unit
Printing apparatus and printing system having fault recovery
Communication system, communication apparatus, communication method, and program
Print driver localization support from printing device to support multiple user profiles
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program
Event display apparatus and method
Displaying web page on mobile communication terminal
Storage system and its operation method
Systems and methods for arbitrary data transformations
Impaired operation detection method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for generating data quality indicators for relationships in a database
Ranking providers for advertising leads
Generation of a set of pre-filters from a set of event subscriptions to more efficiently select events of interest
Method for safeguarding the integrity of a relational database in case of structural transaction execution
OBD compliant rationality check system for adaptive cruise control
Tracking changes across collection of data tables
Systems and methods for improved searching
Unified formats for resources and repositories for managing localization
Scoring documents in a linked database
Data storage and management system
Management of class-associated object mapping information corresponding to a distributed storage system
Systems and methods for implementing a master policy repository in a policy realization framework
Highly reliable and scalable architecture for data centers
Method and apparatus for data file transfer using destination linked directories
Apparatus and method for automatic update
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
System and method for managing metadata in a relational database
Row-vector norm comparison method and row-vector norm comparison apparatus for inverse matrix
Random number generating device
Method, program product and apparatus for modeling resist development of a lithography process
Gateway device and method for using the same to prevent phishing attacks
Method and system for power management for a handheld mobile electronic device executing-in-place an application kernel from execute-in-place non-volatile memory (XIP NVM)
Executing touchBHT instruction to pre-fetch information to prediction mechanism for branch with taken history
Hosting non-messaging workflows in a messaging host
Updating a plurality of computers
Debugger and debugging methods using breakpoints conditioned on the static identity of data
Program development tool configured to compile source code according to energy consumption requirements
Keyword based software testing system and method
Image forming apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium for directly update a module of the image forming apparatus without changing other modules
Selective delta validation of a shared artifact
Detecting indexing errors in declarative languages
System for creating and running a software application for medical imaging
Model-operative pattern representation harvesting using an automated exemplar-directed approach
Management of software implemented services in processor-based devices
System for remote loading of objects or files in order to update software
Rewriting branch instructions using branch stubs
Passing non-architected registers via a callback/advance mechanism in a simulator environment
Automatic function call in multithreaded application
Automatic context management for web applications with client side code execution
Method and system for establishing a robust virtualized environment
Conditional batch buffer execution
Method for configuring resources and scheduling task processing with an order of precedence
System and method for indicating usage of system resources using taskbar graphics
Arbitrary power law function generator
Method for acquiring user identification information of destination apparatus under WSD protocol before sending read image data
Printing apparatus and printer driver
Post color conversion mechanism for gray/black text and graphics objects
Method for reconstructing a fluorescent image of the interior of a turbid medium and device for imaging the interior of a turbid medium
Method and device for determining the orientation of a cross-wound bobbin tube
Reporting organ volume for a medical digital image
System and method for motion-compensated compressed sensing for dynamic imaging
Background image and mask estimation for accurate shift-estimation for video object detection in presence of misalignment
Method and system for determining a region of interest in an image
Methods and systems for protection of identity
Self-similar descriptor filtering
Image formation apparatus and method for nuclear imaging
3D tissue model formation from non-parallel 2D images
Enhancement of region of interest of radiological image
Potential field-based gamut mapping
Method and system for detecting object
Methods and devices involving imagery and gestures
Human pose estimation in visual computing
Method and device for determining image quality
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding multi-view image
Method and apparatus for effectively compressing motion vectors in video coder based on multi-layer
Image processing device, image processing method, program, and integrated circuit
System and method for defining a search window
Image searching method and apparatus
Optimized correlation filters for signal processing
Community-selected content
Case acquisition for incremental Case-Based Reasoning system
Methods and systems for recommending vendors to submit bids for a print job
Communication station and software for interfacing with an infusion pump, analyte monitor, analyte meter, or the like
Method and system for providing notification of publications
System and method using a predictive model for nurse intervention program decisions
Expense tracking, electronic ordering, invoice presentment, and payment system and method
Method for optimum placement of advertisements on a web page
Archiving system and process for transaction records
Online auction and method
Computerized management system for multi-chain promotions, and related audit system
System and method for using voice over a telephone to access, process, and carry out transactions over the internet
Metadata-driven merchant feed processing system
Systems and methods for capturing mail for electronic bill presentment
Systems and methods for placing advertisements
System and method for tracking content through the internet
System and method for changing order priority levels in an electronic trading environment
System and method for on-line payment transactions
Consolidated payment options
System and method for event driven virtual workspace
Collaborative healthcare information collection
System and method for determining the cost of a pharmaceutical
Image processing method and apparatus for synchronized input and output of data and commands
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Virtual systems for spatial organization, navigation, and presentation of information
Method and a system for calibrating and/or visualizing a multi image display and for reducing ghosting artifacts
Network-based remote pet monitoring device and method
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic multi-stage signal amplification in a medical device
Enabling device-to-device communication in cellular networks
Vehicle safety driving apparatus
Circuits for controlling display apparatus
Display device and backlight brightness control method thereof
Liquid crystal display device including image sensor and method of driving the same
Display control apparatus and method of determining driving parameter for overdrive
Digitally modulated image projection system
Display apparatus capable of changing dimming frequency of back light and control method thereof
Flat panel display screen operable for touch position determination system and methods
Intelligent automatic backlight control scheme
Method and system for frame insertion in a digital display system
Cushioned user interface or control device
Control schemes for haptic feedback interface devices
Input method for surface of interactive display
Stereoscopic color management
Image display device, image display method, and program
Method for producing a color image and imaging device employing same
Apparatus and method for generating chopper-stabilized signals
Source driver of image display systems and methods for driving pixel array
Method of driving column inversion display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
Disambiguation of a spoken query term
Dynamically extending the speech prompts of a multimodal application
Computer-implemented system and method for processing audio in a voice response environment
Spindle motor including hydrodynamic bearing and storage disk drive including same
Suspension board with circuit having an opening formed in the metal supporting board at a slider mounting region
Slider design for diverting airflow away from a transducer
Optical recording medium, and series of optical recording media
Method and system for processing information from optical disk layers
Optical information recording medium, and substrate and manufacturing method for the optical information recording medium
Method for driving semiconductor device
SRAM device capable of independently controlling a double-gate selection transistor for maintaining an optimal read margin and read speed
Interface circuit and semiconductor device incorporating same
Intermediate end plug assembly for segmented fuel rod and segmented fuel rod having the same
Optical device and method for controlling the same
Laser scanning device and method using the same
Current reference generating circuit and a constant current switch mode power supply control circuit and method thereof
Method and system for a greedy user group selection with range reduction in TDD multiuser MIMO downlink transmission
Method and apparatus for audio noise reduction of frequency modulation (FM) receiver
High-swing differential driver using low-voltage transistors
Apparatus and method for transmitting data using turbo code
Optimization of packet buffer memory utilization
Fast and reliable wireless communication
System and method for efficient horizontal maximum distance separable raid
Method and apparatus for multiple access over a communication channel
GNSS receiver with cross-correlation rejection
Method and apparatus for performing piconet coordinator handover in wireless personal area network
Systems, methods and devices for dual closed loop modulation controller for nonlinear RF amplifier
Semiconductor device
TV tuner and the manufacturing method thereof
Communication system, control method thereof, terminal station, and computer-readable storage medium
Mobile telephone
Video coding
Gravity modulator and gravity-modulation reception
Robustly stabilizing laser systems
Transceiver apparatus, communication control method, and concentrator
Dynamic LNA switch points based on channel conditions
Method for separating blind signal and apparatus for performing the same
System and method for cognitive radio transmission
Methods and apparatus for predicting a channel quality indicator in a communication system
Wireless communications apparatus, wireless communications method, program, and integrated circuit
Transmission apparatus and frequency fluctuation compensation method
Relay station device, base station device, mobile station device, and radio communication system
Integrated circuit with intra-chip and extra-chip RF communication
Method of translating protocol at translator, method of providing protocol translation information at translation server, and address translation server
Channel assignment optimization method and channel assignment optimization apparatus
Communication system, communication station, communication terminal, and method of communication
Quality of service securing method and apparatus
Signal boosting and charging system for electronic devices
Communication method, base station apparatus, and terminal apparatus using the communication method
Wireless communication system, transmitting device, receiving device and wireless communication method
RF bus controller
Sequence-generating method, and apparatus for same
Asynchronous coexistence arbitration
Common interface protocol for sending FR-RDS messages in wireless communication systems
Demand broadcast channels and channel programming based on user viewing history, profiling, and requests
User-customized programming
In-service throughput testing in distributed router/switch architectures
Method and apparatus for providing availability metrics for measurement and managment of ethernet services
Scheduling WDM PON with tunable lasers with different tuning times
System and method for energy-efficient operation of optical network units based on scheduled payload reception
Dynamic assignment of wavelengths in agile photonic networks
Transmitting method, receiving method, transmitting device and receiving device
Apparatus and methods for providing a communication quality feedback of an end-to-end communication path
Communication device and power correction method
Interference noise estimation method, reception processing method, interference noise estimation apparatus, and receiver, in multicarrier communications system
Reception apparatus and method, program and reception system
Apparatus and method for transmitting data using a CTC (Convolutional Turbo Code) encoder in a mobile communication system
Smart aging retry buffer
Communication unit, communication system, communication method and communication program
Communication apparatus
Method for variably controlling bit rate of video data through end-to-end channel status sensing in a WiBro network
System and method for configuration admission control of service instances
Combined hard/soft relay forwarding for hybrid-automatic repeat request (ARQ) exploitation
Managing communications over a shared medium
Receiver device, transmission system, and packet transmission method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a standardized interpretive engine
Automated operation and security system for virtual private networks
Persistent mesh for isolated mobile and temporal networking
System and method for managing acknowledgement messages in a very large computer network
Network bandwidth measurement
Address learning in a layer two bridging network
Method of data rate adaptation for multicast communication
Terminal selection diversity for powerline communications
System and method for connecting bluetooth-enabled devices to a personal computer
Systems and methods to select peered border elements for an IP multimedia session based on quality-of-service
Method for completing internet telephony calls
High data throughput wireless local area network receiver
Amplitude suppressing apparatus and signal transmitting apparatus
Maximum ratio transmission
Link layer multicasting systems and methods
Transmitter and communication apparatus
System and method for estimation and correction of carrier frequency offset in MIMO-OFDM based wireless communications systems
PHY sub-channel processing
Channel estimation apparatus and method using linear/nonlinear average in wireless telecommunication system
System, methods, and computer program products for virtual presence service triggered when consuming content
Method for the application of implicit signature schemes
Distributed storage network employing multiple encoding layers in data routing
Control of access to a secondary system
Mobile communications system, communications apparatus, and communications method
Method and apparatus for implementing pulse synchronization
STTC encoder for single antenna WAVE transceivers
Split-key key-agreement protocol
Rural services platform
Flexibly assigning security configurations to applications
Posted move in anchor point-based digital rights management
Method for secure data exchange between two devices
Secret-key exchange for wireless and sensor networks
Verification and protection of genuine software installation using hardware super key
Method and apparatus to create trust domains based on proximity
Authentication of binaries in memory with proxy code execution
Method for providing access control to media services
Method for an electronic device for providing group information associated with a group of contacts
Methods and apparatus to display service quality to a user of a multiple mode communication device
Radio communication device and data reception method to receive content data being broadcast via radio waves
System and method for processing a call request
Dual mode RF transceiver and receiving method of the same
Portable terminal
Sliding module and mobile terminal comprising the same
Content sharing methods and systems
Mobile terminal and method of displaying standby screen thereof
Communication system, internal line managing apparatus, internal phone management method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
Projection headset
System for identifying a calling party
System and method for transmitting voice messages via a centralized voice message server
Method and apparatus for providing special call handling for valued customers of retailers
System, method and terminal for communication between WAPI terminals
Communications device and method for selecting a missed call reminder alert
Adaptive pricing service plan
Forced answer communications
Method, system, and computer program product for obtaining crowd-sourced location information
Video E911
Guiding calls via graphical user interface
Method of reducing power consumption within a portable communication device
Frequency control apparatus and method for railway wireless communication
System and method for communicating media content
Method and apparatus for distributed data transfer over multiple independent wireless networks
Method and apparatus for controlling a network device
Method and apparatus for serializing an asynchronous communication
Performing speech recognition over a network and using speech recognition results
Image reader, light guide used for the same, and method of making light guide
Host apparatus and control method thereof, and image reading apparatus controlled by host apparatus
Controller and halftone dot signal generating method capable of controlling glossiness of image
Methods for generating an inverse mask
Color management for selectable gloss applications
Method and system for scaling with dot gain control
Image forming apparatus, and control method and storage medium therefor
Method and apparatus for unequal error protection in transmitting uncompressed video with various type over wideband high frequency wireless system
Recording medium, playback device, and integrated circuit
Zero-D dimming for 3D displays
Display apparatus
Method and system for transmitting/receiving 3-dimensional broadcasting service
Solid-state imaging device including a plurality of units each having a corner register
Solid-state image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
Solid-state imaging device, signal processing method thereof and image capturing apparatus
Video signal processing circuit and method applicable thereto
Method of controlling display of digital photographing apparatus
Image forming optical system and electronic image pickup apparatus equipped with same
Small industrial electronic imaging camera
Imaging apparatus
Recording apparatus and method, reproducing apparatus and method, and program
Lens control apparatus, optical apparatus, and lens control method
Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
Image capturing apparatus and auto-focus control method thereof
Imaging apparatus and method
Imaging apparatus, integrated circuit, and image processing method
Image pickup apparatus and reproducing apparatus
Interactive user interface
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurrences
Series reminders and series recording from an interactive program guide
Entertainment system mountable in a vehicle and methods for mounting and displaying same
Method and apparatus for increasing effective contrast ratio and brightness yields for digital light valve image projectors
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
Content playback unit and electronic device
Boundary detection in media streams
Image recording apparatus and image capture apparatus
System and method for selecting advertisements
Method and apparatus for control of closed captioning
Methods, apparatus and computer-readable media for conveying television program advertisements
Methods and apparatuses for sharing user profiles
Moving image compression-coding device, method of compression-coding moving image, and H.264 moving image compression-coding device
Videoconferencing terminal with a persistence of vision display and a method of operation thereof to maintain eye contact
Universal identity service avatar ecosystem
Marketing and selling feature length movies over networks
Modem apparatus for a cable data delivery system
Encryption by pixel property separation
Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for configuring the same according to configuration setting values received from outside
Video playback device for channel browsing
Streaming media bandwidth reduction
Virtual personal video recorder
Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method
Method for the distribution of audio-visual information and a system for the distribution of audio-visual information
Methods and systems for transmitting synchronized visual and audio media
Video security system
System and method to quickly acquire images
DTV transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
Solid-state image capturing element, image capturing device and signal processing method
Solid-state image pickup device and camera system
Method and apparatus for measuring delay within a compressed digital stream
Face tracker and partial face tracker for red-eye filter method and apparatus
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information processing method, information processing device, scene metadata extraction device, loss recovery information generation device, and programs
Full range planar magnetic transducers and arrays thereof
Piezoelectric micro speaker and method of manufacturing the same
Display apparatus, projector, and control method
Audio spatialization and environment simulation
Proximity based security protocol for processor-based systems
Method and device for determining location-enhanced presence information for entities subscribed to a communications system
Changing settings of a mobile terminal
Method of canceling location information request
Method of distributing load and base stations
Mobile communication system
Method of controlling a mobile terminal, and an associated mobile terminal
Optimization of the presence information refresh for a wireless device
Ranging of wireless communication networks with distant links
Mobile communication method and radio base station
Wireless communication sharing in a common communication medium based on voice traffic prediction
Methods and apparatus for OFDM peer discovery
Portable communications device coupled to first network by way of second network
Data integration for wireless network systems
Wireless data acquisition network
Apparatus for controlling broadband access and distribution of content and communications through an access point
Radio communication device and arrival direction estimation method
Communication device and display system
Devices, methods, and computer-readable media for providing broad quality of service optimization using policy-based selective quality degradation
Method and apparatus of downlink subchannelization in wireless communication system
Proxy based approach for IP address assignment to decrease latency of hand-offs in mobile IP telephony
Beacon transmission techniques in directional wireless networks
Sliding module with electrical connection paths
Integrated circuit with intra-chip clock interface and methods for use therewith
Composite speaker
Method for producing an electronic module
Inverter with electrical and electronic components arranged in a sealed housing
Inner-layer heat-dissipating board, multi-chip stack package structure having the inner layer heat-dissipating board and fabrication method thereof
Heat dissipating device
Heat dissipating device
Electronic control unit and method for producing component of same
Control device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Methods and compositions for the introduction of molecules into cells
Inbred corn line KW4636
Potato cultivar FL 1922
Soybean cultivar 0491728
Hybrid maize plant and seed 36N70
Soybean variety XB30W03
Inbred maize line PH6JM
Hybrid maize plant & seed 39K40
Plants and seeds of corn variety I363128
Aquarium protein skimmer
Replaceable media filtration
Method for generating immune-compatible cells and tissues using nuclear transfer techniques
Aerosol coolant spray for killing and removing ticks
Synergistic herbicidal compositions comprising herbicides from the benzoylcyclohexanedione group for use in rice crops
Herbicide containing substituted pyrazole derivative as active ingredient
Controlling plant pathogens with fungal/bacterial anatagonist combinations
Shirred stick packaging casing on high shirred density
Highly acidic metalated organic acid as a food additive
Microorganism reduction methods and compositions for food
Potato dough
Flavorful low-fat cheese
Manufacturing method of food additive composition and food composition containing the same
Trans free hard structural fat for margarine blend and spreads
Coffee extract and process for providing customized varieties and strengths of fresh-brewed coffee on demand
Low calorie, palatable fiber-containing, sugar substitute
Preparations containing folic acid and a natural isomer of a reduced folate
Meal-equivalent food bar
Process for producing a dehydrated food product from a wet plant material
Soy hydrolysate based nutritional formulations
Method for reducing color migration in multi-layered and colored gel-based dessert products and the products so produced
Methods for making garments with fastening components
Applications for laminate web
Sealable sterilizing packaging material
Methods for imaging pulmonary and cardiac vasculature and evaluating blood flow using dissolved polarized 129Xe
Disposable wearing article
Method of optimizing tension in applying leg elastics
Wet-resilient webs and disposable articles made therewith
Drug delivery device
Emergency medical dispensing card
Freezing and thawing bag, mold, apparatus and method
Laser drilling system and method
Therapeutic uses of nitric oxide inhibitors
Substances capable of inducing apoptosis
N-acetylamino acids, related N-acetyl compounds and their topical use
Branched chain amino acid-dependent aminotransferase inhibitors and their use in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Materials and methods for the treatment of depression
Derivatives of 2-(iminomethyl)amino-phenyl, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Neurotrophic pyrrolidines and piperidines, and related compositions and methods
Quinoline derivatives as inhibitors of MEK enzymes
Method of treating sexual disturbances
Bicyclic compounds and their use in medicine; process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Gastric acid secretion
Adherent N,O-Carboxymethylchitosan drug delivery devices for moist tissue and methods of their use
Compositions containing polysaccharides from phellinus linteus and methods for treating diabetes mellitus using same
Process for producing desulfated polysaccharide, and desulfated heparin
Method of treating farrowing sows to increase pig production
Agarose coated agarose beads containing cancer cells which produce cancer-cell proliferation-suppressing material
Lactobacillus KCTC 0774BP and acetobacter KCTC 0773BP for treatment or prevention of obesity and diabetes mellitus
Method of extracting virus from cell culture
Method of preparation of stabilized thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) and methods of use thereof
Cyclosporin analogs for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Methods for therapy of radiation cutaneous syndrome
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Compositions and methods for treating female sexual arousal disorder using hydrophobic-calcitonin gene related peptide
Compositions and methods relating to reduction of symptoms of autism
Charged lipids and uses for the same
Chemotherapeutic composition and method
Composition containing propargylamine for enhancing cancer therapy
Use of N-substituted-1, 5-dideoxy-1, 5-imino-D-glucitol compounds for treating hepatitis virus infections
Downmodulating an immune response with multivalent antibodies to PD-1
Method for keeping the quality of aqueous parenteral solution of thrombomodulin in storage and distribution
Use of anticoagulant agents in the extracorporeal treatment of blood
Methods for coating pharmaceutical core tablets
Synthetic transfection vectors
Therapeutic agents
Quinones as disease therapies
Antibodies, including FV molecules, and immunoconjugates having high binding affinity for mesothelin and methods for their use
Methods and compositions for detecting polynucleotide duplex damage and errors
Method for localization of blood clots
Biocompatible cement containing reactive calcium phosphate nanoparticles and methods for making and using such cement
Solid free-form fabrication methods for the production of dental restorations
Dentrifice comprising calcium carbonate granules
Elastin peptide analogs and uses of same incombination with skin enhancing agents
Wrinkle cream
Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
Conditioning compositions
VZV ORF29p protein-related compositions and methods
Prodrugs of COX-2 inhibitors
2-substituted heterocyclic compounds
Drying method for selectively removing volatile components from wet coatings
Flexible and absorbent alginate wound dressing
Wound healing compositions and methods using tropoelastin and lysyl oxidase
Absorbent article with self-forming absorbent binder layer
Method of sterilizing a package material
Osteogenic implants derived from bone
Functionalized porous substrate for binding chemical and biological moieties
Method of making anti-microbial polymeric surfaces
Fragrance material
Multiple continuous type liquid waste disposal apparatus
Dialyzing apparatus
Method and system for closed chest blood flow support
Multi-lumen catheter and tip configurations for use therewith
Waterproof venipuncture site cover
Valved introducer sheath and related methods
Front loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Disposable aspirating safety syringe
Safety injectors
Safety syringe
Golf ball cover with segmented polyurethane
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for reducing the maximum water concentration in a multi-phase column reactor
System for separating solids from a fluid stream
Membrane bioreactor using non-woven fabric filtration
Method and device for cross-flow filtration
Filter medium for turbine and methods of using and producing the same
Three component filtration material
Filtering apparatus
Air filtration device for internal combustion engine
Air cleaner
Spark-ignited internal combustion engine oxide gas absorbing arrangement and method
NOx reduction methods and apparatuses
Enhanced mercury control in coal-fired power plants
Hydrocarbon conversion using zeolite SSZ-64
Methods and apparatus for processing temperature sensitive materials
Catalyst element for a stacked reactor and process for producing the catalyst element
Capillary with glass internal surface
Device and method for moving charged particles
Apparatus and method for generating a plurality of isolated effluents
Method and coating system for reducing carbonaceous deposits on surfaces exposed to hydrocarbon fuels at elevated temperatures
Compressed metal oxide composition
Process for producing an iron-containing sorption material
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Method for hydrogenation of aromatic urethanes in the presence of a supported ruthenium catalyst
Selective bifunctional multigradient multimetallic catalyst
Catalyst useful for oxidation of alkanes
Catalysts for polymerization of alkylene oxides
Method for reactivating sulfonated resin catalyst
Catalytic converter for cleaning exhaust gas
Aerogel type platinum-tuthenium-carbon catalyst, method for manufacturing the same and direct methanol fuel cell comprising the same
FCC spent catalyst distributor
High-throughput biomolecular crystallization and biomolecular crystal screening
Droplet dispensing system
Centrifugal separator and sample preparation device using the separator
Method of using fluorinated electrets
Methods and apparatus for increasing and extending oil production from underground formations nearly depleted of natural gas drive
Paint shield
Device and method for supplying atomizers, and spraying installation equipped with such a device
Apparatus for dispensing pavement sealants
Molecular epitaxy method and compositions
Ceramic electronic device and method of manufacturing the device
Gas treatment apparatus
Method of coating a substrate
Methods for producing imaged coated articles by using magnetic pigments
Method of manufacturing window using ion beam milling of glass substrate(s)
Equipment coating
Negative electrode material for nonaqueous electrochemical cells
Method of coating micro-electromechanical devices
In situ method and apparatus for biodegradation of alkyl ethers and tertiary butyl alcohol
Model-based system for determining process parameters for the ladle refinement of steel
Metal powder with nano-composite structure and its production method using a self-assembling technique
Wire cut electric discharge machine
Micro electro discharge machining method and apparatus
System and method providing automated welding information exchange and replacement part order generation
Method of fabricating wire bond integrity test system
Method of drilling a circuit board
Process for laser machining and surface treatment
Laser processing method and apparatus
Laser energy delivery system outputting beams having a selectable energy
Controlled output for welding
Shielding gas filter for welding apparatus
Method for improving corrosion resistance of chrome plated material
Method and apparatus for detecting the endpoint of a chemical-mechanical polishing operation using optical techniques
Semiconductor production device and production method for semiconductor device
Breathable elastic polymeric film laminates
Form liner method
Process and apparatus for coagulating and drying latex
Multi-layer hollow body, method for manufacturing such a hollow body, and compression-blow-molding mould
Formed lining for vehicle and method for manufacturing the same
Multilayer containers and preforms having barrier properties utilizing recycled material
Method for encapsulating leadframe-mounted integrated circuits
Method for making texture multilayer optical films
Bonding elastomeric articles
Enclosed area on a blow molded article and method of making the same
Thermoforming process for masked polymers
Method of replicating a high resolution three-dimensional imprint pattern on a compliant media of arbitrary size
Method for splicing a conveyor belt
Continuous reinforcing fiber sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming an air laid fibrous web
Amorphous perfluorinated copolymers
Zipper tape for a bag and method of producing the same
Low birefringence film
Method for manufacturing fuel hose and ultraviolet crosslinking composition used therefor
Fusible polyimide and composite polyimide film
Interlayer and laminated glass panel comprising same
Blended fluorosilicone release agent for polymeric fuser members
Blended fluorosilicone release agent for silicone fuser members
Continuous mat making process and product
Water-absorbent film construction
Sheet-form layered structure with attractive appearance and utilization thereof
Polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer and polylactic acid polymer compositions for laminates and films
Resin composition, laminate and production of laminate
Protecting film for polarizing plate and polarizing plate
Multilayered shrink films and labels made therefrom
Synthetic roofing shingle or tile
Automotive tufted carpet with enhanced acoustical properties
Bulked fabric film laminate
Self-adhesive protective article for painted automobile parts subject to high mechanical stress
Conformable, heat-resistant, paintable acrylic-based adhesive tape and method of applying to a substrate
Positive photosensitive composition positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate and method for making positive photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Negative-working photosensitive composition and negative-working photosensitive lithographic printing plate
Heat-sensitive lithographic printing plate precursor
Method and apparatus for applying a layer of lacquer to an upper side of a printed medium
Composite non-woven ink absorber
Screen ink printed film carrier and electrically modulated device using same
Heat-resistant film and thermal transfer recording medium
High gloss ink jet recording media
Protective undercoating for a printed medium
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
System and method for managing overflow of moistening fluid in a mailing machine
Transfer foil for applying a decorative layer arrangement to a substrate
Applicator for and method of applying a sheet material to a substrate
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using said rubber composition
Silica reinforced rubber composition and article with component thereof, including tires
Cable for anchoring a tire carcass
Capped clip for pipe, electric cable or the like
Spot laminator with charging bar
Label system and method for label alignment and placement
Multilayer polymeric/inorganic oxide structure with top coat for enhanced gas or vapor barrier and method for making same
Method and apparatus for automatically applying a flying splicing tape to a roll of sheet material
Clutch mechanism of coat film transfer tool and coat film transfer tool
Microchip device for chemotaxis observation
Micromechanical part and method for its manufacture
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit that seals a MEMS device within a cavity
Vacuum-cavity MEMS resonator
Thin micromachined structures
Gap tuning for surface micromachined structures in an epitaxial reactor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System for producing ozone water and control method thereof
Production of hydrogen and higher hydrocarbons
Modified .crclbar.-alumina-supported nickel reforming catalyst and its use for producing synthesis gas from natural gas
Hydrogen absorption alloy electrode
Multilayer carbon nanotube films and method of making the same
Method of using carbide and/or oxycarbide containing compositions
Porous, fine inorganic particles
Zeolites and molecular sieves and the use thereof
Method of preparing nanosized spherical vanadium oxide particle
Water purifier and method
Water improver of coral algae, shell sand and ascorbate salt
Method and apparatus for reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide in effluent of a water heater
Treatment of sewage sludge
Method for effluent purification
System and method for AI controlling waste-water treatment by neural network and back-propagation algorithm
Aerobic wastewater treatment apparatus
Wastewater purifying apparatus
Method for preparing and regenerating a composite crucible
Process for manufacturing inorganic article
High temperature glass fibers
Preparation of thin silica films with controlled thickness and tunable refractive index
Water repellent composition and windscreen washer comprising a siloxane, ether alcohol, and cationic surfactant
Glass substrate for magnetic recording media and manufacturing method thereof
Non-heat cleaned fabrics and products including the same
Glass compositions and glass forming materials comprising said compositions
Stable consolidated combustion ash material
Self-compacting engineered cementitious composite
Pumpably verifiable fluid fiber compositions
Polymer dispersions as an additive in building materials
Kaolin clay pigments suited to rotogravure printing applications and method for preparing the same
Spherical tetragonal barium titanate particles and process for producing the same
Dielectric ceramic composition and electronic device
Method of forming a ceramic coating on a substrate by electron-beam physical vapor deposition
Soft piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric device using the same
Particulate sealant for filter plug forming
Fabrication of low thermal expansion calcium aluminate articles
Method for manufacturing laminated dielectrics
Method and device for producing shaped ceramic bodies using setter plates
Method of manufacturing ceramic structure
Oxide superconductor thick film and method for manufacturing the same
Solid propellant formulations and methods and devices employing the same for the destruction of airborne biological and/or chemical agents
Emulsion phase having improved stability
Method for synthesizing absolute asymmetry
Diketodiazacyclic compounds, diazacyclic compounds and combinatorial libraries thereof
Method for increasing light olefin yield by conversion of a heavy hydrocarbon fraction of a product to light olefins
Process for the preparation of 1-chloro-1-fluoroethane and/or 1,1-difluoroethane
Process for preparing (+)-cis-sertraline
Process of preparation of aliphatic amines
Method for producing 3,3-diarylpropylamines
Shortened synthesis of 3,3-diarylpropylamine derivatives
Process for the preparation of 5-aminosalicyclic acid
Amino acid derivatives
Fluorine-containing compounds and polymers derived therefrom
Functional peptide nucleic acid and its production method
Cogeneration of methanol and electrical power
Method for acylating cyclic compounds
Process for stereoselective synthesis of prostacyclin derivatives
Method for the separation of formaldehyde from a reaction mixture containing polyols by the addition of solvents before and/or during the distillation
Reactor for catalytic gas phase oxidation
Process for the preparation of ethyl acetate
2, 4-disubstituted-pyridine N-oxides useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Light-emitting device and iridium complex
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Sulfonylaminocarboxylic acid N-arylamides as guanylate cyclase activators
Antagonists of MCP-1 function and methods of use thereof
Process for producing N-halogenated organic compounds
Cyano-substituted dihydropyrimidine compounds and their use to treat diseases
Processes for the preparation of substituted isoxazoles and 2-isoxazolines
Ultraviolet radiation absorbent compositions for thermoplastic polymers
Compounds having anti-hepatitis C virus effect
Benezene-fused heteroring derivatives and pharmaceutical agents comprising the same as active ingredient
3-Arylbenzofuranones with electron-withdrawing substituents as stabilizers
Artemisolide compound isolated from the aerial parts of Artemisia sylvatica, isolation method, and use thereof
4-aminobenzopyran derivatives
Derivatives of N-(iminomethy)amines, their preparation, their use as medicaments and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Amide derivatives
Thiazole derivatives
Sodium salt of an azo derivative of 5-aminosalicylic acid
Fused heterocyclic compounds
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of CNS and other disorders
Phenanthroline-7-one derivatives and their therapeutic uses
Saframycins, analogues and uses thereof
Diazabicyclic central nervous system active agents
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
ECL labels having improved non-specific binding properties, methods of using and kits containing the same
Process for the preparation of pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one compounds and intermediates thereof
Oxazolo, thiazolo and selenazolo [4,5-C]-quinolin-4-amines and analogs thereof
Quinoline derivatives inhibiting the effect of growth factors such as VEGF
(Halo-benzo carbonyl)heterocyclo fused phenyl p38 kinase inhibiting agents
Multi-dentate late transition metal catalyst complexes and polymerization methods using those complexes
Method for producing organometallic compounds
Intercalator suitable for electrochemical detection of double strand DNAs and a process for preparing thereof
Method of solvating a metal in an aromatic organic liquid
Nitrogen-containing group-13 anionic compounds for olefin polymerization
Preparation of secondary aminoisobutylalkoxysilanes
Synthesis method for polymers by controlled radical polymerisation with xanthates
Sucralose composition and process for its preparation
Macrolide antibiotics
Method of preparing clarithromycin
Process for the preparation of oligonucleotides
Trityl-type compounds and their use
Antisense oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of JNK proteins
Method of nucleic acid sequencing
Universal nucleic acid amplification system for nucleic acids in a sample
GM-CSF nucleic acid sequences
Process for correction of a disulfide misfold in IL-1ra FC fusion molecules
Simple method for labeled conjugate production
Retroviral vectors comprising a functional splice donor site and a functional splice acceptor site
Ligands for FPR class receptors that induce a host immune response to a pathogen or inhibit HIV infection
Chlamydia antigens and corresponding DNA fragments and uses thereof
Immunologically active proteins from Borrelia burgdorferi, nucleic acids which encode them, and their use in test kits and as vaccines
Compositions and methods for screening antimicrobials
Compositions encoding lepidopteran-toxic polypeptides and methods of use
RecA proteins
Apoptin-associating protein
Human beta-defensin-3 (HBD-3), a highly cationic beta-defensin antimicrobial peptide
Method of detecting a cancerous cell expressing EGFL6, and EGF mutif protein
Tumor-associated antigen (R11)
Steroid-activated nuclear receptors and uses therefor
Glutamate transporter associated proteins and methods of use thereof
Cadherin derived growth factor and its use
Polynucleotides encoding SREB3 receptor
Lentiviral vectors encoding clotting factors for gene therapy
Immunoglobulins containing protection proteins and their use
Modulators of the function of FAS/APO1 receptors
Cryptosporidium parvum antigens, antibodies thereto and diagnostic and therapeutic compositions thereof
Detection of sarcocystis neurona
Low oxygen affinity mutant hemoglobins
Multipurpose antibody derivatives
Methods for generating genetically altered antibody producing cell lines with improved antibody characteristics
Production of chimeric antibodies
Process for the conversion of echinocandin class of peptides to their c4-homotyrosine monodeoxy analogues
Emulsion stabilizing starch products
Thermoplastic shaped-body of trehalose, process and uses thereof
Unsaturated compounds containing silane, electron donor and electron acceptor functionality
Chromium compounds and olefin polymerization processes utilizing them
Process for preparing polyolefin polymerization catalysts
Tetrafluoroethylene thermoprocessable copolymer microspheres
Process for preparing bead polymers with an average particle size in the range from 1 to 40 .mu.M, moulding compositions comprising bead polymer, and mouldings and PAMA plastisols
Method for producing polymers
ArF photoresist copolymers
Radiation curable compositions with enhanced adhesion
Articles formed from propylene diene copolymers
Process for reclaiming residual ethylene in the preparation of vinyl ethylene copolymers
Process for preparing a K-type polarizer
Fullerene-containing polymer, producing method thereof, and photorefractive composition
Thermoplastic polymer and thermoplastic elastomer composition
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Polyester polyols and the use of polyester for producing PUR cast elastomers that have an improved resistance to hydrolysis
Rigid polyurethane foam and heat insulating construction element comprising the same
Solid, radiation-curing powder coating binders and a process for preparing the same
Method for the production block foam
Moisture-curable, polyether urethanes with reactive silane groups and their use as sealants, adhesive and coatings
Method of protecting surfaces from corrosion
Polysiloxane coatings for surfaces
Monomer-poor polyurethane bonding agent having an improved lubricant adhesion
Halogen-free, phosphorus-free flame-retardant advanced epoxy resin and an epoxy composition containing the same
Solid state device with encapsulant of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, 4-methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride and boron catalyst
Anionically produced polyamide and method for the production thereof and also a method for reprocessing polyamide
Liquid crystal alignment agent and liquid crystal device using the liquid crystal alignment and method for alignment of liquid crystal molecules
Cellulose matrix encapsulation and method
Emulsion aggregation toner containing a mixture of waxes incorporating an improved process to prevent wax protrusions and coarse particles
Water-absorbing agent and process for producing the same
Heat conductive resin substrate and semiconductor package
Gel compositions based on reaction products of polyols and polyisocyanates
Resin compositions, method of producing resin compositions and filler blends for use in resin compositions
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Glass/plastic compounds
Pressure sensitive sealant composition and method of sealing by using same
Adhesion accelerator for bonding rubber to metal and rubber composition
Bituminous product and process for preparing it
Coating composition containing surface treated clay mixture, the surface treated clay mixture used therefor, and methods of their use
High flow polyphenylene ether formulations with dendritic polymers
Rubber mixtures containing silica, carbon black and rubber gel
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the device
Elastomeric intumescent material
Foam comprising polyolefin blend and method for producing same
Thermoplastic resin composition
HDPE polymer compostion
Fire resistant resin composition and electrical wire having fire resistant covering
Coating compositions
Process for profile extrusion of a polyester
Thermoplastic polyester compositions having improved impact properties
Segmental copolymers and aqueous dispersions and films therefrom
Suppression of aqueous viscosity of associating polyacetal-polyethers
Thermosetting composition
Heat resistant resin composition and adhesive film
Methods of making and using creping adhesives comprised of polyamine-epihalohydrin resin/poly(vinyl alcohol) mixtures
Metal complex dyes based on Bucherer naphthols
Functionalized silicas
Method for producing fillers having improved bulk material stability and pourability
Lightfade-stable ink formulations based on blends of rhodamines and metal-containing dyes
Branched alcohols and diols for increased dot size and reliability
Ink composition comprising cationic water-soluble resin, and ink set
Unsaturated polyester resin composition
Dispersion, coating composition, and recording medium
Low dielectric constant films derived by sol-gel processing of a hyperbranched polycarbosilane
Abrasion-resistant coating composition, process for making such coating composition and article coated therewith
Labeling paint for use with metallic stencils on oriented strandboard finishing line
Flexible hydrophobic resin with sulfonium and propargyl groups-containing resin
Hard surface-treating agent, stain-proofing agent and surface-treating method
Method for strengthening wood products and modified unsaturated polyester resins therefor
Fabricated tape assembly
Blue electroluminescence compound for an organic electroluminescence device and the organic electroluminescence device using the same
Image-display device
Liquid-crystalline medium
Liquid-crystalline medium having a high birefringence and improved UV stability
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Composition for oil and gas drilling fluids with solidification agent, cell transport agent and cellulosic additive
Coke drum bottom head removal system
Fuel additive and fuel refining process
Process combining hydroisomerisation and separation using a zeolitic adsorbent with a mixed structure for the production of high octane number gasolines
Process and apparatus for the utilization of nitrogen-organic componds by gasification
Lubricating oil composition
Use of lubricants based on polysiloxanes
Toilet bar having a latent acidifier
Method of manufacturing soap with air bubbles
Method of producing a multi-layer detergent tablet
Water-decomposable fibrous sheet containing gel compound
Modified starch-based polymer-containing fabric care compositions and methods employing same
Useful mutations of bacterial alkaline protease
Method and apparatus for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate
Vectors for gene mutagenesis and gene discovery
Optical sorting method
Akt3 inhibitors
Cellular regulators of infectious agents and methods of use
Method for detecting polynucleotides encoding telomerase
Repressing gene expression in plants
Scarecrow gene, promoter and uses thereof
DNA sequences for an amino acid transporter plasmids, bacteria, yeasts and plants containing a transporter and their use
Herbicide-tolerant protox genes produced by DNA shuffling
Heat stable mutants of starch biosynthesis enzymes
Episomally replicating lentiviral vectors
Method for stable chromosomal multi-copy integration of genes
Treatment of disorders by implanting stem cells and/or progeny thereof into gastrointestinal organs
Altered recombinases for genome modification
DNA encoding oxidoreductase and polypeptide encoded thereby
Choline monooxygenase gene
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Automatable rapid test for detection of cancer, based on telomerase (hTC) mRNA with specific primers and probes
Thermostable phytase with 2.1 .ANG. . . . crystal structure
Cell-wall degrading enzyme variants
Genes from the 20Q13 amplicon and their uses
Process for the preparation of L-amino acids by fermentation and nucleotide sequences coding for the accDA gene
Preparation of a macrocyclic lactone
Biodesulfurization of hydrocarbons
Production of ascorbic acid
Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase and gene encoding the same enzyme
Method for identifying inhibitors of IPC synthase
Methods and compositions for use in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic immune disease
Directionally cloned random cDNA expression vector libraries, compositions and methods of use
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Means for qualitative and quantitative analysis of microbial populations potentially present in a sample
Method for determining susceptibility to heart disease by screening polymorphisms in the vitamin D receptor gene
Uses of Ku70
Triple-stranded DNA, method of forming the same and southern hybridization
Methods for screening cellular proliferation using isotope labels
Molecular recognition at surfaces derivatized with self-assembled monolayers
Fin and tube for high-temperature heat exchanger
Thermal spray composition and method of deposition for abradable seals
Steel plate for enameling, having improved formability, anti-aging property, and enameling properties, and process for producing the same
Thermal barrier coating on a surface
Susceptor and surface processing method
Method of forming nanocrystals in a memory device
Method for preparing .alpha.-dialuminum trioxide nanotemplates
Fabrication method of metallic nanowires
Method for fabricating metal electrode with atomic layer deposition (ALD) in semiconductor device
Growth of ZnO film using single source CVD
Hydrogen assisted HDP-CVD deposition process for aggressive gap-fill technology
Method for forming dielectric layers
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Pulse precursor deposition process for forming layers in semiconductor devices
Kinetically sprayed aluminum metal matrix composites for thermal management
Ion texturing methods and articles
Discharge surface treatment electrode, manufacturing method thereof and discharge surface treating method
Thermal spraying method and apparatus for improved adhesion strength
Heat resistant carburized rolling bearing component and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus of arrayed sensors for metrological control
Method of wiring formation and method for manufacturing electronic components
Method of preventing or stopping sulfuric corrosion of metals
Method for preparing organo-zinc derivatives by electrochemical process associated with a cobalt salt catalysis
Process for continuously producing aluminum from clays
Oxidizing electrolytic method for obtaining a ceramic coating at the surface of a metal
Methods in electroanalytical techniques to analyze organic components in plating baths
Electroplating solution for high speed plating of tin-copper solder
Method and apparatus to overcome anomalies in copper seed layers and to tune for feature size and aspect ratio
Electrolytic polishing method
Controlled partial pressure technique for adjusting lithium oxide concentration in wafers
In-situ post epitaxial treatment process
Adjusting of defect profiles in crystal or crystalline-like structures
Sapphire single crystal, semiconductor laser diode using the same for substrate, and method for manufacturing the same
Thin film forming method, solution and apparatus for use in the method, and electronic device fabricating method
Textiles; Paper
System for the oxygen delignification of pulp consisting of lignocellulose-containing material
Method for mixing dilution liquid into a stock flow in a paper or board machine to control basis weight using coarse and fine controls
Wide wale tissue sheets and method of making same
Method for enhancing the softness of paper-based products
Soft paper products with low lint and slough
Fixed Constructions
Method for producing a rail substructure
Top of grate catch basin filter
Vapor barrier for use in the heat insulation of buildings
Pre-coated mat-faced gypsum board
Inclined photovoltaic assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air supply system for fuel cell
Procedure for the manufacture of an all plastic oil pan with integrated oil filter
Particulate trap for diesel engine
Method for producing friction linings
Television and oven combination device
Electrical energy conserving kiln method and apparatus
Desorptive method for determining a surface property of a solid
Diagnosis of Smith-Lemli-Optiz syndrome
Capillary array electrophoresis apparatus
Device and method for physiochemical measurements
Electrode system
Chemical sensing apparatus and methods
Self-aligning ultrasonic displacement sensor system, apparatus and method for detecting surface vibrations
Multi column chromatography system
Methods of enhancing confidence in assays for analytes
Method for the determination of hexavalent chromium using ultrasonication and strong anion exchange solid phase extraction
Screening assays using intramitochondrial calcium
Mouse mammary tumor lines expressing estrogen and progesterone receptors
Displacement assay on a porous membrane
Method and apparatus for assaying a drug candidate to estimate a pharmacokinetic parameter associated therewith
Methods of monitoring enzyme activity
Method and device for detection of Apo A, Apo B and the ratio thereof in saliva
System and method for dispensing solution to a multi-well container
Magnetoresistance effect film and method of forming same
Apparatus for cable routing management
Method for manufacturing a substrate for a display panel
Silver halide photographic emulsion
Light-sensitive silver halide grain and silver halide emulsion
Silver salt photothermographic dry imaging material
Photo-definable self-assembled materials
Positive photosensitive composition
Use of carboxyl group-containing acetal polymers in light-sensitive compositions and lithographic printing plates
Photosensitive resin composition of aqueous emulsion type
Positive photoresist composition
Bottom anti-reflective coating material composition and method for forming resist pattern using the same
Performing optical proximity correction on trim-level segments not abutting features to be printed
Method of using critical dimension measurements to control stepper process parameters
Method for controlling a critical dimension (CD) in an etch process
Process for fabricating composite substrate carrier
Dry silylation plasma etch process
Toner and heat-fixing method
Process for producing toner
Electrostatic image developing toner and preparation method thereof
Liquid developer, method for manufacture thereof, image forming device, and image forming method
Electronic music display device
Testing methods of OLED panels for all pixels on
Musical instrument having exchangeable components
Electronic musical apparatus having musical tone signal generator
Magneto-optical recording medium and manufacturing method therefor
System for reproducing information recorded on a disc
Multibeam laser servowriting of magnetic data storage media
Storage media with non-uniform properties
Perpendicular magnetic recording media
In-line, pass-by method for vapor lubrication
Magnetic recording medium, production process and apparatus thereof, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical information recording medium
Optical recording medium
High-density optical disk with a polymer film featuring thermochromism
Magnetic shielding for reducing magnetic interference
Random access memory cell and method for fabricating same
Noble metal in-situ sampling method and apparatus
Method of producing a nuclear fuel sintered body
Transparent conductive film and composition for forming same
Audio cable
Method of manufacturing a high voltage transformer for microwave oven
Coated ferromagnetic particles and composite magnetic articles thereof
Monolithic ceramic electronic component and production process therefor, and ceramic paste and production process therefor
Method for producing multilayer substrate and electronic part, and multilayer electronic part
Surface mount aluminum capacitor having anode foil anodized in an aqueous phosphate solution
Pressure activated switch and touch panel
Electronic equipment and pushbutton used therein
Pushbutton switch
Spring loaded mechanical control mechanism for a circuit breaker comprising a toothed wheel cooperating with a cog wheel
Radio frequency ground shield
D.C. circuit breaker with magnets for reducing contact arcing
AC plasma display panel
Coating boron carbide on aluminum
High peak power plasma pulsed supply with arc handling
Methodologies to reduce process sensitivity to the chamber condition
Through terminal and X-ray tube
Shielding base member and method of manufacturing the same
Reduced-pressure drying unit and coating film forming method
Method for improving a high-speed edge-coupled photodetector
Process for fabricating a microelectromechanical structure
Products derived from embedded flash/EEPROM products
Hot plate annealing
Model based metal overetch control
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for producing a semiconductor structure, and use of the method
Silicon nanocrystal capacitor and process for forming same
Integrated photosensor for CMOS imagers
Innovative method of hard mask removal
Multi-stage, low deposition rate PECVD oxide
Method of etching metallic thin film on thin film resistor
Silicon wafers with stabilized oxygen precipitate nucleation centers and process for making the same
Method for heat treatment of silicon wafers and silicon wafer
Method and system for tailoring core and periphery cells in a nonvolatile memory
Method for producing ceramic substrate
Dual salicides for integrated circuits
Chemistry for liner removal in a dual damascene process
Device and method for protecting against oxidation of a conductive layer in said device
Method for making a thin film using pressurization
Method and system for testing tunnel oxide on a memory-related structure
Method for manufacturing a reclaimable test pattern wafer for CMP applications
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having uniform crystal grains in a crystalline semiconductor film
Semiconductor device and method for producing a semiconductor device
Laser irradiation method and laser irradiation apparatus, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Complementary junction-narrowing implants for ultra-shallow junctions
Semiconductor device having an improved strained surface layer and method of forming a strained surface layer in a semiconductor device
Diffusion stop implants to suppress as punch-through in SiGe
Bi-directional epitaxial doping technique
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming a silicide layer
Selective deposition of a barrier layer on a metal film
Method and structure for controlling the interface roughness of cobalt disilicide
Method to fabricate high-performance NPN transistors in a BiCMOS process
Method of making a bipolar transistor having a reduced base transit time
Methods of bonding microelectronic elements
Hybrid interconnect substrate and method of manufacture thereof
Self-aligned borderless contacts
Method for forming a self-aligned contact hole in a semiconductor device
Method for forming bump, semiconductor device and method for making the same, circuit board, and electronic device
High throughput plasma treatment system
Wafer transfer robot having wafer blades equipped with sensors
Method of making a thin film transistor using laser annealing
CMOS structure with maximized polysilicon gate activation and a method for selectively maximizing doping activation in gate, extension, and source/drain regions
Semiconductor device with minimal short-channel effects and low bit-line resistance
Method of producing a thin layer of semiconductor material
Ultra-thin gate dielectrics
Method for forming twin bit cell flash memory
Process for fabricating a thin-film device having inclined sides
Method for making and packaging image sensor die using protective coating
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming vertical transistor and trench capacitor
Method of forming a shallow trench isolation
Method of semiconductor device isolation
Method for forming isolation in flash memory wafer
Method to fill deep trench structures with void-free polysilicon or silicon
Method of reducing electrical shorts from the bit line to the cell plate
Method for fabricating 6F2 trench DRAM cell with double-gated vertical MOSFET and self-aligned STI
Method to fabricate surface p-channel CMOS
Method for forming a contact opening
Method of process simplification and eliminating topography concerns for the creation of advanced 1T-RAM devices
Vertical nitride read-only memory cell and method for forming the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for protecting gate edges from charge gain/loss in semiconductor device
Self-aligned floating gate flash cell system and method
High performance three-dimensional TFT-based CMOS inverters, and computer systems utilizing such novel CMOS inverters
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and liquid crystal display
Method for producing a buried layer of material in another material
Locking of mold compound to conductive substrate panels
Physically compact device package
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the semiconductor device
Flip chip package carrier
Method of making a void-free aluminum film
Wiring line and manufacture process thereof and semiconductor device and manufacturing process thereof
Structure and method for monitoring a semiconductor process, and method of making such a structure
Method of manufacturing an alignment mark
Test structures to define COP electrical effects
Substrate mapping
Method for elimination of parasitic bipolar action in silicon on insulator (SOI) dynamic logic circuits
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Transistor structures and processes for forming same
Interfacial layer for gate electrode and high-k dielectric layer and methods of fabrication
Methodology for fabricating a thin film transistor, including an LDD region, from amorphous semiconductor film deposited at C. or less using low pressure chemical vapor deposition
Solar cell unit with removable layer
Pressure-equalizing PV assembly and method
Repaired solar panel and method of preparing same
Apparatus for fabricating powdery thermoelectric material and method of fabricating powdery thermoelectric material using the same
Method of processing solution on a substrate
Organic electroluminescent display panel
Battery, especially flat cell
Battery pack
Battery pack
Alkaline cell with improved cathode including copper hydroxide and a sulfur additive
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cells
Electrode metal material, capacitor and battery formed of the material and method of producing the material and the capacitor and battery
Fuel cell, and collector plate thereof
Fuel cell stack with cooling fins and use of expanded graphite in fuel cells
Silicon-based fuel cell electrode structures and fuel cell electrode stack assemblies
Fuel cell humidifying system
Fuel supply for a fuel cell
Direct methanol fuel cell and system
Enclosed fuel cell system and related method
System for the humidification of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Battery terminal unit provided with a current sensor
Method and a carrier for treating end facets in photonic devices
Copper alloy foil
Apparatus and method for an integrated high-performance electrical interconnect
Process for massively producing tape type flexible printed circuits
Semiconductor device having reinforced coupling between solder balls and substrate
Electronics enclosure having an interior EMI shielding and cosmetic coating
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