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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pond cleaning implement
Plant supports
Adjustable garden stake
Ear covering apparatus and associated method
Padded chin guard
Shoe, particularly sport or leisure shoe
Toilet seat system
Apparatus and method for determining blood sugar level without blood using dark adaptation of optic nerve, and computer readable recording medium storing computer program performing the method
Method and device for treating a protein deficiency
Tongue and mouth stud for dispensing a substance
Method and system for the prediction of cardiac arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia, and other diseased condition of the heart associated with elevated sympathetic neural discharges
Performing Operations; Transporting
Flanged housing member, forming method and forming device
Wire or rod bender
Fitting to secure tubing within a CPI port
Tool revolver
Device and method for applying rotary tacks
Manufacturing method of lens with built-in hologram element
Paperclip fastening apparatus
Adjustable wrench
Gripping handle
Short-handled, ergonomic garden tools
Releasable locking mechanism for the shank of a knife or other implement
Handle extension for a shaver or applicator pad
Combination retractable knife and saw utility tool
Air conditioner for vehicles
Shifter assembly including bezel lock and release mechanism
Disposable tissue package with reflective surface and reflective element for use with tissue packages
Textiles; Paper
Device on a textile machine, especially a spinning preparation machine, for cooling heat-emitting electrical components
Fiber reinforced resin member and method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus manufacturing fiber fabric
Pants pressing machine
Fixed Constructions
Repositionable pit seal
Prefabricated articulating pier cap
Stop member for snowplow assembly
Closing device
Connector for earth moving implements
Multiple purpose attachment for a front loader
Prefabricated, prefinished reinforced panels for building exterior and interior surfaces and method of manufacture
Hanging display system
Insulating panel for buildings, provided with an auxiliary unit, in particular a photovoltaic unit, and with improved means for supporting and holding the auxiliary unit
Safety gate system having an electronic display
Rapidly mounted hinge wing for furniture
Open-faced rod spinner
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust system for motorcycle
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
Combustion chamber of a combustion system
Power plant and operating method
Pumped shower drain system
Dispenser related technology
Drying system and method of using same
Magazine follower for a magazine used by a firearm
Shooting rest apparatus
Universal scope mount for firearm
Multi-spot adjustable reflex bow and subsonic weapon sight
Folding protective shields
Cut-out tool for making a utility receptacle cut-out in sheeting material
Radiographic inspection of airframes and other large objects
Apparatus, method and system of precise identification of multiple points distributed throughout an area
Semiconductor sensor having heater on insulation film and manufacturing method of the same
Air conditioning apparatus
Screening of silicon wafers used in photovoltaics
Pressure sensor with integrated thermal stabilization and method of using
Device for measuring the permeation of a hollow body such as a container
Detection sensor
Method for determinating of an oil condition
System, method and computer program product for configuring power supply apparatus
Dynamic cut-off frequency varying filter
Access based on a rate in a wireless communication system
Methods of testing a digital frequency synthesizer in a programmable logic device using a reduced set of multiplier and divider values
Method and apparatus for generating a local scan enable signal to test circuitry in a die
Device and method for testing integrated circuit
Combinatorial at-speed scan testing
Application specific integrated circuit with internal testing
Multi-attribute background relative scanning of 3D geophysical datasets for locally anomaluous data points
Apparatus for low cost lightning detection
Optical fiber patch box
Fiber array for optical communication and method of manufacturing the fiber array
Communication system using sheet-shaped light guide
Optically pumped stepped multi-well laser
Microfluidic, optical, and electrical input output interconnects, methods of fabrication thereof, and methods of use thereof
Waveguide to waveguide monitor
Motion control stages and methods of making the same
Apparatus and method of compensating transmission property of light demultiplexer/light multiplexer
Two-photon absorption generated carrier lifetime reduction in semiconductor waveguide for semiconductor based raman laser and amplifier
Multi-functional electro-mechanical interconnect, sensor, and mounting and method of mounting and biasing of a rotatable member
Automated duplex printing of heavyweight sheets in special simplex mode
Image forming apparatus for recycling toner
Charging device, and process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the charging device
Manifold for toner collection and contamination control in xerographic process developer housing
Semiconductive belt and image forming apparatus using the semiconductive belt
Time alarm
Digital time clock for operation in conjunction with mechanical time clock
Method of and apparatus for operating working machines
Intelligent valve flow linearization
Multi-link parking brake actuation system
Method an apparatus for adjusting the time of a clock if it is determined that the degree of adjustment is within a limit based on the clocks initial time
Apparatus and method for adaptation of time synchronization of a plurality of multimedia streams
Random number generator which can generate a random number based on an uniform distribution
System for storing data within a raid system indicating a change in configuration during a suspend mode of a device connected to the raid system
Method and recovery of data using erasure coded data from stripe blocks
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power to maintain desired frame error rate in a wireless communications system
Managing a wireless platform
Information system
Storage system, server apparatus, and method for creating a plurality of snapshots
Method of storing bit-pattern in plural devices
List based method and apparatus for selective and rapid cache flushes
Memory access using multiple sets of address/data lines
Storage apparatus and area allocation method
Register addressing
Cache lock mechanism with speculative allocation
Method for fast verification of sector addresses
Memory device system, storage device, and log recording method
Protection of content stored on portable memory from unauthorized usage
Data protection device and method of securing data
Method and apparatus for connecting an additional processor to a bus with symmetric arbitration
Information processing device
System core for transferring data between an external device and memory
Method and apparatus to couple a rear transition module to a carrier board
Data transfer control device and electronic instrument generating interface signal of signal type according to interface information set in internal register
Special API interface for interfacing an application with a TWAIN module, negotiating and presenting a user interface for inserting an image into a document
Gas detector and automobile ventilation system
Service-portal enabled automation control module (ACM)
Method and system for improved transcoding of information through a telecommunication network
System for controlling information processing frequency at each stage in a loop based on receiver's updated request information
Method and system for using screen names to customize interactive agents
System for mediating printing on network
Fast dynamic measurement of bandwidth in a TCP network environment
Proxy network address translation
Authentication and authorization pipeline architecture for use in a server
Organizing, editing, and rendering digital ink
Method and apparatus for global relief management
User defined spreadsheet functions
System and method for printing multiple postage indicia
Training machine learning by sequential conditional generalized iterative scaling
System and method for exporting formatted transactional data from a database system
Methods and apparatus for accessing remote storage through use of a local device
Method and system for graphically identifying replacement parts for generally complex equipment
Failover architecture for a distributed storage system
File retrieval method and system
Techniques for storing multimedia information with source documents
Apparatus for and method of analyzing transmission characteristics of a circuit apparatus
System and method for engine-controlled case splitting within multiple-engine based verification framework
Steiner tree handling device, Steiner tree handling method, and Steiner tree handling program
Matched instruction set processor systems and method, system, and apparatus to efficiently compile hardware and software designs
Layout generation and optimization to improve photolithographic performance
Automated noise convergence for cell-based integrated circuit design
System and method for high-order accurate device model approximation
Programmable pattern generation for dynamic bus signal integrity analysis
Extended model checking hardware verification
Lane-keep control system and method for vehicle
System and method for semiconductor manufacturing automation
Walking robot using simple ground reaction force sensors and a method of controlling the same
High throughput functional genomics
Adaptive throttle model for air intake system diagnostic
Integrated circuit security and method therefor
Deterring unauthorized use of electronic devices
System and method for creating a graphical presentation
Method, computer program product, and system for automatic application buffering
Projector connected to a network, a display system, and a method for displaying images and/or image data via a projector connected to a network
Symbol frequency leveling in a storage system
Absolute encoder and absolute value signal generation method
Document extracting device, document extracting program, and document extracting method
Interactive system and method for customization of an adjustable vehicular feature
Content/information search system
Automated taxonomy generation
Control function implementing selective transparent data authentication within an integrated system
Method and apparatus for adapting a search classifier based on user queries
Modular binary multiplier for signed and unsigned operands of variable widths
Application modifier based on operating environment parameters
Security and communications module
Multicasting method and apparatus
Processor including a register file and method for computing flush masks in a multi-threaded processing system
Determining how many class-type checks to inline
Systems and methods for generating software and hardware builds
Automated system setup
Strategy for selectively making non-public resources of one assembly visible to another
Methods, systems, and computer program products for translating machine code associated with a first processor for execution on a second processor
Method for synchronizing program sections of a computer program
Apparatus and method of dynamically repartitioning a computer system in response to partition workloads
Obstacle detection apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
System and method for measuring an object
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Accelerated handwritten symbol recognition in a pen based tablet computer
Color management architecture using phantom profiles to transfer data between transform modules
Robust recognizer of perceptually similar content
Methods for generating anti-aliased text and line graphics in compressed document images
System and methods for optimized drug delivery and progression of diseased and normal cells
Method for graphically representing clickstream data of a shopping session on a network with a parallel coordinate system
Automated banking machine system with multiple browsers
Method and device for preventing check fraud
Method, software program, and system for isolating risk in a financial transaction
System for controlling lifting and remote handling units located in a confined enclosure
Information processing device, system thereof, method thereof, program thereof and recording medium storing such program
Window display material holder for vehicle windows
Pitch determination based on weighting of pitch lag candidates
Method and apparatus for accommodating primary content audio and secondary content remaining audio capability in the digital audio production process
Speech recognition system
Voice user interface with personality
Method and apparatus for identifying noise environments from noisy signals
Method for calibrating tilt control values of a pickup head in real time
Optical pickup actuator and optical disk drive using the same and method
Optical disk apparatus and method of controlling the optical disk apparatus
Method of focus position adjustment by controlling a deviation value and system thereof
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
Ferroelectric memory
Reducing sneak currents in virtual ground memory arrays
Non-volatile memory device and erasing method therefor
Identifying content-addressable memory entries differing from a lookup word in multiple but less than a predetermined number of bit positions
Memory device having low Vpp current consumption
Integrated semiconduct memory with test circuit
Method and apparatus for bit mapping memories in programmable logic device integrated circuits during at-speed testing
Latch-based random access memory (LBRAM) tri-state banking architecture
Internal voltage generator with temperature control
Method for activating and deactivating electronic circuit units and circuit arrangement for carrying out the method
Method for distillation of sulfur for the preparing radioactive phosphorous nuclide
Temperature compensation for fiber optic transceivers using optimized convergence algorithms
Method for producing laser with resonant reflector
Programmable power supply
Voltage-voltage converter for integrated circuits
Power supply regulator circuit and semiconductor device
Phase interpolater and applications thereof
Phase-locked loop circuit and radio communication apparatus using the same
Signal generating circuit, timing recovery PLL, signal generating system and signal generating method
Frequency-dependent magnitude pre-distortion on non-baseband input signals for reducing spurious emissions in communication networks
Symbol-based decision feedback equalizer (DFE) optimal equalization method and apparatus with maximum likelihood sequence estimation for wireless receivers under multipath channels
Fully differential CMOS phase-locked loop
Network monitoring program, network monitoring method, and network monitoring apparatus
Error recovery strategies for iterative decoders
Method of configuring transmission in mobile communication system
Read enable generator for a turbo decoder deinterleaved symbol memory
Method and apparatus for calculating cyclic redundancy checks for variable length packets
Transmission circuit for a digital communication system
Channel down mixing apparatus for car audio system
Multi-mode crystal oscillator
Radio frequency tuner
Reduced local oscillator feedthrough quadrature image reject mixer
Transconductance / C complex band-pass filter
Multimode receiver
Expanded display and input-output device for mobile wireless telephone
Hypothetical reference decoder
Video transcoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for pulse generation and adaptive pulse generation for optical communications
Light output control circuit
Burst mode optical receiver
Handling information in a noisy environment
Low-loss shared FTTH distribution network
System and method for receiving broad-band signals
Low complexity equalizer for radio receiver
DSCH power control method for WCDMA
Method and system for adjusting downlink outer loop power to control target SIR
Remotely activated bridge device for use with a home network and methods for programming and using the same
Space-time transmit diversity (STTD) for multiple antennas in radio communications
Method and apparatus for receiving diversity signals for use in OFDM radio communication system
IP platform for advanced multipoint access systems
Communication line control system
Incorporating shared randomness into distributed cryptography
Integrated information communication system
Integrated information communication system
Dial access stack architecture
Method for setting up QoS supported bi-directional tunnel and distributing L2VPN membership information for L2VPN using extended LDP
Apparatus and method for hybrid telecommunications switching
Carrier frequency offset estimator for OFDM systems
Code distinguishing apparatus
Network communications security agent
Time certification in a wireless communications network
Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
Validated mutual authentication
Information recording/reproducing system being able to limit an access and a method thereof
Stealthy audio watermarking
Time stamping system for electronic documents and program medium for the same
Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) server
Circuit for triggering on-hook function and off-hook function of a communication apparatus
Methods and apparatus for returning a call over a telephony system
Caller ID system with retransmitted caller ID information
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized dynamic and interactive voice services with integrated inbound and outbound voice services
Who said that? teleconference speaker identification apparatus and method
System and method for provisioning or updating a mobile station using over-the-air transfer of interpreted byte-code program
Method and apparatus for presenting assistance data in a communication conference system
Retrieval of data related to a call center
Device and method for recording video signal
System and method for prioritizing and communicating subscriber voice and data information
System and method for verifying and measuring traffic
Combining a marker with contextual information to deliver domain-specific content
Communication terminal unit capable of receiving a message and method for identifying a message sender in the same
Apparatus and method for multiplexing multiple end-to-end transmission links in a communication system
Method for filtering mobile telephone communications and related device
Speaker grill
Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric actuator
Recessed speaker box and mount
Method for directional location and locating system
Cochlear implants with a stimulus in the human ultrasonic range and method for stimulating a cochlea
Method and device for generating an x-ray image
Method for producing a printed wiring board
Array capacitors with voids to enable a full-grid socket
Expired Patents Due To Time
Optical component
Recording and reproduction of an information signal in/from a track on a record carrier
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for stunning animals for slaughter
Consumption controller
Telecommunications equipment transportation apparatus
Method of measuring a biomagnetic field, method of analyzing a measured biomagnetic field, method of displaying biomagnetic field data, and apparatus therefor
System and method of computed tomography imaging using a focused scintillator and method of manufacturing
Apparatus for superimposition of X-ray and video images
Intensity map reconstruction for radiation therapy with a modulating multi-leaf collimator
Method and x-ray device using adaptable power source
Performing Operations; Transporting
Linear optical sensor for a closure
Process and system for detecting bend angle
Method for determining the content of predetermined ingredients with stochastic distribution in goods which are of a solid and nonhomogeneous consistency
Floppy disk drive unit with mounting plate between carriage and lower magnetic head
Optical Fiber
Touch panel substrate having transparent conductive film
Optical scanning apparatus for preventing color misregistration
Optical scanner
Multi-beam optical system
Image printing apparatus and table therefor
Galvano-mirror and method of making the same
Communications device holder for vehicles
Micromechanical optical switch
Electromechanical memory cell
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silica glass member
Silica glass optical material for projection lens to be utilized in vacuum ultraviolet radiation lithography, method for producing the same, and projection lens
Apparatus and method for a custom soft-solid hearing aid
Adhesive sheet and electrostatic chucking device
Broadband switchable polarizer
Optical lens support and method for using same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic device driving apparatus
Anti-vibration system in exposure apparatus
Apparatus and method for signaling using a light pipe stylus
Film having transmissive and reflective properties
Lighting apparatus having low profile
On-demand overlay routing for computer-based communication networks
Electric furnace for steel making
Apparatus and method for determining a distance to a reflective surface
Scanning wide-area surface shape analyzer
Interferometer which divides light beams into a plurality of beams with different optical paths
Alignment free interferometer and alignment free method of profiling object surfaces
Automatic surveying equipment and three-dimensions measuring method
Measuring method of liquid crystal pretilt angle and measuring equipment of liquid crystal pretilt angle
Optical volume sensor
Measurement of waveplate retardation using a photoelastic modulator
Particle size analyzer based on laser diffraction method
Particle-size distribution measuring apparatus
Flow cell and method of operating therefor
Biocompatible apparatus for ultrasensitive and rapid detection of contaminants in liquids
Imaging and analyzing parameters of small moving objects such as cells
Birefringence measurement system
Imaging system with a cylindrical lens array
Resist removal monitoring by raman spectroscopy
Systems, apparatuses and methods for diamond color measurement and analysis
Method and apparatus for detecting irregularities in a product
Integrated leak and vision inspection system
Method and apparatus for physical characteristics discrimination of objects using a limited view three dimensional reconstruction
Method for analyzing impurities in a gas stream
Capacitance-type external-force detecting device with improved sensitivity
High-sensitivity interferometric accelerometer
Shear damped fiber optic sensor
Apparatus for inspecting integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for measuring characteristics of ferromagnetic tunnel magnetoresistance effect element, and hard disk drive
Dual hybrid magnetic tunnel junction/giant magnetoresistive sensor
Giant magnetoresistive sensor with a high resistivity free layer
In-stack single-domain stabilization of free layers for CIP and CPP spin-valve or tunnel-valve read heads
Supporting structure of hydrophones for towed array sonar system
Sonar direction finding
Position and orientation determination using stationary fan beam sources and rotating mirrors to sweep fan beams
Optical disc apparatus
Projection lens
Projection lens
Projection lens and system
Variable magnification optical system having image stabilizing function
Prism optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Catadioptric imaging system and a projection exposure apparatus provided with said imaging system
Catadioptric lens barrel structure having a plurality of support platforms and method of making the same
Beam deflector
Electro-optical light beam deflector
Point array maskless lithography
Optical scanner
Wide field-of-view imaging system using a reflective spatial light modulator
Apparatus for producing a three-dimensional image
Lens arrays
Optical system having a diffractive optical element, and optical apparatus
System and method for generating a grating image
Thin film optical waveguides
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Tunable filter system with backreflection reference
Multiple fiber optical cable and method of manufacturing multiple fiber optical cable
Optical fiber transmission-line
Optical switch having equalized beam spreading in all connections
Apparatus for holding and engaging micro-machined objects and method for making same
Device and method for filtering optical wavelengths
Method and apparatus for asymetrical optical modulation
Optical components
Light modulation in whispering-gallery-mode resonators
Liquid crystal display apparatus with a first blower for blue section and a second blower for red and green sections
Active matrix liquid crystal display
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and a method for manufacturing a grounding device
Apparatus and method for using orthogonally polarized light in projection cockpit displays
Reflective liquid crystal display device using a reflective plate having light weight
Directional display and method of making a mask for a directional display
Liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal projection display apparatus which employ hologram color filter
Seal pattern for liquid crystal device
Elimination of the reverse-tilt in high-density reflective LCDs
Liquid crystal device, method for manufacturing the liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Optical switch and optical disk drive
Optical crossbar switching and/or routing system
Photon transistors
Hyper-heterodyning, expanded bandpass apparatus and method
Photographic image print guide and print producing method
Diaphragm device
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method including an aperture member having a circular light transmitting portion and a light blocking member
Lithographic projection apparatus, supporting assembly and device manufacturing method
Method of computing defocus amount in lithography and lithographic process using the method
Fluorescence radiation filter
Pellicle, identification system of the same, and method of identifying the same
Scanning exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Substrate processing apparatus
Method of manufacturing exposure apparatus and method for exposing a pattern on a mask onto a substrate
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus with an image and binding positions display feature, related method, and medium
Image forming apparatus
Two-color holographic recording apparatus
Method for timing a clock
Positioning mechanism for a radio clock
Information processing device
Anti-vibration disk drive cage
Peripheral device storage system
Fastening device for a securing data storage device
Computer enclosure
Method and apparatus for efficient electronics positioning and connection systems
Apparatus and method for mounting a motherboard to a computer chassis
Method and apparatus for providing deterministic resets for clock divider systems
Apparatus for using volatile memory for long-term storage
Add/drop multiplexer and method, and Bi-directional line switcher ring featuring such multiplexers
Method and apparatus for fail-safe resynchronization with minimum latency
Method and apparatus for digital correlation
Slider control
Method and system for automatically resizing and repositioning windows in response to changes in display
Job processing apparatus
Printing apparatus, method of controlling same, information processor connected thereto, system and storage medium
Single surface multi-view panning system and method for multiple displays
Conveying urgency via a control
Sum-of-absolute-difference calculator for motion estimation using inversion and carry compensation with full and half-adders
Hosting controls in a window via an interface for controlling the window
Check reader
Image processing device and image processing method and storage medium
Image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and video data transmitting method therefor
Portable text capturing method and device therefor
Estimating text color and segmentation of images
Character segmentation method for vehicle license plate recognition
Optical object recognition method and system
Integrated proxy interface for web based alarm management tools
System and method for using a prepaid card
Large capacity steganography
Module and method for interfacing analog/digital converting means and JPEG compression means
Three dimensional image reconstruction from single plane X-ray fluorograms
Image synthesis method, image synthesizer, and recording medium on which image synthesis program is recorded
Image processing apparatus
Method for detecting an image edge within a dithered image
Process for estimating a dominant motion between two frames
Method and apparatus for video coding at high efficiency
Multiplier-free implementation of DCT used in image and video processing and compression
Encoding and decoding apparatuses and image processing apparatus using the same
Shape adaptive technique for image and video compression
Image size transformation method for orthogonal transformation coded image
Image information coding system
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
Automated verification systems and methods for use with optical interference devices
Voltage protection circuit for multi-drop bus of an automated coin vending machine
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures, especially for false contour effect compensation
Method and apparatus for a 200 NS write to read switch time circuit
Techniques for compensating for high initial unloading force requirement in tape cartridge-loading mechanism
Cartridge overinsertion protection for cartridge library
Optical disk device
Optical disk device with slidable holding members on disk tray for holding disks of different diameters
Disc changer for a disc player
Flip latch assembly for media autochanger
Media handling device having replaceable modules
DVD disc, device and method for reproducing the same
Information storage device having transducers operating in a pulse mode in synchronism with a timing clock
Read channel with programmable bandwidth control
Method and apparatus for producing a pulse width modulated signal
Biphasic multiple level storage method
Rotary head assembly
Disk head height control
Recording disk drive
Piezoelectric disk latch
Actuator shock snubber
Disc cartridge
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and method for using both disc cartridges holding 8cm and 12cm disc
Magnetic recording diskette having reduced-area fabric liner
Method for recording data on a recording medium and for deleting a silent portion of the recorded data
Information recording and reproducing apparatus for formatting a rewritable recording medium by an easy formatting method
Data synchronizing signal detecting device
Apparatus and method for reducing thermal interference in MR heads in disk drives
Memory storage device docking adapted having a laterally mounted fan
Cover structure of hard disk drive with air damping layer
Disk drive test rack with universal electrical connector
Light conduit for a storage device carrier assembly
Filtering apparatus for hard disk drive
Magnetic disk read/write circuit having core coils of opposite phase
High frequency writer with sliced core topology
Merged magnetic head which includes a write head with single-sided notched first pole piece
Read head with leads to shields shorts for permitting a thinner second read gap layer and improving read signal symmetry
Aerodynamically streamlined actuator arm for disc drives
Dynammically symmetric actuator
Symmetrical microactuator structure for use in mass data storage devices, or the like
Method and system for compensation of nonlinearity or fluctuation of head-position signal
Method of transmitting data among a plurality of LSIs, and DVD-audio reproducing apparatus using the method
Text information reproducing apparatus
Optical recording apparatus
Information recording medium where address mark comprising pattern suitable for prevention of detection error is recorded, and cutting apparatus for reproducing the information recording medium
Methods and apparatus for regenerating track crossing signals for searches across unrecorded areas on read/write optical discs
Method for manufacturing an optical pickup
Optical disk apparatus having compensation for objective lens dislocation
Lens actuator
Optical head, and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical scanning device for two types of record carriers
Single source optical disc data storage system
Near field optical head having flexible structure
Optical disk
Ultra-high density information storage device based on modulated cathodoconductivity
Memory device having memory cells with magnetic tunnel junction and tunnel junction in series
Three-dimensional magnetic memory array with a minimal number of access conductors therein
MRAM configuration
Magnetic memory device
Semiconductor memory and method for accessing semiconductor memory
Chain type ferroelectric memory with isolation transistors coupled between a sense amplifier and an equalization circuit
Nanocapsules containing charged particles, their uses and methods of forming same
Refresh method capable of reducing memory cell access time in semiconductor memory device
Bit line sensing control circuit for a semiconductor memory device and layout of the same
Semiconductor memory device
Layout of a sense amplifier with accelerated signal evaluation
Data sensing circuit of semiconductor memory
Data transmission device
Storage circuit with layered structure element
Semiconductor memory device and various systems mounting them
Electrically variable multi-state resistance computing
Methods of operating split-gate type non-volatile memory cells
Analog voltage supply circuit for a non-volatile memory
Method for programming EEPROM memory devices with improved reliability, and respective EEPROM memory device
Signal amplification circuit for amplifying and sensing current difference and semiconductor memory device including same
Reading method and circuit for a non-volatile memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory having a pair of bank select drivers driving each bank select line
Redundancy architecture for an interleaved memory
Self burn-in circuit for semiconductor memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of activating the same
Cascode sense AMP and column select circuit and method of operation
Low power read circuitry for a memory circuit based on charge redistribution between bitlines and sense amplifier
Synchronous semiconductor memory device capable of high speed reading and writing
Semiconductor memory device having memory cell array structure with improved bit line precharge time and method thereof
Memory structures having selectively disabled portions for power conservation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having efficiently arranged link program circuitry
Bitline/dataline short scheme to improve fall-through timing in a multi-port memory
Multi-ported SRAM cell with shared bit and word lines and separate read and write ports
Semiconductor device having memory with effective precharging scheme
Semiconductor memory device capable of outputting a wordline voltage via an external pin
Method and apparatus for maintaining proper noble metal loading for a noble metal application process for water-cooled nuclear reactors
Spacer with specially fastened springs for fuel assemblies of nuclear reactors
Dual optical communication network for class 1E reactor protection systems
Control rod guide tube cleaning apparatus in nuclear reactor
Multi-fluid elements device with controllable fluid level by means of matrix addressing
Monolithic ceramic electronic component
Vacuum variable capacitor
Cooling device for a high-power semiconductor module
Gate area relief strip for a molded I/C package
Insulated power multichip package
Fastening system and method of retaining temperature control devices used on semiconductor dies
Heat sink assembly retainer for electronic integrated circuit package
Stackable chip package with flex carrier
Adaptive array communication system and receiver
Narrowband beamformer using nonlinear oscillators
Gas laser
Assembly device for a laser head
Light amplifier device
Surge-gap end plug
System for distributing energy and data in energy distributing facilities
Latch-up protection circuit for integrated circuits biased with multiple power supplies and its method
Automatic protection device with ground fault annunciation
Plant for transmitting electric power and a method for changing the direction of power transmission in such a plant
Low-power dc-to-dc converter having high overvoltage protection
Switching voltage regulator failure detection circuit and method
AC-DC converter
Thermally conductive case for electrical components and method of manufacture therefor
Forward DC/DC converter with semi-synchronous rectification and improved efficiency
Leakage energy recovering system and method for flyback converter
Device for transferring energy to a transformer secondary during a predetermined time period
Phase control circuit and switching regulator
Method for low-speed operation of brushless DC motors
Slope drift and offset compensation in zero-if receivers
Automatic gain control of a closed loop fiber optic gyroscope using non-linear control laws
Sample rate converter using polynomial interpolation
AC power source filter for audio video electrical load
Binary counter and method for counting to extend lifetime of storage cells
Charge pump leakage current compensation systems and methods
Digital phase-locked loop with phase optimal frequency estimation
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Most cost-effective asmmic-based universal microwave and millimeter wave transceiver
Wide band alias resolving digitally channelized receiver and a memory for use therewith
Close proximity transmitter interference limiting
Spread spectrum signal generation method, spread spectrum signal generator, stream encryption method, and stream enciphered codes communication method
Uncoordinated frequency hopping cellular system
Communication method and apparatus in which first and second control channels operate as an initial acquisition channel and a broadcast channel, respectively
Transmission apparatus for CDMA communication system
High data rate multiplexed multichannel high frequency broadcast system
Rake combiner apparatus using charge transfer element
Method and apparatus for interference cancellation for a high data rate user in a CDMA system
Interference canceling method and apparatus of a multi-mode subtraction type in asynchronous multipath channels of code division multiple access system
Signal to interference power ratio measuring apparatus and signal to interference power ratio measuring method as well as transmission power controlling method under CDMA communication system
Configurable safety shutdown for an optical amplifier using non-volatile storage
Method for measuring the performance of broadband dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM) using non-linear iterative algorithm
Process and system to optimize optical inter-satellite links
Raman amplifier
Multi-stage fiber amplifier with flattened gain curves
Lightwave communication systems using semiconductor optical amplifiers
High frequency acoustic float for the versatile mine system
Digital telephone set
Adaptive filtering system and method for adaptively canceling echoes and reducing noise in digital signals
Adaptive reference pattern for spread spectrum detection
Method and apparatus for measuring reporting channel state information in a high efficiency, high performance communications system
Data transmitting method and data transmitting apparatus accompanied with a plurality of transmitting of receiving antennas
Method for estimating connection quality, diversity combination method, and receiver
Method and apparatus for modeling transmitter bandwidth for telecommunications analysis
High-data-rate wireless local-area network
Method for allocating Walsh codes by group in a CDMA cellular system
Clock supplying apparatus for multiline transmission system
Channel estimation for OFDM systems with transmitter diversity
Communications system and method for matching and balancing the bit rates of transport channels to the bit rate of a physical channel
Method and apparatus for determining an optimum timeout under varying data rates in an RLC wireless system which uses a PDU counter
Computation of traffic flow by scaling sample packet data
Multi-threaded, multi-cast switch
Multi-protocol telecommunications routing optimization
Carrier sense collision avoidance with auto abort
Broadband telecommunications system
Port aggregation load balancing
Systems and methods for connecting frame relay devices via an ATM network using a frame relay proxy signaling agent
Scaleable and robust solution for reducing complexity of resource identifier distribution in a large network processor-based system
Hierarchical label switching across multiple OSPF areas
System and method facilitating determination by router nodes in a network of ranges of addresses for which each router node is responsible
Building a hierarchy in an asynchronous transfer mode PNNI network utilizing proxy SVCC-based RCC entities
Congestion management in managed packet-switched networks
Method for inter-IP-domain roaming across wireless networks
ATM based VDSL communication system having meta signaling for switching a subscriber between different data service providers
Method for handling telephone commands
Method and system for interactive communication between two telephone sets via the internet
Transferring messages in networks made up of subnetworks with different namespaces
Data acquisition sensor and method of signaling
Phase-locked loop circuits for communication system
Local communication system and apparatus for use therein
Method and apparatus for transparently proxying a connection
Mechanism for dispatching packets via a telecommunications network
Identify negotiation switch protocols
Self-scaling method for exploiting cached resources across organizational boundaries to enhance user response time and to reduce server and network load
Use of logical addresses to implement module redundancy
Router device, datagram transfer method and communication system realizing handoff control for mobile terminals
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based spread spectrum multiple access
Method and apparatus for coordinating multi-point to-point communications in a multi-tone data transmission system
Signaling using phase rotation techniques in a digital communications system
Methods of and apparatus for optical signal transmission
Apparatus and method for bandwidth management in a multi-point OFDM/DMT digital communications system
Wideband ranging process for frequency acquisition
Method for compensating a phase delay of a clock signal
Auto-recoverable auto-certifiable cryptosystems with unescrowed signature-only keys
Communication apparatus for receiving identification information of partner station, and executing communication operation in accordance with received identification information
Apparatus and method for isolating transients associated with a digital subscriber line
Method and system for maximizing use of a communication line
Apparatus and method for coupling analog subscriber lines connected to a private branch exchange for transmission of network data signals in a home network
Dynamic individual phone rates
Telemanagement system with single point of entry
System, method and computer program product for achieving local number portability network management support
System, method and computer program product for achieving local number portability costing and network management support
Telephony system formed by a base station and at least one subscriber device, comprising a callback system, method of establishing callbacks
Network call park service
Image sensor module adjustable in six degrees of freedom for use with an image acquisition device
Illumination apparatus using light guide
Image scanner
Image information processor and image information transmitter
Image forming apparatus method
Image forming apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus capable of selecting a non-rectangular area
Method and apparatus for analyzing and converting bi-level image data
Image processing apparatus
Correcting exposure and tone scale of digital images captured by an image capture device
Image processing system and control method of the same, image processing apparatus and control method of the same, and computer readable memory
Color correction apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Image sensor
Multi-channel video pump
Method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors
Method and apparatus for audio-visual cues improving perceived acquisition time
Custom installation television receiver with variable front panel configuration
Program guide system for recording television programs
System and method for MPEG reverse play through dynamic assignment of anchor frames
Copy protection schemes for copy protected digital material
Television broadcast transmitter/receiver and method of transmitting/receiving a television broadcast
Method and apparatus for visual lossless image syntactic encoding
Half-pixel motion estimation in motion video signal encoding
Scene change detector
Method for encoding and decoding moving vector, encoder and decoder for moving vector, and recording medium stored with encoding and decoding programs for moving vector
Temporal tile staggering for block based video compression
Data error recovery for digital beam landing error correction arrangement
Method for recording stream specific information in a disk and providing the recorded information
Method and apparatus for transferring packets to a memory
Digital loop carrier
Buffer control apparatus and method
Queue resynch: synchronous real-time upgrade of a distributed switching system
Concurrent hunt group searching methods and arrangements
Call processing system for handling calls to a call center
Communications link interconnecting service control points of a load sharing group for traffic management control
Communications network and method for screening incoming circuit switched calls
State apparatus, and associated methods, for controlling packet data communications in a radio communication system
Dynamic sectorization in a spread spectrum communication system
High directivity microphone array
Cap and center pole apparatus and method of coupling
Extended wear canal hearing device
Disposable hearing aid with integral power source
Audio system, in particular for motor vehicles
Voltage converter circuit with self-oscillating half-bridge configuration and with protection against hard switching
Capacitor unit, method for producing the same, and solid electrolytic capacitor
Printed circuit board, printed circuit board module and electronic device adapting same
Apparatus and method for aligning components
Low inductance four terminal capacitor lead frame
RF power amplifier assembly employing multi-layer RF blocking filter
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