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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grain tank cover for an agricultural harvester
Compositions and methods for plant transformation and regeneration
Phytic acid biosynthetic enzymes
DNA molecules and polypeptides of Pseudomonas syringae Hrp pathogenicity island and their uses
Process for removing bile salts from a patient and alkylated compositions therefor
Isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Methods for enhancing plant health, protecting plants from biotic and abiotic stress related injuries and enhancing the recovery of plants injured as a result of such stresses
Method for processing a product
Method of bleaching cereal grains
Cosmetics brush
Child seat and method for recognition of a child seat
Seat back structure of vehicle seat
Collapsible seat cushion
Vehicle seat assembly having a vehicle occupant sensing system with a biasing pad
Optical observation device and 3-D image input optical system therefor
Interlocking IM Nails with threaded guidewire
Radio frequency ablation cooling shield
Apparatus and method for performing a surgical procedure
Respiration signal measurement apparatus, systems, and methods
Screw device for orthodontic treatment
Dental impression method and device
Tampon wrapper with opening means comprising stopper
Controlled release preparations having multi-layer structure
Staged deployment endograft
Primarily niobium stent
Energetically-controlled delivery of biologically active material from an implanted medical device
Artificial intervertebral disc having a captured ball and socket joint with a solid ball and compression locking post
Disposable excreta management device
Cooling system for indwelling heat exchange catheter
Hepatic disorder suppressant
Substituted arylamine derivatives and methods of use
Topical administration of statins for treatment of bone disorders
(2-Carboxamido)(3-amino)thiophene compounds
Use of lipid conjugates in the treatment of diseases
Method for using human intervertebral disc cells
Extract of plant Dendrobii caulis and preparing process thereof
WISP polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding same
Method for treating or preventing gastritis using amylin or amylin agonists
Method of treating chronic pelvic pain syndrome by administration of chorionic gonadotropin
Preparation and usage of plasmodium fusion antigen
Conjugate vaccines for the prevention of dental caries
Functional role of adrenomedullin (AM) and the gene-related product (PAMP) in human pathology and physiology
Remedies for hepatitis C
Genetically modified cells expressing a TGF.beta. inhibitor, the cells being lung cancer cells
Micronized vitamin C formulation
Plasma disinfection system
Light processing of selected body components
Apparatus for positioning an occupant of a vehicle
Exercise apparatus and process of manufacture therefore
Storable exercise apparatus for professional and home use
Elliptical step exercise apparatus
Omni-directional treadmill
Damping device for exercising cycle
Facial weights for total facial muscle toning and development
High efficiency hydrofoil and swim fin designs
Golh: the golf hybrid sport of golfrisbee
Golf club having an alignment device thereon
Variable exercise apparatus
Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft
Apparatus and method for processing tone reproducing digital data against unauthorized use
Musical tone reproducing apparatus and method and portable terminal apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Washer and method for purifying gases
Condensation and recovery of oil from pyrolysis gas
Methods for regenerating process gas purifier materials
Mechanized retractable pellicles and methods of use
Control devices for evaporative chemical mixing/reaction
Matrix storage and dispensing system
Microplate liquid handling system
Ejecting method and ejecting apparatus
Magnesium corrosion protection with adhesion promoter
Method and apparatus for curtain coating
Extrusion coating compositions and method
Machine tool
Milling cutter with precision adjustment
Beam formation unit comprising two axicon lenses, and device comprising one such beam formation unit for introducing radiation energy into a workpiece consisting of a weakly-absorbent material
Carrier head for thermal drift compensation
Method and circuit for inserting a picture into a video picture
Machining apparatus using a rotary machine tool to machine a workpiece
Polishing method and apparatus
System and method for in-line metal profile measurement
Carrier head with gimbal mechanism
Fluid-pressure regulated wafer polishing head
Polishing head and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Abrasive blasting device
Method and a device for manufacturing a tool and a tool made by the method
Medical devices made from polymer blends containing low melting temperature liquid crystal polymers
Thermoplastic vulcanizate and membrane for covering a roof made therefrom
Mechanical embossing texture differentiation between chemically restricted areas and non-restricted areas
Smudge resistant nanocomposite hardcoats and methods for making same
Plastic window, especially for motor vehicles, and process for its manufacture
Laminate antioxidant film
Attachable and detachable continuously supplying ink container
Pagewidth inkjet printhead assembly with data and power supply mounted on ink distribution assembly
Formation of novel ink jet filter printhead using transferable photopatterned filter layer
Inkjet printing apparatus
Printing head, head cartridge having printing head, printing apparatus using printing head, and printing head substrate
Printer apparatus
Printhead, printhead driving method, and data output apparatus
Print media cartridge with integral print media transport mechanism
Sheet folding and trimming apparatus
Recording paper and label paper using the same
Free ink system
Capless writing instrument
Methods and devices for altering the transmission ratio of a drive system
Servo brake system comprising a decompression piston integrated with the pushrod
Propellor blade adjustment system for propulsion through fluid environments under changing conditions
Food product and related method
Resealable bag for filling with food product(s) and method
Loading means for workpieces
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalytic device for the implementation of a reaction in a gaseous medium at high temperature
Foam removal device
Method and facility for treatment of sludge derive from biological water purification facilities
Silicon composition
Method for carrying out-CC-coupling reactions
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium metal carbene complexes
Selective decomposition of ethers
Process and catalyst for purifying phenol
Methods of making amidino compounds useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Beta-amino heterocyclic dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of diabetes
Intermediates and improved processes for the preparation of neplanocin A
Substituted amine derivatives and methods of use
Preparation of 2,2'-di(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)s
Nucleic acid base pair
Compositions and methods for treatment of prostate and other cancers
Polyvalent cation-sensing receptor in Atlantic salmon
Polymeric drug formulations
Peptides of IL-2
Polyelectrolyte complex films for analytical and membrane separation of chiral compounds
Chemical compound, method for the production thereof and its use in catalyst systems for producing polyolefins
Process for preparing fluoropolymer dispersions
Process for producing high speed transmitting dielectric material
Inkjet, inkjet cartridge containing the inkjet ink, inkjet recording apparatus using the inkjet ink, inkjet recording method using the inkjet ink, and image formed by the inkjet recording method
Double-sided adhesive tape and its use
High luminescence phosphor particles and methods for producing the particles
Liquid crystal sealant, liquid crystal display device using the same and method for producing the device
Recombinant Sendai virus
Identification of sortase gene
Method of producing transglutaminase having broad substrate activity
Modified modular polyketide synthase
Attenuated CCPA1 modified bacterial cell and its use for the preparation of L-amino acids
Receptor assay
N-terminal and C-terminal markers in nascent proteins
Polymorphic marker that can be used to assess the efficacy of interferon therapy
Method for detecting a nucleic acid comprising asymmetrical amplification
Target-dependent reactions using structure-bridging oligonucleotides
Involvement of the BDNF gene in mood disorders
Cold rolled steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet having strain age hardenability and method of producing the same
Method for improving thickness uniformity of deposited ozone-TEOS silicate glass layers
Methods for resist stripping and other processes for cleaning surfaces substantially free of contaminants
Textiles; Paper
Paper machine clothing, especially press felt, as well as a method for manufacturing the paper machine clothing
Method and apparatus for imaging a paper web
Printing coated paper
Fixed Constructions
Multi hull barge
Photovoltaic attachment system
Producing hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon containing materials when treating a hydrocarbon containing formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Steam turbine rotor, steam turbine and method for actively cooling a steam turbine rotor and use of active cooling
Rotary compressor, method for manufacturing the same, and defroster for refrigerant circuit
Valveless pump
Axial fan for computer
Knob lock mechanism with slot
Rotating shaft conical fluid dynamic bearing
Linear bearing
Collar for taking hold of fixation piece of window shade rod
Two-speed transfer case with center differential
Electric variable transmission with de-coupled engine charging in reverse
Control system for continuously variable transmission of motorcycle
Pistol grip flashlight
Backlight system and liquid crystal display using the same
LED signaling device for road traffic signals
Headlight employing a combined mirror and deflection element with a non-flat light beam cut-off line
Anode tailgas oxidizer
Method and device for measuring a mass flow
Reaction vessel and temperature control system
Method of apparatus for generating fluorescence diagnostic information
Device for photometric measurement of several samples
Addressable biologic electrode array
Formaldehyde detecting material
Nuclear hormone receptor drug screens
Integrated circuit for testing circuit components of a semiconductor chip
Radio frequency anechoic chamber with improved test stand
Testing apparatus and method for thin film transistor display array
Contact pin, connection device and method of testing
Apparatus and method for testing conductive bumps
Probe card and testing method of semiconductor chip, capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
Overvoltage detection apparatus, method, and system
Metallic contaminant detecting method and apparatus therefor
Delay lock circuit having self-calibrating loop
System and method for estimating clock acceleration and location determination
PET scanner
MRI method and apparatus for faster data acquisition or better motion artifact reduction
Optimized channel controller for NMR apparatus
Subsea communication
Photochromic material and color dose meter using the same
Module having a circuit carrier and an electro-optical transducer and method for producing the same
Laser apparatus having protection member at light-emission end of multimode optical fiber
Apparatus for coupling a fiber optic cable to an optoelectronic device, a system including the apparatus, and a method of forming the same
Makeup eyeglasses
Flat-panel projection display
Projector for portable electronic apparatus
Projection optical system and optical system
Binderless storage phosphor screen comprising a support including an amorphous (a-C) carbon layer
Color photographic element with UV absorber
Norbornene-type monomers and polymers containing pendent lactone or sultone groups
Heater assembly including thermal fuse
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions
Servo motor with a built-in drive circuit
Mechanical press
Ballast device with built-in power supply and operation thereof
Electronic circuits
Method and apparatus to switch operating modes in a PFM converter
Dual-mode PFM boost converter
Method and apparatus for electronic power control
Information processing apparatus with adjustable system clock
Graphics display controller providing enhanced read/write efficiency for interfacing with a RAM-integrated graphics display device
Demand-based memory system for graphics applications
Methods for adaptive real time control of a thermal processing system
Loading circuit capable of canceling DC offset and mixer using the same
Method of seamless processing for merging 3D color images
Apparatus and method for storing a movie within a movie
Spatial patches for graphics rendering
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Removable identification device for multilayer tubular structures
Electronic time-temperature indicator and logger
System and method for suppressing the spread of fire and various contaminants
Multiple sensor vehicle occupant detection for air bag deployment control
Automatic installation and alignment mode for wireless bridges
Automatic meter reading system and method using telephone line
Communication device using an UWB wireless wave
Data steering flip pen system
Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
Pixel module for use in a large-area display
Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display
Manual input apparatus for a handheld device
Force measurement system correcting for inertial interference
Multi-function pointing device
Stylus fixing structure for a portable computer
User controlled graphics object movement based on a amount of joystick angular rotation and point of view angle
Tuning device
Guitar combo
Bias generator that automatically adjusts its slew rate
Use of sulphonic, phosphonic and phosphoric acids as dopants for polyaniline and for conductive polyaniline-based composite materials
Low cost electromagnetic energy absorbing, shrinkable tubing manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Jointing structure and jointing method for superconducting cable
Output choke for D.C. welder and method of using same
Printed circuit board integrated switch
Adaptable vibration absorber employing a magnetorheological elastomer with variable gap length and methods and systems therefor
Method to estimate attractive force in a permanent magnet chuck
Front panel having push buttons formed integrally therewith
Integrated circuit and battery powered electronic device
Relay and cross-connect
Electrical power breaker with a switching contact arrangement having a current loop
Switch arrangement
Organic electroluminescent device and a method of manufacturing thereof
Discharge light-emitting device and contact image sensor utilizing the same
Plasma display panel with panel unit thermal interface having carbon nanotubes
Resonator of electrodeless lighting system
Stable electrode design and method
Field emitter cathode backplate structures for display panels
Optical device, laser beam source, laser apparatus and method of producing optical device
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device background of the invention
Passivation planarization
Method of forming a reliable high performance capacitor using an isotropic etching process
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices employing at least one modulation doped quantum well structure and one or more etch stop layers for accurate contact formation
Methods of forming capacitor constructions
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method for forming a dielectric layer and related devices
Atomic layer deposited Zr-Sn-Ti-O films
Spin coating for maximum fill characteristic yielding a planarized thin film surface
Masking without photolithography during the formation of a semiconductor device
Enhancing strained device performance by use of multi narrow section layout
Transmission lines for CMOS integrated circuits
Method of forming barrier layers
Leadframe with a chip pad for two-sided stacking and method for manufacturing the same
Flip chip substrate design
Method of forming a robust copper interconnect by dilute metal doping
Power module and its manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing a stackable ball grid array
Transparent article having protective silicon nitride film
Memory device with high dielectric constant gate dielectrics and metal floating gates
Method for forming bit-line of semiconductor device
Formation of a contact in a device, and the device including the contact
Electronic devices comprising bottom-gate TFTs and their manufacture
Dual work function metal gates and methods of forming
Method to lower work function of gate electrode through Ge implantation
Gate conductor isolation and method for manufacturing same
Poly-etching method for split gate flash memory cell
Methods for fabricating nonvolatile memory devices
Multiple cavity/compartment package
Semiconductor package with chip supporting structure
Semiconductor device
Leadless semiconductor package
Device and method for package warp compensation in an integrated heat spreader
Method and structure for reduction of contact resistance of metal silicides using a metal-germanium alloy
Memory-Module with an increased density for mounting semiconductor chips
Method and system for providing a CMOS output stage utilizing a buried power buss
Switching element, display device using the switching element, and light emitting device
Semiconductor device having a conductive layer with a light shielding part
Plane light source structure for planar display
Strained silicon forming method with reduction of threading dislocation density
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Display unit, drive circuit, amorphous silicon thin-film transistor, and method of driving OLED
Flash memory cell with a unique split programming channel and reading channel
Semiconductor nonvolatile memory cell array
High voltage and low on-resistance LDMOS transistor having radiation structure and isolation effect
Light emitting device and light emitting device module
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Organic semiconductor structure, process for producing the same, and organic semiconductor device
Nanotube-based vacuum devices
Piezoelectric device and its manufacturing method
Small electrode for a chalcogenide switching device and method for fabricating same
Fuel cell electrocatalyst of Pt-Rh-Mo-Ni/Fe
Fuel cell system
Arrangements of differential pairs in multi-layer printed circuit board for eliminating crosstalk
High-frequency line-waveguide converter having the HF line terminated within an opening portion
PIFA antenna apparatus for mobile communications terminals
Multi-antenna handheld wireless communication device
Radio apparatus
Embedded antenna connection method and system
Planar antenna and radio apparatus
Satellite antenna with photovoltaic elements for electric power supply
Antenna system including swing arm and associated methods
Antenna and antenna array
Electrical edge connector adaptor
Press-fit terminal, printed board connection structure using the press-fit terminal, and electrical connection box
Electrical connection box
Two wire folder line plugs and connectors
Electrical connector for memory modules
Adapter for mogul base open fixture lamps
Adaptor with reflection fins
Electronic apparatus
Rotatable electrical connector
Compact sealed and shielded connector
Housing for holding electrical and/or electronic components
Generator with dual cycloconverter for 120/240 VAC operation
Drive device
Anchoring system for injection molded magnets on a flux ring or motor housing
Micromachine and method of fabricating the same
Apparatus for compensating for speed error of motor
Generic motor control system and method
Method for determining rotor flux vector of AC electrical machine
Apparatus and method for controlling motor
Method and system for operating an atomic clock with alternating-polarization light
Large dynamic range programmable gain attenuator
Method for generating a high-power alternating voltage that follows an input data system
Boosting circuit
Amplifier arrangement and control loop having the amplifier arrangement
Wireless terminals, methods and computer program products with transmit power amplifier input power regulation
Programmable clock delay circuit
Transmission line
High speed integrated circuit
Adaptive termination for optimum signal detection
Isotonic-isometric haptic feedback interface
Interface device and information processing system
Method and apparatus for producing a reference voltage
Method and apparatus for providing clock signals at different locations with minimal clock skew
Method and system for ensuring the assertion order of signals in a chip independent of physical layout
Phase locked loop charge pump and method of operation
Circuit to manage and lower clock inaccuracies of integrated circuits
Boundary-scan circuit used for analog and digital testing of an integrated circuit
Analog-to-digital converter having interleaved coarse sections coupled to a single fine section
Analog to digital converter having an input switching network responsive to a digital output signal
Method and system for improving memory interface data integrity in PLDs
Method and apparatus for programmable codeword encoding and decoding using truncated codewords
Mobile electronic device
Display device with a cavity structure for resonating light
Wiring substrate
Electronic circuit unit and its sealed structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Portion of ground coffee compressed between two water-permeable paper elements
Shoe sole
Side element of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Storage holder/protector
Medication dispenser
Key ring light
Method, computer program product, and system for client-side deterministic routing and URL lookup into a distributed cache of URLS
Method and apparatus for improved cluster administration
Method and apparatus for providing security in a star network connection using public key cryptography
System and method for locating resources in a distributed network
Method and apparatus for communicating data and management information
Streaming modules
Translator memory management system
Effective transmission of documents in hypertext markup language (HTML)
Dynamically selectable data compression techniques based on processing capacity
Method and apparatus for transferring data between process modules
Method and apparatus for dynamic link name negotiation
Procedure calling method
Method and architecture for simplified communications with HID devices
Color coding identification system for a block I/O system
System and method for cell switching with a peripheral component interconnect bus and decentralized, computer-controlled cell switch
Method and system for coordinating data and voice communications via customer contract channel changing system using voice over IP
Method and apparatus for configuring storage devices
Communication system using a modem with a mode in which data receiving operation is shifted to control signal communication upon detecting a momentary disconnection
Direct memory access controller with split channel transfer capability and FIFO buffering
UART support for address bit on seven bit frames
Magnetic disc control apparatus with parallel data transfer between disc control unit and encoder circuit
System including single host buffer for transmit and receive data and reception buffer in interface device having stand-by area for use by host buffer when abnormal state is detected
Telecommunication switch with layer-specific processor capable of attaching atomic function message buffer to internal representation of ppl event indication message upon occurrence of predetermined event
Architecture, circuitry and method for transmitting n-bit wide data over m-bit wide media
Hardware assisted formatted data transfer system having a source storage controller and a formatting storage controller receiving on-media structure definition and a data definition
Method and configuration for transferring programs
Method and apparatus for supporting dynamic insertion and removal of PCI devices
Reservation of transmission bandwidth and channel reservation for IEEE 1394 bus
Priority allocation in a bus interconnected discrete and/or integrated digital multi-module system
Method for time multiplexing a low-speed and a high-speed bus over shared signal lines of a physical bus
IC with dual function clock and device ID circuit
System for bridging a system bus with multiple PCI buses
Method and system for optimized data transfers in a mixed 64-bit/32-bit PCI environment
Bus arbitration system having both round robin and daisy chain arbiters
Computer memory controller with self refresh performed during memory back-up operation in case of power failure
System for optimizing data storage in a RAID system
Method and apparatus for moving data between storage levels of a hierarchically arranged data storage system
Methods for caching cache tags
Multiple store miss handling in a cache memory memory system
System and method for selectively restricting access to memory for bus attached unit IDs
Command insertion and reordering at the same storage controller
Method and system for allocating memory for a command queue
Data buffer apparatus and method for storing graphical data using data encoders and decoders
System and method for reading unidirectionally recorded data bidirectionally
Method for perfetching structured data
Apparatus and method for improving superscalar processors
Apparatus for the hierarchical and distributed control of programmable modules in large-scale integrated systems
Data processing circuits and interfaces
Digital signal processor with wait state register
Apparatuses and methods for programming parallel computers
Instruction look-ahead system and hardware
Just-in-time register renaming technique
Computer module device and method for television use
Trusted services broker for web page fine-grained security labeling
Method and apparatus for securing communication utilizing a security processor
How to sign digital streams
Biometric system and techniques suitable therefor
Method and apparatus for enhancing computer system security
Network alert handling system and method
Method for providing single step log-on access to a differentiated computer network
Secure system for remote management and wake-up commands
Method and device for managing computer network
Method and system for extracting application protocol characteristics
Network node with internal battery backup
Low-power memory system with incorporated vector processing
Apparatus and method for changing processor clock ratio settings
Method and apparatus for computing device with status display
Need based synchronization of computer system time clock to reduce loading on network server
Using an independent clock to coordinate access to registers by a peripheral device and a host system
Method and apparatus for source synchronous transfers at frequencies including an odd fraction of a core frequency
Symmetric multiprocessing system with unified environment and distributed system functions
Variable frequency clock control for microprocessor-based computer systems
System and method for virtual circuit backup in a communication network
Explicit state copy in a fault tolerant system using a remote write operation
Methods of reliably allocating, de-allocating, re-allocating, and reclaiming objects in a symmetrically blocked nonvolatile memory having a bifurcated storage architecture
Remote modem control and diagnostic system and method
Circuit, architecture and method for analyzing the operation of a digital processing system
Detecting of model errors through simplification of model via state reachability analysis
Device and method for efficient bulk data retrieval using a universal serial bus
System and method for testing a clock signal
Bus management card for use in a system for bus monitoring
Apparatus and method for mapping an image to blocks to provide for robust error recovery in a lossy transmission environment
Mechanism to simplify built-in self test of a control store unit
Data compression circuit and method for testing embedded memory devices
Semiconductor testing apparatus for testing semiconductor device including built in self test circuit
System for efficient utilization of multiple test systems
Method and arrangement for hierarchical control of multiple test access port control modules
Monitor port with selectable trace support
Method for encoding/decoding digital data by using shuffling in digital video home system
Method and system for overriding error correction
System for error control by subdividing coded information units into subsets reordering and interlacing the subsets, to produce a set of interleaved coded information units
Digital current differential system
Communication device and method for electronic price label systems
Methods and apparatus for simulating a portion of a circuit design
Method and apparatus for wiring integrated circuits with multiple power buses based on performance
Multiple input shift register (MISR) signatures used on architected registers to detect interim functional errors on instruction stream test
Method for modeling a conductive semiconductor substrate
X-Y grid tree clock distribution network with tunable tree and grid networks
System and method for evaluating the loading of a clock driver
Semiconductor integrated circuit, design method and computer-readable recording medium
Designing integrated circuit gate arrays using programmable logic device bitstreams
Pre-synthesis test point insertion
Design for test area optimization algorithm
Solving line-end shortening and corner rounding problems by using a simple checking rule
Alterable scripting tool and method
In-context launch wrapper (ICLW) module and method of automating integration of device management applications into existing enterprise management consoles
Program rewriting apparatus
Computer programming language statement building and information tool
Software profiler which has the ability to display performance data on a computer screen
Method and apparatus for profiling processes in a data processing system background of the invention
Online debugging and tracing system and method
Method and apparatus for analyzing software in a language-independent manner
Apparatus and method for enlarging/reducing a video picture size
Information providing apparatus and method, display controlling apparatus and method, information providing system, as well as transmission medium
Method of operating an injection molding machine
Physical distribution/transportation system and integrated physical distribution system
Method for run-time performance tuning of an inserter system
System and method for controlling the inserter chassis speed in an inserter system
Multi-utility energy control system
Automatic flat rate setting system for freight feeder aircraft and method of setting of engine flat rate
Wind advisory system
Autonomous landing guidance system
Method of determining train and track characteristics using navigational data
Adaptive off-state control method
Method and device for detecting motor vehicle tilt
Occupant restraint system and method having smart process initiation control
Control method for adjusting the transmission ratio of a CVT
Controller for an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Method and system for controlling a drive train of a motor vehicle
Apparatus and method of preventing sudden acceleration of vehicle
Method and arrangement for controlling the speed of a vehicle
Vehicle speed control system
Vehicle control system
Automatic speed control device for vehicle
Vehicle running control apparatus, vehicle running control method, and computer program product having the method stored therein
Vehicular velocity control apparatus to follow up preceding vehicle running ahead of vehicle
Vehicle control method and vehicle warning method
Device, method and system for selecting emergency vehicles
Road selecting and editing using shortest path tree
Moving body map information display system
Satellite navigation system having redundant signal processing and matched filtering
Combined navigation and mobile communication satellite architecture
Positioning process and system thereof
Computer implemented empirical mode decomposition method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for two-dimensional signals
Method of and apparatus for determining the quality of seismic data
Method and apparatus for detecting shallow water flow sands using converted shear waves
3D prestack seismic data migration method
Process and apparatus for comparing chemical products
Method and apparatus for determining preexisting stresses based on indentation or other mechanical probing of the material
Digital flowmeter
Information display apparatus, information relay apparatus used in power generation system, information display method and information relay method, and information transmission method
Digital storage oscilloscope with simultaneous primary measurement and derived parameter display on common time axis and method therefor
Method for estimating yield of integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for servo data synchronization in a disc drive
Controlling a physical Relationship between a display and a viewer of the display
Methods for designing pop-up cards, and cards produced thereby
Suiting apparatus and suiting method
Method and apparatus for designing and analyzing information systems using multi-layer mathematical models
Optimal design of an inductor and inductor circuit
Circuit simulation with improved circuit partitioning
Integrated circuit power net analysis
Method for determining static flip-flop setup and hold times
Reconfigurable test system
Method and system for hierarchical natural language understanding
System, program, and method for performing contextual software translations
System for chinese tokenization and named entity recognition
Speech recognition method and apparatus using frequency warping of linear prediction coefficients
Adaptive windows for analysis-by-synthesis CELP-type speech coding
Use of voice-to-remaining audio (VRA) in consumer applications
Apparatus for determining aerodynamic wind of utterance
Assigning meanings to utterances in a speech recognition system
Synthesis of time-domain signals using non-overlapping transforms
Speech controlled computer user interface
Code image recording apparatus having a microphone, a loudspeaker and a printer
System and method for merging multiple audio streams
Interactive symptomatic recording system and methods
Prescription-controlled data collection system and method
Remote job application method and apparatus
Transaction processing systems
Method for analyzing effectiveness of internal controls in a model of an accounting system
Portable 2-way wireless financial messaging unit
On-line consumer credit data reporting system
Method and apparatus for making payments and delivering payment information
Symmetrically-secured electronic communication system
Method for determination of weights, suitable for elimination, of a neural network using a computer
Pattern recognition using generalized association rules
Problem solving apparatus having learning function
System and method for generating performance models of complex information technology systems
Method and data structure for the computer-aided management of developments
Accessing databases when viewing text on the web
Multi-element confidence matching system and the method therefor
System and method of generating associations
Method for mapping and formatting information for a display device
Multi-dimensional selectivity estimation method using compressed histogram information
Voice activated web browser
Method for finding large numbers of keywords in continuous text streams
Sort and merge functions with input and output procedures
Method and apparatus for modifying an information page transmitted in a communications network
Telecommunications switching system utilizing a channelized database access mechanism
Propogating updates efficiently in hierarchically structured data under a push model
Method and apparatus for element selection exhausting an entire array
Technique for matching a query to a portion of media
System for conducting surveys in different languages over a network with survey voter registration
Method and apparatus for improved contact and activity management and planning
Method for initiating workflows in an automated organization management system
Computer system
System and method for creating a semantic web and its applications in browsing, searching, profiling, personalization and advertising
Method and apparatus for sending E-mail, method and apparatus for receiving E-mail, sending/receiving method and apparatus for E-mail, sending program supplying medium, receiving program supplying medium and sending/receiving program supplying medium
Method and apparatus for implementing web pages having master borders
Method for downloading a web page to a client for efficient display on a television screen
Method and system for threading documents
Sign extension unit
Reconfigurable program sum of products generator
Efficient low pass filter stage for a decimation filter
Hardware efficient fast hadamard transform engine
Multiplier, and fixed coefficient FIR digital filter having plural multipliers
Processing system with register-based process sharing
Persistent user groups on servers managed by central servers
Method and apparatus for providing awareness-triggered push
Method of using electronic tickets containing privileges for improved security
Server address management system
Methods for performing client-hosted application sessions in distributed processing systems
Method and apparatus for sending an electronic mail message to a receiving party
Method and apparatus for delivering electronic advocacy messages
Systems and methods for on-chip storage of virtual connection descriptors
System and method for server-to-server data storage in a network environment
Linking of computers based on optical sensing of digital data
System for dynamic determination of client communications capabilities
Method and system for expanding the data capacity of a cellular network control channel
Method of calling a mobile station in a mobile telephone system
System for delivering data content over a low bit rate transmission channel
Mobile radio station
Method and system for registering the location of a mobile cellular communications device
Mobile communication system data multi-connector
Powered down selection of a preferable wireless communications service provider in a multi-service provider environment
Mobile communication system for predicting a transfer location of a mobile station
Method and apparatus for performing selection and distribution in a communication system
Gradual frequency plan revision methodology
Method and apparatus for a high-capacity cellular network by improved sectorization and interleaved channel assignment
System and method for alerting a mobile subscriber being positioned
Variable step size for power control bits to protect against power overshoot
Low-feedback compact wireless telephone
Methods and apparatus for translating between telephone signaling protocols
System for connecting a telephone switch to a fixed telephone network via a plurality of fixed radiotelephone terminals
Base station and method for covering a cell of a cellular mobile radiotelephone system
Antenna and antenna operation method for a cellular radio communications system
Mobile communication devices
Combined cosmetics compact and cellular radiotelephone
Automatic shutoff for wireless endpoints in motion
Wireless telephony ring detection method for extended battery life
Method for detecting full charge state of battery
Low power operation in a radiotelephone
Radiation seed implant method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance arteriography using contrast agents
Clip-on purse
Saddle handbag
Container for tool bits
Straight brush
Cleaning device
Embossed paper
Sheet material
Site furniture
Storage unit
Chest of drawers
Free standing bar
Soap dish
Garment hanger having swiveling clip assemblies
Top sizer
Bed blanket
Bed blanket
Bed blanket
Bed blanket
Water dispensing unit
Coffee maker
Coffee maker
Portable compact microwave oven
Flatware handle
Mechanical cutting board
Lobby dust pan
Liquid table top dispenser stand with recessed catch basin and detached catch basin grid insert
Knife handle
Wire termination blade
Multipurpose welding tool
Decorative array of small humps for the rim of a circular saw blade
Mirror bracket
Lock housing
Automobile steering lock
Locking device
Fastener with integral spring clip
Beverage bottle
Combined carrier and set of containers
Battery package
Two compartment blister package
Transport box
Chewing gum box
Container assembly of two nested containers
Adjustable frame
Belt tension device sensor bar
Signal input and output unit
Rope chain with faceted ring-like links
Dynamic wind propelled sculpture
Garden box
Slider for reclosable fastener
Religious medallion
Shopping cart
Hose reel
Fork lift truck
Removable rear seat support strut for sport utility vehicles
Air handling template
Portable airplane hangar
Motor home body unit
Mountain bicycle mono-coque frame, chassis, and suspension
Cross bar
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire shoulder region
Tire valve cap
Tire tread
Tire tread
Cup holder for handle bars
Utility vehicle front body panel
Automobile bumper
Aerodynamic bicycle racing handlebar
Forged machined shifter handle
Front face of a vehicle wheel cover
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Connector for printed circuit boards
Semicircular interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment concealable in furniture
Cable end connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Network interface device
Tiltable loudspeaker enclosure
Audio speaker
Removable storage drive enclosure
Combined keyboard and wrist rest
CPU clip
Compact flash card
Partially transparent IC card
Screen icon for a computer screen
Operating device for an inverter controller
Cellular flip phone
Telephone set
Display and key array for a handset
Telephone shoulder rest
Oil pan
Oil pan
Hood for a front engine riding mower
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Refrigerant recovery system case
Refrigerator for business purposes
Refrigerator for business purposes
Display cooler
Digital projector
Printer with copy function
PDA digital camera accessory module
Lens barrier for a camera
Paper shredder
Tape dispenser
Memento holder
Binder insert
Rotary phone dial writing instrument
Ballpoint pen
Writing instrument with attachment
Hanging ornament
Electric scooter
Children's riding toy
Toy figure
Water filled barbell
Ball retriever
Golf putter head
Golf club head
Hockey stick shaft
Playground equipment
Aquatic vehicle
Fishing lure
Irrigation valve
Garbage disposal strainer and splash guard
Semi-circular shower wall
Liquid dispenser housing
Support rack for use in the bathroom
Combination sink cover and cutting board
Air conditioner
Filter cassette
Fan filter
Air vent
Blood pressure monitor
Housing for a blood pressure measuring device
Sample holder for a device for measuring fluorescence polarization
Oral irrigator
Forceps with disposable electrode
Disposable absorbent article
Training apparatus for breathing exercises
Jet massager
Sole massager
Window component extrusion
Roofing panel
Combined swimming pool steps and ladder
Replacement tail lens assembly for pick-up truck
Fingernail enhancement
Face mask for sport helmet
Hay feeder
Human Necessities
Miniature rose plant named `Ultimate Pleasure`
Geranium plant named `White Truffles`
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenedibu`
Bracteantha plant named `Florabella Gold`
Eremochloa ophiuroides grass plant `ET-119`
Leptospermum plant named `BY11`
Fragaria plant named `Franor`
Digital magnetic system for magnetic surgery
Oxygen delivery system
Combined obturator, cannula and valve assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cleaning device for narrow spaces of motor vehicles
Method for determining an examination point for the diaphanoscopic examination of a being and device for realizing the same
Method and telecommunications unit for establishing a telecommunications link in superposed digital radio networks
Method of and system for emulation of multiple subscriber profiles on a single mobile phone in a wireless telecommunications network
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew