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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Non-human animal model of systemic lupus erythematosus
Methods of drug delivery using sulphated chitinous polymers
Production of triple coextruded baked bar goods
Protein beverage
Surgical clip applier with remote operation
Surgical connector systems and methods of use
System and method for monitoring air flow from a person
Edgewise orthodontic bracket for capturing lost torque
Orthopedic arm sling
Bandaging device for sequestering a wound or inoculation site
Absorbent articles with nits and free-flowing particles
Disposable diaper having folding guides for improved fit
Absorbent articles comprising a bodily exudate modifying agent and a film-forming skin care formulation
Absorbent insert for use with an outer absorbent garment
C-4 substituted retinoids
Nanoparticles for paracellular drug delivery
Exendin improves .beta.-cell response in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance
Synthetic peptide for neurological disorders
Glycoconjugation methods and proteins/peptides produced by the methods
Method and compositions for altering mucus secretion
Cancer immunotherapy using autologous tumor cells combined with cells expressing a membrane cytokline
Immunogenic composition based on a truncated derivative of a membrane bound protein and process for making it
Methods of inhibiting platelet activation and recruitment
EG-VEGF nucleic acids and polypeptides and method of use
Methods of in vivo cytometry
Inert dental glass
Method and apparatus for manipulating pre-sterilized components in an active sterile field
Method and apparatus for sanitizing a drain
Circulatory support system
Golf ball
Compositions for golf equipment
Golf putter with concave cylindrical or spherical striking surface
Tennis net singles support stick assembly
Diagnostic golf club system
Toys with driven characters
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for solar distillation
Liquid dispensing apparatus and a filter assembly for a liquid dispensing apparatus
Membrane filtration manifold system
Method of separating components in a sample using silane-treated silica filter media
Exhaust gas cleaning apparatus
Process and system for the condensation of multi-component working fluids
Removing siloxanes from a gas using a segmented filtration system customized to the gas composition
Apparatus for drying a gas
Device for enriching air with oxygen in an aircraft, and a method for operating the device
Electrostatic precipitator eliminating contamination of ground electrode
Lower alkyl carboxylic acid moieties for preventing oxidative corrosion of metals and organoleptic stabilizer for food and beverages
Composite constructions with oriented microstructure
Hole saw and cutter
Method of joining terminals by soldering
Laser marking system
Welding equipment for consumable electrode
Robot-guidance assembly for providing a precision motion of an object
Compression molding process for grip for sport implement
Controllable microscopic bubble nucleation in fluid polymer material production method and its apparatus
Method for producing a battery pack and a battery pack produced therein
Device for keeping a mold plate square, perpendicular and driving for a food product molding machine
Externally adjustable insert for extrusion manifold
Process and apparatus for forming medical device balloons
Lens molding apparatus and related methods
Pouch containers having advertising media and methods for their dissemination
Multilayered articles having biocompatibility and biostability characteristics
Water repellent compositions for wood preservatives
Enhancement of the wetting of hydrophobic surfaces by aqueous surfactant solutions
Preparation of metal chalcogenide nanoparticles and nanocomposites therefrom
Method of manufacturing a composite shoddy
Device and method for registering multiple LED bar imagers in an image-on-image system
Misalignment detection device, optical writing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Latent image developing systems and devices
Underwater drawing tablet
Tire pressure management system valve integrity verification method
Vehicle imaging system
Children's water board with manually-operated spray mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel reformer catalyst and absorbent materials
Crystalline molecular sieves
Coated microbubbles for treating an aquifer or soil formations
High-strength hydraulic cement compositions
Process for the preparation of nitroalkenes
Chiral monophosphites as ligands for asymetrical synthesis
Enantioselective alpha-fluorination of aldehydes using chiral organic catalysts
Process for the carbonylation of ethylenically unsaturated compounds
3-methyl oxetanemethanol derivatives and their use in perfume compositions
Rifamycin C-11 oxime cyclo derivatives effective against drug-resistant microbes
Transmembrane serine protease overexpressed in ovarian carcinoma and uses thereof
PIAS molecules that recognize and bind STAT proteins and uses thereof
Methods of production of proteins
Fusion molecules and treatment of IgE-mediated allergic diseases
Bromine, chlorine or iodine functional polymer electrolytes crosslinked by e-beam
Light emitting polymer
Multi-functional admixtures for hydraulic cement compositions
Controlled crosslinked polyaryletherketone material with improved properties and a process by producing the same
Crosslinked biodegradable resin continuous foamed sheet and method for production thereof
Thermoplastic molding composition having high clarity
Starch-based adhesives
Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Drilling fluid apparatus and method
Self-destructing filter cake
Retort heating apparatus and methods
Rolling bearing, rolling bearing for fuel cell, compressor for fuel cell system and fuel cell system
Protein(poly)peptide libraries
Thermoanaerobacter brockii alcohol dehydrogenase promoter for expression of heterologous proteins
IFN receptor 1 binding proteins, DNA encoding them, and methods of modulating cellular response to interferons
Recombinant MHC molecules useful for manipulation of antigen-specific T-cells
Gene for a Dof transcription factor capable of altering the size and stature of a plant
Polynucleotides encoding carnation senescence-induced DHS
Genetic functions required for gene silencing in maize
Transgenic evaluation of activated mutant alleles of SOS2 reveals a critical requirement for its kinase activity and C-terminal regulatory domain for salt tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Carrier system for specific artery wall gene delivery
Compounds and methods for inhibiting axillary malodour
.alpha.1-6 fucosyltransferase
Glycerol-3-phosphate o-acyltransferase promoter for gene expression in oleaginous yeast
Reaction system for performing in the amplification of nucleic acids
Method of reducing complement - mediated disruption of cells
Method for identifying JNK and MLK inhibitors for treatment of neurological conditions
Methods to identify biologically active agents and synergistic combinations
Titanium boride coatings on titanium surfaces and associated methods
Process for increasing strength, flexibility and fatigue life of metals
Marine anode with current tester
Workpiece holder for processing apparatus, and processing apparatus using the same
Textiles; Paper
Electrospinning ultrafine conductive polymeric fibers
Abrasion-resistant composites with in-situ activated matrix resin
Fibrous substrates
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary combustion engine with an improved inner seal
Rotary positive displacement hydraulic machines
Method for cooling a turbo machine and turbo machine
Cooled blade or vane for a gas turbine
Pump unit and method for operating a pump unit
Frame of reciprocating compressor
Horizontal scroll compressor having a connecting passage on the opposite side of a suction port for connecting a motor accommodating chamber with a suction chamber
Convection oven with turbo flow air nozzle to increase air flow and method of using same
Position detecting method
Magnetic sensor
Time-resolved nonlinear complex sensitivity measuring apparatus
Encoder utilizing a reflective cylindrical surface
Encoder interpolation apparatus
Optical sensing apparatus and method for determining highest intensity of light in an array
Reflective optic system for imaging microplate readers
Fourier Transform spectrometer apparatus using multi-element MEMS
Polarization analyzer
Method and apparatus for non-contact and rapid determination of liquid content
System for the detection of macrodefects
Horizontal surface plasmon resonance instrument with improved light path
Surface corrugation enhanced magneto-optical indicator film
Microscope examination method, optical stimulation apparatus, and microscope examination apparatus
Thin film mixed potential sensors
Method and device for measuring the rotational speed of a pulse-activated electric motor based on a frequency of current ripples
Radar level gauge using elliptically or circularly polarized waves
Image display device and method of testing the same
Semi-conductor component test process and a system for testing semi-conductor components
Procedure for reproduction of a calibration position of an aligned and afterwards displaced calibration substrate in a probe station
Integrated circuit testing module
Method and device for determining a characteristic of a semiconductor sample
Surveilled subject imaging with object identification
Process for producing a scintillator layer for an x-ray detector, and scintillator layer
Method and system for acquiring full spine and full leg images using flat panel digital radiography
Method and apparatus for accelerated spiral-coded imaging in magnetic resonance tomography
Method and MR apparatus for PPA MR imaging with radial data acquisition
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for geosteering within a desired payzone
Optical filter and optical instrument
Stereoscopic microscope
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Tri-to-hex light mixing and homogenizing apparatus and method
Display apparatus switchable between a two-dimensional display and a three-dimensional display
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Optical security element
Switchable polymer-dispersed liquid crystal optical elements
Integral-type liquid crystal panel with image sensor function
Transflective liquid crystal display device having a color filter and method for fabricating thereof
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Cooling apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photomask, and method and apparatus for producing the same
OPC based illumination optimization with mask error constraints
Multi-photon reactive compositions with inorganic particles and method for fabricating structures
Cyan toner and method of producing cyan toner
Method and arrangement for signalizing a deactivation of a driver assistance system
Control loop for switching power converters
High efficiency power supply for LED lighting applications
Direct current multiplier
Current mode trimming apparatus
Self-driven scheme for synchronous rectifier having no body diode
Reactive power compensation to minimize step voltage changes and transients
Portable computer
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus, power consumption restriction system, power consumption restriction program, and power consumption restriction method
Medium where status information printing program is recorded, printer, print controller, status information printing method, and status information printing system
Method and apparatus for managing complex presentation objects using globally-unique identifiers
Cache memory system and method for printers
Error diffusion with averaged directional biases
Printing method and system for making print from photo picture frame and graphic image written by user
Method and system to access address books
Electromagnetic digitizer sensor array
Printer including firmware to check page description data format
Printer driver system for remote printing
Delivery expert system and method
Appropriately rendering a graphical object when a corresponding outline lacks control points
Generic parameterization for a scene graph
Multi-chart geometry images
Footwear covert alarm and locator apparatus
Surveillance detector
External device indicating that a tank is filled up
Onboard equipment for aircraft and the like
Powerline pulse position modulated transmitter apparatus and method
Roadside-based communication system and method
Replaceable faceplates for peripheral devices
Display driver
Haptic feedback stylus and other devices
Image display apparatus and image display method
Method and system for image templates
Optically based operating device for a household appliance
Multilevel texture processing method for mapping multiple images onto 3D models
Method and adjusting device for projection-type display
Universal tuner mount with spring-loaded link
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Magazine-based data cartridge library
Method to increase the amount of customer data on a hard disk drive
Self-aligned, notched trailing shield for perpendicular recording
Inductive magnetic head with non-magnetic seed layer gap structure and method for the fabrication thereof
Magnetoresistance effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic reproducing element and magnetic memory
Algorithm for DSA/microactuator total loop gain calibration
Disk drive computing repeatable run out while actuator arm is pressed against crash stop
Conductive coatings for corona generating devices
Multiphase superconducting cable connection structure and multiphase superconducting cable line
Flexible inductive resistivity device
Inductive component and method for the production thereof
Power supply boost control device and method for identifying and judging fault location in power supply boost control device
Key mechanism
Rocker paddle switch with semi-rigid cam driver
Button assembly of control panel assembly
Intelligent user interface with touch sensor technology
Accessory mounting system for mounting a plurality of accessories to the windshield of a vehicle
Ion-mobility spectrometer and ion-mobility analysis method
Passive elements in MRAM embedded integrated circuits
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Advance ridge structure for microlens gapless approach
Protective layer during scribing
Nanowire array and nanowire solar cells and methods for forming the same
Elastomeric CMOS based micro electromechanical varactor
Method for forming a multi-layer seed layer for improved Cu ECP
Trench photolithography rework for removal of photoresist residue
Bi-level resist structure and fabrication method for contact holes on semiconductor substrates
Method for forming novel BARC open for precision critical dimension control
Method and apparatus for UV exposure of low dielectric constant materials for porogen removal and improved mechanical properties
Method for fabricating field-effect transistor structures with gate electrodes with a metal layer
Method of making a solder ball
Ultrathin chemically grown oxide film as a dopant diffusion barrier in semiconductor devices
Method for manufacturing wafer level chip scale package using redistribution substrate
Methods of forming conductive through-wafer vias
Reduction of copper dewetting by transition metal deposition
Method of manufacturing light emitting device
Alignment method, method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, substrate for a semiconductor device, electronic equipment
Fabrication method for a semiconductor structure
Method for filling trench and relief geometries in semiconductor structures
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Formation of standard voltage threshold and low voltage threshold MOSFET devices
Electronic devices including a semiconductor layer and a process for forming the same
Low cost, high speed, high efficiency infrared transceiver
Semiconductor and method for producing a semiconductor
Stackable single package and stacked multi-chip assembly
Resin molded semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor side wall fin
Semiconductor memory device with cell transistors having electrically floating channel bodies to store data
Capacitive electrode having semiconductor layers with an interface of separated grain boundaries
Modular bipolar-CMOS-DMOS analog integrated circuit and power transistor technology
Capacitor with conducting nanostructure
Light emitting device
Display device
Light emitting device
Organic semiconductor device
Opto-electronic memory element on the basis of organic metalloporphyrin molecules
Optoelectonic devices having arrays of quantum-dot compound semiconductor superlattices therein
Semiconductor device
Spin tunnel transistor
Metal profile for increased local magnetic fields in MRAM devices and method for making the same
Fin Field-effect transistor and method for producing a fin field effect-transistor
Semiconductor memory with vertical memory transistors and method for fabricating it
Semiconductor device having high dielectric constant gate insulating layer and its manufacture method
Imageable bottom anti-reflective coating for high resolution lithography
Active matrix type display device and method of manufacturing the same
Non-volatile memory cell, memory cell arrangement and method for production of a non-volatile memory cell
RF seal ring structure
Dielectric member, piezoelectric member, ink jet head, ink jet recording apparatus and producing method for ink jet recording apparatus
Potassium niobate deposited body and method for manufacturing the same, surface acoustic wave device, frequency filter, oscillator, electronic circuit, and electronic apparatus
Piezoelectric ceramic and piezoelectric device
Microelectronic assembly and method for forming the same
Organic thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Monoblock battery
Fuel cell system
Two-stage hybrid gas pressure regulator
Antenna device
Planar antenna having a wide operating bandwidth
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of a multi-band antenna in a wireless terminal
Method for automatically adjusting antenna and system thereof
Dipole antenna having a periodic structure
Microstrip antenna having embedded spiral inductor
Electrical connector
Power connectors and contacts
Female multiple connector for electrical plug-type connectors
Pickup cap for electrical connector
Electrical connector and socket assemblies
Power entry assembly for an electrical distribution system
Cable assembly having locking member on opposite sides thereof
Shielded connector, mating shielded connector and shielded connector assembly
PCI express connector
Fixing mechanism
Electrical distribution wiring module
Weatherproof while-in-use electrical receptacle cover assembly
Structure for assembling cover to electronic device
Method for estimating DC motor coil temperature, DC motor control method and their devices
Power control apparatus
Method of automatically cutting off power in case of low battery voltage in mobile electronic unit
Water repellent motor sleeve
Spindle motor having dynamic pressure fluid bearing
Rotary electric apparatus with high cooling performance
Alternating voltage output apparatus and vehicle including such alternating voltage output apparatus
Digital switching apparatus for driving a load
Charge amplifier
Wide-band high-gain limiting amplifier with parallel resistor-transistor source loads
Self adaptable bias circuit for enabling dynamic control of quiescent current in a linear power amplifier
High-frequency switch circuit arrangement
Methods and structures for protecting programming data for a programmable logic device
Fail-safe method and circuit
LVDS output buffer pre-emphasis methods and apparatus
Level shifter
Semiconductor apparatus for monitoring critical path delay characteristics of a target circuit
Startup/yank circuit for self-biased phase-locked loops
Analog to digital conversion circuit
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter having interleaved sample-and-hold circuits coupled in common
Decoder of digital-to-analog converter
System for determining return of photo sensor in scanner and method thereof
PWM rendering for color/gray-scale text and graphics for laser printer
Television receiver for digital and analog television signals
Camera with flange back adjusting mechanism
Three-dimensional display apparatus
Electrically conductive heated glass panel assembly, control system, and method for producing panels
Flexible heating sheet
Serpentine and corduroy circuits to enhance the stretchability of a stretchable electronic device
Chipset coupling apparatus
Housing cage for holding built-in modules
Power adapter with fan assembly
Semiconductor device
Cooling integrated circuits using a cold plate with two phase thin film evaporation
Expired Patents Due To Time
System and method for integrating a plurality of diagnostic related information
Communication device with a self-calibrating sleep timer
Scheduling of direct memory access
Contact-type charging device having a plurality of projections over the surface of the charging device
Matching/merging two data warehouse physical data models
Method and system for accessing java applications
Image forming apparatus with sheet feeding device having sheet supporting portion
System, method and apparatus for providing an executive compensation system
Implantable cardiac stimulation device for and method of monitoring progression or regression of heart disease by monitoring evoked response features
System and method to automatic equipment placement at remote sites
Method for accelerating java virtual machine bytecode verification, just-in-time compilation and garbage collection by using a dedicated co-processor
Bioelectric impedance measuring apparatus
Generating hypermedia documents from transcriptions of television programs using parallel text alignment
Front of a bodysuit
Closure strip for a bodysuit
United states marine corps combat utility uniform
Container for cotton sticks
Holster for fish holder
Article holder with side clip
Hammer holder
Stepped bristle array for a toothbrush head
Stepped bristle array for a toothbrush head
Set of bristles for a toothbrush
Toothbrush head with stepped bristle array
Toothbrush head with stepped bristle array
Paint brush
Paint brush
Pattern for a soft, flexible disposable wipe
Fabric design for household linen
Nonwoven fabric
Nonwoven fabric
Folding chair
Convertible chair
Utility stool
Merchandising display structure
Storage box for large decorative and fragile bows
Linen cabinet
Towel ring
Display stand for watches
Towel ring
CD rack
Display china
Towel holder
Holder for color fans
Towel bar post
Merchandising display structure
Panel support for a multi-level slide-on panel system for office furniture
Chair control housing
Furniture handles
Pyramidal mirror
Decorative frame
Robe hook
Clothes hanger
Hanger with clips
Clothes hanger
Stadium weaved scrape mat
Cover for stowable table
Cookie pan with dimples
Container cover
Portable grill
Graphic burner grate on a smooth ceramic cooktop of a gas cooking appliance
Egg slicer
Combined pepper grinder and salt dispenser
Water bottle holder/dispenser
Utility lighter
Laborsaving gardening shear
Garden scissors
Handle for tool
Pneumatic tool
Hammer drill
Handle of a foldable saw
Mounting bracket for coverings for architectural openings
Pot hanger assembly
Caster support
Angled mounting bracket
Shower curtain hook
Gutter pry bar
Ceiling hanger
Solar powered illuminated door knob
Lock housing and portion of a stepped paddle latch
Handwheel with fold away side handle
Female member of a connector
Football holder
Round container with lid
Container with cover
Spray bottle
Compressed fabric article a package having a USA map shape
Tubular packaging
Tubular packaging for deadbolt
Package for bridal flatware
Tubular packaging for deadbolt
Tubular packaging for door knob assembly
Tubular packaging for deadbolt
Tubular packaging for door knob assembly
Cord organizer
Watch with trapezoidal face and sweep dial
Casing for a watch
Watch setting
Casing for a watch
Pill box timer
Moving object detecting device
Finger ring
Barrel lock with push tab
Cross-shaped diamond cut
Combined two stone oval gemstone arrangement and setting
Fresh cut flower container
Polyvinylchloride pipe bird
Emergency vehicle face plate
Golf flag pole
Wall plate having an electroluminescent night light
Truck-mounted flag and pole assembly
Water scooter
Sun deck of a personal watercraft
Pedestal portion of a personal watercraft
Seat of a personal watercraft
Boat hull
Vehicle chassis surface
Modern sports coupe car body
Cargo trailer body
Toy pony bike
Wheel for electric power assist cycle
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Trim cover for hitch receiver
Automotive wheel
Illuminated trailer hitch apparatus
Automobile rearview mirror
Automobile rearview mirror
Rearview mirror
Power converter
Jump-start system with compressor
Heat sink
Electrical connector
Electrical raceway
High performance cooling device
MP3 audio player
Hanging type earphone
Communications headset
Mobile audio headset
Hands free cellular system
Winged hardhat speaker or mike mount
Hardhat cushion attached speaker or mike mount
Cellular phone
Desktop remote controller
Control device for a communications headset
Stick radio
Remote handset
Audio video selector
Mailing machine
Human Necessities
3-D modeling of prototype garments
Method and apparatus for displaying fluorescence images
Total hemoglobin concentration measurement
Variable-length correlation method for motion correction in SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging
Method and apparatus for automated rolling leukocyte velocity measurement in vivo
Neurological event detection procedure using processed display channel based algorithms and devices incorporating these procedures
Method and apparatus for measuring body fat
Dividable type apparatus for measuring living body impedance
Method of and device for determining the position of a medical instrument
Implantable device and method for long-term detection and monitoring of congestive heart failure
Method and apparatus for evaluating a movement pattern
Medical imaging at two temporal resolutions for tumor treatment planning
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Method and apparatus for assessing cardiac functional status
Removable cap for tissue-insertable connections
Lead anchor
Method and apparatus for locating implanted receiver and feedback regulation between subcutaneous and external coils
Selective activation of electrodes within an inplantable lead
Method to enhance cardiac capillary growth in heart failure patients
System and method for programmably controlling electrode activation sequence in a multi-site cardiac stimulation device
Rate management during automatic capture verification
Evoked response detector for a heart stimulator
Medical device GUI for cardiac electrophysiology display and data communication
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for identification or pre-calculation of parameters of a time-variant industrial process
On-demand, multi-language business card printer
Communicating dispensing article
Automatic vehicular velocity control apparatus for automotive vehicle
Vehicle speed control apparatus
Constant vehicle speed maintaining device for motorcycle
Vehicle slip control
Method for reducing braking distance
Device for determining a roadway gradient quantity
Apparatus and method for estimating maximum road friction coefficient
Controlling web tension, and accumulating lengths of web, by actively controlling velocity and acceleration of a festoon
Sheet conveying apparatus with curl correction and image forming apparatus having same
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus provided therewith
Sheet post-processing apparatus having offset mounting means
Method and device for detecting multiple feed
Luffing angle measurement system
Angular velocity control and associated method for a boom of a machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing thin organic film
Vaporizer and apparatus for vaporizing and supplying
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for executing grade change in paper machine grade
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine control unit operable with different clocks based on crank signal system operation
Driving force receiving member, shaft coupling, toner image bearing member, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Engine overrun prevention system for automatic transmission
Intelligent minienvironment
Neural network trajectory command controller
Three-dimensions measuring method and surveying equipment using the same
Inclination measuring apparatus
Method, apparatus and computer program product for estimating airplane attitude with reduced sensor set
Processing method for motion measurement
System and method for locating points of interest
Segment aggregation and interleaving of data types in a geographic database and methods for use thereof in a navigation application
Method for operating a navigation system
Method for navigating a vehicle
Three-dimensional space curve comparison using spatial angle variance metric and applications thereof
Navigation device for displaying an approaching intersection
System and method for direct non-intrusive measurement of corrected airflow
Device and method for self-verifying temperature measurement and control
Interchangeable differential, absolute and gage type of pressure transmitter
Alternate triggering in digital oscilloscopes
Power arithmetic apparatus
Test executive system and method including automatic result collection
Processor development systems
Apparatus for use in a logic analyzer for compressing digital data for waveform viewing
Method, apparatus and system for estimating user position with a satellite positioning system in poor signal conditions
Mobile station positioning system and method in mobile communication system
Aircraft communication frequency nomination
Method for direct hydrocarbon reservoir detection and delineation by low frequency acoustic spectroscopy
Processing seismic data
Method and process for prediction of subsurface fluid and rock pressures in the earth
Lens system and camera system composed of camera provided with lens system
Lens barrel having facility for maintaining meshed relation between movable lens drive means and movable lens means
Camera having illumination device and control function for same
Camera having flexible circuit board
Lens-fitted photo film unit having auxiliary module
Camera and information processing apparatus
Method of layout compaction
Drive apparatus for rotating a photosenstive body and image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus capable of setting plural-kind media mode forming same image on plural kinds of recording media
Remote maintenance and servicing of a network peripheral device over the world wide web
Image forming apparatus including discharged-sheet receiving tray covered with frame
Image forming apparatus with plural transfer means and selecting mechanism for selecting from among a plurality of image bearing members
Developing apparatus with temperature sensor
Movable charge-metering member for a single component development system
Development roller and developer unit using the same
Developer accommodating container, and developing device
Developing apparatus
Developing unit and image forming apparatus using the same
Developing apparatus having carrying capability of screw lowered on developing sleeve side
Image forming apparatus having heating and cooling units
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Process cartridge remanufacturing method
Image forming apparatus having function for judging life of unit detachably mountable thereto, and unit detachably mountable to image forming apparatus
Home automation system
Data processing system and method for creating a virtual partition within an existing partition in a hard disk drive
Adaptive motion controller
Process automation system
Method for controlling a manufacturing process utilizing control charts with specified confidence intervals
Process control system and method with automatic fault avoidance
Security assembly particularly for electrosensitive protection equipment
Lateral control of vehicle for lane following
Wire routing to control skew
Clock circuit and method of designing the same
Time synchronizing method for switching system
Method and circuit for performing automatic power on reset of an integrated circuit
Alternate access mechanism for saving and restoring state of write-only register
Apparatus comprising clock control circuit, method of controlling clock signal and device using internal clock signal synchronized to external clock signal
Method and apparatus for HASS testing of busses under programmable control
Error correction for network delivery of video streams using packet resequencing
System and method for protecting data and correcting bit errors due to component failures
Parity storage unit, in a disk array system, for generating updated parity data from received data records
Fault resilient/fault tolerant computing
Apparatus and methods for dynamic simulation event triggering
Compact fault detecting system capable of detecting fault without omission
In-band/out-of-band alert delivery system
Signal processing apparatus with memory access history storage
Method for controlling memory access on a machine with non-uniform memory access and machine for implementing such a method
Method of verifying pretrained neural net mapping for use in safety-critical software
Data storage device providing communication between processing units
System and method for growing differential file on a base volume of a snapshot
System and method for dynamically updating memory address mappings
Method and apparatus for prevent stalling of cache reads during return of multiple data words
Snoop resynchronization mechanism to preserve read ordering
Integrated cache and directory structure for multi-level caches
Data processing system having a network and method for managing memory by storing discardable pages in a local paging device
Computing system and cache memory control apparatus controlling prefetch in hierarchical cache memories
Virtual memory managing system for managing swap-outs by page units and a batch swap-out by task units
Virtual channel synchronous dynamic random access memory
Partition of on-chip memory buffer for cache
Automatic prunning for log-based replication
Method and apparatus for transfer information using optical fiber connections
Dynamic association of input/output device with application programs
Multiple processor interface, synchronization, and arbitration scheme using time multiplexed shared memory for real time systems
Implementing locks in a distributed processing system
Data transfer system for multiple network processors using dual DRAM storage
Method and apparatus for displaying a connection status of a device based on connection information
Memory management method for use in computer system
System for optimally tuning a burst length by setting a maximum burst length based on a latency timer value and adjusting the maximum burst length based on a cache line size
Method and apparatus for efficient bus arbitration
High performance communication controller for processing high speed data streams wherein execution of a task can be skipped if it involves fetching information from external memory bank
Apparatus and method in a network interface device for asynchronously generating SRAM full and empty flags using coded read and write pointer values
Method and apparatus for common thin-client NC and fat-client PC motherboard and mechanicals
Computer having multiple alarm function communication paths
PCI delayed transaction time out counter and associated methods
Apparatus and method for controlling secure communications between peripheral components on computer buses connected by a bridge circuit
Method and system for providing universal memory bus and module
Module based address translation arrangement and transaction offloading in a digital system
Notebook/desktop docking system allowing both peripheral sharing and parallel processing
System for indexical triggers in enhanced video productions by redirecting request to newly generated URI based on extracted parameter of first URI
Centralized boot
System for combining plurality of input control policies to provide a compositional output control policy
Data driven, dynamic language document assembly system
Method and system for topical segmentation, segment significance and segment function
Method and system for calculating term-document importance
Word phrase translation using a phrase index
Communication system and method
System and method for managing file content
Virtual dimensions in databases and method therefor
Adaptive query execution in a distributed database system
Method and apparatus for private and restricted-use electronic addresses
Method and apparatus for defining search queries and user profiles and viewing search results
Method and system for modifying text files for computer configuration
Method and apparatus for record addressing in partitioned files
Method and system for locating documents based on previously accessed documents
File system for a computer and method of synchronizing sets of files
Overlapping subdocuments in a vector space search process
Dynamic runtime and test architecture for Java applets
System and method for constraint based sequential pattern mining
Content addressable memory (CAM) engine
System, method and computer program for filtering multi-action rule set
Method for selecting among equivalent files on a global computer network
Inclusion of global wires in capacitance extraction
Method and apparatus for concurrent emulation of multiple circuit designs on an emulation system
Method of accurate simulation of logic circuits
Method and system for managing timing error information
Method for determining bag size and case pack configurations
Method and system for equivalence-checking combinatorial circuits using interative binary-decision-diagram sweeping and structural satisfiability analysis
Timing verifier for MOS devices and related method
Pattern-matching for transistor level netlists
Method of automatically generating repeater blocks in HDL and integrating them into a region constrained chip design
Integrated circuit performance and reliability using angle measurement for a patterned bump layout on a power grid
Digital circuit layout techniques using circuit decomposition and pin swapping
Method of designing embossed ribs in plates
Apparatus and method for trading electric energy
Three dimension computer model full size grading system for processing a shoe model by a triangular geometry mode
System and method for providing soft audio and soft modem copy protection for hardware interfaces and software code
System and method to protect vital memory space from non-malicious writes in a multi domain system
Declarative permission requests in a computer system
Circuits, systems, and methods for efficient wake up of peripheral component interconnect controller
Scheduling method and apparatus for network-attached storage devices and other systems
System and method for organizing data stored in a log structured array
Disc array connection system, detection method of malfunctioning device and recording medium having control program recorded thereon
Method and apparatus for sharing peripheral devices over a network
Apparatus for printing information automatically combined from two different sources
Apparatus and method for automatically realigning an end effector of an automated equipment to prevent a crash
Combinatorial polynomial multiplier for galois field 256 arithmetic
System and method for handling instructions occurring after an ISYNC instruction
Load/store unit having pre-cache and post-cache queues for low latency load memory operations
Method and system for providing power management to a processing system
Method for compiling and selecting data attributes
Information objects system, method, and computer program organization
Aspect-oriented system monitoring and tracing
Property linking in object-oriented computing environments
Memory management in a partially garbage-collected programming system
Intelligent advisor system and method
Gold code backup for corrupt boot code recovery
Method and apparatus for initializing a computer system that includes disabling the masking of a maskable address line
Method for automatically retrieving and installing device drivers across a network
Field configurable embedded computer system
Method and apparatus for providing content on a computer system based on usage profile
Method of integrating application programs to form or modify suite, and a suite integration toolkit to perform same
System and method for modifying an executing application
Method and apparatus for generating multiple processor-specific code segments in a single executable
Method and system for graphically generating user-defined rules for checking language quality
Methods and apparatus for managing objects and processes in a distributed object operating environment
Scalable interruptible queue locks for shared-memory multiprocessor
Method and apparatus for user level monitor implementation
Operation right interlinking method and cooperative working method for shared application programs
Object load balancing
Apparatus and method for determining bus use right
Agent system
Method and apparatus for determining an effective jet engine maintenance schedule
Method for monitoring product performance
System for implementing rules
System for invocation of CICS programs as database stored procedures
Factory traffic monitoring and analysis apparatus and method
System for routing electronic mails
Electronic commerce using a transaction network
Remote ordering system
Multiple-person buying information system with application to on-line merchandizing
Method and system for aggregation and exchange of electronic tax information
Method and system for management of heterogeneous assemblies
Postage meter having delayed generation of cryptographic security parameters
Manufacturing machine of original design watch or original design dial
Low power two-wire self validating temperature transmitter
Traffic information transmitting system, traffic information collecting and distributing system and traffic information collecting and distributing method
Information guidance system
Network system for serving information to mobile terminal apparatus
Signal analyzer and method thereof
System and method for speech verification using a confidence measure
Methodology for the use of verbal proxies for dynamic vocabulary additions in speech interfaces
Audio CODEC with programmable psycho-acoustic parameters
Signal enhancement for voice coding
Self-configuring and self-calibrating automated system
Magnetic optical encryption/decryption disk drive arrangement
Constant bitrate real-time lossless audio decoder restoring moved excess coded data amounts
Encoding device and decoding device suitable for dubbing
ECC code mechanism to detect wire stuck-at faults
Address decoding system and method for failure toleration in a memory bank
Semiconductor memory device
System and method for integrated singulation and inspection of semiconductor devices
Manufacturing process automation system using a file server and its control method
Defect analysis method and process control method
Method and apparatus for data communication
Mimic high pass filter in a protective relay
Method and apparatus for powering a wireless headset used with a personal electronic device
Multiple channel upconverter having adjacent channel output and method of implementing the same
Noise elimination in a USB codec
RF active balun circuit for improving small-signal linearity
Noise reduction and range control radio system
Signal compressor for audio apparatus
Constant impedance driver circuit including impedance matching with load and a method for designing the same
Serial-concatenated turbo codes
Method of simulating broadband internet content downloads
Audio level matching of different radio input sources
Common intermediate frequency broadcast radio front end
System and method for temperature compensation of external antenna units
Method of displaying alternating transmitting and receiving phases of voice communication in a mobile phone in a speakerphone mode
Wireless prepaid telephone system with dispensable instruments
Determining a reference power level for diversity handover base stations
Adaptive compensation of doppler shift in a mobile communication system
Mobile phone with increased transmitter efficiency employing two transmit antennas
Reception diversity control method and diversity receiver
Device for broadcasting digital information via satellite from a plurality of earth stations
System for allocating radio resources in a multiservice mobile radio cellular system
Mobile communication system and mobile communication method
Unconnected-port device detection method, apparatus, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for intergrating wireless and non-wireless devices into an enterprise computer network using an interfacing midware server
Method and architecture for interactive two-way communication devices to interact with a network
Device for exchanging data and process for operating it
System and method for arbitrating bandwidth on segmented network topologies
Structure cabling system
Distributed multi-fabric interconnect
Queue sharing
Enhanced cellular communication system
Method and apparatus for selectively controlling the quantum state probability distribution of entangled quantum objects
Method and system for storing load balancing information with an HTTP cookie
Method and system for testing a layer-2 tunnel in a data communication network
User system for a distributed network
Information distribution and processing system
Information processing apparatus for sending and receiving written data with identification information
System for establishing plan to test components of web based framework by displaying pictorial representation and conveying indicia coded components of existing network framework
System using internet email for communicating status information from business office printing device when it is in normal operating condition
Automatic virtual private network internet snoop avoider
Image processing system, apparatus and method in a client/server environment for client authorization controlled-based viewing of image sensed conditions from a camera
Virtual LAN interface for high-speed communications between heterogeneous computer systems
Method and apparatus for selectively allocating and enforcing bandwidth usage requirements on network users
Data acquisition and remote administration system
Video swivel phone
Earpiece acoustics
Method and apparatus for entering shortcut messages
Telephone set
Method and system for generating a secure wireless link between a handset and base station
Billing mobile terminated short messages
Selective call notification in a wireless network
Reception apparatus for authenticated access to coded broadcast signals
Method and system for implementing interactive broadcast programs and commercials
Method and apparatus for broadcasting data with access control
Method and apparatus for transmitting programs
Digital signal processing apparatus
Method and apparatus of displaying bit stream data, method and apparatus for generating bit stream data, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, method, and system, and computer-readable storage medium having program stored therein
Method and apparatus for encoding of bitstreams using rotation
Method for tracing call establishing message
Telecommunications network with fixed and mobile subscribers
Method for providing directory assistance services via an alphanumeric page
Method for self-calibration of a wireless communication system
Mobile assisted handoff in radiocommunication systems
Preventing misuse of call forwarding service
Method and means for determining a handover in a radio communication system
Fluid filled microphone balloon to be implanted in the middle ear
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