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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Golf green roller apparatus
Haying machine
Simulative animal toy for training and exercise
Feed metering and animal identification device having angularly displaceable weighing means
Footwear to enhance natural gait
Umbrella with lamps mounted detachably within holes in cover support ribs
Pivotal connection of a table leg to a frame
Detachable support arm
Cleaning jig
Wall mounted tool holder
Hanger rack for hand tools
Longitudinally divided fitted sheet an top sheet combination
Anti-snoring pillow
Suction nozzle configuration
Padded spinal board coverslip
Adjustable wheelchair
Nasopharyngeal airway device and method of use
Breathing gas delivery method and apparatus
Systems and methods for making and using enhanced electrodes for electrical stimulation systems
Methods of making a paddle lead with a carrier and leads and systems formed thereby
Coronary vein dimensional sensor and fixation apparatus
Indicator wheel system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Food waste disposer having mechanism and method for creating a water baffle to reduce noise
High impact waterjet nozzle
Device for reshaping and/or folding bodies of cans
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric vibration element for an inkjet recording head
Adjustable cam assembly for mounting a pressure die to a pipe bending machine
Roll support device for continuous metallic strip casting
Device for cooling die casting metallic pattern
Method for preparing integrated circuit modules for attachment to printed circuit substrates
Method of metallic sandwiched foam composite forming
Method and device for simulation of a closing wedge
Oneway ratchet wrench
Electrically powered hand-held screw driver
Stump grinding disk and wear strips therefor
Rotary cutter for a wood planing machine
Roll-up machine and method
Top press tool
Color registration test pattern
Short-circuit detection probe
Clip fixing structure
Visibility adjusting method and apparatus of vehicle
Door module support
Roof retractable into the rear trunk of a vehicle, and including movable side elements
Ventilation structure of automobile door
Multiple use base holder system
Device and method for triggering passenger protection means
Air bag door structure for an automobile
Vehicle behavior controller
Brake control apparatus
Redundant Torque Security Path
Method for controlling the delivery of lubricant
Truck bed shelter
Lavatory fast pack system and method
Method for the control of aero gas turbine engines
Fuel container
Method and apparatus for packing and bi-directional cooling of produce
Flexible tie strap
Packet of tissues
Paper feeding apparatus of image forming device
Sheet slitter-winder
Apparatus for dispensing vials
Value sheet handling apparatus
Paper feeding apparatus for a printer
Thread spool and bobbin holder
Hand-pulled device for winding binding strap
Weed puller
Lifting jack
Gas dosing apparatus and a method of dosing pre-set quantities of gas
Protective horse mask removably attachable to bridle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for dispersing pigment in liquid medium
Fixed Constructions
Working machine
Controlled-pressure drop liner
Lifting lever for a cistern flush valve
Laminate flooring with custom images
Loop assemblies having a central link
Shuttering element and process for manufacturing and repair of the same
Garage door system with integral environment resistant members
Multi-piece clamp for standing seams
Directional flow flashing
Unfolding modular building system
Screen room enclosure and method of attachment
Equipment for faster swimming pools
Padlock having an identification function
Window covering and method of use
Single cone rock bit having inserts adapted to maintain hole gage during drilling
Method for hardfacing roller cone drill bit legs
Expandable apparatus for drift and reaming borehole
Method and apparatus for reforming tubular connections
Gas recovery apparatus, method and cycle having a three chamber evacuation phase and two liquid extraction phases for improved natural gas production
Tertiary oil recovery combined with gas conversion process
Process for pressure stimulating a well bore through a template
Multi-purpose well bores and method for accessing a subterranean zone from the surface
Sensor apparatus and method of using same
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of oil and gas wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection system and fuel injecting method for internal combustion engine
Fuel cell in combined heat and electric power system
Crank shaft in dual capacity compressor
Muffler for noise reduction
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine of a vehicle, in particular a motor vehicle
Device for exhaust gas treatment of a combustion system
Thermoelectric generating device
Method and apparatus for controlling an internal combustion engine
Hydrogen oxygen generation system for an internal combustion engine
Method and device for diagnosing the operating condition of an internal combustion engine exhaust gas recycling valve
Two-stroke engine transfer ports
Mechanism including a piston-and-cylinder assembly
Methods for operating gas turbine engines
Shut-off system for the avoidance of an overspeed condition in the event of a shaft failure
Method and apparatus for operating a gas turbine engine
Method and apparatus for controlling engine
DOD throttling and intake control
Cylinder head for a water-cooled internal combustion piston engine having inner reinforcement
Multicylinder internal combustion engine
Pulsed combustion engine
Filter screen and the apparatus for aiding vehicle fuel combustion and purifying exhausting gas using said filter screen
Gas filtering and recirculating device for general machine
Gas feeding system for an internal combustion engine, having a pressure reducing valve connected to the intake manifold
Control apparatus for automatic starting/stopping internal combustion engine
Sump liner
Transporting fluids through a conduit
Method for regulating the speed of a drive motor
Oneway clutch assembly
Assembly for a Hydraulic Dashpot
Shock absorber/pneumatic spring strut
Angular velocity profile generator
Two speed transfer case having two transfer chains
Pressure energized metallic seal
Elastomeric hinged seal
Ferrule with relief to reduce galling
Unitary pipe cover assembly for undersink pipes
Protective ducting
Economizer/by-pass port inserts to control port size
Thermal management system for electrical enclosures
Built-in type outdoor unit for air conditioner
Front suction/discharge type compressor/condenser unit for airconditioner
Heat dissipation device having heat pipe
Phase-change heat dissipating device and method for manufacturing it
Toy gun having dual actuating manners
Pneumatically operated projectile launching device
Probe or stylus orientation
Tuning parameter of Kalman filter in a wheel inspection
Dual stage instrument for scanning a specimen
Rotation rate sensor comprising a vibration gyroscope
Portable navigation device and method with active elements
Installation tool for aerospace fastening system
Dynamic energy management
Method and apparatus for monitoring liquid levels within a vessel
Micro-discharge gas detector
Peptide ligands for sperm DNA fragmentation assay
Method and device for determination of moisture content and solid state phase of solids using moisture sorption gravimetry and near infrared or raman spectroscopy
Cigarette monitoring
Nanometer-scale sharpening of conductor tips
Scan test circuitry configured to prevent violation of multiplexer select signal constraints during scan testing
Seismic acquisition and filtering
Fiber mount device, optical module using same, and optical module manufacturing method
Optical waveguide substrate and method for manufacturing same
Optical interposer with transparent substrate
Methods and apparatus for modulating light to concurrently convey high rate data and low rate data
Optical semiconductor device
Transmission line driven slot waveguide mach-zehnder interferometers
Camera lens body shield and focus assist device
Image forming system, and control apparatus, control method and storage medium therefor
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with cleaning voltage or current control based on density of a control toner image
Cutting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having transfer belt control
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with fixing liquid applicator
Image heating apparatus
Electronic apparatus with automatic orientation function
Steering control system for radio control vehicle and a radio controlled car comprising the same
Wear leveling for road life optimization
Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including improved processor core deep power down exit latency by using register secondary uninterrupted power supply
Memory access circuit and memory access system
Electronic apparatus and system for placing plurality of devices into corresponding power save modes according to priority level
Managing storage providers in a clustered appliance environment
Fault tolerant routing in a non-hot-standby configuration of a network routing system
Automatically changing parts in response to tests
Defect detector for holographic storage systems
Deterministic data verification in storage controller
Support for secure objects in a computer system
Periodic destages from inside and outside diameters of disks to improve read response times
Management of host passthrough and session commands using resource groups
Feedback programmable data strobe enable architecture for DDR memory applications
Data processing device, non-transitory computer readable medium and method for controlling data processing device
System and method of operating memory devices of mixed type
Consideration of adjacent track interference and wide area adjacent track erasure during block allocation
System and method for storing a sparse matrix
Method and system for embedded virtual memory management
Control of on-die system fabric blocks
Data copying method
Administering registered virtual addresses in a hybrid computing environment including maintaining a watch list of currently registered virtual addresses by an operating system
Methods and apparatus for managing page crossing instructions with different cacheability
Memory controller with enhanced block management techniques
Providing metadata in a translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
System and method for switching use of serial port
System and method for real-time composite broadcast with moderation mechanism for multiple media feeds
Information processing apparatus, tape device, and computer-readable medium storing program
Video processing system and method for computer
Two-way raid controller with programmable host interface for a semiconductor storage device
Data transfer circuit and data transfer method
Variable length stages in a pipeline
Secure messaging facility system
Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining a persistent data state on a communications network
Architecture for building multi-media streaming applications
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method
Managing flow control buffer
Using unique local unicast addresses in a global domain name server
Compression on thin provisioned volumes using extent based mapping
System and method supporting application solution composition on cloud
Method, system and terminal for changing a management object of broadcast service guide
Server apparatus, method for controlling the server apparatus, and storage medium
Server cluster monitoring
Method of transmitting data of USB device to server, and client terminal performing the method
Broadcast notifications using social networking systems
System, method, and computer program product for transferring remote device support data to a monitor using E-mail
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored a networked media server
Adding personalized value to web sites
Concurrent execution of request processing and analytics of requests
Streaming internet video editing and composite edit playback
Identification of frequent locations of a wireless communication device
Relay apparatus, recording medium storing a relay program, and a relay method
Display of images on a map using image position information
Method and system for device property for specification of vendor specific protocol features
Micro grid tiered computing system with plurality of complex shape structures interconnected by bridge modules in docking bays
Distributed policy service
Domain based management of partitions and resource groups
Management of file images in a virtual environment
Content transfer system, content transfer method and home server
Multiple imputation of missing data in multi-dimensional retail sales data sets via tensor factorization
Method and apparatus for customizing separation of customer concerns within model architectures
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Proactive detection of data inconsistencies in a storage system point-in-time copy of data
Method for generating rules and parameters for assessing relevance of information derived from internet traffic
Automatic generation of user account policies based on configuration management database information
Method and apparatus for variance estimation in amplitude probability distribution model
Knowledge system method and apparatus
Detecting and combating attack in protection system of an industrial control system
Connection engine
Method, apparatus and computer program for retrieving data
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium with recorded information processing program
Interactive visualization of sender and recipient information in electronic communications
Collaborative data management system for engineering design and construction projects
Sequential chain registry
Content processing device
Dynamic storage blocks tiering
Context-and-version-aware facade for database queries
Information processing apparatus, method for processing information, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information recording medium, information processing method, and program
Determining the importance of data items and their characteristics using centrality measures
Search optimization in a computing environment
Converting union commands to union all commands
Memory usage query governor
Hardware description language (HDL) incorporating statistically derived data and related methods
Method and apparatus to minimize clock tree skew in ICs
Analyzing timing requirements of a hierarchical integrated circuit design
Power supply circuit design system and power supply circuit design method
Semiconductor device and reset control method in semiconductor device
Method for controlling and regulating a motor-driven adjusting device
Vehicle device, ad hoc network and method for a road toll system
System and method for validation and enforcement of application security
Method and apparatus for deploying and licensing wireless communication device computer software infrastructure to manufacturers
Securing asynchronous client server transactions
Security capability reference model for goal-based gap analysis
Implementing conductive microcapsule rupture to generate a tamper event for data theft prevention
Domain-based isolation and access control on dynamic objects
Universal user input/output application layers
Method of executing function on standby screen of mobile terminal
Controlling virtual machines based on performance counters
Audio feedback for command line interface commands
Electronic device, positioning method, and computer program product
Describing elements in a virtual world based on changes since a previous encounter
Method and system for mutidimensional virtual online support center
Terminal apparatus and processing program thereof
Mobile terminal supporting detachable memory cards and detachable memory card management method thereof
Processing input/output requests using proxy and owner storage systems
Apparatuses and methods for identifying and registering a printer on a network
Transmission shifting with speed dither and torque dither
Horizontal circuit storage system
Reducing storage costs associated with backing up a database
Systems and methods to reduce I/O and/or speed up out-of-core linear solvers
Live dashboard
Facilitation of search, list, and retrieval operations on persistent data set using distributed shared memory
Facilitation of search, list, and retrieval operations on persistent data set using distributed shared memory
Mining generalized spatial association rule
Digital slate
Implementing storage management functions using a data store system
Customer support account with restricted patient data access
Lottery system
Computation of a remainder by division using pseudo-remainders
Method and device for performing data synchronization of a snapshot image by selectively reloading data from nonvolatile to volatile memory after wakeup from hibernation
System for displaying image from mobile device on a display in a computer by booting the computer with limited operating system and relinquishing bus control to the mobile device
Sharable development environment bookmarks for functional/data flow
Sharable development environment bookmarks for functional/data flow
Confidence-based static analysis
Establishing cloud debug breakpoints assigned to users
Selective data flow analysis of bounded regions of computer software applications
Device and method for time notification for updating software
Information processing apparatus and function expansion method
Application protoyping suite
Accessible limited distribution release software change catalog
Control flow management for execution of dynamically translated non-native code in a virtual hosting environment
Testing software applications with progress tracking
Virtual machine monitor and multiprocessor system
Application switching in a single threaded architecture for devices
System for reducing data transfer latency to a global queue by generating bit mask to identify selected processing nodes/units in multi-node data processing system
System and method for synchronous inter-thread communication
Logical partition defragmentation within a data processing system
Synchronizing multiple threads efficiently
Method and system for processing work items
Logical partition defragmentation within a data processing system
Methods and systems for on-boarding applications to a cloud
Managing computing environment entitlement contracts and associated resources using cohorting
Behavioral model generating device and method therefor
Method of data distribution using ink dots on cards
Card reader and transaction processing apparatus
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
Stereo image matching apparatus and method
System of drones provided with recognition beacons
Medical image display device and method
Color processing apparatus and method thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Motion detector, image processing device, and image processing system
Method and apparatus for block-based image denoising
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method for processing image files of an electronic device
Method for organizing a database of images and retrieving images from that database according to a query image
Method and system for managing service requests across multiple systems
System and method for efficiently developing a hypothesis regarding the structure of a market
Method and system for reporting and relating firearm discharge data to a crime reporting database
System and method for encrypting interactive voice response application information
Method of operating a duty-free store at an airport with a product storage area and product pickup area
Personalized shopping avatar
Method and process for registration, creation and management of campaigns and advertisements in a network system
Incenting viewers to remain with their current digital media content
Patient authentication fraud prevention system and method
System to verify identity of patient receiving medication and monitoring the dispensing of medication to the patient including monitoring the development of the medication form where the seeds are obtained, how the plant was cultivated, where the medical portion of the plant was harvested and converted into the medication to be dispensed to a patient
Providing recycling fees
Banknote recognition and counting machine and banknote recognition and counting method
Display device and photo holder
Real-time data pattern analysis system and method of operation thereof
Text input method which assigns initial phoneme, medial phoneme, and final phoneme to shape of watch
Disk loading apparatus for optical disk drive
Optical pickup device
Magnetic head, method for producing same, and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Storage device array system, information processing apparatus, storage device array control method, and program
Method to process fission chamber measurement signals
Pressurized water reactor plant
Flexible power tool motor pack and method of making the same
Polar modulator arrangement, polar modulation method, filter arrangement and filtering method
System and method for RF spur cancellation
Iterative pilot tone cancellation for improved channel estimation and decoding
Downmixing device and method
Audio device with volume adjusting function and volume adjusting method
Systems and methods for a turbo decoder in a universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS)
Method and system for forward error correction in packetized networks
Method and apparatus for recovering burst data loss by duplicating block code symbols
Base station and cellular wireless communication system
Transmitter with class E amplifier
Multi-antenna/multi-receiver array diversity system
Method, system, and computer program product for optimizing signal quality of a composite received signal
Filtering interference detected at wireless receiver
Receiver with detection signal correction unit
Optical transport system and optical node
Method and device for reducing interference in an audio signal during a call
Dynamic spectrum access for networked radios
Traffic generation and analysis for ONU emulation
Device, system and method of discovering wireless communication devices
Set-top box channel tuning time measurement
Apparatus, system, method and computer readable recording medium storing the program for related recommendation of TV program contents and web contents
Multiple star wavelength division multiplexing passive optical networks using a wavelength assignment method
Encryption key distribution system
Reversible cipher
Systems and methods for communicating using ASK or QAM with uneven symbol constellation
Host trust report based filtering mechanism in a reverse firewall
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
Information processing apparatus, communication system, method of controlling them, and storage medium
Privacy protected interactions with third parties
Attributes in cryptographic credentials
Display controller, display control method, display control program, and portable terminal device
Method and apparatus for rapid synchronization of shift register related symbol sequences
Standalone hardware accelerator for advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption and decryption
Encrypting method having countermeasure function against power analyzing attacks
Method, apparatus and computer program product for enabling user control of a fallback capability for circuit switched domain support
Wireless broadband modem for mobile device connector
Antenna having polarization diversity
Hands-free device
Holder for connecting a mobile phone to the seatbelt of a vehicle and method of use
Automated attendant for a private telephone system
Application of community-defined descriptors to mobile content
Base station apparatus, mobile communication system and communication control method
Service platform for cellular telephony
Method and system for motion estimation around a fixed reference vector using a pivot-pixel approach
Bitstream decoding device having a toolbox with a plurality of functional units distinguishable via identification information and a corresponding method
Personal video recording with storage space distributed among remote personal video recorders
Reproduction device, reproduction method, reproduction program, and recording medium
Apparatus capable of executing at least reproducing process on content, recording and reproducing system, and title information managing method
Video reproducing apparatus, video reproducing method, and program
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer program
Systems, methods and apparatus for providing sequences of media segments and corresponding interactive data on a channel in a media distribution system
Video bitstream transcoding method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for splicing encoded streams
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding multi-layer video using weighted prediction
Coding blocks of data using a generalized form of golomb codes
Method and apparatus for managing access plans
System and method for providing television services
Miniature wireless audio/video/data distribution and access system
Image capture apparatus, record/playback device, and menu-operating method
Method of manufacturing an ink-jet printhead
Microphone unit
Rotation-tolerant devices and schemes for pedestrian-dead-reckoning (PDR) location determination
Mobile communication terminal and location system selection method
Method for the diagnostic testing of a mobile telephone terminal including contactless applications
System and method for wireless local area network airtime fairness
Inter-AP distance estimation using crowd sourcing
TDOA based positioning with calculation of correction factors for compensating the clock offsets of unsynchronized network stations
Radio communication method in radio communication system, radio communication system, base station apparatus and terminal apparatus
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing multiple communication paths
Transmission of a useful data object from a switching component to a mobile station
Prepaid short message services revenue capture
Method and device for network selection in multiple access technologies
Method and apparatus for controlling transmit power of transmissions on more than one component carrier
Scalable transmission or device trigger requests
Apparatus and method for employing a page cycle learning mode
Phone to phone data exchange
Component mounting apparatus and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method and apparatus for controlling the deadband of a fluid system
Method for adjusting supply pressure
Method and system for controlling hydraulic driving circuit
Methods and apparatus for acquiring free energy using buoyancy technology
Master cylinder with dynamically adjustable hydraulic reaction
Method of controlling an engine with an EGR system
V-type engine with turbocharger
Motor assisted turbocharger
Engine waste heat recovering apparatus
Method and device for additional thermal heating for motor vehicle equipped with pollution-free engine with additional compressed air injection
Scroll for a combustion system
Vortex chamber generator for absorption heat pump and system using same
Self-triggering cryogenic heat flow switch
Beverage container with heating or cooling material
Method and system for cooling strip material
Movable ice gate assembly for a beverage dispenser system
Continuous system of freeze concentration for aqueous solutions
Expansion valve of refrigerating cycle consisting of capacity variable compressor
Cooling system for use in cooling electronic equipment
Heat pump able to operate with very low external temperature
Absorption heating and cooling system having an improved refrigerant control apparatus
Apparatus and method for cooling workpiece
Cooling tunnel for eggs
Cooler device with integrated solar power and stereo system
Process of management of a thermochemical reaction or of a solid-gas adsorption
Air-conditioner, outdoor unit and refrigeration unit
Method and installation for continuous crystallization of liquids by freezing
Polarized gas accumulators and heating jackets and associated gas collection methods and thaw methods and polarized gas products
Separation of air
Apparatus for increasing piercing safety
Mold and compression molding method for microlens arrays
Process for fabricating silica article involving joining of discrete bodies
Seamless warp knitted goods
Cable combination lock
Computer slot security adaptor
Keyway plug
Method and apparatus for forming unobstructed holes in hollow hydroformed metal parts
Rotatable stuffing device for superplastic forming and method
Controlling superplastic forming with gas mass flow meter
Bulge forming machine
Universal rolling mill stand
Reversible rolling method and reversible rolling system
Removing shell and press residue from a metal-extruding ram disk or die
Edging device
Workpiece blanking apparatus
One-piece can bodies for pressure pack beverage cans
Test rotor for balancing machine
Method and apparatus for real time gas analysis
Device in a gas flow cell and a method of analyzing chemical substances by means of the gas flow cell
Gas sensor and methods of forming a gas sensor assembly
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for predicting the fluid characteristics in a well hole
Steering wheel mounted test device
Method of and apparatus for using an alternate pressure to measure mach number at high probe angles of attack
Method for determining liquid quantity in microgravity using fluid dynamic positioning
Fuel gauging system for a motor vehicle fuel tank
Rotational sensor system
Road vibration compensated angular rate sensor
Acceleration sensor
Method for determining warp potential in wood
Ultrasonic signal focusing method for ultrasonic imaging system
Method and apparatus for imaging acoustic fields in high-frequency acoustic resonators
Sensing systems using quartz sensors and fiber optics
Pressure sensor device and suction release apparatus
Detecting fatigue from magnetic characteristics
Connector and probing system
Flow metering
Method of dry-calibrating vortex flow sensors
Digital speed determination in ultrasonic flow measurements
Absolute encoder
Variable height sensor tree
Worm gear torque apparatus
Bicycle shift control device for controlling a gas actuated shifting device
Connecting unit
Adjustable pedal assembly
Vehicle pedal
Handlebar adapter for mounting a bicycle display
Camshaft alignment
Bicycle crank arm
Bicycle pedal
Multiple lug nut removal tool
Ratchet wrench head with lubrication port
Ratchet wrench structure
Ratcheting driver
Adjustable wrench
Triple-function ratchet device
Universal wrench
Torque enhancing wrench
Automatic fastening system
Combination tool kit
Modular screwdriver with four usable wrench units of different sizes
Complete hand tool set in one hand tool
Multi-spindle CNC lathe
Punch actuator monitoring system and method
Log merchandiser
Non-symmetrical heavy duty knife apparatus and cutting method
Hand-held tool for cutting with high pressure water
Sheet punch device and a sheet punch method
Appended pod underwater gun mount
Actuator control circuit
Method and apparatus for pressurizing vaporous fluids
Piston or plunger and a method for making the same
Automated fill before brewing coffee brewer
Fastener provided with a snapping-in foot to be pushed in through a hole in a panel
Device for adjusting the width of the waistband of a skirt or a pair of trousers
Headliner pinning assembly
Facility for needling of a pattened width of felt
Method and apparatus for stuffer box crimping a yarn
Method of making a thin film acoustic array
Combination steering wheel puller and locking disc removal and installation tool for vehicles
Preventive maintenance apparatus for CMP top-ring''s backing-film and the method thereof
Method of manufacturing a golf club head
Reclining seat
Method of assembling roof decking to an underlying substrate
Support element for a wiper blade forming part of a wiper squeegee for motor vehicle windscreen and method for making same
Elastic plate structure for preventing electromagnetic interference and manufacturing method for the same
Continuous horizontal strip casting installation and method for producing a coilable metal strip
Method of preparing oxide superconductive wire
Performance of oxide dispersion strengthened superconductor composites
Method for converting a flat panel switch
Method for manufacturing thin film magnetic head
One-sided electrode arrangement on an intermediate spacer for a touchscreen
Support for integrated circuit and process for mounting an integrated circuit on a support
Motor vehicle transmission shifting device with a curved printed circuit board and process for manufacturing the printed circuit board
Apparatus for transferring a plurality of integrated circuit devices into and/or out of a plurality of sockets
Repair of coated turbine components
Method of making a turbine blade
Methods of making plate-fin heat exchangers
Method of manufacture of ink jet recording head with an elastic member in the liquid chamber portion of the substrate
Installing and servicing an HVAC system
Flush out cleanable razor
Apparatus with a housing provided with a synthetic resin wall portion with a synthetic resin panel provided thereon
Razor cartridge and corresponding method of assembly
Clasp knife
Pin cutoff tool
Shears for cutting water pipe and the like
Scissor cutting edge safeguard
Cutting guide
Tile tracing apparatus and method
Marking guide jig apparatus for, and method of, marking of wood trim for subsequent miter cut of window/door opening trim
Level with plumb alignment features
Hanger tool to facilitate centering and hanging of a component
Apparatus for detecting indicia
Methods and circuits for mask-alignment detection
Pickling device
Apparatus for in-situ reticle cleaning at photolithography tool
Rotary printing press drying assembly roller
Shoe with air valve for air refreshing system
Shoe ventilation
Inner liner for a boot
Pneumatic inflating device
Footwear including a locking component
Athletic shoe cleat
Snow removal apparatus
Apparatus for releasably coupling an attachment to an excavator
License plate lock
Structural improvement of a water ball
Structure of signboard
Interchangable modular programmable neon sign
Advertising display system
Frame for framing pictures
Muzzle-loading rifle with a side nipple assembly and takedown breech
Safety hammer for a firearm
Gel recoil pad
Rear gun rest
Support for rifle sighting
Metal lip jig rig threader device
Fishing lure retriever
Method and apparatus enabling remote release of hooks and hook assemblies to free fishing lures
Fishing sinker
Mosquito killing apparatus and mosquito trapping apparatus
Obstruction sensing a signal transmitted across window
Removable window guard
Window guide having a plurality of contact members attached at only one end for guiding an automobile door window
Window jamb component assembly
Door reinforcement assembly
Insulated bulkhead
Door trimming panel having a window-lift mechanism
Window flashing
Hazardous material storage facility with sloped floors and method of construction
Molded interior window frame assembly
Self sealing firestop coupling assembly
Suspended brick wall system
Composite building material and method for manufacturing the same
Reinforcing member with beam shaped carrier and thermally expansible reinforcing material
Covering for suspended ceiling grid system
Composite shingle having shading zones in different planes
Beam clip
Apparatus and method for installing prefabricated building system for walls roofs and floors using a foam core building pane
Composite roof structures prepared using one-part moisture curing polyurethane foaming adhesive compositions containing a reversibly blocked catalyst
Window frame and method
Wrapping apparatus
Process for the final folding and subsequent storage of a piece of linen and final folding means
Method of containing a botanical item
System and method providing a regulated atmosphere for packaging perishable goods
Method and apparatus for packaging meat
Air bag folding, process and device for folding airbags
Method and device for shaping and portioning a soft, pasty product
Horse control device
Cutting member for agricultural mower
High speed sickle cutting system
System for compensating for a pressure loss in the cooling-air ducting in a gas turbine plant
Integrated bleed air and engine starting system
Gas turbine engine
Combustion turbine power plant operable at full power using supplemental compressed air
Internal combustion engine and method for the operation of an internal combustion engine
Emission control system
Method of purifying exhaust gas of internal combustion engine and apparatus thereof
Glove for baseball or softball
Premium oven mitt/hot pad
Hunting garment with safety device
Permanently knotted tie
Cap with headphones assembly
Pants having spirally zippered legs
Light reflective protective headwear
Protective headwear with decorative and utilitarian attachments
Crash helmet for sports, in particular cycling
Protective appliance
Toilet seat lifting device
Hand-held cuspidor with replaceable cup
Extensible and retractable urine deflecting apparatus for use with a toilet
Method and apparatus for recovering digital data by employing asynchronous data sampling techniques
Turbo decoder with decision feedback equalization
Gain imbalance compensation method and apparatus for a quadrature receiver
Low pass digital filter implemented in a modem of a television system
Clock recovery circuit
Switching noise reduction in a multi-clock domain transceiver
Clock and data recovery scheme for multi-channel data communications receivers
Complex multiplier
System and method for data interpolation in a multislice x-ray computed tomography system
Method for image reconstruction in a computed tomography device
Methods and apparatus for reduced radiation coronary computed tomography imaging
Fast hierarchical backprojection for 3D Radon transform
Planar transformer
Split inductor with fractional turn of each winding and PCB including same
Power switch device
Power switch device
Spring load reduction thermostat
Low profile mount for metal oxide varistor package with short circuit protection and method
Telephone remote control timer
Method and apparatus using phases for communication in thermostat circuit
Input device
Production of terephthalic acid
Catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
Inhibitors of metalloproteases, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same and methods of their use
Amine catalyst for producing polyurethane and polyisocyanurate
Process for the preparation of 1,1,1-trifluoro-2-aminoalkanes
Process for producing a primary amine compound
High purity preparation of fluorinated 1,3-dicarbonyls using BDM (bis-fluroxy difluoromethane)
Process for preparing unsaturated ketones
Hydroformylation of acyclic monoethylenically unsaturated compounds to corresponding terminal aldehydes
Metal-ligand complex catalyzed processes
Separation processes
Separation processes
Method for continuous production of dihydroxydiarylalkanes
Process for preparing phenol and acetone by acid-catalyzed cleavage of cumene hydroperoxide
Selective bromination of aromatic compounds
Process for preparing 1,1,1-trifluoro-2-chloroethane
Method for purifying pentafluoroethane
Transition metal aerogel-supported catalyst
Method for producing ethylene and propylene
Digit wound dressing
Absorbent articles having wetness indicating graphics incorporating a training zone
Cloth-like, breathable disposable absorbent brief with refastening means
Bacteriophage-based transgenic fish for mutation detection
Infection of human neural xenografts
Methods and compositions for transgene identification
Nucleic acid molecules encoding soluble starch synthases from maize
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes from wheat which are involved in starch synthesis
Nucleic acid encoding GAI gene of Arabidopsis thaliana
Transformation of guar
Fatty acid elongases
Herbicide tolerant plants, plant tissue or plant cells having altered protoporphyrinogen oxidase activity
Soybean cultivar 9323265446451
Soybean variety 93B66
Hybrid maize plant & seed 34T38
Drumhead dampening device
Case configured as a substitute drum
Support leg of a bass drum
Percussion instrument actuator assembly
Adjustable cymbal stand
Percussion mallet for musical instruments
Search index for a music file
Music apparatus with pitch shift of input voice dependently on timbre change
Method and apparatus for real-time beat modification of audio and music signals
Combustion heat powered portable electronic device
Thermoelectric materials and thermoelectric conversion element
Solar cell module, solar cell array and sunlight power generation apparatus
Solar cell module
Amorphous silicon solar cell
Organic dyes for photovoltaic cells and for photoconductive electrophotography systems
Compound semiconductor solar cell and production method thereof
Non-contaminating lightning protection system
Vacuum seal for FEA''s
Technique for reducing low frequency interference noise
Organic compounds and processes for their manufacture
Process for substituted 3-hydroxybutyrate esters
Process for the preparation of vinylesters
Method for making aliphatic diisocyanates
Method for producing aluminum salts of cyclic phosphinic acids
Water soluble phosphines
Cyclopentane, 1-hydroxy alkyl or alkenyl-2-one or 2-hydroxy derivatives as therapeutic agents
Phosphopeptides and methods of treating bone diseases
Purified new epididymal forward motility protein and a process for isolation of the said epididymal forward motility protein useful as a fertility promoter/blocker
Uses of lipopolysaccharide binding protein
Cyclosporin galenic forms
Treatment of heart failure with growth hormone
Method for preventing and/or treating renal disease
Enantiomerically-enhanced nutritional energy substrates
Modified VEGF oligonucleotides for treatment of skin disorders
Gene therapy for congestive heart failure
Transplacental delivery of oligonucleotides
Multi-stage slurry system used for grinding and polishing materials
Polishing pad, polishing method, and polishing machine for mirror-polishing semiconductor wafers
Chemical-mechanical polishing device
Grinding tool, specially for hand-held oscillating devices
Orbital tool
Dressing tool for the surface of an abrasive cloth and its production process
Apparatus and method for parallel processing of a plurality of cattle carcasses suspended from a conveyor
Salmon roe selecting and washing machine
Head meat recovery
System for treating meat
Solar-powered ventilation system for a building structure
Firehouse exhaust system
Method and machining tool for producing helically profiled workpieces
Grinding methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad
Selective seed port
Pickup device for animal waste
Apparatus and a method and system of rearing abalone
High density housing for aquatic animals
Livestock blow dryer
Composite chew toy
Newborn avian delivery method and apparatus
Hoof shoe
Product with identification tag
Circulating fluidized bed combustion system including a heat exchange chamber between a separating section and a furnace section
Boiler fitted with a burner
Cooling assembly for engine
Air blower apparatus
Internal combustion engine
Compact light weight diesel engine
Electromagnetic driving device of engine valve for internal combustion engine
Overhead cam shaft type engine with a starter motor
Current measurement module for an internal combustion engine starter device
Balance shaft for engine balancing systems
Slanted internal combustion engine
Fuel supply apparatus of outboard motor
Lubrication system for internal combustion engine
Diesel engine control on engine-stop
Method and apparatus for controlling fuel to an engine during coolant failure
High-output robust rotary engine with a symmetrical drive and improved combustion efficiency having a low manufacturing cost
Fuel injection internal combustion engine with sub-combustion chamber
Monitor for lean capable engine
Method for enhanced split injection in internal combustion engines
Sliding gate exhaust brake assembly
Engine speed control
Engine control unit for gaseous injection engine
Method for detecting an abnormal disturbance of an internal combustion engine torque
Electronic engine speed and position apparatus for camshaft gear applications
Engine injection system
Control device for a high-pressure injection nozzle for liquid injection media
Common rail system
Universal surrogate fuel pump system
Method and apparatus for dynamic trimming of fuel system
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Fuel purge control
Evaporative system and method of diagnosing same
Evaporative emission control system for internal combustion engine
Air-assisted fuel injector with ozone enrichment
Internal combustion engine and operation thereof
Ignition apparatus
Softball/baseball training machine
Hopper feeder
Adjustable-length grill plate
Safeguard for furnace draft system
Voice transmitter for a breathing protective mask
Inhalation for administering medicament by inhalation
Pressure support ventilatory assist system
System and method for setting and displaying ventilator alarms
Stopping device for a transport trolley
Power pack trolley and captivation system
Railway vehicle bogie and process for manufacturing a side member of such a bogie
Light weight draft sill
Car seat snack tray
Adjustable table system
Support structures such as pallets and methods and systems relating thereto
Waste tire gasification in a negative ambient pressure environment
High-speed transplanter for seedlings attached to tape
Two-needle sewing machine
Watercraft stabilizer system
Braking system for small jet propulsion surfboard
Deflector with shock absorber
Attitude and roll stabilizer for towed undersea devices
Boat safety net system
Kayak back-band installation assembly and method for installing a back-band in a kayak
Stackable vertical panel traffic channelizing device
Pop-up temperature indicator for use in a 3-CD type air compressor or similar device
Apparatus and concept for minimizing parasitic chemical vapor deposition during atomic layer deposition
ECR plasma apparatus
Integrated power oscillator RF source of plasma immersion ion implantation system
Inflatable whelping container
Human shaped pet bed
Rotating bird feeder
Game feeder support assembly
Calender for material webs and method for calendering material webs
Stencil printer having controller for discharge tray and master making means
Doctor blade for wiping away excess printing ink from the surface of a printing form
Imaging element for making lithographic printing plates with a decreased slippage in the press
Method and apparatus for making an offset printing plate
Sheet settling system
Preparation of an igniter with an ultraviolet cured ignition droplet
Low-energy shock tube connector system
Propellant charge module
Shaped charge for large diameter perforations
Dummy ammunition round method and apparatus
Shotgun cartridge case-sleeve and a cartridge made therefrom
Captive soft-point bullet
Multiple-component projectile with non-discarding sabot sleeve
Apparatus traveling on closed track on wall surface
Process for varying a water flow amount which is supplied to a bathing vessel or fitting and a valve means, especially for executing this process
Lower frame structure of a foldable playyard
Base assembly
Resting system
Acupressure pillow apparatus and method
Pocket tool with removable jaws
Wringer roller mop with rotatable absorbent pad
Paint applicator having extension-receiving adapter normally within pivotal handle
Double sided cleaning pad mitt with sealed package
Paint supply and finishing system
Cleaning implements having structures for retaining a sheet
Sponge with gripping slots
Electric backpack blower and accessory operator
Tool bar handle
Hinge device to be used for a foldable apparatus
Finger supporting structure
Handle with concave/convex profile
Cord lock
Exhaust system clamp
Multiconnector for mobile telephones
Method and apparatus for fast elliptic encryption with direct embedding
Cryptographic key management scheme
Method and apparatus for an adapter card providing conditional access in a communication system
Method, system and apparatus for generating self-validating prime numbers
Method and equipment for allocating to a television program, which is already conditionally accessed, a complementary conditional access
Communication network for encrypting/deciphering communication text while updating encryption key, a communication terminal thereof, and a communication method thereof
System and method for localization of virtual sound
Panel-form microphones
Electro-acoustic transducer and housing
System for mitigating RF interference in a hearing aid
Radio-based hearing aid system
Miniature microphone component
Low profile speaker enclosure
Information processing system for audio and visual transmission system
Methods for optimizing watermark detection
Methods and systems for embedding data in images
Moving body detection method and apparatus and moving body counting apparatus
Apparatus for detecting guest interactions and method therefore
System for electronically evaluating yarn or fabric samples cell by cell
Eye image recognition method, eye image selection method and system therefor
Electronic signature management system
Writing implement for identity verification system
Multispectral imaging and characterization of biological tissue
Method and system for building a database for use with selective incentive marketing in response to customer shopping histories
Method and apparatus for estimating scene structure and ego-motion from multiple images of a scene using correlation
Color image reading apparatus and color image reading method
User-interactive corrective tuning of color profiles
Document data compression system which automatically segments documents and generates compressed smart documents therefrom
Image detection method, image detection apparatus, image processing method, image processing apparatus, and medium
Method for ordering image spaces to represent object shapes
System and method for detecting clusters of information rotation of digital images with concurrent compression
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Direct manipulation of compressed geometry
Dynamic image encoding method and apparatus
Search system for use in compression
Method and apparatus for digital data compression
Method and apparatus for generating a bitmap
Image signal coding system
Image processing apparatus, system, and method with adaptive transfer
Image coding technique employing shape and texture coding
Apparatus and method of adaptively coding/decoding interlaced shaped material
Set of run-length codewords containing printing hints
Methods and apparatus for optimizing CT image quality with optimized data acquisition
Shaped source of soft x-ray, extreme ultraviolet and ultraviolet radiation
Moving body pursuit irradiating device and positioning method using this device
Triggering of solid state X-ray imagers with non-destructive readout capability
Heat pipe assisted cooling of rotating anode x-ray tubes
Soller slit and X-ray apparatus
Position dependent beam quality x-ray filtration
Remote controlled electronic price tag
Microprocessor controlled dispatcher activated response identification system with telephone and radio frequency interface
Text enhanced telephony
Telephone transaction processing as a part of a call transport
Apparatus and method for user tone notification during data suspension or degradation
Method of charging for services, network node, and gateway node
Use of wizards/experts in a PBX environment
System for detection and prevention of telecommunications fraud prior to call connection
Method for operating a network with interconnected terminals
Call-back controllable exchange and call-back control method in exchange
Apparatus, method and system for providing conditional answering in multiple leg telecommunication sessions
Method for providing telephone access to an internet user connected to plural bonded telephone lines
System and method for allowing communication between networks having incompatible addressing formats
End-user control of audio delivery endpoint in a multimedia environment
Human Necessities
Solidago plant named `Dansolgold`
Nerium oleander plant-`Turner's 6-667`
Geranium hybrid plant named `Pink Spice`
Raspberry plant named `Josephine`
Coleus plant named `Jan's Gold`
Geranium plant named `Rozanne`
Guzmania plant named `Anton`
Phalaenopsis plant named `Dorothy Applegate`
Poinsettia plant named `Fisgala`
Stainless steel yarn and protective fabric
Toilet paper holder for bedside commode
Spectacle lens holding structure
Member for developing electrostatic latent images
Sensing refrigerant temperature in a thermostatic expansion valve
Intelligent help system
Electronic musical instrument
Magneto-optical disk system with specified thickness for protective layer on the disk relative to the numerical aperture of the objective lens
Floppy disk dive device
Dynamic type memory
Mixed technology integrated device comprising complementary LDMOS power transistors, CMOS and vertical PNP integrated structures having an enhanced ability to withstand a relatively high supply voltage
Apparatus for providing a plurality of providers of subscriber service signals with easy access to at least one subscriber premises line
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