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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hydraulic pump drive
Device for assisting transplanting of seedlings, machine incorporating the device, and method using the device
Vehicle or lawn and garden maintenance equipment having a generator, and power takeoff assembly for a vehicle or lawn and garden maintenance equipment
Apparatus for controlling self-propelled machines
Hair styling accessory
Dispenser assembly for dispensing liquid onto a removable sheet contained by an implement
Personal table
Blood bag support structure and method for refrigerators
Playyard with changing platform and bassinet
Rearview mirror mounting assembly
Barrel handling device
Hair dryer stand
Methods of treating reversible obstructive pulmonary disease
Techniques for diagnosing and aiding color vision
Ophthalmologic image-taking apparatus
Method and x-ray system for determination of position of an x-ray source relative to an x-ray image detector
Ring for preventing prolapse of uterus and urinary bladder and ring for preventing prolapse of uterus and rectum
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy system controls
Extended use reminder device
Respiratory humidification system
Ski binding
Intelligent baccarat shoe
Entertainment and refreshment assembly
Magnetic toss game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas humidifier
Plasma generator and method for producing radical, and cleaning and purifying apparatus and small-sized electrical appliance using the same
Oxygen-consuming electrode and process for the production thereof
Systems and methods for sorting recyclables at a material recovery facility
Particulate matter vibro-fluidizing apparatus
Laminar water jet with pliant member
Cleaning system and method of use
Method and apparatus for cleaning a substrate using megasonic power
System and method for remediating contaminated soil and groundwater in situ
Golf club hosel bending fixture
Method and apparatus for reforming and reprofiling a bottom portion of a container
Method of manufacturing a bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead
Method of unidirectional solidification of castings and associated apparatus
Lance-tab mounting method
Structure of a twin disc type tool turret device of a machine
Electric wrench
Tool head for a machining tool
Ultraviolet ray curable ink, ink composition for ink jet and process for preparing ink jet printed matter using the same
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Pagewidth inkjet printhead assembly with an integrated printhead circuit
Printing apparatus and printing method
Achieving laser-quality medical hardcopy output from thermal print devices
Systems and methods for print head defect detection and print head maintenance
Pattern forming method, method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium
Drive force control method for four-wheel drive vehicle
After-market dashboard bezel for an automobile having a number of instrument holders and associated method
Steering wheel including heating element
Cargo bed extender
Reduced depth projector headlamp assembly
Method and apparatus for adjusting visibility of vehicle
Head-protective airbag device
Metal scuff plate
Bi-directional anti-tip system for powered wheelchairs
Model track layout representation
Control for operating features of a model vehicle
Tilt control lever assembly for steering column
Vehicle cockpit attachment structure with integrated plastic composite functional molded features
System and method for improved rotor tip performance
Refill and storage holder for personal care appliance
Beverage bottling plant for filling bottles with a liquid beverage material having a machine and method for wrapping filled bottles
Reclosable package methods for block cheese and other products that do not slide well
Box-like container with an interpenetrating structure and process for the realization thereof
Combination coaster and sleeve apparatus
Fluid dispenser with passive pressurization
Synthetic resin cap, closing device, and container-filled beverage
Method and apparatus for supplying gas to an area
Dispenser having variable-volume storage chamber and depressible one-way valve assembly for dispensing creams and other substances
Transfer unit for transferring glass articles
Feeding device
Transport system
Document feeder
Control of a counterweightless elevator using total mass of the elevator
Swing lock mechanism
Counterweight assisted winch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lubricant composition and use thereof
Nanoporous structures by reactive ion etching
Textiles; Paper
Knitting method of tubular knitted fabric with projection, and tubular knitted fabric with projection
Penetration type washing machine, method for controlling the same, and tub cover for the same
Washing and drying machine
Front-loading washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Insulation material for integrated circuits and use of said integrated circuits
System and method for forming surfaces using tiled components and product resulting therefrom
Solar cell module support structure
Handle assembly for refrigerator
Vehicle barrier
Recessed lift gate latch
Temporary window covering
Subsea intervention
Annular isolators for expandable tubulars in wellbores
System and method for the mitigation of paraffin wax deposition from crude oil by using ultrasonic waves
Slot cavity
Single probe downhole sampling apparatus and method
Method for measuring formation properties with a time-limited formation test
Method of drilling and completing multiple wellbores inside a single caisson
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine decompression system
Method and arrangement for controlling an electrically operated charger
Method for operating and internal combustion engine
Method for cooling a gas turbine system and a gas turbine system for performing this method
Idle air control apparatus in multiple throttle body
Pump vapor deflector for fuel pump module assembly
Controlling evaporative emissions in a fuel system
Fuel injection valve with restriction wall, and internal combustion engine equipped therewith
Operating a controller for an energy production plant
Rolling element bearing having starved lubrication conditions
Motorcycle transmission shifting mechanism
Clutch driven disc with wave washer
Hydraulic passage structure of automatic transmission friction element
Flywheel hub-to-rim coupling
Active damping apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Chain lock
Ball screw
Modular valve assembly
Flow rate control apparatus
Segmented conduit having a monolithic lining
Flexible tube for an exhaust pipe of an automobile
Connection means for high pressure fluid ducts
Breakaway banner support assembly
Backlight module
Light emitting diode assembly using alternating current as the power source
Sensor-activated audible story lamp
Switch configuration for a tactical illuminator
Illumination device for simulating neon or similar lighting using phosphorescent dye
Configurable outdoor cooking apparatus with cooking temperature control
Thermoacoustic cooling device
Vortex tube cooling system
Process and apparatus for cooling a stream of compressed air
Apparatus and method of detecting surface convexity of members, and method of producing the members
Precision multi-dimensional capacitive transducer
Liquid composition for ink jet, ink set for ink jet, and recording method and recording apparatus using the same
Method for determining the energy of a knock signal for an internal combustion engine
Removable Hall-Effect sensor system for stator windings in a rotating electric machine
Determination of the piston stroke in a reciprocating piston machine
Methods and apparatus for determining properties of a fluid
Apparatus for and methods of stress testing metal components
Method for inspection of metal tubular goods
Gyro-sensor comprising a plurality of component units, and fabricating method thereof
Remote mobile communication system, server device, and remote mobile communication system control method
Methods of manufacturing and testing bonding wires
Multi-directional adjustment devices for speaker mounts for eyeglass with MP3 player
Illumination optical system and projection display optical system
Scan type display optical system
Methods of fabricating fine patterns and photomask sets used therein
Enhanced purge effect in gas conduit
Ballast with temperature compensation
Multistage voltage regulator circuit
Power supply equipment providing multiple identification signals
Indirect clock measuring and media adjustment
Slab inductor device providing efficient on-chip supply voltage conversion and regulation
Method and apparatus for enhancing data retransmission to improve call performance
Network communication system with improved security
Monitoring of availability data for system management environments
Method and apparatus for controlling an SCTP protocol instance
Handling HTTP-based service requests Via IP ports
Prevention of cross site request forgery attacks by conditional use cookies
Video device and remote control function for the video device
Storage medium, information processing device and method
Systems and methods for controlling access to a media stream
Making a user's data, settings, and licensed content available in the cloud
Configurable segmented antenna
Reconfigurable circuit block supporting different interconnection configurations for rate-conversion circuit and processing circuit and related method thereof
Final sale merchandise card
Input device and electronic device using the same
On-line correction of check code line recognition in point-of-sale stations
Method and system for robust and flexible extraction of image information using color filter arrays
Area-based content delivery method and system
Medication dispensing method and apparatus
System for sharing information about groups of individuals, drivers, vehicles or objects
System and methods for sensing finger position in digital musical instruments
Bollard advertising assembly
Method for driving display panel and display apparatus applying the same
Display device and method for operating the same
Resolution management for multi-view display technologies
Method and apparatus for defining overlay region of user interface control
Guitar accessory for personal electronic equipment
Apparatus and method for detecting chord
Electric stringed musical instrument and method of designing the same
Method and system for achieving emotional text to speech utilizing emotion tags assigned to text data
Method and apparatus for voice signature authentication
Method, apparatus, and medium for detecting frequency extension coding in the coding history of an audio signal
Method and system for disc authentication and security
Connection tray unit for portable terminal
Data storage device erasing multiple adjacent data tracks to recover from inter-track interference
Processing a data signal with an embedded position signal
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Chainlink memory
Discrete three-dimensional memory comprising off-die address/data translator
Memory with power savings for unnecessary reads
Bipolar logic gates on MOS-based memory chips
Core shroud weld inspection systems and methods
Electrical lines
Copper clad aluminum wire, compressed conductor and cable including the same, and method of manufacturing compressed conductor
Adjustable double insulator cover for electrical distribution systems
Solenoid valve
Trimmable transformer arrangement
Electromagnetic actuator device
Method for making a high current low profile inductor
Illuminated keyboard equipped with a thin key module
Latching device for a circuit breaker
Electromagnetic opening/closing device
Solid-state image pickup device having a multilayer interference filter including an upper laminated structure, a control structure and lower laminated structure
Resistive thin layer heating of fluorescent lamp
Method of applying a faraday cage onto the resonator of a microwave light source
Method of manufacturing glass substrate with concave-convex film using dry etching, glass substrate with concave-convex film, solar cell, and method of manufacturing solar cell
Graphene interconnection and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of forming contacts to source/drain regions of FinFET devices
Preparation of semiconductor films
Method of improving oxide growth rate of selective oxidation processes
Semiconductor device having dual metal silicide layers and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of forming isolated germanium-containing fins for a FinFET semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a trench structure, and a semiconductor arrangement comprising a trench structure
Method for forming a strained transistor by stress memorization based on a stressed implantation mask
Semiconductor device
Air cavity packages having high thermal conductivity base plates and methods of making
Silicon carbide semiconductor element, method of manufacturing the same, and silicon carbide device
Embedded on-chip security
Conductive film and semiconductor device
Contact state detection apparatus
MOS device having shalow trench isolations (STI) with different tapered portions
Solid-state image sensing device
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor panel, and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device comprising a graphene wire
Resistive element and memory cell of non-volatile memory and manufacturing method thereof
Method of producing semiconductor wafer, semiconductor wafer, method of producing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Methods and structures for back end of line integration
CIGS light-absorbing ink and method for preparing CIGS light-absorbing layer
3D nano-electro-mechanical multiple-state carbon nanotube device structures and methods of fabrication
Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
High voltage device and manufacturing method thereof
Nano memory, light, energy, antenna and strand-based systems and methods
Semiconductor device with a resonator using acoustic standing wave excited in semiconductor crystal
Photoelectric conversion device comprising photoelectric conversion element
Thin-film solar battery and method for manufacturing the same
Ion implantation method, carrier, and ion implantation device
Light emitting element and method of making same
Apparatus for driving piezo actuator and method of driving the same
Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
Electroluminescent devices having a color emitting galium complex
Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
Electrolyte solution and lithium ion secondary battery using the same
Metal-air cell with ion exchange material
Battery pack having a flat external shape and designed for smaller and lighter devices
Method for preventing erroneous loading of component-to-be-loaded on main body side apparatus, component-to-be-loaded and battery pack
Electrode for lithium secondary battery
Non-reciprocal circuit element
Multiband antenna with grounded element
Lower profile card edge connector
Coaxial connector
Electrical connector
Multi-level connector and use thereof that mitigates data signaling reflections
Connection structure of electronic components
Chip card holder with protective cover for portable electronic devices
Miniaturized card edge connector with assembled terminal module
Latch assemblies for connector systems
Three-way connector and light string using same
Optical pulse generator
Laser diode with internal air cooling
Planar ion funnel
Heat sink device and method of repairing semiconductor device
Electrical switchgear, in particular switchgear for medium voltage
Protective device with automated self test
Radio frequency input circuit with ESD protection function
Configurable apparatus and methods for supplying power and data to electronic devices
Multiple outlet sequenced power strip
Systems and methods for powering circuits for a communications interface
Microgrid power distribution system and power flow asymmetrical fault analysis method therefor
Cooling arrangement for at least one battery in a vehicle
Power generator device and portable electronic device employing the same
Mobile communication device housing
Vibrational energy harvester
Mover for a linear motor and linear motor
Rotating electrical machine
Method for generating PWM signals and a pulse width modulation power converter
LLC single stage power factor correction converter
DC-DC converter utilizing output power to turn off switches
Sound suppression system and controlled generation of same at a distance
High resolution millimeter wave digitally controlled oscillator with reconfigurable distributed metal capacitor passive resonators
Power amplifier and amplification method thereof
Bell sound outputting apparatus and method thereof
Low voltage multi-stage interleaver systems, apparatus and methods
Analog-digital converter
Delta-sigma A/D converter
Analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method
Remedying low densities of ONEs in transmission and reception of digital television signals
Methods, apparatus, and systems for coding with constrained interleaving
Phased array antenna system with multiple beam
Method and apparatus for calibrating an envelope tracking system
Method and apparatus for configuring a frequency dependent I/Q imbalance compensation filter
Combined imbalance compensation and equalization of a signal
Transmitter and receiver
High speed data serial connection interface apparatus, CPRI transmitting and receiving method
Noise suppression apparatus, method, and a storage medium storing a noise suppression program
Optical network unit (ONU) having controllable optical output and method of controlling the optical output of an ONU
Method and apparatus for downlink multiuser MIMO transmission in a wireless network
Low latency spatial multiplexing MIMO decoder
Mobile communication system, radio relay apparatus, mobile communication apparatus, and radio communication method
Repeater with positioning capabilities
Payload for a multi-beam satellite
Wireless communication device with extendable rod antenna
Method of transmitting control information in wireless communication system
Access point communication based on transmission of multiple physical layer identifiers
Reception apparatus, communication apparatus, transmission apparatus, receiving method, and transmitting method
Layout-optimized random mask distribution system and method
Digital transmitter and method for compensating mismatch in digital transmitter
Efficient multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU-MIMO)
Method and system for efficient error free packet reception using hybrid automatic repeat-request (HARQ) in a wireless communication system
Communication system, network management method and switching device
Systems for managing conferences
Measuring instantaneous bit rate in a network connection
Opportunistic carrier aggregation for dynamic flow switching between radio access technologies
Systems and methods for hybrid wireless content delivery
Method and apparatus for simulating IP multinetting
Network information processing and methods thereof
Lossless connection failover for single devices
Network device, and control method and storage medium therefor
Method and apparatus for using internet protocol television service based on application received in multicast session
Intelligent services network using a switch controller
System, device and method for distributing link state information in a communication network
Voice over network (VoN)/voice over internet protocol (VoIP) architect having hotline and optional tie line
Communication device and method for controlling transmission priority related to shared backup communication channel
VLAN support of differentiated services
Link bundle co-routed VCAT via RSVP message bundling
Receiver and signal processing method
Reception of inter-symbol-correlated signals using symbol-by-symbol soft-output demodulator
Signal receiving apparatus and signal receiving method
Transmission system with ISI channel and method of operating thereof
Minimum mean squared error approach to interference cancellation and maximum likelihood decoding of space-time block codes
Frame quality estimation during viterbi decoding
Method and system for down-converting an electromagnetic signal, and transforms for same, and aperture relationships
Media rendering control
Locked e-mail server with key server
Method and system for generating a secure message as a URL message
Method and system for determining physical layer traversal time
Topic protection policy for publish-subscribe messaging system
Multi-wire single-ended push-pull link with data symbol transition based clocking
Fault tolerant apparatus and method for elliptic curve cryptography
System and method for controlling access to network services using biometric authentication
Cell phone protection cover structure
Portable radiotelephone for automatically dialing a central voice-activated dialing system
Customizable modular multi-function communication device
Communication device audio control to combine incoming audio and select outgoing audio destinations
Customer service analysis
Method for dialing from internet extension to conventional extension
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, control method of image processing apparatus, and program
Stereo image handling device and method
Video encoding system and method
Interrelated multiple screen advertising
Scheduler apparatus employing a gopher agent for use in a television receiver
Imaging device enabling automatic taking of photo when pre-registered object moves into photographer's intended shooting distance
Image pickup apparatus
Producing focused videos from single captured video
Digital radio producing, broadcasting and receiving songs with lyrics
Updating information in time-shifted multimedia content
Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks
Set-top box peer-assisted video-on-demand
Progressive encoding of video content within a swarm environment
Ring in ring passive optical network system for providing fiber to the home with reduced number of fibers
Electronic device having loudspeaker module
Head band with wirelessly engaged music player
Sound processing apparatus and sound processing method
Measurement apparatus and measurement method
Assessing performance and quality of a mobile communication service
Beacon group information assisted wireless location determination
Antenna switching devices, methods, and systems
Distributed mobility anchoring for wireless networks
Asynchronous time division duplex operation in a wireless network
Network assisted user association and offloading techniques for integrated multi-rat heterogeneous networks
Systems and methods for WLAN roaming
Methods and apparatus for enabling CID reuse in LTE based D2D communications
Voice notification to the destination of a text message that is engaged in a voice call
Method for transmitting dual tone multi frequency and electronic device thereof
Location-aware emergency broadcast receiver
Presence reporting using wireless messaging
Method for routing data packets using an IP address based on geo position
Apparatus and method for monitoring battery lifespan of machine type communication device
Performance based selection of channel elements for use in a wireless network
Fair instantaneous conflict resolution among N periodic contenders
Method and system of transmitting a bearer resource request message from a UE to a MME for setting up an EPS bearer in a LTE network
Mobile communication system, base station, mobile station, and wireless communication method
Method, apparatus and communication system for requesting resource
Reconfigurable multi-chip processing platform for concurrent aggregation of wireless technologies
LED current control apparatus
Lighting device adapted for synchronous control
Pulsed L.E.D. illumination apparatus and method
Compact fluorescent lamp three-way ballast driver
System, method and apparatus for aligning and synchronizing target material for optimum extreme ultraviolet light output
Flexible circuit board
Flexible printed circuit connector
Differential mode transmission lines with weak coupling structure
Multilayer wiring board
Electronic assembly with flexible fixtures for spreading load
Expired Patents Due To Time
Device for wringing a mop
Bag cart
Boom and attachment mounting plate
Hardhat lip speaker or mike mount
Portable handheld terminal housing
Personal digital assistant
Liquid crystal display holder
Computer enclosure
Device for connecting computer devices
Mini-node fiber optic transmitter/receiver
Hard disc mobile rack
Compact disc securing device
Computer mouse with motorcycle gas tank shape
Portable computer
Game pad
Combined computer and recorder/player
Bar code scanner
Outdoor communications panel
Telephone conferencing device
Housing assembly for communications equipment
Communication device with a cable connection
Heated fuel tank
Rechargeable handheld compressor
Oil sump plate
Front of a dishwasher
Ironing press
Power waxer
Vacuum cleaner upper portion
Sewing machine
Digital camera
Monitor TV camera with turning stand
Rimless eyeglass components
Percussion instrument
Percussion practice pad
Percussion practice pad
Mailing machine
Clamping push pin
Clamping push pin
Fireplace frame assembly
Hand-held electronic device
Video game holder
Receiver for remote controller
Toddler's scooter
Crosstraining exercise device
Golf putter with a face insert
Roller ski
Slot machine card holder
Pentagon tent
Locking display gun rack
Fishing rod holder
Faucet cover with thermometer
Faucet spout
Three-port shower header adapter
Electronic faucet
Tub shower water guard
Push-button for water closets
Toilet tank lever
Furnace mounting block
Air conditioner
Window air-conditioner
Mobile filter unit
Automobile air freshener assembly
Stock car air freshener for motor vehicles
Extractor hood
Blood glucose meter
Dental model base having a single row of apertures
Ultrasonic transducer assembly controller
Soft tissue compression shield
Chromatography vial
Chromatography vial
Screen frame corner key
Offset block
Frame profile
Fence cap insulator
Storage step
Gas lamp
Dome shaped illumination device
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a frog
Wall mounted luminaire
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a parrot
Lighting apparatus
Architectural light
Combined light fixture and mounting system
Table lamp
Square wall-mounted luminaire
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Track lighting fixture
Part of a combined torchiere lamp and adjustable accent lights
Boat light
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Illumination apparatus
Lamp housing
Sealing ring
Lighting fixture backplate
Lamp support arm
Lamp housing
Joker lighter
Gas lighter
Massage device
Haircut razor holder
Exercise glove
Infant knee protection pad
Football helmet
Bird cage
Pet bed
Human Necessities
Rotor blade door and method
Knife section having breakage holes
Universal vibratory roller unit
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Hay making machine comprising at least one raking wheel articulated to a carrying arm
Large round baler
System for domestic cultivation of exotic plants
Begonia plant named `Monella`
Campanula plant named `Camgood`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Reggie Yellow`
Miniature rose plant named `POULrolyt`
Phalaenopsis plant named (Ken Peterson.times.Mama Cass) `Pine Ridge #3`
Ornithogalum plant named `Chesapeake Sunset`
Variety of geranium plant named `Fiwosal`
Cherry tree named `Royal Dawn`
Campsis.times.tagliabuana plant named `Kudian`
Geranium plant named `Fisblifire`
Begonia plant named `Leonie`
Hop plant named `Millennium-44`
Heuchera plant named `Rose Mirrors`
Tiarella plant named `Starfish`
Campanula plant named `Pink Chimes`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Focus`
Aglaonema plant named `Siam Majesty`
Monarda plant named `Petite Wonder`
Ilex plant named `Foster's Purple Gem`
Interspecific tree named `Black Kat`
Peach tree named `Supechthirteen`
Helianthus plant named `First Light`
Geranium plant named `Free Salmon`
Caladium plant named `Florida Irish Lace`
Variety of angelonia plant named `Anstern`
Heuchera plant named `Florist's Choice`
Dianthus plant named `Bewitched`
Hop plant named `Millennium-48`
Caladium plant named `Florida Red Ruffles`
Dahlia plant named `HGD-92-1`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meidebenne`
Variety of geranium plant named `Tikpink`
Hop plant named `Millennium-MiddleLate`
Heuchera plant named `Jade Gloss`
Dahlia plant named `HGD-92-8`
Cattle handling system and method of installing same
Vehicle-mounted animal enclosure
Hot stamp machine for custom imprinting plastic identifier tags
Horse blanket
Animal control system
Dog training lead
Pet collar device
Poultry house litter implement
Variable dimension poultry feeder
Filtered water and feeding system for pets
Fish feeding device
Fishing line float
Blood-sucking insect barrier system and method
Liquid gravity feed ant elimination system and method
Stuffing-dosing machine for pasty food products
Method and apparatus for making bowl-shaped snack food products
Method for processing freshly harvested leafy vegetables and subdivided, peeled fruit
Method for cutting the tie-leaf on bundled leaf tobacco
Necktie knot support assembly
Measuring tape for determining bra size
Size adjustment mechanism for headwear
Golf training device
Perspiration-absorbing band for headgear
Shoe with arch reinforcement
Sealant system for waterproofing welted footwear
Method and apparatus for functionally covering footwear of various sizes and shapes
Air ventilation structure of shoe sole
High boot with lace-tightening device
Ice skate shoelace buckle device
High flex grinding shoe
Boot liner
Automated tightening shoe
Spike ensuring stable kick during running and spike shoes
Shape retainer and method for stabilizing a boot shaft
Fastener for strap
Security zipper pull
Fastener-chain-finishing apparatus
Color-coded ornamental article
Jewelry prong setting
Method for marking a gambling chip by pad printing
Chemiluminescent article
Dock post supported hammock
Hammock assembly
Medical bed system with interchangeable modules for mattress systems and related methods
Playyard canopy frame retainer
Structure of corner members for a playpen
Apparatus and method for controlling temperature for a self-service food display
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Versatile picture frame
Method of covering a potted plant
Telescoping curtain rods with curtain hangers slidable on rollers
Fossil fuel-fired boilerless steamer
Digitally controlled clamshell press
Portable barbeque grill
Tostada forming and cooking
Meat and poultry roaster
Sound transmission system and illumination system for a tub, spa, pool, bath or shower
Ceiling texture scraping tool with vacuum system and method of making same
Deep cleaner with tool mount
Airflow indicator
Trace level detection of analytes using artificial olfactometry
Bubble measuring instrument and method
Apparatus for detecting estrus in livestock
Operating table for animal
Extricating device for persons with spinal injuries
Holding device for wrist/shoulder arthroscopy and surgery
Device for preventing stertorous breathing or snoring and for preventing abrasion of the teeth during sleep
Anti-snoring device and method
Mattress assembly
Transfer seat with extended transfer platform
Patient transfer apparatus
Container for a vial or ampoule
Liquid dispensing apparatus and methods
Breath-based control of a therapeutic treatment
Respiratory assistance apparatus
Respiratory mask
Method and apparatus for delivering a measured of a gas
Gas mixing apparatus for a ventilator
Multifunctional life-saving device
Goggles with removable lenses
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stackable filter device
Cylindrical acoustic levitator/concentrator
Method and arrangement for control of air-fuel ratio of combustion engine
Method and apparatus for crystallization from liquids
Process for producing a honeycomb body using a hard metal sheet and semi-manufactured honeycomb body
Method for packing catalyst and device therefor
Circulating bed reactor
Process and device for detecting microparticle movement
Method of making composite piezoelectric transducer arrays
Pointing device cleaner and method of use
Apparatus for washing and cleaning dirty roller bearings
Rotary tube scrubber
N connection
Plate reduction press apparatus and methods
Pipe formed by bending rolls
Pipe shaping method
Method of manufacturing an article by diffusion bonding and superplastic forming
Method of forming of a tubular metal section
Die hemming assembly and method
Press brake tool and tool holder
Gelatin coated sand core and method of making same
Light box piston
Adjustable tool holder apparatus
Panel trimming system
Hand-operated scroll sawing machine with a support surface that can be detachably clipped to a sawing table
Reciprocating saw blade clamp
Combination utility retractable saw and knife device
Automatic door panel producing apparatus
Method of producing a lining artefact
Seat and guide installation method and apparatus
Transfer control system for piston insertion machine
Most accurate method of tensioning threaded fasteners in assembled units
Multifunction insert press
Method for deploying shroud segments in a turbine engine
Machine for punching panels
Cooling for singulation of composite materials in molded semiconductor packages
Operating unit with an automatic tool changing device and transfer tool machine including the same
Reinforced lead screw with spring biased anti-backlash nut
Device for ultrasonic peening of metals
Self-adjusting socket
Single-directional ratchet wrench structure with a mating block that may be retained in position by a snap ring
Self-adjusting pliers
Method and apparatus for beam tool center point calibration
Combination scoring and marking apparatus for sheet goods and methods of use
Edge banding apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for making a thick-appearing shingle
Multiple continuous platform cutting apparatus
Plastic pipe cutting device
Extractor for extracting cut partially cut parts from a sheet of material
Wood planing machine with an inclining unit
Manifold and method of making same
Apparatus for injecting materials into a composite
Apparatus for making damped composite structures with fiber wave patterns
Force severity monitor for a press
System for setting up boxes
Low precipitate polyamide based tubing
Body-contact cushioning interface structure
Laminating apparatus
Bridge mandrel for flexographic printing systems
Method and apparatus for cutting a printing blanket
Printing press
Printing plate mounting apparatus having guide member for bending plate towards cylinder
Rotary press with a five-cylinder printing unit
Method and apparatus for using a vacuum to reduce cockle in printers
Method of manufacturing an ink jet recording head
Stencil printing machine
Stencil printing machine
Measuring and drafting tool
Tire having sacrificial bridging
Tire filing method and apparatus adaptable to different sizes of tires
Supporting membrane for a tread
Tread-locking wheel
Lunette trailer hitch lock
Friction damper and pedal device for vehicle having the friction damper
Vapor-compression refrigerant cycle for vehicle
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
Method of retrofitting air conditioner and system therefor
Grocery delivery vehicle
Air conditioning system for vehicle
Glass sheet and glass window for vehicles
Method and apparatus for applying edge members to a window
Feed device intended for mounting in a fuel tank
Shaft drive type power transmission
Gas pedal
Device for manually controlling the acceleration system of an agricultural machine
Cooling apparatus of hybrid vehicle, including serially-connected cooling systems for electric devices which have different heat resisting allowable temperatures
Start control apparatus for an internal combustion engine and fuel nature determination apparatus
Damping structure for rotating member and assist grip including the damping structure
Vehicle table
Remote key interlock system
Brake master cylinder
Fluid pressure boosting device and brake system employing the same
Brake booster
Brake force booster with a panic braking function
Position setting device for a steering column of a vehicle
Rack-and-pinion assembly
Steering damper for a hydraulic power-assisted steering system
Yoke bearing assembly for hydraulic power assist rack and pinion power steering system
Integral bushing assembly for a rack and pinion steering gear
Torque sensing apparatus and method
Bicycle steering device
Hand operated bicycle gear transmission device
Semi-weathervaning anchoring system
Breach filling device
Submersible system for analyzing underwater habitat quality
Hydrofoil device
Spacecraft sleeping berth
Strapping machine with a strap tightening adjustment unit
Direct injection molded closure and method therefor
Heat-sealing apparatus
Method of packaging spring units
Band for securing items and method of use
Underground storage tank buoyancy and buoyancy safety factor calculation method and apparatus
Reel and hose covering device
Light weight work platform with crane
Pocket spring assembly and methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing a glass sheet having an uneven surface
Sol gel method of making an optical fiber with multiple apetures
Double flame polishing method for fiber preforms
Method for producing optical fiber base material ingot by grinding while core portion central axis is brought into line with rotational axis of grinding machine
Method for controlling dopant profiles
Tire with apex rubber containing in-situ resin
Refrigeration cycle
Cold accumulating material, method of manufacturing the same and refrigerator using the material
Method of providing a weapon barrel with an internal hard chromium layer
Apparatus for internally coating a metal tube
Evaporation source material supplier
Transferring device for a vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Process for using a high nitrogen concentration plasma for fluorine removal from a reactor
Solution for fabrication of electron-emitting devices, manufacture method of electron-emitting devices, and manufacture method of image-forming apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Method for the manufacture of elastic twisted yarns
Lightweight composite yarn
Cloth having embroidery pattern and method for forming embroidery pattern
Method for monitoring the cycle of the weft insertion into a weaving machine
Method and apparatus for pairing threads in textile machine
Selvage yarn tensioning apparatus and method
Tandem sewing machine and stitch
Upper thread cassette and upper thread changing device
Fixed Constructions
Trench-cutting machine with cutting head lock mechanism
Decking tile
Modular polymeric matrix composite load bearing deck structure
Hand-control for V-plows
Dynamically active dipper door mechanism
Shoe mechanism for an excavating wheel and associated method
Removable tooth assembly retention system and method
Adapter assembly having multiple retainer pins
City water flushing and sludge prevention control method
Faucet assembly having an attachable sprayer nozzle
Drain stopper to soak feet in a tub and shower
Water conservation apparatus for toilet
Toilet flushing and cleaning device
Buffer box for use in a vacuum drainage system
Arrangement in a vacuum sewer system for preventing water entering a pneumatic controller through a breather line
Mortarless brick
Composite concrete and steel floor/carrier for modular buildings
Apparatus to assist in installation of drywall
Hinged ceiling panel
Stairway system
Interconnection device and method for securing a safety rail
Pneumatic stripping machine
Metal memorial monument markers and method of making the same
Protective building structure system
Protective sleeve for a padlock
Device for fastening a lock module on a vehicle door
Door locking apparatus of automobile
Anti-theft boat locking mechanism
Theft-resistant releasable container for valuable articles
Door check mechanism providing an infinite number of stable positions
Friction hinge device
Retractable door stop for sliding door
Block and tackle sash counter balance
Window frame, window frame assembly and method of fabrication
Shutter rail to stile joint
Asphaltenes monitoring and control system
Corrosion inhibitors
Connector assembly
Accelerometer caliper while drilling
Apparatus and method for propelling a data sensing apparatus into a subsurface formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Zeroing device for a hydrostatic piston/cylinder unit
Radial combustion motor
Method for producing electrical power
Nozzles for water injection in a turbine engine
Variable valve timing system for vehicle
Deactivation and two-step roller finger follower having a slider bracket
Valve operating system in internal combustion engine
Method of forming a camshaft for an engine
Valve operating device of internal combustion engine
Four-stroke internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic actuator for the actuation of the valves of an internal combustion engine
Diagnostic system for detecting catalyst failure using switch ratio
System for reducing the nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions from internal combustion engines
System and method for improved sensing of exhaust pressure
Gas flow headers for internal combustion engines
Double exhaust pipe for engine
Cooling system fully visible tester
Flexible connecting rod
Spark-ignition internal combustion engine
Two stroke internal combustion engine
Altitude compensation for turbocharger wastegate
Method and device for plasma-chemical reduction of gaseous and/or solid pollutants in exhaust gases of internal combustion engines
Engine ignition timing control system for outboard motors
Composite intake manifold assembly for an internal combustion engine and method for producing same
Gas leakage detection and fail-safe control method for gas-fueled internal combustion engine and apparatus for implementing the same
EGR valve position control system
Exhaust gas recirculation air handling system for an internal combustion engine
Direct injection variable valve timing engine control system and method
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, especially of a motor vehicle
Fuel injection control apparatus
Fuel control of direct-injection internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle, in particular in start operation
Air-fuel ratio controller for an internal-combustion engine
Method and system for operating dual-exhaust engine
Evaporative fuel-processing system for internal combustion engines
Exhaust emission control system for internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for delivering multiple fuel injections to the cylinder of an internal combustion engine
Method of producing a mixture in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Constructed piston or piston consisting of components that are welded or soldered together
Pulse tube refrigerator
Nozzle structure for rocket nozzles having cooled nozzle wall
Throttle position sensor that heats the throttle shaft
Throttle body fuel injector adapter manifold
Vacuum based fuel system
Abnormality diagnosis apparatus for evaporative emission control system
System and method for controlling VOC emissions
Hydraulic device with anti-stiction features
Injector actuating fluid check and methods
Fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection valve
Method and system for refuelling cold-start fuel tanks
Magneto electric generator rotor and an implement for removing this rotor
Remote engine starter system
Spark plug boot keeper assembly
Wind tower
Oilless high pressure pump
Piston pump with floating seal
Valve arrangement for a compressor
Hydraulic circuit with a return line metering valve and method of operation
Single-adjustment, dual-null pressure setting for an electrohydraulic valve pilot stage
Emergency hydraulic control for a clutch arranged between an internal combustion engine and a gear box
Method of producing metal band of metal belt for belt-type continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable mechanical transmission
Ball screw actuator locking mechanism
Filter assembly for a hydrostatic transmission
Flexible meshing type gear device having deflection meshing involute tooth profile
Gas container
Apparatus and method for sealing a solenoid valve
Method of fabricating a flow control device
Coupling apparatus for rotating a rotatable part with a movable slide
Ball valve locking device
Fuel hose
Clip for attaching a component to a plastic material mounting surface
Manifold and station for mounting steam/condensate responsive devices in a condensate return line
Steam generator tube support grid array
Means for wear reduction in a gas turbine combustor
Stove for cooking food with a viewing window, and a viewing window for household appliances, such as cooking stoves or ovens
Energy transfer systems for refrigerator/freezer components
Accumulator for a refrigeration system
Refrigeration system with purge
Cold point design for efficient thermoelectric coolers
Liquid secondary cooling system
Refrigerated intercooler
Hot discharge gas desuperheater
Thermal expansion valve
Frostless heat pump having thermal expansion valves
Hot-water supply system with heat pump cycle
Control system for compressed gas refrigeration dryers
Heat-pump water heater
Frost sensor for use in defrost controls for refrigeration
Automated storage and retrieval apparatus for freezers and related method thereof
Apparatus and methods for cooling and liquefying a fluid using magnetic refrigeration
Process and apparatus for the separation of carbon monoxide and hydrogen from a gaseous mixture thereof
Drying kiln
Centrifugal pellet dryer apparatus
Tube for heat exchangers and method of manufacturing same
Trigger lock
Artillery-shell rammer
Paintball feeders
Universal recoil pad system and method of installation
Method for engaging at least one aerial target by means of a firing group, firing group of at least two firing units, and utilization of the firing group
Combined high-blast/anti-armor warheads
Linear ignition system
Ignitor with printed electrostatic discharge spark gap
Device for measuring radius of grindstone in grinding machine
Tape measure with braking system and movable drum
Fractional-decimal vernier
Measuring apparatus provided with a stylus
Arrangement for measuring angular velocity
Angular velocity detection circuit, method of detecting angular velocity and vibrating gyroscope
Microgyroscope with two resonant plates
Coriolis sensor interface
Method of operating micromachined members coupled for relative rotation
Position sensor for a motor vehicle
Mass air flow meter
Method of measuring flow rates of respective fluids constituting multiphase fluid and flow meter for multiphase flow utilizing same
Liquid level gauge
Procedure and device for the movement and volume measurement of fluids and gases and device for the implementation of a respiration
Device for calculating cruising range and method therefor
Strain gage sensor having an unstrained area
Anodically bonded, gas impervious cavity structures fabricated in silicon
Neutral point voltage adjuster of torque sensor
Apparatus for measuring velocity of a projectile
Apparatus for testing or isolating a segment of pipe
Device and method for measuring air permeability
System and method for using a surrogate component in shock testing
Method and apparatus for on-line monitoring of log sawing
Clamping apparatus and method for testing strength characteristics of sheets
Apparatus for testing physical characteristics, especially rolling contact fatigue resistance of materials
Device for olfactory judgment of an odorous substance, use thereof and a method of operating the device
Photomask correction device
Variable pressure regulated flow controllers
Fluid flow controller having axial needle valve for adjusting the flow rate
Friction fit knob with anti-torque capabilities
Vehicle control device for agriculture vehicles
Refrigerated cooling apparatus for semiconductor device
Calendar cube apparatus
Display apparatus with oscillation
Pivotable overhead lighted exit sign
Multipurpose advertisement device
Overhead media display system
Integrated connector backings for matrix array transducers, matrix array transducers employing such backings and methods of making the same
Method for manufacturing a disk drive
Method of assembling micro-actuator
Method of riveting
Apparatus for construction of annular segmented permanent magnet
Method of producing a superconducting magnet
Method for manufacturing chip capacitor
Wafer cleaning brush profile modification
Wafer holder for rotating and translating wafers
Method of transferring a material from first apparatus to second apparatus in the clean room and an assembly line
Processing apparatus and processing method
Method and apparatus for preparing electrochemical cells
Method for quickly rendering a MOS gas sensor operational, MOS gas sensor system, and fuel cell system
Method of fabricating a microwave microstrip/waveguide transition structure
Filtered electrical connector assembly having a contact and filtering circuit subassembly
Compound coaxial cable stripping tool
Stepping motor
Apparatus for tracking resonant frequency
Mounting structure and mounting method for surface acoustic wave element
Method for engraving printing blocks
Universal component mounting structure for surface mountable electronic devices
Method for mounting devices on a printed circuit board despite misalignment of resist
Component feeder with load position alignment recognition
Potted timer and circuit board assembly for use in a regenerative desiccant air dryer
Method for connecting a terminal fitting and a flat conductor, a terminal connection apparatus and a terminal fitting
Fine pitch circuitization with unfilled plated through holes
Method for making a circuit board
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