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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Melon variety NUN 01307 ME
Herbicidal compositions and method of use thereof
Respiratory disease treatment
Pharmaceutical formulations of resveratrol and methods of use thereof for treating cell disorders
Wound and mucosa antiseptic based on bispyridiniumalkanes
Inhibitors of epoxide hydrolases for the treatment of inflammation
Herbicidal combination
Fry station with integral portion weight sensing system and method
System for quick release of pack
Quick draw bow holder
Electronic device with detachable handle
Product display system
Dispensers for sanitary tissue products
Contagion prevention systems
Device and method for mounting an object on a bone
Vascular sealing device and method using clot enhancing balloon and electric field generation
Biological information detector and biological information measuring device
Device for determining a condition of flow in a respiration system
Ultrasonic diagnostic device and computer-readable medium
Surgical device for dental implant installation
Dental implant
Simple device for treating tinea unguium
Drug eluting medical devices having porous layers
Reusable diaper liner
Method of manufacturing absorbent articles, apparatus for manufacturing absorbent articles and disposable pant
Three-dimensional nanostructured hybrid scaffold and manufacture thereof
Shower transfer assistance scooter device
Coumarin-chalcones as anticancer agents
Substituted sulfamide derivatives
Combination therapy and uses thereof for treatment and prevention of parasitic infection and disease
Heterocyclic carbonyl compounds
Therapeutic compounds
Prophylactic or therapeutic method for Sjogren's syndrome
Indazole derivative or salt thereof and production intermediate thereof, and antioxidant using same, and use of indazole derivative or salt thereof
Indole derivative and pharmacologically acceptable salt thereof
Aminopyridine kinase inhibitors
Heterocyclic flaviviridae virus inhibitors
Compounds and methods of treating diabetes
Family of antichagasics derived from imidazo[4,5-C][1,2,6]thiadiazine 2,2-dioxide
Mitochondrial activity inhibitors of cancer-initiating cells and use thereof
Crystal of tricyclic pyrazolopyrimidine derivative
1,4-Oxazepines as BACE1 and/or BACE2 inhibitors
Compositions and methods for treating insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus
Stable amifostine liquid concentrate
Therapeutic combinations for use in neoplasia
Method for obtaining a natural mixture of conjugated equine estrogens depleted in non-conjugated lipophilic compounds
Methods of use and nutritional compositions of Touchi Extract
Compositions for boosting metabolism, assisting weight loss, and promoting cardiovascular health
Cysteine protease inhibitors
Cosmetic composition containing oligopeptides
Peptides and peptide compositions having osteoinductive activity
Determination of single nucleotide polymorphisms useful to predict response for glatiramer acetate
Use of bis [thiohydrazide amide] compounds such as elesclomol for treating cancers
Anti viral therapy
Composition for external application comprising aripiprazole and organic acid as active ingredients
Particles comprising a releasable dopant therein
Decontamination method and system implementing it
Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive formulations with multipurpose rheology modifiers
Medicinal inhalation device
Adjustable stiffness catheter
Reciprocating delivery of fluids to the body with analyte concentration monitoring
Retractable syringe
Method for treatment of fingernail and toenail microbial infections using infrared laser heating and low pressure
Gentle hair dye
Stability exercise device
Fitness system and method for alignment of lower extremities
Bodyweight resisted exercise apparatus and method
Abdominal exercising apparatus
Exercise device and method of use
Toy with light emitting function accomplished by rotary motion of a rope around a handle
Baseball training device for practicing hitting
Apparatus, system, and method for controlling movement of a user on snow
Social networking roulette game system and method
Toy set, game control program, and game device and toy communication system
Method for introducing a physical object in a virtual world
Gaming system and method for providing a slot driven video story
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sulfate removal from water sources
Sediment removal tank and system
Extractive distillation of AsF.sub.5 and PF.sub.5 using HF
Multi-layered filter web
Two phase reactor
Process and system for quenching heat, scrubbing, cleaning and neutralizing acidic media present in the flue gas from the firing of fossil fuel
Process for preparing catalysts involving the regeneration of metal carbonate precipitants
Cyclical system and method for removing and storing carbon dioxide obtained from a waste gas source
Trapping device that traps particles in vacuum atmosphere
Chesta vortex organizer
Method of mixing a formation fluid sample by rotating a downhole sampling chamber
Color-stable superabsorber
Processes for making catalysts with acidic precursors
Dispersed metal sulfide-based catalysts
Microelectrode array architecture
Automated aseptic liquid collection workstations and collection devices therefore
Thin film deposition method
Magnetic recording medium manufacturing method
Detergent dosing device
Method and system for capturing subsurface contaminants
Method of removing bulging portions to manufacture a friction welded propeller shaft
Inverted stent cutting process
C frame clamping device having non-rotating anvils
Linear pressure feed grinding with voice coil
Device for a user to secure a workpiece
Positioning control ejection mechanism and turntable device using same
Clamping apparatus for injection molding machine
Method for producing a lens
Method and use of organic and mineral admixtures for EMI and radioactive isotope shielding of building materials such as glass fiber wall coverings, gypsum wallboard and electrically conductive or resistive, high performance, high strength concrete
Copper foil with ultra thin adhesive layer, and a method for manufacturing the copper foil with ultra thin adhesive layer
Adhesiveless decorative floor tile
Structure and method for forming detailed channels for thin walled components using thermal spraying
Component having a cushioned region and method for making a component having a cushioned region
Substrate having a photocatalytic coating
Carbon nanotube conductive layer using spray coating and preparing method thereof
Inkjet recording method and ink set for inkjet recording
Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet recording apparatus
Inkjet printer and control method for inkjet printer
Recording apparatus
Transverse link, and method for producing a transverse link
Portable seat belt alarm system
Steering angle sensing device for vehicle wheel alignment
Optical semiconductor based illuminating apparatus
Self-contained, removable, wireless turn signal system for motor vehicles and trailers
Vehicle bumper beam and method for manufacturing same
Vehicle instrument panel reinforcement and passenger seat airbag device attachment structure employing the vehicle instrument panel reinforcement
Automotive cargo carrying systems
Hitch apparatus and method
Truck bed storage system
Brake system
Method and device for controlling a creep mode of a vehicle comprising a hybrid drive
Cart apparatus for transporting cargo items to and from a recreational location
Hydraulic power steering system
Drop-down bicycle trailer
Bicycle brake arm
Autonomous vehicle with fuel cell and autonomous flushing system
Ventilation control system
Interface system for use in an aircraft galley
Triangular vented tray
Container system and method
Positive displacement sorter
Device for transferring articles between a machine for moving the articles intermittently and a machine for moving the articles continuously, and a corresponding packaging installation
Method and system for mail item turnover
Method for loading and unloading a pallet and corresponding palletizer
De-skewing mechanism for de-skewing a printing medium and thermal sublimation printer therewith
Roll arrangement
Adjustable lifting and stabilization rescue strut system with improved jack and strut engagement means
Underground enclosure system for storing components, cables, and the like
Module with nozzle boot for a fuel dispensing unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Engineered fuel storage, respeciation and transport
Recovery of vanadium from petroleum coke slurry containing solubilized base metals
Process for separating and recovering metals
Silica-based nonflammable material for replacing asbestos and method for preparing same
Method of depositing localized coatings
Sulphur cement product
Fuel and base oil blendstocks from a single feedstock
Fuel and base oil blendstocks from a single feedstock
Catalyst composition formulated for synthesis of alcohols and method of preparing the same
Hydrothiolation of unactivated alkenes
Method for making dimethyl ether by reactive-distillation
Heterogeneous catalyst and its use
Carboxylation of terminal alkynes
Positive allosteric modulators of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
1,4,5,6-tetrahydro-pyrimidin-2-ylamine compounds
Paraconic acids as pigmentation activators
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of crystalline aprepitant having form I content
Compound, method of producing the compound, organic semiconductor material and organic semiconductor device
Boron containing perylene monoimides, a process for their production, their use as building blocks for the production of perylene monoimide derivatives, monoimide derivatives and their use in dye-sensitized solar cells
Heterocyclyl-pyridinyl-based biphosphonic acid, pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, composition thereof and method of use thereof
Hydrogenation process for the production of a sugar alcohol
Method for predicting and detecting tumor metastasis
Skin or hair binding peptides
Polyisobutylene composition having internal vinylidene and process for preparing the polyisobutylene polymer composition
Phenol-formaldehyde polymer with carbon nanotubes, a method of producing same, and products derived therefrom
Plant oil-based UV-curable coating
Solvent-free synthesis of amphiphilic polymeric material
Aromatic ether polymer, method for producing the same, and polymer composition
Low emission polyoxymethylene
Photoactive polymers
Stabilizer composition
Process for producing polyamic acid solution and polyamic acid solution
Curable composition with rubber-like properties
Process for the treatment of sodium-containing heavy residues and fuel so obtained
Liquid fuel with endothermic fuel-cracking catalyst
Method for producing liquefied material from glycerin-based solid material
Heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen as a fuel additive in order to reduce abrasion
Process for the purification of a fatty acid alkyl ester by liquid/liquid extraction
Detergent compositions utilizing hydrophobically modified polymer
Amylase from nesterenkonia and methods of use, thereof
Serum-free mammalian cell culture medium, and uses thereof
Baglike container for centrifugation and method of gene transfer using the same
Coenzyme Q.sub.10 production in a recombinant oleaginous yeast
Enhanced gene expression in algae
Composition and method for differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
Modified virus
Replication-defective flavivirus vaccines and vaccine vectors
Production of biofuel and protein from a raw material
Targeted perhydrolases
Methods for removal of specific seed tissue or structure for seed analysis
Method for assessing the efficacy of a TR1 cell therapy in a subject
Methods and systems for sampling, screening, and diagnosis
Fluorescence-based assay for the rapid detection and quantification of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates
Compositions and methods for immunostimulatory RNA oligonucleotides
Combinatorial affinity selection
Methods for identifying functionally related genes and drug targets
Method for the in vitro diagnosis or prognosis of testicular cancer
Method for manufacturing wire, apparatus for manufacturing wire, and copper alloy wire
Nanowire preparation methods, compositions, and articles
Metal ion catalysis of metal ion reduction, methods, compositions, and articles
Method for minimizing magnetically dead interfacial layer during COC process
Highly conductive and stable transparent conducting polymer films
Method and system for isolated and discretized process sequence integration
Boronization process and composition with improved surface characteristics of metals
Plating pretreatment apparatus and method for multi-cylinder block
Web pressure welding method, pressure welding device, power supply method, power supply device, continuous electrolytic plating apparatus and method for manufacturing web with plated coating film
Textiles; Paper
Perforated film clothing
Press felt for papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Light collection system and method
Adaptive door handles
Locking structure and electronic device with the same
Enhanced smear effect fracture plugging process for drilling systems
Method for servicing subterranean wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil with shaped film cooling hole
Placing water turbines in water flows
Air-channeled wind turbine for low-wind environments
Arrangement with a nacelle and a radiator arrangement
High speed magnus rotor
Turbo blood pump
Switchable coolant pump
Hollow wall mounting assembly
Locking apparatus for an object being lockable on a rail
Lubricated screw device
Intermodulation-resistant flexible shaft having electrically insulating coated wires
Bearing unit
Toroidal spacer
One-way clutch
Torque limiter and power transmission device
Antivibration device
Dynamic brake for a winch
Two-speed power take-off unit with mode clutch
Hydraulic pressure control system for torque converter
Valve for controlling a fluid
Gas control unit for boiler
Anti-extrusion packing support
Trolling motor mount
LED bulb
Illuminated sports board
Light guiding structure
Luminaire having radiator
Flat illumination device
Metal core printed circuit board as heat sink for LEDs
Devices and methods of heat removal from exothermic high temperature reaction processes
Rotation sensor
Fizeau reference arm using a chirped fiber bragg grating
Reflective optical scale for encoder and reflective optical encoder
System and method for flavoring food
Optical filter, optical filter module, and photometric analyzer
Apparatus and method for measuring color
Fluorescence measurement device and fluorescence measurement method
Sample analysis element and detecting device
PH modulation method to detect ligand-receptor binding
Electrochemical gas sensor and mounting structure therefor
Method for detecting concentration of particles and device therefor
Detecting irregular retransmissions
Wireless system
Slit valve unit and film forming apparatus having the same
Electronic probe housing and automatic shutoff for steam turbine
Automatically balanced sensing device and method for multiple capacitive sensors
Radar apparatus
Transducer for high pressure environment
Method and apparatus for faster global positioning system (GPS) location using a pre-computed spatial location for tracking GPS satellites
Mechanical layer and methods of forming the same
Thin film stack with surface-conditioning buffer layers and related methods
Portable high-power microscope magnification lens structure
Plasma ion assisted deposition of Mo/Si multilayer EUV coatings
Polarizing beam splitters
Apparatus and method for ganged multiple optical fiber connector
One-piece lens with surplus inner optical material
Boundary artifact suppression in segmented liquid crystal modulators
Optical shuttering device based on liquid crystals with attenuation of switching noises of said liquid crystals, corresponding viewing goggles and display device
Wavelength conversion device and method of fabricating the same
Spectral purity filter, lithographic apparatus, and method for manufacturing a spectral purity filter
Immersion lithography apparatus
Systems and methods for insitu lens cleaning using ozone in immersion lithography
Lithographic apparatus and method involving a pockels cell
Positive photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive resin film prepared by using the same, and semiconductor device including the photosensitive resin film
Color filter manufacturing method, patterned substrate manufacturing method, and small photomask
Motor control system and the method of controlling motor
Lock device for power supplying plug
Authentication apparatus
Biometric authentication device and method, computer-readable recording medium recorded with biometric authentication computer program, and computer system
Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach
Minimizing flow disturbances in fluidic cells utilizing soft seals
Adaptive sliding-frequency triggering ignition process for electronic ballast of high pressure gas discharge lamp
Circuit and method for driving a luminous means
Method for the closed-loop control of a buck converter and arrangement for implementing the method
Power supply device, luminaire and power source system
Efficient triple modular redundancy on a braided ring
Transmitting module and multi-functional printer using the same
Printing system, image forming apparatus, image forming method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium encoded with image forming program for facilitating registration of a user
Apparatus and method for virtualizing multiple terminals
Techniques for generating a random awards using a plurality of average values
Circuit for controlling data driver and display device including the same
Selective monitor control
Touch panel, touch display panel, and touch sensing method
Slider and electronic apparatus containing the slider
Touch input apparatus including image projection
Multiple touch detection
Information processing system, management method, and storage medium for placing an application after an image forming apparatus has been arranged
Image processing apparatus and data processing method for managing log information related to a job processing request
Print setting server, document processing server, print system, and print setting method
Method and apparatus to edit and print documents using a web browser
Printing system and correspondence relationship information creation method to match visual characteristics of different printers
Lateral shift correcting apparatus, image forming apparatus, and recording medium conveying method
Information processing apparatus, print control method, and storage medium for detecting overlap print
Global enterprise printing and mailing
Systems and methods for framebuffer management
Pari-mutuel wagering system and method
Overhang warning device
Method and device for prevention loss of item and prompt search thereof
System and method for monitoring, controlling, and improving productivity and safety conditions of automated machinery
Healthy home graphical user interface method and device
Methods and systems to dissuade animals from an area
Systematic distillation of status data responsive to whether or not a wireless signal has been received and relating to regimen compliance
Runway digital wind indicator system
Large-scale display device
Systems and methods for text input for touch-typable devices
Image processing device and image processing method
Reconstructing three dimensional oil paintings
Systems and methods for portable audio synthesis
Method of controlling an optical disc drive, and optical disc drive and optical information writing and/or reading system using the method
System, method and computer program product for optimization of tape performance
System and method for improving head positioning
Storage device interface for shingled magnetic recording system
Data detector for detecting data in presence of control signals
Circuit integrated suspension and method of manufacture thereof
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device having low power mode and related method of operation
Method for measuring a temperature in an electronic device having a battery and a memory device
Controlled self assembly of anisotropic conductive adhesives based on ferromagnetic particles
Method and apparatus for cooling an annular inductor
Micro-switch provided labor-saving switching
LED bulb, assembly, and method
Socket and lamp engagement configurations for a luminaire
Standard electromagnetic wave field generator with slit
Crucible structure for plasma light source and manufacturing method
Method of forming p-type gallium nitride based semiconductor, method of forming nitride semiconductor device, and method of forming epitaxial wafer
Method of manufacturing an ionizing radiation detection device
Order vacancy compound and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor devices including capacitors and methods of manufacturing the same
Low alpha particle emission electrically-conductive coating
Chemical vapor deposition with energy input
Vapor deposition method and vapor deposition apparatus
Vertical surround gate formation compatible with CMOS integration
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having spacers disposed on an inner sidewall of a contact hole formed in a layer of the semiconductor devices, and a contact plug disposed therein
Metal gate structures for CMOS transistor devices having reduced parasitic capacitance
Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of forming the same
Methods of manufacturing the gallium nitride based semiconductor devices
Isolated wire structures with reduced stress, methods of manufacturing and design structures
Use of gas cluster ion beam to reduce metal void formation in interconnect structures
Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same and semiconductor manufacturing device
Use of contacts to create differential stresses on devices
MIM capacitor in finFET structure
Microelectronic assembly with joined bond elements having lowered inductance
Electrical interconnections of semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
Electronic device packages and methods of manufacturing the same
Vignetted planar spatial light-field sensor and spatial sampling designs for far-field lensless synthetic imaging via signal processing image formation
Semiconductor devices and methods of forming semiconductor devices
Multi-chip package cross-reference to related applications
Independently voltage controlled volume of silicon on a silicon on insulator chip
Semiconductor device having penetration electrode penetrating through semiconductor substrate
Checkerboarded high-voltage vertical transistor layout
Nonvolatile memory electronic device including nanowire channel and nanoparticle-floating gate nodes and a method for fabricating the same
Transistor with reduced depletion field width
Method of manufacturing power device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Structure and method for reducing floating body effect of SOI MOSFETs
Memory devices with magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cells and associated structures for connecting the MRAM cells
Planar polysilicon regions for precision resistors and electrical fuses and method of fabrication
Mosfet package
MIM capacitor in FinFET structure
Wafer-level packaged microelectronic imagers having interconnects formed through terminals
Photovoltaic devices and method of making
Thin film solar cell
Semiconductor device
Photovoltaic devices with electrically coupled supports
Photodiode and photodiode array with improved performance characteristics
Light-emitting device, method of manufacturing light-emitting device, and illumination device
N-type materials and organic electronic devices
Method for creating serially-connected OLED devices
Piezoelectric laterally vibrating resonator structure geometries for spurious frequency suppression
Piezoelectric vibration piece having improved drive characteristics and components including same
Battery pack
Composite current collector for an aqueous electrochemical cell comprising a non-metallic substrate
Battery cover member
Battery module unit and battery module package
Proton-conductive inorganic material for fuel cell and fuel cell anode employing the same
Fuel cell catalyst, membrane electrode assembly and solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Low voltage thin film batteries
Method for storing a fuel cell at freezing temperature
Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cells with improved lifetime
Signal branching filter, electronic device using the same, antenna apparatus, and signal transmission system used in all of the above
Wide band antenna, wear, and personal belongings
Multiple antenna assembly utilizing electro band gap isolation structures
Card edge connector
Card connector
Electrical connector with locking portions for an inserting component
Electrical connector having a positioning protrusion with a slanted guiding surface
Connection jack and electronic apparatus
Memory fastening device, computer motherboard and computer
Adapter for a clamping device
Wet-mateable electrical connector
Ultraviolet fiber laser system
Electrostatic discharge protection device having an intermediate voltage supply for limiting voltage stress on components
System and integrated method for a parallel and series arc fault circuit interrupter
Console door pocket for electronic devices
Radio frequency power transmission system
Interrupting the charging status of a rechargeable battery
Optimized electric machine for smart actuators
High energy density vibration energy harvesting device with high-mu material
Bidirectional inverter for new renewable energy storage system
PFC AC/DC converter reducing harmonics, switching loss, and switching noise
Power converter with a central controller and cell controllers daisy-chained by optical fiber
Integrated regenerative AC drive with solid state precharging
Drive device for railway vehicle
High frequency oscillator circuit and method to operate same
Low-voltage constant-gm rail-to-rail CMOS input stage with improved gain
Adaptive memory calibration using bins
Resonator element and resonator having a tapered arm next to the base
Interface circuit for signal transmission
Jitter reduction in high speed low core voltage level shifter
Apparatus and method to detect frequency difference
Microwave synthesizer
UPBO for vectored DSL
Full duplex transmission circuit and electronic apparatus
Image processing device and method, and image display device and method
Communication device and method of setting communication device
System for controlling path maximum transmission unit by detecting repetitional IP packet fragmentation and method thereof
Communication link allocation based on dynamic trend analysis
Communications network apparatus and line coding method
Method of measuring packet loss rate, packet loss rate measuring device and storage medium
Cached routing table management
Common framework for advanced multi-cell and multi-rat coordinated operations
Method and hierarchical radio network operations system for controlling a mobile communications network
System and method for multiple spanning tree protocol domains in a virtual local area network
Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Method for filtering packets coming from a communication network
Efficient pairing of networked devices
Access gateway and method of operation by the same
Uplink transmission method and apparatus in wireless communication system
Linear distortion and interference estimation using decision feedback equalizer coefficients
Scan mechanism and scan module
System for distributing and controlling color reproduction at multiple sites
Context constrained novel view interpolation
Imaging control device and imaging control method having intelligent auto mode features
Imaging apparatus
Camera mount adapter for multiple devices
Image distribution system and methods
Method for authenticating a charge-coupled device (CCD)
Image capturing apparatus
Imaging device and imaging apparatus
Imaging device, imaging device control method and program
Solid-state imaging device, camera, and electronic device
Digital television with improved input selection functionality
Luminance uniformity compensation of vector projection display
Electronic device, control method, and control program product
Camera layout determination support device
Data processing device and data processing method
Traffic system for enhancing driver visibility
Auto white balance adjustment system, auto white balance adjustment method, and camera module
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing system
Radio controller and mobile communication method
Systems and methods for allocating fully-orthogonal and quasi-orthogonal spreading codes to access terminals in radio access networks based on a tolerance level for additional interference on a per-access-terminal basis
Apparatus and method for transceiving downlink control information
Method and system for self-enabling portable television band devices
Concurrent background spectral scanning for bluetooth packets while receiving WLAN packets
Mechanisms for data handling during a relay handover with S1 termination at relay
Apparatus and method for alleviating barred access in mobile communication system
Data processing
Overlay handover in a broadband wireless network
Method and system for station-to-station directional wireless communication
Protocol fallback technique for wireless data communications
Method and apparatus for customizing a focus inactivity timer based on network watermark conditions
Techniques for enhanced network discovery
Hybrid gas discharge lamp-LED lighting system
3-way LED bulb
Dimmer-disabled LED driver
Configurable light timer and a method of implementing a configurable light timer
Emissivity profile control for thermal uniformity
Power supply arrangement
Static dissipating assembly
Method for grafting a porous element for leucodepletion
Polyimides and fluoropolymer bonding layer with improved copper heat seal strength
Fastening device for expansion card
Overheat suppression systems and methods for an electrical housing
Electronic device and complex electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Precision load adjustable rotary shaft seal
Ferrofluid sealing device
Tool holder for machine tool
Clamping jaw device
Skating scooter
Locating link for a motor vehicle wheel suspension
Independent suspension with a steering knuckle supported by a coupling rod
One piece mounting bracket for automotive suspension dampers, including attachment for stabilizer bar
Quick-release attachment device for motorcycles with concealed receiver assembly
Bicycle trailer
Telescopic fork for bicycles, with anti-twisting cross-member provided with end bushings engaged with and mechanically fastened onto the upper ends of the outer sliding tubes of the legs of the fork
No-sway hitch
Plate-like support element, in particular for a ski binding
Structure for placement of head protecting air bag apparatus
Air bag deployment system and method for monitoring same
Airbag unit
Inflatable knee bolster module assembly
Vehicle safety apparatus including movable inflatable occupant protection device
Apparatus for supporting steering column of vehicle and process of making
Four point restraint apparatus
Folder with framed windows and method of manufacturing thereof
Proofing substrate and methods of manufacture and use
Printed sheet products and methods of making
Self laminating clean release card
Security bands to prevent counterfeiting with color copies
Pipe repair clamp
Remote articulated connector
Plug-in coupling for pressure application systems
Telescopic tube, in particular for sprinkler systems
Tool joint and drill pipe made therefrom
Spring locked fluid fitting coupling system
One-piece slam-action pawl latch
Latch assembly for collapsible storage bin
Vehicle door latch assembly
Device for mechanically grasping and palletizing rectangular objects
Apparatus for transferring pieces of optical glass material
Vehicle storage trunk creation system
Liner for a work machine body and method for manufacturing the same
Dashboard with integrated directional microphone
Cockpit for an automotive vehicle
Folding sliding roof arrangement
Displaceable folding top for a motor vehicle
Automotive vehicle automotive front door moving structure and automotive front door window glass lowering structure
Automotive vehicle door system
Door frame for a motor vehicle
Pull-out device and a camping car provided with such device
Automotive vehicle having moveable roof panel
Foldable chair with handle
Folding mechanism for folding chair
Pneumatic bicycle seat assembly
Ejectable safety seat structure for recreational-type vehicles
Child''s seat
Seat sliding apparatus
Swayable backrest assembly for a chair
Seat recliner
Clamshell backrest components
Pneumatic blasting device
Hydraulic expansion tube
Tunnel excavator with S-shaped soil plate
Noise inhibiting wheel cover
Short travel detector for empty/load brake control
Brake booster negative pressure controller
Electro-hydraulic actuator for motor vehicle brake
Trailer ABS modulator with direct exhaust and control line/volume drain capability
Behavior control device of vehicle checking occasionally normal operation of longitudinal acc. sensor
Traction control system for vehicle
Valve assembly for controlling actuation of an actuator of a track tensioning system
Apparatus and method for operating a hydraulic excavator which has a position sensor for sensing position of an idler wheel
Industrial component holder assembly and rack
Apparatus for opening and closing slide door for control box
Workstation with opening and support for personal computer
Modular system board
Full vacuum heat insulation box body and method for producing and disassembling the same
Selective deposition modeling system and method
Digital photograph storage using ink jet printing
Multi-functional apparatus
Angled air impingment system for document control
Apparatus and method for drop size modulated ink jet printing
Printhead substrate having an ink jet primitive structure that spans both edges of an ink feed channel
Ink-jet printing method and apparatus therefor
Method for judging discharge state of ink jet recording head, and ink jet recording apparatus utilizing the same
Apparatus and method for measurement of a liquid droplet
Ink-jet recording apparatus
MEMS inkjet nozzle cleaning and closing mechanism
Carriage drive system for a serial printer which minimizes registration errors
Method and apparatus for improved bi-directional error for multicolor printers
Printing device
Liquid discharge method, liquid discharge head, manufacturing method of the head, head cartridge, and liquid discharge device
Recorder and method of making same
Head holder, head assembly, head cartridge, ink jet recorder, and method for manufacturing head assembly
Unit print head assembly for an ink-jet printer
Ink jet recording method
Liquid ejection device
Liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting device and liquid ejecting method
Fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead having multiple ink feed holes per nozzle
Ink-jet recording device
Ink jet recording head
Diaphragm pump having an integral pressure plate
Liquid container, ink jet cartridge having same and manufacturing method of the container
Ink container having electronic and mechanical features enabling plug compatibility between multiple supply sizes
Thermal ink jet printer having dual function dryer
Rotating shutter for eye/optics protection against in-band frequency agile lasers
Eyeglasses frame with integral hinge repair kit
Expandable computer tote
Releasable coupling for a suspension stud on a wall of a mobile telephone
Vertically engageable carrier foot
Sport vehicle luggage bag with detachable map pouch
Container for an orthodontic retainer
Dye machine festooner
Lead penetrating clamping system
Wire bonding method and apparatus
Die set for welding a panel like heat pipe to a heat sink
Apparatus and method for soldering through-hole components on circuit board
One-piece folding carton with integrally formed sliding display hang tab
Stackable package capable of division
Reusable assembled box and method of transport thereof
Carton having a prefolded interior paper lining and a method of preparing a carton with a prefolded interior paper lining
Tote box with corner enhancers and top rail
Light monitoring system and method for automated transaction machine
Personal digital assistant based financial transaction method and system
Printing apparatus, reading apparatus, and processing system for checks
Multiple-casualty incident patient tracking
Process for scanning a bar code
Integrated bar code reader and RF transceiver
Pen type code reader
Data card, process for manufacturing a data card and apparatus for manufacturing a data card
Automatic fluid temperature controller and washing machine incorporating same
Setback tracking thermostat
Compact gas fired humidifier
Rail fastening devices
Gauge plate and switch rod insulators
Rail clip
Fuel line gasket
Oscillating disk dental hygiene device
Illuminated windshield wiper nozzle
Portable gun for discharging highly pressurized fluid material
Firefighting monitor apparatus
Pivoting fluid conduit joint and one-way brake
Process for producing trihydrocarbyl aluminums
Rotary grinder with improved ram and screen
Facility for recycling the components of defective or used fluorescent tubes
Refuse collecting and disposal handling (Team II USA)
Colloid mill
Fastener and retainer
Controlled tape stopping with feed forward during power loss
Servo error detection of bi-directional reel-to-reel tape drives using fine line tachometers
Magnetic tape having hexadecimal hole patterns
Tape cartridge with remove to operate tape and hubs
Telecommunications cord reel
Webbing take-up device
Track and flap assembly for cutting tape
Continuous web winding method and device with suction-induced winding start of empty core mandrels
Web driving device
Yarn dispensing apparatus
Self-locking core and shaft assembly
Reel and method for supporting optical fibres
Spring component and support bearing for helicopter tail rotors and support structure for use in outer space
Super-pressured high-altitude airship
Glider launching device
Automated galley cart stowage system
Aircraft cabin seat configuration with enhanced ingress/egress
Aircraft crew rest station for a long distance airline flight
Eccentricity control strategy for inclined geosynchronous orbits
Method and apparatus for steering the attitude of a satellite
Panel and drive cage assembly
Retaining device
System for mounting elongate structures and wiring
Retaining apparatus and method for use in a nuclear reactor
Laptop computer support
Portable tripod support for portable keyboard device
Clamping holder
Golf club display hanger
Magnetic coupler and various embodiments thereof
Mechanism for tilting a microscope
Automotive power seat sliding device
Stand, in particular a microscope stand
Bracket having a releasable locking means
Mold for making rotationally asymmetric contact lenses
Reduced-energy-consumption actuator
Handless or footless operation of an electrical automatic water flow control apparatus
Proportional variable bleed solenoid valve with single adjustment pressure calibration and including poppet valve seal ball
Bellows for sealing a valve rod passage in a globe valve
Valve seat made of Fe-based sintered alloy excellent in wear resistance
Lifting device for lifting heavy loads, in particular derailed rail vehicles
Compact lifter
Bearing block tether using fine lines
Railing assembly
Attachment bracket
Fence protector apparatus
Vibration control system
Spring articulation structure
Oscillating force generator and vibration damper using the generator
Buckling device of a scanner head
Perimeter wafer lifting
Welder positioner
Ski and snowboard supporting stand and method of employing same
System and method for providing document accumulation sets to an inserter system
Sheet processing apparatus with open/close switchable sheet discharging member
Sheet supplying apparatus
Front loading type of automatic paper feeding apparatus for preventing paper from being skewed
Feed rollers with reversing clutch
Combination miniature race car and pinball game
Poker dice casino game method of play
Seal card game and method of playing same
Geometrically patterned tiles and game
Method and apparatus for playing a reverse blackjack card game
Method and apparatus for playing a reverse blackjack card game
Shaft sealing apparatus
Seal device
Post driving and earth boring machine
Clutch mechanism for use in a power-driven tool
Method and apparatus for transferring core sample from core retrieval chamber under pressure for transport
Multi-piece rotary cone drill bit seal
Automated aircraft towing vehicle system
Mounting and gearing system for power-assisted bicycles
Hydrostatic drive and steering system for a utility vehicle
Integrated semi-independent suspension and drivetrain system for vehicles
Motor vehicle with boom lift and improved power transfer device
Power steering apparatus
Steering valve arrangement of a hydraulic steering system
Noise-protection wall-segment
Exhaust system for internal combustion engines
Device for absorbing and/or damping sound waves
Surfacing panels for acoustical ceiling systems
Safety mobile ladder stand
Mast ladder assembly
Sawhorse with attached tool carrier
Drum drive elevator using flat belt
Material delivery system for clean room-like environments
Elevator reluctance linear motor drive system
Elevator cab floor acceleration control system
Load detector for elevator cage
Suspension system for a car mounted brake assembly
Reduced friction wet disc brake
Braking system including motor-driven disc brake equipped with self-servo mechanism
Disk brakes for rail vehicles
Electromechanical wheel brake device
Method and apparatus for enhancing vehicle braking efficiency
Disc brake system
Parking braking in vehicles having conventional braking systems
Valve which reacts as a function of pressure, especially for a vibration damper
Mechanism for supporting expandable pouch of luggage
Off-centered dual-purpose handle assembly for wheeled luggage
Hydraulically actuated power takeoff clutch assembly
Ratchet tool
Locating ring and groove configuration for use with axially stacked torque transmitting mechanisms in a power transmission
Viscous fluid coupling
Friction clutch
Hydraulically actuated piston with an air bleed
Clutch disc
Coin discriminating apparatus
Electronic bulk feeder for small assembly components
Pressureless infeed conveyor table
Ampule transfer unit
Apparatus for conveying coiler cans, particularly between two drawing frames positioned consecutively in a sliver processing line
Apparatus and method for adjusting the position of guide rails in conveyors
Refurbishable conveyor system rollers
Module for a modular conveying belt
Reduced cost impregnated wipes
Travel tray having adjustable drink holder
Convertible shoe box and display platform
Automatic quiver
Adjustable handle for golf bags
Method for covering a mouth insert portion of an intraoral camera with a film-made sheath and the combination thereof
Camera carrying case
Protective casing having an improved closure
Shipping and storage container for laptop computers
Holster with variable depth pocket
Cartridge assembly packaging
Compact organizer for open-end wrenches
Container for retaining microscope slides
Ammunition shipping and storage container and method
Moisture barrier Q pack shipping box
Food storage containers
Lunch box or similar carrier incorporating an audio recording/transmitting system
Method and system for recycling discarded industrial products
Vibrating screen assembly of dissimilar materials
Method for processing sheet material such as bank notes using a sorting tree
Sorting apparatus
Apparatus for removing matter from tobacco stems
Rolling screen gapping system
Wear shoe for sludge collector
Cable management solution for rack-mounted computers
Funnel system for holding implements
Retractable towel bar
Product organizer
Multiple pedestal ring for ringer crane
Draft sill with locking center pin
Nursing bottle with gripping recesses
One-piece dispensing structure and method and apparatus for making same
Biaxially stretched bottle having a carrying handle
Transport chamber and method for making same
Container for fragile articles
Drawer insert
Resin fuel tank
Spill containment pan
Closure assembly for a drinking vessel
Lid device with splashless baffle
Interleaved roll mounted bags and dispenser
Dispenser for frangible frozen food articles
Dispensing device
Cartridge for aseptically holding and dispensing a fluid material, and a container and method for aseptically holding and mixing the fluid material
Squeeze dispenser package for viscous products
Device for mixing, foaming and dispensing liquids from separate compressed-gas containers
Snap-on screw-off closure
Press-type perfume sprayer
Diaphragm pump and a receptacle fitted therewith
Inhaler and valve therefor
Valve for viscous fluid applicator
Dispensing cover assembly
Filler nozzle for packaging for biological liquids, in particular for artificial insemination
Hanger clip grip pad
Breathing gas delivery method and apparatus
Control valve actuated by low-pressure and low-flow-rate control fluid
Device and method for improving breathing
System and method for improving compliance of a medical regimen
Device and method for forming a circumferential conduction block in a pulmonary vein
Process for producing osteoinductive bone, and osteoinductive bone produced thereby
Method for treatment of cancer and infectious disease
System for locating implantable medical device
Reduced basis weight cigarette paper
Method for removing acrylic fingernails
System for automatically coating the human body
Cosmetic dispenser
Hair decoration
Hair styling tool
Portable hair salon station
Mascara application guard
Method for cleaning inside of chamber using RF plasma
Cleaning device for a dry shaver
Method and apparatus for removing processing liquid from a processing liquid delivery line
Flushing system with pressurized air
Portable sunshade
Apparatus enabling disabled persons to walk
Collapsible structures
Tunable anticipatory output response valve control
Valve configuration and method for heating a valve configuration
Method for reducing dissipation rate of fluid ejected into boundary layer
Medical gas emergency delivery system and method
Pneumatic pressure regulator
Variable orifice gas lift valve for high flow rates with detachable power source and method of using
Aeration apparatus for a vertical riser in a vacuum drainage system
Device for regulating the contents of a container
Valve for a tank and especially for a flow control arrangement having a plurality of fluid storage tanks
Spray hood protector in a fluid-based cooling system
Safety hose system
Fuel tank and fuel feeding apparatus used therefor
Conestoga combat hose reel and rapid inland petroleum and water distribution system
Sewage ejector basin and assembly
Normally-open backwater valve
Double acting pressure relief valve with low pressure seal
Mixing adaptor system
Variable flow area refrigerant expansion device
Fluidic pressure regulator
Actuator valve for pressure switch for a fluidic system
Reservoir for fuel feeding module, and fuel feeding module provided with the same
Hydraulic valve
Variable pilot pressure control for pilot valves
Head gasket with a check valve
Tubular element and device equipped therewith for applying a fluid processing agent to a strip of fabric
Undersink frozen pipe thawing system
Thermoplastic or thermoset pipes including conductive textile reinforcements for heating and leak detection purposes
System for supporting pipes in service galleries, especially in the nuclear industry
Pipe leadthrough
Expansion tube joint and assembling method thereof
Double walled apparatus and methods
Flexible hoses
Double walled pipe structures
Reinforcement structure for pipe
Cleaning cloth
Wire mesh having flattened strands
Air feed block for a mechanical loom
Gripper and weft insertion device for a rapier loom
Weaving machine with an insertion system for a plurality of generally different weft threads
Medical stents for body lumens exhibiting peristaltic motion
Rotary union assembly for filler device and associated method
Filling method and filling device
Vacuum fill/assembly method for fluid dynamic bearing motor
Dispenser with radio frequency on-board vapor recovery identification
Device for cleaning a tapping head arrangement for tapping beverages pressurized by gas
Hydrogen-based ecosystem
Apparatus and system for handling material
Valve assembly for use with containers in a closed application system
Stump grinding machine having improved cutting boom support structure
Cutting machine
Base plate for mounting router in a support table
Lathe charger
Adjustable router table jig
Tire with specified belt profile in the absence of load and inflating pressure
Heavy-duty radial tire with specified steel amount in belt plies
Pneumatic radical tire for passenger car with carcass ply cut-out zone
Tire bead breaker
Venetian type blind having pivot slat and tilting slat
Multiple panel display system
Operating devices and slats for reversible window blinds
Disengageable rolling door drive
Lost foam and sand cores stage manufacturing technology
Method of making spray-formed articles using a polymeric mandrel
Method for casting
Drop leg booster for carburetors
Door mechanism of automobile air conditioner
Air or liquid cooled computer module cold plate
Method for producing a cooling element, and a cooling element
Double heat exchanger having condenser core and radiator core
Three circuit plate heat exchanger
Wireless coiled tubing joint locator
Downhole screen and method of manufacture
Method of creating a wellbore
Method and apparatus for production testing involving first and second permeable formations
Pressure control apparatus
Chemically assisted thermal flood process
Vacuum extraction apparatus and process
Scoop for use with an anchor system for supporting a whipstock
Method for simultaneously installing multiple strings within a wellbore and related tools
Deep well flexible hose and method of use
Apparatus and method for maintaining relatively uniform fluid pressure within an expandable well tool subjected to thermal variants
Hydraulic controls for agricultural implements
Wall tie reinforcement and method
Machine for preparing hot beverages
Apparatus for preparing and dispensing whipped beverages
Electric fryer with an elevating mechanism
Steam peeling device
Energy-efficient cooker
Toaster with warming chambers
Fryer for food process lines
Refrigerated product containing pieces of chocolate and a process and an arrangement for its production
Apparatus for extracting creamed corn
Coil handling device
Portable refuse compactor
Tool drive apparatus
Electrical connector assembly
Electrical card connector
Electrical connector with improved grounding structure for shielding shell thereof
Sparkplug boot and wire protector and assembly
Bracket having a recoverable door
Replaceable panel for receptacles
Electrical connector assembly
Cable reel and assembling method thereof
Electrical connector with lock
SIM card connector with improved detecting switch
EMI gasket for connector assemblies
Inline cable connector
Push-lock BNC connector
Locking device for locking an edge card to an electrical connector
Equipment assembly
Circuit board retainer
Stacked laminate mold
Apparatus for pressing ceramic powders
Device to assist in applying filler material
Burner with acoustically damped fuel supply system
Candle snuffing device
Laser-induced ignition system using a cavity
Vertical multiple stage oven
Rotary hearth furnace with lightened construction
Orthodontic element and manufacturing method
Tooth shade analyzer system and methods
Multifunction syringe for repairing teeth
Disposable contra-angle
Polymerizable isolation barriers with reduced polymerization strength and methods for forming and using such barriers
Releasably mountable hand grip for a dental tool
Fixture, prosthesis anchoring device and prosthesis
Impression coping system for osseointegrated implants
Dental prosthesis stabilizer
Training weapon with trigger actuated indicator light
Method and apparatus for increased language fluency through interactive comprehension, recognition and generation of sounds, words and sentences
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia training system
Electrical connector
Multiple power adapter interface apparatus
Power connector combining signal connection
Angled coaxial connector module
Flat cable insertion socket
Apparatus for mounting an electronic component to a printed circuit board
Articulable projecting plug
Connecting structure for conducting wires of ceiling fan
Electrical connector feedthrough to low pressure chamber
Electrical connector with planar mounting members
End structure for coaxial connector and method of treating end thereof
Low profile mini coaxial cable connector
Lower profile micro connector assembly
Gas turbine engine
Non-corrosive regenerative fuel pump housing with double seal design
Steam turbine
Steam turbine stationary blade
Bolted-on propeller blade
Device for attaching pump impeller
Process for evacuating a wet gas a treatment device to carry out this process and a suction pump for a treatment device of this type
Infusion pump extruded metal housing with elastomeric end caps
Engine arrangement for blowers and blower/vacuums
Multi-stage pump device
Device and process intended for two-phase compression of a gas soluble in a solvent
Refrigerant compressor and method for assembling
Pressure processing a pumpable substance with a flexible membrane
Counterweight of reduced size
Nonwoven fibrous product forming apparatus
Concrete pump with pivotable hopper assembly
Multi-panel platform rollstops for wheelchair lift
Wafer transfer mechanism
Pen for receiving eyeglasses
Ophthalmic lens
Contact lens with filtering for outdoor sporting and recreational activities
System and method of integrating corneal topographic data and ocular wavefront data with primary ametropia measurements to create a soft contact lens design
Ophthalmic apparatus
Non-invasive measurement of blood component using retinal imaging
System, method and software for correcting keystoning of a projected image
Projection-type display device
Digital electrochromic mirror system
Mirror with multiple selectable magnifications
Infant viewing device
Illumination system having an array of linear prisms
Back light unit for liquid crystal display device
Display device using a light guide for exterior automotive lighting
Keyhole lighting fixture
Screwdriver having a bit set slidably received in a handle of the screwdriver
On-site fabricated linear ambient lighting system
Illuminated container holder
Method and apparatus for L.E.D. illumination
Illuminating warning device
Telescopic lantern
Led lamp having ball-shaped light diffusing modifier
Angularly adjustable holding frame for decorative light bulb strings
Automatic leveling device for automotive vehicle headlamps
Luminaire with lamellae having a gradual change in their profiles
Vehicle lighting device with a plurality of light-emitting diodes employed as light source
Lamp assembly with a casing that partially transmits light in order to reduce shadows
Transportable lamp
Christmas lamp base
Heat conducting multi position reflector neck assembly
Lighting optics for light means of vehicles
Apparatus for mixing and advancing a polymer melt
Drink stirrer having a light device
Production of solids by precipitation
Method and device for producing a dispersed mixture via crossing partial flows
Apparatus for handling and preparing fluids
Force absorbing homogenization valve
Installation for immersing the grape in its juice in a vinification tank
Process and apparatus for preparing pigment flush
Wristwatch to aid in smoking cessation program
Thermopile detector and method for fabricating the same
Temperature sensor with thermistor housed in blocked space having ventilation
X-ray examination apparatus including a diaphragm unit
Reusable clothes dryer lint collection mitt and method of manufacture
Bag comprising complementary closure strips actuated by a cursor
Lined bulk bag
Linear motion guiding apparatus
Sliding bearing
High density optoelectronic transceiver module
Multi-channel fiber optic connector
Multifiber alignment adapter and associated fiber optic connector subassembly
Systems and methods for detecting imperfect connections in optical systems
Camera having barrier member capable of smoothly moving
Camera utilizing film and reflective imager
Relating to photographic processes
Integrated ribbon mechanism
Printing method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for pinless feeding of web to a utilization device
Multi-color printing device having ink and laser printing units
Pressure contact roller and printer using the same
Squeezing apparatus of a liquid electrophotographic printer
Packaging and applicator device, and a refill element for such a device
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Dispensing and applicator assembly with self-loading applicator
Writing implement support system
Push button type ballpoint pen
Structure joined by friction stir welding
Connection for the sections of a separable guide tube and of a drive shaft disposed therein
Hook device
Tube tightening structure for collapsible vehicles
Metal clip and, fixing structure for fixing shaftlike member to mount member having through hole, with the metal clip
System for the modification of the rigidity and damping properties of structural joints
Button for front panel of a personal computer
Jointing construction
Road-marking complex and system for marking roads
Net of three-dimensional construction and vegetation method for surface of slope
Material and construction method of prevention of scour for the underwater structure
Breakwater/attenuation device for high speed vessel wake
Adjustable depth air sparging well
Continuous ditch excavator
Device and method for trenchless replacement of underground pipe
Barge stabilization method
Apparatus for placing auger type anchors
Cage frame for shore protection
Rotary powder feed through apparatus
Structure for mounting motor of planing machine
T-nut with indented leading and trailing edge flanges
Quick-made connection for a stud having a shaped outer profile
Covering device for nut and covering device for bolt head
Fastening system for speaker grilles
Round bale transport device
Transfer system for vacuum process equipment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Drill guide fixture for drilling, to open, disc padlocks, rectangular padlocks, door knobs and lever locks
Hole enlargement apparatus
Fastening device and a spacer, and a method of using the same
Saw tooth mold
Molding system using film heaters and/or sensors
Spiral fed multi-layer tubular die
Album and binding method therefor
Vehicle discharge system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic pump housing with an integral dampener chamber
Coolable component
Cooled vane for gas turbine
Piston rod seal assembly for walking beam compressor
Sealed steady bearing assembly for non-metallic vertical sump and process pumps
Pump consisting of a mechanism transmitting to a tubular circuit system periodic rotational inertial forces developing in the liquid contained therein continuous pressure and flow
Cable end connector having accurately positioned connection terminal therein
Electrical continuity checker for connector
Contact for surface mounted connector
Electrical connector with a contact securing flap
Low crosstalk modular communication connector
Connector assembly having means for penetrating the insulation and establishing electrical connection with the wires
Terminal end structure of flat circuitry and branch connection structure constituted by the same
Terminal hardware for flat-type conductor and a method of making a terminal conductor
Press-fit pin, connector and printed circuit board-connected structure
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