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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electric weeder
Vertical floating row cleaner
Trellising cross arm
Modular aquaculture system and method of use
Fishing accessory capture apparatus
Template for multiple overlapping scallops
Helmet with flush aligned shield when closed
Kinematic shoe sole and shoe having kinematic shoe sole
Bowling shoe outsole with interchangeable pads
Hair styling device
Medical imaging device
Supplemental sleeping pillow with detachable strap
Inflatable component for an alternating pressure mattress
Window unit for display, protection and preventive conservation of an object of limited thickness
Manual electrical equipment for hair straightening
Grout and tile cleaning implement with replaceable member
Upright vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Catheter with optical fiber sensor
System and method for inferring disease similarity by shape matching of ECG time series
Hydration monitoring
Impedance-based measuring method for hemodynamic parameters
Reconstruction algorithm for object point outside the scan-field-of-view
X-ray CT apparatus and image reconstructing device
Medical article having fluid control film
Disposable absorbent article having a visibly highlighted wetness sensation member
Absorbent article
Substituted 2-phenylbenzimidazoles, the production thereof and their use
5-(4-methanesulfonyl-phenyl)-thiazole derivatives for the treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases
Compositions and methods related to profiling a plurality of cells based on peptide binding
System and method for closed-loop neural stimulation
Method and apparatus for identifying cardiac and non-cardiac oversensing using intracardiac electrograms
Vagus nerve stimulation via unidirectional propagation of action potentials
Full-face mask and mask cushion therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Paint mist collecting device and paint booth using the same
Container inspection machine using light source having spatially cyclically continuously varying intensity
Paint roller cleaner
Vehicle body repair device
Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Vacuum casting apparatus
Sleeve coupling
Clad alloy substrates and method for making same
Profile connector and profile composite
Screwdriver with changeable head units
Folding knife handle with assisted opening function
Printing apparatus, printing system, printhead temperature retaining control method
Exposure head
Light source using large area LEDs
Image forming apparatus using a plurality of lasers with a varying exposure ratio
Vehicle stability control system
Air-conditioning system for vehicle with improved sunshine correction
Obstacle detection apparatus
Telematic parametric speed metering system
Push-button type cylinder lock assembly
Vehicle anti-theft system and method
Arrangement for mounting the front technical surface of a vehicle
Floating structure
Barrier system for inhibiting marine growth on submerged component of boat
Passive valve for multivalve devices and a multivalve device, in particular having such a passive valve
Device for protecting a threaded tubular component and tubular component provided with the device
Reusable adjustable gift wrap
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Unsaturated aliphatic primary amine and production method thereof
Method for obtaining an aminoindan mesylate derivative
Process for producing optically active .beta.-hydroxy-.alpha.-aminocarboxylic acid derivative
Process for the decarboxylation of fatty acids
Fluorinated cyclic compound, polymerizable fluoromonomer, fluoropolymer, resist material comprising the same, and method of forming pattern with the same
Thione derivative, method for the preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Multi layer chromatography of nucleic acids
Microchannel polymerization reactor
Proton conductor
Processes of synthesizing aromatic amine-based benzoxazine resins
PHA blends
Lyotropic liquid crystals and vesicles
Rubber composition
Solubilizer and composition containing same
Modified asphalt binders and asphalt paving compositions
Thermosetting adhesives comprising a resin having azetidinium functional groups
Cationic latex as a carrier for bioactive ingredients and methods for making and using the same
Specific genetic modification of the activity of trehalose-6-phosphate synthase and expression in a homologous or heterologous environment
Mammalian-type glycosylation in transgenic plants expressing mammalian .beta.1,4-galactosyltransferase
Optimized multi-stage inductive melting of amorphous alloys
Composite particulate preparing apparatus and method
Inhibitor of lead-induced stress corrosion cracking comprising nickel boride in secondary side of steam generator tubes in nuclear power plants and inhibition method using the same
Fixed Constructions
Water recycling system for sprinklers
Support beam structure capable of extending span and reducing height of ceiling structure and installing method thereof
Mount for pitched roof and method of use
Coupling mechanism for releasably interconnecting a first and a second mechanical member and a linear actuator equipped with such a coupling mechanism
Theft prevention apparatus for a personal electronic device
Hinge mechanism
Threshold assembly having a rail and a drainage element
Door arrangement and assembly method for door arrangement
Method of forming a molded fiberglass sidelite assembly
Window shade lifting apparatus
Temporary abandonment cap
Particles comprising blocked isocyanate resin and method of modifying a wellbore using the same
Stackable multi-barrier system and method
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface and tools therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Triggered-travel jack for a safety system
Apparatus and method of converting a portion of the specific energy of a fluid in gas phase into mechanical work
Hydraulic support element
Adjustment device for a valve drive mechanism of an internal combustion engine
Two-step oil control valve failure diagnostic
Internal combustion engine charge air cooler precooler
Split-cycle engine with crossover passage combustion
Supercharger control device for an internal combustion engine
Heat-insulating structure
Seal assembly for a pressurized fuel feed system for an internal combustion engine
Method for meshing a starting pinion of a starter device with a toothed ring of an internal combustion engine
Hand-held engine-powered tool
Automatic transmission hydraulic accumulator
Active balancing system powered by light
Device for guiding a power tool
Flow path switching valve
Hot water feeder
Thermoelectric-enhanced, vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus facilitating cooling of an electronic component
Continuous amorphous feedstock skull melting
Remote contrivance refurbishment apparatus and related methods
Adjustable firearm gas block
Sport blow gun
Method for measuring volume by an optical surface profilometer in a micromechanical device and a system for carrying out said measurement
Trammel assembly for rotor pitch links and method of using same
Dual axis magnetic field detector and magnets therefor
Processes, arrangements and systems for providing a fiber layer thickness map based on optical coherence tomography images
Content display device and content display method
Coriolis mass flow meter with micro-bend tubes
Measuring cup
Universal multidetection system for microplates
Sun detection sensor
Angle test apparatus for torsion spring
Force measuring system, method for measuring forces and torques on a rotating body and wind tunnel with a model arranged therein and comprising at least one propeller with a force measuring system
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal using virtual source location information
Sensor system
Testing apparatus for off-load and on-load unhooking simulation of the release device of a closed lifeboat
Sono-photonic gas sensor
Device for and method of inspecting surface condition having different curvatures
Rotating carriage assembly for use in scanning cargo conveyances transported by a crane
Nanometric device for the measurement of the conductivity and quantum effects of individual molecules and methods for the manufacture and use thereof
Operation-position detector and application thereof
Method for testing the tension stress in tension elements of tension element cord
Enumeration of thrombocytes
Systems and methods of alternative overlay calculation
Analysis methods and devices for fluids
Sensor, method for sensing, measuring device, method for measuring, filter component, method for adapting a transfer behavior of a filter component, actuator system and method for controlling an actuator using a sensor
Method and apparatus for inspecting an object using terahertz electromagnetic wave
Partial discharge charge quantity measuring method and device
Home network system
Integrated non-destructive method and device for electrochemical energy system diagnostics
Detection and ranging device and detection and ranging method
Mobile millimeter wave imaging radar system
Navigation system and method for a snorkeler
Culled satellite ephemeris information based on limiting a span of an inverted cone for locating satellite in-range determinations
Millimeter wave radar target simulation systems and methods
Digital X-ray image detector using an FED device
Device for estimating local towed array angles
Method to determine the measurement workflow of a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus in the generation of slice images of a subject
Systems and methods for correction of inhomogeneities in magnetic resonance images
Wide-angle image pick-up lens system and vehicle with same
Image pickup device utilizing optical distortion characteristic
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens assembly and zoom lens module
Zoom lens having increased positioning accuracy
Deployable telescope having a thin-film mirror and metering structure
Area array modulation and lead reduction in interferometric modulators
Infrared and dual mode displays
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus comprising the same
Optical scanning projector apparatus
Projection objective having a high aperture and a planar end surface
Variable focus lens having a plurality of protrusions at one end of fluid chamber
Oblique mirror-type normal-incidence collector system for light sources, particularly EUV plasma discharge sources
Lens actuator
Lens actuator and camera module with same
Camera module
Duobinary modulation with a lumped-element Mach-Zehnder device
Free-space integrated photodetector with reduced phase tracking error
OCB mode liquid crystal display and a driving method of the same
Digital camera
Systems and methods for reducing rain effects in images
Imaging apparatus with a function of compensating for hand shake, method of compensating for hand shake, and computer program product
Camera system, lens unit and accessory device
Method and system for preserving the creative intent within a motion picture production chain
Projection lens system of a microlithographic projection exposure installation
Alignment method and apparatus of mask pattern
Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Image pick-up apparatus with a multi-area AF function
Image forming apparatus with plurality of AC power cords
Image forming apparatus and method of activating the apparatus during filling with developing agent
Image forming apparatus
Developing device used in image forming apparatus, and process cartridge with the developing device
Developing device including improved conveying device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus using the same
Reflection member for a fixing unit of an, image forming apparatus and a fixing method using the reflection member
Image formation apparatus with positioning section that positions exposure device
Method of adjusting a plurality of successive position-controlled axes in an adjusting stroke
Step-down converter
Constant voltage power supply circuit and method of controlling the same
Power conversion circuit
Power supply control
Data processing device, data processing method, and program
Controllable oscillator blocks
Narrow pulse generator
Sequencing control circuit
Electronic device enclosure
Tool-less electronic component retention
Boot-switching apparatus and method for multiprocessor and multi-memory system
Automation system and a method and input/output assembly therefore
Optical disc apparatus and data complementation method
Code recovery system and method
Method for memory testing
Description of activities in software products
Identifying failure in a tree network of a parallel computer
Result directed diagnostic method and system
Wireless network apparatus and method for controlling transmission rate using the same
Programmable bus driver launch delay/cycle delay to reduce elastic interface elasticity requirements
Network security device and method
Method, computer program product, and system for rapid resultant estimation performance determination
Method and apparatus for encrypting data to be secured and inputting/outputting the same
Controlling resource transfers in a logically partitioned computer system
Data processing device having flash ROM, and a flash ROM data erasing method
Shared/exclusive control scheme among sites including storage device system shared by plural high-rank apparatuses, and computer system equipped with the same control scheme
Using trusted user space pages as kernel data pages
Data bus width converter
Method and apparatus for backup and recovery using storage based journaling
System and method for expandable non-volatile storage devices
Reducing memory overhead of a page table in a dynamic logical partitioning environment
Circuit for protecting computer system
Keymap order compression
System and method for delivering business intelligence data in a client/server architecture
Information storage medium including device-aspect-ratio information, method and apparatus therefor
Systems and methods for managing a network
High latency interface between hardware components
Packet-switched split computer having disassociated peripheral controller and plural data buses
Efficient interrupt message definition
Apparatus and method of processing information
Computer capable of automatic bandwidth configuration according to I/O expansion card type
Sensitivity matrix determination for adaptive color control
Information processing apparatus connected to a printing apparatus via a network and computer-readable storage medium having stored thereon a program for causing a computer to execute generating print data in the information processing apparatus connected to the printing apparatus via the network
Dual printhead controller architecture for ink quality assurance circuitry
Recording and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
Image forming system and image forming method
Managing stateful data in a partitioned application server environment
Server apparatus, screen sharing method and computer readable medium
Attachment browser
Scheduled electronic mail deletions
Communication system, proxy server, method of controlling same and control program therefor
Method and system for distributed rendering
Home adaptive transceiver for home networking communication system
Audiovisual distribution system for playing an audiovisual piece among a plurality of audiovisual devices connected to a central server through a network
Data reallocation among PEs connected in both directions to respective PEs in adjacent blocks by selecting from inter-block and intra block transfers
Contact server for call center
Protection for wireless devices against false access-point attacks
System and method for managing supply of digital content
Embedded network traffic analyzer
Method and apparatus for improving cluster performance through minimization of method variation
Method and apparatus for an inductive doubling architecture
Parallel video processing architecture
System and method for performing processing, such as spreadsheet processing
Mobile communication terminal for downloading contents and method thereof
Products and processes for communicating information regarding a product dispensed by a vending machine
Information recording/reproducing apparatus, information recording/reproducing method, program storage medium, and program
Method, system, and program for defining and managing complex contingent rules, and exceptions thereto, in a rule-based computer system
Identification of relevant metrics
Bayesian-network-based method and system for detection of clinical-laboratory errors using synthetic errors
Method and apparatus for comparing documents, and computer product
Document translation method and document translation device
Method and apparatus for NAS/CAS integrated storage system
Device, a program and a system for managing electronic documents
System, method, and computer readable media for identifying and rating virtual universe objects
Federated information management
Map data product and map data processor
Data cells, and a system and method for accessing data in a data cell
Generalized web-service
Multiple string searching using content addressable memory
System and method for performing a conjunctive keyword search over encrypted data
Electrical parameter extraction for integrated circuit design
Circuit design method, circuit design system, and program product for causing computer to perform circuit design
Method and apparatus for directed physical implementation of a circuit design for an integrated circuit
Performance visualization system
Generation of a specification of a network packet processor
Systems and methods for simulating vehicle operation
Method for digital system modeling by using higher software simulator
Traffic information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing a site-dependent dual damascene procedure
Dynamic metrology schemes and sampling schemes for advanced process control in semiconductor processing
Program rewriting system and program rewriting method
Methods for analyzing high dimensional data for classifying, diagnosing, prognosticating, and/or predicting diseases and other biological states
Method for secure access to document repositories
Stateless asynchronous message transmission
Enclosure slot identification by modules
Input device and method of configuring the input device
Portable computer
Device and system for synchronizing image signals transmitted with superimposed signals
Storage system, method for managing the same, and storage controller
Job managing apparatus and method, job managing program, storage medium storing the program, and job managing system
Method and system for protecting the consistency of information in a distributed file system
Storing information in otherwise unused space in VTOC and VVDS for recovery of data
Database retrieval with a unique key search on a parallel computer system
Systems and methods for managing multiple user accounts
Genotyping result evaluation method and system
Smart car ice and snow eliminator
Application and method for transferring information between platforms
Query-independent entity importance in books
Integrated circuit with reconfigurable inputs/outputs
System, method and computer program product for hooking a COM interface
Profiling of performance behaviour of executed loops
Method for multi-standard software defined radio base-band processing
Method for the static analysis of concurrent multi-threaded software
Compiler implemented software cache method in which non-aliased explicitly fetched data are excluded
Pattern matching and transformation of intermediate language expression trees
Methods and computer program products for benchmarking multiple collaborative services provided by enterprise software
Single-stack model for high performance parallelism
Efficient virtual machine communication via virtual machine queues
Image processing method, program product, image processing device, image forming apparatus and image forming system for limiting ink quality when printing on both sides of a print medium
Image forming apparatus
Method and system for sorting incoming mail
Method and system for determining dimensions of a structure having a re-entrant profile
Defect detecting apparatus, defect detecting method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program therefor
Methods and systems for clinical trial data management
Moving-object tracking control apparatus, moving-object tracking system, moving-object tracking control method, and program
Tunable object detection
Method for segmenting anatomical structures from 3D image data by using topological information
Defect detecting apparatus, defect detecting method, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program therefor
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Imaging apparatus having a slot in which an image verification apparatus is inserted
Method of generating positioning coefficients for strip-based satellite image
Edge-oriented interpolation method and system for a digital image
Video segmentation combining similarity analysis and classification
Systems and methods for generating background and foreground images for document compression
Multi-resolution foveation for bandwidth reduction of moving images
Defect detecting device, image sensor device, image sensor module, image processing device, digital image quality tester, and defect detecting method
Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
Method and apparatus for correcting motion distortion and lens distortion of image-taking video signals
Low latency counter event indication
Optical touch screen assembly
Framework for dynamic composition of web services
Method of evaluating learning rate of recommender systems
Container management method and container management system
Method for automatically determining a fare for the use of chargeable means of transport conveying persons
Method and apparatus for conditional payment to a seller
Financial activity with graphical user interface based on natural peril events
Financial activity based on natural peril events
Financial activity concerning tropical weather events
Article of manufacture for managing retirement and other investments that use an asset accumulation strategy
Computer-implemented display to facilitate trading in multi-modal freight shipment derivatives
Data flow management in generating profile models used in optical metrology
Performance optimized smartcard transaction management
Automated pricing system
Statistical variable display apparatus and method, and storage medium storing statistical variable display program
Information processing method and information processing apparatus
Vehicle spacing detector and notification system
System to monitor the ingestion of medicines
System for measuring and tracking at least one physiological parameter and a measuring device for doing the same
Electronic device with an antitheft function and method for preventing theft of electronic devices
Comprehensive theft security system
Proximity sensor and proximity sensing method
System and method for monitoring motor
Service personnel communication system
Apparatus and method for visualizing music and other sounds
Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
Scan driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
Display device having demultiplexer
Screen transmission device, method of generating screen and computer readable medium
Organic light emitting diode display device and driving method thereof
Intra-pixel convolution for AMOLED
Display device and method of driving the same
System and apparatus for adjustable keyboard arrangements
Liquid crystal display device, driving method for liquid crystal display devices, and inspection method for liquid crystal display devices
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicle by teeth-clenching
System and method for providing a wide aspect ratio flat panel display monitor independent white-balance adjustment and gamma correct capabilities
String instrument
Strap connector and strap for musical instrument having strap connector
Electronic wind instrument
Sound synthesis
Response generator for mimicking human-computer natural language conversation
Device for layer-jumping control of optical disc devices and related method
Magazine insertion and ejection system
Disk device
Bit error rate reduction buffer
Optical information recording medium including super resolution reproducing film, method for reproducing optical information recording medium, and optical information processing apparatus using optical information recording medium
Optical disc having small access units and address information modulation method therefor
MRAM structure using sacrificial layer for anti-ferromagnet and method of manufacture
Magnetic recording and reading device
Method for manufacturing disk drive device
Compact thin-film magnetic head and magnetic disk drive using the same
Optical pickup for a disk apparatus
Phase plate and optical head device
Method of adjusting spherical aberration and focus offset and information recording/reproduction apparatus using the same
Optical recording medium and method for formatting the same with improved compatability and consistency
Write splice for optical recording channels
Optical disk processing apparatus
Optical recording method, optical reproducing method, and optical reproducing apparatus
Digital focus and tracking servo system with multi-zone calibration
Optical integrated unit and optical pickup apparatus including the same
Recording medium with physical access control (PAC) information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Systems and methods for forming a master disk utilizing variation in an applied signal power for forming uniform pits
Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the data storage device
Flash memory device having a verify data buffer capable of being employed as a program data buffer, and a method thereof
Storage device
Method of managing a memory device employing three-level cells
Apparatus and method of multi-bit programming
Cache memory, processor, and production methods for cache memory and processor
Apparatus for redundancy reconfiguration of faculty memories
Semiconductor integrated circuit and memory checking method
Semiconductor memory device and operation control method thereof
Semiconductor device with circuitry for efficient information exchange
Auto-refresh controlling apparatus
Semiconductor memory having a bank with sub-banks
X-ray radiation sources with low neutron emissions for radiation scanning
Particle optics and waveguide apparatus
Chip resistor
Variable chip resistor
Series surge suppression structure
Magnetic core
Method to produce a curved coil, in particular a sub-coil of a gradient coil for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Parallel-tuned pick-up system with multiple voltage outputs
Buffer capacitor, a zero operational resistance capacitor
Control unit with a monitoring apparatus
Network protector retrofit handle assembly
Electrical switching circuit
Set with a position sensor and an exciter part
Organic electroluminescent device and production method thereof
Organic electroluminescent device and electronic apparatus
Electroluminescent display
Conductive composition for black bus electrode, and front panel of plasma display panel
Plasma display panel having laminated members and visible light reflection layer
High sensitivity and high dynamic-range CMOS image sensor pixel structure with dynamic C-V characteristics
Method and apparatus for qualitatively analyzing high-molecular additives in metal plating solution
Ferroelectric memory device and method for manufacturing ferroelectric memory device
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Electronic sensor with integrated thermal regulation
Sharing adaptive dispersion compensation engine among programmable logic device serial interface channels
System and method for manipulating real-time video playback time-synchronized with millimeter wave imagery
Integrated circuit including a body transistor and method
Transistor array for semiconductor memory devices and method for fabricating a vertical channel transistor array
Controlling electromechanical behavior of structures within a microelectromechanical systems device
Backside illuminated imaging device, semiconductor substrate, imaging apparatus and method for manufacturing backside illuminated imaging device
Optical erase memory structure
MIM capacitor and metal interconnection
Transistor array panel, liquid crystal display panel, and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel
Method and system for providing an aligned semiconductor assembly
Bulk non-planar transistor having strained enhanced mobility and methods of fabrication
Display apparatus with color pixels
Method of forming a CMOS structure having gate insulation films of different thicknesses
Integrated semiconductor chip with lateral thermal insulation
One-transistor static random access memory with integrated vertical PNPN device
Semiconductor device having nitridated oxide layer and method therefor
Semiconductor device structure
Parallel varactor capacitor with varying capacitance
Optical device
Semiconductor device having rectifying action
Light emitting diode with plated substrate and method for producing the same
Organic semiconductor material, organic semiconductor element and field effect transistor using the same
Semiconductor device
Ultrasonic sensor including a piezoelectric element
Piezoelectric tactile sensor
Antenna coil antenna device
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals
Circularly-polarized dielectric resonator antenna
Variable aspect ratio tapered slot antenna for extended low frequency response
Laser driving circuit, optical pickup and recording/reading equipment
Yb: and Nd: mode-locked oscillators and fiber systems incorporated in solid-state short pulse laser systems
Laser apparatus and production method of laser apparatus
Integrated optical detector in semiconductor reflector
Method and apparatus for providing electrostatic discharge protection for a polysilicon fuse
Battery pack charging apparatus and method for constant current and constant voltage charging of multiple battery packs
Electric power system
UPS having solar powered battery charger
Non-contact power transmission device
Energy conversion system with variable airgap distance and energy recovery method
Heat dissipation system and method
Speed control device for electric motor
Detection and accommodation of hot-plug conditions
Method and system for frequency tuning based on characterization of an oscillator
VCO digital range selection
Monotonic frequency tuning technique for DCXO in cellular applications
System and method to reduce audio artifacts from an audio signal by reducing the order of the control loop
Power amplifier with output power control
Circulator type monolithic device
Multi-state latches from n-state reversible inverters
Trimming circuits and methods
Drive circuit and inverter for voltage driving type semiconductor device
Apparatus for sensing an output current in a communications device
Signal comparison circuit
Timing adjusting method and timing adjusting apparatus
Voltage level shifter
Phase locked loop and delay locked loop with chopper stabilized phase offset
Delay element array for time-to-digital converters
Active filter in PLL circuit
Signal processing method and device, and analog/digital converting device
Semiconductor sensor circuit arrangement
Apparatus and method for reduced power consumption communications over a physical interconnect
Rate-compatible low density parity check coding for hybrid ARQ
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding point sequences on laser binary representation
Method and device for generating high frequency waveforms
System and method of eliminating or minimizing LO-related interference from tuners
Security system and method for protecting electronic devices
Low power rf control system
Chopped intermediate frequency wireless receiver
Remote rechargeable prepaid cellular service peripheral device
Wireless communication system and device for controlling the peak to average power ratio
Modifying a signal in response to quality indicator availability
System for verifying the identification of a device
Data throughput improvement in IS2000 networks via effective F-SCH reduced active set pilot switching
Method and device for decoding a signal of multiple input/multiple output system
GPS-microphone for communication system
Broadcast and multicast services (BCMCS) for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)-based mobile broadband wireless cellular systems
System and method for arbitration of multicast data packets using holds
Pilot based sampling frequency offset estimation and correction for an OFDM system
Method of channel estimation
Methods, systems, and products for condensing messages
Multiple carrier resource management
Routing header based routing in internet protocol (IP)-cellular networks
Optimizing conferencing performance
Arbitrated loop address management apparatus method and system
Adaptive bandwidth utilization for telemetered data
Sender-side bandwidth estimation for video transmission with receiver packet buffer
Statistical trace-based methods for real-time traffic classification
Network switching apparatus, route management server, network interface apparatus, control method therefor, computer program for route management server, and computer-readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for data transfer
Configurable ports for a host ethernet adapter
Method for regulating the transmission parameters of broadband transmission channels assembled to form a group
Data switch and switch fabric
Virtual peer in a peer-to-peer network
Join message load control system and method in network using PIM-SSM
Method and apparatus for driving data packets
Omni-protocol engine for reconfigurable bit-stream processing in high-speed networks
Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
Pulse train carrier-less modulator using SAW filters
Radio transmission device and radio transmission method in multi-carrier communication
Recovering remnant encrypted data on a removable storage media
Fractionally related multirate signal processor and method
Digital recording device, digital reproduction device, digital recording/reproduction device, encryption device, decryption device, encryption method, and decryption method
Systems and methods for implementing host-based security in a computer network
Secure group communications
Multi-level boot hierarchy for software development on an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for providing television services using an authenticating television receiver device
Mobile communication system and devices used therefor
Mobile communication device with network selection and method for same
Mobile station
Plural-communication-line-containing apparatus, communication line naming program, communication line selection apparatus, and communication line selection program
Network service for modularly constructing a software defined radio
Handling location determinations in a telecommunications network to reduce subscriber-experienced latency while conserving network resources
Computer-readable recording medium having recorded therein agent training support program, and agent training support method and agent training support apparatus
Systems and methods for providing unified collaboration systems with conditional communication handling
System and method of using speech recognition at call centers to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction
Image reading apparatus and copying apparatus
Image reading apparatus and method for controlling the same
Image reading/recording apparatus
Method for selecting a sample set useful in relating color reflectances producible under reference and target operating conditions and the sample set producing thereby
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image processing method, computer data signal, and recording medium
Transcoder and transcoding method operating in a transform domain for video coding schemes possessing different transform kernels
Method and apparatus for reproducing data from recording medium using local storage
Data recording/reproducing system, storage device, and file access method
Digital camera
AF-area display apparatus and AF-area operation apparatus
Apparatus and method for displaying pictures in a mobile terminal
Solid image pickup unit and camera module
Camera module having a structure for preventing external electronic waves and noise from being introduced into the camera module
Imaging unit
Image display controller and image display system
Method and apparatus for reproducing multimedia data
Method and apparatus for reproducing data from recording medium using local storage
Frame rate converting apparatus and imaging apparatus
Moving picture coding device
Real time bit rate control system
Video communication system and method using telematics system
Method and apparatus for recording digital data streams and management information
Apparatus and method for motion estimation supporting multiple video compression standards
Method and system for digital image scaling with sharpness enhancement and transient improvement
Method for information display, mobile information apparatus, and contactless communication device
Level meter displaying method and level meter apparatus
Deconvolution methods and systems for the mapping of acoustic sources from phased microphone arrays
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Wireless headphone kit for media players
Advanced triggers for location-based service applications in a wireless location system
Fixed wireless telephone device
Method of transition between wireless voice and data transmissions
Mobile terminal and method for associating photos with telephone numbers in a mobile terminal
Intelligent user interface including a touch sensor device
Inverter with adjustable resonance gain
Method of manufacturing a dielectric structure
Printed circuit board unit
Cooling system for a portable device
Electronic device and cooling system thereof
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device
Electronic equipment
Expired Patents Due To Time
Microorganism streptomyces exfoliatus yj-118 and a method for producing pravastatin sodium by using the strain
Aspergillus porphobilinogen synthases and nucleic acids encoding same
PPGPP synthetase and expression systems for improved production of protein of interest
Chromatin associated proteins
Polynucleotides encoding mevalonate kinase from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Esterase gene and its use
Fungal cellulases
Nucleic acid segments encoding wheat acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Production of virus and purification of viral envelope proteins for vaccine use
Mutant bifidobacteria strains with acid, bile salt and oxygen tolerance
Genetically modified cyanobacteria for the production of ethanol, the constructs and method thereof
Melanoma antigenic peptides
Method for accelerated remediation of contaminated material
Enzyme substrate delivery and product registration in one step enzyme immunoassays
Methods of using an array of pooled probes in genetic analysis
Device for cultivating different mammal cells at the same time
Vehicle air bag fabric and method of making same
Citric acid tri-alkylamide surfactants
Strengthening compositions and treatments for lignocellulosic materials
Method of coating an uncured mineral substrate
Stabilizers for composite electroless plating
Method of solid free form fabrication of objects
Metal tube coating process
Polymer dispersed liquid crystal cell
Activity apparatus and method for generally instantaneously creating lithophane-type pictorial works comprising translucent material within containers having a transparent see-through wall
Arborescent concealment artifice
Eva-evoh delamination seal
Multilayer film and container
Hybrid fiber-reinforced plastic
Ultraviolet control of the release of a pressure-sensitive adhesive in contact with a silicone release liner
Part-overlaminated label
Covering module and anchor sheet
Asymmetrical trimethine cyanine dyes for high capacity optical recording medium
Kinetic art paper
Single-ply dispenser napkin
Multilayer circuit board having insulating layer with via-holes
Method for making an absorbent structure
Resilient three-dimensionally shaped fiber networks with improved comfort and aesthetic properties, improved method of making same and articles containing same
Parking stop made from recycled tires
Decorative pop-up stickers and method of making the same
Thermal transfer sheet for printing printed matter with metallic luster
Composite rigid sponge structure
Quartz glass component for a reactor housing a method of manufacturing same and use thereof
Polymeric films
Respiratory aids
Laminated polyester film
Laser-markable paper and board products
Fine particulate synthetic chalcoalumite compounds, process for their production, and heat insulator and agricultural film containing the fine particulate synthetic chalcoalumite compounds
Film for use in microelectronic devices and methods of producing same
Biaxially oriented polyester film
Pressure-sensitive adhesive articles for use on transparent imaging films
Fibers for electric flocking and electrically flocked article
Soft stretch yarns and their method of production
Porous optical fiber base materials, optical fiber base materials and methods for producing them
Laminated material and paper pack container formed from said laminated material
Coating composition forming wear-resistant coat and article covered with the coat
Multilayer fluoropolymer films with improved adhesion
Polycarbonate molded articles coated with UV-curable compositions
Acid etch resistant film-forming compositions and composite coating compositions
Molecular tailoring of surfaces
Thermally stable polymers, method of preparation, and articles made therefrom
Restorative coating method for plastic and glass
Ion conductive laminate and production method and use thereof
Laminate comprising a glass layer having crack lines
Hybrid laminate and manufacturing method therefor
UV-stabilizers for siloxane systems
Optical element having cured film
Slip-coated elastomeric flexible articles and their method of manufacture
Thermal barrier and overlay coating systems comprising composite metal/metal oxide bond coating layers
Article comprising oxide-bondable solder
Thermal barrier coatings having an improved columnar microstructure
High surface gloss, co-extruded sheets from propylene polymer materials
Coating material and film extremely excellent in barrier properties, and method for producing the same
Laminated film or sheet process for producing same and laminated structure formed using same
Pigment dispersions containing hydroxylated AB-block polymer dispersant
Metal lamella strip, process for its production, as well as a framework band made from it
Method of manufacturing porous electrode wire for electric discharge machining and structure of the electrode wire
Diffusion barrier layer
Transparent substrate provided with thin layers having reflection properties in the infrared
Semiconductor packaging metal lid
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and process for production thereof
Method for the controlling of certain second phases in aluminum nitride
Minute structures for producing colors and spinnerets for manufacturing same
System for preventing gas pocket formation in a PEM coolant flow field
Combustor air flow control method for fuel cell apparatus
Vehicular mountable fuel cell system
Cooling system for a fuel cell battery
Metal-air fuel cell battery systems employing means for discharging and recharging metal-fuel cards
Molten carbonate fuel cell
Method of reducing fuel cell performance degradation of an electrode comprising porous components
Impact modified polystyrene seals for galvanic cells
Portable information device
Mat of glass and other fibers in a separator of a storage battery
Battery electrolytic solution with fluoride-ion-dissociating salt and battery using the same
Electrodes for lithium ion batteries using polysilanes
Lithium manganese composite oxide for lithium secondary battery cathode active material, manufacturing method thereof, and lithium secondary battery using the composite oxide as cathode active material
Electrodes and methods of making them
Cobalt-based alloys as positive electrode current collectors in nonaqueous electrochemical cells
Separators for electrochemical cells
Electrolyte cosolvents including acrylate and methacrylate oligomers
Photomask and manufacturing method thereof, and exposure method using the photomask
Micro devices manufacturing method and apparatus therefor
Method for manufacturing EAPSM-type masks used to produce integrated circuits
Color filters
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Carrier having specified bet specific surface area and dynamic current value and two-component developer thereof
Photosensitive composition and method of forming a pattern using the same
Polymers containing oxygen and sulfur alicyclic units and photoresist compositions comprising same
Iodonium salts as latent acid donors
Pattern forming material and pattern forming method
Process for preparing water dispersible negative-type photosensitive compositions
Method of forming small contact holes using alternative phase shift masks and negative photoresist
Organic electroluminescent device comprising a patterned photosensitive composition and a method for producing same
Ultra-thin resist and SiON/oxide hard mask for metal etch
Double metal pixel array for light valve utilizing lateral sublithographic spacer isolation
Ink jet head and process for producing the same
Optical devices made from radiation curable fluorinated compositions
Removal of resist or residue from semiconductors using supercritical carbon dioxide
Thermal recording process
Heat development image forming process thermally decoloring image recording process and process for decoloring cyanine dye
Aggregated dyes for radiation-sensitive elements
Film support with improved adhesion upon annealing
Method of identifying molecules that home to a selected organ in vivo
Microparticles that contain gas, galactose and a saturated fatty acid
Fluorescent conjugate for differentiating between diseased and healthy tissues
Aerosol formulation containing a particulate medicament
Aerosol formulations containing P134a and particulate medicament
Compositions and methods for whitening and desensitizing teeth
Color stable silver zeolite containing dentifrice compositions
Oral hygiene compositions which mask the burn sensation and the astringency of eucalyptol and zinc
Mixed n-butyl and iso-propyl phthalamide compounds as sunscreen solubilizers
Nail care composition comprising a water-dispersible polycondensate and a water-soluble copolymer
Long wear nail polish having defined surface properties
Hair straightening/smoothing composition
Catalyzed water-soluble/dispersible reactive derivatives of polyimido compounds for modifying proteinaceous substrates
Process for setting hair
Cosmetic depilatory compositions comprising a continuous aqueous phase and an oil phase
Method and composition for treating Pseudofolliculitis barbae
Keratotic plug remover
Method for topical treatment of scars with protein kinase C inhibitors
Skin battery cosmetic composition
Method of protecting against chronic infections
Biological control formulations containing spores of nontoxigenic strains of fungi for toxin control of food crops
Antigen delivery system
Methods for treating cancers and pathogen infections using antigen-presenting cells loaded with RNA
Isolated SCP proteins and uses thereof
Root endophyte having soil disease inhibitory activity, process for preparing said root endophyte, and method for inhibiting soil disease
Preparation of an oral pharmaceutical formulation containing an anti-infective agent and a microorganism
Composition comprising a carnitine and glutathione, useful to increase the absorption of glutathione and synergize its effects
Immunotherapy of B-cell malignancies using anti-CD22 antibodies
Nucleic acids, proteins, and methods of use of granulocytic ehrlichia
Fas antigen derivatives
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of B. microti infection
Variants of human papilloma virus antigens
Compositions which inhibit apoptosis, methods of purifying the compositions and uses thereof
Avian recombinant live vaccine using, as vector, the avian infectious laryngotracheitis
Genetically-engineered sindbis virus with modified E2 Glycoprotein and altered host-range phenotype
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of EHRLICHIA infection
Method for treating parkinson''s disease with a botulinum toxin
Adjuvant and vaccine compositions containing monophosphoryl lipid A
Use of microparticles combined with submicron oil-in-water emulsions
Drug delivery system involving interaction between protein or polypeptide and hydrophobic biodegradable polymer
Topical moisture regulating compositions
Composition containing humidity regulators, for tissue products
Light-responding high color-rendering makeup cosmetic preparation
Cosmetic formulations containing ethoxylated partial glycerides
Cosmetic composition comprising an aqueous dispersion of film-forming polymer and an aqueous suspension of organopolysiloxane
Cosmetic strip with an agent for inducing a temperature change
Stable aqueous formulation and use
Aqueous suspension of agrochemical
Natural insect and arthropod repellent
Composition and apparatus useful for attracting and controlling insect pests
Wettable or water-soluble granular agrochemical composition
Controlled expansion sphincter augmentation media
Medical uses of styrene sulfonate polymers
Methods and apparatus for the delivery of solid drug compositions
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Compositions and devices for controlled release of active ingredients
Neurotoxin implant
Foam composite for the repair or regeneration of tissue
Injectable naltrexone microsphere compositions and their use in reducing consumption of heroin and alcohol
Implant device with a retinoid for improved biocompatibility
Pellets containing active ingredients protected against degradation in the rumen of ruminants
Time-release laminar pharmaceutical composition
Confectionery compositions
Process for decreasing adiposity using vitamin a as a dietary supplement
Apparatus for heating to a desired temperature for improved administration of pharmaceutically active compounds
High and low load formulations of IGF-I in multivesicular liposomes
Method of preparing pharmaceutical compositions
Pharmaceutical composition comprising cyclosporin solid-state microemulsion
Oral pharmaceutical preparation embedded in an oily matrix and methods of making the same
Stabilized, acid-free formulation for sustained release of bupropion hydrochloride
Apomorphine-containing dosage forms for ameliorating male erectile dysfunction
Stabilized sustained release tramadol formulations
Expandable pharmaceutical forms
Therapeutic preparation for inhalation
Concentrated aqueous bromine solutions and their preparation
Method for improving clinical signs in animals with renal disease
Method of increasing concentrations of caffeic acid derivatives and alkylamides and compositions containing the same
Flowable drug precursor products ready for pressing for tablets, pellets and sugar-coated tablets and processes for preparing the same
Methods for using dehydrogenases in baking
Co-extruded meat product
Integrated emulsifier and edible fiber
Easily expandable, nontrapping, flexible paper, microwave package
Water-in-oil spread with water base fruit composition
Storage stable, citrus-flavored compositions comprising plant extracts
Fragrance and flavor material
Feed for poultry
Anti-stress agents for aquatic animals
Method for producing improved medical devices and devices so produced
Substrate processing method
Electrode of electronic component part and conductive paste coating device
Coated system and method for its manufacture and its use
Process for recycling vapor phase aluminiding donor alloy
Retroflective article having a colored layer containing reflective flakes and a dye covalently bonded to a polymer
Preservation of a mineral molding
Method and apparatus for coating paper board and paper with high- viscosity coating mixes
Air press
Device for the treatment of a fibrous suspension
Wet web transfer belt
Dewatering device and process and glazing device and process
Suction box in a paper machine
Impurities separation by distillation
Method for producing expanded graphite
High-density plasma for ionized metal deposition capable of exciting a plasma wave
Method of making a top spin valve sensor with an in-situ formed seed layer structure for improving sensor performance
Method of producing a photovoltaic device using a sputtering method
Device for carrying out continuous electrolytic precipitation
Method and apparatus for efficiently wet plating and processing small parts
Electrolytic cell with bipolar electrode including diamond
Sensor for measuring nitrogen oxide
Method and device for performing chemical reactions
Methods and compositions for conducting processes in microfluidic devices
Method for making electrodeposition blades
Method for controlling organic micelle size in nickel-plating solution
Aqueous electrodeposition of rare earth and transition metals
Platinum electrolyte for use in electrolytic plating
Anode cathode distance adjustment device
Electroenzymatic reactor and method for enzymatic catalysis
Electrolytic process for the generation of stable solutions of chlorine dioxide
Sludge-free treatment of copper CMP wastes
Method for screening chemical sensitizers
Apparatus and method for monitoring fluorine ions
Techniques for sensing methanol concentration in aqueous environments
IM-5 phosphorus zeolite, catalytic composition, its preparation and its use in catalytic cracking
Process for hydrotreatment of a heavy hydrocarbon fraction using permutable reactors and introduction of a middle distillate
Process for removing sulfur compounds from hydrocarbon streams
Catalyst for hydrogenation treatment and method for hydrogenation treatment of hydrocarbon oil
Water filter replacement indicator
Automatic silt density index apparatus
Fuel filter with internal pressure regulator
Storm drain liner
Cooking oil filtering apparatus
Swimming pool float net
Groundwater and soil remediation with microporous diffusion apparatus
Packing material for liquid chromatography and process for producing the same
Filter module
Filtration device for a waste water treatment system
Filter cartridges and filter cells
Silica-based membrane sorbent for heavy metal sequestration
Process for treatment of sulphate-containing water
Washing process with waste water recycling
Aerobic treatment of septic tank effluent
Method and apparatus for diffusive transfer between immiscible liquids
Chromatographic process for obtaining highly purified cyclosporin A and related cyclosporins
Pervaporation apparatus and method
Inorganic composition, process of preparation and method of use
Method for cleaning sand in a sand bed
Apparatus for distributing gas and liquid during concurrent gas/liquid backwash in filter underdrain flumes
Method to make a high data rate stitched writer for a giant magneto-resistive head
Method for etching a gold metal layer using a titanium hardmask
Selective etching of thin films
Evaporable getter device with reduced activation time
Thermistor device thermistor device manufacturing method and temperature sensor
Photochromic plastic object
Phosphate free fire retardant composition
Process for producing a molded product from recycled carpet waste
Method of determining wear
Method of increasing the strength and fatigue resistance of fiber reinforced composites
Method for producing artificial marble having stripe patterns
Method and device for filling casting molds with casting resin
Extrusion of polymers
Method for manufacturing packaging material and sheets from plant straws
Method of manufacturing ceramic sintered bodies
Extrusion method, extruder and extruded product
Producing method of a thermoplastic resin sheet and producing apparatus therefor
Method for manufacturing a remote-control device comprising a control cable that can move in a sheath
Method of molding garment hanger clip
Two-step molding of liner components for a closure
Ultra mold for encapsulating very thin packages
Method of making an in-rigger of a carriage assembly that prevents rotation of the carriage assembly
Process for making cellulose ethers having reduced yellowing and discoloration
Process for melt blowing continuous lyocell fibers
Mullite bodies and methods of forming mullite bodies
Apparatus and method of continuous sintering a web material
Nosepiece for directing a charge into a furnace
Melt withdrawal device for melt furnaces for charging casting machines
Method for manufacturing hydrogen storage material
Method of making a brake rotor
Stainless steel product having excellent antimicrobial activity and method for production thereof
Aluminum casting alloy
Photocatalyst having visible light activity and uses thereof
Method for retaining or enriching .gamma.-aminobutyric acid in green grass leaves
Industrial scale barrier technology for preservation of sensitive biological materials at ambient temperatures
Self-contained pack assembly for an extracorporeal blood circuit
Optical sensor and method of operation
Inorganic permeation layer for micro-electric device
Catalyst characterization apparatus
Water sampling method and apparatus with analyte integration
Nitrogen oxides detection method, and sensor element for detection of nitrogen oxides
Oxygen generating materials, carbon dioxide absorbing materials, and transport system and transport method of live fishery products
Decorative candle and method of manufacturing the same
Shift converter
Method for separating actinides and lanthanides by membrane transport using a calixarene
Separation and recovery of metal values from natural bitumen ash
Process and apparatus for absorbing hydrogen sulphide
Crystalline turbostratic boron nitride powder and method for producing same
Hydrogenation catalysts, method for making same and use thereof for preparing hydrogen peroxide
Spinel powder and spinel slurry
Method for manufacturing photocatalytic anatase titanium dioxide powder
Aluminosilicate molecular sieve
Fine low silica faujasite type zeolite and process for its production
Stannosilicate molecular sieves
Molten metal immersion bath for wire fabrication
Apparatus for coating current collectors
Apparatus for deposition of thin films on wafers through atomic layer epitaxial process
Metal complexes with chelating C-,N-donor ligands for forming metal-containing films
Heterologous transcription factors
Nucleic acid molecule encoding a .beta.-erythroid kruppel-like factor that binds to a .delta.-globin promoter
Specific tolerance in transplantation
Packaging systems for human recombinant adenovirus to be used in gene therapy
Detection and treatment of breast disease
Follicle stimulating hormone-glycosylation analogs
Antisense inhibition of C/EBP alpha expression
Plant embryo--and aleurone--specific promoter
Polynucleotide probe and kit for amplifying signal detection in hybridization assays
Parallel reactor with internal sensing
High throughput screening assay systems in microscale fluidic devices
Method for improving the accuracy of the semi-quantitative determination of analyte in fluid samples
Water soluble luminescence oxygen sensor and method
Fingerprint development methods
Controlling protein levels in eucaryotic organisms
Parallel production of high density arrays
Covalent bonding of molecules to an activated solid phase material
Method for fabricating ferroelectric memory device
Method for forming a capacitor in a semiconductor device
Control method and system for use when growing thin-films on semiconductor-based materials
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Tool for handling a workpiece
Method of manufacture of a shape memory alloy ink jet printer
Group III-V complex vertical cavity surface emitting laser diode and method for manufacturing the same
Thermoelectric conversion module and method of manufacturing the same
Method for etching multilayer compound semiconductor material
Method for forming a low-defect epitaxial layer in the fabrication of semiconductor devices
Method of making self-aligned, high-enegry implanted photodiode for solid-state image sensors
Method and apparatus for punch and place inserts for manufacture of oxygen sensor
Process for fabricating a high quality CMOS image sensor
Photodiode having transparent insulating film around gate islands above P-N junction
Power overlay chip scale packages for discrete power devices
Multichip module with built in repeaters and method
Method of fabricating a ball grid array integrated circuit package having an encapsulating body
Method of forming a flip chip assembly, and a flip chip assembly formed by the method
Stress reducing lead-frame for plastic encapsulation
Method of molding a bump chip carrier and structure made thereby
Method of fabricating an electronic package with interconnected chips
Tape under frame for conventional-type IC package assembly
Method of reworkably removing a fluorinated polymer encapsulant
Anti-fuse for programming redundancy cell, repair circuit having programming apparatus, and fabrication method of anti-fuse
Process flow to integrate high and low voltage peripheral transistors with a floating gate array
Body driven SOI-MOS field effect transistor and method of forming the same
Coplanar type polysilicon thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of manufacturing active matrix substrate, and electrooptic device
Process of fabricating a semiconductor device
Modified source side inserted anti-type diffusion ESD protection device
Methods of forming integrated circuitry methods of forming thin film transistors, integrated circuitry and thin film transistors
Low temperature polysilicon manufacturing process
Semiconductor device having metal silicide regions of differing thicknesses above the gate electrode and the source/drain regions, and method of making same
Semiconductor device having conducting material film formed in trench, manufacturing method thereof and method of forming resist pattern used therein
Method for forming high voltage devices compatible with low voltages devices on semiconductor substrate
Self-aligned contact process
Dual spacer method of forming CMOS transistors with substantially the same sub 0.25 micron gate length
Memory array having a digit line buried in an isolation region and method for forming same
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Methods of forming capacitors, DRAM arrays, and monolithic integrated circuits
Method and system for fabricating a flash memory array
Double layer hard mask process to improve oxide quality for non-volatile flash memory products
Fabrication method for an electrically erasable programmable read only memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Fabrication of a gate structures having a longer length toward the top for formation of a rectangular shaped spacer
Method of fabricating a high-voltage lateral double diffused metal oxide semiconductor
Sidewall process and method of implantation for improved CMOS with benefit of low CGD, improved doping profiles, and insensitivity to chemical processing
Method for forming self-aligned contacts and local interconnects for salicided gates using a secondary spacer
Method to form an elevated S/D CMOS device by contacting S/D through the contact of oxide
Method to form smaller channel with CMOS device by isotropic etching of the gate materials
Method of manufacturing an avalanche diode with an adjustable threshold
Method of making polysilicon resistor having adjustable temperature coefficients
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming capacitor of mixed-mode device
Method of forming salicided poly to metal capacitor
Method for fabricating shallow trench isolation structure
Method to form shallow trench isolations without a chemical mechanical polish
Method of forming a trench isolation structure in a stack trench capacitor fabrication process
In-situ liner for isolation trench side walls and method
Windshield wiping device for vehicles
Portable parts washing apparatus with centrifugal filter
Process for cleaning plastics for recycling them
Degreasing method using a surfactant-free composition
Process and device for treatment of sheet objects in a liquid bath
Process for producing wear-resistant boride layers on metallic material surfaces
Process for surface-treating an aluminum-containing metal
Rolling bearing
Method of producing amorphous alloy excellent in flexural strength and impact strength
Method for production of invar alloy steel sheet material for shadow mask
Process for the production of hardened parts of steel
Method of producing light metal alloy material for plastic working and plastic-worked product
Thermally stable nonazide automotive airbag propellants
Method of manufacturing a two-thread yarn having a certain degree of elasticity for use in the weaving industry and an apparatus for carrying out said method
Nonwoven fabric exhibiting cross-direction extensibility and recovery
Spiral formed products and method of manufacture
Processing release paper and production method of synthetic leather
Lamination of surfaces using pressurized liquid
Thermal annealing of plastic pieces
Method of fabricating a stringer-stiffened shell structure using fiber reinforced composites
Method for making smart cards, and resulting cards
Wax sizing and resin bonding of a lignocellulosic composite
Techniques for labeling of plastic, glass or metal containers or surfaces with polymeric labels
pH-modified biocompatible monomer and polymer compositions
Apparatus for reducing polymer deposition on substrate support
Plasma etching apparatus
Dual window optical port for improved end point detection
Apparatus and method for preventing etch chamber contamination
Method for transforming diverse pulp and paper products into a homogenous cellulosic feedstock
Method for treating contaminated surface with aldehyde-based surfactant
Method of removing capsule oils from self-copying paper
Multi-ply cellulosic products using high-bulk cellulosic fibers
Heat recovery from spent digester cooking liquor
Acid treatment of pulp at high temperature prior to chlorine dioxide bleaching
Interleaf paper for photosensitive printing plate material
Sizing of paper
Retention agent
Air press for dewatering a wet web
Forehead lift suction probe
Implant, in particular front cervical plate
Transconnector for coupling spinal rods
ACL fixation pin and method
Intervertebral connection device with an anti-extraction device to prevent extraction of anchoring screws
Bone screw
Medical devices incorporating SIM alloy elements
Method and apparatus for harvesting and implanting bone plugs
Distraction osteogenesis fixture
Selective coating of a balloon catheter with lubricious material for stent deployment
Reduced diameter stent/graft deployment catheter
Surgical instrument support and method
Dermabrasion by a flow of reducing substances and having disposable sterilized components
Epilation device
Medical clip device with cyclical pusher mechanism
Surgical clips for surgical instrument for stapling and cutting blood vessels and organic structures
Balloon with reciprocating stent incisor
Lancet device with skin movement control and ballistic preload
Vasoocclusive coil
Hemostatic system for body cavities
Capsulorhexis forceps and method of use
Meniscus repair anchor system
Surgical tipping apparatus
Suture anchor and associated method of implantation
Meniscal repair device
Soft laser with an integrated point finder for acupuncture points
Catheter system for controlling a patient''s body temperature by in situ blood temperature modification
Stent delivery system utilizing novel balloon for obtaining variable post-deployment stent characteristics
Assembly for collecting emboli and method of use
Short body endoprosthesis
ePTFE small caliber vascular grafts with significant patency enhancement via a surface coating which contains covalently bonded heparin
Loading and release of water-insoluble drugs
Deformable intraocular lens with anchored haptics
Means for implanting a device in the canalis cochlearis
Tissue implant
Threaded fusion cage anchoring device and method
Total elbow arthroplasty system
Modular tibial insert for prosthesis system
Modular acetabular reconstruction plate
Femoral component
Titanium alloy hip prosthesis
Bonding layers for medical device surface coatings
Biomaterial system for in situ tissue repair
Prosthetic device using a cam-shaped wheel
Method for the synthesis of 2-hydroxyalkyl-para-phenylenediamines, new 2-hydroxyalkyl-para-phenylenediamines, their use for oxidation dyeing, dyeing compositions and methods of dyeing
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibers comprising 2-chloro-6-methyl-3-aminophenol, an oxidation base and an additional coupler, and dyeing method
Cationic 4-hydroxyindoles, their use for the oxidation dyeing of keratinous fibers, dyeing compositions, and methods of dyeing
Polymeric dye compounds and compositions and methods for coloring hair
Method of forming manufacturing semiconductor device
Diesel fuel composition
Method and device for treating fuel
Oil additives compositions and polymers for use therein
Abrasive material for the needle point of a probe card
Filter bags having distance elements of progressively differing lengths, and method of forming same
Clean room
Secondary air supply device
Sanitary seal design and vent using such seal
Increased flow capacity filter
Controlled release urea-formaldehyde liquid fertilizer resins with high nitrogen levels
Process for the preparation of high grade synthetic rutile and pig iron
Sintered Ti-system material product derived from injection molding of powder material and producing method thereof
Isopropyl alcohol scrubbing system
Method of separating and selectively removing hydrogen contaminant from hydrogen-containing process streams and compositions useful therefor
Separator with multiple function vanes for a vacuum cleaner apparatus
Hand-held multiple system gas chromatograph
Bivalent iron compounds
Water soluble fixed copper-borax wood preservative composition
Phase change inks
Ink jet ink compositions and printing processes
Temporary dental cement compositions and related methods and systems
Supplementation of essentially amorphous cellulose nanofibrils with carboxycellulose which has a high degree of substitution
Low temperature burnout screen printing frit vehicle
Pigment dispersions containing dispersants having pendent hydrophobic polymeric segments prepared by controlled radical polymerization
Corrosion inhibitor container
Method for growing semiconductor film and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Gallium arsenide semiconductor devices fabricated with insulator layer
Resealable closure mechanism having a slider device with flexible sidewalls
Method and system for production and decentralized delivery of printed products
Apparatus and method for treating a disease process in a luminal structure with a radionuclide and chelating agent
Method and apparatus for radiation treatment of a desired area in the vascular system of a patient
Non-contact magnetoresonant implant system and techniques for periodic corneal re-shaping
Magnotherapy device which can be attached to a human or animal
Management of physiological and psychological state of an individual using images overall system
Treatment of excretory problems
Mesh pubovaginal sling
Disposable penile constriction device having preformed tear configuration and associated methods
Hood for an endoscope
Stereoendoscope wherein images having passed through plural incident pupils are transmitted by common relay optical systems
Integrated illumination and imaging system
Apparatus and method for obtaining a specimen from a bodily orifice
Surgical apparatus and method
Memory tests using item-specific weighted memory measurements and uses thereof
Computer assisted methods for diagnosing diseases
Ambulatory distributed recorders system for diagnosing medical disorders
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with customized measurements and calculations
Ultrasonic medical system and associated method
Diagnostic medical ultrasound systems and methods utilizing estimation of 3-dimensional rigid body transformation
Method and apparatus for calibrating rotational offsets in ultrasound transducer scans
Method and system for ultrasound enhanced-resolution spectral Doppler
Instrument having enhanced ultrasound visibility
Gated ultrasound imaging apparatus and method
Volumetric image ultrasound transducer underfluid catheter system
Ultrasound imaging catheter guiding assembly with catheter working port
Apparatus and method for non-invasively measuring cardiac output
Method of measuring residual lung volume in infants
Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring system
Electronic device for measuring sensory thresholds in humans and animals
Reflex timing device
Blood/body fluid collection apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
High performance coil wire
Diagnostic sheath for reduced embolic risk
System for measuring and using parameters during chest compression in a life-saving situation or a practice situation, and also application thereof
Aquatic exercise and rehabilitation device
Rotating apparatus for surface massage
Water powered massager
Rehabilitative shoulder support
Bladder for orthopedic supports
Reperfusion device
Valved canalicular plug for lacrimal duct occlusion
Method and apparatus for pressurizing the right atrium or right ventricle to assist cardiac function during beating heart surgery
Multi-patient fluid dispensing
Needle holder assembly
Skin resurfacing and treatment using biocompatible materials
Applicator and method for delivery of mitomycin to eye tissues during glaucoma filtering surgery
Disposable elastic absorbent article having triple member closure
Disposable wearing article
Stabilized absorbent article
Angiogenic implant delivery system and method
Calibrating device
Method for alteration of iris pigmentation
Cooling apparatus for cutaneous treatment employing a laser and method for operating same
Cryosurgical system and method
Apparatus and methods for removing blood vessels
Electric medical apparatus
Modular biopsy and microwave ablation needle delivery apparatus adapted to in situ assembly and method of use
Ablation catheter system and methods for repairing a valvular annulus
Electrosurgical generator and system
Air-conditioning system for below-deck areas of a passenger aircraft
Video game item''s value being adjusted by using another item''s value
Game machine informing prize mode information in a series of flow of game
Graphical user interface for providing gaming and prize redemption capabilities
Computer game with replaceable character heads
Gaming system for remote players
Communicative game system
Telescopic baton
Gaming apparatus having variable performance zones
Phase variator with movement limit devices
Motor vehicle double flywheel torsional damper
Homocinetic ball-and-socket joint with optimized roll error
Assembly having a constant velocity fixed joint and a connecting shaft
Sleeve for sealing a jointed connection
Golf club shaft
Golf club head with weight adjustment
Silver halide light sensitive emulsion layer having enhanced photographic sensitivity
Photothermographic recording material coatable from an aqueous medium
Binders for thermographic materials
Production process for a benzotriazole-containing thermographic recording material with improved stability and image-tone
Photothermographic material
Methods for preparing enriched human hematopoietic cell preparations
Diagnostic methods for asthma
Method for measuring enzyme reaction
Multi-through hole testing plate for high throughput screening
Recombinant antigen from the NS3 region of the hepatitis C virus
Preparation of human papillomavirus E1 having helicase activity and method therefor
Diagnostic assay method and kit for the detection of HHV-8 infection
Mixed cell diagnostic systems
Human brain phosphodiesterase
Electronic-property probing of biological molecules at surfaces
Pin M III gene in white pine
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts
Template-directed photoligation
Polymerases for analyzing or typing polymorphic nucleic acid fragments and uses thereof
Biological assays for analyte detection
Microfluidic matrix localization apparatus and methods
Screening for the molecular defect causing spider lamb syndrome in sheep
Process for detecting and quantifying nucleic acid molecules
Selective AFLP primers for reduction of complexity of maker genotyping and DNA markers for loblolly pine identified using the AFLP primers
Methods for microdispensing patterened layers
Design of drugs involving receptor-ligand-DNA interactions
Methods for cleaving single-stranded and double-stranded DNA substrates with nucleotide integrase
DNA sequencing by parallel oligonucleotide extensions
Nucleic acid-coupled colorimetric analyte detectors
Biopolymer arrays and their fabrication
Rapidly degrading GFP-fusion proteins and methods of use
Detection and treatment of duplex polynucleotide damage
Oligonucleotides that can be used in the amplification and detection of CMV nucleic acid
CD36 mutant gene and methods for diagnosing diseases caused by abnormal lipid metabolism and diagnostic kits therefor
EPO primary response gene, EPRG3Spt
Methods for making recombinant cells
Antisense modulation of MP-1 expression
Heterogeneous assay for pyrophosphate
Anti-human LECT2 antibody, cells producing the same, and method and kit for assaying the same
Methods for the detection of nitric oxide in fluid media
Biological applications of quantum dots
Immunologically based strip test utilizing ionophore membranes
Methods of facilitating vascular growth
Modulators of leaderless protein export and methods for identifying and using the same
Measurement of analytes in whole blood
Detection method for monitoring .beta. tubulin isotype specific modification
Adsorption type confirmatory assays
Liquid reagent to detect creatine kinase
Homocysteine desulphurase from the protozoan trichomonas vaginalis
DegP periplasmic protease a new anti-infective target and an in vitro assay for DegP protease function
Method for assessing the viability of plant tissue using a colorimetric reagent
Membrane filter agar medium for simultaneous detection of total coliforms and E. coli
cDNA encoding a BMP type II receptor
Leptospiral major outer membrane protein LipL32
Retinoid metabolizing protein
Method for obtaining expression of mixed polypeptide particles in yeast
Anti-IgM monoclonal antibodies and methods of their use
Isolation of the biosynthesis genes for pseudo-oligosaccharides from streptomyces glaucescens GLA.O, and their use
Electrical connector assembly
Screened electrical plug connector
Electrical connector
Connector provided with electromagnetic shield, method of manufacturing the connector and apparatus used for the method
Cable connector assembly having improved grounding means
Integrated connector and semiconductor die package
CRT socket
Connector block for a terminal assembly
Sealed electrical connector with secondary locking
Method of connecting metallic conductors, and a line-bar connection produced in accordance with the method
Electrical connector having a housing and an electrical contact and electrical contact
Contact socket
Hull for dual electric motor marine propulsion system
Detachable firefighting attachment for a personal watercraft
Variable height outboard motor mount
Self-aligning universal joint assembly for a stern drive
Marine drive mechanism with twin-engine distribution transmission
Outboard motor
Towing harness for water recreation boards
Methods for producing electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Lamp and manufacturing method thereof
Impregnated cathode and method for manufacturing the same
Model airplane kit
Bust support device
Brassiere pad
Rolling mill equipped with on-line roll grinding system and grinding wheel
Apparatus and method for conditioning and monitoring media used for chemical-mechanical planarization
System for real-time control of semiconductor wafer polishing
Method of forming a hole in a glass reflector
System for controlling the size and surface geometry of an orifice
Methods and apparatuses for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies
Throwing toy having looped filaments and catching device therefor
Razor-edged cutting tip
Multi-ribbed CVT belt
Dual engine hybrid electric vehicle
Hybrid drive system
Wide range variable step automatic transmission for automobiles, trucks, buses and other applications
Infinite speed ratio transmission device
Cooling fluid supply to hydraulically actuated rollers in a continuously-variable-ratio transmission
Hydraulic control system for continuously variable transmission
Driving force control with gradient resistance torque dependent correction factor
System for controlling combustion engine performance in accordance with driver behavior
Exercising device and method of using same
Exercising cart structure
Safety-control device of height adjustment for a baby walker
Exercise furniture
Container for explant culture, method of using same, and process, mold and apparatus of making same
Culture dish
Wafer notch polishing machine and method of polishing an orientation notch in a wafer
Human Necessities
Starch-emulsifier composition and methods of making
Use of arbutin monoesters as depigmenting agents
Exercising and/or amusement device
Method of improving impact resistance in golf ball core formulations
Swing training device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for grinding rigid materials
Web-format planarizing machines and methods for planarizing microelectronic substrate assemblies
Method of producing polishing cloth for a texturing process
Device for maintaining projectile-type game dart
Apparatus for erecting and sealing flat containers and associated methods
Spreader roll
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cyclin-C variants, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Method for stain removal on hard surfaces with detergent compositions containing bleach
Process for producing and purifying 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides, and process for producing 2',3'-dideoxy-2',3'-didehydronucleosides
Methods for the detection, analysis and isolation of Nascent proteins
Electro-optical device and method for manufacturing the same
Silver halide emulsion, method of manufacturing the emulsion, silver halide photosensitive material containing the emulsion, and method of developing the material
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