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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pet collar with replaceable insecticide element
Human plasma hyaluronidase
Methods for identifying anti-tumor and/or anti-angiogenesis drugs with deoxynucleoside 5'-monophosphate N-glycosidase as the target
Methods for inhibiting tumor cell growth
Treatment of neoplasms with RNA viruses
Method for boiling wort
Sweetener composition
Highly soluble form of tricalcium citrate, and methods of its making and use
Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity
Vascular wound closure device and method
Anastomotic device
Method of determining the position of the articular point of a joint
Patterned thermal treatment using patterned cryogen spray and irradiation by light
Ultrasound treatment system
Articulating radio frequency probe handle
Surgical method and auxiliary device to correct penis curvature
Sealed medical storage
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of capacitive acoustic transducers using bias polarity control and multiple firings
Sonodynamic treatment apparatus and method of controlling the same
Apparatus for deployment of micro-coil using a catheter
Fabric-supported chitosan modified temperature responsive PNIPAAm/PU hydrogel and the use thereof in preparation of facial mask
Method for locating an implanted fluid access port
Bifurcated endoluminal prosthesis
Avicin coated stents
Scleral prosthesis for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Apparatus and method for delivering controlled quantities of one or more agents to the eye
Transcecal ileostomy set
Heat absorbing pack
Composition for external use
Pharmaceutical composition for treating fecal incontinence and anal itch
Thiol ester compositions and processes for making and using same
Hsp90 family protein inhibitors
Compositions containing chalcones and use thereof
Benzopyran compound
Modified release pharmaceutical formulation
Oxindoles as kinase inhibitors
Substituted pyrroline kinase inhibitors
Once daily dosage forms of trospium
Trospium chloride treatment method
Derivatives of pyridine and quinoline
Synthesis of indenoisoquinoliniums and methods of use
Indolylmaleimide derivatives
Benzoxazole carboxamides for treating CINV and IBS-D
Metabotropic glutamate receptor isoxazole ligands and their use as potentiators--286
Calcium gluconolactate compositions and methods of making same
SEMA3B inhibits tumor growth and induces apoptosis in cancer cells
Antiviral medicament
Therapeutic transplantation using developing, human or porcine, renal or hepatic, grafts
Pharmaceutically active extracts of vitex leucoxylon, a process of extracting the same and a method of treating diabetes and inflammatory diseases therewith
Glucagon-like peptide-2 analogs
Process for purifying interferon beta
Trypanosoma cruzi proteome compositions and methods
Immunoglobulins which bind NOGO
Feline granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor nucleic acid molecules
Vaccines for immunization against Helicobacter
Tame based chelators and uses thereof
Chemically based vascular occlusion device deployment
Method of delivering embolic particles to an aneurysm
Perfusion device
Hair cosmetic
Aero hydraulic exercise and physical therapy equipment and method
Pendulous exercise device
Portable dual incline adjustable resistance abdominal muscle exercise machine
Unweighting assembly and support harness for unweighting a patient during rehabilitation
Golf club head
Golf tee
Ball trap
Golf training device
Systems and methods for administering an exercise program
Compositely structured billiard cue tip and billiard cue utilizing same
Monitoring system, game machine and device management system
Gaming machine having a first bonus event that influences a probability of a second bonus event
Multiple player slot machine game system
Board game system utilizing a robot arm
Gaming machine and gaming system
Ownership of game environments in a virtual world
Method and apparatus for operating lotteries and for generating and processing lottery entries
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatuses and methods for electrochemically modifying the retention of species on chromatography material
Methods for separating oil and water
Oil filter inspection device having interchangeable adapters and drive pin assembly having detents
Removal of vapor gas generated by an oil-containing material
Apparatus for producing amorphous silica ash
Method for controlling NO.sub.x emissions in the FCCU
Thin type micro reforming apparatus
Plasma-arc-flow apparatus for submerged long lasting electric arcs operating under high power, pressure and temperature conditions to produce a combustible gas
Fiber-based ceramic substrate and method of fabricating the same
Supported catalyst systems
Integrated biomass converter system
Method for coating medical devices
Method for producing ceramic layers
Method of designing a diffusion film, a process for producing the same, and a diffusion film obtained thereby
Method and installation for coating, especially painting, articles
Process for producing a filter catalyst
Tool for coating an optical disc, method of coating an optical disc, and method for fabricating an optical disc
Structured material and producing method thereof
Method for producing a patterned sheet or film having a predetermined surface characteristic
Method of preparing metal nanocrystal
Electrolyte sheets for solid oxide fuel cell and method for manufacturing same
System for defining openings in tilt-up walls
Tampon applicator with improved fingergrip and method of making same
Elliptical tire mold and method for making same
Method for post-mold treatment of a molded article and an apparatus for implementing the method
Dicing die-bonding film, method of fixing chipped work and semiconductor device
Flexible composite tubular assembly with high insulation properties and method for making same
Air shaping of green tire carcass
Folding magazine insert method
Method for making particle board
Moisture vapor permeable film including ethylene copolymer and articles including the same
Removable foam adhesive tape
Optical storage medium using nanoparticles
Organic compound for recording layer for high speed recording of information and optical recording medium including the same
Support with a material layer and method for the producing of a support
Concurrent welding and severing belt forming process
Process and tooling for reducing thermally induced residual stresses and shape distortions in monolithic composite structures
Method of reinforcing a laminated member such as a skin for an aircraft
Extrusion head with planarized edge surface
Seeding resins for enhancing the crystallinity of polymeric substructures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of optimizing the operation of claus units
Method of removing sulfur compounds from natural gas
Multi-stream microchannel device
Potassium magnesium fertilizer
Production method and apparatus for compound oxide powder
Water pollution prevention and remediation apparatus
Uncoupling agents
Pyroprocessed aggregates comprising IBA and low calcium silicoaluminous materials and methods for producing such aggregates
Supporting ceramic articles during firing
Method for manufacturing disk-substrates for magnetic recording media, disk-substrates for magnetic recording media, method for manufacturing magnetic recording media, magnetic recording media, and magnetic recording device
Methods for treating hepatitis C
Isoquinolinone potassium channel inhibitors
Process for gelatinising starch using a biodegradable polymer material bearing aldehyde groups
Hydrophobic coating compositions, articles coated with said compositions, and processes for manufacturing same
Post-cleavage sulfur deprotection for convergent protein synthesis by chemical ligation
Ultrathin polymer film using cucurbituril derivative and method of forming the same
Polishing composition for hard disk substrate
Pre-treatment compositions, oil-based ink compositions, and processes for ink-jet recording using pre-treatment compositions and oil-based ink compositions
Antiglare coatings and articles
Water activated oxygen scavenging composition
Methods of treating subterranean formations with heteropolysaccharides based fluids
Lubricant base from palm oil and its by-products
Highly branched primary alcohol compositions, and biodegradable detergents made therefrom
Amine/amide-functionalized lipophiles
Reduced pressure distillation of an alcoholic mixture
Systems and methods for effecting a physical change in a biological sample
Nucleotide and protein sequences of Nogo genes and methods based thereon
Spontaneous differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in culture
Polymerase-encoding nucleic acids and method of making and using them
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method for producing D-pantothenic acid and/or a salt thereof via purification by cation exchange as additive for animal food
Method for using biomass in biogas process
Method of assaying substance capable of changing mitochondrial membrane potential
Screening methods using normal human liver cell line
Molecular detection methods using molecular detection chips including a metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor
Benzimidazolium compounds and salts of benzimidazolium compounds for nucleic acid amplification
Unit and method for the treatment of shredder residues and use of granulate fraction thus produced
Coating method
Method of making vapor deposited oxygen-scavenging particles
Vacuum processing apparatus
Chemical elements extraction process by non-thermal plasma and device for implementation
Compact service module for use in electrolytic aluminum production plants
Method of making a capacitor by anodizing aluminum foil in a glycerine-phosphate electrolyte without a pre-anodizing hydration step
Methods and apparatus for cathode plate production
Molding assembly for forming ingot and a method of forming ingot
Textiles; Paper
Process for making a carbon nanotubes/ultra-high molar mass polyethylene composite fibre
Fiber composition and fiber made from the same
Fixed Constructions
Shingle with reinforcement layer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Belt drive system
Bicycle rear derailleur
Particle on membrane assay system
Sample collection and testing system
Sensor element and method for determining the concentration of gas components in a gas mixture
Calibratable flow detector
Fluorescent dyes
Measurement of GGA proteins for diagnosing BACE associated disease
Identification and isolation of transitional cell carcinoma stem cells
Ultra-sensitive chemiluminescent substrates for enzymes and their conjugates
Apparatus for capturing target substance
Method of fabricating hollow waveguide having cyclic geometric structure
Manufacturing method of fuel cell having micro sensors and polymer layers
Extreme ultraviolet photolithography mask, with absorbent cavities
Ozone-assisted lithography process with image enhancement for CPP head manufacturing
Method for forming a photoresist pattern
Positive photosensitive resin composition, cured layer , protecting layer, insulating layer and semiconductor device and display therewith
Method of photolithographic exposure
Method of fine pitch bump stripping
Silanol containing charge transport overcoated photoconductors
High-frequency substrate and production method therefor
Process for manufacturing plasma display panel and substrate holder
Method for maintaining vacuum-tight inside a panel module and structure for the same
Method of forming vertical structure light emitting diode with heat exhaustion structure
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device by considering the extinction coefficient during etching of an interlayer insulating film
Nanoporous fullerene layers and their use in organic photovoltaics
Systems, devices, and methods for semiconductor device temperature management
Method and system for etching high-k dielectric materials
Method of manufacturing display substrate, method of patterning inorganic layer and method of manufacturing display device using the same
Method to fabricate semiconductor optical device
Controlled cleaving process
Semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Device and method for etching flash memory gate stacks comprising high-k dielectric
Methods of forming CMOS integrated circuits that utilize insulating layers with high stress characteristics to improve NMOS and PMOS transistor carrier mobilities
Donor sheet and method of manufacturing donor sheet and organic thin film transistor
Methods of manufacturing metal-silicide features
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor using a rigid substrate
Formation of a tantalum-nitride layer
Multilayer substrate
Chip-probing and bumping solutions for stacked dies having through-silicon vias
Optical element mounting method and optical element mounting device
Semiconductor device with capacitor and fuse and its manufacture method
High electrical performance direct oxidation fuel cells & systems
Battery case
Battery pack having elastic body inserted between members for holding cell modules and frame of battery pack
Secondary battery and method of manufacturing same
Rechargeable battery having current collecting plates coupled with uncoated regions of electrodes
Protection circuit module for a secondary battery and a battery package using same
Reticulated and controlled porosity battery structures
Active metal fuel cells
High-capacity nanostructured germanium-containing materials and lithium alloys thereof
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Lithium secondary cell and its nonaqueous electrolyte
Fuel cell system and transport equipment including the same
Apparatus for thermal simulation of fuel cell
Monomer compound, graft copolymer compound, production method thereof, polymer electrolyte membrane, and fuel cell
Spring contact for an electrical plug connection and plug connection
Composite connector assembly and power supply apparatus having such composite connector assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Poly-trisaryl-1,3,5-Triazine carbamate ultraviolet light absorbers
Colorant concentrates for dyeing polyoxymethylene moulding materials
Flame-proof thermoplastic moulding materials
Low temperature thermally activated water-dispersed adhesives
Zero volitile organic solvent compositions
Composition for treating paper and paper treated therewith
Halogen containing polymer compounds containing modified zeolite stabilizers
Liquid crystalline polyesters having a surprisingly good combination of a low melting point, a high heat distortion temperature, a low melt viscosity, and a high tensile elongation
Printing ink and paint composed of an aqueous emulsion of self-emulsifiable urethane copolymer
Molding composition containing a debinding catalyst for making ceramic microstructures
Preparation of reinforced rubber and use in tires
Chlorinated vinyl chloride resin composition
Polyphthalamide composition
Coating method and coating composition used therein
Poly(arylene ether)-polystyrene composition
Adhesive resin composition and heat-shrinkable articles made by using the same
Process for producing deproteinized natural rubber latex
Aqueous dispersion of high molecular weight polyester for chip resistant primer
Thermal conductive silicone rubber compositions and making method
Aqueous dispersions for textile finishing
Rapid purification by polymer supported quench
Articles formed from foamable polypropylene polymer
Thermoplastic resin composition having impact resistance
Flow carbonate polymer blends
Thermosetting resins and laminates
Polyether amine modification of polypropylene
Thermosetting compositions containing carbamate-functional polylmers prepared using atom transfer radical polymerization
Moisture curable composition
Solid, oxazoline-terminated, urethane-functional polyaddition compounds, a process for preparing them and their use
Multi-layer golf ball containing nylon and method of making same
Shrink film having balanced properties or improved toughness and methods of making the same
Soft propylene polymer blend with high melt strength
Compositions based on a fluorinated polymer comprising vinylidene fluoride units and on a butadiene-acrylonitrile elastomer
Polymer blend compositions based on isotactic polypropylene homopolymer and injected molded articles thereof
Polypropylene block-copolymer resin and process for producing it
Radiation-grafted solid supports for chemical synthesis
Rubbery polymer and method for producing the same
Mercaptoalkylamide-functionalized resins
Capping of polyphenylene ether resin
Derivatized carbon monoxide copolymers
Resin composites and method for producing the same
Gas phase polymerization process
Process for the production of general purpose PSA''s
Ziegler-Natta polymerization of alpha-olefins in the presence of non-polymerizing olefins
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
High activity solid catalyst for producing low-, medium-, and high-density polyethylenes by slurry phase polymerization, process for preparing the same and use of the same in ethylene polymerization
Polymerization of olefins
Ruthenium and osmium catalysts
Methods for cross-metathesis of terminal olefins
Situ fluoropolymer polymerization into porous substrates
Film-forming polymers
Method of catalytic crosslinking of polymers and two-pack composition used therein
Carbosiloxane dendrimer and dendrimer-containing organic polymers
Method and composition for enhancing transport across biological membranes
Inks with enhanced substrate binding characteristics
Polymerization process
Polybutene-1 (co)polymers and process for their preparation
Soybean-based adhesive resins and composite products utilizing such adhesives
Room temperature fast curable composition
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Multifunctional nonionic siloxane copolymer for modification of synthetic materials
Curable hybrid electron donor compounds containing vinyl ether
Polyimide composition and process for producing the same
Compostable adhesive
Method for parallel melt-polymerization
Robust process for the synthesis of polyestercarbonates
Method for producing branched polycarbonates
Polycondensation products and their use as dyeing aids
Polyimide for high temperature adhesive
High catalyst phenolic resin binder system
Process for the manufacture of low molecular weight polyphenylene ether resins through redistribution
Recovery of modifier compounds and polar organic compounds from a poly(arylene sulfide) recycle mixture
Processes for spray drying of polymer-containing dispersions water-in-oil emulsions and water-in-oil microemulsions
Clarification of protein precipitate suspensions using anionic polymeric flocculants
Mammalian checkpoint genes and proteins
Parevins and tachytegrins
Octapeptide bombesin analogs
General chemical ligation
Axin gene and uses thereof
Intracellular antifreeze polypeptides and nucleic acids
Human apoptosis regulator
Gene encoding a polypeptide having pre-B cell growth-supporting ability
Cytokine zalpha11 Ligand
VCAM fusion proteins and DNA coding therefor
Humanized antibodies directed against A33 antigen
Bradykinin B1 receptor antibodies
Chromatographic method for high yield purification and viral inactivation of antibodies
Dye-labeled protein conjugate and method for preparing the same
Androgen receptor proteins, recombinant DNA molecules coding for such, and use of such compositions
Beta taipoxin as a cell growth factor and method
Highly purified factor VIII complex
Reactive blue dyes containing monochlorotriazine and acetoxyethyl sulfone groups
Reactive dyes containing a formazan dye radical and monoazo dye radical, a process for their preparation and their use
BRCA1 associated polynucleotide (BAP-1) and uses therefor
Tumour suppressor gene
Fungal target genes and methods
Expression systems utilizing autolyzing fusion proteins and a novel reducing polypeptide
Method for analyzing a polynucleotide containing a variable sequence and a set or array of oligonucleotides therefor
Sugar modified oligonucleotides that detect and modulate gene expression
Circular, hairpin, circular/hairpin, lariat, and hairpin-lariat hammerhead ribozymes
Substrate preparation process
Benzimidazole and its ribonucleoside
Process for the preparation of macrocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Process for producing halogenated benzene compound
Peptide antiestrogen compositions and methods for treating breast cancer
Methods and compositions for inducing tumor-specific cytotoxicity
Acyl deoxyribonucleoside derivatives and uses thereof
Biocidal chitosan derivatives
Peritoneal dialysis solutions containing maltodextrins and amino acids
Heavy metal chelating agent for oral administration, its synthesis and its uses in medicine and health protection
Targeted vesicular constructs for cyto protection and treatment of h. pylori
2-methoxyimino-2-(pyridinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with (derivatised) hydroxyalkyl derivatives on the pyridine ring
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Treatment of female sexual dysfunction
Protected forms of a combination of pharmacologically active agents and uses therefor
Method for producing stable acetylsalicylic acid solutions
Use of 2.alpha.-methyl-19-nor-20(S)-1.alpha., 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to increase bone strength
Method for treating demyelinating disease
Anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer compounds and process
Condensed purine derivatives
Method of modifying wrinkles using guanidine derivatives
Selected derivatives of K-252a
Fungicide active substance combinations
Cyclocarbamate and cyclic amide derivatives
Indole derivatives useful as endothelin receptor antagonists
1,4-Dihydropyridine derivatives
Chemical compounds
Fluoromethoximino compounds
Method for solubilizing pyridonecarboxylic acid, solubilizer therefor, aqueous solution preparation containing pyridonecarboxylic acid and process for producing the same
Methods for treating or preventing alzheimer''s disease using substituted 1-aryl-3-piperazin-1''-yl propanones
Zwitterionic fatty acid compounds for anti-inflammation
N-substituted imide derivatives with serotonergic activity
2,5-pyridinedicarboxylic acid derivatives
Thienopyrancecarboxamide derivatives
Triterpene derivatives and pharmaceuticals for treating hepatic disorders
Pyrrolo[3,4-d]pyrimidinone derivatives and their use as medicaments
Atropisomers of 3-aryl-4(3H)-quinazolinones and their use as AMPA-receptor antagonists
Pharmaceutically active benzoquinazoline compounds
Use of aryl-substituted pyrimidines as insecticidal and acaricidal agents
Imidazo- and oxazolopyridines
Methods for inhibiting the growth of tumors with 7-substituted camptothecin derivatives
N-cinnamoyl derivatives of beta-carboline
Activated iododerivatives for the treatment of cancer and AIDS
6-substituted 1,2,4a,5a,8a,8b-hexahydro- and 1,2,3,4,4a,5a,8a,8b-octahydro-6H-pyrrolo[3'',4'': 4,5]furo[3,2-b]pyrid-8(7H)-one derivatives and their use in combatting endoparasites
Substituted .beta.-thiocarboxylic acids
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Growth-hormone secretagogues
4-[aryl(8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octan-3-yl)]aminobenzoic acid derivatives
Guanidinylamino heterocycle compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Pharmaceutical compositions containing hydroximic acid derivatives
Stable aqueous solution of 3-(1-oxo-1,3-dihydroisoindol-2-yl)-piperidine-2-6-dione
Triazole antifungal agent
Anti-inflammatory agents
Reagents for assaying central local acetylcholinesterase activity
Benzamidine derivatives and their use as anti-coagulants
Crystalline roxifiban
Non-peptidyl inhibitors of VLA-4 dependent cell binding useful in treating inflammatory, autoimmune, and respiratory diseases
Compounds, methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating neural or cardiovascular tissue damage
Esters derived from indolealkanols and novel amides derived from indolealkylamides that are selective COX-2 inhibitors
HIV integrase inhibitors
Metalloproteinase inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and their use
Taxoid derivatives and process for producing the same
Injectable composition
Substituted oxygen alicyclic compounds, including methods for synthesis thereof
Pharmaceutically active composition containing artemisinine and/or derivative of artemisinine
Calanolides for inhibiting BTK
External preparations for the treatment of dermatoses
Inhibition and treatment of Hepatitis B virus and Flavivirus by Helioxanthin and its analogs
Enteric coated pharmaceutical compositions
Agent for prophylaxis and therapy of diseases
Oxaliplatin formulations
Alpha-aminoamide derivatives useful as analgesic agents
Antihistaminic/antitussive compositions
Stable aqueous formulation of 3-(N-butylacetamino)-propionic acid ethyl ester
Reconstituted meadowfoam oil in personal care applications
Methods for reducing the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis
Anti-epileptogenic agents
Use of Gaba-analogues for treating insomnia
Substituted amino acids as neutral sphingomyelinase inhibitors
Compounds active at a novel site on receptor-operated calcium channels useful for treatment of neurological disorders and diseases
Container for 4-allylanisole and analog scolytid pesticides
Progestin therapy for maintaining amenorrhea
Methods of making an emulsified composition
Pearly luster concentrate with newtonian viscosity
Processes for the production of hydrocarbons, power and carbon dioxide from carbon-containing materials
Semi-rigid polyurethane foam
Thermosetting plastic foam
Method for producing closed-cell rigid polyurethane foams having low thermal conductivity
Foamed beads of polyester resin
Photopolymerizable biodegradable hydrogels as tissue contacting materials and controlled-release carriers
Ultraviolet or visible light polymerizable and/or crosslinkable maleimide-functional coating compositions
Radiation-curable glass coating composition
Tape cast multi-layer ceramic/metal composites
Radiopaque cationically polymerizable compositions comprising a radiopacifying filler, and method for polymerizing same
Dental composite restorative material and method of restoring a tooth
Water resistant ink compositions
Bleeding ink for printing security documents
Erasable ink and water-base ballpoint pen using same
Lamellar pigment particle dispersion
Anti-fogging coating material, anti-fogging coating film and anti-fogging article
Cellulose ether slurries
Aqueous coating composition
Thermosetting resin compositions for build-up method
Rigid polymeric beverage bottles with improved resistance to permeant elution
Oxidized all-weather cutback asphalts
Production process
Method of forming field oxide
Advanced isolation process for large memory arrays
Stable high voltage semiconductor device structure
Semiconductor article and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer and SOI wafer fabricated by the method
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for simultaneously improving the electromigration reliability and resistance of damascene vias using a controlled diffusivity barrier
Ideal oxygen precipitating epitaxial silicon wafers and oxygen out-diffusion-less process therefor
Method and apparatus for growing oriented whisker arrays
Method for producing a semiconductor wafer
Process for forming shaped group III-V semiconductor nanocrystals, and product formed using process
Method to reduce source-line resistance in flash memory with sti
Modulation of gate polysilicon doping profile by sidewall implantation
Method and apparatus for depositing thin films of group III nitrides and other films and devices made therefrom
Manufacture of field emission element
Method of patterning gate electrodes with high K gate dielectrics
Method for forming a high dielectric constant insulator in the fabrication of an integrated circuit
Method for forming a gate electrode on a semiconductor substrate
Filter capacitor construction
Chip-area-efficient pattern and method of hierarchal power routing
Backend process for fuse link opening
Conductive metal oxide based layer
Bump scrub after plating
Bond pad with pad edge strengthening structure
Bonding pad structure to prevent inter-metal dielectric cracking and to improve bondability
Apparatus and method for improving ball joints in semiconductor packages
Connection component and method of making same
Feasible, gas-dielectric interconnect process
Method for forming wiring with extremely low parasitic capacitance
Method for endpoint detection during dry etch of submicron features in a semiconductor device
Method for production of semiconductor device
Method for forming a multilevel interconnect
Multipurpose graded silicon oxynitride cap layer
Method for forming self-aligned contact with liner
Method of forming a self-aligned contact hole on a semiconductor wafer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having multi-layered metalization and method of manufacturing the same
Enhanced salicidation technique
Batch type heat-treating method
Method for the formation of thin films for use as a semiconductor device
Method of forming a crystalline phase material, electrically conductive line and refractory metal silicide
Self-aligned etching method for forming high areal density patterned microelectronic structures
Method for planarizing microelectronic substrates having apertures
Use of dual patterning masks for printing holes of small dimensions
Method and apparatus for plasma etching
Process for preventing the formation of ring defects
Deep trench bottle-shaped etching using Cl2 gas
Method of producing a semiconductor device of SiC
Method of forming a wordline
Methods of selectively etching polysilicon relative to at least one of deposited oxide, thermally grown oxide and nitride, and methods of selectively etching polysilicon relative to BPSG
Catalytic breakdown of reactant gases in chemical vapor deposition
Flash memory having a treatment layer disposed between an interpoly dielectric structure and method of forming
Substrate processing method
Method for nano-structuring amorphous carbon layers
Method for making a photoresist layer having increased resistance to blistering, peeling, lifting, or reticulation
Expansion joint patch apparatus
Disposable absorbent product having biodisintegratable nonwovens with improved fluid management properties
Tin borophosphate glass comprising SnO, B2O3, and P2O5 as main components and sealing material using the glass
Alkali silicate glass
Glass material for preparing living tissue replacement
Glass composition and process for producing the same
Nickel hydroxide particles and production and use thereof
Translucent alumina sintered body and production thereof
Mucoadhesive granules of carbomer suitable for oral administration of drugs
Catalytic silicoaluminophosphates having an AEL structure, and their use in catalytic craking
Bridged zirconocene compounds, process for their preparation and their use as catalyst components in the polymerization of olefins
Evaluating moisture resistance reliability of phosphonium borate catalyst
Metal sulfide initiators for metal oxide sorbent regeneration
Composite oxide, composite oxide carrier and catalyst
Stable highly active supported copper based catalysts
Photocatalyst, process for producing the same and multifunctional members
Plant growth regulator and process for producing the same
Compounds for controlling insects and representatives of the order acarina
Compositions for iron control in acid treatments for oil wells
Methods of fracturing subterranean formations
Lubricating oil composition comprising acylated bissuccinimide, zinc dithiophosphate and metallic detergent
Mixed antioxidant composition
Refrigerator oil for carbon dioxide refrigerant, and method of using it for lubrication
Bilge Cleaning Product
Shampoo and body wash composition comprising ternary surfactant blends of cationic, anionic, and bridging surfactants and methods of preparing same
Dual chamber cleansing system comprising water-in-oil emulsion as benefit stripe
Boric acid containing compositions for stripping residues from semiconductor substrates
Manganese complexes as catalysts for peroxygenated compounds to clean hard surfaces, especially dishes
Chemical linker compositions
Hard surface cleaning and disinfecting compositions comprising fluorosurfactants
Compositions containing sodium percarbonate
Bleach compositions containing metal bleach catalyst, and bleach activators and/or organic percarboxylic acids
Alkaline lipase and detergent composition active at low temperature
Detergent compositions
Quaternary polyvinylpyrridinium derivatives as anti-dye transfer agents
Sulfonated alkylamines as degreasers and hydrotropes
Alkylbenzenesulfonate surfactants
Fragrance precursors
Method for regulating size of vascularized normal tissue
Combination therapy using a TNF binding protein for treating TNF-mediated diseases
Functionalized poly(propylene fumarate) and poly(propylene fumarate-co-ethylene glycol)
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew