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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sliding pulley drive mechanism in cutting platform of lawn mower
Mandrel, and apparatus and process for resin film production with mandrel
Backlash prevention apparatus for bait reel
Line tension measuring device
Food item pitting or coring and stuffing device
Vehicle air freshener diffuser
Glove with soft feel and high wear resistance
Accessory for shoelaces
Apparatus and methods for manipulating hair processing materials
Carrying structure for portable electronic devices
Slide rail structure
Retracting device for a drawer
Vehicle seat, in particular motor vehicle seat
Vehicle seat with a storage compartment
Locker shelf assembly
Band-free container packaging
Potty bench with storage
Apparatus and method for setting furniture height
Mounting device for orthodontic retainer elements and a method of maintaining said elements in place for mounting on corresponding teeth
Palatal expansion device and methods
Structures for connecting cremation ashes with living beings
Anti-tipping device for walkers
Ready to drink container with nipple and needle penetrable and laser resealable portion, and related method
Liquid ejection device
Method and apparatus for substance delivery in system for supplying breathable gas
Headgear for use with a patient interface device
Golf bag and travel system
Playing die
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic nebulizer with metal coated ultrasonic generator
Extruder and pipe extruder
Adapter with multiple attachments for reciprocating handheld power tools
Soldering apparatus and soldering method
Techniques for arranging solder balls and forming bumps
Braided solder
Papermaking refiner plates and method of manufacture
Fastener drive-starter
Nail gun with air injection mechanism
Mold box for making first and second wall blocks
Injection molding apparatus having a sprue bushing for communication with a nozzle
Ink recovery system with shuttle member
Printing cartridge having self-referencing printhead with large nozzle number
Duplexed inkjet printhead assembly with dual capping mechanism
Semiconductor device, ink cartridge, and electronic device
Cartridge unit having capped printhead with multiple ink storage capacity
Independent keying and guidance for solid ink sticks
Digital solid ink stick identification and recognition
Daily organizer
Method and device for filtering and damping vibrations
Shade providing apparatus for vehicle
Protective covers for truck cab guards
Adjustable motor vehicle roof
Movable roof for an automobile
Locking device for a convertible top
Trunk lid for vehicle body
Drive system and an axle for a vehicle driveline, and a vehicle comprising the driveline
Trailer for transporting vehicle security barriers
Synchronized rotative lift platform for vehicle hitch receivers
Extenders for motorcycle mirrors
Airbag module cover
Windshield wiper, especially for a motor vehicle
Vehicle shifting mechanism
Under-way vehicle transfer
Foldable frame trailer cart
Steering column assembly having a stopping member for preventing rotation of a tilt mechanism
Center take-off rack-and-pinion steering apparatus
Aerodynamically activated front skirt for a vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Method and apparatus for delivery cart movement start and energy recovery
Vehicles and methods for handling materials
Device for holding water bottle or other object in watercraft or other mobile conveyance
Pressurized containers and methods for filling them
Insert with a return envelope
Fuel cap
Fastener device for fastening a pump or a valve onto a receptacle neck and a fluid dispenser including such a fastener device
Carton with reinforced handle openings
Electronic device packaging apparatus
Modular battery package
Anti-theft display container
Device for and method of sampling the amount of carryback material transferred by a bulk material belt conveyor system
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling conveyor position
Method for delivering a container to a marking apparatus
Web handling process and equipment
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Article transport facility
Guiding device for masts which telescopes within each other
Drum lid removal tool
Pivoting container top
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for manufacturing a micro-structured optical fibre
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for separating foreign matter from fibrous material
Profile rod and carrier rod for a heald shaft
Fixed Constructions
Snowplow system, snow deflector apparatus and kit
Snap together floor structure
Lattice support structure
Composite floor system having shear force transfer member
Molded panel and panel assembly
Substrate with membrane seam plates fixed thereon for precise placement of seam plates on roof decking assemblies
Stairway system
Replaceable wet-set tactile warning surface unit and method of installation and replacement
Lock assembly for a vehicle hood
Lock having an indicative lock core
Latching mechanism
Rolling door retainer
Muntin clip
Dual function mechanism for a Venetian blind
Drill-string shock absorbers
Downhole shock absorber with crushable nose
Solid rubber packer for a rotating control device
Controlling backflow pressure during retrieval of bottom hole assembly
Breakout device with support structure
Wellbore plug adapter kit and method of using thereof
Arrangement for affixing an expandable packer in a hole
Apparatus and method for steering a drill bit
Retainer sleeve and wear ring for a rotatable tool
Friction stabilizers and roof bolt head markings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stress limiting diaphragm for diaphragm and bellows pumps and actuators
Seal chamber conditioning valve for a rotodynamic pump
Adjustable turbine exhaust flow guide and bearing cone assemblies
Turbine blade with a foam metal leading or trailing edge
Turbine airfoil with near wall inflow chambers
Turbine blade having a convergent cavity cooling system for a trailing edge
Rocker arm installed module
Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine and process of controlling the same
Camshaft adjuster for an internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio feedback control device
Exhaust gas purification apparatus for internal combustion engine
Use of compressor to turbine bypass for electric boosting system
Idle stability improvement for direct injected engines
External combustion engine
Air intake manifold including a plenum reducer insert
System and method for priming a fluid system
Control method for an overpressure valve in a common-rail fuel supply system
Controller for homogeneous charge compression ignition internal combustion engine
Water/alcohol injection tuning system
Rotary compressor defining gaps of different sizes
Two-stage rotary compressor
Device and method for adjusting angle-of-attack of wind blades in lift-type vertical axis wind turbine
Assembly for transporting fluids
Piston compressor
Pressure accumulating apparatus
Flow straightener for axial fans, particularly for conditioning systems
Pressure control valve having an asymmetric valving structure
Proportional pressure control valve
Duct structure
Hydraulic stepless speed changing device
Combination of derailleur shifter and brake lever
Welded chain wheel
Wet multi-plate clutch
Hydraulic drive system with exiting from pumping and motoring
Shock absorbing and indicating impact bumper and method
Vehicle suspension spring system
Adjusting device
Hydraulic pressurizer system
Surrogate engine speed signal for controlling a dual clutch powershift transmission
Rotation shaft seal
Reservoir assembly
Water conservation safety shut-off valve
Device for adjusting the flow-rate of a fluid, particularly medical oxygen and compressed gases in general
Cable clamp
Oil pan for an internal combustion engine
Modified tripod and "multi-pod" for cameras and other equipment
Seat moving track assembly
Umbrella support system
Recessed light
Lighting assembly, heat sink and heat recovery system therefor
Heat distribution in a distributed lighting apparatus
Built-in lamp
Light emitting panel assemblies
Smoked lens for vehicle
Flex-flame burner and combustion method
Barbecue grill with a movable heater
Substrate heating apparatus and method and coating and developing system
Protective device for protecting thermal interface material and fasteners of heat dissipation device
Revolving firing pin assembly
Bipod device for use with a firearm
Paintball gun
High capacity paintball hoppers and loaders and paintball feeder combinations with quick disconnect, permanent and integral connection configurations
Micrometer-based measuring system and method of using same
Self supporting string line tool
Methods and systems to maintain accessibility and integrity of equipment contained in underground housings
Method for checking the condition of a sample when metering liquid
On chip temperature measuring and monitoring circuit and method
Anti-vibration torque sensing and control device for tools
Pressure sensor
Fuel system diagnostics by analyzing cylinder pressure signal
Method and device for monitoring a fuel injection device for an internal combustion engine
Method for estimating strain, strain ratios and displacements in a target body
Multiple axis transducer with multiple sensing range capability
Elongated illuminators configuration for LCD displays
Method and apparatus to generate and monitor optical signals and control power levels thereof in a planar lightwave circuit
Light control and shading apparatus and methods
Device for mounting imaging equipment to a bow and method of recording a hunt
Screen, rear projector and image display apparatus with deformable scattering components
Apparatus and method for reducing glare in images
Driving operation input device
Clock distribution device and method in compact PCI based multi-processing system
Low power operation control unit and program optimizing apparatus
Method and device for retrieving data in low-power
Disk array system having a first and second disk control unit each having cache memory, shared memory, a plurality of power units, a plurality of hard disks, and an AC/DC power supply
Limiting performance in an integrated circuit to meet export restrictions
Techniques for utilization of asymmetric secondary processing resources
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer over a wide area network
Computer system capable of fast failover upon failure
Backing up selected files of a computer system
Method and apparatus for diagnosing difficult to diagnose faults in a complex system
Method and system for testing networks
Method for the automated determination of fault events
System and method for changing operation of an application without recompiling
Mirroring operations performed on linked files and folders
Detector and operational method for a firmware interface
Dynamic properties of documents and the use of these properties
Data information display method of data broadcasting receiver and apparatus thereof
Gaming machine
System for filling in documents using an electronic pen
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Electronic content search and delivery based on cursor location
Aggressor classification method for analyzing crosstalk of circuit
Electrical form design and management method, and recording medium
Method and system to evaluate signal line spacing
LSI design system
Technology mapping technique for fracturable logic elements
Method of identifying an extreme interaction pitch region, methods of designing mask patterns and manufacturing masks, device manufacturing methods and computer programs
Evaluation method of semiconductor device, manufacturing method of the semiconductor device, design management system of device comprising the semiconductor device, dose amount control program for the semiconductor device, computer-readable recording medium recording the program, and dose amount control apparatus
Page bar control
Method and apparatus for reconfigurable key positioning on a keyboard
Per-property browser having property browsing list with drop list button
Operating session reauthorization in a user-operated device
System for selecting another processor to be the boot strap processor when the default boot strap processor does not have local memory
Method and platform for integrated physical verifications and manufacturing enhancements
Software set-value profiling and code reuse
Network application decentralized execution system, terminal equipment and network application execution method therefor, and operation method for terminal equipment
Methods and systems for synchronizing processes executing on a digital data processing system
System and method for process management
Chip card holder
Communication system, reader/writer, authentication method, and computer program
Device for identifying metallic foreign components
Multiple plane scanning system for data reading applications
Software program utility that isolates translatable english text from machine code and merges the text into one file for review purposes
Identifying URL references in script included in markup language documents
Paper currency handling apparatus
Banking system operated responsive to data read from data bearing records
Enclosure for automated banking machine
Video instructional system and method for teaching motor skills
Support for communication means worn by a person
Wire marker
Library apparatus including vertical rail fixed to remain stationary with respect to a cover member
Method of manufacturing a thin-film magnetic head with a magnetoresistive effect element
Detection of bit errors in maskable content addressable memories
Substrate processing device
Poke-in connector
Cable plug assembly with internal circuit board
Connector apparatus
Surface contact card holder and portable electronic device using the same
Cable assembly with locking member
Socket connector for a relay
Selective flash memory drive with quick connector
Method of manufacturing RF ablation probe with unibody electrode element
Method and apparatus for performing cyclic redundancy checks
Monitoring and managing user access to content via a portable data storage medium
Method and apparatus for rapid access of program guide information
Digital VSB transmission system
Method for manufacturing a quartz crystal unit
MIcrofabricated ultrasonic transducers with curvature and method for making the same
Heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
High pressure discharge lamp with bent tip electrodes
High-pressure discharge lamp and lighting apparatus
Thin-film transistor circuitry with reduced sensitivity to variance in transistor threshold voltage
Field emission display with diode-type field emitters
Display apparatus using electroluminescence elements
Procedures and apparatus for turning-on and turning-off elements within a field emission display device
Procedures and apparatus for turning-on and turning-off elements within a field emission display device
Method for controlling spacer visibility
Multipurpose flashlight
Circuit arrangement
System and method for operating incandescent lamps with high voltage source
Multiple sensor lux reader and averager
Lamp life meter and endoscope light source unit
Color display device with a deflection-dependent distance between outer beams
Television receiver with horizontal deflection circuit
Braun tube discharge apparatus
Closed loop control of PWM duty cycle
Brushless dc motor assembly
Electronically commutated motor
Bi-directionally dynamically braked gate crossing mechanism controller
Method for starting a power loom
Wiper driving apparatus for vehicles
Optical apparatus
Driving controlling apparatus of a hood motor
RFI suppression package for DC electric motors
Resonant circuit control system for stepper motors
Induction motor load limiting for power steering applications
Apparatus and method for recharging a vehicle
Mounting stands for use with AC adapters
Battery pack having memory
Rechargeable direct current power source
Device and method for determining state of charge
High energy charge and depolarization pulse conditioner for an enhanced-reliability lead-acid battery charger
Secondary battery apparatus
Apparatus and method for limiting leakage to ground current while optimizing output of a power supply adaptable for use with a motion sensor switch
Method and apparatus for reducing the power consumption of a voltage regulator
Voltage mode feedback burst mode circuit
Direct current step-up circuit for use with battery powered equipment
Method and apparatus for delivering power to a mechanical or electrical system
DC-DC converter powered by doubled output voltage
Switching regulator DC/DC converter, and LSI system provided with switching regulator
Method and apparatus for regulating the input impedance of PWM converters
Somatic cell analyser
Ultrahigh-frequency high-impedance passive voltage probe
Power sensor for RF power amplifier
Method of determining position and/or direction of a magnetic target
Object position sensor using magnetic effect device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus having a device for measuring magnetic field strengths
Linear combination steady-state free precession MRI
Autocorrection of 3D MR images for motion artifacts
Active shielded superconducting assembly with improved compensation of magentic field disturbances
Probehead for nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Methods for high throughput chemical screening using magnetic resonance imaging
Anti-aliasing transmitter coil array for magnetic resonance
Control device for prescribing a time-variable output quantity
Seismic activity predictor in proximity with the earth including a dielectric for receiving precursor seismic electromagnetic waveforms
Fault detection system and method for solenoid controlled actuators of a transmission system
Battery charge determination
Method and apparatus for measurement of electrochemical cell and battery impedances
Rapid determination of present and potential battery capacity
Distance measuring apparatus
High voltage installation with a device for transmitting signals
Device and method for magnetically sensing current in plate structure
Flyback transformer and yoke tester
Micropower capacitance-based proximity sensor
Capacitance measuring circuit for a capacitive sensor
Modular mechanical fixturing and automated handling of printed circuit assemblies on automated test equipment
Membrane probing system with local contact scrub
Electromechanical apparatus for testing IC chips using first and second sets of substrates which are pressed together
Test device for flat electronic assemblies
Aligner and method for inspecting semiconductor wafer using shell
Pivoting springy mechanism that opens and closes pressed electrical contacts with a force which is nearly constant over a range of closed positions
Probe card and method of forming a probe card
Device for detecting defects in solid-state image sensor
Test carrier with variable force applying mechanism for testing semiconductor components
Termination circuits and methods for bused and networked devices
Low-consumption TTL-CMOS input buffer stage
Reduced voltage input/reduced voltage output repeaters for high capacitance signal lines and methods therefor
Low power, high speed level shifter
High speed buffer circuit with improved noise immunity
Data register circuit in memory device
Low voltage differential dual receiver
Output buffer for driving a symmetrical transmission line
Delay time control circuit
Gate structures with reduced propagation-delay variations
Current sense amplifier and current comparator with hysteresis
Current comparator for current mode circuits
Driving circuit and charging pump booster circuit utilizing said driving circuit
Method and apparatus for powering down a line driver
Gate driver circuit for high and low side switches with primary and secondary shoot-through protection
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Wide tracking range, auto ranging, low jitter phase lock loop for swept and fixed frequency systems
Clock monitor circuit and synchronous semiconductor memory device utilizing the circuit
Reference-free clock generator and data recovery PLL
Slew rate/propagation delay selection circuit
Hysteresis circuit
Integrated circuit for producing two output clock signals at levels which do not overlap in time
Integrated circuit output buffers having reduced power consumption requirements and methods of operating same
Rectifier circuit
High frequency bipolar switching transistor
Circuit with ramp-up control for overcoming a threshold voltage loss in an NMOS transistor
Output circuit, input circuit and input/output circuit
Circuit configuration having single-electron components, a method for its operation and use of the method for addition of binary numbers
Programmable circuit with preview function
Open-cavity semiconductor die package
Plastic package for semiconductor device
Microelectronic assembly fabrication with terminal formation from a conductive layer
Method for the manufacturing of a semiconductor device which comprises at least one chip and corresponding device
Condensed memory matrix
Integrated semiconductor chip with modular dummy structures
Semiconductor device, active matrix substrate and process for production thereof
Feasible, gas-dielectric interconnect process
Metal-line structure having a spacer structure covering the sidewalls thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Suppression of interconnect stress migration by refractory metal plug
Semiconductor device with chip size package
Electro-optic device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having pads, the intervals of which are adjusted and arranged in semiconductor chip corners
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
High contrast, low noise alignment mark for laser trimming of redundant memory arrays
Power generator for a digital cassette cartridge
Method and apparatus for controlling a high-speed AC permanent magnet synchronous motor coupled to an industrial turbo engine
Method for operating a parallel hybrid drive for a vehicle
Apparatus and method for a torque and fuel control system for a hybrid vehicle
Microturbine power generating system
Power supplying apparatus for a vehicle and intensive wiring apparatus
Device and method for disabling vehicle controls
System and method for reducing power dissipation in a circuit
Smart switch
Position signalling device for a motor drive
Positioning apparatus, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and inspection apparatus
Actuator with repulsive magnetic forces
Super magnetostrictive actuator
High-efficiency moving-magnet loudspeaker
Electrical machine with rectifier unit and plus and minus heat sinks with improved lost heat dissipation
Piston motor protector, and motor and pumping system incorporating the same
Hydraulic dynamic bearing and spindle motor and rotary assembly provided
Galvanometer with axial symmetry and improved bearing design
Motor having a hydrodynamic pressure bearing
Magnetic suspending device controlled by temperature of controlled object
Spindle motor and complex bearing assembly for use with the spindle motor
Recessed alternator pole piece
Actuator and method of manufacture
Method of correcting a resonance frequency of a small rotary actuator
Piezoelectric acoustic component
Buckling resistant piezoelectric actuator
Ultrasonic transducer having impedance matching layer
Ultrasound transmitting configuration
Switch system
Piezoelectric component with leads
Piezo actuator with improved electrical contacting and employment of such a piezo actuator
Spark plug for internal combustion engine with Ir alloy molten portion outside spark discharge region
Low pressure gas discharge switch with particular electrode structure
Field emission cold cathode device and manufacturing method thereof
Color cathode-ray tube
Color cathode ray tube having a shadow mask structure
Immersion lens and electron beam projection system using the same
Cathode ray tube apparatus
Cathode ray tube with deflection yoke including non-circular separator
Cathode ray tube
Fluorescent lamp with replaceable light element
Poke-through floor fitting
Electric box extender and supplemental parts
Device for mechanically locking an electronic component with respect to a support
High flexibility and heat dissipating coaxial cable
Composite insulators and a process for producing the same
Clip structure for extracting electric signals
Bump structure and method for making the same
High-strength solder interconnect for copper/electroless nickel/immersion gold metallization solder pad and method
Partially-overcoated elongate contact structures
Integrated circuit wiring
Chemical mixer tank calibrator and calibrating method for the same
Pneumatic load measuring device for vehicles
Electronic balance
Coordinate input device having high transmittance
Key switch
Linear spaced dielectric dot separator pressure sensing array incorporating strain release stabilized releasable electric snap stud connectors
Micro-electromechanical switch
Separation of particles dispersed in liquid
Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
Circuit breaker with particle trap
Weld gun arm casting
Method for high-density plasma etching
Method of producing a noncircular cooling bore
Light beam heating apparatus
Method and device for determining the voltage at welding power sources
Method for welding shaped bodies made of carburized heat-resistant steel
Wire welding gun having improved connection between a contact tip and its mating part
Heated toilet seat and methods for making same
Body hair treating implement
Electric appliance having a proximity sensor
Ignition device for electronic lighter with heating wire ceramic mount having hemispherical groove
Thermal processing chamber for heating and cooling wafer-like objects
Thermally efficient portable convective oven
Hydrocolloid processing module
Operating procedure related to a resistance heating element and device for applying same
Heater with PTC element an buss system
Electric heating/warming fabric articles
In-cavity connectors for system detectors in microwave assisted processes
Microwave heating system for gas hydrate removal or inhibition in a hydrocarbon pipeline
Ovenable food tray and its manufacturing method
Cooking vessel with adjustable ventilation system
Pixel structure having a bolometer with spaced apart absorber and transducer layers and an associated fabrication method
Variable collection of blooming charge to extend dynamic range
Detection circuit having a variable impedance circuit
Optoelectronic component and method for calibrating an optoelectronic component
Water droplet sensor and exposure system for hologram
Compensation of errors in logging-while-drilling density measurements
Passive infrared sensor apparatus and method with DC offset compensation
Method and apparatus for selecting a filter for a remote sensing device
Bimorph spirals for uncooled photothermal spectroscopy
Data binning method and apparatus for PET tomography
UV detector for liquid chromatography
Omega energy filter
Integrated, decontamination, tight transfer device using ultraviolet radiation
Photoluminescent emergency egress pathway marking system
System for reading barcode symbols
Pattern-transfer method and apparatus
Device for imaging object to be inspected and device for inspecting semiconductor package
Semiconductor alignment tool
High resolution imaging using optically transparent phosphors
Method for making a fuse structure for improved repaired yields on semiconductor memory devices
Semiconductor thin film and semiconductor device
TFT array with photo-imageable insulating layer over address lines
Thin film transistor panels for liquid crystal displays
Semiconductor memory device having driver and load MISFETs and capacitor elements
Electrode structures for light emitting devices
Light-emitting device comprising gallium-nitride-group compound semiconductor
Semiconductor device
InxGa1-xP etch stop layer for double recess pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor structures
Power/ground metallization routing in a semiconductor device
Complementary junction field effect transistors
Double diffused mosfet
Insulating material, substrate covered with an insulating film, method of producing the same, and thin-film device
Contact openings to electronic components having recessed sidewall structures
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with perovskite capacitor and its manufacture method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device structure with superimposed bit lines and short-circuit metal strips
Transistor having an improved sidewall gate structure and method of construction
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having lateral high breakdown voltage element
Electrically isolated double gated transistor
Complementary MOS semiconductor device
Another technique for gated lateral bipolar transistors
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
L-and U-gate devices for SOI/SOS applications
Methods of forming field effect transistors and field effect transistor circuitry
CMOS sense structure having silicon dioxide outer ring around sense region
Pulsed etching manufacturing method and system
Integrable ferromagnets for high density storage
Semiconductor photo-detector with square-shaped optical wave-guide
Microlens array with improved fill factor
Schottky barrier semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor resurf devices formed by oblique trench implantation
Monolithic low dielectric constant platform for passive components and method
Definition of anti-fuse cell for programmable gate array application
Integrated circuit having isolated anti-fuse structures and method for fabricating the same
Electronic switch for decoupling capacitor
Semiconductor device having capacitance element and method of producing the same
On-chip shielding of signals
Lead frame and semiconductor device made by using it
Technique for attaching die to leads
Multi-layer lead frame for a semiconductor device
Semiconductor package with a stacked chip on a leadframe
Dual-chip integrated circuit package with a chip-die pad formed from leadframe leads
Method for modifying melamine derivatives
Prostaglandin endoperoxide H synthase biosynthesis inhibitors
Enantioselective alkylation of tricyclic compounds
Heterocyclic 2-substituted ketoamides
Method of synthesizing flosequinan from 4-fluoroanthranilic acid
2-alkylidene hydroxycoumaranone derivatives
Acid-addition salts of optically active piperidine compound and process for producing the same
Process for preparing imidacloprid
Process for preparing 2,4- dihydroxypyridine and 2,4- dihydroxy-3-nitropyridine
Diol-functionalized UV absorber
Acid addition salts of imidazolidinones as reaction catalysts
Self-crosslinking hydroxy/alkoxy acyl imidazolidinone monomers
Process for preparing a protected 4-aminomethyl-pyrrolidi-3-one
Enantiomerically pure basic N-heterocyclic arylcycloalkylhydroxycarboxylic esters, processes for their preparation and their use in medicaments
Pyrrolidinyl and pyrrolinyl ethylamine compounds as kappa agonists
(Thio) (meth) acrylate monomers, intermediate compounds for the synthesis of these monomers, polymerisable compositions and polymers obtained, and their optical and ophthalmic uses
Conversion of compounds of titanium in a plus 4 oxidation state to titanium compounds in a plus 3 oxidation state
Process to prepare taxol
Processes for producing epsilon caprolactones and/or hydrates and/or esters thereof
Process for producing simvastatin
Palladium and boron co-catalyzed addition of oxygen nucleophiles to vinyl epoxides
Artemisinin derivatives, method for the preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
1,2 - Dioxolane decomposition reactive emulsifier and polymer-modifying method using the same
Substituted aurone derivatives
Synthesis of paclitaxel from baccatin III by protection of the 7-hydroxyl of baccatin III using a strong base and an electrophile
Method for production of oxygen-containing organic compound
Direct epoxidation process using a mixed catalyst system
Process for the preparation of bile acid derivatives
Therapeutically effective 1.alpha., 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 analogs
Process for preparing amido phenyl esters
Method for purifying vegetable oil obtained by mechanical extraction
Tridentate ligated heteronuclear tin(II) alkoxides for use as base catalysts
Hydrocarbon soluble, tin functionalized alkali metals
Water-soluble zinc pyruvates or their hydrates, method for the product ion thereof and their use
Hyperbranched polymers and methods for the preparation, cure, and stabilization thereof
Synergistic catalyst system and process for carrying out hydrosilylation reactions
Specific silane compounds, method of synthesizing them, luminescent device materials comprising them, and luminescent devices containing such materials
Contact location detecting mechanism of touch signal probe
Process and composition for generation of acid
Method for producing long-chain glycine-N,N-diacetic acid derivatives
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Synthesis of taxol, taxol analogs and their intermediates with variable A-ring side chain structures and compositions thereof
Biphenyl butyric acids and their derivatives as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases
Acylated oligopeptide derivatives having cell signal inhibiting activity
Trifluoro-substituted benzoic acid, esters thereof and processes for preparing the same
Two stage gauge with electrical signal output
Process and apparatus for resetting a micro-mechanical condition sensor
Impedance matching network and multidimensional electromagnetic field coil for a transponder interrogator
Remote detection device
Antitheft apparatus, antitheft method and recording medium recording thereon antitheft program
Radio based proximity token with multiple antennas
Post office box system and apparatus for indicating post office box occupancy
Electronic article surveillance transmitter control using target range
Magnetomechanical electronic article surveillance system and method using sideband detection
Location method and system for detecting movement within a building
Smart binary switch for use with an electronic patient monitor
Process and apparatus for resetting a directly resettable micro-mechanical temperature memory switch
Multi-zone gas detection system
Running indicator for integrated circuit package
Integrated circuit reset incorporating battery monitor and watchdog timer
Systems for evaluating movement of a body and methods of operating the same
Silenceable speaker with pre-announce tone detection
Conversion circuit for process control system
Intersection warning system
Map display unit
Joystick device
Information additive code generator and decoder for communication systems
LZW data compression and decompression apparatus and method using grouped data characters to reduce dictionary accesses
Fast and small serial huffman decoder for decoding at an optimally high rate
Digital to analog converter trim apparatus and method
Trim systems and methods having temporary and permanent operational modes
Device to compensate for the non-linearity of an analog/digital converter
Non-linear function generating circuit and method
Device and method for the rapid digital/analog conversion of pulse width modulated signals
Resistor elements in a resistor divider digital-to-analog converter
Sensing apparatus including an A/D conversion circuit for detecting a physical quantity
Programmable gain ADC
Digital display unit of a computer system having an improved method and apparatus for sampling analog display signals
Method for improving IR transmissions from a PC keyboard
Method of moment estimation and feature extraction for devices which measure spectra as a function of range or time
Radar systems
Radiometry system with an aperture synthesis type antenna and its application to hyper-frequency imaging
Method and system of determining user terminal position using a measured signal propagation delay and Doppler shift of a communications link
Method and system for using altitude information in a satellite positioning system
Apparatus and method for coupling data to a position determination device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for making back glass substrate for plasma display panel and resultant product
Organic electroluminescent display and method for its manufacture
Method and apparatus for enhancing the directional transmission and reception of information
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew