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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Borescope with simultaneous video and direct viewing
Implantable cardiac stimulation device having autocapture/autothreshold capability
Biomedical signal denoising techniques
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-beam scanning optical system, image forming apparatus, and color image forming apparatus
Method and device for determining a position of a part of a motor vehicle seat which can be displaced by means of a drive device
Method and apparatus for estimating steering behavior for integrated chassis control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for internal combustion engine
Automatic shutdown control for vehicular internal combustion
Water heating system and method for detecting a dry fire condition for a heating element
Method and apparatus for self-referenced projection lens distortion mapping
Measurement of optical properties of radiation sensitive materials
Voice controlled vehicle wheel alignment system
Surveying system
Depth measuring method and depth measuring apparatus
Computer performance estimation system configured to take expected events into consideration
Method for determining ion concentration and energy of shallow junction implants
Method and apparatus to control the temperature of a memory device
Defect detector and method of detecting defect
Radiation imaging apparatus
System for changing and/or evaluating a speed signal
Electric plug having display means to indicate consumed power and electric energy
Characterizing distribution signatures in integrated circuit technology
Binoculars with light-shielding mechanism
Micromirror unit and method of making the same
Light deflecting method and apparatus efficiently using a floating mirror
Autostereoscopic lenticular screen
Display device
Small-spot spectrometry instrument with reduced polarization and multiple-element depolarizer therefor
In-line holographic mask for micromachining
Single-mode optical fiber
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for structured waveguide transport using microbubbles
Radial Bragg ring resonator
Optical switch
Optical transmission device with optical waveguide coupled to optical device
Optical fiber cable
Optical components exhibiting enhanced functionality and method of making same
Optical transmission system with bidirectional connection paths and method for setting up at least one bidirectional connection path
Transflective liquid crystal display using transflective color filter
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus comprising convex and projected portions formed in the alignment film at the periphery of the image display area
Liquid crystal display device comprising pixel and common electrodes inclined in first and second directions to form a zigzag shape which is symmetrical relative to alignment direction of liquid crystal
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method for the same
Polycrystalline liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same having simultaneously formed gate, source and drain electrodes
Multi-imager multi-source multi-use coded data source data input product
Interchangeable lens video camera system
Zoom lens camera, and a rotation transfer mechanism
Manual focus device and autofocus camera
Optical error minimization in a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Apparatus and system for improving phase shift mask imaging performance and associated methods
Light source unit and wavelength stabilizing control method, exposure apparatus and exposure method, method of making exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method and device
Toner cartridge used with electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Developing device
Method for identifying a control path of a controlled system
Providing distributed scene programming of a home automation and control system
Data access method and data access apparatus for accessing data at on-vehicle information device
Encasement for handheld computer
Multimedia broadcasting device and a support structure thereof
Event-based system and process for recording and playback of collaborative electronic presentations
Method and system for monitoring embedded disk controller components
System and technique to reduce cycle time by performing column redundancy checks during a delay to accommodate variations in timing of a data strobe signal
Automotive computing devices with emergency power shut down capabilities
Distributed programmable priority encoder capable of finding the longest match in a single operation
Disk array system
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing resource contention in multiprocessor systems
Method and system for data processing with data backup
Configuration management apparatus and method
Method for reducing an importance level of a cache line
Backup system and method based on data characteristics
System for designing and performing web application
Transportable identifier and system and method to facilitate access to broadcast data
Method and system for controlling messages printed by an in-store label printer and related label structure
Processor and data cache with data storage unit and tag hit/miss logic operated at a first and second clock frequencies
I/O velocity projection for bridge attached channel
Storage subsystem and storage controller
Multi-core communications module, data communications system incorporating a multi-core communications module, and data communications process
Digital communications processor
Method for enabling a client to specify the characteristics of an image to be downloaded from a server
Printer control based on detection of envelope-sized print medium
Trapping area creating method, trapping area creating apparatus, and trapping area creating program storage medium
System and method for variable size retrieval of webpage data
Method of providing a proxy server based service to a communications device on a network
Remote administration function in a telecommunication system
System and method for transferring information in a hypertext transfer protocol based system
Congestion control mechanism for streaming media
Domain name system resolution
Method and apparatus providing controlled access of requests from virtual private network devices to managed information objects using simple network management protocol
Interprocess communication protocol system
Transferring a media browsing session from one device to a second device by transferring a session identifier and a session key to the second device
System and method for regulating web site access
Regulating usage of computer resources
Method and apparatus for retrieving network quality of service policy information from a directory in a quality of service policy management system
Integrated service management system
System using truncated superior resource name and unique counter number obtained from a global counter for generating a unique subordinate resource name
Audio delivery and rendering method and apparatus
Connectivity encoding and decoding of polygon meshes
Methods and apparatuses for selling, distributing and dispensing fabric care products
Fir filter and ramp-up/-down control circuit using the same
Computer system for allocating storage area to computer based on security level
Dynamic determination of keyword and degree of importance thereof in system for transmitting and receiving messages
Storing objects in a spreadsheet
Method for backing up a disk array system
Image retrieval systems and methods with semantic and feature based relevance feedback
Multimedia information collection control apparatus and method
System and method for facilitating internet search by providing web document layout image
Data exchange between computer aided design systems
Grid that tracks the occurrence of a N-dimensional matrix of combinatorial events in a simulation using a linear index
Sensor signal processor
Novelty calculator system for amusement
Intelligent STEP-NC controller
CAM system and program, and method for controlling CAM system
Two-legged walking robot
Quality control system, method, and program
Semiconductor production system
Method of evaluating the performance of a product using a virtual environment
Techniques for identifying confirming mapping and categorizing nucleic acids
High speed processor
Hand held mobile communications device with an image sensor, a printer and a print media slot
Methods and arrangements for providing and using printer configuration status information
Stocker utilization self-balancing system and method
Inquiry responding apparatus and method, and program used therewith
System and method for performing efficient conditional vector operations for data parallel architectures involving both input and conditional vector values
Apparatus and method for performing single-instruction multiple-data instructions
Vehicle rapid deceleration detection device
Semiconductor integrated circuit, design support apparatus, and test method
System and method for automatically matching components in a debugging system
Method, system and article of manufacture for an analytic modeling technique for handling multiple objectives
Acoustic logging tool having quadrupole source
GPS based vehicle warning and location system
Contents forming method and contents reproducing apparatus and method
Digital watermark detecting device and method thereof
Information providing system and identification information adding device
Image data coding device, image data coding method, image forming apparatus, storage medium and program
Method and apparatus for coding and decoding image data using critical points
Bit allocation process for multi-stage image compression
Measurement of blurring in video sequences
Method and system for object detection in digital images
Advertising method and awareness server
Image synthesis method, image synthesis apparatus, and storage medium
Method of modifying a volume mesh using sheet insertion
GPS-based vehicle warning and location system and method
Driving method for plasma display panel and driving circuit for plasma display panel
Semiconductor display device and method of driving semiconductor display device
Touch screen assembly and display for an electronic device
Business method for billboard advertising
Advertising method for dynamic billboards
Dual form low power, instant on and high performance, non-instant on computing device
Shading of images using texture
Information recording medium and information processing apparatus
Methods and systems for adaptive dither structures
Liquid crystal display and its driving method
Method and apparatus for concealing jitter buffer expansion and contraction
Speech recognition system, speech recognition server, speech recognition client, their control method, and computer readable memory
Information recording and reproducing method and information recording and reproducing device
Mobile device and disk drive restricted from reading a data storage zone in a mobile environment
Apparatus and method for controlling head loading in disk drive
Method of changing a rotating mode between constant angular velocity and constant linear velocity
Hard disc drive cover-integrated gasket
Balance ring
Systems and methods for two-step self-servowriting using per-head final pattern writing
Systems and methods for self-servowriting with improved retry position of wedges
Systems for selective multi-pass servowriting and self-servowriting
Method of reproducing data in which an accelerated selection may be possible of storage media to be reproduced or to be rejected by a playback device
Track identification codewords having multiple bit error correction capability and generalized gray code property
Spin polarization enhancement artificial magnet
One-piece suspension assembly including interconnect
Magnetic pattern transferring method for performing a magnetic pattern transfer
Method for selecting optimal recording and erasing powers for an optical disk drive
Method and apparatus for removing vibration in disc drive
Optical recording medium, recording apparatus and method for optical recording medium, and reproducing apparatus and method for optical recording medium
Method and apparatus for recording data on an optical disc with restarting writing of data after data recording interruption
Rewritable recording medium capable of changing the length and start position of synchronization portion
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Magnetic memory array, method for recording in a magnetic memory array and method for reading out from a magnetic memory array
Ferromagnetic random access memory
Static content addressable memory cell
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory automatically carrying out refresh operation
Embedded ROM device using substrate leakage
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having memory cells with floating gates and memory cell threshold voltage control method
Multi read port bit line
Delay locked loop device
Parallel asynchronous propagation pipeline structure and methods to access multiple memory arrays
Computed tomography apparatus with a detector diaphragm having a diaphragm element movable longitudinally over the detector
Single ended termination of clock for dual link DVI receiver
Integrated circuit package substrate having a thin film capacitor structure
Method and apparatus for combining PTCR/OL and run capacitor
Additive for non-aqueous liquid electrolyte secondary cell, non-aqueous liquid electrolyte secondary cell, additive for non-aqueous liquid electrolyte electric double layer capacitor and non-aqueous liquid electrolyte electric double layer capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
Electrolyte for electrochemical capacitor and electrochemical capacitor containing the same
Wet electrolytic capacitors
Emergency deployable GPS antenna
Antenna, antenna module and radio communication apparatus provided with the same
Single connector dual band antenna with embedded diplexer
Microstrip antenna
Antenna unit
Blind signal separation using array deflection
Hooked stub collinear array antenna
Tunable segmented distributed bragg reflector for linear optical amplifier
Side-pumping laser and optical fiber system
Method and apparatus to generate and monitor optical signals and control power levels thereof in a planar lightwave circuit
Modulation doped tunnel junction
Surface-emitting laser with a low threshold value and low power consumption and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit having power management
Apparatus for protecting boost converter in abnormal operation
Channel tracking using channel covariance estimation
Method and apparatus for time-division power assignments in a wireless communication system
Alias sampling for IF-to-baseband conversion in a GPS receiver
Domino asynchronous successive approximation ADC
Digital to analog conversion
High resolution and low consumption digital-analog converter
Method and apparatus for adaptive transmission control in a high data rate communication system
Beam forming method
System and method for transmit weight computation for vector beamforming radio communication
Receiver circuit for mobile radio receivers with automatic gain control
Receiver for a mobile radio terminal
Automatic frequency control apparatus for determining loop gain constant based on absolute phase error
Signal mixer having a single-ended input and a differential output
Message display method in mobile terminal
Method and system for providing power to a communications device
Base station apparatus and network identifier assignment method
Wireless phone having improved SAR
Motion vector searching method using plural search areas
Method for generating and allocating code pairs of orthogonal spreading codes
Wireless communication system and method of controlling same
Laser modulation control to improve system dynamic range
Space-division multiplex full-duplex local area network
Integrated wavelength division multiplexed receiver array having pluggable transmitters
Optical wavelength multiplexing transmission apparatus and optical output control method for optical wavelength multiplexing transmission apparatus
Optical transmitter
Method of adaptive signal degradation compensation
Memory circuit with an optical input
Sound control system, sound control device, electronic device, and method for controlling sound
Data interface protocol for two-way radio communication systems
Transmitting diversity communications apparatus
Method for near optimal joint channel estimation and data detection for COFDM systems
Spread spectrum communications using a reference and a message signal system and method
Method and apparatus for frequency and timing distribution through a packet-based network
Digital transmitter
Precoding for a non-linear codec
Receiver of an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Passive system and method for measuring the subjective quality of real-time media streams in a packet-switching network
System for providing fabric activity switch control in a communications system
VoIP system and method for preventing data loss in the same
Programmable multi-service queue scheduler
Method and system for finding shared risk diverse paths
Node detection and ring configuration for physical star connected networks
FSM for a BCC between a V5.2 interface and an ATM interface and the operating method thereof
Mechanism for implementing class redirection in a cluster
System and method for connecting calls with a time division multiplex matrix
Apparatus, and associated method, for integrating operation of packet radio communication systems
Emergency calling with a VoIP device in a VLAN environment
System and method for delivering personalized messages to selected calling parties
General self-routing control mechanism over bit-permuting switching networks
Method for preventing overload condition in a circuit switched arrangement
Router for use with a link that has a set of concurrent channels
Method and apparatus for integrating guaranteed-bandwidth and best-effort traffic in a packet network
Integrated calendar and phonemail system
Data transmission network
Multi-level pulse amplitude modulation receiver
Phase frequency synchronism circuitry and optical receiver
Multicarrier modulation using weighted prototype functions
Synchronization signal detector and method
Foldable/Slidable Function Keyboard for an Electronic Device
Telephony and voice interface for voice server system management
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting with verification and name change service
Method for providing broadcast service in a CDMA mobile communication system
Managing variable data through line information database (LIDB) access in a public switched telephone network (PSTN)
Caller identification in a communication system
Call management using call routing engine
Telecommunication network that provides caller-entered information to multiple call destinations
Selective call waiting service
Telephone headset
Hand held mobile communications device with an image sensor, a printer and an interface for interrogating an authentication mechanism of a cartridge inserted into the receptacle
Film scanner with film weaver correction facility
Scanner with a controller for controlling movement of a scanning module during scanner maintenance
Image data background determining apparatus image data background determining method, and medium recording thereon image data background determination control program
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and image processing method for judging pixels in edge area of character in halftone-dot area
Halftone screening method and storage medium
Image display device and method for displaying thumbnail based on three-dimensional image data
Imager having multiple storage locations for each pixel sensor
Apparatus and method for slope-enhancement of signal transitions in television pictures
Digital camera having a built-in printer
Image processing apparatus and method
Shooting condition providing apparatus, shooting condition setting system, and shooting condition providing method
Image pickup apparatus
Optical apparatus operable in static and dynamic image taking modes
Apparatus and method for improved-resolution digital zoom in a portable electronic imaging device
Information playback apparatus and electronic pop advertising apparatus
Image processing device for processing images which are recorded in a recording medium and a method thereof
Image data recording apparatus
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and editing method
Data slicer, data slicing method, and amplitude evaluation value setting method
Motion vector detection apparatus for performing checker-pattern subsampling with respect to pixel arrays
Prediction apparatus, encoding apparatus, inverse prediction apparatus, decoding apparatus, and computing apparatus
System and method for enabling compatibility between digital and analog television systems
Information processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for securing digital video recording
Image processing method and apparatus, program, and storage medium
Image sensor with stabilized black level and low power consumption
Method and apparatus for CDMA-dispatch soft handoff
Managing searcher and tracker resources in a wireless communication device
Method for allocating resources in a wireless system
Mobile radio terminal apparatus
Transceiver unit with interference-reducing antenna
Automated reconciliation of directed retry lists
Method and system for optimizing performance of a mobile communications system
Mobile communication system, and a radio base station, a radio apparatus and a mobile terminal
System, method and apparatus for a network-organized repository of data
Communications system and method
Behind-the-ear hearing aid
Motor control housing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Mobile station assisted timing synchronization in CDMA communication system
Network analysis system
Information signal transmitting apparatus
Ad hoc network of mobile hosts using link table for identifying wireless links and destination addresses
CDMA communication system and its transmission power control method
Processing packet-switched voice calls directed to a mobile unit operating in circuit-switched mode
Method and system in wireless communication system for scheduling messages to reduce the quick paging channel peak power level
Method of addressing messages and communications systems
Method of addressing messages, method of establishing wireless communications, and communications system
Method and system for changing forward traffic channel power allocation during soft handoff
CDMA radio transmission system
System for radio transmission of digital signals between a plurality of subscriber stations and base station
Rotator switch data path structures
Re-routing telephony communications traffic through a private branch exchange to a data network
Telecommunications switch
Network routing table using content addressable memory
Method of establishing connection
Asynchronous transfer mode controller and ATM control method thereof and ATM communication control apparatus
ATM cell transmission system
Device and method related to telecommunication networks
Systems and methods for data transformation and transfer in networks
Method and system for multicast using a satellite network
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a local area network
Transmission method and communication system employing the method
Process and device for the baseband transcoding of digital information
Radio communication method and radio communication system between base station and mobile station
Broadband telecommunications system
Data transmission over a communications link with variable transmission rates
Apparatus and method for SCDMA digital data transmission using orthogonal codes and a head end modem with no tracking loops
System and method for phase recovery in a synchronous communication system
Process for transmitting digitized payload and signalling data over a channel
Laser system using phase change material for thermal control
Compact solid-state laser and transmitter using the same
Visible wavelength, semiconductor optoelectronic device with a high power broad, significantly laterally uniform, diffraction limited output beam
Expansion loops for heating elements in vacuum furnaces
Induction heating furnace and bottom tapping mechanism thereof
Linear accelerator
Programmable modem apparatus for transmitting and receiving digital data, design method and use method for the modem
Cellular telephony searcher
Digital radio communication apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and system for externally incorporating automatic switching between voice and data communications
Modem control method
Determining channel characteristics in a space-time architecture wireless communication system having multi-element antennas
Apparatus, method and system for wireless communication
Dual decision feedback equalizer with selective attenuation to improve channel performance
Device for and method of coding/decoding image information
Dynamically determining group of picture size during encoding of video sequence
Video encoder and decoder using bilinear motion compensation and lapped orthogonal transforms
Method for estimating the noise level in a video sequence
Optical disk drive recording/reproduction apparatus and method for producing modified address data
Data reproduction apparatus for optical disc system
Optical information medium, optical information recording method and optical information recording apparatus
Dye record medium, record disc producing apparatus, and information recording/reproducing apparatus
Information recording method and apparatus
Information recording medium and method for recording information thereon
Optical device and information recording and reproducing device
Disc recording/reproducing apparatus and disc container casing used therein
Recording or playback device for disk contained in cartridge
Protected recording medium
Disc cartridge having reference holes
Optical storage system with head cleaning mechanism based on a position-controllable optical interfacing surface in an optical head
Rain fade mitigation in a data transmission system
Redundant transmission system with disconnection of a transmission path exhibiting faulty transmission behavior
Method and apparatus for controlling data flow in data communication networks
High-speed transparent access to multiple services
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a hierarchial bit line structure
Burst read incorporating output based redundancy
Semiconductor memory cell having read/write circuit capable of performing random access
Scratchpad memory
Read compression in a memory
Semiconductor device
Memory incorporating column register and method of writing in said memory
Memory device, coupling noise eliminator, and coupling noise elimination method
Semiconductor memory device and signal line shifting method
Semiconductor memory having multiple redundant columns with offset segmentation boundaries
Dynamic random access memory
Reading device for integrated circuit memory
Circuit and method for multiple match detection in content addressable memories
Acousto optic data storage system on a stationary and high density data storage media
Circuits and method for multi-level data through a single input/output pin
Trimming circuit for system integrated circuit
Memory device with distributed voltage regulation system
Dynamic random access memory suitable for use as a compatible transistor of a static random access memory and the method for operating the same
Semiconductor memory device capable of efficient memory cell select operation with reduced element count
High performance semiconductor memory device with low power consumption
Flexible circuit assembly
Housing for electrical device with relief for shearable ribs
Connection assembly of printed-circuit board and connector and an electronic-equipment plug-in card provided with same
Circuit card guide
Surface mount semiconductor package, die-leadframe combination and leadframe therefor and method of mounting leadframes to surfaces of semiconductor die
Connector holder with conductive shield
High frequency switch-mode DC powered computer system
Transformer secondary disconnect
Control device for electric power translating device
Three level inverter apparatus
Single stage high power-factor converter
Power supplying circuit and method
Twelve-pulse rectifiers including separate six-pulse controllers and methods of controlling same
Power brick
Method and apparatus for controlling minimum brightness of a fluorescent lamp
Contactless power system
Low power priority encoder
Bitline twist with equalizer function
Semiconductor devices having mirrored terminal arrangements, devices including same, and methods of testing such semiconductor devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and a method of fabricating the same
Integrated memory having 2-transistor/2-capacitor memory cells
Static type semiconductor memory device for lower current consumption
Non-volatile latch with program strength verification
Magnetoelectronic memory array
Deaprom and transistor with gallium nitride or gallium aluminum nitride gate
Multi-bit-per-cell flash EEPROM memory with refresh
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Non volatile memory with detection of short circuits between word lines
Method and circuitry for bank tracking in write command sequence
Semiconductor non-volatile storage
Two transistor flash memory cell
Process for operating a semiconductor device
Suspension assembly with adjustable gramload
Thin film magnetic head
Thin read gap magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element and method for fabrication thereof
Thin-film magnetic head and production method thereof
Parallel-feeder directional overcurrent protection
Accessory apparatus
Fault-current protective switchgear
System to control the output current with temperature through a controllable current limiting circuit
ESD footwear grounding system
Method and apparatus for dechucking a workpiece from an electrostatic chuck
Vacuum capacitor
Capacitor formed by lower electrode having inner and outer uneven surfaces
Dielectric capacitor and memory and method of manufacturing the same
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor
Electrolytic capacitor
Electrolytic capacitor and its manufacturing method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Methods and apparatuses for seismic prospecting
Geophone with optical fiber pressure sensor
Underwater launched acoustic warning assembly
Method for the operation of several adjacent ultrasonic sensors
Security system using modular timers
Approximate conversational timepiece
Device including at least two coaxial wheels and means for detecting the angular position thereof and method for detecting said angular positions
Microelectromechanical timer
Magneto-optical recording medium, and information reproducing method using the medium
Magnetic recording medium thermal stability measuring method and thermal stability measuring apparatus
Instrumentation receiver for digitally modulated radio frequency signals
Radio receiving apparatus for receiving communication signals of different bandwidths
Phase error detector
Method and system for optimizing coding gain
Optical filter and method for linearization of optical power equalizer
Double pulse write driver
Integration of filter into read/write preamplifier integrated circuit
Error signal biasing for an adaptive filter in a disk drive read channel
Magnetic disk write channel with damping network
Digital zero-phase restart circuit
Method and apparatus for correcting for systematic errors in timing pattern generation
Magnetic tape read apparatus and error identification method
Bimodal biasing of magneto resistive heads
Tape recording and/or reproducing apparatus and tape ejecting method
Variable speed recording method and apparatus for a magnetic tape drive
Method of writing servo tracks on magnetic disc and device for the same
Magnetic disk apparatus
Data recording medium and data recording/reproducing device with increased storage capacity
Method and apparatus for reducing track switch latency in a disk drive
Disc arrangement on a hydrodynamic motor
Narrow track thin film head including magnetic poles machined by focused ion beam etching
Exchange coupling film having a plurality of local magnetic regions, magnetic sensor having the exchange coupling film, and magnetic head having the same
Magnetic data storage card
Storage disk cartridge
Disc cartridge
Assembly for discrimination disc storage capacity in a disc cartridge
Center core for disc-shaped recording medium and process of producing same
Magnetic head
Head suspension having reduced torsional vibration
Computer system form factor
One inch notebook computer
System and method for improving the physical management of a portfolio computer and reducing the footprint thereof during operation
Computer with readily accessible motherboard
Electronic apparatus and apparatus for recording and/or playback on recording medium
Semi-mobile desktop personal computer
Computer option bay having secondary access port with automatic sliding door mechanism
Power adapter having a thermal cooling assembly for a digital information appliance
Resilient processor/heat sink retaining assembly
Zoom lens
Power lens
Optical pickup device capable of accurate tracking with simple structure
Optical head and drive device for optical recording medium
Zoom illumination system for use in photolithography
Zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Duplexing in automatic document feeder utilizing a path shorter than the length of the document to be duplexed
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing system
Exposure apparatus and substrate handling system therefor
Initial alignment system for use in manufacturing an optical filter
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method including a projection optical system having a pair of diffractive members
Scanning framing blade apparatus
Substrate holding apparatus, substrate transfer system, exposure apparatus, coating apparatus, method for making a device, and method for cleaning a substrate holding section
Paper feed apparatus
Correlation based optical ranging and proximity detector
Device for harmonizing a laser emission path with a passive observation path
Process for the preparation of partially hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubbers (HNBR) with on-line application of Raman spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for determination of carbon-halogen compounds and applications thereof
Dispersive atomic vapor raman filter
Optical measurement system using polarized light
Method and apparatus for CMP end point detection using confocal optics
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Turbidimeter array system
Pseudorandom bit sequence generator
Magnetic field integrated fiber optic sensor with improved sensitivity
Method and apparatus for performing scanning optical coherence confocal microscopy through a scattering medium
Method and apparatus for recording three-dimensional distribution of light backscattering potential in transparent and semi-transparent structures
Phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer mask designs
Method for telemeasuring and telemeter
Printing control apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus and electronic equipment and their control method
Data transmission/reception device using an electrophotographic development process and a method thereof
Computer-based network printing system and method
Image information retrieving device, image database device, image information storing device and recording medium on which a program performed by the image information retrieving device is recorded
Communication apparatus
Facsimile machine
Bi-directional wavelength switching device and wavelength demultiplexing/multiplexing device
Optomechanical platform
Method and apparatus for decompressing pulses making up a binary optical signal
Optoelectronic transceiver having an adaptable logic level signal detect output
Optical receiver particularly useful for a multi-wavelength receiver array
Color imaging reading apparatus
Blazed diffraction scanner
Spatial light modulator with conformal grating device
Thermochromic game piece
Voltage sensing systems and methods for passive compensation of temperature related intrinsic phase shift
Gain-clamped erbium-doped fiber amplifier with pulsed compensating laser signal
Ultra-wide bandwidth fiber based optical amplifier
L-band amplification with detuned 980nm pump
Pump power control for optical fiber amplifier
Optical filter comprising transparent support and filter layer containing dye and binder polymer
Microscope collision protection apparatus
Focusing device of binocular
Video display system for locating a projected image adjacent a surgical field
Rear-projection screen for use with a liquid crystal panel as a video source
Optical device with a dichroic polarizer and a multilayer optical film
High-isolation dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing birefringent plates and a non-linear interferometer
Optical matrix protection system
Optical node system for a ring architecture and method thereof
Formation of a refractive index grating
Optical blurring filter which is resistant to digital image restoration
Communication device and storage medium
Digital halftoning with error diffusion
Line source unit and image input apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Imaging apparatus including device for a selectively changing aspect ratios
Apparatus for converting the format of video signals based on frequency and composition ratio
Pulsed leakage tagging signal
Method and device for synchronizing coded signals
NTSC/DTV reception apparatus automatically conditioned for NTSC signal reception responsive to 4.5 MHz intercarrier
Low stress packaging for a display device
Light source having a luminescent layer
Liquid crystal display and battery label including a liquid crystal display
Color filter for use in display apparatus
Reflective liquid crystal display with integrated compensation for skew angle rotation and birefringence effects
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle range
Polarized light exposure systems for aligning liquid crystals
Alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
Method for manufacturing pixel electrodes of liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display element having a precisely controlled cell gap and method of making same
Liquid crystal display panel with plurality of alignment marks within the wiring layer
Liquid crystal display device with matrix electrode structure
Computer data re-presentation method and apparatus
Pointing device for use in a computer system
Operating apparatus
Multifunction key for use with portable device
EMC enhanced peripheral device
Data input apparatus
Image processing system
Method and system for inputting chinese-characters through virtual keyboards to data processor
Magnet-based information input apparatus
Bi-directional data transfer using two pair of differential lines as a single additional differential pair
Method and apparatus for delivering a dynamic context sensitive integrated user assistance solution
Computer system with graphical user interface including spring-loaded enclosures
Telecommunications system craft interface device with parser having object-oriented state machine
Method and system for providing enhanced folder racks
Reduced keyboard disambiguating system
Reduced keyboard disambiguating system
Extracting photographic images from video
Method for generating and applying changes in the level of detail of a polygonal surface
Computer system and method for controlling the same utilizing an abstraction stack with a sequence of predetermined display formats
System and method for performing a MOVHPS-MOVLPS instruction
Apparatus and method for generating progressive polygon data, and apparatus and method for generating three-dimensional real-time graphics using the same
Boolean operations for subdivision surfaces
Augmented reality vision systems which derive image information from other vision system
Decompression of three-dimensional graphics data including quantization, delta-encoding, and variable-length encoding
Method of hierarchical static scene simplification
Method and apparatus for color space conversion, clipping, and scaling of an image during blitting
Classified adaptive spatio-temporal format conversion method and apparatus
Animation generating apparatus and method
Graphical interface with event horizon
System for controlling and editing motion of computer graphics model
Picture display method and apparatus
System for dual buffering of asynchronous input to dual port memory for a raster scanned display
Methods and apparatus for performing image rendering and rasterization operations
Model-based view extrapolation for interactive virtual reality systems
Virtual dressing over the internet
POCS-based method for digital image interpolation
Virtual input device
Customizable user interface for a mailing apparatus
Graphical user interface for travel planning system
Graphic-information flow method and system for visually analyzing patterns and relationships
Graphical user interface with hierarchical structure for customizable menus and control objects
Display unit having a screen adjustment function
Method for automatically animating lip synchronization and facial expression of animated characters
Chart recorder with single actuator for paper and pen movements
Printer color registration by compensation for eccentricity in idler roll
Magnification error correction method for image forming apparatus
Thermal printhead and method of making the same
Ink film unit and facsimile apparatus
Programmable impedance control output circuit and programmable impedance control method thereof in semiconductor device
Clocking scheme and charge transfer switch for increasing the efficiency of a charge pump or other circuit
Low voltage, band gap reference
Filter characteristic regulating apparatus and regulating method therefor
Method for ASK demodulation, and ASK demodulator
Extended power ramp table for power amplifier control loop
Noise reduction technique in chopper stabilized amplifier
PWM bridge amplifier with input network configurable for analog or digital input not needing a triangular wave generator
Non-inverting feedback amplifier with high disabled impedance
Preamplifier for high speed optical fiber communication system
Circuit for ensuring full saturation of amplifiers of a single input configured bridge amplifier
High power amplifier linearization method using modified linear-log model predistortion
Predistortion type linearizer with a resonant circuit and common gate FET
MOS load, pole compensation
Multistage operational amplifier with stability control
Voltage controlled oscillator with adaptive closed loop coarse tune
Oscillating circuit, an oscillator frequency adjusting method, and a tuner
Shape modulation transmit loop with digital frequency control and method for same
Enhanced LC filter with tunable Q
Bandpass filters with automatic tuning adjustment
Frequency signal equalizing device, specially for a satellite communications facility
Impedance match of transmission lines having a connection arrangement for selecting impedance
Planar interconnects using compressible wire bundle contacts
Tuning mechanical resonators for electrical filter
Frequency-variable-type filter, antenna duplexer, and communication apparatus
Filter with spurious characteristic controlled
Millimeter wave module and radio apparatus
Dielectric waveguide comprising connected dielectric strips
Folded spring based micro electromechanical (MEM) RF switch
Circuit breaker with instantaneous trip provided by main conductor routed through magnetic circuit of electronic trip motor
Starting switch with mobile core comprising a directly mounted closure cup
Control mechanism for a circuit breaker
Light industrial circuit breaker terminal cover
Plural-conversion TV receiver converting 1st I-F to 2nd I-F using oscillations of fixed frequency above 1st I-F.
Analog-digital broadcast shared receiving tuner
Tuning with diode detector
Single polygon scanner for multiple laser printer
Position-adaptive autostereoscopic monitor (PAM)
Electron bombarded active pixel sensor camera incorporating gain control
Input circuit for an image processor
Method and apparatus for address expansion in a parallel image processing memory
Flat antenna
Patch antenna with custom dielectric
Patch dipole array antenna and associated methods
Portable electronic communication device with multi-band antenna system
Dual band antenna for a handset
Microwave connector
Method and system for guiding an artillery shell
Contact device for an electrical functional element disposed on a window
Antenna for automobile radio
Antenna configuration of an apparatus for detecting a child safety seat placed on a seat of a motor vehicle
Multiband antenna system using RF micro-electro-mechanical switches, method for transmitting multiband signals, and signal produced therefrom
Boxed-in slot antenna with space-saving configuration
RF and IR bispectral window and reflector antenna arrangement including the same
Folded optics antenna
Antenna apparatus and associated methods
Yagi antenna having matching coaxial cable and driven element impedances
Multiband flat panel antenna providing automatic routing between a plurality of antenna elements and an input/output port
Wearable camera system with viewfinder means
LED display assembly
Contrast organic light-emitting display
Scan drive circuit for plasma display panel
LCD monitor having partitioned circuit section
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ink ribbon cassette which can be used in line type thermal transfer printer
Thermal printer with reversible ribbon and method therefor
Fixed Constructions
Electronic hood lock
Microscope with light source
Projection type liquid crystal display device
Head mounted camera with eye monitor and stereo embodiments thereof
Image shake correction device for optical apparatus and optical apparatus having image shake correction device
Wideband frequency analyzer employing optical chirp transform
Acousto-optic modulator
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display capable of preventing electrical shorts between neighboring pixel electrodes and the liquid crystal display
Optical system, in particular projection-illumination unit used in microlithography
Image reading apparatus
Portable computer with vertically positionable keyboard
Mountable scanning device and computer monitor including same
Metal compensated radio frequency identification reader
Circuit and method for indicating image adjustment pattern using OSD
Electro-optical device, electronic equipment, and method of driving an electro-optical device
Liquid crystal display having driving integrated circuits in a single bank
Liquid crystal apparatus, driving method thereof, and projection-type display apparatus and electronic equipment using the same
Magneto-optical head with integral mounting of lens holder and coil
Method of reading magneto-optical recording medium
Method of assembling voice coil in an actuator assembly of a hard disk drive
Magnetic disk device
Tape head positioning device for adjusting azimuth head tilt
Multiple layer disk reproducing apparatus, and apparatus for reproducing information record medium
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of operating the same
Negative gate erase
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Descending staircase read technique for a multilevel cell NAND flash memory device
Heat sink clip assembly
System and method for multi-mode operation of satellite phased-array antenna
Fault tolerant optical communication apparatus and method
Dynamic bandwidth allocation for use in the hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture
Method and base station for packet transfer
Halftoning for hi-fi color inks
Image processing method and apparatus and recording medium
Cooled CCD camera
Apparatus for sampling and displaying an auxiliary image with a main image
Method for determining the required load capacity for a number of communication connections which can be statistically multiplexed
Overmolded electronic module with underfilled surface-mount components
Cord settler
Interface panel apparatus and method
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