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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Home automation system and method
Human Necessities
Device for seaweed harvesting
Manure fork
Stimulating device for enhancing release of negative air ions by a plant, and plant-based negative air ion producing device
Lighting device, assembly and method for growing horticulture indoors
Soybean cultivar CC1313393
Animal treadmill and waste disposal apparatus
Pet waste station and training device
Device for securely exposing an animal's ear canals
Digestible noise-emitting toy
Humanized IL-7 rodents
Fishing apparatus
Fly fishing device
Cable for climbing tree stand
Hot beverage brewing system and use thereof
System for sensing cigarette filters and method therefor
Self-donning gown
Method and apparatus for mitigating concussions
Brain cooling device
Shoe heel device
Footwear including a removable and replaceable upper
Removable shoe insert for corrective sizing
Eyeglasses holding clip
Workstation apparatus and method with converging treadmills
Household object storage system
Container storage apparatus and system
Shoe changing support assembly
Floral support device for a tombstone
Integral head support apparatus and system
Beverage producing system and capsule
Device for pressing the coffee powder within the filter holder
Geared grinding systems, adjustment mechanisms and mills comprising the same
Track corner connecting device for shower door, shower door frame and shower door
Endoscope with guide
Surgical instrument with sequential clamping and cutting
Cutting wire assembly for use with a catheter
Rotational atherectomy device with eccentric abrasive element and method of use
Methods and apparatus for stabilizing a spinal segment
Devices, systems and methods for treating tissue regions of the body
System for calculating center of anterior capsule and method thereof
Device and method for screening for bioactive materials using visual recognition of animals
Brain signal-based instant search
Blood collection apparatus
Electrochemical device and method for measuring the redox state of the skin
Apparatus and program for evaluating biological function
Personal medical testing housing
Determining a phase of an object movement in a series of images
Phantom for measuring thickness of thin layer using ultrasonic imaging device and method of using thereof
Rapid palatal expander and method for the assembly thereof
Implants, tools, and methods for treatment of pelvic conditions
Sensors for prosthetic heart devices
Fastening assemblies for disc herniation repair and methods of use
Toilet with urine diversion and method for waste reuse
Dosage projectile for remotely treating an animal
Blood vessel occlusion
Remote pace detection in an implantable medical device
Wireless patient communicator for use in a life critical network
Bio-medical unit system for physical therapy
Article of clothing including bio-medical units
Treatment of obesity and/or type II diabetes by stimulation of the pituitary gland
Performing Operations; Transporting
Paint can receiving wrist sleeve with additional attachment points
On-vehicle equipment control system and vehicle
Tire pressure monitoring system having a test function for the sensor module
Door mirror
Control system and method for shift quality and performance improvement in manual transmissions using engine speed control
Antitheft apparatus for equipment with prime mover
Towbarless airplane tug
Universal lid
Dispensing apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Suspension system for vehicle
Drive control method of flow rate control valve in common rail type fuel injection control apparatus and common rail type fuel injection control apparatus
Wind turbine
Liquid heating device and method for heating a liquid
Alignment method for semiconductor processing
Portable gauge and method for measuring tape gaps
All-fiber interferometric fiber optic gyroscope having a minimum reciprocal configuration
Facilitating navigation data updates
On-board vehicle navigation device and program
Light receiving device and light receiving method
Resonant waveguide-grating devices and methods for using same
Method of optical teledetection of compounds in a medium
Spectrophotopolarimeter sensor and artificial neural network analytics for distant chemical and biological threat detection
Color measuring device, image capturing device, image forming apparatus, color measurement method, and computer program product
Methods and apparatus to prevent failures of fiber-reinforced composite materials under compressive stresses caused by fluids and gases invading microfractures in the materials
Optical fiber network test method of an optical frequency domain reflectometer
Technique for verifying the microstructure of lead-free interconnects in semiconductor assemblies
Optical device and method for measuring the rotation of an object
Flaw inspecting method and device therefor
Apparatus, system, and method for scanning a surface
Method of forming a probe substrate by layering probe row structures and probe substrates formed thereby
Method of measuring terahertz wave and apparatus therefor
Manipulator of robot
Power supply device and method for making decision as to contactor weld of power supply device
Outer loop power control in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for providing active compliance in a probe card assembly
Probes formed from semiconductor region vias
Apparatus and method of testing singulated dies
Output linking circuitry for multiple TAP domains
Satellite navigation receivers with self-provided future ephemeris and clock predictions
Buffering techniques for rapid processing of samples of signals modulated with periodic waveforms
Method and apparatus for measuring a hydrophone parameter
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom lens and optical apparatus having the zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Display apparatus using dielectrophoresis and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
Dual color electronically addressable ink
Methods of forming sheeting with composite images that float and sheeting with composite images that float
Multilayer body and method for producing a multilayer body
Movable body system, pattern formation apparatus, exposure apparatus and exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Solar gazing globe
Reducing flare in a lens having a dichroic filter
Polymer-inorganic particle composites
Fiber optic drop cable assembly for deployment on building walls
Wafer level optical lens substrate and fabrication method thereof
Two-photon absorption switch having which-path exclusion
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
Dust and dirt resistant liquid crystal display device
Beam splitting film, backlight module, and stereo display apparatus
Active matrix substrate, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display unit, liquid crystal display device, and television receiver
LCD device
Integrated silicon-based nonlinear photodetector
System and method for improved time-lapse photography
Lens barrel
Optical apparatus having optical anti-shake function
Apparatus and method for maintaining immersion fluid in the gap under the projection lens during wafer exchange in an immersion lithography machine
Lithographic apparatus, method for levelling an object, and lithographic projection method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure method and apparatus, maintenance method and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Medium conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and sheet processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sheet-feed control method, and computer program product
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring a rotatable belt member adjustment roller
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus employing the fixing device
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Gear center-distance maintaining mechanism, image forming apparatus, and assembly
Liquid-cooling type cooling device and image forming apparatus
Strike mechanism for a watch
Electronic device with time update function and time update method
Machine motion control system for testing electronic components
Safety controller
Shadow shaping to image planetary or lunar surfaces
Method and device for aiding the flight management of an aircraft
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method for providing and operating an LDO
Power supply unit having dimmer function and lighting unit
Locking mechanism and information handling system using the same
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Method for operating a control computer
Saving power by placing inactive computing devices in optimized configuration corresponding to a specific constraint
Method, apparatus, and storage medium for processing write defect in data storage apparatus
Behavior-based invention for predicting and avoiding network downtime
Vertex array access bounds checking
Repair function for a broadcast service
Secure dynamically reconfigurable logic
System and method utilizing distributed byte-wise buffers on a memory module
Storage system and method of managing a storage system using a management apparatus
Write-through cache optimized for dependence-free parallel regions
Establishing thread priority in a processor or the like
Computer system, storage volume management method, and computer-readable storage medium
Managing a logically partitioned computing system through a virtual file system
Control unit, image processing apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
Memory control device and method for controlling the same
User certification in a structure design, analysis, and implementation system
Remote online backup system and method based on stager fragmented transmission
Swapping PPRC secondaries from a subchannel set other than zero to subchannel set zero using control block field manipulation
System, method, and computer program product for reducing a rate of data transfer to at least a portion of memory
Microcontroller system bus scheduling for multiport slave modules
Virtual address bar user interface control
Gang programming of devices
Electronic media communication system with a displayed code
Clocking scheme for bridge system
Image forming apparatus and print control method, and program product
Image processing using first and second color matching
Display apparatus for determining error in display identification data and control method of the same
Information processing method and information processing apparatus for transmitting data generated by device manufacturing apparatus
Administering instant messaging (`IM`) chat sessions
Method and system for maintaining connections between a terminal and servers in a communication system
Power conservation in wireless client terminals and system latency reduction using a proxy device
Multimedia play apparatus and method
Method of accessing a selected network
Calendar event prompt system and calendar event notifying method
Unconnected connectivity analysis
Adaptive compression
Systems and methods for creating virtual universal plug-and-play systems
Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multicast-supporting LAN
Asynchronous file operations in a scalable multi-node file system cache for a remote cluster file system
Apparatus and method for managing mobile device servers
Systems and methods of communicating using XML
Selective compression for network connections
Method for delivery of software upgrade notification to devices in communication systems
Transmitting data within remote application
System and method for managing, routing, and controlling devices and inter-device connections
Method and system for reduction of delay and bandwidth requirements in internet data transfer
Packet prioritization systems and methods using address aliases
Network type content reproducing system
Computers or microchips with a hardware side protected by a primary internal hardware firewall leaving an unprotected hardware side connected to a network, and with multiple internal hardware compartments protected by multiple secondary interior hardware firewalls
System and method for service specific notification
Processing SIP messages based on multiple cores
Method and system for network-independent QoS
Cognitive wireless system
Method and system for providing keyboard, video, and mouse switching
Improving scale between consumer systems and producer systems of resource monitoring data
Self-governing medical peer rating system for health management content
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
Method for accessing control that based on virtual computing
Supervised nonnegative matrix factorization
Efficient storage of individuals for optimization simulation
Systems and methods for generating missing rules matching a minimal set of objects
Propagating shared state changes to multiple threads within a multithreaded processing environment
Engine start control device, hybrid vehicle and engine start method, and computer program
File management apparatus, file management method, and computer readable medium storing program
Affiliate linking where answerer requests permission to insert an interactive link in an answer
System and method for managing the generation of brewed beverages using shared resources
Image processing apparatus, computer program product, and preview image displaying method
Universal script that addresses phonemic idiosyncrasy for transcribing language and methods of using the same
Training call routing applications by reusing semantically-labeled data collected for prior applications
Column based data transfer in extract transform and load (ETL) systems
Techniques for search optimization
Concurrent linked-list traversal for real-time hash processing in multi-core, multi-thread network processors
Method and system providing document semantic validation and reporting of schema violations
Rapid caching and data delivery system and method
Computer algorithms and methods for product safety
Apparatus and method for maintaining databases on application servers
Processing of splits of control areas and control intervals
System and method for generating dynamic queries
Search entity transition matrix and applications of the transition matrix
Deduplicated caching of queries for green IT management
System and method for generating dynamic queries
Mobile terminal and method of managing video using metadata therein
Content presenting device, content presenting method, and content presenting program
Automatically generating reports matching user interests represented in a dynamically adjusted user interest analytic model
Method and system for fast similarity computation in high dimensional space
Opening a message catalog file for a language that is not installed
Online propagation of data updates
Image relevance model
Behavioral synthesis device, behavioral synthesis method, and computer program product
Sensitivity and static timing analysis for integrated circuit designs using a multi-CCC current source model
Method and system for mapping memory when selecting an electronic product
Method and apparatus for automatically fixing double patterning loop violations
System and method for lithography simulation
Air condition control device and controlling method
Dynamic cooling system for electronic device with air flow path changes
Control of an actuator of a brake of a motor vehicle
System and method to assist in the braking of an aircraft on a landing runway
Navigation device and method for route calculation
Generator for generating a message authentication code, method of generating a message authentication code, program element and computer-readable medium
Method to calculate a risk score of a folder that has been scanned for confidential information
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for providing distributed access rights management using access rights filters
Information processing device, information processing method, program, information providing device, and information processing system
One-dimensional representation of a two-dimensional data structure
Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
Interactive learning
Method for transmitting telegrams between a control device and a peripheral element via an intermediate device
Method for providing GUI using pointer with sensuous effect that pointer is moved by gravity and electronic apparatus thereof
Method for inputting a string of characters and apparatus thereof
Handheld electronic device and operation method thereof
Methods and apparatus for distinguishing between touch system manipulators
Touch sensitive holographic displays
Boundary resolution improvement for a capacitive touch panel
Touch panel display device and method of fabricating the same
Optical touch apparatus and operating method thereof
Image pickup device, display-and-image pickup device, and electronic device
Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, and contact detection method
Object organization based on user interactions within a virtual environment
Controlled interaction with heterogeneous data
Re-using a display element associated with a first cell for a second cell
Image forming apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Print control device, print control system, and print control method
Cost and power efficient storage area network provisioning
Identifying geographic features from query prefixes
Dynamic data management system and method for collecting data from disperse sources in real-time
Sort pattern creating device, sort pattern creating method, and sort pattern creating system
Merging a scanned document with an existing document on a server
Transformation of logical data objects for storage
Identifying related queries
Method and apparatus for handling edge-cases of event-driven disposition
Managing materialized query tables (MQTS) over fine-grained access control (FGAC) protected tables
Method and apparatus for indexing suffix tree in social network
Framework for managing document objects stored on a network
Providing a multi-phase lockstep integrity reporting mechanism
Methods and apparatuses for solving graph Laplacians
Supporting partial recycle in a pipelined microprocessor
Pipeline replay support for multicycle operations
SPE software instruction cache
Deep copying objects in a collocated environment
XSLT-specific XJIT compiler
Debugging a high performance computing program
Version upgrade via viral infection
Email analysis using fuzzy matching of text
Feedback-directed call graph expansion
Information processing apparatus for efficiently informing information associated with update details of software and control method thereof
Methods and computer program products for monitoring system calls using safely removable system function table chaining
Converting a limited program object to a complete program object
Method and system for restoring an application in a dynamically linked environment
System and method for generating implementation artifacts for contextually-aware business applications
Detecting impact of operating system upgrades
Identifying interpreted programs through class loading sequences
Automated deployment tool for multiple server environment
Method and apparatus for managing a stack
Multiversioning if statement merging and loop fusion
Dynamic loading of kernel extensions
Method to dynamically distribute a multi-dimensional work set across a multi-core system
Partition-based static analysis of computer software applications
Virtual machine system and method for controlling interrupt thereof
Virtual machine assigning method and storage medium thereof, information processing device having virtual machine environment
Transparent support for operating system services for a sequestered sequencer
Wake-and-go mechanism for a data processing system
Multi-core processor
Executing an application on a parallel computer
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof, in which an address for image data depends on whether the image data is input via a detachable image processing device
Image processing system, memory management method, computer readable storage medium, and image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of user authentication
Image processing apparatus with consumables restriction function
Sheet music editing method and image processing apparatus
Abnormal skin area calculating system and calculating method thereof
Methods and apparatus for identifying subject matter in view data
De-aliasing depth images
Non-product image identification
Univocal label to be stored by optical devices, method of production of the same and use thereof in the anticounterfeiting and in the identification of products
Method of compressing a block-based binary image
Conference system, monitoring system, image processing apparatus, image processing method and a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Imaging device that changes a mask region in an image according to a magnification shift
Image processing method and image processing device
Image processing apparatus and method for image processing
Image processing system, image processing method and computer readable medium
Methods for adaptive and progressive gradient-based multi-resolution color image segmentation and systems thereof
Image processor, image processing method and storage medium
High dynamic range image mapping with empirical mode decomposition
Processing of images to represent a transition in viewpoint
Image resolution enhancing device and method for display panel
Correcting defects in an image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Control unit, a video device including said control unit, and a control method
Method and system for image feature extraction
System for visual object recognition using heterogeneous classifier cascades
Artificial intelligence system
Constructing change plans from component interactions
Pay request system
System and method for enabling distribution and brokering of content information
Method and system for measuring quality of performance and/or compliance with protocol of a clinical study
Benefit management
Method and system for re-routing items sold or auctioned to a new customer
Tax-free gifting
Virtual-world avatar-based advertising with gestures and predetermined payments
Methods of expanding commercial opportunities for internet websites through coordinated offsite marketing
Negotiation of product purchase with an electronic device
Modular electronic wallet
Methods and systems for retail customer referral compensation programs
System for reducing information required to open a new account
Console, system and method for providing an interface to a financial market trading system or to a financial market based gaming system
Invoiceless trading and settlement method and system
Authorizing use of a financial instrument
Systems and methods for sponsorship of selected causes
Recasting a legacy web page as a motion picture with audio
Three-dimensional modeling apparatus and method using grid structure
Apparatus and method for generating three-dimensional model data
Method and system for providing household budget book services using mobile terminals
Pulse width coding for interference-tolerant telemetric signal detection
Enterprise information security management software for prediction modeling with interactive graphs
Glasses with sound activated lights
Periodic ranging in a wireless access system for mobile station in sleep mode
Power saving method of portable terminal and portable terminal supporting the same
Data transmission method and data transmission apparatus
Electronic device and driving method thereof
Dynamic adjustment of counter electrode voltage of liquid crystal panel according to illumination light control
Portable device for controlling instruction execution by means of actuators placed on a rear surface
Method for image rendering in a computer network
Circuit for electrostatically driving a plant such as a comb-drive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirror and related subsystem, system, and method
Display apparatus and method for driving the same
Display panel
Image selection device and control method thereof
Drive device and display device
Common driving of displays
Authentication system, authentication program, and method of authentication
Input system combining a mouse and a planar sensing device
Imaging display apparatus and method
Methods, systems, and programming for producing and displaying subpixel-optimized font bitmaps using non-linear color balancing
Apparatus for processing an audio signal and method thereof
Mobile terminal and text-to-speech method of same
Indexing digitized speech with words represented in the digitized speech
Acoustic model adaptation methods based on pronunciation variability analysis for enhancing the recognition of voice of non-native speaker and apparatus thereof
Voice interface for a search engine
Speech recognition including removal of irrelevant information
Single channel EVRCx, ISLP and G.711 transcoding in packet networks
Technique for encoding/decoding of codebook indices for quantized MDCT spectrum in scalable speech and audio codecs
Markup language-based selection and utilization of recognizers for utterance processing
Library apparatus and method for controlling conveying of storage medium
Motor and disk drive apparatus
Flat E-yoke for cusp write head
Systems for interconnecting magnetic heads of storage devices in a test assembly
Flexible-printed-circuit voice-coil assembly configured for integration in a voice-coil motor
Highly adaptive recording method and optical recording apparatus
Multilayer optical disc for easy positioning of a focused beam
Magnetic memory
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and method of driving semiconductor device
Apparatus, system, and method for retiring storage regions
Write control circuit and semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Medical examination or treatment device
Compliant energy storing structural sheet
Dual bipolar magnetic field for rotary high-voltage contactor in automotive lithium-ion battery systems
Mounting unit for electromagnetic contactor and connection structure of electromagnetic contactor using the same
High-frequency rheology system
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Forming inductor and transformer structures with magnetic materials using damascene processing for integrated circuits
Package substrate structure and chip package structure and manufacturing process thereof
Manufacturing of a semiconductor device and the manufacturing method
Buffer pad in solder bump connections and methods of manufacture
Stacked semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Nanotube-based electrodes
Multi-die semiconductor package with one or more embedded die pads
Method and apparatus for generating reticle data
Integrated circuit device having a plurality of integrated circuit chips and an interposer
Data holding circuit
Pixel structure and pixel circuit having multi-display mediums
Photodiode array
Solid-state imaging device and control method for same
Thin film transistor having specified transmittance to light
MOSFET and method for manufacturing MOSFET
Electrically pixelated luminescent device incorporating optical elements
Display device having an aluminum complex oxide on metal layer for improving corrosion resistance
Switch mode converter employing dual gate MOS transistor
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor component with vertical structures having a high aspect ratio and method
Light-emitting device
Light emitting devices
LED package
Miniature leadless surface mount lamp with dome and reflector cup
Compound for organic thin-film transistor and organic thin-film transistor using the compound
Surface acoustic wave device with reduced size and thickness
Light emitting apparatus and method for manufacturing thereof
Logic circuits using carbon nanotube transistors
Apparatus and method for mode suppression in microwave and millimeterwave packages
Broad band compact load for use in multifunction phased array testing
Radio frequency (RF) microwave components and subsystems using loaded ridge waveguide
EBG structure, antenna device, RFID tag, noise filter, noise absorptive sheet and wiring board with noise absorption function
Composite antenna device
Drive laser for EUV light source
Optical amplifier and optical fiber
Methods and apparatus for increasing wavelength tuning speed in broadband mode-locked ultrafast lasers
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for electronic devices using wire-bonding
Vehicle battery control system having a voltage sensor that measures a voltage between a contactor and an inverter equipment
Electrical drive machine having a stator and a rotor
Electric machine and rotor arrangement
Heat radiation structure for rotary electromotor
Apparatus and method for controlling switch of flyback converter for solar generating system
Power conversion with added pseudo-phase
Power conversion apparatus with zero current crossing direction correction
Base vibration attenuation and load tracking in mechanical systems
Vehicle generator
Method of multi-stage substrate etching and terahertz oscillator manufactured using the same method
Wideband digital spectrometer
Synchronising a receiver to a signal having known structure
Adaptive electronic transmission signal cancellation apparatus for full duplex communication
Apparatus and method for selecting transmission mode in multi-antenna system
Variable gain amplifier and audio device
RF front-end with on-chip transmitter/receiver isolation using a gyrator
System and a method of regulating a slicer for a communication receiver
Provision of an AC signal
Device and method for enabling multi-value digital computation and control
Turntable-mounted keypad
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Symbol-level random network coded cooperation with hierarchical modulation in relay communication
Error-floor mitigation of layered decoders using LMAXB-based selection of alternative layered-decoding schedules
Compact decoding of punctured block codes
Compact decoding of punctured block codes
Method of realizing smart antenna based on software radio and system therefor
Dynamically reconfigurable universal transmitter system
Transmission circuit and transmission method
Gain control using a dynamically configurable transformer
Acoustic and magnetostrictive actuation
Imbalanced transmission combining at radio base station
Systems and methods for improving 25% duty cycle switching mixer local oscillator timing
IQ imbalance correction method in a wireless communication device including a quadrature modulation/demodulation function
Method and apparatus for clock drift compensation during acquisition in a wireless communication system
Coherent optical receiver for pilot-assisted data transmission
Optical signal transmission control apparatus and optical signal transmission control method
Optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition
Optical burst receiver with a configurable AC and DC coupling interface
Communication apparatus, relay method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for co-location of two radio frequency devices
Close-loop power transmission calibration
Method for transmitting physical layer ID information
Frequency separation for multiple bluetooth devices residing on a single platform
Apparatus and method for simultaneous transmission scheduling in a multi-hop cellular system
Dynamic zoning changes in multi-hop relaying systems
Method for transceiving a signal in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for resource allocation using directional beam in wireless network
System and methods for generating masking sequences
Resolving an application service change in a system using bluetooth
Digital broadcasting system and method
Apparatus for requesting acknowledgement and transmitting acknowledgement of multicast data in wireless local area networks
Computer product, apparatus, and method for device testing
M-ary orthogonal keying system
Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
Transparent fiber channel link management for protocol transport
Method for controlling handover process between multiple base stations
Sending feedback for multiple downlink carriers
Bit-stuffing method for crosstalk avoidance in high-speed buses
Methods and systems for managing a connection-setup process
Method for supporting coexistence in a mobile station
Method and apparatus for repairing samples included in container files having lost packets
Hierarchical multicast protocol in a mobile ad-hoc network
Method and user device for receiving digital transmissions
Method and system for improved authentication for communications network setup
Reverse link lower layer assisted video error control
Method and system for interference cancellation
Guidance confirmation apparatus and method
Packet forwarding device
Methods and systems for estimating temporal correlation of a propagation channel
Data compression negotiation in a telecommunication system
Backplane interface adapter with error control and redundant fabric
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Method of indicating number of antennas in network broadcast system
Method of determining broadband content usage within a system
Thread synchronization in a multi-thread network communications processor architecture
Virtualization-supporting programmable platform device and method of transferring packet
Real time packet transforms to avoid re-transmission
Advanced telecommunications router and crossbar switch controller
System and method for transmitting pilot and data symbols in a relayed-wireless communications network
Amplitude control circuit, polar modulation transmission circuit, and polar modulation method
Systems and methods for digitizing multiple channels in a receiver
Compensation for data deviation caused by frequency offset using timing correlation value
Method circuit and system for adapting a receiver receive chain based on detected background noise
Method circuit and system for adapting a receiver receive chain based on detected background noise
Delta writing scheme for MIMO signal paths
Method, product and apparatus for accelerating public-key certificate validation
Message sending/receiving method
Facilitating data access control in peer-to-peer overlay networks
Method and system for a receiver with undersampling mixing using multiple clock phases
Security system and method using automatic meter reading protocol
Method, system, and computer program product for encryption key management in a secure processor vault
Secure media peripheral association in a media exchange network
Host identity protocol method and apparatus
Wireless communication terminal, wireless communication system and recording medium recording computer program
Portable terminal with rotating display
System and method of utilizing a watch as a companion device for a mobile phone
Systems and methods for bridge tap detection based on per-port calibration
Verifying authenticity of voice mail participants in telephony networks
Method for controlling access of subscribers in wireless communication system supporting femto cell and apparatus for the same
Method for segregating billable transactions in a multimode communication device
Method and apparatus for providing a publish/subscribe mechanism over an ad-hoc mesh network
Enabling different base station ES levels based on time to activate cell
Mobile terminal and method for managing phone book data thereof
Redirecting incoming phone calls
Geospatial telephony system
Method and system for prioritizing the presentation of information within a directory assistance context wireless and landline telephone systems
Network selection of ringtones
Portable terminal with built-in antenna
Voice and data exchange over a packet based network with echo cancellation
Adaptive filtering with flexible selection of algorithm complexity and performance
Image reader and image reading method
Image scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Processing document image including caption region
Digital printing control using a spectrophotometer
Image forming apparatus, controlling device, image formation method and computer readable medium for adjusting image forming conditions based on output
Method and system for encryption/decryption of scalable video bitstream for conditional access control based on multidimensional scalability in scalable video coding
Method and system for enhancing standard definition video signals for display on a high definition television
Apparatus for compensating 3D image in projector and method thereof
Stereoscopic camera module and electronic device using the same
Digital video apparatus for multiplexing single program transport streams into a multiple program transport stream
Image sensor and image-reading device
Solid-state image sensor
Image display device for displaying color image on color display unit
Imaging apparatus
Method for processing image data in portable electronic device, and portable electronic device having camera thereof
Solid-state image pickup element and image pickup apparatus
Image input apparatus, a method of controlling thereof and a computer-readable storage medium
Camera system
Shutter arrangement for covering a camera lens
Imaging apparatus for reducing driving noise
Method and apparatus for estimating point spread function
Communication apparatus and control method
Methods and systems for embedding camera information in images
Video editing apparatus and video editing method
Device and method for automatically recreating a content preserving and compression efficient lecture video
Reproduction device, recording method, program, and reproduction method
Recording medium containing supplementary service information for audio/video contents, and method and apparatus of providing supplementary service information of the recording medium
Recording medium having a data structure for managing reproduction of text subtitle data recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Jitter estimation for MPEG receivers
Adaptive frame skipping techniques for rate controlled video encoding
Low-resolution video coding content extraction
Establishing eye contact in video conferencing
Method and system for internet censorship
Downstream bandwidth conditioning device
Interactive television offer presentations
Reducing channel change delays
Vehicle periphery display device and method for vehicle periphery image
Solid-state imaging device, imaging module, and imaging system
Image display device for displaying color image on color display unit
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
System and method for producing medical image data onto portable digital recording media
Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium
Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium
Ambient noise removal device
Method of and a device for generating 3D sound
Wireless communication system, base station, wireless communication method, and program
Method and apparatus of performing handover in wireless communication system
Base station apparatus, mobile station, mobile communication system, and communication control method
Interworking overhead message protocols
Dynamic bit allocation for communication networks subject to burst interference
Efficient acknowledgement messaging in wireless communications
Mobile roaming prepaid solutions
Determining neighbor lists and PN offsets for new sector
Non-coherent detection method of the number of transmit antenna ports for OFDMA
Method and apparatus of performing handover using subnet information
Central controller and methods for interference mitigation in TDMA networks using randomly allocated service periods
Wireless sensor network information swarming
Mobile station, base station, and wireless communication method
Mobile communication method and mobile terminal
Delaying traffic channel assignment based on received signal quality and wireless communication device motion
Scheduling based on rise-over-thermal in a wireless communication system
Wireless resource allocation method, wireless mobile station and wireless base station in wireless communication system
Determining location of a mobile station in a cellular communication coverage zone using time sequence correlation
Method of adaptive frequency assignment to a plurality of antennas
Base station and communication method
Method of emergency communication in broadband radio access system
Wireless light control system with control apparatus and method thereof
Solid-state light emitting device having controllable multiphase reactive power
Discharge lamp lighting device
Display window and electronic device employing the same
Programmable memory system
Multimodal cooling apparatus for an electronic system
Dual sided system in a package
Expired Patents Due To Time
High precision integrated circuit capacitors
Proliferous copolymer of vinyl pyrrolidone and vinyl acetate
Catalyst for exhaust gas purification, process for producing the same, and method of purifying exhaust gas
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a method of manufacturing the same
Photosensitive composition for manufacturing optical waveguide, production method thereof and polymer optical waveguide pattern formation method using the same
Composition for use in water reservoir
Solid materials for removing metals and fabrication method
Ophthalmic solution and contact lens solution
Process for the production of purine derivatives and intermediates therefor
Component and manufacture of a photo-catalyst
Use of microchannel reactors in combinatorial chemistry
Method of manufacturing concrete form
Compound layered type of sensing device for multiple measurement
Synthesis and use of chain-coupled polymeric sulfide compounds in rubber formulations
Humidifying apparatus for fuel cell
Human Necessities
Plants and seeds of corn variety 1501150
Plants and seeds of corn variety I390186
Soybean variety XB38D03
Soybean variety XB29X03
Soybean variety XB10G03
Hybrid maize plant & seed 38T27
Inbred maize line PH5TG
Methods and organisms for concentrating and recovering metals and minerals from aqueous media
Pyrrolecarboxamides and pyrrolethioamides as fungicides
Pyrimidine derivatives and herbicides containing them
Herbicidally active pyridine sulfonyl urea derivatives
Substituted imide derivatives
Symbiotic fungus
Apparatus for coating meat
Production of liquid foods without off-flavors
Use of a dihydrochalcone-rich phenolic fraction in a cosmetic treatment
Candy having a syrup composition dispersed with chocolate
Food products containing polyphenol(s) and L-arginine to stimulate nitric oxide
Soft candy and its production method
Laminated, extruded candy products
Feed supplement for livestock
Feed composition for egg-laying fowl
Long-term feed for aquatic animals
Sugarcane juice spread and a process for preparing the same
Bone-strengthening agents, food compositions for strengthening bone and feed compositions for strengthening
Ubiquinone composition and methods related thereto
Superoxide scavenger and beverage containing such
Dry clouding agent for dry beverage mixes and method for manufacture thereof
Method for preparing a puffed grain food product and a puffed grain food product
Composite structure for protective garment
Camouflage U.S. Marine corps utility uniform: pattern, fabric, and design
Manufacture of footwear
Intravaginal devices containing progesterone for estrus synchronization and related processes
Composite textile material
Surface features of an implantable medical device
Apparatus and methods for forming patterned soft gelatin capsules
Oral supplement composition containing a plurality of mushroom strains
Methods for treating certain diseases using naaladase inhibitors
Use of pheromone compounds having MAP kinase modulating activity
Opioid analgesic
Delivery of sumatriptan, frovatriptan or naratriptan through an inhalation route
Stabilized pharmaceutically effective composition and pharmaceutical formulation comprising the same
Process for preparing leflunomide form I
Multiple unit controlled food effect-independent release pharmaceutical preparations and method for preparing the same
Method for treating glaucoma V
Taste masked liquid pharmaceutical compositions
Photosensitizers with ligand targeting properties for tumor therapy
Delivery of diazepam through an inhalation route
Thermoplastic resin composition
Staurosporin derivatives
2-ethyl and 2-ethylidene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Apoptosis-inducing compounds
Hyaluronic Acid in soft gel form
Cool and dry antiperspirant stick
Method of modulating factor D, factor H and CD4 cell immune response with a polystyrene sulfonate, alginate, and saline infusion solution
Composition and method for treating diaper rashes and skin irritations caused by acidic secretions
Purification process for large scale production of Gc-globulin, the Gc-globulin produced hereby, a use of Gc.globulin and a Gc-globulin medicinal product
Methods for the administration of adenovirus p53
Cellular vaccines and immunotherapeutics and methods for their preparation
Method of treating pain
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Immunodulatory complex and use thereof in helicobacter diseases
Methods and compositions for inducing autoimmunity in the treatment of cancers
Cobalamin conjugates useful as antitumor agents
Flavones as inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitors, cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and potassium channel activators
G protein-coupled receptor gene and methods of use therefor
Anti-idiotypic antibody which induces an immune response against a glycosphingolipid and use thereof
Factor VII or VIIa-like molecules
Baculovirus enhancer-like sequence
Perfume containing surfactant compositions having perfume burst when diluted
Cosmetic and dermatological light protection formulations in the form of O/W macroemulsions or O/W microemulsions containing shea butter
Method and skin cleansing compositions for dermatological basic treatment
Hair care compositions which reduce color loss in hair and methods of using the compositions
Use of bacterial extracts of the pseudomonadaceae family as cosmetic agents
Stable polymer aqueous/aqueous emulsion system and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for treating cancer and hyperproliferative disorders
Methods for compositions for in vivo gene delivery
Phosphate based biodegradable polymers
Pharmaceutical delivery system for vitamin C and vitamin E and use of a combination of vitamin C and E for preventing or treating conditions involving oxidative stress
Electrostatic application of powder material to solid dosage forms
Transdermal administration of ACE inhibitors
Prevention of preservative uptake into biomaterials
Medical adhesive tape or sheet, and first-aid adhesive tape
Functional chitosan derivative
Elastomeric articles with improved damp slip
Outwardly projecting air purifier
Electrostatic treatment of aerosols, devices and method for producing same
Liquid pumping system
Use in cosmetics of block ethylene copolymers with elastic character and compositions containing same
Method of treating incineration ashes with sulfate reducing bacteria
Golf balls with thin moisture vapor barrier layer
Golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus to remove additives and contaminants from a supercritical processing solution
Simulated moving bed chromatographic focusing
Topical defoamer and demulsifier
Pool cleaner control device
Latch-assisted lid extractor
Compact cascade scrubber for scrubbing exhaust gas
Built-in purifier for horizontal liquefied gas cylinders
Hollow fiber membrane contactor
Exhaust gas treatment system
System for NOx reduction in exhaust gases
Methods of producing electrodes and methods of using such electrodes to accumulate and detect analytes
Water treatment apparatus
Convoluted surface hollow fiber membranes
Liquid phase oxidation reactor
Sol-gel processing with inorganic metal salt precursors
Arrays of partially nonhybridizing oligonucleotides and preparation thereof using focused acoustic energy
Continuous method and apparatus for separating polymer from a high pressure carbon dioxide fluid stream
Method for recovering pigments from algal cultures
Separatory material with the use of stimulus-responsive polymer and separation method by using the separatory material
Single oxygen catalysts including condensed carbon molecules
Process for preparing nonracemic chiral alcohols
Catalyst composition and process for making same
Process for producing a supported metal catalyst
Cobalt catalysts
pH dependent ion exchange matrix and method of use in the isolation of nucleic acids
Process of parallel sample preparation
Individually addressable micro-electromagnetic unit array chips
Apparatus for integrated process of magnetic particles and method of controlling the same
Planar arrays of microparticle-bound polynucleotides
Method for manipulating a solution using a ferroelectric electro-osmotic pump
Repuncturable self-sealing sample container with internal collapsible bag
Method for removing a fluid substance from a collection device
Slide glass rack for use in centrifugal apparatus
Magnetic separation apparatus
Method and apparatus for treatment of wastewater employing membrane bioreactors
System and method for receptacle wall vibration in a centrifuge
Sprayable composition and method for forming a foamed outdoor protective cover layer
Method of coating a substance on a surface of an article using a single meniscus
Acid impervious coated metal substrate surface and method of production
Method for applying hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives to a backing material
Process and device for coating a support using a crosslinkable silicone composition
Production method of sintered-type nickel positive electrode for alkaline secondary battery
Method for protecting paint on an article, a composition useful therefor, and a method for making the composition
Separator for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell and process for producing the same
Process for applying coatings
Method and apparatus for removal of minute particles from a surface using thermophoresis to prevent particle redeposition
Method and apparatus for reducing acidic contamination on a process wafer following an etching process
Environmental remediation method and apparatus
Substrate and method for anaerobic remediation
Yttrium modified amorphous alloy
Mold clamping device, method of increasing/decreasing pressure for such device, and mold releasing method
Aluminum nitride/aluminum base composite material and a method for producing thereof
Process for sintering powder metal components
Method of forming nanoporous membranes
Method of making coatings comprising an intermetallic compound and coatings made therewith
Electric discharge machine with output power control
High-strength erosion electrode
Small hole electric discharge machine drill provided with depth-specific processing means
Series spot welding method, device for carrying out the method, and electrodes employed in the method or the device
Thermite torch cutting nozzle
Laser peening of components of thin cross-section
Lead-free tin-silver-copper alloy solder composition
Method and device for assessing surface uniformity of semiconductor device treated by CMP
CMP in-situ conditioning with pad and retaining ring clean
Molded end point detection window for chemical mechanical planarization
Method for producing thermoplastic elastomer powder
Mold release agent for duroplastic molded parts
Thermoplastic resin sheet and container
Injection molding polymer
Decorative component for use as a piece of trim of a vehicle
Method of making a strain relief
Resilient biodegradable packaging materials
Multicolored soap bars
Multi-functional composite structures
Process for manufacturing a porous drainage medium
Method for production of three-dimensionally arranged conducting and connecting structures for volumetric and energy flows
Coating and method for strengthening a structure
Areally extended composite material with fibers and plastic impregnation
Method for the application of hydrophobic chemicals to tissue webs
Method for applying designs to a substrate
Process for the production of a floor strip
Composite laminate structures especially useful for automotive trim components, and methods and tie layers employed to make the same
Decal transfer microfabrication
Cellulosis fiberboard building construction panel having reinforcing bands on expansive surface
Window screen patch system
Waterproof heat-preservative film and manufacture method thereof
Waterstop sealing material
Processless digitally imaged printing plate using microspheres
Negative working imageable composition containing sulfonic acid
Method of manufacturing monolithic ink-jet printhead
Recording paper and image recording method using the same
Coated substrates for computer printers
Support for lithographic printing plate and presensitized plate
Method for producing and/or renewing an etching mask
Wafer serialization manufacturing process for read/write heads using photolithography and selective reactive ion etching
Additive for rubber composition, additive composition for rubber composition, rubber composition and tire
Sunroof sunshade
Cooling fan system for a vehicle with fuel cell propulsion
Conductive thin film sheet, shield harness and method of manufacturing the same
Grounding device for high speed water vehicles
Plastic container coated with carbon film
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozonated water flow and concentration control apparatus
Compact reactor capable of being charged with catalytic material for use in a hydrogen generation/fuel cell system
Process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons
Process of producing liquid hydrocarbon oil or dimethyl ether from lower hydrocarbon gas containing carbon dioxide
Co-shift device
Exchanged zeolites X, in particular exchanged with lithium, their process of preparation and their use as adsorbents of nitrogen in the separation of the gases of the air
Method for producing crystalline, zeolitic solid matter
Tantalum oxide film, use thereof, process for forming the same and composition
Toner containing magnetite particles
De-watering process
Process for flocculating suspensions
Method for separating chips from diamond wafer
Recording media having protective overcoats of highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon and methods for their production
Thermostable glazing
Method of preparing a stable, low pH phenolic resin
Zinc-containing optical glass materials
Grain oriented ceramics, thermoelectric conversion element and production process thereof
Lightweight substance molded body, method for the production and use thereof
Phosphomagnesium mortar and method for obtaining same
Ready-mixed setting-type composition and related kit
Oxidation-protected brake disk and method of making same
Method for enhancing adhesion of metal particles to ceramic models
Wet granulation method for generating granules
Reactor vessel, method and system for treating, sampling, and transporting toxic waste
High energy propellant with reduced pollution
Catalyst for Pauson-Khand reaction
Process for the preparation of aniline-derived thyroid receptor ligands
Condensed eight-ring aromatic compound, and organic EL element and organic EL display using the same
Production method of .beta.-amino-.alpha.-hydroxycarboxylic acid
Process for the preparation of ketimines
Process for producing carbonyl hydrazones
Modified safe and efficient process for the environmentally friendly synthesis of imidoesters
N-alkanoylphenylalamine derivatives
Fluorous nucleophilic substitution of alcohols and reagents for use therein
Preparation and purification of antiviral disulfonic acid disodium salt
Oxime derivatives and the use thereof as photoinitiators
Analgesic compounds, their synthesis and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for preparation of allyl sulfone derivatives and intermediates for the preparation
Mercapto-alkanol flavor compounds
Use of fatty alcohol in a perfume composition
Process for improving the shelf life of a hindered phenol antioxidant
Polyfluorinated aromatic or heterocyclic derivatives with sulphurpentalfluoride group(s)
Rectification of (meth)acrylic acid with the addition of a tenside
5-Hydroxyl indole derivatives for treating glaucoma
Selective serotonin receptor antagonists and therapeutic applications thereof
Analogs of cocaine
Coupler for use in oxidative hair dyeing
Preparation of substituted pyridine N-oxide compounds
Branched substituted amino derivatives of 3-amino-1-phenyl-1h-[1,2,4]triazol, methods for producing them and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method for the preparation of citalopram
Substituted benzopyran derivatives for the treatment
Arylphenyl-substituted cyclic ketoenols
Amino-tetralin derivatives as muscarinic receptor antagonists
NK-1 receptor active amine oxide prodrugs
2-oxoquinoline compounds and pharmaceutical uses thereof
Arylpiperidine derivatives and use thereof
Quinolylpropylpiperidine derivatives, preparation process and intermediates, and compositions including them
2-Amino-benzoxazinones for the treatment of herpes simplex virus
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, process for preparing them and their uses
Polymorph of 5-[4-[2-(n-methyl-n(2-pyridyl)amino)ethoxy]benzyl]-thiazolidine-2,4-dione, maleic acid salt
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Selective antagonists of A2B adenosine receptors
Dihydropteridinones, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Photoresist monomers, polymers thereof and photoresist compositons containing the same
Quinazoline derivatives
Coordination complexes, and methods for preparing by combinatorial methods, assaying and using the same
Preparation of metallocenes carrying a cyclopentadiene comprising a basic donor group
Pyrromethene metal complex and light emitting device composition and light emitting devices using the same
Substituted polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process
Preparation of alkylamines
Process for preparing (metal) alkylphosphonites I
Process for recovering secoisolariciresinol diglycoside from de-fatted flaxseed
Methods of enhancing functional performance of nucleic acid arrays
Antigestagenically active steroids with a fluorinated 17-alpha-alkyl chain
Paramunity inducer based on combinations of poxvirus components, process to prepare it and its use as medicament
Bovine rotavirus genes
Rickettsia felis outer membrane protein
Moraxella catarrhalis antigen, corresponding gene and uses thereof
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a regulator of fungal gene expression
Peptide inhibitor of TGF-.beta. growth factors
Secreted protein HBJFE12
Method for screening substances with therapeutic action in the treatment of transmissable subacute spongiform encephalopathies
Human LDL receptor encoding polynucleotides
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated known G protein-coupled receptors
Hormone receptor compositions and methods
Therapeutic fractions of sources of HCG
Proteinase inhibitor, precursor thereof and genetic sequences encoding same
Causative agent of the mystery swine disease, vaccine compositions and diagnostic kits
HIV envelopolype peptides
Type I angiotensin II receptor specific monoclonal antibodies and hybridomas
Nucleic acids encoding human tissue factor inhibitor
Methods of modulating immune coagulation
Methods for producing members of specific binding pairs
Small-molecule inhibitors of interleukin-2
Compounds and methods for modulating adhesion molecule function
Process for producing modified polymer rubber
High solids slurry polymerization using heat exchange to condense the flashed diluent
High activity carbenium-activated polymerization catalysts
Solid titanium catalyst component, ethylene polymerization catalyst containing the same, and ethylene polymerization process
Constrained geometry addition polymerization catalysts
Method for preparing a spray-dried composition for use as a polymerization catalyst
Propylene polymers for oriented films
Dispersion stabilizer for suspension polymerization of vinyl compound
Polymerization catalyst activator complexes and their use in a polymerization process
Process for polymerizing ethylene, higher alpha-olefin comonomer and dienes, especially vinyl norbornene; polymers made using such processes; and articles made from such polymers
Highly alternating ethylene styrene interpolymers
Ophthalmic and otorhinolaryngological device materials
Method for preparing of weatherability thermoplastic resin
Pressure-sensitive adhesive/adhesive and block copolymer suitable for use therein
PolymEric compound and resin composition for photoresist
Amine organoborane complex polymerization initiators and polymerizable compositions
Process for bulk polymerization using a catalyst
Washing process for the purification of polymers containing N or amino, ammonium or spirobicyclic ammonium groups
Coating of Hydroxy-functional polymer(s), crosslinker, and 1,3- and 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanols
Hydrogenated styrene polymer, process for producing the same, and molded object obtained therefrom
Process for preparing a polyurethane material
Polyurethane coatings, based on polyisocyanates containing uretdione and/or oxadiazinetrione groups
Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoroethane, pentafluoropropane, methylbutane and water
Photoimaged dielectric, its manufacture and use in electronics
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium metal carbene complexes
Mono-, oligo-and polyalkylidenefluorenes and their use as charge transport materials
Mono-, oligo- and poly-3-(1,1-difluoroalkyl)thiophenes and their use as charge transport materials
Methods of fabrication of deaggregated electrically conductive polymers and precursors thereof
Copolymerization of cyclic ester oligomers
Aliphatic polycarbonate homo-and co-polymers produced by DMC catalysis and the process for their production
Low temperature, highly chemically resistant thermoplastic vulcanizates based on perfluroether elastomers
Process for removing and regenerating a double metal cyanide (DMC) catalyst from a polymer polyol
Method of producing .pi.-conjugated polymers
Preparation of hydrophobic organic aeorgels
Composition for shielding radioactivity
Method of application of a protective coating to a substrate
Paint composition for automotive weather strip and glass run, and process for producing automotive weather strip and glass run
Polyamic acid varnish composition and a flexible printed board
Ophthalmic compositions
Retarding the thermal degradation of polymers using unsaturated aliphatic compounds
ABS molding materials with enhanced working properties
Biodegradable plant protein composites and related methods
Epoxy resin composition, and adhesive film and prepreg using the composition, and multilayer printed-wiring board using them, and process for manufacturing the same
Coating solutions suitable for improving the adhesion of nylon coatings and processes for the application thereof
Process for coating a wire or cable with polyphenylene sulfide alloy and resulting coated wire
Road repairing material
Liquid crystalline 3,4:9,10-perylenetetacarbocylic acid diimides
Water base ink for ink-jet recording
Pen-compatible black and color inkjet inks having improved bleed control
Water-based ink composition for ink-jet printing, ink-jet printing method using the same and printed matter
Coating process for etched-look label
Liquid inks comprising stabilizing plastisols
Lithographic printing inks
Aqueous dispersion of fluorocopolymer
UV curable compositions for producing decorative metallic coatings
Silicone coatings containing silicone mist suppressant compositions
Silicone release coating compositions
Process for the continuous production of liquid, pigmented coating compositions
Tackified acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Block copolymer melt-processable compositions, methods of their preparation, and articles therefrom
Composite laminate structures especially useful for automotive trim components, and methods and tie layers employed to make the same
Adhesive compositions containing organic spacers and methods for use thereof
Articles comprising a release liner having a high coefficient of friction and good roll stability
Method for forming an adhesive layer using hydrophilic polyurethanes related applications
Composition of drilling fluids comprising ground elastomeric crumb rubber material and a method of decreasing seepage and whole mud loss using such composition
Organic electroluminescent device and preparation thereof
Phosphor for light-emitting element excited by vacuum ultra-violet ray
High brightness green-emitting phosphor
Gas-assisted etch with oxygen
Antioxidant additive compositions and lubricating compositions containing the same
Polymerizable liquid crystal compound and optical film
Liquid-crystalline medium
Optically active compound and nematic liquid crystal composition containing the compound
Erucamide-free closure and liner compositions
Phosphono compound-containing polishing composition and method of using same
Deicing solution
Methods of using reversible phase oil based drilling fluid
Lubricants for drilling fluids
Drilling fluid, apparatus, and method
Composition and method for treating a subterranean formation
Process and an apparatus for preparation of petroleum hydrocarbon solvent with improved color stability from nitrogen rich crude oil
Lube base oils with improved stability
Low-friction sliding mechanism
Conveyor lubricant, passivation of a thermoplastic container to stress cracking, and thermoplastics stress crack inhibitor
High-lubricity grease and modifier for lubricating grease
Use of lamellar crystallites as extreme pressure additives in aqueous lubricants, lamellar crystallites and method for obtaining same
Fabric conditioning compositions
Ceramic dishwashing composition and method for inhibiting corrosion of glassware
Bleach activators with improved solubility
Fermentation vat
Method for high throughput screening of an environmental library
Method for the identification of a receptor
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of raf gene expression
Expression vectors with modified ColE1 origin of replication for control of plasmid copy number
Fungal transcriptional activator useful in methods for producing polypeptides
2-deoxyglucose-6-phosphate (2-DOG-6-P) phosphatase DNA sequences as selection marker in plants
Hybrid vectors for gene therapy
Immunotherapy using cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL)
Method of transluminal application of myogenic cells for repair or replacement of heart tissue
Glutathione S-transferase
Human kinase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Methods and materials relating to alpha-2-macroglobulin-like polypeptides and polynucleotides
Methods for Identifying modulators of serine protease EOS
Methods for the identification of inhibitors of threonine synthase as antibiotics
Nucleotide sequences which encode the pfk gene
Cell-signaling assays
Process for producing isoprenoid compounds by microorganisms and a method for screening compounds with antibiotic or weeding activity
Methods of diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome and other disorders caused by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Corin, a serine protease
Fluorescent capture assay for kinase activity employing an anti-phosphotyrosine antibody as both the capture agent and detecting agent
Methods and compositions for amplifying detectable signals in specific binding assays
Method for analyzing gene expression frequency
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of microanalytic and microsynthetic procedures
Methods for HIV sequencing and genotyping
Pump for pumping molten metal with expanded piston
Mechanical waves generator system in a converter or pyrometallurgical furnace
Apparatus for enhanced purification of high-purity metals
Shaped part made of an intermetallic gamma titanium aluminide material, and production method
Casting material for indefinite rollers with sleeve part and method for producing the same
Steel sheet for procelain enameling and method for production thereof, and enameled product and method for production thereof
Surface preparation process for deposition of ceramic coating
Method of forming optical thin film
Laser forward transfer of rheological systems
Method and apparatus for integrated-battery devices
Method for making films utilizing a pulsed laser for ion injection and deposition
Buried anode lithium thin film battery and process for forming the same
Device and method for processing substrate
Method of depositing low K films
Members for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for vapor generation and film deposition
Plasma processing apparatus and method using active matching
Plasma processing apparatus including a plurality of plasma processing units having reduced variation
Method and apparatus for improving interfacial chemical reactions
Electroless copper plating solution, electroless copper plating process and production process of circuit board
Universal aqueous coating compositions for pretreating metal surfaces
Coated cemented carbide cutting tool
Low contamination plasma chamber components and methods for making the same
Method of forming a conductive pattern on dielectric substrates
Fuel cell and fuel cell system
Method and system for generating hypochlorite
Precious alloyed metal solder plating process
Submicron metallization using electrochemical deposition
Process for producing polycrystalline silicon film by crystallizing on amorphous silicon film by light irradiation
Method for supplying CZ material
Large size single crystal seed crystal fabrication by intergrowth of tiled seed crystals
Method of producing device quality (Al)InGaP alloys on lattice-mismatched substrates
Mixed crystal layer growing method and device, and semiconductor device
Epitaxial substrates and semiconductor devices
Method and apparatus for improved gate oxide uniformity with reducing system contaminants
Silicon semiconductor substrate and process for producing the same
Method for manufacturing single-crystal-silicon wafers
Method for manufacturing silicon mirror wafer, silicon mirror wafer, and heat treatment furnace
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing fine monofilaments consisting of polypropylene, fine monofilaments consisting of polypropylene and the use thereof
Low temperature synthesis of semiconductor fibers
Disposable wash cloth and method of using
Multi-measurement/sensor coating consolidation detection method and system
Fixed Constructions
Sports playing surfaces for realistic game play
Continuous roll basin insert
Transparent protective tube for external cable
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Body to be bonded to a machine housing
Method to separate silicone seal by thermal degradation
Bulk flow measurement system
Patient lift and scale
Method & apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Method for controlling a solar power generation system having a cooling mechanism
Response microcantilever thermal detector
Low frequency modulation sensors using nanosecond fluorophores
Method of measuring meso-scale structures on wafers
Electrode device with a solid state reference system
SnO2 ISFET device, manufacturing method, and methods and apparatus for use thereof
Method for producing a sensor element
Electrochemical impedance evaluation and inspection sensor
Capillary array
Combustion gas detection system
Method and apparatus for determining blood oxygen transport
Assaying device and method for in field urinalysis
Assaying device and method for in field urinalysis
Secretions of proteins by encapsulated cells
Method of measuring ceruloplasmin concentration in a blood spot, kit and method of diagnosing Wilson's disease
Method for assaying protein nitrosylation
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices that uses efficient plasmas
Process for quality control and standardization of medicinal plant products
Photolithographic element blank calcium strontium fluoride UV transmitting mixed fluoride crystal with minimized spatial dispersion
Molecular devices activated by an electric field for electronic ink and other visual display
Precision micro-optical elements and the method of making precision micro-optical elements
Optical waveguide device and method for forming optical waveguide device
Transmittable light-scattering sheets
Compensation films for LCD
Methine dye and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material containing the same
Color light-sensitive materials, as well as an image processing method and apparatus using the same
Color photographic print material
Photoresist composition
Method for forming a pattern and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Pattern formation material and pattern formation method
Positive photosensitive resin composition
Positive radiation-sensitive composition
Photosensitive conductive paste, method for forming conductive pattern using the same, and method for manufacturing ceramic multilayer element
High-resolution photosensitive resin composition usable with i-line and method of forming pattern
Negative-type photosensitive resin composition
Integrated cooling substrate for extreme ultraviolet reticle
Plasma passivation
Develop processing method of a resist surface on a substrate for reduced processing time and reduced defect density
Method for adjusting a temperature in a resist process
Method and apparatus for forming resist pattern
EUV mask which facilitates electro-static chucking
Monocomponent developing arrangement for electrophotography
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Image forming method using flattened spheroidal toner
Dry toner for electrophotography, and its production process
Toner for developing electrostatic images and image forming method
Electrostatic image developing
Volume hologram laminate
Security label having security element and method of making same
Microtuner for stringed musical instruments
Dynamic channel allocation in a synthesizer component
Oscillator providing waveform having dynamically continuously variable waveshape
Magnetic domain wall displacement type magneto-optical medium and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic recording tape
Magnetic recording medium having a low molecular weight azo dye including an aryl group
Process of forming a multilayer nanoparticle-containing thin film self-assembly
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and perpendicular magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Magnetic recording medium
Method of manufacturing a dual-sided stamper/imprinter, method of simultaneously forming magnetic transition patterns and dual-sided stamper/imprinter
Optical recording medium
Information recording medium and method for manufacturing information recording medium
Integration scheme for avoiding plasma damage in MRAM technology
Method of making chip-type electronic device provided with two-layered electrode
Thin permanent-magnet film and process for producing the same
Superconducting coils
Liquid metal micro-relay with suspended heaters and multilayer wiring
Fuse unit
Adaptive GCIB for smoothing surfaces
Inductively coupled plasma generating apparatus incorporating double-layered coil antenna
Method of silver (AG) electroless plating on ITO electrode
Device and method for processing substrates
Method and apparatus for supporting a semiconductor wafer during processing
Broadly tunable distributed bragg reflector structure processing
Apparatus and methods for processing a workpiece
Method of producing a thin layer of crystalline material
Method for producing highly doped semiconductor components
Electrical contact for high dielectric constant capacitors and method for fabricating the same
Substrate removal as a function of emitted photons at the back side of a semiconductor chip
Etching method and etching liquid
Method of removing silicon oxide from a surface of a substrate
Semiconductor etch speed modification
Method of plasma etching of high-K dielectric materials with high selectivity to underlying layers
Stiction-free microstructure releasing method for fabricating MEMS device
Methods for forming capacitors on semiconductor substrates
Retrograde doped buried layer transistor and method for producing the same
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with sinker contact region
Self-aligned process using indium gallium arsenide etching to form reentry feature in heterojunction bipolar transistors
Method of manufacturing non-volatile memory device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component
Physical vapor deposition of nickel
Method for forming a salicided MOSFET structure with tunable oxynitride spacer
Sidewall processes using alkylsilane precursors for MOS transistor fabrication
Field effect transistor with gate layer and method of making same
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Method of barrier-less integration with copper alloy
Method of balanced coefficient of thermal expansion for flip chip ball grid array
Electrode connection method, electrode surface activation apparatus, electrode connection apparatus, connection method of electronic components and connected structure
Method for forming protective films and spacers
Method of making self-aligned borderless contacts
Methods of forming isolation regions associated with semiconductor constructions
Method and structure for contacting an overlying electrode for a magnetoelectronics element
Self-aligned source pocket for flash memory cells
Structure of semiconductor electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for forming an interface free layer of silicon on a substrate of monocrystalline silicon
Method of fabricating nitride based semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating nitride based semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a field effect transistor
Method and apparatus for suppressing the channeling effect in high energy deep well implantation
Process for fabricating a MOS transistor of short gate length and integrated circuit comprising such a transistor
Methods of testing/stressing a charge trapping device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a two-step deposition process
Semiconductor device structured to prevent oxide damage during HDP CVD
Process for preparing insulating material having low dielectric constant
Method of forming integrated circuitry, and method of forming a contact opening
Method for forming low dielectric constant damascene structure while employing a carbon doped silicon oxide capping layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board and electronic instrument
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for detecting defect of semiconductor device
Substrate processing system with load-lock chamber
Method of fabricating a MIM capacitor using etchback
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of improving etch uniformity in deep silicon etching
Semiconductor device with a copper line having an increased resistance against electromigration and a method of forming the same
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor memory devices with epitaxial contact nodes
Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor device
Method for eliminating via resistance shift in organic ILD
Manufacturing method of semiconductor IC device
Method of forming a dual damascene structure using an amorphous silicon hard mask
Method to eliminate copper hillocks and to reduce copper stress
Method for fabricating ferroelectric memory cells
Method of fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for coding semiconductor permanent store ROM
Sidewall strap for complementary semiconductor structures and method of making same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with triple well structure
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer, a semiconductor wafer, process for manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device, and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Integration scheme for enhancing capacitance of trench capacitors
Semiconductor memory device for eliminating floating body effect and method of fabricating the same
Method and system for scaling nonvolatile memory cells
Interconnect structure for an integrated circuit and corresponding fabrication method
Trench buried bit line memory devices and methods thereof
Method for manufacturing a polysilicon type thin film transistor
Ion implant method for topographic feature corner rounding
Semiconductor apparatus and method for fabricating the same
Isolation trench fill process
Method of creating high-quality relaxed SiGe-on-insulator for strained Si CMOS applications
Method of fabricating an air bridge
Ball grid array module
Semiconductor device capable of preventing ring defect and method of manufacturing the same
Module component and method of manufacturing the same
Method for composing a dielectric layer within an interconnect structure of a multilayer semiconductor device
Ferroelectric capacitor plasma charging monitor
Electrical fuse element test structure and method
Bond wire tuning of RF power transistors and amplifiers
Connection substrate, a method of manufacturing the connection substrate, a semiconductor device, and a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Contact member stacking system and method
Method of forming a semiconductor device having a capacitor and a resistor
Unitary interconnection structures integral with a dielectric layer
Transfer film and process for producing organic electroluminescent device using the same
Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
Semiconductor device having two-layered charge storage electrode
Low temperature method of forming a gate stack with a high k layer deposited over an interfacial oxide layer
Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor for reducing resistance between source and drain and method for fabricating the same
Process for manufacturing a DMOS transistor
Methods and apparatus for inducing stress in a semiconductor device
Method for forming a lateral SCR device for on-chip ESD protection in shallow-trench-isolation CMOS process
Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
Photovoltaic elements
Healing of micro-cracks in an on-chip dielectric
High brightness light emitting diode
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for producing the same
Sealed cylindrical nickel-metal hydride storage battery
Polymeric solid electrolyte and lithium secondary cell using the same
Battery and portable device
Nonaqueous electrolyte solution secondary battery
Electrolytic composition with polymer base for electrochemical generator
Post seal for lead acid batteries
Rechargeable battery with temperature controlled switch
Positive electrode active material, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell and method for preparation thereof
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery having a negative electrode containing carbon fibers and carbon flakes
Solid electrolyte cell having a rolled electrolyte body
Battery in bipolar stacked configuration and method for the production thereof
Activation of electrochemical cells with catalyst electrodes
Gasket for fuel battery
Method and apparatus for monitoring equivalent series resistance and for shunting a fuel cell
Flat plate fuel cell stack
Maintenance of fluidic dielectrics in RF devices
Connecting terminal
Monolithic multi-wavelength vertical-cavity surface emitting laser array and method of manufacture therefor
Enclosure for telecommunication equipment
Accessory for immobilizing an electrical device that clips directly into a trunking base section
Appliance mounting apparatus
Two-way electrical box cover
Method of screening the magnetic field generated by an electrical power transmission line, and electrical power transmission line
Glass for molded lens
Method for making conductive circuits using powdered metals
Protective coatings for improved tarnish resistance in metal foils
Input power connector for distribution panel
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