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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Inbred maize line NP2315
Plant UDP-glucose dehydrogenase
IEX-1 knockout animals
Disubstituted thiazolyl carboxanilides and their use as microbicides
.alpha.-Amylase-resistant starch for producing foodstuff and medicaments
Transgenic cells transfected with pituitary tumor transforming gene (PTTG)) expression vectors and uses therefor
Artificial barrel cactus
Seating device in the form of seat furniture or for placing on seat furniture
Thermal protection apparatus and method for child car seat
Telemetered characteristic monitor system and method of using the same
Robotic endoscope with wireless interface
Endoscope suitable for autoclaving
Implant for the closing of defect openings in the body of a human or animal and a system for the placement of such an implant
Multi-functional surgical control system and switching interface
Catheter with cryogenic and heating ablation
Guidewire with pressure and temperature sensing capabilities
Multi-layer and multi-section coils for guide wire
Biological sampling method
Devices and methods for detecting and treating inadequate tissue perfusion
Chlorin and bacteriochlorin-based difunctional aminophenyl DTPA and N.sub.2S.sub.2 conjugates for MR contrast media and radiopharmaceuticals
Methods for determining color or shade information of a dental object using an image generation device without operator identification of the position of a reference implement in the field of view of the image generation device
Dental implant
Positioning tools and methods for implanting medical devices
Modular prosthesis system with novel locking mechanism
Device for angularly coupling prosthetic components
Dual IV bag arrangement for intravascular temperature control catheter cooling circuit
Wheelchair with self-raising seat
Beta-adrenergic blockade reversal of catabolism after severe burn
Wound and skin care compositions
Heteroaromatic derivatives having an inhibitory activity against HIV integrase
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors for the treatment of diabetes
(+)-1-(3,4-Dichlorophenyl)-3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hexane, compositions and uses thereof
Hydroxylansoprazole methods
TNF-.alpha. production inhibitors
Bicyclic-substituted amines having cyclic-substituted monocyclic substituents
Steroidal compounds for inhibiting steroid sulphatase
Compositions of ezetimibe and methods for the treatment of cholesterol-associated benign and malignant tumors
Polyoxometalate materials, metal-containing materials, and methods of use thereof
Synthetic vaccine agents
Process to prepare a skin softening composition
Injectable aqueous dispersions of propofol
Bioabsorbable branched polymers containing units derived from dioxanone and medical/surgical devices manufactured therefrom
Matrix for transdermal drug delivery
Method and apparatus for determining hemodialysis parameters
Electric heat therapy technique and instrument
Hymenialdisine or derivatives thereof in the manufacture of medicaments
Folding device for treadmills
Adjustable bicycle pedal training device
Golf club head
Basketball system
Golf swing diagnosis system
Peer-to-peer distributed gaming application network
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation of plant oil triglyceride mixtures by solid bed adsorption
Ion exchange filter apparatus
Highly stabilized colloidal system for improving the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of building materials
Hydroprocessing process
Gravity-driven apparatus and method for control of microfluidic devices
Device for storing and/or treating chemicals
Delivery of metered amounts of liquid materials
Handwriting instrument with stamp
Extrusion applicator having rotational operability
Method of manufacturing electromagnetic devices using kinetic spray
Substrate for immobilizing physiological material, and method of fabricating same
Printed release liners
Method of making an integrated mold product
Method for producing silicon based alloys in atomized form
Nickel powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Circuit board production method and circuit board production data
Tool and method for the finishing of valve seats and guides
Multi-functional bit & connect-disconnect coupling used therewith
Laser machining apparatus
Determination of position of sensor measurements during polishing
Handheld skate sharpener
Method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad
Advanced chemical mechanical polishing system with smart endpoint detection
Rotary grinding apparatus for blending defects on turbine blades and associated method of use
Method and configuration for conditioning a polishing pad surface
Electrically enhanced surface planarization
Polishing pad conditioner and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus having the same
Chemical mechanical polishing system having multiple polishing stations and providing relative linear polishing motion
Thermoplastic laminate duct
Inline accumulating die padder
Process for making a fluid processing module
Signature folding device
Carrier of information bearing a watermark
Self assembled organic nanocrystal superlattices
Multi-layered superhard nanocomposite coatings
Coated cutting tool insert
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Printing apparatus, print head performance recovery device and method, and piston pump
Pagewidth printhead assembly including capping devices that have linear movement
Ink supply system for an ink jet printer
Ink supply from the main tank to the sub-tank in the printing device
Printhead assembly with printhead modules
Method for multi-layer printing of a thermal printer
Image printing apparatus and control method therefor
Printing apparatus and printing apparatus control method
Printing cartridge for a camera and printer combination including an authentication device
Wheel skate
Industrial vehicle having body structure
Wind deflector of open car
Locking mechanism with rotatable features
Shift control apparatus and method for hybrid transmission applicable to hybrid vehicle
Motor vehicle seat with a seat back hinge
Bumper having a roll-formed ridge
Inflatable curtain trajectory bracket
Braking force control apparatus and method for vehicle
Safety system for a compartment of a vehicle
Trailer slider locking pin interlock with parking brake
Sensor in King-pin
Adjustable kickstand with reinforced parking position lock
Flying ski
Gas blast label applicator
Pneumatic carrier
Position detector
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Non-heating clay composites for building materials
Rigid ring amino acids and polyamides there from
Hydrocyanation method for ethylenically unsaturated organic compounds
Hydrogenation of biochemical derived 1,3 -propanediol
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycols
Process for the production of carboxylic acid
Metal ion exchanged solid materials as catalysts for the skeletal isomerization of fatty acids and alkyl esters thereof
Processes for the preparation of gabapentin
Pyrazolylamine substituted quinazoline compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
2h-pyridazine-3-one derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and a process for the preparation of the active ingredient
Process for the sulfurization of a phosphorus-containing compound
Methods for the integrated synthesis and purification of oligonucleotides
Homologous peptide nucleic acids
Nanoparticles having oligonucleotides attached thereto and uses therefor
Methods of analysis of allelic imbalance
Method for the preparation of 6.alpha.-fluoro corticosteroids
Nucleic acids and proteins from group B streptococcus
Method and compositions for treating hepatocellular cancer
Liquid inks comprising a stable organosol
Plastic optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical fiber cable with plug, method for producing methyl methacrylate based polymer and method for producing plastic optical fiber
Separation of contaminants from polyester materials
Thermally cross-linked fluoropolymer
Cotton active, dirt removing urethane-based polymers
Electroluminescent polymers and use thereof in light-emitting devices
Polyarylethersulphone and polyamide-based thermoplastic mouldable masses with improved processing characteristics
Macroporous ion exchange resins
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern
Compression molded inorganic fiber articles, and methods and compositions used in molding same
Polyacetal resin composition having excellent wear resistance and abruption-preventing effect
Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for sticking and fixing touch panel to display device
Liquid crystal compounds
Cationic-anionic blends for dynamic surface tension reduction
Prevention and treatment of lost circulation with crosslinked polymer material
Method for operating a coke-oven battery
Method of removing water and contaminants from crude oil containing same
Process and device for producing hydrogen
Liquid detergent composition
Process for producing detergent particles
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Synergistic bioinoculant composition comprising bacterial strains of accession Nos. NRRL B-30486, NRRL B-30487, and NRRL B-30488 and a method of producing said composition thereof
Plant uridine diphosphate-glucose dehydrogenase genes, proteins, and uses thereof
Preparation of biologically active molecules
Manipulation of plant polysaccharide synthases
Family 19 class IV chitinase gene from yam
Polyampholytes for delivering polyions to a cell
Selected cell delivery for heart failure
Ralstonia ahl-acylase gene
Ribonuclease zymogen design
Protease variants and compositions
Aminopeptidase derived from bacillus licheniformis, gene encoding the aminopeptidase, expression vector containing the gene, transformant and method for preparation thereof
Production of chemicals from lignocellulose, biomass or sugars
Non-endogenous, constitutively activated known G protein-coupled receptors
Methods of screening test compounds using GADD34L, an eIF2.alpha.-specific phosphatase subunit
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine:galactose-.beta.1,3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-- R/ (GlcNAc to GaINAc) .beta.1-6 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, C2GnT3
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Support for a method for determining an analyte and a method for producing the support
Aluminum alloy product having improved combinations of properties
Polymers having an ordered structural state
Textiles; Paper
Continuous fiber of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Dry cleaning process
Fluoropolymer--amino terminated polydiorganosiloxane compositions for textile treatments
Method for the production of improved pulp
Fixed Constructions
Elastic drainage pavement comprising waste polyurethane chips for use on existing roads and a paving method using the same
Fine-grained fill reinforcing apparatus and method
G-force push-push latch
Mining machine with releasable guide piece and the guide piece for it
Streamlining bit assemblies for road milling, mining and trenching equipment
Cutting tool with nozzle for spraying water on cutter bit
Method and means for processing oil sands while excavating
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine engine bearing support
Sliding vane turbocharger with graduated vanes
Inducer tip vortex suppressor
Hydrodynamic bearing for a spindle motor
Center bearing seal assembly
Shielded sealing system for a constant velocity joint
Locking mechanism on a holding device or a package
Heavy duty power transmission V-belt
Power-branched transmission with steplessly adjustable transmission ratio
Luminaire heat sink
Light source unit for vehicular lamp
Planar light source and method of manufacture of the same
Light guide plate and surface light source
Lever pivot safety stop socket for fluorescent lamps
Vortex type gas lamp
Integrated inert gas for electromagnetic energy spot curing system
Roller for the thermomechanical treatment of a web-shaped medium
Magnetic-inductive device for the control of ferromagnetic reticles
Adjustable illumination source
Method for repair of photomasks
Method for correcting local loading effects in the etching of photomasks
Tamper proof container
Apparatus and method for estimating and adjusting deviations in an optical system based on wavefront aberrations ascribable to misalignment
Combinatorial synthesis system
Method for measuring substance and testing piece
Integrated CMOS high precision piezo-electrically driven clock
Method and system for battery state of charge estimation by using measured changes in voltage
Hepatitis C receptor protein CD81
Antibodies to human chemokine beta-9
Antibodies to truncated VEGF-D and uses thereof
Method of utilizing neurotrophins to manipulate reproductive capacity
Methods for screening for substances that bind opioid receptors
Reaction wells, assembly thereof, immunoassay apparatus and method using such well assemblies
Self-contained swab-based diagnostic systems
Antibodies to lipoproteins and apolipoproteins and methods of use thereof
Rotation detection sensor
Analytical circuit for an inductive sensor
Multiple local probe measuring device and method
Circuit tester interface
Testing method and tester for semiconductor integrated circuit device comprising high-speed input/output element
Digital measuring head
Corona based charge voltage measurement
Method of stabilising a magnetometer signal, and stabilised magnetometers
Method for production of optical module and optical module
Removable lens mounted to an eyewear platform
Rigid gas permeable contact lens with 3-part curvature
Super-resolution overlay in multi-projector displays
Highly efficient projection system
Lighting system and compact projection system
X-ray equipment with cassette storage box locking means
Toner, process for producing a toner, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Motor spindle control system and method
Discharge lamp driving circuit provided with discharge detecting pattern
Control means and methods for a transistor switch circuit
Voltage regulator circuit
Regulating voltage applied to an integrated circuit and proxy frequency
DC-DC converter and method for controlling DC-DC converter
Buck-boost circuit with normally off JFET
Method and apparatus for operating a voltage regulator based on operation of a timer
Centralizing the lock point of a synchronous circuit
System generated electromagnetic pulse guard
System and method for signaling emergency responses
Juvenile monitoring system
Fire or overheating detection system
Method and apparatus for temporary muting of smoke alarms
System to avoid the collision of a vehicle with animals
Traffic preemption system
Electronic image visualization system and communication methodologies
Light emitting device and a method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic recording media and method of forming them
Magnetic material for transformers and/or inductors
Switch apparatus with operating knob with limiting element for continued engagement
Reset lockout mechanism and independent trip mechanism for center latch circuit interrupting device
Electronic module for universal garage door opener and assembly method
Method of inspecting a circuit pattern and inspecting instrument
Electron beam writing equipment and electron beam writing method
Method of evaluating whiteness, method of evaluating comparative whiteness, light source and luminaire
Preventing junction leakage in field emission devices
Method for producing a high pressure discharge lamp, with sealing portion having first and second glass members
Method for producing a high pressure discharge lamp, with sealing portion having first and second glass members
Method of forming nitrogen and phosphorus doped amorphous silicon as resistor for field emission display device baseplate
PCMO spin-coat deposition
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Alignment method and exposure apparatus using the method
Method of forming a film of predetermined pattern on a surface as well as device manufactured by employing the same, and method of manufacturing device
Semiconductor device having patterned SOI structure and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating a vertically integrated memory cell
Method and system for providing a power lateral PNP transistor using a buried power buss
Method for forming cmos device with self-aligned contacts and region formed using salicide process
Semiconductor device having reduced effective substrate resistivity and associated methods
Method for stacking an integrated circuit on another integrated circuit
Electronic assembly with high capacity thermal interface and methods of manufacture
Semiconductor chip singulation method
Microelectronic assemblies having low profile connections
Method of fabricating a package with substantially vertical feedthroughs for micromachined or MEMS devices
Method of compensating for etch rate non-uniformities by ion implantation
Method of manufacturing carbon nanotube semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Method for filling electrically different features
Method of making a semiconductor package with integrated heat spreader attached to a thermally conductive substrate core
Microelectronics package assembly tool and method of manufacture therewith
Detection and classification of micro-defects in semi-conductors
Method of producing semiconductor elements using a test structure
Method of forming Pr.sub.xCa.sub.1-xMnO.sub.3 thin films having a PrMnO.sub.3/CaMnO.sub.3 super lattice structure using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Semiconductor memory device having pick-up structure
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having semiconductor circuit formed by semiconductor elements and method for manufacturing the same
Single electron device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of simultaneously manufacturing single electron device and MOS transistor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Printed circuit board with a heat dissipation element and package comprising the printed circuit board
Integrated circuit package electrical enhancement with improved lead frame design
Interconnect structure diffusion barrier with high nitrogen content
Electronic device, method of manufacture of the same, and sputtering target
Edge seal for integrated circuit chips
ESD protection circuit
Augmented photo-detector filter
Floating-body dynamic random access memory and method of fabrication in tri-gate technology
Ultra dense trench-gated power device with the reduced drain-source feedback capacitance and miller charge
Transistor having three electrically isolated electrodes and method of formation
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor quantum well devices and methods of making the same
Insulated gate bipolar transistor
Ferroelectric transistor gate stack with resistance-modified conductive oxide
Floating-gate semiconductor structures
Photoelectric sensor
Thin film transistor having LDD region and process for producing same
Light emitting device, method of preparing the same and device for fabricating the same
Fuel cell system
Polymer electrolytic fuel cell and method for producing the same
Catalyst for fuel cell oxygen electrodes
Method of producing membrane electrode assemblies for use in proton exchange membrane and direct methanol fuel cells
Solid polymer electrolyte membrane and fuel cell comprising same
High temperature fuel cell power plant
Harmonic spurious signal suppression filter
Arrangement and method for combining electric signals
Coaxial connector
Patch substrate for external connection
LGA connector
Lead frame for connecting optical sub-assembly to printed circuit board
Electrical connector
Connector and a method of disassembling it
Socket connector for integrated circuit
Plug for speaker cables, and speaker terminal and speaker terminal system provided with them
Fixture for an embedded unit of an electronic device
Signal connector
Contact module in which mounting of contacts is simplified
Structure for SIM card assembly and disassembly
Coaxial connector with a substantially S-shaped switch
FPCB connection mechanism
Housing arrangement with at least one junction box
Axial gap electrical machine
Apparatus to control displacement of a body spaced-apart from a surface
Method in connection with permanent magnet synchronous machines
Synthesis method for an active polyphase filter
Buffer circuit device supplying a common mode voltage applicable to a next-stage circuit receiving output signals of the buffer circuit device
Variable inductor, oscillator including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this oscillator, and amplifier including the variable inductor and radio terminal comprising this amplifier
Logic circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Overvoltage tolerant input buffer
Low voltage high-speed differential logic devices and method of use thereof
Flexible routing resources in a programmable logic device
Semiconductor circuit regulator
Gate triggered ESD clamp
Low-power direct digital synthesizer with analog interpolation
Spread-spectrum clock generator
Method and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding digital data
Electronic equipment communications system and repeater
Mobile phone provided with lighting, lighting control method and lighting control program
Organic EL device
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the element
Electronic ballast with open circuit voltage control and cable compensation
Lossless circuit for sampling of lamp voltage
Heating apparatus with target temperature control and means for changing target temperature
Deposition process for high aspect ratio trenches
Techniques for mounting an area array package to a circuit board using an improved pad layout
Adjustable spring grounding pin
Expired Patents Due To Time
Display case
Surface configuration of legs for a table
Cantilever arm structure for glider
Cantilever arm structures for glider
Paper roll dispenser
Towel dispenser
Soap collecting tray
Bathroom towel fixture
Corner basket
Corner shelf
Sink center held by suction cups
Suction flatware holder
Comfort pillow with arm recess
Comfort pillow with shoulder and arm recesses
Comfort pillow with head and arm recesses
Top surface of a quilt
Car seat cover
Storage rack
Coffee machine
Coffee machine
Table top with cooking grill
Two burner stove with folding shelf lid
Casting for barbecue grill
Thermal bottle with a tumbler at each extremity (vertical grooves)
Hanging food storage container
Reusable container for food
Refillable napkin dispenser
Electric knife
Probe bender for an electrosurgical tool
Guitar shaped bottle opener
Linesman pliers
Rotary tool
Portable electric circular saw
Rotary tool holder
Ratcheting hand held tool
Small screwdriver with a lamp
Tool kit
Automobile steering lock
Brass padlock
Jacket padlock
Latch for flush mounting on access panels and doors
Rotatable guide-roller for flexible tubes and wires
Cord reel
Mounting plate for display hook
Wheel nut for automobiles
Tool container
Cardboard food container
Package lid
Display package
Squeezable dispensing tube and cap
Bottle portion
Bottle portion
Domed inner cover for a container
Jar lid
Cologne bottle
Combined bottle and cap
Instrument holder
Digital golf score device
Frog figure thermometer
Tape measure
Scientific instrument housing
Hand-held digital refractometer
Fashion scale
Bathroom scale
Fashion scale
Fashion scale
Protector for a wrist watch
Decorative article
Christmas tree stand
Ornamental wishbone
Button-shaped hook for lingerie straps
Zipper pull
Cuff link
Amphibious vehicle
Passenger car
Bicycle parking rack
Chassis of a baby go-cart
Tire tread
Tire tread
Sports bag for an all terrain vehicle
Blocking device for use in a vehicle
Decorative surface of a tire sidewall
Battery case
Battery box top
Electric connector
Surge suppressor with covered outlets and cord management feature
Electric connector with a cable
Electric cable bundling device
Wall plate for directional couplers
Insertable control module
Remote controller for air conditioner
Heat sink
Portable telephone
Combined clock and radio receiver
Wireless receiver unit
Cordless headphone
Stereophone ear plug insert
Woman''s necktie
Integral mitten garment
Novelty glove
Horseshoe shaped novelty hat
Sports shoe
Golf shoe sole
Shoe sole
Shoe sole
Shoe sole
Cleat for footwear
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Shoe upper with saddle
Boot upper pattern
Windproof umbrella
Keychain with light
Snap key ring with bottle opener
Key chain ornament
Infant frame carrier
Carrying case for a slow cooker
Container for tool bits
Article carrier
Article carrier
Fireman''s rope bag
Remote control cover
Collapsible container
Combined refillable paste dispensing toothbrush and cap
Liquid applicator assembly
Brush with handle
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Surface pattern for paper product
Article of furniture
Bar stool
Foldable seat
Dining chair
Chest of drawers
Two sided refrigerated display case
Interlocking for a railway system
Method for determining the position of an automated guided vehicle
Preset diagnostic leak detection method for an automotive evaporative emission system
Vehicle service status tracking system and method
Electronic control unit, in particular for a device provided in a motor vehicle
Steering system for motor vehicle
Vehicle steering control system
System for determining an equivalent throttle valve for controlling automatic transmission shift points
Adaptive clutch control of a closed-throttle downshift
Device for controlling running behavior of vehicle by mathematical tire model
Method and apparatus for controlling driving force of vehicle
Driving force control for automotive vehicle
Method and apparatus for automatically stopping engine idling of automotive vehicle during stop of vehicle
Portable on-board mass emissions measuring system
Method of pre-planning the loading of aircraft
Method and apparatus for displaying real time navigational information
Adaptive navigation system
Vehicle navigation system and method using multiple axes accelerometer
Soil liquefaction prevention by electro-osmosis during an earthquake event
Method of interpreting induction logs in horizontal wells
Method and apparatus for communication with a downhole tool
Diagnostic rule base tool condition monitoring system
Digital process for determining the effective value of a periodic electric test signal
Motor condition and performance analyzer
Method of and apparatus for analyzing alarms of an injection molding machine
Method for determining flame retardance of polymer compositions
Layout input apparatus, layout input method, layout verification apparatus, and layout verification method
Method and apparatus for providing three-dimensional model associativity
Methods for searching stable docking models of biopolymer-ligand molecule complex
System and method for simulating user input to control the operation of an application
Data structure synthesis in hardware using memory transaction translation techniques
Network flow data export
Grouping words with equivalent substrings by automatic clustering based on suffix relationships
Dynamic bit allocation apparatus and method for audio coding
Method and system using a speech recognition system to dictate a body of text in response to an available body of text
Method and apparatus of speech recognition and speech control system using the speech recognition method
System for voice verification using matched frames
Method of natural language communication using a mark-up language
Feature extraction for automatic speech recognition
Microsegment-based speech-synthesis process
Method and apparatus for providing an event-based "What-Can-I-Say?" window
Distributed speech recognition system with multi-user input stations
Method and apparatus for ticket turn-back capability
System and method for integrating operation of an indoor golf facility into operation of an airport concourse
System and method for business process space definition
Method for controlled optimization of enterprise planning models
System and method for enterprise workflow resource management
Distributed project management system and method
Method of and apparatus for generating and authenticating postal indicia
Methodology for advanced quantity-oriented cost assignment using various information sources
Computer system using a queuing system and method for managing a queue and heterogeneous data structures
Metadata-driven data presentation module for database system
Method of storing elements in a database
Gene expression and evaluation system
Method and system for automated data storage and retrieval
Method and apparatus for partitioning a database upon a timestamp, support values for phrases and generating a history of frequently occurring phrases
Methods and arrangements for controlling resource access in a networked computing environment
Method and apparatus for managing a communications network by storing management information about two or more configuration states of the network
Integrated collaborative/content-based filter structure employing selectively shared, content-based profile data to evaluate information entities in a massive information network
Associating files of data
System and method for use and storage of geographic data on physical media
System for integrating data among heterogeneous systems
User level controlled mechanism inter-positioned in a read/write path of a property-based document management system
Computer process data transferring with automatic clipping of pictures
Access control with delayed binding of object identifiers
Information processing apparatus
File management system and file management method capable of managing unoccupied blocks without the use of dummy data
Delayed unloading of a dynamically loadable file
Methods and apparatus for generational dynamic management of computer memory
Computer system and method for abstracting and accessing a chronologically-arranged collection of information
System and method for building a web site with automated workflow
Apparatus for partial logical shifts and method therefor
Low-power pulse-shaping digital filters
Programmable processor circuit with a reconfigurable memory for realizing a digital filter
Methods and apparatus for adaptive filters
DCT/IDCT processor
Discrete cosine transform circuit and operation method thereof
4-2 compressor circuit and voltage holding circuit for use in 4-2 compressor circuit
Method and interface device for sharing physical resources
Machine control using register construct
Method and apparatus for dynamically adding functionality to a set of instructions for processing a web document based on information contained in the web document
Cooperative work support system for managing a window display
Method for connecting terminals to a host computer and a host computer therefor
System and method for sharing data among a plurality of personal digital assistants
System for targeting information to specific users on a computer network
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Method of communications for an intelligent digital audiovisual playback system
Browser-based network management allowing administrators to use web browser on user''s workstation to view and update configuration of network devices
Internet enabled computer system management
Distributed service subsystem architecture for distributed network management
Method for monitoring network distributed computing resources using distributed cellular agents
Method and system for measuring usage of a computer network by a network user
Method and apparatus for traffic control and balancing for an internet site
Method and apparatus for identifying informational packets
Web user interface session and sharing of session environment information
Virtual dial-up protocol for network communication
Self-tuning dataflow I/O core
Extender apparatus for USB connection of computer units
Service request routing using quality-of-service data and network resource information
Signalling device and signalling method
Address look-up mechanism in a multi-port bridge for a local area network
Routing table lookup implemented using M-trie having nodes duplicated in multiple memory banks
Circulating parallel-search engine with random inputs for network routing table stored in a wide embedded DRAM
Selecting communication link between client and server
Transcoding of audio data
Process for the synchronization of programs on different computers of an interconnected system
Mobile communications device with a camera
Distributed antenna system and method of controlling the same
Devices and methods for coronary sinus mapping
Mapping and ablation catheter system
Optical fiber tissue localization device
Method and apparatus for guiding ablative therapy of abnormal biological electrical excitation
System for prediction of cardiac arrhythmias
System and method for arrhythmia discrimination
Device to provide data as a guide to health management
Tissue characterization based on impedance images and on impedance measurements
Process for detection of physical position of a human being
Implantable device and programmer system which permits multiple programmers
Method and apparatus for displaying programming events detected by an implantable medical device
Fully implantable cochlear implant system
Patient interactive neurostimulation system and method
Self-centering epidural spinal cord lead and method
Method and apparatus for using vagus nerve stimulation in surgery
Medical electrical stimulation system using an electrode assembly having opposing semi-circular arms
Feed-forward controller with delayed command input
Realtime decision making system for reduction of time delays in an automated material handling system
System for calculating an operating time of a measuring machine
Method and apparatus for delivering drugs
Apparatus and method of distributed object handling
Information collecting system
Method for controlling emergency states of semiconductor fabricating equipment arranged in a processing line
Assembly for moving a robotic device along selected axes
Robot apparatus for detecting direction of sound source to move to sound source and method for operating the same
Vehicle running condition judgement device
System and method for integrating LNAV and VNAV with autopilots for existing aircraft
System and method for parallel error diffusion dithering
Classified adaptive error recovery method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for introducing reference impairments into video signals
Image forming device
Optical fiber switch
Robotic optical cross-connect
Optical fiber communication system using optical phase conjugation as well as apparatus applicable to the system and method of producing the same
Optical transmission system
Protection switching in bidirectional WDM optical communication networks with transponders
Optical luminescent display device
Optical fiber communication system incorporating automatic dispersion compensation modules to compensate for temperature induced variations
Optically functional device
Methods and apparatuses for packaging long-period fiber gratings
Optical filter with harmonic elements
Graded index type optical fibers and method of making the same
Optical fiber for wavelength division miltiplexing communications
Multi-cladding optical fiber, long-period optical fiber grating written therein and writing method thereof
Planar optical waveguides for optical panel having gradient refractive index core
Optical waveguide device and manufacturing method thereof
Termination block for optical fiber cables
Fiber optic module including lens cap
Fiber-optic cable routing and separating device
Telecommunication device having support member for holding optical fiber
Radiation curable fluorinated vinyl ethers derived from hexafluoropropene
Image receiver, image reception method, image transmitter, image transmission method, image transmitter/receiver, and image transmission/reception method
Method of recording image data and method of reproducing information from optical disk
System for storing and reproducing multiplexed data
Information recording method and information reproducing method
Information storage medium and apparatus for reproducing the same
Recording and reproducing device
IR-source with helically shaped heating element
Electric water heater with electronic control
Wiring structure of an image stabilizer
Zoom lens and photographic apparatus having the same
Two-focus switchable lens
Converter unit of camera
Ranging apparatus installed in camera
Camera having automatic focusing device
Verifing camera with demonstration mode and method
Image forming system including oscillating type waste toner container
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having different operating values for first and second side image formation
Printer and transfer charger
Fixing device capable of correcting fixing conditions in accordance with an integrated energizing time
Image forming apparatus and warming up method
Image apparatus having a multiple number of different functional modes
Dust protector for image exposure device and image forming apparatus utilizing the same
Electrophotography apparatus
Imaging forming apparatus using independent modules
Image forming apparatus having a common sheet processing station
Process cartridge having a particular electrical contact arrangement and image forming apparatus using such a process cartridge
Electrophotographic image forming device having an exchangeable belt and a method of exchanging the same
Method and apparatus for supporting a drum for loading and unloading from a copier and/or printer apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Rotatable charging apparatus, and printing machine including the same
Image forming method and apparatus using charged particles
Wet-type electrophotography apparatus, using non-volatile, high viscosity, high concentration liquid toner
Developing device for an image forming apparatus
Image forming system with waste toner container and restraint member
Method and apparatus for forming an electrostatic image
Developing apparatus
Apparatus for fixing toner images on a transfer material
Electrophotographic recorded device having excellent separating capabilities and method of transferring the recorded medium
Image forming apparatus having paper size discrimination and stapling control
Computer based training system
Wireless communication link quality forecasting
System and method of providing OOOI times of an aircraft
Wireless ground link-based aircraft data communication system with roaming feature
Video/audio alarm processing method and apparatus for base station manager in mobile radio communication system
Radio-frequency integrated circuit for a radio-frequency wireless transmitter-receiver with reduced influence by radio-frequency power leakage
Simplified reference frequency distribution in a mobile phone
Fractional-spurs suppression scheme in frequency tracking multi-band fractional-N phase lock loop
Dual band mobile phone using the same intermediate frequency for both bands
Antenna duplexer
Half-duplex radios for indicating signal transmissions
Recyclable wireless telephone unit with a secured activation switch
Diversity wireless communication method and its wireless communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for operating a PLL for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Double super tuner
Radio receiver having compensation for direct current offset
Image reject mixer
Ruggedized tradesworkers radio
Method and apparatus for providing a communication path using a paging network
Wireless software upgrades with version control
Wireless telephony system enabling access to PC based functionalities
Mobile communications system and a transcoder unit
Air interface based wireless telecommunication test system
Apparatus for testing cellular base stations
Method to determine neighbor cell data in a mobile cellular system and a mobile station
Wireless communications system and method of operation for reducing fraud
Monitoring traffic in a mobile communication network
Method and apparatus for controlling a wireless communication system
Mobile station locating and tracking system and method
Hands-free personal communication device and pocket sized phone
Apparatus and method for providing synchronization of base-stations in a communication system
Transmission time delay measurement at transmission paths in a radio telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for a talkgroup call in a wireless communication system
Power control in point-to-multipoint systems
Transmission method and radio system
Method for fast initialization of multicarrier system and point-to-multipoint transfer of multicarrier signal in digital subscriber line
High density FM subcarrier modulation with standardized network layer
Method and apparatus for freezing a communication link during a disruptive event
Multicarrier communication system and method for peak power control
System and method for transmit signal spectral shaping
Power amplification using a direct-upconverting quadrature mixer topology
Complex Fourier coefficient extractor
Home networking device
Internet appliance having a flat panel display
Device for recording information
Folio computer and information appliance
Flip-open personal communication device
Portable electronic book
Personal computer
Computer switching apparatus
LCD display
One hand computer keyboard
Joystick handle
Connector device for a smart card
Palm VII adapter
Palm III adapter
Partially transparent IC card
Partially transparent IC card
Screen portion for telephone set
Cover for a telephone
Automatic answering machine pick-up device
Disk for mower blades
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Three cylinder engine
Securing ring for a flexible bellows of a marine outboard drive
Portion of a line trimmer
Multimedia refrigerator
Multimedia refrigerator
Electronic still camera with display
Electronic still camera
Enclosure for a dome monitor camera
35mm camera
Vertical digital projector
Lens barrier for a camera
Fireplace frame assembly
Toy figure
Platform for gymnastics
Golf clubhead
Golf putter face
Golf club shaft extender with lattice pattern on insert end
Golf ball cleaner
Dive blade swim fin
Recoil reducer for firearms
Spray gun
Spray gun
Spray gun
Shower nozzle, especially for body showers
Toilet seat and cover combination
Electric heater
Air-purifying device
Heat shield air filter
Air cleaner filter
Blade for louvered ventilation panel
Combined ceiling fan housing and light fixture unit
Blade for a ceiling fan
Human Necessities
Limited use medical probe
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring conditions affecting color
Integrated cellular telephone with programmable transmitter
Methods and systems for synchronization with multiple frequency offsets and known timing relationships
Cell-level throughput adjustment in digital cellular systems
Portable cellular phone with custom melody ring setting capability
Method and apparatus of minimizing incurred charges by the remote origination of telephone calls
Radio selective calling receiver and message receiving method
Method and apparatus for routing short messages
Method and arrangement in a radio communication network
Method and communication system for the first-time entry of subscriber data of a mobile subscriber into a central subscriber data base
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