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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dehydrin genes and promoters from coffee
Nucleic acid molecules encoding constitutive triple Response1-like polypeptides and methods of use thereof
Molecular gel-based control release devices for pheromones
Potent chimeric NRTI-NNRTI bifunctional inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
Iminipyridine derivatives and their uses as microbiocides
Use of epothilones in the treatment of neuronal connectivity defects such as schizophrenia and autism
Viral and fungal inhibitors
Bicyclic heteroaromatic compounds as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Delivery of micro- and nanoparticles with blood platelets
Pain relieving composition
Tortilla conveying system for sequentially conveying a plurality of tortillas to be warmed
Bakery products containing starch n-octenyl succinate
Oleate ester phytosterol compositions
Device and a method for the micro-particulation of filter residues
High-potency sweetener composition with dietary fiber and compositions sweetened therewith
Fresh fruit preservative and method of using same
Embossed cereal piece
Wound dressing
Hydrophobic surface coated material for use in absorbent articles
Method of making polymer-bioceramic composite implantable medical devices
Antimicrobial agent
4-Azetidinyl-1-phenyl-cyclohexane antagonists of CCR2
Quinuclidine derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Parenteral dextrose formulation of clopidogrel
Amino-naphthyridine derivatives
Pyrrolo[3,2-C] pyridine derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
Method of treating traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and other neurogenic conditions using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and naturally occurring conotoxins
Cinnamoyl-piperazine derivatives and their use as par-1 antagonists
Method of treating atrial fibrillation
Crystalline form of antiprogestin CDB-4124
Simultaneous method for the preparation of a mixture of 3-acetoxy-17-acetamido-16-formyl-androst-5,17-diene and 3-acetoxy-2'-chloro-5-androsteno[17,16-b]pyridine
Inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production with tanshinones
Derivatives of 1-amino-2-cyclopropylethylboronic acid
Compositions comprising amphotericin B, mehods and systems
Methods for analyzing a heparin sample
Pharmaceutical composition for topical application
Valerian extract preparation
Diagnostic, predictive and prognostic testing for cancer
Macrocyclic inhibitors of flaviviridae viruses
Method of regulating glucose metabolism, and reagents related thereto
Melanocortin analogs with antimicrobial activity
Stable liquid interferon-beta formulations
Methods of treating multiple sclerosis with stable liquid interferon-beta formulations
Soft protease inhibitors, and pro-soft forms thereof
Albumin fusion proteins
GP96 derived peptides
Thermoanaerobacter mathranii strain BG1
Myxoma virus mutants for cancer treatment
Anti-CXCL13 and anti-CXCR5 antibodies for the prevention and treatment of cancer and cancer cell migration
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating an inflammation
Derivatised proline containing peptide compounds as protease inhibitors
Skin penetration composition
Topical formulation
Micro-RNAS of the MIR-15 family modulate cardiomyocyte survival and cardiac repair
Glassy compositions
Pyro-glutamate A.beta. targeting agents
Carbamate-methacrylate monomers and their use in dental applications
Water resistant sunscreen and insect repellant towel
Oat extracts: refining, compositions and methods of use
Dehydrated hydrogel precursor-based, tissue adherent compositions and methods of use
Pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of acute disorders
Sustained release micropellets and process for producing the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vapor compression membrane distillation system and method
Solid-liquid separator with self-priming pump
Method of precipitating uranium from an aqueous solution and/or sediment
System and method for the production or handling of heavy oil
Absorbent spill clean-up mat
Wastewater treatment method
Perovskite-type compounds for use in lean NO.sub.x traps
Method of depleting nitrous oxide in exhaust gas after-treatment for lean-burn engines
Fuel additive
Extra mesoporous Y zeolite
Titania-containing extrudate
Dual inlet microchannel device and method for using same
Multiwell microplate with transparent bottom having a thickness less than 200 micrometers
Built-up composite structures with a graded coefficient of thermal expansion for extreme environment applications
Process for producing electrophotographic belt
Cascaded cure approach to fabricate highly tensile silicon nitride films
Process of producing a superconducting magnet made of a high-temperature bulk superconductor
System for detecting weld nut orientation
Method for manufacturing a fired ceramic body including a metallic wire inside
Manufacturing method for 3D structure of biomaterials using stereolithography technology and products by the same
Process for producing nonwovens and articles containing submicron fibers
Process for the production of moldings
Methods for manufacturing a golf ball
Flame-retardant chlorine-containing resin composition
Laminate and, paper container and package using the same
Method for making grooves on a luminal surface of an intravascular stent
Coated glass article and method for manufacturing same
Housing and manufacturing method thereof
Adhesiveless decorative floor tile
Property films from renewable polymers
Self-cleaning member and coating composition
Component for rotary machine
Housing and method for making the same
Hybrid silicon wafer
Biaxially oriented white polypropylene film, reflection plate and receiving sheet for thermal transfer recording
Heat-sensitive recording material and method for producing same
Methods for liquid transfer coating of three-dimensional substrates
Highly selective doped oxide etchant
Polyurethane adhesive for windshield applications
Web-processing machine and method for the control thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High temperature stable nanocrystalline SiGe thermoelectric material
Graphene production using laser heated crystal growth
Fabrication method of ZnO nano-particle and fabrication method of ZnO nano-fluid using thereof
Switchable solvents and methods of use thereof
High purity 1,6-hexanediol and process for preparing the same
Class of soluble, photooxidatively resistant acene derivatives
Method for synthesis of nitroxyl radical
Process for the synthesis of ivabradine and addition salts thereof with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid
Tetrahydronaphthalene derivatives
Trypsin-like serine protease inhibitors, and their preparation and use
Methods of performing cycloadditions, reaction mixtures, and methods of performing asymmetric catalytic reactions
Preparation of (R)-N-(3,4-difluoro-2-(2-fluoro-4-iodophenylamino)-6-methoxyphenyl)-1-(2,- 3-dihydroxypropyl)cyclopropane-1-sulfonamide and (S)-N-3,4-difluoro-2(2-fluoro-4-iodophenylamino)-6-methoxyphenyl)-1-(2,3-- dihydroxypropyl)cyclopropane-1-sulfonamide
Bisamide-zinc bases
Imidazolo-heteroaryl derivatives with antibacterial properties
Redox polymers
Bronsted acid-catalyzed asymmetric allylation and propargylation of aldehydes
Compositions for the treatment or prophylaxis of viral infections
Human serum albumin-siRNA nano-sized carrier system
Modulation of HIF1.alpha. and HIF2.alpha. expression
Compositions and methods for detecting mutations in JAK2 nucleic acid
Natural polypeptides for oral health care
Anti-Notch3 antibodies
Positive type photosensitive resin composition
Polyolefin polymer having polar group, method for production thereof, and water dispersion material and mold release agent composition
Method for producing a rigid polyurethane foam
Selenium-based monomers and conjugated polymers, methods of making, and use thereof
Process for producing perfluoropolyether carboxylic acid fluoride
Asymmetric photo-patternable sol-gel precursors and their methods of preparation
Amino alkoxy-modified silsesquioxanes and method of preparation
Polymeric beads and methods of making polymeric beads
Elastomeric compositions
Unsaturated polyester resin compositions
Detergent resistant car polish
Polylactic acid resin composition and molded article thereof
Reactive surface-modified particles
Interpolymers containing isobutylene and diene mer units
Crosslinkable graft polymer non preferentially wetted by polystyrene and polyethylene oxide
Binder composition and asphalt mixture
Carbonitride based phosphors and light emitting devices using the same
Liquid crystal display device
Polymerizable optically active imide compound and polymerizable composition containing the compound
Method and composition for enhanced hydrocarbons recovery
Detergents or cleaning agents containing a bleach-enhancing transition metal complex which is optionally produced in situ
Alpha-amylase mutants
Rotating cell seeding module
Biomass treatment process
DNA immunogenic composition comprising a full-length modified poxvirus L1R gene fused to a tPA leader sequence
Apparatus and method for genetically transforming cells
Modified siRNA molecules and uses thereof
Laminin-entactin complex and cell culture article and methods thereof
Lentiviral triplex DNA, and vectors and recombinant cells containing lentiviral triplex DNA
Lentiviral triplex DNA, and vectors and recombinant cells containing lentiviral triplex DNA
Beta 1,4-galactosyltransferases with altered donor and acceptor specificities, compositions and methods of use
Method of producing L-amino acid
PRMT1 for target genes of cancer therapy and diagnosis
Accessing the toxic potential of nanomaterials
Biolayer interferometry measurement of biological targets
Method for assaying cell movement
Methods for diagnosing stomach cancer using MicroRNAs
Diagnosis/treatment option for head-and-neck tumor using micro-RNA as biomarker
Method of RNA cleavage and recombination
Method of fabricating thin film by microplasma processing and apparatus for same
Metal collection method and metal collection device
Porous metal article and about method for manufacturing same
Textiles; Paper
Method of more simple separation and collection of carbon nanotubes
Scalloped oval bicomponent fibers with good wicking, and high uniformity spun yarns comprising such fibers
Nonwovens produced from multicomponent fibers
Bonded and tufted nonwovens II, methods for their manufacture and uses
System and method for preextraction of hemicellulose through using a continuous prehydrolysis and steam explosion pretreatment process
Method for altering the tack of materials
Sulfopolyesters for paper strength and process
Method of producing paper with methane reduction ingredients
Fixed Constructions
Water aerator using a compressed gas container
Filament-strung stand-off elements for maintaining pane separation in vacuum insulating glazing units
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Erosion barrier for thermal barrier coatings
Bayonet tube exchanger-reactor allowing operation with pressure differences of the order of 100 bars between the tube side and the shell side
Targeting augmentation for short-range munitions
Electronic musical instrument, method, and storage medium storing a computer program that allow editing of drum tone color in drum kit
Methods and apparatus for plasma based adaptive optics for generating a first plasma gradient and a second plasma gradient
Coating film inspection apparatus and inspection method
Apparatus and method for delivering vapor phase reagent to a deposition chamber
Method for sensing a chemical
Monoclonal antibody based biomarker discovery and development platform
Targets for treatment of hypercholesterolemia
Chirality sensor and method for detection of aflatoxin by using the sensor
Device, method, and system for separation and detection of biomolecules and cells
Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment
Edge-on two-dimensional detector arrays
Electronic cassette for radiographic imaging
Radioactive anomaly discrimination from spectral ratios
Track-based metrology method and apparatus
Functionalized perfluoropolyether material as a hydrophobic coating
Optical lithography using graphene contrast enhancement layer
Method of producing electronic circuit boards using electrophotography
Printing of images with selective gloss and toners therefore
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and electrophotographic apparatus
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the photoreceptor
Latent electrostatic image developing carrier, two-component developer and image forming method
Apparatus for practicing playing music
Personalized music remixing
In-situ determination of thin film and multilayer structure and chemical composition using x-ray fluorescence induced by grazing incidence electron beams during thin film growth
Polymeric precursors for CIS and CIGS photovoltaics
Polycarbonate resin composition having excellent wear resistance and electric conductivity and method of preparing the same
Vehicular accessory system with a cluster of sensors on or near an in-cabin surface of the vehicle windshield
Bi-Se doped with Cu, p-type semiconductor
Nanowire field effect transistors
Epitaxial source/drain contacts self-aligned to gates for deposited FET channels
Method of synthesizing nanowires
Substrate structure including functional region and method for transferring functional region
Slurry composition having tunable dielectric polishing selectivity and method of polishing a substrate
Defect etching of germanium
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Gold-tin etch using combination of halogen plasma and wet etch
Semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Carbon implant for workfunction adjustment in replacement gate transistor
Reduction of random telegraph signal (RTS) and 1/f noise in silicon MOS devices, circuits, and sensors
Process to remove Ni and Pt residues for NiPtSi applications
Copper electroplating process for uniform across wafer deposition and void free filling on semi-noble metal coated wafers
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing layered chip package
Processes for forming isolation structures for integrated circuit devices
Discontinuous thin semiconductor wafer surface features
Methods of forming an anode and a cathode of a substrate diode by performing angled ion implantation processes
Reduced threshold voltage-width dependency and reduced surface topography in transistors comprising high-k metal gate electrode structures by a late carbon incorporation
Forming semiconductor structures
Core-shell nanowire comprising silicon rich oxide core and silica shell
Vinyl-based polymer with silicon or/and tin and organic light emission diode using the same
Light emitting device
Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Use of exfoliated clay nanoplatelets and method for encapsulating cations
Solar tracking for terrestrial solar arrays with variable start and stop positions
Generating alternating current from concentrated sunlight
Strain-controlled atomic layer epitaxy, quantum wells and superlattices prepared thereby and uses thereof
Electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the same
Polymers obtained from monomers allowing a sequential polymerization, and their use for preparing ionic conductors
System and method of purging fuel cell stacks
Fuel supply systems having operational resistance
Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and method for measuring voltages of cells in polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Membrane catalyst layer assembly with reinforcing films, membrane electrode assembly with reinforcing films, and polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Fabrication of catalyst coated diffusion media layers containing nanostructured thin catalytic layers
Electromagnetic wave processing apparatus
Printed board and method of manufacturing printed board
Package carrier and manufacturing method thereof
Shielding assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Homoepitaxial gallium nitride based photodetector and method of producing
Economical purification of bisphenol A
Process for preparation of 3,5-bisalkylphenols
Device with at least one semiconductor component and a printed circuit board and method of establishing an electromechanical connection between the two
Organic light-emitting devices
RF coil for magic angle spinning probe
Display of active matrix organic light emitting diode and fabricating method
Motor controlling serial communication device and motor driver
Human Necessities
Method for enhancing pathogen resistance in plants
Soybean cultivar S010345
Soybean cultivar S010354
Irradiation facility control system
Heat warning safety device using fiber optic cables
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Spatula induction heating apparatus
Rectangular frame system with one to two windowpane-like radiation filters and a tanning module
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of separation of palladium isotopes in electromagnetic separator using a source of ions
Elimination of airborne chemical and biological warfare agents
Multimetal cyanide compounds, their preparation and their use
Process for the carbonylation of ethylenically unsaturated compounds and bidentate diphosphine composition used in this process
Microfluidic apparatus with integrated porous-substrate/sensor for real-time (bio)chemical molecule detection
Transmit and receive isolation for ultrasound scanning and methods of use
Impact-reinforced piezocomposite transducer array
Quasi-CW diode pumped, solid-state UV laser system and method employing same
Process for laser-cutting parts and removing flashing
Method and apparatus for cutting devices from conductive substrates secured during cutting by vacuum pressure
Method and apparatus for splicing tubular heater sections
Lead screw type stepping motor
Scanning, copying, and printing with rewritable media
Power supply system and power supply method
Interior rearview mirror system including a forward facing video device
Low backlash linear actuator
Remote lock operation apparatus for light vehicle
Ambient light detector for off-the-glass rain sensor
Electromechanical wheel brake device
Motor-driven bicycle and brushless motor thereof
MEMS device having flexures with non-linear restoring force
Hermetically sealed microdevices having a single crystalline silicon getter for maintaining vacuum
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of condensed phases containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons fullerenes and nanotubes
Amorphous diamond materials and associated methods for the use and manufacture thereof
Starter assembly for a gas discharge lamp
Disposal of fluoroform (HFC-23)
Hydroperoxide decomposition catalyst
Process and manufacturing equipment for preparing acetals and ketals
Thin film electroluminescent device
Electrochemical device
Process for removing mercury from liquid hydrocarbon
Pollen-mediated method for transformation of maize, tomato or melon
OAR polynucleotides, polypeptides and their use in PHA production in plants
Color CRT mask frame, a steel sheet used therefor and a manufacturing method for the steel sheet, and a color CRT equipped with the frame
Method of making transistors
Low angle, low energy physical vapor deposition of alloys
Fixed Constructions
Movable barrier operator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Armature for an electromagnetic actuator with a sintered armature plate
Actuator apparatus including a marker device
Stabilization circuit of magnet switch for starter
Apparatus and method to convert marine current into electrical power
Centrifuge with a magnetically stabilized rotor for centrifugal goods
Magnetic bearing device with vibration restraining function, magnetic bearing device with vibration estimating function, and pump device with the magnetic bearing devices mounted thereto
Permanent magnetic bearing
Fuse bulb twinkle light set
Power management controls for electric appliances
Sub-micron accuracy edge detector
Measurement of transparent container sidewall thickness
Position measuring device and method for operation of a position measuring device
Detector of near-infrared light
Fluorescence detection with increased dynamic range
Method and device for detecting and identifying bio-aerosol particles in the air
Imaging fluorometer for time resolved fluorescence
Radiation image read-out method and apparatus
Parallel plate geometry FAIMS apparatus and method
Micromachined field asymmetric ion mobility filter and detection system
Hazardous material detection system
Spring element for use in an apparatus for attaching to a semiconductor and a method of attaching
Structure and the method for measuring the spectral content of an electric field as a function of position inside a plasma
Spacing compensating electrostatic voltmeter
Illuminable indicator testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for wafer-level burn-in and testing of integrated circuits
Electronic battery tester
High-frequency volume coil/surface coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Waveform controller oscillator program for an aircraft countermeasure system
Method and system for detecting ionizing radiation
Radiation image detector
Methods and apparatus for investigating emissions
Media for enhanced optical auto-focus performance and methods for using same
Light-emitting semiconductor potting composition and light-emitting semiconductor device
Electrostatic actuator and camera module using the same
Display device and manufacturing method for the same
Electronic apparatus and liquid crystal display device for irradiating ultraviolet ray to luminescent layer
Light source device and liquid crystal display device
Light source with cascading dyes and BEF
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Switching device of an X-ray sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Battery holder
Position detection device, apparatus using the same, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
System and method for lithography process monitoring and control
Image formation apparatus and heater control method
Control device for driving and controlling a servomotor
Movable barrier operator having force and position learning capability
Method of shutting down a pluggable electrical unit
Photosensor system and image reading method
Method, sensing device and optical pointing device including a sensing device for comparing light intensity between pixels
Enhanced vision system sensitive to infrared radiation
Flame detection device
Authentication system and methodology
Multi-spectral products
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
Multicolored LED lighting method and apparatus
Matrix display
Layout of a decoder and the method thereof
Magnetoresistive memory devices
Recessed magnetic storage element and method of formation
Thin film magnetic memory device
Passivated magneto-resistive bit structure
Evaluation configuration for semiconductor memories
Memory device
Semiconductor device and operation method thereof
Surface mountable device
Electron emitter device for data storage applications and method of manufacture
Tunneling emitters and method of making
Plasma display panel
Fe-Ni-Cr- based alloy strip having improved press-formability and used for electrode of electron gun
Cathode ray tube
Mask in color cathode ray tube
Mask frame for cathode ray tube
Flat CRT with improved coating
Field emission display having improved capability of converging electron beams
Apparatus and method for reducing implant angle variations across a large wafer for a batch disk
Method and structure to segment RF coupling to silicon electrode
High-density plasma source
High-density plasma source using excited atoms
Continuous time-of-flight ion mass spectrometer
Capillary ion delivery device and method for mass spectroscopy
Sample collection preparation methods for time-of flight miniature mass spectrometer
UV enhancer for a metal halide lamp
Probe stabilized arc discharge lamp
Light source device with discontinuous electrode contact portions and liquid crystal display
Flat display and method of mounting field emission type electron-emitting source
Ceramic susceptor
Tunable thin film capacitor
Integrated high performance MOS tunneling LED in ULSI technology
Semiconductor device with surge protective component and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Damascene method for improved MOS transistor
Non-volatile memory and fabricating method thereof
Chip on board with heat sink attachment and assembly
Lead-frame-based semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Integrated inductive circuits
Electronic device having a filled dielectric medium
Semiconductor thin film, method and apparatus for producing the same, and semiconductor device and method of producing the same
III nitride compound semiconductor element an electrode forming method
Structure for contact formation using a silicon-germanium alloy
InPSb/InAs BJT device and method of making
Self-aligned SiGe HBT on a SOI substrate
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating same
Bonded anisotropic conductive film
Integrated circuit having SiC layer
Non-volatile floating gate memory cell with floating gates formed in cavities, and array thereof, and method of formation
Fill pattern generation for spin-on glass and related self-planarization deposition
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
EEPROM device and method for fabricating same
Passivation integrity improvements
Robust via structure and method
Subresolution features for a semiconductor device
Multiple-function electronic chip
Nonvolatile semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor component and method for fabricating it
Semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including a step of forming element isolation trench and semiconductor device
Field effect transistor with improved isolation structures
SOI semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having offset insulation film formed on insulation film, and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device structure including multiple fets having different spacer widths
Semiconductor memory devices having dummy active regions
Multi-frequency power delivery system
Thermal compliant semiconductor chip wiring structure for chip scale packaging
Copper pad structure
Semiconductor apparatus with decoupling capacitor
PAD arrangement in semiconductor memory device and method of driving semiconductor device
Composite capacitor and stiffener for chip carrier
Decoupling capacitor for integrated circuit package and electrical components using the decoupling capacitor and associated methods
Semiconductor device having multilevel interconnections and method of manufacturing the same
Fuse construction for integrated circuit structure having low dielectric constant dielectric material
Method and apparatus for connecting vertically stacked integrated circuit chips
Image sensors with via-coupled photoconductive mediums
Modular digital pixel sensor system
Phase-changeable memory devices having phase-changeable material regions with lateral contacts and methods of fabrication therefor
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
CMOS image sensor and manufacturing method for the same
Infrared sensor device and manufacturing method thereof
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Light-receiving module
Electronic device, method for driving the electronic device, electro-optical device, and electronic equipment
Flash memory having local SONOS structure using notched gate and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor component with an increased breakdown voltage in the edge area
Memory cell with a capacitive structure as a control gate and method of forming the memory cell
Heterojunction bipolar transistor having wide bandgap material in collector
Electronic apparatus
Light source
Semiconductor device having leads provided with interrupter for molten resin
3-5 Group compound semiconductor and light emitting device
Method for making an LED
Piezoelectric drive excited by longitudinal and flexural waves
Electronic component
Electroactive polymer rotary motors
Microelectromechanical generator using bubbles
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric element
Heterojunction organic semiconductor field effect transistor (FET) with a gate insulation layer and manufacturing process thereof
Light emitting device and process for producing the same
Light-emitting device and its use
Organic electroluminescence device having current injection layer between light emitting layer and cathode
Light-emitting body, light emitting device and light-emitting display
Low internal impedance current pool for a charging/discharging device
Battery adapter for night vision device
Integrated segmented and interdigitated broadside- and edge-coupled transmission lines
Light-emitting diode and laser diode having n-type ZnO layer and p-type semiconductor laser
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for producing the same
Spark plug
Motor overload coil control
Electro-mechanical actuator including brushless DC motor for providing pinch protection
Charging device with retractable charging plug
Portable battery charger
Battery charger
Battery pack
Power controller for a vehicle
No break electric power transfer system
Electric motor
Core, rotating machine using the core and production method thereof
Rotor of rotating electric machine
Claw-pole alternator enhancing pole surface
Single phase induction motor and hermetic reciprocal compressor having a single phase induction motor
Single-phase motor
Brushless motor and disk drive including the same
Double-phase half-wave brushless DC motor having two sensor/drive members
Commutator integrated armature of electric rotary machine
Core with insulation member, and method of producing the same
Armature coil for slotless rotary electric machinery
Stator assembly for electrical machines and method of making the same
Rotary actuating drive and rotary switch
Coil unit for linear motor
Magnetic motor with movable rotor and drive magnets
Flat type vibration motor
Protection circuit for protecting a switching device with an inductive load
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Automatic control switch for an electric motor
Multiple mode universal power source utilizing a rotating machine
Method for maximizing power output in permanent field synchronous motors
Motor driving circuit
Energy converter control apparatus, and control method thereof
Control unit and control method for controlling vibration of an electric vehicle
Fan driving circuit using a PWM input signal
Stepper motor controller
Interdigital transducer, surface acoustic wave filter, and radio communication apparatus
Transistor photoelectric conversion drive circuit
Photovoltaic solid state relay
Semiconductor device and system
Data bus for a plurality of nodes
Radiation-image radiographing system
Thin film electret microphone
Device for operating discharge lamps
Induction heating device with a switching power source and image processing apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method of controlling a microwave oven
Multichip module including substrate with an array of interconnect structures
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew