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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Seed boot opener having interchangeable dispensers
Insect exterminating device
Head covering with hair retaining pouch
Mid-sole for waterproof breathable soles for shoes, and waterproof breathable sole comprising said mid-sole
Integrated footwear construction and related method of manufacture
Bracelet and pendant
Travel suitcase with seat
Portable folding utility table with integral lip
Bedspread holder
Anchor sheet and attachment devices
Orientation determination for an implantable medical device
Neurologically based non-invasive blood glucose concentration system and method
Transdermal analyte monitoring systems and methods for analyte detection
Method and apparatus for automated control of pacing post-conditioning
Autonomic balance monitoring to control intermittent therapy
Patient programmer with input and sensing capabilities
Method and apparatus to monitor patients and treat with intraosseous fluids
Finger gripping force measuring device
Method of manufacturing golf club head
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dry separation of contaminants from polyester materials
System and method of producing exhaust and other types of manifold
Copper casting mold
Segment roll for continuous casting machines
Portable circular power saw with optical alignment
Tubing expansion tool
System for tensioning a coil spring
Piston ring sizing device
Adjustable device for adjusting safety device of power nailers
Combined scissors and box cutter
Slab pushing attachment for a stone slab saw
Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate
Driving apparatus in printing press
Screen printing apparatus having paste chamber with discharge opening and structure for introducing paste residue from previous printing into discharge opening
Ink fountain apparatus for rotary printing press
Printing press and method of controlling ink transfer roller
Web printing press and method for controlling print-to-cut and/or circumferential register
Tire chain attachment apparatus and method
Slip-preventing device for vehicle tire
Suspension system for motor vehicles
Car air conditioner
Vehicle power supply control apparatus
Mobile chassis and interchangeable vehicle body with ram air circulation system
Double disconnect assembly for multi-axle vehicles
Electric vehicle
Abseiling device
Long buff short draft travel draft gear for use in a 24.625 inch pocket
Pole for hand pallet truck
Bow mounted vessel propulsion system
Underwater scooter
Wing device for sporting activities
In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components
Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles
Food storage containers
System and method for automatically filling a liquid receptacle
Method of and apparatus for packaging rolled article
Blow-molded bottle
Single taco trap and holder
Package for food products
Closure device for a vacuum sample collector
Container and lid combination with tamper evident information
Beverage container with straw
Stackable low depth case with handle structure
Packaging carton
Portable accessory box
Lubricious liners and methods for their use
Gripping element for continuous motion inserting finger
Parcel goods aligning device
Wire-winding device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for bending glass sheets
Textiles; Paper
Needle assembly for embroidery machine
Protection device for preventing broken needle of sewing machine
Washing machine
Iron comprising a water reservoir which is provided with a filling orifice on the rear face of said iron
Fixed Constructions
Bath overflow alarm suitable for different installation arrangements
Flushing device for a lavatory
Slotted expandable centraliser
Wiper plug with packer
Long duration fuel cell system
Method and multi-purpose apparatus for dispensing and circulating fluid in wellbore casing
Mounts for blowout preventer bonnets
Rotary impact well drilling system and method
In situ thermal processing of a relatively permeable formation while controlling pressure
Method for growth of a hydraulic fracture along a well bore annulus and creating a permeable well bore annulus
Sway brace clamp and connector assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection controller and internal combustion engine
Two-cycle combustion engine
Charge cooling circuit for a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine with a turbo-supercharger
Gas turbine electric power generation equipment and air humidifier
High thrust gas turbine engine with improved core system
Blade tip clearance control
Catalytic combustion system and method
Gas turbine engine electromechanical variable inlet guide vane actuation system
Control of gas turbine for catalyst activation
Limiter cap for carburetor
Fuel injector regulator having combined initial injection and peak injection pressure regulation
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Rope-operated actuator for an engine starter
Reusable preload indicating washer assembly
Low power modulating clutch control system with electromagnetic actuator
Friction assembly and method for manufacturing same
Park lock activated by fluid
Air supply system for a motor vehicle
Nested sector gears
Multiport switching valve for a liquid flow system
Digital pressurization compound terminal
Pyrotechnically actuated microvalve
Anti-vibration platform for semiconductor equipment
Installation equipment for display main body and jig for installation equipment
Float type steam trap
Electric cooling device
Method and a device for loading petroleum
Apparatus and method for controlling washing/drying system
Heat exchanger for refrigerant cycle
Device for mounting a telescopic sight on a weapon
Apparatus and method for selectivity locking a fin assembly
Sub-lethal, wireless projectile and accessories
Tape measure device
Method and apparatus for locating hole positions on an adjustable stair stringer
GPS guided walking cane
Error detection for inertial measurement units
Dispenser container technology
Measurement systems
Method and device for determining the throughput of a flowing medium
Sequencing and averaging multiple sample system
Tomosynthesis apparatus and method
Semiconductor device with shielding
Angular velocity sensor
Dynamic clock domain bypass for scan chains
Laser module manufacturing method and laser module
Tape-like optical fiber core, production method therefor, tape core-carrying connector, tape core-carrying optical fiber array, and optical wiring system
Method and system for camera module alignment
Image-forming apparatus and multiple sheet curl correcting sheet-receiving units
Image forming apparatus with residual toner detection
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus directing blown air toward a sheet conveying path between a pair of rollers
Processing apparatus and image forming system
Method and apparatus for birds control using mobile robot
Container data center
Multi-channel chemical transport bus with bus-associated sensors for microfluidic and other applications
Controlling power sequence in a blade center environment
Processor voltage regulation
Managing storage providers in a clustered appliance environment
Failure data management for a distributed computer system
Detecting insertion/deletion using LDPC code
Programmable error correction capability for BCH codes
Memory system and operating method thereof
Failure data collection system apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for storing data
System having one or more memory devices
Storage system comprising RAID group
Managing track discard requests to include in discard track messages
Resolving messaging deadlock in a distributed shared memory
Virtual cache window headers for long term access history
Silent invalid state transition handling in an SMP environment
Storage apparatus and storage management method
Method of data replication in a distributed data storage system and corresponding device
Method and system for receiving and processing digital content
Management data input/output protocol with page write extension
Application optimization in a network system
System and method for globally and securely accessing unified information in a computer network
Augmenting media streams using mediation servers
System and method of streaming data over a distributed infrastructure
Information processing device, content using system, information processing method, and computer program
Establishing future start times for jobs to be executed in a multi-cluster environment
Home zone determination for electronic messaging services
Computer program, method, and system for collecting and analyzing data for special needs children
Asset sharing within an enterprise using a peer-to-peer network
Method, system and apparatus for processing calendar events
Method and system for transmitting an application message between nodes of a clustered data processing system
Portfolio optimization for media merchandizing
Software and method that enables selection of one of a plurality of online service providers
Method of and system for enforcing authentication strength for remote portlets
Methods and apparatus to select and to reselect a resource for peer discovery in peer-to-peer networks
CIFS proxies for scanning protection
Optimized data communications in a parallel computer
Method and arrangement for operating a computer cluster
Arrangement for operating a computer cluster
Method for managing address spaces at an opening of a communications tunnel, corresponding tunnel end-point, and storage means
Method and system for remote configuration of a device
Efficient data profiling to optimize system performance
Electronic device capable of auto-tracking sound source
File deduplication in a file system
Message system, message creating method and message creating program
Method and system of controlling and/or configuring an electronic audio recorder, player, processor and/or synthesizer
Selecting solution for carbon emission prediction
Semantic web technologies in system automation
Method and system for downloading additional search results into electronic dictionaries
Identifying related names
Dynamic bulk-to-brick transformation of data
Web-based information delivery method, system, and apparatus
Detecting and combating attack in protection system of an industrial control system
Relevant persons identification leveraging both textual data and social context
Method and system for creating messages including image information
Targeted search system with de-obfuscating functionality
Apparatuses, methods and systems for a data translator
System and method for optimizing web searching and scheduling of service providers
Database query
Automatically recommending asynchronous discussion forum posts during a real-time collaboration
Apparatuses, methods and systems for a descriptive business grammar syntax querier
Generation of refinement terms for search queries
Methods and systems for creating an advertising database
Dynamically scalable modes
Query optimization in a parallel computer system with multiple networks
Well planning system and method
Cooling circuit design
System for designing substrates having reference plane voids with strip segments
Circuit board design support program, design support method, and design support apparatus
Autonomous, scalable, digital system for emulation of wired-or hardware connection
Ion mobility spectrometry systems and associated methods of operation
Automating network reconfiguration during migrations
Systems, methods and apparatus for assessing compliance and federating databases
Consolidating disparate cloud service data and behavior based on trust relationships between cloud services
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium storing computer program
Method and system for delivering digital content
Managing evelopment of an enterprise application
Method and apparatus for generating mashup graph, and method and apparatus for recommending mashup service
Communication path selection
Dynamic collaborative techniques
Optimizing queries using predicate mappers
Determining validity ranges of query plans based on suboptimality
Block level backup and restore
Swapping expected and candidate affinities in a query plan cache
Method for determining an operating condition of a positively engaging shifting element of a transmission device
Configurable persistent storage on a computer system using a database
Method and apparatus for maintaining and navigating a non-hierarchical personal spatial file system
Determining and storing at least one results set in a global ontology database for future use by an entity that subscribes to the global ontology database
Storing modification data for recreating modifications
Method and apparatus for providing context-based obfuscation of media
Propagating a query in a federated database
Decimal floating-point square-root unit using Newton-Raphson iterations
Method of enhancing an optical metrology system using ray tracing and flexible ray libraries
Memory disambiguation techniques using counter ratio to selectively disable load/store conflict prediction
Method and apparatus for employing multi-bit register file cells and SMT thread groups
Processor testing
Aggregating business analytics architecture and configurator
Visualization of complex systems using buildings
System and a method for cross-platform porting of business application and making them contextually-aware on target platforms
Detecting plug-in and fragment issues with software products
Paradigm for concurrency testcase generation
Systems and methods for assessment of fatigue-related contextual performance using historical incident data
Method and system for software defect reporting
Determining a confidence of a measurement signature score
Realtime tracking of software components
Virtual computer system and method of installing virtual computer system
Speed converting apparatus with load controlling function and information processing system
Virtual machine updates
Method and system for safe enqueuing of events
Work plan prioritization for application development and maintenance using pooled resources in a factory
Managing a workload in a cluster of computing systems with multi-type operational resources
Scheduling flows in a multi-platform cluster environment
Managing resources for maintenance tasks in computing systems
Predicting the impact of change on events detected in application logic
Image processing apparatus using a license, license management system, and control method therefor
System and method to optimize OS scheduling decisions for power savings based on temporal characteristics of the scheduled entity and system workload
Thread priority based on object creation rates
Managing computing environment entitlement contracts and associated resources using cohorting
Image manipulation device
Method and apparatus for selectively using quantized pixel fields of neighboring pixels to process a target pixel
Mobile unit position detecting apparatus and mobile unit position detecting method
System and method for using three dimensional infrared imaging for libraries of standardized medical imagery
Morphometry of the human hip joint and prediction of osteoarthritis
Detection of landmarks and key-frames in cardiac perfusion MRI using a joint spatial-temporal context model
Image recognition method
Natural media in digital representations
Stent inspection system
Fingerprint and finger vein image capturing and authentication apparatuses
Photomask inspection method, semiconductor device inspection method, and pattern inspection apparatus
Systems and method for automatic prostate localization in MR images using random walker segmentation initialized via boosted classifiers
Monitoring of video images
Incorporating video meta-data in 3D models
Method, apparatus and medium for determining the intensity distribution formed on a pupil plane of an illumination optical system
System and method for effectively performing an intra prediction procedure
Image recomposition from face detection and facial features
Apparatus and method for extracting edge in image
Growing simulated biological neural circuits in a simulated physical volume
Services for spontaneous collaboration
Providing real-time test ahead work direction for manufacturing optimization
Workflow system and method
System and method for risk detection reporting and infrastructure
Method and system for determining the impact of crowding on retail performance
Aggregating and capturing subscriber traffic
Method of analyzing credit card transaction data
Automated tanning system
Mapping method and system
Method and a system for interacting and trading among users of online social commercial network
Method and apparatus for publishing literature
Apparatus and method for advertising in digital photo frame
Environmental stewardship based on driving behavior
Animal tag
Coding, modification and synthesis of speech segments
Dynamic pass phrase security system (DPSS)
System, method and program for speech processing
Speech recognition repair using contextual information
Clamping apparatus for carrying a disk in an optical disk drive
Method and system for assessing failures of fuel rods
Insulation stripping tool
Method for making an encapsulated coil structure
Receiving apparatus in OFDM system and receiving method
Reception device and method
Methods and arrangements for employing coded transmissions
Frequency multiplying transceiver
Radio apparatus
Auto dimming through camera use
Digitally controlled jitter injection for built in self-testing (BIST)
Video processing method and apparatus based on multiple texture images using video excitation signals
Synchronization acquisition method of real time locating system
Method and arrangement for stabilizing a color coding method and optically transferring data
Method and apparatus for canceling introduced signal and cognitive radio communication apparatus using the same
Information processing apparatus and program
Method and system for interrupted floor recovery in push-to-talk over cellular network
Apparatus and method for controlling data transmission rate in broadband wireless communication system
Data protection system
Partial interference alignment for K-user MIMO interference channels
Wireless communication system for a high-speed object that moves on a fixed path
Data transmission method and apparatus in MIMO communication system
Dual polarization antenna and method for transmitting and receiving signal using the same
Method for uplink transmission control and an apparatus for the same in a wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for providing broadband signals to a portable user device
Reception apparatus, path detection apparatus, method thereof, and computer product used in CDMA system base station
Optical port discovery in a WDM optical network
Optical multiplexing terminal device, wavelength multiplexing passive optical network system and downlink wavelength transmission method
Packetized interface for coupling agents
Method for mode adaptation in MIMO system
Method and system for synchronization between network elements
Rate matching of messages containing system parameters
Method for data transmission in a communication network
Computer system, management method of the computer system, and program
Communication device
Service instance applied to MPLS networks
Methods, systems, and computer program products for disabling an operative coupling to a network
Systems, apparatus and methods for configuration of scheduling policy to facilitate distributed scheduling
Proxy mobile internet protocol (PMIP) in a multi-interface communication environment
Dual network types solution for computer interconnects
Control apparatus and control method
Network system
Delivering multicast frames to aggregated link trunks in a distributed switch
Providing operation services for networks via operations service servers
Packet handler for high speed data networks
Packet transmitting apparatus and network system
Recursive implementation for calculation of whitening matrix
Receiving apparatus, transmission and reception system, and restoration method
Secure aircraft data channel communication for aircraft operations
Secure remote subscription management
Reverse firewall with self-provisioning
Forward error correction (FEC) m-bit symbol modulation
Signal characteristic-based leading edge detection
Processing context information
Techniques for network process identity enablement
Method and system for marking digital content
Electronic apparatus
Fold-type data processing apparatus having a hinge
Communication apparatus
Retrieval of deleted voice messages in voice messaging system
Apparatus and method of handling simultaneous universal terrestrial radio access network radio resource control procedures which change the security configuration in a universal mobile telecommunications system user equipment
Authentication request management
Method and apparatus for setting programmable features of an automotive appliance
Communication terminal and communication control method
Virtual SIM card for mobile handsets
Operating management of a call center
Script compliance using speech recognition and compilation and transmission of voice and text records to clients
Push-to-all (PTA) service facilitating selective data transmission
Techniques for lawful interception in wireless networks
Communication system, information analysis device, and information analysis method
Selectively filtering incoming communications events in a communications device
Communication routing plans that are based on communication device contact lists
Method and apparatus for MTC in a wireless communication system
Method to provide an operator selection service as well as a communications network and a call server therefore
Full duplex speakerphone design using acoustically compensated speaker distortion
System for generating difference measurements in a video processor
Method and device for establishing a coded output video stream from at least two coded input video streams and use of the device and coded input video stream
Moving picture transcoding apparatus, moving picture transcoding method, and moving picture transcoding program
Information processing device and information providing method
System and method for distributed trick play resolution using user preferences
Method for inserting an advertising clip into a video sequence and corresponding device
Content with customized advertisement
Method and apparatus for browsing using alternative linkbases
Apparatus and method for providing preferred media programming
Method and system for adding a conditional access system
Photograph-based game
Data on demand using a centralized data storage device
Content retrieval for digital media recorder devices
Data supply device, data output device, data output system, data display system, data supply method, data output method, and program
Process and system for management of a continuous broadcast session of a posted direct video stream
Broadcast receiving device and broadcast receiving system
Apparatus and method for decoding digital image and audio signals
Data processing method, data processing apparatus, information recording medium, and computer program cross references to related applications
Switching between time order and popularity order sending of video segments
Method and apparatus for detecting user activities from within a hearing assistance device using a vibration sensor
Apparatus and method for transmitting human sound for removing interference signal
Member for transmitting the sound of a loud-speaker to the ear and equipment fitted with such member
Retractable earphone set
Recording/reproducing apparatus
Differential microphone unit and mobile apparatus
Apparatus and method for multi-signal interference-avoiding data transmission
Outdoor position estimation of a mobile device within a vicinity of one or more indoor environments
System and method for autonomous connectivity to improve location-based information
Method for processing traffic in unused band in an intermediate access point
Method for performing a handover through zone-switching in a broadband wireless access system
Dual mode terminal for supporting access in different network, network apparatus and operation method thereof
Communicating operator information to an external device
Cell reselection mechanism for a base station with closed subscriber group
Techniques for requesting bandwidth allocation
Method of transmitting control signal in multi-cell cooperative wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for transmitting paging message in wireless communication system
Releasing time domain measurement restrictions
Method for measuring channel quality information on a downlink multi-carrier in a wireless communication system using carrier aggregation
Next generation network services for 3G/4G mobile data offload in a network of shared protected/locked Wi-Fi access points
Low/high frequency shared leakage antenna, base station apparatus and close-range detection system using the antenna
Method and device for allocating control channel
Cordless telephone system
Network-initiated method and system for establishing data communication using IP with a wireless terminal
Tap-to-end feature for unlocking a virtual slide-to-lock feature in push-to-talk communication applications
Methods and apparatuses for management of SMS message identifications in a multi-mode device
Method and apparatus for transmitting paging message for M2M device in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for performing random access procedure using soft dedicated preambles
Management of IDs for closed subscriber group (CSG) base stations
Methods and devices for optimized cell acquisitions
Method of manufacturing a microcomponent assembly
Device for fitting substrates with electric components
Method of manufacturing an optical device
I/C package/thermal-solution retention mechanism with spring effect
Polyurethane foam cabinets
Expired Patents Due To Time
Rotating winch for stranding lines
High pressure gas cycle and power plant
Gas turbine and steam turbine installation
Combined cycle power plant with steam-cooled gas turbine
Turbine exhaust gas duct heater
Noble gas storage and flow control system for ion propulsion
Ejector extension cooling for exhaust nozzle
Method and apparatus for exhaust gas cleaning with trim control
Exhaust gas purification system for denoxing exhaust gases from combustion units
Method and system for controlling air/fuel level for internal combustion engine with two exhaust banks
Apparatus and method for diagnosis of catalyst performance
Exhaust gas purification control apparatus of engine
Vehicle brake booster with supplemental vacuum assist
Brake design for a hydrostatic transaxle
Hydrostatic transmission having two-piece pump and motor block assembly
Hydraulic pressure generating apparatus for vehicle
Low pressure EGR system for diesel engines
Low emission, diesel-cycle engine
Turbocharger with exhaust gas recirculation
Gas mixture preparation system and method
High efficiency, air bottoming engine
Electric ignition type gas generation apparatus
Method and apparatus for converting natural heat energy into another form of energy
Geothermal power generator
Method for closed-loop output control of a steam power plant, and steam power plant
Heat recovery system and power generation system
Gas turbine suction air-cooling system
Rotary positive displacement device
Mixer having intervane fuel injection
Gas turbine combustor with fuel and air swirler
Thermoelectric cooler and warmer for food with table top tray
Pulse tube refrigerator
Apparatus for activating fusible links on a circuit substrate
Ice slurry delivery system
Trough construction
Method of adjusting two shield elements arranged above a metal strip and a device for effecting the method
Refrigeration system for cooling chips in test
Apparatus and method for making and dispensing ice
Automotive dual air-conditioning system
Compressor operating envelope management
Heat pump apparatus
Anti-sweat heater improvement for commercial refrigeration
Room air conditioner having outdoor power cord
Dehumidification apparatus
Air curtain for open-fronted, refrigerated showcase
Condensate blowout tool
Frozen carbonated beverage dispensing apparatus
Ice cream bar-making machine
Method and system for cooling strip material
Garbage collection system
Air cycling type air-conditioner
Method for generating a cold gas
Integrated U-tube and adsorbent unit
Absorption water heater/chiller and high temperature regenerator therefor
Condenser, including a reservoir, mounted on a base in such a way as to be removable and watertight
Autorefrigeration separation of carbon dioxide
Method for improving the performance of a cryogenic heat exchanger under frosting conditions
Process and apparatus for producing pressurized oxygen and krypton/xenon by low-temperature fractionation of air
Apparatus for washing curved sheets of glass and corresponding method
Vacuum fusion bonded glass plates having microstructures thereon
Method for forming an internally channeled glass article
Method for bending glass sheets
Method of making a dispersion-managed optical fiber with varying the feed rates of an RIT process
Process for the manufacture of milled glass fibers
Apparatus for manufacturing porous glass preform
Apparatus and method for deknitting yarns
Automatic fabric density adjusting device and yarn feeding control mechanism for a circular knitting machine
Method of producing a knitted article on a flat knitting machine
Security hole fastening device
Dead-bolt locking device
Accessories for a modular removable core cylinder assembly
Method for finishing cold-rolled stainless steel
Methods of fabricating mechanized welding wire
Rack slide assembly and machine for rolling splines in a round workpiece
Strip coiling method
Fluid level indicator that compensates for fluid temperature
Rivet setting device
Press for forming workpieces
Measurement of surface wear
Method of controlling a sensor for determining an oxygen concentration in a gas mixture
Gas chromatographic device
Quantification of drilling mud cuttings characteristics as a measure of relative permeability
Segemented measuring probe for sewage pipes
Driver circuit for fuel vapor leak detection system
Hardness tester
Fiber-optic cylinder pressure sensor
Process for determining the fuel consumption or the operating status of combustion engines
Focused formation fluid sampling probe
Thermo-sensitive flow rate sensor
Insulated beverage carafe with volume indicator
Weight compensating arrangement for a displaceable examination component of a medical apparatus
Microgyroscope having inner and outer mass parts
Motion analysis system
Microelectromechanical accelerometer with resonance-cancelling control circuit including an idle state
Clamshell cover accelerometer
Method and apparatus for acoustic detection and location of defects in structures or ice on structures
Vibration measurement method and apparatus
Pressure transducer assembly on a process circuit of a process plant
Cumulative damage model for structural analysis of filed polymeric materials
Apparatus for testing the integrity of a bond
Substantially frictionless bearing device for supporting and testing small captured members
Non-intrusive pressure/multipurpose sensor and method
Mass flowmeter
Torque sensor having improved reliability against thermal expansion and axial displacement of components
Torque sensing apparatus having a magnetoelastic member secured to a shaft
Vehicle seat belt transducer for child''s seat
Device for testing a vehicle engine pulley
Sampling means
Titration apparatus using a syringe
Escapement for a timekeeper
Yarn, process for producing a yarn, and textile fabric
Method of selectively altering physical properties of an elastane filament
Method for producing a composite ultrasonic transducer
Method of mounting and removing quick slip die plate
Determining position or orientation of object in three dimensions
Measuring system for a pressure gauge and method for manufacturing a measuring system for a pressure gauge
Process for manufacturing a hollow body from two plates
Method for metal working using high pressure fluid pulses
Cap with plastic sleeve
Closure panel hemming method
Method for assembling two assemblies together and rotating medium connecting these assemblies
Method for forming lighting sheet
Method of manufacturing a chassis for a gliding sport
Module jack wire crimping/cutting tool
Method of manufacturing a motor core
Process for manufacturing a superconducting composite
Alumina encapsulated strain gage, not mechanically attached to the substrate, used to temperature compensate an active high temperature gage in a half-bridge configuration
System and method for assembling an outdoor unit of a dual-unit type air conditioner
Applicator die for wire-to-terminal assembly
Fixture for dismounting CPU of a portable-type computer system
Method for fabricating a heat sink having nested extended surfaces
Method for recording an aviation oil cooler
Circular and oval flanged rings for connecting ducting and method of making
Apparatus and method for controlling angular relation between two rotating shafts
Shaft manipulating and centering process
Method of fabricating plain bearings
Shaving aid strip for razor cartridge
Electric dry razor
Shear with sliding lock mechanism
Battery powered vegetation trimmer
Circular saw
Movable handle for a power tool
Sharpener for soft-core pencils
Rechargeable shaving apparatus for vehicle
Equatorial sundial apparatus utilizing one or more concave cylindrical focusing mirrors
Vehicle compass system with continuous automatic calibration
Tilt sensor using magnet and magnetic sensor
Programmable probe system
Recognizing and compensating for disk shift in computer disk drives
Method of measuring misalignment
Electronic fat gauge
Method of use for inverted bonnet hair dryer
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method therefor
Fleece leggings
Boot traction device
Full length insole for obese people
Detachable cleat system
Rehabilitative shoe insole device
Earth moving equipment
Material handling system for powered digging apparatus
Hammerless mechanically attached adapter system
Coupler for a heavy-duty machine
Gift container and associated methods
Pop-up items having pressure-sensitive adhesive
Display for a flexible head toothbrush
Firearms and docking station system for limiting use of firearm
Firearm trigger lock
Long gun stock
Synthetic grip for a handgun handle and method of installation
Barrel assembly with axially stacked projectiles
Hook setting fishing rod holder
Tubular substance and manufacturing method therefor
Magnetic rattle system
Spoon fishing lure
Stink bait saver
Safety device
Fishing lure storage system
Japanese beetle trap
Bud clip
Landscaping dressing and method
Guy line system
Child safety barrier for use in a driveway
Child safety barrier
Clamping device for sliding wings
Windowpane retainer assembly
Door module for motor vehicles with plastic functional components
Rack assembly for supporting electronic units
Waste discharge system comprising water closet carrier
Sled shed
Protective liner assembly for a fascia board or like member
Method for erecting a structure for an emergency power line, apparatus and kit of parts therefor
Deck assembly
Muntin joint
Glazed roofs
Amusement and virtual reality ride
Knock-down portable partition system
Wall panel
Garage floor covering with front and side panels
Article for flashing of exteriorwall surfaces
Apparatus and method for forming precast modular units and method for constructing precast modular structure
Window glazing assembly
Standing seam roof assembly
Floor joist and support system therefor
Temporary joist hanger
Siding panel with interlock
Composite structural member
Sealant system for an insulating glass unit
Heat sealer for synthetic resin bag
Liquid product sampler package with frame structure for enhanced burst strength
Method of crimping a floral sleeve about a botanical item and growing medium
Method of adjusting tension applied to sheet, and device for the same
Multi-blade circumrotational trimmer
Interlock for lawnmower
System for enabling grass catcher to be attached to self-propelled power mower
Vegetation trimming and edging device with adjustable head orientation
Bed knife blade construction for reel mowers
Vortex reducing mower blade
Reciprocating baler plug removing system
False twist texturing machine and method for producing a textured thread
Collar and sleeve shaping method and apparatus
Apparatus for nursing
Upper garment with an inflatable collar
Glove for pilots
Head support assembly
Protective helmet
Helmet face protector attachment system
Modular helmet
Shield fixing structure in helmet
Pads and padding for sports gear and accessories
Apparatus for cleaning swimming pools
Corner and bathtub accessory device
Corner shower seat
Method of installing a bathtub
Modular tub spout assembly
Quick-install assembly for a single control faucet
Crib safety sack
High loft comforter
Infant activity panel
Bed frame insert
Process and dispensing device for washing laundry in a washing machine
Bulk dispensing agitator and method for using same
Method and device for attaching a load-transmitting element to a cable, and suspension bridge comprising such devices
Elevated suspended guideway
Hydrodynamic pool brush assembly
Solenoid valve and timing module kit for a floor treating apparatus
Retractable shoe cleaning device for a vehicle
Disposable brush
Support for the joint hinge of a wiper blade
Compliant force distribution arrangement for window wiper
Vacuum cleaner with static dissipation circuit
Method for drawing a flow of air and particulates into a vacuum cleaner
Sliding bushing with spring
Telescoping handle assembly for luggage and other luggable items
Resilient hinge connection and CD holder box or photograph frame utilizing the same
Clip type friction hinge device
Scooter having foldable hand grips
Sliver compression method and device
Hook-shaped arrangement
Cord organizer
Knotless securing device
Magnetic closure device for clothing items, leather goods and the like
Flexible fabric fastener
Ready to assemble metal casket
Pressed earth block machine
Apparatus for manufacturing slide fastener continuous element row
Apparatus for continuously molding chocolate products
Setting device for bending layer material more particularly paper
Honeycomb extrusion die
Injection molding apparatus with removable nozzle seal
Injection mold for molding of a glazing
Laser controlled flame stabilization
Catalytic combustion chamber and method for igniting and controlling the catalytic combustion chamber
Apparatus for opening/closing a process chamber door of ovens used for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Human lysosomal protein and methods of its use
Interocclusal dental appliance and method
Appliance and method for mandibular widening by symphyseal distraction osteogenesis
Orthodontic appliance with self-releasing latch
Disposable impression trays for edentulous dental ridges
Dental impression tray
Use indicating means for dental files
Multi-valve dental handpiece supply reservoir
Engagement mechanism for dental prostheses
Keeper for dental magnetic attachment and its removal method
Method and apparatus for language training
Bi-colored lined instructional writing paper
Method and device for enhancing the recognition of speech among speech-impaired individuals
Method and apparatus for on-line teaching and learning
Twenty eight pair cabling system
Circuit board with connector guide
RF connector with impedance matching tab
Connecting devices and method for interconnecting circuit components
Connector for sending power to an IC-chip thru four pressed joints in series
Method and apparatus for selectively connecting flexible circuits
Electrical circuit connector with support
Electronic component
Electric circuit provided with a plug-in connector, in particular a control device for motor vehicles
Connector for substrate
Multiple function high current interconnect with integrated bus bar
Electrical connector assembly for vertically connecting two electrical devices together
Printed board connector having contacts with bent terminal portions extending into an under space of the connector housing
Spark plug wire boot securing system
Rotatable card connector
Slide-activated, spring-loaded ejector for hot-pluggable disk drive carrier
Card connector of reduced-height profile
Anti-erosion system of grate in stoker-type incinerator
Method and apparatus for further improving fluid flow and gas mixing in boilers
In-line sub-surface seeding, fertilizing and watering device
Method for cultivating corn and similar crops
Deck support bracket for pontoon craft
Discovery boat
Multisection sail body and method for making
Three layer molded sail construction
Steering sensor system for a marine vessel
Retractable rudder assembly for personal watercraft
Swivel device
Multi-use vessel
Outdrive guard
Transom trunk
Horizontal shotgun and/or rifle rack assembly for hunting boats
Boat mountable stowable enclosure
Freezing weather indicator and method
Halo reducing instrument pointer illuminating apparatus
Device for coating substrates with a material vapor in negative pressure or vacuum
Apparatus and method for electrically isolating an electrode in a PECVD process chamber
Apparatus and method for producing a foam bovine teat dip
Animal containment system with improved water container configuration
Magnetic pet litter system
Instantaneously expandible and collapsible pet carrier
Sealed access assembly for water heaters
Water heater heat trap with pressure relief assembly
Steam generator comprising a flow distribution baffle
Method for monitoring a cooling system
Apparatus and method of cooling a work machine
Internal combustion engine
Fast acting engine valve control with soft landing
Cam activated electrically controlled engine valve
Valve system for engine
Oil passage system of valve moving apparatus for internal combustion engine
Vane type hydraulic actuator
Device for adjusting the phase angle of a camshaft of an internal combustion engine
Intake manifold and valve cover module
Roller finger follower shaft retention apparatus
Internal combustion engine with intake manifold plenum and method of use
Motorcycle balancer system
Two-stroke internal combustion engine with an additional engine-oil lubricating system
Dual ignition and controlled intake rotary motor and method of operation
Fuel injection system having pre-injection and main injection
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Ignition timing control system for internal combustion engine
Method for cylinder equalization in an internal combustion engine operating by direct injection
Method of controlling throttle valve of engine and controller
Apparatus and method for detecting crank angle of engine
Fuel injection system for outboard motor
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Fuel injector mounting construction for engine
Method and apparatus for controlling a rotatable shaft
Valve device and valve control method
Air-fuel ratio feedback control for engines having feedback delay time compensation
Air gun trigger system
Vehicle for fairground rides
Elevated cableway system
Sidewall for a railway car
Drawing horse and multi-task work station
Juvenile tray
Portable rack for building materials and method of using same
Shelving system, shelf support, and shelf
Posture stabilizing demountable component table system
Method of generating an implementation of a workflow process model in an object environment
Method for performing distributed object calls
Communication method and system for objects movable in network
System for detecting a wireless peripheral device by a host computer transmitting a hail message including a persistent host identifier and a host address generated
System and method of adaptive message pipelining
System for facilitating interfacing between multiple non-synchronous systems utilizing an asynchronous FIFO that uses asynchronous logic
Information/software interface having serial communications detection logic/electronics for determining either a host or an embedded microcomputer device controller connected thereto
Industrial control systems having input/output circuits with programmable input/output characteristics
Electronically moveable terminator and method for using same in a memory system
Circuit allowing insertion/extraction of a board in a system during normal operation
Flexible processing hardware architecture
Multi-port communications device and associated methods
Local bus with dynamic decoding capability
Method and system for improved data transmission in accelerated graphics port systems
System and method for managing connections between clients and a server with independent connection and data buffers
Interface switching apparatus and switching control method
Power management system for modular electronics
On-chip cache file register for minimizing CPU idle cycles during cache refills
Apparatus for adaptively controlling a prefetch queue based on various flush conditions
Method and system for controlling exclusive access to shared resources in computers
Information processing apparatus with improved multiple memory access and control
Adaptive, time-based synchronization mechanism for an integrated posix file system
Skewed finite hashing function
Page table entry management method and apparatus for a microkernel data processing system
Method and system for allocating memory space using mapping controller, page table and frame numbers
Storing data in a grey code system
Method and apparatus for processing a set of data values with plural processing units mask bits generated by other processing units
Reduced power parallel processor apparatus
Processor method and apparatus for performing single operand operation and multiple parallel operand operation
RISC CPU instructions particularly suited for decoding digital signal processing applications
Processing instructions of an instruction set architecture by executing hierarchically organized snippets of atomic units of primitive operations
Symmetrical multiprocessing bus and chipset used for coprocessor support allowing non-native code to run in a system
Secure execution of program instructions provided by network interactions with processor
Method and apparatus for generating boundary markers for an instruction stream including variable-length instructions
Data processing circuit with target instruction and prefix instruction
Instruction queue evaluating dependency vector in portions during different clock phases
Mechanism for self-initiated instruction issuing and method therefor
Computer system having an instruction for probing memory latency
System and method for efficient processing of instructions using control unit to select operations
Pipeline processing apparatus for reducing delays in the performance of processing operations
Dual use master boot record
Protection of boot block code while allowing write accesses to the boot block
System and method for enabling different grades of cryptography strength in a product
Arrangement and method for mobile communications having an IP link
Portable electronic device for safe communication system, and method for initializing its parameters
Arrangement for independently requesting a playing authorization for a reproduced encrypted information signal
Validating and certifying execution of a software program with a smart card
Method and system of controlling usage of simulator and recording medium storing program for controlling usage of simulator
Security system using existing network and personal computers
Method and system of security location discrimination
Least privilege via restricted tokens
Web host providing for secure execution of CGI programs and method of doing the same
SS7 firewall system
Virtual certificate authority
Supplying standby voltage to memory and wakeup circuitry to wake a computer from a low power mode
Method and apparatus for power mode transition in a multi-thread processor
System for synchronizing discrete components to a common clock source
Virtual client to gateway connection over multiple physical connections
Apparatus and methods for providing fault tolerance of networks and network interface cards
Real-time data protection system and method
Method and apparatus for maintaining data coherency
Warm processor swap in a multiprocessor personal computer system
Complexity reduction system and method for integrated redundancy switchover systems
Transaction processing system, method and computer program product
Testing method of the integrity of the software pre-installed in a computer hard disk
Method and system for environmental sensing and control within a computer system
Look ahead scan chain diagnostic method
Method for testing an electronic circuit
File driven mask insertion for automatic test equipment test pattern generation
Fault diagnosis apparatus and recording medium with a fault diagnosis program recorded thereon
Adaptive hybrid ARQ using turbo code structure
Parallel spectral reed-solomon encoder and decoder
Coded image recording device and method
Method and apparatus for verifying memory addresses
Method of reacquiring clock synchronization on a non-tracking helical scan tape device
Method and system for combinational verification having tight integration of verification techniques
Test generation for analog circuits using partitioning and inverted system simulation
System and method for detecting multiplexers in a circuit design
Semiconductor wiring technique for reducing electromigration
Wire tapering under reliability constraints
Method and apparatus for realizable interconnect reduction for on-chip RC circuits
Method and apparatus for circuit designing of an LSI circuit without error paths
Delay route searching method and apparatus for logical circuits, and machine-readable recording medium recording program thereon
Method for power routing and distribution in an integrated circuit with multiple interconnect layers
Semiconductor device using diode place-holders and method of manufacture thereof
Place-holding library elements for defining routing paths
System for avoiding electromigration in LSI circuits
Method for reconfiguring a field programmable gate array from a host
System and method for controlling leakage current in an integrated circuit using current limiting devices
Method for synthesis of common-case optimized circuits to improve performance and power dissipation
Mechanism and method for flexible coupling of processes in an object oriented framework
System and method for automatically and selectively promoting object variables to method fields and variables in a digital computer system
Apparatus for analyzing operations of parallel processing system
Using a high level programming language with a microcontroller
Method and apparatus for handling asynchronous exceptions in a dynamic translation system
Thread suspension system and method using trapping instructions in delay slots
Method and apparatus for incremental selective compilation of intermediate code files during computer system compilation and linking
Method for determining program control flow
Method and apparatus for reduction of indirect branch instruction overhead through use of target address hints
Apparatus and method for compiling a plurality of instruction sets for a processor and a media for recording the compiling method
Multi-stage profiler
Apparatus and method for downloading data to electronic device
Run-time modules for dynamically adjusting computer operation
Method and apparatus for integrated real-time interactive content insertion and monitoring in E-commerce enabled interactive digital TV
Usage statistics collection for a cable data delivery system
Push type data display method, receiving apparatus, and display device
Knee and shin pad
Dusting mitt
Control panel
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Accessory for vacuum cleaner
Vertical digital projector
Vertical digital projector
Liquid crystal projector
Digital camera accessory module
Swimming goggles
Protective eye wear
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge for printer
Adhesive tape refill
Egg shaped expiration date display
Binder system
Sports folder
Binder insert
Ball-point pen
Tampon insertion training aid
Sports theme amusement patch
Portable game machine
Foldable game board with fastener for dominoes
Toy with support stand
Toy aeroplane
Toy gun
Toy figure
Disposable specimen bottle holder
Quick-release ENT surgical holder
Needle shield for an injection device
Surgical support band
Photographic lip retractor
Clitoral therapy device
Hand-held surgical instrument
Dental motor injector
Dental plate extractor
Anterior cervical plate
Back manipulator
Hand spa
Window component extrusion
Adjustable window frame extrusion
Headlight for a carpet extractor
Auto map lamp
Decorative night light with child resistant shade
Combined article holder and cigarette snuffer
Cigarette butt disposal container
Palm held liquid and lotion applicator
Cleaning device for a shaver
Curved corner razor blade
Safety razor
Dental floss container
Hair salon cart
Riding helmet
Squirrel baffle
Dog basket
Roadside mailbox protective shield
Human Necessities
Kalanchoe plant named `Petero`
Peach tree named `Burpeachone`
Peach tree named `Burpeachtwo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Pizzazz`
x Heucherella plant named `Burnished Bronze`
Huechera plant named `Autumn Haze`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Empire Silhouette`
Senecio genus plant named `Sunsenere`
Carnation plant named `Yoder Dream`
x Heucherella plant named `Dayglow Pink`
Blueberry plant called `Emerald`
Heuchera plant named `Veil of Passion`
Scabosia plant named `Giant Blue`
x Heucherella plant named `Kimono`
Cam actuated roller mop with scrubber attachment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vortex inhibitor for molten metal discharge
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Rapamycin derivatives
Method and apparatus for synchronizing graphical presentations
Flash memory array and decoding architecture
Method for manufacturing a modular semiconductor power device
Automobile on-board and/or portable telephone system
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