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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Small-scale spreader device
Double shear material chopper
Environmentally friendly animal litter
Field dressing knife
Invisible bra
Comb for treating pediculosis
Pocket-engaging case
Liquid supply device
Baby valet assembly
Removable kick panel for a household appliance
Home appliance with improved rack system
Accessory attachment mechanism
Two way travel drawer slide
Modular refrigeration device
Dismountable chair assembly
Shelving and protective covering system
Modular wave shaped merchandiser rack
Inflatable film production panels
Cleaning cycle indicator and cleaning process for beverage maker
Dispenser for a center-fed roll of web material
Endoscopic illumination system, assembly and methods for staged illumination of different target areas
Suturing assembly
Suture anchoring assemblies and methods of use
Suture anchor
Closure device and method for tissue repair
Surgical clip applier with high torque jaws
Complex wire formed devices
Insertion instrument for a spinal fixation system
Bone plate with complex, adjacent holes joined by a bend relief zone
Method and system for treatment of atrial tachyarrhythmias
High frequency alternating current medical device with self-limiting conductive material and method
Interventional instrument with marking element
Robotic arms DLUs for performing surgical tasks
Fundus camera and control method for the fundus camera
Implantable cardiac event detection device with an adaptive sleep state
Dynamic foot-arch support assembly and associated methods
Stent delivery catheter with improved stent retention and method of making same
Stent design with struts of various angles and stiffness
Apparatus and method for implanting collapsible/expandable prosthetic heart valves
Prosthetic knee joint
Apparatus for vessel access closure
Balloon expandable crush-recoverable stent device
Molded ankle-foot orthoses and methods of construction
Plated glass dildo
Disposable portable therapy device
Connector, syringe assembly, and connector for mixing
Patient controlled analgesia for pediatric patients
Therapeutic medical appliance delivery and method of use
Ventilator to tracheotomy tube coupling
Endovascular devices and methods for exploiting intramural space
Systems and methods for delivering radiation therapy
Attachment for a parenteral device
Rate smoothing control
Bioelectromagnetic interface system
CPR system with feed back instruction
Redundant stationary fire fighting system and method
Flame suppression agent, system and uses
Adjustable press arm apparatus and methods for exercise machines
Batter training apparatus and method
Ball markings for rotation training
Golf simulation apparatus and method for the same
Methods of managing play of wagering games and systems for managing play of wagering games
Wagering game with shared payoff based on multiple player selections
Methods and apparatus for managing network linked gambling video games
Electronic delivery of gaming tickets
Game machine and computer program thereof
Suicide player pool fantasy sports games
Amusement ride system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Low back pressure porous honeycomb and method
Molded monocomponent monolayer respirator
Vent filter and method for manufacturing the same
Pre-concentration device and method for ion mobility detection apparatus
Carbon dioxide recovery system
Selective polysulfide composite membrane
Deaeration and aeration system for a fuel tank and operating method
Hydrogen utilization within a refinery network
Porous membrane and method of making the same
Apparatus for the transfer of a fluid to a moving web material
Film deposition device and method thereof
Apparatus for gluing the tail of a convolutely wound web material thereto
Ultrasonic cleaning method, and ultrasonic cleaning apparatus
Method of cleaning inside of pressure vessel for blasting
Method for enhanced energy production from transforming, reducing and eliminating organic material and medical waste
Bending apparatus
Gripper assembly for a manipulator and method of use
Bending press having support bearing device for drive means
Method of producing inorganic nanoparticles in atmosphere and device therefor
Metal fine particles and manufacturing method therefor
Methods for controlling metal nanostructures morphology
Method of cutting tree-shaped groove and rotary cutting tool
Power miter saw having adjustable lower guard operating mechanism
Apparatus and method for moving a substrate
Method for machining that combines fine boring and honing and machining equipment for the execution of the method
Polishing arrangement and method of polishing a workpiece surface
Elevating mechanism for jaws for clamping mouldings
Combustion power tool
Fastening device
Log splitter
Injection mold assembly including an injection mold cavity at least partially defined by a polycrystalline diamond material
Blow mold
Corrugating roller pair support frame
Inkjet recording method and recording product
Oil-based ink jet inks
Liquid-ejecting recording head and liquid-ejecting recording apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus and printing method
Printing device and printing method
Print head, printing device, and printing method
Light scattering drop detect device with volume determination and method
Applicators and assembly, filling, and dispensing methods
Dispensing applicator for fluids
Antler mounting kit
Vehicle door reinforcement
Cooling module for motor vehicles and motor vehicle
Motor supporting structure
Vehicle seat device
Battery installation structure for electric automobile
Roller guide for vehicle roof mounted ladder rack
Push bar for pushing a stuck vehicle
Brake system
Method for controlling an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle
Steerable truck for a railway car, a railway car, and an articulated car
Carrier frame of a utility vehicle
Vehicle partition side member structure
Vehicle steering head
Electric power steering system
Sliding hitch assembly
Master device for a closed hydraulic system of handlebar-steered vehicles
Speed control device for bicycle
Scooter handlebar holder
Marine fuel backflow preventer and over-fill alarm system
Underwater traveling vehicle
Slot seal
Aircraft wing load alleviation system
Roadable aircraft with collapsible wings and ductless fan
Slat deployment mechanism
Piston setting device and method
Dispensing container
System and method for medical instrument sterilization case having a rotatably displacing cover
Containers having perforated shrink wrap sleeves
Bandage package and dispenser
Fuel tank
Escalator step
Gas-ejecting bearings for transport of glass sheets
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus with retard roller
Sheet processing device
System for dispensing paper rolls with conductive tubes
Sheet conveying device, image reader, and image forming apparatus
Composite intersection reinforcement
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical filter, analytical instrument, optical apparatus, and method of manufacturing optical filter
Method of manufacturing optical filter, analytical instrument, and optical apparatus
Homogeneous mesoporous nanoenergetic metal oxide composite fabrication methods
Polyurethane derivatives, composition thereof and dye additives comprising the polyurethane derivatives
Zinc oxide nanoparticle dispersions
Method for treating bio-oil
Method for feeding a burden to a blast furnace
Apparatus for precursor delivery system for irradiation beam instruments
Passivating means, surface treatment means, surface treatment spray means and method for treating metallic surfaces of work pieces or cast molds
System and methods for growing high-resistance single crystals
Textiles; Paper
Mobile delivery platform for flowable explosive
Knot tying implement
Fixed Constructions
Device and method for drilling and compacting ground
Ceiling panels made from corrugated cardboard
Sound attenuating air vent
Scaffolding stage support extension
Outside door grip, in particular for vehicles
Locking device
Drilling tool, apparatus and method for underreaming and simultaneously monitoring and controlling wellbore diameter
Apparatus and method for coupling conduit segments
Pipe handling assembly
Slip hanger assembly and actuator
Flow-induced electrostatic power generator for downhole use in oil and gas wells
Methods for producing oil and/or gas
Subsea solids processing apparatuses and methods
Well apparatus
Continuous surface mining system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gear pump with pressure relief groove
Turbine seal system
Minimization of fouling and fluid losses in turbine airfoils
Multiple piece turbine rotor blade
Propeller fan
Application of dense vertically cracked and porous thermal barrier coating to a gas turbine component
Engine equipped with variable valve timing mechanism
Cooling-water pump arrangement structure of engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for preventing icing in a supercharged internal combustion engine
Carburetor arrangement
Cat-and-mouse type internal combustion engine, and its correlation type crank
"Turbomotor" rotary machine with volumetric expansion and variants thereof
Cylinder head of an internal combustion engine
Swirler for a fuel injector
Slideable liner link assembly
Combustion apparatus using pilot fuel selected for reduced emissions
Fuel injector and swirler assembly with lobed mixer
Seal member for use in a seal system between a transition duct exit section and a turbine inlet in a gas turbine engine
Supercritical-state fuel injection system and method
Positive crankcase ventilation system, cylinder head used for positive crankcase ventilation system, internal combustion engine including positive crankcase ventilation system, and positive crankcase ventilation method
Noise attenuator and vehicle air intake duct provided therewith
Ice fence for diesel fuel suction tube
Fuel supply apparatus of internal combustion engine and control device of fuel supply apparatus
Coupling device
Engine model carburetor
Blade for wind-power generator formed by attaching multiple independent sections utilizing connection means at the end of each opposing sections
Membrane pump with bleed valve
Exhaust gas turbocharger
Suction jet pump
Sliding bearing shell
Ready-to-install needle bearing comprising an inner and outer ring
Torsional vibration damper
Elastic joint body for a shaft arrangement
Self-amplifying disc brake and method for actuating a self-amplifying disc brake
Brake disk
Friction lining for a friction clutch
Vibrating hand-held power tool
Gas spring and gas damper assembly and method
Nested check high speed valve
Supporting structure of shaft of reduction gear
Dual clutch multi-speed transmission
Multi-speed transmission
System and method of positional control with backlash compensation
Power unit for small vehicle
Tensioning device with restraint system
Compressed gas system, manual valve assembly, and manual valve piston with isochoric thermal isolation zone
Ball valve with detachable slide bearing bushes
Anti-torque plate for a gas manifold pipe connection
Cooling apparatus of electronic equipment
Bladderless reservoir tank for a hydraulic accumulator
Apparatus and method for providing adjustable lip heights for plaster applications on a ceiling surface
LED device having printable layer
Mixing device for a gas burner
Vapor extraction apparatus having an extended range of functions
Actuator-based drive system for solar collector
High efficiency refrigerator
Suppressor for attachment to firearm barrel
Combat simulation at close range and long range
Projectile for fire arms
Expandable broadhead with rear deploying blades
Pointer arrangement for marking tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger
Physical amount detecting device
Sensor device protected by a film layer and a resin layer
Strain measurement of rotating components
Sensor element
Determining an accumulated load of a wind turbine in angular sectors
Pressure transducer having structure for monitoring surface charge
Tire pressure sensing mounting system
Analyte sensors and methods of use
Detection device of a motor vehicle and a corresponding detection method
Screening test for stretch flanging a trimmed metal surface
Explosive event discrimination
Mounting devices for lasers, reflectors, and receivers
Method for connecting optical fibers and connection structure of optical fibers
Wet mate connector
Optical connector and method of assembling the same
Expanded beam connector
Light quantity adjustment device and image pickup apparatus including same
Shutter device
Central shutter for camera objectives
Rocking bezel control
Smartcard power management
Tag communication, identification, and tracking apparatus and system
Card reader
Graphical user interface for the conversion of loyalty points via a loyalty point website
Display device and data display system
Automated teller machine and voice prompt method thereof
Body motion training and qualification system and method
Educational interactive games
Method for producing solid electrolytic capacitor
Packaging for a radiological device
Conductor insertion plug
Solderless compression connector comprising constant width conducting elements housed substantially within a dielectric when installed
Flat plug electrical connector
Automotive battery plug with retractable conduction sections
Solar panel junction box
Apparatus for connecting connection parts between power apparatuses
Device comprising rigid connecting bars for the conducting connection of first to second busbars
Coaxial electric connector
Permanent magnet air heater
Permanent magnet air heater
Expired Patents Due To Time
Liquid crystal display device having impact resistant light guide and housing
Transflective LCD driven by bi-gamma curve
Method of and apparatus for forming image
Programmable reference voltage generating circuit
Optical security device
Method and apparatus for providing sharp features on multiresolution subdivision surfaces
Apparatus and method for generating diffractive element using liquid crystal display
Image projection system with improved contrast having single birefringence-compensating element
Level shift circuit
Method and apparatus for checking the response of a transconductance- capacitance filter
Video apparatus with image memory function
Liquid crystal display element
Semiconductor device
Multiple integrated machine system
Seamless splicing of MPEG-2 multimedia data streams
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device
Monitoring material buildup on system components by optical emission
Processing multiple streams of data encoded in respective VBI channels with a shared equalizer
Active matrix substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Reflection-type color liquid crystal display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Trailer tongue length estimation using a hitch angle sensor
Light emitting device addressed spatial light modulator
Seat belt shifter lock system
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device having common lines crossing gate links
Graphics controller for high speed transmission of memory read commands
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for processing an array of packaged semiconductor devices
Method and device for measuring the optical properties of at least two regions located at a distance from one another in a transparent and/or diffuse object
Apparatus for monitoring a fluid conduit
Interavtive applications
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method of broad band optical end point detection for film change indication
Optical device and method for producing optical device
Image forming apparatus and main scanning scale correcting method therefor
Image recording apparatus using the grating light valve
Customer product installation/configuration
Printing apparatus, system, and method with an error search function
Display apparatus for vehicle
Wireless communication device and method for discs
Intelligent locking system
Feed paper apparatus
Method for lubricating MEMS components
Micromachine switch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Lens barrel
Textiles; Paper
Method for plain dyeing a textile web of fabric
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromagnetic driving device and flow rate controlling apparatus employing the same driving device
Inspection and retrieval device
Surface light-emitting device having light-guide panel wherein light radiated from exit surface is maximized proximate to normal direction of exit surface
Microforce measurement method and apparatus
Optical measurement for measuring a small space through a transparent surface
Thin film thickness measuring method and apparatus, and method and apparatus for manufacturing a thin film device using the same
Method and apparatus for process control in semiconductor manufacture
Copper CMP flatness monitor using grazing incidence interferometry
Apparatus and method for measuring a workpiece
Compact beam re-tracing optics to eliminate beam walk-off in an interferometer
Interferometric cyclic error compensation
Tilted interferometer
Optical recording and/or reproduction apparatus, tracking method, and optical recording medium
Rotation angle sensor
Magnetic angular position sensor apparatus
Wireless event-recording device with identification codes
Apparatus and method for measuring the distance to an object
Polarization detector and method for fabricating the polarization detector
Wavefront and intensity analyzer for collimated beams
Method and apparatus for monitoring live electrical equipment at high or medium voltage
Quantifying a difference between nodal voltages
Methods and systems for determining at least one characteristic of defects on at least two sides of a specimen
Method for fluorescence microscopy, and fluorescence microscope
Microarray detector and synthesizer
Measurement of surface defects on a movable surface
Polymer-type humidity sensor
Method for measuring a wall thickness of a hollow vane
Method and apparatus for measuring fiber properties
Probe for combined signals
Contactor having contact electrodes formed by laser processing
Apparatus and method for canceling DC errors and noise generated by ground shield current in a probe
Digital envelope detector
Phase detector for low power applications
Insulation inspection apparatus for motor
Method for determining a Weibull slope having a bias voltage variation adjustment
Method of reliability testing
On-circuit board continuity tester
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and fault-detecting method of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Alternator testing method and system using ripple detection
Magnetic resonance antenna
Modulated chemical shift imaging solvent suppression
Method for the presentation of magnetic resonance image with a designation of distortion-containing regions
Multi-coil reconstruction of MRI signals using linear phase multiplied data with separate demodulators for each coil
Flow imaging using balanced phase contrast steady state free precession magnetic resonance imaging
Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging including local weighted interpolation
Using FFT engines to process decorrelated GPS signals to establish frequencies of received signals
Passive range and angle measurement system and method
Vehicle obstacle warning radar
Apparatus and method for rapid detection of objects with time domain impulsive signals
Method and apparatus for improving the utility of a automatic dependent surveillance
Passive radar detector for dualizing missile seeker capability
Electronic device precision location via local broadcast signals
Thin client radar and multimedia networking
Objective lens having diffractive structure for optical pick-up
Objective lens and optical head device
Projection exposure system
Focusing method for a zoom lens system
Zoom photographic optical system
Focusing systems for perspective dimensional measurements and optical metrology
Fully released MEMs XYZ flexure stage with integrated capacitive feedback
Optical system with shutter assembly having an integral shutter-mounted actuator
Optical scanning apparatus capable of reducing variations in shading and improving light usage
Apparatus for determining a light power level, microscope, and method for microscopy
Multi-planar volumetric display system and method of operation using multi-planar interlacing
Image displaying method and an image display
Optical apparatus
Lens optimization and color correction for image projection systems
System and process for side mode suppression by tunable filter train alignment in fiber optic system
Micro mirror unit including mirror substrate and wiring substrate spaced by conductive spacer
Step-eliminating film and island-shaped pattern composed of conductive film for a reflective electrooptic device and electronic apparatus
Reflection member and liquid crystal display device using the same
Liquid crystal display with coupled frame and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device with particular cell gap
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
Transmissive liquid crystal display device including hologram diffuser
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Transflective liquid crystal display having dielectric multilayer in LCD cells
Display device
Liquid crystal display device with particular on substrate wiring, portable terminal and display equipment provided with the liquid crystal display device
Driver IC, electro-optical device and electronic equipment
Array substrate with multi-layer electrode line
Display module including a display panel connected to a flexible wire board with an insulating protective layer extended inside the display panel
Reference gamma compensation voltage generation circuit
Electrochromic device and novel electrochromic compounds
Wavelength converter and wavelength converting apparatus
Imaging device and cover therefor
Image display control apparatus including adjustment based on brightness
Automatic exposing apparatus and method for exposing both sides of works
Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus
Mask clamping device
Projection aligner
Method and apparatus for an electrophotographic printer where voltage magnitude applied to charge roller and intensity of illumination unit vary depending on type of print job submitted
Pulsed-laser systems and methods for producing holographic stereograms
Miniature frequency standard based on all-optical excitation and a micro-machined containment vessel
Method and apparatus for automated management and display of booking status
Voltage down converter
On-chip resistance to increase total equivalent series resistance
Ultra-low quiescent current low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator with dynamic bias and bandwidth
Method and system for improving quiescent currents at low output current levels
Reference voltage generation circuit
Circuit arrangement and method for generating a time-limited signal
Technique for glitchless switching of asynchronous clocks
Palm pad system
Multi-function touch pen for computerized apparatus
Integrated joypad for handheld computer
Portable electronic device having projection screen
Portable computer in a process control environment
Circuit and method for interfacing to a bus channel
Image transmitting apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and system for use of an embedded field programmable gate array interconnect for flexible I/O connectivity
Method for location-based asset management
Data processing system utilizing discrete operating device
Body-mounted selective control device
System and method for establishing wireless connection
Operating device for influencing displayed information
Systems and methods for activating confidential print jobs from a remote electronic device
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating, from first information for a first image, second information for a second image corresponding to a portion of the first image
Display system with single/dual image modes
Generating a graphical user interface from a command syntax for managing multiple computer systems as one computer system
Circuit and method to facilitate threshold voltage extraction and facilitate operation of a capacitor multiplier
Image pick-up printing apparatus
Circuit assembly for generating RF oscillation plucking pulses
System and method for efficiently controlling a graphics rendering pipeline
Technique for filling a region of memory using multiple region fill processors
Method for generating eye masks using a parametric representation
Graphic editing apparatus for adding or deleting curve to/from graphics by interactive processing
Coding a vector
Data processing apparatus and shading apparatus
System, method and article of manufacture for converting color data into floating point numbers in a computer graphics pipeline
Manipulation of motion data in an animation editing system
Three dimensional rendering including motion sorting
Method and apparatus for changing the size of image
Devices and methods for investigating the magnetic properties of objects
Automated antenna trim for transmitting and receiving semiconductor devices
Infra-red perimeter alarm
Reflective displays with color filter cross-talk compensation
Method and apparatus for driving self-emitting panel
Display device
Display device
Driving circuit for active matrix organic light emiting diode
Electro-optical apparatus and method of driving electro-optical material, driving circuit therefor, electronic apparatus, and display apparatus
Signal line driving circuit for an LCD display
Liquid crystal driving circuit and load driving circuit
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal panel driving circuit and method of driving a liquid crystal panel
Layer viewport for enhanced viewing in layered drawings
System and method for displaying simulated three dimensional buttons in a graphical user interface
Video signal processing system
Remote monitor controller
System and method for handling display device requests for display data from a frame buffer
Hard drive test fixture
Magnetic detecting element having .beta.-values selected for free magnetic layer and pinned magnetic layer
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Regulator circuit for independent adjustment of pumps in multiple modes of operation
Sample-and-hold amplifier circuit and pipelined A/D and D/A converters using sample hold amplification circuit
Polymer fuse and filter apparatus
Low loss high Q inductor
Transformer winding
Noise filter
Keypad structure with inverted domes
High frequency relay
Assembly for mounting a motor operator on a circuit breaker
Thin film transistor array panel
Semiconductor circuit device capable of high speed decoding
Solid-state image pickup device
Broadband, four-bit, MMIC phase shifter
Tunable microwave multiplexer
Confined plasma resonance antenna and plasma resonance antenna array
Patch antenna and application thereof
Antenna structure, method of using antenna structure and communication device
Surface-mount type antenna and antenna apparatus
Helical antenna apparatus provided with two helical antenna elements, and radio communication apparatus provided with same helical antenna apparatus
Time-delayed directional beam phased array antenna
Wide bandwidth flat panel antenna array
Frequency agile material-based reflectarray antenna
Deep depression angle calibration of airborne direction finding arrays
Antenna system with active spatial filtering surface
Multi band built-in antenna
Combination satellite and terrestrial antenna
Stacked patch antenna
Tri-element antenna with dish
Circuit breaker assembly
Difference power adjustment apparatus having a capacitor and reactor connected power-system bus
Accumulator power supply unit
Charge balancing circuit
Switching regulator with dynamic current limiting and drive circuit for the switching regulator
Integrated charge pump circuit with low power voltage regulation
Circuit for a lossless capacitive pump
Low-voltage booster circuits and methods of operation thereof
Multi-phase buck converter
Vehicle motor-generator apparatus utilizing synchronous machine having field winding
Direct frequency synthesizer for offset loop synthesizer
Varactor folding technique for phase noise reduction in electronic oscillators
Oscillator circuit using bonding wires for inductors and having a resonance transformation circuit
Efficient modulation compensation of sigma delta fractional phase locked loop
Reduced complexity linear phase detector
Phase comparator capable of performing stable phase comparison for high frequency band
Sinusoidal signal multiplier circuit
Power amplifier and communication device including power amplifier
Power amplifier circuit
BTL amplifying system
Darlington cascode
Power amplifier with load switching circuit
Power transistor array temperature control system
Ultra wide band low noise amplifier and method
Differential amplifier
Transconductor tuning circuit
Operational amplifier
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Balanced power amplifier with a bypass structure
Multimode output stage converting differential to single-ended signals using current-mode input signals
Miniature 180 degree power splitter
MLC frequency selective circuit structures
Quadrature hybrid and improved vector modulator in a chip scale package using same
End-surface reflection type surface acoustic wave filter
SAW filter using tetrahedral amorphous carbon and method for manufacturing the same
Tuning-fork piezoelectric resonator element, production method therefor, and piezoelectric device
Tuning circuit having electronically trimmed VCO
Output circuit and microcomputer
Level shifting circuit and active matrix driver
IC device having a transistor switch for a power supply
Ground bounce detection circuit for use in data error reduction
Apparatus and method for efficiency optimization of integrated circuits by temperature sensor and servo loop
Buffer for contact circuit
FPGA with improved structure for implementing large multiplexers
Multiple data rate interface architecture
Time-borrowing N-only clocked cycle latch
Method and logic/memory module for correcting the duty cycle of at least one control/reference signal
Delay circuit and synchronous delay apparatus
Method and circuitry for reducing duty cycle distortion in differential delay lines
High speed low voltage differential to rail-to-rail single ended converter
Analog signal conditioning circuit having feedback offset cancellation
Method and system for clock deskewing using a continuously calibrated delay element in a phase-locked loop
Loop filter for a phase-locked loop and method for switching
Tri-state charge pump
Frequency synthesizer with on-chip inductor
Phase-locked loop with self-selecting multi-band VCO
Frequency synthesizer circuit
Robust system for transmitting and receiving map data
Analog reconstruction of a digital signal
Calibration system for array antenna receiving apparatus
Integrated circuit for targeted bitlength manipulation for serial data transmission
Means and method of data encoding and communication at rates above the channel bandwidth
Real-time positioning internet protocol method and apparatus
Bi-directional amplifier and method for accelerated bus line communication
Print order receiving apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Method of shifting an image or paper to reduce show through in duplex printing
Adaptive illumination correction of scanned images
Image capturing apparatus having a .gamma.-characteristic corrector and/or image geometric distortion correction
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation in digital communications using an echo cancellation reference signal
Controlling the range and resolution of offset correction applied to the output of a charge coupled device
System and method for correcting bad pixel data in a digital camera
Furnace video camera apparatus
Digital still camera with composition assist function, and method of controlling operation of same
Image pickup apparatus having exposure control
Digital camera
System for integrating personalized data with visual content
Apparatus and method for processing additional information in data broadcast system
Method for switching input terminal based on incoming signal format
System and method for automatically adjusting gaze and head orientation for video conferencing
Cathode current limiting circuit for projection television display systems
Apparatus and method for digital stream conversion
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