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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X13B607
Maize hybrid X13C788
Maize hybrid X13C755
Maize hybrid X08C913
Modification of plant lignin content
Soybean cultivar BY0912931
Use of rasagiline for the treatment of multiple system atrophy
Combination medicaments for treating bacterial infections
Thienopyridine ester derivative containing cyano group, preparation method, use and composition thereof
Sulfonamides as inhibitors of Bcl-2 family proteins for the treatments of cancer
Combination andolast/glucocorticoids
Produce chamber with inflatable balloon seal
Method of using a multi-layer brewing cup
Feed additive for laying hen and feed containing the same
Method for producing vanillin by electrochemical oxidation of aqueous lignin solutions or suspensions
Method and apparatus for making a food chip product
Make up packaging, flask refill and method of substituting refill
Surgical process for anterior hip replacement
Methods and devices for biopsy and collection of soft tissue
Apparatus and method for securing a portion of a body
Removable ink for surgical instrument
Planar coil arrangement for a magnetic induction impedance measurement apparatus
Device for fixing orthodontic devices
Method and device for dental implant installation
Wearable article with highly extensible fastening member having stress distribution features
Local delivery of therapeutic agent to heart valves
Implant retention device and method
Rapid fluid cooling devices and methods for cooling fluids
Medical or veterinary digestive tract utilization systems and methods
Methods for inhibition of lymphangiogenesis and tumor metastasis
Composition with improved skin penetration for transdermal delivery of tolterodine
Substituted fused-ring compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Compositions and methods for preparing and using same
Chroman-derived anti-androgens for treatment of androgen mediated disorders
Crystalline form of (2S)-(-)-N-(6-chloro-2,3-dihydro-benzo[1,4]dioxin-2-ylmethyl)-sulfamide
Sulfonamides as TRPM8 modulators
Sulfide, sulfoxide and sulfone chalcone analogues, derivatives thereof and therapeutic uses thereof
Use of immunosuppressant compounds in a new indication
Azaspirodecanone compounds
1-substituted 2-azabicyclo [3.1.1] heptyl derivatives useful as nicotinic acetylcholine receptor modulators for treating neurologic disorders
Inhibitors of HIV replication
Picolinamide derivatives as TTX-S blockers
N-ethyl-4-hydroxyl-1-methyl-5-(methyl(2,3,4,5,6-pentahydroxyhexyl)amino)-2- -oxo-N-phenyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline-3-carboxamide
Compounds affecting gap junction activity
Pyrazolopyrimidine kinase inhibitors
1,2,3-triazole-based peptidomimetic integrin inhibitors for the diagnosis and therapy of tumors
Compounds, compositions, and methods for control of hepatitis C viral infections
Selective subtype alpha 2 adrenergic agents and methods for use thereof
Methods of regulating actin cytoskeletal rearrangement and intercellular gap formation
Methods, compositions, unit dosage forms, and kits testing for pharmacologic stress testing with reduced side effects
Ionomeric silicone thermoplastic elastomers
Method for generating active antibodies against a resistance antigen, antibodies obtained by said method and their uses
Cinnamaldehyde and diallyl disulfide formulations and methods of use
Method for extraction of fractions containing pharmacologically active ingredients with less cytotoxicity from one or more plants
Quinoxalinyl macrocyclic hepatitis C virus serine protease inhibitors
Antiviral compounds
Method and compositions for prevention and treatment of malaria infections
Small peptides and methods for blocking IGE mediated activation of an immune cell
Combination therapy to combat helminth resistance
Meningococcal outer membrane vesicles
Methods for the treatment and prevention of abnormal cell proliferation using TACI-fusion molecules
Topical foam composition
Gastroretentive, extended release composition of therapeutic agent
Damage self-reporting polymer materials having at least two phases
Orodispersible tablet containing compacted sildenafil base
Adaptive dispensation in a digestive tract
Fast wet-massing method for the preparation of calcium-containing compositions
Adhesive pharmaceutical preparation containing bisoprolol
Powered irrigator for sinus cavity rinse with detachable reservoir
Biocompatible medical devices
Expandable perfusion balloon
Apparatus for cleaning a nasal cavity
Multiple reservoir programmable pump
Catheter assembly comprising a receptacle accommodating a catheter and a wetting fluid pouch
Particle-beam energy changing apparatus, particle beam therapy system including the same, and method of changing particle beam energy
Glycerin polyesters with terminal modification
Systems, apparatuses and methods for treating wastewater
Exercise bicycle
Pedal correction mechanism for elliptical trainer
Interactive climbing wall system using touch sensitive, illuminating, climbing hold bolts and controller
System and apparatus for measuring parameter data on impact of a golf club face with a target surface
Personal athletic training device
Wagering game that allows player to alter payouts based on equity position
Coupling structure
Protruding tongue and sounding structure of puppet
Modular display systems
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of cleaning and recycling glycol-tainted water from de-icing operations at airports
Industrial salt and apparatus and process for producing industrial salt
Biomass boiler SCR NO.sub.x and CO reduction system
Milk frothing apparatus having improved frothing effect
Fluorinated dicarboxylic acid derivative and polymer obtained therefrom
Zeolite-palladium complex, method for producing the same, catalyst containing the complex, and method for producing a coupling compound by using the catalyst
Nitrogen containing external donor system for propylene polymerization
Gaseous transfer in multiple metal bath reactors
Methods and systems for producing reduced resid and bottomless products from hydrocarbon feedstocks
Multi-well plate with tailored chambers
Disposable for analyzing a liquid sample by nucleic acid amplification
Methods for dispensing fluids into microplates utilizing microwell covers
Drive apparatus in a scroll centrifuge having a gearbox with a housing nonrotatably connected to a drive shaft
Methods of forming three-dimensional structures having reduced stress and/or curvature
Method of preparing zinc oxide nanorods on a substrate by chemical spray pyrolysis
Method for manufacturing a submillimetric electrically conductive grid coated with an overgrid
Method for cleaning post-sputter disks using tape and diamond slurry
Process for preparing nanoparticles
Drill bit with high performance for chip removal
Process and apparatus for ablation
Abrasive article with array of composite polishing pads
MIFA (molding impression fabrication apparatus)
Molding apparatus and method
Flanged fiber-reinforced resin hollow part and method of molding the same
Thermoforming apparatus
Molded part and optical device using the molded part
Tire bead area rotation apparatus
Germanium-containing solder, a component comprising a solder and a process for soldering
Treatment agent for use in lignocellulose material
Flexible film and display device comprising the same
Fluorinated copolymers
Carbon nanotube array interface material and methods
Polymeric dispersants and non-aqueous dispersions
Method of manufacturing substrate for liquid discharge head
Embroidery and method of making same
System and method for alignment of nanoparticles on substrate
Vehicular power supply apparatus, vehicle including the same, and method for controlling vehicle-mounted charger
Vehicular heads up display with integrated bi-modal high brightness collision warning system
Structural mounting insert having a non-conductive isolator
Protective bridle for waterskiing
Infeed station and stack gripper of a palletizing system and method for transferring stacks from an infeed station to a stack gripper
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrolyte supply tanks and bubbler tanks having improved gas diffusion properties for use in electrolyzer units
Garnet-type single crystal, optics using same and related apparatus thereof
Radiation-curable formulations
Magnetorheological materials, method for making, and applications thereof
Foamed concrete
Method of producing iodizing agent, and method of producing aromatic iodine compound
Producing ethanol using two different streams from acetic acid carbonylation process
Integrated process for producing ethanol and water balance control
Separation of vapor crude alcohol product
Modafinil compositions
Dicarboxylic acid derivatives as S1P1 receptor agonists
Substituted pyridines having herbicidal action
Tetrahydroquinoline derivatives
Imidazole, pyrazole, and triazole derivatives useful as antibacterial agents
Process for the preparation of sulfamide derivatives
Glucagon receptor modulators
Piperidine-containing compounds and use thereof
Antiviral compounds
Synthesis of silylacetylenes
Method for producing silylenol ethers
Method for producing a free acid from the salt thereof
Phosphonate nucleosides useful as active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of viral infections, and intermediates for their production
RNA complexes, methods of their production and sensors and analytical methods involving same
Algal elongases
Delayed self-gelling alginate systems and uses thereof
Method for purification of complement factor H
Pepstatin A derivatives
Ultraviolet radiation-curable high refractive index optically clear resins
Microporous polymers, methods for the preparation thereof, and uses thereof
Depolymerization of oligomeric cyclic ethers
Polymerizable composition
Polymers containing poly(ester amides) and agents for use with medical articles and methods of fabricating the same
Silsesquioxane resins
Silicon-containing curable composition, cured product of the silicon-containing curable composition and lead frame substrate formed of the silicon-containing curable composition
Method of reinforcing rubber and rubber composition
Apparatus and method for producing coatings reinforced with alumina nanofibers
Reusable print medium and method of manufacturing thereof
Network copolymer crosslinked emulsions and demulsifying compositions comprising the same
Process for preparing compositions based on a starchy component and on a synthetic polymer
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods
Polyolefin compositions and methods of production thereof
Resin extract, extraction process and uses thereof
Method of making nanosized particles of phthalocyanine pigments
Ink composition, ink for inkjet recording and inkjet recording method
Acetoacetate-functional monomers and their uses in coating compositions
Citrate containing deicing compositions with improved eutectic temperatures
Heat transfer compositions
Alumina forming bimetallic tube for refinery process furnaces and method of making and using
Trans-, trans-conjugated linoleic acid compositions and use thereof
Container with a collapsible receptacle and a disinfectant composition
Cleaning composition and method for cleaning substrate for electronic device
Laundry detergent composition comprising water-soluble phthalocyanine compound
Photo bioreactor with light distributor and method for the production of a photosynthetic culture
Apparatus and method for differentiating multiple fluorescence signals by excitation wavelength
Plasmid vector
Methods and compositions to generate and control the effector profile of T cells by simultaneous loading and activation of selected subsets of antigen presenting cells
Helper virus-free AAV production
Compositions and methods for the suppression of target polynucleotides from Lygus
Trichome specific promoters
Plants with increased yield
Perhydrolase variant providing improved specific activity
Exo-specific amylase polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding those polypeptides and uses thereof
Process for preparing dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors and intermediates therefor
Susceptibility variants for peripheral arterial disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm
Method enabling the use of extracellular ribonucleic acid (RNA) extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer or premalignant conditions
Methods related to liver enzyme induction as a predisposition for liver toxicity and diseases or disorders associated therewith
Stabilized open form transglutaminase as a diagnostic indictor for autoimmune diseases
Point-of care, medical condition screening kit
Labeling agent and methods for simultaneous sequencing and quantification of multiple peptides and proteins using the same
Markers for detection of Legionella pneumophila strains
Method of manufacturing a gas barrier plastic container
Gas injection unit for chemical vapor desposition apparatus
Method for producing single-crystal diamond movable structure
Extend razor blade effective-life by a factor of 5 to 7 times
Systems and methods for sustainable economic development through integrated full spectrum production of renewable material resources using solar thermal
Process for changing a spent anode
Intelligent control system for electrochemical plating process
Textiles; Paper
Heat recovery from spent cooking liquor in a digester plant of a chemical pulp mill
Structured fabric for use in a papermaking machine and the fibrous web produced thereon
Fiber loading improvements in papermaking
Fixed Constructions
Light weight load-bearing platform
Floating barriers
Electronically augmented smart lock for trash containers
Ice worthy jack-up drilling unit with conical piled monopod and sockets
Tensionable spiral bolt with resin nut and related methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Balanced turbine rotor fan blade for a tip turbine engine
Energy collection
Hydraulic power unit having ceramic oscillator, and hydraulic engine including the hydraulic power unit
Split discharge vane pump and fluid metering system therefor
Wind turbine
Wind energy systems and methods of use
Cyclic blade speed control apparatus and method
Fan module
System for mounting an object on a flexible or curved surface
Cotter spring pin
Snap faster
Universal hammerless pin assembly
Rotating device
Lubricant member and method of manufacturing the same
Bearing assembly
Rotating device
Manhole liner having a wireless data transmitter
Colorful diffractive luminaires providing white light illumination
Fire generator having a controllable venting mechanism
Motorized diffuser
Infant bottle and food warmer
System and method for optical coherence tomography
Determination of optimal diameters for nanowires
Optical position sensor for determining the angular position of a rotating device
Methods and devices for sensing corrosion under insulation (CUI)
Device and method for measuring vaporization-melt ratio
Mask inspecting method
Method of inspection of sealed capsules with a process of determination of the quality of the seal and related equipment for in-line inspection
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor
Vertical slice gel electrophoresis cell
Detection and measurement of mass change using an electromechanical resonator
Method and system for microfluidic device and imaging thereof
Transgenic mouse for screening and for studies of the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of ligands acting on the oestrogen receptor and its intracellular receptors, and method for the preparation thereof
Diagnostic method for atherosclerosis
High throughput assays for inhibitors and activators of PAQR receptors
Integrating impact switch
Phase identification system and method
E-field sensor arrays for interactive gaming, computer interfaces, machine vision, medical imaging, and geological exploration CIP
Systems, methods, and apparatus for locating faults on an electrical distribution network
Method and apparatus for increasing the scalability of the ethernet OAM
Current sensor and method for manufacturing sensor module for use in current sensor
Methods for detecting damage to magnetoresistive sensors
Network location and synchronization of peer sensor stations in a wireless geolocation network
Global positioning system receiver timeline management
Large-aperture zoom lens
Projection objective and projection exposure apparatus with negative back focus of the entry pupil
Imaging optical system
Stereomicroscope fluorescence system
Low voltage electrowetting device and method for making same
Collecting lens and multi-segment lens
Optical fiber coupling assembly with cable
Dual-function alignment layer for liquid crystal devices to improve degradation resistance to radiation
Rewritable recording medium, image recording set, and image recording method
Electronic device
Exposure apparatus and article manufacturing method
Method for forming fine patterns of semiconductor device
Electrophotographic photoconductor, process cartridge including the same, and image forming apparatus including the same
Watch with replaceable decorating element
Waterproof adhesive decal containing an embedded digital clock and thermometer
System and method for switching voltage regulator to reduce ripple in output voltage
USB memory stick with a hinged safety hook
Air duct and computer system with air duct
Electronic device
Network-aware adapter for applications
Display switching apparatus
Scanning system, printing system, service providing system, and control method
Password input device
Display device and method of driving the same
Projection systems for touch input devices
Method for generating digital imaging data, and raster image processor
Image reading system, image reading apparatus, and control methods and programs thereof
Image processing apparatus and method for controlling the apparatus
Conversion of SWF shape definitions for vector graphics rendering
Displaying pie charts in a limited display area
Apparatus and method for path finding in multimodes
Data processing apparatus and associated user interfaces and methods
Evacuation system and escape route indicator therefore
Position tracking and mobility assessment system
Hardware equipment hire cabinet
Copper tracking method by using visual and machine readable markings
System, device and method for providing power outage and restoration notification
Maritime overboard detection and tracking system
System for monitoring component of operating machine
High color saturation light controller and lighting device therefor
Display device and display method
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Power-applying module, backlight assembly, and display apparatus having the same
Multi-screen display device
Mobile terminal, a peeking prevention method and a program for peeking prevention
Synthetic simulation of a media recording
Writing system, writing device, and writing method
Circuits, architectures, apparatuses, systems, algorithms and methods and software for optimum power calibration for optical disc recording
Disk drive spindle motor with core support having angled sloping part of decreased thickness
Technique for optimizing skew in the presence of tape motion
System and method for monitoring fly height of multiple read heads of a data storage device
Variable stopwrite threshold using kurtosis
Vibration detection and control of storage device and storage system
Base plate having filter fixing protrusion for hard disk drive and hard disk drive including the same
Compensating asymmetries of signals using piece-wise linear approximation
Quasi-statically tilted head having dilated transducer pitch
Disk drive component flow fixture
Dynamic buffer size switching for burst errors encountered while reading a magnetic tape
Energy-assisted magnetic recording head and magnetic recording device
Ejecting module for hard disk drives
Photo detecting element, and optical pick-up and disc drive including the same
Method for calibrating a tracking error signal of an optical disk drive
Adaptive power gating and regulation
Information processing system including semiconductor device having self-refresh mode
Output driver circuit and semiconductor storage device
Memory pre-decoder circuits employing pulse latch(es) for reducing memory access times, and related systems and methods
Stimulated emission-based optical detection system
Method for manufacturing conductive adhesive containing one-dimensional conductive nanomaterial
Method and apparatus for activating an electric machine, and electric machine
Push button with cable
Safety isolation systems and methods for switching DC loads
Keys with double-diving-board spring mechanisms
Quenching element, quenching unit, quenching and plugging unit, and switching device
Grid for illumination apparatus
Organic electroluminescent device and illumination apparatus
Compound and organic EL device
Spark plug having a hole for adjustment
Charged particles beam apparatus and charged particles beam apparatus design method
Method of manufacturing light emitting diode
Method of manufacturing solid-state image sensor
Bell jar extraction tool method and apparatus for thin film photovoltaic materials
Passivated emitter rear locally patterned epitaxial solar cell
Method for manufacturing organic solar cell module
Method of processing a semiconductor assembly
Chip on leads
Methods and systems for thermal-based laser processing a multi-material device
All-silicon Raman amplifiers and laser based on micro ring resonators
Method of manufacturing flip chip package
Solution-processed metal-selenide semiconductor using selenium nanoparticles
Method for fabricating a semiconductor component based on GaN
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor wafer manufacturing method, and electronic device
Method of manufacturing a structure based on anisotropic etching, and silicon substrate with etching mask
Method of large-area circuit layout recognition
Patterned dummy wafers loading in batch type CVD
MOSFET gate and source/drain contact metallization
Method for implementing deep trench enabled high current capable bipolar transistor for current switching and output driver applications
Aqua regia and hydrogen peroxide HCl combination to remove Ni and NiPt residues
EEPROM-based, data-oriented combo NVM design
Graphene transistors with self-aligned gates
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including in wafer inductors, related method and design structure
On-chip capacitors with a variable capacitance for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the same
Silicone resin composition, encapsulating layer, reflector, and optical semiconductor device
Power and ground planes in package substrate
E-fuse structures and methods of operating and manufacturing the same
Partially depleted (PD) semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) field effect transistor (FET) structure with a gate-to-body tunnel current region for threshold voltage (Vt) lowering and method of forming the structure
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Thin film transistor comprising oxide semiconductor
Semiconductor device
Gate conductor with a diffusion barrier
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having trench structure
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package for MEMS device and method of manufacturing same
Method and structure for eliminating edge peeling in thin-film photovoltaic absorber materials
Coated nanoparticles and quantum dots for solution-based fabrication of photovoltaic cells
Solid-state image sensing device and electronic apparatus
Dye-sensitized solar cell and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting element, illumination device, and display apparatus
Thermoelectric semiconductor component
Selectively etching of a carbon nano tubes (CNT) polymer matrix on a plastic substructure
Compound and use thereof
Battery pack for an electric powertrain vehicle
Battery module
Electrode assembly and secondary battery using the same
Lead-acid battery design having versatile form factor
Current collector for flexible electrode, method of manufacturing same, and negative electrode including same
Membrane electrode assembly including porous catalyst layer and method of manufacturing the same
Process for the preparation of porous crystalline lithium-, vanadium and phosphate-comprising materials
Process for the preparation of porous crystalline lithium-, vanadium and phosphate-comprising materials
Solid oxide fuel cell with sealed structure
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell stack and fuel cell cogeneration system including the same
Reduced size cavity filters for pico base stations
Antenna with high K backing material
Wireless apparatus
Electronic device with protecting member preventing disassembly during use
Junction box and solar cell array
Securing structure having a housing with a latching patch latching with and pressing a securing member
Battery connector system
Device for coupling an asynchronous motor with an electrical power cable
Docking station
Connecting device for electrical junction boxes
Circuit protection device
Input capacitor protection circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit and protection circuit
Sequence control circuit for power source
Power source connecting device
Retrofitting wireless power and near-field communication in electronic devices
Autoclavable charging device for a rechargeable energy store of a surgical instrument and associated method
Electric motored vehicle and method for controlling electrically charging the same
Motor unit
Power magnetic planetary gear set
Conductive wire unit and generator with closed magnetic path
Magnet powered motor system
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor including the same
Apparatus and method for soft switching in a medium voltage to low voltage converter
Power supply, controller thereof and control method for controlling power supply
Power supply device, control integrated circuit thereof, and method of controlling power supply device
Circuits and methods for controlling power converters including transformers
Primary side voltage control in flyback converter
Inverter device relay-connecting member
Motor control apparatus, valve timing regulating apparatus and inverter circuit energization method
Fan control system
Method and circuit for driving brushless motor and method and circuit for detecting rotational position of brushless motor
Electric motor operation apparatus and method
Motor drive device, timepiece device, and electronic device
Wave powered energy conversion system
Vibrating member, vibrating device, and electronic apparatus
Envelope tracking amplifier
Circuit device, frequency changing circuit, method of testing circuit device, and method of controlling frequency changing circuit
Noise filter
Piezoelectric devices and methods for manufacturing piezoelectric substrates used in such devices
Phase-locked loop runaway detector
Dynamic impedance matching for improved transient performance in a direct current-to-direct current (`DC/DC`) converter for delivering a load to an electrical component
Driver for semiconductor switch element
Stochastic Time-Digital Converter
Control system of an actuator for the actuation of submarine devices
Multi-use input
Method in which a relay allocates carriers on a backhaul link and an access link in a multi-carrier wireless communication system
Enhanced local communications in mobile broadband networks
Voice-data integrated multiaccess by self-reservation and stabilized aloha contention
Method and device for allocating persistent resource in mobile communication system
Method of managing user traffic to prevent aggressive users from abusing network resources
Base station device, mobile station device, and communication control method
Technique for end-to-end admission control of real-time packet flows
Packet network monitoring device
Protocol for secure and energy-efficient reprogramming of wireless multi-hop sensor networks
Relay station, communication system, and communication method
System and method to support secondary channel connection from residential gateway to service provider network
Dynamic error dampening in a network system
Notebook computer having foldable device
Scanning device
Duplex scanning apparatus and sheet-feeding control method thereof
Image forming apparatus, image drawing processing method, software program, and storage medium
Method for scaling channel of an image
Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Video processing apparatus, content providing server, and control method thereof
Robust image alignment for distributed multi-view imaging systems
Delay and lip sync tracker
Imaging using normalized luminance value to display focus state
Camera with volumetric sensor chip
Catadioptric optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Imaging apparatus and method of driving solid-state imaging device
Imaging apparatus, imaging method and computer program
Method and apparatus for color data synthesis in digital image and video capture systems
Methods and systems for user guided automatic exposure control
Method of controlling image capturing based on a distance to an object
Auto-select algorithm for a high-definition multimedia interface switch
Solid-state image pickup device, driving method of solid-state image pickup device, and electronic device
Video display device and external device
Television start speed enhancement
Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, image processing method, and program for processing image data at a plurality of frame rates
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Apparatus and method for configuring screen for video call using facial expression
Time-of-flight based imaging system using a display as illumination source
Method and apparatus for monitoring a region
System and method for the profiling and calibration of film scanners
Blemish detection method
Active energy harvesting for radio-frequency identification devices
Communication device and communication control method
Method for extending battery life in a wireless device
Method for sending an uplink control signal on a wireless communications system and a device therefor
Lighting circuit and luminaire and a method of controlling a lighting circuit
Lighting device with circuit and method for detecting power converter activity
Booster circuit for enhanced induction heating unit, power-supply unit, and image forming apparatus using the same
Wiring board
Three-dimensional circuit board
Electronic device
Structure and method for mounting protection panel with touch input function
Electronic device and frame member
Mounting apparatus for fan
Motor control device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Rotatable connector
Multiple socket electric adapter
Jack with microswitch for distributing digital signals
Locking assembly for securing semiconductor device to carrier substrate
Electrical plug connection, particularly for motor vehicle applications
Latching adapter for installation on a cable connector
Mating/unmating system for electrical connectors
Telecommunications terminal block
Cable connector having strain relief
Self-latching terminal strip
Ring for marking working a voltage of electrical connection element
Multi-axis connectors and electronic devices incorporating same
Patch panel with reverse cordage exit patch cord
Integrated circuit with electrical connection points that can be severed by the action of energy
Electrical terminal module for receiving an edge of a printed circuit board
Bracket for connector
Coaxial connection apparatus and method of attachment
Connector having waterproof structure
Waterproof connector with sealing member
Connector with retainer to prevent excessive deformation of two elastically deformable locking portions
Miniature connector
Bracket having a fixing device and stacked bracket assembly using the same
Connector with conductive elements partially embedded in microwave-absorbing material
Electro magnetic shield connector
Shielded cable and connector assembly
Modular connector with DC decoupling and filtering
Electrical interface panel
Electric outlet assembly with rotary receptacles
Connector system with polarizing key mechanism
Keying system for electrical connectors
Distributor with inline blockshaped inline connector components
Two-position (on-off) actuator with modular connector
Electrical connector having an improved housing with reliable contact receiving cavities
Outboard motor
Marine motor drive assembly
Engine arrangement for small planing watercraft
Induction system for watercraft engine
Accessory drive for direct injected outboard motor
Outboard motor cooling and exhaust system
Transom seal providing independently secure dual sealing to a marine propulsion system
Organic electroluminecent display device suitable for a flat display and method of forming the same
Low-voltage cathode for scrubbing cathodoluminescent layers for field emission displays and method
Low-voltage cathode for scrubbing cathodoluminescent layers for field emission displays and method
Fin structure of balloon
Air bag type brassiere
Jet pump and porting for a pumping-ejection unit
Solenoid controlled valve and variable displacement compressor
Structure for controlling capacity in variable displacement compressor
Swash plate-compressor
Multi-chamber positive displacement pump
Tube pump with flexible tube diaphragm
Electromagnetically suspended and rotated centrifugal pumping apparatus and method
Liquid dispensing systems and methods
Piston pump
Oilers rotary scroll air compressor axial loading support for orbiting member
Hermetic compressor and open compressor
Downhole roller vane motor
Oil-free screw rotor apparatus
Capacity regulating apparatus for compressors
Apparatus for producing a solid magnet roller using a movable mold
Removable lampshade drape
Attachable vehicle warning light
Head lamp for vehicle
Spring clip for a vehicle light holder ring
Compact illumination device using optical fibers
Waterproof system for delivering light to a light guide
Back vented barrel for an extruding assembly
Mixing method of powdered or granular material utilizing pulsating vibration air
Prepackaged liquid bone cement dispenser
Jig suitable for mounting in a paint shaker
Soft decision estimation unit and maximum-likelihood sequence estimation unit
Microwave apparatus and method for achieving accurate weight measurements
Behind the brick thermocouple
Multiple examination arrangement with a number of imaging systems
Apparatus for solid state digital imager tracking radiography
Support system for a radiation treatment apparatus
Spine phantom simulating cortical and trabecular bone for calibration of dual energy x-ray bone densitometers
Method and apparatus for filling trash bags
Woven polypropylene bulk bag with polypropylene lining or liner and process for manufacturing same
Two Axis stage with arcuate surface bearings
Fluid sealing device for use with a motor for rotating a disc drive
Long-lived rotary ball bearing for reciprocating applications and method of lubricating same
Steering bearing assembly for wheeled vehicle
Enclosure for optical subassembly having mechanical alignment features
Optical fiber connector
Connector for optical waveguides
Fiber optic connector with micro-alignable lenses and associated fabrication method
Optical fiber connections
Optical transmission system
Small form factor optoelectronic transceivers
Thermal film camera with processing
Apparatus for treating surface of boards
Substrate carrier and printhead mounting for printer
Apparatus for cutting-recording medium
Tape printing apparatus and method
Rack and pinion medium roll support
Rotary cutter apparatus for printer with full and partial cutting modes
Sheet receiving/stacking device, and image forming apparatus having the same
Fluid applicators
Bottle and brush combination
Ballpoint pen refill
Direct-feed type writing implement
Connecting piece
Pivotally extensible display device
Pivot connector for a foldable stroller frame
Quick coupling arrangement for a telescopic shaft
Ball-and-socket joint
Rotation mechanism including rotation shaft and fixed member with welding structure, and producing method of the same
Coupling device for a vehicle
Powered inertia propelled screed apparatus
Manually operated, walk-behind, roadway roller
Segment for intake tunnels
Tamping rammer
Roof bolting apparatus
Method for ejecting ground improving grout into ground
Method and apparatus for refurbishing a gas turbine airfoil
Fixed support for voice coil motor
Multipart dowel for a removable anchor
Fastener retention apparatus
Anti-loosening fastener
Fastener with recessed head and head insert
Wood screw having a head with side ridges
Container body for recyclable refuse collection vehicle
Harvest bin
Combined pushing mechanism and dead plate for stacker accumulation tray
Feed pump
Axial fan skip-stall
Multiple type vacuum pump
Heat shield for a gas turbine
Turbo machines
Steam turbine
Labyrinth sealing device, and fluid machine providing the same
Rotary machine containing a brush seal
Turbine inlet scroll
Steam turbine jointed stationary blade
Superalloy weld composition and repaired turbine engine component
Molded cooling fan
Blade attachment configuration
Elliptical propeller and windmill blade assembly
Method of manufacturing an ink container
Adsorbent for ink jet use, an ink retaining container, an adsorption member using such adsorbent, an ink supply system having such adsorption member, and an ink jet recording apparatus
Method for recycling ink cartridge used for recording apparatus
Ink container configured to establish reliable electrical connection with a receiving station
Fast drying ink jet ink compositions for capping ink jet printer nozzles
Oil-based ink for electrostatic type ink jet process
Enclosed spring bridge mechanism for clip-on sunglasses
Eyeglass frame
Method for the design of multifocal optical elements
Method and device for autostereoscopy
Moving screen projection technique for volumetric three-dimensional display
Image projection system with light reflector
Vehicle control system and method
Shock-absorbing, collapsible glare shield for computer screens and method of use
Automatically adjustable passenger mirror assembly for a trailered vehicle having a mirror position feedback and position correction device
Catoptric reduction projection optical system and exposure apparatus and method using same
Mirror mounting assembly with biaxial adjustability
Rear mounted mirror assembly for motor vehicles
Lockable dispensing head and dispenser equipped therewith
Discrete liquid transport and discharge apparatus and method
Dispensing systems
Pump intended to be fitted to a container
Method and apparatus for dispensing viscous material
Coffee system with self-sealing coffee pot
Apparatus for handling and texturizing yarn having enhanced false twister, electro-mechanical yarn detector, and yarn take-up distance extender and associated methods
Forwarding a rod for use in welding by high pressure injection
Staple or nail gun assembly, cap feeding device for staple or nail gun, and cap assembly
Endoscopic stapler
Bonding apparatus and method
Flip-chip bonding method and apparatus
Method for examining bonded-metal by ultrasonic examination
Friction stir welding machine and method
Ball arrangement method and arrangement apparatus
Bump bonding apparatus and method
Method of providing wear-resistant coatings, and related articles
Party tray carrier
Heavy duty article carrier
Sealant layer for container lid
Hinged-lid box for cigarettes
Displayable produce container and method for making the same
Tray-type receptacle for use in a packaging method for perishable food products
Access opening closure device
Financial transaction processing system and method
Method and apparatus for cryogenic storage of thermolabile products
Information recording-reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording digital information in two-dimensional pattern, carrier of digital information recorded thereby, and a method and apparatus for decoding such digital information
Material strip with arranged groups of dark and light areas
Directionally controlled EHD aerosol sprayer
Method and apparatus for spraying trees, plants, etc
Injector for fuel injector systems
Tar heating and spraying apparatus
Lawn sprinkler system
Watering container with a rotatable nozzle having a plurality of water delivery patterns
Sealing arrangement for air assist fuel injectors
Drip irrigation lines
Continuously adjustable water flow control apparatus
Post electrical plug assembly
Injector for supplying fuel
Pulper cone assembly for handling slabs of reel broke baled pulp and the like
Textile tube
Lightweight video cassette
Tape cassette
Seat belt webbing energy management device
Spring loaded cord holder
Counter-top paper towel holder
Method and apparatus for monitoring winding density in producing random-wound yarn packages
Toilet tissue dispenser
Dispenser for multiple rolls of sheet material
Warning tape dispenser and carrier
Turning bar apparatus
Space vehicular fly-by guidance method
Multi spectral imaging ladar
Helicopter two stage main reduction gearbox
Pressure stabilized inflated air transport vehicle
Quick Change system and method for converting an aircraft from a cargo mode to a passenger mode and vice versa
Free fall payload distribution device and method
Vortex generation for control of the air flow along the surface of an airfoil
Switch mounting bracket
Paper holder
Refrigerator magnet
Pneumatic container holder
Apparatus for supporting an ornamental article relative to an object
Grip clip
Fishing rod holder
Device for retaining supports for plants in a container
Eyeglass display rack and tray therefor
Valve seating control device with variable area orifice
Electromagnetically actuatable valve
Gate valve
Ball valve
Extended stem globe valve
Demolition-leverage tool
Self-translating stake puller
Post pulling apparatus
Double positive release snowmobile jack
Device for facilitating threading of electrical cable through a pipe
Portable injection-casing extractor
Swivel jack assembly
Bumper system for limiting the mobility of a wheeled device
Tamper resistant device for engine adjuster
Needle valve carburetor
Vibration isolation mount
Full face pad
Vacuum tightening system
Apparatus and method for securing an item to a cover of printed material
Sheet treating apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Sheet stacking tray with stacking guides system for a wide range of sheet sizes
Apparatus for varying the speed of copies
Sheet diverter for collating signatures and a method thereof
Media storage system for automated banking machine
Game table
Combination dice, card and roulette gambling game
Modified blackjack wagering game and table layout for playing same
Election process card game, teaching aid and method for playing the same
Method of playing a wild card game and related deck of cards
Sealing device and process for sealing a moving surface with the sealing device
Brush-hair seal with a front plate and a bearing plate
Stuffing box seal assembly
Compliant high temperature seals for dissimilar materials
Sealing assembly for two mechanical members connected for relative rotation, in particular for two rings of a rolling bearing
Sealing device
Anti-extrusion seal
Connector assembly for a surgical saw blade
Chuck structure with locking and positioning functions
Tool system that can be coupled to a lathe drive shaft
Elements for a magnetic tool holder system
Rod gripping jaw
Rotatable snowboard boot binding
Folding stroller
Method for locating a drill bit when drilling out cementing equipment from a wellbore
Treatment for shut-in gas well
Methods of completing unconsolidated subterranean producing zones
Gravel pack isolation system
Surfactant compositions and uses therefor
Safety valve utilizing an isolation valve and method of using the same
Apparatus and method for remotely installing shoulder in subsea wellhead
Tubing hanger and tree with horizontal flow and annulus ports
Method for installing a water well pump
Apparatus and method for inflating packers in a drilling well
Positioning and conveying well apparatus and method
Flow control and isolation in a wellbore
Extreme service packer having slip actuated debris barrier
Signalling portable pressurized equipment assembly
Edging blade for powered landscaping edgers
Agricultural ground working implement with hydraulic downpressure circuit
Method for predicting quantitative values of a rock or fluid property in a reservoir using seismic data
Device for the transmission and distribution of the vibration and stress exerted on objects by a vibrator to drive them into the ground
Rotary drag bit with enhanced hydraulic and stabilization characteristics
Drag-bit drilling with multi-axial tooth inserts
Polycrystal diamond tool
Power assisted vehicle
Hybrid powered vehicle
Device and method for removing heat energy from a compartment
Air cushion transport vehicle and method for controlling same
Personal mobility vehicles and methods
Snow vehicle
Steering axle for vehicular hydraustatic drive system
Acoustically insulated flexible tube assembly for stethoscopes
High-performance muffler
Pulsation damper
Bridge platform
Support structure for suspending a work surface below a girder
Elevator apparatus with hoisting machine beneath elevator car
Auxiliary safety lift device for the cab of an elevator
Brake pad wear sensor
Guide supports of bicycle brake shoes
Stiffening bracket for brake calipers
Brake squeal attenuator apparatus and method
Drum brake device
Brake unit
Brake shoe mounting system
Linear-acting controllable pneumatic actuator and motion control apparatus including a field responsive medium and control method therefor
Towable carrying case
Electromagnetic clutch with asymmetric spoke patterns
One-way clutch integrated with a rolling bearing
Torque transmission unit
Friction clutch with wear take-up device provided with resetting means and tool adapted to reset said device
Roller track for the transport or storage of goods supported thereon
Coin handling device
Self propelled backfilling apparatus with controllable steering of material stream
Aligning device for containers of various shapes
Method and apparatus for rotating rotationally symmetrical containers, such as bottles, while transporting them under backup pressure
Apparatus for correcting the position of flat objects conveyed in an overlapping stream
Safety coupling for in-line indexer
Method and device for conveying individually held products
Apparatus and method for the controlled lubrication and cleaning of conveyors
Conveyor system for plants
Fold-over conveyor assembly
Conveyor control system employing zone control module
Palette system
Salad container having insert chamber
Brush implement
Packaging carton for a luminaire
Protective shipping container for flowers
Package, packing method and transporting method for brittle sheets
Apparatus for aiding the layout and editing of items of sheet material
Suspension and retention packaging structures and methods for forming same
Belt tracking for magnetic roll separator
Screen support strip for use in vibratory screening apparatus
Swimming pool cleaning tool
Bicycle display rack
In-store rear loadable display array
Holder for backpack type blower
Clothes container support frame structure adapted to hold a clothes container in a wardrobe
Open frame shelf assembly
Display rack
Modular shelves systems
Merchandise display with interlocking panels
Baby bottle nipple cover
Reusable closure system
Combined merchandise container and display device
Safety device in opening arrangements for packaging containers
Container sealing assembly
Transporting device for beer kegs and propane tanks
Ticket counting dispenser
Vertical stack retainer for vending machines
Rolled coin dispenser
Prescription cap with transparent daily dosage compartment
Method and apparatus for depositing a food product
External metering valve for a fuel cell
Squeezeable container assembly
Bulk fountain syrup delivery and storage system
Bag tube and method for producing a deformable receptacle
Dispensing container with a sliding valve and a tamper-proof device
Bowstring release device
Indoor/outdoor heating and cooling system
Burn prevention screen for use with an outdoor cooking grill
Stove, heater and lantern
Combination collapsible barbecue grill and folding table
Oven door latch assembly
Modular solar tracking frame
System for collimating and concentrating direct and diffused radiation
System and method for application of medicament into the nasal passage
Dual air passage snorkle
Protective hood with integrated externally adjustable nose clip
Interlock arrangement for evaporators in an anesthesia apparatus
Apparatus for supplying breathable gas
Rebreather system with optimal PO2 determination
Apparatus and method for forming oxygen-enriched gas and compression thereof for high-pressure mobile storage utilization
Spermicidal and viricidal compositions
Evacuating surgical drape support
Dental protector against bruxism
Attachable ear plugs
Device for inducing a prompt recovery from hiccoughs
Apparatus for making filter cigarettes
Tobacco smoke filter
Hair fashion accessory
Fingernail protection device
Nail file including inner and outer helical springs
Fingernail stimulator and method for use thereof
Low odor permanent waving compositions containing a disulfide
Cosmetic case
Dental floss dispenser
Apparatus for automatic application of compositions to the skin
Rotary liquid diverter for industrial parts washer
Umbrella with telescoping tubes, tube latching means with spring urgency, and fabric cover that hides the latch when cover is closed
Simplified flat top umbrella with one-piece umbrella cloth
Attachment for a walker
Portable structure
Bi-directional rotary output actuator
Pulse sensing feedback control system
Method and apparatus for detection of orifice clogging in pressure-type flow rate controllers
System and method of plumbing installation
Valve assembly including gearbox
Fuel tank
Device and method for using centripetal acceleration to device fluid movement on a microfluidics system
Water faucet control valve
Steam valve
Fuel tank valve with internal fuel tank vent tube
Pressure regulating tire valve and core
Auto-switching gas delivery system utilizing sub-atmospheric pressure gas supply vessels
Cementing head valve manifold
Building blocks for integrated gas panel
Supersonic gas flow device incorporating a compact supersonic diffuser
Two-stage servo gas pressure regulator module
Vehicle fuel system
Valve assembly
Valve and arrangement for fire suppression system
Automatic dry release valve coupling
Coupling device
Solenoid-valve manifold with feeding mechanism
Hose assembly / and method for making same
Flexible hose of multilayer plastics material
Flexible connector with improved braided sheathing
Antistatic tube based on polyamides for transporting petrol
Spring connection device and assembly in a jacquard harness
Four-layer seamed press fabric
Machine for continuous wire stringing on successive poles
Cable tie installation tool
Sand level sensing and distribution apparatus
Apparatus and method for carrying out flow through chemistry of multiple mixtures
Apparatus and method for filling an ampule of a needle-less injector
Process for mixing, diluting and dispensing water dilutable formulations of insecticides utilizing an injector system
Installation for the treatment of at least one fluid, by passage through two adjacent masses of material
Reduced volatile emissions pneumatic aerosol can filling machine
System for dispensing liquid hydrocarbons fitted with a vapor recovery means
Site fueling vapor recovery emission management system
Secondary containment cap apparatus for attachment to a primary chlorine container
Apparatus and method for removing and replacing vehicular hydraulic fluid while flushing the hydraulic system
Automated precision liquid metering apparatus using injectors as metering devices
Diesel fuel nozzle restrictor
Automatically closing tank cap
Self-triggering inflatable balloon device and valve therefor having an improved puncture stake
Device for supporting a receptacle in a cantilevered-out position
Vehicle tire including conductive rubber
Pneumatic tire
Pneumatic tires with cable bead core
Disk label positioning structure
Tape dispenser system
Carpet seaming tool
Modular roll-up partition system with tension adjustment mechanism
Retaining device for decoration articles attached to ends of suspension rod of venetian blind
Window covering with artificial creases and method of manufacturing same
Control drum with adjustable friction
Venetian type blind having length adjustable bottomrail
Method for casting a co-polarized diplexer
Casting having an enhanced heat transfer surface, and mold and pattern for forming same
Plunger for a pressing furnace
Multi-layer heat exchange bed containing structured media and randomly packed media
Engagement structure of a fan
Cooling an engine control unit
Heat exchanger
Integrated circuit heat pipe heat spreader with through mounting holes
Condenser assembly structure
Pipe with ribs on its inner surface forming a multiple thread and steam generator for using the pipe
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger as heat exchanger in heating installations or engine radiator of motor vehicles
Louvered plastic heat exchanger
One trip milling system
Mechanism for dropping a plurality of balls into tubulars used in drilling, completion and workover of oil, gas and geothermal wells
Measurement port coupler for use in a borehole monitoring system
Method and apparatus for washing subsea drilling rig equipment and retrieving wear bushings
Inflatable plug assembly for borehole
Apparatus and method for communicating with devices positioned outside a liner in a wellbore
Method of obtaining improved geophysical information about earth formations
Variable mechanism for mounting angle housed gyro-sensor and method of mounting variable mechanism for mounting angle
Device in linear actuators
Gear shifting device
Driving device for a vehicle-tank filler neck
Gear arrangement, especially for a double screw extruder
Retractable gearshift lever
Device for relative movement of two elements
Medical imaging instrument positioning device
Locking apparatus
Push button cable actuator
Adjustment and assembly system for mechanical cable remote control
Cam-guided adjustable pedal actuator assembly
Shift lever apparatus
Flywheel assembly and a torque converter
Nail-starting hammer head
Positioning device for power-driven fastener
Ratchet wheel with asymmetric arcuate concave teeth or non-arcuate concave teeth and socket wrench with such ratchet wheel
Ratchet wrench with force balanced pawl
Nut and bolt starter having improved versatility
Actuating tool
Method and apparatus for servicing an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for feeding shaped bar stock
Method and apparatus for increasing the productivity of CNC machine tools
Pneumatic bar feeding apparatus for automatically feeding a plurality of bar stocks to a lathe or the like device
Machine spindle
Method for trimming the exposed lateral edges of printed bound documents conveyed individually or in quires and apparatus for carrying out the method
Process of producing a propellant charge igniter
Gun noise and recoil suppressor
Utility vehicle for rescue and defense
Output push rod and spring retainer
Arrangement for the supply of pressure medium to a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder
Filling depositor for ravioli machines
Rotary food processor
Knotter reset arm relief mechanism
Machine for the security printing of security papers
Stencil printing machine and the method thereof
Offset printer having power transmission shut off mechanism
Apparatus and method for adjusting skew in a printing press dampener
Method and device for engraving impression cyclinders
Sheet-fed printing machine
Ink refillable stamp
Detonator for a pyrotechnical gas generator and gas generator
Integrated circuit configuration for heating ignition material, and trigger assembly with the integrated circuit configuration
Self destruct fuze with improved slide assembly
Explosion-suppressing structure
Packaged explosive product and packaging process therefor
Non-lethal projectile with fine grain solid in elastic infrangible envelope
Protective shutter system for energy source
Method and apparatus for detecting printing status of print head
Open jet compensation during multi-pass printing
Ink jet recording head and method producing the same
Marking materials and marking processes therewith
Method and apparatus for automatically correcting the fire timing of a printhead carrier due to linear encoder velocity errors
Transaction printing device having wiper debris collectors
Ink supply system for ink jet printhead
Printing apparatus and printing method using multiple nozzle groups
Liquid discharging head, liquid discharging apparatus and printing system
Ink-jet textile printing method and apparatus therefor
Recording apparatus, recording method and control method for recording with reduced drive load
Method and apparatus for expanded color space in acoustic ink printing
Performance optimization of monochrome pages in a color printing system
Ink jet printheads
Liquid level control in an acoustic droplet emitter
Inkjet printer nozzle plate
Electrode type print head for printing apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for transferring information between a printer portion and a replaceable printing component
Illuminated pointer with tubular shaft
Radiating direction control unit of lighting device for vehicle use
Hair barrette mount for electro-luminescent light and retroreflective material
Apparatus for simulating flames
Decorative ceiling fan assembly
Display case with lens lighting system
Portable safety device
Electroluminescent night light and air freshener unit
Decoration lamp holder
Lamp knitting structure on netted lamp matrices
Vehicle brake control system
Method and apparatus for controlling the brake system of a vehicle
Kneeling apparatus
Multiple use hand trucks fitted with detachable bottled water carrier tray and methods of their construction and use
Skateboard foot brake
Camber adjustment arrangement
Roll stabilization mechanisms in vehicular suspension systems
Modular suspension beam
System and method for swing restriction of rear axle of industrial vehicle
Double wishbone suspension
Vehicle with swivel control of casters for enabling rider or external steering
Positioning device adapted to position a rear frame of a foldable bicycle relative to a front frame when the foldable bicycle is folded
Method and apparatus for modifying a truck with a fifth wheel
Force-sensing fifth wheel
Trailer tongue extension apparatus
Strengthening rib
Snowboard boot
Snowboard step-in binding
Convertible wheelchair
Foldable golf cart
Air bag device
Deflection tab baseplate for an airbag inflator
Gas bag for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Structure for placement of head protecting air bag body
Protection system against lateral collisions for vehicle occupants
Vehicle glove box assembly having knee restraint capabilities
Occupant detection system
Distributed occupant protection system and method with cooperative central and distributed protection module actuation control
Golf cart screen
Steering control method and apparatus
Attachment structure of a seat belt system
Centering cuts or tabs for binder frames
Document made fraud-proof by an irreversibly distortable weakening pattern
Irrigation pipe system
Union fitting replacement nut
Self-locking coupling device
Coupling unit for membrane elements
Sealing ring/sealing nut
Coupling for plain end pipe
Quick-connect hose end couplings
Pipe connector system with interchangeable connector assemblies
Bi-directional handle and latch assembly
Battery lock mechanism for portable device
Electric safeguard door lock
Latch-and-bolt lock with simultaneous closure actuation of bolt and latch
Easy-to-install door lock with improved anti-torque effect for outside rose assembly
Self-locking telescope device
Conveyance arm device
Sports ball retrieval and storage device having molded one-piece tapered receptacle with pivotal lid and support members
Transport and/or collection device made of molded plastics material and including an identity device, and a method of manufacture
Jaw tips and jaw tip assemblies for parts grippers
Load restraining vehicular barrier device
Pickup bed ballast assembly
Cargo restraining gate assembly and method
Vibration-damping, noise-reducing, heat-shielding vehicle trim
Sun visor assembly having a rounded edge
Printing system that utilizes continuous and non-continuous firing frequencies
Apparatus and method for correcting carriage velocity induced ink drop positional errors
Method for controlling the over-energy applied to an inkjet print cartridge using dynamic pulse width adjustment based on printhead temperature
Printing apparatus, method of printing, and recording medium
Ink-jet apparatus and method of estimating and controlling temperature of ink-jet head thereof
Front structure in a vehicle
Hydroformed space frame joints therefor
Foldable beach chair
Bicycle seat with weight distributed for avoidance of vascular injury
Thrust and rock vehicle seat
Chair having a seat that is adjustable in a height and width
Revolving seat, in particular for a rail vehicle
Seating unit with adjustable armrest
Seat having a three-dimensional net
Straddle type vehicle seat
Seatbelt chest protector
Control system for controlling the position of a dump truck tailgate
Device for picking bristle-like fill materials
Lightweight motorcycle wheel
Composite wheel cover
Railway car braking system including piezoelectric pilot valve and associated methods
Reversible cover for trucks, trailers, and other vehicles
Convertible vehicle
Insulating layer secured to struts by connecting elements in a motor vehicle folding convertible top
Vehicle door
Human Necessities
Mounting bracket for a tongueless drawer guide
Performing Operations; Transporting
Screw with compound recesses
Recording head and recording apparatus using the same
Thermal actuated ink jet printing mechanism
Electrostatic ink-jet printer
Ink cartridge
Inkjet ink level detection
Valve unit in ink supply channel of ink-jet recording apparatus, ink cartridge using the valve unit, ink supply needle and method of producing the valve unit
Lighted check holder device
Door reinforcement device
Integral door inner reinforcement
Cover apparatus
Meter for vehicle
Head rest device for vehicles
Multi-level expandable trailer
Impact energy absorbing structure for upper part of body of motor vehicle and energy absorber
Apparatus for permitting pass-through between vehicle compartment and trunk room
Pressure-adjusting reservoir for ABS and vehicle brake device using the same
Device for detecting vehicle speed of four-wheeled vehicles for use in ABS
Load-dependent brake-power regulator
Control valve for a hydraulic control unit of vehicular brake systems
Transshipment system
Fixed Constructions
Multi-tier parking lot for vehicles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and systems for detecting the presence of a gas in a pump and preventing a gas from being pumped from a pump
Compressor with control and protection system
Multiple pitch threaded fastener apparatus
Damping force control type hydraulic shock absorber
Structure for decorative lighting string
Roadway luminaire
Hidden viewfinder for camera
Camera having a barrier
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