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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plastic plant pot
Impact shock absorbing material
Adjustable helmet and related method of use
Dual zipper boot construction method and system
Footwear with retractable spikes
Removable pull fascia
Bed with overlapping barriers
Electric household appliance comprising a base for the generation of steam, having a removable tank
Wringer for mops and the like with device for filtering the washing water
Rack and pinion roller mop
Vacuum cleaner comprising a first and second lid
Suction cleaning apparatus
Method and device for determination of arrhythmia rate zone thresholds using a probability function
System providing visualization of magnetic field intensity variation
System and method for positioning dental digital X-ray apparatus
Electric toothbrush
Display for urn or casket
Hospital bed with retractable mattress section and removable bed pan
Automatic data transmission rate adjustment
Implantable electrode device
Implantable medical device with integrated acoustic transducer
Classification of supraventricular and ventricular cardiac rhythms using cross channel timing algorithm
Method and apparatus for using heart rate variability to control maximum tracking rate in pacing therapy
Implantable medical device for generating cardiac pressure-volume loop and optimizing therapy
Method for monitoring end of life for battery
Performing Operations; Transporting
Auger with tentacles
Automatic cleaning air idler
Methods and systems for forming slots in a semiconductor substrate
Door construction
Wiper device for vehicle
Vehicle and nonlinear control method for vehicle
Active sterilization zone for container filling
Textiles; Paper
Synthetic rope formed of blend fibers
Method for eliminating foam in a drum washing machine and drum washing machine suitable therefor
Process for accelerated wetting of laundry in a drum washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Toilet plunger cleaning system
Anchor for mounting in cover panels
In-ground storm shelter
Vinyl siding outside corner mounting block
Veneers for walls, retaining walls and the like
Drywall and cladding construction system
Interlocking building system
Wind turbine tower and system and method for fabricating the same
Removable highly secured high impact wall panels mounting system
Building-integrated solar-panel roof element systems
Checker-equipped door hinge device for use in vehicle
Frame construction for a fenestration
Intumescent weatherseal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for controlling catalytic processes, including catalyst regeneration and soot elimination
Temperature raising system for an exhaust gas purification catalyst
System for controlling the temperature of a fluid additive in a motor vehicle
Systems and methods for layered regeneration of a particulate matter filter
Exhaust gas aftertreatment system
Multi-stage turbocharging system with thermal bypass
Gas turbine engine having a nacelle and a breather duct
Clip connection
Light-emitting and less-than-lethal-agent-emitting apparatus
Internal light for hand gun
Droop-resistant stems and adapters for boresighting weapons
Pivot mount for firearm sighting devices and accessories
Integral magnetic compass for establishing deviations in real time
Vehicular navigation system
Navigation system for vehicle
Energy source monitoring and control system
Communication apparatus, control method, and computer readable information recording medium
Scan chain extracting method, test apparatus, circuit device, and scan chain extracting program
Zoom lens and image taking system having the same
Lens assembly having movable lens
Three-dimensional optical waveguide, method of manufacturing same, optical module, and optical transmission system
Beam apodization for a planar solid immersion mirror
Imaging apparatus
Lens barrel, camera, and mobile information terminal
Optical apparatus with dust reduction capability
Optical image stabilizer
Image pickup terminal
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Developer container, developer supply device, and image forming apparatus
Fixing member, fixing device and image forming apparatus
System and method for positioning one or more stripper fingers (in a fusing system) relative to an image
Performance data mining based on real time analysis of sensor data
System and method for configuring a microcontroller clock system
System for a memory device having a power down mode and method
Hardware-efficient phase-to-amplitude mapping design for direct digital frequency synthesizers
Apparatus comprising a portable electronic appliance and a data input appliance
Electronic equipment with independent power supply unit
Dynamic power control for reduced voltage level of graphics controller component of memory controller based on its degree of idleness
Detection of corrupted memory pointers within a packet-processing device
Information processing device, failure notification method, and computer product
Information processing method, apparatus, and information processing program
Disk array system
Supporting multiple versions of a routine
Non-volatile memory having multiple erase operations
Memory controller for non-homogeneous memory system
Exclusive ownership snoop filter
Software application software architecture and method for the construction of software applications especially for measuring systems
Automated adaptive computer support system generating problem solutions having confidence levels used to determine whether human expert intervention is required
Method for delivering interrupts to user mode drivers
Procedure and device for programming a DMA controller in which a translated physical address is stored in a buffer register of the address processing unit and then applied to the data bus and stored in a register of the DMA controller
User interface for accessing presentations
Onboard trip computer for emissions subject to reduction credits
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for determining whether to reproduce chart images calculated from a workbook
Conditional execution using an efficient processor flag
Updating machines while disconnected from an update source
Verification method of manufacturer and model for remote diagnostics, maintenance and control system over SNMP
Virtual connectivity with local connection translation
Federated multiprotocol communication
Method and system for footprint minimized, HTML/HTTP-based systems for Java-based embedded device management applications
Method for computer network operation providing basis for usage fees
Sending notifications to auxiliary displays
Communication device having transmitting and receiving units supports RDMA communication
Server system for performing communication over wireless network
Network address translation gateway for networks using non-translatable port addresses
E-mail forwarding system having archival database
Systems and methods for locating mobile computer users in a wireless network
System and method for synchronizing copies of data in a computer system
System and method for sorting e-mail
Processor composed of memory nodes that execute memory access instructions and cooperate with execution nodes to execute function instructions
Global server load balancing
System and method for providing multiple virtual host channel adapters using virtual switches
Method for tunable inter domain egress selection
Web service
Monitoring device having a memory containing data representing access information configured to be used by multiple implementations of protocol access functions to extract information from networked devices
Downloadable code in a distributed process control system
Reuseable high level graphical user interface template
Conversion of structured documents
Automatic digital image grouping using criteria based on image metadata and spatial information
Method and system for automated simulation of dynamic URL-based Web application
Constant pitch variable speed audio decoding
Information apparatus, cost management method, and cost management system for information apparatus
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Look-ahead document ranking system
Document display system and method
Sampling messages from a data feed
Method and apparatus for efficient management of XML documents
Positionally encoded document image analysis and labeling
System and method providing utility-based decision making about clarification dialog given communicative uncertainty
Information retrieving apparatus
Portable terminal, method for inputting the information, method and apparatus for dictionary retrieval and medium
Topic distillation via subsite retrieval
Smart integration engine and metadata-oriented architecture for automatic EII and business integration
User interface for establishing a filtering engine
Knowledge base system for an equipment market
Adjustments to relational chart of accounts
Resource handling for taking permissions
Automated logical database design tuning
Query interface to policy server
Indexing and ranking processes for directory assistance services
Information processing apparatus, system and method, and recording medium
Method and system for collection, analysis, and display of semiconductor manufacturing information
Method and system for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment determination
Method and apparatus for predicting destinations in a navigation context based upon observed usage patterns
Apparatus and methods for modeling power characteristics of electronic circuitry
Method for generation, placement, and routing of test structures in test chips
Apparatus and methods for creating sketch-based eggcrate substructures for composite parts
Systems and methods for new time series model probabilistic ARMA
Server recording and client playback of computer network characteristics
Method for characterizing and analyzing 3-D shapes of molecules utilizing steric multiplets
Method of determining condition of a turbine blade, and utilizing the collected information for estimation of the lifetime of the blade
Device for detecting positions of object
Systems and methods for licensing one or more data streams from an encoded digital media file
Virus scanner system and method with integrated spyware detection capabilities
System for secure communication
Image processing system, scanner, and terminal apparatus
Offline caching of control transactions for storage devices
I/O hub resident cache line monitor and device register update
Interface and related methods for reducing source accesses in a development system
Dynamic buffer size allocation for multiplexed streaming
Multithreading with concurrency domains
Coordinating reference counting between entities executing within separate address spaces
Program episodes recording
Effecting a processor operating mode change to execute device code
System and method for visualizing the temporal evolution of object metadata
Constructing user interfaces on top of cmdlets
Method for graphical presentation of objects and technical processes on a screen and computer program product used for this purpose
Graphical user interface for 3-D in-vivo imaging
Method and apparatus for application window grouping and management
Enhanced on-object context menus
System and method for brokering information between a plurality of commercially distinct clients
Phrase-based personalization of searches in an information retrieval system
Business intelligent architecture system and method
User-localizable hierarchical lists
Spooling strategies using structured job information
IMX session control and authentication
Interrupt control apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for efficient loading and storing of vectors
Digital signal processor
Method and system for transferring data in a storage operation
Method and apparatus for on demand debugging, tracing, and logging of applications
Systems and methods for creating and providing templates in a single file
Method for determining code coverage
Method of configuring managed entities in a communications network using configuration templates
Compiler-scheduled CPU functional testing
Redistribution of parts in a distribution network
Live set transmission in pipelining applications
System and method for modifying user memory from an arbitrary kernel state
Systems and methods for sending coordinated notifications
Vehicle control information conveyance structure, vehicle control device using the conveyance structure, and vehicle control simulator using the conveyance structure
Detection of objects in an image using color analysis
Marker-free motion capture apparatus and method for correcting tracking error
Stroke localization and binding to electronic document
Image capturing apparatus for palm authentication
Method for determining organ-dependent parameters for image post-processing and image processing device
Method of an image processor for transforming a n-bit data packet to a m-bit data packet using a lookup table
Spatial motion recognition system and method using a virtual handwriting plane
User interface method and apparatus, and computer program
Method and device for forming a compressed transcoded digital image signal
Optical image system surface resolution calibration method
Image data processing circuit and image processing apparatus including transfer control section for selective operation of transfer section
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Lossless adaptive Golomb/Rice encoding and decoding of integer data using backward-adaptive rules
Systems and methods for pagination using variable page dimensions
Perturbing latent semantic indexing spaces
Method and system for providing auctions to win with a lowest bid
Providing automated gift registry functionality to assist a user in purchasing an item for a recipient
Method for circulating an electronic gift certificate in online and offline system
Method of and system for analyzing, modeling and valuing elements of a business enterprise
Electronic financial assistant
System and method for displaying money management information in an electronic trading environment
Electronic money settlement method using mobile communication terminal
Method and system for assisting in the identification of merchants at which payment accounts have been compromised
Methods and systems for online transaction processing
Advertising revenue sharing
Method of performing weighted round-robin queue scheduling using a dynamic link list and structure for implementing same
RFID tag holder
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for associating dynamic sound content with a web page in a browser
Automatic insertion of non-verbalized punctuation
Synthesis subband filter process and apparatus
Apparatus and method for robust classification of audio signals, and method for establishing and operating an audio-signal database, as well as computer program
Disk loading apparatus with cartridge urging member operating cooperatively with disk rotating unit transverse holder
Magnetoresistive sensor having shape enhanced pinning, a flux guide structure and damage free virtual edges
Method to reduce servo pattern runout on a prewritten disc
Optical element, optical head, optical recording reproducing apparatus and optical recording/reproducing method
Method, medium, and device changing a play mode
Optical head having a beam input/output coupler on a planar waveguide
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Optical recording medium and a method for testing the same
Address-information recording method and apparatus, and optical recording medium
Memory device including a programmable resistance element
Variable resistance memory device
Nonvolatile memory element
Semiconductor memory device using only single-channel transistor to apply voltage to selected word line
Discharge circuit for a word-erasable flash memory device
Method for programming a multilevel memory
Readout of multi-level storage cells
Parallel threshold voltage margin search for MLC memory application
Method and apparatus to lower operating voltages for memory arrays using error correcting codes
Semiconductor memory device and refresh method for the same
Medical data communication interface monitoring system
Method for converting a mechanical engagement interface to a magnetic engagement interface
Capacitor device
Method for assembling camera module
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser
Surface-emitting laser, method for manufacturing surface-emitting laser, device and electronic apparatus
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Device for receiving series data
Clock data recovery loop with separate proportional path
Method and apparatus of encoding and decoding data using low density parity check code in a wireless communication system
Frequency hopping communication system
DSSS and OFDM two-way waiting reception method and wireless LAN apparatus
Parameter estimator with dynamically variable integration time
Adaptive predistortion method and arrangement
Transmission method, transmitter, reception method, and receiver
Intelligent wireless device mode changing device and method
Method and system to improve the transport of compressed video data
Prediction-based directional fractional pixel motion estimation for video coding
Nonlinear precoding in code-division multiple access communication system
Modulation scheme for tedons
Optical transmission device for controlling optical level of transmission signal in optical transmission system
Nonlinear device detection
Employing different signal thresholds based on type of information transmitted
Data communication apparatus functioning as ID tag and ID-tag reader and writer
Method and apparatus for dual mode power control
Determination of the positions of mobile communication terminals with the aid of navigation data of various origins
System and method for distributed channelized group formation in a mobile wireless communication network
Communications interface device for receiving digital signals
Method and system for protocol feature communication
Broadband modulation/demodulation apparatus and a method thereof
Varying early-late spacing in a delay locked loop
Technique for dynamic bin allocation
Home phone line networking enhancements for multiple dwelling unit environments
Hub apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating routing information in a data communications network
Method and apparatus for determining reverse data rate in mobile communication system
System and method for reporting measurements in communication system
Method and apparatus to improve SCDMA headroom
3GPP WCDMA receiver using pipelined apparatus and method for performing cell searches
Internet protocol phone system and control method for internet protocol phone system
Integrated message publisher and subscriber system in multiple technology facilities
Facilitating bandwidth allocation in a passive optical network
Method and apparatus for synchronizing the emitter and the receiver in an autocompensating quantum cryptography system
Systems and methods for setting future teleconference calls
Methods and apparatus for providing high speed connectivity to a hotel environment
Method and system for dynamically capturing flow traffic data
System for data stream processing
System and method for dynamically identifying internal hosts in a heterogeneous computing environment with multiple subnetworks.
Method and apparatus for load balancing in a wireless network
Network system integrated with SIP call server and SIP agent client
Transmission system enabling reliable reception by a single device of information in channels concurrently transmitted on different frequencies
Digital transmitter
Hitless manual cryptographic key refresh in secure packet networks
System for handling network transactions
Cryptographic checksums enabling data manipulation and transcoding
Mobile-ad-hoc network including node authentication features and related methods
Method for secure delivery of configuration data for a programmable logic device
System and method for generating and authenticating a computer password
Swing-type portable communication apparatus
Content distribution system, method for distributing content and computer program thereof
Dual-axes hinge part for hinged components
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Method, system, and articles for providing a family telecommunication service
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including total call control for all received calls
Method and apparatus for displaying multiple subtitles using sub-picture processing
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Unified system for progressive and interlaced video transmission
Barbell lifting for wavelet coding
Open cable set-top box diagnosing system and method thereof
Sound enhancement for hearing-impaired listeners
Sealing retainer for extended wear hearing devices
Behind the ear hearing aid part with exchangeable cover
Loudspeaker apparatus
Binaural synchronization
Apparatus and method for receiving inputs from a user
Multi-channel pulse width modulation apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing handoff in communications systems
Method for terminating attach procedure in mobile terminal
Reducing handover frequency error
Dynamic network allocation for mobile router
Time slot assigning method, signal transmission method, base station control apparatus, base station, and mobile station used in a mobile communications system
Calibration procedure for wireless networks with direct mode traffic
Apparatus and method for establishing an active set of carriers for a receiver
Method for attaching a mobile equipment to a wireless communication network
Dynamic bandwidth allocation to transmit a wireless protocol across a code division multiple access (CDMA) radio link
Component mounting apparatus and substrate conveyance method in component mounting apparatus
Portable terminal having sliding module
Built-in capacitor type power feed device to power pins of electrical component
Semiconductor cooling system for use in electric or hybrid vehicle
Heat sink, circuit board, and electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Auto shutdown for distributed raman amplifiers on optical communication systems
Anti-PDL beam swapping
Stacked network devices including a protocol engine and distributed trunk ports and method of operating same
Reconfigurable optical beamformer for simplified time steered arrays
Human Necessities
Method for using a bone densitometry system, with dual-energy x-radiation
Multisource type X-ray CT apparatus
Collimation device and method for acquiring a radiation image of a long body part using direct digital X-ray detectors
Method of making a fiberoptic light guide
Animated toy utilizing artificial intelligence and fingerprint verification
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electromagnetic induction type actuator device and mounting structure therefor and pda(personal digital assistant)
Recognition apparatus and recognition method
Method of manufacturing polarized spectacle lens
Underhood electronic integration
Navigational device for an underwater diver
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrated circuit and method of soft thermal shut down for power devices
Liquid metal heat pipe structure for x-ray target
Cosmetic color determinate system
Calibrating a frequency difference between two or more lasers over an extended frequency range
Method and apparatus for calibrating a distributed temperature sensing system
X-ray diffraction apparatus
Bragg grating device for measuring an acceleration
Electronic earth leakage current device
Dynamic regulation of power consumption of a high-speed communication system
Semiconductor device having PLL-circuit
Semiconductor device suitable for system in package
Method of testing a semiconductor integrated device
Delay clock generating apparatus and delay time measuring apparatus
Method of precision calibration of a microscope and the like
Structures that correct for thermal distortion in an optical device formed of thermally dissimilar materials
Fiber optic tunable filter using a fabry-perot resonator
Patterned diffractive light modulator ribbon for PDL reduction
Image-blur correcting viewing-optical system
Humidity tolerant scan lens
Optical lenses
Wavelength division multiplexing and de-multiplexing system
Polarization independent optical taps
Adjustable temperature compensating package for optical fiber devices
L-band dispersion compensating fiber and transmission system including same
Optical fiber with a radially varying index of refraction and related methods
Microfabricated bragg waveguide
Optical module for suppressing optical and electrical crosstalk simultaneously
Waveguide optical device
Active ion-doped waveguide-plasmon resonance sensor based on upconversion of active ions and imaging system using the same
Planer waveguide and method of formation
Optical waveguides with embedded air-gap cladding layer and methods of fabrication thereof
Fiber-coupled optical attenuator
Optical device
Fiber bragg grating dispersion compensator
Wavelength dispersion generation apparatus, multi-faced mirror used for wavelength dispersion generation apparatus, and method for manufacturing thereof
Wavelength characteristic variable apparatus
Multiwavelength cascaded raman resonator
PMD compensating apparatus for controlling polarization controller based on detection of magnitude of waveform distortion
Apparatus and method for measurement and adaptive control of polarization mode dispersion in optical fiber transmission systems
Piezoelectric actuated optical switch
Optical switching system, optical switch, and electro-optical mechanical device
Optical switch using an annular array of optical ports
Optical switch using an optical waveguide
Polished polyimide substrate
Variable attenuator for optical fiber applications and method of making
Optical and electrical systems and apparatuses including line interface assemblies and methods of operation
Method for attaching multiple light sources to an optoelectronic module
Optical module
Systems and methods for removing heat from opto-electronic components
Optoelectronic device incorporating a tunable laser and method of characterization thereof
High density fiber optic cable
Subsurface fibre optic cable network installation
Semiconductor optical device
Polarizer, polarizing light source device and liquid crystal display
Electrophoretic display with holding electrodes
Method and device for polarization-based all-optical switching
Saturable optical absorber, and an application thereof to regenerating a wavelength division multiplexed signal
Optical switching system
Optical sheet, optical sheet manufacturing system, and optical sheet cutting machine
Simultaneously achieving circular symmetry and diminishing effects of optical defects and deviations during real time use of optical devices
Position detecting and correcting device for timepiece
Selective prompts for setting or resetting digital time displays
Computer with built-in type speakers
Connection enhancement apparatus and information processing apparatus
Configurable bracket for mounting electronic devices
Electronic equipment
Method and apparatus for determining a next round robin element using a cascaded approach
Method and apparatus for retrieving multimedia data using shape information
Multi-resolution image data management system and method based on tiled wavelet-like transform and sparse data coding
Stereoscopic imaging apparatus and method
Method for generating a block-based image histogram
Image processing method and image forming apparatus
Clustering method for rosette scan imges
Linear list compression
Object recognition using binary image quantization and hough kernels
System and method for image pattern matching using a unified signal transform
Robust codebooks for vector quantization
Electronic payment process and system for implementing this process
Embedding information in digital image data
Visualization of volume--volume fusion
Method for multi-path rendering of medical images
Image displaying method and apparatus
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Transformation of image parts in different domains to obtain resultant image size different from initial image size
Method and apparatus for sharpening an image
Image production controlling device, image producing device, image production controlling method, and a storage medium
Method to compensate for pattern distortion on sheet-type work material spread onto a support surface
Method of adaptively enhancing a digital image
Feature recognition using loose gray scale template matching
Noise reduction method utilizing color information, apparatus, and program for digital image processing
Method and decoder system for reducing quantization effects of a decoded image
Method for contrast mapping of digital images that converges on a solution
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Road profile prediction
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium recording image processing program
Method and apparatus for compressing and storing image data
Multi-hypothesis motion-compensated video image predictor
Configurable image display with integral docking station
Methods and systems for improving display resolution in achromatic images using sub-pixel sampling and visual error filtering
Planar integrated micro-optical pickup head including two planar cylindrical collimators
Servo control method using information of a table of contents of a disk
Encoding method and apparatus therefor, and optical-disk recording method and apparatus therefor
Asymmetry detection apparatus, jitter detection apparatus, and recording/reproduction apparatus
Audio noise reduction system implemented through digital signal processing
Core center for magnetic disk
Optical recording medium recordable on land and groove tracks
Sample data transmitting method, receiving method, transmission/reception method and its transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission/reception apparatus
System and method for determining video clip boundaries for interactive custom video creation system
Method and apparatus for dubbing a recording tape loaded with information
Interactive custom video creation system
Disk drive having a structure for preventing a front shutter from coming off from a main frame
Near-field hybrid magnetic-optical head system
Ruthenium as non-magnetic seedlayer for electrodeposition
Dual spin-valve CCP type thin-film magnetic element with multi free layers
Magnetic sensor with reduced wing region magnetic sensitivity
Magnetic read head wherein the shields are used as electrical leads and have a minimized anisotropic magneto-resistance effect
Single domain state laminated thin film structure for use as a magnetic layer of a transducing head
Wiring member of suspension for disc drive having electrically conductive substrate with slit between read wire and write wire
Enclosed piezoelectric microactuators coupled between head and suspension
Magnetic recording process
Light drive
Tilt detection system, tilt detection method and tilt adjustment method
Information-recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
Device for reading or writing on optical recording media with disk type recognition means
Optical pickup device for emitting laser beams having different wavelengths and optical disk driver for use therewith
Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus
Optical head and optical disk apparatus
Optical information recording medium and method for initializing the same
FeRAM memory device
Magnetic random access memory
Magnetic random access memory and reading method thereof
Method for operating an MRAM semiconductor memory configuration
Magnetic switching element and a magnetic memory
Write current shunting compensation
Magnetic memory
Method of making hybrid semiconductor--magnetic spin based memory
Structure and method for transverse field enhancement
Ferroelectric memory device
Enhanced storage states in an memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having ferroelectric capacitors
Semiconductor memory device requiring refresh
Semiconductor memory device for realizing external 8K Ref/internal 4K Ref standard without lengthening the refresh cycle
Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) capable of canceling out complementary noise developed in plate electrodes of memory cell capacitors
Semiconductor memory circuit hard to cause soft error
Hybrid density memory card
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Content addressable memory capable of stably storing ternary data
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data program method thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and data write method thereof
Device having a state dependent upon the state of particles dispersed in a carrier
Array containing charge storage and dummy transistors and method of operating the array
Semiconductor memory with shadow memory cell
Semiconductor memory device and electronic information device using the same
Fast program to program verify method
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with a programming operation and the method thereof
Multi-state nonvolatile memory capable of reducing effects of coupling between storage elements
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Page-erasable flash memory
Semiconductor memory device
Circuit configuration for driving a programmable link
Semiconductor circuit device capable of accurately testing embedded memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and its test method
Clamping circuit for the VPOP voltage used to program antifuses
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device having select circuit
Voltage and temperature compensated pulse generator
Method and system for selecting redundant rows and columns of memory cells
Circuit and method for reading data transfers that are sent with a source synchronous clock signal
Memory device for activating one cell by specifying block and memory cell in the block
Mask programmable read only memory
Lips-type multi-purposed nuclear fuel assembly spacer grid
Method for making X-ray anti-scatter grid
Power capacitor and use and method related thereto
Thin surface mounted type solid electrolytic capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Electrolytic capacitor for use in an implantable medical device
Retention mechanism for heating coil of high temperature diffusion furnace
Stud welded pin fin heat sink
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Stack up assembly
Apparatus and method for cooling an electronic device
Heat sink and combinations
Electronic component with at least one semiconductor chip and method for producing the electronic component
Semiconductor input/output circuit arrangement
Semiconductor optical device apparatus
MRAM cell having frustrated magnetic reservoirs
Multilayer printed circuit board
Power supply terminal and back board
Laser module and optical subassembly
Gain measurement device for optical amplifier and method thereof
Circular laser
Planar Lightwave circuit type optical amplifier
Systems and a method for generating blue laser beam
Raman amplification pumping module, Raman amplifier, and optical communication system
Laser device
Precise monitor etalon calibration technique
Apparatus for generating laser radiation
Laser housing having integral mounts and method of manufacturing same
White-light laser
Gain control in nonlinear polarization amplifier stages
Integrated laser and electro-absorption modulator with improved extinction
Semiconductor laser device and drive control method for a semiconductor laser device
Wavelength inspection method of a semiconductor laser diode and a wavelength inspection unit thereof
Laser module
Two-section distributed Bragg reflector laser
Laser with phase controlling region and method for driving the same
Tuning a laser
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device
Corona discharge apparatus and method of manufacture
Fault interrupter using microcontroller for fault sensing and automatic self-testing
Digital fault interrupter with self-testing capabilities
Apparatus for protecting electronic equipment by detecting thunder
Inrush limiter circuit
Start-up circuit for switched mode power supply
Resonant converter with phase delay control
Electric power conversion device with push-pull circuitry
Switching type power converter circuit and method for use therein
Direct current converter with integrated transformer windings and output voltage filtering coils on the same magnetic core
Transformer isolated driver
Multiple mode universal power source
Control of an inverter
Semiconductor device
Over-current protection circuit and method
Adjustable offset differential amplifier
Audio signal processing circuit for reducing noise in an audio signal
Frequency synthesizer
PLO device
Soft-in soft-out decoder used for an iterative error correction decoder
Radio apparatus and transmission/reception method
CDMA receiving apparatus and CDMA receiving method
Receiving spread spectrum signals with narrowband interference
Method of performing code synchronization, and receiver
Method and apparatus for coherent demodulation in communication system employing a potentially gated pilot signal
Apparatus and a method for calculation of a correlation value corresponding to a frequency error, and a recording medium with a recorded correlation value calculation program
Controlling the extinction ratio of optical transmitters
Raman amplifier with high power distribution bypass
Crosstalk elimination method and system
Power control in a CDMA mobile communication system
CDMA/TDD mobile communication system and method
Low complexity maximum likelihood detection of concatenate space codes for wireless applications
Channel spreading device and method for CDMA communication system
Broadcast encoding system and method
Trunking arrangement in a network switch
System and method for multiplexing synchronous digital data streams
Synchronous method for the clock recovery for CBR services over the ATM network
Radio terminal station apparatus for SDH network and method of selecting operation clock thereof
System and method for implementing user-to-user information transfer services
Apparatus and method for group-wise detection of failure condition
Enhanced multiframe processing for tandem connection trails with transmission protection schemes
Synchronization arrangement for packet cable telephony modem
Link and radio cell adaptation in TDD systems
Method for reducing collisions, latency and latency jitter in a network by maintaining a contention-resolution derived queue ordering
Method of reconfiguration of radio parameters for power-aware and adaptive communications
Method and system for LEC resiliency with fast failover
Methodology for managing power consumption in master driven time division duplex wireless network
Apparatus having communication function, method for grouping such apparatuses, and recording medium for use with such method
Scalable real-time quality of service monitoring and analysis of service dependent subscriber satisfaction in IP networks
Demand data distribution system
Cable modem with dribble grant access system and method
Arrangement for switching data packets in a network switch based on subnet identifier
Survivable distribution of broadcast signals in loopback rings
Method of profiling disparate communications and signal processing standards and services
Method and apparatus for determining position and trajectory of gateways to optimize performance in hybrid non-terrestrial-terrestrial multi-hop mobile networks
Time division protocol for an ad-hoc, peer-to-peer radio network having coordinating channel access to shared parallel data channels with separate reservation channel
System and method for asynchronous switching of composite cells, and corresponsing input port and output port modules
Virtual path aggregation
Method and apparatus for learning and switching frames in a distributed network switch
Arrangement for reading a prescribed location of a FIFO buffer in a network switch port
Wireless communication system with selectively sized data transport blocks
Distributed multicast routing in packet-based communication network devices
Computer, internet and telecommunications based network
Line card for supporting circuit and packet switching
System and method for controlling a telephony communication session
Decision feedback equalizer and method for updating tap coefficients thereof
Method and apparatus for decoding M-PSK turbo code using new approximation technique
Method and apparatus for partial and course frequency offset estimation in a digital audio broadcasting (DAB) system
Diversity in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
Methods and apparatus for use in obtaining frame synchronization in an OFDM communication system
Secure messaging system with return receipts
Method and system for improving bandwidth availability in a data communication network by tokenizing messages
Context based control data
Method and apparatus for parameter borrowing for network address translator configuration
Dynamic private network
Gateway for internet telephone
Protocols for scalable communication system using overland signals and multi-carrier frequency communication
Method and apparatus for constellation mapping and bitloading in multi-carrier transceivers, such as DMT-based DSL transceivers
Circuit and method for self trimming frequency acquisition
Battery-Locking mechanism
Portable telephone
Folding portable telephone apparatus
Telephone line management and environmental information monitoring system
Switching apparatus having function for processing malicious call and operating method of the same
Audible calling line identification
Systems and methods for exchanging wireline messages with wireline telephones
Method and system for billing remote calls as if made from a primary line
Method and apparatus for provisioning a soft switch
System, method and apparatus for court-ordered surveillance of call records
Apparatus for providing data to switching elements in a communications system
Central office control of receive and transmit handset volume
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information for subscribers that interface via private trunk groups
Computer telephony integration
System and method for providing telephony services to remote subscribers
Call routing from manual to automated dialog of interactive voice response system
Method and system for interactive messaging
Digital key telephone set and digital key telephone system
Image capturing device
Decoder for compressed and multiplexed video and audio data
Time-constrained keyframe selection method
Display apparatus
Digital image recording system
Ranging arrangement and method for TDMA communications
Digital moving picture data player system having a time-based access list
Projection display apparatus having both incoherent and laser light sources
Color conversion method and apparatus for chromakey processing
DVD sub-picture decoder with minimal buffering
Session dispatcher at a wireless multiplexer interface
Method and apparatus for transporting DS-X signals through a packet network
System and method for signalling and call processing for private and hybrid communications systems including multimedia systems
Exchange and telephone exchange system
Method for testing the availability of the signalling points of a switching network
Process and devices for configuring services in a telecommunication network
Sequential calling system with prioritization of the last dialed telephone number
Architectures for a single-stage grooming switch
Method and apparatus for bypassing the common control and switch matrix of a digital switching system for telecommunications networks
Call management implemented using call routing engine
Mobile wireless terminal system with simultaneous transmission function
Method and system for providing data communication with a mobile station
Adaptive rate channel scanning method for TDMA wireless communications
Wireless communication apparatus processing intermittent data
Telecommunication equipment with at least one storage location reserved for operator-managed data and corresponding method
Method and apparatus for signal combining in a high data rate communication system
Transmission of mobile requests in wireless uplink system
Call screening method and apparatus
Speaker and speaker device
Loudspeaker and method of driving the same as well as audio signal transmitting/receiving apparatus
Electroacoustic transducer
MFB speaker system with controllable speaker vibration characteristic
Process for stabilizing the optical output power of light-emitting diodes and laser diodes
High-frequency integrated circuit module
Electronic device and interposer board
Employment of an over-bent ledge of a rack component to support an over-bent ledge of a drop-in chassis
Method and system for deploying a display and keyboard in a rack
Electronic triggering for heating elements
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