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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Combined tub water overflow valve and pesticide delivery system
Self adjusting contoured strap device and method
Multi-purpose convertible carrier
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Mounting apparatus for slide rail
Garnish pick
Container for hospital patients
Method and system for positioning a device in a tubular organ
Biopsy and sampling needle antennas for magnetic resonance imaging-guided biopsies
Biological optical measurement instrument
X-ray CT apparatus
Biodegradable absorbent material
Superabsorbent polymer with high permeability
Paper diaper and method for manufacturing extensible sheet used in the diaper
Remote controlled rescue vehicle
Cyanine-based probe\tag-peptide pair for fluorescence protein imaging and fluorescence protein imaging methods
Proton generating catheters and methods for their use in enhancing fluid flow through a vascular site occupied by a calcified vascular occlusion
Bulb apparatus
Use of nucleating agents to increase the flexural modulus of ionomers
Wheeled bucket stand
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for ion cyclotron spectrometry
Composite membranes and methods for their preparation
Waterfall decorative humidifier
Fuel injector with kinetic energy transfer armature
Connection between two components
Method and apparatus for controlling force between reactor and substrate
Driving device
Liquid ejection head
Pressure regulated inkjet printhead with replaceable on-axis ink tank
Frequency modulator that generates frequency data for use in modulating input image data
Image forming apparatus
Two-stage exposure device for watermarking film
Media and methods employing steganographic marking
Vehicle wheel lifting block apparatus for climbing out of depression in viscous surfaces
Motor vehicle wheel arch comprising an electrical circuit and assembly comprising a wheel arch and power supply means
Gas spring piston assembly as well as gas spring assembly and suspension system including same
Structure for a vehicle seat
Diameter acceptance mechanism for cup holder and cup holder using the same
Tonneau cover assembly for a pickup truck bed
Tonneau cover apparatus for a pickup truck bed
Miniature SMD-HPLED replaceable lamp
Automatic illuminating apparatus and method for motor vehicles
Interior paneling part with an airbag door-flap
Vehicle theft prevention apparatus
Complex deodorizing trash can
System for attaching a saddle to a seatpost
Stabilizing device and method for handcycle
Movable bushing interface and taxi drive system
Amphibious aircraft
Dual chambered bottle with weight distribution mechanism and method of manufacturing the same
Paint cartridge
Wine cork having molded anti-taint barrier tip
Bottle cap
Food tray
Gasoline storage device
Media size detection device and method
Automatic document feeder
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Automatic winding device for cell core
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preparation method of 2, 6-dichlor-4-trifluoromethyl aniline
Topical delivery system for antiaging and skin whitening agents
Iridium catalysts for catalytic hydrogenation
Method for conversion of oil-containing algae to 1,3-propanediol
Removal of residual sulfur dioxide from dimethyl sulfate
Macrocyclic inhibitors of BCL proteins
Production of carnitine conjugate intermediates
Efficient process for production of carvedilol phosphate
Carbostyril compound
Monomer with anti-microbial character, polymer using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Prodrugs of carbamate inhibitors of IMPDH
Indole compound
Underfilling with acid-cleavable acetal and ketal epoxy oligomers
Method for manufacture of 4-hydroxy pyran-2-one derivatives
Process for the preparation of optically active derivatives of 2-(2-pyridylmethylsulfinyl)-benzimidazole via inclusion complex with 1,1'-binaphthalene-2,2'diol
Disulfide, sulfide, sulfoxide, and sulfone derivatives of cyclic sugars and uses thereof
Platinum analogs with bis-nitrile-containing ligands
Method of synthesis of a salt of N-acetyl-L-cysteinylcobalamin
Acid-functionalized organometallic framework materials
Organosilicon compounds their preparation and their use
Glycero-compound having triple bond and membrane material containing the same
Process for preparing a pentopyranosyl nucleic acid conjugate
Nucleic acids encoding opsonic monoclonal and chimeric antibodies specific for lipoteichoic acid of gram positive bacteria
Neurotransmitter sensors and methods of using the same
CDR-grafted anti-tissue factor antibodies and methods of use thereof
Anti-viral activity of cathelicidin peptides
Fluorochemical polymeric surfactants
Glass adhesion promoter
Method for preparing a catalyst system and its use in a polymerization process
Thermoplastic resin composition
Resin particle dispersion liquid, and method for producing the same
Method for preparing polysilazane solution with reducing ammonia substitution of Si-H bond
Methods for reducing bond strengths, dental compositions, and the use thereof
Oil-based ink composition for writing instruments
Colloidally stabilized emulsions
Plant disease resistance genes
Genetic method
Fixed Constructions
Handrail installation assisting assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating a self-igniting internal combustion engine and corresponding control device
Butterfly valve having moving disc
Aseptic or sanitary diaphragm valve
Fluid coupling assembly
Load-absorbing device for introducing load forces such as cable forces or tensioning forces of sheet-like structures
Storage system having flexible vacuum jacket
Conductive cable system for suspending a low voltage luminaire assembly
LED lighting device
Wavelength plate, light emitting element, and image display device using the light emitting element
Backlight module
Light emitting diode retrofit kit for high intensity discharge lighting
White LED headlight
Method and apparatus for delivering visual information
Combination fan and light attachable to a hat
Semiconductor thermal process control
Shooting target
Method and system for optimizing sub-nanometer critical dimension using pitch offset
Workpiece machining apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring a thickness of a layer of a wafer
Elasticity and viscosity measuring apparatus
Method of processing topographic data in real time in an aircraft, in order to display said data
Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system having a light source with light for calibration of conversion elements
Method and system for the recognition of an optical signal
Electronic clinical thermometer, method of controlling the same, and control program
High efficiency coupling optics for pumping and detection of fluorescence
Noncontact surface form measuring apparatus
Laser scanner apparatus for fluorescence measurements
Product inspection system and a method for implementing same
Method for photoresist characterization and analysis
X-ray imaging system and method
Method and a device for detecting signal lamps in a vehicle
Information plane for determining performance metrics of paths between arbitrary end-hosts on the internet
Method of managing requests for remote access to multimedia contents
Oversubscribing bandwidth in a communications network
Compacting test responses using X-driven compactor
Low power scan shifting with random-like test patterns
Integrated circuit testing with laser stimulation and emission analysis
Semiconductor device
Antenna Orientation Sensor
Celestial body mapping systems and methods
Radar system and method
Dirty isotope PET reconstruction
Methods and apparatus for joint image reconstruction and coil sensitivity estimation in parallel MRI
Methods for arbitrary shape selective excitation summed spectroscopy and applications of same
Magnetic resonance compatible device and a method of conducting a high frequency power signal between regions of the device
Method for multiplexed MR tracking
Zoom lens system
Compact zoom lens
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Camera module and portable terminal employing the same
Super-wide-angle lens and imaging system having same
Actuator, and actuator array
Oscillator device, method of driving the same, optical deflector and image display device using the same
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Method for manufacturing divided waveplate filter
Image stabilizing apparatus, lens unit, and image pickup apparatus
Negatively-refractive focusing and sensing apparatus, methods, and systems
Luminaire with Functionality-enhancing structure
Electronic device having optical data connection of movable housing parts
Optical transmission assembly
Multi-port monolithic RF MEMS switches and switch matrices
Lens module
Imaging device
Electrode enhancements for fiber-based displays
Optical modulators
Double-side illumination apparatus for display device and dual display device employing the same
LCD polarizers
Optical sheet and display device having the same
Method of plasma beam bombardment of aligning films for liquid crystals
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal panel and deuterium oxide surface treatment method of alignment film
Array substrate and display apparatus having the same
Shake reduction apparatus
Zooming system and method
Projection apparatus and array lens module
Method and apparatus for turning off a projector
Device and method for controlling close contact of near-field exposure mask, and near-field exposure mask for the same
Optical apparatus
Method and apparatus of correcting geometry of an image
Lens barrel
Image capturing apparatus
Imaging apparatus adjusting a rotational stop phase based on a calculated rotational phase
Exposure head controller, exposure head and image formation device
Heating device, fixing device, and image forming device
Development device with partitioned developer container for reserving liquid developer
Endless belt conveying apparatus and toner image heating apparatus
Timepiece having compass feature
Time adjustment device, timekeeping device with a time adjustment device, and a time adjustment method
Vehicle stability control system with tire monitoring
Method and system for intention estimation and operation assistance
Robust current mirror with improved input voltage headroom
DC-DC converter
Design tool clock domain crossing management
Reducing power consumption in multiprocessor systems
Electronic apparatus having battery receptacle at the rear of keyboard
Clamp-type hard disk mount
Technology to control input/output device bridges
Fail-over method, computer system, management server, and backup server setting method
Distributed job manager recovery
Automated testing framework for event-driven systems
Diagnosing changes in application behavior based on database usage
System and method for detecting a work status of a computer system
Testing apparatus and testing method
Method and system for recovery from an error in a computing device by transferring control from a virtual machine monitor to separate firmware instructions
System and method for measuring tool performance
Avoiding snoop response dependency
Reducing latency in responding to a snoop request
Application transparent autonomic availability on a storage area network aware file system
Password-based media cartridge authentication
Optimization of instruction group execution through hardware resource management policies
Communication of information via an in-band channel using a trusted configuration space
Software-based method for gaining privacy by affecting the screen of a computing device
Master-slave card system and method for operating the same
Data communication circuit and arbitration method
Method and apparatus for application/OS triggered low-latency network communications
Direct memory access transfer completion notification
Securing transfer of ownership of a storage object from an unavailable owner node to another node
Interface between busses of different physical layers
Quantum information processing device and method
Document management system, document management method, and program
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, option function setup method, option function setup method for information processing apparatus, option function setup method for image forming apparatus, program, and storage
Centralized selection of peers as media data sources in a dispersed peer network
Streaming content between media players configured to locate each other
Methods and systems for HTTP streaming using server-side pacing
Method and system for efficient and dynamically adaptable digitally-encoded-information distribution
Remotely controllable soft keys
File transmission method in instant messaging service and mobile communications terminal for supporting the same
System for policing junk e-mail messages
Dual cookie security system
Selecting servers based on load-balancing metric instances
Method and system for improving the availability of software processes utilizing configurable finite state tables
Normalization of binary data
Establishing communication tunnels
Automatically identifying an optimal set of attributes to facilitate generating best practices for configuring a networked system
Apparatus and method for providing high speed download service of multimedia contents
Server and communication control method
Dynamic routing based on information of not responded active source requests quantity received in broadcast heartbeat signal and stored in local data structure for other processor chips
Electronic system and method for selectively allowing access to a shared memory
Method and systems for resource bundling in a communications network
Network system, terminal and recording medium
Method and apparatus for detecting click fraud
Network device and network device managing method
Provisioning an operating environment of a remote computer
Prefix and IP address management scheme for router and host in network system
System and method for building network model in network management application
Data processing system component startup mode controls
Multi-socket boot
Training random walks over absorbing graphs
System, method, and program for sharing photos via the internet
Application migration file scanning and conversion
Parallel execution of operations for a partitioned binary radix tree on a parallel computer
Systems and methods for collaboratively annotating electronic documents
Method and data processing system for recognizing and correcting dyslexia-related spelling errors
Information-processing apparatus and method for processing document
Service providing system, computer which executes program providing service and repository service control program
Composite code with dynamic linking to internet addresses
Method and apparatus for predicting word prominence in speech synthesis
Customer satisfaction system and method
Providing disparate content as a playlist of media files
Associating conditions to summary table data
Web page ranking with hierarchical considerations
Database management apparatus and method of managing database
Repartitioning live data
Logging and analyzing context attributes
Composite image apparatus and copy method thereof
Method and apparatus for managing content using remote user interface
Multidimensional query simplification using data access service having local calculation engine
Pluggable merge patterns for data access services
Routing method and system
Access control list inheritance thru object(s)
Position-dependent variation amount computation method and circuit analysis method
Operation analysis method of semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for economic valuation in seismic to simulation workflows
Geospatial modeling system providing data thinning of geospatial data points and related methods
Method for estimating thermal displacement in machine tool
System and method for transferring items having value
Online music and other copyrighted work search and licensing system
Method for controlling pluggable port on interface board of communication device and interface board
Security support apparatus and computer-readable recording medium recorded with program code to cause a computer to support security
Method and system for dynamically implementing an enterprise resource policy
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
Detecting entity changes in a storage area network environment
Universal integration system for auxiliary digital audio playback
System and method for rendezvous in a communications network
Automated application configuration using device-provided data
Method, system, and article of manufacture for providing service components
Disk driver cluster management of time shift buffer with file allocation table structure
Browsing media items
Device and method for transmitting shape information of image through tactile sensation using rheological fluid
Enabling user control over selectable functions of a running existing application
Method for the graphic representation and/or processing values of data types
Consistent browser file download
System and method for evaluating data sets over a communications network
Decoder for a system with H-ARQ with cross-packet coding
Mirroring method, mirroring device, and computer product
Methods, systems, and products for characterizing target systems
Dynamic Taxonomy process for browsing and retrieving information in large heterogeneous data bases
Cruise control system for a vehicle
Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for playing back content based on digital rights management between portable storage and device, and portable storage for the same
User opt-in processor feature control capability
Simulation model generator of causality phenomena and events
Regression system and methods for optical proximity correction modeling
Dual operating system computing system
System and method for implementing a software-supported thread assist mechanism for a microprocessor
System and method for implementing a hardware-supported thread assist under load lookahead mechanism for a microprocessor
Managing visual renderings of typing classes in a model driven development environment
System and method for fine grain method update of an application to provide continuous availability
Load balance control method and load balance control apparatus in data-processing system
Computer-hardware, life-extension apparatus and method
Load balance control method and load balance control apparatus in data-processing system
Dscope aiming device
Imposition apparatus for arranging pages and imposition program storage medium
Coordinated concurrent printing of print jobs containing pages that are incompatible with a single printer
RFID tag antenna
Pet activity monitor
Conversion/transfer of non-negotiable credits to in-game funds for in-game purchases
Direct methanol fuel cell system, fuel cartridge, system of operation, and system for detecting forgery
Variable message coding protocols for encoding auxiliary data in media signals
Method and device for mobile object information management, and computer product
Method and system for on-line certificate of authenticity for collectibles and on-line signature verification of collectibles
Automatic currency processing system having ticket redemption module
Decoding apparatus, dequantizing method, and program thereof
Method for multi-media recognition, data conversion, creation of metatags, storage and search retrieval
Apparatus and method for embedding searchable information into a file for transmission, storage and retrieval
Biometric information verifying apparatus
Apparatus and method for searching for digital ink query
Methods and systems for significance coefficient coding in video compression
Systems and methods for stitching image blocks to create seamless magnified images of a microscope slide
Moving picture processor, method, and computer program product to generate metashots
Method for adapting a K-means text clustering to emerging data
Medical information system
Systems and methods for predicting wait time for service transactions
Multiple patient monitoring system for proactive health management
System and method for automated execution, reporting, and sales analysis
System and method for determining the level of an authentication required for redeeming a customers award credits
Method, system, and computer program product for managing an electronic contract
Method and system for object-oriented workflow management of multi-dimensional data
Method for providing an affordable housing collateralization pool
Method and system for establishing, monitoring, and reserving a guaranteed minimum value return on select investments
System for appraising a financial product
Account settlement method in online shopping
Authenticated payment
Bonus depreciation record and proposal system
Methods and systems of RFID tags using RFID circuits and antennas having unmatched frequency ranges
Power failure management for respiratory system heater unit
Device for signaling immediate rainfall forecasts
Secure cargo transportation system
Mobile communications terminal for supporting space-time hybrid automatic repeat request techniques and method thereof
Alerting a driver to the presence of a pedestrian on a road
Print data communication with data encryption and decryption
Semispecular hollow backlight with gradient extraction
Audio processor, audio processing method, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
Versatile label
Plasma display device
Display system having pixels
Passive circuits for de-multiplexing display inputs
Factored zero-diagonal matrix for enhancing the appearance of motion on an LCD panel
Display device
Level shift circuit and display using same
Touch panel and manufacturing method thereof
Portable display device
Image display apparatus and method
Display color correcting system
Tiled memory array for full search motion estimation
Method of implementing an accelerated graphics port for a multiple memory controller computer system
Adjustable music pedal
Method and apparatus for processing encoded audio data
Automatic disk feeding device for disk duplication system and method thereof
Calibration method for determining servo parameters for accessing an optical disc
Optical disc apparatus capable of precisely reading address information and method of controlling optical disc apparatus
Methods for tuning write strategy parameters utilizing data-to-clock edge deviations, and systems thereof
Optical disk drive capable of detecting anomalies in optical pick-up transfer mechanism
Method and system for fluid mediated disk activation and deactivation
System and method for generating output signal indicating specific area on optical disc
Optimal recording method for optical recording media and optical recording medium stored with information about optimum recording conditions
Optical disc apparatus
Optical disk writing and energy control apparatus
Optical Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical recording medium driving apparatus and focusing method
Optical pickup apparatus and electronic equipment having the same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and its fabrication method
Ferroelectric memory
Enhanced error identification with disk array parity checking
Built-in redundancy analyzer and method for redundancy analysis
Semiconductor memory, memory system, and memory access control method
Leakage compensation in dynamic flip-flop
Buffer circuit for a memory module
Memory system and method having volatile and non-volatile memory devices at same hierarchical level
Decoding control with address transition detection in page erase function
Mounting apparatus for storage device
Ignition coil
Three-pole apparatus for a medium or high voltage cubicle and associated cubicle comprising such a three-pole apparatus
Method and apparatus to reduce ring out in an ignition coil to allow for ion sense processing
Switching device provided with neutral conductor
Light-emitting device, method of producing light-emitting device, exposure unit, and electronic device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Sealed, flexible flat panel display
Plasma display panel improving discharge characteristics in the internal peripheral area thereof
Cold electron emitter device for display
Field emission cathode and x-ray tube embodying same
Display device and electronic device using the same
Bipolar Schottky diode and method
Mask ROM device, semiconductor device including the mask ROM device, and methods of fabricating mask ROM device and semiconductor device
Electronic component mounting package and package assembled substrate
Modified polyaluminosiloxane
High bandwidth cache-to-processing unit communication in a multiple processor/cache system
Semiconductor apparatus having side surface wiring
Semiconductor device having active element formation region provided under a bump pad
Semiconductor device having damascene interconnection structure that prevents void formation between interconnections
Method of controlling grain size in a polysilicon layer and in semiconductor devices having polysilicon structure
Conductive line comprising a capping layer
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Electric component
Phase change memory device with a novel electrode
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned tunneling pocket in field-effect transistors and processes to form same
MOSFET having recessed channel
Flexible solar cell
Field-effect semiconductor device
Multi-wavelength light-emitting module with high density electrical connections
Light emitting diodes with improved light collimation
Method and apparatus for detecting temperatures of a plurality of circuits and controlling operations based on the detected temperatures
Continuous drop emitter with reduced stimulation crosstalk
Impact powered devices
Organic thin film transistor array panel
Power supply that provides an output voltage through an electrical connector
HF socket
Variable power coupling device
Methods and apparatus for controlling characteristics of a plasma
Assembly antenna array
Wave absorber
Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
Short-circuit member assembly, commutator, and motor
Optical disk apparatus and information recording method
Mirror structure and laser device comprising such a mirror structure
Optical microcavity emitter arrangements and methods therefor
Tool and method for installing cable into molding
Measure for increasing the short-circuit resistance of a device by introducing parallel current paths
Circuit protection system
Rotating electrical machine
Electric motor, electric tool having the motor, and electric motor production method
Magnetic structure and motor employing said magnetic structure, and driver comprising said motor
Electric rotating machine
Method for operating a converter circuit and apparatus for implementing the method
Power system having a voltage regulator with a notch filter
Wiper control circuit
Operational amplifier having adjustable bias current and related source driver of display thereof
High frequency receiver preamplifier with CMOS rail-to-rail capability
Differential amplification circuit and manufacturing method thereof
Feedback suppression in sound signal processing using frequency translation
Balun transformer
Band reject filters
Increased sensitivity and reduced offset variation in high data rate HSSI receiver
Method and circuitry to translate a differential logic signal to a CMOS logic signal
System, method and apparatus for enhancing reliability on scan-initialized latches affecting functionality
Permutable switching network with enhanced multicasting signals routing for interconnection fabric
Method and apparatus for slew rate control
Comparator module
High boosting-ratio/low-switching-delay level shifter
Delay adjusting circuit and control method of the same
Charge pump circuit and method for phase locked loop
Oscillator circuit, in particular for mobile radio
Assembling forward error correction frames
Method and apparatus for computing checksum of packets
ACS circuit
Dual stream structure digital television transmission and receiving method using hybrid of E-8VSB, E-4VSB and P2VSB
Method and device for reporting information related to interference components received by a first telecommunication device to a second telecommunication device
Method and device for processing received data of a radio interface
Aggregated channel feedback
Apparatus for receiving signals via channels
Communication system and server apparatus and terminal apparatus
Mobile telecommunication handset and method for recognizing one or more cards using one socket
Methods of operating electronic devices, and methods of providing electronic devices
Optical transmitter
System and method for transmitting data on return path of a cable television system
Measuring instantaneous signal dependent nonlinear distortion in response to varying frequency sinusoidal test signal
Fast power control step-size adaptation
Multiple access by varying received power in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for automatic frequency correction with a frequency error signal generated by block correlation of baseband samples with a known code sequence
Mobile communications terminal for controlling user's floor and method thereof
Transmission power control method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for finite impulse response cyclic-shift diversity
Relay apparatus, relay method, and relay program
Airlink sensing watermarking repeater
Telecommunications chassis, module, and bridging repeater circuitry
Asymmetric cooperation in downlink cellular networks with relay stations
Device, system and method of coordination among multiple transceivers
Code-switching in wireless multi-hop networks
Multiuser detector for variable spreading factors
Method and apparatus for multicast transmission of packet data in a mobile communication system
Cross layer network optimization for OFDMA systems using message passing algorithm
Synchronizing sequence numbers among peers in a network
Spectrum and medium access allocation for fairness
Connectionless configurations for stress testing timing and synchronization in data packet networks
Shaper circuit and shaper circuit combination
Non-intrusive method and system for coupling powerline communications signals to a powerline network
M-ary orthogonal keying system
Method for estimating transmission delay and receiver using the same
System and method for wavelength monitoring and control
Wireless communication system for time division duplex
Synchronising cell transmission for packet switching
Mobile communication terminal, mobile communication method, and information recording medium
Modulation scheme for communication environments
Broadcast router configured for alternately receiving multiple or redundant reference inputs
Method for the transmission of data using self-diagnostic pulse width modulation
System and method for automated double-ended field management of DSL service
Switch and network fault recovery method
Method for forwarding data packets by a router
Automatic maintenance of a distributed source tree (DST) network
Network packet transmission mechanism
IP telephone apparatus
Method for DTMF transfer by RTP
Method and apparatus for co-socket telephony
Method for performing gate coordination on a per-call basis
Reduction of aggregate EMI emissions of multiple transmitters
Digital compensation for nonlinearities in a polar transmitter
Transmitter for suppressing out-of-band power for a signal
System and method for combining a plurality of signals of various phases having a wide frequency range
Information communication apparatus and method, information communication system, and memory medium
Method for applying certificate
Data delivery system and method, and receiver and transmitter
Sampling rate mismatch solution
Encryption systems and methods for identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with different keys
Moving principals across security boundaries without service interruption
Secure transmission of digital content between a host and a peripheral by way of a digital rights management (DRM) system
Method for controlling access to encrypted content using multiple broadcast encryption based control blocks
Key agreement and transport protocol with implicit signatures
Method and system for digital watermarking
Computer access security
Foldable cellular telephone
Communication apparatus having a SIM interface compatible with radio isolation
Personal audio listening device
Apparatus and method of handling simultaneous universal terrestrial radio access network radio resource control procedures which change the security configuration in a universal mobile telecommunications system user equipment
System and method for implementing and accessing call forwarding services
Telephone/transaction entry device and system for entering transaction data into databases
Digital scanning control method and system
Image processing apparatus and method, image processing program, and computer readable storage medium storing image processing program
Method for producing a table of predicted reflectances under target operating conditions and data structure and printing system incorporating the table
Solid-state image pickup apparatus including a global shutter function and control method therefor
Solid-state image pickup device
Receiving apparatus and a method for setting a receiving antenna thereof
Method of reproducing an interactive disk through a network
Signal processor having A/D conversion unit and operation part
Image pickup device, picked-up image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium for performing a correction process on a picked-up image
Image capturing apparatus for performing photography in a live view display state and control method thereof
Solid-state imaging device improving S/N ratio of signals obtained by electron multiplication and a method of driving the same
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Methods and systems for picture resampling
Video image quality control apparatus and method
Identifying, recording and reproducing information
Transport stream recording apparatus and method, transport stream reproducing apparatus and method, and program recording medium
Recording medium having a data structure for managing graphic information and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
System and method for managing encrypted content using logical partitions
System and method for copy protection for digital signals
Display apparatus, display method, program, storage medium, and display system
Radio frequency identification apparatuses
Phase compensation techniques to adjust for speaker deficiencies
Flesh conducted sound microphone, signal processing device, communication interface system and sound sampling method
Self forming in-the-ear hearing aid with conical stent
Method and a device for real ear measurements
Sound enhancing stands for portable audio devices
Radio service area quality information acquisition system
Method and system for including location information in a USSD message by a network node
Method, apparatus, and program for automated property adjustment in a cellular network
Broadcasting terminal for updating pilot channel information and method thereof
Method and system for handling potentially contentious situations upon receipt of an automatically connecting SMS message
Electrode tuning method and apparatus for a layered heater structure
Organic light emitting diode display device
Light emitting device
Backlight circuit for LCD panel
X-ray facility with error protection circuit
Interconnection system between CPU and voltage regulator
Printed circuit board assembly
Structure and method for mounting a heat-generating component
Fan impeller and heat dissipating device incorporating the same
Power amplification device and transmitter using it
Expired Patents Due To Time
Esterase and methods for the production of optically active chroman compounds
Physiologically active substances TKR2449, process for producing the same, and microorganism
Process for the continuous production of citric acid by fermentation
Microbial production of 1,2-propanediol from sugar
Process for preparing xylitol
Microbial production of indigo
Method of culturing, cryopreserving and encapsulating pancreatic islet cells
Cellulase or hemicellulase modified by conjugation with a polyethylene glycol fatty alcohol ether, and a process for producing the same
L-.alpha.-glycerophosphate oxidase gene, recombinant DNA, and method for producing modified L-.alpha.-glycerophosphate oxidase gene
ERK3 MAP2 protein kinase
DNA molecule encoding new aminopeptidase, and method of producing the aminopeptidase
Polypeptides having aminopeptidase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Human glandular kallikrein-1 (hK2)
Adenoviral vector and methods for making and using the same
Method for culturing microorganisms in prefilled flexible containers
Bacillus thuringiensis toxins with improved activity
Method of determining activity of 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase and 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase
Extracts of kava-kava
Chromium as an animal feed supplement
Comestible coating process applying powder and suspension syrup
High moisture cream cheese texture control
Product containing healthful component and process for preparing the same
Process of injecting heat with a pickle solution
Process for preparing a hand-held snack item, and a product thereof
Edible bubble making composition and child''s toy
Method for automatically sizing and positioning filling material upon randomly spaced tortillas advancing upon conveyor
Capacative dielectric heating system
Method of producing vitamin powders
Method and apparatus for forming and dividing a dough stream
Rounder bar and method of using the same
Baking dough configuration device and method
Method and device for producing thin pieces of chocolate
Method of treating commercial grade products to remove undesirable odors and flavors
Fragrance and flavor material
Food compositions including resistant starch
Gelled foodstuff for aquatic animals
Method of controlling salmonella in shell eggs
Soy containing breakfast cereal
Soybean protein hydrolysates, their production and use
Method for attachment of biomolecules to surfaces through amine-functional groups
Form-in-place EMI gaskets
Direct metallization process employing a cationic conditioner and a binder
Method for making optical fiber devices having variable thickness metal coatings
Anti-microbial porcelain enamel coating
Method of forming a discontinuous polymer overcoat for imaging elements
Overcoating of printed substrates
Methods for improving the dirt-resistance and gloss retention of a coalescent-free coating composition
Method and an apparatus for coating paperboard with a coating mix having a high solids content
Method for improving the dirt-resistance and gloss retention of a coalescent-free coating
Method for increasing the open time of aqueous coatings
Water and oil repellent masonry treatments
Process for the production of a heat pipe
Process to improve adhesion of PECVD cap layers in integrated circuits
Process for fabricating a tool used in electrochemical machining
Acetylene derivatives, and liquid-crystalline medium
Ornamental support
Cargo liner and cargo holder system
Hollow form surface pattern structure
Coating agent for film, laminate and method for producing it
Low modulus and autoclavable monolayer medical tubing
Bag tag and novel laminate for making same
Secure sticker and integrated label/form
Protective clear layer for images
Earthen liner with clay seam cover
Magnetic disk including protective layer having surface with protrusions, and substrate therefor
Lightning protection for electrically conductive or insulating skin and core for honeycomb structure
Wood laminates
Breathable elastic polymeric film laminates
Electrical apparatus having metal case with thermal insulation
Biaxially oriented polyester film for thermal transfer ribbon, laminated film composed thereof and its production
Tamper-evident electric paper
Ink jet recording element
Substrates secure against unauthorized copying and their production
Magnetic recording medium with high density thin dual carbon overcoats
Transfer belt for electrophotographic apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Composition and method for enhancing the surface adhesion of polyurethane foam to surfaces of thermoplastic blends
Longitudinal recording medium with a dual underlayer
Multi-layered thin-film functional device and magnetoresistance effect element
Adhesive sheet for semiconductor connecting substrate, adhesive-backed tape for tab, adhesive-backed tape for wire-bonding connection, semiconductor connecting substrate, and semiconductor device
Polyethylene fiber and a non-woven fabric using the same
Two-component pulp reinforcement
Embossed metallic flakelets and method for producing the same
Fused spherical silica for liquid sealant and liquid sealing resin composition
Method for attaching a fluoride-based polymer layer to a polyphenylene ether or polystyrene layer, and related articles
Hydrophilic coating including DLC on substrate
Highly tetrahedral amorphous carbon coating on glass
Lubricant composition magnetic recording medium, and process for producing magnetic recording medium
Thermal transfer ribbon and base film thereof
Hydrophilic inorganic coating film and composition made from alkoxysilane and silica
Coating solutions for use in forming bismuth-based ferroelectric thin films, and ferroelectric memories formed with said coating solutions, as well as processes for production thereof
Coated piston and surface-treating film
Uniaxially shrinkable biaxially oriented polypropylene film
Process of using sodium silicate to create fire retardant products
Copper-based sliding alloy
Method for manufacturing aluminum-based composite plate and composite back plate
Ferritic alloy for constructions
OLEDs doped with phosphorescent compounds
Organic electroluminescent device
Soft magnetic thin film
Wear plate retainer with magnetically retained, replaceable wear plate
Gradient interface magnetic composites and methods therefor
Plant with high temperature fuel cells II
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Fuel cell channeled distribution of hydration water
Hermetically sealed cell and sealing body
Battery cover having recessed attachment feature
Solderless battery pack
Carbonaceous electrode material for secondary battery and process for production thereof
Secondary battery including an electrolytic solution with an organic additive
Mask pattern correction process, photomask and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Reticle having assist feature between semi-dense lines
Hierarchy and domain-balancing method and algorithm for serif mask design in microlithography
Electrostatographic imaging member
Organic EL panel and method of manufacturing the same
Toners and/or toner mixtures
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method using the toner
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method using the toner
Heat and light-sensitive recording material and recording method with the same
Dissolution rate modifiers for lift-off resists
Silver halide color photographic material and image forming method using the same
Photomask material, photomask and methods for the production thereof
Irradiation sensitive positive-tone resists using polymers containing two acid sensitive protecting groups
Agent for reducing the substrate dependence of resist
Positive photoresist composition for exposure to far ultraviolet light
Resin useful for resist, resist composition and pattern forming process using the same
Negative-working radiation-sensitive mixture for the production of a recording material which is imageable by heat of infrared laser beams
Method of and apparatus for detecting and controlling in situ cleaning time of vacuum processing chambers
Methods and apparatus for etching a nitride layer in a variable-gap plasma processing chamber
Aerogel materials and detectors, liquid and gas absorbing objects, and optical devices comprising same
Low dielectric constant multiple carbon-containing silicon oxide dielectric material for use in integrated circuit structures, and method of making same
Langasite-type crystals and a method for manufacturing the same
Chemical mechanical abrasive composition for use in semiconductor processing
Compounds, process for their manufacture, as well as a process for manufacturing liquid-crystalline polymers using these compounds
Phosphate treated silicate phosphor
Antioxidant compostions
Method for producing meta type polyaniline
Electrically-semiconductive poly(amic acid) liquid compositions and their use
Composition of a high sensitivity sensor for detecting mechanical quantity
Composite nonlinear optical film, method of producing the same and applications of the same
Preparation of cycloalkylacetylene compounds
Method of making profiled retroreflective marking material
Method of controlling an oven
Method of making non-deflatable tire and wheel assembly
Sculpturing material composition
Mechanical fastener and method for making the same
Process of making a yarn
Process and apparatus for making a leakproof plastic container by completely ejecting from a mold and transferring to a cap closing station
Method and apparatus for making multi-layered cores or golf balls
Apparatus and method for molding an opening device on a packaging sheet
Method of stretching films according to an overbias or overstretch stretch profile
Process of making a cleated floor mat
Process for the production of a polymer alloy
Process for production of thermoplastic moulded part
Method and apparatus for producing a blow molded article
Process of making an endless belt
Metering oven
Mixed flow rotor for molten metal pumping device
High temperature oxidation resistant alloy materials and method of producing the same
Contact material for contacts for vacuum interrupter and method of manufacturing the contact
Method of monitoring and controlling the composition of sintering atmosphere
Antifouling structure having effect of preventing attachment of aquatic organisms thereto
Corrosion inhibitor compositions
Hydrofluoroethers as heat-transfer fluids in low temperature processes requiring sterilization
Device for collection and assay of oral fluids
Permeation layer attachment chemistry and method
Method and system for SO2 and SO3 control by dry sorbent/reagent injection and wet scrubbing
Exhaust emission control device
Radical generating system
Disinfecting water by means of ultraviolet light
UV-irradiation device for the treatment of wastewater
Device for the production of hydrogen bromide gas
Reclaiming of purge gas from hydrotreaters and hydrocrackers
Conversion of depleted uranium hexafluoride to a solid uranium compound
Metal oxide powder and method for the production of the same
Process for operating equilibrium controlled reactions
Method for manufacturing transition-metal carbides, and their use as catalysts
Process for producing carbon nanotubes, process for producing carbon nanotube film, and structure provided with carbon nanotube film
Milled carbon fiber and process for producing the same
Pitch based carbon fibers
Process for the preparation of metal sulphides
Steam reforming catalyst
Process for producing pentacyl-type crystalline zeolites and a process for producing .epsilon.-caprolactam using the same
Methods for inhibiting the formation of potential endoleaks associated with endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
Bismuth compounds
Cutaneously applied biodegradable tell-tale having controllable clearing time
Aerosols containing salmeterol xinafoate and an anticholinergic medicament
Remineralizing/mineralizing oral products having improved whitening and stain removal properties
Cosmetic composition for imparting wear resistance and shine
Allomelanin production
Solid warming pulverulent composition to be hydrated for caring for or cleaning the skin
Body cleansing agent
Reducing composition and process for the permanent reshaping of the hair
Nontoxic biocompatible deodorizing compositions
Enriched platelet wound healant
Process for the production of pharmaceutical preparations containing human protein for infusion or injection purposes
IL-12 enhancement of immune responses to T-independent antigens
Screening methods using microbial strain pools
Genetically engineered retroviral vector particles capable of infecting non-dividing cells
Ice granules containing endotoxins of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) or Bacillus sphaericus (BS)
Human chitinase, its recombinant production, its use for decomposing chitin, its use in therapy or prophylaxis against infection diseases
Personal care compositions containing subtilisin enzymes bound to water insoluble substrates
Synthesis of glycoconjugates of the lewis y epitope and uses thereof
Method of using human receptor protein 4-1BB
Methods for the treatment of hormone-dependent tumors with immunogens against gonadotropin releasing hormone
Anti-microbial-adhesion fraction derived from vaccinium
Treatment of fibrosis by HGF
Treatment of disease states
Method for protein expression
Production of borrelia burgdorferi vaccine, product produced thereby and method of use
Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine inactivated by ultraviolet light
Compositions of insoluble film-forming polymers and uses thereof
Administering progesterone using EMU oil
Film-spreading powder for suppressing water evaporation
Pharmacotherapeutic process and composition for central nervous system disorders
Use of quinolines and quinolones to treat male erectile dysfunction
Cells or tissue attached to a non-degradable filamentous matrix encapsulated by a semi-permeable membrane
Injectable implant
Endothelin-based compositions for enhancing connective tissue repair
Dietary product effective to combat oxidative stress and cell decay
Medicated device for warts, corns, calluses and nails
Transdermally administrable medicament with ACE inhibitors
Methods and apparatus for improved administration of pharmaceutically active compounds
Pharmaceutical product
Preparations with controlled release
(S,R) formoterol methods and compositions
Solid oral dosage form comprising a combination of metformin and glibenclamide
Bioadhesive solid dosage form
Process for the preparation of a controlled release system
Method for the preparation of oxide microcapsules loaded with functional molecules and the products obtained thereof
Method for producing nanocapsules with crosslinked protein-based walls nanocapsules thereby obtained and cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food compositions using same
Cancer-cell proliferation-suppressing material produced by cancer cells restricted by entrapment
Process for the production of substances that have been bactericidally treated and/or exhibit immune-modulatory activity, and the use thereof
Preparation of a therapeutic composition
Chemical alteration of mammal urine and mammal blood
Treatment of conditions associated with impairment in the level of the parathyroid hormone
Noninvasive method for increasing or decreasing the body temperature of a patient
Apparatus for separating liquid from gases
Filter medium for filters
Apparatus for removing fine particles in exhaust gas and apparatus for cleaning exhaust gas
Recycled soil
Sintered alloy having superior wear resistance
Reduced pellets
Rare earth permanent magnet and method for making same
Chemical synthesis of monodisperse and magnetic alloy nanocrystal containing thin films
Method for operating a blast furnace
Methods for removing pollutants from contaminated soil materials with a fern plant
Optimum adsorbents for H2 recovery by pressure and vacuum swing absorption
Apparatus for extracting water vapor from air
Electrostatic precipitator for removing SO2
Deodorizing air filter and method of fabricating same
Apparatus for controlling air-borne particles at a manicure work station
Textile ink-jet printing-purpose disperse dye micro-emulsion agent
Metallized bisazo dyes, their preparation and use
Aqueous shellac solution or dispersion
Coating composition for rejuvenating gloss of painted surfaces
Process for the production of black iron oxide pigments
Pigment dispersions for color filters, fabrication process of color filters, and color filters
Solidifying and hardening accelerator for hydraulic binders
Composition for improving freeze/thaw durability of masonry containing fatty acid-based efflorescence control agents
Langasite wafer and method of producing same
Quartz crucible reproducing method
Sonic impinging jet crystallization apparatus and process
Mn2+ activated green emitting SrAl12O19 luminescent material
Photoresist coater
Apparatus for applying a liquid coating to electrical components
Diffusion system having air curtain formation function for manufacturing semiconductor devices and method of controlling the same
Bell jar having integral gas distribution channeling
One-piece dual gas faceplate for a showerhead in a semiconductor wafer processing system
Dispersion plate for flowing vaporizes compounds used in chemical vapor deposition of films onto semiconductor surfaces
Temperature control system for plasma processing apparatus
Mobile cyclonic power wash system with water reclamation and rotary union
Precarboxylic acid rinse method
Cleaning methods and/or articles for hard surfaces
Method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic head with spin valve magnetoresistive sensor
Process for making moveable pulley half
Nanocomposite magnet material and method for producing nanocomposite magnet
High strength Al-Mg-Zn-Si alloy for welded structures and brazing application
Method and apparatus for straightening turbine casings
Method for increasing fracture toughness in aluminum-based diffusion coatings
Method of surface treating high-strength aluminum
Method of making a target
Coated oxidizing agent
Gas generant composition
Method for forming a water-tight section in a predetermined area of a multi-conductor wiring system
Method of manufacturing a waterproof structure for electric wire drawout portion
Method of fabrication of fabric venetian blind
Method for lining underground pipelines
Process and device for treating vulcanized rubber surfaces before bonding
Method of adhering cover glass and cover glass adhering device
Method for producing an electrochromic device
High voltage polymer processing methods and power feed-through bushing applications
Air mattress and method of making same
Method for producing a laminar compound for transferring optically variable single elements to objects to be protected
Method of making a lined infusion catheter
Method of producing a lead frame with composite film attached, and use of the lead frame
Retroreflective cube corner sheeting, molds therefore, and methods of making the same
Hazardous environment protective garments having a fusion bonded optically transparent facepiece with olefin terpolymer seams
Process for producing labeled article
Local etching apparatus
Method and apparatus for washing fiber pulp mixture
Process for producing a pulp suitable for papermaking from nonwood fibrous materials
Method and apparatus for embossing web material using an embossing surface with off-centered shoulders
Method for optically brightening paper
Paper making process utilizing a reactive cationic starch composition
Process for improving the shrinkage cross direction profile and paper having an improved cross
Method for producing paper, pulpboard and cardboard
Method and apparatus for drying a moist web
Stock inlet
Process and device for producing high-purity liquid chemicals
System and method for distilling liquid
Plasma injector
Rotating film carrier and aperture for precision deposition of sputtered alloy films
Hydrogen generator with feedback control
Methods and apparatus for processing the surface of a microelectronic workpiece
Gas sensor
Gas sensor, gas sensor system using the same
Gas sensor including caulked fixation portion for fixing detection element by caulking
Electrodeposition of metals in small recesses using modulated electric fields
Amorphous metallic glass electrodes for electrochemical processes
Isolation of small-bandgap fullerenes and endohedral metallofullerenes
Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete
Method and apparatus for determining O2 and N2O in gas mixtures
Treatment of refinery feedstreams to remove peroxides and prevent subsequent refinery fouling using an electrochemical reduction method (Law890)
Process for the desulfurization of petroleum feeds
Apparatus and process for improved aromatic extraction from gasoline
Method of gas stream purification having independent vapor and liquid refrigeration using a single refrigerant
Filter use limitation device for liquid containers
Three batch fill/settle/draw electronic controller for use with a reverse osmosis unit
Water purification system with baffled flow
Wastewater treatment tank with influent gates and pre-react zone with an outwardly flared lower portion
Apparatus for controlling quality of treated water
Protein skimmer
Arrangement and method for performing chromatography
Ferrographic apparatus
Water filtering system with replaceable cartridge for a refrigerator
Portable multi-strainer
Retrievable filter element for subsurface drainage
Waste water ozonization process and apparatus
Immersed membrane filtration process
Method and apparatus for efficient hemodiafiltration
Reverse osmosis process and equipment
Solid mixtures of dialkylhydantoins and bromide ion sources for water sanitization
Method for treating water over an extended time using tablets and packets
Method of fabricating thermooptic tunable wavelength filter
Method and bath for tapering optical fibers
Making ink jet nozzle plates
Method of fabricating preserve layer
Auxiliary artificial heart of an embedded type
Intraocular implant with gutter shaped haptic
Deformable intraocular lens with haptic
Dielectric filter with adjustable frequency bandwidth
Coupling mechanism for and filter using TE011 and mode resonators
Electromagnetic actuator, particularly for driving an engine valve
Anisotropic permanent magnet
Radially magnetized plastic pipe
Multilayer electronic component and manufacturing method therefor
Switching device for an electric heating device
Low profile mount for metal oxide varistor package and method
Resistor and method for manufacturing the same
Door approach communication apparatus and door lock control apparatus
Inductor-capacitor resonant circuits and improved methods of using same
Alerting apparatus
Emergency call system with battery switching function
Receiver of tire inflation pressure monitor
Rear view and multi-media system for vehicles
Emergency auto visual communication system
Vehicular turn signal alarm
Parasitically powered sensing device
Switching assembly for an exit alarm lock
Door safety system
Ultrasonic occupant position sensing system
Highly versatile occupancy sensor
Antitheft system and monitoring system
Apparatus for detecting theft by a radio wave
Suitcase locating device
Article identification and surveillance tag
Devices for sensing living organisms, devices for sensing termites, methods of forming devices for sensing termites, and methods for sensing termites
System for tracking possessions
Method and device for detecting drowsiness and preventing a driver of a motor vehicle from falling asleep
Modular surge suppressor for a traffic cabinet
Method for detecting malfunctions of a first relay
Method for determining the absolute angular position of the steering wheel of a motor vehicle, and optoelecronic steering angle sensor
Uni-directional protocol
Authorization system and authorization method
Device for monitoring traffic
Aircraft icing detection system
Device for altering the course of a boat
Disparity and transition density control system and method
Concurrent method for parallel Huffman compression coding and other variable length encoding and decoding
Bitmap font data storage within data processing systems
Method and apparatus for deglitching digital to analog converters
Digital/analog conversion apparatus and reproduction apparatus
Precision digital-to-analog converters and methods having programmable trim adjustments
Delay correction system and method for a voltage channel in a sampled data measurement system
Successive approximation AD converter and microcomputer incorporating the same
Error correction architecture for pipeline analog to digital converters
A/D multi-channel pipeline architecture
Voltage comparator, operational amplifier and analog-to-digital conversion circuit employing the same
Cyclic analog to digital converter with mis-operational detector
Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter circuit
Electromagnetic wave absorber in broad bands
Location and generation of high accuracy survey control marks using satellites
System and method for measuring distance between two objects using received satellite transmitted data
Position data display/control apparatus and methods
Method and system for determining gain reductions due to scatter on wireless paths with directional antennas
Crystal oscillator and method of fabricating the same
Digital-control Colpitts oscillator circuit
Resonator tuning system
Circuit arrangement including a self-oscillator circuit
Doubling the power handling capacity of a circulator-based isolator using hybrids
Laminated dielectric antenna duplexer and a dielectric filter
High-frequency dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Dielectric filter, composite dielectric filter, antenna duplexer, and communication apparatus
Process for the manufacture of low molecular weight polyphenylene ether resins
Agouti and agouti-related peptide analogs
Conserved T-cell receptor sequences
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor and related DNA compounds
Polypeptides conjugated with polymers
Human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor compositions and methods employing same
Recombinant procvf
Therapeutic multispecific compounds comprised of anti-FCA receptor antibodies
Tumor associated nucleic acids and uses therefor
Indirect polymerized and labelled antibody and method for manufacturing the same
Dye-labeled and polymerized antibody and method for preparing the same
Dye-labeled and polymerized antibody and method for preparing the same
Endohedral metallofullerenes and method for making the same
Triaminepentaacetic acid compound and paramagnetic metal complex prepared from using the compound as ligand
Method of producing disazo pigment
Pyridonazo dyes and inks containing them
Synthesis of 4,7-dialkyl chromogenic glycosides of N-acetylneuraminic acids
Human extracellular matrix proteins
Soybean phytase and nucleic acid encoding the same
Nucleic acids encoding narbonolide polyketide synthase enzymes from streptomyces narbonensis
Methuselah gene, compositions and methods of use
Nucleic acids encoding mammalian alpha helical protein-1
Cyclin D binding factor, and uses thereof
Deprotection of RNA
Nucleoside pyrophosphate and triphosphate analogs and related compounds
Polynucleotides labelled with asymmetric benzoxanthene dyes
Process for obtaining highly esterified polyol fatty acid polyesters having reduced levels of difatty ketones and .beta.-ketoesters
Fractionated polydisperse compositions
Process for isolating and purifying viruses and sugars from plant sources
4,4-disubstituted-1,4-dihydro-2h-3,1-benzoxazin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors and intermediates and processes for making the same
Method for preparing melamine
Process for preparing benzylnitriles
1- (3-Heterocyclylphenyl) isothiourea, -isourea, -guanidine and -amidine herbicidal agents
Pharmaceutical aminophosphonic acid derivatives
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Processes for making nelfinavir mesylate
Intermediates and an improved process for the preparation of Omeprazole employing the said intermediates
Process for preparing omeprzole
Benzamides with tetrahydrofuranyloxy substitutents as phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitors
Process for the preparation of pyridine derivatives
One pot synthesis of 2-oxazolidinone derivatives
Process for crystallizing N-(4-trifluoromethylphenyl)-5-methylisoxazole-4-carboxamide
4-alkenyl-and 4-alkynyloxindoles
Use of water-soluble/dispersible reactive functionalized derivatives of polyimido compounds for modifying proteinaceous substrates
Succinimide-based surfactant suitable for soil remediation
.beta.-diketone compounds .beta.-diketone compounds coordinated to metal, method of organic synthesis with these, and catalyst
Sesterterpene derivatives exhibiting antifungal activities
Methylene dioxy tetrahydroindane derivative
Polynucleotide crosslinking agents
Method for producing propene oxide
Process for producing alkyl-substituted hydroquinones
Process for the preparation of acyloxyalkanesulfonic acids
Removal of sterols from fats and oils
Process for making polymeric phenol sulfide
Selenium-containing transparent optical material
Method of forming low leakage current borderless contact
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing trench isolation
Method for making a thin film of solid material
Thin microelectronic substrates and methods of manufacture
Semiconductor wafer and method for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having reinforcing member and method of manufacturing IC card using the device
Process for cutting trenches in a single crystal substrate
Method of growing group III or group III-V nitride layer
Read-only memory and fabrication method
Methods of fabricating silicon carbide power devices by controlled annealing
Thermally induced reflectivity switch for laser thermal processing
Removal of organic anti-reflection coatings in integrated circuits
Alignment mark scheme for Sti process to save one mask step
Integration process for Al pad
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating a shallow trench isolation structure
Process for physical isolation of regions of a substrate board
Method for fabricating a flat-cell semiconductor memory device
Method and structure for reducing interconnect system capacitance through enclosed voids in a dielectric layer
Resist resin, resist resin composition and method of forming pattern using resist resin and resist resin composition
Dye precursor, photosensitive material containing dye precursor and method for forming color image
Highly plasma etch-resistant photoresist composition containing a photosensitive polymeric titania precursor
Lithographic plates
Process for self-alignment of sub-critical contacts to wiring
Single metal pixel array for light valve utilizing lateral sublithographic spacer isolation
Ink chamber and orifice shape variations in an ink-jet orifice plate
Method for resist filling and planarization of high aspect ratio features
Method and apparatus for making optical master surface diffusers suitable for producing large format optical components
Pattern forming method and method of manufacturing device having fine pattern
Method of applying metal layers in distinct patterns
Photographic developer/amplifier compositions
Transparent magnetic recording medium
Photographic element having improved scratch and abrasion resistance
Heat developable color photographic photosensitive material
Post sensitization use of iodide in silver chloride emulsion sensitization
Process for manufacture of photographic emulsion
Apparatus and method for freezing live cells
System and method for emulating an in vivo environment of a tissue specimen
Crystallizable compositions comprising a hepatitis C virus NS3 protease domain/NS4A complex
Integrated microchip genetic testing system
Composition and methods for the treatment of cancer and viral infections
Encapsulation of biomaterials in porous glass-like matrices prepared via an aqueous colloidal sol-gel process
Methods for comparing a number of primary targets for two or more drug compositions
Immunoreactive polypeptide compositions
Oligonucleotide reverse transcription primers for efficient detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2 and methods of use thereof
Methods of detecting genetic deletions and mutations associated with Digeorge syndrome, Velocardiofacial syndrome, CHARGE association, conotruncal cardiac defect, and cleft palate and probes useful therefore
Selenoproteins, coding sequences and methods
Process for aligning macromolecules by passage of a meniscus and applications
Database for storage and analysis of full-length sequences
Two-step method of DNA amplification for MALDI-TOF measurement
Vitro suppression as a tool for the investigation of translation initiation
Poly (organo) phosphazenes for use in synthetic transfection systems
Expression monitoring for gene function identification
Regulation of fungal gene expression
Method and system for DNA sequence determination and mutation detection
Methods for disease diagnosis from stool samples
Method for quantification of an analyte
Method for amplifying and detecting of target nucleic acid sequence using thermostable enzyme
Large scale genotyping of disease and a diagnostic test for spinocerebellar ataxia type 6
Cloning vectors and their preparation and use for mRNA expression pattern analysis
Method for dissociating biotin complexes
Method and kit for detection of multiple protein interactions
Tethered function assay for protein function
Complex formation between dsDNA and oligomer of cyclic heterocycles
Method for generating libraries of antibody genes comprising amplification of diverse antibody DNAs and methods for using these libraries for the production of diverse antigen combining molecules
T-cell receptor V.beta.-D.beta.-J.beta. sequence and methods for its detection
One step sample preparation and detection of nucleic acids in complex biological samples
Organic semiconductor recognition complex and system
Peptide probes and methods for making the same
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Cell based assay for identifying sh2-domain-specific signal transducer antagonist
Polypeptide of protein P140 and DNAs encoding it
Methods for diagnosing sepsis
Method for identifying lead compounds
Detection of dysplastic or neoplastic cells using anti-MCM5 antibodies
Methods for cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Method for detecting analytes
Insect salivary enzyme triggers systemic resistance
Gene trap construct for identification and isolation of genes
Inhibition of cellular proliferation in vitro by oligonucleotide binding to a chromosomal binding site for p53 protein
Method for autoactivation of procaspase 8
Geranyl diphosphate synthase large subunit, and methods of use
Vertebrate apoptosis gene: compositions and methods
Corn cDNA encoding southern leaf blight resistance
SBHWSB2: a new member of the WD40 SOCS box family
Nucleic acid encoding a transdominant negative retroviral integrase
Transcription factor E2F-4
Herpes virus entry receptor protein
N-terminal and C-terminal markers in nascent proteins
Pancreas-derived plasminogen activator inhibitor
DNA segments encoding autoimmune polypeptide epitopes of Ro/ss-A antigen
Method for producing a peptide with a pI above 8 or below 5
Method for producing immunoglobulins containing protection proteins in plants and their use
Recombinant methods and materials for producing epothilones C and D
Inefficient fast PCR
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Use of a virus DNA as promoter
Method of producing saccharide preparations
Aminoalkyl glucosaminide phosphate compounds and their use as adjuvants and immunoeffectors
Apparatus for injecting compressed air into dust collector
Combined water coalescer odor removal filter for use in water separation systems
Compound adjustable ankle foot orthosis brace
Traction device
Venous filter for assisted venous return
Spreading tampon applicator
Expandable bag tampon and spreading tampon applicator therefor
Method for removal of lipids via a perfluorocarbon tumescent solution
Apparatus and method for delivering fluid flow to a surgical site
Intravascular guidewire with perfusion lumen
Catheter head for subcutaneous administration of an substance
Disposable kit for securing an I.V. catheter
Retractable hypodermic needle assembly and method of making the same
Syringe having a flexible piston rod
Apparatus for injecting fluids into the walls of blood vessels, body cavities, and the like
Disposable pull-on garment having improved disposal handling after soil
Absorbent member sealed between a topsheet and a backsheet
Minimally invasive medical apparatus for dispensing a biologically active compound and an associated medical procedure for dispensing a biologically active compound
Method and apparatus for electrically assisted topical delivery of agents for cosmetic applications
Catheters and related devices for forming passageways between blood vessels or other anatomical structures
Systems and methods for imaging corneal profiles
Apparatus and method for performing presbyopia corrective surgery
System for laser light irradiation to living body
Laser beam delivery and eye tracking system
Linear ablation assembly
Method and apparatus for the removal of smoke during high-frequency surgery
Transverse rod connector clip
Bone plate-ratcheting compression apparatus
Bone alignment and fixation device and installation method
Bone nail
Method and apparatus for preventing migration of sutures through transosseous tunnels
Frequency conversion system
Method and apparatus for modulating a tunable laser
Buried ridge semiconductor laser with aluminum-free confinement layer
Method and structure for eliminating polarization instability in laterally-oxidized VCSELs
Formation of metal wire
Match filter architecture based upon parallel I/O
Coherent detection using matched filter enhanced spread spectrum demodulation
Adaptive modulation scheme with simultaneous voice and data transmission
Interference detection and avoidance technique
Method and apparatus relating to mobile telephone modems
Method and apparatus for reducing signal processing requirements for transmitting packet-based data with a modem
Integrated modem and line-isolation circuitry with selective modem processing and associated method
Apparatus for, and method of, reducing power dissipation in a communications system
Adaptive equalizer and adaptive equalization scheme
Modulation/demodulation method and apparatus
Data compression apparatus
Method and system for processing data on motion pictures by motion compensation combined with image segmentation
Block matching method using a moving target window
Method and apparatus for configuring compressed data coefficients to minimize transpose operations
Video compressing method wherein the direction and location of contours within image blocks are defined using a binary picture of the block
Image data coding and restoring method and apparatus for coding and restoring the same
Error resilient video coding using reversible variable length codes (RVLCS)
Multibit sigma-delta converters employing dynamic element matching with reduced baseband tones
Communication system for broadcasting to mobile users
Method and apparatus for synchronizing to a data stream for an inductively coupled transponder
OFDM modulator and OFDM modulation method for digital modulated wave having guard interval
Transmission system having a simplified channel decoder
Data carrier having rectifier and improved voltage limiter
Differential codec for pragmatic PSK TCM schemes
Serial digital data communications receiver with improved automatic cable equalizer, AGC system, and DC restorer
Surgical cerclage band
Pelvic alignment assembly
System for repairing an anatomical canal by means of an implant with a progressive opening
Blood flow conduit delivery system and method of use
Self-expanding stent delivery system
Medical retrieval device and method of making
Device for deploying medical textiles
Devices for sealing punctures in body vessels
System, method and apparatus for sternal closure
Holistic method of treating injured or pathologic tissue with a laser
Apparatus for thermal low periodic wave treatment
Double-bladder paraffin bag
Straight needle apparatus for creating a virtual electrode used for the ablation of tissue
Device and method for medical treatment
Medical grafting methods and apparatus
System for delivering a prosthesis
Flexible endoluminal stent and process of manufacture
Wafer polishing apparatus
Apparatus for polishing
Process and device for dressing high-speed grinding worms
Process for mechanical chemical polishing of a layer in a copper-based material
System for cleaning a surface of a dielectric material
Chemical mechanical polishing with a polishing sheet and a support sheet
Method for polishing surface of vapor-phase synthesized thin diamond film
Method for chamfering a wafer
In-situ pad conditioning for CMP polisher
CMP pad conditioner arrangement and method therefor
Apparatus and method for dressing a wafer polishing pad
Polishing device, end face polishing apparatus having polishing device, and end face polishing method
Orbital disc sander support
Apparatus and method for cold cross-sectioning of soft materials
Casing lock mechanism for a sausage stuffing machine
Coin holder
Turbine roof ventilator
Fume hood
Ceiling grille for rooftop air conditioner unit
Fan-mounting faceplate for a chassis and methods of manufacture and assembly therefor
Electric exhaust fans
Air-conditioning device
Modular air vent assembly kit
Foundation vent with improved net free ventilation area
Vented cabinet
Roof vent
Dryer outdoor vent with removable grill
Pedometer with game mode
Audio visual output for a gaming device
Gaming machine with high volatility index
Method of setting level parameters of enemy characters of a computer game and device therefor
Multi-property player tracking system
Game machine with concentrative prize mode
Data processing system, apparatus and method
Player programmable, interactive toy for a shooting game
Flexible drill pipe
Torque reducer and torque transmitter including the same
Dampening disk assembly
Coupling device having a holder, which is provided on a flywheel mass, for a driver
Swing set bracket
Methods and apparatus for a portable golf training system with an optical sensor net
Portable golf putting green
Golf putter and method of manufacturing
Golf club shaft with improved performance characteristics
Shaft of golf club
Golf club head with variable energy absorption
Method of making a golf ball with a multi-layer core
Noise reduction dart board
Solid golf ball
Height adjustable basketball system
Hybrid composite racket frame
Noise making novelty baseball bat
Foot bag on a tether
Ball for a ball game
Chain guide or tensioner arm with sheet metal bracket and alternating tabs
Chain guide rail
Tapered bushing for a roller chain
Infinite speed ratio transmission device
Planetary speed change transmission
Power train of automatic transmission
Hydraulic control system of automatic transmission
Method and device for maneuvering motor vehicles
Playground appliance
Exercise methods and apparatus
Direct driving apparatus for an electric treadmill
Resistance adjusting device for an exercise device having a wheel driven by a belt
Weight offloading apparatus
Speed-control exercise method and apparatus
Exercise methods and apparatus
Martial arts training device and method of use
Exercise device
Multi-function exercise machine
Methods for controlling deflection of a dynamic surface
Polysiloxane based fuser member containing zirconium silicate and a silicon T-resin
Method for partitioning blood and delivering clean serum
Benzothiophene, benzofuran and indole compounds
Cancer treatment with epothilones
Device and method for radiation therapy
Surgical monitor
Bendable tube of endoscope
Episiotomy retractor
Central platform for supporting retractor blades and the like during surgery
Patient care delivery system
Method and system for pressure estimation using subharmonic signals from microbubble-based ultrasound contrast agents
Ultrasound method for assessing ejection fraction using ultrasound contrast agents
Two dimensional ultrasonic scanning system and method
In vivo biocompatible acoustic coupling media
Maternal and fetal monitor
Fundus blood flow metering method
Method and apparatus for determining a pulmonary function parameter for gas exchange
Bone marrow biopsy device
Method and apparatus for sampling cervical tissue
Method for collecting fluids
Medical apparatus for use by a patient for medical self treatment of diabetes
Measuring device for determining drawer displacement
Method and apparatus for lowering audible noise emissions from lithotriptors
Windshield repair apparatus
Porous mold for a roll support and spacing structure
Integrated circuit chip mold seal
Integrated circuit chip mold seal
Optical disc molding apparatus
Ulnar implant system
Polyurethane and so forth containing joints
Anti-reflux esophageal prosthesis
Shock-and torque absorber in a leg prothesis
Reverse-flow centrifugal filtration method
Composition for dyeing and bleaching of human hair and process for its preparation
Method of bleaching stained fabrics
Process for manufacturing woven or knit fabrics having excellent shrink and crease resistance and shape stability by using sericin fixed yarns of raw silks and the woven or knit fabrics manufactured by the same process
Triphendioxazine compounds
Dye mixtures containing thienyl and/or thiazolazo dyes
Process and composition of sulfur dyes
Preparations of monodisperse spherical oxide particles
Method and apparatus for wafer processing
Human Necessities
Hardware for high strength fastening of bone
Locking dovetail and self-limiting set screw assembly for a spinal stabilization member
Biomaterial and bone implant for bone repair and replacement
Arterial graft device and method of positioning the same
Lordotic interbody spinal fusion implants
Calcification-resistant biomaterials
Performing Operations; Transporting
Durable nonwoven abrasive product
Chemistry; Metallurgy
DNA coding for protein which confers on bacterium escherichia coli resistance to L-homoserine and method for producing L-amino acids
Aqueous fuel for internal combustion engine and method of preparing
Electrochemical cells with high volumetric density of electroactive sulfur-containing materials in cathode active layers
Method for reception of coded data by a receiver
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