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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce cultivar 21-0506018-B
Biological filter for aquatic ecosystems
Physical mode of action pesticide
DNA vaccination for treatment of multiple sclerosis and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Thia-tetraazaacenaphthylene kinase inhibitors
Edible pet chew
Method for forming a scrambled egg snack food
Quick release press mount
System for providing lumbar motion and support
Thigh extension system for a vehicle seat
Stand of display device
Video endoscope
Catheter device
Capsule-type medical device
Methods and apparatus for forming a tunnel through a proximal end of a tibia
Apparatus and methods for bone fracture reduction and fixation
Method and system of increasing safety of cardiac ablation procedures
Apparatus and method for detecting lung sounds using an implanted device
Orthodontic device and method for treating malocclusions
Methods for correcting tooth movements midcourse in treatment
Pharmaceutical carrier device suitable for delivery of pharmaceutical compounds to mucosal surfaces
Disposable wearing article
Pre-fastened absorbent article having simplified fastening features
Cardiac support device with differential expansion
Stent with protruding branch portion for bifurcated vessels
Orthopedic screw and method
Prosthetic heart valves
Heart valve prosthesis
Structured composites as a matrix (scaffold) for the tissue engineering of bones
Device for extending elongate body parts
Treatment of bioprosthetic tissues to mitigate post implantation calcification
CETP activity inhibitors
Targeted bisplatinum polyamines as pro-drugs: selective release of platinum
Methods and compositions for treating atheroma, tumors and other neoplastic tissues
Pharmaceutical composition comprising temozolomide ester
Aryl substituted pyridines and the use thereof
Retinoic acid mimetic anilides
siRNA targeting synuclein, alpha (SNCA-1)
Anti-diabetic extract isolated from rauvolfia vomitoria and citrus aurantium, and methods of using same
Composition for treating obesity comprising extract from white kidney beans, red kidney beans, and green tea leaves
IAP BIR domain binding compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions including low dosages of desmopressin
HBsAg-BCG combined vaccine for intracutaneous injection and preparation method thereof
Process for recombinant expression and purification of antimicrobial peptides using periplasmic targeting signals as precipitable hydrophobic tags
Botulinum toxin pharmaceutical compositions with a recombinant human serum albumin
Whole bacterial cells as immune modulator
Antagonists of TWEAK and of TWEAK receptor and their use to treat immunological disorders
Liquid cosmetic cleansing-agent composition
Installation for sterilizing articles by electron bombardment
Sensory experience method and apparatus
Minimally invasive medical device deployment and retrieval system
Balloon catheter
Multifunction adaptor for an open-ended catheter
Anchoring system for a medical article
Methods and systems for determining a viscosity of a fluid
Particle therapy device and method of designing a radiation path
Dye composition comprising at least one fatty acid ester and process for dyeing keratin fibers using the same
Iron-type gold club head
Wood-type hollow golf club head
Exercise and stretching pole with flexible handle
Golf swing training device and method
Gaming device having a multiple symbol swapping game
Gaming device having a multiple symbol swapping game
Gaming device having a game including a rearrangement path
Gaming device having player selectable award digits and award modification options
Swing covering accessory
Activity device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid separating device
Ceramic membrane water filtration
Multi-stage apparatus for separating liquid droplets from gases
Methods of manufacturing bentonite pollution control sorbents
Method of making microcapsules utilizing a fluid ejector
Filter material for generating oxygen and/or hydrogen from a source
Catalytic hydrogenation processes
Device and method for separating components of a fluid sample
Module, nozzle and method for dispensing controlled patterns of liquid material
Method for improving the adhesion of the intermediate layer in a multi-paint finish
Smart curing with a catalyst-functionalized surface
Method of manufacturing dielectric layer and method of manufacturing liquid jet head
Powder injection molding composition and method of use
Iron-based sintered alloy having excellent machinability
Tool for chip-removing machining
Conditioner device for conditioning polishing pad and chemical mechanical polishing apparatus including the same
Method of sulfonating an article and related apparatus
In-mold separated light guides
Functional fiber sheet
Sole construction for an athletic shoe
Phenolic novolak resin for shell mold, process for producing the same, and resin coated sand
Hydroxyl polymer web structures comprising a tuft
Architecture of a winding device for an electric energy storage unit
Control panel and apparatus using the same
Sheet handling device including suction chamber with flow obstructing material
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Method of manufacturing alignment jig and liquid-jet head unit
Liquid jet apparatus using a fine particle dispersion liquid composition
Liquid jet apparatus using a fine particle dispersion liquid composition
Image forming apparatus using inkjet process capable of maintaining an image forming quality
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge
Container having liquid detecting function
Printhead with variable nozzle firing sequence
Plasma processing system and plasma processing method
Motor vehicle
Seat reclining apparatus
Seat lock device
Retractable and extendable enclosure member for a compartment of a transportation device
Decking beam end piece
Anchoring system for motorized and non-motorized craft
Extra-vehicular threat predictor
Information provision system and terminal for same and program for same
Video mirror system suitable for use in a vehicle
Knee protection air bag apparatus
Air bag support belt storing structure
Knee airbag device
Apparatus and method for controlling automatic transmission
Variable pressure belt driven sheet registration system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preparation of silicate or glass in a furnace with burners immersed in a reducing medium
Regeneration of caustic solutions
Automated accelerated extraction of trace elements from biomass
Wastewater treatment equipment and method of wastewater treatment
Electrically conductive concrete and controlled low strength materials having spent carbon sorbent
Perchlorate free flash bang compositions for pyrotechnic training rounds
Feed pretreating
Process for making cyclohexylbenzene
Crystalline levosalbutamol sulphate and polymorphic forms thereof
Fluid bed methanol synthesis
Method for the direct conversion of a charge containing olefins comprising a minimum of four or five carbon atoms, for producing propylene
Method for producing linear or branched fatty acid esters by means of heterogeneously catalysed reactive rectification with an upstream reactor
Ring-substituted diphenylazetidinones, process for their preparation, medicaments comprising these compounds, and their use
S-(-)-amlodipine nicotinate and process for the preparation thereof
Process for preparation of enantiomerically pure compounds
N-phenyl-2-pyrimidine-amine derivatives
Process for preparing brevifoliol
Dipeptidyl peptidase inhibitors
Thin film lubricant for advanced tribological performance of storage medium
Activator bound solid supports for nucleic acid synthesis via the phosphoramidite approach
Hereditary hemochromatosis gene
siRNA targeting carbonic anhydrase II
Reagents and methods for inducing an immune response to prostate specific antigen
Antibodies against LLG polypeptides of the triacylglycerol lipase family
Cytokine zalpha11 ligand fusion proteins
Somatostatin-dopamine chimeric analogs
Peptide having ability to activate cancer-related gene
Peptide compound for measuring sulfur compound and ammonia
Vinyl monomer and polymer derived from the monomer, and light emitting device using the polymer
Dried porous crumbs of hydrogenated block copolymer
Cyclic alkyl substituted glycolides and polylactides therefrom
Expanded molded article having voids
Polymer composite
Nano-composite and compositions therefrom
Opacifying particles
Polymerizable composition and molded product thereof
Method of producing fine particles of metal complex pigment and dispersion containing fine particles of metal complex pigment obtained by the method
Effect pigments that are surface-modified with LCST and/or UCST polymers
Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
Abrasive compound for glass hard disk platter
Gasoline and diesel production from pyrolytic lignin produced from pyrolysis of cellulosic waste
Process for steam cracking heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks
Hybrid combustor for fuel processing applications
Method for improving the oxidative stability of industrial fluids
Friction regulator for lubricating oil and lubricating oil composition
Two-stage extraction of soybean oil
Compositions and processes for photoresist stripping and residue removal in wafer level packaging
Saprophytic yeast, Pichia anomala
Beta secretase polypeptides
Human Dickkopf-related nucleic acid molecules
Method for preparing monoclonal antibodies capable of activating effector cells expressing FC.gamma.RIII
Process for producing N-acetylneuraminic acid
Enhanced production of lipids containing polyenoic fatty acid by very high density cultures of eukaryotic microbes in fermentors
Nucleic acid cloning
Mobile RNA acts as a signal to regulate plant growth and development
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Process for anodically coating aluminum and/or titanium with ceramic oxides
Electrolytic processing method
Electropolishing system and process
Textiles; Paper
Open-work knitted textile resin infusion medium and reinforcing composite lamina
Method and apparatus for transverse distribution of a flowing medium
Fixed Constructions
Outdoor lighting fixture
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive transmission mechanism between two or more rotary shafts and oil-free fluid machine equipped with the mechanism
Hybrid vapor and film cooled turbine blade
Composite gas turbine fan blade
Hydrogen injection powered automobile engine
Hermetic compressor
Peristaltic pump having pumping and occluding rollers and alternating pumping systems utilizing thereof
Slip joint for use in steering system
Hydraulic circuit control device
Drive shaft reduction gear
Vehicle ignition switch
Battery charging work light
Compact headlight for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for melting metal
Method and system for improving accuracy of critical dimension metrology
Image inspection method by polarized compensation for deformation of lens
Terminal apparatus, control method for terminal apparatus, control program for terminal apparatus, and computer readable storage medium having stored therein control program for terminal apparatus
Apparatus for determining a temperature of a substrate and methods therefor
Analog line-type temperature sensitive fire detection cable
Liquid cell
Polarization lidar for the remote detection of aerosol particle shape
Method for designing a colorimeter having integral illuminant-weighted CIE color-matching filters
Angularly resolved scatterometer and inspection method
Method of measuring thin layers using SIMS
Gas concentration measuring apparatus designed to compensate for output error
System and method for updating a baseline output of a gas sensor
Test device for tubular specimens
Apparatus and methods for inspecting cooling slot defects in turbine rotor wheels
Resistive type oxygen sensor and air/fuel ratio control system using it
Method and apparatus for preparing cytological specimens
Assays, antibodies, and standards for detection of oxidized and MDA-modified low density lipoproteins
Devices for continuous sampling of airborne particles using a regenerative surface
Electrical contact device of probe card
Device and method for measuring a current flowing in an electrical conductor
Methods and systems for the rapid detection of concealed objects
Methods and apparatus for analyzing partial discharge in electrical machinery
Probe holder for a probe for testing semiconductor components
Probe card and method for assembling the same
Method for determining time dependent dielectric breakdown
Operation voltage supply apparatus and operation voltage supply method for semiconductor device
Method and system for estimating the location of a wireless terminal from a received signal strength
Ultra-tightly coupled GPS and inertial navigation system for agile platforms
Duct mapping device using sonde
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Systems, methods and apparatus for a partially elongated field of view in a magnetic resonance imaging system
Broadband resistivity interpretation
Multi-layer resonator for magnetic resonance applications with the resonator structure itself allowing equal magnitude current during active operation
Liquid solar lens
Anti-stiction gas-phase lubricant for micromechanical systems
Detector of infrared radiation having a bi-material transducer
Magnetophoretic and electromagnetophoretic displays
Light generator, optical amplifier, and optical communication system
Optical element that includes a microlens array and related method
Micro lens array and method of manufacturing the same
Collimation lens system for LED
Diffractive optical element and optical low-pass filter utilizing the same
Aligning lens carriers and ferrules with alignment frames
Liquid crystal display device
Display module and flexible packaging unit thereof
Light guiding apparatus, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Substrate for display device
Aligning method of ferroelectric liquid crystal display and ferroelectric liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Frequency synthesis for acousto-optic devices
Containment system for immersion fluid in an immersion lithography apparatus
Liquid for immersion exposure and immersion exposure method
Exposure apparatus and method for manufacturing device
Method of exposure and attenuated type phase shift mask
Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon into polysilicon and mask used therefor
Optical proximity correction photomasks
Determining whether to convert image data in an input color space to an output color space in a transform domain or real domain
Converting image data in an input color space to an output color space in a transform domain
Positive resist composition and method of forming resist pattern using the same
Fabrication method for a computer-generated hologram or a holographic stereogram in which a three-dimensional object having visualized cross-sectional surfaces is recorded and computer-generated hologram/holographic
Vehicular control system
Robot confinement
Charge pump circuit and electronic circuit provided therewith, and method for driving charge pump circuit
Low power and high accuracy band gap voltage reference circuit
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and information processing apparatus for conducting print instruction thereto
Systems and methods for producing portraits
Method and apparatus for effective job management
Reduced jitter amplification methods and apparatuses
Printing system
Image processing system, image processing device, dot data processing device, and method and program product therefor
System and method of caching glyphs for display by a remote terminal
Techniques for graphical analysis and manipulation of circuit timing requirements
Method for adding detail to a texture map
Image processing apparatus, method and program
Method for location-based asset management
Apparatus and method for bi-directionally sweeping an image beam in the vertical dimension and related apparati and methods
Current generation supply circuit and display device
Display apparatus
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device using the same
Display driver converting ki bits gray-scale data to converted gray-scale data of J bits, electro-optical device and gamma correction method
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Color LCD with bi-color sequential backlight
Apparatus and method for handwriting recognition
Display change between mobile terminal display and external device display
Method and apparatus for processing information
Music instrument
Apparatus and method for synthesizing a plurality of waveforms in synchronized manner
Preclinical SPECT system using multi-pinhole collimation
Beam stop and beam tuning methods
Liquid crystalline polymer composition
Magnetic alloy material and method of making the magnetic alloy material
Keypad coupling apparatus for portable terminal
Worklight with ergonomic switch
Light emitting device and method for fabricating light emitting device
Pivotable magnetic assembly for allowing insertion or removal of a linear beam tube
Base plate for use in mass spectrometry analysis, and method and apparatus for mass spectrometry analysis
Thermally assisted membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS) interface and method of use thereof
Method and apparatus for scanning an ion trap mass spectrometer
Lamp apparatus for liquid crystal display
Method of making a display device having a light-blocking layer and display device having the same
Method of fabricating light emitting device and thus-fabricated light emitting device
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Electronic assembly/system with reduced cost, mass, and volume and increased efficiency and power density
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Manufacturing method of thin film device substrate
Method for manufacturing a thin film semiconductor device
Method for removing metal foot during high-k dielectric/metal gate etching
Insulating layer patterning method, insulating layer formed by the insulating layer patterning method, display device having the insulating layer
Method of patterning a film
Split gate memory cell method
Electric plating method, electric plating apparatus, program for plating, recording medium, and manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for semiconductor device
Methods of making a die-up ball grid array package with printed circuit board attachable heat spreader
Semiconductor device manufacturing method including oblique ion implantation process and reticle pattern forming method
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of making a nonvolatile memory device including forming a pillar shaped semiconductor device and a shadow mask
Disposable organic spacers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Chipcard with contact areas and method for producing contact areas
Thermal interface material with hotspot heat remover
Methods for packing microfeature devices and microfeature devices formed by such methods
Wafer level packaging cap and fabrication method thereof
Integration type semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package configuration with improved lead portion arrangement
Leadless leadframe implemented in a leadframe-based BGA package
Semiconductor device having surface mountable external contact areas and method for producing the same
Systems and methods for performing quantum computations
Method of manufacturing a solid state image pickup apparatus having multiple transmission paths
Ferroelectric memory device
Gate-enhanced junction varactor
Photoelectric conversion device, image sensor, and method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Fabrication of MEMS devices with spin-on glass
Transistor structure for semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Field-effect transistor comprising a layer of an organic semiconductor
Semiconductor device having a high withstand voltage
Method for photo-detecting and apparatus for the same
Light emitting device
Semiconductor optical device
Piezoelectric actuator
Electrical-to-mechanical transducer apparatus and method
Substrate supporting vibration structure, input device having haptic function, and electronic device
Transducers with annular contacts
Piezoactuator with low stray capacitance
Resistive memory device having enhanced resist ratio and method of manufacturing same
Portable electronic device employing battery
Battery structures, self-organizing structures and related methods
Electrode having modal distribution of zinc-based particles
Gelling agent for alkaline battery and alkaline battery
Electrochemical cell energy device based on novel electrolyte
Fluoride ion scavenger for fuel cell components
Method of preserving fuel cell membrane electrode assembly
Fuel cell voltage feedback control system
Fuel cell having heat exchanger built in stack
Flat plate antenna with a rotating field, comprising a central loop and eccentric loops, and system for identification by radiofrequency
Contact spring assembly for electronic devices
Protected socket for integrated circuit devices
Socket and method for its production
Card edge connector with latch
Lock connector with limit arms to limit deflection of lock arms
Electrical connector with anti-mismating mechanism for preventing incorrect insertion of a smaller sized mating connector
Electrical adapter having grounding means
Electrical device
Adapter for mounting a faceplate of a first style to an electrical outlet cavity of a second style
Voltage converter for converting a voltage to multiple output voltages and method of operating said voltage converter
Device and method for transmitting and providing the power of capacitive actuators
Power storage device and image forming apparatus
Rotor structure of an axial gap rotating electrical device
Automotive alternator voltage control apparatus
Three-phase DC brushless motor and winding method
Rotary electric machine
Automotive dynamoelectric machine
Fan, motor and stator structure thereof
Torque harnessing electric engine
Actuator with Alternating Steady Voltage Combs and Variable Voltage Combs
Controller for a multi-phase brushless DC motor
Inverter for washer and inverter for washer-drier
Brushless-motor driving control device, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Hybrid motor boost system and methods
Motor control method and device thereof
Dual-frequency matching circuit
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Debounce circuit and method
Low-voltage differential signal driver for high-speed digital transmission
Programmable logic device with configurable override of region-wide signals
Repeatable block producing a non-uniform routing architecture in a field programmable gate array having segmented tracks
Circuit for driving a semiconductor element
Write driver circuit
Clock generator with reduced electromagnetic interference for DC-DC converters
Low noise frequency synthesizer
Delay lock loop and phase angle generator
Timing recovery methods and apparatuses
Surface acoustic wave filter element, surface acoustic wave filter and communication device using the same
On-off keying-7-phase shift keying modulation system and method for fiber communication
Paper pressing device
Document separator pages
Tools to embed information into digital visual works
Printed visible fonts with attendant background
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Sync separator apparatus
Optical device and production method thereof
Electronic camera that reduces processing time by performing different processes in parallel
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
Image data manipulation system
Device for inspecting apparatus of a rod-like article
Electronic camera and control program of same for detecting foreign materials
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Luminescent device
Color electroluminescent displays including photoluminescent phosphor layer
RF shielding cover for RF radiating applicator
Expired Patents Due To Time
Circlet with solid link chew
Crown-shaped food product
Raw dough product
Raw dough product
2 Knots chew
Shoe sole
Low down tennis shoe boots
Seat-belt cover
Storage device
Shopping basket
Pill box
Integral luggage and tie down set for a vehicle rack
Mobile phone case
Storage and display device
Shopping bag carrier
Combined toothbrush and case therefor
Combined hand scraper and brush
Apertured continuous filament fabric
Handicapped accessible picnic table
Table and bench unit
Office chair
Office chair
Display case with cards
Furniture chest
Bead storage cabinet
Spacesaver shelves
Built-in wall cabinet
Boat seat support
Cellular shade
Cover for a urinal mat
Food serving bowl
Food and beverage cooler
Barbecue grill
Barbecue grill
Barbecue grill lid
Condiment dispensing carousel
Condiment dish display rack
Beverage holder
Spoon rest
Corn holder
Beverage shaker top
Beer keg with handles and base
Electric sander
Belt sander
Utility knife
Cap for quick connectors
Single socket tool
Low profile cleat with one-sided jam elements
Four inch double hook
Portable gas nailing machine
Electronic torque wrench
Fitting for a wall mountable accessory
Cover for a casement window handle
Cap for a chair leg
Liquid beverage container
Gasoline can having an integral spout
Wrapping box
Bottle sling
Polymeric container with handle
Digital alarm clock
Water level
Tape measure
Transmitter for a monitor for a movable barrier
Keypad and display unit
Compact electronic article surveillance device
Surface ornamentation for a watch dial
Magnetic garage door cover
Profiled bar
Surface configuration of a vehicle, toy and/or other replicas
Surface configuration of a vehicle body, toy, and/or replica
Children tricycle
All-terrain utility vehicle
Snow sled
Remote control for ships
Heat sink module
Light emitting diode
Power amplifier module
Wireless headset
Television set
Cellular phone
Key button arrangement for a handset
Body shape of a handset
Radio receiver
Television set
Human Necessities
Electric field sensor
System for reducing signal disturbances in ECG, which disturbances are caused by cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
High-resolution medical monitoring apparatus particularly useful for electrocardiographs
Apparatus and methods for monitoring tissue impedance
Evaluation of tumor angiogenesis using magnetic resonance imaging
Ceramic reinforcement members for MRI devices
System and method for detecting dislodgement of an implantable medical device
Totally implantable hearing system
Triple array defibrillation catheter and method of using the same
Monopole phased array thermotherapy applicator for deep tumor therapy
Computer readable program product, game control method, and video game system
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for production and distribution of mail pieces for mass mailings
Scheduling method and program for a substrate processing apparatus
Method for controlling and pre-setting a steelworks or parts of a steelworks
Secure order-receiving, designing, manufacturing and delivery system for a packaging medium
Vehicle control system
Method for controlling the speed and distance of a motor vehicle
Driving apparatus and automobile
Power assist vehicle
Road recognition system
Apparatus for monitoring the proper operation of components of an electrical system carrying out the same or mutually corresponding actions
System and method for steering a multi-wheel drive vehicle
Steering wheel position compensating apparatus in steering apparatus
Beverage quality and communications control for a beverage forming and dispensing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for DNA mixture analysis
Method and apparatus for combining gene predictions using bayesian networks
Textiles; Paper
System for the telemanagement of weaving looms in weaving premises and method of assistance thereof
Fractal jean manufacturing
Fixed Constructions
Dynamic relative load rate for fluid systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for controlling torque and a system for carrying out the method
Closed loop control of shifting clutch actuators in an automatic speed change transmission
Weight identification method and feedback control method
Illumination device and photographing apparatus having the same
Laser measurement system with digital delay compensation
In-building navigation system
Method and system for prediction-based distributed navigation
Integrated position and direction system with radio communication for updating data
Navigation system, hand-held terminal, data transfer system and programs executed therein
Communication navigation system, information server unit and communication terminal unit for the same, and method and program for communication navigation
Apparatus and method for providing information to a driver of a vehicle, and apparatus and method for presenting information to the driver
Navigation apparatus and navigation method
Computerized log and compliance system for truck drivers
Navigation system and a memory medium
Model predictive controller for coordinated cross direction and machine direction control
Node identification by displacement
Control device of a position measuring system
Method and apparatus for monitoring integrated circuit fabrication
Sewer flow monitoring method and system
Estimating flow rates in open-channel geometries having capillary pumping vanes
Method and apparatus providing improved data path calibration for memory devices
Method for estimating wind
Decoupling capacitance estimation and insertion flow for ASIC designs
Acquisition system for a long record length digital storage oscilloscope
Electrical over stress (EOS) monitor
Method and systems to measure propagation delay in semiconductor chips
Method and apparatus for implementing enhanced LBIST diagnostics of intermittent failures
Circuit with interconnect test unit
Electronic test program with test triggered interactive displays
IC test system and storage medium for the same
Apparatus and method for determining effect of on-chip noise on signal propagation
JTAG testing arrangement
Seismic prospecting method and device using simultaneous emission of seismic signals based on pseudo-random sequences
Method of using underbalanced well data for seismic attribute analysis
Method of identification of non-primary events in seismic data
Mapping permeable reservoir formations by measuring the elastic nonlinear interactions of a seismic wave as it propagates through the reservoir rock matrix and its pore fluids
Method for absolute preserved amplitude processing of seismic well data
Multiband Raman amplifier
Integrated spectral encoder/decoder for optical CDMA communication system
Reconfigurable add-drop multiplexer
Method of and device for detecting pattern, method of and device for checking pattern, method of and device for correcting and processing pattern, and computer product
Methods of forming radiation-patterning tools; carrier waves and computer readable media
Apparatus, system for forming image, and method for controlling image forming apparatus
Apparatus for connecting and disconnecting developing bias power supply
Color image forming apparatus having multiple developing devices
Image forming apparatus
Bias charge roller with optimally induced AC corona
Image forming apparatus
Thermally activated sealing apparatus and method
Difference potential preventing image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Multi-function machine having multifunctional cover
Image forming unit and image forming apparatus
Wireless communication system and image forming device
Image forming apparatus and cartridge detachably mountable thereto
Coordinated robot control from multiple remote instruction sources
Method and system for evaluating a defective ratio of products
Method for automatically controlling defect -specification in a semiconductor manufacturing process
Electronic control system and method having monitor program monitoring function
Auto diagnostic method and device
Lamp monitoring and control system and method
System and method for managing copyrighted electronic media
Method, system and computer program product for digitally generating a function
Programmable interface controller suitable for spanning clock domains
System and method for time slicing deterministic patterns for reseeding in logic built-in self-test
Data processing control system, controller, data processing control method, program, and medium
Cluster system having virtual raid, computer for the cluster system, and parity calculation method in the cluster system
High speed selective mirroring of cached data
Apparatus for testing I/O ports of a computer motherboard
Performance monitoring method in a distributed processing system
Method and apparatus for virtually partitioning an integrated multilevel nonvolatile memory circuit
Managing a data storage array, a data storage system, and a raid controller
Method, system, and program for memory based data transfer
Measuring maximum memory requirement of an application at any point through continuous use of garbage collector
Integrated circuit device having double data rate capability
System and method for mapping bus addresses to memory locations utilizing access keys and checksums
System and method for input/output module virtualization and memory interleaving using cell map
Multiprocessor environment supporting variable-sized coherency transactions
Address translation
Advancing bank pointer in prime numbers unit
Processor, method and apparatus with descriptor table storing segment descriptors of varying size
Cache memory management system and method
Memory address checking in a proccesor that support both a segmented and a unsegmented address space
Accessing network databases
Enhanced bus architecture for posted read operation between masters and slaves
Increased computer peripheral throughput by using data available withholding
Computer system I/O node for connection serially in a chain to a host
Disconnecting a device on a cache line boundary in response to a write command
Method and apparatus for maintaining order in a queue by combining entry weights and queue weights
Mobile communication device having a prioritized interrupt controller
Methods and apparatuses for guaranteed coherency of buffered direct-memory-access data
Interleaving read and write operations on a bus and minimizing buffering on a memory module in a computer system
System for removing and replacing core I/O hardware in an operational computer system
Integrated PC Card host controller for the detection and operation of a plurality of expansion cards
Split computer architecture to separate user and processor while retaining original user interface
Apparatus and method for exchanging status information between boards
Quad pumped bus architecture and protocol
Data processing device having a plurality of state-machine parts
System and method for network log-on by associating legacy profiles with user certificates
Method, system and program products for providing clusters of a computing environment
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for processing an electronic message on an electronic message board
Apparatus and method for accessing POST 80h codes via a computer port
Method and system of an application program interface for abstracting network traffic control components to application programs
Method for encouraging internet publication browsing while discouraging unauthorized printing
Method and apparatus for communicating among a network of servers
Methods and systems for computing singular value decompositions of matrices and low rank approximations of matrices
Method for determining a spatial quality index of regionalized data
Distributed execution coordination for web caching with dynamic content
Information retrieval system with a search assist server
Method and system for retrieving search results from multiple disparate databases
Passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture employing object oriented system software
Database system with methodology for distributing query optimization effort over large search spaces
System and methodology providing automated selection adjustment for refactoring
Weak record locks in database query read processing
General purpose interpreter and database for accessing enterprise servers over an internet protocol network
Data access component providing transparent access to a plurality of medical imaging databases
Method and system for information retrieval based on parts of speech conditions
Method and system for retrieving documents via an electronic data file
Methods and systems for providing random access to structured media content
Pre-loading of web pages corresponding to designated links in HTML
Utilization of information "push" technology
System and method for concurrent multimodal communication
Correcting a mask pattern using a clip mask
Performance of integrated circuit components via a multiple exposure technique
Accelerated layout processing using OPC pre-processing
Inter-signal proximity verification in an integrated circuit
Systems and methods for performing clock gating checks
Procedure for optimizing mergeability and datapath widths of data flow graphs
Robust delay metric for RC circuits
System and method for simulation of an integrated circuit design using a hierarchical input netlist and divisions along hierarchical boundaries thereof
Method of robust semiconductor circuit products design using rational robust optimization
Vectorless instantaneous current estimation
System for and method of processing substrate
Method for measuring PLL lock time
Method and apparatus for selective and quantitative rights management
Content provider system
Method and apparatus for improved interaction with an application program according to data types and actions performed by the application program
Method for selectively transmitting screen control data for terminal displays from a server to a client computer
Multirate circular buffer and method of operating the same
Apparatus and method for providing a cyclic buffer using logical blocks
Baggage transportation security system
Method and apparatus for implementing timers for enterprise javabean components
Modular arithmetic apparatus and method having high-speed base conversion function
Method and apparatus for parallel carry chains
Digital true random number generator circuit
Processor which overrides default operand size for implicit stack pointer references and near branches
Instruction control device and method therefor
System and method for supporting precise exceptions in a data processor having a clustered architecture
Pipelined microprocessor and a method relating thereto
Method and apparatus for efficiently generating, storing, and consuming arithmetic flags between producing and consuming macroinstructions when emulating with microinstructions
Execution of a computer program
Methods and arrangements for providing multiple concurrent desktops and workspaces in a shared computing environment
Preserving the content of a first register without affecting the content of a second register
Efficient data transfer during computing system manufacturing and installation
Method and apparatus for providing diagnosis of a processor without an operating system boot
System and method to improve speed and reduce memory allocation for set top box boot-up
System and method for deploying a hardware configuration with a computer program
Method for fast reinitialization wherein a saved system image of an operating system is transferred into a primary memory from a secondary memory
Multiapplication concurrent-execution interpreter execution method therefor and computer-readable storage medium storing program therefor
Method and apparatus for emulating the optical behavior of optical communication systems
Method of determining causal connections between events recorded during process execution
Interprocess communication system
System and method for deadlock management in database systems with demultiplexed connections
Methods for predicting instruction execution efficiency in a proposed computer system
Batteryless transponder
Aircraft identification and docking guidance systems
Mixtures of Bayesian networks
Method for analyzing product information
Support system for making decisions on medical treatment plans or test plans
Method and apparatus for remote commerce with customer anonymity
Knowledge tree medical enablement
Using digital signatures to validate trading and streamline settlement of financial transaction workflow
Method and apparatus for content personalization over a telephone interface
Web-based method and system for managing account receivables
Video data recording and reproducing apparatus, a video data reproducing apparatus, and a method of recording and reproducing video data with data modification detection
Watermarks for customer identification
Game system with graphics processor
Method of soliciting a user to input survey data at an electronic commerce terminal
Method and apparatus for using smart memories in computing
Systems and methods for distributing information to an operator of a vehicle
Computer assisted learning system, storage server used for computer assisted learning system and computer readable media recording program used in storage server
Display system enabling dynamic specification of a movie's temporal evolution
Intelligent tutoring system
Adding data to a compressed data frame
Method of and apparatus for processing at least one coded binary audio flux organized into frames
Method and apparatus for determination of an optimum fixed codebook vector
SID frame detection with human auditory perception compensation
Perceptual weighting device and method for efficient coding of wideband signals
Device for accommodating cartridge storage device and disk recording or playback apparatus
Disc player containing discs to be played and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for playing multi-function device
Objective lens driving mechanism in optical storage device
Disk cartridge
Method of and apparatus for reproducing a plurality of information pieces
Digital information recording-reproducing apparatus
Optical pic-kup
Optical disk drive having a skew adjustment function
Method of refreshing a dynamic memory
Synchronized write data on a high speed memory bus
Encryption keys for multiple drive fault tolerance
DDR-II driver impedance adjustment control algorithm and interface circuits
Adaptive off tester screening method based on intrinsic die parametric measurements
Wireless communication apparatus for portable electronic devices
Antenna receiving system
Gain equalizer which includes a plurality of optical filters for equalizing the gain of an optical amplifier
Switchgear cabinet air conditioning device
Plausibility checking of voltage transformers in substations
Dual double balanced mixer
Radio telephone apparatus
Variable gain mixer circuit
Device for generating RF signals at multiple frequencies
Programmable non-integer fractional divider
Radio terminal and information reception control method suitable for push type information distribution system
Orientation-adjusting device for properly orienting wireless transceiver in confined space
Method for interrupting an idle state of a communication unit in a radio communication system
Optical transmission system
Free-space optical communications with partially coherent beams
Mobile communication system
RZ signal optical regenerator limiting noise in "zeros"
Device for regenerating optical signs
Processor-controlled mixture with weight sensors
Method and a device for maintaining the performance quality of a code-division multiple access system in the presence of narrow band interference
Method and apparatus for combining power control commands received in a wireless communication system
Antenna diversity arrangement
Antenna diversity receiver with variable switching delay time
Transmitting/receiving apparatus of repeater system
Method for identifying growth limits of handheld services for mobile satellite communications
Methods of formatting data to maximize the readability and the amount of song identification information displayed on a limited number of lines
Parallel optical transmission/reception module
Apparatus for and method of in-band clock compensation
Method and apparatus for time-based reception of transmissions in a wireless communication system
Nack suppression for multicast protocols in mostly one-way networks
Troubleshooting method and apparatus
Wireless network monitoring
Method and apparatus for integrated wireless communications in private and public network environments
Randomized arbiters for eliminating congestion
Recovery path designing circuit, method and program thereof
Variable-strength error correction in ad-hoc networks
Method and apparatus for scheduling transmissions in a communication system
Method to estimate the parameters of a propagation channel
Data distribution system and data distribution method
Methods and apparatus for facilitating security in a network
Generic communication filters for distributed applications
Automatic and selective assignment of channels to recipients of voice chat data
Automatic teleconferencing control system
Trusted and anonymous system and method for sharing threat data to industry assets
Instant messaging system using voice enabled web based application server
Panic button IP device
Method and system for determining and graphically representing frame classification rule relationships
Method, system and program products for assigning an address identifier to a partition of a computing environment
System and method for applet management
Scheme for managing nodes connected to a home network according to their physical locations
Content addressable information encapsulation, representation, and transfer
Digital signature system
Portable communication device having back-lighting and high key press noise margin
Communication system for telephone
Mobile communication terminal with unanswered incoming-call notifying function
System for associating user selectable information in wireless devices
Data monitoring method, data monitoring device, copying device, and storage medium
Method and system for parsing section data
TV program usage information setting method and apparatus using the same
Data recording apparatus, data recording/reproducing apparatus, data recording method, and data recording/reproducing method
Memory efficient method and apparatus for determining run times of DVD titles
Apparatus and method for selecting viewers' profile in interactive TV
Recipient selection of information to be subsequently delivered
Intelligent network storage interface system
Displaying calling subscriber number in call set-up
Communication and presence spanning multiple access networks
Method and network element for establishing a connection to a local service
Mobile communication system and program transmission method
Consideration of historical MAHO measurements for frequency plan revision determinations
Apparatus and method for mobile communications
Communication terminal apparatus
Mobile terminal communication system
SRNS relocation in a UMTS network
Method for controlling connections to a mobile station
Mobile communication system, mobile station and diversity handover branch control method
Logical channel control procedures for handover
Method for categorization of multiple providers in a wireless communications service environment
Wireless transmission network card
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