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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Precision hoe opener with draft force compensation
Crop conveying arrangement of a machine for harvesting crops having stalks
Teat cup carrier
Articles for enhancing the environment of contained animals
Apparatus and method for manufacturing bread
Garment protector and method of use thereof
Shoe sole construction
Bristle orientation assembly for a toothbrush
Framework for electronic or network cabinets
Method of making and using a kitchen receptacle for the collection and transfer of food material
Applicator pad
Apparatus of mounting dust collection unit for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Patient transfer and transport bed
Compressed air respirator
Terminal pin, feedthrough of an implantable electromedical device and process for making the same
Wide screen gaming apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for grinding cellulose
Lubricating system for material-processing shears
Device for and a method of adding rinse aids to a home appliance containing liquids
Kitchenware washers and related methods
Method of reducing a stent in cross-section
Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof
Pipe-bending machine mandrel
Wire twisting tool
Pneumaticaly driven pipe swedging and flaring tools
Wirebonding method and apparatus
Method of joining a microwave transparent component to a host component
Dope relief method for wedge thread connections
Method of manufacturing a trunnion
Linear driving mechanism for electronic component mounting apparatus
Coordination hole apparatus and methods of use
Self-contained vacuum saw
Bulletin board
Print unit having cylinders forming a counterweight and corresponding press
Anti-skid device for vehicle wheels
Tire and tire manufacturing process
Air conditioning system for motor vehicle
Self-reacting message board
Skid steer rear door and chassis interlock
Water skimmer
Sports board with integral laminated stiffening element
Internal security door for an aircraft
Terminal docking port for an operational ground support system
Rotating air cargo delivery system and method of construction
Aircraft ejection seat system
Catalyzed decomposing structural payload foam
Flexible storage bag
Easily assembled and repairable plastic shipping pallet
Single-piece sealing cover
Integrated circuit wafer packaging system and method
Dispenser device including a covering tube for a dip tube
Tape reel and information recording apparatus
Elevator rope slip detector and elevator system
Dispensing nozzle assembly
Slip-on horse boot with replaceable pastern gaiter
Textiles; Paper
Wet processing or finishing machine for rope-formed textile products
Method for repositioning articles in a washing machine
Washing fluid tub for a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Wear assembly
Rapidly deployable temporary modular structures and component elements thereof
Wall molding for suspended ceiling
Pressure responsive blowout latch
Structural system with high absorption capacity to impactive and impulsive loads
Shutter with multi-part tilt control bar connector
Inflatable door seal
Controlled shared load casing jack system and method of using
Inflatable packer assembly
Process for recovering heavy oil using multiple effect evaporation
Downhole acoustic source
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine
Multiple cylinder engine
Heat activated valve system
Pump drive structure of water-cooled internal combustion engine
Exhaust system of a combustion engine
Freeze protection for on-board vehicle emissions treatment system
Fuel injection system designed to enhance uniformity of size of atomized particles of fuel
Air bypass valve failure detection device in supercharging device for engine
Variable displacement and/or variable compression ratio engine
Gas turbine engine exhaust nozzle
Augmentor spray bar mounting
Thrust termination device for solid rocket motor
Procedure for the functional diagnosis of an activateable fuel tank ventilation valve of a fuel tank system of an internal combustion engine
Hydrocarbon adsorption filter for air intake system evaporative emission control
First and second spark plugs for improved combustion control
Apparatus for processing sensor signal from knock sensor of internal combustion engine
Rotary pilot valve
Clutch of an automatic transmission
Latched-pump applied clutch
Support means end connection for fastening an end of a support means in an elevator installation, an elevator installation with a support means end connection, and a method for fastening an end of a support means in an elevator installation
Motorcycle engine and assembling method thereof
Digital programmable driver for solenoid valves and associated method
Pressure controller device
Parking meter pole
Lighting apparatus
Multiple pass economizer and method for SCR temperature control
Smoke generator machine
Closed cooking system
Refrigeration system including refrigeration cycle and rankine cycle
Air-conditioning system with multiple indoor and outdoor units and control system therefor
Heat exchanger optimization process and apparatus
Deep well/long trench direct expansion heating/cooling system
Appliance for removing fluids and/or solids
Heat exchanger
Breech loaded soft projectile blow gun
Ballistic-resistant article
Device to separate the links of an ammunition belt
Increasing gas gauge pressure sensitivity using nozzle-face surface roughness
Method and apparatus for inspecting turbine nozzle segments
Direct mount hub adapter
Sensor leg assembly for a contour follower
Inertial sensor and fabrication method of inertial sensor
Measuring apparatus and measuring method for concrete-forming materials
X-ray detecting method, photographing method using the X-ray detecting method, and X-ray detector using the methods
Apparatus and method suitable for measuring the displacement or load on an aircraft component
Method for correcting concave-convex exhibited on a surface of a body of rotation
Metal element inspection device and metal element inspection method
Apparatus for analyzing a liquid sample using a multiple-lumen capillary
Sterile sampling device
Method and device for characterizing a fluid
Symmetrical viscosity sensor
Monolithically integrated fluorescence on-chip sensor
Reactor jet pump sensing line frequency measurement
Tension monitoring arrangement and method
Optical capture and isolation of circulating tumor cells in a micro-fluidic device utilizing size selective trapping with optical cogwheel tweezers
Convective accelerometer with "positive" or "negative" inertial mass
Vibrating gyroscopic sensor and method of adjusting vibrating gyroscopic sensor
Calibration apparatus, and control method thereof
System and method for calibrating an adjustable delay time for a delay module
Phase error detection in phase lock loop and delay lock loop devices
Charge dynamics effect for detection of voltage contrast defect and determination of shorting location
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Automatic POS-based digital image capturing and processing system employing object motion controlled area-type illumination and imaging operations
Self-validating request message structure and operation
Reconfigurable row DRAM
Metasearching on a wireless sensor network, using a plurality of spatially distributed sensor nodes that monitor physical and environmental conditions at a plurality of locations
Communication rate adjustment extension
Managing change in an information technology environment
Method and apparatus for providing information for selecting clouds
Server-side protocol configuration of accessing clients
Systems and methods for network quality estimation, connectivity detection, and load management
Preventing messages from being sent using inappropriate communication accounts
Preventing messages from being sent using inappropriate communication accounts
Chat interface and computer program product for comparing free time between instant message chat members
Dynamic granular messaging persistence
Automated communications system
Representational state transfer request routing
Optimization of resource utilization in a collection of devices
Communication method in a home network, network and device for implementing such a method
Preferred name presentation in online environments
In-band management of a network attached storage environment
Deploying a portion of a streaming application to one or more virtual machines according to hardware type
Capture and replay of RDP session packets
Network device and method for operating a network device for an automation network
Centralized enterprise image upgrades for distributed campus networks
System for writing information and method of writing information
Native advertisement smart injection
Testing words in a pronunciation lexicon
Three-dimensional time series data
Monitoring network management activity
Secure access by a user to a resource
Generation and distribution of named, definable, serialized tokens
Information system construction assistance device, information system construction assistance method, and information system construction assistance program
Color imaging using color OLED or LED array as color light-field imaging sensor
Side channel analysis resistant architecture
Dynamic and collaborative workflow authoring with cloud-supported live feedback
Method that performs from scanning to storing scan data using scan job ticket
Authorizing radio frequency transactions using a keystroke scan
Proximity payment card with printed indication of switch location
Display-enabled electronic system
Method of and apparatus for identifying consumer products in a retail environment when bar code symbols on the products are not readable or have been removed from packaging
Attenuation map with scattered coincidences in Positron Emission Tomography
Transprojection of geometry data
Image enhancement using semantic components
Method and system for compressing a video using background subtraction and change detection in videos
Auto-focus image system
Assessing human reaction to a stimulus using computer vision
System and method for providing a cashless vending donation transaction
Temporary workspace assignment
Method for processing drawings
Generating a tree map
Method and apparatus for near-lossless compression and decompression of 3D meshes and point clouds
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
3D digital painting
Method and system of displaying data sets indicative of physical parameters associated with a formation penetrated by a wellbore
Systems and methods for image generation and modeling of complex three-dimensional objects
Method and apparatus for generating 3K-resolution display image for mobile terminal screen
Method and apparatus for selectively enhancing an image
Methods and systems for automatically determining magnetic field inversion time of a tissue species
System and method for transferring money from one country to a stored value account in a different country
Monitoring system, monitoring method, computer program, and storage medium
Visual indication of data center conditions
Systems with interactive management of environmental objects relative to human appendages
Power line communication-based local hotspot with wireless power control capability
Safe interaction of a user with a smart utility meter
Smarter traffic signs
Collapsible surgical training apparatus and method for laparoscopic procedures
Hunter safety flagpole
User-manipulated coded image display and animation system
Deep viewer
Microphone accessory, a method of using a microphone, and a microphone
Tag holder profile or a mother profile for fastening a removable tag holder
Display device with semiconductor memory cell
Driving method of liquid crystal display device
Gate driving unit
Display device
Display image generating device comprising converting function of resolution
Display apparatus and method for enabling perception of three-dimensional images
Guitar pick with integral strap holder
Guitar aid
Automatic harmony generation system
Virtual instrument playing scheme
Method and system for efficient spoken term detection using confusion networks
Method, medium, and system scalably encoding/decoding audio/speech
Method for audio source separation and corresponding apparatus
Magnetic recording apparatus and controlling method of magnetic recording apparatus
Characterizing a sensing circuit of a data storage device
Monitoring head wear
Tape heads with sub-ambient pressure cavities
Thermal-aware memory
Per-die based memory refresh control based on a master controller
Method for driving a semiconductor device having a reading transistor coupled to an oxide semiconductor writing transistor
Memory test with in-line error correction code logic to test memory data and test the error correction code logic surrounding the memories
Overvoltage protection for a fine grained negative wordline scheme
Overvoltage protection for a fine grained negative wordline scheme
System and method for operating a modular nuclear fission deflagration wave reactor
Lithium ion secondary battery
Noise suppression cable
Cable set holder for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle with cable set holder
Cable for down hole pump
Magnetic levitation transportation system ground coil unit and manufacturing method thereof
Electrode material, preparation method thereof and supercapacitor based thereof
Carbon paste and solid electrolytic capacitor element
Low voltage circuit breaker with a control device for re-closing said low voltage circuit breaker
Arrangement of pushbutton switches with a programmable display
Ion trap with parallel bar-electrode arrays
Manufacturing process
Robust high performance low hydrogen silicon carbon nitride (SiCNH) dielectrics for nano electronic devices
Method of forming a III-V compound semiconductor channel post replacement gate
Use of surfactants to control island size and density
Optoelectronic device comprising a light-emitting diode
Nanowire semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus used in fabrication thereof
Arrays of long nanostructures in semiconductor materials and methods thereof
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor structure with temporary bonding via metal layers
Universal clamping fixture to maintain laminate flatness during chip join
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and storage medium
Channel replacement and bimodal doping scheme for bulk finFET threshold voltage modulation with reduced performance penalty
Electronic circuit unit and method of manufacturing electronic circuit unit
Adjustable heat sink fin spacing
Electrical antifuse having airgap or solid core
Photo relay
Hollowed electronic display
Display substrate
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit with heterogeneous CMOS integration of strained silicon germanium and group III-V semiconductor materials and method to fabricate same
Array substrate and method of manufacturing the same, display panel, and display device
Semiconductor circuit, method for driving the same, storage device, register circuit, display device, and electronic device
EL display device and method for manufacturing the same
Fabrication of semiconductor fin structures
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and method for forming oxide film
Schottky barrier diode
Partially dielectric isolated fin-shaped field effect transistor (FinFET)
Method to controllably etch silicon recess for ultra shallow junctions
Semiconductor device and display device having semiconductor device
Fabrication of IGZO oxide TFT on high CTE, low retardation polymer films for LDC-TFT applications
Backing sheet for photovoltaic modules
Manufacture of N-type chalcogenide compositions and their uses in photovoltaic devices
Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing photovoltaic cells with multiple junctions and multiple electrodes
Light-emitting module, light-emitting panel, and lighting device
Method for manufacturing high voltage LED flip chip
Thermoelectric module
Protected resonator
Strained multilayer resistive-switching memory elements
Compound, device and method of making same
Battery pack lock structure and electronic apparatus
Battery case with gas exhausting reinforcement
Reinforced current collecting substrate assemblies for electrochemical cells
Method for producing amorphous carbon particles, amorphous carbon particles, negative electrode material for lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery
Hard carbon composite for alkali metal-ion batteries
Positive electrode for lithium ion secondary batteries and lithium ion secondary battery including the same
Fuel cell
Integration of molten carbonate fuel cells in fischer-tropsch synthesis
Input driver for power amplifier and transmitter
Antenna assembly for electronic device
RF power combiner functioning as higher-order harmonics filter
Multiband data signal receiving and/or transmitting apparatus
Low cost antenna array and methods of manufacture
Low specific absorption rate dual-band antenna structure
Electrical connector having a fixed part bonding with an insulative body by glue
Pluggable connector having a protective front wall
Housing device for an electrical connection terminal and electrical connection terminal
Board connecting connector
Adjustable rotary socket assembly
Push-on coaxial connector
Ultrashot pulse fiber laser
Optical interconnects
Spark plug
Synchronous condenser
Radiation hardened active or circuit
Low-voltage DC power supply for electronic communication devices
Demand shaping in an electrical power grid
Battery control device, power storage device, power storage method, and program
Energy converting apparatus and method
Wireless charging device for vehicle
Signal discrimination for wireless key fobs and interacting systems
Embedded permanent magnet rotary electric machine
Rotary electric machine
Rotating electric machine with seamless cover and lid section
Drive device for electric vehicle
BJT drive scheme
DC/DC converter which ensures damping of voltage overshoots of a semiconductor switch
High voltage direct current transmission system and control method thereof
Piezoelectric power generation
Flexure-enhancing system for improved power generation in a wind-powered piezoelectric system
Motor controller, sheet conveying device, and image forming apparatus
Flash testing of photovoltaic modules with integrated electronics
Radio apparatus
Radio frequency receiver and automatic gain control method of radio frequency receiver
High voltage input receiver using low-voltage devices
Coupled oscillators
Precision bipolar current-mode digital-to-analog converter
Path encoding and decoding
Method, system and device for the supervision of optical fibres
Derivation of an identifier encoded in a visible light communication signal
Transmission device, transmitter, and transmission method
Signal processing device, imaging apparatus, and signal-processing program
Reducing signal impairments in communication networks via selective filtering techniques
Smart tool for headphones
Radio repeater system for avoiding mobile device location interference
Item of luggage
Reducing size of messages over the cellular control channel
Minimizing impedence mismatch effects in a wireless device
Spatial modulation multiple-input-multiple-output (SM-MIMO) system
Updates to MU-MIMO rate adaptation algorithm
Method of synchronization and detection for a multi-station wireless communication system (WiFi), and wireless communication system utilizing this method
Methods and systems for managing device data
Customizable serviceability mechanism
Event determination and template-based invitation generation
Transmission frame and radio unit with transmission frame
Identifying available packet data network gateways based on response messages
Packet switch device and method of the same
Determination method, device and storage medium
Intelligent high-volume cloud application programming interface request caching
Techniques for packet-switched video telephony setup with QOS preconditions
High data rate multilevel clock recovery system
High power efficient amplification at cable modems through digital pre-distortion and machine learning in cable network environments
Receiving device and receiving method
Firewall packet filtering
Secure authorization for accessing content on a shareable device
Dynamic bridge for object transfer
Optical cryptography systems and methods
Managing user authentication in association with application access
Bluesalt security
System and method for secure transmission of media content
Apparatus and methods for activation of communication devices
Platform-as-a-service with proxy-controlled request routing
Duplicate IP address detection by a DHCP relay agent
Method and system for the creation, modification and removal of a distributed virtual customer home gateway
Direct transmission of data between applications in a multi-tenant environment
Group key management and authentication schemes for mesh networks
Communication terminal device
Real-time transcription and interaction with a caller based on the transcription
Adjustable interactive voice response system
Data usage recommendation generator
Adaptive voice-text transmission
Changing a data stream characteristic based on a data usage rate
Real-time monitoring of agent adherence
Phone number canonicalization and information discoverability
Intelligent communication routing
Image forming apparatus
Automatically configuring a web-enabled portable device to access the internet
Color correct imaging
Motion vector smoothing method and apparatus
Prediction vector generation device, image encoding device, image decoding device, prediction vector generation method, and program
Communication device and communication method
Converting digital publications into a format for sending to a user device
Content streaming and broadcasting
Countermeasures against audio/video content security domain crossing
Method and apparatus for control of closed captioning
Authoring system for IPTV network
Assisted text input for computing devices
Molded semiconductor package
Automated color adjustment of media files
RAW camera peripheral with handheld mobile unit processing RAW image data
Apparatus and method to maximize the display area of a mobile device
Virtual video patrol system and components therefor
Apparatus and method for combining images
Control system
System and method for providing interactive on-demand content
Processing emergency alert system messages
Audiovisual information processing in videoconferencing
Content subscription package management
Using timed transport stream for receiver-side inter-device communication
Systems and methods for determining a time period remaining until a live production system changes states
Holographic projection device capable of forming a holographic image without misalignment
Data interpolation
Method and apparatus for determining distance between image sensor and object
Separate range tone mapping for component images in a combined image
Identifying popular network video segments
Transmission device
Smartpen configured for hands free audio recording
Earphone line control device and earphone
Two port speaker acoustic modulator
Optical fiber based microphone array for detecting acoustic emissions generated by an area of interest
Earphone nozzle comprising tractrix-curved acoustic passage
Headphone suspension system
Protection assembly for ear-mounted sound-output device
Audio user interaction recognition and context refinement
Condenser microphone
Music and home theater wireless ceiling system
Mechanisms for detection of and recovery from ciphering parameter mismatch on communication networks
Method and apparatus for discovery of location context identifiers based on approximate location
Method for controlling a network of dynamic signage devices and guidance system configured to implement such a control method
Performing action based on current situation of user determined based on at least distances between devices
User apparatus and area information notification method
Wireless communication devices carry out processes to request vehicle location and arrival time
Method and apparatus for autonomous OFDMA beacon reception measurement
Method and system for proxy base station
Mobile station and method for measuring reception quality
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless station apparatus and wireless communication method
Link layer assisted robust header compression context update management
System and method to dynamically manage application traffic by bandwidth apportioning on a communication device
Network stack virtualization
Radio communication system and communication control method
Mobile device pairing
Method for transmission of an E-DCH control channel in MIMO operations
Object location tracking using mobile communication device
Device to-device radio coexistence management
Context-based parameter maps for position determination
Messaging session enhancement with user data
Mobile messaging short code translation and routing system and method
Control apparatus and communication control method
Apparatuses and methods for wireless synchronization of multiple multimedia devices using a common timing framework
Synchronization method and base station
Method, base station, and terminal for feeding back channel state information
Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation
Communication apparatus and communication method in wireless power transmission system
Frequency layer convergence method for MBMS
Adaptive RTS/CTS in high-efficiency wireless communications
System and method for multiple station camping channels in a wireless communication network
Apparatus and methods for accessing a data network
Method and apparatus for establishing links and maintaining consistent link information between stations
Electronic device assembly
Method to automatically infer user signature through contextual learning
WLAN user fixed network accessing method and system
Improvements to short-range wireless networks
Apparatus and method for the ohmic heating of a particulate liquid
Bleeder control arrangement
Improvements relating to power adaptors
Lighting system and method to control a lighting system
Lighting system that self detects the relative physical arrangement of its sources
Dimmable LED illuminant system
Power supply
Patterned substrates with darkened conductor traces
Cable management systems
Device for clamping a printed circuit board module in a mounting groove
Expired Patents Due To Time
Back portion of a glove
Baby bottle with built-in thermometer
Pan cover
Control handle for a material handling vehicle
Door lining of an automobile
Motorcycle grab bar
Texas grille insert
Pair of motorcycle saddlebags
Texas grille insert
CD organizing visor with tread surface
Bumper for an over the highway truck
Motorcycle meter bezel
Vehicle running board
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Motorcycle wheel
Connection-, disconnection-and distribution module
Flexible printed circuit board connector
Electrical connector
Magnetic switch
User interface for computer display
Smart display
Liquid crystal display
Bezel-less flat panel display
Steering wheel assembly for a video gaming device
Portion of a computer screen with a color palette icon
Engine head
Hood portion of an agricultural tractor
Gear transmission
Lint collector for a laundry dryer
Swivel screen and attached extension handle for remote handling and drain oil narrowing stream for collecting used engine oil
Cutting tool insert
Bearing device for a ball nut
Gouging cap for a plasma arc torch
Extruder plate for diamond shaped extruder insert
Digital camera
Handheld lighted magnifier
Ocular aerosol goggles
Eyeglass and eyeglass components
Printer ink cartridge
Tape printing machine
Printer with copying, scanning and facsimile functions
Multilevel sorter with center compartment and open ends
Calendar leaf
Contact planner
Space-blotting writing instrument
Stylus pen
Four-in-one pen
Ball point pen
Illuminated alphanumeric character display
Combined sign and parking meter
Spherical jigsaw puzzle
Cap for a block
Inflatable racing driver figure
Ergonomic right hand console apparatus
Game control device
Electric skate scooter
Putter head
Fishing reel body
Roller guide tip for use with fishing rods
Fisherman's tool
Socket of pipe coupling for charging hydrogen
Spray nozzle
Shower head
Faucet for a water purifier
Deck mounted pivoting faucet set
Free standing pivoting faucet set
Switch valve for a water purifier
Hose lead
Double-bowl sink
Plumbing fixture
Plumbing fixture
Plumbing fixture
Recessed shower receptacle
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Air freshener device
Air freshener device
Enclosed infant transport system to facilitate transport from one location to another
Adjustable padded face rest
Connector for endoscope
Intraoral device adapter
Microsurgical instrument
Biological fluid collection device
Mullion panel
Hexagon tile module
Terra-cotta panel for a sunscreen
Tree grate portion
Fence rail
House facade
Candle holder
Lighting device
Wall mounted lamp
Table lamp base
Flat undercar light bar
Lighting unit
Lamp with high power LED
Headlamp for a bicycle
Taillight for a bicycle
Nail accessory display and storage organizer
Nail imprinting machine
Elongated cylindrical container for mascara
Compactable lotion applicator
Roller tool for applying sunscreen lotion to one's own back
Consumer clipper
Electric air freshener cover
Pet toy
Plastic mailbox
Human Necessities
Trailer incorporating carriage system
Cutter head assembly
Articularly mounted battery-powered walk-behind reel lawnmower
Lantana plant named `Balandroglo`
Sutera plant named `Sutharis`
Hydrangea hybrid plant named `Sweet Carol`
Kerria japonica plant named `Fubuki Nishiki`
Musa plant named `Little Prince`
Miniature rose plant `EVERgreen`
Dianthus plant named `Devon Octavia`
Miniature rose plant named `WEKemilcho`
Verbena plant named `Bodcompur`
Hibiscus plant named `Miami`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Moon Pie`
Verbena plant named `Bodcompin`
Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Flora`
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis plant named `Forever Young`
Buxus plant named `Monrue`
Alstroemeria plant named `Zalsatine`
Peach tree named "Sugarpeach"
Lobelia plant named `Lilac Candles`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizsal`
Miniature rose plant named `POULhi011`
Calla lily plant named `Hot Lips`
Impatiens plant named `Fify Pink`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Bodlizcorbut`
Shrub rose plant named `KORravreli`
Black walnut tree named `Beineke 7`
Absorbent mat for excreta treatment
Multi-functional pet carrier
Rotary parlour for milking of animals
Method and apparatus for preventing tangling of a fishing line
Fish cutting device and method of using
Fishing rod holder
Hummingbird feeder shade
Horseshoe with spikes and method for making the spikes
System for applying a chemical vegetation
Mole trap
Automatic filling stuffing apparatus
Insect-proof camouflaged material and garment made therefrom
Protective support used when kneeling
Moisture absorbing/releasing and heat generating inner cloth and method of producing it and moisture absorbing/releasing, heat generating and heat-retaining articles
Cap with improved sunshade
Slip-on moccasin-style golfing shoe
Shoe and method for decorating
Cushioning system for footwear and related method of manufacture
Self-locking fixing loop with strap adjustment
Link with offset gap
Closeable thatched umbrella
Book bag
Hair shaping appliances
Toothbrush having a vibrating head part
Cleaning tool
Slide-away work top for computer stations
Universal table comprising an organizer base with detachable pockets; connecting, supporting, and adjustment mechanisms; and a multi-positional table
Table and trash disposal combination device
Work table with a sawdust collecting mechanism
Furniture ornament
Framing member with fastener attachments having square threads
Releasable locking device
Adjustable canopy of a swing set
Combination stowage and pillow accessory for ground pads
Anchor sheet framework and subflooring
Timer tea maker
Enamel cooking ware
Floating lid assembly for a steam kettle
Gas cooker
Electric oven
Collapsible barbecue apparatus
Rethermalization system and method for use with food trays having a hot food side and a cold food side
Method and apparatus for disposing of waste
Sealing member
Cylindrical brush idler-side taper adjustment assembly
Vacuum hose attachment
Needle for body fluid tester
Minimally-invasive devices and methods for treatment of congestive heart failure
Device for handling and identifying small implants
Method of fabricating a GRIN fiber
Differential pressure sensor with sloped strut edges for respiratory monitoring
Methods and means for dental bone profiling
Apparatus for recycling waste from an absorbent article processing line
Toe guard
Comfort bed bath
Bed assembly
Patient moving bed assembly
Crutch with height-adjustable grip
Structure lift
Pharmaceutical compositions
Solid oral dosage form comprising a combination of metformin and glibenclamide
Method and apparatus for electrostatically depositing a medicament powder upon predefined regions of a substrate
Tracheal ventilating device
Tracheostomy valve
Respiratory humidification system
Method and apparatus for storing guide wires
Safety line anchorage methods and apparatus
Personal cooling system for shipboard firefighters
Protective mouth shield
Performing Operations; Transporting
Particle-based check valve
Biological fluid filtration method and apparatus
Vapor deposition treated electret filter media
Tank cover system with substantial gas seal
Apparatus for transporting levitated objects
Cleaning member and cylindrical cleaning element
Sheet metal washer having washer cassette mountable on tank
Heat exchanger for the evaporation of water from pond liquid and method therefor
Process for manufacturing a high strength container, particularly an aerosol container, and the container obtained through such process
Swage method for cooling pipes
Methods of and apparatus for pressure-ram-forming metal containers and the like
Open back brake
Tool for producing camshafts by expanding
Method for production of an oxidation inhibiting titanium casting mould
Method for producing a cylinder block for an internal combustion engine
Reduction casting method
Disposable food delivery apparatus
Method of manufacturing an article
Temperature control system for a workpiece chuck
Tapered sliding dovetail tool and kit including such tool
Transmission mechanism of drilling/milling tool
Fluid-operated torque wrench
Hand tool with multiple locking blades controlled by a single locking mechanism and release
Robot moving on legs and control method therefor, and relative movement measuring sensor for robot moving on legs
Cutting knife
Utility knife
Method of manufacturing a rolling shaft of a photo printer
System and method of producing tires and on-line testing electrical conductivity
Isostatic press and process of using same
Envelope quality control apparatus
Multi-density sound attenuating laminates and methods of making same
Method of lithographic printing with a reusable substrate
Plate inserting apparatus
Method and device for preventing uncontrolled spread of powder in a printing machine
Ink fountain mechanism
Dampening water feeding method for a printing machine, and the printing machine
Method and apparatus for controlling color of a printing press based upon colorimetric density differences
Automatic device for replacing printing cartridges in a gravure printing machine
Overcoat application peel apparatus
Method, system and apparatus for creating a colorant pattern in porous materials
Stencil design for solder paste printing
Engraving dial for inside ring engraving machine
Paint tray with handle, spout, and inclined ribbing into paint reservoir
Pneumatic tires
Physical amount estimating apparatus, road surface friction condition estimating apparatus, steering angle neutral point estimating apparatus and air pressure reduction estimating apparatus
Anti-skid device for motor vehicles with pneumatic tires
Pneumatic radial tires with at least two monofilament cord belt layers
Control device for motor fan of vehicle
Electrically powered vehicles having motor and power supply contained within wheels
Corrosion-resistant fuel tank and fuel-filler tube for motor vehicle
Hydrostatic transmission and power train for vehicle
Brake and accelerator pedals for golf and utility vehicles made of molded plastic
Electronic control pedal position sensing device assembly method
Powerstart logic for a traction control system
Meter apparatus and a character plate thereof
Automatic engine stop and restart system for vehicles and method therefor
Method of administering first-aid in a vehicle
Upholstery support for the back of a vehicle seat
Ramp assembly having a lift and lock mechanism
Screen assembly
Removable steering wheel device
Primary shaft for a windscreen wiper
Windscreen wiping device including load alleviation
Brake booster
Auto-relieving pressure modulating valve
Propulsion control apparatus and method for a paver
Propulsion mechanism having spherical ball
Closure member for an opening in an assembly, situated on a bicycle gear box
Method and device for determining a basic value of at least one measured quantity of a brake system
Snowmobile exhaust system
Inflating watercraft flotation device
System and method for neutralization of mines using robotics and penetrating rods
System for in-stride identification of minelike contacts for surface countermeasures
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Retractable floor assembly for a passenger loading bridge
Particle aerosol belt
Easily assembled pallet
Reversible child resistant closure including two engagable caps
Sealed blister assembly
Paperboard container reinforcing method
Apparatus and method allowing gas flowing into and/or out of container
Marker setting device and marker
Method of filling string trimmer line package
Compact packaging for garments made from delicate materials
Photosensitive material roll
Rotational body configuration for web width correction
Web expanding device
Hand-held device for the application of a total tape onto a substrate
Hose reel apparatus
Double deck elevator with adjustable floor height
System for control and deceleration of elevator during emergency braking
Air balancing device
Fueling system vapor recovery and containment performance monitor and method of operation thereof
Fueling system vapor recovery and containment performance monitor and method of operation thereof
Shear valve
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device and process for the remelting of glass
Controlled collapse of depressed index optical fiber preforms
Alumina refractories and methods of treatment
Electronic fill for water jacketed incubators
Device for discharging dust from a dry dust collector of a blast furnace
Anode cleaning tool
Textiles; Paper
Stitch control device in flat knitting machine
Automatic border sewing system
Embroidery stitching sewing machine
Thread breakage detection device for sewing machine
Iron with surge steam function
Process and an arrangement at suction element
Fixed Constructions
Roll-up floor tile system and the method
Hammer mounting apparatus
Fire hydrant securing arrangements
Lavatory-toilet combination
Strainer in shower bath tap valve
Faucet handle retainer
Method of manufacturing sanitary armature members
Combined sliding rail with support for height-adjustable shower
Tank leak detection and reporting system
Valve can extension
Vehicle sewer line assembly and method of using same
Building structure utilizing modular building elements
Building frame structure
Modular wall panel system with cooperatively tapered connector pins and slots
Construction block and method
Box beam and method for fabricating same
Stowing stairway
Aircraft non-ambulatory/ambulatory boarding and off-loading system
Thin brick panel construction
Component or assembly of same and fixing clip therefor
Floor with embedded image and associated method
Plant-on building enhancement
Storage shed with preformed roof assembly
Retractable portable shelter with an attachment for vehicles
Top setting-up mechanism for folding tent
Hanging cover support apparatus
Clutch mechanism for a lock
Self-locking hinge apparatus with a single stable state
Spring balance assembly
Clamp on adjustable male hinge
Door opening and closing mechanism with dual pivot axis for a door
Automatic sliding door opening and closing system with a releasing mechanism for fixably and releasably attaching a vehicle door to a belt drive system
Hurricane resistant window
Window blind having a restrainable bottom rail
Foldable ladder
Pressure relief system and methods of use and making
Liquid lift method for drilling risers
Reverse cementing float shoe
Template and system of templates for drilling and completing offset well bores
Apparatus and method of detecting interfaces between well fluids
Apparatus for releasing a ball into a wellbore
Method for plugging a well with a resin
Apparatus for weight on bit measurements, and methods of using same
Method of and apparatus for directional drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydrostatic cylinder block and method of making the same
Turbocharger device for an internal combustion engine
Valve mechanism, in particular for internal combustion engines
Deactivation hydraulic valve lifter having a pressurized oil groove
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for an internal combustion engine
Oil filter adaptor flange
Valve device for pressure control in a combustion engine, and a method for such pressure control
Silencer or noise damper
Method and apparatus for monitoring catalyst efficiency and secondary air injection
Muffler with external water trap
Engine cooling system with variable speed fan
Engine intake manifold
Engine having a variable valve actuation system
Air intake shutoff device with connecting linkage
Method for adjusting accelerator pedal apparatus
System for diagnosing EGR flow rate operation
Method and device for controlling the operation of an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purification system and method for controlling regeneration thereof
Method and device for monitoring a sensor
Nozzle with spiral internal cooling channels
Intake manifolds
Fuel pump module and vehicle fuel tank internal pressure sensor
Fuel rail damping device
Stroke-controlled valve as a fuel metering device of an injection system for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection system
Pressure control valve for controlling operation of fuel injector
Method and device for calibrating a pressure sensor
Fuel injection device and air-fuel mixture generating device provided with fuel injection device
Fuel supply system
Fuel pressure regulator having offset head and orifice axes
Apparatus for igniting a fuel/air mixture
Wobble type fluid pump having swing support mechanism
Air conditioning systems for vehicles, vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems, and methods for driving hybrid compressors of such air conditioning systems
Tapping circuit including a tapping valve for replenishing and/or flushing the casing of a hydraulic motor
Pneumatic circuit control system
Microfabricated fluidic circuit elements and applications
Ball-and-socket assembly
Wheel bearing flange and flat brake disk for motor vehicles
Manual cable release apparatus for a motor actuated park brake for a vehicle
Automatic cable latching device for drum brake levers
Device and method for bonding friction material of clutch pulley
Vibration absorber for an archery bow
Method for making a pressure-tight attachment of an elastomeric tubular piece to a connecting part
Transmission for internal combustion engine
Vehicle transmission
Gear drive having continuously variable drive ratio
Rotary seal testing machine
Assembly having a spring-loaded tandem control valve
Method and apparatus for improved regulation of flow of particulate matter
Lubricating device
Fluid injection and injection method
Portable fireplace with movable fire screen
Kitchen range hood motor housing and fan
Kitchen range hood with perimeter air inlet
Ceiling panel structure for a ceiling-mounted air-conditioning apparatus or the like
Refrigerator system and software architecture
Refrigerator quick chill and thaw control methods and apparatus
Beverage pouch dryer
Solvent drying method
Flat type heat pipe with opening
Method for assembling the plates of a plate pack and resulting plate pack
Fin with elongated hole and heat pipe with elongated cross section
Method and means for miniaturization of binary-fluid heat and mass exchangers
Device for firearms and firearm
Assisted trigger mechanism
Paint ball loading and firing apparatus
Trigger assembly with a safety device for a crossbow
Target grip apparatus for a firearm
Archery sight, an optic assembly, and optic adjustment mechanisms for use in an archery sight
Method and apparatus for optimized sampling of volatilizable target substances
Tetherless neuromuscular disrupter gun with liquid-based capacitor (spray discharge)
Tetherless neuromuscular disrupter gun with liquid-based capacitor (liquid dielectric)
Device for firing energetic materials such as pyrotechnics or explosives
Safety and arming device using cellulose-based sensor/actuator
Alignment device for rotating tire laser mapping machine
Column for measuring longitudinal dimensions
Dimension-measuring column and method for entering a command to switch the measure mode in such a column
Tide staff system
Side-illuminated target structure having uniform ring illumination
Electrolytic tilt sensor and method for manufacturing same
Capacitative electromagnetic flow meter
Flowmeter for compressed-air distribution systems
Arch-shaped tube type coriolis meter and method for determining shape of the coriolis meter
Arrangement for improved water-oil ratio measurements
Flexible level detection apparatus
Torsional actuation NVH test method
Vehicle wheel bearing and method for controlling a vehicle
Method and sheet like sensor for measuring stress distribution
Diaphragm-type semiconductor device and method for manufacturing diaphragm-type semiconductor device
Rotational driving apparatus for testing internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for tire pressure monitoring
Moisture detection system and method of use thereof
Method for inspecting the quality of a gas sensor, related manufacturing method, and related inspecting apparatus
System and method for conditioned-based monitoring of a bearing assembly
Method of making photosensitive monolithic glass apparatus
Fluid flow controlling
Automated, electronic network based, project management server system
Parking regulation enforcement system
Food dispensing machine and method of use
Fire escape light and alarm
Medicine minder
Reliable, rotating, illuminated advertising unit
Viscoelastic fluid display
Sign support for retail merchandising shelves
Hanging sign assembly
Method of muffling the noise of successive components as well as a noise absorber for successive components
Package form and method of making a package
Working method of bar block and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Method of making a spin valve sensor of a read head with a triple antiparallel coupled free layer structure
Master medium cleaning method
Method of manufacturing a metal-oxide varistor with improved energy absorption capability
Microsample analysis system using syringe pump and injection port
Method of fabricating a stringerless flash memory
Cable-stripping tool
Static switch method and apparatus
High capacity spread spectrum channel
Method for surface mounting electronic components on a printed circuit board
Conductive pedestal on pad for leadless chip carrier (LCC) standoff
Method of manufacturing a printed wiring board having a non-through mounting hole
Removable lift handle panels
Device for circuit board insertion and extraction
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