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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for the injection of viscous fertilizer below the surface of the soil
Offset floating hitch rotary mower apparatus
Lawn mower blade assembly for quick blade replacement and associated methods
Height adjuster for grass grooming reel
Quick switching mechanism for side discharge unit and grass chopper unit of a lawn mower
Process of photomorphogenically enhancing plants
Trellis and tool system
Fishing lure with iridescent members
Relative line tension indicator and methods for fishing reels and the like
Athletic support garment
Garment with plaything
Combination hat-bag
Replaceable shoe cleat
Ambulatory aid with step counter
Guitar hanger
Crib bumper
Pole-mounted hook device for electric utility applications
Display support arm and ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Suction cup and fabrication method therefor
Hair rack
Fry basket for processing of bulk food items and method
Toilet seat elevator assembly
Personal hygiene cleansing and irrigation device
Micro powered floor cleaning device
Mop head connector
Vacuum cleaner and method for reducing noise generated thereby
System and apparatus for object based attention tracking in a virtual environment
Brush head for a toothbrush
Method and device for cleaning teeth
Casket having memorabilia compartment
Examination table
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ampoule for liquid draw and vapor draw with a continuous level sensor
Stirring apparatus and method of use of said apparatus
Hammermill with rotatable housing
Circuit pattern forming device and circuit pattern forming method
Washing and storing systems for machinery
Windshield de-icing
Muffler structure
Method of producing conductive circuit board
Consumable insert and method of using the same
Method for stabilizing a compression head
Method of use of collapsible container for air shipment of cargo
Device and method for separating parts of acoustic sensors
Bearing assembling apparatus
System for removing heat transfer fins from boiler tubes
Tweezers and grasping system
Retractable handle assembly for tool
Folding knife with puzzle piece locking mechanism
Printing system with a data capture device
Inkjet chamber with aligned nozzle and inlet
Nozzle arrangement having partially embedded heated elements
Nozzle arrangement with ejection apertures having externally projecting peripheral rim
Ink jet recording head and recording apparatus
Inkjet printing apparatus and preliminary discharge control method of said apparatus
Printer having capper for duplexed printheads
Printhead ink delivery system with clamping endcap
Liquid container, head cartridge, ink jet printing apparatus, and stirring method for liquid container
Printer ink supply cartridge incorporating internal support ribs and tapered ink reservoirs
Liquid jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and method of controlling the same for complementary recording
Printing apparatus and control method of the printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing a micromachined polymer beam structure
Painting accessory
Interlocking method and its structure for wheel-rim cover
Tire stand
Steel cord for reinforcement of off-the-road tires
Collapsing vehicle tow hook
Suspension subassembly
Pre-assembly unit for a motor vehicle door
Vehicle seat assembly with fore-AFT adjustable back portion
Fitting for a vehicle seat
Removable power seat connector
Roller guide for adjustable vehicle seats
Folding seats
Fitting system for a vehicle seat
Break-away pedal assembly
Snowboarders chair for use on a ski lift
Roller for trolley assembly
Stand golf bag with mechanism to secure clubs
Collapsible stroller
Steering wheel structure
Pivotally deployable air dam utilizing active material actuation
Frame structure for working vehicle
Payload-carrying motor vehicle with tag axle having primary and secondary suspension
Pedal car
Method and device for connecting structural parts
Brake booster stiffening plate
Device for adjustably suspending a boat fender from a rod holder
Flexible fluid containment vessel featuring a keel-like seam
Combustion nozzle fluidic injection assembly
Flying object for transonic or supersonic velocities
Lining framework for an aircraft
Secure loop system and method for supply and delivery of product contained in a carrier
Bio-ejector filling stops to facilitate efficient filling
Sealing heater
Transport container for hazardous material
Closure element
Eyewear receptacle
Carton with multiple ply end handle reinforcement
Laptop computer case and stand
Tool box with tilting and sliding cover
Spindle packaging
Bulk material handling system
Saddle stitcher with individual stitcher drives
Mobile feeder system
Large capacity sheet feeding apparatus having an intermediate conveying device
Wire winding apparatus
Method and system for stopping elevators using AC motors driven by static frequency converters
Telescoping tower
Container and one-way valve assembly for storing and dispensing substances, and related method
Textiles; Paper
Roller gin apparatus, method and system
Stitchbonded fabric with a discontinuous substrate
Fixed Constructions
Railway rail supporting pad
Inspection chamber, as well as set of base parts therefor
Tile and strut construction system for geodesic dome
Method and arrangement for studsystem
Foundation footing form and wall form support apparatus
Safety switch for a moveable guard door
Interlocking device for a drawer slide
Door opening device in a vehicle
Storage assembly
Apparatus for securing an impact resistant window to a window frame
Casing shoe and retrievable bit assembly
Equipment for installing a spoolable connector in coiled tubing
Method and apparatus for programmable pressure drilling and programmable gradient drilling, and completion
Jars for wellbore operations
Methods of limiting leak off and damage in hydraulic fractures
Downhole tool sensor system and method
Drilling assemblies and methods of drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Supporting structure for a camshaft, as well as methods for mounting and manufacturing a camshaft
System for evaluating regeneration of pollution management means integrated in a motor vehicle engine exhaust line
Control device and control method to exhaust purification device
Procedure to operate a metering device of an exhaust gas emission control system and device to implement the procedure
Fuel system with drain unit
Spool valve
Solid state regulator for natural gas
Wire fixing structure
Bearing unit and rotary drive using the same
Transaxle for a vehicle
Hydraulic lift structure
Shaft sealing arrangement for a pump for delivering hot fluids
Butterfly valve having improved sealing between a shaft seal part and a valve disc
Vacuum vessel wall element with a line leadthrough
Ball valve with a rotatable body capable of being kept out of substantial contact with a seat member
Weather resistant florescent fixture
LED street lamp
Method and apparatus for illuminating ice
LED lamp assembly
Reflector device for a lighting device
Turning film using array of roof prism structures
Method of using nanoalloy additives to reduce plume opacity, slagging, fouling, corrosion and emissions
Air conditioner
Heat exchanger header tank and heat exchanger comprising same
Cooler and refrigerator
Method and apparatus for harvesting water and latent energy from a gaseous mixture
Plate heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Leveling device
Sensing device with whisker elements
Ultrasonic sensor with reciprocal transmitting and receiving circuit
Pump for dispensing fluid products
Multi-function sensor
Non-contact radar based level measurement device
Pressure transducer with eccentric sleeve for adjusting the position of a pressure port
Dynamic gear inspection system
Method and apparatus for determining intake air mass
Wheel based sensor assembly
Method for testing a high-pressure pump in a fuel system
Vehicle rollover test fixture
Microchannel forming method and nanotipped dispensing device having a microchannel
Test system for circuits
Distributed test control architecture
Method of sector probe driving and ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
Combined roof and front mirror
Sunglass lens
Laser projection system
Vehicle air-conditioner control system
Storage control device having two I/O control units each having two or more AC/DC power supply devices supplied by least three AC power supplies
Circuit apparatus with extending general purpose input output pin
Recovery of file system data in file servers mirrored file system volumes
System and method for virtual router failover in a network routing system
Method and system for testing a microprocessor
System and method to support varying maximum cryptographic strength for common data security architecture (CDSA) applications
Predictive malware scanning of internet data
Platform abstraction layer for a wireless malware scanning engine
File checking using remote signing authority via a network
Method for analyzing performance information
Storage system and data relocation control device
Updating electronic files using byte-level file differencing and updating algorithms
Data transfer device and method for multidimensional memory
Method and system for managing data records on a computer network
Information processing system and management device
Instruction processor write buffer emulation using embedded emulation control instructions
Embedded processor with dual-port SRAM for programmable logic
Method and apparatus for multistage volume locking
Data security for digital data storage
Method for protecting software programs from inadvertent execution
Disk array device and maintenance method for disk array device
Disk storage accessing system and method for changing access path to storage devices
Automatic address selection method
Reduced cardbus controller
Methods and apparatus for protection against network failures
Synchronous flash memory with status burst output
Disk array device and method of changing the configuration of the disk array device
Apparatus and method for managing voltage buses
Dictionary apparatus for preparing and displaying form with keyword entries from entered word string
System, method and computer program product for publishing interactive web content as a statically linked web hierarchy
Automatic adaptive document printing help system
Method and system for automatically documenting system command file tags and generating skeleton documentation content therefrom
Method and system for distributing applications
Method and apparatus for content based switching
Managing timeline modification and synchronization of multiple media streams in networked client/server systems
Methods and apparatus for pooling and depooling the transmission of stream data
DHCP over mobile IP
Distributed lookup based on packet contents
System and method providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
Firmware algorithm for initializing memory modules for optimum performance
Large margin perceptrons for document categorization
Variable height interactive kiosk
Recording and/or reproduction apparatus, file management method and providing medium
Generalized segmentation method for estimation/optimization problem
Methods and apparatuses for synchronizing mixed-media data files
Serial data capture and processing
Search refinement graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for optimizing a data access customer service system
Methods and systems for auto-instantiation of storage hierarchy for project plan
Dynamic content generation/regeneration for a database schema abstraction
Methods and systems for providing playlists
Methods and system for processing changes to existing purchase orders in an object-oriented order processing system
Method for power consumption reduction
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
System and method for performing intellectual property merge
Method and device for checking lithography data
Network session management
Write anywhere tool
Method for gesture based modeling
Process control configuration system with parameterized objects
Method and apparatus for providing dynamically scoped variables within a statically scoped computer programming language
Programmer/feeder system task linking program
Method and apparatus for splitting packets in multithreaded VLIW processor
Card issuing device
Smart and easy shopping using portable RF transceiver-enabled devices and fixed in-store RF transceivers
Card type information device and method for manufacturing same
Featured wands for camera calibration and as a gesture based 3D interface device
Optical deflection apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method of driving optical deflection apparatus
Consumer distribution license system and method
System and method for evaluating and enhancing source anonymity for encrypted web traffic
Banner display assembly and method
Diaphragm for speaker and manufacturing method therefor
Circuit board process
Turbo-code decoding using variably set learning interval and sliding window
Decomposer for parallel turbo decoding, process and integrated circuit
System to limit access when calculating network data checksums
Turbo decoder
Monitoring packet content
System and methods for caching in connection with authorization in a computer system
Method and apparatus for negotiating Diffie-Hellman keys among multiple parties using a distributed recursion approach
Authentication scheme for ad hoc and sensor wireless networks
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Security protocol structure in application layer
Data transformation apparatus and data transformation method
Cryptographic system and method for electronic transactions
Method for in-situ foaming of metal foam in hollow structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Apparatus and method for processing
Method and apparatus for determining focus position of a laser
Weld material, gas metal arc welding method, and welded structure
Heating element construction for floor warming systems
Resistively heated single wafer furnace
Radiant chamber and method for lid seal in ceramic packaging
Heat treatment apparatus
Waterless vessel heating system and method
Method of making an injection molded paraffin bath and apparatus made thereby
Device and method for controlling the temperature of a thin film resistive heater
Induction heating kitchen appliance and system for use
Microwave packaging with improved orientation feature
Microwave packaging with improved divider
Method and apparatus for separating and cooking eggs
Systems and methods for generating reproducible illumination
Radiant energy monitoring apparatuses including a calibration operation and related methods
Method and system for detecting radiation incorporating a hardened photocathode
Linear image sensor
Method and apparatus for detecting salient motion using optical flow
Method and system for capturing large format documents using a portable hand-held scanner
Range-switching optical receiver with high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
Fabricating a hybrid imaging device having non-destructive sense nodes
Image sensing operator input device
Apparatus and method for distinguishing paper articles from plastic articles
Optical sampler
Optical scan module with integral collection lens mount
Continuous cold atom beam atomic system
Fluorescent substance, fluorescent composition, fluorescent mark carrier and optical reader therefor
Coordinating optical type observing apparatus and laser marking method
Method for determining a profile quality grade of an inspected feature
Method and its apparatus for detecting a secondary electron beam image and a method and its apparatus for processing by using focused charged particle beam
Apparatus and method of attaching corona wire to corona charger housing
Monolithic infrared spectrometer apparatus and methods
Combination PET/SPECT nuclear imaging system
Extraction-scintillation medium and method of use
Ceramic calibration filter
Method and device for detection of untextured yarn sections in textured filament yarns
Wafer mapping apparatus
Charge injection transistor using high-k dielectric barrier layer
Integrated asymmetric resonant tunneling diode pair circuit
Multi-layer charge injection barrier and uses thereof
Organic diodes with switchable photosensitivity useful in photodetectors
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a monitor pattern, and a semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Semiconductor element having microcrystalline semiconductor material
Thin film transistor substrate and liquid crystal display unit having a low-resistance silicon compound film
Silicon carbide vertical FET and method for manufacturing the same
Pad layout and lead layout in semiconductor device
Method and system for providing electrical insulation for local interconnect in a logic circuit
Field effect transistor including stabilizing circuit
Image sensor of a multi-chip type having a plurality of photoelectric conversion chips
Contact structure with an oxide silicidation barrier
Integrated capacitor bottom electrode with etch stop layer
Semiconductor device with a high-voltage component in semiconductor on insulator
Dynamic random access memory with slanted active regions
Conductive container structures having a dielectric cap
Semiconductor capacitance device and semiconductor devices using the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having reduced source leakage during source erase
Low voltage flash memory cell
Complementary semiconductor devices
Dielectrically-isolated transistor with low-resistance metal source and drain formed using sacrificial source and drain structures
Electro-optical device and semiconductor circuit
Circuit device for protection against electrostatic discharge, immune to the latch-up phenomenon
Resistor constructions and methods of forming resistor constructions
SRAM cell having overlapping access transistor and drive transistor gates
Process for producing an isolated planar high speed pin photodiode
Semiconductor light-receiving element
Schottky diode with dielectric trench
Semiconductor device with a plurality of fuses
Inductor for semiconductor device and method for making the same
Device including a conductive layer protected against oxidation
Power transistor having large electric current capacity and semiconductor integrated circuit device using the same
Semiconductor chips encapsulated within a preformed sub-assembly
Low noise, high frequency solid state diode
Power sensor
Fully hermetic semiconductor chip, including sealed edge sides
Optical semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Face-down bonding pin diode
Fusible link in an integrated semiconductor circuit and a memory cell of a semiconductor component
Semiconductor package having stacked dice and leadframes and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device
Apparatus for manufacturing resin-encapsulated semiconductor devices
Lead frame including angle iron tie bar
Semiconductor lead frame and package with stiffened mounting paddle
Method of and apparatus for sealing an hermetic lid to a semiconductor die
Compression bonded type semiconductor device
Wafer scale burn-in socket
Integrated circuit device on metal board with CPU power converter
Conductor path contacting arrangement and method
Electronic package and contact therefor
Environmentally benign bismuth-containing spin-on precursor materials
Metallocene complexes and method of preparing the same
Star polymers, and their preparation
Metal complexes with a tridentate ligand as polymerization catalysts
Direct synthesis of tin (II) carboxylates and tin(IV) carboxylates from elemental tin or tin oxides
Organometallic ruthenium and osmium source reagents for chemical vapor deposition
Process for manufacturing bis-silyl ureas
Cyclic organosilicon endcapper having one aliphatic unsaturation
Isolation of products from selective dehalogenation of haloaromatics
Rhodium/inorganic iodide catalyst system for methanol carbonylation process with improved impurity profile
N-[1,2,4]triazoloazinyl) benzenesulfonamide and pyridinesulfonamide compounds and their use as herbicides
Process for preparing phosphine oxides and process for purifying the same
Sulphonamide derivatives
Method for making amides
Unsaturated oxime ethers and their use as fungicides
Substituted 2-benzylamino-2-phenyl-acetamide compounds
Process for the preparation of nitrosobenzenes
Aromatic ketone polysulfides
Aromatic hydroxythiol synthesis using diazonium salts
Process for preparing ketones, in particular 6-methylheptan-2-one
Method of hydrogenating iso-.alpha. acids in a buffered solution
Method of starting up loop reactor systems in which at least one exothermic reaction is to be carried out
Method for purification of acetone
Process for making aromatic aldehydes
Process for selective catalytic oxidation of olefins to aldehydes, ketones with cleavage of C=C bonds
Separation processes
Metal-ligand complex catalyzed processes
Synthetic method for fluoromethylation of halogenated alcohols
Oxyalkylation of alkanols with alkylene oxides
Multi-metal cyanide complexes as catalysts and their use in preparing polyetherpolyols
High internal phase emulsions (HIPEs) and foams made therefrom
Method for recovering material values from bisphenol tars
Method for producing 2-cyclododecyl-1-propanol
Process for synthesizing .alpha.-substituted ring systems
Separating 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane from hydrogen fluoride
Process for producing polymer grade olefins
Alkylation reactions of aromatic subtrates
Process for producing ethylene
Method of producing olefins from petroleum residua
Method for removing sulfolane present in hydrocarbon
Method of decontaminating medium containing polychlorinated biphenyls or dioxins
HS-40 enhancer-containing vector
Gene encoding oxalate decarboxylase from aspergillus phoenices
DNA encoding a transcription factor controlling phenylpropanoid biosynthesis pathway
Method for conferring herbicide, pest, or disease resistance in plant hosts
Brassica juncea lines bearing endogenous edible oils
Inbred corn plant 09DSS1 and seeds thereof
Hybrid maize plant & seed 39n03
Apparatus and method for synthesizing musical tones using extended tone color settings
Shingle circuits for thermophotovoltaic systems
EMI shielded telecommunications enclosure
Pack designed to take, in particular, an electrical and/or electronic board, method for the manufacture and assembly of a system comprising a corresponding pack and board
Aerial cable spacer with anti-dislodging cable retainer
Mast lighting system
Combined wall mount and electrical outlet box
Electrical box with reinforced and locked support for carrying fixtures
Bladder insert for encapsulant displacement
Connector for connecting a conductor to a structural member
Electrical box with main cavity and separate auxiliary cavity and having optional dimpled hole and strengthening element
Rapid attachment cover for utility pole access opening
Connector arrangement and connecting method for cable management arms
Waterproof structure for wire harness
Self-adjusting cables and method for making same
Shifted-plane core geometry cable
Wire conductor for harness
Flexible conduit
Insulator cover
Degassing hole design for olga trace impedance
Anti-tombstoning solder joints
Electronic part module and process for manufacturing the same
Electronic parts module and electronic equipment
IC packages replaceable by IC packages having a smaller pin count and circuit device using the same
LSI package structure
Multilayer thin-film wiring board
Mounting structure of electronic component on substrate board
Laminated ceramic with multilayer electrodes and method of fabrication
Printed circuit boards
Via connector and method of making same
Load cell apparatus and method
Power plug
Safety controller serving as a power switch
Bi-stable micro switch
Power management sensing rotating platter with liquid contact switch responsive to platter rotational speed
Pushbutton switch element for pushbutton switch structure
Switch, click plate and switch and method of attaching click plate for switch
Method and apparatus for sorting documents into a pre-defined sequence
Method for the controlled withdrawal movement of a machining electrode in an erosion device
Universal shielding gas for GMAW and FCAW welding and process
Process for the TIG alternating-current welding of aluminum
Resistance projection welder and method therefor
Resistance welding with an electrochemical capacitor as the current power source
Method and apparatus for controlling a temperature of a wafer
Dynamic laser balancing
Process and device for laser treatments of inside surfaces
Laser texturing magnetic recording medium using fiber optics
Method and apparatus for scribing a code in an inactive outer clear out area of a semiconductor wafer
Interposer for mounting semiconductor dice on substrates
Method and apparatus for testing bumped die
Method and apparatus for reducing the first wafer effect
Sidewall structure for metal interconnect and method of making same
High performance sub-system design and assembly
Thin, stackable semiconductor packages
Semiconductor device having a chip mounted on a rectangular substrate
Interconnect structure with a passivation layer and chip pad
Semiconductor device comprising silicone adhesive sheet
Semiconductor device with alignment mark and manufacturing method thereof
Distributed powertrain for high torque, low electric power generator
Locking device, in particular for a vehicle
Apparatus for actuating a passenger safety system
Power supply apparatus and method, and fabrication apparatus
Energy management uninterruptible power supply system
Switcher for switching capacitors
Electronic device having auto-off or auto-on/off function
Rotor assembly and method of manufacturing
Hybrid-type stepping motor
Rotary electrical machines
Line termination network assembly for an electric motor
Motor control system
Magneto-dynamic bearing
Alternator mounting bracket
Counter rotating nested cylinders in electrical machinery
Externally-wound stator with improved magnetic transition
Magnet generator
Integrated electronic structure
Method and apparatus for operating a microacoustic sensor array
Spark plug
Spark plug for an internal combustion engine having a helically-grooved electrode
Impregnated-type cathode substrate with large particle diameter low porosity region and small particle diameter high porosity region
Structure for fastening flat braun tube to cabinet
Wide-angle deflection color cathode ray tube with a reduced dynamic focus voltage
Mixed green-emitting phosphor and cathode ray tube using the same
Discharge lamp with dielectrically impeded electrodes
Low pressure mercury discharge lamp having a mercury holder with reduced lead oxide
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panel and method of producing the same
Electron beam tube having a DC power lead with a damping structure
Cathode ray tube and image correcting method
Method and device for automatically operating the lights of a motor vehicle
System and method for initiating plasma production
Light control with overload/short-circuit protection circuit means
Apparatus for driving a display panel
Power supply for illuminating an electro-luminescent panel
Starter circuit for an ion engine
Self-oscillating dimmable gas discharge lamp ballast
Plasma opening switch
Circuit arrangement for signal coupling between circuit parts having supply lines isolated from one another
Color display tube device
Commutation of split-phase winding brushless DC motor
Driving control circuit of a hood motor
Wiper motor control apparatus
Method and device for determining torque in an automotive power window system
Multipolar electromagnetic switching module
Means and method of robot control relative to an arbitrary surface using camera-space manipulation
Self teaching robotic carrier handling system
Control system for a permanent magnet motor
Automatic firing change when motor leads swap on delta motor soft starter
Electrical system for motor vehicles
Method and apparatus for efficiently operating a hybrid vehicle
Pulsed charge power delivery circuit for a vehicle having a combined starter/alternator
Structure for fixing electrode plate groups in cells that constitute a battery module
Cordless power tool system
Battery management system, method of operation therefor and battery plant employing the same
Status indicator for battery charger
Method of controlling charging and discharging
Shunt resistance device for monitoring battery state of charge
Lithium ion battery unit adapted to be charged by an alkaline charger
Power supply device, power supply method and electronic equipment
Power electronic circuits with all terminal currents non-pulsating
Control circuit and method for maintaining high efficiency over broad current ranges in a switching regular circuit
Adding a laplace transform zero to a linear integrated circuit for frequency stability
Bi-directional switched-capacitor based voltage converter
Low power consumption multiple power supply semiconductor device and signal level converting method thereof
Voltage/current converter circuit and high-gain amplifying circuit
Phase detector that samples a read signal at sampling points and delay
Pointer resetting mechanism for a magnet disc operated gauge
IC testing apparatus
Method for the offset calibration of a magnetoresistive angle sensor including at least one wheatstone bridge
Magnetic resonance sensor
Angular position sensor with inductive attenuating coupler
Method and apparatus for defining the position of an actuator utilizing parts of pulse intervals
Linear position sensor
Incremental rotary encoder for measuring horizontal or vertical angles
System for verifying the location of a plurality of physical features relative to magnetic poles arranged on a complex magnetic element
System and method for non-destructive measurement of dynamic coercivity effects
Printed circuit boards multi-axis magnetometer
Magnetic field sensor with colossal magneto-resistive material contained within the coil of an oscillator
Method of improved magnetic resonance spectroscopic localization using spectral-spatial pulses
Auxiliary apparatus for a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus control unit
Method and apparatus for evaluating the resistivity of formations with high dip angles or high-contrast thin layers
Apparatus for calibrating electronic battery tester
Voltage monitor circuit with adjustable hysteresis using a single comparator
Parallel termination apparatus and method for ground-check monitors
High voltage tire testing apparatus
Absolute position sensing by phase shift detection using a variable capacitor
Self-aligning docking assembly for semiconductor tester
transportation and active temperature control of integrated circuits for test
On-chip substrate regular test mode
Semiconductor measurement instrument with the capability to dynamically change examination criteria
Measuring device for measuring the intermediate circuit voltage of gradient amplifiers
System, IC chip, on-chip test structure, and corresponding method for modeling one or more target interconnect capacitances
Method and apparatus for reducing noise in communication channels having a shared reference signal
Method and structure for dynamic in-system programming
Programmable semiconductor device providing security of circuit information
Programmable logic device, information processing system, method of reconfiguring programmable logic device and method compressing circuit information for programmable logic device
Repairable dynamic programmable logic array
Preparation of blends of syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene and rubbery elastomers with a molybdenum-based catalyst system
Rubber blend containing cyclized polyisoprene
Compounding process for achieving uniform, fine particle size dispersion of curing agents in the substantial absence of solvents and a sealant produced thereby
Dispersion-controlled polymers for broadband fiber optic devices
Propylene (co)polymer composition using metallocene catalyst
Fabrication of biocompatible polymeric composites
Propylene copolymer and process for the production thereof
Vulcanizable fluororubber produced from tetrafluoroethylene/perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether copolymer
Adhesive agent and use of such adhesive agent
Stainproof resin composition and production method therefor
Method of producing material for purification of physiological liquids of organism
Method for making monoamines
Method of improving scuff and cut resistance of cover for game ball
Method for using rubber product or rubber member
Resin composition for powder coating
Hydroxyl group-containing resin and amidoalcohol-blocked polyisocyanate
Functional poly(phenylene ether)/poly(arylene sulfide)/epoxy function alpha olefin elastomer/elastomeric block copolymer/metal salt compositions and process for making thereof
Continuous process for obtaining propylene polymers
Control of olefin polymerization using hydrogen
Water-absorbent or water-retention material and production method thereof
Process for producing vinyl chloride polymer
Graft modified ethylene .alpha.-olefin copolymer obtained by graft copolymerzing an ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer with a polar monomer
Catalyst component for olefin polymerization catalyst for olefin polymerization, and process for preparing polyolefin
Method for polymerization and copolymerization of alpha-olefin
High-activity catalyst for producing low-, medium- and high density polyethylenes by gas phase polymerization, process for preparing the same and use of the same in ethylene polymerization
Metal catalyzed synthesis of hyperbranched ethylene and/or .alpha.-olefin polymers
Composition based on fluorine-containing metal complexes
Olefin polymerization catalyst system
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing group 8-10 transition metals, processes employing such catalysts and polymers obtained therefrom
Process for producing diene polymer solutions in vinyl aromatic monomers
Method for preparing (co)polymers having a narrow molecular weight distribution
Process for polymerization of allylic compounds
Polycyclic copolymer compositions
Cyclic dione polymer
Pressure sensitive materials based on a multistep constituted of polymerizates
Linear triene compound and copolymer
Hydrosilylation process and polymers produced by the process
Process for preparing partially added cyclic organohydrogensiloxane
Organic/inorganic composites with low hydroxyl group content, method for their production and application
Moisture curable polyurethane compositions
Diol blends and methods for making and using the same
Poly(arylene ether) homopolymer compositions and methods of manufacture thereof
Stabilized aromatic polycarbonate
Polycarbonate production method
Electrophotographic photoconductor and aromatic polycarbonate resin for use in the photoconductor
Melt polycarbonate catalyst systems
Esterification process
Method of preparing polyethylene glycol modified polyester filaments
Polymolecular structures formed by complementary association of amphiphilic tartaric acid derivatives and bipyridine compounds
Solid phase-polymerized polyamide polymer
Polyimide compositions
Polyimide for optical communications, method of preparing the same, and method of forming multiple polyimide film using the polyimide
Polyimides and process for preparing polyimides having improved thermal-oxidative stability
Polyester and process for producing the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method to reduce damage to backing plate
Machining device and production method of orifice plate
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew