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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Modular annular display assembly with compartments
Furniture cabinet for a breast pump
Method for the alignment of a multiaxial manipulator with an input device
Engineered craniofacial constructs with composite scaffold
FLAP modulators
Therapeutically useful molecules
Therapeutic use of antibodies to HGF
Suspended load carrying system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid pitcher including divided fluid filter for inlet and outlet filtering
Large-grain crystallized metal chalcogenide film, colloidal solution of amorphous particles, and preparation methods
Burner kettle for asphalt paving apparatus
Methods and systems for thermal energy recovery from production of solid carbon materials by reducing carbon oxides
Methods for regenerating solid adsorbents
Composite, catalyst including the same, fuel cell and lithium air battery including the same
Thermal stability of copper-manganese spinel as Zero PGM catalyst for TWC application
Assay devices and methods for the detection of analytes
Spray head with refill valve
Composite stretch material
Polymerisation process and polymer product
Method for selective treatment of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) of metal surfaces
System and method for accelerating a device
Sorting and sifting methods and apparatus, and loader attachments and methods
Device for sorting objects
Corrosion reduction for supercritical water gasification through seeded sacrificial metal
Method and system for cleaning a pond
Situ treatment system and method for dewatering and stabilization of waste material deposits in waste impoundments
Process of forming copper anodes
Hole-making system
End milling apparatus, CAM apparatus, and NC program
Apparatus and method for stripping solder metals during the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment
Outdoor tool system with interchangeable modular heads
Hydraulic tool
Power tool
Traction sheave clamping device
Hair clippers with flexing electrically adjustable blades
Food slicing apparatus
Fabrication process for garments and other fabric products
Composite cores and panels
Panel with core layer
Method and device for making tubular bags of thin plastic films by means of an ultrasound welding process
Method for making a multilayer adhesive laminate
Print media guide
Variable humidity drying
Paper level measurement
Paper level measurement
Liquid supply system and inkjet recording device including the same
Mounting apparatus
Security devices
Fabricated drop axle and method of manufacturing same
Tire assembly including an inner tire and an outer tire
Tire having grooves comprising sipes and/or other cross-groove negative geometry
Pneumatically-operated rigid linear chain and sprocket actuator for deploying a vehicle snow chain traction system
High visibility retractable safety strap and methods for securing a trailer to a towing vehicle
Vehicle hitch cover
Suspension arm
Door module for vehicle
Vehicle door and door module with multi-portion door carrier
Heat transfer airflow through engine compartment
Passenger service vehicle
Nonspill fuel filler adapter
On-vehicle equipment control system and vehicle
Washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into washer reservoir
Safety device for vehicle seats
Seat cushion for a vehicle seat
Mobile fall protection unit for flatbed platforms
Interchangeable platform and a means for transporting an interchangeable platform
Mechanism that holds a hauled object in a particular position in a pickup truck bed
Active bolster
Vehicle entertainment system
Utility cart and docking apparatus there for
Windshield wiper having a coupler with positive locking features
Height-adjustable support for semi-trailers or the like
Three-piece oil ring for internal combustion engines, expanding element, and annular element
Electromechanical brake booster for a brake system of a vehicle, and method for installing an electromechanical brake booster on and/or in a brake system for a vehicle
Disk brake apparatus
Transporter vehicle, dump truck, and transporter vehicle control method
Driving system for vehicle and controlling method thereof
Working vehicle
System and method of estimating values for commands to cause vehicles to follow a trajectory in a complex track network
Collapsible cart
Steering-wheel control
Vehicle structural reinforcing device
Steering system
Closed loop EPAS systems
Vehicle front suspension
Sport motorcycle GPS bracket
Tiltable electric tricycle
Master cylinder
Ergonomic dual shifter assembly
Apparatus and method to optimize sailing efficiency
Payload shroud for air vehicle
Aircraft seat, with crumple zones
Torque converter for rotorcraft
Aircraft systems and methods with integrated tank inerting and power generation
Pivoting perch for flying wind turbine parking
Apparatus, system, and method for dispensing, receiving, cleaning and/or filling containers
Pallet design for vibration mitigation
Base assembly with reinforcing support panels and blanks for forming the same
Package with locking window member
Closure system
Container with overlapping flap system and container blank for making the same
Rubber seal for vacuum receptacle and lid for the receptacle using the same
Beverage carrier with detachable sleeves and method for making the same
Airtight sheath
Waterproof enclosure for electronic device
Water bottle with dosage in a blister pack
Capsule and method for preparing a food liquid by centrifugation
Formatting part for guiding containers in a container treatment installation
Apparatus and method for transporting plastic preforms with dual pitch delay
Container handling arrangement for handling beverage containers, including glass beverage bottles
Transversal cutting equipment for sheets separable from overlapped continuous forms
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control method
Method for determining the winding quality of a film roll
Method for feeding a supply station of a packaging unit with a new reel of sheet packaging material, sheet packaging material holder and lift truck
Pouch connector and related method
Polymer anchored microelectromechanical system (MEMS) cantilever and method of fabricating the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing fluoride gas
Method for producing .alpha.-lithium aluminate
Rare earth adsorbent and rare earth adsorption method using the same
Multilayer heat rejection coating
Oxide sintered body, sputtering target, and oxide semiconductor thin film obtained using sputtering target
Integrated process for the preparation of olefins
Process for preparation of methacrylic acid and methacrylic acid esters
Gas purification method
Method for producing pyridazine compound
Process for preparing antiviral compounds
1,6-diazabicyclo [3,2,1] octan-7-one derivatives and their use in the treatment of bacterial infections
Tryptophanol-derived oxazoloisoindolinones: small-molecule P53 activators
Synthesis of 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides for automated DNA synthesis and pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization
Method for crystallization of TRX-TXNIP complex mutein and 3D structure thereof
Anti-.alpha.-synuclein antibodies and methods of use
Antibodies against fatty acid synthase
Rubber composition for tires and pneumatic tire
Graft copolymers of a poly(vinylidene fluoride)-based polymer and at least one type of electrically conductive polymer, and methods for forming the graft copolymers
Amphiphilic copolymeric material
Oxygen-absorbing resin composition and oxygen-absorbing multilayer body using same, and molded article and medical container using these
Flame-retardant, cross-linked polyhydroxyalkanoate materials
Flame-retardant polyhydroxyalkanoate phosphonate materials
Polymer comprising mesoporous flame retardant
Non-newtonian inkjet inks
Conductive paste and method for producing conductive film using same
Adhesion promoter composition for polyolefinic membranes
Adhesive for laminated sheets
Synthesis of highly fluorescent GSH-CDTE nanoparticles (quantum dots)
Compositions of 2,4,4,4-tetrafluorobut-1-ene and 1-methoxyheptafluoropropane
Low-melting elemental metal or fusible alloy encapsulated polymerization initiator for delayed initiation
Composition for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery from a formation
Rheology modifier compositions and methods of use
Process for determining presence of mesophase in slurry hydrocracking
Biomass gasification system
Method and device for treating two-phase fragmented or pulverized material by non-isothermal reactive plasma flux
Axenic inoculation system for microalgae using TR tube of triiodide resin and method for culturing axenic culture
Apparatus and method for molecular separation, purification, and sensing
Treatment of tumor protein 63 (p63) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to p63
Plant resistance gene
Selective differentiation, identification, and modulation of human TH17 cells
Methods for identifying candidates for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Methods of combined bioprocessing and related microorganisms, thermophilic and/or acidophilic enzymes, and nucleic acids encoding said enzymes
Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Growth method for microbe and bioethanol production method
Processes and systems for alcohol production and recovery
Bearing steel and method for producing same
Martensitic stainless steel highly resistant to corrosion, and method for manufacturing same
Reactor for producing polycrystalline silicon and method for removing a silicon-containing layer on a component of such a reactor
Array of metallic nanotubes
Manufacturing of diffractive pigments by fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition
Cathode-driven or assisted solar cell
Group 13 nitride crystal and group 13 nitride crystal substrate
System for crystalizing chemical compounds and methodologies for utilizing the same
Production apparatus and production method of SiC single crystal
Textiles; Paper
Dull polyamide 56 fiber and method for manufacturing the same
Giver rapier head, giver rapier, rapier weaving machine and method for inserting a weft thread in such a rapier weaving machine using such a giver rapier head
Fine knitwear of circular knitting machines with air permeable holes
Detergent mixer and washing machine including the same
Fluid container of a household appliance
Biomass treatment for hydrothermal hydrocatalytic conversion
Fixed Constructions
Rolling wheel deflectometer
Vehicle barrier system
Snow removal brush, vehicle, combination vehicle, and track transportation system
Traveling device and working machine
Clean water conservation tank for a toilet
Construction method for protecting a surface of a structure
Construction protection sheet
Thermodynamically balanced insulation system
Earthquake resistant and reinforcing device for buildings and bridges
Object, such as a building, provided with a system for preventing damage from earthquakes to the object
System, method and apparatus for attic rafter extension for storage
Foldable frame for instant tent
Fence post installation system
Hinge mechanisms and foldable furniture
Vehicle door structure
Vacuum insulating glass unit with viscous edge seal
Removable ladder wheels
Method of manufacturing an impregnated structure for abrading
Downhole release tool
Compact bail supported fill up and circulation tool
Blowout preventer with hinged bonnet
Packer with anti-extrusion backup system
Detection and collection system for fugitive gases and effluent liquids leaking from around drilled wellheads
Downhole electromagnetic pump and methods of use
Method and apparatus for treating a well
Estimating well production performance in fractured reservoir systems
Barrier forming apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbomachine casing assembly
Valve lash adjuster for vehicles
Control device and control method of vehicle
IC power plant and method of operation
Device for storage and delivery of an additive for catalytic denitrification of exhaust gasses on a motor vehicle
Apparatus for diverting a flow of material
Integrated sensor-catalyst
Method for estimating charge air cooler condensation storage and/or release with two intake oxygen sensors
Method for regenerating exhaust gas filter for vehicles and system therefor
Perovskite oxide compounds for use in exhaust aftertreatment systems
Waste heat recovery system and waste heat recovery method
Compression ignition internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine which may be selectively operated by the two-stroke method or the four-stroke method and method for operating such an internal combustion engine
Low emission power generation systems and methods
Stoichiometric combustion with exhaust gas recirculation and direct contact cooler
System and method for increasing the temperature of a catalyst when an engine is started using model predictive control
Internal combustion engine
Gas engine assembly
System and methods for preventing premature refueling shutoff
System and methods for regulating fuel vapor flow in a fuel vapor recirculation line
Filter device, in particular for gas filtration
Engine starting apparatus
Redundant pressure control
Automatic height adjusting paddle wheel
Wind turbine assembly
Partial pitch wind turbine with floating foundation
Roller bearing, retainer segment, spacer and main shaft support structure of wind-power generator
Two phase wind power generator system
Apparatus, system, and method for raising water using a container with membrane
Drive unit and mounting structure thereof
Thermodynamically interactive heat flow process and multi-stage micro power plant
Scroll compressor with inclined surfaces on the stepped portions
Shunt pulsation trap for positive-displacement machinery
Turbocharger journal bearing system
Control device and control method
Impeller for centrifugal pump and use thereof when pumping drill fluid containing cuttings
Fan assembly
Connector assembly
Anti-loosening bolt assembly
System for mounting heating panels on to wall without drilling holes on the wall
Two-dimensional movement closed-link structure
Driven wheel bearing unit with integrated torque measurement
Adjustable linking arm assembly
Metallic insert with smooth contours for use with composite working members
Damper device and starting device
Continuously variable transmission
Variable ratio transmission with spherical teeth
Manual shift transmission
Self-tensioning member for a cable or rope
External cover material for wire harness
Fluid control valve
Automatic excess water flow saving system
Retarder control valve assembly and system for rail cars
Piston valve
Apparatus and method for repairing the junction of a sewer main and lateral pipe
Seat slide apparatus for vehicle
LED lamp
LED fluorescent lamp
Multifunctional module-type light
Hands-free LED lighting system
Illuminated slackline
Light emitting arrangement using light guides
Display device and television device
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Electrodynamic control in a burner system
Multi-stage hood filter system
Wind turbine and air conditioning apparatus, method and system
Information processing device and controlling method
Evaporative humidifier and control method thereof
Heat receiver tube, method for manufacturing the heat receiver tube, parabolic trough collector with the receiver tube and use of the parabolic trough collector
Multi type air conditioner and cooling and heating control method thereof
Air-conditioning system
System for cooling the batteries of an electric or hybrid vehicle
Method and device for obtaining compressed oxygen and compressed nitrogen by the low-temperature separation of air
Drying method, drying device, and drying system making use of temperature differential
Sterilizable drying machine using ultraviolet radiation and sterilizable drying method in the same
Process and arrangement for extracting a metal from slag a containing said metal
Heat exchanger with fluid guiding members
Thermal straps for spacecraft
Fire restraining device for selective intelligent firing
Trigger lock
Reactive armor system and method
Lighted nock
Apparatus for detecting heights of defects on optical glass
Method of analyzing the changes in geometry of an irradiated fuel
Electron-bombarded active pixel sensor star camera
Hybrid road network and grid based spatial-temporal indexing under missing road links
Vehicle convergence analysis based on sparse location data
In-mold transfer film which changes its color according to a temperature and which has a scent-emitting function and method for manufacturing same
Sensor packaging at output side of front wheel drive (FWD) transmissions
Double diaphragm type pressure sensor
Method for making measurements of the post-combustion residence time in a gas turbine engine
Hybrid servo actuator for crash test
Measuring moisture leakage through liquid-carrying hardware
Capillary microviscometer
Method of detecting bladder cancer by optical analysis of bodily fluids
Method and system for optical evaluation, and optical detector
Bolometer with high spectral sensitivity
Nanopillar arrays with interfaces for controlled polymer stretching and effective translocation into nanochannels
Systems and methods for monitoring the amplification and dissociation behavior of DNA molecules
Enhancing on-chip fluorescence detection
Systems and methods for the automatic detection of lithium batteries in cargo, baggage, parcels, and other containers
Ultrasound probe and method of producing the same
Method for selecting an interlayer for vibroacoustic damping, interlayer and glazing unit comprising such an interlayer
Multi-modal fluid condition sensor platform and system therefor
Method and apparatus for analyzing individual cells or particulates using fluorescent quenching and/or bleaching
System, method and computer-accessible medium for evaluating a malignancy status in at-risk populations and during patient treatment management
Method and device for preserving and imaging specimens while retaining information on the spatial orientation of specimens with respect to reference objects
Spectroscopic breath detector
Methods and systems for long distance tagging, tracking, and locating using wavelength upconversion
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of stroke or other cerebral injury
Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device with multi-dimensional spring structure and frame
Garment incorporating a non destructive control system
System for measuring loss of HVDC
Inspection jig
Differential pixel test for capacitive touch screens
Optimized chain diagnostic fail isolation
Frequency-domain high-speed bus signal integrity compliance model
System and method for field map estimation
Method for characterizing a sample by NMR spectroscopy with acquisition during the generation of a radiofrequency magnetic field
Systems and methods for concealed radar imaging
Systems and methods for detecting soil characteristics
Method and system for a dual mode global navigation satellite system
System and method for covariance fidelity assessment
Gamma ray detector and method of detecting gamma rays
System and method for characterizing focused charged beams
Repeatability indicator based on shot illumination for seismic acquisition
Method and system for streamer depth control
Method and device for alternating depths marine seismic acquisition
Combined wide and narrow azimuth seismic data acquisition system and method
Observation of axial magnetization of an object in a magnetic field
Dip correction using estimated formation layer resistivities
Scintillator including an elpasolite scintillator compound and apparatus including the scintillator
Light-reflective structures and methods for their manufacture and use
Method for preparing optical lenses
Electrically controllable display element for an optical display device, and corresponding production method
Solid-state barcodes and methods for their preparation and use
Optical waveguide manufacturing method
Optical communication apparatus
Optical connectors for coupling light sources to optical fibers
Handy shades
Tunable optical metamaterial
Mobile computer with a detachable frame
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
LCD display panel and color filter substrate
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device including a pixel electrode and first and second common electrodes
Liquid crystal display device
Variable-position operation device
Dual controller image projector
Fluorescent wheel for projectors and light emitting device for projectors
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Light-emitting apparatus and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium for image tone correction
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Display device and operating method thereof
System and method for advanced process control
Unmanned device interaction methods and systems
Temperature-aware microprocessor voltage management
Computer program product for managing storage system power usage by adjusting a flash device erasure rate and a data write rate for storage sub-units according to a non-uniform power budget
Managing storage system power usage by adjusting a flash device erasure rate and a data write rate for storage sub-units according to a non-uniform power budget
Motion-based message display
Motherboard and electronic device using the same
Managing access to data on a client device during low-power state
Systems and methods for reliably storing data using liquid distributed storage
In-memory data store replication through remote memory sharing
Synchronous input/output diagnostic controls
Synchronous input/output diagnostic controls
Process security validation
Reverse resynchronization by a secondary data source when a data destination has more recent data
Mitigating ROP attacks
Automatic client side seamless failover
Virtual memory mapping in a dispersed storage network
Data encoding in solid-state storage devices
Error vector readout from a memory device
Cost sensitive browser cache cleanup based on weighted probabilistic cached item usage
System and method for flash read cache with adaptive pre-fetch
Nonvolatile memory data security
Multi-section garbage collection
Garbage collection handler to update object pointers
Managed runtime cache analysis
Memory management unit and method for accessing data
Memory management unit and method for accessing data
System and method for a shared cache with adaptive partitioning
Resetting memory locks in a transactional memory system
Dynamic caching module selection for optimized data deduplication
Dynamically changing a buffer flush threshold of a tape drive based on historical transaction size
Separate memory address translations for instruction fetches and data accesses
Deferred re-MRU operations to reduce lock contention
Information processing apparatus and access control method
Apparatus and method for controlling shared cache of multiple processor cores by using individual queues and shared queue
Method and system for browser-based screen sharing
Frequency and power management
Data transfer control apparatus, data transfer control method, and computer product
Context based passage retreival and scoring in a question answering system
Universal connector
Customized electronic product configuration
Virtual machine allocation at physical resources
Request routing utilizing cost information
Using foster slice strategies for increased power efficiency
Mapping data locations using data transmissions
System for presenting media programs
Post-silicon configurable instruction behavior based on input operands
Intermediate window results in a streaming environment
Managing data sets of a storage system
Low complexity partial parallel architectures for Fourier transform and inverse Fourier transform over subfields of a finite field
Three-dimensional latent semantic analysis
Clustering repetitive structure of asynchronous web application content
User interface for summarizing the relevance of a document to a query
Difference determination in a database environment
Clustering repetitive structure of asynchronous web application content
Index merge ordering
Access path optimization through system statistics
Index merge ordering
System and method for performing view updates in database systems
Geospatial queries using associated distribution data
Mechanism for communication in a distributed database
Chronological sorting of items ranked according to a score
Association of visual labels and event context in image data
Systematic approach to determine source of data quality issue in data flow in an enterprise
Personalizing search results
Prompting subject matter experts for additional detail based on historical answer ratings
User initiated replication in a synchronized object replication system
Opening a data set
Determination of a service description most closely matching a specified service name
Interactive image display and selection system
Selecting pages implementing leaf nodes and internal nodes of a data set index for reuse
Method for rebalancing data partitions
File path modification based management
Web content management using predetermined project templates
Detecting application similarity
Automated, conditional event ticketing, reservation, and promotion techniques implemented over computer networks
Leveraging enterprise content
Path-specific break points for stream computing
Interest-based message-aggregation alteration
Multilevel filters for cache-efficient access
Slack redistribution for additional power recovery
Control path power adjustment for chip design
Semiconductor device designing method, designing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
Data tracking in user space
Data tracking in user space
Wearable terminal
Providing control in a multi user environment
Detection and prevention of sensitive information leaks
Notarizable electronic paper
Communications network and a network terminal
Gesture-based user interface
Ring-type mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for providing advertisement using touch pen
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Electronic device, operation control method, and operation control program
Device, method, and storage medium storing program
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of mobile terminal
Tracking of objects using pre-touch localization on a reflective surface
Optical display and control element and method of optically determining a position
Projected capacitive touch panel with silver-inclusive transparent conducting layer(s), and/or method of making the same
Correction apparatus and correction method for self-capacitive touch panel
Automatic deep view card stacking
Methods, systems and computer readable media for pasting data
Correlating storage rings
Shifting a defrag operation in a mirrored system
Shifting a defrag operation in a mirrored system
Error vector readout from a memory device
Delay mechanism on fibre channel
Information processing apparatus, job-process control method, and job-process control computer program product based on prohibition data and prohibition rule data
Haptic notification manager
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Control device for in-vehicle solar cell
System and method for storing and retrieving geospatial data
Method, apparatus and computer program for model-driven message parsing
Intelligent redistribution of data in a database
Encrypted synchronization
Geological exploration method for making plan and elevation drawings directly by rotational tin network and non profiling method
Techniques for instruction group formation for decode-time instruction optimization based on feedback
Branch history cache and method
Pipelining out-of-order instructions
Pattern based branch prediction
User interface area coverage
User interface area coverage
Automatic test case generation
Systematic method of synthesizing wave-pipelined circuits in HDL
Automatic comment editing for a smart integrated development environment
Configuration management of engineering artifacts with automatic identification of related change sets based on type system
Bridge to connect an extended development capability device to a target device
Domain specific language design
Optimizing program performance with assertion management
Replacing annotated program code in a networked computing environment
Stack overflow protection device, method, and related compiler and computing device
Metadata-based test data generation
Recording, replaying and modifying an unstructured information management architecture (UIMA) pipeline
Context-specific view of a hierarchical data structure
Embedded location awareness in UML modeling for mobile and IoT development
Using cloud patterns for installation on unmanaged physical machines and appliances
Predicting outcome based on input
Closed-loop feedback mechanism for achieving optimum performance in a consolidated workload environment
Optimizing a cloud-computing environment
Data management for multiple processing units using data transfer costs
Multiple stage workload management system
Information processing system and program migration method
Methods of using environmental conditions in sports applications
Product management device and product management method
Method and a system for matching fingerprint images obtained from different fingerprint image capturing devices
Evaluation system or determination of cardiovascular function parameters
System and method for image-based structural health monitoring suitable for structures having uncertain load conditions and support conditions
Systems and methods of gesture recognition
Methods for identity authentication and handheld electronic devices utilizing the same
Image processing device and image processing method
Method and apparatus for identifying object
Visual comparisons using personal objects
Estimating photometric properties using a camera and a display screen
Locating objects using images from portable devices
Systems and methods for categorizing charts
Encoding time interval information
Automatically generating labor standards from video data
Apparatus and method for providing customized viewing and control of field devices through custom groups and actions in a process control system
Controlling which users from an organization are to be part of a community space in an easy and error-free manner
System and method for implementing a consolidated application process
Secure universal two-step payment authorization system
Mobile image payment system using short codes
Method and system for simulating recommendations in a social network for an offline user
Portable e-wallet and universal card
Medical delivery device with regimen identification feature
Haptic effect conversion system using granular synthesis
Method and apparatus for outputting vehicle alarm information using mobile devices
Reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and molded article
Visual detection of mercury ions
Nanofluid sensor with real-time spatial sensing
Solder assembly temperature monitoring process
Stations for portable electronic devices
System and method for providing operating system independent error control in a computing device
Word mapping
Hybrid tag for radio frequency identification system
Media balancer
Systems and methods for protecting computing systems from peripheral devices
System and method for providing a high-value identity
Method and apparatus for microscopic imaging
Apparatus for processing medical image with toner save function
Dome camera
Dynamic synchronous to asynchronous frequency transitions in high-performance symmetric multiprocessing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Tape cartridge comprising a reel lock mechanism
Homogenization device and method of using same
Track lighting system including lamp clips with separate locking and connection means
Device for synchronously and symmetrically making material collide
Human Necessities
Adjustable apparatus for separating grain from harvested crop
Electrolytic treatment of aqueous media
Water-sealing component assembly
Method for obtaining powder from highly concentrated high viscous solutions
Snowboard binding system and method of using same
Lace-up tightening device for an article of footwear, and an article of footwear equipped with such device
Flashlight housing with a key ring extension
Beverage carrier
Wheeled luggage and associated devices
Device and method that generates a fog capable of altering the color of human skin
Backpack having a shoulder strap mounted lift buckle
Device for coupling writing utensils
Two-piece music stand accessory for large books
Enclosure system for electronic equipment concealable in a table top
Ergonomic lectern
Arm assembly for a chair
Swing including a seat unit with a tiltable backrest and a footrest movable relative to a seat frame
Chair with slide skin
Adjustable seat bolsters
Bench assembly
Protected display case
Pressurized drinking mug
Stand accessory holder
Hand-held mixer having a switching means configuration for switching to several lower speeds and for switching to a higher speed of mixing tools
Spinning multiple container containment rack
Procedure and device for cleaning floors with flat cleaning mops
Rotating wave dust separator
Dispenser for an adhesive tissue sealant having a flexible link
Patient temperature control system connector apparatus
Devices and methods for forming magnetic anastomoses and ports in vessels
Stent aneurysm embolization method using collapsible member and embolic coils
Surgical clip with adjustable biasing force
Foreign body retrieval device and method
Surgical instrument
Spinal alignment apparatus and methods
Implant for bone connector
Electrosurgical working end with resistive gradient electrodes
Systems and methods for applying a selected treatment agent into contact with tissue to treat sphincter dysfunction
Electrosurgical tonsilar and adenoid electrode
Medical instrument positioning tool and method
Apparatus and method for shielding tissue during tumor ablation
Devices and methods for directed, interstitial ablation of tissue
Annuloplasty ring delivery system
Low vision measuring instrument
Eye characteristic measuring apparatus
Contact lens and method for fitting and design
Sensing, interrogating, storing, telemetering and responding medical implants
Noninvasive continuous blood pressure measuring apparatus and a method of noninvasively measuring continuous blood pressure
Pressure-pulse-wave detecting apparatus
System for measuring blood pressure
Noninvasive optical sensor for measuring near infrared light absorbing analytes
Devices and methods for cervix measurement
Dental aesthetic guide
Defining tooth-moving appliances computationally
Hygiene product
Absorbent article having discontinuous absorbent core
Flexible absorbent product
Absorbent article and method of manufacturing the same
Surgical instrument and method
Bowel probe system & method for controlling bowel incontinence
MRI stent
Endovascular stent-graft with flexible bifurcation
Bifurcated stent delivery system having retractable sheath
Vascular inducing implants
Method for soft tissue reconstruction
Structured breast implant
Hip joint prosthesis with abutment-protected prosthesis shaft
Tilted femoral component
Patellar implant and knee prosthesis incorporating such an implant
Keeled prosthetic nucleus
Orthopedic implant
Method for treating morbid obesity
Ostomy coupling
Spray device
Device used for the photorefractive keratectomy of the eye using a centering method
Examination and treatment chair
Wheelchair access system
Novelty bar of soap having low cost electro-mechanical vibrating assembly
Prostate massage apparatus
Multi-functional massage device
System for filling and assembling pharmaceutical delivery devices
Low profile adaptor for use with a medical catheter
Method and system for ambient air scenting and disinfecting based on flexible, autonomous liquid atomizer cartridges and an intelligent networking thereof
Apparatus for use with an inflow cannula of ventricular assist device
Apparatus and process for conditioning organic fluid
Blood processing systems and methods using red blood cell hematocrit as a process control parameter
Catheter device and method for delivering a dose internally during minimally-invasive surgery
Apparatus and method for using a steerable catheter device
Stent delivery system
Access catheter apparatus for use in minimally invasive surgery and diagnostic procedures in the uterus and fallopian tubes
Hypodermic implant device
Needle free medical connector with expanded valve mechanism and method of fluid flow control
Medication delivery system having selective automated or manual discharge
Universal anti-infectious protector for needleless injectors
Hand held laser device for stimulating hair growth
Modular, knock-down tanning bed
Hairdye composition containing metallic compound
Variable resistance squat exercise machine
Adjustable Gemini pedal trace extending crank mechanism
Four bar exercise machine
Golf ball having a sinusoidal surface
Golf ball containing graphite nanosheets in a polymeric network
Solid golf ball
Golf balls including a layer with reinforced fibers and methods for forming such golf balls
Adjustable height basketball backboard
Tether system for a ball
Karate kick exercise apparatus
Volleyball practice system
Illuminated recreational board
Video gaming machine having first and second chance means displayed on a video monitor with sequencing means
Systems and methods wherein at least one set of possible input parameters to a physics simulation will produce a successful game result
Card game
Educational game apparatus and method for playing a game
Entry ticket in the system of numerical games of chance and method of completing the said ticket
Marketing lottery card and on line marketing method using the same
Hard way true odds craps
Container with associated puzzle
Orbital spinning dancing light toy with connectors for mounting light emitting elements
Developmental toy
Light illuminated toy device
Apparatus for producing a fire special effect
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatography apparatus
Preparative chromatography system and separation/purification method using same
Tipping pit water reclaiming system
Vacuum collection bag and method of operation
Biostatic filter
Air guided filter for internal combustion engine
Distiller employing cyclical evaporation-surface wetting
Pressure swing adsorption system for gas separation
Specialized hollow fiber membranes for in-vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration
Specialized hollow fiber membranes for in-vivo plasmapheresis and ultrafiltration
Method for mixing liquid in a container and the container for carrying out the method
Invertible mixing system with angled blade assembly and method for mixing powders with such system
Automatically adjusting annular jet mixer
Self-anchoring mast for deploying a high-speed submersible mixer in a tank
Acoustic ejection of fluids from a plurality of reservoirs
Process for producing spherical oxide particles
Solid compositions for selective adsorption from complex mixtures
Fluid treating device
Micro-fluidic valve with a colloidal particle element
Shredding machine, and method of providing a time delay in a shredding machine
Method and a device for separation of a surface layer of a liquid body
Dense fluid cleaning centrifugal phase shifting separation process and apparatus
Cover attachment apparatus
Method and apparatus for separating particles from hot gases
Multiposition hand shower
Sprinkler with nozzle gate valve
Spray-coating system
Manufacturing apparatus for plasma display panel
Electrostatic atomizer and method of producing atomized fluid sprays
Paint tray activity desk
Apparatus for applying adhesive to tubing
Device for two-dimensional application of free-flowing adhesive to strip material
Transport mechanism of sorting machine for large thin objects
Stud resurfacing tool
Method for cleaning damaged layers and polymer residue from semiconductor device
Removing radar absorbing coatings
Method for improving the operation of a pipeline by employing soap pigs
Leachate distribution system
Advanced containment system
Method for recombining soil
Seal end plate
Can end manufacturing system and press therefor
Selectively cold worked hydraulic motor/pump shoe
Device for preparing the walls of a mold for molding or shaping to make them ready for the next molding cycle
Powder metallurgy lubricant compositions and methods for using the same
Drilling tool
Milling insert
Tapping unit
Heat treatment of friction stir welded 7X50 aluminum
Cost effective substrate fabrication for flip-chip packages
Tool changing device for a tool machine
Equipment which can be used by an industrial robot for gripping workpieces or assemblies being processed or assembled and has a separable modular structure, with a definite and repeatable geometry
Air-guiding structure for an air sander
Tool having honed cutting edge
Apparatus for sharpening blades
Preparation of high performance silica slurry using a centrifuge
Method for supplying slurry to polishing apparatus
Disk restoration service vending machine
Stress relieved grinding ball having hard outer shell
Pattern-electroplated lapping plates for reduced loads during single slider lapping and process for their fabrication
Wire retriever system
Hammer-type stapler with cartridge
Power tool comprising a securement flange
Media cutter and slicer mechanism for a printer
Method for cutting a member to form a desired structure
Process and system for vitrified extruded ceramic tiles and profiles
Method for cutting hard and brittle material
Internal mixer with bearing housings having a dirt particle outlet
Latching device for injection molds with removable inserts
Injection unit of electric injection molding machine
Post mold cooling assembly for molded article neck finishes
Ultrasonic wave sealing method for container
Process for transmission laser welding of plastic parts
Static micromixer
Method for producing composite structure
Method and apparatus for manufacturing pneumatic tire
Process for manufacturing a tire
Creping adhesive and products and process incorporating same
Fabrication method for adhesive pressure bonding two components together with closed-loop control
Inkjet printing system and inkjet printing process
Liquid jet apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Droplet generator for a continuous stream ink jet print head
Micro electro-mechanical device having an integrated movement sensor
Ink jet print head and ink jet printing apparatus
System for aligning a plurality of printhead modules
Print head ink temperature control device
Liquid-jet head and liquid-jet apparatus
Ink jet head and production method of the same
Ink jet head with partially exposed inside electrode and fabrication method thereof
Ink-jet recording head and ink-jet recording apparatus
Liquid-jetting apparatus and method of driving the same
Apparatus for cleaning print head of ink jet printer
Fluid jet apparatus and method for cleaning inkjet printheads
Printer device and method
Ink cartridge and ink jet record apparatus using ink cartridge
Method, program product and system for ink management control
Method and apparatus for software updates
Ink cartridge
Printing device
Carriage aligning apparatus for ink-jet printer and method thereof
Manually aligned printhead modules
Device for unlocking a compartment of an opening mechanism
Arrangement for automatic setting of programmable devices and materials therefor
Laminating film and lamination process using the same
Post print finishing device with imaging material binder
Gift card form and method of fabrication
Production of a front portion of a writing instrument, comprising a one-piece preform
Systems and methods of providing inserts into envelopes
Oriented roller bushing for boat trailer
Valve stem extender and apparatus for mounting same
Safety fastener for ball and socket hitch
Impact releasing tow hook
Motorized HVAC AC valve
Control device for hybride-driven auxiliary system
Rear window structure for vehicle
Sealing connecting element, sealing end piece and a seal
Vehicle end gate assembly
Sunroof apparatus for vehicle
Floral carrier for truck bed
Cross folding convertible top with one piece one bow
Single actuator lost motion shift assembly
Marine vessel trolling and battery recharging system
Vehicle image capture system
Emergency locking console assembly
Head restraint assembly for motor vehicle
Seat back for a vehicle seat comprising an integrated protective device
Arrangement and method for height adjustment of the upper attachment point of a safety belt
Air delivery unit, hose and deploying device therefor
Thermal barriers and seals for climate controlled transportation
Leveling ramp assembly for slide-out room
Photosensitive detection unit, in particular for automatic connection of lighting equipment
Bumper for vehicles, particularly motor vehicles
Shock absorber
Tip-up trailer and method for loading the same
Gas bag module
Rollover air bag with damping mechanism
Airbag system
Steering wheel with integrated gas bag
Devices for attaching an airbag to a vehicle
Air bag cushion energy diverter
Inflatable restraint module
Gas bag module
Pedestrian safety device
Seat belt retractor
Piggyback tool carrier
Support device
Brake control system
Braking device that can be released electromagnetically
Parking control circuit
Device and method for controlling an electrically actuated parking brake
Parking brake unit for work vehicle
Pullable golf bag having deployable wheels
Convertible utility carrier
Pivotal handle for a food service table
Folding stroller
Adaptive energy absorbing device for a steering column
Rear body structure for vehicle body
Fender skirt and methods for using same
Instrument panel assembly for vehicle
Trailer wall construction
Seat post cushion assembly
Vehicular light-emitting device
Combination backrest and storage compartment for a motorcycle and the like
Steering damper
Adjustable front suspension device
Deck drain cover plate assembly
Flashlight mounting apparatus for a sailboat
Emergency floatation jacket
Flight surface actuator
Latch device, in particular for latching an airplane landing gear or an airplane landing gear hatch, and a method of operating said device
Vortex attractor with vanes attached to containing ring and backplate
Ornithopter with flexible fuselage
Overhead stowage bin on aircraft
Segmented beam aircraft passenger seat
Flammable fluid line shroud
Blast deflector
Advertising quadrate carrier assembly with premium cradle
Methods and apparatus for monitoring and quantifying the movement of fluid
Container lid sealing method
Package assembly with applicator and container for adhesive materials
Aerosol spray can with pressure reducing valve
Hanging conveyance equipment and learning system therefor
Conveyor chain tension adjusting device
Conveyor roller bearing housing
Conveyor with a motorized transport element
Apparatus for handling layers of palletized goods
Device and method for inwardly transferring bulk material into a pneumatic conveyor line
Container tranfer terminal system and method
Method for axial feeding of ribbon material and a stock of ribbon material coils for axial feeding
Diagnostic methodology for an inserting machine
Winding machine transformable onsite
Cord-attached wrap-up device
Method for controlling a raise/extend function of a work machine
Motorcycle lift
Dispensing device
Nanotweezers and nanomanipulator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for producing hydrogen
Hydrogen supply system for fuel cell
Method of making high purity optical fluoride crystals
Molecular decomposition process for the synthesis of nanosize ceramic and metallic powders
Arsenic removal in conjunction with lime softening
Composition and method for treating polluted waters and water sediments
Organic sulfur reduction in wastewater
Method for biological effluent treatment
Process for environmental recovery in urban regions
Method for purification and disinfection of water
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Lithium disilicate glass-ceramics
Coated article with improved barrier layer structure and method of making the same
Concrete aggregate
Method for preparing fly ash for high compressive strength concrete and mortar, and compositions thereof
Abrasive particles, abrasive articles, and methods of making and using the same
Integrated circuit ferroelectric infrared detector and method
Gas generating material for vehicle occupant protection device
Linear compounds containing phenol and salicylic acid units
Nitrification inhibitors, and the use of polyacids which contain a nitrification inhibitor for the treatment of inorganic fertilizers
Liquid crystal polyester resin
Method for imparting soil and stain resistance to carpet
Biodiesel sulfur slurry
Ink for ink-jet recording and process for producing the same, ink set for ink-jet recording, and ink cartridge
Conductive adhesive material with metallurgically-bonded conductive particles
Antifreeze concentrates based on dicarboxylic acids, molybdate and triazoles or thiazoles, and coolant compositions comprising them
Tunnel boring with foamed composition
Separation of olefinic hydrocarbons from sulfur-containing hydrocarbons by use of a solvent
Two stage extraction oil treatment process
Composition and process for multi-purpose treatment of metal surfaces
Method and device for producing biogas, which contains methane, from organic substances
Self-referencing enzyme-based microsensor and method of use
Method and device for feeding a gas to a metallurgical vessel
Apparatus for supporting material to be treated in continuously operated thermal treatment furnaces
High temperature heap bioleaching process
Method of producing a metallized briquette
Tantalum-silicon and niobium-silicon substrates for capacitor anodes
Iron-based sintered alloy for use as valve seat and its production method
Perforated current collectors for storage batteries and electrochemical cells, having improved resistance to corrosion
Method for manufacturing half-metallic magnetic oxide and plasma sputtering apparatus used in the same
Storage plate support for receiving disk-shaped storage plates
Method of producing semiconductor thin film and method of producing solar cell using same
Coatings for use in fuel system components
High density plasma CVD process for gapfill into high aspect ratio features
Emissivity-change-free pumping plate kit in a single wafer chamber
Semiconductor chamber process apparatus and method
Deferrizing flux salt composition for flux baths
Apparatus for removing hydrogen peroxide from spent pickle liquor
Copper electrowinning
Methods of anodizing valve metal anodes
Method for surface treatment of metal base
Apparatus and method for controlling plating uniformity
Method for fabricating metal wirings
Apparatus and method for electro chemical plating using backside electrical contacts
Method and apparatus for the electrochemical deposition and planarization of a material on a workpiece surface
Apparatus for controlling thickness uniformity of electroplated and electroetched layers
Method of producing zinc oxide thin film, method of producing photovoltaic device and method of producing semiconductor device
Liquid phase growth methods and liquid phase growth apparatus
Process for producing an epitaxial layer of gallium nitride
Heating system, method for heating a deposition or oxidation reactor, and reactor including the heating system
Silicon single crystal wafer and manufacturing process therefor
Textiles; Paper
Cellulosic materials having composite crystalline structure
Microporous hollow fiber membranes from perfluorinated thermoplastic polymers
Microporous hollow fiber membranes from perfluorinated thermoplastic polymers
Non-thermoplastic starch fibers and starch composition for making same
Composition for pretreating fiber materials
Method for producing dyed textile materials consisting of polyester and polyamide
Variable frequency dewatering assembly
Embossed uncreped throughdried tissues
Low density paper and paperboard articles
Aqueous polymeric emulsion compositions and their use for the sizing of paper
Fixed Constructions
Device for spreading liquid binder and roadstone behind a road making machine
Material anti-segregation curtain for a paver
Void-maintaining synthetic drainable base courses and methods for extending the useful life of paved structures
Two stage wall connector
Subterranean drainage system
Pull through clip for wire fences
Fence bracket system and fence system using the fence bracket system
Pool cleaner debris bag
Door handle
Window sash lock keeper
Unlocking device for supplemental door lock
Convertible door lock latch mechanism
Vehicle door handle
Handle assembly having lock mechanism
Arrangement for feeding soldering material
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for controlling a variable-angle vane via a pinch connection
Maintainable compressor stability bleed system
Turbines and their components
Advanced high turning compressor airfoils
Outlet silencer structures for turbine
Exhaust system for watercraft
Connector arrangement
Suction valve assembly of compressor
Oil supplying apparatus for opposed type reciprocating compressor
Port cover for protecting not only a port of a compressor but also a pipe fixing portion thereof
Variable-delivery, fixed-displacement pump
Components, systems and methods for forming a gasketless seal between like metal components in an ultrahigh pressure system
Feed pump for fluidic media having sleeve bearing lubrication
Multistage compressor unit and method for regulating such multistage compressor unit
Quick assembly blades for ceiling fans
Motor mounting structure
Illuminated translucent devices
Turbo type fluid machine and dry gas seal for use therefor
Pressure control valve for hydraulic actuation assembly
Torque limiting fastener
Fastening element
Spiraled self-piercing rivet
Sliding element, sliding structure including the sliding element, and method for producing microscopic surface structure in the sliding element
Polymeric bearing with elastomer
Linear rolling bearing
Seal for double-tube driveshaft
Sliding bearing
Longitudinal plunging unit having a material with a uniform wall thickness
Pulley type torque transmitting apparatus
Braking device for straddle-type all-terrain vehicle
Disk-brake disk
Cylindrical mounting apparatus equipped with bracket
Aggregate bearing in bushing form
Friction vibration damper
Fluid damper, particularly for movable pieces of furniture
Electro-rheological or magneto-rheological controlled hydraulic restriction
Manufacturing method of a pushing block for a CVT belt
Automatic transmission of motor vehicle
Low-friction moving interfaces in micromachines and nanomachines
Cross pin retention system for differentials
Oil pressure control device of automatic transmission
Electronic control unit and method for the automatic activation of the parking brake in motor vehicles
Sealing section for a lamp
Electro-mechanical coaxial valve
Flow regulating apparatus for a fluid, in particular a pneumatic choke valve
Cable clip
Method and apparatus for coupling a conduit to a fitting
Fluid shut off valve cartridge with quick connection
Quick coupler adapter
Retained hardware system and method
Overboot for a bi-pod adapter
Tailcap and bulb holder for a flashlight
Wave configuration of a pipe-type lamp
Light seat for a portable light with an adjustment capability for a light fixture
Directional luminaire
Separation device of an electronic stabilizer body and a fixing seat
Outdoor lighting device
IEEE 1394 or USB powered computer lights
Melting plate candles
Flashlight with convex lens assembly providing multiple focuses
Vertically downward type back-light module
Surface-emitting device and liquid crystal display device with enhanced utilization efficiency of light from light source
Optical screen apparatus having alternate opaque and clear layers and method of making such apparatus
Device and method to optimize combustion of hydrocarbons
Local exhausting and ventilating methods, and local exhausting device and local ventilating system
Ventilating exhaust fan
Cleaning and remanufacturing methods for developing container
Rotary kiln with a hollow brick insulating lining
Multiple hearth furnace
Recoil brake isolation system
Gun rest and clamp
Water backpack and gun assembly
Diaphragm water gun
Multi-dimension liquid chromatography separation system
Triangular pyramid type cube-corner retroreflective element
Method and apparatus for adapting a miniature form-factor connector to a standard format fiber optic connector plug
Laser source
Electrical connector for opto-electronic modules
Fiber optic interface device
Recessed cable management assembly
Integral resilient pocket clip and eyeglass frame
Multifocal contact lens pairs
Progressive cylinder ophthalmic lenses
Configurations for color displays by the use of lenticular optics
Instant photographic film pack
System, method and apparatus for ambient video projection
Transfer assembly and a dryer operationally associated with the transfer assembly
Low-aberration deflectors for use in charged-particle-beam optical systems, and methods for fabricating such deflectors
Document binding apparatus
Escapement for timekeeper
Method of inputting alphanumeric codes by means of 12 keys
Non-linear ergonomic keyboard
Compact smart card reader with ejector
Device for maintaining an electronic card in a reading device
Ejection mechansim for an electronic card connector
Ink-spread compensated bar code symbology and compensation methods
Guiding a scanning device to decode 2D symbols
Interleaved sequencing method for multiple two-dimensional scanning codes
External storage apparatus and control apparatus thereof, and data transmission reception apparatus
Method of authenticating an object or entity using a random binary ID code subject to bit drift
Bar code scanner and method
Creation of porous anode foil by means of an electrochemical drilling process
Care engine
Bad beat video poker game feature
Gaming device having an element and element group selection and elimination bonus scheme
Image alignment gaming device and method
Method and program product for producing and using game play records in a bingo-type game
Rotary reel unit for game machine
Gaming apparatus and method with operator-configurable paytables
Teaching method and device
Fuel spill firefighter trainer
Emergency/medical information system
Dampening datum plate for disc drive component assembly
Installation for very long term storage of heat-generating products such as nuclear waste
Method of manufacturing electron emitting device
Method for precise molding and alignment of structures on a substrate using a stretchable mold
Polyvinyl acetal composition roller brush with abrasive outer surface
Implantation method
Method of metal sputtering for integrated circuit metal routing
Method of making a laminated structure
Processing apparatus
Apparatus for performing self cleaning method of forming deep trenches in silicon substrates
Housing for accomodating a power semiconductor module and contact element for use in the housing
Connector for a battery cable clamp
Spring contact for connectors
Pin-array, separable, compliant electrical contact member
Device for retaining a contact in an electrical contact-carrying module
Electrical connector assembly
Apparatus for and method of connecting connectors
Card edge connector
Retainer bracket for connectors
Connector locking device
Low noise communication modular connector insert
Cable end connector
Cable connector assembly having grounding devices
Contact for error resistant coupling of electrical signals
Electric plug for a power cord
Electrical connector with terminal position assurance system
Receptacle and plug interconnect module with integral sensor contacts
Wire management member and electric cable connector with wire management member
Coaxial cable connector
Connector for coaxial cable with multiple start threads
Modular connection system for ethernet applications in the industrial sector
Sealing body for longitudinally split cable fittings
System and method for presenting, capturing, and modifying images on a presentation board
Scanning actuator assembly for image projection modules, especially in portable instruments
Broad gamut color display apparatus using an electromechanical grating device
Image projector
Projector and lamp information management method used for the same
High frequency heating apparatus
Topside installation apparatus for land grid array modules
Electronic device in which a circuit board and an electric connector are electrically connected by a flexible printed wiring board
Socket connector having ejecting mechanism
Contact pin and socket for electrical parts
Rack mount
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