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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Internal biochemical sensing device
Implantable medical device for treating cardiac mechanical dysfunction by electrical stimulation
Apparatus and method for remote troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrade of implantable device systems
User-attachable or detachable telemetry module for medical devices
Cardiac rhythm management system with user interface for threshold test
Performing Operations; Transporting
Performance input apparatus
Formatting information to be written on optically writable label side of optical disc to minimize writing time
Co-operative advance warning system for road hazards
Traction chain for a series hybrid vehicle
Controller with motor output torque limiter for hybrid vehicle
Fixed Constructions
Method of locating an anomaly in a tubular member in a well
Method of measuring alignment of a substrate with respect to a reference alignment mark
Apodization of beams in an optical interferometer
Pulse shifted array
Beam splitting apparatus, transmittance measurement apparatus, and exposure apparatus
Spectroscopic ellipsometer
Temperature adaptive circuit, circuit temperature raising method and circuit temperature raising program
Optical time domain reflectometer and method of using the same
Optical structures for metal-enhanced sensing
Focusing of microscopes and reading of microarrays
Method and apparatus for position-dependent optical metrology calibration
Leak detection method and system in nonmetallic underground pipes
Doppler radar sensing system for monitoring turbine generator components
Method of grouping single cells of power sources to build optimal packs using parameters obtained by analysis of impedance spectrum
Method for detecting rotational speed
Yank detection circuit for self-biased phase locked loops
Method and apparatus for measuring the rotational speed of a fan
Diagnostic method for a sensor
Method and apparatus for protection path setup
Process control and damage monitoring
Pulse radar apparatus
Altitude measurement system and associated methods
Secondary surveillance radar system, ground equipment for use therein, and response signal checking method applied thereto
Radar sensor platform
Phase step alert signal for GPS integrity monitoring
NMR probe for material analysis
Method and apparatus for transmitting electromagnetic signals into the earth at frequencies below 500 KHz from a capacitor emplaced on the surface of the earth or raised aloft in an aircraft
Systems and methods for designing and fabricating multi-layer structures having thermal expansion properties
Zoom lens, lens unit, camera and portable information terminal device
Zoom lens unit and image pickup apparatus
Microscope with wavelength compensation
Bending an optical fiber into a backplane
Chromatic dispersion compensating optical fiber
Planar light device
Optical waveguide manufacturing method
Multi-level waveguide
Non-active waveguides on planar lightwave circuits
Laser apparatus, exposure head, exposure apparatus, and optical fiber connection method
Optical distributor and optical distributing system
Optical wavelength switch having planar lightwave circuit structure
Surface-mounted photodetector for an optical waveguide
Optical phased array transmitter/receiver
Cable gels for optical fibre cables
Image pickup apparatus
Lens system and portable device employing the same
Substrate having a planarization layer and method of manufacture therefor, substrate for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Dual-electrode traveling wave optical phase shifters and methods
Liquid crystal display device comprising a pad in contact with a light guide and maintaining a distance between a panel guide and a backlight assembly
Liquid crystal display of transmission type
Data arrangement for liquid crystal display device
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating thereof
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Patterns of electrically conducting polymers and their application as electrodes or electrical contacts
Thin film transistor array substrate using low dielectric insulating layer and method of fabricating the same
Diffusively reflective circular polarizer formed by thermo phase separation
Wavelength converter for generating wavelength tunable laser optical source in itself
Image display device, rear projection type screen used in image display device, Fresnel lens sheet, and method of making Fresnel lens sheet
Cooling apparatus
Multiple system vibration isolator
Exposure method and apparatus
Image forming method and apparatus for setting an image forming parameter based on a printing medium
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Toner image transfer method, toner image transfer device and image forming apparatus
Developing device
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image developing apparatus, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus, and developing unit frame
Developing method and apparatus using two-ingredient developer with prescribed coating of particles and resin
Optical security system using fourier plane encoding
Automatic irrigation frequency adjustment for deep watering
Method and apparatus for providing a user selectable start-up current in a disk drive
System and method for recording medication delivery to a patient
Intelligent valve flow linearization
Power supply method and apparatus
PVT-compensated clock distribution
Modular register array
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Multiprocessor array
Communication apparatus and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Apparatus and methods for duplex printing in multiple print engine systems
System and method for detecting and excluding outlier sensors in sensor-based monitoring
Image processing system for preventing forgery
System and method for molecular dynamic simulation
Text-based automatic content classification and grouping
Automatic design and sale of complex multi-vendor electronic and mechanical systems
Systems, methods and computer program products for creating hierarchical equivalent circuit models
Test system, test method and test program for an integrated circuit by IDDQ testing
Method and device for detecting functional and metabolic data of a living organism
Apparatus, method and program for generating a recipe for an inspection tool
Mobile robotic router with web server and digital radio links
Measuring flare in semiconductor lithography
Handling of forwarded calls
Charging/discharging apparatus and method, power supplying apparatus and method, program storing medium, and program
Information processing apparatus and system, information processing method and device driver
Virtual printer with asynchronous job and device status
Device for the longitudinal guidance of a motor vehicle
Method and system for the regulation and/or control of an engine gearbox unit in a motor vehicle
Stability prediction for an electric power network
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Watermarking via quantization of statistics of overlapping regions
Method of and apparatus for image processing
Content and display device dependent creation of smaller representation of images
Pattern segmentation apparatus and pattern recognition apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining best focus using dark-field imaging
Zero length or run length coding decision
Method and apparatus for performing scalar quantization with a power of two step size
Semiconductor integrated circuit for realizing coding circuit
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program product
Method for generating and displaying complex data utilizing color-coded signals
System and method for tracking identity movement and location of sports objects
System and method for detecting motion of a body
TCAS VSI display
Inverter controller with automatic brightness adjustment circuitry
Gamma correction apparatus for a liquid crystal display
User interface of a keypad entry system for character input
Applying multiple texture maps to objects in three-dimensional imaging processes
Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and display apparatus
Image display apparatus and method, and storage medium
Method and apparatuses for improving quality of digitally encoded speech in the presence of interference
Method for searching codebook
Data recording device and data reproducing device
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Method and apparatus for controlling a write current in a hard disk drive
Disk drive for optimizing write current settings relative to drive operating characteristics and ambient temperature readings
Hard disk drive for perpendicular recording with transducer having submicron gap between pole tips
Methods to determine gross and fine positioning on a reference surface of a media
Head slider and disk drive apparatus
Apparatus with head and head support device having rotation supporting point
Tracking and focus digital servo system with write abort
System and method for detecting and recovering from an off-format state in an optical disc drive
Optical information recording medium and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
Multi-state magnetoresistance random access cell with improved memory storage density
Magnetic memory array with an improved world line configuration
Nanoelectromechanical memory cells and data storage devices
Common wordline flash array architecture
Dynamic matching of signal path and reference path for sensing
Refresh for dynamic cells with weak retention
Sending signal through integrated circuit during setup time
Wide databus architecture
Main amplifier and semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of realizing optimized erasing operation in a memory array
Semiconductor memory module, memory system, circuit, semiconductor device, and DIMM
Method of automatically correcting aberrations in charged-particle beam and apparatus therefor
Ceramic structure and nonreciprocal circuit device
Fuel injector and its control method
Thermoelastic actuator design
Rotating display device and electrical apparatus employing the same
Fuse box for a vehicle
Display screen
Electron beam lithography apparatus using a patterned emitter and method of fabricating the patterned emitter
Flat panel display device
EL light emitting unit, power feeding unit and EL light emitting device
Circuit substrates, semiconductor packages, and ball grid arrays
Light emitting diode apparatuses with heat pipes for thermal management
Array capacitors in interposers, and methods of using same
Package with integrated wick layer and method for heat removal
Semiconductor device with via hole group generating high frequency electromagnetic bonding, manufacturing method thereof, and monolithic microwave integrated circuit
Integrated circuit device having reduced bow and method for making same
Ball assignment schemes for integrated circuit packages
Semiconductor constructions
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multiple doping level bipolar junctions transistors and method for forming
Optical transmitter module
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Electron-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus using the same
Oxidation-resistant conducting perovskites
Semiconductor memory device having ferroelectric capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor memory having two charge storage sections
Charge trapping memory cell
Method for fabricating Bi thin film and device using the same
Semiconductor package having light sensitive chips
Voltage-matched, monolithic, multi-band-gap devices
Piezoelectric motor and method of exciting an ultrasonic traveling wave to drive the motor
Planar array antenna
Optical amplifier and controlling method for Raman amplifier
Laser driving method and laser driving device
Extreme chirped/stretched pulsed amplification and laser
Semiconductor laser diode with higher-order mode absorption layers
Cathodes for fluorine gas discharge lasers
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser including indium, antimony and nitrogen in the active region
Near field optical apparatus
Semiconductor laser and method for manufacturing the same
Fault detection apparatus and method
Controller for plural supplies driving single load
Motor and drive control system thereof
Motor with improved rotary shaft supporting structure
Single thrust magnetically biased fully recirculating self purging fluid dynamic bearing motor
Automatic vehicle wiper system
Startup control method of brushless DC motor
Serial fan set and rotation speed-matching curve generation method thereof
Method and device for regulating a wind machine
Systems and method for boosting output of an alternator
Variable speed wind turbine generator
Digital exciter/phasor/transmitter for directional antennal system
Practical M-ary demodulator and method of operation for use in a CDMA wireless network base station
Reduced complexity receiver for space-time- bit-interleaved coded modulation
Method for producing a control signal which indicates a frequency error
Method and arrangement for a power amplifier
Programmable jitter signal generator
Multi-tunable microelectromechanical system (MEMS) resonators
Internal voltage reference for memory interface
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Control using transducers present to determine model
Method and device for phase correction of a vertically distorted digital image
Clock capture in clock synchronization circuitry
Method and apparatus to achieve a process, temperature and divider modulus independent PLL loop bandwidth and damping factor using open-loop calibration techniques
Communication driver
Numerically controlled oscillator and method for operating the same
Run-length violation detection circuitry and methods for using the same
Apparatus for linear transmitter with improved loop gain stabilization
Power saving driving method of mobile telephone
Call origination control
Luminescent and illumination signaling displays utilizing a mobile communication device with laser
Wirelessly communicating digital photograph image files
Radio transmitter and receiver
Multistandard video decoder and decompression system for processing encoded bit streams including start codes and methods relating thereto
Spurious free dynamic range in optical communications systems
Optical communication system and optical receiver
Method and apparatus for compensating for timing variances in digital data transmission channels
Apparatus and method for very high performance space-time array reception processing using chip-level beamforming and fading rate adaptation
System and method for reducing power consumption for wireless communications by mobile devices
System and method using adaptive antennas to selectively reuse common physical channel timeslots for dedicated channels
Method for controlling a transcoder of a mobile communication system
Delay profile making method and delay profile making apparatus
Base station for code group synchronization
Modified block space time transmit diversity encoder
Data transmission with interruption phases
Decoding using walsh space information
Optical time division multiplexing/demultiplexing system
Communication method and apparatus for a radio local area network system using macrodiversity
Apparatus and method for trellis encoding data for transmission in digital data transmission systems
Digital asset management and linking media signals with related data using watermarks
OFDM interference cancellation based on training symbol interference
ATM switching system and cell control method
Method and system for switching variable sized packets
Apparatus and method for extraction of different types of packets from respective portions of a single buffer
Apparatus and method for virtualizing a queue pair space to minimize time-wait impacts
System and method for deriving IPv6 scope identifiers and for mapping the identifiers into IPv6 addresses
Port isolation for restricting traffic flow on layer 2 switches
System, device, and method for localized information processing in a multiprotocol label switching network
On-chip inter-subsystem communication including concurrent data traffic routing
Digital precoding filter for a transmission filter
Low power radio transmitter using pulse transmissions
Digital TV receiver
Method of reconstructing data transmitted over a transmission path in a receiver and corresponding device
Method and system for generating higher order modulations with QPSK modulator
Method and device for generating a rate compatible code
Receiver and method for initial synchronization of a receiver with the carrier frequency of a desired channel
Encryption method and apparatus with forward secrecy and random-access key updating method
Mobile communication system
Backhaul multicasting using Ethernet-based radio access networks
Portable telephone
Power up reset circuit for line powered circuit
Instructive out-of-service telephone lines
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
Communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium
Devices, softwares and methods for selectively limiting the total modem-on-hold timeout time of a single log-in session
Method of billing in an abbreviated dialing service
Switching system with separate control connection to remote branch exchanges
Mobile apparatus enabling inter-network communication
High density DSX system
Hand held mobile communications device with an image sensor and a printer
Method and device for positioning of platen glass of image reader
Original scanning apparatus
Scanning apparatus
Color vector halftoning using a successive filling with improved color registration latitude
Method and apparatus for capturing an image
Image sensing apparatus with sensor displacement capability
OSD (on screen display) cursor display method and cursor image display apparatus
Image processing system, projector, information storage medium and black and white extension processing method
Broadcast video image recording apparatus
Information record medium and apparatus for reproducing information according to navigation information
Method and apparatus for moving picture compression rate control using bit allocation with initial quantization step size estimation at picture level
Object tracking using adaptive block-size matching along object boundary and frame-skipping when object motion is low
Method and apparatus for generating, distributing and reconstructing deconstructed video
System and method for preventing an illegal copy of contents
Identification coding schemes for modulated reflectance systems
System and method for using unused arbitrary bits in the data field of a special burst
System and method for increasing cellular system capacity by the use of the same frequency and time slot for both uplink and downlink transmissions
Videoconferencing bandwidth management for a handheld computer system and method
Context aware computing devices having a common interface and related methods
System and method for emulating a telephony driver
Apparatus, and associated method, for allocating channels in a radio communication system responsive to mobile station movement
Communication device and method of operation therefore
Electronic audio accessory for use with automotive stereo loudspeakers
Transaction security apparatus
Audio amplifier unit
Wireless 900 MHz broadcast link
Method and apparatus for controllably generating sparks in an ignition system or the like
Disk array device and disk array device cable support method
Smartconnect universal flash media card adapters
Optically connectable circuit board with optical component(s) mounted thereon
Housing for a passively cooled computer
Environmentally tuned circuit card assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Electromagnetic shield with vee-slot panel joints
Expired Patents Due To Time
Communication network configuration detecting method and communication line information table creating method
Network dispatch manager, dispatch gateway, and a method for providing dispatch service to dispatch clients via a packet-switched network
Wireless communications protocol
Personal handy-phone system wireless local loops and methods of transmitting information within personal handy-phone systems
Method and apparatus for regulation of the effective noise figure in a CDMA receiver
Asymmetric forward power control in a CDMA communication
Method and apparatus for processing a punctured pilot channel
Method for transmitting messages in wireless communication system using a server process
Method of completing long distance pots calls with IP telephony endpoints
Telecommunication system
Methods and apparatus for providing voice communications through a packet network
Interconnection network extendable bandwidth and method of transferring data therein
Method for the reception of message cells from low-priority connections from only one of a number of redundant transmission paths
Distributed type switching system
Multiprocessor type exchange and communication method therefor
Method, system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving electronic voice messages
Distributed processing of high level protocols, in a network access server
Token ring spanning tree protocol
Node apparatus and method of using a virtual connection to transmit a packet
Packet routing and queuing at the headend of shared data channel
Method and apparatus for sending a 1.times.N communication message
Broadband telecommunications system interface
Interleaving method and apparatus for orthogonal transmit diversity and multi-carriers CDMA communication systems
Synchronization system using multiple modes of operation
Utilization of telluride quaternary nonlinear optic materials
Blue diode-pumped solid-state-laser based on ytterbium doped laser crystals operating on the resonance zero-phonon transition
Semiconductor memory device
Methods and systems for alternate bitline stress testing
Differential correlated double sampling DRAM sense amplifier
Energy-saving device for memory circuit
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor storage unit
Memory device address decoding
Method and apparatus enabling remote release of hooks and hook assemblies to free fishing lures
Method for correcting effects of an antenna interfering movements in a sonar with synthetic antenna
Ultrasonic measuring device with transmitters and receivers for locating the geometric position of the border between a first and second material from a reference location
Matched-lag filter for detection and communication
Transducer shell assembly for a bimodal transducer
Method and apparatus for real time clock frequency error correction
Clockworks, timepiece and method for operating the same
Method and apparatus for measuring subjective time
Wrist watch having thermoelectric generator
Thermoelectric generating electronic timepiece
Data medium optical recording/reading device
Playback device having text display and communication with remote database of titles
Library access system with workload balancing and method for balancing workloads in library access systems
Disc inverting mechanism and disc automatic changer with the mechanism
Optical head
Near-field optical head and manufacturing method thereof and optical recording/readout system using near-field optical head
Optical disk reproducing apparatus
Optical data reproduction apparatus
Disk reproducing device a disk reproducing method a disk rotation control method and a regenerative clock signal generating device
Disk reproducing apparatus controlling read signal from a disk by using demodulated identifying signal and stored identifying signal in a memory
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and method and information recording medium
Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Disc discriminating device in disc playback apparatus
Optical disk apparatus
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and method for using both disc cartridges holding 8CM and 12CM disc
Information reproducing apparatus for reproducing digital information on record medium
Multilayer perception neural network scheme disk memory device and signal processing device
Optical pickup compatible with a digital versatile disk and a recordable compact disk using a holographic ring lens
Single objective lens optical pick-up head
Compact dual wavelength optical pickup head
Disk apparatus with vertically arranged optical head and rotor magnet accommodating portion
Card compact disc, compact disc interface seat and methods of using same
Method and circuit arrangement for the correction of phase and/or frequency errors in digital multicarrier signals
End-to-end bidirectional keep-alive using virtual circuits
Communication network system and controlling of communication path therefor
Apparatus and method for preventing network rerouting
Virtual path management in hierarchical ATM networks
System and method for broadcast control of a data transmission system
Real-time estimation and dynamic renegotiation of UPC values for arbitrary traffic sources in ATM networks
DC power converter having bipolar output and bi-directional reactive current transfer
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
Single-ended forward converter circuit with quasi-optimal resetting for synchronous rectification
Flyback as LED driver
Power regulator using active filter
Power conditioning for remotely mounted microwave power amplifier
Progressive start-up circuit for activating a charge pump
Phase synchronization system for connecting a power converter to a power distribution system
Charge pump circuit including level shifters for threshold voltage cancellation and clock signal boosting, and memory device using same
Power supply device
System and method for assessing a capacity of a backup battery and power plant incorporating the same
Electric power converting system with integrator providing output indicative of current
Operating a power converter at optimal efficiency
Chopper circuit, chopper circuit control method, chopper-type charging circuit, electronic device, and timekeeping apparatus
Switching power supply for gas laser
Shielded bit line architecture for memory arrays
Read only memory integrated semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for storing data using spin-polarized electrons
Apparatus of reducing power consumption of single-ended SRAM
Circuits and methods for a static random access memory using vertical transistors
Multi-bit flash memory cell and programming method using the same
Flash EEprom system
Sensing time control device and method
Register driven means to control programming voltages
Current limiting negative switch circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Memory cell integrated structure with corresponding biasing device
Integrated semiconductor memory
Synchronous semiconductor memory device and method for reading data
Single electron MOSFET memory device and method
Semiconductor device with decreased power consumption
Logic interface circuit and semiconductor memory device using this circuit
Semiconductor memory device with write driver reset function
Synchronous memory status register
Semiconductor memory device capable of suppressing degradation in operation speed after replacement with redundant memory cell
Integrated dynamic semiconductor memory having redundant units of memory cells, and a method of self-repair
Integrated circuit memory devices having data input and output lines extending in the column direction, and circuits and methods for repairing faulty cells
Semiconductor memory device having a large band width and allowing efficient execution of redundant repair
Semiconductor memory device connected to memory controller and memory system employing the same
Polarity reversal protection circuit
Input protection circuit for a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for minimizing plasma destabilization within a semiconductor wafer processing system
Circuit board having thereon coupled ceramic capacitors and method for the manufacture thereof
Method of making an ultracapacitor electrode
Combinations of materials to minimize ESR and maximize ESR stability of surface mount valve-metal capacitors after exposure to heat and/or humidity
Housing for an AC adapter in an electric instrument
Electrical equipment accessory mounting assembly
Space saving mobile device
Portable computer system having ergonomic keyboard and detachable display unit
Method of mounting liquid crystal display module and apparatus thereof
Portable computer having a sealed hinge clutch
Portable computer with both dynamic and piezoelectric transducers
Laptop computer with flat panel speakers
Connector system with outwardly opening door for a removable transceiver module
Power supply attachment for tower computer enclosure
Computer chassis
Disk drive sled insertion and removal system
Shock-proof device of external hard disk driver box
Radiation apparatus and radiation method for integrated circuit semiconductor device and for portable computer
Actively cooled daughterboard system
Power supply equipped with extractable fan deck
Underground centralized power supply/battery vault
Fan heat sink and method
Heat dissipater
Arrangement for cooling an electrical assembly
Power module
Heat sink mounting for power semiconductors
Inter-circuit encapsulated packaging
Reverse mount heat sink assembly
Clip for securing heat sink to electronic device package
Heat sink assembly
Housing device for SIM card
System, to be used especially in an electronic controller, and manufacture of same
Housing assembly having simplified circuit board assembly, retention, and electrical connection features
Mounting device for mounting a data storage device
Display device for helmet-mounted display
Method of predicting the curvature radius of the microlens
Zoom lens system
Variable focal length lens system
Lens housing having aperture device
Object lens supporting unit capable of offsetting positional deviation of the lens caused by warp of suspension wire and method of assembling the unit
Thermal shimming of composite structural members
Precision optical mounts
Viewing optical instrument having roof prism and a roof prism
Arrangement for reading information from a magnetic record carrier
Magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus with rotary drum with magnetoresistance head for transducing DC-free code signals
Dual modulo gray code positioning system
Automatic head switching control method and apparatus
Signal dropout compensation
Magnetic reproducing apparatus that limits distortion of an output signal with increased amplification
Equalizer and magnetically recorded-signal reproducer
Multiple devices selected fault feature for data integrity in disc drive applications
Recording medium driving apparatus and tracking method
Method and apparatus for controlling read and/or write operations of a disk drive device during start-up
Rotational vibration compensation using a fixed head and a constant frequency pattern
Self-writing of servo patterns based on printed reference pattern in rotating disk drive
Apparatus and method for a reduced seek-to-track time fuzzy rule controller for a hard disk drive read/write head actuator
Active damping of actuator bearing translational mode
Helical scanning magnetic recording/playback device having multiple pairs of playback heads and recording heads
Spring-contact spindle connector
Disk drive with interlocking disk clamp
Thin film magnetic write head having an ultra-low stack height
Magnetic head
Two axis reading of memory chip in cartridge
Mechanism to clamp magnetic disk against cartridge shell
Enhanced durability ultra-low-flying-height sliders
Modulation and demodulation of light to facilitate transmission of information
Optical transmitter for reducing impulse noise in a fiber optic link
Optical receiver
Reflective/transmissive scanner with synchronously moving image sensor and light source
High scan efficiency galvanometric laser scanning device
Optical scanning device
Scanning optical system
Apparatus providing variable reflectivity to electromagnetic radiation
Reduced ultraviolet radiation transmitting, electrochromic glazing assembly
Elastomeric light valves
Enhanced effective refractive index total internal reflection image display
Photonic signal frequency conversion using a photonic band gap structure
Process for the removal of water from evacuated chambers or from gases
Broadband optical amplification system
Method and apparatus for eliminating noise in analog fiber links
Two-stage modular wide-band optical amplifiers
Optical amplifier and an optical amplification method
Upright microscope
Fully automated telescope system with distributed intelligence
Wall and/or projection board
Rear projection screen assembly having a projection screen with reflecting rib lenses
Rear projection screen
Reducing polarization dependency of optical apparatus
Illumination optical apparatus
Virtually imaged phased array (VIPA) having a varying reflectivity surface to improve beam profile
Antenna array system having coherent and noncoherent reception characteristics
Method of use for an adaptive antenna in same frequency networks
Signal detector employing correlation analysis of non-uniform and disjoint sample segments
Wireless communication system and method and system for detection of position of radio mobile station
Resonant antenna
Antenna with stacked resonant structures and a multi-frequency radiocommunications system including it
Protective antenna guard for cellular telephones
Radio communications handset antenna arrangements
Contactless card automatic check-in check-out device
Adapter for antenna on a mobile phone
Lens system for antenna system
Folded cavity-backed slot antenna
Slot antenna
Stepped waveguide slot array with phase control and satellite communication system employing same
Electromagnetic wave detecting device incorporating therein a thermocouple
Multiple coupled resonant loop antenna
Utility meter label support and antenna
Circuit module
Antenna connector of cellular phone
Information processing apparatus
Impedance matching circuit and display device having the impedance matching circuit
Display apparatus for adjusting the display image using a control signal from an external computer
Monochromatic R,G,B laser light source display system and method
Driving apparatus for plasma addressed liquid crystal display apparatus
Display system having electrode modulation to alter a state of an electro-optic layer
Drive circuit for liquid crystal display apparatus
Driver for a liquid-crystal display panel
Method and apparatus for displaying image
Light valve device
Method and system for dynamically selecting video controllers present within a computer system
Method for mixing pictures
Input device for shifting a marker on a monitor screen
Piezoelectric stick pointing device
Coordinate input device
Collapsible portable mouse
Wire/wireless keyboard with pointing device attachable thereto, computer system for use with the same, and related method
Coordinate input device with flat cable having two divided flat mounting parts composing divided conductor portions
Methods for operating input devices for personal computer systems
Horizontal position control circuit for high-resolution LCD monitors
Display device
Reference potential generating circuit for liquid crystal display apparatus
Display unit
Procedure and apparatus for presenting elevator functions
Method and system for adding application defined properties and application defined property sheet pages
Computer system, method and user interface components for abstracting and accessing a body of knowledge
Method and apparatus for generating and displaying views of hierarchically clustered data
Operating system for handheld computing device having program icon auto hide
Information security analysis system
Three-dimensional display system: apparatus and method
System and apparatus for customizing a computer animation wireframe
System for distinguishing front facing and back facing primitives in a computer graphics system using area calculations in homogeneous coordinates
Method and apparatus for volume rendering
Image generating system and information storage medium capable of changing angle of view of virtual camera based on object positional information
Trilinear texture filtering of two levels of detail based on a single level of detail
Image processor
Method and apparatus for determining simple convex polygons
Apparatus and method for cropping an image in a zooming graphical user interface
Graphics system and method having objects conformed to a template
Process for depicting paths within a graphical representation of a network
Method and system for slope correcting line stipples/styles
Memory efficient surface normal decompression
Data processing device and data processing method
Remote modification of digital images using scripts
Achieving system stability in anamorphic printer defect pre-compensation
Ink transfer printer
Thermal printhead and method of making the same
Process and device for providing thermal transfer material for thermal transfer image generation
Color image forming apparatus
Conference apparatus and method for realistically reproducing image data and shared board data
Method of and apparatus for creating panoramic or surround images using a motion sensor equipped camera
Method and apparatus for omnidirectional imaging
Stereoscopic display apparatus for generating images in accordance with an observer''s viewing position
Non-contact temperature and concentration measurement on liquid surfaces
Gyro and semiconductor device having a plurality of laser diodes
Methods and apparatus for splitting, imaging, and measuring wavefronts in interferometry
Exposure control device and distance measuring device
Precision grating period measurement arrangement
Apparatus and method of performing dithering in a simplex in color space
System for performing initialization sequences depending on status of image forming apparatus
Printing system for dividing a page into blocks
Output control device and image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Stochastic method of enlarging a visual image
Image processing apparatus and method
Compound document page data processing
Composite halftone screens with stochastically distributed clusters or lines
Image processing method and apparatus and image forming method and apparatus using the same
Image-processing apparatus equipped with recording-material manual-feeding mechanism and control method for the apparatus
Dust-proof mechanism for optical reflection module of image scanner
Image digitizing system
Auto resoration of a print
Fault restoration control method and it''s apparatus in a communication network
Optical power management in an optical network
Optical communication method and optical communication system based on optical phase conjugation
WDM optical communications networks and methods for provisioning
Temperature compensated multi-channel, wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network
Universal branching unit
Liquid crystal display device with optical shield film
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal apparatus
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Optical head, method of manufacturing the same, and diffraction element suitable therefor
Digital camera and document processing system using the digital camera
Determination of the speed of movement of an image-bearing sheet
High speed high resolution continuous optical film printer for duplicating motion films
Microlithography system for high-resolution large-area patterning on curved surfaces
Projection apparatus and method
Exposure apparatus, method of producing the same, and method of producing devices
Vehicle classification and axle counting sensor system and method
Method for quality assurance testing of fiber-optic laser modules
Method of calculating optical frequency spectrum
Apparatus for and method of estimating the illumination of an image
FPGA using RAM control signal lines as routing or logic resources after configuration
Method and apparatus for reducing worst case power
Level shifter circuit
CMOS bi-directional current mode differential link with precompensation
Comparator metastability performance from an enhanced comparator detection circuit
Reference-corrected ratiometric MOS current sensing circuit
High gain CMOS amplifier
Buffer using dynamic threshold-voltage MOS transistor
CMOS switch circuit having concurrently switching complementary outputs independent from process variation
Integrated circuit provided with a fail-safe mode
Device for synchronizing a reference event of an analog signal on a clock
Mode setting determination signal generation circuit
Phase locked loop having DC bias circuitry
Delay locked looped circuits and methods of operation thereof
Variable delay circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Synchronous circuit having circuit for detecting phase error at center of reference signal
Timing generating apparatus with self-calibrating capability
Buffer circuit operating with a small through current and potential detecting circuit using the same
Process strength indicator
Low power LSSD flip flops and a flushable single clock splitter for flip flops
Data storage circuits using a low threshold voltage output enable circuit
Variable delay circuit
Method for generating and distribution of polyphase clock signals
Protection circuit that can be associated with a filter
Negative-voltage-trigger SCR with a stack-gate ESD transient switch
Continuous time capacitor-tuner integrator
Compensation circuit and method for a power transistor
Bias circuit for depletion mode field-effect transistors
High power supply ripple rejection internally compensated low drop-out voltage regulator using PMOS pass device
High side current source circuit having improved output impedance to reduce effects of leakage circuit
Moving average filter
High-frequency boost technique
Tuning method for Gm/C filters with minimal area overhead and zero operational current penalty
Reduced noise sensitivity, high performance FM demodulator circuit and method
Output stage for high power class D amplifiers
Audio-frequency power amplifier that utilizes a bridged amplified configuration
Transmitter adjusting output power
Digital predistortion for amplifiers
Complementary input self-biased differential amplifier with gain compensation
Variable transconductance amplifier
Amplifier slew rate boosting scheme
Differential amplification circuit
Large signal amplifier gain compensation circuit
Method and apparatus for synthesizing dual band high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Method and circuit for reduced power consumption in a charge pump circuit
Oscillator circuit for a semiconductor memory having a temperature dependent cycle
Ring oscillator VCO using a differential delay stage
Double-clamped delay stage and voltage controlled oscillator
System and method for mitigating multipath effects in television systems
Floating point gamma correction method and system
Method for preparing a band pass signal
Liquid crystal display system and light projection system
Optical device and head-mounted display using said optical device
Liquid crystal display having an off driving voltage greater than either zero or an optical characteristics changing voltage
Active matrix liquid crystal display
Head position detecting device and head tracking stereoscopic display
Submerged laser television and submerged laser visual recognizer
Method for the video-assisted remote control of machines, especially vehicles, and device for the implementation of this method
Artcard for the administration of the operation of a camera device
Digital video camera with high-speed mode
Method and apparatus for manipulating display of update rate
Human Necessities
Microscope including a fade-in element and related method of using a microscope
Image viewing device and operation unit for said image viewing device, accessories used with said image viewing device, a facility in which said device and accessories are used, and method of using said image viewing device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser irradiation apparatus and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing the same
Variable shear A. C. interferometer
Thin film optical measurement system and method with calibrating ellipsometer
Method and apparatus for photometric analysis of chlorine dioxide solutions
Method for detecting defect in bottle
Imaging system using multi-mode laser illumination to enhance image quality
Controlled stress thermal compensation for filters
Optical substrate, a manufacturing method therefor, and a display device using the same
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Lithography system and method of manufacturing devices using the lithography system
Stage device and a method of manufacturing same, a position controlling method, an exposure device and a method of manufacturing same, and a device and a method of manufacturing same
Mobile computer
Region-based refresh strategy for video compression
Method and apparatus for adjusting dot clock signal
Voice coil motor plate for a disc drive
Magnetic head device and recording medium drive
Preloaded gimbal in a head suspension for limiting head/disc separation
Reproduction apparatus and method
Layout for a semiconductor memory
Content addressable magnetic random access memory
Method and apparatus for adjusting control signal timing in a memory device
Voltage transformer having a wire-winding mechanism
Switching DC-to-DC converter utilizing a soft switching technique
Laser satellite communication system
Multimode communications systems
System and method for improved signal to noise ratio in optical communications networks
RF shielded LCD assembly and PCB assembly including the same
Memory and apparatus for input based control of discards in a lossy packet network
Distributed interactive multimedia system architecture
Solid-state image pick-up system having a color separating section controlled according to the detection of either a dynamic or a high sensitivity mode
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a TV camera for use in a virtual studio
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