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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Wild rocket cultivar Tricia
Transgenic chickens producing exogenous protein in eggs
Trifluromethoxyphenyl-substituted tetramic acid derivatives pesticides and/or herbicides
Hydrazide compound and use of the same in pest control
Bicyclic pyridinylpyrazoles
Synergistic combination of a glyphosate compound and one of DCOIT or OIT or BBIT
Synergistic combination of a glyphosate compound and DMITS
Synthesis of (1)-beta-elemene, (-)-beta-elemenal, (-)-beta-elemenol, (-)-beta-elemene fluoride and their analogues, intermediates, and composition and uses thereof
Fatty acid treatment for cardiac patients
Potentiators of insulin secretion
Treatment for altitudinal hypoxia
Oxazolidinone derivatives containing new bicyclic group, having antibacterial activity, and method for treating pathogenic bacterial infections using the same
Potassium channel blockers and uses thereof
Antibacterial optically pure benzoquinolizine carboxylic acids, processes, compositions and methods of treatment
2-alkyl-indazole compounds for the treatment of certain cns-related disorders
Methods of using a nitroxide antioxidant in cosmetic and dermatological compositions
4- [2- (4-methylphenylsulfanyl) phenyl] piperidine for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Capped pyrazinoylguanidine sodium channel blockers
Theophylline derivative inhibits osteoporosis
1H-pyrimidin-2-one derivatives, preparation thereof and pharmaceutical use thereof as inhibitors of AKT (PKB) phosphorylation
Cyclic compound having pyrimidinylalkylthio group
Oxazolidinyl antibiotics
Antiemetic-oral contraceptive combination
Transdermally absorbable preparation
Juvenile hemochromatosis gene (HFE2A) cleavage products and uses thereof
Neuroprotective and neurorestorative method and compositions
Peptides and related molecules that bind to TALL-1
Treatment of diseases and conditions mediated by increased phosphorylation
Anticancer agent
Glucagon analogs exhibiting GIP receptor activity
Peptides derived from plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and uses thereof
Actinic energy radiation curable ink-jet ink and ink-jet recording method
Substituted arylamide diazepinopyrimidone derivatives
Substituted heteroarylamide diazepinopyrimidone derivatives
Coating system comprising synzyme for degradation of threat agents
Sorption reinforced catalytic coating system and method for the degradation of threat agents
Performing Operations; Transporting
Regenerable sulfur traps for on-board vehicle applications
Low frequency oscillator, the omni-directional type low frequency underwater acoustic transducer using the same and the cylindrical radiation type low frequency underwater acoustic transducer using the same
Microplasma spray apparatus and method for coating articles using same
Method for the production of metal profiles
Method for producing a contact structure of a semiconductor component
Statically stable biped robotic mechanism and method of actuating
Siloxane mixtures containing epoxide resins and method for the preparation thereof and use thereof
Headlamp assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Low temperature co-fired ceramics with low dielectric loss for millimeter-wave application
Process for preparing acrylic acid from ethanol and formaldehyde
Method for producing .beta.-aminocarbonyl compound
Compounds for use in the treatment of pain
Oxime ester photoinitiators
Photoinitiator mixtures
Gas phase process for monoalcohol production from glycerol
Purification of tris-hydroxyaryl compounds
Process for producing olefins
Selective oxidation of organic substrates to partially oxidized products
Crystalline solid and amorphous forms of (-)-halofenate and methods related thereto
Titania-alumina supported palladium catalyst
Flame-retardant compound, flame-retardant particle, resin composition and resin formed body
Use of perifosine in combination with antimetabolites for the treatment of benign and malignant oncoses in humans and mammals
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Fluorescent brighteners, methods of preparation thereof, fluorescent brightener compositions, and methods of preparation and uses thereof
Process for the synthesis of ivabradine and addition salts thereof with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid
Matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Thiazole derivative and use thereof as VAP-1 inhibitor
Method of carbon chain extension using novel aldol reaction
Artemisinin derivatives for the treatment of melanoma
Therapeutic tetrahydroisoquinoline-based compositions for cancer therapy
Heterocyclic oxime compounds
Polysubstituted 2-aryl-6-phenylimidazo[1,2-A]pyridine derivatives, and preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Substituted arylamide oxazepinopyrimidone derivatives
Oligonucleotidic sequences able to silence the expression of the CYCLIN D1-TROP2 chimera and uses thereof in medical field
Particles for detecting intracellular targets
Process for the expression of peptides of interest using GCSF as a fusion partner
Ex vivo animal or challenge model as method to measure protective immunity directed against parasites and vaccines shown to be protective in the method
Use of bacteriophage outer membrane breaching proteins expressed in plants for the control of gram-negative bacteria
Aziridine crosslinking agents for acrylic adhesives
Radical polymerization inhibitors for light-curable dental materials
Functionalization of organic surfaces
Propylene based polymers for injection stretch blow molding
Method using fluoropolymer emulsions
Michael acceptor having multiple hydroxyl groups, and Michael addition product derived therefrom
Organometallic compounds containing a metal belonging to the second column of the periodic table, and method for preparing same
Method of making a metal terephthalate polymer
Radiopaque amide polymers and medical devices formed thereof
Suspension polymerization and foaming of water containing activated carbon-nano/microparticulate polymer composites
Stone based copolymer substrate
Plasticizer composition
Adhesive composition, adhesive film and wiring film using the same
Latex compositions and uses thereof
Methods using well drilling fluids having clay control properties
Organomolybdenum-boron additives
Process for producing oligomers
Combined thermal devices for thermal cycling
Apparatus and method for tissue engineering
Nonviral vectors for delivering polynucleotides
Methods for altering the reactivity of plant cell walls
Tissue culture media used as a component of cosmetics
Method of preparing a heat-treated product
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase 1 activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Antibody against anthrax toxins
Stabilized angiopoietin-2 antibodies and uses thereof
Apparatus and method for monitoring cultures
Methods for diagnosing pancreatic cancer using MicroRNAs
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generator
Windmill generator system
Multi-functional flashlight
Techniques for monitoring solar array performance and applications thereof
Radiometric cargo security device
Method and system for analyte monitoring using surface plasmons with a refreshable surface
Method of analyzing oxidation state of methionine in protein sample
Stimuli-responsive magnetic nanoparticles and related methods
Method and apparatus for extraction of strontium from urine
Method of removing abnormal data and blood component spectroscopy analysis system employing the same
Recombinant nucleotide sequence, cell or vector containing the same and method for using cell containing the same to encode anti-polyethylene glycol monoclonal antibodies
Detection of bacterial infections in subjects suffering from dyspnea
Tuberculosis diagnostic test
Methods and compositions for treating diseases targeting maba
Arc detector and associated method for detecting undesired arcs
Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
Logging tool employing a monopole current injection electrode for microresistivity imaging
Optical arrangement of infrared camera
Mask for hardening sealant and method of manufacturing flat display device using the mask
Method of providing lithographic printing plates
Method for developing and sealing of lithographic printing plates
Methods of forming electronic devices
Patterning process and resist composition
Positive photosensitive composition
Illuminating waveguide fabrication method
Method of manufacturing a coordinate detector
Method for preparing alignment mark for multiple patterning
Image-forming method and image-forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing image bearing member, image bearing member, and image forming apparatus
Electrostatic image-developing toner, electrostatic image developer, toner cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Surface treated toner
Toner for developing electrostatic charge image, electrostatic charge image developer, toner cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Compositions, optical data storage media and methods for using the optical data storage media
Electronically commutated motor
Automatic parking station system for cycles and bicycles
Drive apparatus for stepping motor
Electronic device and method of controlling the same
Power supply device for driving light emitting diode
Static compensator and method for controlling thereof
PFC converter using a predetermined value that varies in synchronization with a phase of the input voltage
Solar energy collection systems and methods
Mobile robotic device having a collision sensor
Musical instrument training aid
Method and system for defeat of replay attacks against biometric authentication systems
Large area deposition and doping of graphene, and products including the same
Electric fence insulator and dead end
Surge protection device using metal oxide varistors (MOVs) as the active energy control multiple gap discharging chain
Keypad for electronic device and method for manufacturing the keypad
Automatic power control module for battery powered devices
Switch assembly and earphone set with the same
Metamaterial cathodes in multi-cavity magnetrons
Microstructure photomultiplier assembly
Nano-electrospray ionization technique and device
Wire electrode based ion guide device
Electrodeless lighting system
Method of transferring epitaxial film
Method of forming epitaxial semiconductor structure
Method for manufacturing thin-film photoelectric conversion device
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor device, and method for producing semiconductor wafer
Growth of coincident site lattice matched semiconductor layers and devices on crystalline substrates
Semiconductor device, process for producing same, and display device
Transfer method of functional region, LED array, LED printer head, and LED printer
Dopant profile tuning for MOS devices by adapting a spacer width prior to implantation
Separation of semiconductor devices
Alignment tolerant semiconductor contact and method
Method of producing semiconductor device with patterned photosensitive adhesive
Forming metal filled die back-side film for electromagnetic interference shielding with coreless packages
Mask read-only memory having a fake select transistor
Semiconductor package including an integrated waveguide
In-situ foam materials as integrated heat spreader (IHS) sealant
Bonding method for three-dimensional integrated circuit and three-dimensional integrated circuit thereof
Electronic device and method of producing the same
Bumpless build-up layer and laminated core hybrid structures and methods of assembling same
Stacked power converter structure and method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having storage capacitor and higher voltage resistance capacitor and semiconductor device fabricated using the same
Semiconductor memory device
Light emitting diode package
Active matrix display apparatus
Memory cell that employs a selectively grown reversible resistance-switching element and methods of forming the same
Organic light emitting device using graphene
Integrated CMOS porous sensor having sensor electrodes formed with the interconnect conductors of a MOS circuit
Sensor device having MOS circuits, a gas or humidity sensor and a temperature sensor
Junctionless accumulation-mode devices on prominent architectures, and methods of making same
Method of producing semiconductor wafer and semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and system for providing contact to a first polysilicon layer in a flash memory device
MEMS element and method for manufacturing same
Photo induced enhanced field electron emission collector
Semiconductor apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Electric transport component, method of manufacturing the same, as well as electro-optical device and opto-electrical device
Photovoltaic shingles for roofing and method for connecting the shingles
Group IIB/VA semiconductors suitable for use in photovoltaic devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Light-emitting diode structure and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Compounds having electroluminescent or electron transport properties
Electroactive polymer manufacturing
Surface acoustic wave element, surface acoustic wave device and methods for manufacturing the same
Inertial sensor
Polymer metal composite membranes
Display panel and panel inspection apparatus
Water based lithium secondary battery
Method for dismantling device comprising at least one article embedded at least partially in resin
Plant with high-temperature fuel cells and clamping device for a cell stack
Fabrication of electrodes with multiple nanostructured thin catalytic layers
Anode material and battery using the same
Fuel cell system including charge status detector and operation method therefor
Membrane permeation adjustment in PEM fuel cell
Ejector for fuel cell system
Diaphragm for solid polymer fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly
Rapidly tunable RF cavity
Clip and wire harness equipped with clip
Sealing grommet
Charging management method and system
Assembled battery system and assembled battery protection device
Universal charge module
Wiring component for motor coil
Cooling structure of rotating electrical machine
Control circuit of switching regulator and control method thereof and transistor device therefor
Actuation device
Drive apparatus
Device and method for controlling the movement of a both motorically and manually movable vehicle part
Stepping motor drive device
Digitally programmable active-RC filter
Bulk acoustic wave filter of ladder-type structure
Apparatus for using metastability-hardened storage circuits in logic devices and associated methods
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device including latch circuit
Relaxation oscillator
Phase matching band-pass filter using exponential function approximation
Differential controlled phase locked loop circuit
PLL circuit, calibration method and wireless communication terminal
System and method for adjusting a characteristic of a periodic signal with use of a filtered bias voltage
Digital frequency/phase locked loop
Remote control accessory for a wireless communication system
Inductive coupling exchange in a portable intelligent object with central and peripheral circuits
Transmitting / receiving antenna and transmitter / receiver device using the same
Heater for an automotive vehicle and method of forming same
Method of repairing in situ a pipe or tank of thermo-fusible material, and device for implementing this method
Power unit and lighting apparatus
User interface for an indoor light switch
Dimmer circuit applicable for LED device and control method thereof
Photoresist compositions
High-current dc proton accelerator
Printed wiring board
Wiring board for semiconductor devices, semiconductor device, electronic device, and motherboard
Shielding assembly and method for manufacturing same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Wireless controller and power supply method thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Matrix type ultrasonic probe and method of manufacturing the same
Electro-mechanical trigger switch
Piezoelectric actuator, liquid jetting head incorporating the same, and method of manufacturing the actuator and head
Piezoelectric element and method of manufacturing same
Pillar-mounted power door lock and power window system for a vehicle
Blind spot alert system
Method for carrying out a keyless access authorization check and keyless access authorization check device
System for controlling right of access to a vehicle
Vehicle tracking unit with fault condition diagnosis and related methods
Invader detector and controller
Plasma accelerator arrangement
Micromechanical component with different doping types so that one type is anodized into porous silicon
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) with improved beam suspension
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Material for shadow mask, method for production thereof, shadow mask and image
Channel plate and manufacturing method thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electromechanical actuator
Internal combustion driven automotive alternator having inertial torque change control circuit
Misfire detection system for internal combustion engines
Isolation of generator bearing housing from generator enclosure and methods therefor
Light system for use especially by operating theatre
Input and display device
Multi-coil eddy current proximity probe system
Cockpit control systems and methods of controlling data on multiple cockpit instrument panels
Passive magnetic position sensor
Encoder apparatus integrated with a small-size motor
Apparatus and method for determining an angular position of a rotating component
Non-contact magnetically variable differential transformer
Paving material analyzer system and method
Fuel quality sensor assembly and method of use
Acceleration sensor
Wafer probe station
Probe for a wire inserting detection jig
MEMS varactor for measuring RF power
Power sensor
Frequency phase detector for differentiating frequencies having small phase differences
Current-comparator-based four-terminal resistance bridge for power frequencies
Method and circuit for detecting a change in inductance
Inductance measuring method
Differential capacitance sense amplifier
Wireless multiconductor cable test system and method
Interconnect assembly for use in evaluating probing networks
Cable continuity test system
Resolver, resolver fault detection circuit, and resolver fault detection method
Voltage testing and measurement
Battery pack voltage detection apparatus
Battery communication system
Semiconductor hall sensor
High-speed sample spinner for solid NMR spectroscopy
Pulse train, nuclear magnetic resonance tomograph and imaging method
Method and system for retrospective phase correction for fast spin echo magnetic resonance imaging
Methods and apparatus for terrain correlation
Simulatneous dual polarization radar system
Irregular PRT deconvolution method and systems, and its uses
Device for generating a transit time delay of a pulsed radar signal and method for operation thereof
Sensor for preventing automobile crashes by using photonic quantum ring laser array
Temperature compensated magnetic circuit
Movable-body apparatus, optical deflector, and method of fabricating the same
Projection image display device
Method and system for displaying information using a transportable display chip
Longitudinal mode solid slug optical latching relay
Light valve device
Display device and light source
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method using color field sequential driving method
Control system for a motor
Control system which carries out the model-supported safety monitoring of an electronically regulated controller in the motor vehicle
Step-down circuit for generating a stable internal voltage
Power supply controller for electronic circuits, components and corresponding devices
Low power current mirror circuit
Spill-resistant keyboard
Distributed DC voltage generator for system on chip
Microprocessor using an interrupt signal for terminating a power-down mode and method thereof for controlling a clock signal related to the power-down mode
Time borrowing using dynamic clock shift for bus speed performance
Bidirectional port with clock channel used for synchronization
Method and corresponding devices for delivering useful data concerning observed objects
Method of entering characters with a keypad and using previous characters to determine the order of character choice
Wireless beam-pen pointing device
Passive touch system and method of detecting user input
Method and circuitry device for non-linear output displacement conversion with reference to signal speeds coming from displacement detector
Method and system for character spacing in graphics terminal emulation
Switched-capacitor integrator
Slot mechanism and smart ignition system
Extracting texture feature values of an image as texture descriptor in a texture description method and a texture-based retrieval method in frequency domain
Image processing apparatus
Checkerboard buffer using memory bank alternation
Warping text along a curved path
Real time three-dimensional multiple display imaging system
Rasterization using two-dimensional tiles and alternating bins for improved rendering utilization
Image expression method and program used therefor
Method of processing animation by interpolation between key frames with small data quantity
Data processing apparatus, method, system, and storage medium
Rendering compressed surface reflectance fields of 3D objects
Motion detecting web camera system
Testing device for operation testing of a temperature sensor of an alarm or an alarm and a method of operation testing of an alarm
Remote control system
Method and apparatus for active isolation in inductive loop detectors
Communication system
System and method for especially graphically monitoring and/or remote controlling stationary and/or mobile devices
Storage apparatus
Organic electroluminescent display device and method for packaging the same
Apparatus for driving light-emitting display
Drive method and drive circuit for plasma display panel
Plasma display device and method for controlling the same
Apparatus and method for controlling automatic adjustment of power supply of display panel driving system
Electroluminescent (EL) waveform
Drive circuit for organic EL device
Display device with freely programmable multiplex rate
Liquid crystal display apparatus and a temperature compensation method therefor
Active matrix display device
Display device
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Driver of liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal device, and electronic equipment
Scan rate controller
Touch sensitive apparatus and method for improved visual feedback
Output control apparatus of pulse width modulator
Circuits, Systems, and methods for volume in low noise 1-bit digital audio systems
Programmable latch array using antifuses
SSTL voltage translator with dynamic biasing
Unitary amorphous metal component for an axial flux electric machine
Solid state inducting device
Integrated VCO having an improved tuning range over process and temperature variations
Switchgear for low-voltage switching units with a linearly displaceable contact support
Magnetic switch
Thermal trip assembly and method for producing same
Barrier metal layer for a carbon nanotube flat panel display
Electrodeless lamp and lamp bulb therefor
Plasma display and method for producing the same
Plasma display panel
On-chip vacuum microtube device and method for making such device
Shadow mask with curved and rectangular slots
Color cathode ray tube
Mask assembly for color cathode ray tube
Mask for color cathode ray tube having beneficial slot and bridge configurations, manufacturing method thereof, and exposure mask for manufacturing the mask
Image displaying apparatus having a potential regulating electrode, an anode, and a spacing member, for suppressing undesired discharge
Vacuum fluorescent display
Electron source having an insulating layer with metal oxide particles
Directly-heated oxide cathode and fluorescent display tube using the same
Electron beam apparatus
Lamp with double layer coiled-coil filament
Halogen incandescent lamp
Bipolar device having non-uniform depth base-emitter junction
Integrated helix coil inductor on silicon
Sample chuck with compound construction
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having first chip secured within resin layer and second chip secured on resin layer
Semiconductor package including flip chip
Semiconductor device having silicide films
Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture for a switch having sharpened control voltage
MIM capacitors and methods for fabricating same
MIS field effect transistor with metal oxynitride film
Compact non-linear HBT array
Photo-semiconductor module and method for manufacturing the same
Quantum dot white and colored light-emitting devices
Drive mechanism employing electromechanical transducer and drive method therefor
Piezoelectric device
Highly stable and efficient OLEDs with a phosphorescent-doped mixed layer architecture
Integrated filter balun
Multilayer ceramic package transmission line probe
Dielectric line, having a dielectric strip fitted in a groove between two contacting conductors
Power splitter/combiner circuit, high power amplifier and balun circuit
Wideband 180 microwave phase switch
Antenna device
Radio frequency electromagnetic emissions shield
Antenna unit and communication device including same
System and method for controlling load dump voltage of a synchronous machine
Circuit and method for a circuit of selecting reference voltage
Parallel redundant power system and method for control of the power system
Solar rechargeable battery
Jump start and reverse battery protection circuit
Battery pack charging apparatus and method
Fast charger for high capacity batteries
Alignment independent and self aligning inductive power transfer system
Method for generating a fault signal in a voltage regulator and corresponding control circuitry for a system voltage regulator
Power supply system and process including sub-switching element control
Stator core containing iron-aluminum alloy laminations and method of using
High performance linear motor and magnet assembly therefor
Armature, manufacturing method of armature, and motor
Electric motor having speed reducing mechanism
Electric motor excited by permanent magnets
Segmented induction electric machine with interdigitated disk-type rotor and stator construction
Permanent magnet type electric motor
Ring-shaped motor core
Magnet motor device
Path module for a linear motor, modular linear motor system and method to control same
Magnetic actuation and positioning
Super-conducting synchronous machine having rotor and a plurality of super-conducting field coil windings
Heat injected magnetically balanced engine
Negative voltage output charge pump circuit
Polyphase PWM regulator with high efficiency at light loads
Multiphase synchronous buck converter with improved output current sharing
System for providing multiple power conversion operations
Motor controller
Method and apparatus for controlling synchronous motor
Method and apparatus for determining phase current of switched reluctance electric machines
Method for eliminating fuel use during dynamic braking
Speed-based open-loop start-up method for brushless DC motor
Amplitude modulation demodulation circuit
Dynamic matching in cascode circuits
Power amplifier having a bias current control circuit
Pseudo-differential transimpedance amplifier
Switching power amplifier
Circuit, apparatus and method for an adaptive voltage swing limiter
Apparatus and method for reducing common-mode current in differential link
Comparator circuit
Dual band power amplifier with improved isolation
Switchable amplifier circuit having reduced shutdown current
Variable gain amplifier having improved gain slope characteristic and linearity
Method and apparatus for improved output power level control in an amplifier circuit
Noise filter of high frequency generator
Active filter
Time constant-based calibration circuit for active filters
Multilayer LC composite component
Active hybrid circuit
Pattern-aligned carbon nanotube growth and tunable resonator apparatus
I/O circuitry shared between processor and programmable logic portions of an integrated circuit
Arrayed processing element redundancy architecture
Method and apparatus for compensating circuits for variations in temperature supply and process
Input buffer circuit with constant response speed of output inversion
High voltage tolerant output buffer
Reduced swing charge recycling circuit arrangement and adder including the same
State machine in a programmable logic device
Structures and methods providing columns of tightly coupled processor and RAM blocks within an array of logic blocks
Fast start-up oscillator
Current starved inverter ring oscillator having an in-phase signal transmitter with a sub-threshold current control unit
CMOS level shifters using native devices
Negative voltage switch and related flash memory for transferring negative voltage with triple-well transistors
Low power flip flop
Oscillator circuit having reduced layout area and lower power supply transients
Equalizing receiver with data to clock skew compensation
Programmable differential delay circuit with fine delay adjustment
Frequency acquisition system
System and method for extending delay-locked loop frequency application range
Bi-direction switching and glitch/spike free multiple phase switch circuit
Delay-locked loop circuit and method using a ring oscillator and counter-based delay
Lock detector for phase locked loops
Sigma-delta modulated discrete time oscillator
Phase-locked loop and method for automatically setting its output frequency
DC compensation circuit for direct conversion receiver
Flash analog-to-digital converter
Pipeline analog to digital converter
Procedure and device for analog-to-digital conversion
Method and apparatus of producing a digital depiction of a signal
Efficient representation of date/time information
Method for reducing average current consumption in duty-cycled RF systems
Semiconductor device and portable terminal equipment
Correction data signal diplexing onto the AM band
Remote controller capable of submitting real and virtual channel number entries to a cable box, SAT-receiver or TV-set
Demodulator and method for the demodulation of modulated RF signals
Keyboard input device to be reliably connected to portable device
Integration of organic light-emitting components into the keyboard of an electronic device
Image sensing apparatus and method
Video camera apparatus with preset operation and a video camera monitor system including the same
Imaging system with memory and control system
Video camera using mixed-line-pair readout, taking still pictures with full vertical resolution
Variable rate row addressing method
Television camera with off-line parameter adjustment
LED array and LED module with chains of LEDs connected in parallel
System for control of devices
Operating circuit for a discharge lamp with early EOL detection
Single stage PFC + ballast control circuit/general purpose power converter
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew