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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dog harness
Portable water travel mug for dogs
Combination bait bucket and tackle box
Pan coating apparatus
Equestrian vest
Shaped fit sizing system
Articles adapted to releasably receive interchangeable ornaments and system therefor
Artificial nail and method of forming same
Keyboard and trackpad support apparatus
Collapsible, flexible display system
Pillow device
Granular infusion cartridge loading and ejecting device and related beverage dispensing machine
Leaf blower
Vacuum cleaners
Cyclonic separation device with acceleration ramp
Filter bag indicator and lock-out safety system
Detection of drastic blood pressure changes
Tissue detection and ablation apparatus and apparatus and method for actuating a tuner
Method for recording and evaluating PET data recorded at the same time as magnetic resonance data using a combined magnetic resonance/PET apparatus, and a combined magnetic resonance/PET apparatus
Method for use of a common shoulder coil part for both left and right shoulder
Self-anchoring magnetic force implant devices, systems, and methods
Cardiac pacemakers and pacing methods
Insertion tool for paddle-style electrode
Insertion tool for paddle-style electrode
System and method for programming neurostimulation devices using cached plug-in software drivers
Method and apparatus for delivering combined electrical and drug therapies
Titrated intermittent pacing therapy
Golf bag assembly having a main bag and a removable accessory bag
Golf video game and scoring method
Transportation apparatus having induced freezing rail system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Centrifugal jig
Coating device
Micro-fluid ejection device and method for assembling a micro-fluid ejection device by a wafer-to-wafer bonding
Penetrator and method of manufacturing same
Method of forming a universal joint
Multi-bit tool having spring loaded actuation mechanisms and a rigid structural frame
Handbrake tool for railroad car
Submersible robotically operable vehicle system for infrastructure maintenance and inspection
Hairdresser'S tool
Sawing rope
Reduction of edge chipping during wafer handling
Feedforward control of downstream register errors for electronic roll-to-roll printing system
Optimized register control process in a sheet-fed printing press
Plateless lithographic printing
Force assist compass
Heavy duty tire
Automatic tire pressurizing and maintaining system and method
Power supply device, power acquisition device and safety system for electromagnetic induction-powered electric vehicle
Breathable cushion and method of manufacturing the same
Vapour measurement
Method for adjusting a steering system in a vehicle
Safety catch for launch and recovery
Apparatus and method for filling a container with at least two components of a composition
Disposable multiple compartment mixing and dispensing container
Automated syringe filler and loading apparatus
Tablet case
Multiple-purpose centerpiece
Discharge device
Multi-generational carrier platform
Retractable toe guard
Lift apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Manufacturing method of a glass blank for magnetic disk and manufacturing method of a glass substrate for magnetic disk
Manufacturing method for a glass substrate for magnetic disk
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine laundry drum
Fixed Constructions
Dual bridge aircraft passenger boarding ramp assembly and method
Cleaner structure for toilet tank
System for replacing panels from the center of a finished, interlocked floor
Adjustable door frame assembly and method of installation
Mat with puzzle function
Solar module frames having water drain
Interlocking floor tiles
Floor element, locking system for floor elements, floor covering and method for composing such floor elements to a floor covering
Support unit of a roof element and lightweight shelter comprising such support unit
Dual key bi-step lock
Locking device of a motor vehicle for securing a displaceable motor vehicle component
Electronically powered door with a manual override mechanism
Hunting stand apparatus
Ladder rung plug
Positive locked slim hole suspension and sealing system with single trip deployment and retrievable tool
Method and apparatus to control fluid flow from subsea wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and methods for efficient two-phase heat transfer in compressed-air energy storage systems
Variable valve operating device for internal combustion engine
Heat management module of the cooling system of an internal combustion engine
Laser device for the ignition device of an internal combustion engine
Turbocharged downsized compression cylinder for a split-cycle engine
Rolling thrust bearing constructions
Pressure control device
Fan drive system with sensor feedback
Mechanical disk brake caliper assembly
Cross-porting configuration for series progressive divider valve
Gas vent valve
Hose for fluids pulsating at high pressure and frequency and method of construction
System for converting fuel materials
Apparatus for generating process heat for a packaging arrangement
Linear fresnel solar arrays
Thermoacoustic device with suppressor
Oil sands fluid fine tailings dewatering using rim ditching
Heat dissipation device
Accessory for weapon muzzle
Pistol with barrel locking device
Multi-caliber interchangeable rifle bolt system
Combustible cartridge cased ammunition assembly
Three-dimensional visualization and analysis method and system for non-destructive examination of a rotor bore using ultrasound
Digital cumulative spectrum analysis apparatus and method for direction finding and location
Distributed mass hemispherical resonator gyroscope
Flow measuring device including segmented pipe section with a liner provided in the inner surface
Golf shaft assembly oscillation analyzer
Catalyst deterioration detection apparatus and catalyst deterioration detection method for internal combustion engine
Engine simulator for wind tunnel models, method for manufacturing a heater coating on a flow-type body and use of a coating with a conductivity additive on a flow-type body
Immersible oxygen sensor for molten metals
Electromagnetic ultrasound transducer
Evaluation method for botanical-integrity of vascular plant, irrigating method to vascular plant, film electret sensor and film ECM array
Bending test apparatus for flexible device
Field-based similarity search system and method
Sensor for detecting material to be tested
Wireless sensor based quantitative falls risk assessment
Test element group and semiconductor device
Method to characterize underground formation
Generating higher-level quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) using a delay line interferometer and systems and methods incorporating same
Optical waveguide directional coupler and method for making same
On-fiber tunable Bragg gratings for DWDM applications
Optical waveguide device, manufacturing method therefor, optical modulator, polarization mode dispersion compensator, and optical switch
Image forming apparatus, toner image transfer and fixing method, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded thereon toner image transfer and fixing program
Image forming apparatus using common AC voltage source for plural charging members and photosensitive members
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner degradation suppression
Image forming apparatus having curved contact surface
Fixing device, image formation apparatus, and method of manufacturing fixing roller
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Control system, control device, and control method
Method for optimizing and controlling pressure in gas-oil separation plants
Configuring a PID controller
Robot control apparatus
Device for transmitting movements and components thereof
Method and apparatus for manual acceleration in motor vehicles
Operating system independent network event handling
Method and apparatus for generating a clock signal and for controlling a clock frequency using the same
Method, apparatus, and system for optimizing frequency and performance in a multidie microprocessor
Approximation processing method and approximation processing device
Skew management in an interconnection system
Motherboard having time delay circuit for delaying PSON signal
Power matching system
Battery management system, method of controlling the same, and energy storage system including the battery management system
Power down of execution units for issued instruction accumulation when issue rate of instructions falls below threshold and at least two are independent
LPAR creation and repair for automated error recovery
Communication of conditions at a primary storage controller to a host
Method, apparatus and product for testing transactions
Checksum calculation, prediction and validation
Tuning of data loss prevention signature effectiveness
Server based malware screening
Resource protection from unauthorized access using state transition histories
Method and device for autonomously diagnosing and remotely controlling a computer or computer-aided system
Automatic virtualization medium, automatic virtualization method, and information processing apparatus
Hardware sizing
Cache system
Semiconductor storage apparatus and method of controlling semiconductor storage apparatus
Prevention of data loss due to adjacent track interference
Method and system to accelerate address translation
Forward progress mechanism for stores in the presence of load contention in a system favoring loads by state alteration
Elimination of duplicate written records
Batching resource requests in a portable computing device
Switching visibility between virtual data storage entities
Accessing a hard disk drive and a flash memory with different formats in a storage system
Partial line cache write injector for direct memory access write
Metaphysical address space for holding lossy metadata in hardware
Mounted cache memory in a multi-core processor (MCP)
Hybrid hash tables
Online volume migration using multi-path input / output masquerading
Information system
Executing a kernel device driver as a user space process
Programming target devices via traces that traverse a structurally compromised region of a printed circuit board (PCB)
Event notification system and method
Exploiting cluster awareness infrastructure through internet socket based applications
System and method for selecting an external user interface using spatial information
Skip feature for a broadcast or multicast media station
Method for optimizing remote file saves in a failsafe way
System and method supporting application solution composition on cloud
System and method for negotiating a network connection
Method for updating contents of a DMS in a DLNA system
Methods and systems for a distributed group activity network
Collaborative session resource allocation
System and method for building interest profiles from related messages
Method and system for secure and selective access for editing and aggregation of electronic documents in a distributed environment
Forecasting capacity available for processing workloads in a networked computing environment
Instant messaging windowing for topic threads
Information retrieval system
Administering globally accessible memory space in a distributed computing system
Inter-node communication scheme for node status sharing
Internet-based value-added services system and method
Rich content download
System and method for bulk network data collection
Administering event reporting rules in a distributed processing system
Communication apparatus detecting abnormaility by communicating an effectiveness notification
Network system, network management server, and configuration scheduling method, using summed processing time
Enhanced DeepQA in a medical environment
Apparatus, system and method for selecting a media enhancement
Client application for identification of updates in selected network pages
Method, system and program product for interning invariant data objects in dynamic space constrained systems
System and method for displaying unrequested information within a web browser
Data record collapse and split functionality
Workpiece measuring device, collision preventing device, and machine tool
Automatic generation of user account policies based on configuration management database information
Method and device for perfectly incoherent sampling to a Haar domain
Interactive 3-dimensional object-oriented database information storage/retrieval system
Method and system for storage
Using a metadata image of a file system and archive instance to backup data objects in the file system
Dynamic partial uncompression of a database table
Dynamic partial uncompression of a database table
Document management apparatus, control method thereof, and computer readable medium
Extensible system and method for information extraction in a data processing system
Systems and methods for integrated management of large data sets
Systems, methods and computer program products for fast and scalable proximal search for search queries
Hardware-accelerated relational joins
Efficiently storing and retrieving data and metadata
Providing notice via the internet
Efficient matching of data
Systems and methods for cross-lingual audio search
Cross-lingual audio search
Systems, methods, and apparatus for utility common pool database
Systems and methods for information retrieval
Method and apparatus for setting access restriction information
Three-dimensional simulation method and apparatus
Register retiming technique
System and method of testing through-silicon vias of a semiconductor die
Modeling multi-patterning variability with statistical timing
Method and circuit to implement a static low power retention state
Apparatus for modeling of FinFET width quantization
System and method for designing via of printed circuit board
Simulation method for evaluating a golf club head
Method and system for selecting a donor or reproductive partner for a potential parent
Product line management system and method thereof
Method and system for providing DRM license
Open host issued statesave to attached storage
Programmable queuing
Determining operator partitioning constraint feasibility
Serial port connection circuit and server
Information processing device and program product
System and method for handling a data refresh procedure in a production execution system
Dynamically configuring an integrated development environment
System and method for representation of avatars via personal and group perception, and conditional manifestation of attributes
System and method for interactive internet protocol television help
Media file management system and method for home media center
Interface navigation tools
Method and system to improve GUI use efficiency
Method and system for role based situation aware software
Index extraction from documents
Performing sequence analysis as a multipart plan storing intermediate results as a relation
Auditing data in a wireless telecommunications network
Optimizing wide area network (WAN) traffic by providing home site deduplication information to a cache site
Merchandise hierarchy refinement by incorporation of product correlation
Establishment, optimization, and routing of remote transitive name space access
Fault position determining circuit, storage device and information processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus, controlling method of image processing apparatus, and computer program
Cholesky decomposition in an integrated circuit device
Ordering generating method and storage medium, and shared memory scalar parallel computer
Parallel redundant decimal fused-multiply-add circuit
Numerical method for simulating subsonic flows based on euler equations in lagrangian formulation
Electronic device and method for supporting multiple languages in image measurement programs
System and method for automatic configuration of portal composite applications
Branch prediction method and branch prediction circuit performing the method
Method, system, and program for executing program
Static code analysis
Method for monitoring control devices
Step-type operation processing during debugging by machine instruction stepping concurrent with setting breakpoints
Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with variable-specific messages
Holding threads in a software debugger
Remote logging mechanism
Integrated software development system, method for validation, computer arrangement and computer program product
Refactor exception class hierarchy for reduced footprint and faster application start
Method and framework for software development
Runtime code replacement
Computer-hardware, life-extension apparatus and method
Program generation device, program production method, and program
Transformation of computer programs and eliminating errors
Dynamic instrumentation method and apparatus for tracing and analyzing a program
Identifying code that wastes time switching tasks
System for managing personalization information of virtual machine based on cloud computing and method thereof
Determining starting values for virtual machine attributes in a networked computing environment
Creating an application virtual machine image by isolating installation artifacts in shadow area
Configuring virtual machine images in a networked computing environment
Method and apparatus for managing workflow failures by retrying child and parent elements
Dynamically setting the automation behavior of resources
Predictive dynamic system scheduling
Applying advanced energy manager in a distributed environment
Solution navier-stocks equations of the blood as a non-newtonian fluid in the left ventricle
System, method, and computer-readable medium for interpolating spatially transformed volumetric medical image data
Motion capture apparatus and method
System and method for creating and using intelligent databases for assisting in intima-media thickness (IMT)
Electronic device and method for locating marked number in image of object
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for examining an item in which an automated evaluation unit undergoes a learning process
Electronic device and method for measuring point cloud of object
Apparatus and methods for re-compression having a monotonic relationship between extent of compression and quality of compressed image
Apparatus and method for generating depth signal
Method and device for video image processing, calculating the similarity between video frames, and acquiring a synthesized frame by synthesizing a plurality of contiguous sampled frames
Analysing character strings
Image compression apparatus, image expansion apparatus, and methods and programs thereof
Image processing apparatus and method which generates reference data according to learning images
Contextual feedback of rules proximity based upon co-occurence history in a collaborative rule editing system
Two-layer data architecture for reservation management systems
Wireless network hotel room management system
Interactive medical card and method of processing medical information stored thereon
Fraud prevention and replacement of credit/debit cards--lost, stolen, defective or fraudulently used
System and method for using an ordinary article of commerce to access a remote computer
System, method and computer program product for providing information in response to receiving a product identifier
Generation and dissemination of automatically pre-populated clinical notes
Acoustically transmitting a resource identifier in multiple concurrent segments
Intelligent customer retention and offer/customer matching
Tracking, distribution and management of apportionable licenses granted for distributed software products
Engine life predicting apparatus and refrigerating apparatus
Communications using different modalities
Storage subsystem
Mis-correction and no-correction rates for error control
Lamp changers
Two-phase, water-based immersion-cooling apparatus with passive deionization
Adjustable solar panel tile roof mounting device
Process for applying polymer to individual conductors and HTS composite produced from the individual conductors
Enhanced modulation detection
Frequency detector and method for detecting frequencies
Digital sound leveling device and method to reduce the risk of noise induced hearing loss
Method for compressive sensing , reconstruction, and estimation of ultra-wideband channels
Wideband signal synthesis
Interruption criteria for block decoding
Systems and methods for providing unequal error protection code design from probabilistically fixed composition codes
Systems and methods for parallel dual-mode turbo decoders
Data transfer device and control method of data transfer device
Rate matching and de-rate matching on digital signal processors
System and method for feeding back information to a user-terminal from multiple hubs
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in portable terminal
Wireless apparatus and wireless communication system
System for visible light communication using single light source
Optical transmission and reception system, optical transmitting and receiving apparatus, and optical transmission and reception method
Non-linear adaptive scheme for cancellation of transmit out of band emissions
Optical line terminal (OLT) and method therefore for performing in-band and out-band OTDR measurements
Standing wave ratio measuring circuit and communication apparatus
Power switching for electronic device test equipment
Wavelength-division multiplexing transmission device
Frequency response measurement system and method
Peak suppressor, radio communication apparatus and peak suppression method
Cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
Base station, mobile communication system and radio signal quality measurement method
System and method utilizing transmit diversity
Frequency translation module interface
Dispersion compensation design method and dispersion compensation design system
Polarization-multiplexed optical transmission system, polarization-Multiplexed optical transmitter, and polarization-multiplexed optical receiver
Connector assembly for converting between parallel signals and serial signals
Method of transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication system
Dynamic robust header compression
Data path for data extraction from streaming data
Method of performing peak reduction and clipping mitigation
Method and apparatus for suppressing co-channel interference
Reverse link throughput management for flexible bandwidth systems
Generating platform identification for certification version signaling
PDCP packet transmission method
Ethernet differentiated services conditioning
Dynamic adaptation of communication parameters for communication between a base station and a terminal in a wireless communication network
Information processing system, relay device, and communication control method
System and method for efficient delivery of multi-unicast communication traffic
Integrated gateway
Distributed call routing in a VoIP system
Method and system for find me/ follow me in IMS through editing of IMS registrations at S-CSCF
Programmable engine having a reconfigurable accelerator data path for testing and calibration of analog front ends in radio devices
Methods for fast and low-power UWB IR baseband receiver synchronization
Process for estimating the channel from the PSS signal in a LTE communication network, and receiver for the same
Configurable multimode despreader for spread spectrum applications
Non-interactive entity application proxy method and system
Wide band clock data recovery
Digital phase locked loop circuitry and methods
Receiver with dual clock recovery circuits
System and method for securing scalar multiplication against differential power attacks
Implementing known scrambling relationship among multiple serial links
Detecting events occurring on remote telephone
Slide-type portable electronic device
Communication device
Handheld device and method for protecting handheld device from falling collision
Message-indication testing
System for collaborative content creation on the telecom web
Systems and methods for coordinating the coverage and capacity of a wireless base station
Method and system for message collision avoidance
Methods and apparatus for implementing customized ringback
Systems and methods for routing calls
Caller information retrieval system for unavailable calls
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
Method and system for coding mode selection in video compression systems
Method for image prediction of multi-view video codec and computer-readable recording medium thereof
Video recording and reproducing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Methods and devices for incorporating deblocking into encoded video
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program
Method and apparatus for processing signals
Mobile consumer electronic applications on internet video platform
Decentralized media delivery network
Cone loudspeaker
Low profile loudspeaker
Microphone directivity control apparatus
Acoustic transducer including airfoil for generating sound
Method of forming a piezoelectric actuator of an inkjet head
One-piece headband for a bluetooth headset
Earplug sealing test
Signal clustering apparatus
Microphone and microphone apparatus
Cell range selection based on UE distance and base station capacity
Automatic data accuracy maintenance in a Wi-Fi access point location database
Enhancing A-GPS location accuracy and yield with location measurement units and network timing measurements
Systems and methods for implementing intelligent wideband digital frequency selection scanning
Systems and methods for reselecting cells in a cellular wireless communication system
Multi-radio handover manager system and algorithms for heterogeneous wireless networking
Fractional frequency reuse deployment method for wireless system
Method and apparatus for multimedia communications with different user terminals
System and method for locating WIMAX or LTE subscriber stations
Role based system and device for command and control
Method of reliable radio communication network duplication for high speed train and radio communication-based high speed train control system using the same
Handover procedures and signalling for planned cell outage in wireless cellular networks
Systems and methods for interference mitigation in heterogeneous networks
Inter-cell interference mitigating method in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Using wired endpoints to determine position information for wireless endpoints in a network
Protective device for mobile devices
Mobile X-ray apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Modular combustor dome
Ice cream machine using semiconductor refrigerator
Pipe cooler and small-sized temperature controlling apparatus using the same
Cooling device for RF filters and a low noise amplifier
Method for producing, transporting, offloading, storing and distributing natural gas to a marketplace
Produce merchandiser
Method of operating a refrigerated merchandiser system
Method for operating a subcritically and transcritically operated vehicle air conditioner
Estimation method for a vehicle having an engine and a cycling accessory device
Ice thermal storage control
Reversible heat pump system
Window-type air conditioner
Water removing mechanism for evaporator in a refrigeration system
Evaporator coil with integral heater
Air handling apparatus
Condensate deflector for an air conditioner
Refrigerating device
Substrate transfer robot
Consecutive deposition system
Multi-stage indexing cooler
Integrated collector and heat transfer structure unit
Process for nitrogen liquefaction
Jewelry setting
Broken glass cleaning method and plant
Method of making glass having polarizing and non-polarizing regions
Knitting instrumentalities for a knitting machine and method of forming same
Loop transfer needle
Combination lock mechanism
Equipment security apparatus
Anti-theft brake or clutch pedal locking device
Pivoting lever closure for door or sidewall of an electrical control cabinet or a machine casing
Button lock
Electronic input and dial entry lock
Apparatus for bending operations
Mechanical press structure adapted to perform hydroforming operations
Method for making seamless wheel rims
Roll for a radial thread-rolling head
Portable bending apparatus having transaxial workpiece loading
Method and apparatus for rolling concrete reinforcing elements
Apparatus for use in a pipe bending machine and method for bending pipe
Crimping tool
Tool-holder assembly for a machine tool
Sensor device
Combustible gas diode sensor
Fuel cap tester
Method for determination of water transport in biocompatible materials
Device for performing tests on absorbent substrates
Scanning force microscope probe cantilever with reflective structure
Open engine cylinder compression testing device
Device for detecting the misfire in an internal combustion engine
Turbocharger compressor diagnostic system
Measuring the angular distribution of a liquid spray produced by a fuel injection valve
Measurement device for measuring the mass of a medium flowing in a line
Continuous liquid level measurement system
Rotary cam driven free fall dropping chamber mechanism
Angular velocity sensor
Clathrate hydrate dissociation point detection and measurement
Method for the separation of epicyclic planet gear vibration signatures
Acoustic impedance measuring apparatus using ultrasonic waves
Apparatus for acoustic inspection of a workpiece in arbitrary scanning orientations
Rotational turbocharger speed detector
Catalytic converter testing
Pressure sensor
Combination pressure sensor and regulator for direct injection engine fuel system
Method of detecting corrosion in pipelines and the like by comparative pulse propagation analysis
Beam accelerometer
Rocker style sensor system for use in a vortex shedding flowmeter
Pneumotachometer having annular ring transducers
Device for measuring a torque between two coaxial shafts
Ceramic ring undersize detection device
Removable fixture adapter with RF connections
Right angle sensor
Adjustable rotational transmission assembly
Actuator with dual operating outputs
Selector for an automatic motor vehicle transmission
Selector lever for an automatic gearbox
Brake lever structure for the synchronized control of front and rear wheel brakes
Adjustable pedal assembly
Brake pedal for motor vehicle
Cushioned pedal
Electronic adjustable pedal assembly
Jointed hand brake release handle
Steering wheel for a motor vehicle, and a method for producing a steering wheel rim
Drive transmission apparatus for twin-screw extruder
Continuous fluid-operated wrench
Ratchet wrench
Wrench for firefighters
Dimpler tool
Hand/survival tool having multiple implements
System for presetting the cutting tools of a cut-off machine for a pipe or a shaft
Lathe with a polygon machining device
Multi-spindle machine-tool in particular a multi-spindle automatic lathe
Non-symmetrical knife apparatus and cutting method
Thin film hole making apparatus
Saw blade with inserted multi-tooth arcs
Explosive device neutralization system
Flash suppressor
Multi-shock assembly for protecting a spacecraft surface from hypervelocity impactors
Blast protection of curtain walls
Undersea control and actuation system
Beverage serving apparatus
Table-top coffee vending machine and method
Coffee maker
Disposable coffee brewing unit for individual servings
Cover for controlling steam from boiling kettle
Barbecue grill with an automobile-shaped cover
Pan with a foldable handle
Turning device for food processing cutting machines
Safety razors
Skin engaging member
Shaving aid strip for razor cartridge
Shear assembly
Tool for cutting sandwich type plaster boards
Apparatus for the marking and cutting of construction materials
Electric can opener with a horizontally oriented blade
Portable hand saw
Steering angle sensor with revolution counter
Angular-displacement detecting device
Tram bar in a milling machine or the like
Feeler gage alignment tool
Adjustable counterbalance mechanism for a coordinate measurement machine
Gage assembly and method
Apparatus for checking diametral dimensions of rotating cylindrical parts
Universal holding device for effectuating three dimensional measurement of a part and method of constructing such a holding device
Centering device for a saw blade
Bituminous paving depth gauge
Passive spin dryer for continuous and batch processing
Cage compactor dryer apparatus for treating waste materials
Device for enhancing removal of liquid from fabric
Apparatus and method for drying a ground surface
Fluidized-bed drying and classifying apparatus
Pedicure sandals
Elastic shoe pad
Article of footwear with heel clip
Camp shoe
Ski boot
Wing accessory for use on the bucket of a loader
Color image forming apparatus with belt conveyor system
Multiple orientation three dimensional image screen
Cylindrical advertising column with article container
Outdoor menu display device
Auto window graphics holder
Sign system
Display device formed from two transparent panels
Picture frame assembly and retainer therefor
Interchangeable trigger system firearms
Washer shaped chum for fishing
System for the controlled diffusion of active substances in cultivation and in defence against parasites in agriculture
Non-edible foraging matrix insert for subterranean termite control
Materials for mycoculture
Vase and base in the shape of a sculptured head and torso
Suspended planter to grow plants from the base
Flat sleeve convertible to a decorative container
Floral sleeve having an extendable skirt and methods
Access control vestibule
Torque tube liftgate
Mechanical safety device for a door pivotally mounted on a frame
Method for making articulated window assembly for vehicles
Venting-membrane system to mitigate blast effects
Device to secure snow guard below substrate layer of roof
Construction system with panel support accessory
Architectural waterproofing membrane and termite barrier
Ground anchor with self-aligning compression cap
Wall strengthening component
Roof ridge vent having a reinforced nail line
Window frame
Frame for use with refrigerated enclosure and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for sealing wall panels
High rise building system using steel wall panels
Constructional support
Modular building frame system
Moisture control panel
Device for intercepting stagnant water
Self-supporting construction element of expanded plastics, in particular for manufacturing floor elements and walls of buildings in general
Adjustable trim strip system
Anchor sheet and anchor sheet module
Roof covering and method of installation
Interlocking insulated siding and method
Building elements
Blocks for wall surface of houses
Safety line anchorage assemblies
Wall plate for attaching beams to masonry walls
Window well clip
Method for manufacturing a modular building block unit and construction therewith
Panel spacer and method and apparatus of installing the same
Process and device for producing a wound roll that is wrapped on its circumference, and the wound roll
Method of setting up a sealing machine for sealing closure clips
Method and apparatus for packaging an object
Packaging material
System for blow-molding, filling and capping containers
Method and associated apparatus for imparting a helical curl ribbon material for making a decorative element
Grab saddle system
Stone ejection for a feederhouse on an agriculture combine
Cutting blade attachment for adjustable height string trimmer head
Machine for mowing and chopping corn and similar stalk-like harvested crops
Tomato harvester with improved plant handling devices
Universal fruit-picking tool
Square baler with infeed cutter
Yarn-connecting device for a cheese-producing textile machine
Multiple twist spindle
Open-end spinning frame
Easy adjustable snap link
Power generation method and power generating apparatus
Method for utilizing gas reserves with low methane concentrations and high inert gas concentrations for fueling gas turbines
Ramjet engine for power generation
Ambient pressure gas turbine system
Air supply duct for heat recovery steam generators
Compressed air steam generator for cooling combustion turbine transition section
Combined cycle power plant generation plant with steam cooling
Multi-stable thrust vectoring nozzle
Vortex flow field and apparatus and method for producing the same
Low thermal inertia integrated exhaust manifold
Energy efficient hydraulic motor control system
Device for controlling a relative rotation between two articulated elements and a deployable mechanical structure, particularly for a space vehicle, using at least one device of this type
Method and apparatus for producing power from geothermal fluid
Process for generating power including a combustion process
Power generating device employing hydrogen absorbing alloys and low heat
Heat recovery system and power generation system
Protective headgear and chin pad
Protective guard
Interchangeable three in one cycling jersey with hidden zippers
Undergarment with body contouring function
Survival article of clothing
Multipurpose implement for kitchen use
Cutting glove assembly
Work glove
Disposable gloves
Net headgear with face stabilizer
Ear protector
Hat including glasses retaining mechanism
Protective surgical sock (feet) protective surgical covering for the arm, hand
Hockey helmet with self-adjusting padding
Protective helmet system
Removable, pressure-adjustable, shock absorbing cushion device with an inflation pump for sport goods
Ventilated toilet seat
Bathing structure table and associated method
Modular portable washstand
Bed assembly having a shelter
Lockable two frame convertible sofa bed
Cushioned support system for an orthopaedic bedspring
Urological patient bed
Hip grip table attachment for operating tables
Kneel cushions
Convertible diaper bag/changing pad
Roll packed bedding products
Articulated air mattress
Multi purpose hinge pin and plastic clip remover
Pool cleaner with open-ended pin supported flapper valve
Cleaning tool for electronic and computer equipment
Multi-purpose scrubbing sponge
Cleaning tool with removable cleaning sheets
Heat dissipating buffing pad
Modular apparatus for washing and wiping a vehicle windshield
Door closer and mounting bracket
Door knob sanitizing device
Apparatus for removing foreign material from a fiber processing line
Apparatus for condensing a fiber strand and a method of making yarn using same
Engine kill bar holding strap
Flexible tube clip
Tether clip and method of securing the same
Button fastener
D-ring with grommet
Method for the formation and conditioning of insulating felts and a device to implement the formation and conditioning
Reinforced coiled electrode assemblies and methods of producing same
Highly flexible machine tool
Seat assembly machine including selectively actuated screw for adjusting axes of the machine to assemble different sizes of seat covers on padded seat frames
Assembling device for disc cartridge
Chamber component removal system, apparatus and method
Wheel lifting rod assembly
Shipping system for jet aircraft engine
Pallet rack repair system
Nonwoven metal fabric and method of making same
Appliance for the emergency opening of the doors of a vehicle
Combined fuel pump, level sender and rollover venting valve for a fuel tank
Method for making a safety shield assembly and related combinations thereof
Process for the manufacture of an optical cable
Riveting tool and method to reduce marring of the workpiece
Method of fabricating a high frequency thin film coil element
Method of making an actuator arm integrated piezoelectric microactuator
Device and method to quantitatively position a golf club handle grip
Apparatus for holding component, apparatus for mounting component, and method for mounting component
Tool for assembling wire connectors
Apparatus and device for forming an enclosure
Process for manufacturing electro-surgical forceps which minimizes or prevents sticking of tissue
Methods of forming compliant interface structures with partially open interiors for coupling two electrically conductive contact areas
Method for making socket connector
Composite pressure vessel with heat exchanger
Flexible vented self-sealing dispensing valve
Method of making a duct utilizing a grip flange
Connection between inner joint part and driveshaft
Decorative candle display and method of formation
Plurality fingered burner
Heating system for collapsible tank
Orthodontic articles having a low-friction coating
Suture expansion device
System and method for producing tooth movement
Chemiluminescent mouthpiece
Field calabratable articulator
Device and method for cleaning teeth and gums
Aspirator apparatus
Endodontic instrument, instrument blank and method of manufacture
Rubber dam holder
Dental attachment assembly
Surgical implant system for restoration and repair of body function
Immediate, laminated, light-cured direct multi-composite bridge
Dental magnetic attachment
Time teaching globe
Diagnostic system and method for phonological awareness, phonological processing, and reading skill testing
Rotary connector having rotor housing that can be locked to stator housing
Steering column interconnector having conductive elastic rolling contacts
Stacked electrical card connector assembly
Interposer with contact structures for electrical testing
Apparatus and methods for washing the cored areas of lettuce heads during harvest
Table umbrella apparatus
Hub and rib assembly for umbrella
Multifunctional valve and use of same in reaction control system
Reverse buckling, thermoformed, polymer rupture disk
Vacuum-operated sewage system and air inlet valve
Chemical feeder
Pilot operated water conservation valve actuator
Two-way check valve
Slab gel processing tank
Ergonomic faucet handle and slide valve for sink
Quick disconnect coupling
Distributing valve device for heat accumulation type combustion system
Ball cock for railway vehicle
Stem valve stopper
Spool valve and manufacturing method therefor
Modular fluid handling assembly and modular fluid handling units with double containment
Explosion resistant blanket for flow line
Ebonite hose
Powder accommodating container
Dispensing tool assembly for evacuating and charging a fluid system
Mechanism for storing system level attributes in a translation lookaside buffer
Method and apparatus for maintaining cache coherency in a computer system having multiple processor buses
System and method for optimizing cache write backs to disks
Optimized memory organization in a multi-channel architecture
Method and apparatus for erasing data after expiration
Data processor with localized memory reclamation
Microprocessor having ROM areas emulated by RAM areas
Data processing system and method for generating virtual memory descriptors including pretranslated physical addresses
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Computer processor with instruction-specific schedulers
Executing multiple instructions in multi-pipelined processor by dynamically switching memory ports of fewer number than the pipeline
Method and apparatus for performing latency based hazard detection
Using two barrel shifters to implement shift, rotate, rotate with carry, and shift double as specified by the X86 architecture
Multitask processing unit
Microcomputer having data execution units mounted thereon
Simplified method to generate BTAGs in a decode unit of a processing system
Validating prediction for branches in a cluster via comparison of predicted and condition selected tentative target addresses and validation of branch conditions
Computer system and method for fetching a next instruction
Method and apparatus for prefetching superblocks in a computer processing system
Handling exceptions occuring during processing of vector instructions
Apparatus and method for controlling initialization of a processor system
Method and device for booting a CD-ROM from a single disk image having multiple emulations
Data hiding method and system using statistical properties
System and architecture for distributing, monitoring, and managing information requests on a computer network
Method and device for assigning an authorization device to a base station
Verification of server authorization to provide network resources
Hardware access control locking
Digital compact disc player security system reproducing method and apparatus
Secure software system and related techniques
Multi-level security network system
Method and apparatus for managing trusted certificates
Intelligent network security device and method
Method and apparatus for control of the rate of change of current consumption of an electronic component
Logic to enable/disable a clock generator in a secure way
Peer-to-peer backup system with failure-triggered device switching honoring reservation of primary device
Adaptive shutdown system and method for an information handling system
Network distributed automated testing system
Checkpoint logging without checkpoint display device availability
Method and system for injecting errors to a device within a computer system
Coding system having state machine based interleaver
Method and apparatus for inspecting recording medium for defects
Integrated test circuit
Scan testable circuit arrangement
Built-in spare row and column replacement analysis system for embedded memories
Error correction and concealment technique
Turbo code interleaver using linear congruential sequence
Technique for correcting single-bit errors in caches with sub-block parity bits
Method and apparatus for performing efficient reseeks in an optical storage device
Reed Solomon decoder and decoding method utilizing a control signal indicating a new root for an initial error locator polynomial with respect to new erasure information
Pipelined architecture to decode parallel and serial concatenated codes
High-speed turbo decoder
Method and circuit arrangement for multiplying frequency
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for embedded process control framework in tool systems
Placement of conductive stripes in electronic circuits to satisfy metal density requirements
Clock distribution network planning and method therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit having thereon on-chip capacitors
System and method for propagating clock nodes in a netlist of circuit design
Method for improving wiring related yield and capacitance properties of integrated circuits by maze-routing
Methods to securely configure an FPGA using encrypted macros
Generating candidate architectures for an architectural exploration based electronic design creation process
Object property meta model emulator for legacy data structures
Automatic statement completion
Compiler design using object technology with cross platform capability
Test, protection, and repair through binary code augmentation
Tip technology and its application to sparcompiler pascal
Method and apparatus for dynamic selection of instructions for compiling using tags
Compiling method for generating target program in accordance with target processor type, compiling device, recording medium with compiling program recorded therein and recording medium with conversion table used in compiling recorded therein
Lifetime-sensitive instruction scheduling mechanism and method
Information processing system architecture
Systems and methods for displaying information with a perceived partial transparency over a television program
Interactive television program guide with selectable non-program options
Electronic content guide system and electronic content guide displaying method
System for interactively distributing information services having a remote video session manager
System manager and hypertext control interface for interactive cable television system
Analog/digital cable TV capable of performing bidirectional communication
Kneeling disk
Communion cup
Storage rack for stoneware
Silent chain
Foldable canopy for the operator's position on a truck mounted knuckle boom
Multi-functional self-propelled farm tractor
Speaker grill
Grill for a loudspeaker
Ear insert
Headset assembly
Speaker box
Inkjet printer
Computer housing
Wall mounted media converter housing
Receiver for cordless device
CPU clip
Palm V adapter
Computer panel
Computer front bezel
Combined touch pad and buttons for a portable computer
Partially transparent IC card
Compact or mini disk
Ornament for a handset
Lens for a handset
Self service terminal
Wireless phone
Telephone with display screen
Mower element
Mower element
Mower element
Editing control unit for audio or video device
Pond pump
Containment member for floor care apparatus
Lens barrier for a camera
Lens barrier for a camera
Digital print head
Paper clip holder
Binder insert
Circle cutting template
Combined display board and writing instrument
Shelf device for stationery goods
Quiz machine
Card with a blue ornamental rectangle
Sports theme amusement patch with universal warning symbol overlay
Display rotator for a kiosk
Gaming terminal
Robot controller
Foldable game board with fastener for chess
Foldable game board with fastener for tic tac toe
Foldable game board with fastener and moveable game pieces
Stand for a toy
Portion of a toy
Toy gun
Crochet toy animal
Crosstraining exerciser
Platform for gymnastics
Golf ball
Golf ball
Golf swing training device
Golf swing recordal, analysis and display system
Play deck
Free diving swim fin
Sharpened nose penetrator
Simulated live bait fishing lure
Spinner bait
Stainless steel fish club
Bait tank
Water cooler/circulator
Nozzle cluster mount
Heating element
Fragrance and/or functional vapor delivery device
Combined ceiling fan and light fixture
Desktop fan
Ceiling fan blade iron
Suction tube
Handle end of chiropractic adjusting instrument
Force applying end of a chiropractic adjusting instrument including body contact member and shank
Spa alcove
Translucent building block
Sill for single and double hung window
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Building panel
Building panel
Combined fencing and railing with insert
Frame for packing pieces for a fireproof lead-through in walls and other construction elements
Step stool with tray
Step stool
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Ceiling fan light kit
Track light
Square-faced work lamp
Lamp housing
Light fixture
Light fixture
Low profile light fixture
Wall lighting fixture
Cigar/cigarette container
Liquid and lotion applicator
Applicator for applying a viscous fluid
Eyelash curler
Hair holder
Cosmetic container
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Tabs on a personal respiratory protection device
Keepsake urn and picture holder
Human Necessities
Petunia plant named `Velvet Blue Wren`
Azalea plant named `Roblea`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Danhardkrd`
Philodendron plant named `McColley's Finale`
Oak tree named `Palmetto Pin Oak`
Aechmea plant named `Maya`
Calibrachoa plant named `Colorburst Rose`
Geranium plant named `Jolly Bee`
Osteospermum plant named `Vanilla Cream`
Aster plant named `Moercass`
Kalanchoe plant named `Sumaco`
Kalanchoe plant named `Lican`
Kalanchoe plant named `Malabar`
Controlled local delivery of chemotherapeutic agents for treating solid tumors
Oxygen delivery system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Expression cassette for antisense expression of ribozyme
Optochemical sensor and method for production
Reduction of time to first fix in an SATPS receiver
Field bus arrangement
Apparatus for supplying power in computer system
Poker machine communication system
Memory and method for sensing sub-groups of memory elements
Semiconductor package for a semiconductor chip having centrally located bottom bond pads
Polar envelope correction mechanism for enhancing linearity of RF/microwave power amplifier
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