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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Reduced fat chocolate
Method of treating food and food obtained by this method
Breast shaping and lifting support garment
Dental hygienic kit
Supporter and pedestal and washing/drying machine having the same
Quick-release retaining bracket
Garden edge spike and methods and uses thereof
Roller blind end bracket plate
Flexible scope endoscope
Gliding stitch for closing wounds under tension
Flow control method and device
Low profile dual locking fixation system and offset anchor member
Moisture transport system for contact electrocoagulation
Ophthalmic image sensing apparatus
Compact wavefront sensor module and its attachment to or integration with an ophthalmic instrument
Unlocking a screen using eye tracking information
Implantable medical devices with piezoelectric anchoring member
Method and apparatus for morphology-based arrhythmia classification using cardiac and other physiological signals
Sensors and sensing for monitoring neuromuscular blockade
Lightweight wheeze detection methods and systems
Ultrasonographic device
Ultrasound imaging device
Ultrasound catheter and imaging device for recording ultra-sound images
Device for producing dental workpieces
File for working on the interproximal space in orthodontics as well as in conservative treatments and prophylaxis of teeth and relative device able to see connected to an oscillating handpiece
Percutaneously absorbable preparation, percutaneously absorbable preparation holding sheet, and percutaneously absorbable preparation holding equipment
Disposable absorbent pant with efficient design and convenient single-section side stretch panels
Bone regeneration materials based on combinations of monetite and other bioactive calcium and silicon compounds
Near-infrared electromagnetic modification of cellular steady-state membrane potentials
Devices, systems, and methods for achieving magnetic gastric bypass
Endoscopic stent delivery system and method
Transcorneal vision assistance device
Hip implant with porous body
Acetabular prosthesis to be fixed without cement
Intervertebral disc prosthesis
Post operative pressure garment
Pharmaceutical compound containing silymarin and carbopol, its manufacturing process and its use as a regenerator of the pancreatic tissue and cells of endogenous secretion damaged by diabetes mellitus
Local administration of gallium compositions to treat pain
Method for suppressing or preventing fibrous adhesion formation using a multicomponent aqueous oxychlorine composition prepared on-site
Natural lycopene concentrate and method for production thereof
Products containing polyphenol(s) and L-arginine and methods of use thereof
R-RAS activity in vascular regulation
Fusion proteins and related compositions, methods and systems for treatment and/or prevention of atherosclerosis
Dose and localization of botulinum toxins in skin and muscle
Humanized monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind and/or neutralize japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) and their use
Methods for treating TWEAK-related conditions
Method for adjuvanting lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of gram-negative bacteria
Tetracyclic indole derivatives as in vivo imaging agents and having peripheralbenzodiazepine receptor affinity (PBR)
Compound applying to skin and a method making the same
Cosmetic compositions utilizing a silicone-free hydrocarbon complex
Particulates of a CRTH2 antagonist
Dosage forms for tamper prone therapeutic agents
Coenzyme Q10 formulation and process methodology for soft gel capsules manufacturing
Stabilized nicotine chewing gum
Percutaneous absorption-type pharmaceutical preparations
Waste processing
Specimen gathering device and method of use
Method and apparatus for transforming a delivery container into a waste disposal system
Wound sealing fluid delivery apparatus and method
Fluid injection system
System for regulating intracranial pressure
Microneedles to be placed in the skin for the transdermal application of pharmaceuticals
Gas vent valve assembly
Medical line anchoring system
System including access port and applicator tool
Device for reducing microbial contamination
Process for altering the appearance of hair using a composition containing dyes and non-hydroxide bases
Outdoor support strap and associated method
Movable anchoring system
Multifunction dumbbell
Golf putter with a circular, plain, vertical, smooth and graded head
Method for matching a golfer with a particular golf club style
Game of lobol
Adjustable golf surface system
Methods of randomizing cards
Electronic gaming system with real playing cards and multiple player displays for virtual card and betting images
Wireless gaming method and wireless gaming-enabled mobile terminal
Slot machine hybrid pin and ball game
Wagering game having game assets with multiple levels of enhancement
Reconfigurable clothing article for a doll
Interactive toy doll for image capture and display
Performing Operations; Transporting
Downstream bioprocessing device
Solid-liquid separator using roller system
Proactive steam and mist removal system
Filter element and soot filter having improved thermal shock resistance
Filter assembly with improved gasket
Packing structure for fluid containing column and manufacturing method
Apparatus, system and method for cleaning air
Gas chromatographic device
Absorbent liquid, and apparatus and method for removing CO.sub.2 or H.sub.2S from gas with use of absorbent liquid
Waste heat recovery system and method of using waste heat
Composite desiccant and air-to-water system and method
Separation membrane comprising polyethersulfone, process for producing thereof, and dope solution for membrane production
Diffuser apparatus, and diffuser apparatus running method
Device for diluting viscous substance
Seamless capsule manufacturing apparatus
High shear hydrogenation of wax and oil mixtures
Apparatus for removing magnetic materials
Method and apparatus for controlling the flow rate of washing solution during the washing step in a blood centrifugation bowl
Cosmetic fluid dispenser
Roll coater having a recirculation loop for treating excess fluid
Sizing additives for drycleaning processes
Method and apparatus for coating a complex object and composite comprising the coated object
Method for producing at least one microcomponent with a single mask
Methods to slice a silicon ingot
Device for discarding trims formed during the cutting of paper logs
Endoscope reprocessor
Polymer removing apparatus and method
Material removal tool with actuated guide pads
Shim plate for milling tools for chip removing machining as well as a milling tool having such a shim plate
Linear guide
Metal paste for sealing, hermetic sealing method for piezoelectric element, and piezoelectric device
Method and device for fastening a planar substrate, having an electric circuit or the like, in a mounting position
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
System and method for in-situ inspection during metallurgical cross-sectioning
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Method for grinding the main and rod bearings of a crankshaft by external cylindrical grinding and apparatus for carrying out the method
Sound-suppressed, powder-actuated stud driver
Forcible entry tool
Structural assemblies and preforms therefor formed by linear friction welding
Rotating structure of rotary member
Single sided shuttle-type blow molding method
Decorative tile
Imaging process for flooring material
Injection compression molding method of lens
Semiconductor hollow-core waveguide using photonic crystal gratings
Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Primer, conductor foil with resin, laminated sheet and method of manufacturing laminated sheet
Exterior parts
Foamed molding with soft insert component and its molding method
Temperature oscillation decoupling element
Method of improving adhesive coverage to maximize waterproofness while maintaining breathability of adhesively laminated webs, and laminates produced thereby
Metal oxide-based fine particle and method for manufacturing the same, and resin composition
Superparamagnetic cluster-nano particles-porous composite bead and fabrication method thereof
Thin wear resistant coating
Coated cutting tool and a method of making thereof
Printable sheet assembly
Recording method, recorded matter, ink jet recording apparatus, and identification method
Flow-through ejection system including compliant membrane transducer
Wetting control by asymmetric Laplace pressure
Recording apparatus
Inkjet head cleaning apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling operations of removing air bubbles and computer readable information recording medium
Image forming apparatus
Printing device
Element substrate, printhead, and head cartridge
Method to control a printing process in an inkjet printing apparatus, and printing apparatus to execute such a method
Ink jet recording apparatus and in jet recording method
Sheet folding device, image forming system, and sheet folding method
Sheet folding device and sheet post-processing device using same
Z-fold signature finishing system and printer
Method for making a Z-fold signature
Neck brush sanitizer with powder dispenser
Traction robot
Vibration-isolating bush
Adjustable spring assembly
Sway bar assembly and vehicle including same
Shutter system for vehicle grille
Electric two/three-wheeled vehicle
Control system for a vehicle
Vehicle seat
Vehicular seat assembly and vehicles including same
Transporting tool for tower sections of a wind turbine
Hitch mounted waste container transporter
Molding for vehicle
Vehicle head lamp
LED light engine apparatus for luminaire retrofit
Overhead console of vehicle
Floor structure for a motor vehicle
Corner energy absorber and bumper system
Airbag jacket activating system
Airbag cover for an airbag in a motor vehicle
Vehicle drive device
Continuously variable transmission
Blade lift tool
Bicycle hauler
Sit or stand strollers and methods of making the same
Trailer floor having extruded panels
Gap fairing and drag reduction method
Skating device
Tricycle kick board
Motor-assisted bicycle
Apparatus and method for enhancing the reconductoring of overhead electric power lines
Lighter-than-air systems, methods, and kits for obtaining aerial images
Locking and unlocking system for the cockpit door of an aircraft and door with such a system
Electric fan with multiple selection of oscillating angles
Reversible space plane
Flat self-opening closure for composite packagings or for container nozzles or bottle necks to be closed by film material
Stackable pallet container
Portable tool storing device
Easily openable packaging bag
Straw holder for supporting a drinking straw in a bottle
Container end closure with improved chuck wall provided between a peripheral cover hook and countersink
Compositions, kits and regimens for the treatment of skin, especially decolletage
Suspension packaging assembly
Actuator systems and methods for aerosol wall texturing
Portable electronic device case configuration
Tool positioning pad
Cartridge piston
Transfer system
Elevator system and group management control device to improve elevator availability for disabled persons
Fragrance dispensing pump head
Indicating device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Iodine-sulfur cycle for nuclear hydrogen production with improved thermo-chemical efficiency
Hydrogen generating apparatus
Suspended particle characterization system for a water processing facility
Method and apparatus for producing bio-gas employing technology for improving quality of raw material fed thereto
Process and apparatus for low-emission storage of biodegradable matter
Element sealed body and method of producing the same
Method and compositions for creating an atomic composite of ceramics coated with titanium making use of coating methodology
Methods for depositing ultra thin coatings exhibiting low haze and methods for the preparation of such coatings
Scintillator material
Rare-earth doped fluorides and process for preparing
Photopolymerizable liquid crystal mixture and manufacturing method of photopolymerizable liquid crystal
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
UCB-MSCs comprising a tumor suppressor gene reduce the size of an IL-8 or GRO-.alpha.expressing tumor
Methods for expansion and analysis of cultured hematopoietic stem cells
Method for coating a hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel flat product containing 6-30 wt% Mn
Silica removal from pregnant leach solutions
Copper/zinc alloys having low levels of lead and good machinability
Piston rings
Thin-film shape memory alloy device and method
Coating deposition apparatus and method therefor
Apparatus for fabricating semiconductor device
Surface treatment method of metal material
Cross flow CVD reactor
Method of making nanoporous oxide ceramic membranes of tubular and hollow fiber shape
Method and apparatus for forming colloidal photonic crystals
Textiles; Paper
Disperse dye mixtures which have a high degree of light fastness and build-up
Fixed Constructions
Tire deflation device
Roof scaffolding system
Electrically-activated hood latch and release mechanism
Apparatus for securing cupboards and drawers during an earthquake or other seismic events and for child-safety
Play structure safety device
Bearing assembly system with integral lubricant distribution and well drilling equipment comprising same
Process for solidifying organic and inorganic provisional constituents contained in produced water from heavy oil operations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine blade with multiple impingement cooling
Turbine blade with cooling and tip sealing
Method of reducing a structural unbalance in a wind turbine rotor and device for performing the method
Shaped heat storage materials including heat transfer members
Fuel injector
Rotor blade for a wind turbine
Compressor system and method for the operation of a compressor system
Static seal
Security screw
Strut bearing
Mass-damper system
Selectable torque transmitting device
Multi-speed transmission
Differential assembly with centered differential gears
Differential gear for a multi-shaft wheeled motor vehicle, and a drive train comprising several such differential gears
Cycloidal speed reducer, in-wheel motor drive device, and vehicle motor drive device
Rotary shaft sealing assembly
Low torque shaft seal with improved seal element bond joint
Valves capable of controlling valve-opening area
Method, system and apparatus for guiding and supporting an elongated flexible member
Portable, lightweight mount for a satellite antenna system
Retrofit LED lamp assembly for sealed optical lamps
Efficient, uniform, and dimmable sign or display illumination methods using overlapped LED modules on a raised grid platform
Semiconductor lamp and light bulb type LED lamp
Aircraft lighting device
Lighting device, display device and television receiver
Light guide plate and display apparatus having the same
Method and means for improving combustion efficiency
Method and device for adjusting the cooling and energy recovery of a steel strip in an annealing or galvanization phase
Porta-fold target stand system
Electrochemical detection system
Device for capillary chromatography and method for manufacturing such a device
Integrated mirror device for vehicle
Photoelectric conversion module and photoelectric conversion device
Optical transceiver module equipped with an elongated delatching pull tab, and a method
Backlight unit and display apparatus including the same
Projector, method that adjusts luminance of projected image, and program
Shutter apparatus, image sensing apparatus, and shutter control method
Water control fixture having bypass valve
Email promotion portal supporting buyer anonymity
Public transit system fare processor for multi-balance funding
Card reading device for transaction system
Energy alert power system and method
Data recording medium for data storage and method of recording or erasing data using the same
Electrode materials with high surface conductivity
Electrode materials with high surface conductivity
High brightness excimer lamp
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing and chemical mechanical polishing method
Rechargeable battery
Flexible battery and flexible electronic device including the same
Secondary battery and fabrication method thereof
Device and method for enhanced air circulation
Battery connector with lid for easy disconnect
Sealing of spring-loaded contact pin
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and device for measuring concentration of glucose or other substances in blood
Portable scent delivery system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Unitary crystalline slider with edges rounded by laser ablation
Laser machining apparatus
Fluid containment substrates for holographic media
Resin erecting lens array and method for fabricating the same
Working method of die for use for Fresnel lens, cutting tool for use with the working method, die worked through execution of the working method, and Fresnel lens worked from the die
Glass substrates coated with a stack of thin layers having reflective properties in the infra-red and/or solar ranges
Electroluminescent light source and display incorporating same
Method for generating a watermark on a photo picture using a thermal printer
Image forming apparatus
Dynamic laser printer scanning alignment using a torsional hinge mirror
Exposure unit support having a primary resonance frequency higher than that of a mirror in the exposure unit
Optical printing head of side-printing device for printing data on photosensitive material
Page printer and control method thereof
Printer, data processing apparatus, data transmitting apparatus, print control apparatus, printing system, recording medium, and print control method
Image printing apparatus including a microcontroller
Color conversion method for compact printer system
Thermal transfer sheet, method for image formation, method for image-formed object formation, and image-formed object
Gray scale calibration tool for setting the density of a printer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Polarization conversion system
Structure having pores and its manufacturing method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Temperature difference drive unit, and electric device, timepiece and light electrical appliance having the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Wollaston prism phase-stepping point diffraction interferometer and method
System for analyzing surface characteristics with self-calibrating capability
Method and apparatus for determining contact opening dimensions using scatterometry
Optical coating thickness optimization for fly height test media
Apparatus and method(s) for reducing the effects of coherent artifacts in an interferometer
Fiber optic sensing instrument and system with fiber of adjustable optical path length and method of using it
Color sample holder to enhance repeatability of instrumental color readings
Arrangement for the detection for relative movements or relative position of two objects
Multiple-element lens systems and methods for uncorrelated evaluation of parameters in parameterized mathematical model equations for lens retardance, in ellipometry and polarimetry
Analytical disc with optically trackable encoded information and related optical inspection system
Apparatus for multiplexing two surface plasma resonance channels onto a single linear scanned array
Beam-steering of multi-chromatic light using acousto-optical deflectors and dispersion-compensatory optics
Ultra low cost position and status monitoring using fiber optic delay lines
Method and device for entering test mode in an integrated circuit for use in a floppy disk drive, and a floppy disk drive apparatus incorporating the method
Method for measuring distance
Bi-directional temporal correlation SONAR
Light scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Single focus lens
Zoom lens, camera, and portable information terminal apparatus
Multiple phase contrast annulus slider
Microscope device and microscope system
Optical instrument having a binocular viewing port
Rod lens system for rigid endoscopes
Method and device for controlling voltage provided to a suspended particle device
Bipolar operation of light-modulating array
Multilayer hinge structures for micro-mirror arrays in projection displays
Laser beam scanner having an optical path adjustment system
Projection exposure apparatus
Compact lens assembly for the teleportal augmented reality system
Laser beam delivery system with trepanning module
Optical interference filter having parallel phase control elements
Field flattener for flattening a bent image surface
Nonimaging concentrator lens arrays and microfabrication of the same
Photonic processors and optical guiding structures for lightwave applications, systems, and techniques
Interference filter fabrication
Process for producing optical element, optical element, optical films using optical element, and illuminator and liquid crystal display each using optical element or optical films
Various methods and apparatuses for a tunable chromatic dispersion compensator
Optical switch
Optical element
Optical unit
Wide-band tunable optical filter using electroholograms written into photorefractive crystals
Device for measuring spatial distribution of the spectral emission of an object
Reflective color liquid crystal display apparatus
Substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display element
LCD-display panel having plurality of display modules with plurality of pixels
Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and a fabricating method
Method of fabricating a liquid crystal display cell
Method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal display device using serial production processes
In-plane switching LCD panel with transverse dielectric protrusions
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device including common electrode on passivation layer which is formed over TFT and data electrode
LCD having electrode(s) outside display area which adsorb ionic impurities
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display having biased bending vertical alignment
Light modulation apparatus and image pickup apparatus, and drive method thereof
Method for producing highly accurate frequency and FM of a laser
Non-linear optical thin film, non-linear optical device using the same, and optical switch using the same
Narrow bandwidth, pico-second, beta barium borate-master oscillator power amplifier system and method of operation of same
All-optical or gate embodied by using semiconductor optical amplifiers
Fresnel lens for use with rear projection display
See-through light transmitting type screen
Composite lenticular lens sheet and projection screen
Image recording device
Multi-eye image sensing apparatus
Overlay measurements using zero-order cross polarization measurements
Exposure amount control method in exposure apparatus
Wavefront aberration correction system
Focus control system
Exposure apparatus and pressure correction method
Device manufacturing-related apparatus, gas purge method, and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Multiple-display device
Analog electronic timepiece including plural indicator wheels
Rotary members for timepiece having reflector sheets
Security system with portable timepiece and methods for use therewith
Extended virtual table: an optical extension for table-like projection systems
Voltage regulator protected against short-circuits by current limiter responsive to output voltage
Gridlocking and correlation methods and arrangements
Computer mainframe with superposed architecture
Read-modify-write memory using read-or-write banks
Protected Ethernet backplane communication
Information communication system
Facsimile apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
Assembling verbal narration for digital display images
Flexible variation of haptic interface resolution
Method, apparatus and computer program product for moving or copying information
Printer and its control method for creating link information between a transfer data position and a print data position
Print data generation system and corresponding method for use with a printing system
Intelligent proxy objects
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium storing computer-readable program
Image forming apparatus with overlapped light fluxes forming a dot
Data carrier comprising an integrated circuit with an integrated main capacitor and integrated additional capacitors
Housing for biometric sensor chips and method for producing the housing
Determining composition order from layer effects
Pixel formatter for two-dimensional graphics engine of set-top box system
Use of softproofing to assist in the rendering of images of unknown colorimetry
System and method for synthesizing images
Method and apparatus for producing print from a bayer image
Filtering control method for improving image quality of bi-linear interpolated image
Method and apparatus for digital image segmentation using an iterative method
Liquid crystal shutter
Graphical user interface including zoom control box representing image and magnification of displayed image
System and method for dynamically adjusting data values and enforcing valid combinations of the data in response to remote user input
Facilitating content viewing during navigation
Magneto-optical disk recording and/or reproducing device
Logical expiration of media having embedded non-volatile memory
Method and apparatus for reinitializing a tape drive after a power loss
Media carousel changer for data systems
Apparatus and method to expedite data access from a portable data storage cartridge
Rotation control method for controlling rotation of media having zones in radial direction and employing ZCAV system, and storage apparatus using the rotation control method
Variable gain amplifier controller
Signal delay apparatus, leakage signal removing apparatus and information processing apparatus
Digital recording apparatus non-influenced by recording data rate and low frequency cut-off, and enhancing high frequency components of data being recorded
Apparatus and method for performing track search
Magnetic tape cassette having reduced friction against tape reels
Optical disc reproducing apparatus and semiconductor integrated circuit and therefor
Information reproducing apparatus capable of performing quick access playback
Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing information data to and from ring buffer memory
Data recording medium, data recording apparatus and method, and data reproducing apparatus and method
Dubbing apparatus and dubbing method
Recording head clogging detection method and its device
Disk drive having a front shutter attaching structure capable of preventing a front shutter from coming off from a main frame
Locking mechanism for disk drive carrier enclosure system
Thin-film magnetic head provided with smear-preventing layer
Thin film magnetic head, manufacturing method thereof and magnetic storage
Ferromagnetic tunnel junction element exhibiting high magnetoresistivity at finite voltage and tunnel magnetoresistive head provided therewith, magnetic head slider, and magnetic disk drive
Yoke-type magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproducing device
Head suspension assembly having an air deflector
Written-in repeatable run-out compensation in embedded servo disc drives
Hard drive system interface between a disk surface and a transducer contacting the surface during communication
Thermally assisted magnetic recording medium having non-recording areas
Magnetic transfer apparatus
Magnetic transfer method to prevent dropout of servo signal
High density phase-change type optical disk having a data efficiency of more than 80 percent
Optical disc drive
Apparatus selecting different position signals at different scanning velocities to determine displacement of record carrier scanning
Optical pickup and information recording and/or reproducing apparatus including the same
Optical head assembly and optical information recording/reproducing device
Optical pickup of tilt control type
Near field optical recording medium
Dynamic reference voltage calibration integrated FeRAMS
Magnetic random access memory
Hybrid semiconductor--magnetic spin based memory
Memory cell sensing system and method
Method for non-destructive readout and apparatus for use with the method
Capacitance sensing method of reading a ferroelectric RAM
Write-assisted SRAM bit cell
6F2 3-transistor DRAM gain cell
Semiconductor device, refreshing method thereof, memory system, and electronic instrument
Semiconductor circuit device with improved special mode
Clock synchronized non-volatile memory device
Data storage medium having layers acting as transistor
Content addressable memory (CAM) devices having CAM array blocks therein that conserve bit line power during staged compare operations
Content addressable memory having column redundancy
Circuit for multiple match hit CAM readout
Selective match line control circuit for content addressable memory array
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device of virtual-ground memory array with reliable data reading
Write once read only memory employing charge trapping in insulators
Nonvolatile memory cell, operating method of the same and nonvolatile memory array
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with improved program inhibition characteristics and method of programming the same
Flash memory architecture with page mode erase using NMOS and PMOS row decoding scheme
Method for manufacturing a printed board on which a semiconductor device having two modes is mounted
Semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Memory device and method of accessing a memory device
Semiconductor memory device including power generation circuit implementing stable operation
Charging circuit and semiconductor memory device using the same
Low-power consumption semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device for reducing chip size
Semiconductor memory device internally generating internal data read timing
Method and apparatus for operating a semiconductor memory at double data transfer rate
Latency time switch for an S-DRAM
Addressing of memory matrix
Enriched macromolecular materials having temperature-independent high electrical conductivity and methods of making same
Device for prevention against explosion of electrical transformers
Solid electrolyte capacitor having transition metal oxide underlayer and conductive polymer electrolyte
Tunable high-frequency capacitor
Electrochemical double layer capacitor having carbon powder electrodes
Thermal dissipation assembly for electronic components
Semiconductor device having fuse and its manufacture method
Electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for eliminating artifacts in active pixel sensor (APS) imagers
Optical test structure for measuring charge-transfer efficiency
Information processing device
Self-stabilizing card edge terminal
Method and edge connector providing electrostatic discharge arrest features and digital camera employing same
Portable-type information apparatus
Optical chirped beam amplification and propagation
Optical amplification fiber, fiber optic amplifier, and optical communication system
Efficient fiber-semiconductor tunable laser source
WDM add/drop multiplexer module
Self-pulsating laser diode and a method for causing a laser diode to output light pulses
Method and apparatus for a lightning protection using vacuum plasma
Protective circuit for electronic modules, especially driver modules
Digital rating plug for electronic trip unit in circuit breakers
Apparatus and method for protecting grounding electrode conductors from overcurrents
Ground fault circuit interrupter
Current modulation of direct current transmission lines
Drain-extended MOS ESD protection structure
Charge/discharge protection circuit for a rechargeable battery
Method and apparatus for protection of batteries
Power supply start up circuit
Isolated drive circuitry used in switch-mode power converters
Switching regulator transient suppressor
Reduced capacitance AC/DC/AC power converter
Inverter device and current limiting method therefor
PWM/linear driver for an electromagnetic load
Load driving circuit capable of raised accuracy detection of disconnection and short circuit of the load
PLL circuit and recording and playback apparatus using same
CDMA receiver
CDMA mobile station apparatus
Reverse link pilot integrated with block codes
Light emission methods and light emission devices
Switching network for high-frequency signals
Apparatus for a digital echo canceller and method therefor
System and method for implementing multiple carriers in cellular networks
Transmitting station for wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method
OFDM/DMT digital communications system including partial sequence symbol processing
Data transmitting method in a CDMA system
Code division multiple access communication method using dynamic code assignment, and a base station performing the method
Method and device for establishing communication links with parallel scheduling operations in a communication system
Method and apparatus for multi-access transmission
Method and apparatus for improved detection of rate errors in variable rate receivers
Network switching architecture utilizing cell based and packet based per class-of-service head-of-line blocking prevention
Communications network system and method for routing based on disjoint pairs of paths
Radio protocol for mobile communication system and method
Cognitive packet network
Trunk line bandwidth reservation system for asynchronous transfer mode switching system
Determining traffic information in a communications network
Method and apparatus for generating control information for packet data
Wireless communication system having network controller and wireless communication device connected to digital communication line, and method of controlling said system
Micromobility using multicast
ATM cell buffer system and its congestion control method
Frame structure for an adaptive modulation wireless communication system
Digital television receiver with match filter responsive to field synchronization code
Phase sequences for timing and access signals
Transceiver training for DSL modems under TCM-ISDN interference
Method and apparatus for transmitting packet for synchronization using half duplex transmission medium
Clock switching for a synchronous memory in network probe circuitry
Method and apparatus for connecting local subscribers to a LAN
System and method for establishing long distance voice communications using the internet
System and method for providing telephone service having private branch exchange features in a voice-over-data network telephony system
Double talk detector for echo cancellation in a speech communication system
Control apparatus for a scanner/printer
Information processing device with determination feature
Image processing apparatus and method, and image processing system
Image processing using received processing conditions
Image forming apparatus and image processing apparatus including the same
Method and apparatus for image processing capable of efficiently performing a gray-scale correction
Photographic printer having varied intensities or optical modulation data for laser light sources
Systems and methods for dot gain determination and dot gain based printing
Calibration data preparing system
Imaging device and imaging apparatus
Method of and apparatus for measuring horizontal frequency
Image sensor
Signal readout circuit of an amplification type solid-state imaging device
Digital TV receiver and method for receiving digital TV signal
Image-capturing apparatus, electronic still camera, method and apparatus for processing mounting surface of image-capturing apparatus and metal member contact structure
Adjustable vandal-proof housing for television camera
Mobile communications unit with teleconferencing capability when open and digital camera feature when closed
Image sensing apparatus and method having noise reduction function
Generating multiple ramps
Apparatus and method for video image information processing
Video signal processing apparatus for digital video decoder
Cable network interface circuit
Marine plant field survey method and survey system utilizing the survey method
Color recognition camera
Projection type video display device that prevents color nonuniformity
Method and apparatus for processing digital data
Wireless communication control method and wireless transmission apparatus
In-band Qos signaling reference model for QoS-driven wireless LANs
Radio communication system
Method and apparatus for signal combining in a high data rate communication system
Method and arrangement for establishing a connection between a base station and mobile station
Cordless telephone system
High-efficiency adaptive DC/AC converter
Method and apparatus for connecting circuit boards for a sensor assembly
Insertion/removal jig for printed circuit board
Method and apparatus for thermally insulated and earth cooled electronic components within an electronic system
Heat dissipation apparatus
Thermal bus for electronics systems
Assembly with a base board and at least one daughter board
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