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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Vertical aeroponic plant growing system
Absorbent material comprising of wood and certified organic alfalfa
Livestock insect-removal systems and related methods
Male chastity apparatus, system, and method
Technical arrangement for transporting live fish or shellfish in water
Dual color reversible lighted slip bobber
Method for treating equine laminitis by cryotherapy and auto-massage
Pipe lighter
Simulated cigarette device
Garment attachable retention system
Garment, garment accessory, garment belt and combinations of same
Active head covering with moveable element
Shoe having removable and interchangeable heel assemblies with kit
Article of footwear
Automatic folding/unfolding umbrella
Applicator for a hair treatment composition for improved hair strand effects
Exfoliating shower mat
Trench drain system and method of installation on level floor surface, paticulary for shower rooms
System, method, and apparatus for combining information from an implanted device with information from a patient monitoring apparatus
System and method for transducing, sensing, or affecting vaginal or body conditions, and/or stimulating perineal musculature and nerves using 2-way wireless communications
Optical coherence tomography system
Noninvasive transdermal systems for detecting an analyte in a biological fluid and methods
Infant hand restraint with diaper
Carbon dioxide mist pressure bath system
Nursing bed with a lateral movement of translation
Method and system for heating a sauna
Detection and suppression of airway / drape fires during surgical procedures
Methods and apparatus for effectuating a lasting change in a neural-function of a patient
Ischemia detection for anti-arrhythmia therapy
Apparatus for firefighting
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cleaning apparatus and high pressure cleaner for use therein
Method for producing hollow profiles having a longitudinal flange
Method and apparatus for hydro-forming an elongated tubular member
Method for sealing edges of vapor chamber
Product and method for manufacturing a three dimensional core mass and related inventions
Terminating systems and tools for wall jacks
Repair of coated turbine vanes installed in module
Process for re-designing a distressed component used under thermal and structural loading
Methods for refurbishing a web cartridge
Quickly coupling socket
Wrench with rotatable driving head
Cutting knife, in particular for cutting food
Multiple actuating-force shearing machine
Eccentric press with direct drive
Structure of trashcan
Magnetized hand tools
Printing press including plate support member and plate loading module
Printing press, folder, and methods of operation
Cutter assembly for an electric pencil sharpener
Empty seat detection via spectral analysis
Electric steering lock device
Travel limiting element in a brake servo device and brake servo device
Vehicle stability control system
Electric power steering apparatus
Diving suit
Fuel spill tray
Method and system for controlling drippings from a beverage dispenser via an expansion valve
System for varying coffee intensity
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods for forming fritted cover sheets and glass packages comprising the same
Beer frothing device
Apparatus for growth of dilute-nitride materials using an isotope for enhancing the sensitivity of resonant nuclear reaction analysis
Textiles; Paper
Knitting method of knitted fabric
Fixed Constructions
Road sweeper
Overflow assembly for bathtubs and the like
Tool for and method of installing metal stud wall system
Hook and loop attachment of solar panels to roofing membranes
Key with spring-loaded window breaker
Portable terminal having a hinge apparatus
Safety assembly for a roller blind
Weakpoint coupling of selectively adjustable load bearing capacity
Indexing sleeve for single-trip, multi-stage fracing
.alpha.-Amino acid phosphonic acid compounds, method of preparation of use thereof
Downhole flow meter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Oil pressure control apparatus
Flow rate control valve
Breather apparatus for engine
System and methods for controlling selective catalytic reduction systems
Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device control system
Exhaust gas treatment system including a four-way catalyst and urea SCR catalyst and method of using the same
Exhaust purification device of an internal combustion engine
Catalyst and method of manufacture
Two-stroke engine and related methods
Glow plug with integrated pressure sensor and body thereof
Method of operating a vehicle equipped with a pneumatic booster system
Fuel injector for injection ignition engines
Pneumatic component
Structure of water-saving device
Drive for rotating structure
Fixed/variable hybrid system
Dual clutch five speed transmission
Switching device for switching driving force between forward and reverse directions
Selectable fluid valve assembly
Method and apparatus for generating high-speed pulsed fluid jets
Method of manufacturing a reinforcement element for a flexible pipeline
Liquid natural gas fractionation and regasification plant
Burning equipment
Fuel nozzle detachable burner tube with baffle plate assembly
Method for reconditioning or processing a FCR APG-68 tactical radar unit
Heat transfer fin and fin-tube heat exchanger
Cooling fan rack
Digital machinegun optic with bullet drop compensation mount
Electromagnetic formed shaped charge liners
Missile head and method for separating a shroud from a fuselage of a missile
Spectacle edging assist device and spectacle lens suitability determining method
Method for determining an initial position in a navigation system
Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing a locator service
Flange mounted ultrasonic flowmeter
Method for producing a sensor system, and sensor system
Specialized restraint systems for amusement rides
Plugged impulse line detection
Magnetically coded pressure detection apparatus
Spark plug with combustion sensor
Arrangement and method for determining the oil consumption of an oil-lubricated machine
Method and system to diagnose exhaust gas sensor deterioration
Methods for an exhaust fluid sensor
Vehicle diagnostic device with adaptive data retrieval and method
Breath sampling methodology having improved reliability
Nonlinear nanomechanical oscillators for ultrasensitive inertial detection
Cyclonic sensor for multiphase composition measurement
Method of manufacturing inertial sensor
Focus detection apparatus and optical apparatus
Photoelectric circuit board
Methods to reduce polarization dependent loss in planar lightwave circuits
Mobile communication device
Digital camera with face detection function for red eye reduction
Image taking apparatus
Lens apparatus and imaging apparatus
Water/drip-proof structure for acoustic member and electronic apparatus having the same
Heat transfer device of a image forming device
Developing unit having improved agent recovery and supply system and image forming apparatus using the same
Transfer belt unit and method of supporting handle of the same
Image processing system
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus including the same
Obstacle detection device of autonomous mobile system
System comprising interchangeable electronic controllers and corresponding methods
Mounting mechanism of a shower equipment
Rotary motion input type manipulation simulator
No data loss IT disaster recovery over extended distances
Method for detecting software errors and vulnerabilities
Transmission apparatus
Statistical analysis of sampled profile data in the identification of significant software test performance regressions
Patching a mobile computing device software error
Multilevel semiconductor memory, write/read method thereto/therefrom and storage medium storing write/read program
Debug system for data tracking
Systems and methods for validating executable file integrity using partial image hashes
Multitask execution apparatus and multitask execution method
Near instantaneous backup and restore of disc partitions
Content control systems and methods
Storage controlling unit
Upgradable memory system with reconfigurable interconnect
Vector indexed memory unit and method
Full-ternary content addressable memory (CAM) configurable for pseudo-ternary operation
Method to enhance platform firmware security for logical partition data processing systems by dynamic restriction of available external interfaces
Method, system, and computer program product for virtual adapter destruction on a physical adapter that supports virtual adapters
Image verification
Computer system providing endian information and method of data transmission thereof
Control apparatus and method thereof
Method and system for optimizing DMA channel selection
Application programming interface for data transfer and bus management over a bus structure
Method and system for DMA optimization
Fine-grained bandwidth control arbiter and the method thereof
Duty cycle rejecting serializing multiplexer for output data drivers
Method and system for document assembly
Methods and apparatus for storing expanded width instructions in a VLIW memory for deferred execution
System and method for continuous monitoring and measurement of performance of computers on network
Structured peer-to-peer push distribution network
Access server for web based services
Systems and methods for peer-to-peer collaboration to enhance multimedia streaming
Controlling method, computer system, and processing program of booting up a computer
Software streaming system and method
Method, system, and program for executing data transfer requests
Media streaming of web content data
Load text execution apparatus, load test execution system, method thereof and program thereof
System and method for controlling access to content carried in a caching architecture
Transparent mode
Method and apparatus for controlling data to be routed in a data communications network
Network communication apparatus for providing a user with a paging message
Employee internet management device
Method and apparatus for automatic network configuration
Method for updating a hardware configuration of a networked communications device
IP address allocation in a network environment
Multimedia document annotation
Fast generalized 2-Dimensional heap for Hausdorff and earth mover's distance
Systems and methods for annotating pages of a 3D electronic document
Applying a design to a slide using equivalent layouts
Trusted handler and data association
Method for the dependable transmission of service data to a terminal equipment and arrangement for implementing the method
Extracting treelet translation pairs
Systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles
System and method for identifying and categorizing messages extracted from archived message stores
Augmented search with error detection and replacement
Methods, systems, and products for searching interactive menu prompting system architectures
Method, medium, and system for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment determination
Information transmission system and information transmission method
Method, medium, and system for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment determination
System and method for providing temporal search results in response to a search query
Medium for a universal shopping cart having order injection and common payment determination
Sampling for queries
Registration system and duplicate entry detection algorithm
Detecting local graphic password deciphering attacks
Systems and methods for transparent movement of file services in a clustered environment
Gate modeling for semiconductor fabrication process effects
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Early timing estimation of timing statistical properties of placement
Automatic programming method and automatic programming device
Apparatus and methods for a robotic beverage server
Method for switching between operating modes of an internal combustion engine having a plurality of control units
Method and device for measuring, determining and controlling flatness of a metal strip
Quality improvement system
Integrated framework for diagnosis and prognosis of components
Methods and apparatus for a band to band transfer module
Methods and systems for detecting and preventing the spread of malware on instant messaging (IM) networks by using Bayesian filtering
Mechanism of matching between a receiver and a security module
Advanced power management in generic USB drivers
Client terminal for displaying program guide information associated with different programs within a pop-up
Visual expression of a state of an application window
User interface for stylus-based user input
System and method for providing dynamic user information in an interactive display
System and method for selecting a view mode using a control including a graphical depiction of the view mode
Method and apparatus for management and representation of dynamic context
Automatically sized computer-generated workspaces
Information processing device and information processing method, recording medium, and computer program
Performing multiple actions on a spool file by assigning a particular action to be performed on each segment of the spool file
Key phrase extraction from query logs
Highly available, highly scalable multi-source logical database with low latency
Distributed database systems and methods
Method for finding semantically related search engine queries
Measuring topical coherence of keyword sets
Workflow modeling using an acyclic directed graph data structure
Mobility traction control system and method
Method for data validity tracking to determine fast or slow mode processing at a reservation station
Installation source management
System and method for identifying potential security risks in controls
Statistical memory leak detection
Data association
System and method of load balancing using fuzzy logic
Managing topology changes in media applications
Process management method and image forming apparatus
Configurable business process
Method, system and program storage device for accessing memory to perform messaging using a channel coupled to a sender and a receiver
Method and equipment for simulation
Optical detection of dental caries
Color processing apparatus and method
System and method for evaluating laser projection equipment
Automatic removal of purple fringing from images
System and method for counting cars at night
Image processing system
Digital fingerprinting using synchronization marks and watermarks
Markup symbol document processing system
Background maintenance of an image sequence
Multiple page descriptions for the same page
Fast adaptive lifting lossless wavelet transform
Generating synthesized texture in differential space
Compressed image data enhancement
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Digital image coding system having self-adjusting selection criteria for selecting a transform function
Color fringe desaturation for electronic imagers
Pattern identification method, device thereof, and program thereof
Method and system for response image feature collection and candidate summit, surface, and core estimation
System and method for creating, storing and utilizing images of a geographic location
Method of predicting sales based on triple-axis mapping of customer value
Medical support system
Methods and apparatus for facilitating transactions
Computerized article customization system and method for use thereof
Method and system for completing transactions involving partial shipments
Method and system for security certificate holders to take remote decisions during operations concerning said security certificates
Promoting savings by facilitating incremental commitments made with credit card and other consumer-initiated transactions
System and method for managing trading using alert messages for outlying trading orders
System and method for providing a linear spread
Method and system for processing electronic payment transactions
Method and apparatus using digital credentials and other electronic certificates for electronic transactions
Running time estimation apparatus, running data relay apparatus, and running time estimation system
Synergetic training device
Audio recordation and reproduction spring clips
Adaptive voice playout in VOP
Methods and system for creating voice files using a VoiceXML application
Method for encoding sound source of probabilistic code book
Disk apparatus
Optical pickup actuator, method of manufacturing the optical pickup actuator, and optical pickup employing the optical pickup actuator, and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing the optical pickup
Semiconductor integrated circuit including memory macro
Memory circuit testing system, semiconductor device, and memory testing method
Method for limiting the maintenance loads applied to a fuel assembly of a nuclear reactor and fuel assembly
X-ray imaging apparatus
Frame structure for solar cell module
Minimal ballasted surface mounting system and method
Land grid array interposer producing method
Method for assembling electric power supply cables on a stator
Clock recovery circuitry
Digital phase-looked loop
System for audio signal processing
Apparatus and method for performing cyclic redundancy check (CRC) on partial protocol data units (PDUS)
Forward error correction decoding method and apparatus for satellite digital audio radio broadcasting
Load-based voltage control wireless transmission system
Method and apparatus for ultra wideband power control
Digital mixer system and method
Audio apparatus
Mobile station access and idle state antenna tuning systems and methods
System and method for SONET transport optimization (S-TOP)
Optical wireless communications
System and method for detecting narrow bandwidth signal content to determine channel occupancy
Repeaters for wireless communication systems
Method and communication station for transmitting data
Method and system for distribution in a satellite reception installation
Enhanced conversion of wideband signals to narrowband signals
Optical network system and optical coupling apparatus
Digital predistortion system and method for linearizing an RF power amplifier with nonlinear gain characteristics and memory effects
Keyed-build system for controlling the distribution of software
Guard interval and FFT mode detector in DVB-T receiver
Apparatus for communications
Apparatus and method for readjustment of a sampling time in radio receivers
Key derivation functions to enhance security
Transferring application secrets in a trusted operating system environment
Transferring application secrets in a trusted operating system environment
Apparatus and method for group session key and establishment using a certified migration key
Systems and methods for encoding randomly distributed features in an object
LCD display on wireless router
Sliding electronic device assembly
Wireless remote controlled handset lifter system using magnetically coupled ring detection
Method of controlling the user calling load in soft switch system
Network support for call detail record suppression
Method, system, and article for determining an availability of a telecommunication device
System and method of transitioning between cellular and voice over internet protocol communication
Method of detecting misrouted inter-office transport facility routes in a telecommunications system
Data structure and signaling method for emergency alert message and digital TV receiver
System and method for synchronizing streaming content with enhancing content using pre-announced triggers
Movies channel
Data player, digital contents player, playback system, data embedding apparatus, and embedded data detection apparatus
Method for secure object detection in images
Open cable set-top box diagnosing system and method thereof
Audio/video data recording/reproducing device and method, and audio/video data reproducing device and method
Method and device for reading MPEG recorded data transmitted on an IEEE 1394 bus
Method and device for determining a position of a portable electronic device
Multi-mode global positioning system for use with wireless networks
Providing multiple MSISDN numbers in a mobile device with a single IMSI
Operation management system of radio communication system and method thereof, and operation management apparatus and program to be employed for it
Method and system for coordinating a sleep mode wake-up time
Method and system for collecting opinions of push-to-talk over cellular participants in push-to-talk over cellular network
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for computer aided orthotic inlay fabrication
Method for position emission mammography image reconstruction
Learning system and method for teacher load balancing
Medical therapeutic and/or diagnostic apparatus having a position detecting device
Automated endoscope system for optimal positioning
System and method of communicating between an implantable medical device and a remote computer system or health care provider
Detection of biological molecules using chemical amplification and optical sensors
Sensor for transcutaneous measurement of vascular access blood flow
Method and apparatus for frank lead reconstruction from derived chest leads
Catheter having mapping assembly
Method and apparatus for the early diagnosis of subacute, potentially catastrophic illness
X-ray diagnostic installation and high-resolution data storage method therefor
Retina implant
Sentinel lymph node detection method and system therefor
Aerosol generator having heater arranged to vaporize fluid in fluid passage between bonded layers of laminate
Multi-site ventricular pacing system measuring QRS duration
Battery monitoring system for an implantable medical device
MEMs switching circuit and method for an implantable medical device
Methods and apparatus for overdrive pacing heat tissue using an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Electromedical implant
Antenna for miniature implanted medical device
Bachmann's bundle electrode for atrial defibrillation
Arrangement and system for enabling patient control of electrical therapies
Irradiation system and its irradiation target movement monitoring method, and irradiation target position recognizing method
Radio controlling apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for generating high output power gas discharge based source of extreme ultraviolet radiation and/or soft x-rays
Reply mail processing system
Robotic wash cell using recycled pure water
Method of using a computer with a laser drilling system
Method and control system for controlling a plurality of robots
Printer to control power supply via a host
Digital watermarks and postage
Equipment employing watermark-based authentication function
Methods and products employing biometrics and steganography
Insertion control
Vehicle tracker with user registration reminder and related methods
Automatic locating system for a vehicle crash pad and a method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for automated protein design
Textiles; Paper
Automatically generating embroidery designs from a scanned image
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for controlling and/or monitoring a control-unit group having at least two control units
Air intake noise reduction apparatus for automotive vehicle
Method and apparatus for changing the temperature of a pressurized fluid
Digital electrode observation
Wireless communicator link from towed/surrogate decoy transmitter to the host aircraft
Image forming apparatus
System and method for the acquisition of automobile traffic data through wireless networks
Navigation system
Navigation device and navigation method
Noise monitoring system
Energy-depleted radiation apparatus and method
Optical spectral power monitors employing polarization deversity scheme
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Method and device for selectively targeting cells within a three-dimensional specimen
Method of and device for inspecting images to detect defects
Indirect measurement of nitrogen in a multi-component gas by measuring the speed of sound at two states of the gas
Multiple contrast echo-planar imaging for contrast-enhanced imaging
Color magnetic resonance imaging
System and method for the detection and compensation of radio signal time of arrival errors
Method and system for computerized high-rate image processing
Method and system for conducting airborne gravity surveys
System and method for acquiring tie-point location information on a structure
Collision avoidance system and method utilizing variable surveillance envelope
X-ray image converter, device and method for recording, processing and illustrating images using X-rays
Property prediction using residual stepwise regression
Lens turret with back focal length adjustment
Camera provided with eyepiece
Optical device, in particular optical switching device with improved stability of the bubbles and reduced insertion losses
Reconfigurable wavelength multiplexers and filters employing micromirror array in a gires-tournois interferometer
Integrated optic component for binocular FSO transceiver
Optical fiber and optical fiber cable having a first jacket layer and a second jacket layer and a coefficient of thermal expansion selecting method
Diffraction grating device manufacturing method, diffraction grating device manufacturing apparatus, and diffraction grating device
Optical fiber, optical fiber component and optical transmission method
Waveguide including at least one photonic crystal region for directing signals propagating therethrough
Optical waveguide platform and manufacturing method thereof
Waveguide and process for the production thereof
Compact electrically and optically pumped multi-wavelength nanocavity laser, modulator and detector arrays and method of making the same
Test structure and method of step coverage for optical waveguide production
Optical-electrical wiring board, mounted board and method of manufacturing optical-electrical wiring board
Electrical variable optical attenuator
Multi-channel optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation
Fiber collimator coupling assembly
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Chromatic dispersion compensation device
Optical add-drop multiplexer
Optical switch
Method of attaching a fiber optic connector
Optical Head
Eye-safe optical fiber transmitter unit
Method for relaxing mechanical tolerance in an opto-electronic unit
Pluggable optical transceiver array having wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing features
Integrated mode converter, waveguide, and on-chip function
Fiber panel with integrated couplers
Optical element holding and extraction device
Monolithic expanded beam mode electroabsorption modulator
Flash apparatus and auxiliary battery apparatus
Mask pattern magnification correction method, magnification correction apparatus, and mask structure
Method and apparatus of registering a printed circuit board
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for compensating for irregular recording material
Active steering system and method thereof, and method of seeking a balance point
Image forming apparatus with test pattern for image control
Image forming apparatus
Photoconductive member for asynchronous timing of a printing machine
Toner cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus adopting the same
Process cartridge and developing device detachably attachable to image forming apparatus main body and having developer seal member with grip portion, and such image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a cleaning mechanism for the fixing device
Methods and apparatus for controlling a fuser
Image forming apparatus provided with a cleaning blade
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridges
Method and device for automatically preparing processing program
Computerized voc and solvent usage warning system
Optical correlator
Relief object sensor adaptor
Information retrieving system and method
Conversion of video and audio to a streaming slide show
Predicting manufacturing process failures
3-D CAD/CAM data transfer method, 3-D CAD apparatus, 3-D CAM apparatus, 3-D CAD/CAM apparatus, NC process apparatus, and storage medium
Integrated circuit that processes communication packets with co-processor circuitry to correlate a packet stream with context information
Method, system, and program for decompressing and aligning line work data from multiple objects
Real time total asset visibility system
Method and system using renormalized pixels for public key and compressed images watermarks on prints
Gesture recognition system
Pattern detection methods and systems, and face detection methods and systems
Pixel depletion technique
Image processing device and method for combining images obtained from separate-pickup
Image status detecting apparatus and document image correcting apparatus
Adaptive hyperspectral data compression
Method and system for aligning geometric object models with images
System for capturing and using expert's knowledge for image processing
Pattern matching apparatus
Multidimensional method and system for statistical process control
Notification systems and methods with user-definable notifications based upon vehicle proximities
Coding apparatus and method, decoding apparatus and method, data processing system, storage medium, and signal
Electronic watermark detection apparatus and method
Relating to watermarks
Detecting information hidden out-of-phase in color channels
Filtered back projection (FBP) algorithm for computer tomography
Removing color aliasing artifacts from color digital images
Method and apparatus for providing an image to be displayed on a screen
Electronic calibration for seamless tiled display using optical function generator
Petite size image processing engine
Image processing method and apparatus, recording medium, and imaging apparatus
Method of calculating noise from a digital image utilizing color cross correlation statistics
Image processing method and apparatus
System for optimizing alignment of laser beam with selected points on samples in MALDI mass spectrometer
Computer-implemented neural network color matching formulation applications
Method and apparatus for hierarchically encoding and decoding an image
Shape information coder and decoder dividing shape information into lower-resolution subsets
Method and a system for coding rois
Method for compressing digital documents with control of image quality subject to multiple compression rate constraints
Selective message broadcasting system
Method and apparatus for reverse playback of a digital data
Multimedia information coding apparatus, coding method of multimedia information, and recording media storing data coded by the same method
Recording medium for storing information for still picture, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
Semiconductor laser device which removes influences from returning light of three beams and a method of manufacturing the same
Wide common mode range differential receiver
Automatically scramming nuclear reactor system
High specific activity platinum-195m
X-ray phase contrast imaging using a fabry-perot interferometer concept
Electron beam exposure apparatus and electron beam deflection apparatus
Enhanced process and profile simulator algorithms
Heat sink and semiconductor laser apparatus and semiconductor laser stack apparatus using the same
Mobile communication system and repeater used in the mobile communication system
Gas supply path structure for a gas laser
Gas laser device
Laser amplifying system
Method and system for compensating a frequency stabilized optical source
Ultrashort pulse amplification in cryogenically cooled amplifiers
Large modal volume semiconductor laser system with spatial mode filter
Semiconductor laser module and method of making the same
Evaluation and adjustment of laser losses according to voltage across gain medium
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser based on the effect of photonic band gap crystal-mediated filtration of higher modes of laser radiation and method of making the same
Surface emitting laser apparatus, its fabrication method, and its driving method
Device and method for simultaneous multiple reproduction of lightwave signals
Method and apparatus for overload-free driving of an actuator
PC card integrated radio communication apparatus
System and method for using a network timing reference circuit as a phase detector in a synchronization loop
Power-mixer architecture for a transmitter
High frequency circuit using high output amplifier cell block and low output amplifier cell block
Receiver having gain control and narrowband interference detection
Signal processor for reducing undesirable signal content
Switch circuit and method of switching radio frequency signals
Device and method of digital gain programming using sigma-delta modulator
Audio processing system
Communicating in the presence of periodic microwave noise
Communication device with a self-calibrating sleep timer
Receiver including frequency down-converter and analog-to-digital converter for a wireless telecommunication system
Partitioned radio-frequency apparatus and associated methods
Method and apparatus for video frame selection for improved coding quality at low bit-rates
Method of acquiring signal code phases and geographic positioning receiver
Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
Method for establishing a communication link
Decision feedback loop apparatus and method for channel estimation and de-rotation using burst pilot bits
Wireless optical system for multidirectional high bandwidth communications
Optical coding system
Optical pulse pattern generator
Transmitter and method using half rate data streams for generating full rate modulation on an optical signal
Apparatus and method of pulsed frequency modulation for analog optical communication
Supervisory system of optical amplifier repeater system and supervisory method of optical amplifier repeater system
Method and apparatus for channel determination through power measurements
Hybrid transceiver circuit
Method for influencing the level of a radio-frequency transmitted signal in a base station in a fixed radio network
Method and apparatus for detection of forward and reverse DTX mode of operation detection in CDMA systems
Method for conformance testing of radio communication equipment
Closed loop power control with adjustable width based on channel quality
Temporary service interruption for high speed data transfer
Methods and systems for spatial processing
Remote band-pass filter in a distributed antenna system
Mobile surface terminal communication system
Transportable infrastructure for airborne cellular system
Global dual terminal low earth orbit communications system
Synchronism judgment apparatus and communication system
Flexible and low cost wavelength management for optical networking
WDM optical transmission system
Methods and system for performing frame recovery in a network
Apparatus and method interface improvement for digital circuits
Digital frame determination method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for handling private data from transport stream packets
Multi-band receiver having multi-slot capability
Automatic bandwidth adjustment in a passive optical network
Sonet system having multiple slots providing multiple services from any slot
Method and apparatus for alleviating cell packing problems in bundled link systems
System and method for framing and protecting variable-lenght packet streams
Method and apparatus for efficient transmit diversity using complex space-time block codes
Automatic reverse channel assignment in a two-way TDM communication system
Reduction of aggregate EMI emissions of multiple transmitters
Apparatus and method for use in the multicast of traffic data in wireless multiple access communications systems
Personal area network with automatic attachment and detachment
Efficient network multicast switching apparatus and methods
Information system for a traveler information service and method for providing the service
System and method for multiplexing data from multiple sources
High volume uplink in a broadband satellite communications system
Communication apparatus capable of connecting information processing apparatus
Input distribution type packet switch network and an input distribution type packet switch
Multiple node network architecture
Compact, shared route lookup table for a fiber channel switch
Method and apparatus for the channelization of cell or packet traffic over standard PC buses
Hardware acceleration for segmentation of message packets in a universal serial bus peripheral device
Packet forwarding apparatus and method using pipelined node address processing
Method and system for network processor scheduling based on calculation
Method for selectively maintaining and applying PPP compression in a wireless communication system
Data communication system and node, and method of using the system and the node
Method for transmitting data via a number of interfaces
External CPU assist when peforming a network address lookup
Fast and adaptive packet processing device and method using digest information of input packet
Method and system for link level server/switch trunking
Communication device with forwarding database having a trie search facility
Asynchronous transfer mode system handling differing AAL protocols
Method and apparatus for facilitating two-way communications between vehicles
Method for e-mail fax
Method, devices and signals for multiplexing payload data for transport in a data network
Integrated circuits for packet communications
Method for equalising a receive signal
Approach for processing data received from a communications channel
Stable in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) generator method and apparatus
Modulation format identification device and method of same
Diversity detection for WCDMA
System and method for transmitting compressed frame headers in a multiprotocal data transmission network
Teleconferencing system
System and method for maintaining a communication link
Method and device of communication through web page
Controlling the state of a node connected to a bus during the self identification phase of bus arbitration
Address mapping mechanism enabling multi-domain addressing in communication networks
Circuit for echo-cancellation in an asymmetric, two-way time-and frequency-shared communication medium
Block cipher for small selectable block sizes
Cryptographic isolator using multiplication
Sleep modes in peer-to-peer communications
Portable communication terminal
Single action audio prompt interface utilizing binary state time domain multiple selection protocol
System and method for interfacing a wireless telephone to a personal computer
Electronic telephone directory
Procedure for establishment of communication between two data transmission terminals and terminal for the embodiment of the procedure
Method for providing telephonic services
Wireless communications interface
Data communication system providing most adaptive initial menu and data communication terminal used in the same
Mobile paging telephone with an automatic call back function
Wireless communication system and method of controlling same
Methods and apparatus for enabling a non-DID station of a PBX or MLTS to receive a PSAP call back
Broadband I/O circuits, interface and bus
Bill image generation
Replacing telecommunications carrier equipment
Staged predictive dialing system
Intelligent line testing
Virtual contact center with flexible staffing control
Method, apparatus, and computer readable media for minimizing the risk of fraudulent receipt of telephone calls
Method and system for notifying a caller that a cellular phone destination is available
Method and device for dynamic message delivery based upon identification of originating caller
Real-time object-oriented database for TAPI service providers
Dynamically reconfigurable distributed interactive voice response system
Method and system for accessing CRM data via voice
Method and system for reporting outside temperature
Network based knowledgeable assistant
Method and apparatus for detecting a compatible phantom powered device using common mode signaling
Method and apparatus for improving echo cancellation in non-voip systems
Image forming apparatus
Hierarchical authentication system for images and video
Image separating apparatus with black isolation point removal of a character area
Method for contrast mapping of digital images using a variable mask
Method for enhancing a digital image with noise-dependent control of texture
Method of image processing
Distributed manufacturing with feedback
DVD reverse playback methods and apparatus
Video signal transmission method, superimposed information extraction method, video signal output device, video signal recording device, and video signal recording medium
Apparatus for generating recording signal including image data and copy condition information
Digital signal recording/reproducing apparatus
Method and system for providing secure subscriber content data
Method and apparatus for transceiving audio data stream through a digital interface
Digital broadcast receiver
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Region-based scalable image coding
Methods and systems for reducing requantization-originated generational error in predictive video streams using motion compensation
Digital video signal recorder/reproducer and transmitter
First pass encoding of I and P-frame complexity for compressed digital video
Apparatus and method for increasing definition of digital television
Television audiovisual, recording and reproducing apparatus using personal computer, method of supplying power to PC card, and PC card
Method and video recording apparatus for recording a television program
High circuit density pots splitter assembly
Splitter assembly with high density backplane board
Connection verification for all-optical cross-connects by signal cross-correlation
Hardware implementation of channel scheduling algorithms for optical routers with FDL buffers
System providing for multiple virtual circuits between two network entities
Method for destination control in an intelligent network
System and method for providing no answer detail service for telephone calls that are not completed
Telecommunication network having a VPN inter-connection to foreign exchange service
Selection of alternate sources for audio broadcast signals responsive to embedded source identification information
Wireless communication system
Relocation of communication services
Trunked radio repeater communication system including home channel aliasing and call grouping
System for coordination of TDD transmission bursts within and between cells in a wireless access system and method of operation
Method for determining mobile station coding scheme adaptation capability
Multi-beam antenna system for high speed data
System and method for re-routing communications based on wireless communication link quality
Apparatus and method for performing forced registration of a mobile station after hard handoff
Mobile internet access
Method and arrangement for controlling a mobile subscription in a module communication system
Forward link inter-generation soft handoff between 2G and 3G CDMA systems
Method mobile station and radiocommunication system for controlling safety related functions in communication handling
Handover in cellular system utilizing narrow and wide beam antennas
Speaker and speaker system
Speaker capable to playback in wide frequency range
Electroacoustic transducer
Electrostatic and electrolytic loudspeaker assembly
Speaker having a laser vibration diaphragm
Speaker apparatus and electronic apparatus having speaker apparatus enclosed therein
Electroacoustic transducer
Micro-speaker and method for assembling a micro-speaker
Speaker apparatus
Sound image localizing processor
Sound signal playback machine and method thereof
Data-driven software architecture for digital sound processing and equalization
Method for continuously controlling the quality of distributed digital sounds
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