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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Feeder with improved feed dispensing control
Animal restraint and feeder apparatus
Internet controlled pet feeder
Ice rescue walking staff
Handgrip for a crutch
Audio mixing console case
Portable bicycle stand
Device for heating food material
Pot cover with locking means
Computer-implemented method for grouping medical claims based upon changes in patient condition
Optical measurement instrument for living body
Fluffy floss kit
Tracheostomy appliances and methods for the treatment of sleep apnea syndromes
Medicament delivery assembly
Drug delivery device
Respirator flow sensor
System and method for treating movement disorders, including restless leg syndrome
Medical electrode assembly for electrotherapy and phototherapy treatment
Method and apparatus for device controlled gene expression for cardiac protection
Retractable fall arrest with component assembly and cantilevered main shaft
Hand-held aerosol fire suppression apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and device for producing flour
Cone crusher
Method and apparatus for processing of materials
Fluidic oscillator
Accelerator system and method of accelerating particles
Etching a laser-cut semiconductor before dicing a die attach film (DAF) or other material layer
Squeegee blade for screen printing and methods of manufacture and use of same
Film formation system and film formation method
Suspension solution filter sieve basket for use in flue gas desulphurization
Screen surface forming system
Disc for disc screen
Fastening tool with an internal combustion engine with a unique opening and closing chamber abutment
Multi-purpose electrical plier and striking tool
Fluted woodturning tools with handles
Apparatus for labeling containers, particularly specimen containers for medical specimen, method for labeling containers, and use of a labeling apparatus
Continuously updatable rotary pad printing apparatus and method
Front and rear wheel drive vehicle
Electronics-containing airbag module
Crime prevention device for vehicle
Multi-purpose rack and method thereof
Apparatus and method for controlling vehicular wiper
Speed-monitoring radar-activated brake light
Curve speed control system with adaptive map preview time and driving mode selection
Electric-powered self-balancing unicycle with steering linkage between handlebars and wheel forks
Boat cover
Traction method and system for an operating line, in particular a mooring line, of a floating production unit
Retractable anchoring pole system
Holder assembly for a secure line installation in structure openings of aircraft
Structural component and fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft
Device for boundary layer suction and composite component therefor
Fuel bib
Method and system for offshore export and offloading of LPG
Metal sheet container for transporting dangerous products
Secure container
Carton with divider
Box apparatus and packaging methods
Bushing for receiving a dropper neck, and corresponding package and kit
Device case and mounting apparatus
Individually attached disposable threads on thread frames for use with epilation or threader device
Watertight casing for portable electronic device
Packaging assembly
Container for pressurized fluids
Disposable low-cost pump in a container for liquid color dispensing
Apparatus for processing flat articles, in particular print products
Holding apparatus
Roll-form toilet wipes and dispenser
Web meandering correction system and web meandering correction method
Tape dispenser device
Sheet-supply device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Free standing elevator hoistway
Elevator liner apparatus and utilization method thereof
Bridge crane or gantry crane comprising a revolving arrangement and lifting frames suspended thereunder
Multi-chamber dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Adhesive tape with visual indicators and associated methods of use
Green phosphor and plasma display panel using the same
Fixed Constructions
Safety device for retrieving component within wellhead
High flow intake system for submersible pumps
Expandable tubulars for use in geologic structures
Steerable system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Variable valve timing control apparatus
Engine power tool
Interlocking piston barrels in a V-twin motorcycle engine
Method for determining the composition of a fuel blend
Programmable fuel pump control
Instrumented piston for an internal combustion engine
Method for measuring initial hydrocarbon concentration in canister and controlling fuel injection thereby, and system thereof
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive swirl injection and ignition
Method and device for controlling a stop-start program
Fluid-induced energy converter with curved parts
Hydraulic fluid pump having a sealing element
Transmission gear engagement mechanism and method of operation
Dynamic displacement energy management device
Vibration damper with an external part
Hydraulic circuit for automatic transmission having area controlled shift actuator valve with flow force compensation
High rate discharge (HRD) valve incorporating a rotating lever release mechanism
Thermally-actuated gas lift safety valve
High-pressure regulator for compressed-air weapons
Automatic barrel pig launcher
Assembly for conducting and tempering fluids and method for producing said assembly
Solar energy collecting assembly
Glass solar receiver with bifurcated annulus responsive to thermal dimensional changes
Stand-off door breaching device
Apparatus and method for determining trench parameters
Method for coding an output signal of a sensor
Interferometric condition assessment system for a microelectronic structure including a semiconductor or free-metal material
Differential pressure measuring system and differential pressure measuring method
Method and apparatus for a single point scanner
Apparatus and method for spatial encoding of a search space
Specimen holding device and charged particle beam device
Water leakage-acoustic sensing method and apparatus in steam generator of sodium-cooled fast reactor using standard deviation by octave band analysis
Digital spectrophotometer and spectrological method
Process and apparatus for measurements of Mueller matrix parameters of polarized light scattering
Precise critical temperature indicator and manufacturing method therefor
Deformation testing device
Method and system for evaluating a play
Diagnostic test device including photodetector and tether
Estimating optical transmission system penalties induced by polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
Device and process for measuring the characterisation by reflectometry
Method and apparatus for parts manipulation, inspection, and replacement
Surface plasmon noncontact electric field sensors and related methods
Image scanning apparatus and image scanning method
Gas sensitive field-effect-transistor
Eddy current testing method
Noncontact measurement and wireless transmission system
Method and system for testing data signal amplifier having output signal power dependent upon multiple power control parameters
Electromagnetic wave generation source searching method and current probe used therefor
Massively parallel interface for electronic circuit
Method and system for generating packet delay variation with a uniform distribution
Manipulator for positioning a test head on a tester
Complex pattern generator for analysis of high speed serial streams
Processing seismic data
Method for processing a distortion-corrected 2D or 3D reconstruction image recorded by a magnetic resonance device
Quantum theory-based continuous precision NMR/MRI: method and apparatus
B0 field drift correction in a temperature map generated by magnetic resonance tomography
Ultra-broadband UV microscope imaging system with wide range zoom capability
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Periodic dimple array
Optical modulation device and optical modulation method
Dynamic image regulator
Control grid increased efficiency and capacity for solar concentrators and similar equipment
Reflective optical scanning system having minimized aberration
Beam irradiation apparatus
Optics for an extended depth of field
Coating material and fiber optic sensor in which this coating material is used
Method and network architecture for upgrading legacy passive optical network to wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network based next-generation passive optical network
Lens module
Lens unit and image pickup apparatus
Light filter/modulator and array of filters/modulators
Display panel comprising wires having shaped marks and display device having the same
Reflective liquid crystal display device comprising a liquid crystal layer having a twist angle
Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Display element and production method thereof
Illumination optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Focus detection method and focus detection device
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, computer program, and recording medium
System for managing replaceable modules in a digital printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus maintenance via error transmission
Image forming apparatus
Method for handling an endless belt for an electrophotographic printer, and a storage unit having a retaining device for this endless belt
Toner supplier, toner supply method, image forming apparatus and toner supply system
Image forming apparatus with voltage control
Image forming apparatus with a cleaning member to remove toner from a transfer roller
Image forming apparatus
Medication regimen communicator apparatus and method
Electronic timer and system LSI
Device and method for controlling a passenger protection system of a vehicle
Actuator device including an expandable material
Electronic controller with integrating action
Systems and methods for improved coupled inductor topology efficiency utilizing a light load signal
Feedback and comparison apparatus and DC-DC voltage converter
Constant voltage circuit capable of quickly responding to a sudden change of load current
Constant voltage circuit with higher speed error amplifier and current limiting
Multi-processing system distributing workload optimally during operation
Internal clock generator, system and method
Timing control circuit and semiconductor storage device
Organic light emitting diode display
Slide mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device
Ruggedized computer and aspects thereof
Method to control core duty cycles using low power modes
Uncorrectable data error containment systems and methods
Method and apparatus for preventing soft error accumulation in register arrays
Method and system for retrieving time series data
Method and apparatus for controlling data propagation
Resilient flow control systems and methods
Controller to move contents and control method thereof
System and method for providing diagnosis information
Multi-processor system, and method of distributing memory access load in multi-processor system
Single memory with multiple shift register functionality
Physical tape interchange format
Processing device, failure recovery method therefor, and failure restoration method
Multiprocessor resource optimization
Network of networks of associative memory networks for knowledge management
Direct logical block addressing flash memory mass storage architecture
Copy control method and a storage device
Storage virtualization switch
Content management method and apparatus
Apparatus and method of page program operation for memory devices with mirror back-up of data
Adaptive multitap timeout
DMA circuit and computer system
Setting of color processing parameters for digital imaging apparatus
Multimedia pen with image processing module to convert captured images for printing by a printer module
Method and apparatus for checking the health of a connection between a supplemental service provider and a user device of a primary service provider
Audio/video router
Automatic response time measurement of LDAP server operations
Media fusion remote access system
Method and system for an independent collaborative computing community
Secure electronic message transport protocol
Email message hygiene stamp
Mitigating address book weaknesses that permit the sending of e-mail to wrong addresses
System, method, and device for scheduling a future time for a communication session
Utilizing informed throttling to guarantee quality of service to I/O streams
Display of software notes accessed by content recipient from content provider site
Sensing information management apparatus and method of sensor based home network system
Method and system for sequencing of electronic mail to derive a specified response trajectory
Real time collaborative on-line multimedia albums
Communication of control and data path state for networks
Method for creating and processing a soap message, and method, apparatus and program for processing information
Methods and apparatus for load balancing storage nodes in a distributed storage area network system
Configurable multi-connector storage device
Resiliently retaining state information of a many-core processor
System, method and program for selectivity rebooting computers and other components of a distributed computer system
Conceptual configuration modeling for application program integration
Methods and apparatus for intelligent selection of goods and services offered to conferees
Plurality of plant pots for use in cultivating plants, assembly comprising such a plurality of plant pots, as well as a method for cultivating plants
Apparatus and method for validating a computer model
Exponentiated polyphase digital filter
Navigation system for text
Method and apparatus for seamless transition of voice and/or text into sign language
Client-specific transformation of distributed data
Distributed network attached storage system
Adaptively reordering joins during query execution
Lightweight list collection
Statistical models and methods to support the personalization of applications and services via consideration of preference encodings of a community of users
Multimedia client/server system with secure access data sharing and methods for use therewith
Uniform name space referrals with location independence
Technique for finding rest resources using an n-ary tree structure navigated using a collision free progressive hash
Obtaining user feedback for unavailable content
Techniques for providing a surrogate heuristic identification interface
Apparatus for collecting garbage block of nonvolatile memory according to power state and method of collecting the same
Copy protection system for data carriers
Computationally efficient modeling and simulation of large scale systems
Method and apparatus for reducing dynamic power in a system
Integrated circuit netlist migration
Method and apparatus for providing optical proximity features to a reticle pattern for deep sub-wavelength optical lithography
Design/verification aid system and design/verification aid
System and method for managing buildings
Inertia compensating dancer roll for web feed
System and method for identifying complex patterns of amino acids
Methods for analyzing high dimensional data for classifying, diagnosing, prognosticating, and/or predicting diseases and other biological states
Wireless access unit with trunk interface
Information contents download system
Thorough operation restriction
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for enabling a user to amend an audio file
Computer aided design system having business process attributes
Channel communication array queues in hardware system area
Playback control methods and arrangements for a DVD player
Displaying facet tree elements and logging facet element item counts to a sequence document
Display device and controlling method thereof
Storage system, method for managing the same, and storage controller
Handheld mobile communications device incorporating a pagewidth printer apparatus
Printing system and image forming device for printing electronic document and printing method thereof
Print apparatus, control method thereof, and print system
Creation and manipulation of canvases based on ink strokes
Cache stashing processor control messages
Method of reversing an erroneous invoice
Dynamic authorization based on focus data
Business alerts on process instances based on defined conditions
Enabling interactive integration of network-accessible applications in a content aggregation framework
Method and apparatus of distributing data in partioned databases operating on a shared-nothing architecture
Flow computing
Selecting a source cluster by measuring system factors, calculating a mount-to-dismount lifespan, and selecting the source cluster in response to the lifespan and a user policy
Method, apparatus and program storage device for managing buffers during online reorganization
Applying abstraction to object markup definitions
Data processing system
System and method for associating queries and documents with contextual advertisements
Online estimation of vehicle side-slip under linear operating region
Multiple lock security system for cargo trailers
Flow of self-diverting acids in carbonate reservoirs
Shift-add based parallel multiplication
Accepting bids under uncertain future demands
Printer with optional device control
Active node, and contents transfer system and method using the active node
Methods and apparatus to detect a macroscopic transaction boundary in a program
System and method for simulating data flow using dataflow computing system
Methods of factoring operating system functions, methods of converting operating systems, and related apparatus
Single port initial context access to enterprise java bean
Sleep and stall in an in-circuit emulation system
Method and system for performing reassociation in software loops
Method and system for identifying proximity areas between several digitally simulated geometrical objects
Device control apparatus, device control method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with device control program
Method, real-time computation device, and initialization program for partial initialization of a computer program executable on the computation device
Method and apparatus for detecting deadlocks
Storage subsystem access prioritization by system process and foreground application identification
Limiting requests by web crawlers to a web host
Determining an actual amount of time a processor consumes in executing a portion of code
Image processing apparatus, method, and computer product for adding reference frame information used to detect position of image embedded information
Biometric systems
Method and apparatus for candidate detection using Hessian peak characteristics
Systems and methods for determining position and velocity of a handheld device
Apparatus and method for recognizing a character image from an image screen
Seed segmentation using l.sub..infin. minimization
Method and apparatus for distinguishing obscene video using visual feature
Dynamic test pattern composition for image-analysis based automatic machine diagnostics
Hybrid system for multi-projector geometry calibration
Method and device for stabilizing an image by applying an affine transform based on a weighted average of motion vectors
Method and system for determining a volume of an object from two-dimensional images
Signal processing device and method, recording medium, and program
Multi-scale analysis device
Method and system for searching a database of graphical data
Simulation of conditions in a batching process
Method for providing communication services
Methods, apparatus, and media for controlling supply of a utility service to a load
Wireless distribution of content files
Automated on-line purchasing system
System, method, and computer program product for selecting and presenting financial products and services
Methods for identifying and revising high-risk orders based on identified errors
Method and system for generating statistically-based medical provider utilization profiles
User interface for a financial advisory system
Method and system for multi-enterprise optimization using flexible trade contracts
System, method, and apparatus for identifying and authenticating the presence of high value assets at remote locations
Future check financing method
System and method for managing intellectual property life cycles
Displaying character strings based on font information
Flexible landscape display system for information display and control
Method and systems for localizing objects using capacitively coupled RFIDs
Detection device for passengers
Verbal warning systems and other audible warning systems for use with various types of devices, containers, products and other things
Security monitoring device, security monitoring system and security monitoring method
Remote wellness monitoring system with universally accessible interface
Accident avoidance during vehicle backup
Alert and warning system and method
System and method for data model and content migration in content management applications
Semiconductor device and plasma display device using the same
Display apparatus driving circuitry
Display device and method of driving the same using plural voltages
Method and apparatus for controlling a display device
Organic light emitting diode display
Analog circuit and display device and electronic device
Liquid crystal display films
Liquid crystal display device
Alternative graphics pipe
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and system for provisioning facility-based maps and related information to field personnel
Operation equipment and operation system
Method and device for the display of images
Apparatus and method for driving a display device including four color pixels
Disk holder, disk alignment mechanism and disk drive
Disk loading apparatus
Information recording apparatus
Calibrating servos
Optical disk drive adapter
Recording apparatus and recording method
Magnetic disk drive
Thermally assisted magnetic recording system
Magnetic recording medium, recording reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Timing recovery for data storage channels with buffered sectors
Synchronous repeatable run out field detection with high efficiency field format
Correcting errors in a disk drive read back signals by iterating with the Reed-Solomon decoder
High coercivity hard magnetic seedlayer
Patterned magnetic recording head having a gap pattern with substantially elliptical or substantially diamond-shaped termination pattern
Electrostatic protection for a magnetic tape head having multiple MR read elements
Method for dynamically detecting writing quality of a recordable optical disc
Disc apparatus
Flexible optical write strategy
Apparatus and method to determine an optimal optical detector orientation to decode holographically encoded information
Information reproducing apparatus
Methods for tuning write strategy parameters utilizing data-to-clock edge deviations, and systems thereof
Combination type optical disk medium, its reproduction method and optical disk apparatus
Disc signature for disc authentication
Probe-based storage device
Method and apparatus for bitline and contact via integration in magnetic random access memory arrays
3-level non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
NOR flash memory device with a serial sensing operation and method of sensing data bits in a NOR flash memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory, method for reading the same, and microprocessor
HDD sector format with reduced vulnerability to defects and burst errors
Memory malfunction prediction system and method
Data protection system
Data protection system
Integrated circuit that stores first and second defective memory cell addresses
ZQ calibration controller and method for ZQ calibration
8T low leakage SRAM cell
Semiconductor memory device and data write and read methods thereof
Memory circuit, semiconductor device and read control method of memory circuit
FIFO peek access
Memory device, memory controller and memory system
Systems for aligning and handling fuel rods within a nuclear fuel bundle
Shielding assembly for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method of using the same
System and method for causing an object to hover over a surface
Load shedder
Electrical switching device
Intelligent user interface with touch sensor technology
Light-emitting device including a dual emission panel
Electrode configurations for plasma-dome PDP
Positive column plasma display tubular device
Micro sample heating probe and method of producing the same, and analyzer using the micro sample heating probe
Display device
Semiconductor devices including gate structures and leakage barrier oxides
Magnetic device having perpendicular magnetization and interaction compensating interlayer
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with multilayer interelectrode dielectric film
Systems and methods for testing packaged dies
Semiconductor device with cooling member
Methods for wafer-level packaging of microelectronic devices and microelectronic devices formed by such methods
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Metal comb structures, methods for their fabrication and failure analysis
Metallic compound thin film that contains high-k dielectric metal, nitrogen, and oxygen
Layout structure of electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Semiconductor component arrangement having a first and second region
Combination planar FET and FinFET device
Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices
Ferroelectric memory configured to prevent penetration of hydrogen into a ferroelectric layer of the ferroelectric memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Nitride semiconductor substrate, method for forming a nitride semiconductor layer and method for separating the nitride semiconductor layer from the substrate
Semiconductor device having an element isolating insulating film
Integrated circuit having a cell with a resistivity changing layer
Silicon-based light emitting diode for enhancing light extraction efficiency and method of fabricating the same
Structure of LED of high heat-conducting efficiency
Solid-state imaging device
Power semiconductor device with a plurality of gate electrodes
Field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Junction field effect transistor using a silicon on insulator architecture
Semiconductor device having a fin structure and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Electrically-programmable transistor antifuses
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic switching element of a magnetic memory cell having a ferromagnetic layer formed between a gate insulating film and a magnetic semiconductor layer
Optical semiconductor devices on InP substrate
Boundary acoustic wave device
Piezoelectric drive unit and piezoelectric drive element
Method and apparatus for determining the health of an energy storage system
Self-powered home automation installation and its method of operation
Antenna and method of making the same
Variable aspect ratio tapered slot antenna for increased directivity and gain
Antenna and RFID tag
Commutator, direct current motor, and manufacturing method of commutator
Printed wiring board with component mounting pin and electronic device using the same
Glass for optical amplifier fiber
Laser-induced optical wiring apparatus
Semiconductor laser apparatus and fabrication method thereof
Plasma-jet spark plug
Power supply device, electrically-driven vehicle incorporating power supply device, and method of controlling power supply device
Power-station installation
Method and system to measure series-connected cell voltages using a flying capacitor
Universal battery module and controller therefor
Electric machine
Wind turbine generator
Flat electrical generator
Motor having a thrust system
Magnetic wheel
Electric motor, rotary actuator and rotary apparatus
Rotation control device
Digital frequency synthesizer and method thereof
Multiple band oscillator system
Solid state thermal electric logic
Output buffer circuit, differential output buffer circuit, output buffer circuit having regulation circuit and regulation function, and transmission method
Capacitive coupling type level shift circuit of low power consumption and small size
Differential hybrid circuit
Phase interpolator with adaptive delay adjustment
Oscillator and a tuning method of a loop bandwidth of a phase-locked-loop
Signal processing device and method, signal processing program, and recording medium where the program is recorded
High speed, low power all CMOS thermometer-to-binary demultiplexer
Transmitter digital-to-analog converter with noise shaping
Method and apparatus for channel coding having small running digital sum
Method and apparatus for channel coding and decoding
N-state ripple adder scheme coding with corresponding n-state ripple adder scheme decoding
Communication apparatus, communication method, and program
Communication device and communication method
Method and apparatus for parallel midamble cancellation
Mobile terminal and method of reducing interfering phase-noise in the mobile terminal
Current converter, frequency mixer, radiofrequency transmission system and method for frequency mixing
Key pad assembly and mobile communication terminal having the same
Mobile communication terminal with rotational display unit
Portable electronic device with operation mode determined in accordance with power consumption and method thereof
Frequency channel selection in a data transmission method which uses a frequency hopping method
Method for handling channel failures in an automatically switched optical network
Method and apparatus to generate an audio beam with high quality
Mobile communication terminal for setting background music during telephone conversation and method thereof
Method, UE and system for providing simultaneous multiple session PoC multimedia service in PoC system
Satellite communications interoperability module and down-conversion method
Wireless communication using a plurality of antennas
MIMO wireless data transmission system
System and associated method of service provision based upon broadcast state information
Broadcast information receiving terminal
Method and apparatus for in-line detection of satellite signal lock
Source detection apparatus and method for audience measurement
Ranging and round trip delay timing adjustment in a multi-point to point bidirectional communication system
System and method for a software-based TCP/IP offload engine for digital media renderers
Optical regenerator in optical fiber communication system
Technique to improve network switch throughput
Information processing apparatus and method
Transmission device and home server system
Methods and apparatus for media independent messaging over the internet
Scheduling wireless communication among delay-sensitive and delay-insensitive terminals
Method and apparatus for reducing the dynamic range of a radio signal
Efficient remotely-keyed symmetric cryptography for digital rights management
Method and apparatus for estimating signal-to-noise ratio, noise power, and signal power
Dynamic voice over data prioritization for wireless communication networks
Estimating origin-destination flow entropy
Packet measuring system, packet measuring program, probe and packet measuring method
Networking controller, device and communication network system of asynchronous transfer mode
Computer communication interface transmission control codes analyzing method and system
Method, system, and program for overrun identification
Timing distribution within a network element while supporting multiple timing domains
Load-balancing, fault-tolerant storage system
Deferred queuing in a buffered switch
Header compress/decompress framework
Application routing in a distributed compute environment
System and method for updating configuration data within a signal transfer point
Apparatus and method for corresponding frequency synchronization in on-channel repeater
Apparatus for channel equalization and method thereof
OFDM reception apparatus and OFDM reception method
Apparatus and method for direct quadrature power amplifier modulation
Obfuscated state store for rights management system and the like
Fast RSA signature verification
Method and system for single signon for multiple remote sites of a computer network
Multifactor device authentication
Key management system and method
Write accessibility for electronic paper
System and method for associating device information with digital images
Video baby monitor system with battery back-up
Single-transformer digital isolation barrier
Route information message for delivery of prepaid flexible alerting call
System and method for integration of non-java device into a java-based mobile service oriented architecture
Self-configurable telephony architecture
Echo canceller
Method and system for improved copy quality in a multifunction reprographic system
Information signal processor, method for processing information signal, image signal processor and image display apparatus using the same, coefficient seed data production device used in the same, method for producing coefficient seed data set, coefficient data production device, method for producing coefficient data set, and information-providing medium
Image sensor with photosensitive thin film transistors
Camera apparatus and method for removing image noise
Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method for solid-state image pickup element and image pickup apparatus
Monitor control apparatus for optical device
Modular, multimedia pen having a camera module and a printer module
Image stabilizer
Drive apparatus, image pickup unit and image pickup apparatus
Image pick-up module and method for assembling such an image pick-up module
Image pickup apparatus and control unit therefor
Focus control apparatus and optical apparatus
Imaging apparatus, imaging element, and image processing method
Image display system and method
Optical disc drive and method for adjusting working speed
Video processing apparatus, video processing method and DVD video apparatus
Process and device for audio-visual program editing
Video decoding system with external memory rearranging on a field or frames basis
Image block error concealing apparatus and method using weight filtering in mobile communication system
Scalable rate control system for a video encoder
Meta data enhanced television programming
Method and apparatus for motion estimation using adaptive search pattern for video sequence compression
Image capture and display device
Method, system, and program product for eliminating error contribution from production switchers with internal DVEs
Acoustic design support apparatus
Rectangular horn for varied acoustic drivers
Headset terminal with rear stability strap
Variable directional condenser microphone unit
Multichannel spectral mapping audio encoding apparatus and method with dynamically varying mapping coefficients
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction system
Device and method for determining where crowds exist
Soft and softer handover in time division duplex code division multiple access (TDD-CDMA) networks
Method and apparatus for securely transmitting distributed RAND for use in mobile station authentication
System and method for controlling quality of service in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for identifying and reporting non-operational enhanced uplink signaling channels
Apparatus and method for signaling communication resource allocation on a block basis
Wireless communication apparatus for selecting frequency channels
Methods and apparatus for CDMA2000/GPRS roaming
Parallel lighting system for surface light source discharge lamps
Transformer, illuminating apparatus using the same, and display apparatus using the same
Dimmable electronic ballast for electrodeless discharge lamp and luminaire
Electronic component mounted structure and optical transceiver using the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Narrowband based navigation scheme
Location finding using a single base station in CDMA/TDMA systems
Wideband phased array antenna employing increased packaging density laminate structure containing feed network, balun and power divider circuitry
Antenna assembly for subsurface meter pits
Antenna unit and communication device using the same
Antenna device installed in flip cover of flip-up type portable phone
Antenna assembly
Compact mountable dipole antenna
Lattice matched solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
Dye-sensitization-type photoelectric conversion element
Replaceable conduit connector for wiring systems
Flexure absorbing structure for wire protector
Self-sealing telecommunications enclosure
Gauge assembly having an adaptable coil assembly
Mounting of capacitors in electrical control box
Controller for a motor vehicle
Electrical connection of a circuit carrier to a conductor-track carrier
Junction box for low voltage data, video or communications connections
Grommet strip bendable along orthogonally related directions sealing nut
Portable multi-outlet assembly with a turnable eave
Mineral-insulated supply line
Plastic insulating seal
Communication cable
Corrosion inhibiting cap for electrical terminals
Conductor interconnect with dendrites through film
Printed-circuit board having projection electrodes and method for producing the same
Film carrier and method of burn-in testing
Pad-on-via assembly technique
Grounding terminal and mounting structure of the same on a printed circuit board
Presentation board digitizer systems
Christmas tree tip switch safety device
Dustproof and droplet-proof keyswitch
Collapsible key structure with scissors type linkage
Loading/unloading control apparatus of semiconductor device and control method thereof
Method of fabricating thermoelectric sensor and thermoelectric sensor device
Solar cell module
Solar cell module
Low-bandgap double-heterostructure InAsP/GaInAs photovoltaic converters
On-chip pad conditioning for chemical mechanical polishing
Polishing compound and a method for polishing
Method of forming bumps for flip chip applications
Repeatable end point method for anisotropic etch of inorganic buried anti-reflective coating layer over silicon
Method for etching fuse windows in IC devices and devices made
Semiconductor processing methods of forming photoresist over silicon nitride materials, and semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising photoresist over silicon nitride materials
Methods of making compliant interfaces and microelectronic packages using same
Method and apparatus for processing semiconductive wafers
Method and device for producing electrically conductive continuity in semiconductor components
Extrusion-coated nonwoven sheeting
Nonwovens treated with surfactants having high polydispersities
Crosslinkable cellulosic fibrous product
Polyester fabric for ink jet recording and process for manufacturing the same
Self-healing articles resistant to oxidizing agents
Transparent forsterite glass-ceramics
Low-expansion cordierite glass ceramics
Luminous glass
Molybdenum disilicide composites
Cordierite structures
High dielectric constant buried capacitors with extended operating temperature ranges
Process for the reactivation of sulfur deactivated cobalt titania catalysts
Y chromosome specific nucleic acid probe and method for determining the Y chromosome in situ
TFIIB transcription factor from Candida albicans and methods of screening for inhibitors of Candida albicans growth
Nucleic acid assays
Generation and amplification of nucleic acids from ribonucleic acids
Solid phase methods for amplifying multiple nucleic acids
Method for detecting nucleic acid methylation using AFLP.TM.
PCR methods and materials for detecting bartonella species
One step RT-PCR methods, enzyme mixes and kits for use in practicing the same
Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: Chemi-SELEX
Enhancement of the specificity of nucleic acid amplification by carrier nucleic acid
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Methods for the detection of nucleic acids
Computer system and method for determining a number of primary targets of a drug
Polypeptide and process for measuring living body components using the same
Methods and compositions for modulating heterotypic E-cadherin interactions with T lymphocytes
Activated ras interaction assay
Method and apparatus for measurement of the effect of test compounds on signal transduction at the level of biological receptors
Assaying D-amino acids in body fluids
Anti-mitotic agent screening process
Diagnostic method for Alzheimer''s disease
Method of identification of inhibitors of IL-1 receptor intracellular domain binding
DNA encoding a human serotonin receptor (5-HT4B) and uses thereof
Method of detecting prostate specific antigen
Methods and compositions for early detection and treatment of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Methods of use of viral vectors to deliver antigen to dendritic cells
Herbicide target genes and methods
Methods of use of a novel lysyl oxidase-related protein
Islet cell antigen 1851
Polynucleotides encoding a novel ABC transporter
Promoters of the genes glutamate dehydrogenase .beta.-N-acetylhexosaminidase and .gamma.-actin and their use in filamentous fungi expression, secretion and antisense systems
Polynucleotides encoding fatty acid transport proteins
Signal peptidase polypeptides of Staphylococcus aureus
Human signal transduction serine/threonine kinase
Methods for producing secreted ligand-binding fusion proteins
Process for preparing tissue factor pathway inhibitor
Methods and compositions including a 13kD B. burgdorferi protein
Immunogenic hybrid protein OprF-Oprl derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa membrane proteins
Anti-microbial proteins
Secretory immunoglobulin produced by single cells and methods for making and using same
Methods for producing a succinimide polymer, an aspartic acid polymer and L-aspartic acid
Method of preparing 3-[2-{(Methylsulfonyl)oxy}-ethoxy ]-4-(triphenylmethoxy)-1-butanol, methane sulfonate
Erythritol-producing yeast strains
Controlled electroporation and mass transfer across cell membranes
Plasmid-derived llad II restriction-modification system from lactococcus lactis
Peptides related to TPC2 and TPC3, two proteins that are coexpressed with telomerase activity
Constitutively active phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and uses thereof
.beta.-xylosidase, nucleotide sequence encoding it, and use thereof
Isolation and composition of novel glycosidases
Sequences of xylanase and xylanase expression vectors
Pullulanase expression constructs containing .alpha.-amylase promoter and leader sequences
Modified protease having improved autoproteolytic stability
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Plasmids comprising a genetically altered feline immunodeficiency virus genome
Stretococcal ERS
Phage with nuclear localization signal
Method for reducing bioavailability of lead by a lead-sequestering soil bacterium
Method for applying enzyme to non-finished cellulosic-containing fabrics to improve appearance and feel characteristics
Sensor employing impedance measurements
Device and method to directly control the temperature of microscope slides
Straw with adapter insert
Expression vector for the permanent expression of foreign DNA
Bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors, expression systems
Method for fixing cultured tissue and artificial skin fixed
Transgenic non-human animals for producing heterologous antibodies
Ultra rapid freezing for cell cryopreservation
Telomerase-associated proteins
Antisense inhibition of telomeric repeat binding factor 2 expression
RNA transformation vectors derived from an uncapped single-component RNA virus
RNA transformation vectors derived from a single-component RNA virus and contain an intervening sequence between the cap and the 5'' end
Blood component deposition-preventing agent, methods using them, and blood test ware and matrixes
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of tumors in humans
Method for synthesizing a specific, surface-bound polymer uniformly over an element of a molecular array
Methods for conducting tests
FTCD antigen
Rapid test employing an adhesive slide
Card-based biosensor device
Device and apparatus for conducting an assay
Electrochemiluminescent assays for eukaryotic cells
Method for fabricating ferro-electric thin films using a sol-gel technique
Ion implantation and laser anneal to create n-doped structures in silicon
Hybrid package including a power MOSFET die and a control and protection circuit die with a smaller sense MOSFET
Method of inspecting semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor structure with a backside protective layer and backside probes and a method for constructing the structure
Integrated circuit device manufacture
Thin-film thermoelectric device and fabrication method of same
Method for manufacturing laser diode chip, optical transmitting/receiving module and method for aligning positions thereof
Method for manufacturing a panel for a liquid crystal display with a plasma-treated organic insulating layer
Metal organic vapor phase epitaxy and method for manufacturing semiconductor laser device
Method of manufacturing an apparatus controlling light
Method for producing semiconductor device by coating
Process for fabricating micromechanical devices
Solid state image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Integrated solar power module
Supporting board for moxibusting implement of loess
Pressure sensitive adhesive constructions
Manufacture of cellular honeycomb structures
Filled synthetic grass
Decorative grass formed of polymeric materials having a texture and appearance assimilating paper
Recyclable textile floor coverings with polyalkylene film separation layer
Article of footwear
Superplastically formed panel
Flexible composite cure fixture
Inflatable fabrics comprising peel seams which become shear seams upon inflation
Embossed cling wrap
Ink jet recording media for use in making temporary tattoos and processes thereof
General purpose multilayer film products
Expanded starch-based shaped products and the method of preparation thereof
Fire-resistant gypsum fiberboard
Ceramic coatings containing layered porosity
Microcapsule magnetic display sheet and a method thereof
Acicular hematite particles having a low sodium content and their use in a magnetic recording medium
Stain blocking barrier layer
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets comprising photo-polymerization product and production method thereof
Materials used in gland packing made from expansive graphite, gland packing made from expansive graphite made from the materials, and a producing method of gland packing made from expansive graphite
Non-Woven fabric and artificial leather
Semiconductive polyolefin compositions and cables covered with the same
Color effect coating compositions having reflective organic pigments
One step lubricious coating
Substrate with improved hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties, comprising irregularities
Silicon single crystal wafer and method for producing silicon single crystal wafer
Derivatized metallic surfaces, composites of functionalized polymers with such metallic surfaces and processes for formation thereof
Heat-shrinkable multilayer thermoplastic film
Adhesive compositions based on blends of grafted metallocene catalyzed and polar ethylene copolymers
Coated superalloy article and a method of coating a superalloy article
Golden decorative part
Ceramic with preferential oxygen reactive layer
High stack factor amorphous metal ribbon and transformer cores
Ferromagnetic material and magnetic apparatus employing the ferromagnetic material
Selective growth of ferromagnetic films for magnetic memory, storage-based devices
Method of making cemented carbide with binder phase enriched surface zone
Metallic coating composition and method for forming a multilayer coating
Process for providing a pure hydrogen stream for use with fuel cells
Process for carbon monoxide preferential oxidation for use with fuel cells
Fuel cell system
Ionically-conductive belt structure for use in a metal-air fuel cell battery system and method of fabricating the same
Movable anode fuel cell battery
Intermediate element for thermal, electrical and mechanical connection of two parts
Fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies with improved power outputs and poison resistance
Fuel cell and use of iron-based alloys for the construction of fuel cells
Notched electrode and method of making same
Modular battery assembly with thermal management system
Battery constructions having reduced collector assembly volume
Battery with container compartment and end wall stiffening block
Electrochemical cell having seal and cover assembly
Lead alloy for lead-acid battery terminals
Method for producing electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Lithium secondary battery
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder for use in the negative electrodes of alkaline rechargeable batteries and process for producing the same
Zinc/air cell
Electrode for non-aqueous electrolytic cells
Material for negative electrode and nonaqueous-electrolyte battery incorporating the same
Positive electrode and special lead accumulator for use at high temperature
Proton conductive polymer battery and method of forming the same
Polycarbonate electrolyte, the preparation thereof and polymer lithium batteries containing the same
Stencil masks and methods of manufacturing stencil masks
Photolithography mask having a subresolution alignment mark window
Ball-shaped device exposure apparatus and ball-shaped device manufacturing method
Bias shield and method of developing a latent charge image
Method for fabricating screen in color CRT
Microlithographic pattern-transfer methods for large segmented reticles, and device manufacturing methods using same
Toner, two-component type developer, heat fixing method, image forming method and apparatus unit
Photoconductors with polysiloxane and polyvinylbutyral blends
Electrophotographic photoconductor
Low surface energy photoreceptors
Environmentally stable amorphous silicon photoreceptor and method for making same
Electrophotographic image forming process and electrophotographic photoconductor
Method and apparatus for making a design and/or sign on glass, glass-ceramic or ceramic articles
Method for manufacturing an electrophotographic toner
Heat-sensitive material with improved sensitivity
Positive photoresist composition and process for forming resist pattern
Processing method and apparatus for imaged elements
Chemically amplified positive photoresists
Photosensitive polymers and chemically amplified photoresist compositions using the same
Photosensitive resin composition and adhesive
Articles having imagable coatings
Optical recording medium
Lithographic imaging with constructions having mixed organic/inorganic layers
Optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Lithographic printing method using a low surface energy layer
Method of forming resist film
Production method for a photothermographic material and a recording process
Polymer overcoat for imaging elements
Aggregated dyes for radiation-sensitive elements
Support base for light-sensitive photographic elements
Photographic element with a layer improving the adhesion to the support
Imaging element containing an electrically-conductive layer
Silver iodide-containing photosensitive material and photothermographic element formed therefrom
Method to spectrally sensitize tabular silver halide grains
Binders for thermographic materials
Photothermographic element
Astrocyte apparatus for bioprocessing a circulating fluid
Diagnostic screens for type 1 diabetes (IDDM)
HIV probes for use in solution phase sandwich hybridization assays
Melanins with improved ability to inhibit HIV replication
Method for measuring messenger RNA
Cancer diagnosis and WAF1
Method for predicting the risk of prostate cancer morbidity and mortality
Mycobacterial species-specific reporter mycobacteriophages
Enamel matrix related polypeptide
Polymorphism detection
Protein/(poly)peptide libraries
Yeast cell surface display of proteins and uses thereof
Cascade polymer bound complexing compounds, their complexes and conjugates, processes for their production, and pharmaceutical agents containing them
Method for viewing diseased tissue located within a body cavity
Ipratropium bromide enantiomer with prolonged duration of effect
Rapidly drying sanitizing aerosol compositions containing alcohols, isobutane and propane
Aerosol formulations containing micronized optically pure (R,R) formoterol for bronchodilating therapy
Hair care compositions
Reduction of hair growth
Water-based, hair care products containing homogeneous terpolymers having both hair styling and conditioning properties
Fat-binding polymers
Human interferon-epsilon: a type I interferon
Mutant human interferons
Orally-administrable therapeutic and/or prophylactic agent for HTLV-1-related diseases
Combination therapy for chronic hepatitis c infection
Method for improvement of radiation therapy of malignant tumors
Method of treatment
Methods to block IGE binding to cell surface receptors of mast cells
Cytotoxic drug therapy
Type I interferons
Transferrin glycans composition for the induction of immune tolerance
Methods of immunization by administering fibrinogen binding protein or fragments thereof
Cell surface protein compounds
Uronium salts for activating hydroxyls, carboxyls, and polysaccharides, and conjugate vaccines, immunogens, and other useful immunological reagents produced using uronium salts
UL54.5 of Marek''s disease virus (MDV)
Adjuvant formulation comprising a submicron oil droplet emulsion
External preparations containing watercress extract
Mineral and vitamin combinations for the treatment of stress and allergies
Phosphoric triesters and external compositions containing the same
Azelastine hydrochloride-containing percutaneous preparation having good percutaneous absorbability and reduced skin irritation
Stable ascorbic acid preparation for topical use
Makeup compositions
Oil-free cosmetic composition
Composition of matter having bioactive properties
Method to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth
Drug delivery device, especially for the delivery of gestodene
Device and method for treating ophthalmic diseases
Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement
Inhibition of selectin binding
Methods and compositions for the treatment of wounds
Extremely flexible plaster acting dermally or transdermally, and method for producing same
Dermal penetration enhancers and drug delivery systems involving same
Methods and pharmaceutical compositions employing desmethylselegiline
Enhanced transdermal anesthesia of local anesthetic agents
Delayed release pharmaceutical formulation containing a .beta.-lactam antibiotic
Solid pharmaceutical preparation
Bioerodable polymeric adhesives for tissue repair
Process for making submicron particles
Reversibly swellable starch products
Compound and method for minimizing the appearance of cutaneous neoplasms and discolorations
Concentrated aqueous bromine solutions and their preparation
Methods for identification, purification, and manufacturing of the active constituent in Salvia-miltiorrhiza (dansheng) and the application of this product in enhancing cardiovascular functions
Extract of Touchi containing an .alpha.-glucosidase inhibitor
Preparation for administration to animals and feeding method thereof
Macromineral dietary factors in ruminant nutrition
Compositions and methods for calcium fortification of dairy products and oleaginous foods
Protective coating for food, method for producing same and products coated by same
Shelf-stable bar with crust and filling
Food casing from viscose-smoke blend
Pizza server
Packaging container for sliced foodstuffs, in particular cheese slices
Systems and method for non-invasive assessment of cooked status of food during cooking
Cooking device and a method for individually guiding a cooking process
Device and method for puffing granular material
Process for producing an ice confection
Bulking agents and processes for preparing them from food gums
Effervescent green tea extract formulation
Black tea manufacture
Seasoning, texture improver and drip inhibitor
Fine granular feeds for fry
Confectionery product made of protein and carbohydrate materials present in a relative weight ratio higher than 1
Percutaneous biofixed medical implants
System and method for setting, regulating and monitoring an applicator
Lead frame processing method and apparatus
Global positioning system controlled paint sprayer
Method for forming a coating by use of an activated foam technique
Aqueous compositions
Methods and means for modifying the surfaces of polymeric solids
Apparatus and method of applying resist
Method of preparing a diaphragm for an electrolytic cell
Glass ceramic article decorated with ceramic paints and method for producing the same
Process of painting with inks with colored resin emulsion particles
Method of producing the plated molded articles by non-electrode plating, and the resin compositions for that use
Application of plastic materials onto metallic components
Method of curing coating compositions
Processes for making release liners
Method of manufacturing a recording medium
Method of forming a magnetic hard disk with elliptical shaped laser bumps
Method and device for surface treatment with a plasma at atmospheric pressure
Liquid crystal display devices and processes for producing the same
Fireproof impact limiter aggregate packaging inside shipping containers
Truck hub paint mask device
Moldable silicone rubber sponge composition, silicone rubber sponge, and method for producing silicone rubber sponge
Enclosure arrangement for fixing workpieces to be processed and a process for manufacturing and separating the enclosure arrangement
Adhesive body
Method of fabricating an electrical component
Coating method for elongated metal blanks
Apparatus and method for plating wafers, substrates and other articles
Very high volt oxide formation of aluminum for electrolytic capacitors
Double pressure vessel chemical dispenser unit
PH sensitive reference electrode in electrolytic desilvering
Stent fabrication method and apparatus
Separating member for separating the tank bottom part the rest of the tank
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor with diffusible or non-leachable redox mediator
Low sulfur gas oil
Hydroprocessing reactor and process with gas and liquid quench
Nickel molybodtungstate hydrotreating catalysts (law444)
Water purifier system
Oil-filter assembly
Autogenous bone and cell filter trap
Sanitary floor drain
Surface feed filter pump box for aquariums
Reverse osmosis filtering apparatus with concentrate dilution
High pressure capillary liquid chromatography solvent delivery system
Magnetic treatment apparatus for water
Disposable hemodiafiltration set
Portable ultraviolet water disinfection device
Composite adsorbent element
Fluid filter assemblies with integral fluid seals
Porous polyvinylidene fluoride resin film and process for producing the same
Anaerobic digester system
Waste and wastewater treatment and recycling system
Biochemical oxidation system and process
Osmotic distillation process
Catalytically active permeable composite material, method for producing said composite material, and use of the same
Method for re-use of laundry wash water
Method for treatment of silicone emulsion waste by chemical addition
Removal of hydrocarbon components from an aqueous waste stream
Method and apparatus for treating liquid-containing material based on organic waste products
Process for cleaning up wastewaters from the hock process
Method and apparatus for processing intra- or postoperative blood loss for autotransfusion
Electrode formation process
Method of manufacture of a linear stepper actuator ink jet printer
Surface modification of polymers
Silicon etching process
Synthetic-fiber treatment composition with satisfactory biodegradability
Electric double layer capacitor
Piezoelectric ceramic material and piezoelectric ceramic sintered body obtained using the same
Halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerant compositions containing polymeric oil-return agents
Deicing solution
Anhydrous phosphate-free anti-corrosive antifreeze formulation
Polishing slurry
Styryl compound, method for the preparation thereof and electroluminescent element employing the same
Fluorescent material and manufacturing method therefor
Water-redispersible granules including a liquid active material
Ceramer compositions and antistatic abrasion resistant ceramers made therefrom
Conducting compositions of matter
Organic positive temperature coefficient thermistor
Method of producing optical media discs from hydrogenated block copolymers
Method for forming and sealing pipe liners
Air cooling system for preform molding
Boron nitride sealing element
Method for manufacturing EVA outsoles
Method for producing molded article
Continuous process for polymerizing, curing and drying high internal phase emulsions
Method and composition for making foamed polyethylene material
Method for manufacturing a carbon fiber composite
Method of recycling polyurethane foam components
Method for forming a fibers/composite material having an anisotropic structure
Modified slot extrusion dies
Method of fabricating silicon rubber-based mold
Process for producing piezoelectric ceramics
Method for manufacturing synthetic resin hollow member incorporating an intermediate element therein
Method for seamless construction of molded elastomer products
Process and apparatus for molding jewelry
Double-chamber vacuum resin transfer molding
Pressure vessel: overmolding a polyolefin onto a polyolefin
Melt extrusion processes and films produced thereby
Method of fabricating silica glass by sol-gel process
Method for manufacturing roller carrier of vibration balance device
Process and arrangement for manufacturing brush-type seals
Wire take-up mechanism
Flow field in the inlet plenum of a fluidized bed
Apparatus for vitrifying heavy-metal-containing residues having a chlorine content above 10% by mass
Shaft design for fluxing molten metal
Device for immobilizing an element of a kinematic system
Apparatus and method for tapping a furnace
High performance Cu/Cr sputter targets for semiconductor application
Process and apparatus for supplying rare earth metal-based alloy powder
Steel composition
Heat-resistant magnesium alloy
Cadmium-free silver alloy as low-melting brazing filler material
Gas treating solution corrosion inhibitor
Procedure to produce a disinfecting hot atmosphere and device to accomplish this
Test apparatus for assaying a component in a liquid sample
System and methods for performing rotor assays
Automatic testing apparatus
Bilaterally symmetrical battery powered microprocessor controlled lightweight hand-holdable electronic pipette
Biological sampling and storage container utilizing a desiccant
Catalytic converter for use in an internal combustion engine and a method of making
Photochemical reactor
Catalytic distillation with in situ catalyst replacement
Process for producing aluminum hydroxide from alumina-containing ore
Ammonia catalytic abatement apparatus and method
Process for removing sulfur dioxide out of a gas
Method for in-situ modernization of a heterogeneous exothermic synthesis reactor
Carbon activation process for increased surface accessibility in electrochemical capacitors
Method for oxidizing hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur
Process for production of a chemical compound
Method and apparatus for operating a reformer/co oxidation unit
Method of producing artificial zeolite
Stable synthetic material and method for preparing same
Collagen-based delivery of radioactivity for use in brachytherapy
Cardiovascular and thrombus imaging agents, methods and kits
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Method of attachment of large-bore aortic graft to an aortic valve
Self-aggregating protein compositions and use as sealants
Scleral prosthesis for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Intraocular lens implant having eye accommodating capabilities
Bone cement plug for deployment in a bone canal
Vertebral replacement implant
Dove tail total knee replacement unicompartmental
Knee prosthesis with a rotational plate
Snap-fitting, non-dislocating hip joint socket implant
Locking hip prosthesis
Unbalanced prosthetic device for providing side-dependent twisting-rotational axial-loading coupling
Method for in vitro production of bone
Fabrics comprising fibers having esterified triclosan derivatives diffused therein
Method of dry cleaning using densified carbon dioxide and a surfactant
Hybrid electrolyte, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing electrochemical element using the same
Amine azides used as monopropellants
Diesel fuel compositions
Non-fossil fuel additives for predominantly hydrocarbon fuels
Process for carrying out chemical reactions using a microlaminar mixer
Cemented carbide, manufacturing method thereof and cemented carbide tool
Polishing material composition and polishing method for polishing LSI devices
Accordion filter with a protective mask
Twist fit connection for air cleaners
Filter cartridge
Granulation method and apparatus therefor
Method of manufacturing sliding part and vortex flow generator for injection valve manufactured by that method
Activated feedstock
Method for producing Ac-225 by irradiation of Ra-226 with protons
Method and device for removing dust from areas with high dust loading
Method for separating mixtures of substances using a material pervious to said substances
Process for CO2/natural gas separation
Integrated heated getter purifier system
Device and process for dehydration of water absorbent
Subsurface integrated production systems
Gas extraction device for extracting gas from a microfluidics system
Fingerprint developing agent and method for developing fingerprints
Printing method, image forming process, ink, ink set, recording unit, image forming apparatus and print
Pigment dispersants, pigment dispersions and writing or recording pigment inks
Binders for cores and molds
Binder system for honeycomb ceramic bodies and a method for producing said honeycomb bodies
Ready-to-use stucco composition and method
CdTe crystal or CdZnTe crystal and method for preparing the same
Single crystal conversion control
Method for producing silicon ingot having directional solidification structure and apparatus for producing the same
Method and apparatus for the production of SiC by means of CVD with improved gas utilization
Grip arranged on a pull shaft of a crystal pulling system
Web processing with electrostatic moistening
Drywall taping and texture system using pump
Paint mask apparatus
Developer nozzle clean combs
Reflow chamber and process
Die wall lubrication method and apparatus
Method of and apparatus for processing a substrate under a reduced pressure
Head for vaporizing and flowing various precursor materials onto semiconductor wafers during chemical vapor deposition
Method and apparatus for aligning a wafer chuck in a semiconductor wafer processing procedure
Process for separation of glucose and fructose
Method and apparatus for processing ceramic components
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Method and apparatus for processing substrate
Wafer edge scrubber and method
Pool cleaner directional control method and apparatus
Method of and a device for operating a pool cleaner
Dishwasher detergent composition containing an anticorrosive agent
Method of annealing amorphous ribbons and marker for electronic article surveillance
Process for fabricating improved iron-cobalt magnetostrictive alloy and article comprising alloy
Heat resisting steel containing a ferrite or tempered martensite structure
High-strength heat-resistant steel and process for producing high-strength heat-resistant steel
Process for improving the extrudability of high-strength aluminum alloys
Method for increasing the wear resistance in an aluminum cylinder bore
Carbide dispersed, strengthened copper alloy
Bow-formed bumper, a method of forming a bow-formed bumper, and a method of hydroforming a blank therefor
Method of producing a bainite steel product
Gas-generating liquid compositions (OXSOL 3)
Apparatus and method for label application to trays for receiving semiconductor chips
Optical radiation conducting zones and associated bonding and alignment systems
Sealant application method
Urethane adhesive-laminated carpeting
Conformable vehicle coating composite
Method of renewing worn tread portions of reinforced rubber tracks
Method of manufacturing a cylindrical part by fiber reinforced plastic composite material
Method for the making of a secured document and secured document obtained by this method
Zipper for slider package
Coatings for improved resin dust resistance
Etching equipment including a post processing apparatus for removing a resist film, polymer, and impurity layer from an object
Anti-airlock apparatus for filters
Direct vapor delivery of enabling chemical for enhanced HF etch process performance
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reactor
Method for making paper nuggets from waste paper
Incombustible sound-absorbing electric radiation-absorbing ceiling panel
Multi-ply paper
Printed, soft, bulky single-ply absorbent paper having a serpentine configuration and low sidedness and methods for its manufacture
Method and system for monitoring web defects along a moving paper web
Process and headbox system for improving consistency cross-direction profile of fiber web
Doctor beam fitted in connection with a roll or a cylinder in a paper machine or a board machine
Roll with composite material roll shell and head in a paper-making machine
Preparation of an aqueous solution of free hydroxylamine
Method for solid-liquid separation in water-based solutions
Process for recovering .gamma.-butyrolactone from a mixture of heavy organics
Recovery of glycols from used glycol-containing technical fluids
Fuel gas production by underwater arcing
Method of forming metal wiring film
Sputtering assembly and target therefor
Advanced electrolytic polish (AEP) assisted metal wafer planarization method and apparatus
Apparatus for metal extraction
Electrolytic generation of nitrogen
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Flexible substrate plating rack
Getter system for purifying the confinement volume in process chambers
Capillary electrophoretic methods to detect new biologically active compounds in complex biological material
Method and apparatus of treating waste from nuclear fuel handling facility
Print image positioning
Domed compressed tampons
Electrotherapy apparatus
Implantable heart assist system
Assist tool for inserting a treatment tool into an endoscope, and a treatment tool to be used in the same
Device for controlling an amount of light of a lighting unit for an endoscope
Methods for monitoring a physiological analyte
Extended field of view ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with image reacquisition
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for optimizing the continuous positive airway pressure for treating obstructive sleep apnea
Finger pressure device
Acupressure point treating system
Ankle-foot orthosis and method
Quick release mechanism for orthopedic limb brace
Flow-through treatment method
Implant, and method and device for inserting the implant
Phacoemulsification handpiece, sleeve, and tip
Laparoscopic insufflator
Double and multiple lumen chest drainage tube
Vacuum regulator for a breastmilk pump
Catheters having rapid-exchange and over-the-wire operating modes
Method of bonding polymers and medical devices comprising materials bonded by said method
Percutaneous repair of cardiovascular anomalies and repair compositions
Drainage catheter
Dual balloon central venous line catheter temperature control system
Liquid pump
Arrangement in electronically controlled injection devices and method
Apparatus and method for catheterization of blood vessels
Injection apparatus and method of using same
Coated implantable medical device
Pack for the nose
Urine collection device
Individual packages for absorbent interlabial devices
Transfer assembly for providing a sterility seal in a medicinal storage bottle
Methods and apparatus for inhibiting infection of subcutaneously implanted devices
Methods and apparatus for disinfecting subcutaneously implanted devices
System and method for modifying a live cornea via laser ablation and mechanical erosion
Wire loop type instrument for endoscope and method of producing the same
Method for the correction of spinal deformities through vertebral body tethering without fusion
Device for stabilizing vertebra bodies of the spinal column
System for fusing joints
Endoscopic insertion apparatus
Instrument for fixating the eye during cataract surgery
Intraocular lens insertion device
Methods for embolizing a target vascular site
Instruments and techniques for inducing neocollagenesis in skin treatments
Surgical clamp pads with elastomer impregnated mesh
Atherectomy catheter with aligned imager
Atherectomy burr including a bias wire
Handle for a medical instrument
Handle for a medical instrument
Skin pricker
Water-soluble coating for bioactive vasoocclusive devices
Method and apparatus for catheter exchange
Automatic tourniquet system
Endoscopic procedural device
Polyester/cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive formulations
Method for changing critical brain activity using light and sound
Bronchial stenter
Modular bifurcated vascular prosthesis
Radially expandable non-axially contracting surgical stent
Radially self-expanding implantable intraluminal device
Transluminally implantable venous valve
Integrated transaction card and packaging
Baccarat display system and method
Flush poker card game
Universal progressive game for live casino games
Gaming apparatus with proximity switch
Method of processing interactive game, program product and game system for the same
Card dispensing shoe with scanner apparatus, system and method therefor
Laser pointing nunchaku assembly
Differential-speed-controlled transmitting coupling
Friction plate damper
Torsional vibration damping device in the drive train of a motor vehicle
Double torque flywheel in particular for motor vehicle
Constant velocity joint and rolling bearing unit for wheel
Plunging type constant velocity joint
Double offset joint with centering means for cage
Rotating shaft assembly
Club head assembly for a golf club
Golf club head with an internal striking plate brace
Golf club head
Structure of golf club head
Golf ball with multiple shell layers
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Low drag and weight golf ball
Golf stroke tally system method
Throwing and catching net
Basketball goal sounding apparatus
Goal for ball games
Racket gripping device
Drive mechanism having bogies
Transmission chain
Control device for vehicle automatic transmission
Device for controlling level of gear lubricant as a function of speed
Differential for part-time 4-wheel drive vehicle
Electrical connectors
Steering control method and apparatus for dual electric motor marine propulsion system
Articulating nozzle assembly for water jet apparatus
Airboat transmission, lubrication system, and associated method
Exhaust control system for a marine vessel
Method of manufacturing an electron source and image-forming apparatus using the electron source
White-light emitting diode structure and manufacturing method
Method for forming emitters for field emission displays
Low-voltage cathode for scrubbing cathodoluminescent layers for field emission displays and method
Apparatus for satisfying the non-nutritive, oral-motor sucking needs of infants
Device for scattering confetti and method of making and using same
Child supporting and amusement apparatus
Brassiere interrupted support element
Pad for brassieres
Polishing apparatus including holder and polishing head with rotational axis of polishing head offset from rotational axis of holder and method of using
Thin-film magnetic head manufacturing method and apparatus
Abrasive article with integrally molded front surface protrusions containing a grinding aid and methods of making and using
Tumble medium and method for surface treatment
Abrasive removal system for use with high-pressure fluid-jet cutting device
Chemical mechanical polishing conditioner
Belt sander with orbitally translated abrasive belt
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Double-disk polishing machine, particularly for tooling semiconductor wafers
CMP apparatus with built-in slurry distribution and removal
Substrate polishing article
Belt sanding machine
Rotary abrasion device
Apparatus and method for removing a polishing pad from a platen
Antimicrobial scrub pad
Polishing sheet
Grinding wheel for use in grinding apparatus
Means for remotely ejecting the blade of a meat skinning machine
Apparatus and method for detecting bone fracture in slaughtered animals, in particular fowl
Reconfigurable air supply arrangement of an air-conditioning system for below-deck areas of a passenger aircraft
Temperature system for enclosure
Fractal loop antenna
Vertical array antennas for differential GPS ground stations
Transmission device with omnidirectional antenna
Conformal, low RCS, wideband, phased array antenna for satellite communications applications
Highly isolated dual compact stacked spiral antenna
Electromagnetic antenna
Removable computer display interface
Driver system and method for a field emission device
Continuously variable color optical device
Displaying video data on a spatial light modulator
Display device
Active matrix type liquid crystal display
Display device
Scanning circuit for driving liquid crystal display
Flat panel display device
Low-power-consumption liquid crystal display driver
Liquid crystal display
Electrophoretic displays with luminescent particles and materials for making the same
Electronic apparatus and a control method thereof
Shielded connector
Digital connector retaining device
High speed high density electrical connector
Shielded connector
Armor stop for metal clad cable connector
Connector plug
Connector with wear-resistant engagement means
Simplified socket structure of miniature light bulb sets
Sleeve terminal
Driving device of a leg exercise machine
Selective component agitation apparatus and method
Modular exercise equipment
Exercisers and exercise methods
AB challenger exercise apparatus
System and method for controlling deflection of a dynamic surface
Burner control
Double-button piezoelectric child-resistant cigarette lighter
Human Necessities
Respiration monitoring system based on sensed blood pressure variations
Monitoring total circulating blood volume and cardiac output
Hand-held hearing screener apparatus and removable probe tip therefore
Performing Operations; Transporting
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Control process for impregnating porous parts and apparatus therefor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control strategy for an automatic transmission
Hydraulic control system for a CVT
Ventilation control system for a building
Dryer vent guard
End-ventilating adjustable pitch arcuate roof vetilator
Method and apparatus for entering Hangul (Korean) characters
Method for producing semiconductor device and photodetector device
RF connector clip ring
Shielded modular connector
Communication system and communication cable connector assembly
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