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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Nematode resistant transgenic plants
Administration of TLR7 ligands and prodrugs thereof for treatment of infection by hepatitis C virus
Electric oven
Preparation of an edible product from dough
Continuous production and packaging of perishable goods in low oxygen environments
Medical graft connector or plug structures, and methods of making and installing same
Single use lancet device
Devices and methods for the restoration of a spinal disc
Disposable fluid loop for intraductal fluid aspiration system
Biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders
Reclosable wound dressing system
Branch vessel graft design and deployment method
Synthetic blood vessel grafts
Implantable device with reservoirs for increased drug loading
Annuloplasty ring and holder combination
System and method for prosthetic fitting and balancing in joints
Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Substituted imidazole derivatives
Substituted oxazolidinones and their use in the field of blood coagulation
Substituted arylcyclopropylacetamides as glucokinase activators
Topical insect repellent
Methods and compositions for modulating adipocyte function
Antithrombotic compound
Method of treating autoimmune diseases with interferon-beta and IL-2R antagonist
SRSV detection kit
Immunogenic compositions and uses thereof
Ligand for herpes simplex virus entry mediator and methods of use
A.beta. binding molecules
Dental compositions containing carbosilane monomers
Chewable tablet containing lysine
Hydraulic cement compositions and methods of making and using the same
Guide wire
Catheter distal tip
Blood treatment catheter assembly
Muscarinic agonists
Tetrahydroquinoline analogues as muscarinic agonists
Performing Operations; Transporting
Contaminant-reactive geocomposite mat and method of manufacture and use
Reactive binders for porous wall-flow filters
Snap-fit catalyst device
Molecular sieve and membrane system to purify natural gas
Emulsified feedstock for hydrocarbon process units that incorporate spray atomization
Method for manufacturing particles for use in forming a resorbable implant for stimulating bone growth
Method of introducing or reintroducing a gas into a slurry vessel
Catalyst body
Naphtha desulfurization with selectively suppressed hydrogenation
Honeycomb filter for clarifying exhaust gas and method for manufacture thereof
Integral filter and grill assembly for a cold air return
Reflowed drug-polymer coated stent and method thereof
Method for depositing oil agent on workpiece
Optical compensatory sheet producing method and apparatus, thermal treating method and apparatus, and dust removing method and apparatus
Polysulfide thermal vapour source for thin sulfide film deposition
Method and system for cleaning heat exchanger tube bundles
Infiltrant matrix powder and product using such powder
Electrode for electrochemical reduction
Method for making a golf club face
Method of fabricating shake panels
Mold and molding process
Melt-flowable materials and method of sealing surfaces
Pinmat gap filler
Sliding parts, precision parts and timepieces and electronic equipment using the same
High strength substantially non-microcracked cordierite honeycomb body and manufacturing method
Radial cell ceramic honeycomb structure
Composite label
Label structure and label structure obtaining method
Photocatalytic coating and steel plate and canvas coated with the same
Glass having a porous anti-reflection surface coating and method for producing such glass
Aluminum alloy sheet for superplastic forming
Device and method for controlling timing for starting image formation, and an image forming apparatus using such device and method
Hybrid imager printer using reflex writing to color register an image
Tire rubber composition comprising a coupling agent having a polythiosulfenamide function
Method for applying web material to a molded plastic object
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing dispersible sulfate, preferably barium sulfate nanoparticles
Metal oxide and metal fluoride nanostructures and methods of making same
Fine particles of tin-modified rutile-type titanium dioxide and method of making thereof
Portable water purification device
Low oxygen biologically mediated nutrient removal
Process and equipment for treating ammonium containing liquid
Portable wetlands
Optical glass, precision press-molding preform, process for the production of the preform, optical element and process for the production of the optical element
Pollutant emission control sorbents and methods of manufacture
Process for preparing methyl mercaptan from dialkyl sulphides and dialkyl polysulphides
Method of separating dimethylnaphthalene isomers
Diphenylazetidinones, process for their preparation, medicaments comprising these compounds and their use
Electrochromic compound
Method for producing isocyanate group-containing siloxane compound
siRNA targeting transducin (beta)-like 3 (TBL3)
SiRNA targeting KRAS
Opioid growth factor receptors
Neisseria meningitidis antigens and compositions
Peptide derivatives
Compositions and methods for stem cell delivery
FGF-21 fusion proteins
Family of genes encoding apoptosis-related peptides, peptides encoded thereby and methods of use thereof
Compounds with growth hormone releasing properties
Process for preparing terminally functionalized living and quasiliving cationic telechelic polymers
Method of improving abrasion resistance of plastic article and article produced thereby
Method for clay exfoliation, compositions therefore, and modified rubber containing same
Cellulosic biomass soy flour based biocomposites and process for manufacturing thereof
Cyclopenta[a]naphthaline derivatives
Well drilling fluids
Bromine-based sulfamate stabilized breaker composition and process
Method of removal of carbonyl compounds along with acid gases from cracked gas in ethylene process
Conversion of kerosene to produce naphtha and isobutane
Process for the production of low sulfur diesel from an asphaltene-containings feedstock
PAO oil selection to control lubricating grease evaporation and low temperature
Liquid laundry detergents containing cationic hydroxyethyl cellulose polymer
Microorganism producing hyaluronic acid and purification method of hyaluronic acid
Chlamydia trachomatis genomic sequence and polypeptides, fragments thereof and uses thereof, in particular for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infection
Adenovirus vectors containing cell status-specific response elements and methods of use thereof
Production of peptides and proteins by accumulation in plant endoplasmic reticulum-derived protein bodies
Spore-like cells and uses thereof
CD19xCD3 specific polypeptides and uses thereof
Heterodimeric fusion proteins useful for targeted immune therapy and general immune stimulation
Process for L-amino acid production using enterobacteriaceae strains with enhanced yibD
Non-reducing saccharide-forming enzyme, trehalose-releasing enzyme, and process for producing saccharides using the enzymes
Human recombinant beta-interferon with improved solubility
Process for microbial production of hydrogen and methane fuels
Method for rapid detection and evaluation of cultured cell growth
Detection of proteases secreted from pathogenic microorganisms
Methods for assessing efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents
Genome wide location and function of DNA binding proteins
Method for the direct detection of diagnostic RNA
Ligand/binding partner bio-labeling systems
Apparatus for producing nano-particles of silver
Process and apparatus for combinatorial synthesis
Textiles; Paper
Drycleaning method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Laminated composite material, production and use thereof
Position detecting method
Alignment apparatus and alignment method
Three-dimensional shape measurement method and three-dimensional shape measurement apparatus
Camera based six degree-of-freedom target measuring and target tracking device with rotatable mirror
Inductive angular-position sensor
Optical coherent tomographic (OCT) imaging apparatus and method using a fiber bundle
Micro-mirror optical tracking and ranging system
Radar device
Spectrophotometric method and apparatus
Three-dimensional color and shape measuring device
Photometric apparatus
Gas sensor
Lithium-ion battery prognostic testing and process
Genes for diagnosing colorectal cancer
Modulation of nitric oxide signaling through signaling through specific regulation by arginylation and the N-end rule pathway
Polypeptides homologous to VEGF and BMP1
Assay method for peptide specific T-cells
Method of screening an antibody for activity in clearing an amyloid deposit
Device and method for disposing pipette syringes in a system used for manipulating liquid samples
Directory service for a computer network
Method and apparatus for fault localization in a network
Information processing system, information processing method, and computer readable medium
Method for positioning, a positioning system, and an electronic device
Radar sensor
Method and system for data fusion using spatial and temporal diversity between sensors
Imaging system
Radiation image detector and driving method for the same
Two-unit zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Electro-magnetophoresis display
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing display medium, and display medium
Matrical imaging method and apparatus
Transformable, applicable material and methods for using same for optical effects
Display device
System and method of the optical delay line
Method for producing polarizing plate, polarizing plate, optical film, and image display
Solid immersion lens holder
Zoom lens and electronic imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Light source device and image display device
Liquid crystal device and projector
Liquid crystal display device of in-plane switching mode, method of fabricating the same, and method of driving the same
Method and apparatus of liquid-crystal-on-silicon assembly
Liquid crystal display apparatus with phase difference layers
Liquid crystal display device with a spacer and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Fiber device, wavelength converter and image forming apparatus
Gas curtain type immersion lithography tool using porous material for fluid removal
Substrate handler, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Radiation image readout apparatus
Low refractive index composition comprising fluoropolyether urethane compound
Method of optically transferring a pattern from a mask having advanced oriented assist features for integrated circuit hole patterns
Magnetic toner for two-component developer and image forming method using the developer
Method of manufacturing toner and toner
Toner and, developer, toner-containing container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method for using a deep image hologram as a security device and a deep image hologram
Drive control method, drive control device, belt apparatus, image forming apparatus, image reading apparatus, computer product
Method and device for reducing influence of early effect
Voltage generating apparatus
Interactive directed light/sound system
User interface systems and methods for viewing and manipulating digital documents
Information processing apparatus and a method of controlling the same that detects position coordinates without superimposed noise
Cooperative rasterization of print data in an enterprise network
Facsimile and information processing apparatus
Color reduction processing apparatus and color reduction method
Image output system, client terminal device, image output device, and image output method using e-mail to inform client of output status
Correlated secondary TRC calibration method
Automatic image correction circuit
Methods and systems for rendering computer graphics
Method for constructing surface parameterizations
Method and apparatus for estimating a position of detected goods and controlling movement/swinging of an RFID reader in response to the estimated position of the goods
Apparatuses and methods for high speed bonding
Fuel retention monitoring system for a pressurized hydrogen storage tank on a vehicle and method of use
Display apparatus and method of driving the same
Display device substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device
Pixel structure for vertical emissive- reflective display
Signal line driving circuit, light emitting device, and method for driving the same
System and method for identifying bounds of a geographical area
Method and apparatus to convert bitmapped images for use in a structured text/graphics editor
Graphics system with embedded frame butter having reconfigurable pixel formats
Hammer keyboard system and chassis
Tuning device for musical instruments and computer program for the same
Expressing music
Discontinuous mode back EMF measurement
Perpendicular magnetic write head having a magnetic write pole with a concave trailing edge
Magnetic field read sensor based on the extraordinary hall effect
Symmetric voice coil motor design, assembly methods of constructing same, and hard disk micro drive storage systems including same
Disk drive actuator with outer arms having regions of reduced width and increased thickness
Servo sector format with large lithographic tolerances
Recording medium controller and recording medium controlling method
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Storage units and register file using the same
High-bandwidth magnetoresistive random access memory devices and methods of operation thereof
Memory content inverting to minimize NTBI effects
System and method for reading multiple magnetic tunnel junctions with a single select transistor
Memory storage technique for a bi-directionally programmable memory device
Power switching circuit
Speculative sense enable tuning apparatus and associated methods
Decoding control with address transition detection in page erase function
Error detection on programmable logic resources
Apparatus, microscope with an apparatus, and method for calibration of a photosensor chip
Lithography systems and methods for operating the same
Coin-shaped storage cell
System and method for storing hydrogen and electrical energy
Sealed electro-technical device comprising two sealing joints and methods therefor
Configurations and methods for making capacitor connections
Interior illumination device
Electron emitter
Image display device with narrow frame
Non-contact detector system with plasma ion source
Systems for differential ion mobility analysis
Ion detection methods, mass spectrometry analysis methods, and mass spectrometry instrument circuitry
Gangable electrical bracket
Quantum dot laser diode and method of manufacturing the same
Electrooptical device and a method of manufacturing the same
Dense seed layer and method of formation
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Dielectric film, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor capacitor having the dielectric film
Method for operating photosensitive device
Method of plasma doping
Method of aligning nanotubes and wires with an etched feature
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Localized spacer for a multi-gate transistor
Method of manufacturing a transistor of a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and display device
Ceramic substrate and method of breaking same
Method for creating conductive elements for semiconductor device structures using laser ablation processes and methods of fabricating semiconductor device assemblies
Programmable fuse with silicon germanium
Inverse slope isolation and dual surface orientation integration
Buried layer and method
Power transistor
Deep trench capacitor through SOI substrate and methods of forming
Method for forming large area display wiring by droplet discharge, and method for manufacturing electronic device and semiconductor device
Cold weld hermetic MEMS package and method of manufacture
Chip package having with asymmetric molding and turbulent plate downset design
Electrically connecting substrate with electrical device
Using external radiators with electroosmotic pumps for cooling integrated circuits
System for characterization of low-k dielectric material damage
Dual gate stack CMOS structure with different dielectrics
High-voltage lateral trench MOSFET
Semiconductor integrated device and method of providing shield interconnection therein
Method for manufacturing microlens
Display panel
Semiconductor device having EL element, integrated circuit and adhesive layer therebetween
Semiconductor device with robust polysilicon fuse
Semiconductor device
Programmable resistance memory element with multi-regioned contact
Electronic device, field effect transistor including the electronic device, and method of manufacturing the electronic device and the field effect transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and a manufacturing method for the same
System for vertical DMOS with slots
Semiconductor device including gate wiring, main electrodes and connecting plate connected onto said main electrodes
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Trench-gate LDMOS structures
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor photo-detector, semiconductor photo-detection device, and production method thereof
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and camera module
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive porcelain composition and method of manufacturing the same
Flat panel display and method for fabricating the same
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having organic semiconductor film
Modular rack assemblies for sealed lead acid batteries
Co-precipitation method for the preparation of Li.sub.1+xNi.sub.1-yCo.sub.yO.sub.2-based cathode materials
Fuel cell system, fuel cell system drive method and fuel container for power generation
Dual-band antenna
Dual polarization antenna device for creating a dual band function
Parallel waveguide slot coupler with reactive buffering region
Backplane extension apparatus and method
Multimode amplifier for amplifying single mode light
Structure of high power edge emission laser diode
Modular wall plate for ganging commercial dimmers
Electrical cable connector assembly and retaining spring
Circuit interrupter including point-on-wave controller and voltage sensors
Circuit protection device with automatic monitoring of operation fault
Circuit interrupting device with automatic end-of-life test
Overvoltage protection circuit of output MOS transistor
Method for recognizing the load of an island inverter and island inverter
Electric motor with minimized cogging and related method of determining stator pole geometry
Armature and motor on which the armature is mounted
Steel wheel-type linear motor
Energy conversion system
Electric power steering apparatus
Switching power supply
PWM cycloconverter and control method for PWM cycloconverter
Power generation control device for vehicle generator
Control method for a synchronous motor, particularly for circulation pumps
Brushless motor control apparatus for pump
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Power amplifier
Low power output stage
Digital PWM amplifier having a low delay corrector
Preamplifier for receiver and method thereof
Delay circuit
Common-mode charge control in a pipelined charge-domain signal-processing circuit
Equalizer and equalization method
Ballistic deflection transistor and logic circuits based on same
Level-conversion circuit
Low-voltage differential signal driver for high-speed digital transmission
Configurable IC with routing circuits with offset connections
Self-selecting precharged domino logic circuit
Wave shaping output driver to adjust slew rate and/or pre-emphasis of an output signal
Low-power clock gating circuit
Signal amplitude detection circuitry without pattern dependencies for high-speed serial links
Frequency independent control
Hierarchied calibration circuit
Increasing the dynamic range of pulse width modulation in analog to digital converters
Memory-based device and method of channel estimation in a digital communication receiver
Physical layer and MAC enhancements using complex sequences on a wireless channel
Selectable hybrid circuitry for transmission systems and method therefor
Method and system for maintaining synchronization in low-power mode over a frequency hopping radio link
System and method for extending universal bus line length
Method and system for wireless interfacing of electronic devices
Allocation of power and channelization codes for data transfers
Method for scheduling users in a hierarchical network
Adaptive transmission timing control method, wireless communication system and wireless communication device
Method for detecting symbol synchronization and apparatus thereof
Programmable logic devices with multi-standard byte synchronization and channel alignment for communication
Methods for allocating transmission bandwidths of a network
Apparatus and method for facilitating data packet transportation
SyncML based OMA connectivity object to provision VPN connections
OFDM signal receiving apparatus and method for estimating common phase error of OFDM signals using data subcarriers
Method and system for providing availability and reliability for a telecommunication network entity
Low latency digital audio over packet switched networks
Data communication system, data transmission apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data communication method, data transmission method, received-data processing method, and computer program
Timestamp metering and rollover protection in a network device
Method and apparatus for managing a transition for a class of data between first and second topologies in a data communications network
Protocol specification for message-initiated constraint-based routing
Information processing system and access method
Learning-based strategies for message-initiated constraint-based routing
Method, device, system and program for time-series data management
Apparatus and method for enabling Voice Over IP support for a network switch
System and method for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and facsimile over internet protocol (FoIP) calling over the internet
Method and apparatus for automatically determining an appropriate transmission method in a network
Communication system
Dynamic network address translation system and method of transparent private network device
Derived VLAN mapping technique
Printer with automatic acquisition and printing of network address
Method and apparatus for modification of connections in a communications system which is based on data compression
System and method for monitoring congestion paging
VSB transmission system
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Enhanced management of raster image processing resources
Digital swatch book
Mobile terminals including image sensor integrated flash sensing circuits and methods of operating the same
Terminal control apparatus, terminal control method, terminal control program and storage medium
Image processor having an application specific integrated circuit for camera module
Modular camera and printer system
Lens module for digital camera
Photography control apparatus and program
Direct recording device and direct recording method
Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
Manipulation of digital camera images utilizing stored autofocus settings
Digital image camera using autofocus information for image enhancement
Triax transmitter and receiver interfaces and transmission system
Digital motion picture film enhancement approaches
Motion estimation and compensation in video compression
Normalized images for cameras
Imaging apparatus
Hits stream rewind
Inspection device and inspection method
Apparatus and method for compensating for backlight in a mobile terminal with a camera
System and method of classifying remote users according to link quality, and scheduling wireless transmission of information to the to the users based upon the classifications
System and method for over the air area code update
Heat-generating element of a heating device
Electric heating element that includes a radiant tube
Wafer holder, and wafer prober provided therewith
Sequentially pulsed traveling wave accelerator
Portable electronic apparatus with improved audio quality through a curved and sloped surface of a housing
Support structure of electronic device and hard disk drive comprising the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Athletic shoe
Footwear sole
Holster for a communication device
Tote bag
PDA holding assembly having a zipper closure
Decorative mount
Tooth paste dispensing toothbrush
Pattern for an embossed wipe
Chair shell
Pin foot chair
Cocktail table
Trolling board storage device
Floating shelf
Multimedia desk
Television stand
Audio video shelving unit
Medicine cabinet
Surface configuration of a vent for a headrest
Modular furniture component
Inflatable pillow
Bath mat
Heatable container with charger
Coffee mug with stirring apparatus
Bowl having a display tab
Beverage can cooler
Hot water boiler
Barbeque grill with 8-ball motif
Barbeque grill
Baking form
Set of cutlery
Hammer shaped bottle opener
Bottle cap opener
Accessory positioning device
Random orbit sander
Handle with margin inserts, for a folding multipurpose tool
Side plate for a handle, with an indented area
Side plate for a tool handle
Portable crimping device
Pneumatic fastener
Corner sanding sponge
Asymmetric handle for a folding multipurpose hand tool, with margin inserts and latch lever
Locking or sealing device
Combination lock
Square double barbed plate with fastener
Ring-post fastener
Nail strap
Dual chamber bottle
Spice container
Container for wrapping purpose
Display package for a tool bit
Watch case
Combination thermometer and hydrometer
Centripetal telescope that uses a laser for surveying instrument
Total air temperature probe
Liquid level indicator for pressurized containers of volatile liquids
Turkey caller drum
Floating conductor
Oyster bag float
Jewelry component
Skeg protector
Folding bicycle
Tire tread
Motorcycle wheel
Surface configuration of a hood for a vehicle
Fairing trim piece for an over the highway truck
Motorcycle wheel
Brake disc
Golf ball wheel cover
Motorcycle wheel
Motorcycle exhaust end cap
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Automotive wheel
Vehicle rear end configuration
Wheel rim
Motorcycle wheel
Car card holder
Horizontal flame automotive grille
Motorcycle wheel
Vehicle front bumper
Motorcycle wheel
Surface configuration of a front bumper for a vehicle
Pressure switch
Digital video disc recorder
Microphone arm
Radio faceplate
Vehicle audio player
Icon for a display screen
Portable electronic device
Computer housing
Liquid crystal display
Multi-panel computer display
Mobile POS
LED radio
Television set
Projection television set
Audible wireless baby monitor
Front cover for a handset
Cell phone with phone jack, computer port and memory
Cellular phone
Combined amplifier and tuner
Mower blade
Thread cassette for sewing machine
Electrostatic chuck
Electronic camera
Single-lens reflex digital camera
Gem microscope stage
Solid ink stick
Tape printing machine
Type font
Greeting card with folding cutout
Wall suspension clamp
Smooth CD case
Desktop organizer
Writing implement container
Light pen with stylus for PDA
Pen with detachable stylus clip
Gel pen
Teaching apparatus block
Bowling game
Toy electronic domino train head
Golf club holder
Lateral raise exercise machine
Sports ball
Gaming machine
Articulated mermaid fish lure
Components for fishery demands
Water purifier
Shower head
Wall mounted pivoting faucet set
Faucet spout
Adjustable and portable shampoo basin
Sink bowl
Filter for engine
Specimen testing device
Veterinary syringe
Urine collection bag
Cryosurgical probe
Night foot splint
Square tile module
Triangle tile module
Modular portable outhouse
Light fixture
Illuminated tweezers
Portable reading light
Shower massager
Lotion applicator
Nail buffer
Air delivery device
Human Necessities
Azalea plant named `Robleg`
Peach and nectarine rootstock named `K146-43`
Hydrangea hybrid plant named `Sweet Chris`
Impatiens plant named `Fitam Light Pink`
Variety of begonia plant named `BBVeronica`
Peach and nectarine rootstock named `P30-135`
Shumard oak tree named `ACNRT1`
Stackable shelving system
Drug profiling apparatus and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for detecting decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompression of tire
Steering system for mobile unit
Electronic apparatus and data recording method in electronic apparatus
Controller for occupant restraint system
Method and device for firing at least one firing element for a restraining device of a vehicle
Method for determining the roll angle of a vehicle using an estimation of road bank angle
Electrical system for detecting and correcting loss of vehicle control caused by wheel slipping
System and method for controlling brake actuation energy in electronically-controlled vehicle brake systems
Active steering for handling/stability enhancement
Four wheel steering compensation for low coefficient of friction surface
Arrangement for generating control commands for actuating flaps and slats of an aircraft
Fixed Constructions
Adjustment of vehicle-implement trajectories to compensate for lateral implement offset
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sensor failure accommodation system
Structure and method for message snooping in SCSI bus expanders
Flight management system and method for providing navigational reference to emergency landing locations
Electromagnetic flowmeter
Method for reducing skew in a real-time centroid calculation
Systems and methods for transmitting bursty-asnychronous data over a synchronous link
Synthetic pressure altitude determining system and method
System for detecting malfunction of internal combustion engine radiator
Method of estimating system dynamics by subsystem transfer function testing
Method and apparatus for non-destructive thermal inspection
Fast eye diagram analyzer uses nearest neighbor transverse to quickly discover basic eye diagrams
System for surveillance of spectral signals
Field distribution measuring method and device
JTAG instruction register and decoder for PLDS
IC with state machine controlled linking module
Calibration method for system performance validation of automatic test equipment
Integrated circuit fault insertion system
Subsurface modeling method
Event data protection method for a flash programmable microprocessor-based control module
Method and apparatus for controlling electrical devices in response to sensed conditions
Control program development support apparatus
Detection and discrimination of instabilities in process control loops
Methods and systems for performing integrated analyzes, such as integrated analyzes for gas turbine power plants
Production management system and system for checking operating conditions of product processing apparatuses
Sensor error detection and compensation system and method
Manipulating an integrated circuit clock in response to early detection of an operation known to trigger an internal disturbance
Port sampling circuit apparatus incorporated in a microcomputer
Distribution of processing activity across processing hardware based on power consumption considerations
Hierarchical watermarking of content that is distributed via a network
Method to estimate power and cooling requirements of systems
System for controlling a switchmode power supply in a computer system by first coarsely and then finely adjusting a time-length signal
Coordinating protocol for a multi-processor system
Data processing apparatus
Computer power management with converter for changing generated power mode commands for external devices
Vehicle-mounted information device
Analog/digital display adapter and a computer system having the same
Error condition handling
Automatic generation and regeneration of a covering test case set from a model
Method for testing integrated logic circuits
Method and test tool for verifying the functionality of a software based unit
Electronic device and its repairing method
Method and apparatus for automatically synchronizing data to destination media
Method and apparatus for detecting and recovering from errors in a source synchronous bus
System and method for security of information in a memory
Data quality assurance
Method for measuring quantity of usage of CPU
Method for optimization of memory usage for a computer program
Method for simulating back program execution from a traceback sequence
System integrated circuit
Wireless portable adaptive electronic device capable of receiving signals
Method and apparatus for detecting pipeline address conflict using compare of byte addresses
Method and system for automatic address table reshuffling in network multiplexers
Processor with register file accessible by row column to achieve data array transposition
Bus access arbitration based on workload
Method for physical backup in data logical order
Identifying and tracking object references in a java programming environment
Memory allocation system and method
Method and system for garbage collection using a dynamically tuned write barrier
Space management in compressed main memory
Method for determining a type of memory present in a system
Using type bits to track storage of ECC and predecode bits in a level two cache
Method for managing pages of a designated memory object according to selected memory management policies
Network system for transmitting overwritten portion of client side node cache image to server site through intermediate downstream nodes updating cache images of data requested by client
Apparatus and method for performing an instant copy of data based on a dynamically changeable virtual mapping scheme
Partitioned library
Intelligent backplane for serial storage architectures method and system
Method for communication from a host computer to a peripheral device
Apparatus and method of reducing physical storage systems needed for a volume group to remain active
Docking station for use with a portable computer system
Method and system for relocating files that are partially stored in remote storage
Method, system, and computer program product for a data propagation platform and applications of same
Modem control
Methods and systems for intelligent I/O controller with channel expandability via master/slave configuration
Optimizer improved data compression
I/O control device and I/O control method
Technique for reducing memory latency during a memory request
Method for adaptive arbitration of requests for memory access in a multi-stage pipeline engine
Write clock and data window tuning based on rank select
Method and apparatus for scheduling requests using ordered stages of scheduling criteria
Migrating a memory page by modifying a page migration state of a state machine associated with a DMA mapper based on a state notification from an operating system kernel
Access assurance for remote memory access over network
Coherent memory mapping tables for host I/O bridge
Response and data phases in a highly pipelined bus architecture
Device and method for switching receiving/recording device in a broadcasting connection/point-to-point connection bus enviroment
Method of delivering an audio or multimedia greeting containing messages from a group of contributing users
Event data acquisition
Identifying and locating lost or stolen personal digital assistant devices via a landline- or wireless-connected web server
Methods and systems for assigning human-readable and unique uniform resource locators to objects
Network and method for call management
Computing system and method for migrating a mobile computing environment
Method and template for developing device-centric network management applications
Method, apparatus, and recording medium for retrieving optimum template pattern
Method for associating semantic information with multiple images in an image database environment
Encoding semi-structured data for efficient search and browsing
Filter for checking for duplicate entries in database
Method and system for optimizing data storage and retrieval by an audio/video file system using hierarchical file allocation table
Method and apparatus for query and analysis
System and methodology providing compiler-assisted refactoring
Similar image retrieving apparatus, three-dimensional image database apparatus and method for constructing three-dimensional image database
Encoded-data database for fast queries
System and method in a data processing system for generating compressed affinity records from data records
Methods and apparatus for user-centered class supervision
Non-blocking parallel band join algorithm
System and methodology for providing fixed UML layout for an object oriented class browser
System and method for gathering and analyzing database performance statistics
System, method, and user interfaces for managing genomic data
Detecting and tracking new events/classes of documents in a data base
Pluggable tablespaces for database systems
Scalable Content management system and method of using the same
Programmable microprocessor cache index hashing function
Online content provider system and method
File system management with user-definable functional attributes stored in a token action log
Method of characterizing an electronic device having unbalanced ground currents
Redundant via rule check in a multi-wide object class design layout
Resistance and capacitance estimation
Process for layout of memory matrices in integrated circuits
System and method for providing continuous, expert network critical care services from a remote location(s)
Process control based on tool health data
Automatic guidance system for towed farm implements
Methods for aligning measured data taken from specific rail track sections of a railroad with the correct geographic location of the sections
System and method for efficiently capturing and reporting maintenance, repair, and overhaul data
System and method for providing prescription services using voice recognition
Back-channeling in a memory vault system
System and method for protecting a computer and a network from hostile downloadables
Virtual hard disc
User customizable secure access token and multiple level portable interface
Firewall providing enhanced network security and user transparency
Managing data in compliance with regulated privacy, security, and electronic transaction standards
Access control device, access control method, recording medium, and computer data signal for controlling allowance of access to storage area using certification data
Video on demand methods and systems
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency of operation of a hard disk drive by deferring command execution
Information-object designation system
Method and apparatus for reassembly of data blocks within a network processor
Unified buffer for tracking disparate long-latency operations in a microprocessor
Method and apparatus for discovering knowledge gaps between problems and solutions in text databases
Method and mechanism for dependency tracking
Extensible database
Natural language agent for monitoring a threaded discussion
Method for automatically finding frequently asked questions in a helpdesk data set
Disc access apparatus and disc access method
Pipelining operations in a system for performing modular multiplication
Dynamic field patchable microarchitecture
Countermeasure to power attack and timing attack on cryptographic operations
Method and apparatus for using past history to avoid flush conditions in a microprocessor
System and method for remote and local diagnosis using automatically identified symbol libraries to create record based requests with tag lists of data to be collected from an operating system
Integration mechanism for object-oriented software and message-oriented software
Computer system with multiple heaps
Software image transition aid comprising building a disk image based on identified hardware
System and method for transferring information over a network
Methods for optimizing the installation of a software product onto a target computer system
Computer booting method
System and method for defining a semiconductor device layout
Sequence control mechanism for enabling out of order context processing
Method and apparatus for scheduling a resource to meet quality-of-service restrictions
Circuit for precise measurement of the average value of the outputs of multiple circuit unit elements
System for collecting and storing email addresses with associated descriptors in a bookmark list in association with network addresses of electronic documents using a browser program
Methods and systems for global sales forecasting
Method and system for origin-destination passenger demand forecast inference
System and process to ensure performance of mandated safety and maintenance inspections
Systems and methods for providing electronic document services
Content based web advertising
System method and article of manufacture for internet based affiliate pooling
System and method for monitoring and analyzing internet traffic
Media-on-demand flexible and adaptive architecture
Generating a three-dimensional mesh for finite element analysis
Incident-aware vehicular sensors for intelligent transportation systems
High performance battery backed ram interface
Apparatus and method for phonetically screening predetermined character strings
Expressivity of voice synthesis by emphasizing source signal features
Method and apparatus for adding captions to photographs
Speech recognition
Dynamic phoneme dictionary for speech recognition
Text processing system including a speech recognition device and text change means for changing a text-block data
Physical user feedback in a speech recognition system
Apparatus and method for continuous speech recognition on a PCMCIA card
Signal noise reduction using magnitude-domain spectral subtraction
Impulsivity estimates of mixtures of the power exponential distrubutions in speech modeling
Method and system for on-line unsupervised adaptation in speaker verification
Method and device for determining a measure of quality of an audio signal
Celp voice encoder
Method and apparatus for processing a sound signal
Protective cover for optically read digital disks
Tray cover for vertically mounted optical disc drives
Information processor, processing method therefor, and program storage medium
Method of verifying defect management area information of disc and test apparatus for performing the same
Device and method for selective recall and preservation of events prior to decision to record the events
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus using same
Content addressable memory having sections with independently configurable entry widths
Voice message managing method, in particular for a voice data recording/playing/editing electronic device
Synchronization circuit for read paths of an electronic memory
Two step memory device command buffer apparatus and method and memory devices and computer systems using same
Tap device of cable broadcasting system
Adaptive equalizer with gain controlled initialization
Method and apparatus for constraining tap coefficients in an adaptive finite impulse response filter
Depopulated programmable logic array
Method and apparatus for encoding with unequal protection in magnetic recording channels having concatenated error correction codes
System and method for determining the location of remote devices
System and method for establishing persistent reserves to nonvolatile storage in a clustered computer environment
System, method and device for communication service provisioning
Operational supervisory system for a server
Identifying link failures in a network
Multidimensional repositories for problem discovery and capacity planning of database applications
Configuration information management system, method, program, and program storage device
System uses test controller to match different combination configuration capabilities of servers and clients and assign test cases for implementing distributed testing
Multi-point link aggregation spoofing
System, method and article of manufacture for storing an incoming datagram in switch matrix in a switch fabric chipset system
Providing quality of service by transmitting XML files indicating requested resources
Method and system for delivering wireless messages and information to personal computing devices
Method and system for handling production problems in an extended enterprise environment
Method for universal transport encapsulation for Internet Protocol network communications
System and method for application-level virtual private network
Calculation and transmission of error check codes
Mobile internet access
Remote procedure calling expression generation system
Switch control apparatus, switch control method, and a computer-readable recording medium in which is recorded a switch control program
System and method for setting new values for configuration parameters on a device
Method of stopping an operation, maintaining the network connection of the data terminal, and warning the user in response to a low-voltage condition
Method and apparatus for managing call processing services in an intelligent telecommunication network
Systems and methods using multiple tuners
Radio frequency leakage detection system for CATV system
Transmission system and method signal adjusting apparatus and method and routing apparatus
Data transfer
Holster for a personal digital assistant
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