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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bird feeder post and device to inhibit squirrels
Garment with integral faux thong extension and associated method
Garter for items of apparel and method of use
Shock absorber spacing device
Retractable key chain
Bare die tray clip
Birthday cake costume jewelry
Hideable handle for an industrial computer
Multilayered mattress component
Rocker lounge
Foldable frame structure for a children's play-yard
Face cradle insert device
Article and method for hanging items from I-joist beams
Deployment device interface for biopsy device
Mobile computing weight, diet, nutrition, and exercise management system with enhanced feedback and goal achieving functionality
Methods and systems for assessing pulmonary disease
Stethoscope cover incorporated into an isolation garment
Biological signal monitor device
Ultrasonic probe with acoustic medium
Position sensing based on ultrasound emission
Cardiac support device with anti-fibrosis coating
Child carrier belt
Exercise ball riser
Spine stretch machine
Golf club head
Golf clubs and club-heads comprising a face plate having a central recess and flanking recesses
Network server and computer system for providing user status data
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Magnetic top toys
Method and multi-purpose apparatus for calling turkeys
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid aeration system and method
Method of working metal, metal body obtained by the method and metal-containing ceramic body obtained by the method
Single set geometry method for assembly of a vehicle
Method for the manufacturing of a fluid conduit, particularly a fluid conduit in a CO.sub.2 refrigeration system
Refractory metal core coatings
Single crystal seed
Immersion nozzle for continuous casting of steel and method of continuous casting method of steel
Rotary fast tool servo system and methods
Compliant wirebond pedestal
Method for soft machining of bevel gears
System for manufacturing a swallowable sensor device
Methods of making medical devices
Rotary clamp cylinder
Vacuum-assisted pad conditioning system
Explosive discharge actuated tool for driving fasteners
Adjustment structure of garden shears
Resilient clip-on member for dust mop or other work member
Coupling device for a damper
Quick-release handle and interchangeable cleaning system
Shaving aid dispensing device
Shaving implement having a cap forward pivot
Flexible molding device for manufacturing a sunken groove in a tire tread
Printing material sheet gripper and method for producing the sheet gripper
Hand proofer tool
Ink jet printer with conveying belts
Liquid ejection head having improved ejection performance
Ink cartridge attachment/detachment device, recording apparatus, and liquid ejection apparatus
Method of unblocking nozzles in a printhead
Liquid ejection apparatus with liquid wiper device
Ink cartridge attachment/detachment device, recording apparatus, and liquid ejection apparatus
Ink cartridge
Ink cartridge and method of ink injection thereinto
Fluid supply system
Printhead having digital circuit and analog circuit, and printing apparatus using the same
Recording apparatus
Adjustable keyboard support assembly
Protractor for calculating miter and bevel angles for installing molding
Vehicle salt dispensing system
Pneumatic tire
Runflat device for a motor vehicle, and a mounted assembly incorporating it
Vehicle air-vent
Arrangement for fixing a heat exchanger, particularly a cooling module in a motor vehicle
Lever connect PTO module for three-point hitch quick coupler
Recliner regulating structure of rear seat for vehicle
Latch mechanism and a vehicle seat having a latch mechanism
Drum-type movable light shielding plate and lighting device using the same
Vehicular lighting fixture with non-directional dispersion of light
Lower panel provided with knee air bag
Vehicle entertainment system with rotation control mechanism
Height-adjustable support for semitrailers or the like
System for controlling the state and operation of a motor vehicle
Vehicle brake system
Surface-dimensional track system and methods of use thereof
Container wheel attachment system
Vehicle steering control system
Deployment techniques of a floating photovoltaic power generation system
Anti-crash method and system, an undercarriage, and an aircraft
Apparatuses and methods for joining composite members and other structural members in aircraft wing boxes and other structures
Ice protection system and method including a plurality of segmented sub-areas and a cyclic diverter valve
Mobile transporter servicing unit for an operational ground support system
Orbit space transportation and recovery system
Space depot for spacecraft resupply
Beverage bottling plant for filling beverage bottles having a bottle handling station and a method of operation thereof
Fuel cap with improved sealability
Tissue container with auxiliary compartment
Fluid dispenser head
Baggage screening system
Carrier for a paint tray
Attic lift system and method
Elevator apparatus that detects an accurate running speed of an elevator car that operates over speed
ATV hoist
Retractable bungee cord tie down
Indicating device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plating apparatus and plating method
Fixed Constructions
Cementitious porous pavement
Wave attenuation system
Method and arrangement in the manufacture of coating
Pivot plate leveler
Roof assembly having increased resistance to sidelap shear
Hinge construction and protective device having a hinge construction
Power sliding device of vehicle sliding door
Mounting bracket
Method and apparatus for processing and injecting drill cuttings
In situ conversion process utilizing a closed loop heating system
Low temperature monitoring system for subsurface barriers
Self diverting matrix acid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus and method for active control of blade tip clearance
Pressed assembly for passive valve installation
Exhaust emission control system for internal combustion engine
Engine cycles
Variable compression ratio device of internal combustion engine
Camshaft support structure for an internal combustion engine
Hybrid microturbine for generating electricity
Diffuser for a gas turbine, and gas turbine for power generation
Injection valve having a bypass throttle
Fuel supply system with a gas adsorption device
Sealless rotary blood pump
Thermal transpiration device and method of making same
Compressor unit
Integral motor cooling and compressor inlet
Vane pump
Acoustic resonator assembly having variable degrees of freedom
Damper valve and hydraulic power steering apparatus
Built-in damper type front fork
Interlocking cords
String holder
Friction drive device and transmission using the friction drive device
Planetary roller transmission device and vehicle comprising same
Hybrid electrically variable transmission with geared reverse mode using single motor/generator
Mixture including hydrogen and hydrocarbon having pressure-temperature stability
Modular light fixture with power pack
Liquid crystal display and backlight module including tilted lamp tubes
Vehicular headlamp
Faceted par lamp
Spread illuminating apparatus
Backlight module with buffering protrusions and liquid crystal display with same
Planar Illumination Device
Unpowered auxiliary heat dissipation apparatus and device using the same
Air-conditioning systems and related methods
Capacity-variable air conditioner
Vertical heat processing apparatus and method for using the same
Apparatus and method for improving the durability of a cooling tube in a fire tube boiler
Single-shot rifle
Firearm trigger pull training system and methods
Device mount for a firearm
Adjustable bow sight apparatus
Method and apparatus of driving torsional resonance mode of a probe-based instrument
Dotsize control fluid for radiation curable ink-jet printing process
Compensation free illumination of instrument cluster display
Emergency rescue device and method
Metering and pumping devices
Thermal flow sensor having an amplifier section for adjusting the temperature of the heating element
Method for in-situ measuring of acoustic attenuation and system therefor
Temperature sensor and extensometer
Device for contactless measurement of rotor temperatures
Integrated sensor including a pressure sensor and a temperature sensor
Apparatus for diagnosing malfunctioning of oxygen sensor
Advanced hot section materials and coatings test rig
Missing hole detector
Quantitative sampling device
Flow path switching valve, high performance liquid chromatography using the same and analytical method thereof
Liquid state detection sensor
Odor sensor
Acceleration sensor
Method and apparatus for managing wireless probe devices
Integrated optical fiber and electro-optical converter
Image display apparatus
Method and apparatus for increasing effective contrast radio and brightness yields for digital light valve image projectors
Reactive ion etching assisted lift-off processes for fabricating thick metallization patterns with tight pitch
Device for fixing an interchangeable wrist-watch strap to a watch
Multi stage pressure regulator
Gas supply apparatus
Error control using threshold based comparison of error signatures
Packet transmission and reception system, apparatus, and method
Interoperable clinical document-exchange system
System, information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and non-transitory computer-readable medium, that manage a processing flow including a plurality of tasks
On-demand mailbox synchronization and migration system
Perpetual music
File sharing method and terminal
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium storing program
System and method for managing connections between a client and a server
Tag authentication and location verification service
Method and apparatus for managing congestion in a wireless system
Double draw poker-type reel-type gaming system
Analysis of professional-client interactions
Unified geograhic database and methods of creating, maintaining and using the same
Behavioral fingerprinting with adaptive development
Method of cryptographic processing of data on elliptic curves, corresponding electronic device and computer program product
Method and system for preordering content in a user device associated with a content processing system
System and method for distributed virtual assistant platforms
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and medium
Digital badging for facilitating virtual recognition of an achievement
Systems and methods for pre-scanning merchandise in customer's shopping cart while customer is waiting in checkout line
Image processing apparatus for expansion processing
Image forming system that restrains increase of print data amount, image forming apparatus, and recording medium
Smart card, smart card module, and a method for production of a smart card module
Non-contact IC card
Tag access control system, tag access control method and recording medium storing tag access control program
Point of sale integrator
Portable object having multi-level demodulation and being inductively coupled to a fixed station
Methods, devices and computer program products for generating, displaying and capturing a series of images of visually encoded data
Digital image capturing and processing system for producing and projecting a plurality of coextensive area-type illumination and imaging zones into a 3D imaging volume and controlling illumination control parameters in said system using the detected motion of objects present therewithin
Data management in a linear-array-based microscope slide scanner
Method for predicting a block of pixels from at least one patch
System and method for issuing and managing a plurality of credit card accounts
Transparent credit card processing
Method and apparatus for generating three-dimensional image reproduced in a curved-surface display
Device for retrieving data from wireless devices based on mapping of read request priorities
System and method for providing bumper alerts
Manipulative system for teaching musical notation
Interactive culinary game applications
Fully addressable cut-to-measure LED array
Pixel and organic light emitting display including the same
Display apparatus
Method and apparatus for shifting display driving frequency to avoid noise of electronic sensor module
Signal determination apparatus, optical projection apparatus, signal determination method, and storage medium
Particular signal cancel method, particular signal cancel device, adaptive filter coefficient update method, adaptive filter coefficient update device, and computer program
Input auxiliary apparatus, input auxiliary method, and program
Playback apparatus, setting apparatus, playback method, and program
Photo-realistic synthesis of image sequences with lip movements synchronized with speech
Optical information reproduction device and optical information reproduction method
Semiconductor device or electronic component including the same
Integrated circuits with built-in self test mechanism
Arrangement for connecting a device's front panel
Remotely operated manipulator
Pressurizer heater for the primary cooling system of a pressurized-water nuclear reactor
Cable with memory
Shielded cable
Surge arrester comprising traction elements maintained by loops
Transformer with ferromagnetic foil windings
Drum-type tri-phase transformer and methods for producing same
Ignition apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Wire rod and steel wire having superior magnetic characteristics, and method for manufacturing same
Method of manufacturing an implantable wireless sensor
Variable capacitance capacitor element
Variable capacitance device and antenna device
Projected knob device
Focusing structures with non-rectilinear focusing apertures
Mass analyzing electromagnet and ion beam irradiation apparatus
Target for ultraviolet light generation, electron beam-excited ultraviolet light source, and production method for target for ultraviolet light generation
Monolithic nano-cavity light source on lattice mismatched semiconductor substrate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of depositing copper using physical vapor deposition
Dummy gate formation using spacer pull down hardmask
Method for processing base body to be processed
High aspect ratio patterning of hard mask materials by organic soft masks
Method for depositing one or more polycrystalline silicon layers on substrate
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Systems, methods and devices for inter-substrate coupling
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
High density programmable e-fuse co-integrated with vertical FETs
Image sensor, driving method, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device having voids between word lines and a source line
Combinatorial masking
Device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device
Integrated circuit containing standard logic cells and library-compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, including at least via-open-configured, AACNT-short-configured, GATE-short-configured, and TS-short-configured, NCEM-enabled fill cells
Generation of multiple diameter nanowire field effect transistors
Tunnel field effect transistors having low turn-on voltage
Semiconductor device including embedded crystalline back-gate bias planes, related design structure and method of fabrication
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Magnetic tunnel junction patterning using low atomic weight ion sputtering
Luminescent solar energy concentrator with a new architecture
Distributed solar power generation and hot water supplying system
Imaging device comprising light-emitting element and light-receiving element
Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and electro-wetting display panel having the same
Mount substrate and LED module with the same
Light emitting device package having improved heat dissipation efficiency
Thermoelectric module
Piezoelectric multiplexer
Metallization having high power compatibility and high electrical conductivity
Magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) device array
Semiconductor memory device
Light emmiting device comprising conjugated terpolymer/teroligomer capable of white light emittion
Electrical storage device element and electrical storage device
Battery status detection and storage method and system in medical monitoring
Multi-region battery separators
Thin film battery module, thin film battery package, thin film battery package manufacturing device, and thin film battery package manufacturing method
Composite anode structure for aqueous electrolyte energy storage and device containing same
Negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery, negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery
Current collecting structure for secondary battery and secondary battery
Laminated fuel cell assembly
Fuel cell stack bus bar assembly systems and methods
Radio frequency switching system with improved linearity
Housing, electronic device using same, and method for making same
Conformable antenna using conducting polymers
Structure for fixing connection terminal to wiring board and method of fixing connection terminal
Printed substrate and printed substrate with terminal using same
Multilayer wiring substrate
Card connector and electronic device including the same
Hi-dielectric debris seal for a pothead interface
Connector and method for producing the same
Hotline contacting structure
Integrated guiding and camming system for board
Method for electrically connecting a coaxial conductor to a circuit carrier
Rotating plug adapter with integral two blade receptacle
Carbon brush having a centering sleeve
Receptacle connector for a battery in the mobile electric device
Electrical connector contact terminal
Arrangement for connection of pipes
Pull string advancing tool
Apparatus and method for preventing intrusion into splice closure
Fault detection circuit and fault detection method
Leakage protection socket with reverse connection protection
Multimode distribution systems and methods for providing power from power sources to power consuming devices
Alternative energy bus bar by pass breaker, methods of use and installation
Power management using reduced power to selected loads
Device for charging an accumulator and having a storage charge mode
Wireless charging device and method thereof
Fluorescent LED lighting device and lighting on/off mode switching method therefor
Energy harvesting with two conducting antenna within different substances
Method for manufacturing a stator of an electrical rotating machine
Method for manufacturing stator for rotary electric machine
Variable speed electro-mechanical drive
Motor stator having channels used for cooling and method of providing the channels
Magnetic gear device having a plurality of magnetic bodies arranged in a particular configuration
In-wheel motor and in-wheel motor driving device
Switched power converter with improved synchronization of a pulse width modulation switching frequency
Control device of a switching power supply
Method and apparatus for controlling TRIAC dimmable device
Apparatus for filtering harmonics in railway contact lines and method
Packaged piezoelectric energy harvester device with a compliant stopper structure, system, and methods of use and making
Automatic suppression device for cyclic disturbance
Radio-frequency device calibration
System and method to monitor audio loudness and provide audio automatic gain control
Apparatus and method for adjusting envelope signal delay in envelope-tracking power amplifier
Analog controlled signal attenuation
Wideband analog to digital conversion by random or level crossing sampling
Techniques for modifying transceiver power during digital pre-distortion training
Feed-forward interference cancellation in a receiver
Multi-wavelength visible light communications systems and methods
Protective case for portable electronic device
Connector apparatus and wireless transmission system
Connector apparatus and radio transmission system
Resonator having increased isolation
Broadcasting a message using modulated power
Terse message networks
Method for wireless communication, wireless station, mobile terminal, and wireless communication system
Transmission apparatus
Wireless communication system including communication apparatus and data communication method thereof
Self-adaptively improving system stability
Method and apparatus for uplink data transmission, user equipment, computer program and storage medium
ARQ with adaptive modulation for communication systems
System and method of visualizing most unhealthy network elements within a network or data center
Managing routing information in a hub-and-spokes network
Distributed address resolution protocol forwarding
System and method for reliable communications over multiple packet RF networks
Communication system
System, device, and method of dense-mode multicast tunneling using interlayer group membership control
Assisting participation in a social network
Dynamic formatting of messages for multiple endpoints
Generate and display contextual hints in a message
Airplane system and control method thereof
Processing requests for services in a service request at a receiving controller and processing controller in a switch
Cloud-based anonymous routing
Content transmission method, content transmission device, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for processing bit-interleaved data traffic in a communication network
Rateless encoding in communication systems
Coarse symbol boundary detection in OFDM receivers
Reception apparatus and frequency error correction method
Methods and systems for auto-commissioning of devices in a communication network
Method of adding client server automation to computer languages for cloud computing
Digital communication and monitoring system and method designed for school communities
Apparatus and method for secure delivery of data from a communication device
Communication device, communication method, communication system and service issuing method
Switching media streams in a client system based on environmental changes
Optimizing data transfer across multiple asynchronous data replication sessions using shared bandwidth
Method and system for fast and large-scale longest prefix matching
Optimization of mobile data communication using byte caching
Apparatus and method for controlling resources in a core network
Method and apparatus for performing HARQ in carrier aggregation system
Method and system for smart card chip personalization
Information processing apparatus, software updating method, and image processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for protecting message data
Telecommunication system for automatically locating by network connection and selectively delivering calls to mobile client devices
Visual IVR using call redirect
Device and method for providing bootstrapped application authentication
Mobile terminal
Conference call alerts
Communication system, relay device, and information processing device
Mobile device synchronization to a gateway
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission method, reception method, and storage medium
System and method for scanning a specimen to create a multidimensional scan
Information processing system and method, information processing apparatus, image-capturing device and method, recording medium, and program
Wireless communication terminal and communication control method
Video coding efficiency with camera metadata
Variable-sized super block based direct prediction mode
Method and system for efficient communication
Television program optimization for user exercise
Method and system for operating broadcast system components with different portions of an allocation database
Electronic device
Dynamic image selection
Image processing apparatus and image capture apparatus using a plurality of integrated circuits for image processing
Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus for automatic stage scene detection
Semiconductor device and driving method of semiconductor device or electronic device
Electronic device having detachable projection module
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
Automatic self-help video playback for set-top box troubleshooting
Communication management system, communication system, and communication management method
Method and system for media adaption
Device for measuring the length and diameter of a container using structured lighting, and method of use
Bandwidth flexibility through multiple frequency channel data distribution
Discharge lamp drive device, projector, and discharge lamp drive method
Headset control method and headset
MEMS device
Audio signal quality measurement in mobile device
System and method for listener controlled beamforming
Apparatus and method for reproducing recorded audio with correct spatial directionality
Network access via telephony services
Sparse Wi-Fi access point database for mobile devices
Network performance testing in non-homogeneous networks
Method and terminal for processing data transmission service
System and method for reducing mobile network signaling
Public access point
Bursty-interference-aware interference management
Communication terminal device, base station device, and communication system
Unsupervised indoor localization and heading directions estimation
Uninterruptable group communication sessions within a wireless communications system
Reducing provider costs related to E911 service
Mobile network with software defined networking architecture
Method and apparatus for a millimeter wave communication system
Communications system, wireless base station, wireless terminal, and communications method
Method and apparatus for initiating channel sounding with unassociated access points
Connection to access point
Communication control device and method
User equipment, mobile communication system, and deactivation timer control method
Radio communication method, radio communication system, radio station, and radio terminal
Method and device for reporting channel state information
Collision reduction mechanisms for wireless communication networks
Quick connection between customized softap and STA
Multi sector antenna and mesh network system
Heater module for heater of fluid infusion apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Switch actuated circuits
Wireless lighting control system and its application thereof
Discharge lamp lighting apparatus
Discharge lamp driver, light source, projector, and method of driving discharge lamp
Interleaved soft switching boost converter
Transmission line structure and method of attaching transmission line structure to conductive body
Ceramic printed circuit board comprising an al cooling body
Method for producing a multilayer element
Scented universal serial bus drives and methods to make the same
Stackable security wraps
Electrical equipment, integrated circuit's loop thereof and circuit connecting method
Heater exchanger
Magnetic shielding sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Mop head
Mop head
Mop head
Waste receptacle panel
Cart having wheels
Pool cleaner cover
Handle for a disposable dental floss holder
Nail clipper
Full-face helmet
Insect-resistant pet feeding device
Animal chew toy
Hummingbird feeder shade
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Surface ornamentation for caskets
Human Necessities
Torque limiting coupling
Applicator and integrated concentrate system
Lavandula plant named `Thumbelina Leigh`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixpico`
Bidens ferulifolia plant named `Bidantis`
Rose plant named `POULcs011`
Impatiens plant named `Balpixropi`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomblu`
Dahlia plant named `Sabinas`
Geranium plant named `Fisblipur`
Lonicera nitida plant named `Briloni`
Salvia plant named `Sunsarupin`
Interspecific plum tree named `Plumsweetthree`
Peach tree named `Crimson Rocket`
Willow oak tree named `QPMTF`
Grapevine plant named `Sugratwentyeight`
Sanvitalia plant named `Santasol` (S&G 30038)
Zoysiagrass plant named `Southern Gem`
Rose plant named `POULtw002`
Clematis plant named `White Abundance`
Dogwood tree named `Rutnut`
Machine for manufacturing and packaging formed bodies of a mouldable substance
Milk flow meter for a milking system having a substantially stable vacuum level and method for using same
Pet training device
Pet chews and methods of making pet chews
Method and system for measuring mobility of a tested animal
Method and apparatus for maintenance of bird baths and other liquid containers
Tree stand with quick connect attachment
Chemical application and flight guidance control system and method
Devices and method for preparing beverages, particularly cafe au lait
Decorative icing dispenser
Vacuum producing appliance
Air injector apparatus
Low sidestream smoke cigarette with combustible paper
System for effecting smoking cessation
Infant bib
Men's briefs
Batting pad for protecting a batter's hand
Surgical gown with limited discrete sections of elastomeric materials
Two-piece patient examination garment
Sports shoe with leg-piece hinged on the shell
Cellular telephone belt clip and method of retaining
Adjustable and linkable jewelry device
Collapsible knee crutch
Fold up insulated bottle holder
Fingernail and toenail shaping apparatus
Cosmetic container
Ponytail holder with low friction interior portion
Brush for a brush seal
Damping means, in particular for furniture
Reclining cushion
Holding bracket for bed side railing
Titanium mattress member
Sleeping structure
Portable playyard
Baby crib attachments
Shelving display rack
Pull-out shelf
Portable food cooling container
System for assembling a box
Fitted crib sheet
Device for extracting a substance
Apparatus for preparing a coffee extract with a fine-bubble froth layer using a liquid flow decelerating barrier
Barbeque grill construction
Toaster with reinforced walls
Base for elevating a strainer or colander
Sink support shell apparatus and method of making a protective sink support shell
Suction-assisted dusting device
Floating nozzle
Speciman cup with handle
Method of maintaining constant arterial PCO2 and measurement of anatomic and alveolar dead space
Device for compression of the neck spine for medical imaging purposes
Toothbrush with oppositely reciprocating brush heads
Sanitary napkin dispensing device
Template for a modular joint prosthesis component
Reclinable wheelchair
Control of a balancing personal vehicle
Method and apparatus for supporting a body
Micro barcoded pill and identification/medical information retrieval system
Medication packing apparatus
Stabilization of ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid derivatives and/or extracts containing ascorbic acid for topical use
Disposable aerosol generator system and methods for administering the aerosol
Medicinal powder delivery system
Ultrasonic fog maker and methods of drug delivery and air freshening
Medico-surgical tube
Cannula for the separation of inhaled and exhaled gases
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Evacuation slide having trapezoidal outline
Air filtration system
Horizontal sidewall sprinkler head
Apparatus for golf putter fitting
Lacrosse goalie glove
Recreational board carrier and theft deterrent device
Modified chess game
Psychic seeds entertaining growth system
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for linear object reallocation in place
Material dispensing apparatus including a nozzle having a wedge-shaped aperture, and method of using same
Tubular filtration apparatus
Method of evaluating deteriorated state of hydrocarbon adsorbent
Disc scratcher
Portable hydraulic classifier
Method of increasing flotation rate
Flotation mechanism and method for dispersing gas and controlling flow in a flotation cell
Water sprinkler head with integral off-on water flow control valve and adaptive fittings therefor
Attachment device to attach a pump or valve onto a recipient neck
Sculpting clay applicator
Liquid material supply system
Drywall tool
Device for dispensing viscous liquids
Method for spray-coating aqueous paint
Multi-head portioning system
Wash fluid containment system
Methods for cleaning microelectronic substrates using ultradilute cleaning liquids
Method and apparatus for wet-cleaning substrate
Apparatus for contaminant removal using natural convection flow and changes in solubility concentrations by temperature
Flow metering device for landfill gas extraction well
Manufacture of metal tubes
Apparatus for superplastic forming
Method of stretch forming an aluminum metal sheet and handling equipment for doing the same
Device for placing a mechanical retaining means
Bolted metal joist and method of manufacturing the same
Castings of metallic alloys with improved surface quality, structural integrity and mechanical properties fabricated in titanium carbide coated graphite molds under vacuum
Castings of metallic alloys with improved surface quality, structural integrity and mechanical properties fabricated in finegrained isotropic graphite molds under vacuum
Sealing arrangement for a movable insert for a die casting mold having a retractable core
Method of producing downhole drill bits with integral carbide studs
Minute copper balls and a method for their manufacture
Method for assembling and disassembling cutting inserts
Tube for heat exchangers and method of manufacturing the same
Conveyor oven profiling system
Method and apparatus for local application of solder to preselected conductor areas on a printed circuit board
High speed driving method and apparatus of pressure cylinder
Device for joining workpieces by friction stir welding
Burn protection attachment for a soldering tool
Abrasion resistant earth working surface and weld stud
Mounting brace for a journal turning lathe
Screw/insert saver
Clamping apparatus with a clamping chuck and a work piece carrier releasably connectable thereto
Method for manufacturing hydro dynamic bearing device
Chuck device
Suction cup device with spring action clamp clip
Open end wrench
Ratchet wrench
Percussion electrical hand-held tool
Pneumatic percussive mechanism
Strongback system for joining a handle to a hammer head
Bi-directional cutting or trimming knife
Method and apparatus for slicing a number of articles into a plurality of uniform thin slices in a single operation
Tensionable blade and blade assembly for a wedge cut product
Micro adjuster for paper punch die
Portable work apparatus
Tenon maker
Modular security vault panels
Process for precessing an infant seat body used in vehicles
Method for making a microstructure in a glass or plastic substrate according to hot-forming technology and associated forming tool
Composite material collation machine and associated method for high rate collation of composite materials
Method of injection molding plastic lens
Coveying apparatus and rotary type transfer apparatus for spout-equipped bags
Adhesive tape cutter
Vehicle steering head
Thin-walled bridge mandrel
Gapless compressible cylinder assembly
Method and device for supplying hydraulic fluid
Inking device for a flexographic printing machine anilox roll
Ink-furnishing apparatus, printing machine therewith and printing method
Cleaning apparatus for printing press
Image forming apparatus
Web printers
Method and apparatus for refilling an ink cartridge
Rubber cylinder sleeve for offset printing presses
Self-sticking paper mounting corner and manufacturing method
Belt wearable pencil sharpener
Transparent measuring device
Luminous double faced picture display
Rough terrain tire
Pneumatic tire including auxiliary land part having slope
Vehicle tire air monitor
Pneumatic tire having an overlay reinforcement
Vehicular roll stabilizer
Vehicular air conditioning unit
Bracket for mounting auxiliary machinery to vehicle body
Tiltable boat top
Folding utility truck rack with side panels and locking bed cover
Hybrid vehicle
Method for influencing the torque on at least one driving wheel of an industrial truck
Portable support handle to assist users to safely exit and enter a motor vehicle
Cup holder closure and release apparatus
Arrangement for underrun protection in vehicles
Device for side impact detection for a motor vehicle
Airbag module
Airbag housing
Hybrid inflator
Apparatus and methods of venting gas in an airbag module
Carrying tray assembly for a sport utility vehicle
Wiper board fixture
Windscreen wiper
Combined windshield wiper and brush assembly
Wiper spoiler
System and method for drying
Load cell mounting apparatus and method
Attaching structure of a brake fluid pressure generator
Spring brake cylinder with an emergency release device
Double trolley overhead door operator
Passenger rail car sliding door with high platform threshold
Welding cylinder dolly
Thumb-accessible control housing for steering device
Interactive energy absorbing system
Shock-absorbing tilt type steering column
Mounting apparatus for motor vehicle steering column
Splash and spray suppressor
Hand wheel actuator
Control apparatus for motor-driven power-steering system of motor vehicle
Torsion module of a torque detection device
Electric power steering apparatus
Combination fitting
Versaroll overhead conveyor system
Low drag bike seat stem
Folding bicycle
Frames for all-terrain vehicles
Watertight door closure
Portable dynamic positioning system with self-contained diesel hydraulic thrusters
Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods
Solar panel for space and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and methods for filling containers with pills
Conveying device for machines for packaging rolls and the like
Automatic cigarette processing machine
Apparatus and process for inserting individual piece goods into containers
Filling apparatus
Cottoner apparatus
Heat seal die for heat sealing plastic sheets
Label assembly and apparatus
Solar powered mailbox
Dual chamber, heat sealable vial
Can lid
Vacuum sealed containers
Sliceable product container device
Packaging unit for the storage and dispensing of liquids, fluid and ductile materials
Automated guided vehicle system
Automatic warehouse
Toggle retainer for toggle connections
Method for repairing a conveyor and apparatus therefor
Delivery apparatus for parts
Material sortation system
Method and apparatus for vertically stacking mailpieces via the top or bottom of the stack
Booklet maker with contact member
Sheet-position detection device and image forming apparatus including the same
Take-up reel with uni-directional speed governed retractor
Vehicle with frame support
Lever corkscrew
Jar opening aide with adjustment feature
Dispensing tool assembly for a fluid fill tube
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the hot shaping of molten gobs
Optical fiber deposition tube fused in deuterium atmosphere for attenuation improvement
Furnaces for fused silica production
Sol-gel process for the production of manufactures containing an incompressible insert and manufactures thereby obtained
Method for equalizing temperature differences in molten glass, and equipment therefor
Methods and compositions for cementing in wellbores
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and process for their preparation
Process for the preparation of a catalyst component for the polymerization of an olefin
Use of solutions containing enzymes for cleaning fermentation or storage tanks
Method for making films utilizing a pulsed laser for ion injection and deposition
Apparatus for sealing a vacuum chamber
Gas flow controller system
Textiles; Paper
Yarn texturing machine
Sley apparatus
Circular knitting machine
Flatbed knitting machine
Ultrasonic cleaning and atomizing probe
Sewing machine shuttle
Methods of improving productivity of black liquor recovery boilers
Fixed Constructions
Panel truck for changing a railway section and a point work
Footbridge support
Slide rail adjustment for grader blade
Surface working device and attachable protector
Hydraulic circuit
Excavating tooth point/adapter assembly
Removable adapter assembly having a retractable insert
Atmosphere water recovery
Protective metal housing for plastic air admittance valve
Drainage pipe covering kit for use during building or floor construction
Deep-ribbed, load-bearing, prefabricated insulative panel and method for joining
Connectors, tracks and system for smooth-faced metal framing
Masonry unit and masonry system, and method of use
Wall panel assembly and method of assembly
Clip framing system
Modular system for securing flat panels to a curved support structure
Floor tile flooring connected by tongue and groove-joints and covered fasteners
Prefabricated niche kit and method of installation
Mobile outrigger scaffolding system
Structure of a framework
Hollow pole anchoring system
Burial structure for the interment of human remains and significant memorabilia
Transportable rotatable weather shield
Cylinder lock-key-combination
Dual-use lock whose unlocking numeral combination can be traced after having been forgotten
Combination lock changeable in combination
Zero backlash assembly
Horizontal door lift
Dynamic clutch control
Mini-blind apparatus
Step ladder device
Expandable metal liner for downhole components
Earth drilling and boring system
Method and apparatus for drilling and completing a well with an expandable sand control system
Dockable direct mechanical actuator for downhole tools and method
Tracer release method for monitoring fluid flow in a well
Method, apparatus and system for selective release of cementing plugs
Method of cementing a tubular string in a wellbore
Percussive drill with adjustable flow control
Expandable tubing and method
Adjustable deflecting sub
Downhole equipment, tools and assembly procedures for the drilling, tie-in and completion of vertical cased oil wells connected to liner-equipped multiple drainholes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine having piston-cam assembly powertrain
Combustion and exhaust heads for fluid turbine engines
Device for supporting and recentering the shaft of a turbojet fan after uncoupling
Method for converting thermal energy into mechanical work
Valve deactivation system with free motion spring
Method and apparatus for actuating a cam phaser
Variable valve timing controller
Absorptive/reactive muffler for variable speed compressors
Emissions control
Engine fueling control for catalyst desulfurization
Adjustable exhaust system for internal combustion engine
Direct injection type internal combustion engine
Spark-ignition engine having direct fuel injection
Fuel injection amount control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
System and method for controlling engine operation
Vehicle engine
Bearing case for engine
Method for functional checking of an exhaust recycling system on an internal combustion engine
Adjusting device for a throttle pull of an internal combustion engine
Apparatus for controlling electronic throttle valve
Method for diagnosing an exhaust gas cleaning system of a lambda-controlled internal combustion engine
Method and system for controlling fuel for an engine
Method and apparatus for controlling a dual coil fuel injector
Cylinder sleeve with coolant groove
Multi cylinder internal combustion engine comprising a cylinder head internally defining exhaust passages
Two stroke internal combustion engine
Rocket engine member and method for manufacturing a rocket engine member
Diversion of combustion gas within a rocket engine to preheat fuel
Carburetor start pump circuit
System and method for balancing fuel levels in multiple fuel tank vehicles
System and method of optimizing fuel injection timing in locomotive engine
Fuel injector valve
Fuel injector having a modified seat for enhanced compressed natural gas jet mixing
Internal combustion engine and method for operating an internal combustion engine
Starting procedure for an internal combustion engine
Method for starting a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Ignition device, controller and ignition unit for an internal combustion engine
Processor controlled discharge ignition with fixed firing angle at startup
Ignition controller for internal combustion engine
Compressor and refrigerant system device using the same
Positive pressure generation device and valve
Vapor compression refrigeration system
Cable snake
Anti-lash pedal bushing
Clutch lever taking advantage of centrifugal forces
Multi-ratio clutch
Drum brake assembly
Spring-actuated, hydraulically releasable brakes
vibration damper between two components
Earthquake shock damper
Loop chain structure
Method and mechanism for converting vibration induced rotation into translational motion
Hydrodynamic torque converter
Wave gearing with three-dimensional deviatedly meshed tooth profile
System and method for decreasing ratio changing time in electronically enhanced powertrain systems
Actuator device for a servo-shifted transmission of a vehicle
Brush seal element
Selector valve arrangement
Breakaway safety shut-off valve
Pressure control system which detects and abates overpressure and underpressure conditions in a pressurized fluid
Meltable and reclosable drain plug for molten salt reactor
Solenoid valve circuit for automatic transmission
Sanitary conduit support systems and methods
Quick-action multi-port fluid coupler
Bent pipe and a method for preparing thereof
Device for testing sealed integrity of a chamber
High flow pressurized cryogenic fluid dispensing system
Automatic coal damper
Multimode system for injecting an air/fuel mixture into a combustion chamber
Flame-effect heating apparatus
Heating apparatus using useless heat for reducing oil
Portable cooler
Method and apparatus for heating nonwoven webs
System and method for utilization of waste heat of semiconductor equipment and heat exchanger used for utilization of waste heat of semiconductor equipment
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger with integrated flow control valve
Automatic cocking device in a crossbow for hunting and archery
Safety lock against an undesired pulling of a short firearm out of its scabbard
Landmine neutralizer using a high power microwave device
Layered archery target
Method and apparatus for frangible projectiles
Sabot for a bullet
Ammunition pouch
Small aluminum "Fire Cup" used with a fire cracker, for entertainment purposes
Mixed mine alternative system
Method and apparatus for wheel alignment adjustment
Tuning fork vibrator, vibrating gyroscope using the same, electronic apparatus using the same, and manufacturing method of the same
Coupling element and use of the coupling element in a device for measuring angles
Thermal flow sensor
Mass flowmeter and method for operating a mass flowmeter
Bubble level meter and related method
Method of measuring forces in the presence of an external pressure
Apparatus and methods for heat loss pressure measurement
Spark generating apparatus having strain gage cylinder pressure measurement feature
Screwdriver with torque measuring scale and method of making same
Pressure indicator
Wheel balancer using tire stiffness and loaded wheel/tire measurements
Misfire detection system for vehicle multicylinder internal combustion engine
Wheel load measurement system
Lateral force-measuring device for a wheel, lateral force-measuring method, and vehicle-inspecting system having the device
Shock wave vibration generator for measuring or testing or imaging purposes
Cooling apparatus for a multiplexed capillary electrophoresis system
Method of and apparatus for measuring and evaluating material strength by detecting charged particles
Apparatus and method for tandem ICP/FAIMS/MS
Guided acoustic wave inspection system
System and method for conditioning and detection of moisture damage in asphalt mixes
Oil level/condition sensor
Anemometer method and apparatus
Parts handling method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus assembly method
Gravity gradiometer and method for calculating a gravity tensor with increased accuracy
Gravimetric measurement method and system
Multi-step fiber stripping
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Manufacturing technique for optical fiber array
Flip-chip bonding structure and method for making the same
Omni-directionally adjustable rigid-arm fogless shower mirror
Business card reader
Method and system for automated fatigue and structural analysis of an element
Method for manufacturing a steel tire mold
Development assistance for mixed-language sources
Card socket
Contact-free display peripheral device for contact-free portable object
Code carrier device
Authorization control device including a wristwatch having a biometric sensor
System for forecasting amounts of materials needed for credit card reissue
Automated voting system
Coin validation
Rotatable flagpole apparatus
Greetings device having loop for securement to a bottle
Game tag holder
Packaging for recordable media
Disc locator
Storage container for recorded media
Process of manufacturing a disc drive slider with bar reducing load/unload damage
Macroscopic model of scanning force microscope
Positioning in a retaining device
Nozzle plate member for supplying fluids in dispersed manner and manufacturing method of the same
Apparatus for treating substrates
Error-preventing device and method for semiconductor fabrication equipment
Substrate processing method
Condensation-based enhancement of particle removal by suction
Heat exchanger having silicon nitride substrate for mounting high power electronic components
Antenna aligning methods
Manufacturing method for a spark plug
Motor and method for manufacturing the same
System for manufacture and use of a superconductive coil
Method and apparatus for supporting TDMA operating over hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) or other channels
Document auto-routing using a digital transmitter cover sheet
Method and apparatus for automatic pixel clock phase and frequency correction in analog to digital video signal conversion
Method for manufacturing an electroacoustical transducer comprising a membrane configuration
Stabilized oscillator circuit for plasma density measurement
Circuit board pallet with component arm
Feeder device and method of using same
Printed circuit board and method for producing the same
Animal separating fence in vehicles
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