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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and device for filling a container with a fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, chemical, or the like material for dispensing above or below a soil surface
Canine exercise wheel
Centrifugal brake device for use in bait cast reel
Bird flight diversion device and system for fixing same to overhead wires and cables
Cigar cutting apparatus
Custom article of footwear
Interlocking container
Rucksack with a belt assembly enabling angular pivoting
Detachable electric headrest
Foldable bed
Cushion and method for manufacturing the same
Adjusting mechanism for arm rest
Seat support structure for a child motion device
Support rack for equestrian tack
Hang level suspension system
Reading stand
Shower caddy
Shower curtain rod assembly
Vaginal fertility probe
Method and apparatus for providing suture in a passageway
Surgical stapler
Autologous wound sealing apparatus
Gastric band insertion instrument
Bone treatment instrument and method
Systems and methods for placing materials into bone
Ablation catheter assembly with radially decreasing helix and method of use
Biomedical dispersive electrode
Modification of airways by application of microwave energy
Guide-wire mounted balloon modulation device and methods of use
Sports shoe with sensing and control
System and method for grading microemboli monitored by a multi-gate doppler ultrasound system
Enhancement of ultrasonic cavitation
Method and device for cleaning teeth
Polar attachment devices and method for a dental appliance
Surgical instrument for treating female urinary stress incontinence
Catheter with side sheath and methods
Twist-down implant delivery technologies
Medicated stent having multi-layer polymer coating
Floating optic accommodating intraocular lens
Cup assembly of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis
Intervertebral spacer device utilizing a belleville washer having radially spaced concentric grooves
Total disc implant
Tissue treatment device for an extremity
Method and apparatus for vacuum-assisted light-based treatments of the skin
Trocar with integral irrigation and suction tube
Sleep apnea treatment apparatus
Catheter device and method for selective occlusion of arteries of the descending aorta
Method of providing care to a patient
Method and apparatus for modifying distance from a brachytherapy radiation source to sensitive anatomical structures
System and method for in-structure delivery of air for filling of breathing apparatus
Pivotal axis exercise device
Fold away wrist roller with shared constant tension line
Sports articles formed using nanostructured materials
Bamboo bat having fiber-fused core and method of manufacturing the same
Off court tennis
Systems and methods for monitoring activities on a gaming table
Electronic gaming machines with different player or dealer assigned virtual card stacks or other symbol sets
Security arrangement for person transporting systems such as fun-rides
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multi-cyclone dust separating apparatus of a vacuum cleaner
Apparatus with high surface area nanostructures for hydrogen storage, and methods of storing hydrogen
Process for crystallising amorphous plastic granulates
Flow device for an enclosure for processing, particularly hydrocarbons, and corresponding enclosure
Liquid phase reactor
Method and apparatus for desalination of seawater
Magnetic oxygen concentrator for air streams
Liquid dispenser device
Chemical solution application apparatus and chemical solution application method
System and method for irrigating with aerated water
Apparatus and method for coating printed sheets
Stent coating device
Classifying device and method of classification
Water powered eductor cleaner
Automotive closure panel assembly
Method and apparatus for machining deep hole
Apparatus and method for shaving the inside of barrels
Miter saw having compact gear case at cutting portion
Methods for creating assemblies and disassembling
Machine for aligning and assembling a tool
Ratchet connector
Ratchet driver
Bolt and screw holding tool to aide in assembly or disassembly process
Ring saw
Wheeled guide assembly for use with cut providing tools
Gasket molding system for membrane electrode assemblies
Device for gripping the neck of hollow bodies and hollow body transport installation which is equipped with such devices
Image recording apparatus including cutting unit and guide member with friction member
Ink jet printer
Method of ejecting drops of fluid from an inkjet printhead
Stackable printer module for effecting double-sided printing
Printhead assembly having an ink supply arrangement and a plurality of printhead segment carriers
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Ink refill unit with a mechanical tank compression arrangement
Element substrate, and printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using the element substrate
Inkjet recording apparatus
Print control apparatus connectable to a printing apparatus and information processing apparatus, and control method thereof, and computer program
Printing paper
Stroller wheel suspension
Pneumatic tire with electrically conductive helical path
Soft top for a motor vehicle
Battery powered shuttle car
Drivetrain for a motor vehicle
Propulsion system for a work vehicle having a single drive pump and differential capability
Multi-functional auxiliary headrest
Vehicle ramp system
Inflatable curtain venting
Airbag adaptive venting for out-of-position occupants
Liquid cooled hybrid
Control valve assembly for controlling a starting clutch of an automatic transmission
Railcar man-way cover lift-assist system
Dump bed connection apparatus and vehicles including same
Collapsible stroller
Tilt-and-telescope steering apparatus
Dynamic automobile wing
Spare tire undercover
Articulated vehicle stabilization system
Track belt tension system and method
Power assist system and method for a vehicle
Bumper assemblies for modular barges and methods therefor
Main rotor blade with removable tip cap
Illumination source
Funnel system
Pressure-actuated air gun
Method of supplying a powdered chemical composition to a wellsite
Method for filling cells of a blister strip with articles and an apparatus for implementing the method
Method of retaining suture packages for the dispensing of sutures there from
Cover set
Blister packaging
Article transfer and placement apparatus with active puck
Centrifugal ejector
Storage hopper, and combination weighing device and packaging device provided with the same
Image forming apparatus, sheet feeding source selection method, and recording medium
Sheet material feeding device having a sheet guide part
Apparatus and method for processing sheets
Method of and device for reducing the static friction between a reel and a coil
Sheet discharge unit and sheet processing apparatus
Universal hub for a fluid dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydraulic mineral composition, production method thereof and hydraulic binders and cementitious products containing one such composition
Textiles; Paper
Core fiber detecting method and device in core yarn spinning
Double weft/warp airbag fabric and related airbags and manufacturing methods
Knitting device for making a thick double-sided textile
Treating agent dispensing device for use in a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Structure with space applications and methods of construction thereof
Method of sealing an attic access opening and an insulated attic access over
Mat for acoustic apparatus
Floor tile with adhesively joined concrete sub-blocks
Suspended electrical service conduit system and method of use
Round padlock
Lockdown door bar
Electromagnetic lock
Door lock device for vehicle
Door actuation systems using active materials
Building frame
Layered hardfacing, durable hardfacing for drill bits
Wear indicators for expandable earth boring apparatus
System and method for delivering a cable downhole in a well
Method for completion, maintenance and stimulation of oil and gas wells
Modular rotary drill head
System, method and apparatus for hydrogen-oxygen burner in downhole steam generator
Groundwater collecting apparatus
Hydraulic fracturing of subterranean formations
Method for placing downhole tools in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Double-acting deformable fluid actuator of the muscle type with three chambers
Device for effecting a bi-directional displacement of a means along a guide
Fan device
Remote power-generating assembly
Device and method for dosing and transporting dry urea, especially during the implementation of the SCR method in motor vehicles
Radial impulse engine, pump, and compressor systems, and associated methods of operation
Compression reduction device for piston spark ignition internal combustion engines with removable cylinders
Fuel injector and method for its installation
Diaphragm carburettor with electromagnetic actuator
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
Throttle body, method of adjusting opening of opener, and method of manufacturing throttle body
Cooling structure of cylinder head
Apparatus for moving rotatable components
Configurations and methods for wave energy extraction
Power towers/innovative method of power extraction using static airfoils
Ventilation assembly having a collar for the radial clamping of the fan motor, corresponding cooling module for the front unit, and corresponding motor vehicle
Variable displacement compressor
Cambered vane for use in turbochargers
Disk wheel of a rotor of a turbomachine
Motor throttle assembly
Ball and socket joint
Bearing assembly for supporting a transmission shaft in a housing
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Cage for rolling bearing and rolling bearing having the same
Strut based overrunning pulleys
Wet-type multi-plate clutch
Lock-up torque converter and method of locking up a torque converter
Wind turbine drive assembly
Enhanced catalyst performance by engine load adjustment
Shift drum apparatus and transmission including same
Devices for electrically assisting and actuating continuously variable transmissions
Low-friction annular sealing assembly for a centrifugal pump, in particular an internal combustion engine cooling liquid pump
Valve having a movable venturi nozzle
Double wall pipe
Multiple coupling locks and multiple docking devices containing said multiple coupling locks
Holding device for at least one pipe
Methods for the subterranean support of underground conduits
Electronic device for vehicles
Lamp fixing holder and back light assembly having the same
Light emitting system
Heat-dissipation structure
Light-emitting diode illuminating equipment
Light control film
Heat recovery steam generator
Temperature control in variable-capacity HVAC system
Thermally efficient CCD camera housing
Beverage cooler and method
Apparatus and method for securing firearms and cartridges
Paint ball gun
Mountain Mike's reproductions ATV gun rack/pop-up shooting rest
Equipment for recharge of cartridges, recharge method and recharged cartridges
Electronically actuated first-down marking system and associated method
Tuning bar vibrator and vibrating gyroscope using the same
Differential pressure measurement device having a microwave resonator with a flexible member
Magnetic induction flowmeter having a plastic measuring tube
Device for detecting amount of pedal operation
Shear stress measurement apparatus
Method to test a dynamic torque-generating device and a device to determine the dynamic behavior of a driving shaft
Capturing air samples for forensic investigation
Apparatus and method for measuring chuck attachment force
Instruments, related systems, and methods for monitoring or controlling foaming
Method for measuring stent dislodgement force
Semiconductor sensor and manufacturing method therefor
Display mirror assembly suitable for use in a vehicle
Method of producing optical fiber positioning component, and optical fiber positioning component
Frame construction for eyewear having removable auxiliary lenses
Methods and devices comprising flexible seals, flexible microchannels, or both for modulating or controlling flow and heat
Device with additional restoring force on the gas pedal based on the deviation of a vehicle parameter from the set value
System and method for dynamically extending a DRM system using authenticated external DPR modules
Using packet filters and network virtualization to restrict network communications
Coin dispenser
Method for providing multi-game reel strips
Bill discriminating and counting apparatus
Safety door, door lock and door lock release mechanism
Curved end panel for pop-up displays
Method of fabricating a magnetic head
Method of forming a magnetic read/write head
Production method for electric double layer capacitor
Interface between conveyor and semiconductor process tool load port
Multiple slot terminal
Apparatus for transferring alternating current electrical power
Horizontal dual in-line memory modules
Metalized elastomeric electrical contacts
Electrical junction box
Socket with base shell, cover shell and contact member for mounting element within cavity defined by base shell and cover shell
IC socket with offset cam capable of preventing warpage of cover
Rotating power outlet assembly or door
Structure for leading out power code of electric apparatus
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Low profile electronic module with ejector
Electrical connector having a shell with a portion retained in an insulative housing
USB electric connector for transferring data between computers
Mounting socket for memory card and SIM card for mobile phone
Lamp for light string
Lamp socket, backlight assembly having the same, display device having the same and method of assembling a lamp module
Electrical connection method for plural coaxial wires
Method and system for exchanging sensitive information in a wireless communication system
Method, system, and storage medium for preventing recurrence of a system outage in a computer network
Three-dimensional lighted gauge
Methods and systems for transferring information between a movable system and another system
Thermosiphon for laptop computers comprising a boiling chamber with a square wave partition
Expired Patents Due To Time
Procedure for the calibration of a measuring device
Magnetoresistive sensor with reduced output signal jitter
Device and method for suppressing signals when inspecting prestressed construction elements
Arrangement for coupling an rf-SQUID circuit to a super conducting tank circuit
Antenna array for magnetic resonance examinations
Use of polyaryletherketone-type thermoplastics in a production well
Method of calculating dynamic state-of-charge within a battery
Apparatus and method for performing built-in testing of a squib fire network
System, IC chip, on-chip test structure, and corresponding method for modeling one or more target interconnect capacitances
Apparatus sensitive to arc amplitude for envelope detection of low current arcs
System and apparatus for predicting failure in insulated systems
Method of diagnosing partial discharge in gas-insulated apparatus and partial discharge diagnosing system for carrying out the same
Fast comparator suitable for BIST and BISR applications
Host register interface testing on bit stream based systems
Electrical inspection device for detecting a latent defect
Automated test system and method for device having circuit and ground connections
Method and device for testing a brain lesion electrode
Withstand voltage testing apparatus and automatic testing method thereof
Scattering parameter calibration system and method
Method and device for discrete-time reactance measurement
Lamp ignition detection circuit
Solder paste and residue
Semiconductor device evaluation apparatus and semiconductor device evaluation program product
High density integrated circuit apparatus, test probe and methods of use thereof
Reliable method and apparatus for interfacing between a ball grid array handler and a ball grid array testing system
System for testing semiconductor components having flexible interconnect
Probe, manufacture of same, and vertically operative type probe card assembly employing same
IC socket
Contact-less probe of semiconductor wafers
Wafer test method with probe card having on-board multiplex circuitry for expanding tester resources
System and method for observing information transmitted between two integrated circuits
Buffer with adjustable slew rate and a method of providing an adjustable slew rate
Dynamic termination for non-symmetric transmission line network topologies
Signature generator circuit
Programmable input/output pin signal multiplexing/demultiplexing circuitry for integrated circuits
Scalable multiple level tab oriented interconnect architecture
Programmable logic device with hierarchical interconnection resources
Multiple-bit, current mode data bus
High voltage PMOS level shifter
Semiconductor device, and liquid crystal device and electronic equipment using the same
Method and apparatus for controlling compensated buffers
Signal line driver having reduced transmission delay time and reduced power consumption
Integrated circuit I/O buffer with series P-channel and floating well
Or gate circuit and state machine using the same
Output buffer with programmable voltage swing
Phase-comparison circuit
Differential comparator with dispersion reduction circuitry
Circuit for auto-zeroing a high impedance CMOS current driver
Signal generator
Timing-control circuit device and clock distribution system
Double-edge-triggered flip-flop providing two data transitions per clock cycle
Voltage down converter with switched hysteresis
Differential amplifier
Process, voltage, and temperature insensitive two phase clock generation circuit
Delay circuit
Step attenuator having shunt circuit equipped with transmission line
Voltage reference overshoot protection circuit
Feedforward-controlled sense amplifier
Temperature stabilization of a predistorter
Temperature compensation circuit for semiconductor switch and method of operation thereof
Voltage regulated charge pump
Output buffer circuit having changeable output impedance
On chip CMOS VLSI reference voltage with feedback for hysteresis noise margin
Filter circuit
Analog offset cancellation method and circuit and amplifier using such circuit
PWM amplifier with feedback loop integrator
Apparatus and method for efficiently amplifying wideband envelope signals
Method and apparatus for cascaded ground return amplifier
Switchless high efficiency amplifier
RF power amplifier system having inductive steering
Multiplexed input envelope restoration scheme for linear high-efficiency power amplification
Compensating a Gm-boosted folded-cascode amplifier
Gain variable amplifier apparatus having improved gain control linearity characteristics
DC gain enhancement for operational amplifiers
High performance intermediate stage circuit for a rail-to-rail input/output CMOS operational amplifier
Power amplifier core
High gain, wide band amplifier
Dynamic bias boosting circuit for a power amplifier
Method and apparatus for derivative controlled phase locked loop systems
Frequency controlled system for positive voltage regulation
Microwave/millimeter-wave integrated circuit
Atomic oscillator utilizing a high frequency converting circuit and an active, low-integral-number multiplier
Arrangement for producing electrical oscillations
Oscillation circuit using comparator with temperature compensated reference voltages
Oscillator starting method
Low-voltage, current-folded signal modulators and methods
Flat flexible cable with ground conductors
Hermetic compressor and an electrical connector therefor
Motor compensating spring
Rogowski coil method of determination of bearing lubrication in dynamoelectric machines
Electrical machine element
Rotor core for reluctance motor
Rotor for an electric motor and process for manufacturing the rotor
Ultrasonic motor driven by elliptic vibration
Compound semiconductor monolithic frequency sources and actuators
Quartz crystal unit
Piezoelectric resonator and a method of manufacturing the same
Microchannel plates (MCPs) having micron and submicron apertures
Indirectly heated cathode with a thermal absorption layer on the sleeve and cathode ray tube
Color picture tube having improved shadow mask-frame assembly support
Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method
Display panel
Very high power radiofrequency generator
High-intensity discharge lamp, high-intensity discharge lamp device, high-intensity discharge lamp lighting circuit and lighting system
Unit of electric lamp and reflector
Lamp with switching device and control method thereof
Drive scheme for low pressure gas discharge lamps
Plasma gun and methods for the use thereof
Photocontrol arrangement with mechanically held contacts for controlling an outdoor lighting system
Non-thermionic ballast-free energy-efficient light-producing gas discharge system and method
Apparatus for power factor control
System and method for controlling rare gas illumination
Power supply for hybrid illumination system
Ballast for high-pressure gas discharge lamp
Lighting control with wireless remote control and programmability
Method and apparatus for powering fluorescent lighting
Metal halide lamp with increased lamp voltage
Electron beam deflection system for cathode ray tubes
Dynamic focus voltage amplitude controller
Dual power unit for movement of a back and footrest in armchairs and the like
System to determine solenoid position and flux without drift
Motor control apparatus for a railway switch machine
Control for a two degree of freedom electromechanical transmission and associated method
Low pin count DC-motor integrated drive circuit
Electronic bordering system
Method and apparatus for generating reference values for a motion control loop in an industrial control system
Circuit for driving inductive loads
Speed controlling method for induction motor
Intelligent car battery-charging cable device
Single wire radio to charger communications method
High-efficiency battery charger
Method in charging a battery powered device and apparatus for working the method
Method for regulating a generator
Circuit having reduced losses occurring during transforming switching adjusting or controlling electric power
Transformerless power supply circuit with a switchable capacitive element
Linear voltage regulator with zero mobile compensation
Shunt voltage regulator with self-contained thermal crowbar safety protection
Switching regulator control circuit avoiding break-down of the switching element
Common mode bias voltage generator
Circuit for a NOx measurement sensor
Circuit for an NOx measurement sensor
Enhanced modified faraday cup for determination of power density distribution of electron beams
Micro-mechanical probes for charge sensing
Memory cell configuration and method for its production
Method for forming a high areal capacitance planar capacitor
Structure of a stacked memory cell, in particular a ferroelectric cell
Semiconductor memory of good retention and its manufacture
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a drain region of different impurity density and conductivity types
Self-aligned dynamic threshold CMOS device
Method for reduced gate aspect ration to improve gap-fill after spacer etch
Thin-film transistor and fabrication method for same
Bipolar transistor that can be fabricated in CMOS
Mutual implant region used for applying power/ground to a source of a transistor and a well of a substrate
Electronic programmable read-only-memory including a charge storage capacitor coupled to the gate electrode
Insulated-gate field-effect transistors having different gate capacitances
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Structure for an optical switch on a silicon on insulator substrate
Method for forming a frontside contact to the silicon substrate of a SOI wafer in the presence of planarized contact dielectrics
Semiconductor structure with air gaps formed between metal leads
High resistance integrated circuit resistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of designing same
Backside bus vias
Semiconductor wafer assemblies comprising photoresist over silicon nitride materials
Silicon oxynitride cap for fluorinated silicate glass film in intermetal dielectric semiconductor fabrication
Edge connectable metal package
Flat package for semiconductor diodes
Low-cost tape carrier package and liquid crystal module using the same
Small size electronic part and a method for manufacturing the same, and a method for forming a via hole for use in the same
Electronic assembly having improved power supply bus voltage integrity
I/O pin having solder dam for connecting substrates
Flexible substrate for packaging a semiconductor component
Semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
High performance MIM (MIP) IC capacitor process
Semiconductor device having high density interconnections and method for manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating an array of ultra-small pores for chalcogenide memory cells
Semiconductor package
Semiconductor chip bonded to a thermal conductive sheet having a filled through hole for electrical connection
Micro-flex technology in semiconductor packages
Bond pad having vias usable with antifuse process technology
Electric power generating system
Apparatus which is electronically switched on and off
Linear motor with an improved cooling structure
Linear actuator with expansion device
Electric motor cooling jacket assembly and method of manufacture
Cooling fan for electric treadmill motor
High speed spindle motor with hydrodynamic bearings
Small electric motor
Circuit configuration for connecting up the stator windings of a brushless electronically commutated motor
Modified interferons
Interferon PRO655
Anti-peptide antibody against human cytochrome P450 3A4
Antibodies to human cystatin E
Antibodies to natural killer stimulatory factor
Antibodies specific for human thymosin .beta.15 protein and uses thereof
Dye-labeled protein conjugate and method for preparing the same
Rare earth complexes
MDKI, a novel receptor tyrosine kinase
Compositions inducing cleavage of RNA motifs
DNA encoding DP. 75 and a process for its use
Myosin IXa and cyclic nucleotide gated channel-15 (CNGC-15) polynucleotides, polypeptides, compositions, methods, and uses thereof
Large scale synthesis of oligonucleotides and their associated analogs
Mammalian lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase
Modified lepidopteran receptors and hybrid multifunctional proteins for use in transcription and regulation of transgene expression
Small and cysteine rich antifungal defensin and thionine-like protein genes highly expressed in the incompatible interaction
Molecular constructs comprising a carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) transcriptional regulatory region
Oligonucleotide inhibition of cell adhesion
Modulation of IAPs for the diagnosis and antisense treatment of proliferative disease
Method and compositions for modification of polysaccharide characteristics
Process for the manufacture of D-erythrose
Process for the preparation of a metal salt of clavulanic acid
Processes for producing epsilon caprolactams
Method for separating an azepine derivative from a mixture containing an amine and an azepine derivative
Substituted ammonium salt of 1,5''-bitetrazole
.alpha.1-adrenergic receptor antagonists
Preparation of pyridone derivatives using phthalimido containing starting material
Histidine-(N-benzyl glycinamide) inhibitors of protein farnesyl transferase
Multi-armed chromophores with very large two-photon absorption cross-sections
Hydantoin intermediates for the synthesis of omapatrilat and methods for producing and using the same
Use of water-soluble/dispersible reactive derivatives of polyimido compounds for modifying proteinaceous substrates
Method and apparatus for improving the uniformity of distribution of a phosphorus-containing agent throughout a maleic anhydride catalytic reactor
Process for the preparation of epoxites
Process of manufacturing ethylene oxide
Thickened aqueous surfactant solutions
Amino-amide-ruthenium complexes
Iron alkali salt of S,S-ethylenediamine-N,N''-disuccinic acid and process for producing the same
Catalyzed fluorination of carbonyl compounds
Method for producing a 1-(3-cyclopentenyloxy-4-alkoxyphenyl)-4-oxocyclohexanecar-bonitrile
Method of stabilizing N-oxyl compounds in vinyl compounds
Aryl (sulfide, sulfoxide and sulfone) derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Process for the isomerization of allylic compounds
Process for preparing dialkylphosphinic acids
Phosphine ligands with amino acid groups, method for their production and use thereof as catalyst components
Aqueous hydroxylamine solution
Antivirally active heterocyclic azahexane derivatives
Process for preparing oxoisophorone
Process for the preparation of 2-hydroxyalkyl halophenones
Noncatalytic organic synthesis using supercritical water
Process for preparing higher unsaturated ketones
Method of producing fluorinated and chlorinated benzaldehydes and compositions thereof
Hydro-fluoroalkylvinylethers and process for obtaining them
Process for the preparation of tetrabromobisphenol-A
Method for cleaning reactors used for acid-catalyzed production of bisphenols
Process for preparing HCFC-123
Catalyst for the fluorination of halogenated organic compounds
Fluorination catalyst and process for fluorinating halogenated hydrocarbon
Process for addition of haloalkanes to alkenes catalyzed by an organophosphite compound
Inhibition of polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated monomers
Process for producing dehydrogenated compounds of m-ethyldiphenylalkane
Preparation of zeolite bound by MFI structure type zeolite and use thereof
Catalyst having a zeolitic core and zeolitic layer and the use of the catalyst for olefin oligomerization
Method for the use of new silicoaluminophosphas having an AEL structure to convert naptha to C2 to C4 olefins
Absorbent article
Model for chronic cerebral inflammation by intracerebral injection of double stranded RNA
Transgenic mouse expressing an APP-FAD DNA sequence
Soybean sudden death syndrome resistant soybeans, soybean cyst nematode resistant soybeans and methods of breeding and identifying resistant plants
Functional characterization of genes
Transformation of zygote, egg or sperm cells and recovery of transformed plants from isolated embryo sacs
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases
Mobilization of viral genomes from T-DNA using site-specific recombination systems
Small white pumpkin; plants, tissue, and seeds for producing the pumpkin; and the methods for growing the plants
Mandelvilla plant with double flower
Music timer
Five string electric guitar
Retrofit guitar tremolo
Acoustical drum shell staged bridge reinforcement structure
Waveform data time expanding and compressing device
Pitch shifter
Operation counter for a circuit interrupter
Arc runner retaining feature
Wire electrode for electro-discharge machining and manufacturing method thereof
Manufacture of repair material and articles repaired with the material
Plasma cutting or arc welding power supply with phase staggered secondary switchers
Laser processing
Method for laser welding a fin and a tube
Laser cutting system
Apparatus and method for laser scribing a coated substrate
Method and apparatus for machining an electrically conductive film
Method of three dimensional laser engraving
Flux-cored wire for gas-flow-shielded welding
Electromagnetic field shielding electric heating pad
Electrical monitor for floor heating systems
Wrap heater and method for heating food product
Hot wall rapid thermal processor
Lamp unit and light radiating type heating device
Light ring display for cooktop
Stovetop burner with safety feature
Radiant electric heater
Radiant electric heater
Method and device for detection of a boil dry condition of a utensil placed on a glass-ceramic cooking surface of a cooking unit
Molded polymer composite heater
Induction heating coil and induction heating device using the induction heating coil
Door to microwave oven, control panel and cable assembly
Microwave oven with door latching member
Focus detecting device and apparatus having the same
Image sensors made from organic semiconductors
Photodiode array with expanded dynamic range
Communication system using gravitational waves
Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Detector circuit with a stationary potential amplifier input
Magnetic digital signal coupler having selected/reversal directions of magnetization
High speed 3-dimensional confocal microscopic equipment
Micro-electro-mechanical optical device
Optical sensor for pointing device with conical disks and single photodetector
Color calibration device and method
Method and device for charged particle ray information storage
IR sensor with reflective calibration
Radiation detector
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer and ion analysis
Daughter ion spectra with time-of-flight mass spectrometers
Focused ion beam machining method and device thereof
Defect review SEM with automatically switchable detector
Annular differential seal for electron beam apparatus using isolation valve and additional differential pumping
Method of thinning an electron transparent thin film membrane on a TEM grid using a focused ion beam
Uncooled infrared focal plane imager and microelectromechanical infrared detector for use therein
In-line method for determining the residue content of an isocyanate and apparatus useful therefor
Method and apparatus for measuring the condition of degradable components
Low energy sensitive X-gamma dosimeter
Ion source head
Increased ionization efficiency in a mass spectrometer using electron beam trajectory modification
Modular probe for total internal reflection fluorescence spectroscopy
Process and arrangement for the device configuration of confocal microscopes
Composite nanophosphor screen for detecting radiation having optically reflective coatings
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for modifying surfaces of materials, and materials having surfaces modified thereby
Optical semiconductor device having a multilayer reflection structure
Filament lamp for emission of yellow light
Sheet-like member processing apparatus and method of handling sheet-like member
Method for monitoring Faraday cup operation in an ion implantation apparatus
Dose monitor for plasma doping system
Silicon-on-insulator transistors having improved current characteristics and reduced electrostatic discharge susceptibility
Characteristic-evaluating storage capacitors
Tool for aligning a robot arm to a cassette for holding semiconductor wafers
Chip layout for symmetrical-critical elements
Circuit including forward body bias from supply voltage and ground nodes
Continuous amorphous silicon layer sensors using sealed metal back contact
Low cost limited angle torque DC brushless servomotor and method for fabricating thereof
Position sensing device having a single photosensing element
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew