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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus, system and method for monitoring plants
Fungicidal N-bicycloalkyl and N-tricycloalkyl pyrazole-4-(thio)carboxamide derivatives
Illuminating device
Brush with magnetic filaments
Sliding shelf assembly for a refrigerator appliance
Connector element with tang fixation and frame assembly
Cutting eye needle
Process for producing water-absorbing polymer fibers
Three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering made by processing complex extracts of natural extracellular matrices
Adjustable support for tubular medical device processing
Multi-spoked wheel assembly
Compositions of kinase inhibitors and their use for treatment of cancer and other diseases related to kinases
N-terminal truncated insulin analogues
Proteomic IPF markers
Dental cleaning and polishing composition comprising diamond particles
Abnormal electrical conduction blocking apparatus using photodynamic therapy (PDT)
Moving-body tracking device for radiation therapy, irradiation region determining device for radiation therapy, and radiation therapy device
Respiratory protection equipment
Standing vehicle occupant restraint system
Terminating expansion of underground coal fires and protecting the environment
Full body exercise apparatus
Quick slide handle assembly for cable exercise equipment
Compressible barbell adapter
Balance trainer
Exercise contact counter display tracking repetitive hits
Sport training equipment
Basketball shot training system and method
Removable and configurable sporting goal target and target pockets
Programmable exercise bicycle
Bowling aiming apparatus
Automatic inflatable toy with housing
Snap-fit connector and toy assembly having the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods for removing contaminants from aqueous systems
Fluid dynamic sonic separator
Hybrid porous structured material, method of preparing hybrid porous structured material, membrane including hybrid porous structured material, and water treatment device including membrane including hybrid porous structured material
Acidic gas separation module, acidic gas separation device, and telescope prevention plate
Reverse osmosis treatment apparatus
Pneumoacoustic bar atomizer
Process for the preparation of an additive comprising supported and dispersed TiO2 particles
Ceramic materials for absorption of acidic gases
Supported alkoxylated organotin reactant, preparation and use for heterogeneous-phase synthesis of tetrazoles
Fiber reinforced zeolite extrudates with enhanced physical properties
Hydrogen generator with replaceable fuel unit and a method of producing hydrogen gas
Laboratory stopcock valve manifold with arbitrary mapping of flow to rotation angle and provisions for motorized planetary gear control
Flotation of silicates from ores
Self-cleaning spray valve assembly
Adjustable support for tubular medical device processing
Snow sport equipment waxing device and method
Apparatus for producing an integrally laminated three-dimensional object by repeating formation of powder layer and solidified layer
Device for applying a foaming reaction mixture
Methods for printing on glass
Screen cloth for vibrating, rotating or stationary screens
Production of thermal insulation products
Apparatus and method for embedding an element
Modular micro mill and method of manufacturing a steel long product
Refractory component for lining a metallurgical vessel
Steel for machine structure use excellent in cutting tool lifetime and machining method of same
Method of recovering steel reinforcement from conveyor belts
Installation assist and method
Abrasive article with hybrid bond
Common jig apparatus for mounting fender of multifarious vehicle
Impact tool
Modular survival tool
Apparatus and process for cutting adhesive labels
Optical fiber cutting knife
Mixer drum driving apparatus including a plurality of motors configured to drive an auxiliary fluid pressure pump to rotate
Thermal insulated mold and production method thereof
Building method to produce lightweight building blocks from cellulose fibre
Thin type injection molding skin manufacturing apparatus and skin taking out method of the same
Injection molding machine
Toner supply roller and image forming apparatus
Film adhering apparatus
Apparatus and method for lining a pipe
Mold pin, tire mold and tire manufacturing method
Press machine
Composite laminate with reinforcement of metal mesh
Coated article with low-E coating including zinc oxide inclusive layer(s) with additional metal(s)
Processing method for constraining lower melting point metals within ceramic laminates during sintering
Water repellent film and component for vehicle including the film
Method for manufacturing touch panel
Ink jet recording ink, ink jet recording ink set, recording method, recorded matter and ink jet recording apparatus
Binding device for binding machines and a punching and binding intergrative machine
Machine for fitting/removing a tyre
Holding element for a spring
Air conditioning register
Front grille emblem for releasing a hood and filling a windshield washer fluid reservoir of a motor vehicle
Hybrid drivetrain and method for operating the same
Unloading apparatus for dry bulk material
Device for elastic suspension of an assembly of reservoirs on the underbody of a motor vehicle
Method and control unit for triggering passenger protection means for a vehicle
Vehicle airbag with active vent
Vehicle door open-close control device
Protective device for a vehicle interior
Fuel injection amount control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Shopping container safes and related methods for securing objects
Steering assemblies
Vehicle front structure
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering device and adjusting device and adjusting method of electric power steering device
Vehicle-to-vehicle connector
Offset installation systems
Ship breaking down arrangement and method therefore
Counter-rotating rotor system with static mast
Unmanned aerial vehicle with rotatable gripper
Surveillance system
Rotor fairing, a rotor, and an aircraft
Method for making a capsule for beverages and capsule
Container filling systems and methods
Folding assembly of a continuous sheet of packaging material, in particular paper, applicable to automatic packaging machines and an automatic packaging machine comprising such a folding assembly
Nestable container with uniform stacking features
Beverage container covers, methods and uses thereof
Fluid dispenser having a one-way valve, pump, variable-volume storage chamber, and a needle penetrable and laser resealable portion
Metallic bung closure with protective plastic layer
Container that prevents illegal operation and can be easily identified after being illegally operated
Dispensing lid
Bottle for withdrawing goods that are in the form of pieces
Packaging box for electronic device
Tank assembly with liner
Transport conveyor and transport unit
High efficiency conveyor assembly
Methods for handling tubulars useful during cleaning and inspection operations
Device for handling stackable cargo units in a cargo space, as well as a method for handling stackable cargo units
Corrugated edge nip
Paper post-processing device
Sheet pasting and binding apparatus and sheet post-processing apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus sheets with an adhesive
Winding machine
Method and apparatus for forming a knot in surgical suture or other filament
Medium transportation apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method of assembling medium transportation apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Basket-like device having wall insulation
Mixed metal oxide catalyst and production of nitric oxide by oxidation of ammonia
Process for operating an integrated gas-to-liquids facility
Graphene quantum dots synthesis method
Production of high purity precipitated calcium carbonate
Integrated system of a methanogenic anaerobic reactor and membrane bioreactor for the elimination of organic material and nitrogen from wastewater
Lignocellulosic biomass fermentation process co-product fuel for cement kiln
Method for the dry slaking of calcium and magnesium oxides from calcomagnesian compounds
Method for the wet slaking of calcium and magnesium oxides from calcomagnesian compounds
Method for separating organofluorine compounds using membrane
HDAC inhibitors
Process for a direct one-pot transformation of lutein to .beta.-cryptoxanthin via its acetate ester
Integrated process for converting methane to aromatics and other chemicals
Paraxylene separation process
Fluidizable catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons
Composition for preparing terephthalic acid
Synthetic method of enantiomerically pure 2,2'-dihydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyl-3-carboxylic acid
Cystathionine-.gamma.-lyase (CSE) inhibitors
Synthesis of acyclic and cyclic amines using iron-catalyzed nitrene group transfer
Substituted phenylazole derivative
Imidazotriazinone compounds
3-oxo-tetrahydro-furo[3,2-B]pyrrol-4(5H)-yl) derivatives I
Substituted heterocyclic compounds as CRAC modulators
Biaryl acetamide compounds and methods of use thereof
Fluorinated benzenesulfonamides as inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method of designing addressable array suitable for detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using ligase detection reaction
Neutral nucleic acid ligands
Methods of treating HIV diseases using novel expression vectors
Modified diene polymer, method for producing same, rubber composition, and pneumatic tire
Rubber composition, modified polymer, and tire
Silicone (meth)acrylate particles, processes for their preparation and use thereof
Water absorbent polymers and a process for their preparation
Curable polymers comprising silsesquioxane polymer core and silsesquioxane polymer outer layer and methods
Porous polymeric resins
Block copolymer, method of forming the same, and method of forming pattern
Low toxicity solvent system for polyamideimide and polyamide amic acid resin coating
Process of controlled radical polymerization of branched polyacrylates
Flexible metal laminate and preparation method of the same
Process for manufacturing white pigment containing products
Rubber compositions with filler and ketoxime or ketoximo silane
Polylactic acid resin composition
Waterproof paint formula and a pen device for using the same
Protective elements made of polyolefin hot-melt adhesives
Adhesive composition for polarization-maintaining optical fiber
Fluid composition comprising glass microspheres and method of making and using the same
Submicron particles surfactant method for improved oil recovery from subterranean reservoirs
Oil/bitumen emulsion separation
Process for biodiesel production from a yeast strain
Lubricant film-forming composition and screw joint for steel pipe
Optimized surfactant ratio for improved rinse feel
Reaction vessel, assay device, and measuring method
Treatment of transcription factor E3 (TFE3) and insulin receptor substrate 2 (IRS2) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to TFE3
Polynucleotide encoding NF-YB derived from jatropha and use thereof
Chondrogenic progenitor cells, protocol for derivation of cells and uses thereof
Laccase from ganoderma lucidum capable of enhancing enzymatic degradation of lignocellulolytic biomass
High efficiency ethanol process and high protein feed co-product
Methods for obtaining a sequence
Method and arrangement for determining the occupancy of a rail vehicle
Synthesis and enrichment of nucleic acid sequences
Methods for rapid identification of pathogens in humans and animals
Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
Method for evaluating drug sensitivity and disease vulnerability by analyzing cyclic AMP responsive element binding protein gene
Production of copper via looping oxidation process
Process for cold hydrochemical decomposition of sodium hydrogen aluminosilicate
Electric resistance welded steel pipe
Si-killed steel wire rod and spring
Cavity pull rod: device to promote single crystal growth from the melt
Method for epitaxial growth of monocrystalline silicon carbide using a feed material including a surface layer containing a polycrystalline silicon carbide with a 3C crystal polymorph
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for measuring the fabric tension in a weaving machine
Laundry treating apparatus and method for controlling the same
Accessory for the matching of garments
Fixed Constructions
Crash cushion
Pick-up head for street sweeping and cleaning vehicles
Snow clearing device
Snow-to-slurry conversion apparatus
Secondary containment system
Device and method for controlling flow rate in construction machinery
Apparatus for controlling a cascaded hybrid construction machine system and a method therefor
Framing hardware
Dry application papercrete and block design using basalt
Modular concrete reinforcement
Roof pipe flashing
Method and apparatus for distributing granules on a roof
Construction system
Kit for mounting one or more appliances on a pole
Wind turbine tower assembly
Enclosing structure and associated assembly and disassembly methods
Arrangement and method for underwater activities
Hot tub cover and method of using the same
Cover flap arrangement for a handle arrangement of a motor vehicle door
Electronic door access control system
Transmission mechanism of handle lock set
Safety stop for a sliding door or window
Rotatable hinge
Door hinge closing mechanism
System and device for opening and closing sliding doors
Cutters for drill bits
Centralizers for centralizing well casings
Compact pipe handling trailer
Method and apparatus for drilling and servicing subterranean wells with rotating coiled tubing
Electrical submergible pumping system using a power crossover assembly for a power supply connected to a motor
Kinetic penetrator beacons for multistatic geophysical sensing
System and method for performing wellbore stimulation operations
Drill rig and methods of manufacture and use of same
Sub-surface formation boundary detection using an electric-field borehole telemetry apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of producing an insulation element and insulation element for a housing of an aero engine
Disabling circuit in steam turbines for shutting off saturated steam
Gas turbine duct casing
Ductile alloys for sealing modular component interfaces
Versatile pinch point avoidance recuperator for supercritical carbon dioxide power generation systems
Valve opening/closing timing control device
Chemical heat storage device
Exhaust-gas turbocharger
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus for engine
System and method for obtaining an adjustable accelerator pedal response in a vehicle powertrain
Device for automatically stopping and restarting internal combustion engine
Actuator with feed forward control
Failure diagnosis device for exhaust brake
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Multi-frequency quarter-wave resonator for an internal combustion engine
Barring-tool system and method
Variable displacement lubricant pump for an internal combustion engine with a temperature control valve
Rotation driving mechanism for windmill
Assembly for fixing a rotor blade of a wind power plant
Steam power plant with integrated solar receiver
Variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Compressor comprising purging and method for purging the compressor housing with purge gas
Electric pump
Propeller fan, fluid feeder, electric fan, and molding die
System and cooling for rapid pressurization of a motor-bearing cooling loop for a hermetically sealed motor/compressor system
Pump device and hydraulic actuator
Hub unit
Method for the production of a connecting rod for an internal combustion engine
Tuned mass damper
Self-tightening and wear compensating suspension mounting system
Continuously variable transmission
Gear motor assembly
Range switching apparatus
Siphon aid for siphoning grey water
Roller brush mounting assembly
Grease gun and cartridge unit
Highly efficient LED lighting fixture
Integrated coat hook and light source assembly
Lens and light emitting device having the same
Decorative light
Backlight assembly, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
Illumination module having light diffusing fiber
Burner nozzle, burner and a surface treatment device
Gradual oxidation with flue gas
Burner of a gas turbine
Refrigeration cycle device
Gas burner with tilt safety assembly
System for holding and driving a solar collector and method for controlling it
Receiver system for a fresnel solar plant
Insulated storage systems and methods
Framed drying rack
Wood processing oven and method
Method for using the waste heat from a plant for producing cement and plant for producing cement
Storage and recovery of thermal energy using heat storage material being filled in a plurality of enclosures
Multi-lance reel for internal cleaning and inspection of tubulars
Blow gun
Powder measure cover apparatus
Identifying a position of transmission/reception coils of a magnetic resonance imaging scanner with labels read in motion
Mechanical tracking system
Method of measuring a change in an optical path length using differential laser self-mixing interferometry and a differential laser self-mixing interferometry measuring system
Angular velocity sensor
Motorcycle organic gathering for route sharing
Profile aware navigation
Systems and methods for determining ambient illumination having a bypass switch
Cable identification using a unique cable sleeve
Support unit for a circuit board in a sensor unit and corresponding sensor unit
Vacuum pressure gauge
Optical sensor, method for manufacturing optical sensor, optical encoder, torque detection apparatus, and electric power steering apparatus
Pneumatic detection using a liquefied compressed gas
Flow control in a microfluidic device
Dual-filter dual-integrity test assembly
Configurational chirality based separation
Analysis apparatus
Sensing system and method
Hardware and method for implementation of in situ acoustic thermograph inspections
Ultra-sensitive biosensor based on lateral bipolar junction transistor having self-aligned epitaxially grown base
Electrolyte sensor and method for producing thereof
Superhydrophobic electrode and biosensing device using the same
Suspended sediment meter
Method and system for verifying the age of an animal providing meat
Selective ion chemistry for nitrate detection
Spectral method for quantifying hemoglobin fragility caused by smoking
Method of discerning substitution of carbohydrate esters
Display device, display method, and display program used in measurement system
CMPF as a biomarker for diabetes and associated methods
Soluble CD27 (sCD27) and the use thereof
Biomarkers for determining sensitivity of breast cancer cells to HER2-targeted therapy
Methods for predicting risk of coronary stenosis
Disaggregation apparatus for being used in a multi-group electrical network
Semiconductor automatic test equipment
On-chip current test circuit
Configurable vertical integration
Circuit configuration for radar applications
Methods, systems and computer program storage devices for generating a response to flooding
Wide angle zoom lens
Row driving architecture for electrowetting display elements
Anti-reflective device with attachment means for optical products
Semiconductor interferometric device
Augmented reality glasses
Helmet mounted display
Open-type color reflective sheet and method of manufacturing the same
Broadband or mid-infrared fiber light sources
Optical coupling lens and optical fiber coupling connector
Lighted tip for flexible rods
Extendable eyeglasses and method of use
Eyewear with improved fit
Phototherapeutic near IR fluorescent light filters
Method and device to modify the electrical properties of an organic and/or molecular material
Multi-wavelength band optical phase and amplitude controller
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid-crystal displays and liquid-crystalline media having homeotropic alignment
Liquid crystal display device
Backlight assembly, and liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display device having the same
Liquid crystal display panel, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate manufacturing method, display apparatus manufacturing method, and display apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal lens panel
Liquid crystal display device
Maskless exposure device and method for compensating cumulative illumination using the same
Stage system and a lithographic apparatus
Patterning device, method of producing a marker on a substrate and device manufacturing method
Printing with continuous color calibration
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing image formation program
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Technique for reducing uneven image density in an image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Air-conditioning system and central management apparatus
Operation plan creating method, computer product, and operation plan creating apparatus
Method for producing PLC and HMI tag database and system
Vehicle control system
System and method for video processing and presentation
Shape memory alloy thermostat for subsea equipment
Precision current source with programmable slew rate control
Validating power paths to it equipment
Data transfer apparatus, data transfer method, and data transfer program
Biaxial synchronization dual-shaft hinge
Television adapter
Back-side interface for hand-held devices
Electronic device capable of maintaining contact of battery with power terminal
Error resilient pipeline
Residue-based checking of a shift operation
Problem determination in distributed enterprise applications
Coordinating storage of data in dispersed storage networks
Processing information
Synchronizing storage of data copies in a dispersed storage network
Memory device, computer system, and method of controlling memory device
Tracking memory accesses when invalidating effective address to real address translations
Metadata rewrite and flatten optimization
Preemptible-RCU CPU hotplugging while maintaining real-time response
Dynamic cache memory management with translation lookaside buffer protection
Using inactive copy relationships to resynchronize data between storages
Storage device and method for enabling hidden functionality
Multi-level table deltas
Collecting memory operand access characteristics during transactional execution
Nested cache coherency protocol in a tiered multi-node computer system
Performance-driven cache line memory access
Expanding effective storage capacity of a data storage system while providing support for address mapping recovery
Counter-based victim selection in a cache memory
Counter-based victim selection in a cache memory
Method and apparatus for adjusting connection speed of USB device
Marking local regions and providing a snapshot thereof for asynchronous mirroring
Access and protection of I2C interfaces
Bridge and method for coupling a requesting interconnect and a serving interconnect in a computer system
Method for power control handshaking of hot swappable components using programmable logic devices
Associating a meeting room with a meeting
Distributed primary device data collector with failover operation
Configuring a generic computing device utilizing specific computing device operation information
Selecting storage units in a dispersed storage network
Remote direct memory access (RDMA) optimized high availability for in-memory data storage
Remote direct memory access (RDMA) optimized high availability for in-memory data storage
Reconfigurable processor with routing node frequency based on the number of routing nodes
Method and system of a user associating a first webpage web link and second webpage link and viewing of the contents of the webpage links by the selection of the first webpage link
Generating statistical views in a database system
Interactive sitemap with user footprints
Transform design with scaled and non-scaled interfaces
Editing a fragmented document
Automated search
Knowledge-based editor with natural language interface
Enterprise process database
System and method for item and item set matching
Database element versioning system and method
Parallel transaction messages for database replication
Automatically correcting invalid scripts in web applications
Centroid detection for clustering
Generating code for an integrated data system
Annotating articles
Utilizing dependency among internet search results
Question pruning for evaluating a hypothetical ontological link
Scalable visualization of a product and its variants
Clustering using non-negative matrix factorization on sparse graphs
Predicting validity of data replication prior to actual replication in a transaction processing system
Method and apparatus for physical-aware hold violation fixing
Method for calculating an effect on timing of moving a pin from an edge to an inboard position in processing large block synthesis (LBS)
Robust and adaptable management of event counters
Generation and application of stressmarks in a computer system
Systems, devices, and methods including a wheelchair-assist robot
Health plan management method and apparatus
Protecting chip settings using secured scan chains
Methods circuits apparatuses systems and associated computer executable code for metering software usage
Decrypting files for data leakage protection in an enterprise network
Confidential content display in flexible display devices
Creation and prioritization of multiple virtual universe teleports in response to an event
Online documentation review
Detecting device and detecting method
Nanotechnology clothing for human-computer interaction
Electronic device with a touch sensor and method for operating the same
Products and processes for providing force sensations in a user interface
Simultaneous touch sensor scanning and display refreshing for display-embedded touch sensors
Controller and method for controlling a capacitive touch screen or the like
Touch panel and method for fabricating the same
Sensing apparatus of electromagnetic induction input type and control method thereof
System that enforces accountability by requiring justifications for sensitive information technology operations
Techniques for rotating language preferred orientation on a mobile device
Method and system for displaying graphic user interface
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Systems and methods for unlocking a wearable device
Increased destaging efficiency for smoothing of destage tasks based on speed of disk drives
Management apparatus and method for setting data values on an information processing apparatus
Data transfer system, method of transferring data, and system
Image forming apparatus capable of speeding up drawing process, an image forming method, and a non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Modifying generic workform received from host with specific input plug-in data based on selected capability of workform performing device
Method and apparatus for paginating electronic documents
Dynamically reconfiguring time zones in real-time using plural time zone libraries
Simultaneously capturing status information for multiple operating modes
Clearing specified blocks of main storage
Fine-grained instruction enablement at sub-function granularity based on an indicated subrange of registers
Adding a profiling agent to a virtual machine to permit performance and memory consumption analysis within unit tests
Program subset execution and debug
Apparatus and method for managing a software development and maintenance system
Optimized compilation using an auto-tuned compiler as a service
Reducing compilation time using profile-directed feedback
Generating an operating procedure manual
Localizing computer program code
Virtual machine migration
Failover detection and treatment in checkpoint systems
Closed-loop feedback mechanism for achieving optimum performance in a consolidated workload environment
Scaling past the java virtual machine thread limit
Parallelization method and electronic device based on profiling information
Method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects using a clip region
Asynchronous smart card encode and print apparatus and method in a heterogeneous chip-card production environment
Wireless communication module, wireless communication system, and communication method
Person detection system, method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
Methods for measuring and reporting vascularity in a tissue sample
Image processing device using difference camera
Extended depth-of-field biometric system
System for video super resolution using semantic components
Geometric referencing of multi-spectral data
Sequential anomaly detection
Analysis of dissimilarity among business components
Feedback based technique towards total completion of task in crowdsourcing
Business systems management mobile administration
Methods for generating a work-order in real time and devices thereof
Mitigating distribution and consumption of counterfeit products
Secure electronic cash-less payment systems and methods
Purchasing data management method and system
Field programmable hierarchical cloud billing system
System and method for managing battery discharge during critical peak pricing intervals
Directed graph-based strategy trading tool
System and method for displaying market information and order placement in an electronic trading environment
Methods and apparatus to implement spin-gesture based trade action parameter selection
System and method for displaying profit related information in an electronic trading environment
Energy management system, energy management method, program, server apparatus, and local server
Real-time demand control system and method of controlling the same
System and method for avoiding duplication of effort in drafting documents
Remote rendering control objects
Automatic color palette based recommendations
Electronic device and method of providing handwriting animation
Alternative representations of virtual content in a virtual universe
Apparatus and method for virtual spatial reconstruction of a surgical tool
Computer-aided system for heads up display of safety/mission critical data
Electronic device and method for processing an image
Key fob button sequence for accessing keypad reprogramming mode
On-demand wireless camera coupled to one or more BL/WiFi bridges
Secure smartphone-operated locking device
System and method for proximity detection
Plasma panel based ionizing-particle radiation detector
Environmental monitoring pipeline closure and wireless positioning and warning system thereof
Wearable device and system capable of automatically notifying personal emergency, and method thereof
Stereoscopic display device, method for accepting instruction, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for recording program
Input apparatus and fingertip position detection method
Identifying the positioning in a multiple display grid
Scan chain processing in a partially functional chip
Transition metal dichalcogenide aerogels and methods of preparation and use
Apparatus and method for cable dynamics suppression via non-linear flexures
Oxygenates-free C8-C12 aromatic hydrocarbon stream and a process for preparing the same
CMOS integrated moving-gate transducer with silicon as a functional layer
Ocean wave energy harvesting with a piezoelectric coupled buoy
Recognition method for a battery cell package and structure thereof
Aqueous liquid composition, aqueous coating, functional coating film, and composite material
Power-supply voltage sensing circuit
Motorized shade with transmission wire passing through the support shaft
High efficiency roller shade and method for setting artificial stops
Diagnostic method for motor
Medical and personal data retrieval system
Coordinated access to a file system's shared storage using dynamic creation of file access layout
Authentication method and system using password as the authentication key
Method and device for unlocking electronic equipment and unlocking key thereof
External lighting device and system for handheld smart devices
Systems and methods for registering advertisement viewing
Determining a restricted apparatus with respect to a location
Cooling device utilizing internal synthetic jets
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Combine air system for cleanout
Clip structure for supporting ornamental items on a pew support
Inherently antimicrobial quaternary amine hydrogel wound dressings
Deactivatable biocides for hydrocarbonaceous products
Chemical composition that attract arthropods
Deactivants for dust mite allergens
Method for supplying food dough
Methods for decontaminating shell eggs
Bulk decontamination and degermination of materials in a sub-atmospheric saturated steam environment
Phytosterol compositions
Method for fractionating cooking oil
Marshmallow system
Fractionation and processing of oilseed meal
Gelled feed products, means for making the products and method for manufacture of said products
Process for preparing starch coated potato products
Cereal agglomeration process and agglomerated cereal product
Broth/stock and methods for preparation thereof
Cooked sausage and method for making the same
Method for producing film-type dosage
Method of bonding and sewing cloths
Lockable tranquilizer bracelet
Ergonomic bi-level workstation
Auto-locking structure of a sliding track assembly for drawer
Adjustable four plate assembly for a chair
Foldable furniture support structure for cross rods
Single beam aircraft passenger seat
Heating foot stool
Head support device
Carpet straightening apparatus
Multi-tier rotary grill
Soap with retention device
Extraction cleaning with optimal cleaning speed
Rucksack applicator device
Endoscope with guiding apparatus
Systems and methods for applying a suture within a blood vesel lumen
Method for performing a surgical procedure and a cannula for use in performing the surgical procedure
Medical retrieval device
Compressible atherectomy burr
Method to inject and extract fluid at a treatment site to remove debris
Orthopedic stabilization device and method
Orthopedic stabilization device and method
Heat pipe for cautery surgical instrument
Disinfecting method for wound without using liquid disinfectant and the device thereof
Recessed indexing rotary multiple port turret for single or multiple port medical fiber-optic illuminator
Method and device for determining the intraocular pressure, by measuring the changing of the frequency characteristics
Image obtaining apparatus
Swallowable data recorder capsule medical device
Vital sign box, medium, and information aggregation
Comprehensive vertigo management
Light for use in activating light-activated materials, the light having a plurality of light emitting single chip arrays
Dental abrading tool
Fluoropolymeric orthodontic article
Dental implant
Absorbable mesh device
Mechanical attachment method of cover materials on stents
Method of using a small incision lens
Mitral valve therapy device, system and method
Diamond-surfaced femoral head for use in a prosthetic joint
Mobile bearing patellar prosthesis with orbital translation
Method and apparatus for intervertebral implant anchorage
Device for spinal fusion
Blanket system for temperature regulation of a patient
Multicompartment ice bag for single patient use
Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation with concurrent hypothermia
Foot stimulation tool
Fluid reservoir piston
Polyureas and water-soluble or water-dispersible polymeric salts
Anti-ulcer pharmaceutical composition and the preparation thereof
Process of making a supplement for digestive ailment
Method for treating autoimmune and alloimmune diseases
Uro-genital condition treatment system
Treatment of central nervous system diseases by antibodies against glatiramer acetate
Methods for treating HIV-infected patients by the administration of GM-CSF and a protease inhibitor
Strain of the western equine encephalitis virus
Reduced fluence rate PDT
Pomegranate fruit extract compositions for treating dermatological disorders
Porous COX-2 inhibitor matrices and methods of manufacture thereof
Cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical preparations
Modification of surfaces using biological recognition events
Pharmaceuticals for the imaging of angiogenic disorders
Wax-like polymerizable dental material, method and shaped product
Permanent, removable tissue markings
Substituted 2-aminoalkyl-1,4-Diaminobenzene compounds and oxidation dye precursor compositions containing same
Oxidation dye composition for keratinic fibres containing a thickening polymer with an ether plastic skeleton
Hair relaxer compositions with a visual indicator
Heat activated durable styling compositions comprising C1 to C22 Substituted C3-C5 monosaccharides and methods for same
Capped dimer acid polyesters in personal care applications
Composition, process and kit for bleaching keratin fibers comprising at least one thickening polymer with an aminoplast-ether skeleton
Antiparasitic formulation
Multi-purpose skin balm including skin balm for psoriasis
Water soluble sheet composition
Cell culture products
Sterile polymerizable systems and kits and methods of their manufacture and use
Method for cleaning a dialyzer hemodialysis system
Ethylene oxide sterilization process indicator inks
Copolymer 1 related polypeptides for use as molecular weight markers and for therapeutic use
Biological lubricant composition and method of applying lubricant composition
Method for producing .beta.-titanium alloy wire
Biocompatible pharmaceutical articles
Scented waxed plush toys
Apparatus for generating the air condition resembling the air environment in a forest
Soft tip cannula and methods for use thereof
Wound treatment apparatus
Methods and apparatus for treating vascular occlusions
Catheter and guide wire exchange system
Contrast dispensing system
Modularized infusion pump apparatus
Two-component safety syringe
Retractable needle syringe
Medical lead connector
Low attenuating radioactive seeds
Pharmaceutical composition that contains eucalyptus and orange oil
Photostabilizers, UV absorbers, and methods of photostabilizing a sunscreen composition
Wearable personal emergency rescue apparatus
Burstable scent beads
Airflow and conditioning control apparatus for exercise equipment
Light weight golf ball
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf club striking face with varied thickness distribution
Striking plate for a golf club head
Multi-purpose golf accessory
Height-adjustable volleyball net and standard system and method
Golf swing position trainer teaching a golfer to swing a golf club correctly
Golf club swing trainer
Golf putting/chipping instructional device and method of use
Method of conducting an interactive competition
Gaming environment including portable transaction devices for rating players
System and method for saving status of paused game of chance
Interactive toy system
Device to obtain lengthening of the limbs and/or other parts of the body of a puppet, such as for example a doll and other similar toys such as small animals, soft toys and similar
Flexible dolls and posable action figures
Picture board with array of individually pivotable color transmission members and pigment sheet and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Blood separation chamber with preformed blood flow passages and centralized connection to external tubing
Static deaeration conditioner for processing of bitumen froth
Energy dissipating inlet for clarifier feedwells
Low waste liquid filter
Method of constructing a filter screen
Dual-flow filter cartridge
Method and apparatus for improving a fractionation process
Continuously operable rotating drum pressure differential filter, method and systems
Filter made of porous ceramic sintered body
Filtration arrangement utilizing pleated construction and method
Exhaust gas purifying filter
Thermochromic filter apparatus for computer
Method and a device for gas treatment
Pressure equalization apparatus and methods
Split-flow process and apparatus
System and method for the abatement of toxic constituents of effluent gases
Method for treating a gas containing a boric acid component
Process for the removal of sulphur compounds from gases
Electrophoresis separation and treatment of samples
Method for producing basic amino acid solution
Visual indicator cold trapping system
Sample handling system
Dual chamber orifice mixer and method of use
Mixing apparatus for injecting fluid into a gas stream
Method for continuously blending chemical solutions
Apparatus for producing hydrogen
Polymer synthesizer
Process for preparing trichloracetic acid and apparatus for use in such process
Short contact time catalytic sulfur recovery system for removing H2S from a waste gas stream
Composition and process for removing arsenic and selenium from aqueous solution
Method for recovering catalytic metals
Catalytic destruction of perchlorate in ferric chloride and hydrochloric acid solution with control of temperature, pressure and chemical reagents
Method and apparatus for sterilizing internal passages of a centrifuge centrate gate
Hydrocyclone bundle
Installation for coating objects with a powder
Device for adjusting a gap
Peelable temporary masking coatings
Plastic components with improved surface appearance and method of making the same
Method of producing an interior fitment for vehicles, and interior fitment produced accordingly
Cathode ray tube glass, a method for producing the cathode ray tube glass, and a method for cleaning the cathode ray tube glass
Device for cleaning jewelry
Method and apparatus for removing film and method for manufacturing display panel
Method for removing photoresist and post-etch residue using activated peroxide followed by supercritical fluid treatment
High-strength steel wire excelling in resistance to strain aging embrittlement and longitudinal cracking, and method for production thereof
Single crystal vane segment and method of manufacture
Cutting insert for chip removing machining
Trenchless water pipe replacement device and method
Manufacturing process for an element of a chemical device comprising a support part in metal and an anticorrosion metallic coating
Electrode producing method
Method for machining ceramic green sheet
Aluminum-extruded multi-cavity flat tube having excellent brazing characteristics for use in automotive heat exchanger and manufacturing method therefor
Non-distortion clamp
Apparatus for processing a lens
End face polishing apparatus
Web-style pad conditioning system and methods for implementing the same
Abrasive for metal
Cutting device for separating individual laminated chip assemblies from a strip thereof, method of separation and a method of making the cutting device
Coupling with enhanced concentricity maintainability and torque handling capability
Method for cutting suture
Method for forming large-dimension ceramic tiles
Process for producing dielectric component
Crawler molding method
Process and device for the manufacture of mouldings and mouldings manufactured in accordance with that process
Method for making a molded polymeric article
Material bead charging method, synthetic resin mold foam forming method using this method, and mold foam formed product obtained by this method
Stripper assembly
Injection molding apparatus
Extruder arrangement
Extrusion method for ceramic honeycomb articles
Method for producing plastic products with reinforced heat sealed joints
Bonding system and method
Apparatus for forming a three-dimensional product
Integrated process for making inflatable article
Method of making a fiber reinforced rod
Method of manufacturing a two piece sports racquet
Microlens array mold
Production process of optical disc and optical disc produced thereby
Process for manufacturing side fold sacks made of plastic film
Corrugating machine and corrugating roll design for the same
System for making wallboard or backerboard sheets including aerated concrete
Method for joining conductive structures and an electrical conductive article
Image transfer apparatus and insertion platform used therefor
System for printing information on a mailing medium
Torque clutch apparatus and printer apparatus
Method of driving ink jet recording head
Printhead assembly with core and shell
High quality fluid ejection device
Inkjet printhead chip having drive circuitry for pre-heating ink
Drop generating apparatus
Method for manufacturing an electrostatic actuator
Liquid discharge head liquid discharge method and liquid discharge apparatus
Structure provided with through hole, method of manufacture therefor, and liquid discharge head
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid discharge recording head and method for manufacturing the same
Ink jet printing apparatus with ink level detection
Alloy and orifice plate for an ink-jet pen using the same
Photosensor activation of an ejection element of a fluid ejection device
Ink jet recording head, ink jet recording apparatus using such ink jet recording head, and method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
Waste ink management system for an ink jet printer
Flush process for carrier of printhead assembly
Ink supply mechanism and inkjet recording apparatus including the ink supply mechanism
Liquid container having a liquid detecting device
Rejuvenation station and printer cartridge therefore
High shear ball check valve device and a liquid ink image producing machine using same
Printing with variable dot-recording rate in response to dot size error
Developer unit having metering roller for wet-type color image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing structural body, liquid tank and ink jet printing apparatus, and an ink jet printing apparatus
Inert gas supply arrangement for a printer
Device and method for fabricating display panel having ink-jet printing applied thereto
Transfer sheet
Use of plastic films for printing with organic inks in an inkjet process
Print media having a stretchable portion
Solvent inkjet ink receptive films
Doped precipitated silica
Ink recording element containing a laminate adhesion promoting inner layer
Selecting weight and balance in writing implements
Preservation of paper and textile materials
Wheel drive unit
Steer axle with kingpin boss
Double-deck wheel rim cover
Method of arranging cyclic patterns in tire tread
Inlet air control method for a vehicle HVAC system having an air quality sensor
Air vent, especially for vehicle air-conditioning
Stress-free mounting system for sheet material
Retractable roof with a locking device improving the rigidity of the roof
Decklid mechanism for vehicle with retractable top
Sliding block guide for openable motor vehicle rooves or motor vehicle hatches
Transformable truck bed cover
Instrument panel for a vehicle
Longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat
Seat device
Fitting for a vehicle seat
Child safety seat
Child safety chair with a belt-adjusting unit
Support and restraint structure for passengers of public transport vehicles
Lifting apparatus for user in the bed of a pickup truck
Frame for a gradually released tension machine
Quick adjusting choke winch
Lighting device with beam orientation adjustable support
Multifunctional third brake light
Emergency light signal
Vehicle interior light
Lateral-view mirror assembly for a vehicle
External mirror on a motor vehicle
Coordinated pivoting and extending vehicle mirror
Pivoting actuator which can be disengaged
Camera arrangement for motor vehicles
Sun visor arm with notched break points
Glove box door damping device
Electromechanical brake actuator
Integrated pressure sensor module
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Body structure
Tie down anchor system
Dump truck automatic mud flap retractor system
Vehicle bed edge and manufacturing process
Trailer wind bypass system
Deployable vehicle fairing structure
Tower and boom structure for loader bucket
Cold environment endless rubber track and vehicle containing such track
Headlight for motorcycle
Surfboard construction having a hollow composite body
Apparatus and method for steering a jet propelled water craft
Marine exhaust cooling system
Propeller assembly
Tamper evident resealable packaging
Cargo handling apparatus
Rear loader variable packing density system
Commissioning device with vertical product storage units and lower conveyor belt or similar
Freight load pallet carrier and method for distributing freight load pallets
Slim pantograph jack
High visibility traversable boom system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and means for ozonation of pools and spas
Process for the preparation of hybrid mesoporous molecular sieve silicas from amine surfactants
Process for the preparation of ZSM-5 catalyst
Non-caking sodium chloride crystals, a process to make them, and their use in an electrolysis process
Process for stabilizing aqueous aluminate and zirconate solutions
Method for producing potassium fluoroniobate crystals and potassium fluoroniobate crystals
Method for making a uranium chloride salt product
Process for the preparation of nanosized iron oxide by biomimetic route
Seawater pressure-driven desalinization method using a gravity-driven brine return
Low cost grease removal system
Method and apparatus for controlling water system fouling
Electrolysis based water treatment
Water purifier
Processes for treating iron-containing waste streams
Thermal insulating coating
Heat treatable coated article with anti-migration barrier between dielectric and solar control layer portion, and methods of making same
Construction material
Method for manufacturing ceramic resistor
Process for making an alkali resistant ceramic material
Low-loss magnetic oxide material and method for making
Method of production of dielectric ceramic composition and method of production of electronic device containing dielectric layers
Method of making a sensor and the product produced therefrom
High solids pumpable cement additives
Sputtering target, process for its production and film forming method
Porously coated open-structure substrate and method of manufacture thereof
Process for impregnating porous parts
Gypsum-containing board and tile, and method for producing gypsum-containing board and tile
Organic waste treatment system
Fuel gas for tools operated by internal combustion
Emulsion compositions
Sterically hindered phenol antioxidant granules having balanced hardness
Recombinant influenza A viruses
Variants of allergenic proteins of the group 2 of dermatophagoides
Lentiviral-mediated growth factor gene therapy for neurodegenerative diseases
ATP-diphosphohydrolases, process of purification thereof and process of producing thereof by recombinant technology
Chimeric fibroblast growth factor proteins, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Abrasive cloth and polishing method
Bonding members with epoxy composition containing chain extender, toughener and catalyst
Metathesis polymerization adhesives and coatings
Preparation and use of composite of rubber and carbon black aggregates and articles of manufacture, including tires, having a component comprised thereof
Pigment preparations
Preparation of functional polymeric surface
Method for improving the transfer efficiency of paint
Ink-jet ink, method of manufacturing the same, and ink jet recording method
Reactive dye mixtures
Oxide metallic effect materials
Recording liquid, recording cartridge, recording method, recording apparatus and recording medium
Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture
Composition for film formation, method of film formation, and silica-based film
Powder coating composition incorporating a wax in post-blended form
Abrasive free formulations for chemical mechanical polishing of copper and associated materials and method of using same
Electro-optical liquid-crystal display
Liquid crystal composition, selectively reflective film and liquid crystal color filter
Deicer and pre-wetting agent
Refrigerant composition for replacing chlorodifluoromethane
Whey protein retarder
Mineral acid enhanced thermal treatment for viscosity reduction of oils (ECB-0002)
Apparatus and process for improved aromatic extraction from gasoline
Emergency fuel
Secondary amine mannich detergents
Method of extracting lipids from marine and aquatic animal tissues
Isolated human casein kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human casein kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Equipment for distribution and feeding of charge and fuel in shaft furnaces of rectangular cross section
Methods to control H2S and arsine emissions
System for producing noble metals
Mercury recovery method
Titanium alloy and method for heat treatment of large-sized semifinished materials of said alloy
Aluminum brazing alloy
Process for making iron-based casting alloy
Supermagnetostrictive alloy and method of preparation thereof
Method of modifying properties of high-strength, high-conductivity Cu-Ag alloy plate, and method of producing high-strength, high conductivity Cu-Ag alloy plate
Resputtering to achieve better step coverage
Apparatus and method for fabricating carbon thin film
Sputtering device
Variable gas conductance control for a process chamber
Method of depositing in situ a solid film on a substrate
Film deposition apparatus and method
Electroless nickel plating solutions
Method and apparatus for coating metal strip, particularly cold-rolled steel strip
Process for producing retainer for constant velocity joint possessing improved machinability and flexural strength
Method and device for plasma coating surfaces
Method of treating a surface of a surface of a substrate containing titanium for an ornament
Method for making a micromechanical device by removing a sacrificial layer with multiple sequential etchants
Semi-aqueous solvent based method of cleaning rosin flux residue
Electrolytic cell for producing aluminum employing planar anodes
Cells for the electrowinning of aluminium having dimensionally stable metal-based anodes
Clamshell apparatus for electrochemically treating wafers
Copper plating bath and plating method for substrate using the copper plating bath
Method to obtain a variety of surface colors by electroplating zinc nickel and nickel alloy oxides
Method and apparatus for electrochemical processing
Silicon wafer and method for manufacture thereof, and method for evaluation of silicon wafer
Axial gradient transport apparatus and process
ZnO/sapphire substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Process for growing a magnesium oxide film on a silicon (100) substrate coated with a cubic silicon carbide butter layer
Chemical vapor deposition methods and atomic layer deposition methods
Binary and ternary crystal purification and growth method and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Spinnerette assembly for forming hollow fibers
Method and device for the production of an essentially continous fine thread
Forming system for the manufacture of thermoplastic nonwoven webs and laminates
Process for manufacturing a cellulosic paper product exhibiting reduced malodor
Fixed Constructions
Filled synthetic turf with ballast layer
Manhole cover/frame exchange method
Asphalt delivery and compaction system
Angle adjustable utility access and method
Segmented concrete piling assembly with steel connecting rods
Automatically opening and closing system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for remote self-propelled conveying in mineral deposits
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Two-lobe rotary machine
Stator blade pivoting arrangement in a turbomachine
Blade of a gas turbine
Exhaust system for a small watercraft
Valve timing control for marine engine
Injection valve comprising an optimized surface geometry between a nozzle body and a retaining nut
Tappet turning-prevention structure for fuel supply apparatus
Port plate for an axial piston pump
Pneumatically operated compressor capacity control valve with discharge pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for controlling a compressor
Rotary compressor having two-piece separator plate
Composite fan
Compressor degradation detection system
Centrifugal pump with multiple inlets
Turbine fuel pump and method for calibrating
Rotary pump for pumping fluids, mainly sewage water
Tree fastener with flexible tab control
Method of attaching a plate to a rod and assembly
Quick release nut
Cartridge-type thrust bearing
Bearing for an adjustable rotor blade on a wind energy plant
Special type bearing device
Plastic hub with an automatically adjusted core
Hybrid spindle bearing
Motor device
Separator grease retention and feed system for wheel spindle bearings
Double joint for steering axles in automobiles
Fluid-filled elastic mount
Dual track variable orifice mount
Toroidal continuously-variable transmission
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Automatic gear ratio reduction system
Speed change control apparatus for continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission with improved response time
Infinitely variable friction gear
Disk brake piston seal member and its manufacturing method
Piezoelectric actuator
Sealing structure for an oil pipe female coupler
Miniature flashlight
Patterned frame of a lighting string
Twinkling light string
Adjustable utility light
High power LED power pack for spot module illumination
Portable lighting apparatus and method of use
Automobile headlamp having a main reflector and a movable sub-reflector
Outdoor light fixture
Surface illuminant device and prism sheet used therefor
Illumination device
Point light source-oriented light guiding means and lighting unit utilizing the same
Tapered corrosion protection of tubes at mud drum location
Injector for use in a device for combustion of corrosive products
Candle flame extinguisher
Vent termination receptacle with damper
Gas/liquid separation devices
Tiltable storage module for refrigerator
Laser frequency modulation tactical training system
Device for detecting wear of a nut in a screw-and-nut assembly
Method for predicting temperature, test wafer for use in temperature prediction, and method for evaluating lamp heating system
Temperature sensing apparatus and methods
Surface preparation indicators
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Automated slide staining apparatus
Construction structures and manufacturing processes for integrated circuit wafer probe card assemblies
Method of providing for an automated split runcard processing
Binoculars, telescope or the like with protective lens cap articulated to the front of the lens
Fabrication of optical components using Si, SiGe, SiGeC, and chemical endpoint detection
Fusion splicer and fusion splicing method for optical fibers
Optical connector assembly with a low profile
Optical connector for connecting a plurality of fiber ribbons to one another
Optical connector system
System for forming an image
Fiber bundle alignment
Optoelectronic mounting structure
Optical semiconductor module
Light intercepting member driving mechanism
Sliding bridge eyeglass frame
Connector for positioning a pair of sunglasses or sunlenses in front of a pair of eyeglasses
Image projecting apparatus having optical switch
Method for domain patterning in low coercive field ferroelectrics
Lens protector
Data projector with internal printer
Lamp mounting structure
Image display projector
Processing method and processing apparatus
Plasma enhanced method for increasing silicon-containing photoresist selectivity
Method for correcting characteristics of attenuated phase-shift mask
Selective enhancement of black
Watch case
Wristwatch guard with access flap
Method of improving the function of an hour-glass
System, method and apparatus for regulating vacuum supplied to surgical tools
Arabic-persian alphabeth input apparatus
Removal or mitigation of artifacts in incremental printing
Method and apparatus for competitive bonus games with a player as the house
Method for providing incentive to play gaming devices connected by a network to a host computer
Game utilizing non-identical sequential images as a winning condition
Abstract artwork and apparatus for making same
Modular confined space rescue training simulator
System for teaching children about the use of money
Taxidermy head mannequin and mouth assembly
Printing system for generating personalized memorial items, and method for generating such items
Method of making NiFeCo-O-N or NiFeCo-N films for shields and/or poles of a magnetic head
Optical recording medium
Optical information recording medium
Method of and apparatus for treating radioactive liquid wastes containing surface active agents
Conductive (electrical, ionic and photoelectric) membrane articlers, and method for producing same
Portable electrical energy source
Conductive polymer blend and a process for the preparation thereof
Rare earth magnet alloy, manufacturing method thereof and product applied with rare earth magnet alloy
Magnetic circuit member
Electromagnet, in particular a proportional magnet for operating a hydraulic valve
Electrode for electric double-layer capacitor, and slurry for forming the same
Display panel and manufacturing method for the same including bonding agent application method
Scaleable inter-digitized tine non-thermal plasma reactor
Bulb-form lamp and its manufacturing method
Precision dielectric etch using hexafluorobutadiene
Method of forming insulating film of conductive cap by anodizing or electrodeposition
Multiple independent robot assembly and apparatus for processing and transferring semiconductor wafers
Removable semiconductor wafer susceptor
Semiconductor wafer processing apparatus
LED-based planar light source
Sideway-projecting light emitting diode structure
Reduced AC losses in HTS coated conductors
Battery constructed with indexing conveyor system and continuous terminal chain
Socket connector for lead wire termination and method of using the same
Electrical connector assembly having locking device
Socket having foam metal contacts
Electrical connector with latch mechanism enclosed in a shell
Self-locating connector assembly
Electrical connector with static discharge feature
Cable end connector assembly with improved grounding means
Two-layer connector assembly
Connectors, instrument assemblies and methods of connecting or disconnecting electrical connections under power
Low crosstalk modular communication connector
Filtered electrical connector
Adapter structure for computer connector
Connecting piece of electrically conducting material, preferably a cable shoe, together with a method for its implementation
Wire connecting device
Insulation displacement electrical connector with spring retainers
Crimp connector
Method and apparatus for grounding a processor board
Laser flashlight
Cord management apparatus and method
Quick connect device for electrical fixture
Optical projection system using color drum
Illumination system and projector adopting the same
Jack assembly
Method of making a composite substrate
Thermosetting electroconductive paste for electroconductive bump use
Method for removing voids in a ceramic substrate
PCB support plate method for PCB via fill
Electrical connector with metal stiffeners
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